15 in 60 Mailbag! (Eastern Conference 1.9.19)


Good evening prerecording this one since Danny. And I will be at warriors Knicks as you listen to this or will be over because you're listening to it probably tomorrow as it's released. I should say, man. I really am not good at intros. It's a good thing. I don't have like a boss who tells me the way to start the show, but I we could just get right into our fifteen sixty Eastern Conference bag with the Atlanta Hawks. The hawks are twelve and twenty seven a strong five and four since the last fifteen in sixty including a win on Sunday in ugly ugly game against the Miami Heat, but they want it. They have the twenty ninth best net rating at negative ten twenty ninth offense twenty-seven defense fivethirtyeight projects them to win twenty four games which would actually put them twelfth in the Eastern Conference, and they're not making laughs. Oh, man. What's I guess? We'll get to the rest of the east. I mean, the there's three teams worse than them is pretty remarkable. Although I thought they'd be the second worst Huma basketball thought the kings would be the worst that was not GRA. So let's. Start here. We're going to try to be a little more strict and actually stick to the timer. This time. I always forget to set it on some of these. We'll start here with Mike survive dope. Since playing thirty minutes for the first time Kevin hurt. Her is averaging twelve points a game from last week these stats through nine percent from three on six game. How's this church impacted how you think about his future? Long-term I like her. I think that he has I'd be beyond the whole crazy turnover staff that you had on his pick and rolls and stuff. You know? I think some of those things will iron themselves out, but he's more capable with the baldness hands than I expected and the oh his shooting is is legit. You know, I'm not sure if he's gonna be like a like, a high amid forties shoot or anything like that. But you know, if you can be in the high thirty s maybe low forties on a decent volume that that is encouraging. I distinctly do not love him defensively so far and that is a concern. But more of a concern if the hawks become a whole lot better than they are right now. So I my instinct right now is that herders kind of on that starter hot capable reserve line. You know, that's where he's going. He's gonna get. But remember that positional scarcity at the two in particular is stark right now. I mean, there there really isn't much going on there. So capability is extremely valuable and that might be where her ends up. I I'm not I don't have a firm field on it yet. But even if that's where it is. That's a pretty good thing for the hawks considering where he was chosen that's important to remember. I mean he and trae young were drafted together. This oil. We got our backward of the future now because we got this guy at the nineteen th pick. I mean, he's shown NBA skills. I mean, that's a good start for a guy with the nineteenth pick. And I said this during the Pacers game that they're just not many guys in the league. I would rather have shooting a wide open three pointer than him. Even at this point in time. He's got a very very smooth, stroke ado wonder a little bit about the versatility of that jump shot. His ability to get open coming off screens because he is going to have defensive limitations Scott decent size. But it doesn't seem like the toughest guy at this point in time. Maybe you can get stronger, you know, he wouldn't be the the first freshman and just get or I got drafted. After his freshman year to get run over. But I I would like to see so it's more for him defensively. I'm just not sure that it's there is seems to have very stiff hips a lot of difficulty getting into a stance and moving his feet, and that's on a lateral. This offense leader, I think in a straight line. He could be a solid athlete. He's got surprising rise at the rim, especially a off a two feet as we can either rise up in the lane for floaters or get all the way to the basket and make some acrobatic finishes. I'm not sure again, what the versatility of that is because he's not as good to me as a one foot athlete has. He is a two foot athlete that. So the shooting potential is there. Surpassing potential is there. I'm not sure how shifty is left right off the dribble. See him being very effective in isolation. I don't see him despite his height being that straw. Just go post guys up. So I think the defense and then his ability to really not only make open three pointers, but to shoot on the move really have that ca- JJ Rettig type of gravity where team? Now really have to account for you coming off a DA. Joe's coming off screens. Those are going to be the swing skills for him next one here, Chris guests asked you think John Collins is deserving of all-star buzz. I'm going to say no his defense. The last few hawks games that I have watched has been really bad. They'd be playing more centered. I liked that just as an experiment Anka's. They've been so bad offensively. A probably won't see that as much with deadman and Len healthy now. But I think it's looked OK enough. I have to go back and look at the numbers with him at center, maybe I can do that. While you're talking. But it's the defense has been really bad. I mean as a help defender, you know, there's a bunch of times in that Pacers game, for example, where he's guarding Thad young on the baseline of the dunker spot in guys go right to just never moves. You know, he just does not have the help instinct. And then when he's there, and he's not the biggest wingspan guy. So just I don't see him being a plus defender. And of course, I at the big positions as a problem. So I think and then shooting the ball. He hasn't been that good either. I think he's been below. Thirty percent on threes this year, at least was the last time. I checked a little bit ago. So yeah, he is that actually just creeped over thirty percent sixteen fifty three. So I'm not sure that he is even necessarily a starter on a good team to be honest me putting up the points and rebounds. But I'm I'm not sure that I see it there because I think he's just going to be kind of one of these offense heavy backup centers, you know, the kind of Dallas five Dwight politics role may be better than that offensively. But on a good team. And especially also if you got trae young and Kevin hurt or on your team as well have playing him at either of the four of the five is just hard to see how you're going to defense unless he just makes massive improvements in his field. And as you talked about the entry eight, and that's not something that happens as often. And I'm guessing where this is coming from is that Collins does have a really good PR for this year. He's about twenty one that is eleventh among what what ESPN as power forwards, and that's pretty damn strong and Collins is exactly the type of guy that P E R. You know, I'm not criticizing. Instead, it's just you know, every state has its strengths and weaknesses the type of guy that drove rates one because he's bad defensively. And so that's doesn't get covered. PR's not meant to be necessarily an all one stat. It doesn't cover that in. Because Collins is a good rebounder NPR, really like skies as RPM does as well likes guys. That are good rebounders in Collins. You know, he's not in the the ridiculous rarified air of some of the absolute best in the league. But he's he's very good for his position. And so that really does help too. But yet the defensive limitations are there. It's not really spacing the foreign if so I I'm intrigued by gallons. I'm not going to say I like him as a starter. I'm kind of on board with you where he's going to maybe be on that border line, but all-star consideration. When you think about like is like Blake Griffin who's having a great year and Janas, and there just aren't that many spots. I remember there only twelve guys on the all star team. And if we're getting into the mix of guys that are smaller pieces of teams pass calcium is having a way way better than your John Collins, like there's no credible way. There's no credible way to put John Collins guys like Siachen, she you know, there's. There's a chance he ends up making the team. But if you're not even close to those two guys that are not going close to being a starter. Then you're not going to be our lightning round. Here. We've got about two minutes left a yuppie with the most realistic or best team Germany link can get traded to shutout Timmy's been a baby the biggest Jeremy Lin stat on my time line. But a good guy a for quite some time era recognize him. But who do you think Danny you took a look at this briefly? Well, so I think Lynn makes the most sense going to a plant caliber team just because there's more value added there and the big question is going to be whether Atlanta's willing to take money back that would really open up Miami is an interesting destination because he could fill in while drug itches out play play him. And then, you know, maybe west but also separate from Justice Winslow. We'll talk about that later New Orleans could really just use him. Even though they got offered Peyton back. Memphis now that the MAC is kind of buried in the rotation, but it's hard because German is making enough money that this has to be a more complicated deal. And so those are the teams that I'll be thinking about maybe you could even consider something with Philly if they're not enamored with teaching MacOS fit with their other guys. But I don't think Philly's going to be in them. So I would lean more towards, you know, Miami New Orleans Memphis, and then if he gets bought out there a lot of teams that opens up because then the money partisan a concert, by the way quickly here. John Collins at center hawks of a negative thirteen point four net rating and only negative six point six with him. What's their defensive rating? It is one thirteen point two. But the interesting thing is that they're still terrible on offense at ninety nine point eight a so it's actually interesting their offense. That's not good offense is relatively worth worse than the defense. But they might have been dragged down by some poor shooting there. Forty seven percent eat field goal and some injuries. I mean touring prince not being around. And if you things like that. Yes, that's true. And they're so thin at power for it. When they moved their only decent offense apar- for a dissenter. It can look pretty ugly. I think we are sadly out of time here for the Atlanta Hawks. Actually, another is one more. I wanted to hit very briefly house. Trae young look getting to the basket s Toby Detmar that's fallen off a bit since early in the year. I think he he's gotten a shot blocked so many times he what shooting very nice presented at the rim. That's gone down. I think the biggest thing he needs to improve is his left hand. He's just not really comfortable shooting on the move with that left hand. And he's got to get those like hook shots. Those flips with the left the way Steph curry does a is even smaller than couriers to really start being affected there and going to his writings more, effective, certainly, but still, you know, is kind of more having a national to the basket. We haven't seen him a be as active as the rim it as early in the season. So he's got a little bit of work to do there. But finishing at the rim is one of the skills that most improves over a small players crew. Let's turn to the Boston Celtics Lois. All right now. That's what I was going to do. So the Celtics are twenty four and fifteen six and force in the last fifteen and sixty day our second in the league net rating and plus six point five ten offense. Strong third and. Offense and five thirty projects to fifty four games which would be third in the Eastern Conference. And they're going to be playoffs. Do you know that and the question I wanted to start with and I'd be interested in your answer. I have one, of course, myself is from neat. Wolf will Boston continue to start Marcus Morris? Marcus smart in the playoffs. Ho, that's a tough call in. They're playing pretty well. Right now of the when they've had everyone healthy they've had a couple nice blowout wins at home recently. And I think they probably will I've made the point that with Hayward with Jalen Brown debt to be in fury is the best version of the, but Marcus Morris has shooting it so well, and he's actually a little bit lower usage than Brandon Hayward of the we've kinda complained about his usage being little too high. But alad he's making everything that he puts up there. You don't complain about that as much as smart gives them a little bit more hard nosed toughness. He's brought his usage rate down as well. Kyri clearly has been the most efficient offensive player. So having those. Guys in the starting lineup. Allows them to bump up Carey's usage. A little bit more rather than giving more shots to Bronner Hayward. And making it more gal -tarian on that first union. They've propped up the second unit as well. In Hayward, obviously has been so inconsistent this year. So I do think maybe we'll reach a point if they get down in a series where Marcus smart isn't being guarded that they have to switch approaches a little bit. But KAI read the way he plays. He's in some ways a little bit more Munin from teams loading towards him because he just fakes a guy out in and shoots a jumper in a situation like before anyone would necessarily be helping and I don't think teams are going to just do. The James harden like the nuggets engines unless I just throw a double team Adam without a screen, necessarily even being set. So there my instinct is they're going to stick with it because it's been working and part of that has been the schedule looking little bit better part of it has been Brown. Who's also been playing a lot better recently and Hayward looking better in their roles. I would wanna try those guys maybe. In the starting lineup it again because they are actually playing better now. I mean like, yeah, they're playing like ship before. That's why that didn't work as well. As all those guys in the starting lineup, maybe not necessarily that the concept itself was flawed, and you can still go ahead and segr- think it's Bordj sting who's going to close the game certainly against philli. I like smart more because he's just maybe the best match up in the league for JJ Redick and June Brown is usually struggled to chase him around a little bit. So I I'm not sure, but my instinct is probably going to stay the same. And then if they get down a playoff series. Maybe they'll switch it up. It's nice that they have options and we're about halfway through the season. So if the season were to end today, I would absolutely say, yes. And there's plenty reason but the ebbs and flows will maybe push it. I would say to me. Jalen Brown is more interesting as a as a starter than Hayward. Just because I can see words role with the second unit a little bit were clearly Brown has done well, obviously. But like, I we've already seen round fit in in the co system that is some I disagree actually going for live. I disagree because I think Hayward. The thing that they're missing on that first unit to me is passing SEO smarts assault passer. But I think Hayward fits in better. Now. I thought my thought is actually Jalen Jalen for Morris is the way that I'm thinking about this. But obviously Moore's is playing way better than Jalen overall over the last let's say month and a half. So I'm fine with it either way. But yeah, I I think you're right about closing lineups. And it could be matchup dependent. Stevens is obviously done that in the past. I grew Marcus smart should definitely play heavy minutes against the Sixers because you can take Rettig away. And we've seen what happens to the it'll be different with Jimmy now little bit. But we've seen what happens to the Sixers offense. When JJ Rettig is not a regular part of it. It usually does fight line a little bit. And smart. I I'm not sure he's gonna end up shooting thirty five percent on threes for the rest of the Sienese fifty one shooting like that or be percents keeps shooting is. Yeah. Because he's an awesome defender and confinment really well with what they're doing a question that I wanted to get to we don't have to spend a ton of time on from Alex Janetta asked what the Celtics could get for Terry Rozier rosier is in. I mean, he said such a such a weird situation because this is his eight this is. Not as h twenty five season. But he turns age twenty five during the season, and he's about to hit restricted free agency. So you're getting you know, a pretty solid amount of him on that next contract match rights are very valuable with him. Even though this is going to be a flush year, but my big concern in this has been true for me. I've been a skeptic to resume for awhile is can he create reliable offense? And if he can't as good as Terry Rozier is at a lot of the other parts of basketball. You know, he's a wonderful rebounder an active defender capable shooter at times, especially if he's off ball. I don't think that player is super valuable. I if you don't believe as I don't believe that he can do that in a big number for that. So yeah, Boston has a one oh four offense of radiance, MS. And that's not great. But when you take out the he's playing with Cairo when obviously careers running the show, primarily the Celtics have a one a one one offensive rating and that seventh percentile in the entire league. So the sales pitch to other teams has to be that he'll do better with them. And you know, maybe he will. But a team like or. Orlando or Phoenix, let's say Phoenix's ideas that Rozier is going to be a complementary piece. Devon Booker kind know playing off ball little bit. But facing the other teams point guards. I don't know that there are falling off their chairs to to do that to then into properly paying him or close to it next summer to reserves, career-high and assistance come this year. It's four point four thirty six minutes that is really bad now blades minutes with Hayward has it had fallen as much. But even when they've needed him to have the ball hands where he's played played with smart in previous years of smart. Maybe had the ball hands Moore's wall. But reserves never been a great finisher at the rim. He's never been a guy who's able to get into lane and really distribute not a great picket role operator is career high intruding his fifty two percent. He's got a forty nine percent grease at age twenty four the season. So I could see and his one offense a skill. That's been pretty good for him has