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Narrow maximum security has been defeated for. This is the Jason Beam Racing. Podcast brought to you by twin. Spires your daily home for Horse Racing News interviews wagering discussions and more. Here's your host Jason. Be around good Wednesday morning. You are. Welcome to the Jason Horse Racing. Podcast brought to you by twin. Spires twin spires a proud proud sponsor of the show. Happy but with you here on this may the sixth and look forward to what will be a little bit of a par- up show. I mentioned yesterday. He didn't hear Had some tremendous audio difficulties with with Kenny. Mcpeek during our interview and they all seem to be coming from my end and Kenny was remarkably patient. We had to do like four call. Backs try tried restarting. I tried doing all this stuff and toward the end it started happening again. There's a few spots so I'm GonNa play what I got the interview. It's probably ten minutes but there's a few spots where it Kinda cuts out for. Just a second which is honestly to annoying. But it's annoying but it's not. It's not all that bad but toward the end it got real bad one or two times and I just can't. I'm so sorry I know you're busy guy. And he was very gracious about the whole thing and I still think he had some good things to say about his fantasy stakes winner. From this past week's with skydivers. We'll talk about that race. There was a lot of talk afterwards. You know the big favourite was was a harbor who was well backed and went pretty quick. Upfront and Swiss skydiver. Kenna came to her but then Venetian harbour. Dug in before was skydiver kind of propelled at the end prevailed at the end and. I don't know that there's this thought that you know if the horse would have slowed down a little bit that there would have had more late which is entirely possible. I mean that's you know the fundamentals of pace handicapping our if you know if you go slower earlier able to have more late and if you go faster. Lee sometimes you get worn out late and therefore the closers pick you up. But I don't know that it's necessarily all that true that if a horse ran you know to fifth slower and backed it up just a little instead of maybe running off or You know that would make that much of a difference a mile into a race when it's down to a showdown between two horses. Kinda just gotten it out for the last you know sixteenth eighth of a mile. I mean theoretically it should but I just don't know if that's the case like You know I just feel that. I know there's a lot of things going to a race but I don't know that Venetian harbour slowing down a touch or to make real difference in the end. I know it. I know you want to think that it does and it may have well have but I don't know that it's that. Was that much of a difference between winning and not winning this particular and Venetian harbour is still a very lightly raced horse and she picked up. Some much-needed oaks points and I to think that her connections are you fine with where they're at and where they're heading but so we won't play the Kenny mcpeek interview here in just a few moments. I am going to do another segment of race. I Love I. We'RE GONNA go back to two thousand five to Hollywood park. I've talked about this race times because it's an important race to me personally but we'll replay the audio as well and the audio is the important part to me but the race itself. I thought just had a lot of neat things going on with it during it and after it. So we'll talk about the two thousand five American oaks at Hollywood park a coming up a little bit later also WanNa take a little look at the. Ntr a pole that's right the NPR. A poll is out and I've always said it's not really something I mean I. I don't care about vote in it but it's you know sometimes fun to talk about. I used to have a a segment called hating on the N. T. R. A. And had its own. Music will well. I really went all out with the production on on that one but You know the reason I wanNA at least talk about the NTR. A poll in this instances because it is the three zero one. I think a is kind of easy to do right now. Because we're still in that progressing toward the Derby and the Derby obviously will change all of that and I guess the Belmont could if it if it happens beforehand and I know rumors. Are THAT IRIS? Trying to get back going around Memorial Day weekend. So we'll see what they decide to do with the Belmont. I saw Baffert came out and said that he he wouldn't run it if it was a mile and a half Jewish. It's funny because it is a mile and a half in June. Normally like you know that's the normal thing and you'd honestly be coming into it off more rest because it's not like his horses would be running in the preakness in two weeks. Even though they ran on Derby Day in the Arkansas Derby. But you know I mean. He was asked the question and he answered it. And you know for years. We saw Bobby. Frankel kind of use his power to kind of you know sway away from weights and handicap divisions like. He would make a big deal out of any threatened scratch and tracks tracks want to have the superstars in their big races. And they obviously want to have