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It's it's free talk live and we've apparently had live mike entire time so hopefully we haven't said anything a brought to you tonight. Just oria in bondi studio so that's fun anyway. Today's news the most interesting thing i've seen. Is this iranian cleric. Who is claiming that the covid nineteen vaccine is turning people into homosexuals now. Obviously there's no truth to this and it's just more of the the iranian regime's anti-homosexuality anti western medicine sort of thing but it's interesting nonetheless. It comes to us from the new york. Post is just. It's just fascinating. What they will just make up on the spot with no evidence behind it whatsoever. Of course it's not that different from the american government. But it's hard to get america's to admit that is a cleric in the government. What's the cleric a. I don't know the exact definition of a cleric has seems to be what they call their priests in iran. As far as i know. I i had no idea i mean. According to wikipedia a cleric is also a priest or bishop in dungeons and dragons. I don't know what that means as far as what it means in iran. Sort of priestly person. But the maybe it's like a state. Priest state is kind of a religion. It is absolutely a religion so a cleric in the iranian regime told his followers that the covid nineteen vaccination turns people into homosexuals. Which is punishable by death and iran. I think the top cleric in iran. If i recall correctly a boss to brazilian made the outrageous claims tuesday on the social media platform telegram. According to the jerusalem post he said don't go near those who have had the covid vaccination they have become homosexuals to breezy and who lives in the religious capital of and whose followers referred to him as ayatollah has a history of promoting bigotry and false information about western medicine last year. This tell the -tarian burned harrison's manual of medicine in a videotape ceremony claiming that islamic medicine had made such books irrelevant. According to a radio free. Europe radio liberty broadcasts service like other clerics the region also to breezy and relates. This is clearly translated. He relates all of these shortcomings to sexuality said a dissident the clerics in iran or suffering from a lack of knowledge and humanity actually his goal of spreading nonsense is to try to scare people out of getting vaccinated while the leader of the regime and other officials got the pfizer vaccination and they don't provide it to the people with the excuse that they don't trust the west hold on so the regime leaders got the vaccine. But they're also saying it makes you gay. He's alleging that they got the vaccine. Whole government of iran is okay. It sounds like they may undo their death penalty. Laws ended by dash by seeking to scare the public and not getting vaccinated against one thousand. Nine years fueling the pandemic and putting lives at risk tatchell added. Now tuchel is a property. Yeah sorry gay. Rights advocate even iran. Or is he outside. He was talking to an israeli paper so presumably outside of iran. Yeah he'd be a teredo enough to stay in. Iran gay rights activists in iran. Yeah by the way. There's a guy in our telegram chatroom that we've got a telegram free talk live chat that's associated with the freetalklive like channel. I don't know if you've seen this yet. Yes and people can comment there and stuff like that right. There's a guy from iran who's a regular listener. Free talk live which is pretty cool. That is cool. yeah well hopefully. He's listening tonight. Same sex sexual activity is punishable by execution. In iran and thousands of gay people have been put to death since the iranian revolution in nineteen. Seventy nine well into thousand and nineteen and iranian. Foreign minister defended those entra atrocities to germany's public broadcasting network saying our society has moral principles and we live according to these principles. These are moral principles concerning the behavior of people in general and that means that the law is respected and the law is obeyed. What exactly is immoral about two people who love one another. I don't know you'd had excuses. I know what the bible the bible doesn't really explain it either states. It and says i can't do that. I don't know why does it even really say that. Or is that just a translation of the bible says it does say that the old testament very clearly says that like there's bad is repeatedly but there is some dispute about whether or not that's actually in the original hebrew tax and whether it got added and or mistranslated evidently if you ask these people who make that claim they were referring to men having sex with young boys as being immoral and not just all case expert translators either misunderstood or misunderstood. Yeah so that that could have been the origin of that. I don't know. I can't verify any of these claims because i don't read hebrew and even if i did i have better things to do with my time to find out what this fictional book says about gay people but in two thousand eighteen in two thousand nineteen iran executed at least nine children. Evidently as us ratcheted up sanctions after accusing the country of violating a nuclear agreement. That's pretty much it on that. There's not much more to say about it. It's just insane from the iranian leadership. It's not that different from donald trump and some of the extravagant claims that he's made but americans won't see that what does he make. What extravagant claims just curious. I can't think of any off the top of my head. My okay but he has certainly made. Extravagant claims almost never no sense gay people to death though he hasn't said no absolutely not. I mean that's not an extravagant claim. That's a grotesque. A nation of a statement extravagant claim would be something like. Oh yeah we didn't land on the moon or whatever you know just something nonsensical that trump believes he was re tweeting. Some cunanan people at some point so he certainly made some ridiculous allegation man. I gotta say. I miss trump's tweets. I do too. I don't think he's okay. He was entertaining. Yeah and joe biden. So far has not been entertaining late. I don't care about what they're doing in dc. But i am curious. Like what would trump be saying right now if he still had access to social media about apparently they're like putting him on trial now in the senate so that whole part of the impeachment procedure has begun so we don't get to hear what he has to say. His his lawyer came out and said that he's not getting due process so we know he'd be saying that this isn't due process. I i haven't followed the impeachment closely. I know it's happening. But i do find it either. I find it here. A bit scary. How the social media networks and the major tech companies of the united states just came together all at once to effective to effectively ban the sitting president from the internet. Yep that'd be pretty wild. I mean he can't contact us not. I don't have anything that i want to hear but call in. That's true six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty if donald trump is out there listening. Give us a call. We've said we've got room for him on the free. Talk live social. I mean if if don wants to sign up over social dot freetalklive dot com. He's going to be surrounded by a bunch of libertarians. Because that's the bulk of who has signed up for social dot freetalklive dot com but we will not censor his posts. Nope he is he. If he signs up its social dot freetalklive dot com. And you can too if you want. We also have a matrix surfer that people can find at chat dot freetalklive dot com. Which is like a decentralised. Federated discord alternative. Yeah kind of poly centric. I think is probably better better term but yeah it's also decentralized that it's not like corporate like discord in other news The bundy family is in the news again. This time militias in general have been in the news lately revolutionaries all of that because the leftists are back in charge in dc and every time they get in control. They always tried out the so-called domestic terrorists and start to see the news media focus in on militias and quote unquote domestic terrorism. Which is what they're labeling anybody. That was inside. The capitol building on january. Sixth the month ago what they've also included libertarians in their list of potential domestic terrorists despite the fact that libertarians adhere to the non aggression principle. This is true although they have a right to be concerned. Because some of the libertarians out there believed that it is adhering to the non aggression principle to go out and shoot cops in the streets so i mean it just depends on you. Know how they consider that their principal and how they want to put it to use you. You have a point but these militia groups. What's going on with them Bundy seems to be at cliven. Bundy i think is his name. Is that correct. This is actually ammon bundy. Cliven is his father. Okay they are the you can probably tell the story but at the night. Yeah there were. There was an issue. I don't know if it was not quite a decade ago but maybe twenty thirteen Cliven bundy had a ranch. Probably still does out in nevada and they were cancelled their catalan. This ranch and there were like ranch. Backed up to some eero blame management lands and they were letting the cattle graze on the blm lands not of land management and. They didn't like that and the government came after For whatever reason. I forgot all details anyway. There was a big standoff. Like an actual arm standup i think. Fbi building or a federal building taken over. It was really part of the story of six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty. This is free talk live. It's free talk five. Talk radio that you control in call in. Talk about whatever's on your mind at six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty with you tonight. It's aria funny and ian and bitcoin dot com for those watching it. It's a it's the best place for winning about cryptocurrency and as i was care carelessly getting out for those watching bitcoin. It's been a fascinating story. It's not too late to get into it. Head on over to bitcoin dot com. Click on get started to learn all that you need to know about cryptocurrency and bitcoin as well as bitcoin cash. There's all sorts of information. There's and let me really don't have any excuse for ignoring this any longer just a few weeks ago. Bitcoin was at thirty three thousand after a crash and it was dying again. And then it's pushing fifty thousand today so who knows what it will do next. But based on what recent patterns. I'm gonna say now still a good time to buy or if you are knowledgeable user. Visit news dot. Bitcoin dot com to get the latest headlines. Everything that's relevant to you. Bitcoin dot com one of my favorite websites. Go for crypto currency needs in general elon. Musk apparently thought it was a good time to buy. Didn't he. by one point five billion dollars for on behalf of tesla earlier this week. He did today and it seems that tesla wants to accept bitcoin as payment for its vehicles. Very exciting it is. I can't wait to see it for more companies. I think that there was a story a long time ago. I mean i. I recall several years ago. Hearing that tesla at least some dealers were accepting it really. So even if the mother company wasn't accepting at the time. I think there were some of the dealers that were well. Hopefully we'll see more and you know chevrolet and all of these other companies beginning to accept crypto currency. Hey maybe even mcdonalds one day will accept bitcoin. You pay pal just came on board late last year. Your tesla coming on board test. One of the top five corporations in the united states as far as their market cap is concerned. So that's bigger than walmart. Tesla says they're gonna take crypto. That is actually. I mean it's it's not big in the same way in that wal got way more locations and more people work for it and that sort of thing but as far as a major company accepting bitcoin. That's probably the largest announcement we've seen so far excellent. I hope it continues. Because that's only going to drive the value of bitcoin up because it's becoming more and more useful it is even though it's not that useful in general because we're going to buy a fifty thousand dollar car a fifty dollar transaction fee. Isn't that pick no big deal. Yeah no doubt about that. But it's it's still disappointing to see how just expensive these transaction fees are. They were twenty dollar fees yesterday on bitcoin for next for the what they call the next block which for listeners. That don't know that's to get your bitcoin transaction processed and confirmed within the next ten minutes or so. That's what it costs. twenty. Not steve where they going up in. Popularity does that mean that the fees might go lower get higher. They're going to likely get higher unless the bitcoin programmers decide to do something to actually fix their network which they don't seem to have any plan whatsoever to do so because they're making too money off of it so this sucks for for bonnie because she just got paid in some bitcoin for doing some activism. I think it was not this past weekend but the weekend prior. We went to the governor's house for another protest where they arrested a footloose frank for being. Footloose i guess talking. You talked to the police and they arrested him for it. That videos up over it freaking dot com but some anonymous benefactor was contributing bitcoin. Anyone that showed up to this protests. They were giving fifty dollars worth of bitcoin. Well i mean that's cool. And i think that's a really cool thing for that person to do and and bonnie's it was her first Bitcoin that she had received and she. I gave her some bitcoin cash like a few months ago when we first met. Whoever this person is gave her actual bitcoin so fifty dollars worth the btc. Bitcoin fifty bitcoins to nobody. And now it's what it. What was it the last time you looked at it. Like sixty bucks worth sixty eight. It's gone up quite a bit in just the last week and twenty five percent for her to use us. That's the problem. If she ever has something she wants to use this for. Well sorry you really only have forty dollars worth of useful bitcoin because it might cost you twenty dollars a fee just to send it somewhere. Now you can send it for less than twenty twenty twenty. Just the next block fee. If you don't care when the thing confirms you could probably get the fee down to eight bucks but still that's not cheap and then going that low below the next block fee it might not actually get confirmed it might sit out there in the men poll for two weeks and then get back to your wallet eight bucks. It's not going to sit out there for two weeks at least not not right now but nonetheless. That's a hefty fee. it is. Yeah let's go to the phones. Who