been shooting the three. But even that, you know, he was thirty eight percent last. Year down to thirty five percent. This year. Any wasn't great before that career thirty six percent three pointer, you imagined that will get a little better, obviously as he gets older. So I see him really as kind of a smaller version of what George hill was earlier crew George head a couple years late that year in Utah when he was healthy. And then the year that Paul George was hurt in Indiana, where he had showed some more pick and roll ability at and result as guys, but I see Terry is kind of a smaller version of that player doesn't have quite as much size to check larger players as hill does. So or did it earlier in his career? So that's to me is very low end starter potentially as a solid defender. But maybe not as much size to switch a zoo might like for that type of player. So yeah, I mean, I think the Phoenix fit is decent the Orlando fit to me, maybe not is not as good, you know, that that's one of a potential destination there because they really need on ball pick and roll creator are those minutes, but let's. Do a real quick lightning round. Here has Al Horford slipped as Eric clearly this year. I mean, the stats are very clear about that. That knee tendinitis also is age hasn't shot his wall that glow pointed out that he hasn't been moving quite as well defensively. So the question is just by the playoffs. Can he get back to where he was he had his best playoffs last year that you would imagine that he's going to be at least somewhat worse than it was in the playoffs a year ago. And then what do you predict will be the crunch time lineup at the end of the season. I think it's gonna be very fluid as we talked about it in the question about the starters are those kits. The nets here, I'm happy. We don't have to do the Celtics nets transition anymore. Talking about that trade. Now that the obligation is expired. Nets are twenty and twenty two six and four since the last fifteen and sixty though they did lose to the Celtics on Monday their net rating is negative zero point nine which is twentieth in the league fourteenth and offense twenty-second and defense fivethirtyeight projects them to win thirty seven games which ties them for the seat, which is amazing. It gives them sixty two. Percent chance of making the playoffs with that, you know, six and four stretch over there last it'd be been testing I'm really rooting for them over to Detroit and Charlotte and Miami, they're they're also the most watchable team at the bottom of the eastern at the bottom of the Eastern Conference playoff extra Charlotte. I heartily enjoy Charlotte actually because they've kind of been the same team for a while. Maybe underrate their watch ability Campos, pretty good. They spread the floor little bit which defense. But. Yeah. So where do you want to start with the net? I think we start the question from Cranston basketball, which is what are your opinions on kooks? And what kind of upside does he have I like horrific? So every once in a while with European players who come in, you get this kind of quite especially when you watch crews play like, I think he's more more capable than most guys who come into the league and say, oh, you know, maybe while he's twenty two or twenty three that happens. No, this is a twenty season like hooks is a normal age of an NBA rookie, and he fits in really well offensively with what the nets. Wanna do because he's capable and comfortable taking all of his shots, you know, kind of the Maury ball ideal. So eighty one percent of the shots. This season are at the rim or from three and making sixty six percent from the basket, which like clean, the glass has that you know, because if you a subscriber there, they sort it by positions, and he's classified as a big. So sixty six percent doesn't look good. But for me, I think of Kubrick's is the forward, and that's fine. You know, I'm good with that number, and you know, efficient player overall weird thing with him. And I also I like them defensively like and not a huge, plus, but but cable, and again, we're talking about a twenty year old if you'll bettering some functionality on that, and that's a little bit of moving his unexpected, given his just his physical profile. I don't think he's going to be a huge plus, but if he ends up being a, you know, even a neutral or a slight positive. That's that's great. I mean, I think you're totally cool with that. And one thing that's really weird. And this is something I'd like to dig into its point is when I was looking through center. Stuff creeks has been really inefficient as a transition score. And I guess technically as a transition passer he doesn't do a ton of that. And I just need to see what that is member last year. I did this dig on Aaron Gordon just found out. He was taking too many bad shots. But were you know, halfway into a season where he didn't play a ton at the beginning. So it might just be simple noise. Something like that. So generally, I like him I think that he can fit in well and with forwards the supply so low and the demand is so high that I think Rick's could fit in a guy who if you need him to start like this like the nets have dealt with with their injuries. He can do that. He's a better fit on your bench. That's only to crooks. It looks like he's been pretty inefficient as the ball handler in transition of has six turnovers in twenty possessions, which hasn't helped much and then as a wing guy, he's he's mostly been a spotting up for threes a little bit more. So I'm he's the guy really would like to watch more of as the season goes on. We're going to see a fair amount of him in some ways that he's been better than. Mark Carroll who is has decent offense of games lately. But hasn't shotted as well this season and also looking really creaky defensively in that bulls game just in terms of getting getting loose balls and staying in front of guys, please this is the last year that contract that people always thought would be bad and the ended up getting traded as a bad contract a couple years ago, but lived up to it maybe last year this year coming off that ankle issue has not looked as sprite that. So I think correct because it's not even so much laterally. I wanna see him which way you can put on me is painfully thin at this point in time. And so that I think is good Termine a lot here if he can be strong enough to really hold up in the post against some bigger players, or on switches like that's going to be a big part of it for me because I think he could be a very effective and officiant off ball player offensively. Whether it's shooting the ball, opportunistic, drives to the basket. I don't think he's going to be posting up running a pick and roll doing much in terms on ball. You know, if he could be maybe a pick and pop guy as well. They can use maybe somewhat similar to the way they use Joe Harris when Harris is playing at a larger position. But I mean, yes. So I if you want to say how he's being used this year. He's actually got fifteen 'isolation and he's at one point eight boys per possession that an isolated. So maybe not giving him enough credit there as you go back and watch those and hasn't posted up. He's posted up one time this year and run four pick and rolls as the ball. But that that isos stuff is a little bit interesting. Then that's us. Some more guys who could do something with the ball in their hands a even just against mismatches because all their creation is concentrated on the perimeter right now a question I liked from drew Davis. How many of the current nets are on the next next? Good nets team and all to find that as Edo that could host a playoff series or credibly win one. You know? So this year's team probably doesn't qualify. But you know, they couldn't feature year. And so this is a pretty young nets team. I mean Cook's is. Age twenty season. Jared Allen, of course, as h twenty season Kerr sliver who it's amazing that they've done as well as they have. I thought delivered injury was just going to submarine their season. It hasn't used. This is age twenty four season. I expect him to be around for while Dinwoodie twenty five. And then then you have the guys who it's like they're young enough to be a part of it. But you don't know it because of their pending free agency, Rhonda, Hollis, Jefferson and de ngelo Russell, my instinct is at the first guys I named will be there that this'll be like two years from now. And then I'm less certain on the Angelo on run to house. Jeff, what is the Russell ceiling? If he doesn't improve his finishing at the rim or -bility to get to the line. What are the recent guards have succeeded with these flaws as a Derm blitz? And Russell it's so interesting for him goes hill have games where he looks really good. I mean that bulls game. He absolutely dominated. He was killing the bulls in pick and roll. And also just draining all sorts of threes when they tried to go under I can add to his flaws just I mean people have talked about him getting better defensively this year. And maybe that's true. Limited extent, but he's just such a wallflower a noodle defensively against any kind of a larger player. He just deactivates kinda stands there. Does the hands up just kinda let himself get knocked backwards out of the play just doesn't even show any kind of fight where there's other guys with his physical profile who are able to actually just at least keep trying and and stay in the play instead of just all right? You know, I tried. I got knocked out of the way. And I'm just going to let that happen to me. So he just doesn't have the toughness defensively. So I'm trying to I mean, succeeded is interesting, right? I mean, if you're talking about an offensive point guard at Dickey's reasonably solid there. But switching on him. You know, he's not able to beat that at all. That's a that's a problem even against like pretty middling switched defenders. I don't know. Can you think of a cop for him? I it's hard to think of a lot of guys who are just that slow yet that skilled from three. I mean, we've been in this era where you're just allowed to bomb threes only for about ten years or so. Now. So, but even so Steve Nash was a far better athlete and far better finisher than Russell is despite Russell's superior size and length of yell try. I'll try and think about anybody come to mind for you. I I'm not saying this isn't good comp. But the first guy I thought of was Patty mills or I'm like, okay. You know, not a great athlete doesn't get too. I don't think he gets to the rim off the top of my head. But he's a backup backup one in the league. So yeah, that might be the worst compu- strange profile. But but breath that speaks to the. Yeah. That's what I'm saying that I'm like guide. That's not a great athlete can shoot threes. And can actually like play in the league. Like, that's yeah. So I mean, but I think he's I think having him on a team also with liver and Dinwiddie that now, you know, as that as a three guard attack. And then maybe if it's a team that's not as conducive to Russell's stylings that doesn't play conventional pickerel defense at the end of games. You can take him out at the end and go with liberty and Dinwiddie instead guys who have a little bit more ability to score one on one than Russell does. But it's just kind of like a slow. I mean, he's in some ways he's kind of like a point. But Joe Johnson wasn't the passer and pick and roll guy that Russell is these calico point guard version of that just very slow guests to a spot later crew. Joe Johnson particular likes to shoot over guys. But yeah, I I don't really have a great comfort him. And that's usually not the greatest I were talking about someone. Long-term Russell getting these taking strides forward at every year. And we're talking about this yesterday. It's be interesting to think of it's quite possible that he becomes the best of those three guys in a row that the Lakers drafted at number two quite possibly becomes the worst too much to be written about all three of those guys. Still do you see the nets being buyers at the deadline? I think I could see them giving. I don't see them giving up a first, but I could see them giving up maybe a second or two, you know, socially. If it's looking like, they're going to be decent here. He is also interesting me if they make the playoffs to talk about them potentially being a team that can get into the free agent derby. I mean, there's talk about K D Wina go to the Knicks. I if you really want to be a New York nets might be a better one though the Knicks. I I'm guessing all those rumors there are more for kind of personal reasons perhaps than just a basketball reasons. What interests we'll deal get in free agency thing. Sorry, one quick thing. Dimension for them as as a buyer is that the nets have the Knicks second round pick. And that could be like a good enough asset to actually intrigue somebody, but not just like a huge part of Brooklyn's future. So maybe that's the type of thing that they could use to get somebody who could up. Yeah. And maybe they could really use a guy who couldn't defend a little bit better. I don't see them getting someone in the back Gordon mean between the avert if he can come back in witty and Russell they're probably set for back court creators, but either somebody who can do a little bit of isolation work from the wing would be useful or a real legit three and d guy. I mean, those elite guys are probably not be available at the price. They're willing to pay. But at least someone who is an above average defender and could hit it through. They really don't have that player at this point in time. And their defense to me is is the biggest concern. All right. That's good for the nets. Let's move to the nineteen and twenty Charlotte Hornets five and five since last fifteen and sixty they squeaked out a win over the mostly. Devon Booker lists sons on. Sunday in their last game before this one point three net rating is fifteenth in the NBA as you hilariously noted. They are no longer one of the most unlucky teams in the NBA because they've had to blow blowout losses, and they are ninth in offense and eighteenth in defense they project for thirty seven wins in eight tire for the seed fifty four percent playoff odds. And there's a little bit of news about them. Yes. Basically, it's become apparent that? Frank Kaminsky is not a particularly notable part of the rotation. Even with Cody Zeller missing for two six weeks. So they're kind of thinking about moving him. But the problem, and I think this is first place. I heard this was the sporting news is that they would they would like to pair. Frank Kaminsky to offload another big salary and the one that they were trying to do with his Nikola a tomb, which is unbelievably amazing. It's like, oh, we love Frank Kaminsky. Oh, you have to take on salary. Don't really wanna do that. Who who you thinking Nikola tomb of great like I mean, it's it's so amazing. It's so Hornets to be like take this small thing that maybe somebody's interested in as a flyer and be like, oh and take on like our worst contract Kaminsky is still worth four first round picks. Right. Maybe it should offer him to a although I wasn't actually Kaminsky. Clear was that pick the the Celtics currently wanted to draft depend Justice Winslow. So let's start here is the idea that Kemba Walker go actually know this more is it possible for the Hornets to dump a tomb. What would it take us Nathan buoy? So I like looking contracts to this point by what they are after the season the tomb after the season two years, fifty two point six million. That's a lot of money. One thing that I found out. What is do? I completely forgot what Nikola the tombs age is. He's turned. He turned thirty in mid-december. He's believe two weeks older than Erik Gordon, which is also weird. But this year, you know, he's become he's showed kind of starting to show that age even at age thirty because he's just become a more limited player. He does have a fifty seven percent. Shooting. But it's on thirteen percent usage, which is shockingly low. And yeah, I mean this the Hornets. Starting lineup has Kevin some other craters, but Jeremy labs having a one full season and right now to miss shooting forty percent on threes and forty six percent of his shots going back to PIP IPM. He is three hundred twenty seventh in the league. That is not great. Incidentally, it is a little bit below miles bridges who was an interesting person to talk about in this context. But but tomb, you know, he's playing about thirty one minutes a game at forward, and there's value in that will Kim during the scarcity position. So what I wanted to ask you was two years fifty three million. Let's let's rounded up a little bit. How much dead money is there on that contract? Have what are you really asking another team to take on? I don't think of the tomb as really a starter level of player anymore, and that's probably going to get worse. He's always been overrated defensively. And he was usually back that they more effective on smaller players because he's not really that physical Inc. Is going to lead his body go as well. You know, he's kinda like skinny fat at this point in time. So defensively out offers a lot especially now that he's slow dotty. He sheds more effort against Bheenick. But overall, I don't think he's a positive on that any longer and a guy that you can't just leave, and he'll still shoot some three pointers going to his right? Every now and again, but as you mentioned the usage is really low. So I mean, I think he's if he were a free agent this summer, you know, you'd be looking at three or four million dollars a year for like two years that'd be the sort of player. So that's basically all dead money, essentially, and if you wanna look at this year, right? It doesn't seem like now granted money was little tighter this summer than it will be in future years with the so so many fewer teams I've been cap space. And then also the fact that so many teams were trying to unload money, which will probably be less the case going forward here. But when we talk about some of those sour sixteens, those sixteen million dollars seventeen million dollar a year contracts that had two years left on him your MAs. You're beyond BOS you're Turner's though. He's not as bad as those guys are your Dang's. Those couldn't really get moved. We saw. Unless they're free other. So, and I think the reason for that was one first round pick wasn't enough to offload those and we saw about twenty million dollars in dead money for one first round pick. It still has been about