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Finding Your Way Back to the Earth Through Shamanism


You're listening to episode two hundred and four of women worldwide. How connected are you to nature in do you feel the energy from an infinite universe? I've got a guest today who is a shaman and a teacher of Chamonix practice. So stay tuned to learn more. Hi, I'm Deirdre Breckenridge. I've spent an entire career helping women to share stories nurture relationships Rover their brands, but most of all to find your voices. So they can make a difference. Do you feel stuck do? You wanna power up your own voice? Women worldwide features stories of passionate women who have navigated big career challenges. And some of the toughest changes. These professionals offer deep insights and advice to inspire you. And to help you uncover. What's holding you back? Let women worldwide ignite your passion, SUV you can excel in life. Taiwan. Welcome to another episode of women worldwide. We are powering up the voices and sharing stories of people who are creating impact making a difference in this world. I've a really interesting guests for you today. How have you heard of Shamanism? Well, if you don't know what it is. Or even if you do you're going to learn more today. My guests on the show is Julie Hannah's, the founder of inner peace and as shaman and teacher of Shimon masters. She's committed to helping you. Discover yourself your joy and beauty in life Jewish passionate about connecting with people and helping each and every one of you. Discover your own special strengths in gifts in her work. She helps remove the barriers that keep you from your. Possibility June actually started out in HR in leadership training, and she's transitioned into Schimanek energy healing, and she hears share her journey and story with you. Julie's great to have you on my show. Welcome. Thank you so much for having me dare to. I really appreciate the opportunity will it's my pleasure. And I just mentioned in your intro that you have a background in HR leadership training. And then you transition into this whole other practice in realm Chaumont, energy healing. Maybe you could tell us a little bit about this jury to Diesen wellness. Sure, I was an HR executive biotech for the last while at the time when I transitioned I'd been working fulltime at a company in helped building it we've grown from one hundred and forty when I started to twenty five hundred people on we restructured down to twelve hundred with a few previews prior. And I was. Looking for something else for two years? My kids were little and loved love loved my work and in love my life. I was only seen them about an hour a day, and I took a big leap of faith, actually, not into Shamanism at all just into taking a break from a crazy eighty hour week work schedule and into that space. Someone hit me book about China's him. And when I read the book it felt like a real coming home to myself, and that was sort of the beginning middle and end of it. I was recovering from some sort of some adrenal fatigue in other issues with my health having left my job, a few months before a couple of months before end, and then found out about John schools in the fall when I was going little stir crazy being off of time at home mom and was looking for something to do just for weekend at Kepala, which is local yoga teacher training. You'll I mean, actually, some just a local I guess school now that they'd have all sorts of guests in people come teach. So. That was a little bit of my journey. But I had studied Shamanism in my twenties before I had kids I studied with native American teacher for a little while. And and got married I made a medicine wheel on the earth to get married in a sacred circle in a secret food when I was in my house when I turned thirty I got married, so the call to be connected to the earth has actually been into beacon end. My actual experience of being really connected to the earth is been my lifelong path since I was a little person in the upper to study it came along when I was forty changed everything for me to have an opportunity to work with both to work with the shamans, but also to work with the. Land and. Let's say it's so great to hear that you sort of found your way back to something that was a part of you. When you even very little eighty hours a week is a grueling week. And you know, sometimes I also wonder why it takes us know, I I sometimes feel the same way with the amount of hours that are passed on agency work that I've done so long to discover that it's not good. Joy. Right. And you need something else. So that it's fascinating. I'm not sure if the average person or verbs will relied listener out there knows what exactly is the shaman. Now, you did mention connecting yourself to the earth. But can you kinda give the the layman's definition? So everybody understands store. There's a couple of different ways to think about it. There's the world of matter and the world of energy. So I assume maybe maybe there's not a good idea to assume anything, but that most people can remember a picture that formula Weinstein's equals MC squared. And there's the world of energy on one side of the equation in the world of matter on the other side of the equation the shaman dances with their foot in both worlds. So they access the world of energy as part of their. This other round that we live in and in the world of matter and dance between those worlds, and they were with this idea of. In the tradition. One of the traditions. I studying in the Andean tradition from South America. And they talk about the