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Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Xeni offers thousands of affordable. Eyewear styles starting at just six ninety five. No ridiculous markups. No hassles. Just quality affordable. I wear delivered right to you visits. Any today at Zanny dot com slash NBA. Pods today show. The warriors pumped the nuggets Katie gets tossed and Russell pay tribute to hustle in crossfire. We picked the first round matchups. We'd like to see the best NBA talks and plans for the ultimate jerk party. And we debate whether the new wizards VM job is really all that desirable. It's Wednesday April third the third. The. Charts? Evenings. Hurled and woke up to the starters, presented by Jack Daniels, number seven and Tennessee. Honey. I'm Jay skips alongside me as always we got TASS Melles. We've got the Ozzy le-le-let's in over yonder. That's the bearded one metric Kirby. True. Well, I'm here at the internet looking for your best tweets at hashtag, the starters and guys last night. Russell Westbrook did something that most NBA fans have never seen before telling twenty points. Twenty one assistant twenty rebounds to post the first twenty twenty twenty games since will forty two he didn't honor nipsy hustle. From from twenty plus twenty twenty they know what that means man, that's my growth, very cool RIp Nazi hustle, but as Espy nations. Tom Zillur noted we've never seen it before. We don't know what to call a twenty twenty Twenty-eight call on a triple twenty a double triple double a triple double double a triple frontier. Probably not the last one. But it is a good question is in fact, today's question, what is a good nickname for a twenty twenty twenty stat line, for instance, earlier today, I saw Alex Wong say that a twenty twenty twenty game from now on should be referred to as the triple Russell pretty good. But somebody responded to him saying, I was thinking trips industrial tough to say, but it works as for me. I'm going with a nugget party because anytime you get three twenty pieces. That's a party my friends who just got a sauce, but we want to hear from you. So let us know on Twitter. What's a good nickname for twenty twenty twenty game. From your later. All right. Get your tweets in tonight, show tasks and lead step into the crossfire. We're going to discuss the new wizards GM job, and whether it's really all that desirable. We've got a very salt play. But let's start with a little true or false TK. You got the questions. We'll debate the answers to all right? It's a good thing. Russell Westbrook crazy because last night big one versus two game with the debt as the warriors crust the nuggets on the strength of twenty eight thirteen and five from DeMarcus cousins, the wind gave Golden State the tiebreaker over Denver leaves them to games up for homecourt advantage with just five games remaining true or false, the nuggets pose no threat to the warriors. I think that's true because Niko Yokich out. There doesn't have a very good matchup against the Golden State Warriors with Yokich out there. That means the market's cousins is out there, and because cousins out there that just elevates the warriors already ridiculous talent level to another level. If you're going to be the warriors DeMarcus cousins has to be a liability there. But this is just a perfect match up for cousins who used to be a number one option on offense now that you can be the third fourth or fifth option on this team. And. Go at it. And against the guy who's perfectly sized for him. This is three or four all stars with Yokich on the floor makes called state have five all start. It's just too much to handle. Yeah. I mean Yokich is an incredibly talented and gifted player on the offensive end. But on the defensive end against democracy cousins who can use his body to just kind of bullying at the why there's really not much Yokich can do he chose to try to move his feet and get in the way, but he just can't do much and then boogie can also step at a knock-down that three point. So it really almost nullifies the effectiveness of Yokich particular on the defensive end. But then on the offensive end as well as sort of through humanities rhythm because he doesn't have to be shooting to be effective. He can do other things. But I think you saw he was kind of just out of rhythm loss. Not because of what he was doing to him on the defensive end Fidanza. But really this is okay though for but Denver because this is the first trip to the playoffs with this team. So they're gonna learn about what it takes to win into what us led to be the warriors going into the playoffs. And then not expected to win the championship this year. But they are expected to learn and to understand what it takes. So I don't see them, really. As being a big threat to the warriors right now. But I think this is a very important step foot into Tyke Towanda stand. What could happen in the next two or three? So he's cousins was great offensively twenty eight thirteen and