The Pentagon and UFOs


welcome the kids miss and mysteries i'm your host kit crumb today the pentagon and ufo's in two thousand seven the pentagon launch these advanced aviation threat identification program the program examined videos and audio recordings of burial encounters by military pirates unknown objects moving at great speech and over restricted airspace one particular point of interest what's the video shot of a navy f eighteen super hornets surrounded by glowing objects sadly the program which shuttered in twenty twelve that's a term that indicates that the program has stopped but has not ended twenty two million dollars in funds for the program were referred to as black money a former apprentice pentagon official who led the program said that there was very compelling evidence that we may not be alone you stated that many video shows the these so called ufo's were do find the laws aerodynamics and didn't display any form proportion maneuvered in ways to create incredible cheap force now i know what you're saying oh news but it's been leaked the program still exists in this find asked by private funds certain individuals in the department of defense are continuing to investigate you fo encounters reporter by members of the the military this begs the question what about all the series the government's has been dealing with aliens from decades taking that argument to the next level could it be that the government has been in cahoots with aliens and it's been reverse engineering generic advance forms of technology for years in perhaps they're getting ready to introduce this relationship to the public what better way to get the pentagon and the department of defense in on grand discovery that yes flying saucers is it ends are real impressed with that revelation with the public be so overwhelmed but they forget he idea that the knowledge that we are not alone has indeed been common knowledge among certain branches of the government for decades sounds a little crazy maybe not the nationally ufo's reporting center has been around since nineteen seventy four following is their mission statement listen to the last line of so i reread we are a nonprofit group dedicated the study ufo's phenomena are focuses a collection an investigation of ufo's sightings in the pacific northwest however we collect and investigate ufo's sightings from all over the world world we strive to apply sound scientific analysis to all ufo's investigations each citing we investigate is published as they ufo's reports on our website we also published a history of ufo's sightings in the pacific northwest and across the world are site also lists upcoming ufo's events ufo's conferences an suggested you up over ratings are studies extend to ufo's related phenomena such as crop circle cattle mutilations an alien abductions although most sightings could be explained away we believe that a small number are the result of visitation of higher dimensional beings an extraterrestrial alien beings are opinion is that certain agencies of the uss government have information about ufo's that is not being released to the public the secrecy is preventing the truth about ufo's from reaching the public that was the northwest you afo reportings centers mission statement recently the stars and stripes and independent newspaper this distributed this servicemen and women around the world reporter at the navy issued a statement saying the navy air force investigate each and every reporter porta unauthorized and identified aircraft and take such incidents very seriously the report further quoted the navy is saying it is updating in formalizing the process by which reports of any such suspected incursions can be made to the cognisant authorities the former director of the pentagon's advanced aviation threat identification program called the new guidelines the single greatest decision the navy has made in decades o n today's podcast with the two condensed impartial history of ufo's sightings gather together by nicole caldwell a wave of mysterious apparitions showed up in the fourth century china it's called moonville documented a flying over the country once every twelve years more strange sightings were noted around rome in two eighteen bc germany in fifteen sixteen whole england in eighteen tino one in multiple times during world war two when allied pilots used the term foo fighters to describe odds circles of light pilots notice flanking airplanes during combat the term ufo's short on a dead and five flying object was coined in nineteen fifty three by the united states air force a bucket term first such reports as foo fighters in the world war two stateside sightings were hardly restricted military flyover zones here the first recorded ufo's citing his firm sixteen thirty nine when john winthrop wrote in his diary about a large strange light in the sky that shot back and forth by the time he in his other the men in the boat gop there which about them their boat with a mile from where it'd been when they first spotted the light the first documented immature ufo's reported in eighteen seventy this is in the united states on the summit of mount washington she turned in new hampshire they reporter more sightings of mountains near washington in nineteen forty seven in of course several in roswell new mexico sense then countless numbers of unusual shapes in the sky and they're supposed to happen and suburban exhaustively reported without sufficient explanation beyond the possible existence of extraterrestrial life isn't true we're not alone documented evidence which seemed the answer that question with the resounding sounding yes but it's also true the uss government has known they answered that question for decades and there's only now preparing to share its knowledge of ufo's with the public now one only time will tell

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