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Crimson trace now offers a line of tactical oriented products including open and close reflex sights battle sites and a robust line of rifles scopes purpose built with of maximum features and versatility find out more at Crimson trace dot com. Dry Lock stock and barrel. We'll talk about anything related to gone on. So it's Tom Gresham. Call now eight six six. Talk Gun we're back with media. Tom Gresham you want to join us. That part's easy. Just call us at eight six six. Talk Gun or Tom. Talk Gun obviously You can follow me over at gun. Talk Doc Gun Talk Dot Com. Probably the best way. Do you want to stay informed throughout the week because things are breaking stories are happening all the time I kind of worked as as an aggregate or site. If you see the drudge report of guns but I put it all up on twitter so if you follow me on twitter. I'm at gun talk. That's how it works on. Twitter are Ad Guntalk. You'd have anything else on twitter. Just do that and I will put stories up throughout the day all week long. Why would you do that well because you want to be informed because you wanna be effective because you want to participate in the twenty in twenty twenty movement that I I started which is a masking gun owners to devote twenty minutes a day throughout the year? Two Thousand Twenty as we head toward the twenty twenty elections twenty minutes a day part part of that is going to be spent just going online seeing. What's going on look at the news? Hey My twitter feed there you go. Lots of articles things are happening. And then MM cynical view. Emails make a phone call. Basically just getting involved and finding out where things are happening and committing to show up. You have have to show up if we're going to be counted because the world belongs to those who show up as part of this whole thing. It's okay how are we going to talk to each other. How are we going to communicate? How are you going to stay informed? Here's a guy who's got an idea. Rob Sway joins US right now for Two eight three. Hey Rob Horia. Hey Tom I'm doing great. Thanks okay so first of all tell people it is the number two and then the letter a. and then the letter C. and then the number three to a C.. Three what's that all about all right. So the C.. Three stands for command control and Communication. It's a military military acronym basically has the elements of what what a successful mission takes and of course for second amendment or the idea. There is for us as a community as a second amendment. Can you eat community to all get get together and coordinate with each other so that our activities have the maximum impact. Because if you don't if we do it individually that's not bad but if we coordinate and coalesce and meet at one place and show up at the right place right time now. We're starting to be it. That's it so I was really inspired by the Sanctuary Movement to happen in Virginia and it was amazing that independently independently thousands of citizens in each county which show up at the Board of supervisors meetings and they would urge them to pass these resolutions supporting the Second Amendment and I saw that there was no leadership happening There was some loose organization happening on facebook. A couple of gun rights organizations. We're trying to get a message out. But it was really individual stepping up and taking action themselves and coordinating themselves and I thought I need help figuring out who my board of supervisors are where meetings are happening. Who else is going and what I need to do? Wouldn't it be great if there was a website or APP that can help others in my situation do the same thing look at current events. What do I need to do? Who Do I need to call up? What politicians do I need the pressure and urge and get some coordination to the grassroots movement event because the left is incredibly good at Coordinating Grab Movement and Conservatives have been traditionally very poorly organized very bad at it using technology and now we're at the point where I think that changes the technology makes it possible before you really didn't have a way to coordinate? Donate I mean what are we gonNa do newsletters in the mail. I mean forget that I mean. Now it's happening. It's not even happening day by day. It's happening hour by hour in. It's it's different in each state has a different from group. There's different call to action. How you going to keep talking about this all the time? How are you going to know Quinn? There's a rally. How are you going to know who when the committee at the legislature is going to start hearing the bills? Step one and this whole thing my my twenty twenty twenty and everything out step one is to be informed because if you're not informed nothing else can happen Yeah that's exactly. What is this thing you've created right? So we're going to say is what's unique about each state and county is that they've all got their own challenges and they've all got their own groups who are trying to coordinate and organize and there's really no national coordination and there's no local coordination happening that are talking to each other so what to a C.. Three DOT COM is is. It's the website and an APP where you log in and you select your state then once you register you select your county and in your county though either be a local organizer is or or there'll be an opportunity for someone to step up and become a local organizer that local organizer is in charge of communicating. What's happening in your area to the members of that community so there's event that's happening if there's a vote that's taking place? There's a to a politician that needs support four or is considering running that news gets disseminated through that local organizer and then the members of that community have the option of attending events or participating in action items like calling their senator delegate and they can coordinate and message other through the APP so it's a way of tying everything together