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welcomed Aaron McKie's cabinet of curiosities production of heart radio and grim and mild. Our world is full of the unexplainable and if history is an open book all of these Amazing Tales. Right there on display just waiting for us to explore. Welcome to the cabinet of curiosities. When actress performed together they become like family spending hours a day for months onset together tends to bring them closer many experiences they have or shared which into stories told in interviews and memoirs. If they get to live that long that is John Wayne was known as a tough guy. The King of the Western who starred in films Red River the searchers and true grit throughout his career he battled outlaws Nazis and Vietnamese soldiers. Off Camera he battled something much worse. It started in nineteen sixty four with a lung cancer diagnosis that required his left lung to be removed. Wayne was known for smoking. Five packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day. So it wasn't exactly a surprise when he got the news a little over a decade later though Wayne contracted stomach cancer and died a short while later. Another actor of the time Susan Hayward had made a name for herself starring in films alongside legendary performers like Gary Cooper Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck. She won numerous awards and had a very successful career spanning over three decades in March of Nineteen seventy-two Hayward visited her doctor where it was discovered that she had a tumor in her lung. One year later she suffered a seizure which revealed the terminal diagnosis of brain cancer. She died in nineteen seventy five. At only fifty seven years old. In fact a number of actors directors and Hollywood crew members died of cancer between nineteen sixty nineteen eighty agnes moorehead of bewitched fame. Passed away at seventy three years old. In April of nineteen seventy four. She'd been diagnosed with uterine cancer actor and director. Dick Powell died in nineteen sixty three. After battling aggressive form of cancer that had developed in his neck and chest he was only fifty eight and he's weren't random occurrences either. Every person on this list was connected by one individual Howard Hughes Uses Cain. Business Sense had earned him an incredible wealth. But it's true. Passion was filmmaking is early films. Were flops yet. He always looked for ways to outdo himself in movies. Like hells angels which used real airplanes and pilots for the dogfight scenes in the nineteen fifties. Hughes made another big budget picture. It was set in Thirteenth Century Asia. At a time of great unrest. Genghis Khan the violent chief of the Mongolian army had fallen in love with the daughter of a rival leader which would spark a great war between two sides. It was called the conqueror and Hughes decided to film it at one area of the midwestern. United States shot much of the film in Saint George Utah using its canyons and deserts to stand. In for the Asian Landscape Hughes spent weeks there with his cast and crew even going so far is to dig up sixty tons of soil from the filming location to send back to Hollywood. You want things to look as close as possible when it came time to do re-shoots except Hughes didn't direct. This film. The way he had others he was merely a producer. He hired Dick Powell to direct for him. Instead for his leading lady he cast Susan Hayward and alongside her Agnes moorehead. Genghis Khan was played by none other than John Wayne himself. But unlike other Hollywood tragedies their deaths were not due to a curse or strange coincidence you see Howard. Hughes had made a mistake. When scouting for locations Saint George. Utah was only one hundred thirty seven miles down wind of the Nevada national security site. A nuclear testing area used heavily during nineteen fifty. Three a few years before filming started eleven. Nuclear weapons were detonated at that site. The fallout traveled all the way to Saint George where it sat for years out of the two hundred and twenty people. Hughes had hired to work on the film ninety one eventually contracted some type of cancer of them. Forty six passed away. Us was so upset about what he had done. He spent twelve million dollars buying up every copy of the film and storing it in his vault toward the end of his life when he locked himself in his home theater and grown his hair and fingernails to epic. Proportions cues allegedly watched only two films the entire time Ice Station. Zebra and the conqueror for most of the people involved the real conqueror of the film wasn't John Wayne's grossly miscast Gingas Kahn. It was an invisible threat more deadly and more fearsome than they could ever have imagined one. 