Bill Cunningham 8/24/20


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Billy Cunningham the great American welcome this Monday afternoon trouble in River City on many fronts including the reds and the Bengals FC, whatever it might be now some Mo- eggers good friends in the Republican caucus in the House representatives in Columbus one impeach Mike Dewine Impeach Mike DeWine coming up after about my great interview with Mo Mo first of all, welcome this Monday afternoon to the Bill Cunningham show. Willy how you doing I'm in chaos I'm term. We don't have enough. and. This is your week. It's this man convention. Sure Week man you've been waiting years for this. This is it's the coronation of Donald J trump. It will love a tape walk on water is going to cure the sick and give sight to the blind is this week, and now we got another Maceio first of all within your Bailiwick. If somebody would have said to you the trading deadline I guess is Monday a week for now. Is that correct? Correct, yeah. Well, the roads be buyers or sellers at this point. Why are we saying this Mo-? Why are we saying you know? The season started a month ago today, and if you remember, they won that night convincingly over the Detroit Tigers and it was we were calling it like Assad from the obvious not being able to actually go to the game. One of the best opening days the reds have ever had this great debut by Mike Stock Sonny. Gray was was lights out that night the. Fact that a month later that that is a fair and legitimate question and it is by the way, a legitimate question is not something that I would have entertained. This has been a truly unenjoyable experience over the last month on field off field. They've had a covid nineteen interruption, the Tom Brennan situation, and then a really string of uninspiring frankly boring games the reds. Have played this offense has often been punchless it was for the most part this weekend in Saint Louis the new acquisitions you know Nick Cassidy honest got off to a great start and the numbers are still more than respectable but he is certainly leveled off over the last couple of weeks new acquisitions have not added up to a team that really feels any differently. than any of the previous six and a month into the season with a little bit more than a month to go willy. This team is the third worst winning percentage in the National League This has been truly they have time. They've got to do some stuff they need individual improvement but this month I'm hard pressed to find anything that I would call fun. Enjoy. Past opening day that was my speech was ready. I. Was cut coordinates interrupt US I was ready to go and I thought okay. This team is built to win friends of mine. Not. Yours put up thousand dollars each on the over under being I think it was thirty and a half for thirty one wins. I do not one and a half thirty I did not get in because I'm thinking well, I've been disappointed so many times. I want to sit back and enjoy the ride and watch my buddies win money guess what the odds them getting like thirty two wins is almost non-existent. How's it possible? What the starting pitching being so good that the reds are so bad. Well. You you go back to the over under as as somebody who every single year bets on the reds. Isn't hit since two thousand, twelve. I did the same thing they've got to go twenty, one, thirteen the rest of the way just to get to thirty, two, twenty, eight. Now I think if they get there, they're going to be a playoff team. Obviously, the reds do have the soft landing of of an eight team nationally playoff but. The answer to that question is sort of multidimensional. I'll focus on the offense eight times this season, the reds have scored two runs or fewer eight times in twenty six games. Yes. They've had bullpen issues. Yes. They've had injury issues to the starting rotation but but that to me speaks to the eleven and fifteen record more than anything, they've lost all of those games. So when they've scored three or more runs, this team is simple. Math tells me eleven seven. Well, that's pretty good. You went eleven out of every eighteen games. You'RE GONNA win the division pretty convincingly. That's been it for me on a on a collective level on an individual level aside from Jesse winker and to a to a degree. Castanos find me somebody having a good season. Joey votto numbers are worse than they were last year, which was the worst season of his career to date Mike Moussaka says numbers leave a lot to be desired Freddie. Galvez we went rider die with Freddie Galvez at shortstop who basically is that art? Guess what Freddie Galvez has provided some poppy does have five homers but Freddie Galveston Zachos Art, he's not that good. Defensively, a you heinous whereas coming off a forty nine home run season has a batting average of one, forty nine Shogo Akiyama was supposed to fix this team's. Inability to have guys get on base Shogo ocoee on base percentages three, zero seven they are a startlingly one dimensional team their third in the National League in home runs hit yet eleventh and runs. They cannot score the ball's not going over the outfield fence and I don't see that changing anytime soon and we have it. So here's the big question mallets bit early in the interview. The big question is this are the reds, buyers or sellers if somebody would have said to you a month ago the reds are like. One of the worst teams in the National League, you wouldn't have believed that we we always sing the praises Elise Casteel he's zero three with a four, forty, four era, which is Midland at best and of course, Trevor Bowers all, Star Quality Sunny grades unbelievable. But then you got three other starters coming and I'm saying the reg can hit when the reds get behind. I assume they're going to lose when the reds get up I wait for you to come in to blow it and so are the reds, buyers or sellers. I think the Trevor Bauer question is fascinating. You know you mentioned the week Casteel. Louise Casteel was under team control he has been average since not just the beginning of this season he's been averaged since the all-star break last year sunny gray is under team control for two more years. Trevor. Bauer is fascinating for a couple of different reasons. Number One. He's right now the best pitcher in baseball an era of sixty eight he has been dominant number two he has no contract for two, thousand and twenty. One. His deal before the shutdown for this season was one year at at slightly over seventeen million dollars. I. Listen To. Bob. Castellini on your show on opening day. Talk about how much money the reds we're. GonNa lose the Reggie probably GONNA lose somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty to thirty to fifty million dollars this season because they can't sell a ticket. So after offseason the which. They spent one hundred, sixty mill. Are they going to be able to pony up the kind of cash to keep Trevor Bauer if the answer is no. Then you go to the third factor, which is the number of starting pitchers around Major League Baseball on contending teams that have gotten injured trevor. Bauer would be an exceptionally exceptionally valuable commodity on the open market exceptionally valuable commodity. Open market. Now, the trade deadline's a week away the reds are certainly not out of the postseason hunt. There's a general Malays in the entire National League, if the reds could win three out of four, this weekend Milwaukee boom right back into it but I think if you're Dick Williams, you've gotta consider all those factors and at least listen I know how that's GonNa come across I know how it's going to come across that in this season of being all in. Five weeks after opening day, we're going to trade the best pitcher on the staff but are the reds GonNa Sign Trevor. Bauer. If the answer is yes. Awesome. Awesome. If the answer is no is currently constructed is this team going to win the world series if the answer to that question is no that I at least think you have to entertain the idea of the moving on from him nothing against him I'd love to have them I would love to have Trevor Bauer next year. But if you're not GonNa win with him and you're not gonna be able to afford to keep them And I don't know that they will or won't. But if they if they decide, we can't afford to keep him home my God what you could maybe get in return for Trevor Bauer. It's staggering to think about and the other issue from an ownership perspective assuming the numbers fifty million, which is a low number. I've seen ESPN reports that each team may lose north of one, hundred million dollars, which means that the capital call happens to the owners and the owners hit their pockets and pay out the money as when that happens. Now, you got real issues and then you got march or April. Of next year coming. What's that season going to look like nobody knows what I don't know we're going to have a cure a vaccine or we're GONNA. Have Therapeutics. I don't know people going to be willing to go sit next to each other when his eighty nine degrees on a sunny Saturday afternoon in right field and large numbers I don't think so so it's a consequence. They might say you know what? It's an art and it's a business is time to run this thing like a business and in a sense I feel sorry for Bob Castellini in a sense, this guy really wants. To Win Phil, Castellini really wants to win to go fifteen years with three winning seasons and no playoff wins as far as winning and series is about the worst record of ownership of the reds and the history of the ballclub going back to eighteen sixty nine. There's never been a fifteen year stretch when the reds have only had three winning seasons and never a fifteen or twenty or stretch they've not at least going to the world series, and so we're in the middle of the greatest owner, the most caring the best facility, the best marketing the they do wrong is between the white lines. Well to a degree. To the extent that I could feel bad for a person of Bob Castellinis worth I do feel bad because they opened up the pocket book this off season they spend one hundred, sixty, million dollars just on outside acquisitions. The Front office I think did a pretty good job of building a core. They shrewdly acquired sunny gray and signed them to an affordable contract. They shrewdly acquired Luiz Castio who they're not paying all that much to they shrewdly acquired you heinous Lorez and signed him to a deal that made a whole lot of economic sense and because of all of that and say what you want about the Joey votto deal they at least did commit twenty, five, million dollars to a player has been one of the best in the history of the franchise. But with this core in place they decided to go for it and they. Could not have picked a worse year to spend that kind of money on outside talent when you can't sell a ticket that's not their fault. That's not their fault at all but you do wonder let's say in twenty, twenty, one you and I are allowed to buy a ticket to go to great. American ballpark I will. You won't because you never go. But let's say we're allowed to go to great American ballpark. How many fans by the way? This is a franchise who just two years ago reached a thirty four year low and attendance some. Huge. Expectations not met maybe they can't bring back trevor. Bauer were allowed to go to games next year. How many fans are going to say yeah, I bought in last year. You let me down again pulled the rug out from underneath me guess what I'm not going to do. I'M NOT GONNA go to great American ballpark now already dire financial situation beyond the reds control suddenly becomes even worse because their attendance takes a hit in two thousand, twenty one because they didn't win in two, thousand, twenty, I think that's a legitimate concern and I do feel bad for for Bob in that regard because this was the. Year look they spent that money thinking a, we'd win be we'd make it up at the box office will not only can they not make it up at the box office? They're taking a huge hit