NBA Draft Profiles: Kentucky's Tyrese Maxey needs to tighten up a few things about his game, but there's a good case to take him in the lottery


Hey there it's scary parents at Saturday October thirty. First. Two Thousand Twenty Happy Halloween. Sports I on college basketball podcast where we sometimes discuss campfire leaky black. Matt norlander is here with me and his previously noted in addition of normal episodes of the college basketball podcast. We are also doing short episode on various prospects in the two thousand, twenty NBA draft. We've already done a bunch and today we turn our attention to tie reese Maxxie from the University of Kentucky's a six three guard raised in Texas going to be twenty years old on the night of the two thousand and twenty NBA draft he averaged fourteen point four point, three rebounds. Three point two assists for a Kentucky team that with twenty five and six one, the SEC regular season title by three. Games but still only finished twenty ninth at Kim. PA He shot forty two point seven percent from the field twenty nine point two percent from three eighty three point three percent from free throw line I. have tyrants Maxxie going eighteen in my latest mock draft norlander has him going eleven so we're a little all fear. What do we like about series Mexico's as a prospect? What's the concern we're going to get into a momentarily but first? Check this out. Ten is back. The PAC twelve is on its way and we're going to have an action in November listen to championship races going to be a sprint, and there there's only one way for you to stay up to date on entire college football landscape, and that's with the cover three podcasts part of CBS sports podcast network. We've got it locked down with late Saturday night instant reaction shows tracking the biggest storylines developments through the week and. 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That's not to mention bonus content every Tuesday and Thursday featuring interviews with the biggest names, dissecting pipe breakdowns and even little ridiculousness from time to time we surely take the game seriously but never ourselves. So why not give us a try for all your combat needs before and after the big fights, it's worn combat that download and subscribe today wherever you consume find audio. So norlander. Maxxie just outside of the top ten of your latest mock draft posted CBS sports dot Com. What do you see that I admittedly might not see? Question Number One. Does. What we saw out of Bamut, a bio and tyler hero in the bubble. Impact Maxi's draft stock in European. Could I absolutely think it could that because one of the things? And this is consistent dating back to demarcus cousins. At. Kentucky, players under John Calipari sh. They they. Show, themselves capable of doing things in the NBA that they never really did that much or at all at Kentucky and I think Tyler Hero is the latest example of that and if you want to. Say That Kentucky players can't miss they can whereas archie good one right now. But but I do think that at some point you go man the guys coming out of that place. Are, really More often than not having an impact in this league. Especially what we just watched and I could certainly see I don't know that it should help Maxxie but I could see I could see that it might obviously another player different Calipari built a whole pr tour around the fact that Anthony Davis is going to be the number one pick and he was six on the team in shots and all this kind of stuff. So we we just watched what Anthony Davis has been able to grow into granted he He's got a Leblanc on his team that's kind of a factor but. I tyler hero entire. Maxxie. all-told didn't have drastically different roles at Kentucky and heroes. Projections. Last year were landing in the similar spot to Maxxie. This year by the to tie Rhesus going top twenty this year. Halliburton maxine it was the last time I reset was drafted I. Don't know that's a that's a non trivial time trivia time therefore you. I think that Tyreek Maxxie has. Strong scoring potential at the next level with the right team and to be more productive than he. Showed himself to be a Kentucky. I don't know the A to me. He's on the shortlist of guys where this workout season and how it impacts him in a good or bad way I don't have a read on that I. Don't have a read on it I I would take tyreek Maxxie fight a top pick I see him floating. As low as twenty overall, but good size. I think he will. Continue to have a really good shot literally I mean literally his shooting form and his ability to score is going to is going to show up there and it's just one year. He still young he was a stud on the recruiting trail. We've we've seen this time and time again with. Kentucky players as you as you alluded to before and that they just simply don't get to use all the tools and there and nor should they be expected to in their drive by season at Kentucky there. So to me, he's a fascinating prospect. He could hit hit not to the level of maybe hero like hero it like is this an all time like rookie story from beginning to end what he was doing but if he could hit it like eighty percent of that then yeah obviously, any team would take them in the top ten. He's not GonNa go that high but I do think that he's got good potential to be. A fantastic backup scoring guard the minute he enters the