together at the local level with the idea that there will be local groups forming in person groups in person meetings actually just went to over the weekend and it was was about twenty thirty people who joined we had a couple of speakers. We became aware of the current status in Virginia. What was happening with the bills right and we signed up to take more action so I'd like to see more of so two? Three is not an organization. It's actually a structure where organizations can communicate. Our people can to communicate. How am I doing? That's exactly it is a platform a technology platform to help organizations either form or existing organizations to bring members on and build in the grassroots infrastructure that we need because I mean one of the things we've talked about it. You're not talking about this before you got on here. Is that we in the gun community. We use facebook a lot but we also know we have the sword of Damocles Holding Eh above us because at any given time facebook can just say no. You guys can't talk to each other about guns but more than that and here's the sneaky. That a lot lot of people don't know on facebook so you got a group of ten thousand people on facebook when you post something on facebook and you know this I just want to let me make sure people people understand if you your group post something on facebook and you've got ten thousand people following you. That doesn't mean that all ten thousand see it you may only have five hundred hundred of MC it right right right yeah. There's three things that are happening with facebook. I you've got hundreds of small groups for each county county in a state and they're each organizing in their own way and there's no communication between that so that's the first problem. FACEBOOK is great for awareness. That's very poor for coordination because they can't get their message out. The second thing as you mentioned is conservatives tend to be censored and those. There's good can be shut down. You have one hundred thousand. People gone overnight. We've seen it where groups facebook pates simply disappeared overnight because some twenty four year old facebook looked at it. No I don't think we ought to have that click. It's yeah of course facebook and Google Youtube they're all very against Conservatives and individual freedom and they will censorship they'll change their community guidelines to make sure you violate it if large powerful and then you also have an issue where a lot of these conversations that we're talking about talking about. What do we do if all of a sudden they make our guns illegal? How do we respond? What if the sheriff's don't enforce the law these types of conversations make government very nervous especially? We're talking talking about large gatherings of people like we had enrichment. But all of these conversations are monitored they're getting tracked It becomes a very curious situation for for people who are looking for. What happens if we actually need to use their firearms? If we need to enforce the Second Amendment what happens there so these type of conversations. It's not I'm not the type of conversation you WANNA be having on facebook so it's nice to have a platform that's private and secure and designed to have these type of private conversations so the two. ACC three those numbers. It's to a C.. Three DOT COM individuals. Join groups join. How how do people get involved? It's it's a platform to support grassroots movement at an individual level you can simply register find your county and start talking with folks in your county see who the local coordinator is see what activities and events are happening and join up to an existing group but also if you're a gun on rights organization either local or national. You can set up your own group on their green your members on and have a way to communicate push out notifications and push out alerts and updates create your own events share your own news. It functions a bit like a social network in that respect so you become the coordinator if you have an existing organization fascinating and it's up and running now right. It is all right there it is and it is literally to you a C. Three like Second Amendment and then C. Three for command was a command control and coordinator in control and communicate. Yes communicate there. Are you go all right. Hey I really appreciate rob thank you for letting us know about it and let us be one of the first people to help you get the word out about two three. Okay Pickett all right you take care there. It is all right so question for you. Twenty and twenty twenty. Are you in on that. Also question for you dining thing I just ordered. Yeah I know stupid I just order scope. Let's see what else I need some low rings and gene. Yeah I know I go on and buy stuff just like everybody else In the sticks in my local store and when we come back I wanna tell you a kind of a weird stories. 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If there's a gun you talk about a question you WanNa ask rumor your start. We're the right place for that. I'm Tom Gresham. Let's go talk to Davies three driving through North Carolina. Hey Dave you're on gun talk what's it's up. Hey just wanted to get you update from the road and this update about the Saint Lawrence County New York Mark Audi and towns Second Amendment Sanctuary group that met with the county board of legislators on Monday of this past week in New York work. Okay correct right. On the Canadian border way far away distance mindset from the town. I guess so what happened belly We actively just about I think they were A newspaper reported seventy. I counted a few more than that but there were over a dozen speakers which was enough to make the chairman decided that they needed to limit speakers from the usual five minutes to three minutes which got my hackles up because I I've minutes prepared but through the kindness of other speakers. Here's who donated the remaining time to me. I was able to get my message out. We basically left it