and that on top of losing really makes me wonder about the twenty twenty one and beyond forecast for this team what are you do? Joey votto twenty, five, million dollar sign for the next four years what do you do joey and still owed about one hundred million dollars is sitting to Oh, seven I don't know how many leadoff hitters in baseball are hitting two seven and that damned chop is back the. I'm watching yesterday like chop the ball like the right field what the hell is what the chop can you explain to me the? Chop. I can't I can't. Here's what I can tell you Joey votto was under contract for three more years. He has full no trade protection. So you need his permission to trade him and he's owed over the next three years twenty, five, million dollars per season a by outright at the end. There's a team option for two, thousand, twenty, four, which as of right now, it's hard to imagine the reds sizing, and by the way he is a couple of weeks away from turning thirty seven years old. He had his worst season ever last year and his numbers this season Pale in comparison to what they were last year. So it begs a couple of different questions. When do you get to a point? Joey Vodka was no longer regular player and I know there's a lot of people who don't want to entertain that. But if Joey Votto wasn't making twenty, five million dollars, he'd be starting on this thing. No, not even the answer is no. No. If I said you here's your first basement slash leadoff hitter here his numbers and I didn't attach his name to and you didn't know how much money he's making. You would say there's no way that guy's should start. So are we getting to the point where the only reason why he's in the starting lineup? Is that because of his money? Yes. That's not a very effective way to to write down starting lineup every single day. So I think you have to have some conversations I'm sure the reds are having these internally. What are we doing when Joey votto was? No longer the player he once was in the further we get removed from his last really good season two, thousand, seventeen, the more you can say with certainty that he's no longer the player he wants wasn't, and the other part of this is, how do we figure out a way to build a team around a guy who's making twenty five million dollars who's not the player that he wants was and maybe doesn't. Even play every single day. I. Really. This is this is the part where the bill comes. Due this is the part where in two thousand twelve nobody wanted to talk about the idea was to win while Joey Vodkas in his prime so that you don't mind paying a player who helped you win when he's past his prime well, they didn't win Joey votto in his prime. He is not getting any better as a player. He is only getting older in the price tag is not going down it is conundrum number one for this franchise, and then you add to it everything we just talked about with where they are physically fiscally. It's bad and I'm not end the books but I know every year they run the franchise to hopefully break even then have a pot of gold when they sell at the end, the franchise is probably still worth about a billion dollars but in this market God knows what it's worth starting to season. and Suarez or perceived as the two best offensive threats for the reds at least perception bottles hitting two. Oh, seven Suarez is anyone forty nine. I would say that's the more of the reason why they're doing it plus iggy generally stinks there's not a relief pitcher in the history of the reds that go one season, three wins and twelve losses as a closer, which is almost impossible and this series one and two is closer. That's almost impossible. The bengals hope lies ahead. How bad or how good would joey will burrow I look at it this why see this report out of Pittsburgh Ben Rothlisberger looks impregnable. All the players that tight ends everybody as Ben is is going to be. Baltimore you got. Pittsburgh picked to win at all. You Got Cleveland and here comes the Bengals with a brand new quarterback has never played a down in the NFL. I couldn't be more excited about Joe Borough and and the thing for me I take my cue from him. Look he's a rookie rookie quarterback struggle it's going to happen. and. There's IT's fair to wonder about what the impact of not having preseason games is going to be in week one but he had a quote last week that I think kind of illustrates why. So many of us are excited excuse me Willie. So many of us are excited about this guy in that we we love the tangible. We love the arm, we love the ball placement, the accuracy, all that stuff. This kid has a confidence. He said last week in response to a question about being nervous. Week one he goes you guys think I get nervous about anything and I'm paraphrasing here I there there's an intangible to this guy that buy into and that doesn't mean he's not GonNa Struggle Rookie quarterback's inherently struggle. I go back to Carson Palmer's first year as a starting quarterback. He was great by the end of the year, but he struggled early and he had the benefit of two preseason before he ever took a snap and a real NFL game Joe will struggle but but I but I don't think He's GonNa make you I don't think he's GonNa play to the level that you you think, oh, the bengals screwed up by taking this guy or you know what? This guy's not as good as we thought, I, am very, very optimistic for the Bengals long term and short ish term with job rural at quarterback to me the big question is what kind of Coaches Act Taylor we don't know I don't know and he is he is on the clock he's not going to be given I don't think years. And years and years and hours to show that he can get the job done. The idea is to win while Joe Borough is under a rookie contract and hired Zach. Taylor with the belief that he was the guy to usher in the next quarterback. The next quarterback is here. If Zach Taylor can't get it done within the next year or two Joe Borough should have different head coach. I asked you about a week or two ago who would get hurt first AJ green or Nixon sell it appears both. I. Don't know I don't know what humble is more fragile. Aj Green had one practice and has gone I. Don't know if he's GonNa play again I hope he does Knicks Ends L. I think we know what happened with him but nonetheless he he's gone for the next I don't know the week or two. Who will play I? Nick. Sends L. we'll go the opposite way Nixon's L. AJ J. Green. Well. Aj's not scheduled to play in a game until September the thirteenth I'm still. I'm I I was. Taylor Tobin Mike Brown I would tell Aj Green. We will see you September thirteenth. About practicing ready don't say about just we'll see we'll see on the thirteenth Zell. Hopefully, he's doing okay. When he comes back this, this club needs to be open him playing the infield because a you're not getting any production from third base be the insistence on not using cell at second base when Newstalk was hurt meant that we got a lot of Christian colonial Josh van meter, they need to be open a sense L. playing the infield which would open up an. Outfield, spot or a D.. H.. Position and maybe that would give aristidies Aquino chance to make the roster again and get them out bats and perhaps catch lightning in a bottle after what he did last last. Thank you. I've seen enough of an meet the guy belongs in Mason. In fact, he might belong in Silverton I I don't know where nail how that guy's a major league baseball player I'll never know but mo thank you for your analysis we'll see what happens. All Right Willie thanks, God bless America, let's continue with more your reaction seven, four, nine, seven, thousand plus an effort by Republicans to Impeach Governor Mike Dewine next at your home of the reds and Bengals. newsradio seven hundred. WLIW. The Great American what consequential Monday afternoon to try stand looking to my left trump speaks after being formally nominated for a second term normally, the nominee waits until Thursday night like Joe Biden. Are Present is out there Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Thursday he doesn't stop. Now we got the issue of the reds. Head such hope and such love and such inspiration none of which has come to fruition. The last time we were really excited about the reds or twenty ten you know what happened then twenty twelve, the highlight of this era of the reds baseball. Then that's down the tubes, the bengals stunt for a long time, and here we sit. So I'm working this morning by a lot of texts from individuals around the state saying they want to. Impeach Governor Mike Dewine over the covert nineteen response. I'm thinking is this a joke is is is, is this something that is transpiring and the far right wing circles of the Republican Party, and so we put a call in and representative John Becker of Clermont County is going to be here to five today John Becker is going to be here and the headline in the Inquirer is conservative lawmakers want to impeach Governor Mike Dewine over Covert Nineteen Response I'm willing to entertain many issues. But in a time of total chaos, this may not be the right Thanh headline is discontent brewing since two wine ordered the polls closing. March. Came to a head Monday morning this morning several gop lawmakers drafted because I, don't want to be stuck wearing my old outdated glasses because I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough is enough at the eye center. We've heard it all. 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Who's also Republican John Becker of Union township championing the cause along with two other state representatives. I have a signed their name on this deal to try to get moving, get it happening, and so at this point, I don't know what to say other than representative candice, Keller Candice Keller of Middletown, the home of. Segment Denison and Paul zealot winger of Mason and Ninova tally of Iran. So there's at least four state representative saying you know what it is time to impeach, which is charged formerly Mike Dewine with high crimes and misdemeanors, and then pass it in the house, and then have a trial in the Senate, which would shut down the state for months on end it takes two thirds vote in the Senate actually remove Governor Mike Dewine. And do sense that we live in chaotic times. House twenty twenty looking so far how we look looking the answer would be from Marty Brennaman not good how I can't look anywhere and of course, last night there's more riots in Kenosha Wisconsin and it's all over the media about this unarmed black man who was shot seven times as he's entering his vehicle. To leave a scene of domestic violence that seemingly he was not even involved in. Nine one one call was made to women were fighting with each other I'm not sure the unarmed black men getting shot his involvement but on video he's being ordered to stop. It's in broad daylight two or three cops in Kenosha Wisconsin have their weapons out ordering him to stop. He refuses to stop walks around I, think his car opens up the car door there's been reporting. that. Children were in the car. So obviously, the police could let them just drive off with the children in the car is ignoring orders to stop any shot seven times largely in the back half in and half out of the car. So when this happened quickly, kenosha Wisconsin was largely looted by the mob. And I'm looking at this and I'm saying, do we need an impeachment trial of Governor Mike Dewine in the House of Representatives later on I'm sure Mike's going to address this tomorrow and the charges involve his response to Cova. Nineteen. And according to John Becker is going to be with us in about an hour or so quote we fired speaker Larry Householder in the public wants to wine fired as well. Is that true thing? The public wants to wind fired. Becker told the enquirer householder was removed from his leadership posts but most fellow Republicans do not support removing him from the house at this point backer alleges that Mike DeWine violate at the state of the US Constitution by meddling in