five, but I thought he did a tremendous job defensively to on Yokich. And so two Draymond green matching up and look you sort of take away the joker from the nuggets you've sort of stopped their offense because that's just how much they run through him. So great game. Yeah. If you've got a motivated cousins and just a motivated warriors team in general who's going to beat them not many teams. I mean, look the dubs moved to games up now on the nuggets in terms of the race for the number one seed, so it's basically a lock that they're going to have that you're going to have to go through the oracle in the Western Conference to get to the finals. And the other part is I mean, the rockets must be happy with this result. Right. They want again as well over the kings last night hardened in the rockets, they're still in the third seed half game up on the blazers. You don't wanna be the foreseeable? I'm getting out here you want to be in two three. Because now it's again a locked that. The warriors are going to be that one seat. So you're going to see them later in theory in the playoffs. So they're happy. I'm sure about that as well. I guess the. The nuggets just are too similar to the Golden State Warriors. They run everything through their center. The warriors one run everything through their center. Running guys off of them. You're going strength versus strength. Not so good. And that's why Houston is a better match up. Because number one they go out to Marcus cousins a lot more because it's guard play and to it's just not the same. It's gar place. So it's not center versus center. It's not hey, we're trying to beat you at your own game. They're also hard different shoot fifty sixty three. And then hope twenty five of them fall on and give it night. Maybe they will get to win. Sometimes they miss twenty seven in a row gets lost. But that's how they play next one. All right. Kevin Durant scored twenty one points and had a couple of huge dunks in last night's when he did it and just twenty one minutes as Durant with early in the third quarter after picking up two quick but deserve technicals for arguing with referees. State is always among the league leaders and technical guys true or false. The warriors challenging referees will hurt that. It's false challenging them is. Okay. What Durant did last night though? He stepped over the lawn warriors are up big. And maybe there wasn't miscall Durant. Able this certainly didn't warrant that reaction from Kevin Durant to get rod in zach's OB is face and to start swearing at him and carrying on and getting into ejected that no question about it. But if you if there's a coal absolutely you can side of the referee. Hey, come on man, you missed that one. But you know, what forget about it move on. And then the referees one hold anything into signed the referees. Had this premeditated them on. They're gonna throw someone out. But when Durant gets rod in your face like that he doesn't really give the referee a whole lot of choice. You could see Steve Kerr sort of trying to calm him down there and Durant just kept going to the threw him out. But so if you behave like that that could cost you, but if you actually approach it in a more professional manner than I think the referees will respect you a little more. Yeah. The rest don't have to feel bad about tossing. Golden State Warriors superstar because they got another. Three on the roster. Everything is fine. I think they were trying to sort of real it in in that game. They're calm, and you could see DeMarcus cousins sort of try and stop Kevin Durant from doing the what's happening there amongst the league leader in tex- players injections. But it doesn't matter. This is the same thing happened last year. Exact same thing we're sitting here in March giving them a worse of the week because they're arguing they are getting the fear with officials, and they turned it around their board. I was gonna say man, I think they do this on purpose because that's what we said last eight it's become a to some extent like five on five doesn't even feel fair. I think to them they know they can be absolutely anyone. Well, it makes it a little more interesting five on eight. So now, they got the rest on the other team. And now, we gotta get it. All we gotta get pumped up and fight against that. And maybe get some engaged in a weird way. And this is not a big deal because. Yeah. Durant at fifteen tax and his next one cost them a game. Same with Draymond. I believe but it doesn't carry over into the playoffs. It's not like go. Now if you get one in the playoffs, then you're going to miss a game. And then it doesn't you sort of. Reset it all and then I'm sure there are a little more well behaved though, so to speak in the playoffs. You're games in the playoffs because they go sweep sweep the referees. Do give you a little bit more room as well in the playoffs. Like if things that are big tents. They tend to not throw at those guys with two quick whistles. But the worry is do have a bit of a reputation