Another Disgraceful Attack on Trump with a Media Assist # 951


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan, Bongino, five other Dan Bongino, shepherdess, Joe, how are you today? Rip roaring ready to go. Daddy o. Get more dramatic every day. Figure watch her show on on YouTube afterwards and my gosh. Joe's excited to be here today. I gotta stack show for you today. The Muller team embarrassing and defaced themselves in front of the public. Again, this disgraceful growth Ness copperation. Again. I can't say in strong enough terms with the Muller probe anyone out there. Who believes Muller was a good guy a white hat, or whatever you have been grossly misinformed and this team of anti Trump witchhunting hacks is a disgrace and the stunt they pulled last night with this New York Times exactly big big thumbs down with the New York Times. And the Washington Post is abhorrent. I'm gonna tell you exactly what's going on what this leak from the Muller team, the leak is essentially this the Muller witch hunters are now saying well, the Bill bar attorney general summary of our report really does. Doesn't show. How awful Trump was. Okay. That was due to unnamed officials making unspecified claims I'm gonna get into what's really going on and the grotesque conduct of this disgraced absurd. Outrageous pro. All right. Let's get right into today's show brought to you by buddies that filter by according to the CDC about seven million people are getting hit with the cold and flu this year. A lot of people think getting sick has to do with the cold weather. That's not the case, folks. There's a lot of it has to do with being indoors a lot. You spend more time inside exposed to higher concentrations of airborne pollutants. You know, sometimes the Air's not fresh inside your house because you have poor air filters. 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Unnamed officials in other words, anonymous cowards would making unspecified claims, here's a headline at the hill. Some Muller team members say the final report is more damaging to Trump than the bar summary suggests new corden to the New York Times, I refuse to put the New York Times headline up because I can't stand the New York Times. It's not a serious news outlet anymore. It is the equivalent of a tabloid magazine. Folks. Here's what's going on right now. The Muller team could not fabricate evidence these were awful horrible actors Muller. Couldn't stand Trump. He picked Andrew Weisman as lead bulldog who hated Donald Trump. He picked to attorneys for the team a genie re and Aaron zebbie one who had served us outside counsel to the Clinton foundation genie re and another one in Aaron Zebedee who was stonning Lee had represented. Justin Cooper, who's alleged to be the guy who destroyed the blackberries. And the Clinton Email case. I mean, could you have all the lawyers and all the world could Muller have picked people any worse. The answer is. No. And he did it on purpose because Muller didn't care about the optics or how it looked. He just cared about going after Trump. Now, the problem Muller's probe from the beginning. Is you cannot fabricate evidence that doesn't exist. You can't folks we don't do conspiracy theories or nonsense here. I think that's obvious for a regular listeners. Muller could not attribute comments to people that they didn't make he can't fabricate. This this pen was used in the signing of a collusion deal between Trump and the Russians and fingerprints are on it. Eventually you'd have to process dependent action get a fingerprint. Okay, it didn't happen Muller's Muller's connivance. And he's not a good guy. I don't like the way you handle this thing at all. But he's not gonna fabricate evidence. He's not stupid. Okay. They didn't have any evidence of collusion. So as we set on on the shows last week in a Monday show, where we put together the time line Muller likely new in July of twenty seventeen that July of twenty seventeen just months after he was hired that this collusion was fake. So they set up an ongoing obstruction probe after that. That's why they ask for the revived scope memo and new responsibilities because they couldn't investigate collusion that didn't exist. This is pathetic. Here's what's happening now Bill bar. The new attorney general who is. Has been doing a really good job before he was selected as a turn general and confirmed by the Senate before follow me here, he writes a memo and in this bar memo. He lays out the case that there is no way Donald Trump based on what he only knew publicly because bar wasn't privy to any inside info member. He was just a civilian when he wrote this. Okay, right bar wrote a memo, he was not under consideration for attorney general at the time, contrary to what moron left this wanna tell you. And in that memo, he lays out the case that there is no possible way. Donald Trump could have obstructed Justice based on what happened with the firing