presidential primary elections arbitrarily closing certain businesses and instituting a statewide mask band particularly offense related to news conference was requiring those in charge to wear masks and many ohioans find the mask man offensive degrading humiliating, insulting according to John. BEKKER's news release and I can only imagine what's going to happen next is that it'll be. Introduced a spokesman for Speaker Newt. Speaker of the House Bob Cup C. U., p. p. who was on the High Supreme Court and now speaker of the House wouldn't say whether the new leader supports the effort to impeach the wine or not. So there is some apprehension in the minds of House Speaker Bob. Cup. That might happen quote. I can tell you the speaker shares the concerns of many members of the caucus regarding dewine's overreach in particular with respect to some of the health orders had been issued and he has voiced concerns directly to the governor. And Senate President Larry Oberhof of Medina said impeachment is an issue for the Ohio House. His chamber will not spend time and energy on it and unless the house votes to impeach. Governor Mike, Dewine it takes fifty one percent. But to get your reaction, and by the way, we have four lines open. If you WANNA call now five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand or pound seven, hundred, eighty to eighteen. And the House according to most recent polling depose matter hell I don't know according to. Recent polling seventy, six percent of Republicans. Agree. With dewine. eighty-one percent of Democrats according to Quinnipiac University poll agrees with Mike DeWine overall overall seventy, five percent of a high of voters agree with Mike. One. So. This gives the Democrats. And opening to say chaos we have nothing but chaos the Republican House. Speaker Larry. Householder. Indicted by the FEDS, the House of Representatives and total rebellion ordering impeachment of popular. Governor for crimes and misdemeanors committed in office and now, and now this is a real thing that. State representative. Keller of Clermont County. We'll be with you and I about an hour talk about it's incredible. Everywhere I look I see chaos. So. Let's continue with your calls. I don't know what to say five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand. Seven hundred eighty I disagree with Governor Mike Dewan on some of his approaches haven't you is an almost untenable position. He did not know in March exactly what we had with covert nineteen was it the plague was diptheria was that the German flu was it the Spanish flu was at the Hong Kong flu was at the Asian flu what the Hell Listen. I think six months later, kind of know how to avoid it under one hundredth of one percent of ohioans under one hundredth of one percent of died of covid nineteen. Basically, no young people being affected at all and I look Miami. University is shutdown God bless Xavier Xavier is having nine classes and also in person classes you see I think is largely today's the first day but mainly things are online. I'd like to live in a time. When we have a little more peace love understanding I'd like to live in that time if possible. So let's go to the calls with with match diamonds permission. I WanNa hear from you and sometimes every now and then. I do not have my finger on the pulse of the American people generally I do. I walk among you I know you and you know me Generally I get it, but this is an a chaotic time. Not, the right time to talk about impeaching Governor Mike Dewine won his popularity is through the roof. To shut down the state of Ohio to remove the governor from office in about two years. Winds up for reelection and twenty, twenty, two about two years from now we can issue a verdict on governor, Mike DeWine Yay or nay guilty or not guilty i. kind of like it elections to decide these things. Let's have an election to say whether or not to wind has done a good job by that point. Would you agree two years from now? We're going to know exactly where we are relative to cove nineteen until then. I'm not so sure we're we're at the end I. Think we're at the end of the beginning instead of the beginning of the end I think six months of this deal here it is almost September. We have a national election coming up with the president in about what about seventy days were Kinda kinda verdict on trump's going to be issued looking to my left. He's been nominated. He's except away we go. I have no idea chaos with the reds chaos with schools chaos with parochial schools chaos in Kenosha Wisconsin riots all over the Place Cincinnati of Cincinnati had a similar incident plus story before we take a break and I want to hear from the American people and match. Diamond loves it when I talk but I want to hear from the American people more as you know I frequent everywhere all the time I love going Independence Kentucky I. Love Going to Hidden Valley in Lawrenceburg. I love going Oh tr I'll spend time in Clermont county I'd like. To go into Amish country, times I love going I, like to WanNa hides in Hamilton I go every I love this part of the country. One of the best things John Barrett said when I had him on a couple of days announcing the continuation of the Western southern W. E. B. and fireworks under the leadership of John Barrett and DJ Hodge. Now, we're going to have the fireworks a week from Sunday now no attendance and the location is not known by anyone here except a very tight state secret match diamond knows, but he won't tell anybody. No crowds can come. That there is something to be said for continuity in life. There's a pace in a rhythm that is completely screwed up. Now it doesn't exist doesn't exist everywhere. I look I. See nothing but chaos economically one third of businesses are doing great. One third of businesses are decimated. One third of businesses are doing. Okay. We have a time whether it's like twelve million unemployed Americans we have a time where the stock market looking my left again is at all time highs crudes. Next move is coming up. Here we go. We have a situation where Joe Biden does not wanNA leave his basements damnedest thing I've ever seen Joe Biden Kamala Harris, announced with David Muir. Last night ABC News they may not leave their basements. They, may not campaign at all may not go out in public. As long as he's riding high in the polls, we may have a campaign. With no campaign, it may not happen. Are you kidding me a campaign when no campaign and now we have police under salt we have individuals doing wheelies on these large tricycles I'm not sure what they called match. You know what they're called the big tricycles look like motorcycles. I think Rachel would call a throttle I'm not sure exactly what they are. Doing wheelies down vine, street in the middle of the afternoon and early evening residents tell me that all hell's breaking loose downtown because the coppers do not want to arrest anybody getting arrested for anything because the copper's don't want to deal with it. And so a story in the paper, what do we do with a with dozens and dozens of motorcycles motorcyclist on these three will vehicles and otherwise doing wheelies up and down Vine Street at seven eight o'clock in the evening and at midnight or one o'clock in the morning. Does that the broken windows theory apply to we have to crack down that but coppers do not WanNa stop. Anybody. Last night before I go to the calls. You know in my other ideation I spent time the Public Defenders Office. And Room A and the deputy building to to to central. Parkway Room A in Hamilton County. Is We're all of the first time arrest go by that I? Mean if you're arrested in Springdale Madeira Green Township, Avondale wherever you're arrested. Right after your arrest within a few hours. If you rested by five am in the morning, you appear in front of a judge to get a bond set. Is called the initial appearance bond setting hearing I spent years sitting there and they roomma- Hemmer County Justice Center, and I saw it all it seats maybe one hundred and twenty five people. With. The witnesses lawyers, it's like a cattle call every morning and there have been times I'm sure you knew. When a judge Municipal Court judge would be there till one, two, three, sometimes four PM in the afternoon starting at nine am in the morning. When you have three hundred cases, you have to quickly set a bond here what the facts are next case. About three weeks, go happen to find myself in the room him my good old stomping grounds. And I was with a family members family member family member who had a DVD and they WANNA meet a stand up for the person and on and I said, well, haven't done it in a while but done about five thousand of these in my life. So I'll go to room again my lawyer suit on my my on I wore my camel jacket which Scott Scott Sloan loves Campbell Colored Jacket by century twenty, one jacket. And I walk in about quarter nine. I'm looking around and I see four people in Roomma- oems and deputy building. Up The prosecutor talked to David would is prosecutor there and there's a barrier lorries have to go into the side, get our little card out, put it in and we walk in to the secure area. I said David I haven't been here a few years what the hell is going on. And he said we have little or no business here in the room may the arms and deputy building there might have been twenty or thirty cases instead of four hundred cases. And the reason is police are not arresting anybody the messages sent to the criminal element, you can't get arrested. You can't get shot, but you can't get arrested. Let's continue on the other side will take some calls. We have thousands on hold and doing a line of which you have called in Jerry Don Mike, Brian Dean Dean from Columbus and. If lying becomes available, which it never does five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, number one. Should Mike Dewine be impeached. According to some Republicans. Yes and he'll be with us tomorrow two o'clock Mike Dewine John Becker today at two o'clock Bill Cunningham newsradio seven hundred w auto. Because I don't want to be stuck wearing my old outdated glasses because I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough is enough at the eye center. We've heard it all all the reasons why it's time for lacy over the past thirty years. The center has helped tens of thousands of people realize the freedom lacy provides now is the time relationship with twenty percent off for a limited time with one of northern Virginia's leading searches plus get an additional eight hundred dollars off when you schedule within thirty days, register for your savings and schedule your free consultation. Now at the Ice Center Dot Com some restrictions apply Cena not the same thing I've seen out at the Fisher. The Fisher House I know is a huge part of the country for somebody like my husband for them to know that, their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off of them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just having that assurance that no matter what as long as we were there for Anson, that someone would be there to take care of us. It took so much weight off our shoulders. How can you help go to fisherhouse Dot Org? Billy, Cunningham you know I just got my new supply CD's from. CD. Store. Anderson I use them for a little bit of minor pain also, GonNa Sleep at night but your CD store dot Com Anderson did a great job does a great job as does Westchester but until then let's get at it. I. Thought Today we're GonNa, talk about the reds a little bit maybe about trump got a call live from Charlotte coming up later but now the impeachment. Of Mike. Dewine. Lull, heading an elected official, a Republican deerfield township and level heading. Welcome again to the Bill Cunningham show how are Ya lo how you doing? I am super great. How are you well, I'm sitting here thinking this can't be true. We may disagree with the trumpster on some issues on dewine on some issues as an elected official or are you thinking about impeaching the governor? Within if