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Seth Rollins v The Internet - Thursday NOTSAM Thursday


Introducing your host from from New York here is real hers. Welcome to the show. It's Thursday hey you know what that means. Thursday not saying Thursday. Some people are still sending me suggestions for the name of this show. Disrespectful Thursday not Sam Thursday and this time there's no random Thursday afternoon paper view which means we get the podcast out much earlier. And you don't have to worry about any spoilers in the title people still man some. Some people agree with me about the spoilers thing. I had no idea the when I put the shot are Monday of all the takes that we're scorching. Scorching hot takes. The my opinion on spoilers would be the hottest take them off people sounding off in my twitter and my email ninety. I lost somebody on Patriots because of it Heyman. My opinions are my opinions. It happens but I don't think I haven't titled the Episode Yet. I'm GonNa titled Title The episode as Soon as we're done with the episode because who really knows what direction will go into by. There's not gonna be any spoilers because everything happened at least yeah. Eighteen hours ago or so so eighteen hours in this world of wrestling is enough time. There's so much content that if you eighteen hours without out watching something you're just not going to see it. Because the next thing is already started is the problem. You don't have the catch up time that you use to and that's the pace that we are living at here at not sam wrestling especially on Thursday. Not Sam Thursday Thanks to Corey Graves for doing the show Monday. The big Monday franchise not Sam wrestling show with our guest corey graves. Not only. Was He talking about his podcast after the bell but what we got to travel with him he was on the phone and he took us and dictated what was going on as he got lost in his hotel as he traveled to the lobby by leaving the hotel going outside back inside meeting Michael Call in the lobby driving with Michael Cole to the arena getting to the arena putting earning his stuff down getting the production meeting the whole thing. The whole picture is painted as we discussed commentary in podcasting total divas and everything else going on in the life of Corey Graves. So if you haven't heard that That interview go ahead head back over Monday. Show and give it a listen and it's interesting and the reason I bring it up is because we talked about Corey graves and we talk about after the bell and he had Some things to say on after the battle of this league use fiery Basically talking about all the rumors around the fact the superstars of the WWe were in Saudi Arabia about out. I don't know twenty four hours longer thirty hours longer than they were supposed to be A couple of news sites published articles. That were really more based on kind of what the rumors were. I'd there haven't been any official statements from anybody except short of cryptic tweets tweets that go along with the conspiracy theory and I love the I love conspiracy theories. I love him just as much as anybody. The problem is in in my big working brain. I need evidence. I mean I need somebody to tell me something and there's plenty of things that I'm like dad. It's probably not true. And then somebody tells tells me something. Even if it's privately and I go. I guess that thing was true. But look you know when you talk about The delayed flight that caused the best smackdown certainly. Well I would say the best smackdown. Since they've gone over to Fox. The first one was pretty good but the vest smackdown in some time and really Kinda got the ball rolling on this whole story line of raw and smackdown going to war that we've seen play out for this entire week. Although I find it really odd that raw and smackdown are like their own team and an x t is facing both of them and they're both facing Annex T. It doesn't feel like a a three way war just yet you know what I mean like you have brock brock listener quitting smackdown and showing up on raw. Just because you know they gave an explanation. But I didn't I didn't like it. You know again I I mean I talked about it on Monday but brock leser quitting smackdown showing up on raw. The whole thing doesn't make sense to me. I don't like it raw. Should have to fight without a champion and a have USA USA. Be Upset about it. But you know I I would think some of the smackdown superstars would be mad mad at that. How dare you brock listener abandoned us? We're the show or or have raw people laughing at smackdown people about the fact that they just lost one of their champions and smackdown people's going. Yeah well we gained yours. And you know going back and forth a little bit between Ron smackdown and maybe that will start to develop over the next couple of weeks. But there really hasn't been anything in terms of of infighting between Ron smackdown yet just main roster quote unquote because they know that offensive term now main roster quote Unquote Versus Annex T. But I brought up up The core great podcast because graves went on and he attributed what happened in Saudi Arabia with the planes being delayed to do exactly what they were said to be which is mechanical errors and he's not claiming to know what those mechanical errors were. I haven't spoken any superstars stars that are claiming to know what those mechanical errors work. Let's be honest if your plane isn't taking off due to mechanical due due to a mechanical error and I'm talking about a commercial