#1788 Marathon Series: The Australian product thats solving most new parents biggest problem


hey there freedom fighters my name is andrew warner and the founder of mixer g where i interview entrepreneurs and also fiddle around with the technology a guard interviews with entrepreneurs i am here in sydney australia to do two things a three things actually went on a run a marathon on every continent and so sydney is my spot to run a marathon on 'em in australia number two i want experienced the place you know there's a guy when i was trying to a marathon on every continent there's a guy a dude who get people like me on a plane and get us to each one of the seven confidence in seven days get on a plane go see a continent run you're marathon give back on a plane go see the next confident seven marathon seven days when i thought on solve my problem in some forty two thousand dollars less expensive frankly into the whole thing and i realized no one actually experienced the city i wanna get up in the morning cup of coffee i wanna see what they do for sandwiches i wanna see it's a hot sauce is really hot wanna see what people are like anyway so that's what the second thing i'm here to and the third thing is more important than any of that is gets a new insurers and talk about entrepreneurship indifferent parts of the world now ahead of someone who who i heard about awhile back through a mutual friend who said you know babies don't really sleep very well and i said yeah i do know that i've got a couple of kids and if you swallow them they do and i said oh i know that i'm so and just waddling and essentially the other swaddled that most people don't know about it's swat only baby with their hands up and i said what i went over and i thought it was gonna be the small little website and a little business designer on this to randomly waddling turns out it's a big website big business and the woman is based in sydney in the sooners i plan to run a marathon in sydney end do interviews and entrepreneurs in sydney i said i gotta meet this woman hannah so here she hannah leo crosscheck is the founder of love to dream among their products is a product called swaddled up babies are swaddled very easily with their hands a little bit up in the air right now an this is phenomenal business at dennis bond other products like a sleek sack which i'm also big believer in a wooded find out about how she built up this business thanks to phenomenal sponsors the first will host your website right it's called host gator and the second will help you hire phenomenal developers it's called top how hannah yes i'm talking too much about myself but i'm very i'm very interest waddling here's why first had my baby the nurse swallow my baby what's this about and she said well maybe go to sleep like let me know let me see how i recorded the nurse swaddled step by step i practiced it i got so good it's waddling in the middle of the night and it's just horrible 'cause i would be exhausted the baby would wake if i'd have to swallow him lecture unspoiled change diaper cleanup reese wattle painful and then it went online i discovered through these different models which snaps in the goes and they didn't say research and really help the baby go to sleep winter improving on that oh you have actually experienced the exact same problem that i experienced which i would wrap my babies we call it wrapping here in a stray bullet slumming end a he would wake up in the middle of tonight is most then they older and i would walk into his room ended the rat or swallow with unrivalled in what's up over his face yeah i was petrified is going to create some sort of a really dangerous situation so so my background is in session and i when he was fourteen months old and the you know the newborn fog clears yeah i thought i think i could do this a better way but also realize that when he was revealing feeling his way out of these rats he would sleep with his arms up right now if you google sleeping baby older images of baby sleeping on their backs who are not swaddled their arms up like this okay so think about it does do you sleep with your arms strapped down to your buddy especially the way i sleep in one hand and went on under the pillow yes like under my head yes normal in any other one on olivia my wife oh it's lovely league but you're under up basically at the elbow talking about like fully hand up in ear like reaching for the sky miller up yeah yeah so the way outflow positions the baby's arms is you've been there end a the arms of positioned upwards towards their face and that is really important because i discovered when i was reading fold medical research i could find is number one swallowing no matter how for your baby helps you a baby sleep number two if you could give them access to their hands to suck honda or rub on their cheeks they self sues and self soothing if you could say that fifty times is critical to healthy baby sleep and we found that if we could swallow a larger with his arms up and give them access to his hands for self soothing he slept better i get that you know what the doctor the nurse actually did say when she saw that my oldest was constantly taking his hand out of this said what you need to do is get one arm out sometimes and let himself sued with that and and really yeah yeah yeah which we did and it does help the reason i'm all into this because i feel like it's almost like a daddy hacks dinner solvable problem it's i i know the kids get older the problems become harder her and they may not have easy so they may not have solutions at all but swaddled help the baby go sleep that's the solution is easy you know and i love the constant integration of it let's talk about business how much revenue producing now so we are public company i mean private companies already so we don't talk about revenue but we can talk about bryce it's that will help i i actually feel like the problem with growth is that if you give proportion but it doesn't give people a sense of size here's what i've got according to sydney morning herald from april twentieth twenty seventeen you guys were doing thirty million dollars in sales did that crazy you're not crazy good but is it real is it is is this far off is what i mean the crazy off yes so we talk about so but i can talk to you about how many countries were in and how many products we sell you say like is there a number here seven hundred fifty thousand dollars products sold is that reasonable seven hundred fifty thousand products sold yeah that seems outrageous actually especially considering the the revenue predicting yeah we sell a lot more and more that yes oh really yeah okay i just gives me a sense of it and he also funding not wow oh you only phenomenal and you're background is in design yes okay and what did you do and designed this was at a boot apparently yeah but apparel with the buddha buddha buddha power upgraded payroll is no longer but they were a company that produced a clothing for our big box retailers and our version of nordstroms what is you're version the nordstrom david joins okay and so i would produce the women's way arranges for them so i would design that but i would also sell those products into those retailers and i had an amazing boss who saw something in me when i was twenty one in randomly walked into his office and he offered me a role and i did that for seven years and he trusted me with his business and and i learned a lot which kind of form the foundation of starting left dream and this is when you always wanna do from what i could tell you went to school to study textiles design you win i guess university of technology in sydney yes so it seems like you're into into what i'm trying to get a reader news a person before this business i've always really love and i love painting and drawing okay but i've always really loved business okay we can do is sell her art yes you were i was when i was four years old for okay i listen to a conversation my parents were having they were having trouble paying the bills and so i went upstairs and i drew penned up as a know if you remember but kind of as a very trendy an eighties okay and i snuck out of the house it was raining and i went with a little basket and i went door knocking to all the neighbors and i remember these clearly i sold each during the twenty five cents wow and i came home my mother was beside himself frantic looking for me