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That's any W. S. L. Dot. Org News Lit Dot Org. Hello this is Vicky box and I have a podcast man. Doing Great and what I plan on doing is Carol car car to ask questions that they might not have. Thought I was GONNA ask them. Doing Drake is a podcast. That have come out on day January. Twenty seven on Apple. podcast ever the hell else you can find podcast. We will be the nation episode. What eighty five you were in my dream two nights ago? Nice lady you were you you weren't you were like so. No that's your were you. So how nice lady thing like a meme or something. My colleague on his twitter bio guy is just nice. Lady that's I take issue with it because I use that like actively as an actual way to describe people that a lot but like you know the feeling again. You're like that person nicely. She is a nice. Aw That's nice okay. A are you guys ready. If I can start talking to a Nice Lake it is your daughter coming on tele- hello this nation. We talk about news. We talk about politics where we dream of of having the Dexter backup dancers. I WANNA give Farside and is it too embarrassing for me to admit right now just between we knew guys and then all of the listeners of the nation that I really enjoy like an aerobic dance workout where you learn a fucking sequence and it's just like a straight eight up dance class anyways in New York kimmy up. I have a couple of suggestions Today we're GONNA talk about the President's Mideast Skis Plan Cute We're also going to talk about the impeachment. The Elections Corona virus. So it is just Shit upon shit of bullet points ear at face the nation so excited well you know what is it a shit up on Shit Shit the panel that we assembled here today. Nicely you guys. I'm so excited because for the first time ever we have on the show a whole host of today explain which is boxes little daily daily podcast jam and listen to what you're doing wrong things in life. It's so great it's all great. I'm going to say ninety percent because of you do you And the You I'm referring to here is Sean Rotherham. Thanks for having me back your stitcher you did a great spam Baram Verma Schon. Rama's Vera is great to be here. We did it keep all of that. Meanwhile meanwhile I've heard your name said by you like one hundred times wants to show. Sometimes I just call myself Sean. One time I was working casual with yourself herself anyway. What's your real first name? And I said Sean. And she said no no no. But what's your real first name and I said ask me again and you're going to start to hurt By feelings way. So you're back. My brother's name is Nimesh shows this version of is there. Sean in Indian no no. My parents were just Into the name my my dad's do MOMS Catholic. My Dad wanted Hindu names. My mom unwanted Christian names Fella. He won the first time and she won the second time. That's the long version. Okay now we know and now we're in fact ready. We needed that little explanation a little breathing room before I could get to the next person on the panel. I also have a new test old Old Testament name you've She and her New Testament and Old Testament name have been on the late late. Show with Stephen Colbert. So funny. Social Hilarious set she is also the Co host of the podcast. Ray A Were you raised by wolves the judgmental title of the PODCAST and Love Wolves. I'm the wolf on the PODCAST. It they actually read into this show. I love her so much you guys. It's Leah Bama. Thank you so much for having me and I would actually love the info on the dance classes. They take them in Queens. I've such a good time We'll we'll talk. Please please deeply embarrassing. I tell you one more embarrassing thing about it. I sometimes feel like this. I sincerely the music is too loud. So I bring earplugs to dance class. Thank you and I dance with earplugs and go fuck yourselves world. I don't care it's more comfortable that way. Not all not all the do it because the what I do has a DJ and the city. You're subways you should keep your plugs. Should be honest like I do feel. I don't like I'M A. I'm I'm on noise. anti-noise pollution advocate. I don't WanNa dump on the city and it subways because I live in DC. We're like our subways. Run from like four PM to six PM but there was a moment with this morning on my way here. Where the at the Metropolitan G. L. Screech so loudly hurt me and I went? I I close my ears and I looked around and no one else else was doing it. I was like Oh. You're all doom that frequency in our. Yeah always have your earphones in here. no I don't do that. I don't believe in that. Well that's in an empty there. Yeah it's just like a nice little cushion those nine people don't talk to you title like those ones that's small to your ears. That are nice and comfortable dancing daily. I'll get USA branded fake the nation. You're please weirdest most anti medical branded swag anyways Here's how not here for Julia. So you can tune out what's happening on the nation and not here okay. Are we ready for number one. So you guys. Trump was doing some impeachment counter programming this week by presenting a totally dead on arrival Middle East peace plan. And it's the it ends all the problems that's done in a he did it. He says quote a prior administrations from President Lyndon in Johnson of tried and bitterly failed. But I was not elected to do small things or shy away from big problems I mean he's right in. That impeachment is a big problem that he can't showing from. Hey the most fun thing about the rollout was that. He didn't even pretend that he actually was creating a plan for both parties. Because the only person that was there during the announcement was bb Netanyahu also under. Maybe the win win thing getting determined. He's in the process. I mean they're going to have another election time. I can't tell awesome so he has like all the other coming up because they wanted this outright before that right we should have more elections a yeah we should disband congress everytime every time feels like we're always having election true. Let's just do more often. I agree with that. Will guys let me tell you some of the main points that were in this Middle East peace. He's plan and I want you to tell me I think so. I of Israel keeps the vast majority of Jerusalem as its sovereign capital Palestinians. Get no right of return. Turn it. Redraws borders mainly between Israel and the West Bank in a dozen allow for Palestine to create a fighting force to defend itself. Alf those are just some of the top line points. What do you say and we should stress? It redraws borders in Israel's favor right all right so the the the plan is largely I in Israel's favor and in the the it basically creates a situation where Palestine is like discontinue tig you and discontinuance archipelagic wait aren't archipelago alcoholic. I already knew what that was pronunciation was bucking need. You guys thank you for letting us feel good God. Yeah they're like it's split and then they're going to have to make a huge tunnel or makes a really doesn't doesn't make any sense but also I don't know if you guys figured this out. They weren't consulted so they weren't consulted but they were also like the US obviously obviously partial to the United States the partial to Israel. So like we don't we don't want to like take on a peace deal being brokered by them in the first place. They're not an impartial. L. Broker also isn't it take like three years that they get to think about it. In which case all the elections have already passed and the fifty billion dollars that trump is promising. The Palestinians Alestinian. They live in these right. He's like