Yeah, I Said It: Ben Roethlisberger is not the best quarterback in the AFC North.


Welcome back listeners to another episode of year. I said it one apologize for a bit of the technical issues that started the program This is the first time that I have used a our platform by myself, so I want to apologize for that. Hopefully you guys see me in. You are following the podcast and you can see everything that's going on. I'M GONNA. Take a look here, I. Think I am good to go because I see myself here and I think that I am live in i. am going so hopefully I am indeed going live and I've started everything and hopefully. Hopefully you see the podcast, if everything's fine everything is successful, you know, give me a thumbs up. Let me know that you're listening to the show I see Brad Jewett so I'm GonNa assume that everything was set up and started properly. captain underpants is already disagreeing with me, so I'm good to go. Thank you and I. WanNa give a big shot out to the Oracle. The editor of behind still dot com day Scofield. Thank you for helping me. Set everything up when I give a big shout out to big BRO SCO and also my co host on several shows. WHO's bad. Anthony Davis make sure you check out the first shall we did together as a tandem on the standard is the standard make sure you check out? Tony Death Yell Show tomorrow, and also again a big shot out to big BRO SCO and big shot to everybody contributes on the website and all the outstanding writers. It is the one stop shop for all your Pittsburgh steelers content before I jump into the program however. Again the title of the program is yet I, said it. Big Ben is not the best quarterback in the AFC north I'm GonNa give you empirical reasons and I'm going to give you non imperial reasons so as new`miracle, objective and subjective numerical nonoo miracle. Both perspectives as to why big been is not the best quarterback in the AFC north and I'm also going to break down. What I think are the best quarterback rooms in the division now. Don Of course says I'm a hater at its finest before I jump into that there's been some big NFL news. Coaches are allowed to return to the facilities. Sure you guys have seen on multiple outlets. Mike Tomlin returned to the facility I believe it was today earlier today if you're in the east coast and coaches are now according to the NFL or allowed to come back. To the facility, so we see that the NFL is slowly, but surely dipping its toe into returning things to normal, I think as we get a progression and covert nineteen as we learn more I think the NFL is probably doing the proper way. They aren't too slowly, but surely stepping toe back in not making any commitments one way or another me as a podcast hosted as a pundit I get to. Make some assumptions whether there'll be fans in the stands. I could be wrong. I'm on record though I don't think there's going to be fans in the stands. If there are fans in the stands next year I think it'd be towards the back half of the year probably at from week eight or game on for in the late in the fall when there is possibly a vaccine now I know. People have their issues with vaccinations in their effectiveness, but I think the NFL is going to be conservative. It's approach in bring fans back as to not try to manage the public health issue involved with having that many people into our building to watch a football game but I think it's a positive step that coaches are back. And of course we also talked about earlier in the week on the standard or standard with Brian Anthony Davis. We talked about how there's not GonNa be training camp in Latrobe at Saint Vincent College Training. Camp will be on site, so we're getting closer to it. There's definitely going to be football in the fall. The only question I think remaining is will there be fans in the stands. I think the other big question that I wanted to briefly discuss before I jump into my question of the topic of the show of Yeah I, said big. Ben Is not the best quarterback in the AFC north or too quickly talk about. The fallout to drew. BREES is comments. And let me just say this here. Based on the size of your platform. If you say something that is deemed largely uneducated. Unaware. And largely off color or off base, the clapback that you're going to get is going to match. The size of your platform, so the clapback will reflect the size of the person's platform. To give you an example if I say something ignorant on this show. You guys are GonNa clapback on me right, but right now in the live chat, we have less than two hundred and fifty people, so my clapback will be two fifty. Somebody like drew brees with the platform that drew brees has. The clapback is going to be amidst. And when Lebron James Clapper backs does a clap back on you. That will give free license for every athlete to clap on drew brees drew. BREES will be okay. Did what he should have done. He gave me a COPA. It's going to be interesting. The impact of his statement in their locker room, but the one thing I think you also illustrates is. Because you give your money to a cause that does not mean you understand the causse money is just money, and it's great to give money, and it's great to be philanthropic, but that doesn't mean you understand. The complexities and the totality of the issues. That you're giving the money to so I just WANNA switch reels and jump away from that and jumping through the top of the programming. It's funny I'm looking at Andrews comet. and. That's kind of one of the reasons why I wanted to