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Twenty and you'll save twenty percent on your initial subscription that's deadbolt mystery society dot com and use Promo Code Cabinet. Twenty to save twenty percent on your initial subscription deadbolt mystery society DOT com. Ask any child wet superpower. They'd love to have and most will probably give you the same answer flight to soar above the trees and then come to a safe. Landing is the dream of Comic Book Fans and Aspiring Heroes Everywhere. One man also had that Doreen and he came very close to achieving. Its and even. Though he didn't quite succeed he certainly left his mark on this world. Franz was born in Austria in eighteen. Seventy eight but spent most of his life in Paris France. He was a tailor by trade and opened a successful dress making shop in the city he spent over a decade catering to wealthy tourists from his homeland watching the world. Change around him over. In the United States something miraculous was happening. Bronze wanted to be a part of it to some years earlier. Two brothers had taken their motorized airplane on its first successful flights. In North Carolina from that point forward man's goal would be to fly higher and farther than he ever had before unfortunately the dawn of the aviation age also brought with it numerous accidents and fatalities the parachutes that have been developed. Only under specific circumstances no one had built one that could be deployed after the person had already jumped out of the plane especially at lower altitudes but France had an idea rather than a big balloon like canopy that opened overhead. He would make a suit. It would have an ample amounts of silk fabric sewing around the person like a kind of webbing as the pilot. Let from tall enough height. The wind would catch within the fabric and allow the pilots glide safely to Earth. So Frans got to work on a prototype testing it on dummies. By tying the one hundred fifty five pound mass of silk around them and then launching them from the fifth floor of his apartment building in his initial experiments his homemade parachutes worked well floating the dummies softly to the ground. He then took his designed to the local aero club a precursor to a regulated commercial flight organization. If Rana's parachute suit didn't pass their sniff test it wouldn't be allowed in any airplane. Sadly they told them it wasn't strong enough to support the full grown adult and encouraged him to go back to what he did. Best Making dresses. Undeterred Franz continued to work on his suit by strengthening the canopy and conducting more tests with his dummies. But none of those tests prove fruitful. His big chance to prove himself would come the following year when the Aero Club would announce a competition to develop a workable parachute for pilots. The only rule they had was that it had to be light. No more than fifty five pounds so frans went back to work. He cut much of the weight of his original design while stretching it out to be wider thus collecting more air on the way down. It's still didn't work though. Whenever he launched a dummy into his building's courtyard it would plummet to the ground with a thud even tried testing it himself jumping from a height of ten feet into a pile of Straw below. Good thing he'd place the straw there too as his parachute suit was of no use afterward. He thought maybe the problem was that he had it climbed high enough for the parachute to expand. He took a few dummies to the first level of the Eiffel Tower and gave them a push but it still wasn't good enough in order to test the viability of his invention. He would have to test it. From the top of the tower. He received permission from Paris. Authorities in late nineteen eleven and by February of Nineteen twelve. He was finally ready. He showed up at the tower on the morning February fourth with his suit which looked very much like mechanics halls with a large hump on the back. It was much cleaner than his original design. Weighed only twenty pounds. Well within the competitions guidelines cinematographers had also come to film the attempt one remained on the ground while another followed France up to the top of the tower in the film. It's clear that the inventor is hesitant as he wavers at the edge debating. Baiting has decision in the end though. He chose to pour every ounce of faith into his parachutes much to the surprise of French police. Who had no idea that he would be performing the jump himself? They had only authorized the test on the grounds that he would be using dummies and perhaps he should have. Franz reichheld jumped off the top of the Eiffel Tower and extended his arms his parachute though didn't work the way he had expected rather than open up behind him a wrapped itself around his body as he plummeted to the earth below. He was declared dead at the scene and ever since his story has served as a cautionary tale for other amateur inventors reminding them to test their creations thoroughly and not to fly too close to the. Sun. I hope you've enjoyed today's guided tour of the cabinet of curiosities. Subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. Or learn more about the show by visiting curiosities. Podcast DOT COM. The show was created by me. Aaron McKie in partnership with how stuff works I make another award. Winning show called law which is a podcast book series and Television. Show and you can learn all about it over at the world of Lor Dot Com and until next time stay curious.

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