you'll make all this money but we don't have to think about it now. I just wanted to ready to know that this is finished. Don't worry about it. It's not happening totally done. I don't think it really worked either even as a counter program. Because everyone's just talking about John Bolton and I don't really know who was like. Oh wait stop everything. The president's the jared Kushner solved the Middle East. We figure it out. It looks like he didn't food. Well I mean so as as anything like it's like I wanted to talk about it but I also I'm like well. There's nothing talk about because it really is dead on arrival in it and it didn't work. You're saying you feel like it didn't work very well as counter programming like it didn't distract people from each meant. We we didn't do a show about it. Did did my friends at the New York Times. You know what I mean like. I went to read the plan to be like. Oh let's see what points are in the plan and then I was like. Oh it's not not really a plan right so then you're like oh I guess we don't even have to really think about it. I can tell you it doesn't work we sit at vox in our newsroom. In DC directly next to the foreign team often freaks the fuck out when anything like this is announced and on Monday night though like holy shit trump's going to drop a Middle East peace plan tomorrow. You're probably GONNA have to change. Whatever you're doing on the show to do this? And I was like noted and I told the team and I was like let's figure it out tomorrow and see what happens. And then they were freaking out on Tuesday but because they could not believe how terrible this plan. It's not a plan it's like you can't hey. Let's the three three of US making negotiation. But you can't come. Yeah Yeah exactly what it is it may. It reminds me. I've mentioned before or that. I was at a United Nations convening in Pretoria South Africa where I was invited to speak. It's not a big deal and anyways but as I was in also did some stand up in Cape Town as one does anyways and but it was what was interesting about it. was that so we arrive. The whole thing was about the Israeli Palestinian conflict and they basically invited a bunch of like outside the box thinkers to figure it out. I was one of them. Thank you I would think program. Thank you great idea. You know what I also like to be considered on the inside of the box programs as well all ars. Thank you all the boxes But what happened. Was We arrive there. And everyone's excited in there's There's like these a bunch of his really outside outside the box thinker. There's a bunch of American Bob from a French couple of French and Italian people like people from around the country were invited to do this thing. And the the Palestinian diplomats there there was like some. UN official UN people there and then the and there were supposed to be Israeli diplomats. There who at the last minute were like one of them was like. Oh but look. My mom decided to come visit excuses. You give rely like cancelling on Brunch and in these in these things really diplomats never showed and I think part of it was. They were worried that all of our solutions. We're GONNA be like fair or in all of your finding solutions literally. We're just US talking solutions. Fuck that was that was upsetting. I mean you know and and also just that like you know that they said they were gonNA come and then this taken some weeks to plan and all of that and then didn't I mean it. It's that sucked so my mom's plan their trips like years in advance dropped in. Ah So so anyways. That's my experience with this but But I think I think you're right. It has failed. I wonder what you know. What the what the feedback has been like if it's supposed to help? BB's reelection bid in March let your plan land was right like there was like literally some Headline that was like a plan meant to help to elections potentially trump to write right because it plays plays to like no one's still stuck in handshake between Israeli and Palestinian year. A dog whistle. I feel like there's been like he. He signed the US. MCA this week and made that official. I got some push notification about like him further you know dismantling handling our environmental protections to benefit farmers this week. I think he's like okay so I'm losing like a lot of people who can I just like racism signs to right now and make. I'm sure they're good but this one in particular they say wouldn't even happen for years so it's just sort of like a hey save the date. Email the wedding date essentially is what it is. Geez bout of oral gonorrhea honoree even really thing at the end of the day all right. Well let's move onto the other thing that it that was the program. I'm to the counter program with topic number one point five. ooh Half a bill. It may be the impeachment. You guys. the galleys were John. Bolton's upcoming book are making the rounds at the NFC and then they're getting league to the New York Times and apparently he basically confirmed the entire impeachment impeachment and removal is basically what John Bolton did known liberal kidding progressive liberal the map progressive wise. So okay so this came out Wild Donny's lawyers were making their case and they kind of ignored did it on the last day. They did a little like hey. This book doesn't matter or whatever like some weak argument John Bolton is it like do you as one John Bolton to testify testify and he's not like a friend of the left I mean it's not a model the volatile witness. So what where. Where do you stand on this kind of witness? I mean it's in to to think that in Twenty Twenty Democrats would be calling John Bolton to testify I against build a time machine and go back to twenty ten intel. Someone that they would shit. It's an amazing. I would love to see this happen. We like a diuretic program. Do you need shit. Take time issue. I mean the timing of it is actually incredible. Not Incredible in like the way we use the the word but truly hard to believe and I think you know as any trial should have witnesses. They should call John Bolton and he was. He seems like he'd make a great witness witness. I would love to see it happen. I would love to see it happen the idea that we were somehow moving into this place where like people are like. Hey we don't want facts. I don't want other people coming in with more. I want the whole story. Bring him in. Also I feel like what the Republicans are saying is. Hey we don't WANNA call 'cause we call him there we're going to have to call other people and then we don't want all this more information to look into because it's really going to bog us down. We have other stuff to work on. That's what I feel like they're saying then you're like Ryan. No no no no. Oh this is your job either way. Democracy loses here. I feel like this trial is a shit show. It's a shit show. It's I mean it's it's I think one thing is that like it that makes it Nada. Shit show is that it's happening at all because what could easily happen was Democrats could have been like. Look this high crime or misdemeanor happened but like it's an election year. Let's not bother with Ethics and and duty to the country and and our duty to the constitution. Let's not bother with those and the fact that is happening is a sign that people are still trying to uphold something that is an ethical duty to the constitution. Sound like a proper optimus over there and again no I do I. This is such an obvious argument that the president can basically do whatever he wants right into into his own re-election if he believed reelection helps the and elections because that's fun and arguments win an election it out like a case. What