of Jim Komi and the Russia probe. The memo was laid out beautifully sites. Legal precedent. It is a brilliant memo. Follow me here. This is important. Bar is then selected to become the attorney general confirmed by the Senate, he is the attorney general now the Muller probe this is where it gets devious. And Joe I need you to put your antenna on and pay close attention because it doesn't make sense to you. We'll make sense to the audience. We'll do keep in mind, the lead here Muller knows and July of twenty seventeen collusion's a hoax instead of wrapping up is investigation into collusion. He keeps an obstruction probe ongoing to damage Trump as we laid out on Monday. I believe he only stops this case when Whitaker takes over the DOJ Matthew Whitaker's, the acting and Bill bars he AG because he knows now the DOJ is going to hold them to account cool. So for yeah. Okay. Great. Muller has read the memo the bar memo before bars under consideration for AG? He clearly knows that bar knows something that same people know, but the Muller doesn't want out there. What is Muller? No. That the rest of saying America knows that Muller disagrees with Muller knows pursuant to the bar memo that there's a strong likelihood that bar believes his obstruction case into Trump Muller's that is is who we miss garbage. And he knows something else folks, he knows that bar is already on the record having written this down because this memo exists. You you you you there is strategic genius of Bob Muller? And I say genius than a malevolent way. I don't mean this as a compliment at. All right. So what does Muller do remember? He can't fabricate a fingerprint on a pen, the sign of collusion deal collusion's done. So he he's forced in this four hundred page report, which we're going to see soon or portions of it. He is forced in there to acknowledge that collusion doesn't exist. We already know that because bars already quoted the report and summarize it for it's crystal clear. There's no collusion. I don't listen to any. It's in the leftist media that this summary is crystal clear it uses quotes from the actual report. Collusion's debt it's not dead because Muller exonerated Trump. Trump exonerated Trump. There's no. Evidence. That's takeaway number one. The obstruction case. However, you can I don't want to say fabricate evidence. But let's just say Joe, you can massage evidence because obstructions not are black or white crime Bank robbery is show. We agree of Joe robbed the Bank, either, rob dinner. He didn't chose either in the Bank, handling the teller note or he's not right. Obstruction of Justice is one of these crimes when I was with the MVP. We would joke around we had things like this like disorderly conduct. You know, we would jokingly call it piracy on the open seas a joke because it was one of those crimes where it was a judgment call. You know, did a guy engage in disorderly conduct or not Joe. I mean, I don't know it was up to the cops judgment. Right. You know what I'm saying? Oh, totally. You know? Yes. It was disorderly. You may have talked to another cop on this matter. No. Maybe it wasn't this order. In other words, ladies. Gentlemen. Obstruction is the piracy on the open seas of federal law enforcement. It's a judgment call the Donald Trump suggesting to Lester Holt in an NBC interview that after the firing of Komi he knew Russia was a made up story. That's that's the quote, by the way, that you know, this Russia thing was a made up story left. This believe that's obstruction. Same people are like what are you talking about? He fired Jim Komi in in the next sentence says, you know, what I knew this. Russia thing was a made up story. It is a made up story. Yeah. He didn't say he fired. He never ever in that NBC interview said he fired Jim Komi because he was investigating him on Russia. He never that's a leftist myth. Let has been entirely completely debunked. He said, you know, what this Russia thing? It was a made up story. It was a made up story. He's been vindicated. Donald trump. Where am I going with this important now this is take away number two number one Muller did not exonerate Trump collusion? Trump exonerated Trump. There's no evidence number two Muller understands. This is a judgment call. Now rather than making the judgment himself. What does he do? Joe? He leaves it. An open question does not exonerate Trump on obstruction and hands the football over to Bill bar. The attorney general who Muller already knows has a memo out there laying out the case about how Donald Trump could not possibly have obstructed Justice in the firing of Jim Komi. Think about what that does. Now instead of Muller what he's been obliged to do make make a call on the obstruction thing he passes it off to bar knowing the Democrats are going to do what show are gonna immediately accused bar of what a conflict of interest because bars already written a memo, folks, we're following. We're following. We're