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The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking offering account with no fees or minimums that can be opened in only five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet, Capital One and a? Cried passion and patterns re of college. Football leaves Keer Paul finebaum show. Our one podcast meant the Friday guide your here and what a weekend is in store, especially if you're a college basketball fan lot to talk about on our program today. Welcome to Friday. It is March. It isn't let me double yet Marsh. I can you believe it we've made it to March already and the madness of March well underway this weekend going on. Let's get right to the headlines before we get to your phone calls SEC showdown between Tennessee and Kentucky. Last couple of weekends. We've seen get battles. Like this. Tennessee at Kentucky, Tennessee at LSU and Kentucky returns the favor heading into Knoxville. They won the first one last year. They lost both regular season games at one in the tournament. Yeah. That's that was last year, though, what happened the last time these two met that was about two weeks ago up. Annecy and Kentucky their first of two regular season two meetings. The balls are on the longest winning streak in school history. So simple to get the ball inside the VJ Washington. And he is looking like an NBA post playing Travis with a hustle, rebound and water. This is getting away from Tennessee. They have been manhandled rejected by Travis numbers were Kentucky. What a performance by the Kentucky Wildcats here tonight it out number one. Catch did it. And when teams meet twice as an ape as AP top can opponents look at what has happened in recent years. Tap in a couple of times, it will happen again as that is the headliner there. Couple of other important games in the SEC. And we will talk about all of that. As we roll through this program big show on tap. John adams? Probably having a Samuel Adams right now. After his recent column, we'll talk about that in a few minutes. John Adams writing about women's basketball. You can probably guess what he had to say Jordan Davis. You know him. He's big LSU fan country music star had a couple of big hits. You talk hoops football. You name it and one half of the famous finebaum Greenberg law firm. Seth Greenberg joins us from Houston. No problem out there. Seth will. Join us. We'll get your phone calls. And you're welcome to do that right now. Give us a ring. Eight five five two four to seven to five. I mentioned we will talk to John Adams John writing today in the Knoxville news sentinel about last night's lady vol's loss to Vanderbilt. It was the first time ever the lady vol's have lost Vanderbilt in Knoxville Vanderbilt ranked at the bottom the SEC beat of all on their home court and many walking out of that arena. Wondering about the future of Holly Warlick, of course, Holly Warlick took over for coach summit while when she stepped away due to illness, and all of course, all American at Tennessee under Pat summitt and her loyal assistant. John Adams writing today. Hey that that era should end. We'll talk to him about that coming up here in a couple of moments again your phone number. Your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five. So we will be happy to talk to you love to hear from you. And let's start with Harry in New Orleans. Hello, harry. Welcome to the show. Harry there. Yeah. Thank you ball. I'm gonna be briefed as usual looks like my two favorite teams. I've been pulling fall year of coach Billy at Texas AM, and then my Dopp team as of late Alabama. We'll like I'm going to have to jump ship. But I'm just gonna put my vote in. I'm gonna go with the big blue in Kentucky to get that mile mile upset tomorrow. Yeah. I haven't seen any early lines. I suspect Tennessee will be a narrow favourite. Don't you? Yeah. I think belly very narrow. But just have a feeling that coach Cal and big blue a little battle-tested ball. And I think I'm going to have to slide that way, but anything could happen as we know. I'm still thinking about it. I mean a couple of weeks ago, I was convinced at Tennessee would win that game. But you have to have a little pause. I'm gonna I'm I will. Listen to the smartest people in the in the world, and those are the callers to the finebaum share today before making a determination. Listen to judge Greenbaum as well. Yeah. Yeah. He I am interested in what Seth thinks. I think there seems to be a rush over to the Kentucky side right now. But that's understandable, Kentucky's played played a extremely well in recent weeks. Do you think they will Ted more battle-tested, Paul? I don't know. I mean Tennessee's been on the road. They were LSU they were at ole miss. I mean, I don't think you can in in two weeks have any heavy tougher roads. And go to Rupp go to Baton Rouge and go to Oxford. I mean, that's a pretty tough run. Now, obviously, they both have played a pretty pretty good schedule Kentucky playing Duke and Carolina in the preseason. Tennessee playing Kansas in Gonzaga. I think it's pretty even myself. Oh one last question. Do the think Duke can can handle off Carolina on the rebound from that lasts loss. Well, I think it all depends on on where. Others I on his back or not I think without Zion. They are not very good team. I mean, a good team in terms of going far in the tournament, nor