do this show. Is because. As, were said Lamar is two point Oh. Right. and. This is why I wanted to do this but let me before I jump into that. Let me let me let me let me let me address steelers thirty three's comment, he said. Come on man. There is a difference between being a racist and wanting to respect the flag in veterans. He is saying that it is not the platform for that type of thing. They aren't being disrespectful to the flag either in that's the issue. And drew. BREES does not get to define what the platform is. And so that's why people clapback did a clapback on drew brees because he was ignorant. To what it meant. And what the kneeling Mitt in clearly, the issue is huge if you've not been aware and if looked at what's been going on and. Around the country and I. Don't think there are players. Threatening drew brees. There are consequences to your actions. I mean that's what this is about and if you're a big boy, a grown man, you stand on what you say and there's there's consequences to what you say so. You know. This is a sensitive issue, but clearly drew brees was not aware as to what the issue was the kneel down by capper. Nick and others was to. Bring light in aluminum, the issues of police brutality against people that look like me so with that being said, let me switch real. Let me jump into. My empirical breakdown. And my comparison between Ben Rothlisberger. Lamar Jackson and I WANNA give a big shoutout to the Oracle Dave. Go Fill. We kinda worked on this yesterday and came up with several metrics that we're going to use to define and first establish. What we think. Is Ben Rothlisberger? Best seizing. The metrics are follows quarterback rating. Average yards gained adjust adjusted yards per pass attempt. Interception percentage. TD percentage. And adjusted net yards per pass him. I, think the description of those are pretty self explanatory, but adjusted yard gain pass a tip yard prepares. Attempt is often used as a metric to. Excuse, me predict games. An predict the impact of the quarterback play in game, so if you have if you have a quarterback with a high yards per attempt. More than likely. You'RE GONNA. Win The football game, because let's say if you're yards per attempt is maybe about fifteen or fifteen is extremely high. Let's say it's close to ten. Whereas another teams, it's low like around three and a half. Say Four or five. You're thinking in Dunkin in comparison to a team. That's making big impacts in the past game. So that's so that's that's the difference there In terms of quarterback rating we on a quarterback rating is right. We all know what quarterback ratings are, and let me jump it to Donald Knowle's point. Selective stats to improve your argument sounds like professional sports analysts when that's what I am professional sports analyst. I hope that's why you guys tune into the program and it's not selective. We are immune. Dave picked what we thought were the most The best set of stats to measure performance. And most people think rating is important. Yard game for a tent and it's adjusted interception percentage. The percentage of times were intercepted when attempting a pass. We all agree about the impact of overs. How turnovers impact a game, me and Jeff doing shows together. We talked at nauseam about the impact of Ben Rothlisberger turning over the football in the red zone, a couple of years ago in twenty eighteen season at about how much that impacted the steelers, season and wins and losses, so the other staff is td percentage. That's the percentage of TD's thrown when attempting to pass. So what do you want I mean? If you attempt, you want a high number of percents of passes to lead into touchdowns, we know the importance of scoring, and we know the importance of touchdowns in the impact of scoring one games, so that's an important step. And last, but not least the adjusted net yards per pass attempt. So. We felt that these five things were the most important stats now. I was to just take rating or Qbr but Dave convinced me to add more metrics to try to give a more well rounded statistical perspective. Of A quarterback indices now with all of those metrics. Rating Adjusted Yard game per pass, attempt, interception, percentage, TD, percentage, and adjusted net yards per pass attempt so those five different things. David I came up. And we concluded. That Ben Rothlisberger. Best. Season was twenty fourteen. And the reason, we came to the conclusion that Ben Rothlisberger. Best Season was twenty fourteen because in rating. Adjusted Yard gain per pass attempt interception percentage, td percentage in adjusted net yards per pass attempt to twenty fourteen seasons showed up in four of those five stats, the only stat where the twenty fourteen season did not show up. was Td percentage so because that stat showed up in all five of those. We deem that to be Ben. Rothlisberger best statistical season. And this is where the empirical comparison comes into play between Big Ben Lamar Jackson is I wanted to take what I thought. What David I thought was Ben Rothlisberger Best Season and compare it to Lamar Jackson VP season now I'm gonNA at one more metric to this when doing the comparison just to illustrate just how good a season Lamar Jackson hat, and and why it is overwhelmingly the case while Lamar, Jackson is the best quarterback in division. It's not even close at this point. Now in terms of TD passes in that year. Been Rothlisberger in twenty fourteen through thirty two touchdown passes to Lamar Jackson, six so Lamar