you said was not clear? Okay what I'm trying to say is what's amazing ask Alan Dershowitz known Associated Jeffrey Epstein and defender of OJ Simpson in his defense of the president said that Donald Trump can do whatever he wants towards his reelection. If he believes it's in the interest of the United States and it's hard to be optimistic when you hear arguments arguments like that being a Senate trial that was really remarkable. I would actually warmed my heart about that was that I've never thought to ever think that way. And so it was like mind opening to court. I was like mind expanding that that could ever be uttered out loud are thought in any way out like that means he could not only could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue but he can the interest of the country who biden on fifth avenue because he he wants to get reelected because save. American election is in the public good. Yeah it's funny because I think Adam ships response to that was that it was quote very odd. I just voted him and I think I think that's what he said. I just put quotes around but I don't actually know that he said that but I think he said it very odd and donahue so funny. 'cause I was just like AAC very odd is just like such a mild way of saying like are you fucking out of your your my comment where you almost need reaction time. We'd be like we we bring that or is that a setting court. I was walking out of the office yesterday. And some some Nice lady was talking to her friend on the phone in downtown Manhattan about this this very thing. He did save area. She said she'd be Hashed Fucker. Say he can do whatever he wants. As long as it's in the interest of reelection action and I look back at her. I smile because I was just so happy to be back in New York. Excrete fucking looking. I mean that's a beautiful moment. We should all start using that as an argument in our everyday life. I'm allowed to do whatever I want. If it's in the interest dressed of our of our nation or just like in whatever yourself whatever I need to get whatever I stand up comedy like I'm allowed after just like walk up on the stage of your set because better for everyone every day in every criminal ever not anything against your dad not a criminal starting like a wrap up our little impeachment discussion. You guys Tomorrow we'RE GONNA know if they're going to have witnesses so we'll see so by the time he listens podcast. Today's Thursday tomorrow at some point tomorrow. Apparently this this issue will be decided to. We'll see if you know. Susan Qasem Mitt Romney and all the people that we expect might have beating hearts. Actually do I'm coming for you. Susan Collins in Maine. Let me tell you right now. You'd better start voting correctly turning. I'm I'm coming for you. Let me make a home state in the interest of proper legal voting. I don't mean that any rally semaine voters. Yeah Yeah we do not promote. I'm supporting surrogate. Forget anyone saying not L. there. That was a much easier. Sound like just me and we're watching devoted. So are you a minor. I am manner. What is it in the mainers society that person? Yes I tell you what happens. The storm is that Republicans made is I would say it's very divided place. There's the rurals I'm the rurals coastal More money and so what happened. You know a lot of people in Maine are independent. Then if previously voted Democrat so what happened is the Republican consenting all this money to third party candidates which is like the plague and all these people got in June so now we have leveled voting plague. That was like a nice little. Yeah that's my dad. Calls Him and I honestly forgot it was actually my dad's don't WanNa take any joe shots. Two dads all around so I think that voting is going to change over the next. Okay sorry was that too much of a What do you call it? Like a non sequitur now is yeah. You know what this isn't today explained we. Don't fuck it after. Stay there okay. So my question is These couple days of questioning How do you feel they've got an opponent on a moment that I thought was the most hilarious one of This one one of the senators got a question like the house manager. Got a question from a Democrat that was like do you guys want to rebut any of the arguments that we're made in the opening statement of the other side doing so. That's all these questions have been right. There just been like ridiculous softballs constantly and so they kind of just make me laugh but I do think it's a nice fun opportunity. Just like clarify get into some of those facts and and rebuts so I mean if anyone's paying attention to the impeachment which a lot of people are not. I feel like it's like a nice summary. Yeah I'm kind of. I'm sort of amazed amazed at how the tenor of the whole thing. Sort of sorry. The tone of the whole thing changed from the house to the Senate like in the house. It was rowdy rowdy. People were making all sorts of procedural maneuvers to interrupt bypass and Nadler was getting dumped on by everyone and then moved over the Senate. The news like you know John Roberts like now remember this is the Senate and it Kinda worked like. There's just such a difference these. They're all the same kinds of people like who work in the same team building but on one side they're just like punching each other and on the other side the like well good consume what is it they have British accents. What's really brutal as in the question as is like there's like a piece of paper and I'm listening to us on radio I don't actually haven't seen what it looks like but it's like it sounds like a piece of paper like Dianne? Feinstein hands a piece of paper to somebody who then runs it over to the justice that it just feels so ridiculous and then I'm always like is he going to be able to re Dianne Feinstein. Handwriting stressed out about that or whatever. Ah Listening on the radio and there's like these long minutes of just some guy walking up to a podium anyways as weird and quiet yeah and like Yeah it's it's a lot less fun. It's a less dynamic environment but you know some things. Maybe they should dance routines. Yeah like a jury loud music over the paper time when they have paper time to get up and do a little. This is a missed opportunity. Hey guys pay per time to answer. Something in me feels kind of into the idea that like they don't dress it up here it is. This is your government in action. I mean I heard that there's like this request for more cameras in the Senate was like no more cameras. This is how we do you get the one shot and it sucks deal with it you know right. I WANNA say like about about the idea that it shouldn't be boring or that. It is boring the ratings are low. I mean if someone else talks about the ratings of this impeachment being low I will fucking punch a few stuffed animals in personal anger in the privacy of my own home and no one will know about it because they republican talking point it is you can talk to you. I put like guys democracies boring. You know what I mean if you've ever been to a community meeting which you should all be going to. They're not fucking rangers. You know what I mean like the quiet and boring practice of keeping communities thriving and potholes filled is not exciting exciting in that way and the best example of this big nor should an impeachment. Bee House what happened. Yeah three years. I've been exciting. Hey Dave it's been joying fuck this conversation about ratings and popularity even though I said nobody's watching it really. It's not about that. It's not about that the the thing that Don democracy happens all day long and we're not watching so it doesn't matter if you're watching or not anyway I just want to throw in one thing. I said two minutes ago they'd still US obsessing in my head. I do think so Susan Collins went away that mainers didn't expect oh by recently or the road. Republican was just like a cabin off and then and it was like Yeah it's slowly from Kevin over. You're like what happened. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah okay. What a throw that in there? Thank you take that and put it elsewhere the nation Jason Forever. Because it's what we WANNA make sure happens. Is that like Leah's you you know paranoia. That's your more interesting which is also so we're getting again. It's a nagging snow. A commitment should giving as much information as I possibly have. Okay never leave any information on the table on vacation. uh-huh guys that's about all the time we speak. You've been uh-huh you guys we're GonNa take a quick break in. Our sponsors sponsor is a key week. Who got we got? I know. We've we've never gotten quipped though the hilarious thing is that the The Creator was my roommate at one point story for another time so many Ahmad cloth ads after having been in here once when you read a monoglot really. That's the sponsors are. All we know is worth throwing a a break and when we come back. We're going to talk about things. 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We have to my show take fucking candidate to be a comedian. If she was also just throwing ideas out I I should call her. I'm not saying it again. Let's let me write it down. Visuals look really good. podcasts cast about the election I a calling why are also you. Why are you having primaries on a Monday? Is My big question great question. Everything Happens on Tuesdays first of all which is unreasonable day for it to happen. But now that we've picked this unreasonable day nationally. Why is I would doing it on a fucking a Monday? Okay I got to say I got it through his other. I think Nevada don't quote me but maybe is on a Saturday Is that people. People are available to the vote on a Saturday now case it's better for your points. Journalists and fucking abrupt brunch places restaurants. They call them out on a weekday. Just don't ruin my Friday Monday Cardi. It's you're dealing with all this stuff from the I see what you're saying. I Owens dealing with stuff on a Monday. Everybody has to go on dealing with for the past. I mean they've been like talking to candidates for the past like six eight nine twelve months after the only state to have. You heard complain about this last week. The only states in the union and it gets actually meet the candidates. Yeah okay so. My parents drove over to New Hampshire to meet him. Yeah who they like. They're they've met Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren and they like like them both very much so like the lady. They loved The New York Times of mail so they are the only people that came up into the corner interesting. ooh The Corner Game Quarter also club. Hr Get an interesting New Hampshire endorsement. She did who was the New Hampshire. I'm sure like some sort of a puppy. A over there in New Hampshire missed this. We have a lot of a puppy mills over their New Hampshire. I don't remember what I want. What it was but she did? Yeah so okay so Elizabeth Warren also by the way got the Des Moines Register. Endorsement was I thought was very saw. The video wow so sure your journalists. You're not allowed to say right interesting. Right I mean certain things about the president on your show just now like I think I think not. I'm threatening the the line I think towing towing the line reading. I'm throwing the needle. Take needle towing the line Mala propping on your show here I think you know. Wouldn't it be nice to see lady president already come on. I think I'm allowed to say that. Okay the center left and our show you know isn't we're not NPR right times we have fun we make fun. Yeah we you've got. You've he's got really fantastic headlines thank you thank you very much. We talk about stuff and I say my opinion. I haven't like said anything about who I think should win this thing or anything like that on the show. So it'd be weird for me to say it now but I I really do think it's crazy that we haven't had a female president right and you know what I mean. What do you think we should journalists? Be Able to talk about what they think or should should. They pretend that they don't have feelings. I mean people are honestly talking about whether or not they should vote and I think that's just ridiculous. You know what I was talking. Everyone should everybody just about everybody in the voting turnout in this country is a nemec at the same time. It's anemic the people who care so much that they dedicate their lives to reporting are saying well. I shouldn't vote because then I would have feelings and like no dude. You have feelings. I was talking to Olivia. Not The a reporter for the New York magazine. My colleague now. Oh now your your colleague. And she's fantastic. She was the guest way. We don't tell me this last weekend's episode which you should absolutely listen to. She was a great guess also listened to it was great and an Livia. I asked her about from Iowa or something yeah we were in Des Moines. It was fantastic. Oh my God the people doing super represented And I was asking her like a who her kid I was like you can and tell me. And she's like honestly I'm not voting. Don't vote an on elections that I cover and I was like wow cholera buster. No it's just like really she's like yeah right now I mean I might you know maybe some years from now I'll I'll regret this decision but right now. I'm not voting in an eraser I I I. I'm I really need to hear the argument did you did you explore just was. I just felt like she could help. Turn maintain an her ability to cover it. Well being impartial me more impartial as someone who could cover it and just like you know and have like just a I guess an even-handed and people know even more about stuff. They should definitely vote right right. I'm I'm happy to show like. I'm not like a registered Democrat or a registered Republican to the surprise of no one but like I don't see how you making a decision on November second. Means that you are. Somehow you know covering the election in a partial way or something you know Julia. Do you think. Journalists should not have an opinion. You know I I realized I had this real problem where I can see everybody's point of view exhausting and I could see that I'm not that way that some would be. It somehow makes her feel like she can remain impartial. And that and that's so important reporting. We've I feel like we lost a lot of it where people they'll just come in with their put their opinion on it but I don't see ideally one could remain impartial and they're reporting and then still compartmentalize their own opinion and vote. Oh because I would hope that everybody wanted to participate in the voting process. But I just want to return to my point that she will not be covering the twenty twenty election when she votes votes will be over right into that polling station and make a call not. I'm based on dates on her feelings. as saying is it from her point of view. I WANNA say all. Come to therapy. When uh-huh she can't him a magic show magic show? Ah I had my first. Therapist was a male anyways it turned into like I was trying to make him laugh too much and it was like very not not. I don't WanNa hear no problem another day. I you know I would hope everybody votes. Yeah okay so here's what I think for some water folks at home I'm not paying and you know but I don't want to say that a woman who's decided something