nor nor do I think they can be Carolina without him. I think he will. He will be Baxter that is simply an opinion. But that's that's what I believe. Hey, thanks for the call. Do appreciate it. Lewis is up next in Birmingham. Hello, louis. Go right ahead. Hey, follow. I just want to kill you. I don't know if you know think an Email was sent to your show, but wanted original from the Birmingham market Joe from trust will passed away about a month ago. No, I did not know that John was only fifty two years no man passionate album fan. Great father, married to the same woman for thirty years three great, son dot unexpected. He no, I didn't know that Joe is a he Joe had some pretty famous calls into the show. I'm really sorry to hear that. I don't know why we seem to be losing some really quality people from this program lately with with Tammy, of course, him Jim from Crestwood ad. I'm really sorry to hear. I did not. I didn't know that Louis really appreciate you sharing. My wife's brother degree on the football team. We didn't agree on the political party. But if you knew the man, you had a lot of respect for now we. We we had Noam out there who can forget the famous any Sheridan call. Yeah. You know, I was talking to share it or not long ago, and and he brought up that call. And and and I can't tell you how many times I've been with him or someone else when they didn't bring up the Joe from trustful call today, Danny it was it was epic to say the least. Paul. Thank you. Thank you. And and Louis please give my best to the family. I'm sorry. I didn't know that. But predate you're sharing it. Sure. Well, thank you. Good to have you on. Yeah. He's a. Yeah. Again, I understand maybe when somebody elderly passes away. But when somebody that young goes, it is extremely sad. Thank you for sharing that let's move along. Dwayne his in Kentucky on the air next. Good afternoon. Dwayne all doing we're doing great. Thank you. The first time caller person I ever got through anyone just really tried to call it costs about. But I just wanted to ask you, how do you think that's going to do this weekend or against LSU? I would suspect Alex who's going to win that game. I I think they're getting their their their one of their star players back. Alabama may still be shorthanded and no Alabama one big game on the road the other day. But I think beating LSU is another is another story. Yeah. Stand that. But who who was out? I'm trying to remember who got hurt in the South Carolina game. Dante hall. I think. Yeah. Well, really well. That's not good. But by the way, I may have that wrong. Let me let me double check. I just saw it a minute ago in my mind is is their players. They got hurt. I'll I'll I'll double check make sure I get it. Right. Make sure make sure I get the right player. I remember I was watching the game when he got hurt. I just can't remember his name at the moment. Clark is up next. Go right ahead car, you're on the air. I'll play it would lay before yesterday you were talking with somebody about the governor of Alabama, and he got Alabama and all were back together to play each other again after fail. Do not hear that wrong. Or where is that? Right. When did that happen? If she shed a little light on that for me. If I was days on Ingram is the player that I was thinking of I I was talking about what happened. I believe it was in the fifties. When when the maybe in the forties when the state legislature in Alabama mandated that Alabama and Auburn get back together again. Okay. Well, what what happened that they were part. I did I never did catch on that. What happened that they weren't? They play. Listen, you're pushing me a little bit beyond my realm of expertise, but the Syria brokered the series broke up at some point. I can't remember the year. There was a fight. There was there was some altercation. They quit playing each other. And then the game was was brought back if I remember correctly. Okay. And that might have been in the fifties. I'll double check on the year. I just can't quite remember the exact year. Okay. Thank thank you very much. Yep. Could break up against the break. More of your phone calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five. We are back with more listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. Glad you're with us. Eight five five to four to seven to eight five and Robison Elizabeth town, Tennessee. Are you doing I I'm caller here? Thanks for taking my call. You bet. Great to have you on. Hey, appreciate it would ask you what you think about Hollywood. I've been watching these lady vol's from Greece Nebraska, Athens, Georgia, and I've loved them around the world. But I just can't take watching them lose. Like they've been losing lately. How long before Genesee gets rid of Holly? And do you think they're going to go with another assistant coach or will? They put the money down in high ringer. Well, I watched the game last night. And it was inexcusable. I'm sorry. There are no there are no kind words to say about you can try to figure out what the problem is. There's a disconnect on that team. They don't seem to be listening to her. And if if players don't listen to head coach choices, you get rid of the players given the head coach exactly, and you could see it last night when they come out of time out. Girl. It's over. I mean, I don't care what anyone else in my mind. You can't