Jackson had a edge in touchdown passes now when you look at. The difference between a temp. Between Big Ben and twenty fourteen in the March Accident Twenty nineteen. That's where you see the big discrepancy in td percentage. Then Rob Burger in what we've deemed his best year through the ball, six hundred and eight times to Lamar Jackson four hundred one. He threw it two hundred and seven more times, and produced four or fewer touchdown passes. So the TD percentage between big, Ben and Lamar Jackson in Lamar's MVP season and what we're considering Big Ben's best season is five point three two nine. Now in terms of interceptions interception percentage in that year. Of big bands best year, two, thousand fourteen, he threw nine interceptions, which is incredible, given the attempts, so as interception percentage was one point five Lamar threw six interceptions. His interception percentage was one point five. So they're even there. You can surmise that if Lamar threw the ball another two hundred times. His interceptions would go up, but. They're both at one point. Now when you look at adjusted gained excuse me adjusted yards game per pass. Attempt Lamar Jackson has the advantage. Eight point nine two eight point five. You look at quarterback rating. Lamar accents quarterback rating. Last year was one thirteen been office burger in two thousand fourteen. It was one oh, three point three. And let me scroll down here and took a look at a couple. More numbers here and I think the last number that I wanNA point out is. and that's adjusted net yards per pass attempt. Lamar was eight point one nine to Ben. Rothlisberger burgers seven point eight two, so when you look across the five metrics. UFC Two forty nine was exciting, but that was just the primer. This Saturday UFC two fifty is starting off the June sports calendar with a bang and draftkings the leader in one day. Fantasy sports is putting you in the center of the action with a free shot at a one million dollar top prize with your first deposit. If you haven't tried it yet, fantasy is easy to play. Just picks expires stay under the salary cap and pile up. Points for advances take downs and more. There's no better way to put your knowledge to the test than. 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Lamar Jackson is the best quarterback. Clearly in division now I asked my brother, and this is going to be in a non empirical stuff I'll throw that in there, because I asked my brother a question and I. Ask you guys. The question in the live chat, and of course the in is small for Lamar, but we're not comparing careers. We're comparing the now. We're comparing twenty twenty because what you did. Seven years ago has no bearing. Especially when you talk about injury, but I'm opposed this question the live chat. What quarterback currently starting in the National Football League. Would you take over Lamar Jackson? Let me give you a couple more stats when it comes to Lamar Jackson over his first sixteen career starts. He has more wins than Patrick mahomes thirteen twelve. He's had more rushing yards than Ladainian Tomlinson one, thousand, two, hundred and fifty, eight to one, thousand, two, hundred, thirty, six, his passer rating of ninety four point four is hired in Tom Brady's. Ninety point one his yards per cent of seven point six is better than air rogers and his completion percentage of sixty three percent is better than drew breezes sixty one percent. One on trying to say. And, I hope it's very clear is. Lamar Jackson is a hell of a football player and the one thing I'm not going to do is I'm not GonNa hate on the dude because a dude is a good player. I'm not GONNA do that. He's a unbelievable on Real player. Let me give you a couple more stats. Ns will this will? Conclude my empirical analysis in my look at it. Most passing TD's from the pocket and Twenty Nineteen Lamar Jackson twenty-five drew brees twenty four. James Winston Twenty. Three, Dak Prescott twenty two, so that also tells you right there. He is making plays from the packet now from the non imperial side. I asked the question. What quarterbacks. Would you take? Over Lamar Jackson so Donald, no one asks so. The running game had no impact on Lamar's game or stotts. The running game has an impact on every quarterback stats. I don't know what that says. That, that's that's. That's a point. That makes no point so what? Now I mean that makes that makes no point. Right so I don't know what the point is I. Don't know why steeler fans Bristle so much when you say that a player is better than another steeler player. And if you're looking at not empirical evidence, I asked. You guys to question. What quarterbacks would you take over Lamar Accident Right now? I asked that question to my brother. I only came up with two quarterbacks currently that I would take over Lamar Jackson maybe three. That's Patrick Mahomes. Russell Wilson. Aaron Rodgers My brother went back and forth like graduates Jewett sit with the Shawn Watson. But Lamar's devastating. So I didn't go, but my brother Addict Carson Wentz. And that's why I put these stats here because I wanted to do the empirical analysis because of Sergeant vs comic total run depending. QB, when you have close to four or five is a perfect passer rating games. You're not solely dependent on the run. In the other non empirical thing in terms of how many quarterbacks would you start over? Lamar Jackson the ironic thing in the live chat. None of you guys said big, Fan. It makes no sense for you to think you