flight in an airport you don't know exactly what's wrong with the plane. You just know what the lady in front of the gate tells you. So the fact that Graves is sitting there saying not only that it was mechanical errors but he said that the controversial a second charter flight which like twenty people were on which I guess some people W took offense to the fact that it said in the press release that some superstars wanted to be at smackdown so badly that they charted their own jet and people took offense to this and and kind of again nobody directly but lots of cryptic tweeting about locker room leaders in this and that and look. I wasn't even close to being there so I I have no idea what was happening but graves is critical of people saying they need to stop bitching on twitter. Which I kind of I'll agree with you know I I mean I guess? I understand the premise of if I complain on twitter about what's going on then I have power. Because I've brought light to the situation if I am public with my grievance than I am now now in a position of power because my grievance cannot be dusty can I be pushed under a rug. We actually have to acknowledge what I've said because the whole world knows now now at the same time you put the company that you're tweeting about in a defensive position you've now established like the you're not looking looking to work with anybody. You're looking to fight and company and I'm not talking about wwe. I'm not talking about wrestling. I'm talking about companies in general if I go on twitter and I say here's what's wrong with serious then you know Syria's GonNa come to me and go look dude are you. Actually you're trying to improve serious or are you trying to rabble rouse. Because we don't really WanNa work with you. If this is how you do business so I absolutely get it from both sides. He also said that the charter jet that came. It wasn't about w making sure the most important people got out of Saudi Arabia. It was about making sure that people who are advertised on smackdown got out of Saudi Arabia. So is about getting the people that were advertised on this show to be on the show for the ticket buying public and this theory this urban myth that Vince McMahon kind of abandoned. The talent in reality what had happened. Was Vince McMahon was on the same schedule that he's always on which is as soon as the bell rings. Vince is out the door which I get it. I I mean if you don't know there's a mechanical error. Let's just say I'm not saying that. This is the way it went down. But let's just say you know. There's a mechanical error. Like I I wouldn't expect and I don't think thank you would either. Vince McMahon to not leave in his jet until he made sure that the other jet left. I think in hindsight you could say he should have but Without knowing that big plane wasn't gonNA leave with all your talent on it. I don't. I don't think that that Vince is just sitting there waiting to make sure we'll know everybody leave before me. I'll make sure who's going to do that. None of you guys are so that was really interesting. That Corey Graves did kind of come to the company's Bundy's defense on this one and went against some of the people that were complaining on twitter. Natalia was on our show Jim Norton and Sam Roberts on Sirius. Xm This Week. And and I think I may air that interview on Mondays. podcast unless everybody's already heard it if you already have Sirius. XM and you've already heard it. Hit me up not SAM wrestling. Anji Mail DOT COM or tweet me at night Sam and I won't run it but I think a lot of you guys don't have Sirius. Xm And it was a pretty interesting interview. So I think I may run it on the podcast on Monday but she also completely sold the fact that mechanical errors are what kept that plane on the ground and it. Ah she simply like everybody else. Got Off the plane and waiting for those mechanical errors to be solved and there was really all there was to it. As far as that story goes man I love. I love the gossip. I loved the theories our read all of them but until somebody I know who was there and who would know who says I know this is what happened and not. Here's what probably happened. I don't know how seriously we can take it. You know what I mean. I don't know I seriously you see we can take it. So you've got that was. That was a big big this week. Internet stories that it was the first one. The second one was seth rollins versus Dave Meltzer. Seth rollins at a twitter war with Dave meltzer interrelated to what we were talking about. You know story came out. That said there was a locker room meeting on Monday night. Ron and Vince McMahon. Let it and I think it was first reported on read it and then Dave meltzer reported to Dave not saying. Hey here's what happened on. Read it but Dave saying I have heard this happened from. I'm one of my sources and look Dave Meltzer to my knowledge does not just make things up. You know what I mean like. He's not one of these guys who gest showed up within the last year. All of a sudden has inside sources and clearly is making things happen accepting information from everywhere everywhere. Dave meltzer set up a network for himself sources everywhere. He's managed to have a really significant in career as a wrestling writer for decades. Now so I don't think he's making things up but as it turned out he wrote the story is that And and that corroborated with what was said on read it that there was this meaning and Seth rollins gave a raw speech which was reported to be Awkward now again this