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We can't make progress because too many of our countries rules and institutions were designed to exclude black people. We need real change. It's time to eliminate the Filibuster Makdissi Estate seriously fixed the Supreme Court and Abolish the Electoral College. We must vote in. November. But we need a pen of action. Now it's time to finally will a true equal and just democracy. Paid for by, JUST DEMOCRACY Armstrong and getty. Radio. These hideous foods and Jackass on radio introduction that was holy God Gosh nobody does it better us? We do want another it's Such a bizarre. Apologize for that. All right. Go Go. I don't recall. Okay. Thank you. My He. Armstrong and getty. From Studio sees senior. You know what it is that room here on little Friday deep within the bowels of the Armstrong and getty communications compound everybody wanted to the tutelage of our general manager. I need to point out it's the first of October that. Are. Are you ready to? Rock. Or general manager this morning James Comey. Awesome. Poor fellow never mind Joe. Biden. James Comey has the dementia. He has no memories. He can't remember anything happened poor fella but music, it's an information party. If you didn't come to party, don't knock on my door. District Standard Answer Mation Party Yesterday was all debate. So we got all the stuff stand today to talk about. Nothing else got talked about yesterday. Sanchez. That stuff keeps happening. And stuff keeps happening to today's fresh news fresh caught news major airlines announcing their let go. Thousands and thousands of people that was after Disney day before announced thousands and thousands of people. Who certain companies we may work with have made various announcements as well. Yeah. Is Not what's important? Is that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have the issue on Election Day Republicans did nothing to help you even though they're trying to negotiate something. Yeah. Well, the that you know the politics of the thing are definitely interesting but other just there seemed to be a lot of businesses industries that are This is lasted longer than we thought it was going to all you and We gotta do something. the the number out today every Thursday, the number comes out of how many Jobless claims there aren't it's low eight hundred thousands, which is down a little bit. It's still historically just insanely I. It's flattened for about five consecutive weeks. I guess in the US I will tell you this can't flattening in the eight to nine hundred thousand range. Oh no no. Since the previous record was six, hundred thousand and that was an out liar no, I was not expressing. That is good news interestingly troublingly enough Europe which really if we'd handle the covid like era, we'd it'd be much better off trump's in idiot blah blah. Blah. Europe has had rising unemployment now for five consecutive months. It's still rising. Wow. Yeah. Seen A resurgence of the head the rest of it. Yeah. I I. Hope I'm wrong about this too. But I don't feel like the the big powerful economic it hasn't happened yet. From this whole thing and depends it might be. Ameliorated made less bad by good policy don't hold your breath but yeah, they're they're absolutely are effects that are in their backstage right now giant economic effects putting on their makeup and getting ready to step on stage. And give us a good blasting. Somebody My iphone did what it does now and then were apparently updated my operating system. If you say no times eventually says, alright apple says screw you while you're sleep put the new operating system and it includes not answering your phone if you're driving. They didn't get the pre show phone call today, and then when I got here, I looked at my phone and said not receiving calls while your calls an audit implications it'll be silenced while you're driving and I'd never signed up for that I don't want him and that's I I figured out when I hate net technology the most I hate technology that's trying to anticipate and help me I hate that though I'll ask for to find needed. All right. The whole hey, we got an idea we're in fact we're going to do this for you. I hate that error all that drives me crazy. But what other wonders await I wonder when out my phone now I D. Say Hope. You can turn that off. Can you turn that Shirley? What is my? Why do all of my cars have the capacity for me to talk to you free if it's if your phone's going to do that I don't know that's very good question Anyway, let's introduce everybody in the squad to kick off the show. There's our board operator Michelangelo Pressing Buttons Flipping Toggles Pulling Levers Higher this morning Michael Pretty. Good, I did the final seating charts for my wedding upcoming and what I've done is I've said to my own table like I requested. To top that I got nice when I sit next to someone who doesn't talk now I've separated Somebody who doesn't speak? Separated