Bobby Frankel in their big races and his it was his way of kind of I think Not only maybe getting something done for that particular race but in the future to like the Weights Committee or whoever decides in the way sometimes. It's just the racing secretary Sometimes there is a full committee. I was part of the Committee of Portland Meadows and You know they might. They might know how God if we make this horse. One twenty five instead of one. Twenty three bobby. Frankel is GONNA make noise about it. And he's GonNa Scratch and you know so you. Kinda plant that seed. I almost wondered if you know Baffert like I said he was answering the question but I wonder if he's kind of like trying to plant the seed like. Hey if we want these superstar baffert horses. Who are two of the. He's got three of the top four in the N. T. R. E. poll right now. Tis The laws. The only non baffert in the top four Kim Guillermo at five watching that race again we talked about it. Monday of course but Watching the second division that Arkansas Derby I can gear Moran Great Man. I really think he. You know backed up his Tampa Bay Derby and It did make dolls re kick look a little bit more impressive to because I was maybe focusing on Kim gear that time but honore P and six solve Allante and Ian Max Field. Rumor is he possibly Will be making an appearance in the Matt Win at Churchill Week to The fact he's still on the top ten is pretty interesting. I think it speaks to a the maybe lack of depth right now in this three year old division because as I said when we had Brennan on a couple of weeks ago sometimes not running is the best thing in terms of rating and public perception. You haven't proven you're you're going to lose. I mean that's you know when you look at a bad maiden race a lot of times you get horses who have run five six seven eight nine ten twenty times you know. Sometimes you look to the new shooter simply because they haven't proven how bad they are and I'm obviously Mac. `field is proven that. He's a very talented runner. But you know. He did that early middle of his two year old season. We haven't seen him since then so he's still getting some street cred based on. I think people projecting that he might be good but We really won't know until we see him back to the racist but I had no as far as hating on the a poll segment. I had no real strong opinions on the the three year olds because I feel like right. Now they're kind of easy to to rank. The top thoroughbred poll is is is interesting because maximum security is like this big asterisk in there right. He seventh and total points. But he's second in first place votes and he would be first in. First Place Votes. He'd be a landslide first place votes if it wasn't for you know what came out about. Jason surface so obviously some of the voting committee is still perplexed. I think I saw that. He was back in training. Now with. And it's GonNa be weird to see the new maximum security Post Post Service. I I mean I can't imagine baffert would a run him if he didn't think he was ready to do something. Good but also you know. I just don't imagine the horse was running bad for for Baffert but we'll see he's ranked seventh right now. Overall Thomas Day todd at six seems a little bit odd have been. I don't object to that at all. Muccio Gustav that one. I kinda have questions about but by my standards ahead of Tom's Day. Todd seems of interesting and Zulu Alpha still up. There you know cece moved all the way up to fifth ahead of Tom Day. Todd I guess that one Perplexes me as well but Whitmore at eight Mr Freeze night. Code of Honor Tenth WanNa tells me to as I mean we are. We are very void of superstars right now because these are literally the top horses running aside from three year olds and some Nice Horses. Good quality horses all that kind of stuff but Outside of midnight be Su. I can't really and maybe maximum security. I mean there are to me. There's not there's not very many horses that You know put put butts in seats so to speak Know Big names and all that kind of stuff they obviously have time to carve that out but part of carving out being a big name is is against some other big names right. I mean even you know Songbird who was very very good you know. She got beat by beholder but to me she kind of proved or metal a little bit that day because she really dug in against you know who? We had kind of assumed in called a atop kind of runner so You know I know all that the polls and stuff are in the end. Don't mean a whole lot but sometimes it's fun to talk about. Let's take a quick time out. We'll do just one little commercial and Kenya. Mcpeek will join us. As I mentioned it will be a little bit chopped up and I really really apologized. Not only to you guys but to Kenny about it but We did have a good chat for what we did get in. So we'll do that right. After this short break Jason Horseracing podcast brought to you by twin. Spires twin spires is your home for wagering on horse racing from all around the world. Sign up today and take advantage of our one dollars. Sign up bonus when you wager. Five hundred dollars has a twin spires player. You'll receive free Brisbane at past performances. Live