definitely. It's weird when you read a story like this because it almost takes for granted that the conspiracy stuff the rest of US getting stuck is just true. Like it's just definitely true which you know that's the thing about conspiracy. Theories is their theories until you have hard hard evidence of something. It's a theory. So seth comes on twitter and he calls Dave Meltzer Aligarh. He said like at worst year vindictive Slough Liar and you spread misinformation or maybe an best you just you. You just spread misinformation something like that. But he came at him hard. He called him a liar. He said that he was not. There was no seth right. There wasn't meetings Vince. McMahon did lead it but the talent was invited to ask questions. Some talent did ask questions. And Seth Rollins gave no speech. No Ron no nothing in never never happened. Dave meltzer ended up posting a retraction to the story. Which I think is the right? move on Dave Meltzer's part of he was wrong. He was wrong. I think you know as as quote unquote wrestling journalism kind of that spectrum widens and I've had my stance on wrestling journalism and a lot of that stance on wrestling journalism. There is so much of it because even if there are people who are going through the proper channels of getting information. There's a lot of people who aren't there's a lot of people that you know would consider themselves wrestling writers in quote unquote journalists. And stuff like that. That will take sources sources from anywhere anonymous or not like an anonymous source doesn't have to be anonymous journalist and anonymous source. It should probably be known by the journalist and just not by anybody else. The journalist is the one that keeps it anonymous. That way you know. It's a reliable source I I would imagine and I would hope that this is a case of Dave meltzer being misinformed. I can't imagine that he would just. He's going make something that specific. That would be crazy and I would really hope that he wouldn't do that. I liked that he retracted the story. And I like to the apologized. But a lot of people were critical of Seth rollins. And there's something about Seth rollins every time this guy gets on twitter and response. John's in a way that is keeping the same energy that he is given people are very critical of it. People were critical of it when he called Eighty he w the minor leagues even though Kenya Meggett specifically called next developmental. Only a couple weeks before that People were critical when he said that. He made the claim that they were the top wrestlers in the world and brought up. How much money he was making which you know it's nice but it's also not you know not a crime of the century and now people are critical that he is coming at Dave Meltzer specifically I saw people say you know this is a guy who you should be above all that? He's the WWE's baby-faced poster boy. For God's sake he should be above attacking Dave Meltzer. I get it I mean I get it. I get that he should be above attacking Dave Meltzer but should he above be above attacking Dave Meltzer. I mean most most of the people criticizing Seth rollins. Just Talk Shit on twitter all day and the minute that somebody that they talk it about says says something back they act like because this person is a high profile person. They've crossed the line. And it's like what if you go on twitter and you talk smack and you and you crap on things and you and you talk about this socks in this person and that person or you're critical of people or your reporting what you think is news or whatever you're doing right and then somebody who's a high profile person comes comes back at you the way you came at them. That's not an instance of somebody being inappropriate. That's an instance of you bringing a knife to a gunfight if you don't want that kind of energy thrown back to you don't put it out there you can avoid it entirely you know I think in ideal world of course when they go low he should go. Hi Seth rollins should always be the bigger man and you would like to the dirt sheets. Don't even penetrate Seth rollins rounds at such a star that the things that people write and say about him. They're not even on his radar he's just above of it all and he's moving onto the next thing but social media has a way of bringing out the human in all of us and it does bring Seth rollins down from being a superstar to a human human. I'll give you that but I also don't think that we can criticize superstars for also being human because they're both things things you know and and I think this is part of the game you know I really. I liked the idea that there's some fighting fighting seth rollins you know. I don't feel like we see a lot of fight in Seth rollins on television. So when I turn on twitter and I see some fighting him than hell yeah you know when you have one of the biggest commentators in the history of wrestling good old. Jr going on his podcast. And saying maybe one day you'll be over as your girlfriend L. Friend and then you're like well seth rollins really shouldn't be saying anything negative on social media. What is he supposed to do he? What is he a murder? What's he supposed to do you then so I don't mind it at all? I also don't think that quote unquote journalists should be able to say say whatever they want free of consequence with knowing that the person that they're talking about will never respond to it in a public way. I'm all for the truth. I'm all for the truth coming out I I'm for transparency is good journalism is a good