you can't. I heard some commentators this morning saying, well, you know, they can still go to ole miss, and we know they can't. I mean the season's over. Let's let's. Pruitt or will they have no idea we're gonna talk about that in a minute with John Adams. I don't know films in a very awkward position. He's been there before and he's been friends with Holly for ever. And by the way, doesn't matter. Let's let's let's quit talking about what a great person. She if she is. But you can't coach. Okay. I agree. Thanks for taking my call. Thank you. I mean, she can't coach you that this level to to win championships. And that's what she's hired to do. She she's done a credible job over the years in a very difficult position. I think a lot of people if there would would would have preferred maybe she announced today that she is going to step down. Nobody wants to see your fired. But there's virtually no chance this thing goes beyond next week. Ed is in Greenville Mississippi. Edgar right ahead. Thank you, Paul. Oh, you know, I've taught when you numerous times from time to time. We've always the question has always been brought up. What is? This show for it means so much to a lot of people Powell people that are disabled people that are all can't get out or or just the public in general because when you sit back and we hear the trials and tribulations that others go through how they overcome. It is surely as racial and take you for instance, when you, you know, I think it was to show you mentioned that your I, you know, man in your position to say that your first job was at McDonald's and tried as to what Paul know out side of that. And looking on the lighter side, you just didn't stay at McDonald's long enough. You know, why? No, please make me feel better you still three French fries shot a happy meal. Hey, all stay. Thank you. Thank you for the call. Yeah. Is one of those things you if you could change your life. You know, would you what would you have done differently at McDonald's? Thanks for the call Ted is in Columbia, Missouri. You're on the air. Go right ahead. Paul. I just wanted to say two things real quick why he you used to be on my local sports radio ESPN station, and they took you off or some other guy, and that really bones me out that car died, and I don't miss it near as much because I don't get to listen to you on the radio anyway. And also I was wondering if there's anything new on Missouri bowl van. I know that Missouri appealed wanted to deal still opinion. They've got a tougher to Hoed. Yeah. We're we're we're going to talk to the Missouri athletic director on Monday night on Monday afternoon. So hopefully, you you're able to either watch or pick up the show somehow, but we'll we'll get we'll see if we can get to the bottom of that Monday. When we talked to Jim thank you, very very much a great to have you on. Let's talk to Bruce in Florida. Bruce garage. I doing today we're doing great. Thank you. Thank you for taking my call. I just wanted to talk a little football too. You know, it's been a lot of basketball right now. But one thing that I'm encouraged about and I was thinking about the other day is with Dan mole, and, you know, Georgia this stoically they've always out recruited Florida coach coach Spurrier even talked about that when he was the head coach. But the the the way that coach Mullen develops players that's really encouraging to me and he's one of the best. I think. Don't you agree? Well, I don't think there's any doubt. I mean, I think Dan Mullen is on the the best offensive play cards in America. Well, I'm really give me a house thinking about the other day, and they really encouraged me a lot because I was looking at recruiting rankings, and of the classes we were behind him, of course. But it seems like Florida's had a knack for doing that for for a while. Now taking and developing talent, even though we're not having four and five star recruits all the time. Even these three stars can be developed if you work with them and took mall, and he he's really doing fine job. I think it's Florida now he's doing a great job. Well, thank you very much. Dan is in Louisiana, Dan. Nice of you to join us. Go right ahead. Thanks, Ron Paul. Thank you. I'm just looking forward to Mark you talking about March. You know, can't wait for the turnament. You know, if I agree with you. And I was just I remember a week or two ago. You were saying you tell me you tell Tennessee would be Kentucky. I did. And. And you know, I just think Kentucky's probably going. A probably going to make Tennessee. Yeah. I'm still in the bubble. I I still believe in this Tennessee basketball team. Even though I'm getting a little bit shake your every time. I see them play. Right. Well, and I was going to ask you, I do believe LSU's going to get a number one seed in SEC tournament and that with that determined the NC double A Sadie. No, the the the SEC tournament the seating. There will be the champion of the SEC the first four seeds. We'll get a double by. So that's really what you're trying to get in the tournament. In three of those positions are already been established. The the the the NCWA seeds are going to be based on on on on far more metrics right now LSU does not project to be number one seed, I don't know if if they win out in win the. The the SEC tournament would they be able to to make a top seed, maybe, but but they