cool day. You get with Muller dead. Yeah. Instead of Muller doing the right thing and making now making the call on obstruction. He had to make the call on collusion because there was not right. But collusion either happened or didn't it's the Bank robbery of this case, there's a Bank robbery or that wasn't Muller. Cannot make the Bank robbery up on obstruction. He can. So you may be saying yourself at home. Okay. I get it. He passes the football to bar knowing bars already through his memo said that Trump did not commit obstruction, knowing the Democrats aren't going to say, look, look what happened. Look what happened Bill bar already wrote this memo. This is a conflict of interest. Did Trump obstructed Justice? I wanted Pizren you may be saying yourself. Okay. I get that. But why wouldn't Muller just make that call himself right show? I mean, why won't Muller why wouldn't Muller if he wanted to nail Trump on obstruction? Why create this cloud through bar? If Muller could just write the report himself and say Trump obstructed Justice. There's a reason for that too. And this is why these leaks are coming out. Now. Because ladies and gentlemen, if Muller charges Trump or anyone on the Trump team with obstruction of Justice at some point there's likely to be an impeachment proceeding after the president would be impeached. If if that happens or after the president where to leave office, President Trump, the president can be indicted out of office. Meaning what Joe follow me they would have to go to trial. Muller knows the obstruction case against Trump is a complete total loser loser. With an out. There is zero chance in a criminal trial a guy President Trump who literally told Jim Komi, according to comb his own memos to investigate his satellites or people on his team who may have done something wrong. And there is zero chance at the deputy director of the FBI testified under oath in front of congress. So there was no effort to obstruct this investigation. There is era chance when that evidence presented at trial that Muller's team would have won a case against an impeach president was indicted Muller would have been embarrassed which would have done, I know folks were getting into level ten here. But this is really important. The breaking news. I it's critical. What would have happened? Then Joe if the president was impeached because you thought he obstructed Justice game. And then is. Put on trial for obstructing Justice and in the trial. Bob Muller's team gets laughed out of court. Can you imagine the damage done to our democracy? If the Democrats and rhino Republicans were to have impeach the president on an obstruction charge that was summarily laughed out of court. Can you imagine how the American people would feel wait? Let me get this straighten. We elected the president you impeached on an obstruction charge that a federal court mocked openly. And thought was ridiculous. That is why Muller and his team of witch hunting, conniving fools. Did not dare dare make a call on the obstruction thing. They did the most cowardly thing possible. They said, well, you know, we don't have evidence to convict him of obstruction. But we don't exonerate him. Either. Right. Your whole job as a special counsel. Joe was to make a call on this. They passed it off to bar to do extensive political damage to the president because they were too cowardly to charge the president to charge the president after he left office to charge the president and a memo which could be used for impeachment with the crime of obstruction of Justice, knowing they had no case. So they pass it off the bar knowing barred already written this memo and knowing that the cowardly conspiracy theorists. Democrats these chumps like Adams shifty shifty and slimy swale well would run in front of the cameras and say oh bars got a conflict of interest here. Muller left it open on obstruction and bar already wrote that memo. So of course, there's a conflict of interest the president committed obstruction. Not only that he's colluding with bar Elias, Rhodia, some home counties. Thank you, Vince. Now, the leaks make sense Joe. Yes. Yes. Weeks last night. This is the breaking news last night. Yeah. About how people on the Muller team. Unnamed officials cowards chumps I'll name them Jones Coundon jump Lieutenant chump, and corporal chump and sergeant chump in there to unnamed chumps made unspecified claims now if you read the times piece. That. We put the headline up again from the hill that it's very specific about what they say. They say it could be I mean, excuse me. It's very it's not it's unspecific that they say the final report is more damaging to Trump than a bar summary suggests if you read the times piece, they're intimating here. Joe not about collusion. They're intimating that the obstruction thing is damaging ten four. Yeah. Yes. They're not. They're not saying that the collusion. The collusion thing is dead. I can't