got scott calling from florida scott. You're on free talk. Live good evening. Aria bonnie and scott. What's what's on what's on. My mind is People americans losing track of the facts that are there are certain entities the trying to push the united states into war with iran. And that's the next one that's looming on the horizon and That up party primarily is a pack. The american israel public affairs committee aka the jewish poverty which which got us into war with iraq and afghanistan. Now they're working diligently very hard to get us embroiled in a war with iran and israel to here on the scene it on tv. The podcast that israel threatened that if if if it goes to war with iran That it expects the united states to To follow believe that. I did not know but that's not a surprise. I mean given that the united states federal government regardless of whether it's republican or democrat seems to walk hand in hand with that particular nation state. Really oh yes. And the reason why e and why does just because our congressmen and senators are frankly petrified evade pack because if they ever dared to oppose apec they are afraid of a appearing as anti semitic and hence will lose their seats. Nine arrack democrats have been doing some pretty messed up things to people of jewish heritage lately including not allowing them at some. Lgbt pride parades and things like that. So the democrats because they're these insane social justice warriors who have concluded that jews hate muslims and they've taken the side of the muslims and that particular dispute their friendlier. They viewed the muslims as being the greater sufferer in the equation. So that's the one they side with. The jews are bad because the jews hate the muslims. So they're just as racist as anyone else literally racist by saying that. Oh well all jews. Such and such hate muslims or whatever even though that's obviously not true because jewish people are different. They don't all have the same beliefs scott. Why don't you think it's a war with china that is on the horizon That to your right that that. The answer's obvious. I mean they'd be insane to go to war with china the us federal government. Up against china. I mean you're talking about two world superpowers. They're not that stupid. They're not going to go and do that. I mean it's going to be a challenge. It was a challenge for them to go up against afghanistan which was a bunch of people running around hiding in caves. Going up against iran would be a challenge on its own going up against china. That is not something. You're gonna wanna take on mission. Yeah i just wanna say that. We've we've already lost thousands of american soldiers in iraq and afghanistan and to lose and this is going to be like iraq and afghanistan. If we got into embroiled in a war with iran baked no mistake it could easily spread into world war thirty. And it's not worth getting. American boys killed in wars. At america's you know has more been to any other country in the world. This was all part of the complex to get another controlled the portals cut you off. Thank you so much for the call. I mean none of us here disagree. We don't want a worldwide. i read now but what. What does the american government going to do. It's hard to say. And i don't think they've been beating the drums of war with iraq frequently enough lately for that to be a realistic possibility. Maybe you think so. Six zero three two eight three s- looking for a great real estate investment. Consider new hampshire which is ground zero for the liberty movement. Your first call should be to mark worden from porcupine. Real estate is more than just a real estate agent. Easier new hampshire concierge. Where are the best places to live. Do you want farm city the burbs or forest. Do you want a duplex or multifamily buildings. So that renter's pay your mortgage their homes in all price ranges in new hampshire and mark and help with financing to invest in liberty and property. Mark gordon can help dot com It's free talk live. Talk radio that you control six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty as the paula. Line six zero three two eight three six one six zero with you tonight. It's arjen and bonnie and we're getting into the story from the almond. Bundy is his name. Ammon ammon who is organizing militia groups or something of that nature. Is this a nevada Believe he is either in nevada. Orrin utah. i'm not sure where he calls home as i was mentioning earlier. And then bundy is the son of cliven bundy or one of the sons of cliven bundy. That was in the news most of the decade ago for having a standoff with the federal government over the bureau of land management then. A few years later ammon bundy and some of his crew went and took over the malheur. Federal wildlife refuge of these events were years oregon. Yes we're years apart. Believe it was twenty sixteen when they did the malheur wildlife refuge takeover That actually resulted in one. Man being shot to death by The police in that particular situation and it was fairly dramatic and pretty interesting and outrageous. What went on then so. We don't follow the bundy family very closely. But from what. I've heard of them. They sound at least occasionally like fairly principled. Libertarians they support black lives matter and other cool teens code. Expect principled people to support good to know. I'm glad to hear that now. I don't follow them closely either but i. I am aware that they've been active in this sort of anti masking pro freedom facial freedom. Whatever you wanna call it movement and now the los angeles times is reporting out of idaho which may be where. He's based these days two dozen demonstrators pressed against the emergency room door screaming to be let in show us a law. They chanted let grandma out one shouted. They had descended on legacy salmon creek medical center in vancouver washington the evening of the twenty nine to protest the quarantine of gail meyer. Seventy four year old patient. Who had refused to take a test for the corona virus so they forced her to quarantine against her will. Apparently police in riot gear guarded. Entrances as the activists who authorities said. Were armed insisted that ms meyer was being held against her will acclaim. the hospital. denied myers forty nine year. Old daughter satin an anti mask activists as her caregiver had summoned the demonstrators foot soldiers in a rapidly expanding network called people's rights with the tap of the thumb on a smartphone members can call a militia like they'd call an uber and stage a protest within minutes. That sounds like a pretty cool piece of software. Yeah it sounds a lot like cell four one one so i'm curious to know what it is that they're using did say that they made it. I don't know anything about the software. Actually this is the first. I've gotten this deep into this story. So whether the la times is going to tell us what that is or not. I don't know Maybe somebody could look up people's rights. I know nobody. Our co host has been talking about this. He's been you know talking about connecting the ammon bundy group with like the new hampshire liberty community. You know the black lives matter group to try to bring people together of somewhat disparate belief systems but all of whom are being opposed by the government and try to bring them together sort of on the same page to oppose the government. I don't know how far he's gotten with that But in this case behind the organization is a familiar name ammon bundy. He's best known. As the leader of the two thousand sixteen occupation of the malheur national wildlife refuge in oregon a deadly forty one day standoff between federal agents and militants who rejected the federal government's authority over public lands across the west now he seized on the backlash against corona virus restrictions as an opportunity to start a new movement since last march when he launched people's rights which their website is people's rights dot org which he describes as a neighborhood watch on steroids. The has attracted tens of thousands of members sponsored more than fifty demonstrations across the country. Dispatching gun-toting toting activists to the homes of politicians health agency managers and even a police officer who arrested a protester expert to track extremists. Say the network has significant overlap. Well he's pretty hard core. But i don't know if i'd call him in emmett extremist. Well they love to call anybody. That's not pro government in extremist. Sure to the scary word right to to them. Anyone who is not in favor of the state is in extremist. If you're in favor of freedom every issue every time you're an extremist and you know to me it's not extreme to be in favor of peace which is ultimately what we're in favor of it would be insane not to be and there's plenty of people who are insane. I would agree. They have to be to actively. I mean there are people out there who actively want war with china or iran or russia or venezuela or any other countries. How insane do you really have to be to want a war with someone truly insane. In this case they don't want war they just want to be left alone seems but they're being dragged in of course with white supremacist groups claiming the l. a. times claiming they have quote significant overlap with white supremacist groups and other far-right organizations in that his whipped up paranoia and rage risking the lives of hospital workers health officers politicians and others in the crosshairs. It doesn't sound like they did that because they banged on some doors and shouted some stuff. I don't think anyone life. The no one. I think what they're saying that when they say they're risking their lives. That means that they aren't wearing masks. So that now is a threat to someone else's life by these people's viewpoint by people like the author here at the time and people like dennis guttered in new hampshire who has been threatening people with shooting them if they come near him without a mask on. I put it up because that may be really curious whether or not i was remembering correctly about. I'm in bundy. M black lives matter and it turns out i was. He stands in support of black lives matter effort today fund police. So i'm curious how the la times has decided there's overlap between this guy who stands a support. A black lives matter all supremacists all there has to be for them to claim. There's overlap is for one guy who's a white supremacist. To show up in a chat room for people's rights to remember that when the when the media starts linking everything and anything and everything to white supremacists. There's overlap on free talk live. we had. Chris cantwell as one of our talk. Show host. Now mind you before. He became a racist and when he became a racist. We kicked him off the air as a talk show host but they're still quote unquote overlap. Because we had him on and he was on free. Talk live after becoming a racist. That's true and we didn't ban him from the show entirely because we're freetalklive and we will let any a whole call in with whatever viewpoint they want to just makes himself look bad when he talks so why not let them still calls the show when he can. It's been a while but yes and we just had scott the biggest call in tonight. So i mean there's overlap with whatever he is whatever you wanna call that antisemitic would be i think an accurate description so they drag this through they drag the groups like this through the mud as much as they possibly can because they don't wanna actually talk to them and ask them questions they don't want to actually give this guy the opportunity to express himself because the l. a. times like most media outlets is one hundred percent favor of the state sure whatever the state decree religious apple whatever the state religion decrees which has wear a masks respect authorities. And that's not what the bundy's are known for or any of these militia groups. The existence of these militia groups has always been stated to be to defend ourselves from aggression by the government. I don't think has ever suggested there for anything else. Yeah and i don't know if people's rights is particularly a militia group exactly sounds like it's a protest organization. That's way it sounds. I don't know if you've pulled up their website. I did but you join over in order to access just about anything. I'm going to pull it up on my phone and take a look at it. You have a telegram. So there's that we have the potential for multiple malheur in multiple states in that any moment they could bring hardened far right. Activists often heavily armed into any one event this according to devin burghart the executive director for the institute for research and education on human rights. So then they really don't like the idea that these people are armed number one. That really seems to scare The folks i imagine it would scare the l. a. Time you spend. It doesn't give me any pause whatsoever. I feel safer when people around me are heavily armed indeed especially if they know what they're doing yes with With guns in october the seattle based organizations and the montana who writes network published in investigation. That found bundy had rapidly. Expanded people's rights by using his core. Far right paramilitary supporters with the mass base of new activists radicalized in protest of coronavirus restrictions. So he's outgrown. His group is good for him for that. I'm gonna look into it during the break as well. You can find out more about people's rights dot org let us know what you think about it though is he just organizing protests or is he actually planning piece militias six zero three two three six one. Six zero spreads talk live. Talk radio that you control as we were talking about earlier. We'll let anyone talk about anything about our how racist it is will argue with you. Know if you call an say things. That are incorrect or immoral. But we'll let you talk. I think racism is immoral. I would agree six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty is that columbine that six zero three two eight three six one six with you. Tonight it's aria bonnie and and we're talking about the bundy's who are in the music end now being linked to white supremacist overlapped between white supremacist. And fairly absolutely. I did look into these people rights organization and sadly it doesn't seem that they use an app. It looks like they just use a web interface. Oh so it's all done on their reporting where to gather and what's happening. It's cool that there are now five people in southwestern new hampshire who have signed up really and they're very privacy friendly guy you have to have signal in order to receive your coach to create your account neat and they have telegram which is always good and i. It's got a messaging system that i have looked into is supposedly encrypted as well just sending messages to other users so have to say so far. I'm impressed in it. Sounds like if they won an app they should contact nobody and find a way of implementing cellphone one into this. I know that nobody our co host had had the intention of reaching out to that group. So i don't know what status he has reached out to them. I think he wants to apt to be like in a usable state. 