and i said him he now you can pay your bills wow so i guess yes it started with with them not actually having any secrets from us and always talking about the good the bad and the ugly gave me great exposure to they recover from the financial issues yeah that's their business people themselves so what would business it in so they had a chocolate factory can you believe in oh wow we pay within his greatest they we imagined his kid it was it was yeah i made a lot of friends through bribery library really bring chocolate in people would wanna okay garbage that adam and i did not sell our house only sold candy what else did you seller what else did you designed as a kid i actually my first proper job i was nine okay wow yeah and i would go every single saturday morning and i would file papers for the for my gp which is a medical practitioner okay out docked practitioner general okay yeah general who you would go for the doctor and fall hieber so you've got a job at a doctor's office i got a job and i did a few years and then i realized at three dollars an hour was probably not i was worth more than nine okay and i asked him for a race and and i got one wow i got five dollars and ally wouldn't even get a job at that age i really want it belongs in the usa you can't get a job until you thirteen you'd get workers permit i think it's the same he has said don't tell anyone guys that i had it's not you know what i did i my dad got me a job with one of his friends working in the basement illegally getting paid under the table i don't know how much they might have been the same amount by thought horrible is is that the government told me i can't get a job and as a result i get a job that's it's like under the table in a basement i agree with you my son is eleven in he's ready to what he would make a great contribution to any organization that you know yeah some people are built ford and they want to and i wish we could give more opportunity all right and so then you want it to design i ask you before we got started here today what did you do at a mood and it seems to me like you're basically an entrepreneur there you're basically running i wouldn't say running the company but you're doing a lot yeah there's a lot of responsibilities you add so so my responsibilities to design the rangers to presenting to the bias to order the production that you know get the governments to arrive in a stadium and then make sure they actually get to store i i used to look after some of the marketing which which magazines would advertise in how we would educate the customer about the new rangers or the new collection yeah 'em yeah and i had some people under me who were reporting into to me which you know designed as a graphic designers and so then what is left what do we looking at if we're looking at you helping to pick the designs helping to get the made calling up stores right you know what i had no pnl responsibility the old you have worked with snow that was really what do you think the company goals in the fashion industry has changed dramatically and as we all know everything has gone online excuse me a and b concerns the the brand actually the main one that i looked after catered to women kind of sixty is an iphone and they taste i think just changed a launch and you couldn't design clothing so anything like that you know oh elderly closing anymore women of sixty on elderly anymore so i just don't think they change with the times probably after i left okay yeah all right and so you had you're son you realize it's what do you guys call it now it's waddling covering following you just call it's waddling now yeah so wrapping but now being swelling so did you do the whole thing where you were waddling you're using standards waddles yes you did and that wasn't working no okay did you find those delk road snapping the network either no because all the whole idea of these is wrapped their hands their arms across their stomachs essentially so their hands would be wrapped yeah olders product for you to swallow your baby with their arms down or across the chest and so you said i could make something better sat down at a at a soda machine yes inserted sewn their own thing yes including i didn't know and i chose to old already really yes why did you do before then i was released stock in in brain fog in mothering just right or yeah lewis i look larger did not sleep for more than forty five minutes at a time mealy so i was pretty desperate to find a solution for other parents and so i could help them and i could i could see it really clearly actually because i knew he he baby sleep better swaddled end up but so what i did is i made to samples ranked two of my friends who had newborn babies and i said can i come and give you something and you give me feedback and both of them said yes and both of them rang me in the morning and said you're not gonna believe this but my baby slept through the night for the first time because it's model because of the swaddled did you have any issues or did they have any hesitation about doing it every video that i saw about waddling a new to seems to have started with relax the babies are actually going to be okay with this you know even a what is it called happiest baby on the block the video the talks about waddling every parent gets when avenue born just feels like the creator of that talked about how you're going to feel scared tying this kid town but don't it absolutely very much like the one did you friends say this kind of weird contraption you're gonna put my kid into no no because you know what when people really think about it they go oh my gosh your ride my baby does slate but their arms up and yes my baby wriggles out of the swaddled to get their hands so we actually had marketing budget allocated to repeat educating the consumer but we never needed today that surprisingly because they knew that they were what about because they knew they knew swallowing made sense because hospitals are starting introduce it yes all you have to do is say you know you're hand you're babies hands up anyway to swallow that will do it that will let the babies have their hands yeah or you talk to a pregnant woman and you say have you had an ultrasound yes where your babies hands a day all right so they apply their mouth they that's the natural that's what they want the hands is the first version of the sites and i'm looking yes it is and so this goes back to twenty eleven is the web the first place it you sold it yes it is so first thing you did with starts so you're self and then you went online and you build a website yes i saw the samples myself i never made the production myself okay yes my customers will be thankful for on who made it a local manufactured right here in sydney really yes okay and that was pretty cool actually to the success of the brand because what happened was we built asides put it online and we had a few few cells one two three four five awake maybe but i need for my previous experience that bricks and mortar retailers were really important remember this is ten years ago and i started making appointments biased okay and my first appointment i made with historical baby kingdom which is two miles that way anders i presented the range which was free products one product into color free pillows and by said to me know how many of you got and i said i've got four hundred he said okay i'll take the wow okay wow it was well and i remember jumping up and down in in the in the you know when i left and rank my husband and said gap in west sold out an two weeks later after the after i delivered the product they rang me again they said we need more wow yes a store where they will sell that many they had five stores at the time okay still in shock docked at the stores and moved that much product frankly yeah i guess i'm used to the online world for but okay wow and so you're happy that you had a local manufacturer be oh yeah you could go design manufacture and have more created corral waiting for correct i think i i always assumed it because australia's so close to china's if you have an advantage with chinese manufacturers why don't you go to china so hard as the first of all a and i had no idea about quantities so i would meet and there's no point shipping container from china if it's got a couple of hundred swaddled and it just didn't make sense also it allowed me to finance the product here with the