accurate going back to the Hinton deli trades the bucks gave up a first runner, although admittedly, a crappy one to Cleveland though, the deli and Henson can still play a little bit. So he's going to have fifty million dollars in dead money. Two first round picks to me is is the price to get rid of. And so I think he's going to be around for a while unless there's some other deckchairs moving sorta trade in which they can take on equally bad money or just a different type or something like that. So I think he's just going to be around. I don't see them moving. Yeah. There are a lot of parallels here with Chandler Parsons, except the tomb has an extra year and is a more productive player right now. Just because their contract is too. Big to really make the kind of smaller moves that would be possible. You know, if it got making ten or twenty million ten or twenty million years. Supposed to that full on mount. And also, what is Charlotte gaining by off loading that that contra so, yeah, maybe it takes two first round picks and in a certain circumstance, you know, they're times when teams have given up a lot like go back to the warriors giving up to I to offload the guys. So they could sign Andre Goodall. Yeah. That's an incentive to do it. But Charlotte, they don't have that kind of an incentive. They're not go. They're not going to be a big cap space team. And if they need to duck, the tax, let's say, it was resigned. Kemba Walker a bunch of money, and they have to duck the tax next year day will do that another way they will not do that by dumping to go up a tomb, even if maybe he be the guy they'd like to move, the least most it's just that the asking price is going to change that we can transition to question from Nicollin is the idea that Kemba Walker has no hope overblown, given the strong seasons from Jeremy lamb. Tony Parker another including limbs. Yes. And no, I mean, it's still Kemba Walker show. Yes. Jeremy lamb Marvin Williams, and Tony Parker have had better years in that has helped. But the the guy that I thought of is like a worthwhile comparison here is Damian Lillard like we both had those. Guys, pretty close in all MBA consideration. I think they were each of our thirteen guards. And I would say that Damian Lillard has meaningfully more help, and yeah, you know, lamps had a good year. And is probably, you know, actually, probably similarly productive in some ways to CJ this year. But this is C J having down year him having an up here. And overall, I think I think Portland has has a little bit more help there and Dame has to do less night in night out. So yeah, I mean Kemba has better help this year. But that doesn't mean that I think saying he had no help was always a little bit overwrought. And there are some players who are maybe a by the way, I take issue with your lamb bit. It's good CJ this year remark. But these guys are maybe doing a little bit better than expected this year. But they're still pretty limited players overall in. I mean, as Jeremy lamb is your second banana, if you think about it as slotting these guys into the roles that they're playing on this team right with lamb as your number two creator these. Well blow efforts as the number two creator Marvin Williams has held onto more of his value than I expected in this age thirty two season. But nonetheless, very limited offensively is basically just three point shooter and defensively. He's solid, but not unbelievable and Zeller is always been undersized that at the center position, he's having a nice year as a roll, man. And and, but you know, if you're going to rank the centers he's going to be in the lower half starting centers that leaks. It's really when you're matching guys up to just other players at their position at the role within the team hierarchy. They're still going to be a lot lower even if relatives expectations they might have been. But I think it's interesting to talk about Parker season quickly. Here is gotten a lot of pope for playing. Well, and he's had some really big games. He he and Hernan Gomez. Just completely of viscera did the sons horrendous pick and roll defence on Sunday. And he said some vintage Tony Parker moments. But he's still under fifty percent shooting in twenty four percent usage. So that's not fantastic. You know, he's not really getting the line is much. He's not really, Jim. Threes. Of course, there is a lot of value. I think Dennis shooter is in the same way in. Okay. See where you can look at these backup point guard. Some as just you know, what is the offense looked like when they're on the floor and four Parker. We probably actually should look at him on the floor and Kimball off because they've had some moments where they've played together. And I think have been relatively effective but poker as a two point two net rating, but that's mostly based on the offense or the defense playing pretty well to one oh six offensive rating with Parker on the floor that includes submits with Kemba Walker as well canvasses, one eleven so you're guessing that with Parker by himself on the floor. It's a lot worse than that one. Oh, six there's value in just having you gotta you gotta. Yeah. It so I'm using cleaning the glass, I'm not sure if you were so there's obviously some context shifting if you if you're not but said there at one oh nine one with Parker on Kemba off using cleaning the glasses figure and plus zero point seven rating. So the net reading it. Yeah. I. I am we're not possibly comparing apples to apples bending on. What you're okay. Well. Yeah. I was using MBA dot com. So that's a little order. But so that's up at I mean and get those guys may not be as efficient. But if they could just keep the offense moving give it somewhere to go someone to create shots, and then sets another guys up. So I think he's having a solid year. I I wouldn't put him as like an elite backup point guard at this point in time Ernie thing, but be compared to what they've had before since they were unable to resign. Jeremy Lin he's been a lot better. So they a lot of this to me, you know, the root of that question is just kind of relative to what we've had relative to expectations. And I think a lot of fans of teams can kind of fall into that a little bit as opposed to just really looking at. All right. What do we have here? Relative to the league. So spent a little more time on that. But but I think it's important to remember. Hey, art. Let's really when you're valuating your own players. Let's really go through it and say, you know, if the and not only in the role disguise. Playing on our team. But if you were playing a role on another team or other guys were playing this role on different teams, you'll where do they fit in? And I think, you know, a lot of these guys don't fit in that great could the Hornets used Carmelo's Chretien as Bill is inside. No, I don't think. So I mean, they're they're and offense and their defense is terrible. So I I don't think that the defense is where they can improve. I think the number one need to me right now is a Dwayne deadman type a center, you know, who can block some shots and be a little bit more of a defensive intimidator Biondo other than his maybe as last year in Charlotte and his one year in Toronto has not been that in his career. And then another question who should the Hornets? Start was Zeller out. What do you think it's inter-? I think they should use non Gomez is the primary guy can he can fit. Well, has a nice chemistry with Kemba Walker when they played together, but they can toy around with closing games with the M K G Williams combination. I would say K G is the center in those lineups really on both ends of the hour. But depending on how this I'm minutes, workout, you can go you can go that way to try it out. And I just because I feel like I have to clarify this. I do not think that Jeremy lamb is either a better player or is necessarily having a better season. I just think it's a closer conversation. I mean, I'm not again, I'm not siding, these stats gospel. But lamb is ahead of him in RPM PR, an PM and a lot of that is like rebounding and kinda some defensive stuff, which I think of CJ's creation as more valuable, and maybe that's underappreciated those. But I just want to say Jimmy Lyons. Having a great season in seizures having a season. So it's a closer conversation than it was our enough, and I may actually overrate CJ a little bit, you know, based on some of the big games that he's had the fact that he's been in the playoffs. There's going to be said for that. All right. Let's move on here to Indochino North America's leading made to measure menswear company. They make suits and shirts to your exact specifications for an unparalleled fit and comfort. And I love in June. I have a number of suits even have a tux. None because they outfitted me for my wedding. And then also took care of my groomsmen got. Mhm some sports jackets, you say sports, jacket, or sport, jackets sport jacket. Are you're probably not the prison. Ask about this are you? Yeah. Probably not. But I think it's sport jacket sport jacket. I was trying to make it sound like my verbal slip could actually have been proper. But that's not true. It's a sport. So the way it works at Indochino is the customize it to your exact measurements. 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Point seven rating puts them twenty eight in the NBA. They are last offense and expressing nineteenth defense. They are twenty second or sorry projected to win twenty two games, which were put them thirteen. So they're one of those three teams below the hawks that we were discussing before they aren't going to make the playoffs. And I think the most interesting question we got asked us from Greg felts. It was can Wendel Carter and Lowery market in play together or not I be we still don't know for sure that both of those players are starting caliber. And of course, that's that's a consideration here. Because I'm I'm interpreting the question is can you start those guys as a front court long-term 'cause you know, but I think it if we're talking more would start with fit. Yeah. I think the fit works reasonably well. You know, wanna Carter I like him defensively, there's some some intriguing potential there. I mean, we talked about him moving better than than his painted that helps him on both offense and defense. And you know, he his three pointer will need to come around. But I think that it that it can. And so defensively if he's more. A kind of know little bit of switch ability, but more of a standard five Markkanen to me his best role of defensively as as a four. And I mean, he needs to be better shooting from three and from two especially from too. But yeah, I mean, I think they can play together. I don't see any particular incongruity with those two guys think what may have inspired the question. The numbers with them. Together are awful right now. Four hundred thirty six possessions, negative twelve point six net rating. Where's that fall apart pretty much everywhere? Don't get any offensive rebounds never ever get to the foul line with those units at the most used units. There is a lot of his happened with Zach LeVine out. So they just haven't had the offense of creation. So that's part of it too. And they've only played thirty four possessions with marketing Carter Levin, and Chris done all out there small, and of course, for this team is kind of in a black hole. So it's really offensive -ly where it hasn't been good. I mean, that's obviously been the case throughout the Jim Boylan era. With them slowing it down, which is something that we really complain about defensively. It's been fine about league average with those groups a on the floor Markkanen Carter, but just when you think about the theory of what these guys can be Carter. I think profiles is a very smart defender. Not unbelievable athlete to be sure. But good enough at the center position. And then Markkanen can look good at times moving his feet. But overall at hill end up being a little bit below average as a power forward. Defensively is not really going to protect the rim. A ton not gonna cover ground not really great help instincts either. And he can move his feet, but it's still not going to be ecstatic about him switching onto a point guard or something like that. But I mean, people talked about the three of them is working together. Pretty well Carter. We haven't seen a ton of him passing the ball, but they do in theory once Carter gets to shoot a few board threes. Those guys can space the floor for one another one of the two of them can get down to the posts and attack mismatch while the other ones basis the floor. So I I don't see any problems so far despite the numbers being ugly. I think more of that is just they've played a lot of their minutes with terrible perimeter creation. And that they haven't been doing anything transition because Jim boylans been slowing them down. The offense has been relatively archaic the team like Paxon at a meeting with them, and they tried to go to a little bit more of an uptempo approach against the Pacers. Where it looked good. They got rocked by the nets in the offense sucked again a on over the weekend. So I I don't see a problem. What's sorry? What's vol? Thank you wanted to add. I said marketing should you better from three I have I had in my head that he was in the mid thirties. Forty percent this year. He's report shooting got this. Yes. Yeah. Forty six I think something like that. It was under forty percent a couple of weeks ago. So yeah, I mean, maybe it's looking a little better. But we'll see. I mean, this has been a weird time to the bulls, obviously with Boylan trying to get them to defend Moore. And the somehow playing slower is gonna make them to that which I don't really agree with. I don't think that that holds up a too much scrutiny. But the bigger problem is just that they have such limited perimeter guys that for a lot of the time. Here's Eck Levin. Finally is back now somebody will get a chance to evaluate. So we have about two minutes and thirty seconds left here. How would you evaluate the job at Boylan doing in? Chicago has your opinion of chain since he came on the show asked Mark Kay thought. He was very articulate and kind and interesting on the show whether that makes good coach or not I you can't tell that off of twenty five minute interview necessarily. I think that boiling is passionate. You can you can't argue that part of it. But and they have defended better, which he deserves some credit for obviously the fiasco app. The beginning did not look good around the league. And you never wanna have those type of headlines and the offense has been really bad. This idea vote. You know, we have to crawl crawl walk run sons lot better coming out of clay Davis's mouth in his so getting these guys to defend isn't courage. Ing we'll see it begin open up the offense a little bit. I mean, I do think that he has a loop. It more intellectual approach to the basketball than he's given credit for space a knowing him a little bit. But obviously they're going to have to be results on the floor and those his philosophy. I think is going have to evolve in some degree at least you can give him credit for the fact that he does seem to be willing to change things to some degree. So we'll see how the offense looks the rest of the year. If they're posting up Robin Lopez thirty seven times game at the end of the year while he won't be on the team. But if the play like that the rest of the year anytime them to slow down all the time when you know, you've got done in Levin and Markkanen and Carter guys should be able to get out in transition than there will be some level of concern for me to be sure. Yeah. I think we're just dealing with a relatively small sample size. And fortunately boiling is at saying as many ridiculous things publicly. So we don't have to focus on that part of it as much, and yeah, we'll we'll see it terms. The approach something that I generally support as you know, the idea of going slower that it can increase your chances of winning games. Just by you know, increasing the value variants. But Chicago they're try to try to develop players they're trying to evaluate everything else. And that's always the hard thing for coaches trying to establish themselves as their goal. And maybe the team goals are different. I'm not saying like the bullshit tank and try to play hard play fast to lose more. It's just that. If that's the kind of style that you think guys like Zach LeVine. And depending on how they feel about marketing and Carter that they will do best in Michael for the rest of the season would be evaluation. I and so then you wanna make the ecosystem as similar as you can to what you wanna do as opposed to what when what gives you the best chance of winning get thirty seconds left. Here. What rules by ways? Marshon Brooks played at the bulls Secere will books as already been waived. Of course, a Evans outta there. And seldom I'm hopeful that he's going to get a chance to earn two minutes at backup shooting guard. He's obviously not gonna start that's going to be being. I think even at small forward, you could potentially get some time. They're gonna start Chandler Hutchison. Certainly since he's more part of the future in theory. But I think seldom should get twenty minutes a game on this group. I think he's certainly deserves more time than Antonio Blakeney or Raleigh Alcon. Sue who's on a two way contract with them. I like him better than Arshi Aquino as well. So he'll be in the mix with Shaq no Shaq Harrison as well. But I think Seldon has more tools than either of those guys when you consider his potential shooting ability ability to get to the basket and pretty good strength. So they're gonna have to get something more out of him defensively. But he does have some potential to me I like him better than basically any guard that they have a who's not in the starting lineup. But we'll see whether they agree there from the coin perspective. Yeah. Yeah. He was. But we're I was going from a team building perspective. There's also the element that Seldon if they if he does well enough. They can retain them. I mean, it's possible that he gets an offer sheet, but low cap hold low qualifying offer totally find it to bring him back. You could even you know, if they have some vaunted use for all of their cap space. They could use that and then match on Selden or whatever or just straight up signed him after that. So I think they should give him a real shot. I I think that would be a mistake not to especially when you consider the general lack of like real