thing free society diety needs to have a free press and all that jazz but if you are not correct about people and this is the thing about Dave Meltzer is he's pretty the powerful in his own right and I think the Dave Meltzer ends up taking a lot of crap for the wrestling journalism industry. As a whole you know I think that sometimes stuff is misreported boarded on websites and it all has a way of coming back to Dave meltzer actually responsible for it or not. I think that that's just part of love being the top dog in the game. And that's not fair but it's just a consequence of being successful as Dave is so you know and I think Dave did take responsibility for this clearly. But at the same time as much as seth rollins while he should be bigger than this because he's a superstar. Dave has got to realize that has the top dog in the wrestling news dirt sheet and I say that without a derogatory connotation dirt sheet game Dave mousers got a huge responsibility. Whatever people write news stories about what Dave Meltzer tweets? It's just his opinion on on something just watching a show and he tweets something and people make they write a quote unquote news story and posted on their website. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life but if everybody's gotta be aware of their positioning then I think he's got to be aware of his positioning to and the fact that you know the onus is on him to be right he just has to be right because he has developed a reputation that he has a huge audience of people the take whatever he says as Gospel good or bad it is what it is and I think when you have stuff like that going on. You've got to be right. That's why I love the opinion game. That's why I'm not a journalist. That's why I'm a guy who just talks about this stuff and tells you how I feel about it because I know my opinions are always going to be right because their mind they came out of my brain. It's not an issue for me We can talk about Ross at rollins coming out. We already talked about brock listener. A little bit it Sutherland's coming out and Flirting with the idea of being an annex t I liked triple H is you're either with me or you're against me. The undisputed Eric comes out. They get chased off by the O C. I like that Pete. Done in a group of other annexed superstars the stars come out and beat up the OC. I like that then. The entire annex t gang gets chased off by Curt Hawkins Zack Ryder in our truth. Look era growing oh an Arrow into and I are grown. Is there for size. But let's be honest. Air Grown hasn't done anything since the draft. He had the one match with Seth rollins but he hasn't done anything on raw. So so the idea of Eric Rowan. It's not the same era growing as was main. eventing with Roman reigns on smackdown. That's for sure but realistically I mean the shot. The hero shot is on on Jack Ryder. That's crazy to me. You got a lot of talent in that role locker room. I'm okay Zack. Ryder comes out. But maybe we don't put the hero shot on him. You know what I mean. Because I don't see anybody in annex running away from Zack Ryder. Sorry I thought that the crowd I liked it. A Adam Cole. got another chance to shine amcol versus Seth Rollins Adam versus Daniel Bryan Is a big week for Adam Cole. Oh I thought that that was good. the inclusion of Annex T. But look I mean we go back we watch raw and we watch annex T and it goes back to my theory that I said the reason smackdown was so good and that's because there was something happening in every segment it wasn't just the invasion of every single segment was must watch. You felt like if you went to the bathroom you would miss something and raw good matches whether it was you know The six man tag with the street. Prophets in Umberto whether it was a body Murphy Versus Cedric Alexander. Whether I mean any of that stuff it's like good matches ages but doesn't matter who wins. You know what I mean like. Does it matter. Is there a difference between this match in the last match from last last week. I don't know I think we need an injection of story into each and every segment in my opinion on every wrestling show not just wwe every every wrestling show. There should be a reason for every single segment. Hey guys bear with me for a second. Actually it may take more than a second. My performance and says improved. My performance has been maximized. If you will. My performance has never been better. I know a lot of you physically. It's tough mentally. You get stimulated because wrestling's on the TV there so much wrestling. It's so exciting. 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There's no awkwardness and they're made in the USA. Blue prepares ships direct. They're cheaper than a pharmacy. It's unbelievable look guys as much as I do as busy as I I. Am I have two children okay. And they were conceived. Naturally how do you think I do that. I have performance enhancers performance enhancers. The answers are I'll give you a hint. They're blue and you can chew them. Blue Visit Blue Dot Com and get your first shipment for free. I'm going to give you free blue. You just for listening to the show. When you use Promo Code Roberts are obese? ARTETA's just pay five dollars shipping when you go to blue dot com B. L. U. You E.. Chew Dot Com Promo Code Roberts and try it for free. The crowd in Long Island was. Rip Deceased You know rest in peace to the audience in Long Island New York as they were watching raw. And you know I usually. I don't really blame. Crowds it's tough in any art whether it's a whether it's