sizing right with the length right you know all of those factors that could evil over time and the reason it made the business is because we could respond at lightning speed to this ridiculous exponential growth but we had from day one okay why do you think that he took four hundred of your products that fast i should not by the way one thing that i noticed i do is i put my hand on my chin when i think mhm look for anyone who's listening i wonder if they could tell down blocking the mike when landed on my channel policing gotta be aware oreo this is my drink twenty bothering no i liked it actually feels more natural woman 'em why do you think they trusted it then he was willing to make such a commitment to four hundred of these new things look i think as retailers people you know they're always looking for what can i have the competition doesn't yet have or you know does this make sense will this be safe for four options humor and enjoy seeing opportunity and at that time there was no sleep category it was those moslem a smart all lumped in with blankets and sleep wasn't a thing we created the slave category actually so now you walk into a baby store and there are you know twit ten brands of what we call formed swaddled which is what we have is formed slow not just a regular blanket so i think maybe he sold it there was a way to to stott such a new category with any he's retail retail space all let me talk about my first sponsor and looking at her first website as i'm thinking about my sponsor hostgator for anyone out there who had an idea and they want to just put together website there is i don't think a faster way to create a website that you really own and get and moved any other hosting company they want to do anything you want with it then going to hostgator dot com slash mixer g and getting started do you think by the way the what's the first thing people should do yes you do wife i said you you'd say no just go into a store and not know why because you you could tell you a story properly yeah it is so especially with a product like ours which requires information and education we're as a consumer going to go that that's the best spicer them together you know what i would do if i saw this in historic think this kind of weird lenny google it and see what comes up and if you're website came up the one of the first things i clicked on when i saw you're site with this medical research tab at the top end so i'm getting the research on this as you curated it for me an ominous store looking to buy it have a good understanding of what this means how it works and i say okay and give it a shot all right so that and so many other reasons if you're listening and you want to start a new website go to hostgator dot com slash mixer if you hate you're hosting company really just want a lower price i wanna do better go to hostgator dot com slash mixture de when you that you are l you were gonna get you to actually you know their son if you can't get a job let's give him a website okay imagine that disney has been ideas all the time all the time what's what's an example when you're gonna be upset if you reveal it no no we well recently he boats stock from ali express and they sold it at the market's really stood at a marketing start selling on he's on wow entire day what kind of stuff to sell actually he sold reusable coffee cops oh i do see they're a bunch of coffee places especially in handling that beach area yeah where they're asking you to bring your own coffee cup oh yeah you get a discount got it so he bug coffee cups he sold it at the market and then i imagine people wanna copy at the market could use their coffee cup to go and buy coffee from there he made four hundred and fifty dollar right well so anyone wants start a website go over to hostgator dot com slash mixer do you get the lowest price possible as far as i know a from a host gator and more importantly you're really be supporting the podcast year so you start doing this how'd you get the extra let's talk let's jump into some of the problems one of the issues that you told me you had was you couldn't get people to to take their calls to take you seriously i just solve it i kept calling i kept calling and i kept colin 'cause he didn't know who you are but didn't know who i was and i think generally where a little slow to react things here in our area you know in asia it's like you are you're not working at midnight on a sunday what's wrong with you but yes in eight really yes but in australia people are a lot more what more comfortable more relaxed yes we sort of australia's being kind of hungry no have you seen the view from outside this apartment i know what it is beautiful and beaches so fricking close and yeah i get it you know what the other issue is that so jane lou from shot a show yeah do well right yeah really well and first time i got an offer to do an interview with her from a referral i said man i just send it to the farm tickets so many requests who knows who's who's worth spending time on who's not who's faking you with some statistics they made up and had the the good right and so imagine that happened with you to where yeah you have a new product but who knows this makes sense and honor you someone who actually created or you just dreaming yeah and so you got turned down a lot and you're only answer that was persistence just kept calling that keep calling back where you start tradition whether you did it yes which is after okay i'm i have a really serious to do leave us which if something's donnie gets highlighted if it doesn't get done it gets it gets moved to a particular day in a particular time but it will get done and my weeks of a structured like that so i make sure that everything i set out to achieve i actually achieve us real so i'm super super hot suicide hey dave tape i can you believe that day no i have a hard time believing you walk around with it if you looked first right now you'll have it when you know but it's a photograph of it really help for today here's what you need to get done yeah what are some of the things you're gonna get done today doing interviews me doing interview if within the underpass so you know we got this basically 'cause it's a penthouse i assume penthouse would be like twentieth floor floor baby 'em which is fine i mean we we have a non obstructed view here but we do hear the sirens sometimes so we have special designs the so we we stocks now product in target in the usa and on amazon and by by the baby in various other usa retailers and we're trying to work out what we're going to do that special both of them okay and so i'm actually working on differentiated ranges for them different colors target has their own unique and said quote why why do you think they need their own unique then i think every like i said before is looking for a point of different smiling and if you can get a specific look a specific designed as a target only been look at this so i never heard of you before i mean i never heard of you're product even and i was googling swaddled today i just did search swaddled amazon and then you can i mean you know it's u s t u s amazon number one number one unreal somebody like baby was born two and a half years ago problem with that is that we use we use a lot of stuff so i basically fought the same kept the same stuff that we after the first baby and didn't do much new research it now i have another one just for this i'm telling you i'm all into this type of hacking what could we do to have these shortcuts it allow the baby this league better and meet asleep better but coming back to numbers this is a huge change you're number one twenty three hundred reviews nearly five stars out of five star rating i'm really scrolling down defined competitors wow how how did you do this how did you get amazon pay attention to how did you overtake all these other ones lots of hard work and social media is obviously really important for every brand but the big without product is it really really really works so one swan mom uses it they tell the rest of their mothers group or the rest of their circle and everybody goes to buy it because who doesn't want more sleep but yet biggest thing right when you have a new baby you i probably a breaking point ninety percent of the time so it's a real privilege actually the we get to make a difference and that is a type of thing you've got people when their new