the spouses so that those that are on unhappy marriages can find somebody else and so. This word. Nice really is generous. Love is in the air and you're thinking. Yeah. Now, I can't buy into. Separate couples. was just a wacky bit how many days to your wedding now at ten Oh boy, it's crunch time down. It's the fine. No count down double digits days away. It's never too late to change your mind, but it's getting close. Oh, wait a minute derby really uncomfortable talking about you don't say that to somebody on the eve of their nuptials. Have you ever known anybody who backed out toward the end? I don't think I am not personally no heard stories but don't ever have known a couple of should have I know. I've known several people who say they thought about it and wish they had yeah but I've never everybody. This is a really not a good conversation to be having with Michael in the room I'm sure. Sure he's got no worries ten days I think the vast majority of people go into it with with no concerns whatsoever. So I still have time. I'm kidding There is positive sean who's smile lights up? Are you shown doing very well indulged a little bit yesterday. I've existed largely off of things prepared for my rice cooker and and frozen pizzas for a while. But I went out and got some tacos from one of my favorite Taco joints did did the old curbside pickup? and. All Man I I missed a missed those good tacos. One of my old our favorite spots to hit were you get there at the right time and Tacos are it seems like they're free practically. So. They want they want you to spend money on booze I do yes Yeah I will I'm willing to oblige way to go along with the program. But Yeah it was just a nice little time to a small. It's not a chain places small little local business that I like and I'm glad that they're still finding a way to to maintain and I hope that continues we're doing that tonight my wife's birthday and she wants a this Mexican restaurants food and other gluten free your muster Mexican food gluten free is that right? Works had no idea I'll. That's fantastic. Don't tolerate the gluten and Mexico pernod away putting up with very traditional I'm Jack Armstrong. He's Joe. Getty on this it is Thursday October. October, the first, the twenty twenty rent is due the rent. It's too Damn Armstrong and getty, and we approve this program. Let's begin the show officially. Now according to FCC rules and regulations. Here we go and mark. Don't have to do a thing i. Don't. Know. What to? No one's talking to me within. Free don't have the. One. The unmistakable mistake Voice of Cartman of South Park there, their pandemic special debuted last night I only got a little bit into it because I ran long and I fell asleep because I'm an old man. Social distancing. Awesome. More of that later How's the bag of mail looking to? It's absolutely terrific. Some surprising thoughts on the debate Oklahoma days ago and Also you know a a great insight about a new statistic we need. We'll see if we can squeeze that in. Kids have said I'm bored. How many times a day since the pandemic again began the actually of coming up with statistics on that. I've heard that a few times for my kids. The whole world's board. You know we're all just doing nothing and same thing everyday. That's what drives me crazy the sameness. The Sameness I noticed that drives, people, nuts he's you wake him. We don't have anything going on today or this weekend it's going to be same as last weekend. We had before that. What are you trying to next week at? I'm trying to pretend that's not the case. Get Out. Of. My head when Our text line is four, one, five, two, nine, five, K FTC lots on the way. The Armstrong and getty show. S- pretty clear that TV ratings are thing of the past release until they come up with better technology, they have no idea how many people watch things now, they just don't have any idea. and no, and no way to figure it out currently. Because the ratings, the TV ratings, the debate were down thirteen percent from aw. Hillary, trump I didn't watch on TV. No No, I watched half of it not on television I would say that is a quaint number It's a quaint question designed only for TV executives who watched on TV? It's just it's it's unimportant right but the interesting thing is nobody has any idea what the number is anymore So that's just gone away. In terms of being able to know how many people were interested in something. Yeah. Boy Do you know if you're not in an advertising driven business? That's only mildly interesting for those of us? Who are it's It's it's rather a conundrum. It was probably among the most watched shows in the history of. Humankind video presentations because he can't say TV anymore because vinings. Television right. Right. Things you could watch on video it might have been you know in the top couple most watch things of all time probably was we'll never know nope mail that. Here's your freedom. Loving quote of the day from the Great Booker