still have a lot of things overcome. Okay. Say I don't know. I guess it's just past perception. The the the term has a fairly convoluted complicated system of determining it seed. So. LA, hugh. I think right now is the three or four seat on the projection. But again, we have one regular season game excuse me, three regular season games. And then the tournament. I thank you, very very much. Good to have you on George is up next in Georgia. You're on the air. Go right ahead. Is that? Yeah. Yeah. George go. Right ahead. You're on the air. Okay. All right of let me finish. I pay. You said that a college team had never played an NFL team. And my right. Well, it me an actual team versus team. Okay. Yeah. Well, no, I mean there used to be there used to be an all star game. This was a team of college standouts nineteen sixty three all-stars. Yeah. The Green Bay Packers were defended by a college team. Yeah. No, listen there used to be the NFL season used to open. If I remember with with with a college all star game. I think it was in Soldier Field. And I don't know how the NFL team was determined. But yeah, I do remember reading about that. Well, I didn't know if they were recognized college, you know, they're not they weren't some patients. No what they were. I I it was it was a group of all stars before they went to their. I think it was before they went to their NFL team. Right. I'm not sure how it worked. But but it did. Lombardi was quite upset of any was. I mean, I watched that game. And is he? I appreciate you taking my call on. Well, thank you very much. I'm glad we got that cleared up. Fifty six years later, we are up against the break. John Adams will join us. We'll preview tomorrow's Tennessee Kentucky game. We'll talk about. How important it is for the for the vol's? Well, also, see what he has to say about the women's program in Knoxville. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back as we continue a lot to talk about with John Adams. We'll talk about the the lady vols situation in just a moment as we welcome John to the program. But but I the men can Tennessee's basketball homecourt help the valves makeup seventeen against Kentucky John Adams joining us. John thanks for the for the time. Let's start with the game tomorrow night since that is upbeat, and we are cheery network here. So let's talk about what's at stake for Rick Barnes team number one in the country for six weeks. And lately, it's just seems like everything is a struggle. Yes, it is. I mean, it's a tough game that Oxford. Oh, MRs a pretty good team to tough loss. Hugh again, K right in. But really the focus now is kinda make up. The point against in custody. Kentucky really manhood, Tennessee in Lexington. And I thought the crowd I've been a lot of games at referendum grid years. And I've never heard a louder more passionate crowd than that one. And I'd be interested to see a Tennessee can match that Saturday. John lot of theories on what's going on here. What is yours in relation to the the slide? And I and I say that I realized Tennessee has lost on the road to to the better teams around but still. Well, I Pol the team is lip so good in almost flawless report of the season that any Laos I think can can create concern. But. Yeah. Early in the season when you look at the schedule you need that could be a problem. The first thing that comes to mind for me is that Tennessee staff is okay when you're playing mediocre but worst team when you're playing the really elite teams like a Kentucky or like what LSU has become. I don't think Tennessee's backups can measure up in that becomes a problem. And so you have your your starters, your main guys pointing in a lot of minutes, and so in could have wearing data fit. That's that's the thing. When I look at this team. I wonder if maybe it's running out of steam a little bit will that will be determined tomorrow afternoon. And then Tennessee with two more games to go before heading to Nashville, John let me switch gears to what happened last night. I was watching the game right here on the SEC network. And I I guess I shouldn't have been surprised because this has been a program in turmoil for some time we've talked to you about it. And you had some pretty strong comments. Recently. But this was the low point of the season, and maybe of lady vols history, which prompted you to write a column that was just published on the Knoxville news sentinel website, and obviously a newspaper tomorrow why it's time for Tennessee lady vol's basketball to fire Holly warlike, you don't doesn't need much explanation. But I'll ask you to explain anyway. You you said it a you said he shouldn't have been surprised, but for all of Tennessee struggles this year all the games in which is under teeth. Honestly didn't think it was hot and anything specity punishable in supporting them. But I just didn't see it. How the possible for Tennessee on its home court to lose tha van Bill, which is almost twenty one games could win one game the conflict get lost eight games in a row in what you so challenged athletically N quickness. So that that just struck me. I just thought it was a low thought the twenty one point loss to Alabama was a was a low previously, but that's their past. And I guess, you know, you look back, and how can you lose to a team with that little talent compared to Tennessee, and you have a pattern here over nut. Not