high end upside there other guys I really like Jack Harrison, but I'm not here. Saying shack Harrison's going to be like a real high end player in the future. I just like him being a part of a team. So if you can give Selden the lion share, or at least the highest share of the minutes of any non starting guard. I'd be happy with it was moved to the Cavs. Now, we may take a little bit less time. And then since we only had two questions, and we've talked about one of them relatively recently there, but they are eight and thirty two Alwyn nine since last fifteen and sixty thirtieth in net rating now negative eleven point to their offensive rating one oh five point nine twenty fifth defensive reading is one seventeen. That is thirtieth and that is thirtieth by one point nine points per one hundred dad is just so bad. The Knicks are twenty ninth in that low noted this that I think relative to league average, they are they might be even the worst defense MB history right now. So yeah, I guess it wasn't LeBron last year. Oh, the to have some new guys they're so let's start with this which JR gets traded first. Tim Hardaway junior. JR auto porter, jR, JR or JR Smith S A S daddy share Smith, the reason for that being that his old CBA non guaranteed contract is grandfathered in. So is guaranteed about three million of the eighteen million that is due next year. And so that could be a way for another team to reduce salary and wave him. But the reason in particular that that's a valuable contract is he could be traded at that full value because it's old TV where he new CBA he would count as three million. Outgoing or I think it's eighteen million outgoing and three million incoming us. Basically makes them extremely difficult to make the math words unattractive, unless you're trading him into cap space, essentially, so that's actually could be a way for a team to reduce salary by trading for him and waving him and the Cavs could take on salary despite not having any cap space really this summer. So I think he's more likely to get traded porter is just such a big contract. Same thing with Hardaway a both those guys are negative value on their deals, they can both still play a porter more so than Hardaway in my opinion. So it's interesting to think about, you know, maybe you'd say Hardaway's just gonna get traded in the Knicks will give up an asset to move him. Because they're just they're cap space aspirations the summer in the Knicks, by the way, interestingly enough are going to have a very high traffic that's actually gonna hurt their cap room this year, but I'm sure they can get off the money. They could always stretch Courtney Lee as well. But I'm gonna predict JR because I think it's nearly inevitable that he will be traded, especially because. Cleveland is now shown with those hill, the hill Hinson trade or the hill trade for Delhi and Henson that they are kind of in bad contract asset acquisition mode, as they were the first time LeBron law that is definitely the military in what might make this a little less likely when I was doing the math for peace for the ethnic and Cleveland's getting a little bit close to the nineteen twenty spending line because they're not going to pay the tax obviously next year. And so I'm not sure they want to take on another contract. You know, if the opportunity presents itself into something reasonable, they get the right asset back in if they get a first-round pick or something. Yeah. Bio meets an but I still think it's Jared just because he is in a different situation. He doesn't fit the time on the team. And while the Knicks could move Tim Hardaway that requires somebody saying, yes, we don't know if that's going to happen. And also remember that mills was integral in signing. Tim Hardaway he is still heavily involved in the next decision process. It's perry. I consider Peres running show, but mills is still heavily involved. You and correct me if I'm wrong, they're obviously Grunfeld is has been in. We'll. Empower forever. So he picked Puerto he signed out a border that contract or at least matched the offer sheet. And then I believe technically Koby Altman signed. No, no, he didn't. I guess it was David Griffin the Sunjay out of that contract. Yes. Those are some route twenty. Well. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Over twenty seventeen so or no, no sixteen. Yeah. Right after the right out of the championship sixty. He was sixteen. Korver was seventeen. Yeah. And so so I think that that. But also just the Cavs are in such a different place, even if it had been Kobe did it this is a totally different Cavs team. So yeah, I think that that JR is the leader. However, there is also chance to Gerges doesn't get traded at all. And then the guy's our favorites there. The other question is from Todd J any realistic crates for Kevin love, assuming they will take back bad money. I think my best answer is no I do not have any realistic traits for Kevin love. But I wanna go through why? Kevin Love's contract after the season four years one hundred twenty million and he will start that remaining stuff with his age thirty one season. I mean, it's fair to say that Kevin love is heavily post prime at this point. That doesn't mean every year is going to be. Worse than here. He's having right now, we're even necessarily trying to he was last year, but, you know, post primis boast prime and the big question there is so for years and twenty million if we can I consider that clearly negative value contract based on what we know right now, probably based on what we will know at the end of the season, the bigger question is not you know, who wants to necessarily take on Kevin love. It's what is the benefit for Cleveland. You know, if a team sees Kevin love is a positive asset then. Yeah. Absolutely. You make that trade you make it in heartbeat. But if he is a negative at US at this is very similar to Nikola. The MO talked about before why would Cleveland give up something to get away from him. So he has to pass the test for the trade partner for me because otherwise there's really a point. And if so as is value drops, then it becomes less likely that he gets traded and the other big problem here is because of the sour sixteens, and because of just how recklessly team spent then and because that's now two and a half years ago. There just aren't that many bad contracts that run a really long time. Nobody's handicaps base since Hilbert arena. Rashard lewis. Yeah. Nobody's the cap space since then to give out those contracts. That's a great point. Right. So you're comparing a lot of the bad contracts in the league expire in twenty twenty. And so a frigging for one. For one of those guys on why with aren't as many of those right now is I mean, we teams had kept space in the summer of twenty eighteen, but they are the ones who had the levers they could make players take shorter deals because there's just there's more players out there looking for jobs than there were teams with money when it's a buyer's market than you have to give the longer years or you're not going to get the guys. So that's that's why we haven't seen as many bad contracts last couple of years as well. There's one to to break it. But I'm gonna agree. That's a great point. I it's it's really. Yeah. And so so the contracts we could see Kevin love get traded for probably have not been signed yet that I think that's the way that this is going to work. And so I I mean, maybe there's a chance that in late July or something like that a team sees their twenty nine nineteen twenty cap spaces, just less valuable, and hey, Kevin Love's better than we're going to do establish pro. But then the other big problem there is that there aren't that many teams with were he makes a huge difference. Where like let's say he takes them from a non playoff team to play off team that also have the financial flexibility and Andy immediate. It win now desire like it. It's going to take a perfect storm. And I don't see that brewing. So I don't really have any realistic trades at this moment in time. No, the one way that it goes differently than what you're talking about. Is that the team that's still thinks that Kevin love is good. But before the trade deadline with him. Now, he may not even play before the trade deadline. It's a little more unrealistic. How much is he gonna play after that as veteran they're going to be in full on tank mode? Obviously though he'll wanna come back and play a little bit. I think I think he's to want to leave. That's for sure, you know. But yeah, I mean, I I said one hundred thirty million left. I misspoke as one hundred twenty while we really went on there for the cats louder than any thought. But yeah, I do think he's going to have to reestablish value. Now, the one reason why maybe they could be motivated to move him is just because it's only going to get worse in terms of the his perception. And so maybe they wanted just get ahead of it and get rid of him now because they see him internally, and they're just afraid he's gonna get hurt again, or they just watch him come back from the surgery in the know that he looks like crap more so than maybe a other teams. Good. And there's they feel okay, we can get off this albatross now. But yeah, I don't see them throwing SS. But there could be a team that would be interested in him to ensure he still a name. He's still white. He still marketable. I guess so it only ever takes one. Yup. That's all it ever takes yet. Cleveland's should know that well for him coach GM's anymore. Yeah. Cleveland to know that because they are the ones who traded for Jordan Clark's. All right. That's good enough on them. Let's move to Detroit seventeen and twenty one really struggling since it. Smith went out there three and seven since last fifteen in sixty lost a couple of games to pretty good teams, Utah and San Antonio at home negative two point four net rating is twenty third in the NBA twenty third ranked offense twelth rain to defense. They project for thirty eight wants to be a tie for sixth of though that's one above where the seat is supposed to let her and sixty percent playoff odds. Let's start with this one because we talked about this a little bit on yesterday's program is under German even in above average starting center s. Cookie. Dookie? I it's a tough call. I would say it probably have him a little bit below that just because I'm not totally sold on him. As a you know, a consistent defensive force. And then what he does authencity is certainly useful. But I I like some of the skill sets of other guys now at a couple of different data points here using PM. He is the fourteenth number fourteen of listed centers. And I don't recall seeing too many non-listed centers above him and one of those guys above him doesn't start that story Pell. But he's just above miles Turner and Horford both of whom I would take over drumming without too too much consideration. I like both those guys meaningfully better. Then drummed right now, he's also thirtieth among senators in RPM, and he's still ridiculously dominant rebounder and RPM loves rebounding. So that's that's kind of a point here off the top of my head. We're not doing our center rankings right now out probably have him at right around this. I think that's probably the tear. He would be in. But whether he ends up being like thirteenth or seventeenth or fifteenth is a little bit of. A tough call. So he's in the conversation. I'm going to say with what I've Al you. I would have them slightly below. Yeah. And above average, starting center means so much less than it used to. Because I think we talked about this a lot. I talked about this. What I went on the bright side of the sun podcast with Tim and Dave talking about de'andre eight, and then why don't think he profiles as that valuable because unless you are either the type of center who makes a good defense on your own or a good offense on your own. It's hard to say that you're that valuable right even Drummond and also like these posts ups really just kill their offense to the that's not great. But Germans kind of already gets on the offense of glass that's great though, his lack of touch a lot of those ovens of rebounds. And just kind of ended up getting tipped off the glass or he blows the put back or something till they're not I don't think is offensive rebounds, or as valuable as they are for say Clint cappella type guy, he's not just coming in like crushing tip dunk, some people's heads as often and to see that Europe above average that does. It doesn't mean that much right AMIS not elite in any area other than rebounding, and rebounding just isn't that important these days? So to me, even if he is above average, he's not in the tier of of league is made a couple of all star teams. And maybe I guess he deserved that. But it's again says more about the east than it says about him. But I the crux of the question is this guy's making twenty five million this year twenty seven million next year player option, you might up into a twenty eight point seven million in twenty twenty twenty one man that year is going to be so annoying to say having to say the word twenty three times to describe one year. So yeah, he's overpaid. For team building perspective, he's not necessarily helping them that much also Doni as an eat percent treat bonus. Let's move to this question from Ben Richardson who should the pistons be targeting and traits to put her on Griffin. If they're choosing to compete in the next couple of years, and who could they trade while the number one thing that they need obviously is just better point guard play. Really having a good pick and roll operator. We taught yesterday on the program about how Reggie Jackson's father has been a big part of their struggles. And their disappointments to not have been a consistent playoff team these last couple of years mostly due to injury. And so that's the type of player that they need. There is a robust point guard market this summer in free agency. Unfortunately, they do not really have a ton of space. They might be able to swing the full mid level. If they were to move on from Stanley Johnson. But I think the other thing they could really use a Lou Williams type guide cycle. Microwave score type off the bench, and those sort of guys could be available for the amount of money that they're gonna have their also could lose issue Smith this summer, though, he's going to be a free agent. So that's what they mean. They just need more creation. More scoring a good point guard would be great. But that's probably not realistic unless they really wanted to make a trade here with another first round pick. Because that's really the only assets that they have if you look at this team. There's no. Nobody you would look at the say, hey, we can trade this guy for anybody decent. So they'd have to go into the well for another first round pick. And yeah, I guess I mean now that they're kind of pot committed with Blake Griffin. And they wanted just jase. The a c these X years was really what that trade was always about. I guess you could throw it a another first round pick and try to get someone who's an established. You know, maybe not Jeff Teague now. But a guy who is at Jeff tease level a couple years ago. I mean, remember they the Pacers traded George hill for Teague Utah gave up the number twelve pick for Giorgio La Land was willing to part with Teague who is in the last year of his contract. To course for that. Number twelve overall pick that became Tory imprint so they'll have a pick right around that range that they want to give that up and try to get a relatively middling point guard that trade might be out there. I'll give you one. I I'm not sure if their current front office is going to consider this. But we said for Kevin love, it only takes one and the guy that I would be shopping hardest Andre Drummond because this might be the last year were there are still a couple teams that see his physical potential. See he's a monster to rebound are and all those things and go. Oh, yeah. You know, twenty seven million a year for him. That's fine. You know, we can do that. And you don't even need to necessarily move Drummond for a great piece just somebody who's capable who plays a position of greater need. And then you can kind of fill in center at others of Yudo. However, that's going to work, and the other thing was that that could do depending on what kind of a salary got back. Maybe you could get get the time line a little bit better. Because right now Jackson leur Galloway all expire for twenty twenty. And even with all of that with Blake and Drummond. They they only have forty three million that sounds like a lot. But then remember everything that's gonna come on top of that all their draft picks any signings between now, and then so I don't think that's as much functional spaces may be somewhat think that it is. So if they could get Drummond involves. Yeah, I think they definitely should consider that it'll depend on the market, of course. And as you said, they don't have these many, positive value contracts, so trading Reggie trading. Lure Galloway, something like that. It's going to be really tough and remember amazing assist. Next year. They still have five point three million dead money for Josh myth. That will be the final year that he is on their books. The Pacers are twenty six and thirteen six three since the last time we checked it on them fourth in the entire NBA with a five point eight net rating sixteenth ranked offense second ranked defense. They did have a relatively discouraging loss at Toronto without Kawhi Leonard over the weekend. First questionnaire blog boy without a blog is current Thad young better than current Draymond green hoof. They're probably relatively equal is three point shooters a at this point in time. Green is still way better than him defensively better passer. Young does add a post up element that green does not. But no, I'm not I'm not willing to say that yet. I mean, Thaddeus, young has been very good. He's going to get heavy all defense consideration for me, but dream, I green I think is still actually we talked about this in our awards probably playing at the highest level of anyone defensively in the NBA right now and the young, you know, has been above his savage level. Green has been a little bit below. So no, I'm not ready to say that. Yeah. For these guys. I mean, I think that they're they're defensive Allieu out. Faces their offense evalu- and green is materially better defender as greatest Thaddeus young has been. So to me that is that supersedes on veterans dream on but a rim