I had a say in it, which is why calling you, I would have said we should have moved on this months ago. Take Away. Your your thoughts here him. But here here's the thoughts you're questioning the timing of this I. Say we're too late. I'm saying that might the wind need a lesson in state government? The legislative branch is a co equal branch of Government Mike the wind has run wild now four months under the guise of a state of emergency. It's been a hundred and what seventy days maybe since he declared a state of emergency that is not okay I am walking into. Businesses every day that won't make it I am talking to people that say, but why us they've never trace anything back to us. It's non sensical. So had Mike Dewine in March said to the legislative branch again co equal branch of government with him. If he had said, let's figure this out. Let's work together. Let's try to keep Ohio safe. Let's move our economy forward. We'd probably be in a different situation right now I applaud those state set have enough. You know what to throw this out there and say, I. I'm doing what's best for the people I'm not GonNa Watch and listen to polls polls right? We'd be talking about President Clinton again instead of president trump let ignore you know suppose popularity rate. Let's do what's right by the people of Ohio. Governor Lael heading, and here we are in February and March and all hell's breaking loose. What would you have done? In other words, I like the idea maybe fourteen days, twenty days whatever it might be we might have a real emergency governor you of the power for the next twenty one days almost to do anything. But within twenty one days, you have to come back to the legislature and say, okay, what do you think and then there's a vote taken of somehow someway is Albert you're saying. I'm seeing exactly that nobody's fault governor to wind for that initial shutdown I can't find one person has done that including Zelinger who's leading the charge on this we all believe the governor wind did the right thing. Let's shut everything down. Let's take a breath. Let see what's happening in the meantime we do have experts that we haven't listened to out of other universities and from around. The world that said Hey just heads up in Italy eighty percent or eighty year old and higher. So let's be smart about this. As we reopen. Let's be smart about how we're treating businesses. Let's stop scaring the public because we have more information and with more information you should be you should be empowered to open up your state I mean we we have got to send A. Message to governor to wine that we are adult that scare tactics have got to stop and that he is one third of the government here, he has to co equal branches of government and one which is ignoring entirely in regards to their feedback on how the state should run master. This march seventeenth was the primary and everything was set up to ever primary election we also have. For those who don't want to be poll workers we have a large group of Americans called the National Guard who could have gone to the polls to serve the role of poll workers if necessary but e-, each shut down the main objection I hear from from conservatives like you L. is out on election day itself, which was a federal election because of the primary to elect a president. The evening before the governor by himself shut down an entire election and reset for like seven or eight eight weeks in the events is that the main? I think that's just one of the name birds under my saddle. I can tell you that that one rubs me such a wrong way but for the last few weeks on my. facebook page I have been asking people to lease volunteer at the polls. There is no reason to give the governor a reason to shut down the polls if people in my group will please volunteer instead of the greatest generation that usually out. So proudly, at the polls, we can have enough if you're an attorney, you have hours that you need and civil education you can volunteer your seventeen years old plus and a senior in high school. It's called youth at the booth. You can volunteer we need thirty five thousand poll workers to run the polls in Ohio to guarantee that those polls. Don't get shut down. So please do your patriotic duty bats patriotic wearing a mask is not patriotic going to protect your right to vote going to say I'm standing up for democracy. We're not letting these poll it down again that is patriotic at this point here we are now toward the end of August everywhere I look I see chaos. What do you say to those like? Matt's time who say this simply adds to the chaos we have chaos in Washington, chaos in the streets chaos and education chaos and business why add to the chaos? How do you? How would you respond to that? I have to respond this way. It's not going to be better in two years when our small businesses are closed, it's not gonNA be better in two years when the mental health. Capacity. exceeds. It's not going to be better in two years. It's not to be better in two years when our unemployment hasn't. Caught up with trying to find jobs I feel it's not going to be better. You know what? If our founding fathers had waited two years and then another two years in another two years we might all these be speaking with the British accent. Sometimes, you have to do things that make you uncomfortable because you have to advance liberty and you have to stand up for the democratic process. I see the State House and the representatives that are leading the charge on. This is doing exactly that you have to take a breath and know that in two years waiting for two years. What does that look like put on your? Could you imagine the last six months? Would you imagine we were still lockdown? Curve and Curve and low heading elected official in deerfield township. How do you respond to those? Who say look we have one governor on time we have an election coming up in two years and characterize. This is something I think Bob Taft would've gone or maybe John casick would have done. I don't find the character up to this point Mike. Dewine to be so strong that he would have shut down the state and continues to shut it down to large extent. Are you surprised that way this played out under Mike Dewine? I'm surprised because I and I'm not I'm not anymore but I'm surprised because the goal post keeps getting moved further back. It keeps when Mike DeWine said flat in the curb and we all said, yes, absolutely we're GONNA protect our healthcare workers. We did that when he said stay shut down and take that extra spring break we said okay we'll do that. When he said we're GONNA do this said Okay but then the goal posts cat. Moving how much more governors wine he said on August, fourteenth on another talk radio show when he was asked what the end game was. He said it's eight vaccine. So Ohio as you unwilling to live under these mandates until there is a vaccine that you may or may not feel safe in taking if you were willing to live with a mask on until there's a vaccine because my wine has said, that's how long you're wearing a mask. Then you're fine with what's happening, but you might think this is an overreaction of our State House. If you think all of that is okay. Then this governors for you for those that say he has got a CO equal branch of government. He needs to sit down at the table with maybe they can have a conversation and this can all go away. Maybe that's a possibility you know. Why does it table? If dewine now or in the past what have sat down with the House and the Senate and fashion legislation maybe after hearing says that okay governor has the power to do this for like twenty days held the North Koreans might invade at some point in which case we need a governor say right now we gotta do what? I. The best approach I hear is that after a period of time go to the legislature for authorizing legislation that says you can do that if he would have done that in the lawmakers would have said we're on record we agree what a lot of your angst be gone. Would be gone I at least understand that he understands the civic of what government is and how our constitution was founded with three equal branches of government. We couldn't have had him to take all of our frustrations out on. But what we are seeing is that when you give power away, it is very, very, very hard to get it back and that makes me as an elected official mom as a citizen of. It makes me so uncomfortable to watch our governor continuing nonsensical regulations on the citizens of Ohio. Lastly. I would say, almost every time the governor goes to court. He loses because and they don't appeal it because if you take it away from a county into a district or to the state that would apply statewide. So when there's orders in Clermont County Orders in Warren County where you live in which certain these athletic facilities are open as long as no appeal took place that order only applies therefore to Warren County. It doesn't apply to the other eighty seven counties, and so the governor being smart knows how to play the game to make sure it. Has Limited application I want American society to be open and I'm careful with what I do I went freedom I want opportunity I want liberty. If I WANNA go out somewhere I'll go out I'm careful where I go who I go with I don't go into crowded events anymore I wear a mask quite often I use hand sanitizer, etc but I do know that ten times more children will drown sadly this year than die cove at nineteen many more Americans will die of by CICULAR act. Accidents Dyakov at nineteen that cove nineteen deaths among those under twenty five are almost nonexistent but kids that want to go to Miami, go to UC or go to k. you can't go because the governors have decided they can't go to class and I like the approach of Xavier, which is, yes, we're GONNA we're going to plow through this thing you have. A couple online classes the rest of them are in person there's rules in place you got to wear a mask got to keep your hands clean, whatever it might be but I wanted to get your viewpoint out there and you're strong and you're brave and courageous for doing this and I think your constituents tend to agree with you or am I, wrong. I would say you're wrong bell I would say you're wrong I would say that here in Mason field were very conservative and we just were so conservative with kind of forgotten. We just went the governor to tell us what to do what we want to follow that and we wanna tell anybody else Hussein. But what about this that they're wrong and you get shot down but you know I have to tell you I by biggest concern about waiting even longer is that if the governor came out today and said, you know what they were right? We're GONNA open everything up one hundred percent. He's wash your hands where your mask if you choose to. Give a little bit of defense even if he said that people aren't going back inside these restaurants that are using outdoor seating right now to survive. Won't have outdoor seating here in a month and a half two months. What are we do if what kind of message are we sending our children? Our college kids are entrepreneurs. When we say you can't followed that dream in Ohio you need to check in with the governor. If you're GONNA, sit somebody in your restaurant if you're a small restaurant and your split phases is. Cut In half you might as well not open we're making it. So businesses might as well not open. It's a big organic mess that Mike, Dewine, his created by not working with the other co equal branches of government and by taking power and not giving it back. I want GRANDPA wind out of my business I wouldn't have to stop telling me how steered. We should be family barbecues I want him to stop having people tattle on restaurants that have people inside and I want him to prove his science anytime. He says he's following the science because never does why are we swallowing pill because Mike Dewine has some kind of science at the rest of us can't figure out so we can't tell where that science is. It's too much unhappy. The