'cause we inherited for listeners. That don't know sell for on. One is a an app that was created. probably twenty fifteen by actually a listener. Freetalklive virgil the duva. And he did an amazing job at making this great little simple easy to use emergency alerts app where you can have your friends get the app and then You can all sort of create what they call cells These aren't terrorist cells. There peace peace sells but the idea is to have these cells of people that you know maybe one for your family one for your friends or whatever you can put them. You can have as many of these things as you want. And so then the thing is happening to you. That's bad you know your house catches on fire. Someone's having a medical emergency the cops pull you over. You know whatever it is. That's going on. you can send an alert. That goes out to the cells that you choose and it's an amazing app that has been used for a long time here in new hampshire by the activists community here in in too much success. Unfortunately virgil came into some tough personal times late last year and he wasn't able to kind of keep up the app and these sorts of things need to be kept up. You have to like date with your goals. Dates got update a thing. So you can't just like release the app and just let it be you to like take care of it and so he wasn't able to do that anymore. And the current version of the app that people can find working depends. So if you're on it should work fine for you if you're on android there's a new version that's going to becoming out hopefully as soon as sometime later this week. We're in the process right now of trying to figure out what to do to get this thing online. There's a what's new required. So nobody's in the midst of writing that But we're close. We're close to actually having some of what we would call showstopper level bugs fixed with cell phone once the version i'm using i had to download from some third party app store because it was delisted from google for not being updated. Yeah and i don't know if it ever got updated get realistic. But it wasn't fixed at the time so it's going to be fixed but it had the fix hasn't been uploaded so we will let you know when that happens. So that's what i'm saying like. Nobody's probably not banging down and mondays door because the isn't quite ready for primetime once it is. That's definitely something that he intends to reach out. I look forward to beta testing. Yeah absolutely well. There's actually a special group for that. So remind me later i can. I can drive in there so back to the story here from the los angeles times where they're trying to smear and then bundy by suggesting that he is associated with Right wing racist groups even though he's personally in favour of as you mentioned black lives matter and defunding the police. Which are i mean. Generally white supremacists like the police because generally police are white supremacists. That's they have their origins. That's true You mean catching slaves the police. Yeah that's right so according to l. a. times dot com. The investigators looked into the group which is called people's rights their website people's rights dot org. They found the network had twenty thousand members in sixteen states in an interview late last month near his home in idaho. Bundy claimed it had grown to almost fifty thousand people in thirty five states last the la times realize that the more stories like this they write the more people sign up for people's rights dot. Org i don't know but don't tell them because this is good last fall. Facebook removed an undisclosed number of people's rights pages from its platform. Deeming the network a militarized social movement. Well now i know. I'm interested because facebook saying it's bad than it must be worth looking at it so far. Nothing i've seen on here is bad. I mean they basically asked the same thing that sell for one s you know when the police show up or when you need help you're going to call your friends because your friends won't shoot you. They ask almost literally the same question here. So who will you contact when your rights are threatened. You will call your neighbors. Yeah they're like less likely to shoot you almost entirely unlikely to shoot you. Bundy said his soul cause was defending freedoms guaranteed under the constitution. Even for lgbtq people in black lives matter activists whose views he may oppose now again. That's not a quote from bundy. That's just what the l. a. Times said he never said. I'm curious now what his on. Lgbt people are. I mean he's probably a right wing conservative. But i don't know i've never talked to the guy. He's very libertarian. Actually did we talk to him. I think we actually did talk. To one of the bundy's i may have talked tamin bundy in the past honestly. But it's been a very long time so going on here. He said he never supported. President trump and he didn't vote in the last two presidential elections in two thousand sixteen. He was in prison awaiting trial in this past november. He didn't see a point so obviously he's not your typical if he's a conservative. He ain't your typical now. He is definitely closer to libertarian. Based on everything i've seen. He has conservative in contending the twenty or the kobe nineteen death. Toll is massively exaggerated. He said that trump should have worked hard churches and businesses open nonetheless. He encouraged his followers to go to washington for the now infamous january sixth rally to distribute leaflets in display people's rights banners to recruit more members. He did say that. He condemned the siege on the capital. Was that because it was pointless and it didn't achieve anything or it was just some some angry republicans role playing as protesters. Apparently he was also arrested. According to a photograph here in this article in the idaho state house in boise on august twenty six of last year was arrested and wheeled out in an office chair or what appears to be a wheelchair here so maybe doing a little civil disobedience. It looked like not sure what that was about. Bundy is carrying out a family tradition. He is the fourth of fourteen children in a mormon family. Grew up on a nevada rancher. Seventy four year old father cliven became a hero to extreme libertarians. In the west wing. Extreme libertarian that just sounds cool when they say it like that. Extreme libertarian. Extremist libertarian the when he stopped paying grazing fees in nineteen ninety-three claiming his family had ancestral rights to run its cattle on public land and the government's ownership claims violated the constitution and in bundy left the ranch as a young man. I for minnesota for two years of mormon mission service and then to southern utah university later moving to phoenix where he ran a truck repair business for fourteen years in two thousand fourteen. He stood with militias. That rallied behind his father's 'cause when fbi agents arrived at the nevada ranch with a court order to confiscate the family's cattle the government backed down to avoid bloodshed raising the family stature in far right circles in the part of the storm right. Yeah i thought. They said he was libertarians. That was his fans but that's what they said. The media loves make libertarian. Seem like right wingers. That's what they like you. They they want to try to make libertarian. Same even more far-right than anyone else. Even though the reality of it is is libertarians. Agree with right wingers on some things and left-wingers on other things. It's embarrassing what what part i don't want people to think i'm a right winger. I agree unfortunately my way to make them think. I also am the chairman of the republican committee. Which is a whole other issue entirely. But i've also been a democrat and run for for governor. So i get called a leftist a lot to. I'll do whatever. I need to do to get the ideas of liberty out basically according to this now the thing. They're not mentioning here. Oh no they do mention it. Okay so an important point about the original bundy story is charged. A bunch of these people in the bundy ranch situation. And weren't they all acquitted. Almost all of them were acquitted except for the ones that took plea deals at. This is why you don't take the plea. You really shouldn't the next year bundy. His wife moved to emmet idaho. Which is the farming town turned bedroom community outside of boise. He said that god had soon called him support. Dwight him in junior and his son steven oregon ranchers sentenced to prison for setting fires on federal lands and in january of two thousand sixteen. He led an armed group that seized headquarters the headquarters of the malheur. Federal wildlife refuge demanding. The government relinquish ownership in free. The hammett's did they do so. Of course that's tragic but still effort man. That's hard core taking over federal building. They did and they occupied it for like forty something days more on this story when we get back six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty. What do you think is he just a troublemaker. Is he an anarchist. What is he is he out there trying to. Maybe even one hundred six zero three two eight three six one six zero. This is free talk. Live bitcoin dot. Com is the best source for learning about crypto currency. Go there now. Click on get started at the top of the page. Once you do that. You'll find a cornucopia of information neatly organized for your needs if you're a knowledgeable crypto checkout news. Bitcoin dot com where you can get the latest headlines. Bitcoin dot com is your source for buying currency getting wallet up mining trading and all the latest crypto currency news all in a slick and easy to use website all put together by the best minds in the business to teach you about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin dot com. A talk live top radio that you control six zero three two eight three six point six zero dollars. Follow mind at six zero. Three two eight three sixty one sixty with tonight. Is aria bonnie ian and double masking for the time being as per some experts recommendations says this person on twitter suggested earlier that i you know just a simple search for double masking on twitter and this was actually been armani suggestion. I just pass it along to you. Former freetalklive co host. Who moved to sipe pan last year. He's been just on it with some really interesting twitter posts and this whole double masking thing is truly truly like religious zealotry. Yeah i had to stop at this one. Just share it with people on the eb as per some experts recommendations doesn't even know why she's putting onto masses just because quote. Some expert told her to truly truly sad. But that's not really what we're talking about here to know. i'm. I'm sure we'll get into it at some point. I want to get back to the bundy story. Because i find that far more encouraging for the future of freedom than do these idiots putting onto mass for some reason. I well somebody else did it. So they're going to do it too. Yeah someone some authorities said so so okay But anyway the ammon bundy. I did check by the way we interviewed ryan bundy which is one of the brothers of and bundy's so in the past this was in two thousand fourteen after the wildlife that was before the wildlife refuge situation. But after the cliven bundy oka standoff. Sony listeners Just tuning in ammon is the son of cliven bundy. And he's the guy who led the wild wildlife refuge Situation in two thousand sixteen. Where a. I a couple dozen people this federal property and it was in the middle of wintertime. So it wasn't like they took over an active like occupied site. It was shut down for the winner. Okay and they took that over. And then according to the story here at the los angeles times the oregon ranchers are sorry. The so bundy led this group in two thousand sixteen. That sees the headquarters of the malheur refuge. Bundy was arrested during a traffic. Stop outside of the refuge and eventually tried on weapons and conspiracy charges a militant who fled. The stop was shot and killed that. That man had a name. I forget what it was Offhand just referring to him as a militant By the way the man who fled the stop was not a danger to anyone. He did not shoot at anyone but the cops murdered him right there. They're running away. That's correct in a startling verdict. In october of two thousand sixteen bundy and other defendants were acquitted by jurors who found the federal prosecutors had failed to make their case. Wow yeah it was an amazing verdict. A series of verdicts more than one is. There's some documentary about this. Because it's good question. I don't know The families aura of invincibility only grew a judge declared a mistrial in a criminal conspiracy case against bundy his brother ryan who interviewed and their father for the two thousand fourteen nevada ranch standoff saying government lawyers had suppressed evidence the cattle outside of bunkerville nevada continue to graze on public land despite more than one million in unpaid fees. Bundy kept a low profile. Back in idaho where he managed rental properties and restored vintage vehicles with his children the pandemic and resistance to the government telling people what to do set the stage for his return to activism. I love it. You can't keep a good activist down nope you know. Once you've once you've stood up for freedom you don't ever want to cower again. Yeah once you've told the state no you want to keep telling it no. That's right in march because that is what freedom ultimately is is the freedom to say no and be respected in your choice because we can say no and they'll put you in jail cell. But in his case he actually was able to say no and they didn't put him in a jail cell because on juries actually backed him up which is amazing So in march he gathered several dozen supporters in a warehouse that he owns in idaho in his first public act. The group defied republican governor brad. Little stay at home directive and held an easter service for about sixty people now by the way at the same time we were doing. some public. Acts here in new hampshire and we have not gotten the same media coverage now to be fair. We didn't have as many people. Didn't we go to an easter service. Actually you and. I don't know if it was easter but we did go to a church service. I don't remember when it was. It was too late in the year to be easter. but we did nightcap. So when the governor here in new hampshire chris. New created his so-called stay at home order. We went out the same night the the very night it went into effect. That's correct we went out. We were literally there a minute. After it went into effect