protector, and he's a much better. Switch defender on smaller players young is very good in the post. But even I mean young guarding posts up centers. He's not as good as on dry bones, just much more versed. Draymond is one of the greatest defensive players be history and maybe slipped a little bit. But no, I'm I'm not ready to say that yet. Even if you wanna say that young is a better offensive player at this point in time. The Draymond is better finish better post up guy portraying on his superior passer. And by about the same as shooter has grabbed go ability, which young doesn't really have. So I'm not gonna say that young probably be better than dream on this year offensively if on offense really continues to slip than the might change. But no, I can't say that yet who f- what kind of contracts would you give that young and boy on book Donovan next season. If you're going to re-sign them, which I'm gonna guess the Pacers will do that or at least try to. I mean, I think that to me just because he fits in more cleanly daddy s young is I really liked the combination of him with their centers. I think that really is a big part of why they're second in the league in defense. I mean, there are a lot of different reasons for it. But I think that's an important one and booked on the problem there is positional scarcity. And so I think they kind of need to make an identity for Thaddeus young. I'm thinking something in like the three year range. Do you think eighteen million years fair that that's kind of? That's that was my first thought was three three years eighteen million a year that seems a little rich. I don't know if he's going to have that much mortgage. He's always been underrated throughout the league. Granted nobody had space last year, but he did opt into one year fourteen million. So I don't I mean, they will have full bird rights on him. If I were them. I might be looking if things continue to go well the rest of the year to maybe bring back bugged out of his bring back young. I would not bring back call. So unless it's at a greatly reduced salary. You know, five million a year or something like that at as clearly the backup point guard and just try to maybe overpaid these guys for a year or two and then try to rebuild this him. And they still have all the depot they have turned her. They still have so bonus. I do think at some point they're going to need to reload with younger guys around that group and Indian has not been a huge kept space destination. So that may be easier said than done, but those guys are going to be in their thirties. And they're both having potentially career years at this point in time. So you don't wanna overpay for that? I mean, I I would be thinking more along the lines with something in the if you are going to go longer term. I'd want it to be probably lower than fifteen million a year or I'd want. I might be fine with that eighteen million for young for maybe two years three seems like a a little bit too much. There are all depots struggles recently regression from last season or more result of his knee issues. So of its regression that shooting that he had the first half of the year was unsustainable. But to me, I really have not seen the same explosion for him getting to the rim and finishing at the. Mm-hmm. As we saw last season. See I do believe that that may be the result of his knee issues. I agree with you. And he certainly had some highlights. I watched a fair portion that bulls game he had a really nice lefty Dunkin that game. And then he he had another left. You don't I think in the game before that but the possession by possession athleticism. I'm not seeing as much right now. And so I do think that there's some lingering effects of the knee issue. A question. I thought was interesting from feed me basketball are the Pacers legit threat to finish in first place in the east and or make it to the NBA finals. So I personally feel that they're more likely to to finish first in the east than to make the NBA finals because the way rotation shakeout and individual talents and all that kind of stuff. I think that helps other teams more than it helps them because they are SABA you can think about how good the center position is for them, and you know, point guard giving whoever giving their reporting their minutes doesn't really help. Obviously does with like as depot, but think about like even the raptors even though their team just their their star power. I think is is is heavier there. But I absolutely think that it's. A possibility that we should consider that the Pacers are going to be a monstrous regular-season team. Their defence is great. Oh, they were able to survive Olivos absence. I hope and expect that he will play a higher proportion of the second half of the season than the first half, which would be wonderful for them. And these teams are all good. They can all take care of beating the bad teams. And then and then it's of about how the scheduled how scheduled disparity breaks out. I believe off the top of my head that Indiana has a harder remaining scheduled in Toronto in Milwaukee. But they could you know, but I would say that's more likely. It wouldn't say that they're the favorites in any way, shape or form and legit threat there on the on the fringes that for the regular season for me, but it could happen. Absolutely the older boat up to play incredibly well for them in the playoffs. I just don't think they have the offense of ceiling. They've got some guys like book done of inches gonna regress a little bit as well. I do think that while they're deepens spent very very impressive. There are places to attack their kalson bogdonovich with faster players sabinas. We'll see how Turner looks in the. That play of crucible though, he's been wonderful this season but old deep owed after played a much higher lover. And I think they're going to really need to get more of Turner spacing out to the three point line, which is doing a little more of lately, but to really compete with some of the best offensively. I still think that they are most likely scenario for them as losing in the first round last question on them real quickly here how we've talked about bonuses six-man Casio already on the awards. But how did they address the Turner Simona situation going forward ask max, and the answer is very carefully. You just can't have you know, those guys played together a little bit. But I still don't think that that can be your basic alignment, and so if they're gonna give sabinas extension he he's been very good. But ultimately is going to be a backup center on this team miles Turner is the guy that they have invested in. That's the reality at this point. Now, if they could get support for Larry Nance money and extension, you know, four years forty six million. Yeah, that's something that I would consider doing especially including that could be a tradable contracts abundant. There's a lot of credit for how much he's improved as well. But they're still a ceiling on that. And like we've talked about so many times, he's a great romantic and post up some. But there are a lot of guys who can do that, you know, is and he's much better than say Willie Hernan Gomez authencity, but Willie Hernan Gomez can give you seventy five percent of Savona softens fleet someone who's obviously much better defensively, but there's just so many easy ways to replace that production, and you just you can't put too much of your money into centers, especially neither of whom are likely to be a superstar. I don't think. So they gotta be very careful there. They also have to be careful because I doubt there are ship wants to pay the luxury tax. And so they want to spend on other positions. Whether it's in the summer of twenty nine nineteen or twenty twenty then that gets really complicated with the money that they're already paying and at some point there. Oh, a depots going to get a raise off of his twenty one million. And so you kind of thinking long game, you don't wanna trap yourselves, and that's something that could happen if they gave some bonus a lot of money, even though I like both those guys you just kinda and you don't necessarily have to make a decision right now. But at some point in the next year, or so, I think I'll have a pretty good idea. Yeah. I've totally been forgetting. This at the time for some of these teams, but eight minutes on the clock now for the Miami Heat nineteen and nineteen very encouraging. They had reached an eight year at seven and thirteen at one point six and three in the last fifty sixty or I'm sorry since the last fifteen and sixty day did get completely blown out by the hawks on Sunday actually have a positive net rating zero point seven seventeenth in the NBA twenty-second on offense but up to seventh defense they are projected for thirty wins which be tie for six and sixty percent chance at the playoffs. One quick note. I wanted to make before we get into the questions Miami is currently number one in clutch defensive rating after being middle of the road the last couple of years. So that's a big part of why they've been they have a positive plus ten point five net rating in clutch situations and eleven and ten despite still having a bad close game offense. So that's worth watching just of whether that can continue an obviously, they have great defensive personnel. So that part of it can continue, but you know, some of it isn't mccrum asleep when we're dealing with a small sample. I think they played seventy clutch minutes. So far. I think the most important question that we should talk about is from Parisa Shreen. What are your thoughts on just wins starting point guard experiment? Does he have a future at that position? So exposed to announce the shift for their December twenty eighth game against the Cavs. So they played five games in those games. Winslow's averaged fourteen points with six assists one point turnover. So over three sister turnover ratio, six rebounds net three two record, including that bad loss in Atlanta. And so my overworking part of this is it actually kind of reminds me of Brandon Ingram. And what I mean by that is Winslow is absolutely better with the ball, miss hands. And I think it has it has activated him it. It helps create value. You know, he he can he can generate some seams in the defense. But I don't think that him playing that role is generally going to be successful for a team. That's trying to be really competitive. You know, it's true trying to middle of the road team or in Miami's case right now where us were stopped because Gordon Dragages out with the surge. Gery? Sure. Absolutely. I think that it's been a better option than I anticipated and a better option than really what they have on the table. So that's a good thing. But I think making any like big personnel decisions based on that kind of success would be a mistake this necessity is the mother of invention here if you look at real point guard skills pick and roll you can just go under on him anytime. He's not going to being three on you or even a to necessarily off the dribble getting to the rim. He's not in elite finisher. His dribbling is probably the Skillet as most improved since he was drafted. So there's gonna be said for that as grab and go guy can be okay. But it's really more that he provides a lot defensively. And Josh Richardson, it's really asking him as too much of him to be the main Bolander they need him to be a score on this team. And then the other aspect is will if Winslow has the ball now you need to guard. I know he shot a little bit better from three this year. But he's still not a huge threat there. So it's a place to put him where he has to be guarded in theory as opposed to if you're having Richardson. And run the show than Winslow off the ball is not as not gonna have as much gravity. So he can dribble, but as a picket role score as a passer me a lot of these assist. These had you know, it's not like crazy. Value added assist? A lot of his just kinda running the offense style assists that you're just gonna have because you're the guy who has the ball. So I just don't see him as a an elite room attacker. I don't see him alita passer. I mean now when we're actually comparing him to point guards, you if you're comparing to other guys who are small Ford's or power Ford than yet. You're you looks a little bit better there. So I think this is more just like while someone has to handle the ball for us. We don't have anyone else. But if you really gonna compare him to actual point guards offensively, you know, it just it's not gonna work out that you can feel that amazing about it wise Miami having some success with their zone defense that went reasonably well for them against the rockets in particular, Assan Whiteside is utterly statuesque. He is incapable of guarding the perimeter. Or or if he is going to guard the perimeter. He's incapable of feeling help responsibilities at thought it was pretty notable in that hawks game. For example, when he was guarding. John Collins, who's not been amazing shooter in the corner. He was just completely unable to offer any kind of help he got over one time and committed a foul of. But just he's too slow and its recognition is too bad to guard anyone with any kind of shooting ability. So if you're playing zone now, you can station in more towards the basket, sewn other levels has long been favored of teams with more size a little bit slower and have bigs that you don't wanna have out in the keep them near the basket deepens with three seconds. Of course, makes that more difficult in the NBA, but the concept still helps and then you've got guys out top who have pretty decent sized Richardson Winslow who can use their length. Having a lot of length also helps when you're playing some so, and so I think and in particular against Houston. It was a way for them to avoid having to switch out of unfavorable matchups. James harden likes operate about the Arkansas of you're playing a two three zone, you keep your best defender. Out there above the Arkansas euro is gonna have helped behind them with his own unit. Take this one should Miami looked to Geel Josh Richardson now for future assets considering the aren't going anywhere now. I don't think they should the next year and a half might be a little bit uninspiring just because Miami feels really set with their roster for a couple of different reasons, but July twenty twenty two he'd have serious cap space Richardson will be twenty six with likely one more season left on his really team friendly contract because twenty one twenty two is a player option a low player option that I expect from decline. So I think you're kinda trying to set things up for then Miami, depending on how their front office looks and everything else like that. But there's been remarkable stability for them. So far that I think they'll be ready to kind of go after it at that point. And Josh Richardson is a good piece for now if somebody makes you an irresponsible offer, and a, you know, says like we really want Josh Richardson, we want him to be our guy then you think about that differently. But without knowledge that. That is definitely going to happen or that that's on the table. I would lean towards no. And so, yeah, it's it's not fun to cover team. That's pretty consistent. Allow to faulty more importantly, that's consistent. And that you know, it's kinda like low end playoff team probably gonna lose in the first round in like five six games in a hard-fought series. But moving away from that to me would be kind of damaging just because I don't I don't think there's really a way to do that without giving up assets, or, you know, making something of that future worse. And so if they could somehow have their kicking to shirt by all means like if you ever get a team to make stupid trade, you do it. But other than that don't, and that's kind of goes along with the Noah Negra question, which is does Miami have enough to be a dark horse in an AD trade in my answer is no not only are they out of billion second round picks. And they're that unprotected I which complicates things from a stepping enroll perspective. But they just I mean, I love Josh. And they have a few other guys that I like, but I just don't think they're asset pool is that strong those good for the heat the bucks twenty eight and eleven nine and two. Since last fifteen sixty talked about their win over Utah last night. If you need more bucks talk nine point three net rating by far I in the NBA second on offense fifth on defense. That's actually risen a little bit. They project four fifty seven wins which would be second in the NBA. They will make the playoffs Nick wider asks what are the books need at the deadline any I don't think they need a lack of a lot. I mean, if if they're healthy getting George hill helps the guard depth they have options at center, I mean with Brooke and with Thun, I would love to see them have just one more forward that might just be digit Wilson if he keeps playing really well, but maybe somebody who's more three size to you can try in some situations. But the problem is those guys are really hard to get. And so, yeah, I my instinct, especially considering they already gave up that pick, and they are the blood so pick already. I don't think there's a lot that they're going to do and they can try to sell themselves hard on the buyout market and say, hey, look, you know, we're championship contender. You can be on our team. Maybe depending on what position you play their minutes to be had. But. I don't see. I don't see a screaming screaming needs UC won the knee another guy who can guard Leonard. That'd be nice Middleton is okay, there Janas can't do it because he can't get through screen and maybe on a last the last couple minutes isos sorta situation he could do it. But yeah, I mean, even Middleton is gonna get overpowered by quiet. You know, that's not the I mean, there's a lot of deems that don't have somebody's strong enough to guard it quite Leonard and quick enough to also get over pick and roll. And there's probably fifteen guys like that in the whole league. So to me, that's probably it. I worry a little bit. Yup. They had to go up against the warriors in the finals. And it's amazing that we're talking about this team it in that light than they could probably use a little bit more versatility at the big position. But I don't think that's realistic. And as you said they already out two first round picks, maybe on the buyout market. They could get someone. But I mean, they also the Bedia their team is that everybody on the wing as a quality three point shooter. And so they're not