State House is doing this I implore any other rep that has not gotten on board to get on board, do your duty to your residence, do your duty. I don't care what your reason for not doing it I think you have a place in this world to speak up your co equal branch in your not doing right now the House of Representatives is incomplete turmoil because of the householder issue I mean they're afraid to do anything but now we have to go. Can you can you stay on hold for about thirty seconds here? which whole say writer? All right, let's continue with more of aligned becomes available, which never does one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, Lael heading Deerfield, township, trustee, state, representative John Becker coming up in thirty five minutes they say impeach to wine off with his political head on newsradio seven, hundred wwl. Want lull is a firebrand from deerfield township, which is near Mason for those listening around the country and Always like to think that, this is a sounding posts were viewpoints are expressed by many different individuals and she's a legitimate elected official, and that viewpoint is out there. I did not know it was as deep as profound as it is because many times Republicans get in. Democrats get in line. You don't see Democrats attacking Democrats the way Republicans on matters of principle, go after other Republicans, and for the last six months, we've had one man rule in the state of Ohio. One man rule and the Constitution does not set up for that. It's checks and balances between the pre between the president and the Congress in this case for June, the governor and the legislature, and the legislature has been saying for six months, eight governor deal with US but they're in such a disheveled state because of Larry Householder and his alleged criminal activity. That there's no power base whatsoever in the House of Representatives. Anymore I'm sure Michael Bassey's questions tomorrow and on the reds and Bengals newsradio seven, hundred wwl Tomio. Couldn't get that done. peyton swings grounds one of the whole at second with their Colton logging fields imbros on the first. Time and that's all reds fall breed enough to the cardinals tonight in Saint Louis Swings. The first pitch grounds to Goldschmidt goes the second one back to firsthand. That's all double-play. Three six, three reds fall final score six to to Brought Kathleen. Body Mo Who points out that the reds record this year after about twenty six games is very familiar happened last year at the same time eleven fifteen one of the worst records in the National League if somebody would have said to you in the evening opening day as the Mousse got loose sunny gray dominates. A month later, the REG would be getting. Rid of assets in preparation for. Trade deadline. Day silenced shirts we're going to be sixty you know sixty zip. Now to get one of those. Now, how wonder how much does are worthless? How about eleven begin to for one SAG is there hope the reds are off today at Milwaukee for four there's always hope Willie until the AP puts that asterisk next to the name and Cincinnati on a in the league standings what to do it's going to be sixteen teams to make it. So I mean. You know you're not making a now. I. So I'm just saying they're sixteen teams are going to make it. They might be one what about. What about votto? They gotTA WITH What about Suarez? What about? Of the Suarez off the interstate yet know who's GonNa to just barely off of it he. Exited at Buttermilk Pie win always. It's always good when we win. That's for sure by not doing that lately and he's chopping wood again with the put the lumber about the wherein a Harris the moose large the chop where's the punisher percents punish your L. What about Matt Davidson and he he hit one to Jefferson. City. The other night to win the game. If he would hit that home at Grand Slam. The other night they got swept I think show you show gun needs to play. What we go know goes out there. What about sent cells? Not Player izzy, who sand Zell he's on the injured list who's GonNa play next Aj Green or Nixon's L. to Hummel's very fiber give. Nick Zell, the the edge on that one. Because AJ grades probably. GonNa be ankle knee fingers and now had had. Protocols, and air were sitting and the red legs with the maybe the best starting pitching. But even Louis Casteel probably the best starting pitching and what the years you know what Lewis Casto's record is not good zero and three. Yeah E. R. A. Four, forty, five Yup. Very. As like the Nasdaq. Especially in the bullpen. What about Michael is kind of coming around well slowing and then you're you're man, iggy. One, two, three, the other day aggie one, one, two, three, the other day. So maybe that's a good sign bob, the brick letter says I have several of those zero six. Sixteen zero shirts in my car I'll sell them dear for a dollar each. X. L. take one that my s- by CS night might be collectors sixty and oh Instead of eleven and fifteen. Willie. The report is a proud service, our local tempstar heating and air conditioning dealers ten star quality. You could feel a beautiful Milford Call Baker two, eight, three, one, fifty, one, twenty, four hours, Willy. It's four months to day of to Christmas. Eve Get ready for the holiday season and thought about Christmas thirty one years ago. Pete rose stood in front of a nationwide audience stood agreed of banishment from baseball looks forward to the time a year from now on I can apply for reinstatement has been. Three decades server. Trevor Bauer Brian Anderson and Willie and the opener the first sight brew crew when it hit that again, Matt some point. Warm will turn right now that warrants buried deep. That's for sure. Where's IT buried? I defined dry that's what we're trying to find. Coverage at six ten with sportstalk. Arnelle carriers inside pitch at seven ten Kelsey. Chevrolet extra innings show after the game to Kuba. Sato. Who the two time Indianapolis five hundred winner Willie Tonight will be on sports talk because I don't want to be stuck wearing my old outdated glasses because I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough is enough at the eye center. We've heard it all all the reasons. Why it's time for lacy over the past thirty years, the eye center has helped tens of thousands of people realize the freedom lacy provides now is the time for Lasik with twenty percent off for a limited time with one of northern Virginia's leading searches plus get an additional eight hundred dollars off. When you schedule within thirty days, register for your savings schedule your free consultation. Now at the Ice Center Dot Com some restrictions apply. Not The same thing I've seen out at the Fisher. The Fisher House I know is a huge part of the country for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off of them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just, having that assurance that no matter what is long as we were there for Anson, that someone would be there to take care of us. It took so much weight off our shoulders. How can you help good or fisherhouse dot org at six thirty five I didn't like that at all the way the race ended I mean the way to end the race red flagged it but Indianapolis Indycar rules. When the when the wreck took place with four laps to go. Right. I'm waiting now for the big finish like a NASCAR, right? What happened while the apparently the wall was damaged beyond repair and then tire barrier where Spencer pay slammed into. was virtually destroyed. So would have taken a while to put those put that back together again because you can't whatever race when you finish under caution that diet is most exciting part of the five hundred, the last three laps you know what I say. Live with it. What's the guy's name Tacoma Sato? Restaurant here in downtown. So the Same Guy Scott Dixon was second Ingraham Ray Hall third what a worthless race with nobody present and no drama. Willy let's see. Bengals today worked out Jordan Evans, the LINEBACKER carted off the field for that injury. WHO's caught off the field Carlos Dunlap had an off days got a minor injury to his leg. He hopes to return. Soon explain what happened is in media reports on Carlos dunlap Carlos, dunlap is Let's see. I may get the people. This is like Miami Carlos. Dunlap, said he was working out with a group of soccer players, football whites, players, and black players in a park in Fort. Lauderdale. Asked to leave by the Park Ranger and he believes it was the group was black. They were asked to leave. The other guys could stay is that true? That's what he said. Please continue Let's see the AP top twenty five out in college football. What about Ohio State Clemson one. St Ohio State that won't play number two. Number two, Alabama three, they're not going to go down Gioja is four Oklahoma Five Notre Dame your man Brian. Brian Kelly tenth the Byu C. Bear Cats are twentieth. Now how can state hold hold a ranking when they're not playing? That's that's when I'm asking. I, don't know. That's what I'm up the University of Cincinnati bearcats football team will have no fans in the stands when it opens the season against the Austin P. on September nineteenth at the NIP. Saying Austin P. when fly Williams played. Flies Open let's go. Pee. Fans. Did they got a t shirt with that? I? Mean maybe I get one of those along with that sixty no shot flies open. Let's Go pee fans get a cans. Fans could be permitted in the stadium later in the season if the University of T.. determinative, is safe and appropriate. We got add John Cunningham tonight at six eight with Lance. He's my brother headed to to talk about this as John About me. Big. For High School football all over the place. Well Indiana started. And we'll get. O and Kentucky Rut rampant up this week, right? Right. Thank. They've got to play I. Don't how many anything they got action so got a high school football. You got a C. An age see. See you got. A and the big twelve right And you got the bengals right between the bengals and the Browns is the Ohio State University crack and they're not they're not playing. No but high school football all over the place they're playing. And Hot and soccer played reds baseball I think golf. Yup. How about the Kentucky Derby the horses are running? Neck Saturday. Fans No. I take that back I think fourteen percent. Capacity Churchill downs but no winfield. So you can't. You can't go down there again and you know make run around like a Kook I thought there was no fans maybe I'm wrong. So there's sports everywhere except at the Ohio State University. Correct should governor or the big ten I mean, you're talking purdue. Data Indiana Penn State Ohio State. Awhile man, it's it. There was about six to eight big ten schools that wanted to play football right Penn State Ohio State Nebraska Iowa correct and powers be said Naba Naba. And so now the players can you see on an October you're going to have deer park bidding up on reading. Rain getting beaten. They're not not jointed to G C L until next year negotiations continue depends on what are they gonNA join the. South like in twenty twenty seven to have the cut of the gate. Dare Park. Travel. Styles. GotTa cut got to get a cut of the gate at the pit. To fill up the place is that the only team you're gonNA play it might might play Muller Saves. Lasalle The Battle of North Bend Road. You GotTa go to the Salad Saint Xr bolden wants to play Lakota West on a plan goal rain will take on them all but anyway, we're going to football everywhere in Ohio except that Ohio State Bingo now either one of two things are going to happen they're going to be the smartest people on Earth by not playing because other teams are going to get sick or they're gonNA have a lot of egg on their face for not plan. Don't you agree? Yes. You're more of a professional or. Than the browns. So I don't know I think. Ohio. One. Two in Colombo I don't know they got nothing to do soccer can't go to beer halls and get drunk again do anything. I like soccer playing either I think. Lesson