video race replays. Realtime racing information and much more plus you can now split tickets with other players using bet share program on twin spires that allows players to split their vets with other members for more information visit twin spires dot com all right here on the horse racing. Podcast pleased to welcome in our next guest. Whose VOLT book graded stakes winning trainer. Who this past week settled so skydiver to a winning the Green. Three fantasy stakes. Please welcome back. Kenny mcpeek to the show. Kenny how are you? I'm doing super. Thank you appreciate you coming on a big score for your philly. You posted some pictures so I was assuming you're on track how how surreal was watching a race like that with like twenty people around you. Yes definitely unusual You you're so used to having a huge crowd especially oaklawn and You know for them to unfortunate but It's a great place to go racing and I think they did a good job. On under the circumstances she She sat behind the favourite early on and I thought Brian Road tactically very good race. Kinda snuck up into second on that I turn and then went to apply pressure. Were you happy with where she was throughout the early stages of the race in which she kind of wear you expected her to be she was able to enter. I start she wiggled or in. Traffic came from next to last and one off easily so we knew we knew she could do it on. I think there were those that thought that the race at Gulfstream was kind of anomaly. In the she she got the easy lead and she's This phillies very professional. She's last three races. Going to turns have been per alley. Can you mention her her win? In the Gulfstream Park folks and people thinking. It was kind of an anomaly and I think lot of people were surprised at the speed. She showed that Dan pocket. I thought was brilliant. That day Was that a new dimension. She showed for you or were you kind of expecting that day for her to be out front. Well we had runner. Short Sheelah D- Pack especially in the race at Tampa. She really probably should have won that day. And she got off a step slow and then she had to circle the field wide and only gets beat about a length and Absorb frustrating and that. We think she should have won that day but then from there was okay. Look we've gotTA get straight to to turns because we all know that the big races are two turns and most people don't realize that the stakes program in Florida isn't very conducive to finding to turn race for three year old filly They run the Devonian Dale Short at Gulfstream IV actually employee raises but the only one of auction was the son Costa Tampa. We mow to in it too so It's a situation where we had. The shipper had shepherd fairgrounds to run in the in the race. There I believe it was the silver bullet that day or forgetting The name of that one. But anyway we shipped over there then we had to had to Chip BACK DOWN TO GULFSTREAM ship. All over the board And but she's handled it really. Well she actually drive doing it. So quite proud of everything she's accomplished and I still think You were hunting for grade. One from here her I want to talk about her development in the sense that you know her debut last fall. Churchill's took a lot of money. It was a big field. Were you expecting what you saw from? Her debut was fantastic. Yeah her She had worked lights out going into that and that was one of those restricted money racist because she had run Awry Bader for thirty thousand so yeah so so that so that condition was was unique but she got that done easy enough and and then I was going to go to terms with her. But couldn't get A to turn race distill and we were hunting and hunting and hunting for two. Turner Right. It just didn't happen so we ran our one mile to act the seven eight and You know it's Since we've gone longer the better she does. You made some news. After the fantasy noting you might consider overseas trip with her with with everything pushed back in a lot uncertain. I imagined the plotting of schedules and stuff now is very unique for you guys. The schedules are moving target. Right now. You really just don't know because of everything happening and you know I think she's a Philly that will take to the term for that any trouble Now there's nothing listed in the US that she could point of any significance and the fact that a lot of their horses are going to be coming off Layoffs they haven't been running so we're GONNA be at a competitive advantage but We've got a lot of logistics works to figure out on that That shouldn't be terribly difficult. I've done it before Wesleyan I've worked together. I was sleeping and then Wesley Certainly perfected the trip And I've run well over there but I haven't won and it might be an opportunity to do something unique. Yeah I would think that knowing that you have the points and obviously you have the first Friday in September you know kind of spot guaranteed there. I mean I imagine that does help at least because you have a poll in the distance of kind of where you WANNA be in. Be Peaking and stuff well if she's training as well as she did going into this go A trip like that. I don't think so out of the question. I mean the euro's