music whether it's sports whether it's wrestling with comedy if you're a comedian and nobody in the audience laughs might be a bad night. Might be a coincidence. Might just be something. Wasn't clicking in the room but at the end of the day you gotTa know how to make them laugh. You know what I mean so I have have a tough time. Just blaming the crowd although they definitely should have been more active in in a Seth Ron's Adam Cole match but I guess that's just part of having a three hour raw. I thought Seth Rollins Adam Cole match was good. I thought all the brock listener ray material stuff was good. I loved that they built it over the course about an hour and a half when finally Ramos Stereo jumped brock listener with the lead pipe throw India through the table. All that stuff was good. Opening segment of raw was good. You know and of course the not only the Rollins Adam Cole. Match but that annex t invasion where the hero of the day Zach rider came in loved that too. Except Zack Ryder per so. Yeah I mean highlights for sure as far as Seth rollins joining annex t you know I don't think so. I think that it's one of those things that We can flirt with the idea you know now. I don't WanNa see seth rollins go full. He'll I was GONNA say it would be interesting to see Seth Rollins Join T.. Lose and have to win back the ww the raw locker room. Because you know I'm obsessed with the idea of of Seth rollins having to rebuild himself. The architect needs to re architect checked himself. That's what I'm waiting for. So that would be a way to do it but I think it would require him to turn heel. And I don't think seth rollins should turn heel. Will I just think he should be a broken person. You know if it's going to be him annex annex t should should beat him whether it's Adam Cole or whoever the only matches we have for survivor series confirmed triple threat. Tag Team Title Match Revival. Viking Raiders undisputed era which by the way you look at both these matches really and you see what an impact annexed he has made in. WWe because those are the three ultimately annexed teams. And they're gonNA tear it up then the women's match to you've got Bailey versus becky versus Shayna generational annex t women's talent ironically. Becky is the only one in that group that never won the women's championship. But an extra evolved next is changed. you know L. and it and it and it begs the question. Would the annex t superstars of the past able to hang with the NASD superstar. The present. I guess that's part of the theme of survivor survivor. Series to me. Both those matches. I think are going to be awesome. You know. I think they'll both be a lot of fun I'm assuming so we know that oddly the WWe championship match is going to be Broccoli versus Rey mysterious. So that's not brand warfare I don't know if they're going to try to do another seth rollins versus the fiend match. It certainly doesn't seem like that. Those no reference to Seth rollins in the fiend Could Be Roman reigns and the fiend could be an annex t star. You know might be might be a fun. Move to throw. Uh either Johnny Gargano Tomasso CIAMPA in there with the fiend because he could squash one of them it would mean something. They would have a good match. They'd be able to recover. Can separate them and then the fiends got another month or two before for. He's got to come up with a new opponent so I think that could be good. But yeah and I loved The OC popping popping up on on annex t you know in that end shot within Ballard. Aj Styles face to face. Now again I don't think the OC SHOULD BE JOINING ANNEX T. I don't think Tim Valour should join them. I would like to see an AJ styles versus Finn. Valor remember survivor series. Two or three years ago they had that impromptu match. When Bray Wyatt it was supposed to be jacka lantern? I think The pumpkin Spice Demon thim valor vs sister. Abigail and Bray Wyatt was off the show. It was the same night right. I think Roman reigns was off that show too because of sickness and they replaced him at the last minute with. Aj Styles Ages imbalance toward the house down and it was the only match they've had in wwe so I'd like to see at survivor series of singles match personally between Aj styles and the demon fin actually shouldn't be demon fin our because he's a he'll now so AJ versus Tim Valour. I think it'd be great at survivor series. And now I think it would fit right in with brand warfare on you know blue and it's what we're talking about annex t not only was the. OC being they're great. But I thought I liked the story. That's being told what Dakota Kai I I like it I think it it does end with her. Getting some edge. But you can't argue it. I mean there's nobody on that annex t women's team and women's wargames team we don't know who the Third Person Shayna bazars GonNa pick as we know Chenab as our Bianca Bel Air. EEO Shirai and a third person person. I mean Fourth Person Verses Rear Ripley teagan knocks Candice Laret and we find out last night. It's me again now to code ACI. WHO's in a tag team with teague? INOX called team kick. She gets not invited to smackdown and Ria Ripley is all of a sudden he knocks tag team partner and then you go to war games and teagan knocks on the team but RIA Ripley chooses me in who is great over Dakota Chi. It's very very clear to me. Teague Inox is the worst tag team partner of all time digging. Knox could not care less about Dakota Kite. You're on your own then buddy. I got a new TAG team partner. Here I got real Ripley and then I got these three