like at the exact same time we were out partying with open containers in central square. And we did it for thirty six weeks in a row and only recently stopped because it's like seven degrees and centuries of snow everywhere right now. Presumably when it's warmer will reap. Hopefully we won't have to return. But i'm sure nightcap will return if only because it was a good time was a damn good. I went to a new fund. That's right just one. Was it just the one. I just went. Well you'll have to come back to more. Because i suspect there will be a demand to bring it back This year so anyway. I went and held a church service. Which can people are being told not to do this in the same month. Police arrested sarah brady and anti vaccine activists for allegedly trespassing during an anti lockdown protests at a playground closed due to corona virus restrictions. That's we've had something similar happen here. lady in Concord was arrested not at the playground but later on several months later for taking her kids to a playground. That was closed. Why did they arrest her several months later. And what did they arrest her for. I don't recall. i think it was disorderly. Okay i think her name is rochelle. She actually was at our new year's eve party. Oh as a matter of fact she was the one wearing. The tide is shirt and she was doing some dancing. So bundy publicized. The address of the officer who arrested ms brady and let about forty people to outside of his home a tactic. The governor called disgusting. But i fully support. They picked up this lady at her home. That's right the one we're talking about anyway. These government bureaucrats think that they should just be able to keep their jobs separate from their home lives. They think that we should respect the idea that they should have privacy and their family lives in their personal homes and so on and so that their off duty after five o'clock in the afternoon i will allow that if their laws will stop going into effect when they're at home right when they're like. Oh no. I'm not the governor now. I'm just chilling with my found. Now okay then. Your laws don't apply right now. As soon as they stop arresting people in their homes as soon as they stop reporting people's lives by arresting peaceful people for not harming others than i will respect them and leave them alone in their homes and their people's homes just when they get a piece of paper from themselves saying that it's okay direct. Yeah man and aerob- writes a piece of paper and then men with guns come in and ruin people's lives shoot dogs shoot innocent peaceful people into cribs. They shoot cat scientists. Look that up since you're here. Are they basically cats to you. What possible threat is a cat to a human being well. They've shot caged dogs before. So i mean what possible threat because that have been. I'm not making any more than the more this discussion goes on. So people's rights continued to expand establishing hundreds of chapters that bundy organized with the aim of being able to dispatch ten protesters to a scene in ten minutes. One hundred in one hundred minutes in two thousand and one thousand minutes instructed each chapter to launch teams to train in secret for paramilitary operations to defend members from criminals or government agents. Or do i repeat myself. That line was not in the la times but anyway going on in july he led demonstrators to a public building in idaho in town called caldwell where they tried to barge into a meeting of officials who were discussing whether to impose a local mask mandate. This is not your building. Bundy shouted s. He's shoved demand guarding the doorway. The meeting was cancelled though. The health board eventually decided to recommend wearing masks in public the next month he and some supporters forced their way past state troopers into an idaho. State house gallery that was closed. Because of the pandemic how do they. That doesn't sound like reality. How do you force yourself past state troopers without getting arrested. Well police did arrest him twice in two days. Finally wheeling him out of the building in an office chair charged with trespassing and obstructing officers he was banned from the capitol for year. In november people's rights members carrying tiki torches gathered in front of the boise mayor. Lauren mcleans house to protest. The virus health restrictions. Many of their roughly thirty demonstrators were not wearing masks and several shouted opposition to a city call for residents to report businesses violating pandemic risk regulations. One woman yelled snitching. Get stitches love. It sounds like he's doing good work. Yeah there's more you want it. Absolutely what do you think about the bundy's it sounds to me like they're they're doing the right. I support it. I haven't seen anything here. That i i disagree with it so far so far just about everything i've seen from mormon activism has been just awesome. True they're also behind the gold back horns that was one of the activists things. I was thinking about six zero three two three sixty sixty s the call. Line that six zero three two eight three six one six zero. This is free talk live. it's free talk. Live talk about whatever you want. Six zero three two eight three six point. Six zero is the call in line with you tonight. It's aria bonnie. And and i assumed the three of us are going to be at rogers campground for june. The twenty eighth july fourth for fort fest. Twenty twenty one at rogers campground in beautiful white mountains of new hampshire. It is the week after the porcupine freedom festival and is decentralized which means that no one in charge which means that. Everyone is in charge. Also means there's no ticket cost just reserve your camping site. Rv side or motel room with roger campground for june the twenty eighth three july the fourth last year that it was epic there was a rock concert. There was a poker tent that was active almost every night. Several party ten. If i remember correctly it's a great place to be. Check it out at park fest dot party unofficial telegram chat. There's an unofficial forum fork fast. Stop party june. The twenty eight through july the fourth at rogers campground. We see there again. Fork fest dot. Party is the website. Well let's go to the phones. Apparently some sports ball thing happened over the weekend. I heard about that and some people are really upset. Tell us about that third ferguson. Yeah well i Heard earlier today that That particularly i mean the most insane people in my opinion. And i've been calling for over year on how insane the less has been becoming. They're really angry that the tampa bay buccaneers beat the kansas city chiefs Over the weekend and not because not because they like the not because they yuks are the better team not because they Support the oxygen in any in any measurable amount more than than to kansas city chiefs. But only because tom brady. Who is the quarterback. I guess who. Who i guess. Some point got traded to the buccaneers Because he's white and and the quarterback for the chiefs is black and they're mad that the white quarterback beat the black quarterback. There really offended about. Where are you seeing this. I haven't seen this well well. There's there's a twitter storm. That's been kicking up Among some of the blue checkmark books politics morons out there including commentators. Like lisa hendricks and michael smith michael holly dna dna any of these people are. I wouldn't say that this reflects on all leftists just seems like you saw some crazy people talking on twitter of presumably there's black and white people on both teams Usually i'm not. I didn't say anything about race on both sides but but listen but these are just some of the The liberals that have been Really angry and upset that That the black quarterback through the white quarterback and by the way we collect quarterback beat the white quarterback the beat the black quarterback. Oh yeah yeah the white quarterback feet the blackboard tom. Yeah that's the only reason they're mad about this. By the way. I would be mad about the lack of masks once the game was over. This just makes me. Sports to me is pretty mindless as is but that makes it even dumber for people to be arguing about sports because one guy has a skin color that they don't like i mean that's basically what you're talking about seems like a small group of people. I haven't heard of this on my phone. You said it was a twitter storm. Whatever that means yup yup and and by the way. I should say this because this is this is pretty insane to be out of us aren't accidentally like monitoring twitter or watching twitter feeds or anything like that no. I do go on twitter on occasion. While i'm on the toilet. Just twitter belong just to see what some people who haven't made the switch to mastodon are still doing over there and by the way i should say that i'm not the one you saw this on twitter. The independent media is covering speak already because of of how much this is blowing up on twitter. But these people are also mad. Because tom brady for four years ago was seen with a maga hat in his locker. And they're angry because he he wasn't canceled ever because of that wasn't fired or cancelled because He owns a maga half and that also was really upsetting to the liberals and And i think this is insane. I just can't imagine being so upset. Over what other people do you know. And what other. People are spending their money on or spending their time on. I mean these people obviously obviously have nothing better to do. Maybe that's because they've locked themselves in their homes for the last year and they just don't have a life they have nowhere to go right. I don't know. I just don't understand the obsession with other people's anything keep in mind. These are all the brunch liberal to these are all the liberals that have everything handed to them on a silver platter and And it's really funny. I think because You know jerome always calls it and talks about. What a racist. Donald trump is and the and how he's been like been like this. This this This this this really obnoxious Unpleasant and The dividing racist over the past four years when he was the president. But it happens to be the liberals here that are mad that Just a white guy. Beat a black guy and i would really like to hear what jerome has stayed about that because this isn't coming from donald trump. This is coming to you on a weekend. Jerome i think is exclusively a weekend radio listener. So he's probably not barbara bonney. I'm just gonna say. Third ferguson is really generalizing here. he's talking about all. I don't like any generalizing. He's talking about all leftists of they all are dumb enough to act like this. And i really don't think that there's a big problem of people talking about this. Even of twitter has some people being loud about it. I'm not generalizing. i'm just. I'm i'm talking about really specific. I'm talking about really specific people here. And i even named off a couple of them specifically to are acting like a bunch of mark and i and i just morons on twitter tired. Thank you so much for the call the update you read off some names from people that i've never heard of who sounds like they're saying some pretty stupid things. If you wanna find morons on twitter just search for double masking plenty there. I think is more interesting that nobody's wearing masks in tampa all the sudden. I have a friend from italy. And she lived in italy all twenty twenty but she just moved to florida and she put posted a video of herself at like a club or a bar in tampa like the night of the super bowl and she was panning around the room. It was just a bunch of young people really close to each other dancing and talking and drinking and none of them like there was like one mask and the entire video. I watched it i. I was stunned. When i saw the ending of the super bowl because we watched at work and the number of people not wearing masking their booths and as they mingled and they celebrated with people after the game it was encouraging to see so few people wearing masks. I remember remarking at that moment. I bet this is already going viral on twitter from people complaining about the fact that they're not wearing masks. That's what i expect people to be upset about. Not the fact that tom brady is white and the other guy was black. That is of no consequence whatsoever except people who obsess over race and people who obsess over people who obsess over race. Yeah i'm just rolling through here looking at people talking about double masking. And how proud they are about it. Definitely virtue signaling. Yep some of them are saying that it hurts their ears but they're doing it anyway because some experts said so. I thought it was more comfortable though some. You know everybody's got a different opinion about it. But some of them are saying it is more comfortable to wear the double mass comey. Here's this one person presumably just shopping stops to take a selfie of herself and tax it double masking at the best buy. Yep she just wants to show everybody yes. There is no other points at this. I've never just walking through the store thought now. It's a great time to stop and take a selfie that double masking now What do you think about this. Virtue signal may be turned his right. Maybe it's a problem what these people are saying on twitter. Six zero three two eight three six one six zero against six zero three two eight three six one six zero look. I'm sorry but you're in for a world of pain. If you use coin omi the reason is their wallet. Doesn't support payments. The solution is simple. Let them hear your voice message. Coin me on twitter. It takes five seconds and tell them any pace sent you because they're on the fence right now and your voice will prove that people care about using bitcoin for payments. Go tweet at me now or even better. Leave a review in the app store. They really pay attention there. Thanks a it's free talk. Five six zero three two eight three six point. Six zero is the common line with you tonight. It's ian at bonnie and we're talking about militias here and then we got distracted with this nonsense about w fast on twitter. Because that's where you'll really see some stupidity if that's what you wanna see and of course i do love looking from the outside but while we were doing that i felt courageous and decided to search twitter for triple mask kingston and i was not disappointed. There are plenty of people who have already started wearing triple of remorse. They have and you think you it means they care three times as much exactly vin or money explains this rather well as you found yeah Then was the one who suggested searching for double masking the first place and he points out on his twitter which is at vr monte. He says that double masking is a thing. Helps you understand that you are dealing with a religious phenomenon. When masks become mandated as they are in a lot of the united states