shaman is someone who shifts their state of consciousness at will whenever they choose to for the purpose of healing. And accessing information that's beyond our five senses. So the gather in for information or more than formation sort of new I say new maps of consciousness for the good of the community or the person if you're working in in individual the other way, I think about it is that the energy healing that were made up word ninety nine. Now, we have all this great quantum physics, which wasn't so consumable when I was studying fifteen years ago and are accessible to everybody. I guess would be better way to say it and in quantum physics. We know that we are ninety nine point. I'm gonna count on my fingers ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent. Energy and point zero zero zero zero one percent matter. And we spend all of our turn thinking that matters. What matters. So the shaman accesses that ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent and works with that to help us. To pay attention to the energy and to and to change our frequency, so that we can have joy, and that we can have that even even in our work. I have another colleague coup says, you know, how do you find the joy in what you're doing? It's not about changing and becoming a shaman. It's about discovering a map of what's going on in your world. So that you can to that you can access that ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent for your best in highest. So that you can find joy, win, whatever you're doing even the laundry. This is really interesting breakdown. The orange large percentage of energy in the small percentage of matter. You mentioned working with individuals. Julie I don't know if you can answer this question right off the bat, but can you as a shaman recognized somebody's energy weather? It's lower or higher to help them sort of construct in move forward to tap into is at something that you can feel or that you recognize your worth while I want to start by saying in the in the in the way, I teach in life. We only work permission. So if someone's in my office. Yes, that's absolutely what part of what I do. And and part of the journey is to release the frequencies that aren't helpful to tuned to the frequencies that are helpful. So there's lots of ways to do that. I teach a twelve day journey and we work with frequencies through given rights in initiate through. Transmissions of frequencies that help upgrade our field. Let's teaching last weekend in talking about, you know, most people at least in America have some version of iphone, Android or something. And I said so how often do update or apple or whoever update your operating system, and they push these things out to to to constantly upgrade what's available in to change the frequency because there's more information available, and how often do you do that for your own energy body because we have a fiscal buddy energy body in most of us. Don't bring consciousness to our energy. And there's lots of ways to do it, and including being nature and and meditating in on enemy had left with guests with that kind of experience. And and and being still end yoga all sorts of other ways, there's many many technologies in this is a place of connecting to the earth in remembering and yes, part of it is the practitioners shaman is to to help people. Discover where there. Where there's a block to Joyce, basically when I say our love universal love. I remember reading an article awhile back about how it's really great to do some grounding. You take your shoes off your socks off sit in put your feet in the grass. As you speak on kind of thinking, there's something to that. Absolutely. Because that's the way we can we can update our frequency because the earth connecting to the earth allows us to reset our operating system. Which clearly I'm sure I mean as an entrepreneur and all of the entrepreneur listeners as well. As anyone who's in business or has just a busy lifestyle. We probably don't do that updates. Like, we do on our on our smartphones. It's really important. I'm curious about. Who would be most interested in sort of his Shimon ick, energy healing. How do people even know that they would need a shaman and who's really working with you while it's people who are on a journey to explore to discover they've tried other things mostly. But if Dr many other things in there looking for their purpose or their happiness. They have a recurring illness that they feel like they should have gotten better from I've had people come with various different diagnosis, although we were not doctors I don't work with so so to speak with diagnosis I work with someone on the journey. And they say, look, I have this thing going on this medical thing. But I know it's not just a physical thing. Mend in most often. It's not and they want. Right. So it's the body mind, and the soul and the energetic. So we all know that there's a body mind connection right now. But then there's these four levels of engagement. So there's the body and the mind in emotions, and then the third level or the third place of perception is the is the sole level and then outside like if you think of them as Russian nesting dolls, the outside is the energetic, and what's happening in that energetic body. That's informing it's the software that informs our heart wearing how do we engage with that? So people come when they're at a crossroads in their life. And they want to they're looking for something different to to to facilitate healing because they know that they have a bigger potential what show up for them. And it's a, you