for getting hot under the caller. And then just exploding. Oh, it cost them some money as we saw wolves game there too. And everybody went nuts and they're taunting wraps. And then I'm getting find it actually costs them again, it was not necessarily that take fail. But because then there was a soft fat cold on towns that went on in the wolves went on to win it. So it could cost them in that situation there, but the worry is they do tend to to real it income playoff on trae our final one. All right anytime. You're the only other name on a list with Chamberlain. You must be doing something right in last night. Russell westbrook. Did a lot right? Come in the first player since Wilton nineteen sixty eight tonight at least twenty points, twenty rebounds and twentieth. Six in a single game guys that's an party tour false. This was Russell Westbrook's most impressive stat line. Most impressive. I'm not sure definitely is most meaningful to him. And then, you know, you're seeing a lot of people there. Some backlash. This morning. A saying Russ was waving off Billy Donovan, you know, they're up sixteen this game's over Donovan wants to sub him out. And he's like, no, no, no, I want to get to more rebounds. But he wanted those rebounds because this was his tribute to his slain friend in nipsy hustled. This is something that he wanted to do this in a weird way as way of grieving or have of course, again, a tribute to him. So I mean, I don't see why you would possibly be all that upset. He did it. And also, it's incredible. The do it whether or not, you know, he didn't he wasn't playing forty eight minutes like was doing it back in nineteen sixty eight he didn't play the whole game. He wanted to get to more rebounds at the end. But I mean this crazy this'll be only had thirteen shots. That's a weird night for Wilt Chamberlain all that game. What was it like? No, look, I mean, Westbrook. The he's the only player part of being the league who can actually do that. Because he plays in with side much intensity the entire game. And he stepped out of before. And he's done that a lot and last night sort of thing. But with a little bit more meaningful him more meaning to him. He doesn't care what we think. No, nobody else thinks he that was like important to him the reference, obviously, the twenty twenty twenty and what it meant to nipsy is area that he grew up in LA. So that's all that's all Russ cares about that. It was a tribute to him. So I mean, I have no problem with this whatsoever. I didn't really feel like the Lakers did either. Honestly did not. No, no. Gloria. Well, let's hear from you guys agree or disagree on Twitter. Hash day. The starters was it is most meaningful slash impressive stat line. He's had a couple loose only. Come back. Leeann task step into the crossfire all it's gonna get heated. Oh, no, no. If you're buying sneakers online. There's more than a coin flips chance that the shoe. You're looking at is fake. How can you be sure? It's real goat dot com is the safest way to buy and sell authenticity sneakers online. 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Starters is presented by Jack Daniels old number seven and Tennessee. Honey. Crossfire? Here's how this works. The champion. Tests will take on the challenger Leila's in three rounds of head to head questions at the end of it all all declare winner. And as always the crossfire championship belt is on the line. As is a match in wrestlemainia this weekend. You'll be international man. He'll be on the first one here round one guy. The playoffs are ten days away just ten and while there's still some playoff seeding to figure out. I want you guys to look ahead and tell me what first round series. Do you? Hope we see hero rockets thunder top two scores in the league this season. Pardon Paul, George to us MVP's harden Westbrook whose guys faced off in the twenty seventeen playoff. So I'm sure Russ want some revenge, and I like how they're very similar style team. They rely on their two stars in hearted and Paul, George and Westbrook. Otherwise, if they don't get it from those guys, you never know what's gonna happen. You never know. What's gonna have one poll or Patrick Beverley also faces Russell again? Yes, should be a fun series. Come on. It's the wrap is in the pace. Then that's what we want and round especially being a rep is fantastic because this year against the pistons rep his own free Dwayne Casey wants that first round series about he knows all the little knickknack is going to get to go. This would be fun series because they can still particularly one in Toronto. Then some rapid. To a rough start playing behind here to down there around to last night, DeMarcus cousins dominated Yokich and the nuggets. And boy did he let them know about it as he searched for the joker with the warriors up by thirty with six minutes to go. Yeah. Pretty ruthless there. Because I want to know what's the NBA's best taunt. Here we go. I'm going to go back to us. Was it the free throw line against the