say this. You must understand this. You can't fabricate a fingerprint on the pen that doesn't exist. There was nothing there. The Muller investigation continued for six hundred days after July of twenty seventeen. Despite the mowing. There was no collusion. They needed to nail on something and they zeroed in on obstruction. That's why they went back to Rosenstein for this revised scope memo. They found nothing on obstruction either. That would stand in court. So they pass the football to bar like cowards, they refuse to make a decision because they lose and trial day, then wait for bar to summarize their memo bar makes a call saying, hey, there's no evidence of obstruction ear, I'm sorry. And then these coward chumps unnamed officials making unspecified claims start to leak to their media people. Joe, you know on the obstruction thing. This makes Trump look really bad. Which does what gets the press people to make the connection? Trump appointed bar borrowed a memo before he was appointed about how -struction couldn't possibly be true. Therefore, Trump had to be colluding with bar. That's why they're leaking this folks if I can just I hate to keep plugging this, but it's super important. So my second book is available in Amazon and Barnes and noble for preorder. I don't mean beat you to death of it working super hard on this. And it matters to me this project. It's called exonerated the failed takedown of Donald Trump by the swamp. I'm telling you, I have some explosive connections on this in a book. And I can't I can't I don't want to give them all up yet. It's like the review for reason, I'm still working on it. But I made a connection today in this morning. That is in this book that's going to blow your mind, and it's going to show. You exactly how awful the smaller probe was. This is the leaks understand so please. If you don't mind picking up, we're trying to get an idea the preorder on how many we should print because it's really been incredible. We were number twelve last week. So if you wouldn't mind picking up, I'm deeply appreciated on preorder, just again, I don't mean to beat you over the head with an I'm very sorry about that. But I'm working really hard on it. And we'd love to get an idea. So we can print just enough copies. But this is critical the leak last night unspecified people saying that, oh, you know, Muller's report is really damaging Trump the obstruction thing they're only doing that to wink in an odd to the media. And there there's conspiracy theorist democrat friends. This is the Muller people, by the way this disgraceful team. Assemble to get them to make the connection that hey, we handed the ball to bar in borrowers already corrupted. They weren't supposed to hand the football the bar. They were supposed to make a call on obstruction. And they didn't do it because they had no case, but they certainly could start a conspiracy theory by leaving it open ended handing it to bar leading bar make the call. And then leaking to the media afterwards with unspecified claims how there's damaging information about obstruction and a report. Now watch what's going to happen next? We have called this thing from day one. Yes. This is a Pat on the back. We have caught this from day one about obstruction as our friend audience archive is Judy as as noted we call this year ago about this obstruction thing. Yeah. How this was going to happen because I had people cue me in this. Watch what's going to happen next? They will release likely in a week or two the Muller report. That's alleged to have damaging information about obstruction. There will be significant reductions in that report. Because in that report there will be grand jury information that they are legally prohibited from putting out there. Watch. What's going to happen next? Mark today. It is now ten thirty or so eastern time. What is it April fourth years? They Mark the date. What's going to happen? Next is even the report issued the Muller report is going to just double down on the exoneration of Trump on collusion. And it's going to have stuff we knew about publicly, the Lester Holt interview and things like that. So the Democrats aren't going to have anything new in the report. But what they will have Joe is a bunch of blacked out reductions, and they're going to say what that's where all the obstruction stuff is folks. But you just can't see it. Watch and what's going to happen? The Muller witch honors these discredited hacks who worked for Muller. These democrat activists who went after Trump on obstruction despite knowing collusion was a fairytale. Will start leaking to the media again, Joe while you know, you didn't see the whole thing, and there's really super extra band Adeyemi. Yada. Yada, yada. Is right, right. Was that Paula? You were a big was that you are big Seinfeld fan. Right. That was an episode, right? The Yatta Yatta tag. It wasn't my wise. Lobbed Seinfeld that show. It's great that. It's