right now and elsewhere in the world wearing the mask is no longer a signal of church of woke membership therefore the second mask must be added to signal willing participation. And indeed when you see the people with the double masks what you'll see in a lot of cases is that they will purposely wear contrasting masks so they'll have like a white mask and then overtop or over top of a black mask or vice versa or something like that that way. You know that they're wearing masks. Does it make it clear right. Because if they were wearing to the exact same type of mask you'd have to look carefully. You'd have to really look at them to see if they were wearing masks but many might not know how much they care right. So it's important for them to signal that and Yeah so this person on twitter says i believe some of y'all aren't triple masking. Yes and this is serious. The these are people being totally serious. I've always been double masking sometimes. Even triple masking. i prefer no masking about. They weren't about they've just been doing more masks. I've always been triple masking hits. It's distressing but we are covering good news at the moment or at least refreshing news. That isn't about crazy people. It's about people actually fighting for their rights and therefore the people at the los angeles times think that's crazy. Well of course they do but they also think that you know wearing three layers of fabric over your faces. A good idea for a politician said so so therefore it must be true and some expert. According to this person on twitter said so. do you want to continue with Ammon bundy absolutely going on there so listeners. just tuning in we're talking about ammon bundy's new organization and new. As of the last year he created it. I think in march of twenty twenty called people's rights. The website is people's rights dot oregon to the los angeles times credit. They did link to his website so that was nice so but now they've done everything they can to bad mouth him Since that point but They're talking about how this organization has chapters all across the united states now he is claiming as many as fifty thousand members of this group and the idea is that it's a group of people. Maybe they don't all agree on everything but they will come together to the defense sort of the mutual defense of their network when called upon and we sort of liken this to sell four one one which is an app that does similar things. That hopefully will have some good news for you about later on this week but Just to to bring you up to speed here. So back to the store from the los angeles times. They're talking about some of the activism that they've done over the last year like going to the boise mayor's house and protesting outside carrying torches and there were a couple dozen demonstrators out there not wearing masks shouting opposition to a city call for residents to report businesses for violating pandemic regulations. They also protested in the state house. Where bundy was twice arrested in two days there and is now banned from the capitol for a year as a result of about now what about the rights of citizens to petition their senators representatives. Or whatever doesn't matter they'll ban you from wherever they want in fact banned. footloose frank. Who was arrested at the governor's house from coming back within a thousand feet of the governor's house really. Yeah as part of his bail. conditions The next month boise area health board. Shut down its own meeting after a county. Commissioner tearfully interrupted the proceedings to say she had to rush home because people's rights demonstrators were harassing. Her family actually saw this clip. It's pretty entertaining. It's probably not them harassing her family. Right it's just protesting. She says my twelve year old son is home alone right now and protesters are banging outside the door. She said now when people didn't flip out there she left her twelve year old home alone. I mean i was staying at home by myself when i was twelve years old. But that's not acceptable in today's society staying at home at like seven babysitter. No how at twelve. the interview. Last month held at a restaurant. In emmett idaho where he lives where masks are optional and few people wear them. Bunny bundy defended. His group's methods saying the government society are deteriorating. That courts are unjust. Legislature tramp re legislatures trample rights and families allow the state to educate an influence their children. We can't disagree with any of that. No he's right. People will need more and more to be able to find security. He said and he said protests could achieve results much faster than lawsuits citing demonstration that his group staged at a june hospital or at last june at a hospital in olympia washington. Hospital officials at the time weren't allowing a couple to be with their newborn after the mother tested positive for the corona virus quote within an hour and a half. We had a couple of hundred people there and a couple of thousand people coming once. The hospital started to see literally a presence of people. They retracted their position. Blamed it on the government's health department and released the baby to the parents. Angela effective providence. Saint peter hospital spokeswoman disputed the accuracy of bundy's account but said that the patient confidentiality prevented her from discussing. The case asked with hospital staff members were given a chance to explain their reasoning for isolating. The baby bundy said no. He said you don't get to take somebody's baby and think you have a side of justice. It was black and white last month at the hospital. Protest in vancouver washington. Kelly stuart that people's rights coordinator for the area narrated livestream video on bundy's youtube account that ultimately attracted more than seventy thousand views. The video shows a protester trying to pry open the locked. Double doors and a deputy sprang chemical irritant in his face. The protesters cheered when the hospital released. Meyer whose tearful daughter wheeled her out and helped her into a van freedom. A man yelled stewart. A longtime bundy compatriot berated law enforcement for siding with the hospital. Instead of the protesters. She said that right wing activists who joined back the blue rallies last summer and waved american flags with blue lines had been duped quote. We're starting to learn your actually the standing army. Our founders warned us against there just dangerous tired. She said we're having a blue line flag burning party tonight. Oh better late than never for sure. I love the i gotta say credit to richard reid. The author here. That's a great way to end that story. Oh that's that's the ending that they're going to blue. Burn the blue line flags that's awesome. That's not a bad idea. either. I don't want to encourage the blue line. Flag people buying them in order to burn up similarly. They already had them because they were supporting their own. Blue line. flag isn't that case which is awesome. That is a good innings. I hope they made video of that too. That would have made a great video. It's good to see that you know. His activism is proving successful and that people are beginning to see the police for what they are. Which are the enforcers of tyranny for the state. They're not anything else. No doubt and it's also good to see them using as you mentioned earlier that technology Like telegram and signal. These are better than facebook kind of organizing methods. They're not the best. they're still centralized you know. Telegram is still a company. Not a mega company like facebook. But it's still accompanying the they have taken down some chat rooms On their platform so for the most safe form chatting on the internet. You gotta go with the matrix you really need to look into. You don't have to use our server but if you wanna check it out go to chat dot freetalklive dot com and their There's instructions step by step instructions on how to connect to that server and matrix is decentralized. It's poly centric meaning that there's different matrix servers all around the globe. So if you've got somebody that knows what they're doing like we do like an. It guy he can set that up for you can have your own server or you can use one of ours. For instance you can use our server. Make your own chat room there if you want to. It is cool technology. You're right they do use a lot of these technologies. That are very familiar. Libertarians in addition to telegram in order to even sign up for the site. You have to have signal because they have to send you a text message and whatever it is that they do it has to send you an encrypted text message. They won't assume you'll receive just garbage if you don't have signal now. I like that feature signal doesn't send texts anymore. They only use their their network. Now so you won't receive anything if you don't have signal six zero. Three two eight three sixty one. Sixty is the color. You can talk about anything on your mind. Six zero three two eight three six one six zero. We're going to move on here at. This is free. talk live It's free talk. Live six zero three two eight three six one. Six zero is the color line. Six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty and i wanna tell you about any pay two point. Oh it's here. In crypto payments are now faster than ever. If you're using the edge wallet hand cash. Bitcoin dot com or dash wallets in those cases. Your experiences will be smooth but some wallets aren't ready for the impressive new technology and the people behind those wallace need to hear from you. The wallet users so visit any pay. I see dot com slash upgrade to learn why some popular wallets are incompatible with any pay and reach out to the wallet programmers and encourage them to make payments perfect to any pay. Inc dot com slash upgrade. I had a perfect payment today at the wonderful taco. Biondo in hillsborough new hampshire. I had one two today. Actually from mighty moo smarts. The new convenience store hearing came that accepts crypto currency and gives a five percent. Discount for people paying in crypto. They just awesome. I also had a perfect payment at the lucky seven's bar and restaurant that now accepts crypto currency. Because i had them for breakfast any pay makes it so easy later. It's instant tummy. Oftentimes i see and we're not just saying that because the founder just walked in completely unrelated. I mean we say this. Every time we talk about any pay indian check him out any pay. Inc dot com Let's go to the phones. We got mike calling from dover mike. You're on free talk live yet. Hey i just wanted to comment the fellow that called in to vote the super bowl and all the reaction on social media about the The people who are upset. Because tom brady as white and the other guys right. Okay right right the races. It reminded me how there was. A fella named watch was canadian. Dug in deep in history and All this huxley and those fellas and the brainwashing the the media. The sports is intended to be a distraction. You talking about nineteen eighty-four that would be what was wrong. Similar alan watts was canadian and he used to have a website. He went over to england and read the history books. The books not on the computer. Read the books Delic guy. Isn't alan watts like psychedelic Sort of something in the background there. Mike it's the same. It's the same name but different person. Different guy okay. Well there's no doubt that that the sports is definitely part of the bread and circuses right to keep people distracted and keep the ignorant. I don't know about that being the sole purpose on them they. It's good to have some things that distract you from your daily life now and then and i don't think those ideas necessarily bad everybody's got to have a hobby everybody's gotta have something to To pass the time you play video games when you get the get the time for it or or whatever. Everybody's got the thing that they do. That ticks away. The seconds until are inevitable demise and sports is one of those things. My dad loves sports. it's really cute. Well i did see that. The super bowl is at the lowest ratings it has had in decades. Yeah i think apparently five was the last time it was this low. I thought it was. I mean they said decades a really oh. I didn't look at the article. That was just the headline that i saw. Okay so yeah. I didn't look at any articles about it either. So that's good news for our caller there if people are if he believes that sports is this sort of opiate of the masses then that means that fewer people are watching at the very least watching football american football. Mike thank you so much for the call. He needed to get his phone under control. It sounded like a little noisy there. I started hearing stuff in the background. I've got to put a stop to this about that. So rush limbaugh is ailing and so is the conservative talk radio industry and i picked this. Because i know a topic that you love discussing. At least i did not know. I was not aware that the talk radio industry is predominantly conservative. You didn't know that. Oh yeah so absolutely. There was a time in the arts over a decade ago when the leftist tried to do talk radio and they launched a thing called air america and it just it sailed over like a lead balloon. Did not go very well. They had a bunch of money like venture capital investor types and they ran out of money and shut down their writing. There are probably no more than a handful of Quote unquote progressive. Talk stations broadcasting in america. Today and we've been station say tend to be younger people and younger people. Don't listen to the radio. I mean that could be a factor in it but for whatever reason there's just not a whole lot of money i guess in people being willing to sponsor those stations for some reason why that is so rush limbaugh. The most successful talk radio host in history is and so is the medium medium. He helped revolutionize over the last thirty years based with aging and shrinking audiences competition from newer technologies in financial problems for the biggest station owners. Talk radio is in decline about as a business and a political force once a leading platform for popularizing conservative candidates. Some policies talk. Radio is now on the verge of becoming background. Noise drowned out by cacophony of voices on podcast cable. Tv and social media. Who's writing the story. Msn dot com. You find them to be exaggerating. Well i find it to be an exaggeration. Talk radio was ever any kind of a motivational thing. Or i forget the word they use their. That suggested that it was once this great organizational thing and i think that a lot of talk show host wanna make themselves seem like they're that big of an influence but i don't think they are. They're just people who talk on the radio and they have opinions and they want to believe that people will follow them or whatever. But i don't