for herself as wrong. Do you know what I know. I unders- I could totally see your point. I personally. Here's what I miss. I miss in American society in which journalists were like. We're like had halos over their heads. You know and everybody listened to them and this is maybe just. Maybe it wasn't even like this but I kind of feel like I remember as a kid this like world where Walter cronkite or whatever. I mean it's before my time like but they were all white men right. I know I get it was it was a a way never lasted pictures. She has no idea google but no I just I I think. Part of what's become a little toxic now is people's bulls inability to determine what's news and what's opinion and P and n networks have used that inability to distinguish to their advantage antigen so places like Fox or like. No no no. This is not news as opinion but it looks like news feels like news and so I think it's is create. It's actually lead to more polarization so I think. Journalists sharing their opinions has has has increased the net polarization. I Gave that I concur as well and I think this is a broader problem with media literacy that we have in this country because we're not taught in school how to read the news and the news is so important to everything we do in our lives. And if you go to the New York Times Dot Com whereas when you're the area you're talking about is when you would get a newspaper that had the news section and the opinion section and you'd go on TV and you get the news from Walter cronkite. And maybe he'd go and now for some commentary you are like opinion person right and like if you go to the Times now. The news is up there and opinions up there and like it says opinion but like people don't even go to home pages ages anymore so they're just seeing something that's on shares on facebook. That could be opinion. That like hardly says opinion anywhere and it says New York Times on it nice and big right and then all of a suddenly people saying Oh New York Times is full of shit right and on Fox. We don't like we put opinion into articles. So if you're not savvy enough to know that you're fucked right like it's bad all over and people on the Internet. Everything's just on the timeline. Everything's just given equal places given equal placement is what the issue issue is. Yeah and it's and people don't know what's what and so I think we need to be more educated about what leading and how did it and what it is and my mom. Text me a story that hasn't been verified yet. Mike Chits like check it out like you gotTa Google that story and see if like some like the Washington Post The New York Times the La Times has written about yet or the BBC. Whatever it is and like she doesn't know that I saw this thing on twitter next to that loving on twitter right I also feel in? This is a little bit separate but in this topic that last election cycle we saw so many opinions coming in from people that it ended up. I feel like really affecting the final vote so I personally have stayed away from saying anything negative about any of the candidates because before the got so blown up than we were so oh divided by the final vote. How do you feel we are right now? Among among the Democrats like do you feel divided do you. What do you feel I do? You feel like it's still happening. Which is why I've really gone out of my way to not say anything? Negative about any vote for any candidate. I feel like the rates have a lot uncommon. I and I do feel like people like this person or nobody or this person in your like. Can we find a way to talk about our disagreements. That doesn't so break us up as a party because I think we have the same goal at the next election. Yeah I feel like it's interesting. I mean we're because these are the I would say say. This is the second election of twitter rage candidates yes And it's and it so it is. It's really exhausting. You know I I was was saying I was talking about an event I did for Elizabeth Warren and like you know all post something listeners. Now I'm slow debate over e dubs but I I'll post some things so gentle like oh it was it was great or whatever and it seems to invite people to be like like Well Bernie did it first or whatever and I'm just like no I'm not. I'm not taking anything away from other candidates by supporting a candidate. Also also I would and I've said it before gleefully vote for any of those candidates including Tom Steyer Bernie said what Bernie said all happily vote for anyone on this stage. I hope it's me but although for any day no and that's I feel like we all there needs to be some sort of like a chant that everybody on on the Internet does whatever just a calm themselves down like this me saying something positive about Amy Klobuchar. Char you're not a negative about someone else or whatever you really are gentillon. You're positively. You're you're trying to be gentle people. Come in you're like I have just done the most those non divisive thing ever. It's and I think it's a sweet gotten to the we can't help it. We've gotten to the point of twitter rage. Candidacy candidacy is that. It's like which people can't help themselves the morning. After the last debate I woke up and this was the debate. Where for the First Time Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders had tension between them right and you know? She walked over to him after the debate. And apparently you call me alive and one of the top trending topics on twitter. Dot Com was never warren. And I was just like are these the Bernie rose doing this and and also really where we are in twenty twenty guys right. Now you're saying never worn these. Two people are as far as we can tell actually friends with each other and their policies are so fucking similar if the division between two people that similar is that bad on twitter. Who the problem isn't like the two people? It is twitter so I did read somewhere by the way for the feelings. Were all having right now about these. Divisions is that Russian controls are working like and they are so continuing to sow discord like the end the end. So do we think that that Hashtag could have been bought or something would would have been. I have heard you know. There's there's a out of the University of Clemson. I can't remember the name of the you know the professor but there's just An institute at Clemson that basically studies the stuff and follows and figures out what's what and they had and they basically said that the Russians are like actively working on this campaign on the primaries and their candidate is Bernie So but there can't is burning but they're generally missed a sow. Oh discord every which way you know. We remind people that the true enemy is and always has been Russia play rocky for on loop in a good. We had during the Cold War when it was clear that the wizards rocky four wins. Best picture instead of joker. Wouldn't that be great for us. We'll just bring EVAC rocky for wealthy. Andy says we can overcome so on this. Do you could do it. So we're close up this segment which we were supposed to talk about the elections My favorite part of that Verdy Warren moment was STYRO- you're saying oh I saw like I like running in August I i. I've always loved his tie his tie for a billionaire. He seems to have one time. He probably has multiple versions versions of the same pants. It's nice whatever's on the other side of that queen parents. It's really good to get you fired from all right so I just want to say in closing. Ah Let's say one person wins in Iowa. Everybody votes let's say let's say there's a clear winner in Iowa. Does that mean in anything is it or is it just like then they keep going