boarded. Legislators know that we'd be law abiding fighting gun. Owners of Saline County would love it if the county board of legislators with hop on the Sanctuary Bandwagon. So we can tell the emperor Andrew Cuomo that all his lackeys and minions where they go and basic upshot shot was they said well. We'll think about it so we're GONNA have to go back there again a few times. I believe to get exactly certain. They're they're they're saying we hope you go away. We don't hear from you again. I they might be thinking that but I talked to some afterwards. I say oh whole body messes over when because a lot of the two eight supporters left intermission when they were told they they did a lot of stick around for the rest of the Nasty Asti business of a commission meeting. You know right right so I say I talked to some of the other folks who were there and it's going to be a process. It's not going to happen overnight. We're going to have to do like you say we're going to have to get out there and give our twenty minutes every day for this year and make it happen. It's going to be grassroots. It's GONNA be real. It's not going to be Michael Bloomberg money. It's going to be our own blood sweat and tears. That would make this happen avenue. Describe for me if you would the sense of the place when you guys are there and there are some seventy a-plus of you. There and people have taken time out of their lives. They have driven there. They have shown up. They're putting up with the bureaucracy. This meeting reading. What's the feeling of the two people who were there? were confident but they were subdued. Because this is the first time we really have gotten together. Our County is full of a rural county bought a farmers of people who work outdoors artwork and people and a lot of hunters and shooters of you know various times and they all came together so you had a really quite quite a mix of people in the in the crowd and they. Were you know pacing the legislators who of course all wear suits and ties when it comes to the meetings things and I thought we had their attention although one of the speakers at a maybe a better view of some of the legislators such slater's and the other people inside the top section of the he indicated that he didn't think they were listening to one thing that was being said thousands. That being said I didn't get that impression however remains to be seen but they argon is what they might do We do have a ninety six Republican advantage over the Democrats that are county oppose well and play this out because they're not gonNA give it to US silver platter we're going for Nobo- nobody's going to volunteer this stuff. You have to work for it. You have to demand it you have to show up again and again. I'M GONNA make a couple of suggestions and you. You Prodi audie already had there but if you when you do it again if you haven't done it already find a way to capture the names and email addresses of all the supporter who show up. Whether you're passing around a tablet that everybody can put it on some way that you can go back and touch all these people again and and the second part of that is what you just said is you are going to have to go back again and again because these elected politicians they're going to sit there and think well there was a one time deal and then if you show up the next week the next month and then the next month and all of a sudden they're going okay. This is for real. This is actually something that's going on. We better pay attention even though oh I'm not sure about these guys except that when you get to a rural county like you're talking about they actually know each other than they know the farmers they know the pharmacist is to her showing up there. They know they know the people there. Actually and it's different from a huge a place where you've got millions of people where you may not know the people who are showing up and they may think of them as those people. It's it's different when they're looking out there and seeing the faces of the people they actually do business with isn't it and and that's one of our greatest strength is that we tend to know these people back chairman who I had a little discussion about that timeline with he's a farmer Bond Forfeit officer and we spoke on Friday and he's on our side these it quoted a second amendment rally right after the New York state safe access fast and he hopes that we can make this happen. Mindy lawyers like he did a great point if you go talk to the people who are on the Board on the Supervisory Commission whatever the unit unit is they often make suggestions of how to be more effective. Well if you guys want to do this. Here's something you may want to try and so you go meet with them over coffee sometime and just say look if you have any suggestions of ways that we can do better at this lot. hems okay yeah you know here's a here's a thing and all the sudden it's not you guys doing it. They become part of the whole thing. And you're all working together so I just gotTa congratulate you and that is great. Please please continue and please keep us posted if you would do my best and It would be great if it's good. I'll come together because we're all under the gun so to speak for under the thumb or the food deal of the downstairs. Do WanNa take away our rights our constitutional rights even even to assemble. Also still doing that. And we'RE GONNA keep up the fight twenty and party. I love it there. You go thank you so much much. Appreciate that yeah this twenty and twenty idea. I think they may have some legs. I wasn't sure I just came up with this thing out of nowhere aware. But I'm really encouraged by people who are deciding. Yeah we will do this. It's not a lot to ask everybody twenty minutes. I mean if you can't do it every day you do it whenever you can but if you can do it everyday that's great first thing is to just get informed every day you go online to go look at my twitter feed you look at Ammo. Land Dot COM com. You find your sources. Be careful about