would start big being overlooked the MVP from a guy that's coming off of injury and has played in a year. That's not empirical. That's just common sense. And, also right now. None of you guys said Big Ben in the live Chat Lamar. Jackson is the reigning MVP. He's younger than Joe Barrow. So the sky is the limit wit, Lamar, Jackson! Did you guys see the growth between year one and year two so right now it is clear as day. The Best quarterback in the AFC north is Lamar. Jackson it is not close. Because we do not know as a fan base. What big been is and what? He will be going back next year so that uncertainty alone cool. Gives the edge. To the reigning MVP Lamar Jackson clearly, there's there's no question I mean Lamar did some stuff last year that I've never seen and I'm older than most of you guys. It was like watching Randall Cunningham on steroids. The kid can play. The steelers gave him a well of time in their matchup in Heinz field, but the KEA can play. The young man can play football. He is the best player in the AFC north. By far he is by far the best quarterback in the AFC north. Now I want to shift that in terms of quarterback rooms and I think I'm GonNa Pitch. You guys off the even more when it comes to quarterback rooms. And what I think is the best. The team has set up best in terms of their quarterback room and their depth. So let me jump into look. To Nolan's land so wrong, but he just keeps repeating it, so we're at an impasse. Lamar was at best, but we know how vic ended up, but it doesn't matter where vic up. It's about next year. It's about next year. I mean you got I look I'm not a home, but I come from Pittsburgh so I. Actually am a Homer, but I'm a realist. Look at I don't feel it's not to been. For guys to say. That somebody else's better and thank you. Breath hopping onto the program. But like Mark Tolan said it's fair. It is true. Lamar Jackson's better. He's better right now, but let me get into the quarterback rooms and I think I may cause some controversy as well when I look at the quarterback rooms. The best quarterback room clearly is the ravens. What Lamar Accident Rg three when you look at the backups in the division, the only other backup I think that's better than Rg. Three would be case keenum who's been gotta give a shout out to Brian after the Davis. Excuse me and give a shout out to him. And his boy case keenum when you look at the steelers backup I think rg three. In case, keenum are better to Mason Rudolph. In inductees. I mean you had Mason Duck? I mean come on man. So I think rg three. In case, keenum are better mason in duck. When you look at Cincinnati Cincinnati quarterback rummages terrible borough Ryan Finley. Angles, excuse me I would not call them that other name. It's the bungles. So that that so? WHO's the best quarterback room? Clearly the Ravens number two in my opinion. Is the. CLEVELAND BROWNS! And I know you guys are GonNa, go apoplectic, because I'm saying that Cleveland has the second best quarterback room. And that's largely because of the certainty. Around been RAF was burgers injury if Ben Rothlisberger had played last year. We're coming back healthy this year. I would clearly put the steelers at number two in terms of quarterback world. But Mayfield an keenum are right now. Better Than Ben Mason in duck because Mason duck aren't really good players. I know that may feel the difference between Mayfield in Ben isn't big enough to where if you had to come back and play Rudolph in Duck, and you had to replace keenum I have more confidence that keenum was going to play more consistent football in both Mason, and duck if Ben were healthy clearly. The steelers would have the second best quarterback room, but we've been not being healthy. I have to put them at three, and of course, the bungles or four, the bundles are just bad. The bungles are bad. They're going to get back. quarterback play the whole year and I, think the bungles are going to be really bad this season because of quarterback play because of issues with covert and trying to get rookies preparedness Ho on, and so forth I I think is going to be I think the bungles are just going to be terrible, and in fact, if there's no fans in the stands, and there's no home field advantage for bad teams. Bad teams are going to get molly walk next year and so if you're a bad team You know you're going to get molly wop, so let me jump back into a comment from Donald I love Donald. Thanks for Chiming in Donald, says all the stats for Lamar are going off of last year where he didn't take teams past the first year round play regardless of his MVP. He didn't finish the job. Bid has twice now. Where's your stats for that? will that was ten years ago about eleven years ago, so ben hasn't finished a job for eleven years and what you did eleven years. Does it make? Does it mean a hill of beans or what you're GONNA do next year I'm GonNa say the data points. That's more close to the this year last year lake. It doesn't make any like. I mean I. Know You guys are emotional about your favorites. I get it. I understand sodas or four, but the guy is coming back. Off a bad season, and yes, Ryan Co Brian Neither does last year, but guess what. It's more predictive based on last year than what you did ten years ago. Riddle me that. I mean really that so deal with it jumped in, said Lance. But you're using analogies assuming bins hurt or coming back unknown yet. What was your very own prediction for our season? Prediction for our season is based on a prediction that he will