come over and back to run an eye races all the time. We just don't tend to go their direction very often. Hansa phillies value dramatically. If you can pull something like this all to prove that she can run on turf dirt. Medica- no medication. When you end up Bringing hurt auction or any of her foals dogs. And then I think you'll get people's attention and or worldwide attention and Peter Callahan's a guy that that that understands that he's bread Top horses and then evariste worldwide. And so he gets the big picture and and he seems at this point up for we've got like I said we've got some logistics to work out and figure out the timing and the details but It's possible we're going to see we're GONNA look at all really close. Can you repeat you on his here on the program? I know you've been primarily running horses at Gulfstream Park. The last few weeks are. Are You staying down in Florida? Are you still basing in Kentucky Right now well Guess yes The you know I spend about twenty straight years based at Gulfstream and then came back into Kentucky just firing away and young horses route Florida to shift it over to Gulf st or. I'm sorry shift over to Oakland for four or five seasons and had a had a over there that there with his young verses We made a an effort on that and it didn't work out. So I've shifted my tax per se back to Florida and And then we ship out of that base I own own summerfield training center and in Just south of Ocala. And we've got all our young horses there and then we've got the main division at Gulfstream but those horses are getting ready to rotate to towards Can All those details right now? Speaking of a Gulfstream Park you send out an envelope I I said that right To a fourth place. Finish in the honey Ryder. This weekend I know she debuted on the grass broke maiden last time out on the dirt. Had you been wanting to get back on the turf with that runner you're primarily Berkeley We couldn't get the to turn to go so we went in the grass We got the to turn race ago and in and that worked out well and she remained easily then we entered into fantasy because she was going to run as an entry was Wiscon- diver and she was to get excluded. So we after over to the Gardenia and she did get excluded there and then they had five scratches which is a little frustrating and then and then it was like okay. We've got her teed up. But where do we go? So we put her in the race at Gulfstream and I don't like the way pace of that race. Unfold for I I think that that we could have done a little better job tactically either way. It unfolded I think a little too aggressive going into the first turn. It didn't show much patience and we talked about that race But but now she'll shift back to the dirt and I'm probably going to take a little time with her and you'll probably see surface in June or July depending on timing. I think she's a Philly. That's got to run in I think she could be an oaks. Philly I mean she. She's she's shown she's got that kind of talent but at the the pattern hadn't fallen right in place on her as far as getting to regular dirt routine to turns. Well unfortunately this is where the audio really Kinda went. Bad and I tried to piece that together as much because I thought Kenny had some some good information and I just I so appreciate time like I said he was very patient and we tried to make it work in the the connection was just dropping out too much and it started getting real bad so we will get Kenny on another time. But really really appreciate his time and his What's the word I'm looking for patients? You know we're all I mean we're just we're all subject to the technology we have and it's It's working behavior at that particular time. Unfortunately it's going to happen every so often but Can't Kenny enough and we will be right back. After this short time out for little episode of Race I love coming up next here on a Wednesday edition of the Jason horseracing. Podcast brought to you by twin. Spires twin spires not only offers the best way to play the racist from your desktop or mobile device. But we also have great offers for our players visit twinspires.com slash offers to check out all of our great daily promotions from our players. Pick FOUR BONUSES TO WIN. Sheri- thoroughbred to harnessed we have offers and promotions for all types of races and all types of tracks visit twin spires dot com slash offers to find out what operas are available to You. Jason Beam horseracing. Podcast brought to you by twin spires. Is Your home for daily thoroughbred horse racing conversation? Join host Jason Bean. Has He discusses racing from around the country interviews jockeys trainers media personality and horse players every Monday through Friday. The show can be found at twin spires DOT COM or on. Itunes spreaker stitcher or wherever you get your podcast from the Jason Beam racing. Podcast brought to you by twin. Spires are once again my thanks to Kenny mcpeek. And appreciate his time in the policies. You guys Indicating for having a kind of piece together that interview with the The technical issues we had We're GONNA do the erase. I love segment here in a moment but I wanted to mention an article that