classic episodes. You know, I've got him. Did that was one of my favorite George does everything backwards at work? He curses out George Steinbrenner gets a promotion for job. What this is what's going to the Yati? Joe you it's going to be the yada yada, yada, talk point. In other words, the yada yada yada is nothing it's meaningless. In other words, the reductions are meaningless because we haven't seen them. But the Democrats are going to say what you haven't seen is the real evidence of obstruction, which is going to be fed to the media and dutifully responded to by by Muller team, unnamed officials who will say, yes, that's the really bad stuff. This is total garbage garbage extensive garbage time as Marv Albert the old New York Knicks announcer used to say when they were down by thirty in the fourth quarter. We're in an extensive Gerbasi time, folks. I remember that. That they had the center the backup guy. I forget his name, Greg something. That's when he'd come in the game was over Ewing came out of the game. It was done. Market. Mark the show. This is the next step in this disgraceful Muller episode. I'm telling you this second book, I'm writing if viscera the Muller probe like you've never seen. You will never look at this thing the same way again. All right. Today's show. Also brought to you by buddies at open fit. Hey love this program. You want convenience you want to get in shape? You want to be able to do it on your own time your own schedule from your own out. You're doing yourself a huge disservice. If you don't check out open fit. Let me just tell you a couple of the great works. You wanna work out six hundred seconds, try their workout six hundred seconds, you training for a tough mudder or any one of those races out there. They have a tough mudder prep. Course there you will get in shape. Paula was just telling me how much he loves these were you, not miss Paula Bongino. 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My listeners get a special extended thirty day free trial membership to open it. You lose up the fifteen pounds of thirty days. When you text Dan beat a thirty thirty thirty texts Dan be two three zero three zero three zero text and beat of thirty thirty thirty. You'll get full access to open all the workouts and nutrition information, totally free again, text Dan, be to thirty thirty thirty. You will love it. These are really really high end programs terrific. Okay. I wanted to move on quickly Paul. I know I told you I'd lifted shift a little bit we get that legal insurrection a piece I'm so I've been getting a lot of emails on this secret service story mar-a-lago, and I have deliberately not commented on it until I had the information which again, I can't emphasize enough on this show, folks. I am I have absolutely no desire to be first on anything. I want to be right on everything if possible it will be occasional screw ups. But I waited and I've done my homework. Now, I have some information for you. Here's the story legal insurrection today. A Chinese national was arrested and charged after carrying malicious software into Trump's mar-a-lago mar-a-lago is a beautiful place down here. It's a club that Trump owns it's down. It's about ten fifteen miles maybe twenty miles south of where I live in Martin county, Florida. So the story is this a Chinese national with a computer and some militia software and a thumb drive. Entered into the facility. She was not supposed to be there. She was caught. And she's now being prosecuted by the secret service. There's a lot of misinformation about this, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not paid by the secret service to put out any talking points or anything like that. I'm simply here to deliver to you the facts, here's what really happened. Yes. This was a serious incident being treated by everyone very seriously, I assure you, but. There's some confusion here again. Nobody's happy about what happened. This isn't some kind of you know, everybody's out there. Celebrating popping corks honest off the champagne, but the blame that was instantly thrown at the secret service. I could tell you from experience was ridiculous because I don't think people truly understand how the system works folks just quickly on this. Because I want to move on. I've got a ton of stuff to get through today. But the secret service does not admit people or or keep people out of a site. If they are not a security threat. I cannot emphasize enough Joe, I know you've heard this a thousand times whatever this. We started the show in two thousand fifteen but for some of our newer listeners. I don't think people understand that the secret service is responsible for security. We are not ticket checkers. If the staff or a host committee or someone at Mora Lago who's been authorized by. The staff to allow someone into a site says this person can come in. We make sure they're not a do not admit in other words, they're