we're not really shopping around for new types of closed for four year old five year old but when you have a new baby everything's new and you need to go and explore so they're open to it parents do talk to each other wow i mean even like this standard swaddled you mentioned earlier the is it it's mcglynn is out on strike the from adding an eight in enemies that was number one for a long time it's basic you crush them from what i could see here yeah wow in such a short time when the company but he found it we were founded in two thousand and nine but it's only been in the usa market prop playful for four years now five and and so he's he went store the store kept being persistent kept writing writing your checklist kept highlighting the things he did eventually stores would let you in manufacturing i'm imagining became the next issue right we are still able to continue working with the factor you know so we actually couldn't achieve equality we need it okay funnily enough because manufacturing base has shrunk and machinery is in here at cetera so from my apparel days i had some contracts in china you went over there placed in nevada and started bringing the goods from china into the hall right now you know what why do you think manufacturing such a hard thing i think i imagine that it's all gonna be ascend machines hippie on button after its programs the stuff comes out it's not it's a lot of human beings right yes they sit and they take stuff out of the machine they put things in machines a lot more interactive right yes okay and so it's hard to achieve quality because you can get humans cheaper in china then you can hear and so more of it they didn't have their they didn't have expertise the chinese are now on believable at manufacturing many things especially dominance so they have been trained they understand west and quality demands they say you know we couldn't get a better quality product actually really and so how hard was it defend the run by free interview very real yes so what would you process for doing it would have idea for someone who's trying get it done hire a chinese speaking production manager production editor someone who helps you find the factory but yes so when i could afford it i hide a tiny speaking production manager and she had contacts from his previous roles of really good quality factories and we need amazing factories because it's baby where it's not just sucking together a women's way common and she she negotiated with those factories but what it's critical for anybody listening is a really really defined a quality control manual so what is acceptable to you what is not acceptable to you create that manual yes and so what's on the manual is not it's not acceptable but but not obvious threads thread checking inside the comments any loose threads alone spreads so if you imagine for a little baby if a thread wraps around it it'll think that's really dangerous for them so we have a tolerance if there the thread but his half a centimeter or longer it needs to be cut out anyway you're not keep adding it on that sorry if that common arrives in australia with that kind of fault the factories penalised what's the penalty is more then just on one garment yes and so you just have to keep thinking through all the issues that could happen yes marking it in a book anytime another issue happens you let them know any marketing the ball right this is the way it works yes how did you find this person recruitment agency really but it was for me it's always look we offer an amazing flexible working environment in which means pot time hours and flexible hours and just go herman and hang out with their kids kids and go to a sports carnival and what about you know we don't to the factory workers no no no sorry two hours yeah in australia right so what it means is i can attract really talented highly trained team members yeah who want a better lifestyle so themselves so i have always had the privilege of being able to hire a amazing people you know my marketing manager the brand measure from coca cola etc so i get great people but because of the way we run the business okay in a recruiter new work with a recruiting agency and you're competing with other people you don't have any special advantage there the big advantages once they pay attention to your company they see see this is why i like the word yes got it also in the fact that changing wise everyday with helping baby slade yeah improving the quality of life those families it's really powerful do a lot of parents on stuff everybody everybody there except for one okay yeah i find that parents are under appreciated if you could give him the flexibility it's fantastic 'em which is it frankly the big issue is is it they do end up having to take off at four o'clock noon run one random day when they need to go show up some kind of party at school and correct and if you could give enough flexibility then you end up getting a lot more stability in return yeah and and really loyalty you know where we are family and i don't want my employees no matter what position they are no matter what they paid to work twenty four seven on we really want it's ninety five or it's not until two that's it why why don't you want a dork more i think coming out of the fashion industry it's really brutal and i would work to the barn and i dunno i didn't wanna do that i i just didn't want that to be the culture of my company and i feel like we could get a lot cheap during the day without having to work sixty nowadays i want that either and the reason i don't want it is because what you end up with is a lot of a lot of excuses and then burn out and then you have to you have to be willing to sacrifice people stat inspire them fast and bring somebody else on because you will eventually burning down by fused i mean i remember i have environment where people would have to say till eight o'clock at the office at the office inevitably you look at people's computers and you see that they're doing online shopping why they do online shopping because they can't go to the stores and they can't do it at home because they get home too late and so you excused that they make an excuse for you make you support and before long their work spills into their home live and vice versa and nothing gets done properly correct right in a first there's this enthusiasm they're working hard they're giving it everything they finally hustle mode eventually they go into a lot better do online shopping now you gotta meet somebody now in the middle of the day and if you're not willing to fire them at that point yeah then you end up with somebody who's half asking that's right because your your dirty hawks also expand to feel your time right yeah so i'm a big fan of fifty minutes sprints we'll do it at work and we and we have time lookout time no one's a lot of talk to anybody because this is what time and and if you set a large toss which could take you an hour or now and a half you say i've only got fifty minutes to do it and you smash it out and it's amazing how much you could actually get done so yes i agree seven to seven doesn't look what their example something that you've done that way with the sprint you personally maybe some strategic planning okay now you got on the phone with someone in no i'll sit down and i will plan out what i you know the big tough someone achieved in the next twelve months and it's just you're sitting down and saying i gotta do it in in our yeah that's it and had a similar no no do no no interruption i have a sign on my door literally that guy says do not disturb undisturbed enough already and they know if they say that you do are you a culture of slack or chat messages all day no not at all community emails phone but the whole company has block out time so between i think it's ten thirty in twelve thirty no one's allowed interrupt anybody else in between three and four so there's two periods during the day you just know don't interrupt everyone there unless someone like on is it's on fire you don't interrupt oh what else do you do and the company they keep things sane unproductive productive we have like hey this is a really good one on a monday morning we old meets we have a set us twentythree of us any organization we have a meeting with twenty three people and it's two minute talk time what did you do on the weekend three things you commit to doing what you're gonna move