Matt Haggerty who we had on the show last week wrote about Per Race handle rising one hundred sixty four percent in April and the article basically says the. Us held seven hundred forty six races in April decline of seventy one percent But per race handle of course up significantly and it's very obvious number. I mean we know that there's way less track. So therefore you have the same or maybe a little bit less of betters now forced to wager on literally six or seven products so you know the the range of supply is diminished and therefore the demand at each of those places goes up and so Not surprised by that. I think you know there's been a lot of talk over the years about whether consolidation would be a good thing for racing at this point and I think that it. I think that this virus going to do that to a lot of industries. I think racing will not be untouched by that. I think so far. The only track that is literally shuttered. Because of this was a a greyhound track up Ermington Greyhound but you know harness obviously is there you know everybody starting to talk about picking up and going again and running again and it seems like each day. We're seeing another track. That's kind of cemented. Their plans and I think part of that momentum is you know it just took one or two places to kind of you know. Take a step out and say look. We're going to try to start this day. And you know makes you know the first step is always the the first person across the the line is always the one that has to deal with the most Blowback and so. We're GONNA start seeing that in other sports as well but I saw Louisiana announced. They're gonNA open June six. They're not going to run the Super Derby this year. I obviously wanted to have that person. Money for their folks who support their card On a daily basis in terms of But it'll be interesting to see if if contraction is accelerated a little bit you know because of a the slot reliable tracks relying on the slot machines and stuff for their funding for purses and all that but also You know if if some tracks just don't survive what's going to be a has been and is probably going to be for a while a tough economic situation and You know we've seen that one of the byproducts of less tracks running has been field-sized jumping up. I mean every race had oakland for weeks. There was a full field and Okla generally have pretty good fields but early in the meet. There's a lot of sixes sevens and eights and stuff in there and you couldn't you couldn't even sniff a Tan. It seemed like outside of the Arkansas is of course but You know I don't WanNA I. I Never WanNa see race tracks close. I WanNa see the sport grow. I don't know that the growth in racing in terms of field sizes. Obviously I mean you see the year to year decrease in number of full so tell that starts correcting itself because owners breeders and stuff can make some money You know I don't know that. Were going to Nazi contraction. Because you know having to bet five four. Six horsfield's is just not entertaining for for bettors. It's not a good betting proposition And it's a hard game to beat with the takeout. What it is as it is so when you multiply that by less numbers of combinations and stuff it just makes for a a not great recipe. I've definitely been a little more pessimistic. That's the last couple of weeks days. I do think this entire thing is an opportunity for a bit of a revolution in terms of how the game the gaming part of the game is structured. And maybe you know try to incentivize our players to play more by charging less or by offering a better product or both God forbid so we'll see if I mean I'm like I said I'm not. I'm not hopeful that change will be spurred by that but you know hopes Kind of one of the only things we got so we got we got to. We have to try to stick it out. I'm trying to put on a smiley face so race. I love let's Let's let's do the intro. It's a slow racing day therefore time to go back in the old time traveler. To a race I love love that Generic heavy metal music that royalty free not copyrighted heavy metal music race. I love well. We'RE GONNA go back to two thousand and five which oddly enough is the same year of our last race. I love so so far. I'm two for two in fact The two races themselves were only about a month and a half apart Maybe I'll have to branch out next week when we go. Maybe go somewhere a little more modern or maybe maybe even a little bit older. Who knows but we go back to July. The third so July third here in Seattle is the Emerald Bounced Fireworks Night They always do their big fireworks show. It's the biggest one in the Kent Auburn Valley on July third. And then you know everybody else obviously does it on. The fourth doesn't matter what day of week it is. They do it on July third. It's become a big tradition and has been for quite a while and on that day I was down at Emerald downs. But they weren't starting until later on in the evening. I think the racist started at like five or five thirty and so I got there early. I went out to the quarter shoot cafe. Which is the backstretch cafe? Sally Sally Joe Steiner owned and operated there too of just the sweetest people in the world and