gonna want to give that up for more defense with specialists type. I mean, their their whole team is built around the only guy who can't shoot on this team is. Yes. And if you add one more into these lineups that's gonna really take their offense down a ton somewhat related here. Hugh, Jack, the Abbad will Shobin not snowman asked is there to hand wringing over brick Lopez in the plants this we've hit on a little bit that I think given the teams that they are going to go against in the east playoffs. Dodd I don't think so I don't see any of those teams as being able to play him off the floor part of that too is helped by the fact that Eric Bledsoe does have some flaws defensively. An Eric Nima wrote a good pizza about how he gets through screens for the athletic actually, sat down with him watch a little film of deadly dot com slash cap space. If you wanna sign up for that because they have Bledsoe Correa's really the only guy that you look at it like, oh, man. This guy is so good in the pick and roll and pulling for three and he can pull Lopez away from the rim that were going to really struggle here. Now, you could also make the argument that. At Lopez and pick and roll defense. They protect him a lot by bringing in more help from other areas. And that's part of why they give up so many threes is because they have Lopez kind of hang out back there. But they're gonna take away shots at the rim with that approach. So I think if they could put blood so on Kyrie and just have him kind of stick to him get through those screens force admitted to point jumpers. There isn't any east team to me really the probably the biggest one is Kemba Walker actually who is lit up the bucks in a couple of games this year, if they have to play him the first, rob. But I don't think that Charlotte has enough firepower to to hurt the bucks, and certainly no chance of stopping him on the other end and Lopez so important offense way. So no, I don't think Golden State to me is the only team that really could play Lopez off the floor even Golden State because they've had so many other limited guys, and they may have cousins out there with green and loonie. There's enough places to hide and help off of that, you know, Golden State even has not been playing these centers off the floor when they go small nearly as much as. And so no, I I think it may be that huge act. The abominable. Showman is correct that there is too much hand wringing over him it in the playoffs. But we haven't really seen him deep in the playoffs yet. So I could be wrong. Houston might be the one. Actually, that's if they were to somehow play them in the finals that would be the worst matchup for him. And we're actually going to do the NBA casts four, Houston and Milwaukee tomorrow night. So we'll get a great look at that. I can't wait to see that game. Really sad about that. I found the question from Ted hearing really interesting is this meaning the eighteen nineteen season the bucks best shot at a title considering the several guys on expiring deals and doubt that ownership will pay the lecture tax. And I think the answer is a very well could be we don't know that for sure obviously because Middleton and Bledsoe could come back. Lopez could come back to but even though Jaanus could have better years than this. He's both of our pick for MVP right now. The ridiculous boot and holes are has this team playing really good offense and defense. And if I were to guess which way the talent at Evan flow is going to go from here. I would. Guess it's going to go down. So have all that. And then the other thing is what? Well, let me break in on that point there shown in they've A-plus rating right now, I mean, generally just regression to the mean is that you're going to be worth that the next year? And then when you consider also the number of free agents, they have to that they're all going to come back. You know, that something is going to happen with one of those guys Benchley or they've been completely healthy this year too. There could be an injury. And then also Johnson Hoopoe a could leave the summer after next. I they'll he'll be eligible that doesn't any veteran extension. If they don't get the results that he wants the deductible years. You know, they could be in the same position next summer as the Pels will be this summer. So that's a that's other concerns that they could only have one more year left grizzly enough in the honest era with this being the first year that they've been good. Yeah. And then the unwillingness to pay the tax if that is in fact, the case is certainly a concern as well. So so yeah. But then you're gonna say. Competition hard about guys skies returning. Yeah. Well, it's before it gets to the competition point. It's also hard to imagine that if they lost somebody that they be able to upgrade on it just be limited flexibility, and because Milwaukee is not a historic destination. And remember if they theoretically, let's say a big free agent was interested in them. They would be committing for longer than Janas unless because you honest, you know, I believe he cannot sign an extension until twenty twenty. Is that correct? I'm trying to remember John. I shouldn't do this on the fly. Yeah. 'cause eighty can this year, and then you honest can next year. Yeah. So so that that would be a big commitment for somebody. Let's say even if they were interested in playing with you on us and everything that comes with that. So yeah, I think this is there and then the competition. So yeah, the east is loaded this year with very good teams. But I don't think there's a, you know, just an absolute killer out there. The Celtics are interesting the Sixers and the Pacers. Although seems very good. I would say the biggest threat is the raptors just because they're challenged fool the way they play. I think the obviously the words are still really really good. So yeah, I think this is this is. Their best shot, and I I won't know until July how by the degree to which it's their best shot. But yeah, I think it's by meaningful degree as of right now. Is there any chance that Lopez forces spallina PTS off the floor in the playoffs? S John Hayden Brady. I don't think. So. And we saw a lot of last night because Lopez is just not gonna post up. Maybe the I think the bucks would do well to try to get a few more looks with him in the post try that out. See if you are going to go to this strategy now is being guarded by Derrick favors part of that time. But a lot of times being guarded by Jae Crowder. Lopez is just so huge the problem with Lopez as as a terrible passer. And so getting him into the post forcing a double team. You know, he's not gonna be able to be the hub of the offense. But thinks they should experiment in those situations with some sets where he can just go post up. I mean like it is crazy how big years like that is something that people really forget about him like he's not even just a normal center. He's huge even for a center. So to just. Go in and like stick as a guy posts up right at the charge circle. And just you know, four or five possessions a game try to post him up there. I think that something that they should pursue. They just haven't been doing that at all. And he's been awesome spacing out. You don't want to do too much of that. 'cause now you're taking away from what Jaanus can do last question. Do any bucks players belong the defense put at your conversation. I John is probably does we we gave him short shrift. I think in not discussing him the other day move onto the Knicks. Yeah. I think yeah. He deserved. He serves to be in the conversation. I wouldn't have him, you know, at the top. Which is why didn't think disgusting. But he's in the conversation. Danny didn't you locker timer tent? I I had to finish my thought I know you can't sympathize with that. But the knickerbockers ten and thirty one in eight since the last fifteen and sixty they are now twenty six the net rating at negative eight point nine twenty fourth offense depressing twenty-ninth in defense and five thirty projects them to win twenty games, which puts them as one of the other teams will the hawks there'd be fourteenth in the Eastern Conference. They are not making the playoffs. And I liked that the way the way this was put this together was he didn't really pick a single Kevin Knox question. He's just like there are a lot of questions about Kevin Knox, which is appropriate. And so we could just this isn't going to be the full dunked on breakdown of Kevin Knox. But I wanted to talk a little bit about it. Because Knox since December first he is scoring sixteen point four points per game. That is really exciting is, you know, the the best young prospect on the Knicks, especially statistically, that's the good part. And I'm sure there are people who are who are who were. And I think that were as important here and are more. Domestic Kevin Knox. But I I still don't see it personally. I think that especially offensively. The reason he has been more productive is that he is just getting ton more volume. He is taking fifteen shots per game to get to that sixteen points per game. And he is shooting thirty percent on threes. That's great. But that also means that he's shooting just over forty percent on twos. That is distinctly. Not great. Neither just as December numbers those aren't weighted down by his struggles of the beginning season. So overall the offensive picture in December which was his best month fifty percent shooting on twenty two and a half percent usage and Knox's not great defensively. So the problem that I had with him and this is true in the draft process. And it might just be that I'm low on him and will take some time. You know that that happens with players all all the time. You know, if you're low on them, you just you see the negatives. More in the positives is that gaming this out a little bit. So if a player is not he's not a lead defender, at least when I watch him. He's not a lead defender on like forwards or anything. And I think that that is probably going to be the case for the rest of his career, physical talent. But not that type of it. Okay. So. Then he's more of a complementary for were defender and ofensive -ly, you know, he can score. But he's probably not going to be the lynchpin of your offense. And so that could be a guy that's useful forwards as we talked about back with Nick pa- tomb, even if they're not stars. They're really valuable just to soak up minutes, and he could be better than that, obviously. But the idea of him being kind of like a centerpiece of this. I just I don't see how that works for a successful team for a middling team. Yeah. Absolutely. There there lots of paths there. But for like a team that wins a playoff series. I think the Knox's more of a complementary guy wasn't courage that Knox had some big rebound. Give the give twenty five and fifteen in a game. A couple of weeks ago is going to have to find a way to be more efficient that thirty eight percent from three is good free throw rates, okay? For rookie about twenty five percents. But you mentioned that the two point shooting is so bad. I mean and the next don't have a ton there. They wanna let him spread his wings a little bit. But certainly guys of his age these high usage guys will have these big games on occasion. When you're taking that many shots in your creating them any shots. That is a skill. But there's just a tendency especially with the within a fan base to really focus on all these great games and his potential and not really notice the games that he's going three for fourteen or whatever. Now Knox one of the youngest players in the NBA very late birthday age nineteen season Saverne to be able to show the skill level. I think it is useful. But I what I really need from him is I don't see him being number one type of option. Maybe it'd be number one too. I think the Nick pa- tomb comparisons instrument knock says more lettuce than him. Maybe a better natural shooter, even as well, and certainly more of an aggressive mindset. But that kind of, you know, the Chandler Parsons type of player, you know, again Knox is doing more taking more shots than those guys were at this age in general persons was at Florida at this time it was for a couple more seasons after that. But I just wanna see more from him defensively. More in the effort categories more physical dominance more ability to play the four defensively. You know, you just gotta get a lot tougher to me is a big. Part of it. And you never know what these guys, right? I mean, we've long been kind of lower on this archetype of player. Right. Andrew wiggins. You know, guys who shoot a lot of shots on bad teams inefficiently early in their career and don't really do much else. Right. So Andrew Wiggins is a guy who hasn't quite panned out in he in theory, more than Knoxville the Knox is there as well. So, but he's so young he could certainly improve in a lot of these areas generally though, playing with passion physicality, those are things just your mentality that could be improved. But there's also a natural component to that as well. So I've I mean he has a lot of flashes. You like that to be sure but just with this statistic? Profile. The odds are against him becoming a big star at this point in time. But he does have youth on his side. I'm certainly not for closing that outcome. Yeah. I'm not for causing either. And again, it's kind of defining terms. If he becomes a productive starter. I I would be very happy with that at me especially considering where he was picked and putting undue expectations on it can lead to disappointment to. I know it's great. Enthusiastic early. And it's a really fun thing. I've been around teams like that a lot of times. But it can't be as long as you don't say, oh anything anything less than stars disappointing. I would I would advise against that. No negative. Is there any way that the Knicks can trade Tim Hardaway junior without attaching assets? After this year Hardaway's owed two years and thirty seven million dollars that second year is a player option. I think that's a negative value contract. I believe a lot of teams would feel the same maybe not everybody. But that's you know, again, it's a lot of money. And if you think about like if Tim Hardaway was going to be on the market. I don't think he would make that kind of money especially with the the flexibility, and that's the hard thing with player options. If you assume that players and their representations are going to decide them properly, then if Hardaway is awesome next year and outperforms his contract, then he just out and he's an extra free agent. Maybe he resigns, but maybe he just leaves. And so maybe maybe end here. The other big problem here is timing. Because if the Knicks really need to move him, then that means they got some. He really good. And by that point teams, the potential trade partners will mostly probably still be optimistic about what they can do with their space, and so they can use the moratorium a little bit, but not very much. So my instinct is no it only ever takes one team. And so it is entirely possible. But I wouldn't expect Hardaway is capable of creating shots. Twenty seven percent usage. He doesn't turn the ball over too much. His probably always going to be below average efficiency this age twenty six seasoning might be a little bit better. The next couple of years as a shooter. But pretty limited passers while doesn't put a ton of pressure on the rim. So not really a starting quality shooting guard to me on a good team. You know, there definitely are some teams that could be used his shot Gracia on the second unit like Detroit, for example, is a team that could be used him. And maybe you could see Hardaway depending on what happens with the Knicks free agency this off season, you could see him getting moved maybe for a guy who's less useful. But only as a year left on his contract at similar money. Maybe you could see that sort of deal happening for a team that could use his. Brandish creation. But I agree with you. Now, we have seen at times teams overpay for that sort of skill set. We saw the Jordan Clarkson, for example, teams that are just like, hey, we need someone to score that just get seduced by those counting stats, so I'm not gonna say it's impossible, but it's relatively unpassable. All right. We've got about oh, ten seconds left. Here is a real quick lightning round. If you wanna pick one how many Knicks pass that test? A lot of them. Actually. I mean, I think it's Burke fondly Knox Robinson, Dotson moody. A depending on if you're thinking near-term long-term Keenan trigger. I mean, both those guys just depends on where we're defining terms here. And yet they just have they have money tied up in other players. But they're they're young guys are pretty well priced are let's talk Orlando Magic here at seventeen and twenty three a, but I what do people get with. Our patriot patriotic dot com slash Dunkin Larue Danny they get a subscriber only mailbag podcast where we take questions exclusively from mailbag from subscribers and we answer them exclusively for them. It's. Usually, really fun. Sometimes we get super substantive and people ask us questions like how we watch games or a bigger scope thing of like how big men are evolving in the league. That's really gives us the space to to go into those bigger questions. We had some really fun ones. They're also salary cap sheets and some free agency preview stuff, which is really citing. That's going on right now. And then we're we're month away from the trade deadline salary-cap sheets will be incredibly valuable, and then whenever we can think of another way to to add value. We do it like I do airport AMA's when I'm you know, sitting at an airport gate. I just spontaneously, you know, put it out there and people can ask me questions. I answer candle usually sentence or less, depending on if I'm phone or computer. And so although CEPA things that we're trying to do it as a way of supporting the NBA cast because we are not at support at this point. But if you I we Argo has always been to make the content worth it. That is not just like, hey, give us money that it's really putting something out there giving something unique as well. And so that's what it is patriotic dot com slash Dunkin room. Do it is worth noting too. That even dunked on. We probably have fewer ads per minute than any other. Ballpark gas at this point in time. I guess I mean, even the ESPN podcasts are like, you know, one ad every ten minutes these days. Okay. Let's get to those magic now. Seventeen twenty three three eight since the last fifty