not a terror threat. They don't have a criminal background, and we make sure they're not carrying weapons debt bats in. Do you understand what we don't do? We don't work there anymore, but having deep body of experience with the service in my twelve years there and having conducted lead advances all over the planet on this. We don't make those calls. It is it is if. Let me give you a quick example is when I was working with Barack Obama Steve. And I mean, this if Barack Obama wants to admit a guy into a site or woman, and that person is is is showing all the signs of being like, not a good person. They're sweating may look nervous. But the staff says to you I want that person in here. I want them to take a picture with the president. They go through a magnetometer they'll go through a checkpoint. We will do the hand held. Well, make sure they don't pop up on any do not admit list. And ladies and gentlemen, dare coming in. This may surprise you. But we don't make those calls. Now, if the person pops up on a felony do not admit list as being an al-qaeda terrorist. We're going to get with the staff, right? Quick and say, hey, buddy. This is a real problem. But ladies, gentlemen, even then on foreign trips. There are people who go into meetings with the president the staff will make the call on where they're questionable. Yeah. And the secret service will say, I don't think this is a good idea. This staff makes the call I say that because the woman mar-a-lago who got in there with the computer in the Mauer. It was not the secret services. Call this staff of the host committee said Blatter end they mistakenly thought she was a daughter of a member, I'm not absolving anybody responsible carrying water for the secrets are had no interest in doing that. I'm just telling you how this works it. If the staff says let them in they get in. I mean, this is one of the few areas of expertise. I'm uniquely qualified in podcasting a conservative talk to giving you input on. There have been many times staff and a host committee, the Obama and Bush administer. Has said let him in right? Like you. Sure. Let are in. All right in the magnetometer turnaround got anything on you, get an ID. I'm just giving you the facts, folks. So you're informed. And the reason I bring this up. I wanna be clear is because the left is again using this amunition to attack Trump do the secrets are low Trump, so disorganized more Lago breakdown in security. Trump shouldn't go to you said two stories are up them yourself. Now, you know, the facts it was a screw up the staff should not have let this woman in. It's clear. She was up to something in there. No good. She was caught. Luckily, she shouldn't have been in the first place. I may be clear. But you need to understand how security works we secure the we're not ticket takers. If you got a ticket, which is a pass from those committee come in. You're in. Simple as that. Don't fall for the media hype. Drew Carey us and more or Lago stupid. Okay. You know, it's a great story. Hat tip to the listeners sent it in you know, who you are a Mabon Mitchell. He sends a lot of stories story from Forbes, ladies and gentlemen, as twenty twenty heats up. You're going to see a renewed push for this absurd. Outrageous, you know, Medicare for all proposal, which is not Medicare for all its Medicare for none. It's government controlled health care for all I want to be crystal clear on that. Here's the story of Forbes by Sally pipes Britain's version of Medicare for all is struggling with long waits for care. Well, it struggling with a lot more. This is a devastating piece. Available in the show notes today. Go to bungee dot com. Please subscribe to my Email list. Email these stories right to you. But read this. It is really good. It's a short piece, but it nails. Why government run healthcare absolutely stinks to the heavens? First this Medicare for all push. Bernie Sanders, comma Harrison, others is a disaster. It is not Medicare for all it is government run health Cam. You may say Joe, why are they calling it Medicare for all then because ladies and gentlemen, the term Medicare in focus groups, generally polls. Well. So instead of calling it what it is a government takeover of health care. They call it Medicare for all thinking seniors that vote will say, well, I like my Medicare. So maybe we'll vote for this plan. Ladies and gentlemen. This is not Medicare for all your Medicare. If your senior we'll be bankrupted by a massive expansion of government benefits to people who can pay for them themselves. Now, let's go to the peace. There were three monster takeaways from this piece, and the lead is clear Medicare for all. In other words, government run healthcare is already being tried in Britain. And it is collapsing on multiple fronts point number one. From the peace waiting lists. Ladies and gentlemen. Look at this snippet, you want government control healthcare, you sure. Nearly a