think there's any real evidence for that. The formats crisis comes biggest. Star is battling to stay on the air indeed. He's battling for his life. Limbaugh seventy has been frank about his struggle with what he said. Last year's advanced lung cancer he was a smoker for a long time from what i understand his uncertain future. Confronts the talk radio business and conservatism generally with the prospect of losing most galvanizing figure says sleeping from local local station is sacramento to nationally. Syndicated stardom in nineteen eighty eight Limbaugh has been the bullhorn behind every important conservative initiative from the contract with america in the mid ninety s to the tea party movement of the obama area era too the ascent of donald trump not the contract with america. I've heard about this before. Was it this like where conservative. republicans pledged to be conservative. and they didn't and they made a new pledge sometime in the two thousands to do the same. It sounds vaguely familiar. And yeah surprise. The politicians told you a lie and rush limbaugh all along the way making excuses. I'm sure for these people. I mean there's no doubt that limbaugh deserves a lot of credit for essentially being sort of the granddaddy of talk radio in its current form. So he does. He definitely deserves that. Credit article makes it sound like he's responsible for from the shifts like originally. You had to pay to get a show on your radio station. And it sounds like according to this article that he was the one who came up with the idea of oh no we can just sell them airtime and they can have the show for free if they will run it. No rush limbaugh is actually one of the few paid shows. Meaning that stations actually pay rush limbaugh whereas ninety nine percent of talk shows out there do not get paid from the station's thereon. We're on one hundred ninety radio stations over the entire week here on free talk live. So that's how many stations carry the show right. And they do not pay a dime to air free talk live and that's true for almost every show that they've got on the air unless they've got rush in which case then they're paying based on their market size so larger markets pay more for rush than smaller markets. Do basically. they're going to pay about as much as they would pay a local talk show host to do that. Slot so rush is a insanely expensive show. Sounds like it yeah. Early in the coronavirus pandemic limbaugh told told listeners that the virus was no worse than the common cold and that the the news media had weaponized the crisis to hurt trump. He floated the fringe theory that the virus created in chinese laboratory as a bioweapon a few weeks before the november election. He devoted to hours of his program to worshipful trump interview. After trump lost he amplified the president's lies about voter fraud and at one point suggested that conservative states might secede from the union and then walked that back of course he's a coward the next day trump for his part awarded limbaugh the presidential medal of freedom during the state of the union speech last year and it goes on with a little bit about trump. Limbaugh here. I said trump limbaugh rush. Limbaugh the isn't super important because certain conservative. Talk radio's problem is a so much. How many people are listening as who the audience. They grew up with nba's now quite gray largely people sixty five and older fewer than eight percent of those who regularly listen to talk. Radio are twenty five to fifty four according to nielsen research. Meanwhile yes meanwhile plain old. Am fm radio. The primary medium for programs is rapidly losing ground to newer technology such as satellite radio streaming audio and podcasts. Only fifty percent of those surveyed by edison research last year listed terrestrial radio stations as their first listening choice in a car. The shifts makes someone like comedian. Joe rogan libertarian. I don't know about that either. With a hugely popular podcast quotes that next rush limbaugh. Let's talk about that absolutely because it's a fascinating evolution of media and we're living six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty six zero three two eight three six one six zero. Are we irrelevant. This is free talk live. Do you feel like your country. No longer holds your values. Have you dreamt of a place where liberty minded people can come together and leave government overreach behind. There are many people just like you. That are discovering free. Private cities dot com. They started free private cities dot com and connect via the social media links. Shown they're all skills will be needed when the first free private cities open it sooner than you think. Stop arguing and build free private cities dot com free private cities dot com ca. Free talk law. It's free talk. Live talkradio controlled. Six zero three two eight three six one. Six zero is the whole online calling about anything you want. Six zero three two eight three six one. Six zero tonight are funny and we're here on talk radio talking about talk radio because it's it's sort of a state of flux right now it is but with the rise of podcasting and people doing shows on youtube. I mean we're video as well. I mean it's not like we're failing to adapt with the changes that are happening but a lot of places are among those. I presume i'm sure rush. Limbaugh does video as well doesn't he. He does as i understand it. you gotta pay naturally see ours is free you can watch us on dot freetalklive dot com or twitch dot freetalklive dot com. You can watch us later on youtube if you want to do that for whatever stupid reason by the way. I talked to jeremy from library over this weekend. They had the porcupine day festivities in new hampshire on saturday. Actually a bonnie. And i both went to took the night off from the show to go to this. This was the five year celebration at the free state. Project held to sort of call closed their five-year move window. That started in february of two thousand sixteen so it is now over. That doesn't mean the free state project is is over. They're going to continue recruiting people to to migrate here. As as i think that they should do. I used to think that they should shut down but they convinced they They they were pretty persuasive that they've been doing really well in the last couple of years. Anyway jeremy kaufman. Who's the founder of library. Which is a decentralized blockchain based video hosting service which is an awesome thing by the way l. d. r. y. dot com. He was there. And i did speak with him. They are in the testing process of doing streaming non library. And so we're sort of on the shortlist of shows that they they may be coming to. I mean they wouldn't get kicked off right. I would hope that they wouldn't kick us off because they came to us a long time ago about librarian. Free talk live is on librarian. Free keen on library so it seems like a no brainer that we should also be streaming to To their new website which is called odyssey o. d. y. s. e. Okay so that sort of put a front end if you will onto the whole library thing. And so they're competing with with youtube as a decentralized system what i did learn about library streaming. It's actually still centralized so it's not peer to peer streaming. They're not doing that but they do their own. Centralized streaming service like are. We should be on that. So hopefully we'll have something to announce about that sooner rather than later awesome. I keep intending to put bad movie club on library. But i haven't actually gotten around to it. We watched a push versus well wolf sunday and it was. I cannot recommend it not even as a bad movie. It was one of those made for scifi bad movies that you know was going to bet and it's trying to be bad for the scifi channel. Yeah okay and it's just it's not enjoyable. There was no humor in it. I regret the fact that i watched that there was no shark nato. Then i haven't watched shark nato. I did watch shark and saw women's prison massacre and there's video of that if you wanna check out that's bad movie club dot. Us oh really yeah. Let's just four star youtube channel. But us you know that money goes to the us government. Right i didn't so i did not know that. Then that's the url at the moment. So what do you recommend like what you've you've been doing this bad movie club for. How many weeks now. Maybe two months. What's the worst. What's the best worst movie you. You've seen killer. Raccoons too dark christmas and the dark style gloriously. Stupid if you really wanna go all out there and see the worst of the worst. It's dude party massacre three okay. There is no one or two obvious though. Dude bro. Party massacre three is the dumbest thing you'll ever watch and we'll be dumber after watching that dad. I don't know if i wanted to. I wouldn't go that. It's bad enough. Just reading about double masking on twitter. It's up there with double and triple masking killer. Raccoons too dark christmas and the dark though is enjoyable. And it's i would recommend that one okay so back to the subject talk radio. Conventional radios decline appears to have accelerated sharply pandemic. Yes it has. And that is due to also. It's happening to news media as far as like newspapers also was on a decline prior to twenty twenty but definitely declining more sharply after that. And that's because frankly advertising dollars dried right up. So you know. Companies that were actually advertising on the radio in in newsprint. For instance probably television as well that we're advertising now. All of a sudden didn't have customers coming through the door so they didn't have the budget anymore to actually pay for the advertising that they were doing so you had companies that were advertising cancelling at ads. It's like basically saying. Hey we don't have any money anymore so we can't pay you for the ads that we already agreed to buy so some companies just saying sorry and then So how do you keep your radio station on the air headache your newspaper in print. If you don't have any advertisers. I mean these are driven business models in that whole business. Model just evaporated. Basically overnight thanks to the government and their various different restrictions. so it's It's tough out there for a lot of radio station owners. Although it's probably even tougher for the big mega corporations because they already had huge debt loads that their companies were struggling to pay off prior to cova already companies like iheartmedia which used to be known as clear channel and media these two of the largest companies in america both of them have gone through bankruptcy proceedings in the last several years the last few years as the government. Give them money to stay alive. That's a good question honestly. I haven't heard about that happening. It wouldn't surprise me if they have. But for whatever reason i haven't seen the news on that the story mentions that at some point says they filed for bankruptcy protection or something. I don't know exactly what that means but it probably has helped talk media that for last year One of the only things that we've really had to talk about has been the pandemic otherwise news has been extraordinarily slow throughout the last year. Yeah i hate it and people are probably sick of talking about it. Sick of hearing about it. I know it. Daily commutes have been disrupted by. Stay at home. Orders and a new work from home culture wiping out part of radios lucrative quote drive time audiences unclear whether those listeners will return after the pandemic subsides and traffic jams return. Yeah that is true. I saw the numbers about that. Npr was publishing and that their radio listenership dropped by twenty five percent really. Yeah because people aren't gonna work. Talk radio older demographics where weakness even before the pandemic said jerry. Del kellyanne and new york university business professor turned off by the hosts. Occasional nastiness and seeking younger customers. Mini blue chip companies have stopped advertising on talk. Radio shows leaving the station's smaller sponsors who pay less yes. Some advertisers will not by talk. Radio doesn't matter whether it's left or right wing or whatever they will not by what is considered controversial programming because they don't want to be associated with it they don't want to be part of some sort of a boycott you know they're afraid of that kind of publicity so they stay away from it and that has resulted in and i think they're about to say this in the in the article but that's resulted in a different kind of advertiser you'll hear people like not that i listened to his show but i've been told that this is going on By by mark edge of our co hosts that you'll hear rush limbaugh doing what they call per inquiry or acquisition calls so or or advertisements in that means that if rush limbaugh's like promoting thing on the air and you call the number that he gives out then rush gets paid so they didn't pay rush to do the ad they pay him on the back end if they sell a tractor or whatever. It is that that's how it often works with youtube advertisers as well. You know these. Vpn companies like finding youtube channel. Senate they give you a special url and someone actually uses that you are like affiliate links to correct so for for a company like refer for broadcaster like rush limbaugh to have to resort to affiliate links any of the equivalent of radio equivalent of an affiliate link. Yeah that's that's a tough time so limbaugh style talk. Radio was originally. A solution to the industry's technical and business problems by the nineteen eighties. Am radio had lost out to the higher fidelity fm ben st preferred medium from music. The most popular kind of radio programming as rock pop country and other formats migrated to fm am stations facing existential crisis. What to do the answer is neither of which required high fidelity limbaugh proved to not only be wildly popular but also cost effective in a savvy former. Abc radio executive. They fluff out a lot of this. All they had to do was carry rush. Limbaugh's program set aside four minutes per hour for ads that mclaughlin's company sold to national sponsors. And the stations got to sell the remaining commercial time to local advertisers and according to this they got russia's show for free that must have been the early days because that changed say nineteen eighty eight zero six zero three two eight three six one six zero. This is free talk live. it's free talk. Live with oriente ian and bonnie. Now i wanna say thank you to gavin. Who has tonight's amplifier. This macy's a member of the mp program can find out more about it at three talk. Five dot com. This is how we get more radio stations. People who could to that are directly helping us do so gavin. Thank you so much for your support. All we ask to join. The program is five dollars per month. That gets you membership into the program number of cool little