T. Washington. In his landmark book up from slavery. I've begun everything with the idea that I could succeed, and I never had much patience with the multitudes of people who are always ready to explain why one cannot succeed. Elizabeth. Homes there I wish I. Wish I have been writing in the car with Booker T. Washington today as we are listening to NPR. THOUGHT NPR is a channel that it's like it's like the Mommy Party and Daddy Party it's like your mom's saying it's okay. The world is hard and it's tough to really mean to units not your fault you. They were unfairly facts what. Fair no matter what to you it was your fault completely doesn't make any difference. Yeah and it showed up without your glove and your shoes they should've let you play anyway honey whose faulted as is irrelevant. It's your responsibility to go forward with where you are. It's exactly what I was thinking ahead doesn't really make any differences, waste your water, but this is where we are right now. I'm here in white supremacy I'm going to punish the world by having a miserable life. Mansi. Tell you what? into the correspondence proper. This first initial K I guess A couple of quick just a Bingo, Bango Bongo about the debate then we'll move on a promise but you have a guy who's known Roma his gaffes in his inability to speak and trump doesn't let him talk he's finding himself I became more aware of that as I watched more clips throughout the day yesterday. Trump really made a mistake by doing that that shut up man. and. He should've shut up. That's one Biden was gonNA explain why he's not going. Tell us about court packing. Let him hang himself let him go and if you let biking go for minutes, he sometimes says crazy things a little background first writes Jeff I'm libertarian with strong conservative views. My wife grew up in a really liberal house but doesn't follow politics at all. She stayed home mom raising two. Young kids. It's fabulous out of the blue. She said, she wanted to watch the debate after it was all over astor who she would choose to run our country and defend us against foreign attacks. She said trump I asked why? Because he comes off his strong and we need a strong president I on the other hand thought it was an s show but I'm still voting for trump anyway onto. This from al-anon humous. Voter I HATE DONALD TRUMP A lot. But after the debate I will hold my nose vote for him. Why? Because we own a small business and I listen to Joe. Biden talks nonchalantly about getting rid of tax breaks that mean business can grow the just a few breaths later talked about returning to Obama level taxation. Do you know how many jobs we created during the Obama Administration to the cost of Obamacare and the uncertainty around it as well as the constant threat of increased taxes stunted our growth for six years in the past four years. How many jobs have we created twelve wait a minute I thought government created jobs. Well, government policy can help in part because of the tax breaks that allowed. US Leeway to buy equipment that makes growth possible and write it off now Biden said he's going to do away with that stuff and raise our taxes to boot. I. Once voted for Obama because I didn't like his opponent and got a six hundred percent increase in our business healthcare costs never again. So I'll plug my nose by four years worth of earplugs vote for. Donald. Trump. Goodbye America. Hello from Utah fellows in an effort to really diversify my immediate take. I really do my best soak up different positions and talking points good for you. The one thing I keep getting hung up on his white supremacy. This is always such a hot topic and obviously their percentage of people that are racist but white supremacy is like this boogeyman of the left like the subject indicates maybe I am stupid is topic is maybe I'm stupid. Because MIT possible. But I don't see white supremacists tearing up streets and burning down businesses. How real are white supremacists like actually the very notion of Chris Wallace even telling trump to condemn white supremacy like the KKK ravaging parts of the country, and I'm just not seeing it what's the deal and water y'all's thought I've wondered that for years. The idea that. Donald Trump. would be required to denounce white. Supremacy. But Joe Biden not be required to denounce Marxism is obscene especially because it's Marxist and those soft handed emotional youths that have been corrupted by them that are burning down cities actually burning down cities, not some boogeyman toothless morons who managed to assemble themselves for a day Charlottesville with the resultant ugliness. But the people burning down cities all the time none of that Chris Wallace No of course not. Similar topic. Doug. This morning I was getting my three year olds very stern lesson explaining why my wife and I are teaching them about proper behavior and consequences. What happens when parents don't care enough to teach their kids their values