quarter of a million British patients have been waiting. This is unbelievable Joe more than six months to receive plan medical treatment from the national health service. According to a recent report from the Royal College of surgeons the ri- have colleges Sachin. Goes on. This is bad. I should different college. It sounds so official more than thirty six thousand Joe have been intriguing cues lines for nine months or more. People will die folks. Yes. Time. Yes. Birdie people we'll bond waiting lists. You're darn rise two hundred and fifty thousand people have waited six months or more for healthcare because the government's telling them, oh that is an astonishing number. Now, if you're interested in basic healthcare economics Faxon, data in other words, you and I'm not talking about liberals. I'm talking about people who are interested in facts and stuff liberals are interested in emotion. Why this rationing by waiting? Lists is happening is obvious. Joe? Let me explain simple. It's not even econ one a one it's econ zero zero zero zero one in other words common sense. There are two ways to allocate scarce resources a doctor's time medicine. Whatever it may be a hospital bed is a scarce resource. It is not unlimited. Correct doctor has an eight to ten hour workday. His time is limited a hospital has a certain number of beds. Their beds are limited all resources in medicine. All are scarce. There are two and only two ways to allocate hospital beds, doctors time injections, vaccinations, whatever they may be because they are all scarce one is to use the free market to price those items which allows people to work to pay for them. When those things get in short supply prices, go up when prices go up what happens competitors come in. Joe again, this is econ- zero zero zero zero zero one for people who have common sense when prices go up in a free market competitors. Come in Joe and say, wow, those are high prices we can make some money, and they compete with other companies to produce more hospitals and beds, which does what show increases the supply and drives the price down. This is only happened throughout human history with every single item subjected to free market pressure Lasix surgery, plastic surgery, flat screen TV's computers, iphones. Lasers for your shoulder. This thing really helps my show this a laser. I put on my shoulder vitamin B, twelve spray. Go can openers from this is from one of our spa. Answers battle box nail clippers case, you gotta hang now. What else what other items? Do we have? I phones paper made pens Sennheiser as your call some cans normal people. Call them earphones objected that kid Joe's dorm on just joking. My buddy lump Joe, let's see what else. Do we have here? We have a flat screen TV in about two TV folks in the background shirts. Cobra forty seven all of the prices on these items have come down. I can't believe we have to do this. But liberals watched the show can't figure out basic economics all of the prices on these items. Joseph have come down over time if because competitors in shirts, remotes, pens, nail clippers and everything else. Have come in and not allowed one producer to charge monopoly prices. That when the government. How 'bout that? When the government creates a monopoly, there is only one producer and producer of that product is government. Yeah. So the first way is pricing. When the government is the only producer of funds to pay for an item, you have ranting because the price system doesn't work because you can't bid up the price bidding up the price of healthcare is a good thing. Why why liberals all did he just say that because competitors come in and bid the price down? Why do you think plastic surgery is a cost you can go in and have plastic surgery, a Columbia and other places for like a thousand dollars because competitors came in and a free markets that I could do cheaper. It's just hard liberals as this hard for you when the government gets involved, and there is no price control control of prices by competitors. What happens? They have to be rationed the hospital beds. There are no competitors. There are no new hospital beds. So the hospital beds. They have to be rationed. You have a thousand patients who have to fit in one hundred hospital beds. What do you do Joe you rational one out of ten people gets a hospital bed? And usually it's the most connected that is why nine out of ten people Pollock if you don't mind putting up that that screen to get that is why nine out of ten people are waiting on a waiting list. That's why two hundred fifty thousand people are waiting six months or more. Okay. Take away number two from this. Excellent. Forbes piece. I thought you know, you government control medicine. Oh, it's so much better. Gosh, people they love this government control mate. So great. The results are so much better. Really? Because here's a corporate apiece. Unsurprisingly Joe British cancer patients fare worse