Columbus. Crew. Well they'll get beat again. Everyone look I see chaos and now the governor with a seventy five percent approval rating his own party wants to impeach him candy. Ever problem in your community you're probably wrong but candice Keller. You COULDA had that seat from West Roth avert and you decided not to run. Maybe I'll do it. Why is that? When is it was that open again every two years right now you can run early. Wow. What do you think? Would you be by campaign manager and Butler County? Absolutely not really absolutely not thanks for we have the guy, the author of the impeachment articles coming up in fifteen minutes, John Becker of Clermont County. Wow and Ninova tally my good friend from I'm not sure worries from and if they're not really going to go, that's they are they're going to. Go through correct. It's up to the speaker, not Larry Householder but Robert Cup to have a trial and the House of Representatives to impeach Mike Dewan. Omar. What we do them with the Tuesday and Wednesday updates have you said, then we bring amy act and back bring her back she was. Always my aunt down like there's some there's some payoff here. Thank you, Chaz Charles Your right Dan right there. There's your man. Right there is going to go to all. There's some payoff. Thank you Chess Chaz, it'd be in charge of the entire state we got. Tell anybody, but she's not a very good cook what We have nothing but chaos everywhere. Davis Stop Chaos Willie. You back to your roots as far as party affiliation and would take a lot. I mean it would tell you what you know what's going on around here. What's going to happen tomorrow I thought today is going to be a slow and talk radio and not much going on only well, wrong. Again on the governor's impeached east, you gotta be kidding me. You'll address tomorrow under the leadership of Jack Windsor for bring it up tomorrow he's. Jacqueline Astor stupid question governor don't wind says to Jack Windsor go in and he loves hearing from Man Because Jack Deals with facts. You're going to get impeached. Next I. Don't know what to say and how about the protest the riots in Kenosha Wisconsin. Guy showed in the back like seven times getting into his car to. Drive off with. His kids are in the according to media shot seven times in the back by Kenosha. Unbelievable. Saying how we looking? Right now, not good all over the place. Willie and Tom Brennan, my good friend Tom Brennaman about MANTRAS Herrell calling Luca don-shik, racial epithets during a game. And then two days later. Hugs and hugs him and says I'm sorry they both say okay. Let's move on. Well, he hit he hit that shot last night from downtown Sparta about that. That was like you to park. Before, the three point line revenge is a soup best served cold and Luca serve some cold revenge soup. It's pretty cool that you go through life just with one name in your like Luca you're like, Willie? Ted Spinach Luca Luca Oprah Marty Martin. Mike. About. Richard Richard. Matt. Angered since Bangor to. Give me out in. Protest erupted after police appear to shoot black men from behind. It wasn't up here. I saw the video. Say. Ever, that videos right there and the riots commences if there's some correlation between one event and the other how these innocent people responsible a cop takes a brick to the head and collapses hopefully, he'll survive. So the reaction of violence is what more violence that makes sense. Will Overcast Day but blue sky here at Kenwood and it's hot and we got chaos. We leave you with the immortal words of the stew report my mother's on crack. Chess I don't know about that when you nemeses control again. And rule, for thousand. Years. Continuing, that'll happen. No thank you. I've asked him to come back and sees power. You know what he says. You can't say that you'll end up. You know what he says to me what do you think? I'm stupid. Thank you. I said no, you're not stupid. So he wants nothing to do with that. He added Time And he did his time it is hard time a hard time. Daddy. Coming up. Next is John Becker. Representative. Here we go. Try to impeach. Governor Mike Dewine the reasons coming up next level heading of deerfield township did a pretty good job earlier today laying out the case the articles of impeachment against Mike DeWine. Next. On News Radio Seven hundred W W. Because I don't want to be stuck wearing my old outdated glasses because I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough is enough at the center. We've heard it all all the reasons why it's time for lacy over the past thirty years. The Ice Center has helped tens of thousands of people realize the freedom lacy provides now is the time for relationship with twenty percents off for limited time with one of northern Virginia's leading surgeons plus get an additional eight hundred dollars off when you schedule within thirty days, register for your savings and schedule your free consultation. Now at the Ice Center Dot Com some restrictions apply. A good woman spiel. Over woman plus. An. Be the. You'll know. Yeah. Bad. Bowl. As. You may know the last several months has been a bubbling up of dissatisfaction among conservatives with the direction of state government on the leadership of match diamonds. Good friend. Governor Mike. Dewine. And now it has metastasized to articles of impeachment filed by State Representative John Becker, Clermont, county cluding ten articles of impeachment joining us now is that same John Becker and state representative John Becker. Welcome again to the Bill Cunningham show John how are you doing very well, Willie, thank you for having me on layout to the American people I know this has been bubbling up a little bit in the background. Now it's metastasized toward the end of August. Why should the governor be impeached which means formerly charged in the Senate would have. A trial that crack Willie I've been hearing from constituents that I've been hearing from people all over the state of Ohio they've been screaming do something do something well, I'm finally doing something I've actually working on this for several months and in the last couple of weeks, it seems like public opinion has has turned against the governor more sharply than even that was early on. So my colleagues have reached out and said, yeah, it's time to move forward. Some of those are currently co-sponsors and some of them later on A. Tight on his co-sponsors. So we're GONNA see how that goes when I spoke to some other Republicans and the State House about an hour or two ago Nakada quietly kind of agreed with you. But this politically, it's the wrong thing to do number one too much chaos number two and undermines a Republican governor. So how do you respond to some of your compatriots say well, we kind of agree with. John and you Nova tally and Candice Keller and some others but really He's a Republican to winds a Republican get in line. How do you respond to get in line mentality where all these people to get a hold of their constituents you talk to them because their constituents been calling, they're leaving messages they're not getting returned calls or not getting responses because these constituents want to explain to their. State representatives how they are hurting how their jobs have gone away how they can't even get a hold of the unemployment office. So high jobs and family services. Yeah. That that you know what medical care that was lacking a few months ago they couldn't even get an appointment for you know for for vision or hearing or or medical dental anything of that nature, and now they got conditions have worsened. Because of all of that, you know people have been hurting out there. It's not about politics. They don't care about the politics. They want to get this thing over west they want to get the wind out of the way he's been ruining their careers. He'd been ruining their jobs they've been ruining their livelihoods. Would you talk about the you know weddings I've been canceled because of the graduations and? On and on and on you know people are telling me hey, you know we understand the yeah. The virus is serious. We need to take the seriously we need to take precautions, but you know we don't need to be treated like children. We don't need to have a tyrant, a dictator telling us what to do, what not to do and where a math, what kind of mask and on and on the People Watch be free and they wanted to be free of governor Dewine State, Representative Becker. I think your arguments in two areas one substantively, which is in essence we. Have to have the freedom to do as we demand the other one is procedurally and by that I mean if the governor would come to you and the State House of Representatives in May and June and said, okay, the crisis has kind of at the top of the plateau. I want the cooperation of the legislature to enact rules and regulations and laws that I will implement has he done any consultation with the House to your knowledge? Absolutely not in fact you know what he I cancelled the election we came back and I'm not sure when that was sometimes late March And then we extend it absentee voting for people because of all the thousands or millions of people across the state I got this franchise So we came back quickly and we passed that law and it was unanimous. So we're certainly there to work with the governor and we've sent him a bill that he has already vetoed that Senate bill fifty five he has threatened to veto other Bill Senate Bill One and House bill six, eighteen anything that gets in his way or anything that's going to be tracked him his power he has threatened to veto it so he's been sticking his thumb in the eye of the General Assembly and a time for the General Assembly to push back and To you have articles of impeachment John Becker the governor has the right to veto and then you have the duty to override when he impediment when he when he vetoes bill, why not override? Well, you know you're absolutely right well, the Democrats love Love Governor to Y. since he's destroying the economy it's got to put them in a much better position to take over in November I. Don't know that we have the votes to override any of that stuff, but I'll tell you one thing with US impeachment resolution it only takes fifty votes. It doesn't take a simple majority. So hopefully, we can cobble that together and then get over the Senate and see if we can get two thirds they're. You say John Becker expressed stain for the facemask mandate to wine order in an attempt to mitigate the spread Cova nineteen in Ohio state rep claim that forcing ohioans to wear a face mask or covering as a condition of employment makes quote Ohio, hostile work environment. He went on to say that many ohioans find the mask mandate offensive, degrading, humiliating, and more. I wear a mask on I. Wear it because I have to take this approach to on that if I go to a private business and I wanted to I, watch this morning for some of my get from Glare I got some Glare Guetta at first watch I wore masks because the sign of the private business says I have to wear a mask when I come to this private building, the death star and Kenwood, there's a big sign on the door by the owners. Steve. Miller and others had say you got to wear a mask so I submit I wear a mask. Do, you have an objection. Then if private owner says condition of doing business once customers or employees to wear a mask, isn't it there and maybe not their duty, but it's your obligation to comply with mask wearing if we're you go demands it. Willie I fully support private businesses put in place whatever regulations they want to put in place they want to require mass. So I'm fine with that, and if you and others want to wear masks wherever you go, I'm fine with that too. I'm pro choice when it comes to mess. With is governor taken it upon himself. One man who are in conjunction with the Department of Health you know making the broad sweeping rules to control the lives of every highland. That's what I have. An objection to does popularity play into this. When you impeach our governor