league. So both of us were at the champions classic a when Kentucky. Played Michigan State is that correct? Yes. And if you remember in that game I thought it was right but no, no, I'm saying. I. I know not only remember that I remember US literally at like one forty five unpacking at Madison Square Garden to start doing a podcast remember. I did not remember that this was at Madison Square. Garden. But I do now yes. Okay. So we're at Madison Square Garden Opening Night Champions Classic Antares Max Star of the night goes for twenty six points. In thirty two minutes he seven twelve on the field three of seven from Three Kentucky? Upsets the preseason number one and I remember John Kelly Perry after the game saying. I haven't seen him. Yeah. Since I haven't seen him since I signed him. That's not the guy I've been working out. It's not the guy who's been practicing but that is the guy I recruited and it's nice that he showed himself tonight. And from that I thought okay. Well, maybe Maxi's just a guy who and this happens sometimes in basketball on perhaps other sports as well like you know maybe not the best practice air. But when you turn the lights on, you put nine other dudes on court with them and say, Hey, we're we're playing for real right now then he just shows up and I thought okay well, that's what maxine will be and he Just wasn't that he only scored twenty six once more the entire season. Now, twenty six, a big number in college basketball but still he only got one more time to season only scored twenty five more times. He average Fort Fourteen points per game. So he was not a high level score for SEC. Championship. Team that a lot of us I, think myself but also more importantly John Calipari thought he was going to be. Shot Twenty nine percent from three point range like that's not good and so I guess my concern would be. Is, is he just going to be a smallish non point guard who can't shoot because if that's what he is then that's that's not that's not a lottery that's not worth a lottery pick. But if you trust the free throw percentage, which is eighty three point three and point to that and say that is an indicator that he can be a good shooter and given that he can get to the rim finishes well at the Rim I think made sixty. Five percent of his shots at the rim he's got an array of floaters can finish what both hands around the ram you add a reliable shot that now you got something but that's what you've got to figure out like is he going to be reliable shooter or is he going to be a non shooter? He's a non shooter that's problem I. Think he's going to I. Think he is going to turn into a more reliable shooter. It is undeniable that if He shot twenty nine point two percent from three last season on one hundred, thirteen attemps if that, twenty nine, point two was thirty, six, point eight then you would have I think agreement on him being top fifteen status but isn't there yet I think that he is going to be a better shooter once he gets to the pros and that's going to be more consistent. He is. There's a difference between being a shooter in a score and Maxi is definitely more of a score. There's no doubt about that. Whatsoever I think he is a very good rebounder for a player of his size you know six three, ish, two, hundred pounds not afraid to get. into the lane and go to the Rim I, I do think that he is going to be able to acclimate himself well. And I also just I i. do think defensively there's an there's a good ceiling there that that would validate him but I'm glad we picked Maxxie not just because you know Kentucky players are always talking about but there does seem to be a wide disparity on him and as has been the case with a few other players we've talked about on these draft profile podcasts I find taking not only where he goes but who he goes to to be an impossible task because he's the kind of player that could theoretically fit on just about every single team that's going to be drafting in that range unless you are overloaded with three or four. surefire role players playing. At that at that shooting guard spot there that could Combo guard is level but I don't think that's going to be the case across the League there, and so he would fit on a lot of teams that will be in that spot as a reminder right now, I've got the list. Just you know if we let's call it let's lean more to you than me. Okay because I do think you've got the better chance of being right I'm just hire on him. It's fine. Orlando's fifteen he would fit their. Portland's at sixteen. Maybe, not as much. Well, listen Portland Needs Guard help like mccollum Lillard or awesome. Yeah and so and so you think, oh well, they're set their they play too many minutes or at least they play a lot of minutes I'm not as I. Some. He's definitely not a starter. There's no doubt about it Minnesota. I don't know the roster makeup Enough Dallas definitely not. Brooklyn Yes for sure that's going to be super fascinating. Then, Miami at twenty. Maybe. Again, though I just think you're GonNa like I think you'll see minimum to traits out of that. I just think it's going to be super trade happy trait heavy with all of that there I do like I think he's got a good passing I overall. Like I like package and I do as a player and I do think that he is got enough to validate taking him in the lottery but it's far from a from a sure thing. He's a