know, it's always a big question. People ask me that all the time. I used to say when I started is when I was really starting. I never intended to be Noor it wasn't my idea. I wanna have my own business that wasn't even a thought or a draw necessarily end. So when I was. Getting training said, oh, I went and did a business class right in everybody needed initiating to be focused on who you wanna serve. And I was like what humans are my who I serve in. None of one. Sometimes I helped my friends patch. So it really is one to have access to this world of energy. It's important to focus on what you're doing. But really, my focus is about helping people rediscovering their own connection to spirit on the earth and to live their best life. So and to give them tools to do that for this time this twenty percent time. And and the I know in our in your list of things we said something about religion may be working to go here, but shaman is pre religion. So it's not a religion or DOD LA. It's a it's a way of life. It's a way of being in the world that allows you to access the voices of nature. Somebody tells me so a lot is in your mindset, you mentioned permission here. Right. Somebody who really wants to take advantage of the energy, you mentioned body, mind soul. External the energy. You really can't get to where you need to be declared the joy, unless you sort of embraced this notion of energy. Well, yes, and no because everybody comes here with a different experience in this round of being here. And some people can do that. I think with really clear mindset with really clear, but you know, there's this place of of affirmations which a lot of people use. I've used them in my life. And it's one thing to say the words in another thing to start to visualize it. So how'd you clear the template had you clear your way your energy to be able to see new possibilities because we get caught up in our left in our left brain way. But in our in our education in our schooling were very taught were taught so much if this happens then that happens, and it's it's very it's a it's a paradigm of probabilities, not possibilities. And really any scenarios as possible. Happen. And there's all these choices. And sometimes you can even say that the biggest limiting factor is your imagination. And I say, you know, imagination the largest or Disney says while does be imagination is the largest nation on earth. And so when you join into that place anything is possible because if you imagine it amend release it to spirit give it to the fullness of the energetic world of the universe. That's that's like taking the secret one step further because you let go of that possibility. You let go of the probability and give it to spirit in minutes, even better than you imagined. And that's part of the story. I tell of my life because I never imagined for the last ten years or more I've been teaching for I was teaching for the they call the Harvard University of Shamanism for the four wins in I've recently flown that nest, but there's and there's a place of like, I never imagined traveling the world teaching Shamanism that wasn't part of my math. Really, not even something I necessarily wanted to do. But it was but I loved it. It was amazing. It changed everything for me. This really cool is this eastern philosophy is this, you know, when I sometimes when I think about rural energy, we're all connected of ood, 'isms my mind. So while it's so it's not a philosophy as I said, if it's not religion that the shaman in the anthropological way the shaman came from like northern Siberia from that region. When the varying straight froze in walked across the Americas in the teachings got distributed across the Americas north and South America in medicine teachings are very familiar in their essence as Buddhism as essence of Christianity. Judaism, if people into the spiritual or mystical places of those teachings, they're all same as the source light. It's if we released our suffering, but then we have Joyce if we if we exit if he let go of attachment than we have. Access to instant possibilities. All those places are the same at is as I call them the essence teachings of the truth teaching they're all the same in in the heart of them in. It's just the dogma that people were up around them that take them away from the magic to make it a to make it a specific practice or somebody makes rule in the you know for specific moments. It's not alive anymore that will. But was to live by see what would prevent somebody from trying. I mean, why wouldn't you just automatically be drawn to it? If you knew that you were going to discover your true self clean, your joy, find all your possibilities would prevent you. I think your logical mind place. It says really it's magic or that. I don't believe that that could work or you know, I when I teach my intro class my first weekend. I talk about Jill boaty Taylor. I'm not sure if your audience would be familiar with her. She wrote a book called my stroke of insight, and she had a stroke completely contained on the left side of her brain. And it was very unique for her because she was a scientist in Rajasthan, she'd spent her whole life, studying brains, and she's very very much caught in the science in the hypotheticals of science in the in that place of if this then that and the right brain is all about possibilities. And so if you've spent a lot of your life in the left, brain left, brain place of logic and also part of the left brains job is to doubt. Then you have doubt about this. You would say, I'm not sure I can't see it. I can't touch it. I don't I don't