I wanted to end my lesson by showing them the ANTIFA riots but was quite dismayed when I searched on youtube and the results came back coaches right wing protesters clashed with anti trump trump protesters or civil rights. Protesters also surprising was most of the various were from three years ago very little from these current rights. That's because youtube owned by Google is a way left corporation Sir. They won't allow honest labelling videos wherever you get shut down, and then we don't really have time to flesh this out but I want to get into it in a couple of minutes. Secret. Semi frequent correspondent Dave. Writes the field of Veroljub at times relies on mathematical models? How about a new one? The Kovic hysteria rate. Talking about the rise in. Domestic violence and drinking etc. What has the cove shutdown 'cause then I'll get into his reasoning it's pretty good. But the COVID Stereo Rate We surely should have. Statistical model once we should've talked about the cussing cussing parrots yesterday, the whole world did that story before us but got the cussing parents coming up too. And Getty. Support for this podcast comes from Goldman Sachs what Goldman Sachs expert, and leading thinkers have to say about trends, shaping markets, industries, and the global economy stay informed with the latest insights from Goldman Sachs on the economic and market implications of Covid nineteen available on our podcasts at gs dot com slash Cova nineteen or any of your favorite podcast platforms. Armstrong and getty show. Ladies and gentlemen under oath. We give you James Comey did Mr Page. Deny knowing people. That you accused him of having contact with I. Don't remember that battle. I recall I don't remember I don't remember learning anything additional about steals sources not that I recall. No, I don't remember or ever having me here I don't recall that. So do you recall I do not recall I do not I don't remember any discussion I don't remember using that word, but I don't remember using that word I don't remember ever being informed. They don't recall the informed of that. Did you ask any questions or do any due-diligence on this at all? I don't remember anything about the facts that have been revealed recently about the sub source I don't remember the exact words but something similar that that rendering. Okay well, that's pretty stunning thing. It didn't ring a bell which I'm sure you remember I don't remember the exact words remember whether I knew the Democratic Party but I don't know for sure I don't know I don't think I knew before remember reading a footnote I don't know whether I asked I don't know what that hers do as I said earlier that does not ring any bells with me when I read that I don't remember it I don't I don't remember receiving anything it's described in that letter. One thing everyone should learn from politicians is that he's not politician people in government. Not. Remembering seems to work. Well, also have been advised by a very high placed legal minds that if you're ever in trouble. Say don't say no, I didn't say I don't remember because if you say no, I didn't and it turns out you did now you've lied to a a an official of whatever level if you say I don't remember. Nobody can prove you actually remember. So that's an excellent Dodge Komi knows it. Plays an IRA member. Did. You know that Christopher Steele was getting crap from Russian misinformation agents. Remember. Can Say, and you can kinda fuzzy and you can get away with not remembering things that. Surely remember, this is a big deal. Now, I'm just done ring about Jack. Did we talk about the debate a great deal yesterday? Don't recall. Doesn't ring a bell. Oh boy I didn't realize my wife shares a birthday with James Earl. Carter former president turns ninety-six today. My wife turns over. There there are hills. He's older than, yeah. That's told oldest oldest ever president, right? Yeah. Nice. Fell Asleep. This is retirement building houses for people in Brian and criticizing sitting presidents and printing and and praying right sure I wanted to share with you a little bit of Dave's reasoning the covert. I think that term may be a little prejudicial to get people to sign on maybe we call it co vid shutdown. Kovic shutdown effect, right or something. But the rate would set out he writes to estimate the nasty effects of social and economic shutdowns and would be designed to accompany the death slash infection rates that the news media menacingly flash every day the new statistic would be designed to compare various death rates between the current ear and pass Cova years to arrive at a model an estimate. Samples of such how how such a goal might be accomplished. Past suicide rates are subtracted from an estimated number of suicides that now take place for projected hysteria suicide rate Oh that reminds me man we gotta. a note from a beloved listener who had to spend a couple of minutes in a mental hospital dealing with a family