moving target anywhere from eleven to twenty. You mentioned it's hard to pinpoint where he'll go even even tighten up his range. It's also very important where he goes and I think you can say this about most players. So we don't have to spend much time on it, but I, I'd say. Is Tyler hero tyler hero if he's playing somewhere other than Miami. Like I just think he he fits. So well, they're strong organization strong culture sometimes. Anthony Davis is going to be Anthony Davis. No matter who drafts him and Lebron Lebron no matter who drafts him. With these guys that get taken outside of the top ten, often whether they quote unquote make it or not comes down to who who drafted him who developed them. What kind of culture were they involved in and like wood frame bleep beef red bamboo if if he were with a franchise different than Toronto baby because I'm a big. Fan But I'M NOT I. I just think where you end up. Matters immensely unless you're just A. Generational talent like Kevin Durant or a Lebron James or a Anthony Davis, and tie. Rack St. With all due respect doesn't qualify in that way. He's a guy who you know. You could see him making it. You could see him just being a whatever player and some of that will likely come down to You know where does he end up and does that franchise have a good track record of developing players like him? Let's do a quick. Who would you rather here? Give you another player give you a stats last season also going to be drafted here in the first round this player shot thirty, four percent from three from three, forty percent from two. A he was a volume player. Not not foul prone same way that Maxxie isn't necessarily prone again, maximum twenty, nine percent from three, forty, nine percent from too much better from the foul. Maxi was eighty three percent this player from the foul line was seventy five percent This player had a ninety seven point six offensive rating at COMPA at one four, point eight reading Ken Palm. So blind resume, who would you take maxine the unnamed player and who who do you think the unnamed players? I think the players Anthony Edwards named Players Coal Anthony Ooh unemployed coal anthony I rather have tires maxine. Coal Anthony. Cole Anthony Head of Maxine on my big board right now. So I. Guess I would take Cole Anthony Over Therese Maxxie but it's certainly debatable. I wouldn't spend twenty minutes arguing with you about I think coal Anthony's ceiling is higher than Maxi's if Cole Anthony. If Cole Anthony Hits. I I think the big question with him is a top five, six player in the draft I. Don't think that he will be I'm more comfortable with maxie overall. Then Anthony I'm I'm interested to see what Anthony just wherever he goes and how he adapts and he's for the first time in his life not only not going to be alpha. He's not going to be the fifth best player on his team. So I'm just I'm interested we we did a call Anthony podcast go find even listen we get into that all on there. But yeah, Maxi. Wasn't underachiever Kentucky I think that is undeniable. I do remember sitting there after that first game and I was. One over and he there's no doubting that he wasn't that overall but. Really, still a good distributor Eighteen point five assists rate according to Canton. That's pretty good considering the offense that he played in reliable at the foul line good to point shooter gets to the Rim the threes are a question. There's no doubt about it can probably tighten up the handle a little bit that kind of stuff does matter to obviously general managers and scouts. I think he just didn't quite put it all together, and that's why you're seeing the variation on him that you are. I might be higher on him than anyone I'm not even like super high on him but I did have them at eleven there and I and I do think that there is some validation if you WANNA to take a chance there but I think who aware he goes. If he subject to a team that makes a trade, I wouldn't be shocked. Shouts to down to Chester South Carolina Shasta Terry MFN teagle legend Chester alarm. Now, thank you guys for listening to the Ion College Basketball podcast once again in the middle of the. dumbest pandemic of my lifetime. Absolute worst pandemic of my lifetime. You not subscribe please go subscribe anyway. You subscribe to podcasts including Apple podcasts and we will talk to you again real soon. Till. Big Ten is back. The PAC twelve is on its way and we're going to have an action in November listened championship race is going to be a sprint and there only one way for you to stay up to date on the entire college football landscape, and that's the cover three podcasts. Part of the CBS sports podcast network. We've got it locked down with late Saturday night instant reaction shows tracking the big storylines developments through the week and of course. Getting you set for the weekend with winners on our fan favourite locks edition of the podcast. Every single Thursday we're going to be in your feed for episodes per week plus PAC twelve win totals to preview the Action Out West playoff rankings breakdowns on Tuesday nights and listen however many emergency podcasts are needed. Once the coaching carousel gets going to download and subscribe today to the cover three podcast on Apple podcasts, spotify Stitcher, and wherever else podcast or found.

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