personally. Technically we still have an only call in line. There's an there's an amp only facebook group. That i don't think anyone ever really joins anymore because nobody about that anymore. Yeah yeah but other cool little stuff check it out amp freetalklive dot com to learn more about it gavin. Thank you so much. We hope you continue helping us. Get all more radio stations. The new cool thing is the amps or slash porter's chat room that we have on the matrix server so if you're a free talk live amplifier. All you gotta do is just. Send me a message on the matrix server and there's instructions on how to do this whenever you sign up for the ant program. I'll send you the instructions on how to do this. But you send me a message with your amp emails. I know it's actually you And then i will you to that room. That's very cold facebook They they are really in a decline these days man. I've looked at the calculator during thing but since the first ban in october not the ipad but the abandoned october shortly after the news about my campaign went viral. I have been unbanned exactly thirteen days. Are you being right now. Yes what's the latest one for this time. I don't know man. I mentioned something about bitcoin. Okay and i put hashtag bitcoin and then to be safe. You would think elon. Musk can do it then. Suddenly i got bad for a within seconds got banned for posted i had made on december the fourth more than a month before So i don't know it was that about i don't recall okay but that's suspicious The last time i was banned it was because of something related to bitcoin and immediately afterward hit with another thirty day bed. So it's it's hard to even be upset. You can just do other things with your time. I never use facebook much anyway. Because every time i post i end up getting bad no matter what it is that i post it's stupid. I don't know why i keep doing it. Except it's such a miniscule thing to me that hey if it works. I might as well say something there and they liked being abused. I don't know not buy into. Let's go to the phones. We've got the arco republican calling and our co republican. You're on free. Talk live agreed. Semantic condom montana. Hello anyway Yeah talk about The decline of talk radio is really Distressing to me especially given the d. platforming and the other media outlets because they seem like they're just all On the same page to same left as you know Propaganda gets his perpetrated on them. And it's sad to see the the decline of it. But i can. I can attest. It's true because I've got to a point where radio my main media and the local station here. I mean the only play about six different commercials local commercials than i used to get real angry about the commercials you know because they drive me crazy and then i realized wait a minute. You know these are the people that are supporting your information. When for them you wouldn't have at all you know so i mean. Sometimes they play three or four times an hour the same commercials a bad thing and and We we gotta realize just you know how much but the great thing about radio is that at night. You know you can pick up. Stations are five hundred miles away and people just sort of find you. And that's how i found you guys. I just happen to tune industry. Yeah i love. The internet doesn't isn't quite like that. The internet is can be controlled and the internet. You have you generally have to seek out what you're looking for. It's very rare just going to stumble across a signal On the internet. Like you can on radio and i don't think that radio is on. Its last legs. I think that you know even though it is having a tough time right now due to and it's not just the pandemic or the government restrictions associated with it. This has been building for decades for talk radio in the nineteen nineties. They had what they called. Consolidation happened in the business and what had happened then was the fcc under it was clinton or where it was but at some point. They changed the rules to allow one company to own more than more than x. Radio stations that. I remember what the number was but there was a very low limit on the number of stations that one company could only generally and then they they raise our nominated that limit and it made it so that these companies could buy up tons of radio stations so companies what they did and that's what they did. You mean listen. I heart media to route enormous numbers of loan right so they bought a bunch of these mom and pop radio stations up and then got all this debt and then what happened in the in the next decade so not long after in the next decade in the arts. Well guess what. The internet came along with this unexpected competition to radio. I mean some of us could see it coming but the radio business certainly didn't and so then all of a sudden these radio stations had unlimited competitors on various different broad internet platforms and now as a result of that the price of radio stations started going down and so they'd poured all this money into these stations and then when they tried to sell them later on they only sell them at fractions of what they had originally paid for them. So they've been upside down on these radio stations for decades radio disney Went went under a few years ago and literally sold their stations off for fractions of what they paid for them. Sounds like basis or zuckerberg. Or you know these guys could just buy up all the radio to like the newspapers. Well they haven't done that yet and if they did try and see if you can buy it for a song is coming. River existed on this planet. Well the the economics though are that if you start going around trying to buy all the radio stations then all the sudden the prices are going to go up so that wouldn't be a smart move to make in that particular case but you're right you're right because that's how they get those those newspapers. They don't really care if those newspapers make. Those newspapers are just their voice propaganda. Republican thank you so much for the call to agree with you. I don't think talk radio or radio in general is going to die but it's going to have to evolve in some ways. Well it did warm my heart. When i learned that bonnie in her early twenties actually has listened to the radio okay. That is good. That was a surprise to me. When i found out that not only has she listened to broadcast radio but has actually listen to. Am radio are you talking about custody. Coast whatever whatever it was. Yeah to coast but the point is like generally you don't consider young people to be radio listeners. And i think that's probably true. Generally i mean. Do you know do a lot of your friends. Do they actually listen to the radio. And i don't know anybody listens to the radio music. We all connect our phones via bluetooth stereo and we streams from spotify right. Yeah the least the least relevant radio Out there is music radio. I mean why would anyone listen to it anymore. There's what what can you get from radio that you can't get online from a zillion different locations. You know i mean and only thing that they have is some program director who picks the songs for you. And if that's what you wanna do are people online that do that as well. I mean there's also features on spotify where they create a new playlist for you every single day with some artists. You light artists and artist. You may never have heard of. I love that I use apple music. But i love that on apple music because sometimes i just can't remember songs that i like and also just shows you new music that you like. There's a discovery factor there. And of course all you have to do to find out what the song is actually literature to look your device Some music radio. It doesn't have. I don't think the staying power that talked does even though this article. Thanks talk on the way out. I think it's just in the process of changing well as mark. Mitchell would talk radio. You hear something different every single day. I mean there's no doubt about it when i drive here. I listened to the same two hundred songs. All the time we'll talk. Radio is always different. Six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty. It's free talk. Live talk radio. You control six zero three two eight three six one. Six zero is the colon number. Talk about whatever you want. Six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty eight tonight. It's aria bonnie and ian and we've been here on talk radio talking about decline of talkradio ian as you mentioned earlier point south that all of these forces are converging on conventional media and they pushed the to owners. I heart media and cumulus media to file for bankruptcy court protection in two thousand seventeen and two thousand eighteen respectively These are the economics of Stances prior to the covid restriction. Yes and kobe just has exacerbated the situation it was seen because advertisers dried up. Everyone shopping online. Yeah the local newspaper here in keene new hampshire which has been around since the seventeen hundreds. It's the oldest crap. It's the old late the late seventeen hundreds but but still. It's the oldest newspaper in new hampshire. From what i understand. So they've been around long enough. They've got their building paid for right like they. They must own the building by now. There's no more so they don't probably have the biggest overhead as far as some newspapers do not renting fancy facilities in new york city. So they were begging for donations up to stay in business because they're they had no advertisers anymore and the obviously wanted to continue operating so they asked for donations from the community. And they gotta they gotta forty thousand dollars in donations on the first run through that. I saw them doing it. I don't know if they did a subsequent one but you know good for them so they still in business they are. Let's go to the phones. We've got david calling from new mexico. David you're on free talk. Live under the heading of four one one. I got a question on that. But combining elements that you sit in your program tonight. You're talking about the was it ammon bundy and In some protests to salvation that communities that were going on without and I want to draw on. Somebody said on your program multiple times in the past. Is that the the only thing stopping people from having the government they deserve as composed to as opposed to the government's being forced on them is that That thin blue line guys out there. People that call yourself the thin blue line You could be working for us for the people but instead you're protecting neo. The power hungry money hungry Oppressive governments and if what you should do is turn your lying around Posing them and fighting for us. And that's what you need to do and just remember. Is it When the people finally get control this you better have turned around by then. Because if you haven't you're going get the you're gonna get taken down and it ain't gonna be ain't gonna be fun for you It's tough to be in that position for for who might be a police officer. Who actually doesn't want to go along with all this tyranny You know how do you flip. If you feel like every other officer is going to be against you then you just know. You're going to end up in a prison cell for doing that. So that's not going to be a lot of these guys have families that they take care of and at the end of the day. It's the state that cuts that check. And they're not gonna feel like they've got a check coming in from just average people even though i think some people would step up to support them if they made the flip if they flipped actually supporting freedom and turning against the state and like arrested politicians or something. I donate to that. At least at least you need to begin preparing the mentally to thinking think about it that at the very least they'll keep to themselves and when they see the tide is turning. Tell the w flip at that moment a moment and turn on the oppressor remember. There's already sheriff. So out there deputies out there all around the country that are already stating publicly that. Hey we're not gonna follow you know. The feds are the federal. Police are being forced to enforce These various dictates and the local police especially in the form of the county sheriff's because the sheriffs are elected and they can't be fired by the governor or whomever like the state police can. They're already saying hey you know. Don't come around here. 'cause you're not welcome here and we're going to oppose you right up to the point where there are many counties. That says we're the said we're going to deputise every damn citizens in the entire county and arm them all if you try to come in here in boston around and and that's what needs to be Followed through on and yourself one You know keep us posted when that. is active in and be able to be used. Because what we need is more of those gatherings like you had a one family and one infant in question. And i don't know how many people had showed up at that but that's what we need is a cell four on one to put out an alert and then if if there are half a dozen or a dozen government officials oppressing a couple of citizens then a hundred of us show up and outnumber them and then when they thank you david. I did that on purpose. I mean he's basically describing the whole reason cellphone one was invented in the first place. Yeah and he's right on. I mean he. He was on a roll there but i agree with what he's saying. I mean that we've seen the the numbers work in our favor and numbers always work in your favor. And that's why. I think that just a couple Cops here and they're turning on the government and just saying cops and deciding to do. It's right isn't really like that's just like a government solution like there are plenty of other jobs. They should just quit and not be cops. I would agree quit and become like a private security worker or something. Sure look at the threat defense center. I believe is what it's called in detroit for a great example of privately run defense organization that you can hire to patrol your neighborhood to give you realize self-defense. Classes to twenty four seven security. They've got different levels of service that they offer The people of detroit that they serve and they've been doing it for several years now at least maybe most of the last decade. I'm not sure when they were founded but garrett ian from freaking dot com went out there and actually met the owner of threat defense center. I believe he came to. I don't know if it was like pork. Fester liberty forum one year or something like that but i don't know how libertarian. The guy is but he's competing with the police that's really also being successful. But as they're still in business as people's rights dot org and as one pointed out you know what we do need is a large number of people a glorified technologically capable neighborhood watch. It isn't about snitching to the police when