really know that. In place of energy. How come you have access to it? What do you mean, you you're telling me that this is happening or that's happening? Even in a way, our meeting was this for me was divine intervention because it was a crossroads at during the time. We both just happened to be in in the same place at the same time. For moments are for a few hours. And now we get to have this conversation. So that is that's outside of I can make logistical map about the saw that you interviewed you few two hundred episodes that we both knew a necessary. I'm sorry deliver us that we both knew Dolores he sat in her space in we had that intersection. But it was it felt more than that to me in the moment leading up to those days since since then, so that's that's a bigger. It's bigger than just to. We are on the hesitancy is usually because our left brain can't understand this place of possibility. That's what you make your left brain understand you can rewire. Absolutely. And and part of that is through going into nature and in growing those connections with your between your right and left brain having practical literally having practical experiences. That's why say Shamanism for the twenty first century in a lot of ways because we need to have these practical experiences. You can't read the book about it. You have to actually experience it. And then as soon as you start experiencing it you start to notice that actually happening all the time. And we just haven't put our attention on. Mazing does something. That's there. Right into who utilizing it. There's a lot of listeners right now. It's warm in their areas. They're gonna go walk their foot. I have a friend whose kids she's a first nations person in count and the count in Canada, medicine way, and her kids come home, and she and she actually has mocked since for them when it's cold like this. But she otherwise there barefoot her kids come home when they hand over all their devices to her their phones in their, ipads, whatever. She plugs them into recharge outside charge. The devices in new recharging they have to go outside per while other their computer stuff charges in they get charged on the earth. So there so it's really it's really important sweetly, really important. I think we've only church Julie. I'm just gonna ask you to hold your thoughts. Just retake super quick break. Give some love to our sponsor pure performance communications. And when we get back rooting dive back into the conversation with Julie and talk more about her business and finding that inner peace. Dear John Breckenridge. Welcome back to the show. Julie Hanan, and I were just discussing her work as a shaman and Chamonix teacher, but must've all as a math nary. Helping other people to sort of open up explorer and find this map, Julie, it was really interesting to hear and learn more about Shamanism in your journey, and let's pivot a little bit more now toward you as someone who is building. So you found your claim to joy with what you're doing. And maybe you could share a little bit about some of the challenges. We certainly talked about how wonderful it is to travel the world, and you're finding so much success. But what about challenges, and you know around being entrepreneur today. Well, one of my biggest challenges, honestly is that I don't like to sit in front of the computer. And and I'm looking right now, I'm sitting here with you on the computer, which is fabulous. And I am what I've done I have my laptop. And then I have it hooked up to a big screen. That's. A little higher more ergonomic, correct? And I put a big alter in front of it because I wanted to make it a little more sacred. So that's one of my big challenges in the big challenge for me is that I am such an extrovert. And so I sometimes find entrepreneurship a lonely business because it's because we're all sort of in many ways doing it on our own even and that's and so these places where I get connected with podcast folks, get to participate or choose to participate in groups of people coming together to brainstorm about their business are so important. And it's taken me a while. Because I think I said in the first half of the of your show that I wasn't intending to be a business owner wasn't it was sort of an accidental transition for me, and I didn't I know I have friends who who set out to build their own business and started with a different kind of plan even from down to the planner. They used in everything they put things in place, right? From the beginning that I'm going back and retrofitting. So that's one of my biggest challenge is is that community looking for community and finding it in making it, especially because I'm an extrovert, and I like to be round of the people so actually stayed in human resources once I launched my personal my private practices. The shaman I continued to consultant human resources for six years to both to nourish my left brain in to have that extrovert interactions, those places of being with scientists in leaders and discovering in a in a community rather than just in a one on one place. It was before I had started teaching outside of the so it's interesting being entre printer as you know. Yeah, I can definitely relate to wanting to be around other people. I think I off of their energy. And I also find a lot of synergy in group. I specially notice that on as you know, we've had conversations after Noelle passed away. Mike, grieving process has to include people. I mean, I do take a long time. I take mornings to meditate to do things for myself for inner peace and energy. It's people in that really helps