keep going. Nobody's feels like this is going to be a white a person. Yeah that's a good one dot com. You know what I just think in uh-huh oh this is what I want to say to news people right now John She's pointing at me. I fucking hate it when you take a poll and the result is like not hugely. I think right now polls are all over the place I mean. It looks like anyone could win Iowa. But we're talking but they they take holes like it's a big news event and then they re frame the entire discourse around an election because of a poll. I agree with you on that. If you to listen to my program mm today explained from Vox and formally stitcher in which we very very seldom talk about holes and always give context. Yeah no I will but I want you to defend all all of your colleagues in all of all of journalism. How much time do we all right? I know that for the record you guys meet and always also we had. We had corey be on the show And he talked about how these polls in Iowa are basically he thinks played a huge. You draw in defeating him. In addition to the rules like Iowa going I but You know they. They aren't people if you make your decisions based on WHO's polling. We're kind of eft because it's just like the self fulfilling prophecy right like it's polling an Iowa thus I'll vote for the winner because I want to beat trump like no vote for at at this point. The whole point of this process right here is like who do we want. Yeah so pick who you want. Vote from the heart and with some information and we score. Were this part. Can we get some strings to come in this double. Check your okay. Also Rosero Dawson as you first lady We really blew. It would have been the hottest No we're not or who I would love to be ready. I'm saying I'm ready. But Kennedy's hot. The Kennedys were another version of that hot level. I was just reading about in light of the side. Kobe Bryant News JFK Juniors untimely passing and looking at lots of photos of him. As I do because I can't help but Google this man is just silly looking. I mean it was is he was beautiful editor of magazine publisher. They worked at magazines. Folks I know he had a face that was fit for just and staring into go. No I think we should move the statement into beautiful people another share bad boys the new bad boys which is fantastic Martin Lawrence. I cried twice. Yeah and I love his belly. Laugh you cry a lot though. No Oh I have a crime problem it would be good if I could get more out game. Okay I'm going to go see bathrooms for the voice. Though it's February three bad boys for life is a confusing title for bad boys or did you see the spelling of it. It makes sense but but it's really terrific. I said there's two crying hot little the preview track because we're talking about the election the newest and I think his final James Bond that man he gets better looking as he ages you every time you see in her face. I want to say he must have hair plugs. Notice men's hair so much time looking a lot of them do. CBS Hot if he didn't have the plug for me is all in the legs arms legs. Tom Brady below Tom Brady so goodling guy couldn't even ball. He should ball for all the people who are balding and be a role model studies. Now I gotta I gotTa plug it up. Does a great plugs. No there they make them so good now they don't even notice you have I. Yeah that was okay. But he's not in bad boys for life he's in the hallways. We went in fourteen directions. Again it's really good. I'm sold all right I. I'm sure that we got a lot out of everything we just talked about. That was technically about the elections. Let us move on. I just I'm leaving it to those two in the control room to figure out what what to do with that segment would be great if your sponsor out everybody in the everybody in the movies dating age appropriate women which I've no never seen Michael Bay. What just happened or these age appropriate women weird? No I this. This is like my eyes worked so well before this looks perfect. Let us move on really selling topic number three. Okay so let's freak each other out by talking about the corona virus So far it's act one of the SODERBERGH movie contagion. That's where we're at. We're we're in. Act One Paul tro contract something from a kitchen in Hong Kong and then goes back to Minnesota candle out of her Vagina and then the candle can take so you guys saw contagion though. Yes spoiling died. Sorry well she does so early. The Drew Barrymore precipitating events. Also if you haven't seen contagion yet it's been year statute of limitations. You can't be responsible. Good movie uvi right. I saw coughing and I was like I remember feeling like not enough people. Watch it at the time. So I'm really shocked. Actually that we're in a room room full of people that have watched it. I try to see all apocalyptic goods So let's talk about what humans have done to make pandemics like this a real possibility the You know and not just like one of Paul trona movie plot point. The list is long Yeah let's talk haven't we done. I mean the interesting thing is. Let's just start with why the contagion thing is so weird to me is that it happened in a in a kitchen and Hong Kong and the movie and in this case they're tracking back to a market market in Wuhan. That was maybe getting bats From a cave where corona virus had already been detected some years earlier thinking contagion happens in a kitchen but at the end they show you like the whole thing. It's so powerful. Like how the virus got to Gwyneth paltrow and it starts with a bat taking shit in like someplace near a pig and then she eats the pig everybody Ships the question is. Why do the Batswana kill us? Well the question is like no. We've you just kind of out of our way to set up a perfect environment for a viral. Ask Storm Multiple questions here. Sorry but you're only eh EH storm. As if I didn't give someone's joke of what Susan Collins Alternate name is okay. I Shan't repeat because I don't feel that way about her. Actually feel congenial optimus optimistic missile. You're saying she might hate remedy people. I don't hate her. Well you know what I mean I I just feel bad during hate around in my body but let's talk about virus is a contagion. It's bad boys for life so so I think one of the things that we're doing as humans is there's a perilous trade in wildlife for food And and it's interesting because it's it's more phenomenon in China and Africa where Bush meat and some of these like other types of exotic meats or whatever end up making it to these kind of like wet markets where there's a lot out of like slaughtering and blood running around That W- where do you kind of late I mean that's been going on for you. Know Millennia Right. We're we're also clear cutting and when it's worse now where we're clear cutting forests and so animals Are being moved pushed out where a much bigger population. We're having lots of sex. We have these people fly everywhere. You don't be one second one way and then there's somewhere else that wasn't on the list. We've also especially in North America amped up. How much people take antibiotics? You know what my right. So people become their immune system capable fighting things so you have these weakened we can immune systems more people. Travelling less animals are losing their homes. We have so much crossing with like the people coming in and dropping. I mean it's really. They think it was. It's like there was a bat on top of like another animal. And then that's how it all you know these places where things run together and then on top of that you've got and the politics of this right. I mean China discovered this in two thousand nineteen like late December