your sources though. Make sure that your vetting them carefully and they want your informed you send an email or two two or you make a comment are letter to the editor or just contacts and friends are put something back. You know what you could take article that you see and then re posted on your the facebook page and then you share that it's all about getting the word out. Twenty and twenty twenty. I think that's how we win. We'll be right back clips magazines bullets cartridges. What's all the fuss? Here's the guy with the answers. Tom Gresham you know we love to give away waitstaff around here that gun talk doing another of our big giveaways. This is a bunch of sixty six. Our you know the people make really nice guns gun. TALKED DOT com slash win gun talk dot Com Slash Win W. I in give it away. Let's prize number one across Bolt Cross Awesome Bolt Action Rifle. That's their cool brand new folding stock bolt action rifle from this was in six creed more giving away a biak system along with a kilo. Oh sixteen hundred range finer that's cool scope and range finder to talk to each other so it does the automatic adjustments for you giving away a piece three twenty x spy Legion pistol and also a P.. Three twenty x full Romeo one pro. We're giving away a lot of stuff all right. Just go to gun talk dot com slash win. You can enter. It's free there. You go eight six talk gun. We'll get you in here. Let's see here. We WanNa make sure we still have jacks and Yeah Jackson AH ON LINE five with out of Tulsa Oklahoma. Hey Jackson how are you. I'm good how are you. I'm good. How old are you and twelve? Okay so what what do you want to talk about. So I wanNA talk about the Oh sorry the diamondback talk Fifteen pistou fifteen pistol caliber All right so what do you think do you do you guys have one knows you so I was trying to get your opinion on it and she You wonder have you ever shot one have not. I don't own one half shot various ones. Let's say this first of all we're going back up first of all for those sure wondering this this would be owned by your parents and not by you because you cannot at this point by a pistol yourself not not at your age Here's the first of all I take it. You are shooter right now. I'm not a hundred percent. Sure on that you don't know what gun shoot. What do you go to the rain? I thought she said where DO I. She what is issue. What kind of guns do you like to shoot I like so I'm trying to get into Ar Fifteen Haven't shot one yet don on thinking. This isn't good started But because I'm younger I'm trying to get the pistol instead of the actual air fifteen. I'm trying to get the shorter though. Okay let me let me throw a thought out here and again. We're assuming this is going to be something your parents by that you get get to shoot which is perfectly legal. I am going to recommend going a different way. I'm going to recommend that you go with a a regular monitoring on a regular air fifteen with a collapsible stock in two to three cartridge with the whole sixteen niche barrel not a pistol version. You'RE GONNA find it easier to shoot you're gonNA find it to be very versatile with that collapsible stock you'll be able to make it fit no matter how how tall you are and you'll have it for life air fifteen pistols are kind of specialized. And there's you know there's cool. Cool factor actor to them. But it's a bit limiting and they're really more for self defense and when you go out to the range to shoot. I think you're GONNA find it to be not as accurate and not not getting ended up not being as much fun and with an Ar fifteen with shooting two to three cartridge you can shoot from three yards out to nine hundred hundred yards with. It depends on what you WanNa do and I think you just GonNa find it to be more versatile. And they're very affordable these days and I would encourage you and your parents stew get a full fifteen. Get you a couple dozen magazines for it because you're going to shoot a lot and have some fun that way all right thank you. I appreciate the call Sir. Let's see here. Do just talk online for marks with this out of Hampton in Virginia. Hey Mark what's on your mind sir. Tom this. Listen when you were talking about the beginning of the show about the home invasion Yeah one of the things that I've taken precautions to do is We have a storm door and I told my wife always keep it locked. They they have to get through that door. I won't we'll give you a warning 'cause they can't they can't just propped the door opening. Kick Your Ata door I bought a security one at lowes. It's to have a glass or the membrane and and it's got a upper three lock in points with the long screws and so you can't just yank it open. You can't Glasgow ask but inside of that on the interior door. I bought a kit online. You can find them. They the door hardening kits basically. It's a play about three three and a half feet long goes on your door. jamb with foreign charton screws. And then you've got plates that go around your lock assembly and your hinges and it makes makes it really difficult to just kick the door in so you didn't get through to the outer door. They have a hard time getting into if nothing else is severely hampers. Their ability ability gives you plenty of time it will probably run them off. I don't live in a fancy neighborhood where they're gonNA get thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars with items. It's just GonNa be average Doug Punks Neighborhood Robbie not going to be interested in working hard to get in to get a very minimal amount of stuff you no. I think I think you are right on the money with your thinking which is you simply made make it harder for for them to get in you discourage them if they get tired of trying to kick an door and it's not getting anywhere they're probably going to bail out but the other thing it does for you from a personal security standpoint of just keeping you and your family safe is it gives you time to react. And that's where having an alarm system or I like the blink system. Something