the business forward this week okay and the three things that you committed to last week did you get i'm done that's it okay that's it for company meetings and what happens is that is i recalled that end at the end of each month i send the team their productivity results really yes they i committed to twelve things this month yeah i got ten of them done and that's a win yes okay so we adopt working towards ninety percent achievement right so i sit at ninety eight really yeah i have to say about the benchmark i told my tradition is always kept on going and a what it also gives me transparency into if there is one individual or a department that consistently forty five percent sixty percent eat a diet diane not prioritizing that tasca plays like that and i had a plan they wake or that departments totally under resourced yeah so that i could go and investigate said wow and you still get to ninety eight percent completion rate and finish my thought i know you say no you're you're working later i am you are okay and her husband is it isn't yes i heard that yeah okay in are you then bring work home no i say something to the kids okay yeah and then what time when you get home so i try to take friday off and 'cause that's my special day for me to get everything done an work stuff or no no personal so friday you're not around unless there's an issue i'm not there yet and so because i have so much work actually at the moment i try and make up those hours on monday or tuesday evening okay 'em my thing is monday and friday i try not to schedule any need in new work but i do quite mode my own yeah i'll reach out to people i need it i do find that a great environment for everyone else to not work crazy hours yes but you what the crazy as i thrive on it within reason once i'm home i'm done you're not reaching me and one some work my wife has a hard time getting hold of me okay you know so will talk for three minutes just to check in throughout the day but that's it in a very unique tasking very much of a unit tasker one focus to the point where if i'm in the backyard right i've got the stationary bike some of the back yard on a stationary bike and olivia will open the back door to say hey how're you doing i will get startled 'cause i'm so in his own end don't pay attention to anything else i like i like some of the ways that you run your company how did you discover that have you come across management techniques it work for you and actually sent you know the question yet so i'm not trained i'm not formally trained you know i look at people who go through fm fm cg companies that formally trained and is you know jeeze if ems fast moving consumer goods okay really any all right i never heard that all right if cj yet a so big corporations try nest off leadership skills financial accu manic cetera i've never had so i always felt that as a leader emi reunion leader who made milita end so i love you know i try to study as much as i can and actually i enrolled into a mentor in course it's cool the fourteen institute's and i did that for two years and that was life changing that changed my business what'd you learn planning the biggest thing i learned was if you can't measure it how do you know it even happens okay so that is where we get together as the management team gets together every ninety days and we write a plan of all the major things that have happen within the next ninety days to get us to out twelve months ago okay then those major things it's only five you're not five okay okay we break them down into step by step like literally step by step who has to do it by win in what has to be on checklists with this with alone and deadlines and all that okay yes and then sunday morning meetings and i explained before they keep us accountable to that ninety day plan so l three big things we've gotta do to keep the business moving forward fall out of that ninety day plan that makes sense based on this and then everyone has something to do and so when i'm trying to understand is what are the steps to get you where you are feels like it's go and talk to local stores get this product in the stores in do that over and over again and go to online retailers get the product and they online sites do that over and over again but that's overly simplifying mm let's talk in a moment about what else you need to get done what did a different milestones it allows you to grow the level where you are today 'em is that makes sense yeah okay i'm trying to do in the first i talked about my second sponsor which i say this year whitney good i second sponsor the company called top towel now i talked about top tells the place to go and you're looking for developers like for example if you decided i need a mobile app and i have a clear idea it's gonna be asleep training out or it's gonna play music for for babies stop and go to sleep white noise actually you do i know is yes i did he said originally app is gonna be white noise maker they're bunch the charge money i'm gonna offer the same features for free with the idea that within this week and explain to people why they should buy a lot of like the you actually buying into this idea driven air so we came up with that idea what you could do is go top towns say i need people who built this after for something like this with all the features i'm looking for not looking at training people i want someone who's done this i want him to get on board build it for me then pass this onto are team were gonna manage it and maybe some kind of comical back to the person who one of the people in the team top health okay great they'll go out and find people work the way they work hours at you work the same kind of techniques that you have for managing people you wanna used amount of jim instead they're part of the company they'll producer for you if you're happy you could move on and take the product or indians i would that one guy who's working on the team one working part time and you keep on working with that person parttime that video behind topped out top developers best of the best talent reasonable prices but not super cheap reasonable but not super cheap if you or anyone else looking for them go good at top towel dot com slash mixer g now i'm from new york i forgot the name of the company stand out or did i do i must say screw it up and you understand what was it all right i say at the top of the mountain talent talent t o p t l dot com slash mixer g o and the reason slash mixer g is you get eighty hours of top tell developer credit when you pay per first eighty hours so they're giving you a bunch of free time because it's created by to make sure he fans raised a bunch of money doing well as in sam which revenue they may but i don't think they want me talking about that so what what else goes into this i understand knocking on doors getting those first orders take me through the different milestones the build up to where you are today oh okay in two thousand eleven we started exploding okay so to be two years to get everything right foundations marketing messaging packaging in standard safety standards very important so you can say without first knocking and i thought english speaking good faith they you know a yeah so that was a big mouse starting and today we in now exporting to over forty five countries around the world and when you say a word to the uk before you went online mean beyond their first website you you went to local stores in the uk no no no so starting from the beginning of two thousand and nine october first invoice would invoice out to stores one story in a straight a four hundred product offer a order the four hundred or they were not one store okay so the first sale was four hundred products four hundred swaddled from a store not online purchase correct okay all right then i i realized very quickly that we needed to get speeds the market right if i was gonna be first with this idea i needed to be quick so i hired sales reps and they went not selling into every store around the stralia we were in within eighteen months i think it was we were in three hundred and something stores and they're on knowing most stores in australia that say at the end if they do serve people who'd been known to those stores already hired the best sales reps who already service the nursery industry that i could find and again this is going back to head hunters no this is me flying from state to state interviewing