me. So important. I'm. Yeah. It really is. When you think about success? I guess success is different for everybody. It's different in all phases of of life. What does it mean to you? Maybe you could define success. And then the second part of question is what does failure mean to you? It's interesting that word fail. I'm gonna start with the second one. Because I because I think that failure in a way is part of the part of the place of making new maps is where we put our energy on the tension, especially our attention because where we put our attention starts to take something out of the world of energy and bring it into matter. So even the settle t of saying failure success creates a specific gesture in the world. So I think of failure really is an opportunity for for learning used to say when I was a human resources exact and working with difficult clients or people who are struggling as leaders. I people would say, oh, they would we get together as as HR director since say, how's it going? What's happening in some people would say, oh, this one's that miss Wednesday. That might say, well, there's many opportunities for growth so failures in opportunity to say, oh that didn't work. Let's try something else. You know, throwing sort of that for me. That's how I think of failure. And. And and this opposite place of success is this place of of having people have access. You know, in the very literal sense. It's having full classes and having people show up and have a pipe, adding your pipeline of people. But it's it's more energetic. Yeah. It's it's it's a question for me right now because having just shifted my thing to be really focused on. Both partnering with some of my colleagues in the universe in the world. And also being more even more of an entrepreneur than I was when we scheduled this call, but because I have. Because I'm not teaching for the big organization that I trained with any any at the moment. It's different and success is there's the literal place of success. But really it's getting up in the day and saying I'm moved I moved. I had this conversation with Deidra and more people know about what I'm doing. Now. That's what's important not that. I'm doing it that it exists at all. So that's how I define success in opening up the possibility of the conversation of even having a shaman on women worldwide. Like, that's an amazing to me. That's an amazing amazing thing that there's there's a ear for this in the universe that there wasn't years ago this access to energy. It's just what you said about shell. You're completely agree. It's a alerting experience. It's what you do with it. But for the success in you said access to energy can can you fully tap into that ninety nine point nine nine or whatever percent is fully at any given time or. Is that not possible? I is it are you fully tuned in can somebody fully be tuned into access all of that energy. And what what would that look like? Well, I think we can't I think it's absolutely possible. And I think we do it to a greater lesser extent. Usually when I'm teaching because part of what I teach in my classes, a meditation practice to help people open to that. And some people haven't had a meditation practice beforehand in a lot of people have these days. But it's when I am teaching meditation. I say have any of you ever had even a few seconds. Or who hasn't had even a few seconds of that moment when you know, everything is connected. Everybody's had one pretty much and some people might nineteen year old son, for example, will brush it off and say, yeah. Yeah. No. But that was that wasn't real because he's nineteen interested teenager. But but we've all had one or two. And so the idea is to clear the pathway. So that you have the more frequently nothing lasts longer any. No. If you are a regular meditators sounds like you are some mornings are really quiet in really do know that you're one with everything another mornings the grocery list in the things to do when you're late for the call. And you haven't you know, and you don't really know what it is. But it's all it's practicing that gives you the state of meditation that allows you to shop for the infinite. So the more we practice the more access. We have. So you know, you mentioned before in your when you talked about challenges being an extrovert being in groups. So how are you building new relationships getting the word out about your business doing? I mean, this podcast certainly exposes you to listeners and other guests, but what what other ways do you feel you could be I well up until just recently I taught a through big school. So that gave me a lot of exposure as a faculty senior faculty person, I lead trips in Peru. N lately end now, I'm starting to partner with people who've wanted to partner with me for a while. And I have kept my home life in my and being a faculty person more front and center. So I'm shifting to have local ceremonies here in the Boston area. And and then I have partners a partner in Canada partner a couple partners. In europe. And we're co creating things too because because there's because we have limited. What I want to say because this is a really important time on earth to help us change the vibration. So that we can continue to thrive here as humanity. And that's also part of my vision. So so these partnerships with other women interestingly to me, very interesting that they're all women, but very exciting. To bring the workout into the world and to make it more accessible are are very important for me. And for the work right now. Excellent who've out technology and media. Yes, I do that I