and sixty they've had some pretty Dessel Tory. Losses of late. They're down to a negative four point -o net rating twenty fifth in the NBA. They're good feelings that they had early on. Here are kind of lost their their settling in about where we thought they would be after they were hovering around five hundred for much of the season, which is still playing while, but not at the crazy level that he had been obviously, they're really struggling on offense at twenty six fifteenth ranked defense, which I think it was action accomplishment. When you're starting DJ August in and nickel of which vich and they project to be loved than the conference thirty three wins. Only twenty percent chance now at the playoffs that seems about right? Here's a good one that we can talk about you on to hit on this one are the magic better off trading baba voltage or John Isaac for three and a related. That's. From Stephan fill then a related question is do you see a scenario where the magic and play above average offense with a trio of mo- Isaac. And Gordon all as to the second question. I that's it's gonna put a lot on the other guys there. I mean floor spacing of Bomba Isaac. And Gordon is going to be limited shot creation is obviously really limited. Those guys to me are all dependent players. And so then you're looking at your one in your to just shouldering a big burden. I think that's a lot. But where I wanted to go with the first question of bamboo or Isaac for three is the decision that Orlando has to make in the next month with each having a spectacular season about, you know, this is age twenty eight year, he's going to be an unrestricted free agent. If they keep him around with a nineteen million dollars cap hold and why it's so important is that they just need to figure out some of this is going to be talking with his representation about do. They want to bring him back, and what price would be appropriate, and they're not going to have all the information. They're not going to know what other teams are gonna offer necessarily or anything like. That. But if their vision is to either, you know, have Bomba eventually overtaken whether he deserves it or not or, you know, a different theory team will if you're not going to resign future. If there's, you know a hard limit on it instead team could go pass it from a value proposition. Even if he's helping you lot this year, you should probably move a miss specially now that the playoffs are looking more like a distant dream. There's a chance voters happy there that the price that he's looking for is the price that you're willing to pay and then either some other ripple effects that come from that in terms of moving other pieces in the rotation. But I think they need to come as close as they can to making a decision in the next month because waiting just makes things worse. Yeah. Unease roots level this year that I certainly never thought he could get to as an offensive player, but he still really and it's not his fault. Obviously they haven't had better players than him. But even at this level. He's still sort of holding this franchise hostage in a way that it's just difficult to pick a direction the draft Bomba. Yeah. I don't think Bob looks like. Is ready to start next year? It'd be any good of but they did use the number six overall pick on him. They need to be able to see what baba and Isaac. And Gordon look like together. I don't think it's gonna look great certainly offensively. Like the Tanzer that second question. I ain't the only way it works as Moba just becomes an incredible three point bomber which you know, I think he could be semi capable out there. But I don't see him as just like some incredible shooter that teams are terrified of in pick and pop and says it is to say they don't have anywhere close unify in talent on this team right now. And how do you get that? If you're the Orlando Magic probably in the draft. And I don't think Orlando is the free agent destination at once was back in the ninety s when people just kind of want different things now other than just warm, weather and gated community golf courses. So and has been good enough that who's probably has them winning two games. I know it's going to suck to hear this for magic fans. Like, we've been terrible. We've haven't even remotely sniffed the playoffs since twenty twelve but they gotta find a way to get more high Intel. On this team. I mean, even if they just keep this same group together right now, and you know address maybe you can get a decent fridge point guard and the next couple of years ago. Maybe this group gets to being like eighth seed every once in a while. And that's just not good enough, you they just have to swallow it and be worse than so I think moving on at the deadline, especially if you could get a first round pick for him. I don't know that you could. I'm not sure who the suitors are as good as has been who want to do that. And can you think of anybody who would really like vote is going to help their playoff? Chase a ton here. Not that I think would would really give something up where he'd make. I mean, theoretically, I was to not really I mean center is just such a saturated position right now. And you know, like their teams that he could help. But I don't think they'll what about. What about the I think you could help the Hornets a lot maybe or the wizards in theory, though, John wall, you're now. So they'll end maybe maybe the way that the Hornets would give up a I would be if they took on some bad money. You know, like made it a little bit more palatable for them to you know, to do whatever it is that they want to do next summer. Maybe something in that in that mold begets tough. I mean, I really don't see. I mean, there's so many centers around the league. I don't see any of these teams as really being upgraded for them other than the Hornets. I just don't really Sammy unless there's a team there's play teams that could use as a backup like the pistons could really use them as a backup and may be there'd be interested in residing in. But you know, virtues very party is as a great year. He's gonna wanna go somewhere that he could be a starter. And I mean, it does seem like if I had to guess, I bet you he ends up resigning that that actually strikes me as more likely than not crazy enough years 'cause Bomba hasn't really developed that much this year, and he's good. And they will say, hey, you know, we buy. Keep on the price will actually be pretty reasonable, and they'll talk themselves into it. But it's just like, I they just it's one of the things that they just have to break up like like that. He's just kinda like as well as these played well beyond my expectations. I don't expect it to play this well in the future NBC's just doesn't fit with any kind of a long-term vision of this team. But yeah, I don't think they're going to try, and it's also like there's not I don't think they are either. And it's also this weird problem where the magic don't have a ton of flexible is thinking say at an ownership is often pushing especially for teams that haven't been relevant in a longtime pushing to be as good as they can be where they go. Well, you're not gonna get anybody better than on the market, and maybe they end up with a draft pick, and they can draft a point guard or talented offensive guard. Whatever position they played say, oh, they're gonna make a big difference or something like that. And it is this kind of weird weird. And in some way, sad situation where it would be probably better for both sides, if they could go to go in a different direction, depending on especially with values, you know, he can do whatever. The hell he wants. But the gravity is kind of pulling them together. And so even if it's like the opposite of a symbiotic relationship is an antibiotic one, and I don't think that's necessarily true here. But there are elements of it were being together as detrimental for both of them. The other gets more good for him in his individual numbers. There's nowhere else in the league good. He would have as big of an offensive role you and to talk a little bit about this question from Tony. Cobra your thoughts on DJ August in this season. We have about two minutes left here. I think it's been a little bit. I think it's been a little bit unappreciated. I mean, this is also potentially breaking the J Augustine cycle of being good one year and bad the next year because he was, you know, pretty good by his standards last year and then doing well and one of the big parts. I mean, Orlando talked about their offensive rating is twenty six there of a one oh nine offense. When when Augustine's on the four granted a lot of those miniature with fruits, and futures awesome. So, you know, you're you're kind of separating it out Augustine partially due to that dichotomy is twelfth in among point guards on offense of RPM. So I he's been better this year than I anticipated. I think that some of those things overstated. Just because of the quality of the substitutes in the second unit and all those sorts of problems. But he's been better than I spent. So I wanted to give him a little bit of credit for that. Yeah. I mean, we said it before that was a contract that we completely panned at the time, and it's actually pin craze lead up one of the better contract signed in the summer of two thousand sixteen he's really produced and he's not the twelve best point guard in basketball, but he's gives enough offensive competence that they're actually okay when he's out there. And it's just a disaster when he's not a mood to Philly twenty six and fourteen six and three really six and four when you talk about that Butler story getting out that's gotta count as a loss since the last fifteen sixty two point five net rating is although that's tenth in the NBA. Twelfth-ranked offense eleventh ranked defense projecting for fourth in the conference at fifty three wins. That'd be too above the Pacers. For efforts are protected for fifty one and Garrett Alana former student at SBC, very cat focused guy, assuming no major moves are made. Should the Sixers look to be an over the cap team the summer or renounce most of their free agents at have around twenty million in cap space. I assume he is not including Jimmy Butler in that as someone to renounce it if they were to renounce Butler, they would have nearly fifty million in space, but they need to hold onto his thirty million dollar capital. If they want to resign him, clearly if he moves on than they would be a cap space, and there's no way you're going to get fifty million in value for retaining anyone the guys who if they keep Butler. So the question is basically would you rather have twenty million in space, plus you room exception? Or would you rather have the ability to exceed the salary cap to re-sign existing free agents that you have bird rights on. And then use your exceptions, depending on how much pay those guys probably they would end up having access to the full mid level. But so who are those free agents Wilson Chandler JJ Redick they certainly would love to have him back Radha has been excellent this year. And then TJ McConnell would be the. The other one guys that they would want to have back. I think for above minimum the Mike Bosco falls into that category. While they had Fulbright's on him. They've also got Justin patent one on note that teach him good starring McConnell's capital zone. Say he could work in both scenarios because. Depending on how they wanted to do it. He's he's at the minimum. So I I would kinda separate him for me. It's more would rather have twenty million in the room exception or some combination of JJ, Redick Wilson, Chandler and the full mid level. And I think it all depends on whether you're going to bring back Redican, whether you agree with him in what the prices, I think if they wanted to go on a longer term deal for him something in, you know, the ten to twelve million range of remade twelve point three this year, but it's going to be a much more robust market. It will also be a year older. So do they wanna go another one year deal for him? They'll have early bird rights on him. So they can pay him up to a hundred seventy five percents of that twelve point three million his capital will be sixteen million. So that they get a little extra spending power there by holding onto his capital. But as you mentioned, it's a kind of an either or proposition. Now, the other thing you could say is the move on for Marco Foltz in the summer. And then it makes it a little bit easier. You could hold onto that sixty million dollars cap. Hold from Ruddick bring him back for whatever you want. Or maybe even. Signed him for a little bit less, and then you could have fifteen to twenty million to work with and then you also would still have the room exception as well. So that's that's part of why saying they should try to move Foltz now or maybe they may be in the summer. We'll see what ends up happening that them thrust of the year. I'm not sure necessarily that there's a team that would take him up. But maybe even you know, they could give him up with a second round pick, even a debt might be realistic to do, and they have, of course, plenty of seconds going forward still for this team one of the few assets, they have remaining from the he era, although they got a few more for taking on Wilson Chandler as well. So I think probably cap team. But it all depends on Radic in what they can agree on with him. Yeah. Off the top of my head. This isn't a great free agent class for the type of guy that Philly really needs. I mean, if they could get Danny green that would be really I would love to see what his his can't see defender. I can't wait to see how much he gets in free agency this year. So yeah. Like if you can pull that like somehow. Get Danny green and retain JJ Rettig by all means like whatever whatever it takes to do to do that. Or or you know, and green I believe he's younger than Riddick as well. So you can you can go there. Maybe they. Path through the every Bradley, maybe they I feel like somebody's gonna pay Avery Bradley, not you know, like the some that he wanted regionally. But I, you know, there are enough like people out there that really like every Bradley that I feel like he's going to he's going to be one of the players that gets more money that we expect like that. It's going to be fun. We'll we should do a podcast at some point like those guys like who's going to make more and more money than we would give them because I think Bradley might end up on that list. There's some guys that could help the real quickly here. You know, like a well. Yeah. What's Matthew's, Reggie Bullock? Trevor rees. Justin holiday Tamari, Carol. They can even get like two or three of those guys. They're probably gonna end up needing more depth as well here. Restricted free agent offer sheet to Rodney mcgruder, oh, they probably will be in a situation where they can't wait for that. You know, you mentioned Johnny green, contiguous cull will pope Iman Shumpert like there are guys who fit the archetype of what they need is three D type, Bradley, we mentioned Garrett temple. So and some of those guys obviously are much better than others. But I mean, they really could even stand to get a couple of those guys in the they'll need another option at backup center as while. There'll be plenty of guys around for that. So they are going to have some needs here. I mean, they also would have access to the bi-annual as well if they say over the cap, potentially. So I think probably more likely than not they go under especially, you know, I mean Butler leaves obviously they're going to be under. But yeah, you wanted to move on. Sorry. I I wanted to kind of run through that those listed guys though. No, I think that was a worthwhile exercise. I'm happy. You. Did it the question that I thought was just intellectually? It's the type of thing. I don't think about which was in hindsight should from Popeye in hindsight. Should the Sixers drafted mile- miles purchases a shark replacement. So this posits the idea that the Sixers kind of know where their roster is going before the draft, which I mean, that's just not the way it usually think about it. So I wanted to go through some of the guys that were available when they took bridges member. They traded the pick that was Mikhail bridges for Zaire Smith and at Miami pick. So at the Mikhail bridges spot. You have Mikhail bridges miles bridges shea guilt or salads Zander like a porter who's obviously missed the season. And then you can go you could go further down. And then you could also theoretically applied this question to if they had taken somebody other than Zaire Smith and Gabby miles. Purchase would be would be a compelling fit. I mean athletic guy has been a monster from two point range. I would worry I I don't I don't know enough. I haven't seen enough of this imple- to to see how I feel about his shot. But yeah, I I don't I mean if we knowing everything that was going to change their roster. I think. Would probably still make the trade. Just because we don't know what Miami's going to look like, and maybe you make a different picket sixteen but the marginal difference between Mikhail between miles bridges Zaire Smith plus the Miami pick for me right now. I'm not there yet. But we still haven't seen anything from Zaire. Really are. Let's get to the thirty and twelve Toronto Raptors seven and three in their last ten five point three net rating is six offense of rating is sixth one thirteen that's dropped a little bit defense also dropped a little bit ninth right now, but they do still project for fifty nine wins. And that's because they have the easiest remaining strengths strength of schedule this season per tank Afam start with this from Alfie. Do you see Chris Boucher developing into an NBA caliber player certainly has the athleticism very skinny he's on a to the raptors this year. The warriors were not impressed that much with him. They decided to go. Instead with guys that they felt could help them a little bit more in theory. I don't think that Damian Lee or Marcus Derek sin as better than Bush was I think he was on. On a two year two way. So I don't know why they didn't just hold on him. He was. Yeah. Yeah. They they basically chose Ericsson over Bouche Dirksen is really helped this is really given the the big team in the stretch element. I haven't seen enough Boucher this year to really have a great opinion that to be honest. But certainly if you want to just evaluate him against other two way guys he has more promise than many many of them just because he has a Bs lettuce, which