these guys in how did you find them i rang the stores i said who's the best purdue is only missed a really yes and they wouldn't give me like it's done yeah okay any koldo sales individually yes so i would i secured the sales rep and then the sales rep would go into the store and sell fell into the stores if you're if some of my own selling but then i realized quickly i couldn't get a stray leah why do you know how biggest right is on my own and i haven't just a little baby what is it twenty two million people get country about the size of e u s right which has three hundred million people that's unreal okay so there's a lot of traveling you did find sales people that way and that's how you went into stores before he went on like why don't you go online why don't you say you know what is on the internet riches will go all over the world staff with a good website good marketing marketing why don't you do it that way i skied opening online store yes very very early on yes but you were thinking first retail mortars or selling their own because ten go online say selling was not as prevalent as it is now it would be very different or if i were starting the business now we still have three hundred and something stores in australia by the way so it's a different market today u s whereas you have very few retailers actual real stole from retailers left yeah someone i am hearing like from the the show post he interviewed and i did i discovered it australia was florida to embrace online order in sydney u s we let me just make sure you might get a little bit further up 'em okay and so you went to stores and then did you did you go online or did you go to the uk next so we we had already had an online store and a straight in one and that's always been a good story for us we still have an online store here i hardly any sales look i'm looking at it in a similar way you get some traffic i could see the people for example coming tyrus i don't know why it's not showing up right now but i saw people for example one of the big search terms is a when i was thinking of to love to dream hips and i know people who try and figure out is is this good for him yeah we did it yeah right 'em and so i could see it it's just not huge for you yeah it's it's not bad but because we still have such a strong rate had a base in australia we don't want to directly compete with them okay and then online retailers and not that big either you know the only one that's amazon yeah amazon doesn't really we don't sell on amazon here actually don't want us to news when really it's amazon just caught up in this friday maybe six or twelve months ago and it's not where people shopping which is where they shopping online directly from from the brand stores so really yes so they'll go to the individual stored at release after labor and apply that now but you know what the whole amazon thing does explain to me why i wanted a buy books i said i'm coming to this country i wanna know like i wanna get another country in the way i guess in other countries by leading biographies of important people that i get excited about so good amazon to the bookstore they're known is like the people who start as a bookstore i start looking for biography there's no biography section biographies but it's such an undeveloped site the new biography sections and it's kinda shocking yes it there's very few products on their amazon plays a longtime game we know yeah okay and so that's why you did it here and then he went to the uk imagining you did the same thing you said i'm gonna the stores and find out who their tom a sales reps are higher them and that's what you did yet again all right in highest sales reps are without international business we work through distribution hotness okay we don't hire our own people why that's the way it works that's the way it works because don't forget i'm a mom and i love being with my kids husband and i really value now being able spending some quality time with that even though we really busy on it so if we're just set up offices our own offices all over the world we just couldn't see how that was going to help with our lifestyle okay all right and so how did you find the right company work with we do extensive research we have references from brands they already were quiz we look at their marketing plans we look at a marketing spend we look at how they manage infantry we you know it's an extensive i guess vetting process i guess what i would do if i were in a similar businesses just reach out to you and hopefully as i talked to you about what my product is he an ask you who i should be working with you might referred me to few people and then i might take references from you and start working with the people that you like and trust that what you did yeah we did with a brand new trusted the way that i'm not trusting you a oh good question there's lots actually a restraining brands a baby brands who's done pretty well internationally so be boats would be one of them okay until you reach out to the founder and you said like you're product i just i just don't networking with we because we go to similar event okay trade shows consumer shows so you get to know people speaking of getting no people a lot of this is the emails that she used introduced you how do you know her i i met her at a conference yes i rented the nicest we i could get at the conference fairmont and i by the people were thought were interesting she did ads for the conference and other places and we spent forty minutes talking and she told me about your story how do you know her what's the connection to her into school together oh you did yeah oh wow okay go sheet on online as well you know she just to anyone makes business inflation really yeah i get that m okay and so how did you get to target how did you get to some of the bigger retailers so our distributor in the u s is very long established the distributor they've established friends like baby deal and a and they have been in the industry for city it's and they know a lot of people and they were the ones with the target connection actually okay so they presented the range took a little while and target said okay let's do it the trial in a hundred and twenty stores in and that tra went onto six months and then they rang ups and they said right you're in all stores did well let scars and the chip packaging that's explaining to people what the swaddled does yet exist this is very blurry when i'm showing you know i've had been at it and it seems like the the big thing is m i dunno kind of looks like wings but what is it that they can help you explain the parents why the swaddled it they were given at the hospital is not the ones who try the one that their friends used to used another one to try here's something that makes sense how do you communicate dozen package when you see the packaging you see the baby take putting the hand to their mouth it's really friendly actually baby suck on everything right now that's sucking help them learn about the world helps them understand texture and shea and it's a natural thing that old babies do and they do that when they're awake and when they're asleep and i think parents innately no it is i think they just how did you know that i'm looking at here i found one look at this this is a google search this is what you're product looks like right now right yeah we're looking at a baby with the swaddled and the swaddled 'em he's here she is got the swaddled up to their mouth and immediately i feed it at this bottle yes immediately i see the my baby could put his fingers up did not announce it yes how did you figure out if this is the just do it did you create a bunch of different versions and then watch people interact with it by the government or over the packaging i'm i'm just shocked you could communicate all this so fast yeah this is you know when the heavens or pin and the angel stop singing the design of who put this together sort she really understood how to communicate had a festival the logo is beautiful i think the logo says a lot about kindness kindness and love and and i are on his side yet a hobby upside in the photography we we did that on my friends flow okay you know really yeah friend baby yeah maybe but my husband is the market could i actually really really good and he wrote all of the copy so she saw what he wrote in his vision and put that into design into the packaging