partners. What do I need you for? I mean it's like Teagan Knox and Dakota kyw. They knew each other in grade school right and they knew each other through middle school right and then you go to high school and the cool kids go. Hey teagan knocks you could sit with us and the two of them walk over to the table and they go. Nat- that you Dakota kyw Antique Inox Coda kind. She shrugs her shoulders and she goes Zari. And now Dakota guy has to go sit in the outside for teacher's classroom hoping that the teacher brings her inside. She's she's GonNa make friends with the social studies teacher because Teagan Knox abandoned her to sit at the popular kids table popular. Kids being rea- Ripley Mia Hamm and Candice Laurey. Now you got candidates Laret who's trusted the wrong people before in the sense that Yoshahara. I saw her coming a mile away. Made her look like a fool. Ria Ripley who's completely focused on only getting a shot at the annex t women's championship regardless of who else wants it making her a terrible t. Remember then you got me a Yelm who also is going to want that rematch. But I don't think you're yelm realizes what she walked into. I think mayhem is thinking girl. Power Araya not realizing that the other three are terrible team players. So we'll see who. Shane Abuser. As our picks I was surprised to see that Jesse Duke Marina ship fear were not on the side of Shayna baser but that could be smart. She's she's going to have the numbers advantage. She's going to have a four person team as well as two on the outside watching their back not a bad way to enter the war games Annex T of course at full sail two. Oh Five Live now. Going to come from full sail two. Oh Five Live is now taped And I don't know I mean it wouldn't be the dumbest dumbest thing in the world. I don't think to start running on Wednesday nights but for ever it's been taped after smackdown and it was running live on Friday nights on the wwe network Org after smackdown but you talk to any of the two. Oh five guys. And they'll tell you that the building clears out every goes home after smackdown and nobody's there to watch five live except for the people that are trying to stick stick around for the main event dark match. They're sitting on their hands waiting for this thing so I think ultimately it is an upgrade for the two of five live guys I think that it is a better environment for them but I also think that they may need to figure out a ticket buying method so the same fans don't go to every single angle show the same fans good every single show. I worry that they're going to start taking stuff for granted because they get to see it every single week they get spoiled. Sperling if if you will I'm telling the truth and and and there are people who have asked about it you know. I don't the only so many hours in the day and and I've got A. I've got a very busy life. I do Jim Norton Sam Roberts. Every day in the morning I got to raise a family. I got to do the wrestling. podcast I do Sam Roberts now on on Youtube the Youtube Channel which by the way you dot com slash not Sam. There's wrestling content up there now. This podcast goes up there right now. But if you click the PODCAST On my youtube page youtube slash. Not Sam There's a link in the description of the podcast and it will send you to my secondary youtube page. By the end end of this calendar year all wrestling content will be on the secondary youtube page. So make sure that link is also in my instagram profile instagram dot com slash. Not Sam. I I don't even know if you can get there dot com but instagram at not. Sam that link is there in the profile so if you want to be subscribed if you want to get updates. Every time I put up a wrestling video you're going to need to be subscribed to the new youtube channel. 'cause that's where all the wrestling videos are going in the future but with all the stuff that I'm I'm working on all the time you know we all have to make choices as to what we watch and as far as wrestling goes there's so much wrestling on. Yeah also I have a family. You know what I mean. My wife is sitting there going like we get one hour of TV. Time before I pass out. We're really GONNA watch wrestling. I go yeah of course we are but so I don't want I I watch everything. WWe I watch raw smackdown an annex t every week those are my three shows Always Watch Rusnak Annex T. I'M A. WWe Guy I always have been a wwe. I never made a secret about it and then I keep up to date with what else is going on. I keep up to date with a W I keep up to date with impact I keep up to date with NWEA power. I try to keep up to date with 'em w you know I try to New Japan. Even I try Arctic. Keep up to date with all of it but for me personally my priorities I like is. WWe It's what. I was raised with it. What's what got me into wrestling? And it's just that's my thing which is why so much more detail is put into the WWe stuff on this podcast than anything else But I will tell you a couple of things I've been loving. The content impact has been putting up on the Internet and stuff that they've been doing. I talked about the RV. Promo now I just think that they're differentiating themselves. In a great way. They're adding edge to the product and they're doing a lot of storytelling which again I'm a huge storytelling guy. So I think that's great. I'm I'm super happy and very I'm more optimistic about impact wrestling than I have been in a long time and as far as AWA goes. Ah they've been putting on great shows man. I thought. Obviously the Cody Promo. This