that alerts you. Hey there's somebody walked up the driveway. There's somebody walking up to the front door before they get there and you what's going on now. What you've done is reinforced? Enforce the door if they're having a kick and bang make all this noise. You have time to wake up you know. Call Nine one one. Get your gun. Hunkered down in your room. Don't go looking for trouble. I mean that's one of the things I try to get people to understand. Don't go looking for trouble if you think breaking in. Lock your your bedroom. Headroom door hunker in their stay on nine one one make them come to you. Don't you go to them. Yeah so I do have a ring doorbell. L. And everything so that helps but before I had the doorbell and I had all of this other stuff I've done I say try to make it more difficult to discourage him but nothing else that cause I'm you we always have my gun on me here beside me one of whom I just. I'm pretty much carry all the time except that work where they kind of frown on that but but still if you're not thinking about it and in some just busted you don't worry and well you know. They've got their advantage. Even though you're armed right there I'd rather get kind of some kind of warning that somebody get in. Dan and I can at least be prepared. I agree I mean their heads up like that makes a huge difference. I like the way you're thinking you've done very well with that and look. I appreciate your sharing that with us. Excellent ideas reinforce. Your door lights Those security lights come on most. Your lights are excellent A ring doorbell or the blink link system set. The dog gyms dog dog. Dogs are excellent. You know nobody wants to go. I don't care how big or small the dog is. Nobody will get in. They're getting bit by a dog not a bad idea. What else do you do? How do you make your home secure? And what conversations have you had with your family about situations situations like that eight six six talk gun when someone leaves you there gun collection you may want a few. What do you do with the rest? How do you you sell them? Who Do you call? Well high called Johnny Durie at Dury's guns whether you're selling one gun or five hundred they'll tell you what it's it's worth and write you a check. Simple quick easy fair. I trust juries guns. Give them a call during his guns. Dot Com folks. This is Tom Gresham from gun. Talk a miracle is used in critical wildlife habitat at a rate of one football. Theo every hour. It's happening on the Louisiana coast. But it's critical to all sportsmen conservationists these precious wetlands provides winter habitat for more than ten in million ducks and geese annual waterfowl that migrate North who dozens of state. Don't shrug it get involved. You can help visit banishing Paradise Dot Org in Twenty Twenty Brownell continues its tribute to Eugene stoner the legendary designer of the fifteen fifteen eighty one eighty and more the what would stone her do twenty twenty rifle answers. The question of what's donor would have done with. Modern lightweight materials inspired by another others stone. Her Design Brown B. R.. One eighty lower receivers helped complete firearms optimized for folding stocks pistol braces visit Brownell Dot com today and pay tribute to one of America's greatest firearm engineers. And we were we were talking about home invasions and along with that. We always talk about carjackings. Those seem to be increasing. You have to assume that a carjacking is a life threatening situation. They turn into kidnappings attorney eighty two rapes. They turned into murders. Here's a situation story just out of the news today. The Oakland couldn't county sheriff pulls over a fake cop car guys. Suv All dolled up. I'm looking at the pictures of it. I mean it looks like a cop car. He's got shiels olds on it. Big decals got lights. He's got he's not a cop which reminds me conversation for you to have have with all the members of your family especially the youngsters who are starting to drive particularly the girls particularly the women in your family. It is not unheard of for creepy voids to put lights on their vehicles or just up on the dash and pull over women at night. Here's the rule. Here's the deal. He could driving along at night particular. If you're in an isolated area man or woman cop car comes on behind you lights flashing keepdriving slowdown go speed limit but immediately call nine one on one call nine one one say look this is where I am and there appears to be a police car behind me. Can you verify you know this is real. Meanwhile you keep driving. And and there's some police officers who are GonNa get mad that you didn't pull right over tough we'll work work it out later and you go to a lighted area gas station bank someplace where their lights parking lot. You can pull over there but get on the horn with nine one one and call them but don't go pull it over on the side of the road and some isolated part of the world out there until you have verification from nine one one one that this is a real police officer back behind you. This stuff is real the happens that you have people with real mental problems this this guy. It's actually Oakland County Michigan. I'm looking at this guy. Had A COP car. It looks like a cop car and he went to a lot of work to make AAC this thing. Look like a fake cop car you have to ask yourself. What were his intentions? Nothing good that I can think of. Mike's in Helena Montana on five. Hey Mike got to raise a force. It's I do I I after the church. Shooting in Texas I have arranged here at my house but what I did was. I tried to replicate putting target and then shooting from about fifty feet. I think the the Jack Wilson drill right and my whole point is GonNa be. We might think. I think we're practiced up enough but we're probably not From from fifty feet I was shooting about ninety percent torso now now. The shot he made obviously was incredible. But what that told me was even though I am a concealed carry holder and I do practice I need to start up my game