found life, my friend who I one of my friends who had partnered with she's in Germany. We have a growing, we're growing this our other brand there's a business brand your is called life, passions and. And she thinks I have a very big great platform. Total media compared to hers, which is none. So so, yeah, I use Facebook. And I think actually Facebook is a really important, you know, it's the a while ago. I haven't checked it was the third largest nation in the world was third largest group of citizens China. I forget what the other one that China, India, China and then Facebook. Okay. It's an import it an important platform. But I had somebody one of my coaches that I was working with say recently. It's important that people can find me, but this work is sort of a fifth dimensional kind of work in some of the three D marketing places aren't going to be what brings my business to the world. So I have a great website. I just updated this year. I'm starting to blah. Yeah. So it's all it's all shifting. And it's important because there's because this is one of the ways we find each other. Well, I think that you make an important points. When ways that we find each other and social media is all about making connections in your must feel like. The relationships that develop you can learn so much more about somebody through social media and technology, but you want to take that somewhere. You know, the best relationships really are in the physical and from the virtual to physical. Then you're going to feed yourself with great partners and friends and colleagues, and you'll have more energy surrounding you. It's when you know, I'm of course, huge fan of social media. But it's always making sure that we understand it's a channel. And we use it as such there's a lot of influence through social media. But at the end of the day, we're still peeking, and we have human connection, right then. And I think that that's it's very it's very very important. Sometimes last aspect something that gets last until show media that we think we're. You know, even even a lot of chamois training going online in my friends who've been encouraging me to bring my voice to an online platform in to have, you know, online classes and make myself more accessible in that way, an ice, and I haven't gone there. Because I so believe in the importance of the person and. Place. Yeah. I mean, it's I'm sure a different vibe when you can there's a lot of energy masters in Claritin events rat. Rat worst does. But clearly that in person. Visit I think by the time, I left I was hugging you cry Brian. I don't rank. I don't I don't know if if you're going to have that same experience online. Maybe sure there's there's video, but how much energy like you could feel energy being passed of us through that entire group. And I will because we were in person. And can you have the same feeling when you're online, right? And I think that there's a place for both. There's absolutely a place for most in its an we're as long as we are embodied in physical form, I think it's important to honor that and that you know, we can cast. I when I'm in person when I do a mentoring group online, I will say to everybody who's on the phone with us when we could even do right now to all your listeners. We could say let's cast a circle. But your face your left hand to the ceiling in your right hand to the floor and holds hands of the person on either side of you and create a circle in feel the web of energy that goes through the circle of women women worldwide because we are the visionaries the women's worldwide are the ones who are going to hold this earth create change, whether it's locally in their tiny little family are tiny little community or like Deirdre does speaking to millions of people all over the world. So we can do that in. I what as I'm doing that in talking to I can feel the energy flowing out my arms, and I can feel the circle, and I can feel the level of the earth to feeling, but it's an amazing feeling and when you're in person, and there's a palm in your left hand in problem in your right hand, and you can feel the energy run through your heart. Literally. It's difference. Definitely will like you said there's a place for both -solutely. So maybe you could just share abuse. You so much going on? In your world with with your teaching and your business. Do you have any favorite resources or apps that you're using personally professionally? Yeah, you know, I I loved that question. And I the only one I came up with besides music because I use music a lot in everybody has their favorite music platform is insight timer. It's term. It's an application. It's an app inside nine. I turned my phone off. It's definitely called inside timer. It's got a little brass bowl on it. Like a sound full. When you find the app, that's how you know. You're in the right place. Brass bolts us, and it's. I can't be us because it's the single you have to tap it with the wooden stick. And then you run to get it by braiding. And then you run the stick around the outside like alliance. It's a beautiful noise. It's yeah. So inside timer. I love because it has has journal function in it's totally keeps upgrading itself. But it also has access to lots of teachers in free, meditation and amazing teachers that put you can join a community and follow a roomy meditation grew for so it's a way of bringing of connecting to other people. If you wanted to do it that way, but it's also resource. It's also simply a bell that you can set interval timers or you can set whether you want sticks or bells or singing bowls to be chime that goes