week was classic. Amazing And if you haven't seen it you've got to look it up. I do the Jericho. Sketch was hilarious. Like I kind of wanted to watch it and poo poo it and then I watched it and I was like this is this is hilarious with soul train Jones on there my man Virgil making his comeback to the mainstream wrestling. So yeah so I think that. The Cody Jericho story. Going into full gear has been very very well. Told The lights out match between Omega and Oxley like I said last week I love the way they did it with the closed office door. I think that's who in very very well told. I don't know what the hell was going on this week in that pock Who Trent Baretta match with? The referee is not counting to three is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life. I I would hope. That's a gimmick or something because I I don't I don't understand what was happening. It was almost like the referee was saying no. I was told there was going to be a submission finish so I pretended I saw kick out. It was really odd. It was crazy so I yeah so I didn't understand that no also. It was weird that people were making that big of a deal out of it like Oh that happens like what no doesn't nuts. So yeah and and you got full gear this weekend on W. Like I said those are the two main events young blocks versus. Lax is going to be great hangman. Page versus pock. It's GonNa be good. What do you got? Re- overseas Emmy Sikora. I will say this whether you're a hater or not. The women's division and just destroys and crushes any other women's division anywhere. That's raw smackdown. Whatever you want to say annexed? Women's division is where it's APP and then you got Joey Shawn Spears ears and the triple threat or three way for the Awa tag team championship. So cal uncensored Lucia brothers and private party. I think private parties should be the TAG team champions over there and enjoy versus. Sean Spicer. I mean I I don't know if Shawn Spears. Seems like he really needs a victory but Join Journalism Buddy. I want Joe Jealous Succeed. I want to see Joji now on. TV more too. So hopefully Joe. Gino wins but it's all exciting man. There's a lot of great wrestling going on in this wacky wacky world of ours a lot of great wrestling I told you guys on the podcast that I be answering some questions if you WANNA email these questions in because they get lost on my twitter account so if you wanNA email these questions in the email is not sam wrestling edge. Email dot com. That's not sam wrestling at dot com and I am looking up A couple of questions. That were sent This week Let me just pull him up. Because I go to Yes I go to the Patriot questions. I Patriot dot com slash not Sam wrestling sling. Of course the not Sam shells every show ad free and early as well as video. Content bonus shows the whole deal Patriot dot com slash. Not Sam wrestling one of the not. Sam Shells Benji said. Hey Sam doubleheader question firstly if you were asked to be a commentator on any w show which one would you choose. And who'd your accompanying accompanying announced team be secondly. WWe were to have an actual paper view overseas. which country do you think would be interesting from Melbourne Look I would like to say Australia because you're from Australia. And I think that would be great but I think the UK is easy. Answer in England. You know they. You did Summer Slam ninety two there. I know the British fans are rabid for it so I think England would be a really good spot to do a traditional pay per view from. They're doing smackdown for Manchester over here here this week. Yeah you know I think it could be really interesting to do a pay per view in a country that we don't see have shows at least televised that often. You know I think India would be a really cool place to pay per view from I think Mexico would be a really cool place for. WWe Pay per view from and as as far as a commentator. I mean look. There's a Lotta great people that I would love to work with in that capacity. Michael Cole is the easy answer because he would just make everything a breeze because he says her professional obviously. I've been friends with Corey graves for a long time. You know I think I would love to sit at a booth McAfee because I would love to point out his idiocy. Everybody everybody everybody is so in love with him at that booth that I think somebody needs to be there to keep him in check so love to be a booth with McAfee and then As far as the other As far as the play by play guy goes probably either Byron's Byron's actually really really really good. I love doing the main event. Probably Tom Phillips or Michael. I think. Probably Tom Phillips are Michael Cole. And as far as what show I mean I love level three shows I guess I enjoy smackdown a lot these days maybe smackdown Joey. I'm Patriot says why doesn't Selena Vega Championship have opportunities. I guess she's in his mouth piece and she's fun on the Mike and has great stuff in the ring she could do. Both she could do both. I think that the reason that she doesn't get championship. The job opportunities is because she doesn't wrestle so I think the real question is why doesn't she russell more and I think at some point. Maybe she will. But in the meantime meantime you know. I think that there's just such a priority on pushing her and Andreotti together that you know they probably don't want to confuse Hughes people they don't want people you know they want her to highlight Andretti. You know and I think that I- Zilina Vegas talents are still. We're barely scratching