issue and was struck at the the place was teeming with young people and the nurse said, we've never seen anything like this. Oh. Yeah. Let's keep a keep ignoring that and pretending if Cova nineteen is the only risk to humanity. Sorry I get a little fired up about this stuff. This number it's added do other projected deaths including alcohol based on liquor wine beer sales spike in sales cetera same drug overdoses domestic violence can be projected this way as well. violence on the streets at least some of equates to a certain number of long term disabilities and deaths, which can certainly be added to the total death rates applying to heart disease and cancer from previous years could be subtracted CETERA. We've talked about that a great deal if car accidents have decreased that. Would tend to lower the projected hysteria rate, which may be the only positive effect of covert but wouldn't it be spectacular? If everyone could easily notice the utter nonsense that's been going on since last March we're being destroyed for no acceptable reason yet we seem not to notice well David. You know we notice around here. So my wife does this group she leads with a whole bunch university students about goats and stuff but anyway, they hadn't gotten together sense March. and. So what does that seven months and that's goat crap and they all got they all got together there their vet students at the toughest university in the entire world's they're all like super achievers. I mean like at the very top of super cheaper people but anyway they were their parents wrote big checks or could be I don't know. That happens by the hundreds in that particular university system. Can you do that if you? Have to be really good at math all. Get through your hands. Hanjin on a tangent. Turns out high likelihood. Gather. New CELLINI governor of California. I can't wait to hear. Those kids. Check reason the forum and I have. Evidence he so exciting hard evidence he so exciting aren't on on that just back to goats anonymous. Hadn't thought about this before on really difficult degrees. Do People do it for that? Why suppose if you're good enough to get into a university, you could do that. You'd get into the other one maybe but I I usually assume that people are doing that they're getting a degree in communications, our history or something where whatever Not. Something that's like the hardest science and math in the world I don't know I don't actually know that. These people are they doing kind of? Slide by degrees. Apparent, fake them into the college. That's an interesting question I. Don't know the I probably could have gotten into like a second tier law school definitely a third tier. And if my daddy had had money. And got me into a second tier I probably could've hung on I'm guessing Um what I would have been in the Joe Biden bottom. Core Tile Wood you. Anyway. So these college kids who get together and do this fun stuff and everything had they been together for seven months and my wife said they were so happy to be together. Of course, things seven months when you're young all. When you're twenty seven months is forever and then I mentioned my son they got together at the park him and his four best friends. They call themselves a gang they're the least threatening gang in the world. But the the five of them hadn't been together in seven months when your ten seven months is like your whole life is it is it's unheard of and they got together and they were so happy what we're doing to young people and seemed to a certain extent for no reason, there's no reason these people to get together and at least get together and where masks and be in the same room well, and even if it were necessary, you'd think it would be decided after great careful public consideration we all understand the damage were doing to our children are adolescents are teenagers are young adults right? We all understand that this will have. Devastating effects, but we need to do it anyway. No nobody is saying that why there is an answer that is not a rhetorical question. It's politically inconvenient for certain powerful lobby groups would because the data has emerged but for instance, the teachers unions dare not say that but having said that, yeah, human beings to they're very animal's brain to our spinal column for souls need human contact. Even a so-called loners need some human contact and children they did they depend on it like Air God were just ignoring that died that story by the Mental Hospital in so many young people being there I'd like to know more stats on that. That's really troubling. You know. I have to run in cars on a roof over my head. If I, could sign a contract maybe with the devil I don't know go down to the crossroads at midnight. See what happens if I could sign a contract with the devil. and. Say Look put us on five hundred radio stations for the next year just so we can deliver the message we've been trying to deliver in the last three minutes, and