it's a great backstretch cafe like have you can go out there in the morning. It's open to the public. You can watch the horses. Come and go onto the track and it's it's pretty awesome part of of Emerald downs history so But I went out there because that was where the simulcasting was open. And my Buddy Ben root who was a trainer had been out of his barn and I worked my way back into the cafe and it was about fifteen minutes to post for the grade. One American oaks now. The American oaks was kind of a new race in two thousand and five at had just been created a couple of years earlier. I think it was I ran in two thousand and two. In fact the great megahertz one go a mile and a quarter in two minutes point. Four six but You know she was obviously a really really good. One helped launch this race into becoming a grade one pretty early on its existence. It was A mile and a quarter on the grass. It was kind of a late Season Hollywood park has obviously del Mar. Would starting just a few weeks. It was usually a little bit just before the Gold Kappa. Phi Remember correctly but You know like I said a race that it was was pretty new to the scene and had already generate some interesting buzz and their big thing was. They wanted to get runners from overseas and this particular edition Drew several Single lease a Great Britain bread Lewis Line from Ireland bread three degrees in Irish Bred Irish Bred Silver Cup Sweet firebird and other Irish Brett. Great Britain beds silken scarlet irish-bred. Hallo dream and the Japanese bred Cesario. Who was going to be the CO second choice? The favorite in this race was affiliate Mellor and Miller. India was coming over from New York. And Back East. Bobby Frankel Stud TNT You know they they. They paid one hundred twenty. Five thousand four her at keeneland September and she breaks her maiden at Belmont Park in her first career start rallies from from mid pack on the grass and doesn't only win wins going away by and a half at odds of seven to one. So you got a little bit of price on this Bobby Frankel First-timer so she goes on to win the Miss Grillo stakes at Belmont. They give her the rest of the winter off. She comes back a three year. Old Wins the Appalachian stakes. Lynn follows that up with a score in the sands point stakes grade. Three at Belmont Park on Belmont weekend. I think it was right. It might have even been Belmont Day but That same weekend the first weekend in June one at two to five rallied from off the pace. I mean just had been crushing her opponent. She comes into this. American oaks her first trip out west and we know Franken had spent some time out West but she ends up going off as you're sixty five favorite in this spot Johnny Velazquez coming over to ride. It's interesting looking back at the chart. Garrett Gomez riding single EAS Rene Douglas Lewis Line Jerry Bailey riding three degrees. I mean the Gary Stevens. Alex Sali's Corey Nakatani David Florez P. Vowel ON LONGSHOT. Hallowed Dream You Fukunaga the writer are before the race started. I liked Osario as a bet and before the race started. I remember talking to fixed offer on the show years ago and Vick said that you know this horse. Kinda was washed out and running off and if you watch. Tv G has some coverage of this race on Youtube. And if you watch like she warms up a damn near full sprint. Like it's it's crazy. How much intent. She's working going. I remember Victoria Me. That you know he was really kinda shocked with how vigorously they were warming up and how hot. She was getting and she was breaking from the far outside post. She's breaking in the twelve post a mile and a quarter race at Hollywood so they would start in that far far. Shoot and so not the best of Of Post position for this one mellor. I in drew perfectly in a post five. You know she had kind of a come from behind style and you know really was looking to go five for five and submit herself as As kind of the you know the Star three-year-old Tur- Philly in the country at this point so the reason that this race is so special to me is I remember as I sat and watched this in the quarter shoot cafe vicks call of the race to me is as close to perfect as a race call could get He's he's his timing his pitch his everything. He doesn't miss a single thing in the race. It's just step by step by step this perfect gradual build and SS. Reo comes off the top of the stretch and really starts to open up. You know his call just builds with that and I still to this day. I've heard this race and watch this race hundred times. Maybe more. The hair on my arms still stands up. And that's what happened when I was in the quarter shoot cafe On just never forget. I was watching it. It was kind of raised. Tv Some looking up at it and like the hair on my arms just stood up and it's just such an amazing race call and entertaining race. So here's a listen back to the American oaks two thousand five the Great Cesario. They're good start scenario in single EAS from their outside post show speed. That's what I mean and is. Let cozine close up at the rail. Three degrees is mid pack alongside hallowed dream to the outside Silken scarlet and Silver Cup. Lewis Line has to check briefly off