just games. But over Keith, we're Tennessee. Repeatedly under chase. It always a handful of all Americans at least, and it just doesn't measure up to that recruiting billing, and you wonder you you get the players change. And we had diamonds she'll for Sadi's Wessel, Jamie Dard in that team under teeth. Now, you have a whole new group really and mainly sophomore freshman team, but it's underachieving even more. So and in the common denominator there is coach. And I just think at some point you just oh it to your fans to the program's history. You need to make a change. And it's not just about wind and losses. It's about how this team performs on the court. It just looks like it sometimes it it's never played together. It'll look so poorly coached the players don't have much basketball savviness at all. It's just a really bad luck. And I just think Tennessee fad. Better than that. John when you were here, I don't know three or four weeks ago. And this was a hot button item. You made some comments about in the administration at Tennessee, not really demanding a an elite program. I understood what you were saying, but there's a difference between competing for championships in losing to a team like Vanderbilt last night. Do you think anything has changed? I don't know Paul, but it should have. That's exactly what I'm looking at. I mean what thing. Okay, you're not living up to pass standards of a really story procam. You're not going to file for and all that stuff dot competing for championships. But even if you're not willing to go out and get a coach with the final four national championship. Whereas about pay that kind of money at least get a coach who will bring out the best in the players who will seemingly motivate them, and who will demand that they the least execute the basic funding Bill in your Jack like right that that was like a drop off their pets that's way below the competing for championship blind. And I I just think Tennessee Philip former the AD he needs to look at that in really see what's going on with the program. I heard from some people today in you've heard from far more than I have the that there. There's a hope that Holly wore liquid will take the initiative, and and go to fill up or someone say, listen, let's figure out a way to get out of this mess, and and I'm going to step down. I mean, I know that sounds great in theory. But this is a big time operation here. Do you? Do you see playing out like that? Or you think when the tournaments over next week or at some time before they go to her. Well, here here's a way to do it. I mean, you can. Yes. It's really semantics you're you're firing coach. But you go to her and say Holly. If you resign here will be the settlement. You'll resign. We'll move on. And and make it maybe easier for her. I think that would be the way to go about it. Then one thing I remember about Holly Warlick is she really never perceived head coaching jobs. She was a long time assistant UT in didn't have a lot of ambition about being a head coach she was really content here. And she was an integral part of Pat summitt staff for many years. She was Pat summitt point guard. And I remember the last season when Pat was coaching and that was extraordinarily difficult because Pat was not anywhere near one hundred percent the Alzheimer's was already evident effect, but she was still coaching. And she was on the big, and she was head coach at least in title, but Holly was really having to run the team, and she was also having in a way to kind of help manage Pat because a a very vicious disease. And I just thought she did a remarkable job because she's not just dealing with their boss. She's dealing with a very close friend. And I thought it was just an extremely difficult thing to get through. And she did that. And I think I think most fans really like Holly warning. They really do. She's a very likable person when the most likeable coaches I've ever been around, but they're just comes to time. When you got to it the wins and losses and what's going on with the program can make a change. And that's what they'll appointment needs. Did it John Adams many? Thanks, john. Appreciate it. Look forward to seeing you soon and talking more about this. Another subjects. Thank you for being on. Thanks, paul. John Adams area. A poignant comments about his column. Calling for the end of the hollow. Hollywood. Like, Erin, I I think as I heard him talk about it. It's impossible not to be incredibly sad. I've known Holly for many many years in consider her a wonderful person, and a friend, and I think everyone who knows or feels the same way. But I think you also have to accept the reality of the situation. And what we saw last night. Sadly is the reality of the situation. We are coming back to listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living, most of her life in the dock inside the other nesting Dole's. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly, she has no brain, however, when an in a most nesting dole, his the geiko not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer pity in a most nesting Dollond her lot in life. And anything else we we'll talk to Seth Greenberg in the next hour as well. Do Wayne is up next. What do you say Dwayne? Oh, yes. Go right ahead. This wind from not so long, sovereign volunteer fan. How are you doing? Great dwayne. Thank you very much. I was I can't agree with you more on Tennessee. The why they the really hard to believe in over the last five games they seem to win away from what they've received successful early in the season what runoff Instagram Williams. So he's like they've given up on that rather quickly lightly. Do you agree with that what you're saying? But I'm I just think tomorrow is is is the line of demarcation for them. And I try to look at it. I'm gonna move the game at Rupp out of the way because I think that was just an extraordinary circumstance there. I want to look at where else should they? What else are they done the LSU game? Probably should have won the game. They were in a great position to win. They didn't the onus game. They probably show a loss the game. So that even doubt. So I'm I'm I'm not going to get hung up on micromanaging in the middle of the season to me the season cliche here. But I'm gonna say it anyway begins tomorrow. If I if Tennessee loses tomorrow, I think the confidence is going to start escaping the the bubble, and and I'm I'm not gonna feel overly confident. But let's see how they play tomorrow. Yeah. I agree with you on that point completely. The the the last three games of they've just totally different than they did the rest of the season. And you know, you expect to see you know, going from twentieth. Sister game to ten or eleven is to game, you know. And we that's we are an assist team completely. We're we're not a one on one thing that I'll if we can say me play that way, it's going to be a quick exit in March. And I think that's what you need to get around. And you know, whether what people say doesn't really matter that much, but you don't want to go into the tournament. With a lot of negativity basketball is is a game where a lot of it is in your head. And I it's not just a lineup and the dirt and try to beat the other guy. There's there's a lot of sophistication in nuance. That goes into to college basketball. He thank you very much very much for the call. Really do. Appreciate it. Let's check in with Billy in Kentucky on the air next. Go right ahead. Billy. Hey, Billy, go right ahead. All right, man. What's going on? We are doing great. Thank you. Tomorrow get their conducted in say game. I was a as only now you're talking about here. Well, I mean, we we surely have a lot to say about it earlier in. I'm I'm I'm still gathering up as much information as possible. I think I think pretty obvious that the confident team is Kentucky, don't you agree. Okay. Obviously, you do agree. John is up next in California. John you're on the air. Go right ahead. Thank you for calling. We're doing well. Thanks a lot. Okay. Paul. I I know you've spoken to coach Wightman Gorda the other day. Yes. Yeah. Florida. It's been on a roll from the last of any divide game way. Yeah. They've won five in a row. Yeah. And they play Georgia at home Saturday, if we were to win with Georgia, and you're going to be tough went against those you at home. But then we play Kentucky. Let's that. We lose those two we go into the tournament is their chance from what you see that. Brought it can make it to maybe inside that make it inside the tournament. Listen, Florida is is is is doing what you want to do John. You you want to start playing your best basketball now when we had coach wide on about a week ago. He was feeling really good. But he, but he he was he was in fatty about not getting caught up with getting beyond what's in front of him. I think tomorrow it will get to six and the next week. I mean, you just want to try to. I mean, I think LSU is you ever shot at LSU at home. You beat them on the road. And you take confidence in Nashville you're in the tournament. Now, you weren't in the tournament a week or two ago, and and you're just trying to with every game cliche again, but improve your seed. So you don't have an impossible task in the second round of the tournament. I agree. Well, I just wanted to get your point on that. And see what we stood in regard to because they've been placing excellent often, finally, and Jalen. Been playing super which is what we needed down the, you know, exactly what you just said. It's not how you start. It's how you finish with people. I mean, listen, I'm I'm kind of from the school the getting in the tournament should not be celebrated nor should getting in a bowl game. It's what you do in March not what you do leading into March. And and if you're Florida the reason why the seeds matters, you you don't wanna be stuck down there nine ten or even eight for that matter. And the reason why if you're eight seed you're playing a nine believe in the opening round. And then you're playing the number one seed, that's that's a that's a recipe for disaster. Yeah. I agree. Getting to revere to watch the tournament right at the Matt Kuchar incident, I can tell you being a witness there at the tournament. There were very little coups at the end of the day. Interesting. Yeah. Emmy here here, you have one of the most popular golfers in the world and for a small amount of money for him not for us. But for him it it it it helps. I it's a great lesson there in I think about it. Sometimes you're you're out. You're you're you're grumpy. I mean, just be kind other people if they if they if they do something for you, it may boomerang on your. We're coming right back.

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