then just then I will retire from the business. I'll never say another word on the air again I don't want single dime for I would do it do it immediately. Cut This makes me insane. Can I have your dimes and I don't And I don't even have little kids who are suffering I just know of so many you are. It's son Afa then finally. You probably heard this story from other sources. I should've done it yesterday when Sean handed it to me, you do have responsibilities as his radio show hosts Jackson. You considered being good at your job. It's fair criticism I saw this done everywhere by Les mots but there were these parents that were teaching each other to swear laughing about it. That is not you guys were laughing. Funny Allergies when the Animal World Starts Using sproul language of your partner experience I will that is that is not good who knows what aiding and abetting each other. That would buy one of those parents right now. That is so every group of teenage boys in history except now because they're not allowed to get together because of the cove head because they were all quarantined together, one room was just full of swearing birds, right? On the zookeepers couldn't get him to stop life. Has Been forced to remove five newly adopted parents from public display after they started swearing at customers see that's an overreaction to me. They taught each other to swear I never knew that I've worked in retail I can relate with those parents. Will they heritage Jack? The expression goes it makes sense but I'd never heard of I guess I've never known anybody who had more than one. But obviously, if you have more than one, they're going to talk to you know they're gonNA teach each other whatever words they know. So two thoughts on this story number one, my one real parrot experience who is my sister and her her her late husband had a African gray parrot that did the mimicking thing and I. I stayed over there one night and and I heard her talking in the kitchen my sister. Now I grew up with this woman we still live in the same metro area I, see her frequently. I get up I get out of bed I go into say hello she'd been gone for an hour. This was the parrot the parrot was it was as good. As the most sophisticated recording known demand. So S-, towns it out and just say the words they have the tone always. Perfectly my sister has retained a bit more of a northern midwestern accent than I have it nailed that. It was just amazing second thought on this story. You got five swearing parrots putting off the patrons cut into your profit. You. Walk in there you say next to swears you're going to see what's coming. Parrot. says. Parrot. Pluck it. You put it out a spit g right adversaries. All right. Now, what do you got to say, right? says. Poor F- Lack Of clagget yet put it at a SPEC. Parents left you walk in there. You say who's next? Who else wanted a parrot says Chopper, traction no way you're snuff another one of us. Hey. You're back. Spit the only way to handle swear. Trust me on this. You let it get out of hand. Here's a fool the only way to handle. Schwerin. Perish. You've got a plan and it's good to have a plan. More on the way, our text line four, one, five, nine, five K FDIC for production segment. Wasn't it? Draw. The Armstrong and getty show. Star Carol Baskin was eliminated from dancing with the stars this week. If you haven't seen tiger king, it's a duckie's theories that premiered on Netflix three lifetimes ago you had no kidding. No kidding. Yeah. That was early in the pandemic. Longest six months of her. No. Kidding. It's interesting how events affect time. Your perception of time. Actually Change Yeah I'm but I. Always assumed that it's got something to do with why you like you know those those those years from sixteen to twenty two or twenty five or whatever you know just did they seem like half your life Even though there are a tiny portion of your life just because. So many things happened. So many different things, new friends, new places, new jobs into this, and then he'd get older and you know you can get into a situation where you're in the same house same job for decades and your perception of time changes, and that's why your soul dies. Maybe, not really I'm yeah. What's what's curious about the pandemic thing is not that much is happening but. The pandemic is happening all the time. So why does it seem like? It's a longer time shouldn't it seems short as it so extraordinarily, shockingly different all those other events was talking about when Ryan such different. This is all that. So new it's I don't know the I. Didn't watch the game but according to executive producer Hansen. Who is a big NBA Fan? The Lakers dismantled the heat. In Game One last night. Looking like. Little. Sweep Bill. Is that the league that Paints Marxist slogans on its yes it is Joe Lebron. James also maybe high off of his win just purchased Katherine Hepburn's old home for thirty seven million dollars and I assume Lebron James