clippers and he sought dealing dre Jordan. Jordan. What how I shoot these free throws. He misses the city says the second one. Hey, watch this guess what? He misses that one as well. Jordan back the other end, I watched I guess what that game the blaze has lost by two points to the LA clippers that was why badly executed interesting is the Ronca because it gets under player skin. Nobody wants to be called the baby. It started with Russell Westbrook. But it's so widespread even his enemies are doing it like Klay Thompson. Yeah. And I like it happened organically as well. Because Russell bus. I had a few kids the last couple of years organic marketers want that baby. Thank you. It's a big maybe final round guys. Although Dirk has yet to officially announce the timing. Mark Stein says that the Mavericks are preparing a massive party for their final home game next week on Tuesday. Just in case Dirk does retire. But I want you guys to put on your party planning hats. All right. What's something that must happen at this Dirk party here? We go. Because we called the Dirk, est circus. Of course, Dirk likes a lot of weird and wacky things. I'm sure this is what will be happening under the Dirk ten. We'll have piggyback on it's fun for the whole family. What about baseball toss? You wanna see how fast you can throw a baseball. Sure, we'll have lots of radar guns, and we'll also have a bug killing contest, seventy bucks. Can you kill in ten minutes or minute? I dunno dirt could kill a lot. All right. What happened is we must be invited to that. I think that'd be the potty this enter you still have the Matt celebrated up they won the championship. But what must be there is a karaoke machine? Because dick is the worst singer in the world. That's what makes so good. You don't want a good seeing you want to read seen it. So everyone gets involved and has a great time and hopefully have. This one again vote in the US. That's what we want. All right. That is by really nearly saved yourself with that final answer. But I. Krasny over I'll see. Kofi kingston. We come back. We talking about curry hitting contact lenses. Why it's not fair at all go anywhere co bakery. Kingston, cool. Yet your films out. We're into the up Dan before I won the Washington Wizards are searching for a new GM after firing longtime team executive Ernie Grunfeld on Tuesday and word on the street is they will have plenty of suitors further gig Wuzhou and NBC sports report that many exacts find the job to be desirable and won a crack at it. So I'm gonna ask you guys or are you up or down on that wizards GM job being a desirable? One. What do you think everybody's up? Yeah. I think it is. I mean, you've got to all NBA town type plays in John wall and Bradley Beal. So it's something as a foundation, I know Joe moles carrying injury and that massive contract. But when he's at he's bist, he's a fantastic and Bill is shown by this season. He's also in line for all this is a good pieces there you will. So can't really do anyways. So. Things are going to improve. Dr is settling exactly. So I think it'd be something a lot of GM's would like doing worse. This kind of part of why I'm up on this to the expectations for the wizards. Appears our make the playoffs as long as you make the playoffs. You can keep your job for a long long time Ernie Grunfeld worked there for sixteen years. They won four playoff series. All you gotta do is win. I don't know fortyish games in the Eastern Conference. You're good. Well, the next decade your life. They've never won fifty games. So that would be the first goal you could do that. Then you're already doing better than any. I agree. There's tons of job security sixteen years being pretty mad in this workforce. In this economy, not bad at all. Not bad at all. But in all honesty, you come in the job. You've got a lot of money tied up the next couple of years. You probably have to tear it down or do something with it. So there is job security sort of built in those expectations shouldn't be next year. Nineteen twenty to be great team. I think that person who comes in. There's going to have a few years to make it happen. All right next one guy Steph curry he was in a bit of a shooting slump if you can call it that for him. I guess it was February to mid March. But he's been on fire over the last nine games getting forty nine percent from three. So what changed Willie started wearing contacts? That's what he told the athletic, Marcus Thompson, I'm serious. He said I'm gotten used to squinting for so long that it was just normal. But now he's got the context that up or down on Steph wearing context, it doesn't seem fair to me way down. Right. See it's it's unfair that Steph curry is going to be better at shooting. Now, the guy shot forty three percents from three in this career without being able to see I think that NBA should go the other way making plan those things you got during high school. It looks like you're drunk. You can't see anything. I think he gets those thirty five