forces mellor second to last early and the trailer is sweet. Firebird cozine take charges. They hook up with the main course and Islam. Cozine is now three lengths in front of. That's what mean in second says. Reo Is well-placed. For Japan. She is third only in the two path from the twelve twelfth hole as they race at the clubhouse turn a length and a half to member read who is fourth in on the front end is look cozine trying to win the American right here. And now she's five lengths in front single eas how low dream and Silken scarlet or next. They're all about nine from the front three degrees mellor. I ended up to the BACKSTRETCH AND LOUIS. Line all eleven lengths from the front. Silver Cup is already pushed along thirteen from the lead. And if sweet firebird ends the fourth American oak she'll make up fifteen lengths in four and a half furlongs. Islah cozine tries to slow it down to the half-mile pole. But that's what I mean and Caesaria will have none of that and that's what I mean has taken over the lead that's all for is let cozine drops back his second. Sorry who is in perfect striking position. Now just a neck from the front single lease memorandum. Lewis Line has passed several. Here's Lewis Line up into fourth but length and a half to Laura into WHO's got a long way to comments says. Reo takes charge at the top of the stretch and says reo has opened up a big lead. She has four lengths in front of singles in second then comes. That's what I mean. Laura India's eight legs from the Japanese superstar Dario Tosari Oh stretch. She's running off their feet. Likes him figure elise how you get in a second? But no way that she touched the winner says reo win the fourth American jobs mellor solidly defeated in second single as third and three degrees. Finish for it. It's just so great. It's so great so Zari. Oh running them off their feet password. Stretch so Zari I. I get chills. The during the whole call it's so great The reason it's also so special to me is literally the next day. I went to the sporting store by my house and they were having a fourth of July sale and I bought a pair of Leopold binoculars that my friend Chris Carpet. Neto had recommended because he used them hunting. And I started. I went up to the grandstanded. Emerald and I sat in a friend's box. I didn't pay for and I would just kind of called the races under my breath and I remember after I did that I go you know I kinda could. I think I can kind of this. And at the time I was memorizing them via the Celtics are the saddle towel. And you know. I didn't really know what I was doing it but I knew that I wanted to do it and I could do it and I wanted to. I wanted to feel what I felt when vic called that race like every day and every race and I spent the next six months practicing every chance I could get at Emerald and then down at Portland and it was actually. It was literally about six months from that day. I got to call my first race because it was January. Eighth of two thousand six. A Colt named sue down at Portland Meadows so That race will just always be so special me of course as REO would go on to have a very good breeding career. She produced a couple of really nice horses including a Japanese Think at Japanese champion. Three year old filly of the year. A couple years later has had a couple of Of Good Offspring Mellor. Linda was never quite the same she. She went on mean she ran a good third and the Beverley D. Had A disappointing effort in the flower bowl later that year and then would win the potty stakes at Belmont Park. I hope I'm saying that right might be capitals but had to Ended up retiring after that She had been off for nine months before winning that capital steaks and so not sure exactly what happened but went to her retirement with Five wins from eight starts. Four hundred eighty three scenario would never run again. Suffered an injury and was a bread after that but That one afternoon in July at Hollywood park she was just some kind of brilliant and it is certainly a race. I love so I appreciate guys indulging me on this little segment. I'm having fun with it while we have a little bit of a shortage in racing and so looking forward to probably doing it the next couple of Tuesdays or Wednesdays till we start to pick it up live racing more so but of course. Tampa's returning today Gulfstream's back Thursday and sort. You're getting into another racing weekend. We'll start talking more about those races as we go tomorrow horse player Thursday Valente. The Track Phantom is going to join US looking forward to having the jury on on Friday. And we'll get you ready for the upcoming weekend Appreciate the emails. Keep those come. Jason Charles Bima gmail.com getting some good ones and What I really love about some of the emails. I'm getting his people reflecting and looking at their own horse playing and asking questions and talking about the things they're trying or doing and Love to see those kind of conversations happening. I don't think they happen enough so All Forum Jason Charles Bima no dot Com. We will see you guys back here tomorrow. Everybody have a great rest of your Wednesday.

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