already has a number of. Fairly. Nice homes I don't think he's how many starlets of the fifties homes does he have Marilyn Monroe Drenica Garbo. Audrey Hepburn. Scott. To Jayne Mansfield home. It's cool though built in the thirty S. and. Then was taken over by Howard. Hughes imagine the people that have been through Katherine Hepburn's in Howard Hughes's own s other people that own it. That'd be very, very cool. I played golf not long ago in the Carmel Valley where a in plain view of a couple of fairways is Doris days old home. And apparently, she used to wander down and greet the golfers and sell wins the story Yup nothing more to the end of that. That is a collection of sticks and tar paper that used to shelter one doors Dan, who was a movie star thousand years correct. But Cutie when dinosaurs still roamed the. They are releasing the grand jury recordings. From the whole Brianna, Brianna Taylor killing tomorrow, and there are some people saying that this is going to be huge in some people against say you're just GonNa you know you'll. You'll hear. The dull explanation for the result that came out the other day is what you'll hear but I don't know what's going to happen. There is part of me the the the practical part of me thinks. It's good to do this because that will give people the information about how this decision and these decisions are east. But the experienced past forty part of me knows that won't do any good. People who who gain power from whipping people up have no interest in the truth. Yeah I'm thinking there's a decent those who are prone to be whipped up won't hear it anyway. I'm thinking there's a decent chance that of the twenty hours you're going to hear a couple of very short clips twice this jury was not convinced though and tell me I. Don't think this is right. You know we'll be the clip that comes out of twenty hours right even. If ten seconds later somebody said no, it's because blank Lange and she said Oh I get it. Okay. You'll never hear that I mean not in the news media not only I don't mean to come off his too cynical, but you can't cynical enough about this stuff i. wish it would do some good to release this trump's former campaign manager has resigned after getting tackled in the on the sidewalk in front of his home the other day by the cops. And being drunken waving around gun at his wife and stuff like that. Yeah. Side to resign probably a good idea. Now, I saw one story I hate to even say this out loud because I, don't know where I saw it. Have you seen anything about money anything about that. Anywhere I have not makes me think it's not true. Then that'd be everywhere for his true. Isn't it? You would think. Yeah. I don't know though I have no interest in protecting nor indicting Brad South I don't need to spread around things that are completely bunk. Yeah. I he strikes me is a guy who had. The wherewithal rise to a certain level and certain status, and then the as the Peter Principle makes clear he was promoted one level above that. And the pressure I can't even imagine the pressure and scrutiny what he was doing, but it appears a crack. Yeah you. Now you can. You can make this claim. It's not a claim. It's it's a true fact. Trump. Has One campaign manager that's in prison and one that's in a nut house. I mean. You can see your point. You can say that in it's a it's true. This. Brad Pascal Forty Four If you're if you're cracking up, have you this is a good one. Have you ever cracked up maybe not even to that extent where like the police have to tackle the on the sidewalk but like you you I don't know he ended up in the mental Ward or something like that. What it feel like is it's coming maybe the rest of US would like a little a few tips on what are some warning signs. when when that is coming, you think it's pretty clear or he is so diluted by life you don't know it's coming. Does it happen all the sudden? I? Don't even know. I don't know I and I don't know to what extent he cracked up I mean as far as we can tell drunked up and bruised his wife, which is horrible. And his wife saying completely lost it. But yeah text line four, one, five, two, nine, five K. FTC if you've ever lost it or a family member that completely lost, we worked with somebody who did yeah, indeed. Fine. Fella to completely froze up maybe the key is to walk around deter day kind of losing it ten percent that might lend out might be the best thing you can do. Armstrong and getty. This is Danny Shapiro host family secrets welcome to our fourth season families secrets. It seems just about every family has them. Some secrets are kind of small and insignificant, and some are shocking and massive. When they come out our new knowledge has the power to change our lives join me an hour millions of listeners as we dive deep into the stories of this new seasons. Amazing guests. Listen and subscribe on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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