divine all right oh yeah i like this also stage one in this wattle stage once wattle more natural fleet position arms up for self soothing self soothing equals more he'd like immediately here's the punchline their parent is gonna care about new products how did you know what else to go to yes by the way i'm sorry to interrupt you i'm fascinated by the business and i think my enthusiasm forward sometimes caused me to interrupt people i tell you about the answer because here's what i was thinking the swaddled around before you didn't have a level up you finish this bottle by certainly i think it's like nine months yeah you feel bad because it's been worked for you and you're worried that if you get rid of the swaddled now will you ruining asleep but you were all right that's exactly right this as well libya to spend another few days we work on it the weekend and then okay what will do is they'll take one arm up and then another arm up or something like that and go through the transition because you don't wanna ruin this thing direct and then it's done new competitors the people around before you never thought to say relax we got you were gonna take you to the next dad yes you did how did you know that there needed to be a next step in how did you figure out what that new product would be so what we found we have fanatical about babies safety because it's just i get really by the way you're mosque i don't think people know about this elon musk lost the baby to it 'em to sleep suffocation whoa yeah yeah i think about people who have done really well and they're allowed to a smart right no doubt who for whom this is in real danger yet right so it's not the type of thing where you think well with his parents were all nervous were all scared now you you wanna make sure you get the right stuff because it's not easy when you're exhausted yes correct yeah so the question the question what how did you know what the next products would be yeah so you need to stop waddling you'll baby when they showed signs of rolling because then they can roll back over there swaddled yes right if their arms are in the thing they can't yet again on the traditional subtle hundred percent you that baby if that i'm destructive there buddy and they roll from iraq onto that tell me it's really not a good scenario in alpha little if that happens accidentally at least older babies have got access to their hands to push up off the mattress so it is much safe all botch we found parents because of what you said because we've created this amazing sleeper team of petrified of getting their babies out of the bottle and would swallow their babies for way too long a so it's actually a reaction into let's make sure that our customers are always doing the right thing and what safe by their baby ed i how do they were doing this i get emails saying my twelve months old just loves your product products say now wait twelve months then dangerous yes yeah and they are asking for the next size up a run on like no we can't make the next i'm gonna get you a baby out so how do we get the baby outlet let me pose this or so in most cases people would then say okay we're gonna create a macro for customer service team as soon as we see someone says twelve months or whatever month and over we're gonna have this macro trigger do not do this it's time to switch how did you know did not do that we what would you do the process you go through to recognize it this is not just a problem to be addressed quickly but and opportunity create the next product mm that's my genius you know we all have this thing that we all have to work in a genius and my genius is actually surely not understanding where the gap is i could see a gap in the market i could see it as an opportunity to any long to extend their all some sleep without yeah and you're eating email to oh yeah listing of thing you sat and you would do you still do email today like rating consume is cutting our service female yes yes which will process for new customer service you know so we have endemic yeah that's captures every inning and i wanna know what other major some of the other major complaints other any anything you that i should know about and then i'll tell you a great one my customer service person recently just sent me once in the u s a baby was a lady with a new baby the baby was diagnosed and keep dyslexia and we make us auto perfect for wanna keep dyslexia it's on me inside there there is look this is this is it right that's it yeah you were looking at is a hip displays is what it's when a baby is born with dislocated hits okay and what you do is you in with senior swaddled position if properly no so the babies are like artificial orthopedic pediatricians and i a featured with the brakes okay and this brace is pretty like it looks pretty intense and the baby's legs have to be in a position at cetera and normal photos darn accommodate for these races over because it's it's the legs spread outward to the side yeah okay yeah doesn't fit into his wattle yes so we made a spot swaddled that would fit babies who had these prices on mental health listen exam how did you know that how did you know this is something that's necessary again feedback from social media or feedback from customer service anything on summer service people who were looking for this for you and sending it over to yes they will email it to yes okay so here's the problem somebody had this problem yes and are they expecting you to respond to it at the moment of just like be aware of this going on are respond you do yes and so you'll hear this someone has a hip dysplasia you will say i'm sorry to hear that it's i feel bad what do you do in for sleep yes you do literally i will say i will how is the baby sleeping what do you do in just leaves yeah what do you do closed tell me about and you'll do that yes we email yes okay and sometimes i'll i'll just speak to them because i'll need to really like drove down and get into what is it the same man to what do they really need yeah so this this woman with a baby with hip displays you just wrote to my you know just send us you gotta say thanks for creating a product and i personally responded to her saying this is exactly why we want every baby and i met any ability or disability or whatever a to to get better sleep and help their families and then you just kept leveling not as a baby gets older we go sleep sas i guess sleep sex i guess they're big because at the kids don't know how to if they knocked their their 'em blanket off how to get the blanket back on yeah uncomfortable so you put him in asleep sack and then the blanket it just goes anywhere with them yes and then that makes sense in forever people have leaves zach you're twist on it was what so obviously has a built in blanket so instead of making the whole thing really warm which is in the heating has this crowd is war miles from the chest down oh i thought that was just a design okay from the chest down why they don't wanna be warm and the test see when you in bed you you bring you a blanket up to kind of under you're underarms right generally that's how you sleep all right so that's how we designed the product so that the baby would be would have diminished risk of overheating also asleep sachs's you call them we call them sleeping bags they are inherently unsafe for for toddlers because toddlers walking around and so around it's a trip hazard yeah so what we did is we actually put feet on slate back or the lights out yeah which is like the whole defeat will come out of it on the very bottom at that point then why not just make warm pants in a because pajamas also ride like they open up and they ride okay you know like at the waist for example so this is a wearable proper wearable blanket that that is he's asleep trigger as well 'cause he put on your pajamas and you go okay sleep time let's get into your sleep say back and said the child stops associated that dominant which sleep time rather than that pajamas at the running all over the house ways and so is your focus going to be on sleep closed that's that's gonna be yes it's i'm not gonna see so maybe a night light but not a nice shirt for going in kindergarten correct got that whole thing sleep is back that's happening what do you think about that the created that includes this bottle with the library sedated that just leave what you think of the home and i think it's really important