come back healthy so to your point deal with the IMF been comes back healthy. Lamar is still better than being. There? You have it, he he he's. He's still better than being. Lamar's a better player than Ben Rothlisberger even with Ben Rothlisberger healthy that was the point of comparing Lamar season two big Ben's best season of which me and the Oracle Dave Scofield thought was the best season again based on rating adjusted yard, gain passive, interception percentage, td prescription ed adjusted net yards per pass attempt. That Ben's best season still statistically did not match up to Lamar's MVP SEASON It's okay to not be. The Best Guy and I'm sure you guys will throw it in my face of Lamar doesn't play better than Big Ben, and as a fan of the steelers hope martyrs and play better than big man because if he does, that may mean that the steelers will struggle and have a hard time making the super bowl. You know so. Clearly. I don't think there's an argument. I don't think there's a question I think if you would go across every fish wrap sports site everywhere. Lamar Jackson. Is the best quarterback in the AFC north. The only quarterback really in my mind that I would take over Lamar. Jackson, because of Lamar's age is Patrick Mahomes. Other than that I'm fine. I mean I'm fine and I think. Because it's Lamar. And I think because he runs and what it looks like. And because he's a raven I think steeler fans have a hard time saying. Yeah, you're right, but I am right. I am right. The Mars better. And the Mars better and early big bid. Two Thousand Lamar is better than almost every Ben Rothlisberger year. That's what I am trying to tell you guys and urging you guys to take a look at Lamar Jackson slash here. It's better. It's just better. Let me jump into Gina to Chiel statement. Hopefully I pronounced that right. Lamar's definitely better right now, but I still think the steelers as a whole beat the ravens this year with bid. That's all I'm saying. Thank you for saying that it took it took a beautiful young lady to be the voice of reason in the live chat. Thank Eugenia. That's all I'm saying 'cause when you speak out against Big Ben, it's like speaking out against. You Know Apple Pie. Coke Apple Pie in the American flag like? Burger been will come back. Be It'll be good. He'll probably be better than Baker, Mayfield and been. We'll give the steelers a will of a chance to win games with that defense however. Lamar Jackson the best quarterback AFC north. It's not been robbed Burke. I mean when you win an MVP and the National Football League you're the best your quarterback in the division there's. I don't know why it's even controversial I think it's just controversial because it's been so ex winslow said two thousand fourteen been was very good. Not As, good as twenty nineteen. Lamar Jackson! And I may make this spreadsheet I may share it with you guys so. You guys can see the numbers. And if you still have issue. With it. you guys can argue me down on the Sunday program I'm GonNa put it in the live chat. You'll see now as I posted in the live chat I. Want you guys to go click the stats in the live chat and see comparison Lamar Jacks year last year was awesome. He may never play that well again. You guys could be absolutely right schemes could catch up. But he's a fantastic athlete. And he's a fantastic player in the ravens are a very good team, and the steelers are going to have to be on their PS and QS next year. If they want to compete for a super bowl with their defense, Ben Rothlisberger coming back. Presumably, he's healthy and he's okay. I would adjust quarterback room to number two behind Lamar Jackson rg three. And lamarcus had a well of a year. That does not mean that Ben Rothlisberger is not a good player, but like Gina said. Lamar is definitely better right now. As of June fifth when I am doing this podcast, Lamar Jackson is better. But again I want to thank you guys for Chiming in to the program. I. WanNa make sure that you guys are still staying safe. Let's make sure that the nation takes care of the nation. Let's also if you protesting out there. If you feel so inclined, let's do it peacefully. Make Your Voice be heard if you do not choose to do that, do not but let's make sure everybody stays safe. Let's make sure that the nation takes care of the nation and with that we. We are going to conclude the program. Remember to like the show. Remember to like the show that's great for us. In terms of our numbers that gets them up in boosts up, so we can continue to give this podcast to you, and we can give you free giveaways and content and stuff like that, so continue to like the program, but I'm GONNA. Get on Outta here and as always tune in Selah friend. And subscribe. UFC Two fifty kicks off this Saturday and draftkings the leader in one day. Fantasy sports is giving you a free shot at a one million dollar top prize with your first deposit. It's easy to play and for a limited time draftkings is offering both new and existing users a deposit bonus up to five hundred dollars download the draft kings APP now and use. Use Promo Code espy nation to get a free shot at the one million dollar top prize with your first deposit. That's Promo Code S. B. Nation to get a free shot at one million dollars with your first deposit, only at draftkings minimum five dollar deposit required deposit bonus requires a twenty five times playthrough eligibility restrictions apply see draftkings dot com for details.

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