and as recently as last week the. who was like waffling on whether to declare this a public health emergency. It sure looks like a public health emergency but it's a political decision and and you know they're talking to the Chinese government about what that means for China and the they shut down the city of like fifty million people and all this stuff. This is all these political decisions. Layered on top of all of these yet human caused elements that you just mentioned. And it's just a cluster. Fuck and I don't remember what happened. Plus I don't know. Thank you for correcting. I don't remember what happened during SARS but but but China was also had a a poor reaction there that I think probably stretched out longer And it's weird to me that they even had a moment of hesitation this situation right like if they shut down the city the and restricted travel immediately in December. Then maybe we wouldn't have been looking at a at a at a pandemic way. That never happens. In any apocalyptic elliptic movie. They'd never shut down in time. I mean and I guess I I don't know if it's official. That China was like intentionally slow playing this yet. But but I mean I understand when you're trying to shut down the city of tens of millions of people. It's a big decision that needs to be made carefully known was certainly sounding the alarm bells back in December about this thing and they knew what it was like the name of it has like twenty nineteen in it. Because they're like that's when we discover this thing. Yeah yeah scientific name. The the thing is is that scientists had been warning about exactly this virus when they discovered it years ago because it is related to the SARS virus so then they started looking at all of the Bat poop. Whatever an an an had been meticulously chronicling Bat poop and whatnot not and found it so So they've been sounding the alarms for there is SARS was not the last time. We're going to see something like SARS you know this. This is not going to be the last time I feel like we've created this hot pot with all of these different factors overpopulate overpopulation. All the majors grab torn up. You know what I mean and then now we're like oh it's like this is going to keep happening until we deal with the facts of the matter. We're not gonNA like these dealing with them. Everyone knows house again. Man Air travel's Bat. Oh Yeah I work remotely in Texas every week and it's like you you live in DC from DC to Texas Boston every week. Like that's just a person I know on my block and everyone. I don't like so many people I know. Do this kind of thing and no one wants to stop eating meat although we keep talking about it but it's not happening No population and going anywhere. We're really not dealing with any of these. Everyone's moving to cities like it's all bad. It's going to get worse. I can get those masks everybody every bit. Oh by the way I went on Amazon last night just to check it out the mask because they're all up in my subway and on Amazon last night. All of the masks sold-out amazing. It's going to get I. I Bet I bet will get to the point where there are sold away. Umbrellas sold on the side. One starts. We've got a new virus. There was my desk Matt. The by two cents type of mask matters like it has to be has to have the thing on it. Yeah that's the thing. Yeah what is that. It's got a little looks like a little Bain mask where you have to. It's going to be but yes you have to turn and you clear a filter income with filters regular. Yeah Pimple on the New York City yes they are. The little shit masks that you can easily get are good for you not giving it to other other for you. This is useful so get them the more serious mask if you want. How did we come here today? No I came here by subway. More people die from the flu. The regular flu season show know what I mean. People Are Getting Eh. But it's like yeah or choice but are you anti vaccine. I'm not anti vaccine. I don't put flu flu shots in the same thing as smallpox fair. But there's things that we could actually worry about that are significantly larger problems plums. Not that we shouldn't be worrying about that too. Maybe worry about everything is also still a thing and it's actually. The numbers wise in the United States is significantly bigger. I think you brought up a really good point about about Immune Systems and I do think there's something about that you know like I went to college. I remember getting sick a couple of times and they immediately put me on Antibiotics and And then for years ears I I think I got sick in ways that I shouldn't have and and my dad was like yeah. You shouldn't be taking. He's a doctor. Shouldn't be taking so many the antibiotics when it's basic when you basically have a cold you know what why did you. What did you do then I was like? I don't know it's just the nurse at the school so so we are doing. I mean people take antibiotics for noth- everything every everything. Yeah I mean pack the ill people just have them sitting sitting around. Anything goes wrong. They don't do that. Also if you're going to spend longtime in Ohio if something God forbid happens to you have to spend a long time in a hospital. You're I'M GONNA go through all of the things that are you know what I mean. You don't WanNa you WANNA set yourself up for. What if I need? Antibiotics is you feel like the The news the reporting on this is is like whipping up. Fear or you think we should be. We should be a little scared. I spend spend more scared than I would normally be about this thing because I have a baby so I don't want to hurt again wearing no. I'm not wearing being a mask. I mean New York doesn't have confirmed death Sir anything you know what I mean like. It's made landfall several cases this is now right it had it is in the United States. I don't know I'm not I should wear a mask I'm flying to La. I agree like I traveled able to get here. You know this week and a friend of mine told me that one of his colleagues at work in New York is wearing a mask and is the head of HR. And I was like Whoa like. Should we all be wearing masks or is she being masters for the regular flu. I don't want people I feel like yesterday. Somebody coughed into my mouth and I was like like you know when you're moving and someone so many people are unaware of where they're in your like how you're not aware of where you're coughing right now. You're there's still much more likely to die like crossing the street in New York City. You are from Corona virus at this point like exponentially so my take is like no but I mean you're you're with no I mean I I don't know I don't know and they're not really saying anything officially at like schools. I asked a couple of parents who had school age children and their nothing is really but anyway I guess my my my larger point here is really about. Uh well what what governments are doing. And what we're doing and I think and you know they've there's an entire crews of seven thousand people that are currently quarantine on the coast of like Italy because it was a couple who maybe had a fever. and that's working crazy. You know what I mean so were there so many any more of these travel situations with cruises and tours and whatever but just travel is such a big part of why this thing would spread and were no more than you know twenty four two hours away from every part of the planet so we can always go somewhere and take our fucking viruses with us so it is you know and the answer is do less of everything everything we're doing and that's the answer for environmental damage that we're reaching an in. These things are going hand in hand. You know But of course tell