for baby to learn to get it self deflate okay and because if it always needs an age eight the parent is just prolonging the sleep issue at some point they're they're not supposed to be in that machine by the way the machine cost a thousand dollars yeah there's only three months yes makes no sense yeah i mean not to buy it though it has become big of rentals thing on something called on me wow oh yeah i you know i really understand why parent would be interested in that product i mean i would have probably been the first in line so that when i was going through my sleep troubles but now i know if you follow the right way most babies unless there's a medical issue and will slates what do you think it's a training where you use leave the baby in room when the baby's crying you let 'em cried out forbid and then you go in not a huge fan of cried out i really feel the dot is i don't really hi i'm actually a i think if a parent can establish a routine for their child and not be out of the house all the time and this would become controversial but if imagine trying to sleep in fifty different sleep environments like for you you need to go to bed you need a clear cut and have your sheets it's the same place every night almost so when you go to a hotel usually the first night of sleep is a bit not not in my own home so it's a safer a baby really so they need consistency and routine and they need you know whole set of facts set up to that for them to have good sleep so i believe everybody can actually learn good sleep in a and it doesn't involve being robbed asleep flavors like time is their book they recommend notice there's a really great online resource yet what is it dreams dot baby i dunno straight in one dream start baby yeah i i'm a huge believer in some like in spending time and effort on getting babies asleep they're happier which makes us happier and the more sleep we get the more functional we are during the day and i will invest it doesn't say anything about buying a thousand dollar credit someone who's a fan works at that company said well andrew i think you should get this we could send a two thousand dollar purpose three months i don't think that's a good idea 'em fight any any book spins bossi recommend and i really love before outlet quake really oh i love it it's heavy told him no you know the number one ten did not respond to a lot of email yeah he actually has it's like stop female anything on the one set of emails he's responded to wear ones where my guests said the four hour workweek hadn't influence on me and i know that i think that that's where you sending a message damn without my business here's i think it should also fess up or you're not living up to four hour workweek just not working out so well what else what other books books you know books but i'm really into ducted joe dispenser right now have you know joe descend though he isn't amazing meditation teacher and he is trends formative actually in he kind of agitates creating what you want now instead of waiting for it to happen so for example you know you may say in ten years time i'm going to be a millionaire but the jury meditation what you need to do is feel how you would feel if you became a millionaire right so create that feeling with in your body and what happens is you actually start to manifest right now instead of waiting tables feeling binary aiding emotion that is feeling the nation looks like he's doing a workshop urine he's only did one yeah disco got were you there yes yes so what's it's one of the things you wow i signed up and you're talking about when you were you were feeling as you did the meditation with him i resolved to be more connected with my kids and put it in a way because that's what you want it to do do and so you sat there and you felt what as out we felt willie joy is about being with the kids and not with the technology yes no income you're instinct there's a part of you that would association not having the phone with pain right i would that would what if something happens would what if i'm exhausted and i need that quick recharge of checking that's what it is yet and so to counteract that you need have an equally forceful feeling in your body of happiness and presence and it got it that's it so it's really really powerful now i never hear about this guy i'm totally with this which which the plan on this thing joe just sends a i'm looking at my but i don't actually see if he's got any books coming up a whether they had any books on this i'm gonna look it up right now man that was probably five five thousand people at this thing is now improv oh yeah he does a few different books breaking the habit of being yourself becoming supernatural an ad like this one year the placebo he's got a bunch of different books and the interesting that's a really good suggestion yeah enjoy that you know by the way what i've done with my phone when i get home 'em i just plug it into a charger in my drawer an apple watch guy and it's just very reassuring just have my apple watch on if i need to like call someone attacks olivia i could do it from the watch but i could never get to sucked in yes okay otherwise i'm getting really sucked into this fucking thing with the kids around now there's my kids are getting older i don't want them to see me with my phone all the time because then they could be with their phones and say well that's that's what we love correct right were just reliving you yes get rid of those damn finds yeah right one of the things i'm gonna call it out with his one last question just embarrassed as he asked have you what have you bought i think it's a gift for like fifty dollars you're under what it is anything front of fifty dollars yourself or someone else you especially like do you know what i actually have jordan peterson's twelve rules of life without a book it's a boy and but i haven't actually read it okay but i've been told i really need to rate it and it's really life changing but i heard that time so i give it to everybody else so they'll change the locks leelee peterson's full of life i see right here it's on amazon you look at it on amazon usa canada uk but not here oh it is in australia i couldn't tell you the most useless thing i fought lately yeah without an f rile really i am actually kinda drawn to that as i love mine have what did it lets you fry without the oil you know that a lot of oil yeah but i think oil is good really yeah i do like a little bit of boil it makes me feel full and so i don't keep snacking but the front ashley fry did ask you i feel like potato chip that oil now it doesn't okay you could just put them in the oven okay i'd rather do that i remind only done as they're so good right i was sucked in makes so much sense why did i ever think of this before i'm brilliant for being able to do it and try not to buy too much stuff i did buy 'em a what is it called a an instant pot you know about these things yes there's huge ex wife bought it and usually i would just she feel bad about buying it and i say okay let's see what you do with it so let me see if i could figure it out i think if if i could put a couple of things in there i'll eat healthier and it does help tossed a bunch of came line there a couple of other things like a heated up it's fantastic in one of those 'em slow cooker is that what that is yeah pressure cooker but it's an electric pressure cooker all right what they do really impressively is they've got this community of people who are sharing recipes on line in they've got this cult like following and i'm fascinated by that so they're these you to people who got the the the the instant pot bloggers and blog about it and it's been the just keeps going and going and going you know where you see other people try for your own all right yeah i think so much for being here for anyone wants to go check you out i think ideal places to go see all the fucking reviews on amazon or wherever website you're into i cannot believe that i missed this on amazon i wish this was around when my kids were born i guess when when the first one is born kinda sad to the second one because you're just following along fort worth with the first first one they don't get they believe variance any trial and error 'em all right one thirty million dollars in sales and say all right go check out love to dream swallow up as what we've

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