is not something that you can say about a lot of those. It is worth noting that Boucher turns twenty six and a couple of days. So he's also older. And I mean, so how much skill development is really left in there. But I like him. I think that there's a there's capability capability. There is a player the question that I wanted to go to most because I and I still need to do more work on this. I'm not all the way there yet. But it's just important question. We got two different integrations of this and make sense from Marshall boys in from Jason Halley. Basically, why are the raptor so ineffective without Kyle Lowry. And you know, the difference in importance between Lowery and coil Leonard. And. There. Couple different kind of ideas that I have in this one of them just being the way that Kyle recreates is fundamentally different than for VIN bleed and for lawn, right? You know, he can even know Lowry. You know, he's sticking on the Arkle. But he is I would say a better passer than those guys and VIN fleet is more of a complementary piece. Yeah, he can be an attack dog defensively. But I don't like him really creating the initial seem as much so they don't really have a true replacement for what Lowery does and the the way that he can interplay when they have the chance which they haven't had too much recently with quiet kind of each one of them taking lead at a different moments. I think that's really valuable as well. One seventeen offense of ridding with Kyle Lowry on the floor this year with him off the floor negative three point six so yeah that is a stark difference and the offense declines from one seventeen to one or three point five when he is off the floor and part of that is to spend bleed as struggled shooting the ball this year. Right. A heads some injury issues as well. Also, I think the way that that bench unit succeeded was defense and transition a lot last year. And so and it also dropped off as the year went along as well that that bench mob unit vanfleet solid at Dickey's probably better defensively at this point than Lowry is he played one of the better deepens gains. We've seen this year on Steph curry, for example, as the retro blew out the warriors those guys are capable backups. I think part of it is just a bad luck part of it is that Kawai is playing a lot of his minutes with Lowry as well, so Sergio Baca where and they've had Valentina south. There is a solid offense of Senator Baucus gets more spacing as well. Danny green. Also, the you've got the culinary. There were Danny green of is really the one guy in the team was CJ miles. Really struggling. I think that's been a big part of it two miles was really good for them last year and hasn't been able to shoot the ball nearly as well he's been superseded by norm Powell recently. But they just haven't had qu-. Quite enough shooting with those guys out there right is not really a plus shooter play together a lot VIN bleed hasn't tried as while they get all of those things not having as much passing not having that great ability to pull up from deep on the pick and roll who those guys are playing with. I think that all plays into why they've struggled so badly with Lowery off the floor. This year, I have one other name that I think is important to throw out here. And that is PASCAL Siaka. I mean Seok the starter, and he was a big part of the energy and the defensive that second unit. So you look at the d most used lineup without Lowery on the floor is actually still a starter lineup. But if you get into what is really considered a backup one that would be the most used one is Fred Bentley Dhillon rights, EJ, miles, Oji, Nobis, Valentine's. That's just you know, they're certainly has talent on that. But the identity of that group is meaningfully different than last year. And you know, they I think you could make it argument that over the last couple of years, they call lightning in a bottle by player development and having some really good players on that. So, you know, obviously, no slouch they're into Nobis. Also taken a step back this year. So the co linearity I really brought that up just because some of the other players that could help those units just are not playing as much with those unit. Yes, the outcome. I mean, he's been almost seventy percent shooting and pretty decent usage. Like, he he's been a wonderful offensive player as well. This'll be interesting. Can you do a draft of players in Toronto Milwaukee series? This is this is fun. So just for for this year, you know, in a playoff series will say and not necessarily of like, okay? A draft of how they're going to play in that particular series. But just generally as playoff players. I think it's getting a little too Grayndler to talk about that particular series was quite Leonard. I think he's still a I will I will take him over you on us. So your pick. I will too. We might be willing to just do it this way that you all do pick. I'll do a pick. And you we're going to do us like the all star game thing. Yeah. Okay. Well, then that makes it easy for me to take you on us. I mean, the honest is both of our picks for MVP ho, man. So number two is real difficult. So the candidates Lau. Owlry? Siaka Bacchus been awesome. This year. You could throw Middleton in their hoof. I guess I'm gonna go. See aqap out Danny green Kabeer, the I mean, there's so many candidates. This is impossible ship. I guess I'll see if you take Siaka then I'm going to take Chris Middleton and get you know, a rely guy who can get his own offensively and can can defend capably. And since you have Colli than I have Middleton, who's probably the best. So I've Middleton in Janas to kind of go after him. I think that's the best. I can do. Yeah. Well, I guess we're not even necessarily trying to make like a team here. I think we're just sort of ranking? But yeah, I mean, there'd be hilarious all raptors in. You of all you've all box. Oh, man. Well, no, I think my next pick is going to be rap is going to be a rapper. So yeah. Actually, I'd probably we probably should snake draft to I we're out of time. But we're not at the time. I wanna finish this. When this gimme Danny green. I think he he's the guy because there's a lot of other guys who are kind of more replaceable here, but Danny green just to talk to replace that, dude. So for me right now than the choices between Lowery insurgent Baca, and I think a bucket just brings more value over replacement. You know that that he as as a potential to way center can defend can space out the four can be successful there. I trust him more than brook Lopez. And so in some ways, I'm choosing that over the margin between Lowry and Bledsoe. Even though may I Larry obviously, having a better year, and all those type of things I think I would rather have a bucket because there isn't another vodka. Yeah. I mean, we probably could have done this little more, artfully, frankly to actually try to build teams, and there's a lot of ways to think about this of however, it's gonna fit together and all that stuff. I like my team as a team. Yeah. Yeah. Balked goes. A good. One, you know now brook Lopez. I guess me. He's been so good this year too. But I think we're getting to the point here where it's where. Okay. This is a good question. We can kind of do it in the draft concept. How do you see the margin between Lowry and Bledsoe? Because I think that's kind of where we're getting. We're getting here. I think is is way better. I mean, but you know, Lowry, both those guys could be really inconsistent. So no, I mean, I there's an interesting point here in that the raptors have more to me, it was books have pretty good. But I think the bucks just have more guys with weaknesses in particular. Right. Like Ersan Ilyasova, for example, is a guy that I think could really really struggle in a series like this, given the athleticism and the level of intensity. That's that's going to be there. And got you know, a Tony Snell. For example, you know, does to me it doesn't match up as well. With some of the the raptors second unit guys twenty bucks. Don't even have a backup point guard at this point really house brogden gonna fit in. I think that's really interesting as well. But. I mean, they have Brockton and George hill. Oh, yeah. I tried to do fill non sorry. I forgot about that. But I I do I mean, this is we talked about this a Lopa. Are I talked about on Twitter that I think the raptors just have so many more answers for the bucks. Best guys Jaanus and Middleton, then the bucks have for the raptors guys or best guy in particular, Leonard. So I think I would definitely like the raptors in that series. At least at this point in time. We'll see if these rosters change it all got a Bledsoe Lowery series. Just be so combustible because like the both those guys can also make life hard enough on the other guy that they just implode. I feel like it could be it could be wild like blood cell. I could see plus they're just recognized for a gamer to I mean, he has that capability for sure. And I like I like you Baca offensively against Lopez. Baca was outstanding in that game that the bucks are. I'm sorry that the raptors one over the weekend. His ability to find space in the defense in pick and roll and draw Lopez away from the rim. I think is is pretty solid. I let's get to the wizards here. Let's do it. The Washington Wizards are sixteen and twenty four they are four and six since the last fifteen in sixty they are twenty the net rating negative three point six seventeenth offense. Twenty six still future defense five thirty day projects into win thirty six games, which would be ten in the east though, it is worth noting that tenth in the east is one win away from eight in the east, which would of course, be in the playoffs at an five-thirty gives them a forty three percent chance of making the plan which has actually up I think that's up like almost ten percent of the week including that big win. They had over Oklahoma City and that leads into the question. I thought was interesting from Andrew what moves through the wizards need to make to be a playoff team without John wall. And so what I wanted. I wanted to make a couple of than kind of have people visualizes. So if we think it's going to take thirty eight witness to get in sticker five-thirty protection that feels about right to me somewhere in the thirty eight thirty nine range. Depending on how Charlotte handles this absence of Cody Zeller, if it's thirty eight that means the wizards need to play at a forty three wind pace the rest of the season to get there. But there by the way, route when real quickly I would like to quibble with that that is what by thirty eight says, I my guess is it's going to actually maybe take a little bit more because teams are going to be taking down the end. Just everybody is going to win more games. The worst teams are going to get worse. Some we're gonna fall out of it. And just generally while all of those teams individually may project for thirty seven thirty eight wins the ones who do better and make it in. We'll be on the higher end of their production. And in the ones who don't will be on the Lawrence. I think it might be thirty nine wins. You know that that'd be my my production. I mean, I guess that's only one win different. But just as a general proposition. I see I see your argument. But the reason I disagree is. Because all it takes is like one injury to the teams like the heap. Pistons nets to have that number dropped significantly. Because if the magic, especially if they're fall. It doesn't take that much. You know, I really going. So that could weigh it down the other way the league if Kemba misses a month the whole league is really healthy new this year. It seems like yes. Yeah. And even the injuries were seeing are or more to like, I mean like Robert Covington injury ended up being really significant. But you know, he's not the best player on Minnesota ously. So it's been more those flavors of injuries than the real stars going down. And hopefully that continues, you know, hopefully, that's as close as we got. But so let's say it's thirty eight or thirty nine. So it's thirty nine I think they would need to play the forty four forty five one pace to do that. And I think that's possible for the wizards. The they're still a pretty deep team, especially you know, if Jeff green continues playing, well, we'll talk about that more in a little bit and Thomas Bryant has been an important part of their success. So far this year. I would say their biggest need is a capable backup point guard Saturday at skis doing fine, you know, kind of in that role having shifted around a couple times, but they Grunfeld Mitee teach. Randall has the answer. I'd like somebody a little bit better there, obviously be. Great if they could add depth that center, but mimi's doing pretty well. You know think he's been solid Safar. And eventually they'll get Mark Morris back though, that's not for a while. So I would say they don't really need to make any moves right now. But they have to stay healthy because any subsequent injuries would probably kill them. And so Beal porter Saito, Jeff green, I think all those guys really have stale the and they're on they're on kind of dent dancing on the needlepoint at this at this juncture, and I don't think they need to also I don't think they should give up anything other than, you know, getting by guys or something like that. Yeah. Well, they also have a negative three point six rating already and that's twenty fourth in the league. And so they've actually kind of gotten lucky I think to be where they are. So I mean, I think the chance of them playing at a forty three when pace are very very low to me. And if this is what they need just any kind of a big man who can play any kind of defense. So who can get a rebound to their. They've really struggled to rebound. But yeah, this is from Arnie. You wanted to talk about this. When to can you explain the great year that Jeff green is having Jeff going is successful this year. I mean, he he's doing well again. But again as an important part of this. I mean last year he was successful as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers he green is actually has a lower PR this year he has a higher shooting. But lower usage said the way that interplay works out it's a lower PR for him and his minutes per game pretty similar what I think is really helped Jeff Green's career is the shift from strip small forward largely his Oklahoma City two three four two four. And now he's even playing the last couple of years. He's played about a fifth of his minutes at center and so being a thirty three thirty five percent three point shooter. Looks a lot better. If you're four five than if you're a straight three, and that's helped him a lot still getting to the line a ton, which is great. And but the concern about about the year that he's having is that this is the best Jeff green year in terms of field goal percentage at the rim and from Florida range, and when a player has both careers, and both of those things you think that it could there could be a step back coming because. You know in in your thirties. You don't usually get to the rim for the best for the best successive your career. So if you takes a little bit of step back there that would hurt his efficiency, especially when he's also shooting thirty five percent from three which is better in his career on the highest proportion of threes of our we've got about two minutes left here at the wizards were able to take their way into a top three pick this year. Could you see them coming back next year being a serious competitor in the east provided that walls? Okay. No. Because rookies almost never helped their teams even top three picks even Zion. It's hard to believe in him a ton as a prospect, but given some fit issues and just having to play NBA defense. I don't know that he makes enough of a difference to be a serious competitor. To me serious. Competitor is top three team a team that you realistically could see getting the finals. I don't see that happening under any circumstances. Really? I was going to make a joke about Zion playing the four next Dwight, and I just got to sad. So. Oh, good. Be team to your good up to this one. We can do very quickly. What do you see Thomas? Ed rand ski getting in free agency over the summer. He will be restricted I eat, oh, we talked about every I've mentioned Avery Bradley being a guy that would make more money than I expect. I think Saturday is gonna make less just for whatever reason people discount is contributions, but you know, solid bench player. I hope he can get five six million year. I actually think he could be worth more than that. I haven't really gone through like through his numbers. But I think he's gonna get undervalued not only because of you know, the kind of the weird role. He's had but also because restricted free agents if they're not of that group that somebody's falls in love with them. They're almost always gonna underpaid teams, right? You could see him coming back on maybe a slight or as the good news for him is that his qualifying offer will be a little bit higher since he's making three million a year. So one hundred twenty five percent of that to be a little bit less than four million so hard to see him making less than that on an annual basis. But, you know, something along the lines of like three years. There's twelve million. I think is where it could end up unless he ends up getting an offer sheet would a pick in the five to ten range be enough to dump John wall ass Patrick Hughes. I don't think so it's so much money. And and just Wigan make this action that would have to be in place wouldn't make sense for the wizards to do. I don't think I think you just you take that pick and hope that the guy turns out good, and that you know, these guys can get back to being, you know, lower lower level playoff team, and you can build some excitement with that guy in the mix as well. All right. I think we can call it here as and the clock agrees with me that was two hours and forty minutes of recording time, obviously will be a little bit shorter when we actually release it. But yeah, glad we could bring this to you on a Tuesday. And we'll probably be back think Thursday because we're doing the NBA Cass tomorrow. We'll be back Thursday finish up our awards catch up on some news talk a little bit about the games on Wednesday night as well. So probably released that during the day on Thursday is at least the current plan. So we will talk to ya. Paul then have an awesome day.

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