the surface. She is such a talented person in the ring on the Mike the whole thing so you know I think she could being. WWe For a really really long time. And I think The Sky's the limit with her. The Sky's the limit. Let's go to the email. Not Sam wrestling Felipe patient run next team up against smackdown. USA Network Versus Fox. I don't think so because you know. Annex T has the chip on their shoulder annex t Wade Keller Talk about on his podcast. How he doesn't like the brand loyalty thing and I get what he's saying but has always had brand loyalty to themselves like annex t has always acted like a unit together? So I don't think ron annexed he should be teaming up but I think the three should be doing battle as I said Sam Hamm says with survivor series being robber snake numbers and x t What beef could run smack down even have with each other right now? I think we've covered that today Z. T. W. says. Do you have any work available. No hot dog takes at all And see John says Really enjoy your podcast and I listened to both shows senior Caroline's twice. I see I appreciate that man. The one thing keeping me from being a Nazi 'em show is the fact that you hardly cover Awa on your show these days clearly understand your position you're in with wwe but as the hurricane says what's up with that. Yeah that's all it is man. I mean you know I don't want to do a half ass job of covering aws. And I watch every minute of the three major. WWe shows so that's really all it is but if you want to join the Nazi shells maybe I'll jump on after full gear and do a a bonus show for you guys or something over at Patriots. Something like that could be fun smackdown Tomorrow night Friday night is headlined with Darin. Corbin versus Roman reigns a lot of people being critical of that. I saw some pretty funny memes on the Internet pointing out the before the annex t run in happened that we were supposed to get Roman reigns versus Barron Cordon Man. I think everything needs to be shaken up personally. I think I think this is a thought I had okay. This is what I'm going to leave you today. Foul with Fowler on this gay I think what needs to the happen is barren corbin. Needs to develop a king's court right baron. Corbin needs to develop develop faction and here's who I think should the first person who should stand behind Barron Corbin is Roman reigns Roman reigns. I should full on turn. He'll he'll kinda he'll he'll he'll and be barren Corbin's second second there is no bigger. He'll move because if Roman ranges turned heel and was a big bad ass. Dude people would still people would love it. They would share them. But Roman reigns turned heel and Baron Corbin was in charge. Oh my God the boozy would get. It would be perfect if he was doing Barron Corbin's bidding and they come out and he goes thank God for Barron. Carbon Bearing Corbin showed me the light when I look at Barron Corbin's twitter when I look at the way Barron reacts to the fans when I look at the people in the locker room that are jealous of the opportunities that Barron Corbin continues to get. Their incorporate has great match Ed. Great match after great match. Who people congratulate the people? Baron Corbin is competing against. I have great match after match after great match. Who Do people congratulate the people on competing against none of you have given me the respect that I deserve just like Barron Corbin? None of you have given me the credit deserve just like barren Corbett and King Corbin opened my eyes to this king. Corbin opened my eyes to the fact that you all have been taking me for granted. King Corbin opened my eyes to the fact that you simply don't appreciate me so you know what I don't appreciate you and then you really get my life almost ended and you gave me one good night back and that was it. If you don't need me then I don't need you. Then the new day comes out out. Hey what's going on Rome and data data. We don't like this power. Positively de dot next week on smackdown. It's going to be biggie. Kofi Kingston the new the day versus bearing Corbin Roman reigns fight. Fight fight fight. Fight fight. biggie he is about to finish him off Kofi Kingston goes for the one of his finishers lays out biggie Kofi Kingston turns. He'll he said. What have you guys ever done for me? I lost the title Brock. Listener in one minute. You guys didn't have my back. You guys want me to go back to thrown pancakes around screw that. I'm here to throw pancakes around. I'm here to win championships. and Therein Corbin King Corbin. He showed me that. Can you imagine a heel group consisting of baron. Corbin Roman reigns and Kofi Hoffy Kingston. I want King. Corbin's Court Roman reigns Barron Corbin Kofi Kingston to just run rough shot over smackdown. And then you have the opportunity to build new good guys. You have the opportunity to build Biggie as a potential main event. Good Guy. You know people we're GonNa be wanting that Kofi Kingston Biggie madge you can do Baron Corbin Biggie. You can do. Roman reigns biggie. And you can keep going down the list you know all of a sudden the fiend is able to first of all. They're going to cheer the fiend anyway so eventually the fiend can come into stop this faction. But what in the meantime the fiend can concentrate elsewhere. I think you can make Nakimora. Go back to being a good guy you can turn Nakimora and have him compete with them. Because these three bad guys will be so strong Braun strowman now as an entire heel faction to deal

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