something happens. It's about helping one another when someone needs it. It's about instead of going to the thugs. We just give each other a helping hand and it's a wonderful thing and i'm bundy has proved that it works. Go ahead and it's definitely a solution for when the police are the ones oppressing you. You obviously can't go to them. Yeah ideally you could go to the sheriff. But that's never how it actually works out apologize. It's threat management center not threat defense center in case people were out there looking for it in detroit. Threats management center management center very cool. Check him out so the financial pressures on cumulus and iheart make them unlikely to invest in the one thing that might save political talk radio local personalities. I tend to agree. I think the best thing they could do to save talk radio would be to actually stop censoring people to actually created a platform that is known for being friendly to free speech and lending people speak their actual opinions. We do that here we do. But we're one the only ones who do and we're not run by cumulus. And i heart radio recently. Hold on i wanna give credit where credit's due. We are heard on cumulus in iheartmedia stations. So i mean they're not the majority of the stations that were heard on but we are heard on several of them. Sure so you know that's good we're not owned by them in the sense that you know and business because cumulus was in the news recently for telling its talk show hosts that they were not allowed to say stop the steel on the air right and so that was like the first time in my history of working in radio where i've ever heard a corporation coming down and telling its talk show hosts that they cannot cover certain subject. That's pretty scary stuff. So it's been noted that sports talk. Radio has fared relatively well with hometown personalities. Yacking about local teams but hiring. Local host is an expensive proposition. Joe rosenthal set. Am radio is an imminent danger unless someone comes along to invest enough to enable it to become a local medium again. Yeah i mean. I wish i could say i'm optimistic about the future of. Am radio. but i can't i mean i. I love broadcast radio. I hope that. Am can stay relevant but day by day. It's getting harder and harder. Because i mean a lot of the younger listeners that do exist on. Radio are listening exclusively on fm. Which is why. I'm glad to see a lot of. Am stations are now getting what they call them. Translators into the am these am talk. Signals are now being heard on fm. I think the most important thing. Yeah i don't think i've ever listened to an am station in my life. Have you six zero. Three two eight three six one six zero free. Talk live with aria and six zero three two eight three sixty one. Sixty is colin number. If you want to and talk about whatever is on your mind. It's been great show. We've been talking about talk radio and how it's generally in a state of decline. But you think you have an idea of how it's going to adapt or evolve or what's going to happen next at the very least. I got some predictions. let's call them somewhat educated guesses. I've been in the business for a couple of decades now and but paid attention to what's been going on and the the talk radio business interest. Radio in general has had a tough time over the last two decades. Since the internet became a competitor you know radio and broadcast television for a long time. Were the only game in town. Besides the newspaper right like if you wanted entertainment that's where you went And then of course cable came in in the early nineteen eighties and more channels to the television experience but for the longest time radio didn't really have much in the way of competition. Satellite wasn't really a thing until the last twenty years right. Internet radio started in the late nineties. But it really wasn't a thing until later in the arts and so what changed for radio was all this competition came in. They thought the government was going to protect them from competition. That's what the licensing process does right. The the government licensing process whether we're talking about being a restaurant or whether it's you know whatever other government licensed business keeps competition out and so radio. Big corporations thought they were just going to be able to rest easy by up a bunch of radio stations and just kick back and enjoy the money rolling in but internet changed the game and it made it so anybody with you. Know five bucks a month could go and sign up at live three sixty five or whatever i heard. They're still in business. But you know some website and allow them to stream whatever music they wanted to to whoever's was willing to listen and there are thousands of internet streaming channels out there and this and i'm talking about before pandora and before you know spotify or whatever these apple music these sort of on demand services are out there so there have been competition to radio now for twenty years. They didn't expect to happen. And paying. licensing fees to the federal government isn't protecting them from it anymore so alternately they're sort of stuck in a real difficult situation where the only thing that they can do and this article did re reference to stay relevant is to be local. Because that's the one thing they can do pretty well that like apple. Music can't do right like apple. Music is gonna feed your music. But they're not going to be able to tell you what's going on in downtown fill in the blank city. They're not going to be able to tell you where the concerts are back when we had concerts or whatever things are happening how depressing when we had concert and maybe someday those things will happen again. Hopefully but the point being. It's something that radio could do. But because of all the consolidation that happened in the nineteen nineties where these big companies got bigger and bigger and bought up all these stations and subsequently went bankrupt. Well they can't do it because they don't have anyone left. I mean they were already cutting jobs in markets all across the united states year after year just because they have all this debt. These companies have these debt loads and they've got to cut their costs in order to deal with that so they don't have anyone left. It's gotten bad. Like i call radio stations for for free talk live right like during the day And you've done some of this work with the are calling radio stations. You talked to program directors you pitched the show to pitch freetalklive to them to get them to listen to it and consider it well. It's harder now than it's ever been to get somebody on the phone. And i'm just talking about secretary like calling up a radio station. One of these big corporate stations. Probably eight out of ten times. There's no answering no one answering at all at all no a year ago or maybe two years ago. I don't remember exactly when it was possible to talk about always reach a secretary. I mean you couldn't get the programming director nine times out a way more less frequently than that. That was a challenge back then. Now it's almost impossible so are they resorting to email now. I mean it's even difficult to reach these via email. A lot of them are working from home and so e mails going to reach him. But you don't get you know it's not the same as getting somebody to pick up a phone right. Is there anything that can save this system. Then so. I don't think that it's hard to say that a company like a heart media or cumulus has any kind of a bright future. I mean they've already been bankrupt. And so i don't know what the next i don't understand bankruptcy law and what all the different sections are or whatever but It's not good right when you go bankrupt so that's probably a bad sign. I think what you're going to see is they're going to likely sell off a lot of their stations and that will probably result in more mom and pop owners of radio stations again and i think that'll be a good thing for local radio. I think that we may see radio. Have a comeback. Possibly you know if if if you can pick up a radio station at you. Know one fiftieth of what it would have cost you twenty years ago. Maybe it's worth doing. Surena may maybe at a low enough price bottom of the barrel enough price which is what we may see happen over the next couple of years that we'll see some fresh ideas come into radio. I'm just this is optimism honestly for the for the business. I think that's the only way it's ever going to become local and relevant against actually have local owners. Come in and run this thing. And i think that. Will i think you kind of have to see that when these stations these big station groups have to liquidate their stations because that will be inevitable if they continue going bankrupt right and i can't imagine i tend to think you're correct mom and pop places. Mom-and-pop re buying these radio stations really the only way to proceed for it. I would rather see younger people. Buy them you know. I don't think their ideas into it. And i don't think you're gonna see the thing they were talking about earlier where you could just hire somebody to do a show. I don't think that's gonna happen anymore. I think that if you wanna be on the radio you'll have to just do like we did on free. Talk live where we worked for free when we started the show and this was twenty years almost twenty years ago now where we said. Hey look just put us on. The air will do the show for free. We just want to be on the air right. And that's what i would expect us. Well yeah if you. There's no other way you're going to be able to do it. You will not have enough money coming into one of operations to be able to hire staff so you'll have to truly find the people that love the art of broadcasting bring them on board and then tell them hey if you can sell some ads sell some ads split with split with the station and then everybody's happy. That's the only way it's going to work. That sounds plausible. I would love to see it. I hope so well. That's the end of that article. And there's not much left time to get into anything else of note. I've got an article here from abc. News just highlighting. How stupid people are in michigan. Man killed by a baby shower kenan because he was the explosion. I don't know what's wrong. With people between gender reveals burning thousands of acres of forest california. What is a baby shower. Cannon is this is the thing it's like my friend just had one at her baby reveal. It's like a little thing with either bluer pink dustin it and they'll like shoot it off at their gender revealed thing and if it's blue dust it's boy. I didn't think they could kill people. Don't stand in front of cannons. It's a bad plan. what did he do. He was fatally injured when a cannon exploded in a backyard during a baby shower because he was within fifteen feet of the device when the blast occurred doesn't say whether he was actually attending or whether he was next door but if he was within fifteen feet. I tend to think that is a huge explosion. You've you've seen this action. I'm just saying fifteen feet is huge. I have seen it well. He wasn't hit by the explosion. He was killed by metal shrapnel. My god what did they load into this thing. Let's just sound like a little bit of glitter that's being shot into the air if there's trump did the cannon itself explode yes oh so. Something was wrong with the device itself and used frequently and hasn't been inspected or anything so just wore away overtime and god four or five people were in the backyard when the small was fired. But this guy was standing about ten to fifteen feet away and was the only person. Shrek struck by shrapnel three-part cars and the garage where the baby shower was being held also struck oh so no he. He's just happened to be in a backyard presumably not fenced from the other property. The people who were there for the gender reveal also were not near the canon. The canon fired by the homeowner as family was celebrating a baby's pending arrival was similar to a signal cannon more commonly as a novelty item. And that sounds like what she would've been referring to like a hand held one. Because i just looked it up to try to show ian and they all looked hand held like a candle. Say this doesn't sound like it could be hand held. If if it's exploding with shrapnel hills a man i mean that seems unlikely. I know i'm laughing and that's horrible. But the the stupidity on display here. This guy bought the kennan at an auction and had fired it several times before. It's suspected that the shrapnel came from the breaking apart during the explosion is designed to create a big flash allow noise and create smoke. The kennan did not contain any projectiles but is suspected that the gunpowder loaded into the device caused the kennedy fracture resulting in shrapnel being spread in the area so he bought a real cannon. Like not the type that i was talking about at all and just tried to put like some powder in it and killed someone. That's pretty much what it sounds like. Yeah and no one at any point in any of this said hey dude. This seems like a bad idea. Can we not do this well. It's been free talk live. That's that's it for us this evening but he can fight us on the internet. In the meantime freetalklive dot com or check us out on our new social media social dot freetalklive dot com. Thanks for listening. You're welcome to another exciting adventure of jonathan gullible. As you may recall we last left. Jonathan got on a remote pacific island after his boat was blown off course by a terrific storm eager to learn about the inhabitants of this island. Jonathan approach the large screaming crowd that had gathered around a tall man in the center. The crowd grew quite as the man spoke. And jonathan saw this as a chance to ask questions we must save our young from the evil ones who are evil once there are some people use guns to force themselves on our citizens. They are criminals. There are also some wheat mary berries. They're also criminals mary berries. What is so bad about mary. Mary's mayberry's turbo. Because it makes people feel good. It's just an escape. What are they trying to escape from. There are trying to escape from reality and we have decided to put these escapees in our su- so they will do that to themselves. What if they don't want to go into zoo. We have plenty of guns to force them. And how did you decide to put mary berry. Turn into jail. We are highly civilized people and we decide good and evil by raising our hands and counting those with the fewest hands. Raised must be like the others are going to the zoo. What if the vote changes. Oh yes then. Everyone could be required to eat mary berries or go to the zoo milled. Freedom with laughter joined the community access free media clips and more or get your free. Pdf copy of the book. Go to jonathan gullible dot com now. Jonathan gullible dot com.

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