just a little bit because that that clearly I I'm not as good as I thought it was interesting. Where you practicing shooting while? You're drawing drawing shooting. I was practicing from the concealed draw. And that was is GonNa be my other My other thing was I carry normally a SIG three sixty five. And and all of my whole all of my holsters for Kerry. My point is GonNa be that all the holsters are the same. They're all in outside the waistband. Pancake AAC at about the four o'clock and I find whether it's my Sr twenty two or forty five or my three sixty five they all come from in the same spot. They all kind of work the same way. The only one I don't do that with my l. c. p.. which is my gun like you that I carry one? I can't carry a gun right right. The gun carrier when you can't carry a gun right so I think I was fast. Not that fast. The goal you know steady and sure to me is the goal but just accuracy wise. I'm not I wasn't as good as I thought I was going to be. All right I got to do first of all for everybody who is serious about this. You must have a timer. Must have shot timer not not a phone APP but but a real short timer. It's they're not that expensive and it lasts forever And so you know it's got a delay you push the button just like when it goes beep then at times. You know what you're trying to do is just get faster and better but at the same time you have to be accurate. That's your point. Go to the office supply place and buy you a big stack of three three by five cards. Just regular three five cards and you put them on the target horizontally and that where the head is. That's you gotta be able to hit a three by five card actually better for smaller. But if you can hit that you can make a headshot and that's your target it's not the torso you want. Hit a horizontal three by five five card. Input all your shots. And they're if it means slowing down so be it. Hits are more important than speed because you can't miss somebody fast enough to make them stop. People generally speaking but I got applaud. You Mike for going out and doing it and finding out and yes if we don't test it we'll never no no we walk around with this idea that hey I'm pretty good. I've taken some lessons I practice and then you go back to the new. That's harder than I thought. And I'm I'm not as good as I thought I had. I thank you for the call hand for all of us. None of us is as good as we should be. Almost none of us is as good as as we think we are. If you're not actually testing whether it's competition just going out with a buddy and trying to one and trying to beat that that other guy. How do you test tested? How do you know how good you are here? We go again. We've seen this before in other states. this is California Yuba City California India the Sutter County Sheriff is alerting concealed carry weapons holders after a public records request prompted him to release we some of their information Shariff Brandon. Barnes says that the San Francisco Chronicle that it's a newspaper. That's an old form of communication by the way. The San Francisco Chronicle recently put in their requests for information about concealed carry permit holders and an applications. The Sheriff said he personally personally declined to release of information but was advised by the county council to provide some data so he provided the permit numbers. The Name I love the permit holders and the dates of issue expiration exactly. What the chronicles? Using the information for has not been stated. We've seen this in the past where newspapers actually published the names and addresses people who had gotten concealed carry permits. These newspapers are laboring under some idea that they are working for a higher cause. Shine the light on it. People should know who has concealed carry permits people should know if their neighbors are carrying guns. Get all sounds so lofty until you get what happened. In these other cases where where parole officers. He has a concealed carry permit. He was away from home and one of the people he deals deals with criminal goes to his home when his wife is there. He's not there. Criminal shows up at his home. Wife's there fortunately nothing bad happened. We had one woman who was in hiding from an abusive ex husband. This guy's been trying to kill her and the newspaper. She got a carry permit because she was afraid and the newspaper published her name and her address and she had to move in the middle of the night. I think possibly efforts like this by the media to docks. That's the new term for document released documents on someone to docks people. It's interesting I think they would. They would say Docs is terrible. Horrible thing to do at the same time while they're actually doc zing concealed carry holders. But I think it comes from their belief that nobody actually needs a carry permit. And it's a bad idea for anybody to have a gun or to have a gun for self defense to carry a gun and never even imagining that they might be exposing abused women to lethal threats. They might be giving away the location of people who are hiding from people who are trying to kill them. It's very weird situation but when you start off with the idea that where we are we know better. We're smarter are we are the media after all. If you actually were smart you would be part of the media. I've actually had that almost said just that way. We simply no better and then you get the whole you people idea and they never even consider that their actions are putting people in danger all of that to say that look yes of course you have a concealed carry. I should assume that some point that information we'll get out always conduct yourself with operational security in mind. Careful talk to your family about things like that. There are bad people out there. UNFORTU- they're bad people in the media will give away your information as well eight six six six talk gun. You gotTa Range Report. Tell me what you've been shooting. We'll be right back.

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