percent with the drunk. They might the outcome. Rambus classes come back. Dead of contact lenses. But it's crazy that he couldn't see for the first what ten years is blurry. Oh my God. What's going to happen? Now. He's gonna. I think he's gonna get worse. Clear shootings. Not about seeing the Bill feeling now. Now, he couldn't see you could just feel it. That's good. I was going to see it's not gonna work. The last night. I'm with you. He's gonna shoot one hundred percent. Maybe. All right final one guys. This is weird. Lebron was on the bench last night needed some help with this chain. Luckily for him Kyle. Kuzma was there. Swooped in to offer a lending hand. Braun later thanked coups on Instagram and joke that last night was coups Mus I assist of the season to the king fun little burn their guys you up or down on helping put on your friends necklace. If you yourself, then you don't have someone to help you when you're in a game interesting itself. That's my only rule here. I thought I was going to be the only one going down. But I have a little bit of experience on April Fools day show. You guys we're trading my necklace. I had to watch with trepidation. Yeah. Watch this. Yeah. When somebody else's handling your jewelry chain like mine. I was just basically stereo over all don't break that don't break that my mom be so mad, but that's why I'm bringing up the April Fool's day show. I took it off and it actually came unlatched. And I couldn't put it back on. That's why I'm thumbs up. Kaku is gonna put it on in like four seconds. I couldn't get that feeling. Like, I get this keeps me you figure tinier figures. I think let's hear from you. Sometimes you need a friend. I'm out. Now Joe on Twitter has day the starters, thumbs up or thumbs down for all three of those the wizards GM job curry wearing context and helping your buddy put on. When we come back legally hits us with that, very Selim Plato go anywhere. I helped buddies put on their bike chain all day. Header on NBA got the Celtics versus the heat keep trying to hold onto playoff spot Celtics, obviously trying to have home-court advantage in the first round. And then that's followed by the rockets and clippers Brock is trying to stay in the third seat clippers right now in the sixty trying to move up so lots on the line. All right. We asked you, though, good nickname for the twenty twenty twenty that Westbrook. Put up last night trae like no get party. Would you guys come up with say the starter trip? Why good answers? Here's a bunch of them. Our friend mills Verney says the triple twenty tonight. Russell Westbrook scored the triple twenty baseball Bernie. Here's some more three beat the nipsy special like that the niff- trip. I liked that one as well. As named after nifty. Russell westbrook. The Hoffa Westbrook. Very good twenty twenty and a lot of people referencing Friday out there. Hearken back to the free pay phone calls. Ten ten to twenty. But I like it the triple bent if you're down at Starbucks. What a great answer comes from Samuel L, but trip leaks nineteen across the board. But to think twenty's trae tweets guys. All right. Just reminder. We haven't forgotten trae will be paying off his March pick loss. Before we get into the playoffs. So we're running out of time here a late suggestion. Let us know hashtag the starters for what trae should do got a few things on the whiteboard upstairs. But we haven't haven't locked it. In yet. Somebody said eat twenty burger patties twenty pieces of cheese twenty. Leave ESPN. Yeah. It's a beautiful on here from the worries and before Kevin Durant. Threw a tantrum last night. He was planning some beautiful boss bowl and ending with the perfect three point speech bomb tick at the screening here from Andrew bogut. Hell I saw this lively I thought to myself we're going to be seeing that tomorrow. Yeah. You know, what I call a very solid play. Also, very solid from that game. We had wedgie. Hello. Wedgie thirty seven on the season jail. Klay Thompson, usually he can see straight that guy gave us everything laugh. Yeah. Jackson. This one is a deep wedgie, Tori break went after couldn't get it quite eventually, they got it done market on. We're getting there. Okay. We got one fan sign lead. This is from Denny Ferrari who flew all the way from heavy Dhabi to Dallas for this one. But he does from Geelong, which is in Victoria strategies, a fan of Ryan broke off. So great job did any Ferrari, so many different ways. Got. It's actually pretty ironic a guy named Danny Ferrari flute that's right long drive for maybe dobby. Yeah. Exactly. Right. All right, guys. Thanks for joining us tonight. Ten before tip coming up next. We'll see you right here on Thursday at six pm eastern. Thanks for joining us, folks. And remember we have job long time to talk right now. So anyone wants about anything? We've got like ten seconds long the cats. Yeah. Right. I knew that. Yeah. Daria didn't know that. Judaea family tonight people.

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