off. When you're twenty minutes is up use it. I'm a study Oakland to yoga saw have pranee out of practice twenty minute practice, and I have a five minute fell than another Belet fifteen minutes in another bell when it's over. So it's really it's a really great tool. Of course, there's a free one end the five I think five dollar one. And it's. I loved it. It's one of the things that I love about it is that it's volved along with me in my practice. So it's staying current which is really helped police tastes pool. Is is insight. Timers insight timer S, I G H T R, you iphone or you my phone. Okay. And do you know if there's one of eligible, I don't know. I would not really helpful do. How much I'm just curious because us are. So in tune, you have access to all this energy. How much do you? Let the outside rolled in terms of news, come to you. Does that limit your energy, your is that you know there? There's lots of headlines there's lots of news sources. I mean, I'm in communications public relations. So news is something that I would naturally consume that. I'm just curious. Do you find that that is helps your energy your deplete your energy thumb? I actually find that it depletes you asked at the beginning of our conversation. First half of your of our competition. What keeps people from stepping into this? And sometimes it's fear. And you know, there's this acronym for fear. Fear is an acronym earn across false evidence appearing real. And fill much of our news. These days is questionable. We used to say in German school. I sometimes say if you wanna know how afraid to be you can turn on Fox News because because a lot of public relations is about managing the public. And how they wanna hold you how they want us to feel. There's the biggest one of the biggest things that people are afraid of now if you tune into the Weather Channel is the weather. It's like, well, we've lived here for millennia in now sudden were afraid of whether. Interesting paradigm. So I don't consume a lot of it. Honestly. And all the important stuff gets through. The fires to me some of the important stuff for what's happening to humans like the fires in California, very important. The floods in Italy are very important. And I hear that stuff. However, I hear it. And maybe Julie just to round out the show, which will to give some parting advice to other professionals or people in general about taking a different path than I don't know carving out their purpose finding their energy. I guess I would invite you to invite your listeners to an all of us to breathe in and out of our hearts, and to take a breath and really find what's in the way of being able to breathe in and out of your heart. And to listen to what to hurt lung. Your heart's longing is as you step into your work, everyday, whatever your work in the world is in your work might be being with kids at home or it might be. Simply being on earth. At all are being a painter doesn't have to be doesn't have to be something so much as we think of is going to a job. And if that's what your if part of your life is right now, that's amazing thing, and you can bring joy there too. So so. I guess I my invitation to people is to find what keeps you from being really present. Because all we really have is one moment, and we get very caught up in what happened in yesterday in what's going to happen tomorrow. And we have one breath if we're lucky. So I like people to be present with their Bressan to you know. Yes, my work is to clear the obstacles to that to help you to discover what keeps you from being present. An all of our work is to is to find a way to share. You know to share the light that we each of us each of us are beautiful. I'm really good advice. Okay. Last question super, easy, where can people find out more about you, and your you're teaching some my website right now is inner peace and wellness dot com. Actually that pointer. We'll stay there. Even though I'm working possibly with. I have life passion. Also that I'll be growing in such a moment's project. But can always find me through inner peace in wellness dot com. Even if I change it to enter peace enjoy which is what I really wish you all you all have beautiful joyful day in way of being in the world. So that's where you find me. And and you can follow me on Facebook. Julie a Hanan 'cause that's other one was taken. That's my middle. Initial Julie Hanan on Facebook. So that's where I am these days than it would be great to hear from many of your listeners because I love this work that you're doing the world. I think I do really believe honestly that women are the. That we need to do it. It's our time to call our call to action in for this. I think they'll Trump every day for calling us out to our world to where it needs to be. There you go Julie. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming on show. Just appreciate you everything you're doing, thanks. Your time. Your insights hav. You're really good advice. So thank you. Thank you so much for having me. Thank you all to your listeners for tuning into this. Great work. It's been a pleasure. And I want to thank all of you for tuning into women worldwide. You're listening sharing and helping to raise the voices of people who are really trying to make a difference like jewelry business in life than if you have a moment, please keep the comments coming Ramos on I tunes. Give us a show on social media, run, Twitter and Facebook, always love to hear from you. Okay. Friends until our next episode see focused. Energized feeling powered thank you.

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