according to media accounts, he's got seventy five percent approval rating among all ohioans anyone percent among Republicans Sixty, eight percent among Democrats overall seventy, five percents. This is the most popular governor maybe we've ever had does that play into your decision making It does not but it might play into the decision making of my colleagues I. Mean I saw some polls that were probably a couple of months ago. That showed him as high as eighty percent approval I did find that to be a head scratcher but I can tell you based on at least the last couple of weeks as the phone calls and letters to my office accelerated and yeah, and on facebook which all somewhat of an echo chamber. Now, there's a lot of demands out there that in fact I I'll tell. You this willing I remember it was this was even some time ago. There was constituent of mine that was saying, yeah, you know early on I agreed with all this governor has done and but now it's gone too far. Then you know we need to be backing off all these regulations that was months ago. So more and more people are saying you know enough is enough governor has gone too far and it's time to get Ohio back on the right track. Can you lay out for the American people? The procedure? Have the articles yet been officially filed in the clerk's Office of the House of Representatives they have not I have what's called a working draft and It could get submitted as other still opportunity even make some changes to it, which I'm not opposed to doing. So what would happen as what he wants, it is filed with the clerk's office. Then that closes the window for people to sign on as Co.. Sponsors. So I don't have a time line for when I'm going to do that I'm thinking maybe for a couple of weeks anyway, I'm just kind of open ended and ask people to go to impeach DeWine dot com, and then look on there to see in your state representative as a co-sponsor we're not co-sponsor. Then there's a opportunity there to you know watching your name and address and send your state representative. So I'm going to hold off for a couple of weeks on this and see how many co-sponsors I get to see what kind of interest is. Then I will officially file with clerk's office. fifty-one, how many Democrats are there in the house about about forty thirty, nine I. E thirty eight, maybe thirty eight. So you need thirty eight Democrats and Thirteen Republicans. How many signed on your bill of impeachment against a wine at this point I think I have gosh. There hasn't been much opportunity yet but so far I think only three. Democrats according to media accounts on the media's hardly ever wrong. The. Three initial backers are Republican candidate Keller of Middletown Paul's belt winger of Mason and Nina tally of her Bana. Have they signed on? Those three or four, and if there's thirty eight, that's fifty that's forty two. So you're only about eight short of impeaching dewine. Well, that's just the governor. If the Democrats want to get onboard, we'll see what can the governor due to placate the eruptions happening in the House against his behavior is governors ending Mike Dewine if dewine would call you and say, let's get together. How can we mediate this thing? Are you open to the words from the governor? Well, I'm always open to conversations with anybody on any topic but you know I think that ship has sailed long time ago we've given a governor ample opportunity to work with us. We tried to work with them and always done is SOM- is is is put some in our. and. I just don't see that happening, but he wants to sit down and talk I'm open for that. Is this the governor I assume you voted for about two years ago? Is this behavior consistent with what Mike Dewine is done and political I say not might want I've known for thirty five years is kind of a conciliator get together he got Senator Ted. Kennedy. He'll get Democrats Republicans to work things out when he was Attorney General for eight years he was often on. The air with me and many others talking about law enforcement. He was a conciliator he talked to sheriffs talked to be sky, and now as governor this thing happened and he's a some of Said emperior imperial governor. Some of said that he's acting like a ruler and not a governor. Are you disappointed by any of this disappointed by a lot of it? If you think back to when he was a US senator he did a lot of things that were You know very contrary to conservative. A lot of people didn't like it, and then of course, he lost the election he redeemed himself as attorney general greatest already general, and then when he took over as governor, I mean there was a lot of questions and you know I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt he wasn't my first choice in the primary but in the general election he certainly was and as governor I guess my biggest concern with. Them early on that all I heard him wanted to do was spend more money. Well, I didn't go to Columbus to take more money from the people and spend it. You know I want there to try to cut spending and cut taxes. So he and I were never on the same page when it comes to spending money. But now that he's become dictators are why this is just out of control nobody ever thought Mike wine would become the tyrant that he is. Lastly State representative, John Becker the governor comes to the legislature, of course, the whole householder incidents thrown things into complete turmoil but if the governor would come to the House and the Senate, get together leadership and say, let's work on legislation together to give the governor. These temporary powers are you receptive to that Yeah. Yeah. One of those bills Senate bill one maybe I don't know I'd have to look at my notes one of them I think. It So it would say that and that's that's one is and this is waiting conference committee but the governor threatened to veto. What that would do is say that these high department health orders with being affect for fourteen days, and then if they needed to be extended beyond fourteen days and Jay car would would would look at that what I would prefer the entire. General Assembly would look at it but yeah, I yeah. Okay. With some kind of controls and legislative review for these types of orders and you know give them some rope. To Maybe a couple of weeks or or something to instead of just out of control. You know we're in charge here we're the dictators and we're going to give orders just going to do as you're told now that's not a Republican former talk about say Republicans. Are that you know the people are in charge here and we've estate representatives we all work for them. The governor works for them and there's just too many Electric v the elected officials who are not listening to the people. The governor would say, look fourteen days is too quick. How about twenty days twenty, five days health directives from the Department of Health. We could have a real crisis at some point after twenty days or. Fourteen days come to the Joint Committee of Republicans and Democrats held the Senate. We're going to extend it another fourteen days or thirty days. Then after that, it goes back to the legislature. All you're saying is we want a Republican small, our former government or the people's direct representatives have input in decision making and how the state is conducting itself. You're you're you're exactly right? Yeah. We could work on the work with the governor on all his. Two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, ten days whatever happens today. Yeah. I think we can work that out and come to some agreement that is reasonable that were ODI HR. Department of Health can put forth whatever orders they have to put forth in a timely manner but frankly I don't see where the high apartment of health really needs to do a whole lot because you've got all these health departments all over the state county health apartments and city and such. They have brought authorities a shutdown businesses and closed down there counties I'd much rather see all this done at the local level than at the state level. We'll see what occurs down the road. John Becker days of chaos way of chaos with the reds and the bengals. We have chaos with leadership. We have chaos with riots chaos. Kenosha, we have the Republican convention underway. We've got chaos everywhere I looked at schools can't open some schools are open. Some schools are not covid nineteen ten times more kids have died of drowning and ten times more kids have died of the regular flu, then a covert nineteen but we're treating this thing like it's the end of the world and I'm saying look we ought to be careful we should do what we have to do. But nonetheless, at the end of day, we have a Republican form of government where. The House and the Senate counts has to come to someone else after six months and say, this is what I've been doing. Give me the power to do it and almost every time a judge looks at what the governor has done. The governor always loses because the judges saying you can't do it. You're absolutely, right well, yeah, I think what the schools are doing. So I'm trying to understand this sandy when you're talking about the chaos. So let kids come back to school. So what's what's the plan here? The first time one kid somewhere test positive symptomatic or not maybe know something's then maybe even a bad tax who knows but that's positive. Somehow we shut down the entire school send every. FREAKING insane. You know yeah. My whatever policy in place it's you know somebody tests positive. Goes home maybe we test all the kids that came in contact with and then maybe have some number you know number might be ten, twenty, fifty, one, hundred dead. If all these kids are tested positive, then we shut down to school but what is policy seems to we now one one person show. showed up positive, which may or may not be accurate test ask the governor about that, and then we just shut everything down it is chaos it is insane and it needs to end. You know how many children in Ohio of died of Covid nineteen school children Well, it's not many zero. Well have zero. So there's been zero deaths of school age children in the state of Ohio correct zero. Okay. Now is that time to panic? I don't know maybe it is. Maybe some kid catches the flu romantic fever, some other communicable disease there ought to be procedures in place. Okay. Little little. Tommy's got a fever. Let's send him home. He shouldn't be schooled in the first place but if we if we live like a mushroom in the dark fed crap on something like a covert nineteen, what happens when we ever real crisis because in Ohio under one hundred of one percent of ohioans have died in the general population to Covid nineteen John Becker under one hundreds of one percent and general population. Well. Yeah. I mean. So I mean the people we really need to be concerned about are the elderly if you're. If you're under seventy years old, you know the chances of dying from this is as close as zero frankly, and and for now, people have underlying conditions of some sort. You know they need to be precautious I support taking appropriate precautions but this wrecking ball approached the entire state that the the governor's been. That that is that's crazy. I. Will See what happens John Becker, and if you get another seven or eight Republicans to sign on and many of told me, they would sign on. But for political purposes, they cannot sign on they disagree with the governor is done but this feeds into the idea that Republicans can't govern, which means a Democrat may be elected. So you know a lot of Republicans say well, politically I worry about this substantively I, worry about this. Procedure I worry about this. But you in Kansas Keller and Ninova tally and outwinger of Mason have said my name's on the ballot I'm doing this. This is what I want. We'll see what happens state representative John Becker thank you for coming on the Bill Cunningham Show may God bless you and God bless America. Thank you. Thank you. Willy every day. Take Care bye-bye John Becker of