that to someone who's really wanted to see you know Venice or the bats of Wuhan Cave Where people who wanted the Paris climate accord to be thing out right like as the these these factors were talking about are the same factors we talk about when we talk about climate change and the most progressive climate accord? We ever had just got ripped apart. Yeah what is what is it. S S storm cluster F stove cluster. Or the SEBNEM. I remember now Yeah so I guess I guess in closing thing. We stayed on on point on that one. I still don't you guys row reader worried. No you're not worried. I bike to work every day and I could get hit by a car at any moment. Ok always worried. I'm not going to be any more word out more like okay. Taking the fact that this is the thing that we're going to keep seeing more of because of the actions that we're taking as a as well right now is the only thing I think about. Yeah I very much agree with that and I always in my mind been like. Oh this is the thing that at one point is going to be eh not this one in particular at one point we've set the stage. This is when contagion happen. I guess okay you Damon taken by Alex. I'm ready you scared us. Parts of containment aren't the virus but the way people react when they panic when Matt Damon goes to the Grocery store with his daughter daughter and people start getting violent and hostile and in those situations I think about like. I'm not like that big a dude. I don't have weapons like I'm glad I don't have kids because I don't I know how I would protect him. All right go for the neck and you know run and maybe like knives you know. You're welcome to come to main with me. Thank thank you. There's a great line in the Irishman that gave me hope We're we're Pacino. Playing Hoffa says like What does he say Shit? He's like whenever he's got a gun. I punched him. If you see a knife you better run and that made me feel like hopeful. Like oh like I have knives I could stab fool. Who wants to kill me? That's the hopeful note. But I guess we're GONNA end stab. Anyone took my question for the people face the nation which is a question. That that moral you Sean Sean you through a bunch of your friends under the bus. Everybody talks about changing their behaviors but nobody does people think the nation have. You changed any of your behaviors or do you plan on changing any of your behaviors so curious especially air travel back when someone asks for like. Oh Hey you wanna come to my bachelor party for like one like for like ten years. Now I've been like no not for a weekend not GONNA fly to L. A.. For two days yeah like making those hard choices and then your friends mad at you for a week and then fine like. There's a lot of questions. Can you get there by train. That's already going no like. Maybe don't do it. I mean that's not good either but like that's like the justification like people like Oh when you flying in from DC motherfucking not flying to train because they have training point. I have a friend who takes flights between New York and DC. Not all the time because points and I'm just like that points you're not gonna be able to use those when bugging the half. The country's under chase likes it more. Would I take a play but I guess the other basically no. It's a good point. It's exactly yeah like sometimes when someone served me some I'll eat but like I try very very I wanNA say about me. What the hard? The hard thing about mead is that it's the reason why humans evolved into having the particular sized brains that we do so like we have thrived because of the protein offered by meat. And I totally get that scientifically But we're hearing my I think we're here now. And we have the technology to continue to thrive probably without impossible so think you can eat just eighty percent less meat and still eat a little awesome tiny bit. That's what I'm saying I'm trying to do I'm trying to eat. You know I'm trying to gradually reduce my intake all together and then but then still have a steak every now and again you know what I mean. I don't buy at the grocery store but like if I go out on the weekend and it's like Oh that looks like a nice dish or some. It looks like it could kill myself by its practice but another thing is I think just like when I say stuff like this sometimes amongst friends like the room will get quiet and it's like oh here's like a little soapbox from Sean about like his great decisions that he's making and I think that's a thing we need to get over saying this because I'm judging urging you I'm saying this because I'm worried about Cordova about climate change and Greta. Wanting to see a virus would clear the decks and then we would be good like the Thanos snapping his fingers. I want to know that I meant that. Obviously not really not really you guys tell me what you're doing to be a part of the solution. Hey you guys that's the end of the show. How do you feel? It didn't end on a terribly optimistic. But yes you WANNA turn around now. We should all go see bad. Boys do cry you laugh. Relationships are age appropriate. They have all those feelings again. Yeah Lauren it is it okay. That's that's a great way to end the show you guys. I want people to fake the nation to be able to follow you and all this stuff. You're doing shine out of they. They do that. Listen to today. explained give it a chance. I guarantee you'll love it. You will love it. I'm on twitter but I stay quiet because the toxicity. That's a good. That's a good decision. Are you on the INSTAGRAM is why I don't do that because a PTSD got you there. Yes Sean as a lot of issues. Yeah sorry I'm they follow him and maybe catch a glimpse into other psychosis. Text me when you see a hello and I guarantee you'll be glad you did. Oh you can't get out candy bars. Everybody said well straight to hand jobs. Four armed strength on this man. Where do they follow you? Where do they find you? I'm all my socials or the same them handle at L. E. A. H. B. as in boy. Oh and nick ended a Nick E.. Emmerson Mary a Adlia bottom anima come find me on the socials fighter on the socials you guys and follow what she's up to. She's always up stuff and it's great and it's fun you guys know where to find me and all the stuff that I do Blah Blah Blah and. I'm I'm trying to do a better job of keeping my website updated Keep emailing me if you're in town and WanNa see where I'm performing and I may or may not answer the answer you in time but I was really supposed to plug. I don't know but I'm going to be at Smith College on Monday. College where you at You May WanNa know Massachusetts North Hampton. It's in Northampton. Are you driving. None of your business do after I looked it up two inches. I don't do that I just I want to see what it looks like when I get there. Looks Nice I hear great things about going back. I'm making jokes and chatting and doing some other off doing like a weird Day Street actions during the day taking some sort of community not telling What I really I WANNA do lying? I'm not lying. I'm not lying. I WANNA thank the production team here at the nation. That's our producer. Anita Florez talented audio engineer. Andy Kristen Gabrielle Talk. The theme. Music helps with research. And you guys. We love to hear from Senator Feedback topics you think we should be chatting about gas ideas. you might have even leave us a voicemail. Three Four for seven seven seven zero four nine eight one draws a line accommodated make the nation DOT com. All my God. Leave a review on Apple podcasts because it helps people find their show. That's an actual thing you you and we'll be back next week by I.

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