Union Township Your Reaction Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, chaos chaos. A news radio seven, hundred wwl. Am You You'd like to tour. How Quiet numskull broadcasting commemorating the turnpike the great UC haircut quarterback a great note through the most important passing UC history and Pittsburgh. I was going crazy Tony Pike I need evidence. You know the the greatest thing about that passes. If it's Today's world, I wouldn't be able to throw that pass. My arm is still broken and you know you can't play her sick anymore covid nineteen work. Yeah. What's happening if I would go to UC's campus now on walk around the bars and the restaurants and the beer joints what would what would I see parties Galore? Last week, the students come back to campus you drive by campus. The frat houses, fraternities people outside partying. the bars and restaurants up and down the streets packed socially distant. Socially Dismiss Guy Assume. No mask. You see the difference it you know you go to a restaurant around town and you you you get where your mask but once you sit down, you could take your mask off you go into a Bar I mean you got to be able to drink six foot separate now there is none of that. Good luck. So what's going to happen I can see it now i. go to. I watch great little places three people in there and get your temperature check to you have to sit down. Got Your mask on sit down take it off your stand up put back on those rules don't apply you see if feels like those those rules don't apply a lot of campuses anywhere right now. So picture of Alabama last week that that's the that's the legitimate concern of. The Eighteen nineteen twenty year olds are not concerned with any of the covert and they're going to go live their college experience Rachel. Your comments I. Just want to go find a nice cabin somewhere away from people. All rejoin society when Y'all have this worked out me I'm just GonNa you know what do Don't I shut things down he wants. Thing if this happens, you see within two three weeks they shut down. This is why we can't have nice things. I don't know why we I keep telling people and nobody will listen. This is why I? Follow the rules I follow the rules and you don't want stuff shutdown you want to be able to bars past midnight well, you can't have kids hanging out and partying in the streets over at UC. WHO's in charge at UC? Tell you. I wish it were just luke fickle just let luke fickle in charts but luke fickle now is doing it right is following the rules and now all of the players come back. Soon they spent twenty hours a day not in football. Well, the problem is they've been bubbling the last few. Higher ground. In Indiana bubbling verb now been bubbling. And what's and the bubble they're good. Yes. They've been perfect. No reports. They've they've been out in Indiana they've monitored themselves and now to no fallen, the players can come back and socially distanced but. It takes being in contact with one person at this time and from what we've seen if one player gets it. Gets shut down. So there's no bubbling at UC for the football team right now bubbling camp there at the Frat parties visit. This is the one time we're having a field in the middle of campus hurts UC. Although they do have what's alluded this city for a long time they have that practice bubble can you bubble them inside the bubble and leave you can't leave the bubble dorm inside the bubble remote learning inside the bubble you live the experience for years the big man on campus at uc you come back. Is there any sense that if you were that guy you doing exactly what they're doing? I, I can't disagree. Probably be out there to Rachel your reaction. Countdown begins. Until. You'll. Win. Spike yeah one just. One Nice thing this year no API grace. It's going to be a good football team that has coming back ten maybe yes. Maybe Ohio state somehow to stay. Dropping let's play. This show they can't play. Exactly. So when this thing explodes Clifton here comes governor Mike Dewine and it's all shutdown Ben what It's common just be responsible that's all you have to. Football you can't be responsible when you're nineteen because you can't. You can't I mean thirty, four, thirty, four year old me like I could look and say, well, what are these kids doing and nineteen year old me bulletproof? Yeah, you'd be taking. Anything taken belly shots off some cheerleaders chest playing beer pong Sharon cups. What the Hell's wrong with these kids. Well, and you know what? Even if the sport football players do the right thing they tried to socially just they still go class with these people they go classes with these people that have pretty much all but promised us that we will no longer have football at least at the college level in Cincinnati. Here's very shortly bengals to attend the Bengals, the NFL you can you at least Eric dolts your adults and you have a lot more money to to monitor all this stuff mean they're the testing that the price for all that they're getting tested daily. They're getting monitor daily, and again like you mentioned, they're they're adults there mid twenties late twenties someone baby mamas they got kids they got. Going on, they get it all nineteen year old boys on campus going nuts. He's out of the publishing and Indiana. He's back home looking crazy. Have you seen the girl's walking around campus I haven't have you I didn't see any I don't see any I don't see. either. Rachel what's on the blog? I'm all upset I. Don't have anything on. Got Nothing. There's no. There's no good news today I mean there are some news bound asteroid going to hit the US in November but like that's not good finally. Telling. US. There are three possible impact sites and they will not say where in the United States these impact sites are even though they only. Shelter umbrella get an umbrella. Goal Underground, it probably go deep probably got an underground faciliate deer park. Your Code don't you question? No question. Fulfilled All paid for. Now. So you're saying right now we have nothing on the blog. From, last week we had some staff last week, but you know like shopping fun to to most it's twenty eight industries. How about taxing sacks. Sometimes, that's what the news. Impeached might wind, I mean. That's all we need a lengthy trial in Columbus, yeah that would that would that would complete the entire year? I'm going to state of shock and disbelief. About the Bengals? Who's going to play first AJ green or Nixon L. Man. That that's that's who's GonNa play for. That's problem. One of the that should be on the blog. Aj Green eight question for twitter right there you up I'll put it I. Know How to do that. All I know is I watched practice today at Aj Green on the practice field the we had field was running harder routes than some of the receivers on the actual practice field. So Today AG A. J. Green Everything's working. He looked great. Now he's not practicing practice close good question precautionary reasons at this point don't let I if you're the coach don't you say to Aj. Green you're not playing you're not just work out we'll see you again San Diego see against the chargers that's what at least three practices Three Practices Sharia he laurel, but done Joe. Wants like when I used to throw it a Jack Monahan at Saint Save Your grade. School Jack Monahan. Time time you gotta get it when he cuts, you gotta be able to hit it. That's why want three practices that's all, and then what happens against the chargers then we see. We see. I. Often Feel I. Don't know how much help we can get Bobby Hart from now until the chargers Nixon's elkhart get ready Nixon's L. when's he coming? Might need him quicker than the Bengals, me Green. Are, they're going to be good the bengals so they're going to. What would you classify good at and I think maybe like five eleven. I'll give them five or six points that's at least and. Pittsburgh band assist. On target driven, this is it and you got Cleveland might be good but I doubt it and then Baltimore can't keep Thomas vote. Ever Baltimore. Still has divorce favored right now and to win all sixteen games. And they play the chiefs their favorite in every game this year, the chiefs must be in Baltimore. Like, hard reset unplug and just restart maybe twenty, twenty, one, twenty twenty is not blowing. Not. And we lose home field advantage with no fans in the stands I'm not sure that would be one anyway. We got to the star of stars the most exciting player since I Carson Palmer at quarterback Joe Barral. heisman trophy fifty touchdown passes in the greatest season on any maybe ever undefeated untied on scored on Yes wins the Heisman I and it's time and no fans known just go see. I'm telling you now he's the real deal. Believe the hype belief believe the hype driving hype drink I'll tell us he compared to you He's six, four, six three and that's good. Yeah it's good. He's over the line. Yeah. Can make all the throws. So as quarterback, he's the real deal. I am all in Jober. Rachel your reaction finally, something a look forward to. Start working on the second contract right now. Let's lock him up for the next eight years for the San Antonio Bengals. I don't know. We got it for how many years minimum five, five, five I think we franchise tag. Five five years who knows nobody knows I WANNA get out of twenty twenty as soon as possible it's been a bad year. It's not been good. There was a point July was like the second half of two thousand twenty is going to be it's going cute. It's a nosedive but this asteroid concerns me. because. You know what? It did the dinosaur hundred forty million years. To Russia back in two thousand thirteen. Not Good. How big is this thing about six feet most not bad no, it's not too bad. It's not too bad but still. If you're. They won't tell us what the impact I want to know where to be. We're not to be right. That's all you gotta do is say, Hey, guys might just want to invest. Kenosha. Wisconsin, we've got problems anyway. Fine. Maybe New York City. What's great is it's going to impact on November seconds. So the day before the election, which is. Divine intervention of God Almighty possibly post-poned the election, which is what the wind did just postponed. So what's coming up after three of you heard from the rock. Iraqi is currently enjoying fatherhood. He is They are they welcomed Bryce what last week so probably got a really good training camp report coming up in the three o'clock. You have that yes. Yes. You're going to be joining us with that and I think we're going to talk about defense pending impeachment. The world ending problem homes killing can you imagine you? You were nineteen or twenty sitting in front computer for like five hours? A day would not go well, what? would. Not Nothing. So what do you do if you're in charge you said, you see nobody can come here or do you say you gotta stay home all remote? Football. Joel remote now, hear me out cattle prod. Okay. As like greed that tasers aren't really a deadly weapon, right? So cal produce like low key taser. You just go in you have a six foot parameter aim by just nip them with the cow watch. Three times somebody will learn. Yeah. Bars, you have to be six feet apart UC students understand you gotta be six feet apart I don't see that happening. No mask. Let's do this thing. Well within four to fourteen days allegedly right by. Let's do this in about fourteen days. Let let's see where we. Friday to like forthright little after Labor Day. so L- after Labor. Day. L. Should break I'm sure Labor Day weekend there'll be no get togethers. No everybody's. Responsible Interesting think ahead. Rachel. Thank you. You're up at three Tony good to hear from you AJ green versus Nixon's l.. Century tough race data the Hummel's get together what will break first or last but lease Aj's Megan what eighteen Mil yes. Not Bad progress smart man smart man businessman once again thank you. Thank you. Let's continue with more news radio seven, hundred w automobile.

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