than those in the United States. Now, only eighty one percent of breast cancer patients in the United Kingdom live at least five years after diagnosis hours that I thought it was wonderful compared to the United States where the survival rate over five years for breast cancer is eighty nine percent eight percentage points higher. How is that? Oh, it goes on just eighty three percent of patients in the UK live five years after a prostate cancer diagnosis versus ninety seven percent here a fourteen percentage point difference. Wow. The NHS Joe also routinely denies patients access to treatment. This is insane. More than half of their clinical commissioning groups, which plan healthcare services within their local regions are rationing cash. Cataract surgery cataracts. Like you'll go blind. They call it a procedure. Joe quote of limited clinical value. Yeah. You know, Joe that eyesight thing is totally overrated limited comeback about like seeing like seeing stuff. Hold on. Let me did Lee. Folks, you need your eyesight this you'll be out a very serious note. Yeah, I had a great aunt Natalie. She was she's since passed my cousin is named after she went blind later in life, and I'll tell you, and I mean, it was devastating and my family. She was I think in her sixties or seventies. Forgive me. 'cause it was young. I was young when it happened. Limited clinical changed everything. I mean, she required care from that point on and she I'm obviously not blind. But she had said to us because obviously she only recite was effected on her. She was fine. I mean, psychologically, there's no mental impairment or anything. But I remember her telling me she almost wish she had been born blind at that point. Because once you our whole life. She'd spent with perfect visual acuity and then lost it. It was devastating for devastating and everyone around her. Are you serious that you think cataract surgery that could blind people's of limited clinical value? Are you nuts? Are these people create this is what you want? Are you crazy? German serious stuff here. This is real cataract surgery. Limited clinical about. Yeah. Folks that I say things way overrated. This is what's coming down the pipeline for the Bernie Sanders Medicare for all people. What a disgrace. Finally, another takeaway from this piece, which is really wonderful again. I can't recommend it enough. And I hope he listened to it. This one involves massive vacancies by healthcare professionals who don't want to work in the United Kingdom. Quote, patients fate will face long, wait times and rationing of care because he NHS can attract medical professionals to meet demand at the end of twenty eighteen they had more than thirty nine thousand nursing spots unfilled. That's a vacancy rate of more than ten percent. Among medical staff, nearly nine thousand posts were unoccupied these shortages could explode in the years to come in twenty eighteen then Royal College of general practitioners found that more than seven hundred fifty practices could close within the next five years. What? Yeah. Why Joe because medical personnel who train their entire lives to earn an income are not in a free market system where their pay and their work schedules are through their satisfaction because they're run by the government. So instead of being able to work out a deal is a nurse with your employer the hospital at a pay package with the hospital. They have to work it out with the g the government, which thinks eyesight is of limited critical value in colleges surgeons thinks it's terrible that these nurses are paid their fair value. So the nurses throw up the double barrel middle finger and say, I'm not working here anymore. I'm not working sixteen hours a day for crappy pay. No, thanks government. Which teams eyesight of a limited clinical value. No. Thank you. So uncertain prising -ly they're leaving. Again, Joe econ zero zero zero one we're not paying people enough. So what are they doing? They're quitting. You know, Joe? Yeah. You and I worked together you work other places, but you work it, you know, when you went I worked out how this was going to work out you we came to an agreement. Right. You said I'll take this. I said well off that's how this works now with the G if Joe worked for the government or Whitney government on a project. The G says, hey, here's what we're gonna pay and Joe's gotta take it because the government has a monopoly on healthcare in the UK, nurses, go. No, thanks key for good by G for by. I always say, gee, a case, you all wonder where that's coming from your G, man, when I worked in the government, everything is shortened, everything is jargon. And the secret service everything in law enforcement for that. Everything's jargon. I there's like code words. They use for everything. I don't know why. It's just the way cops law enforcement v. We are charging everywhere. But so with the government car, you were issued they would call it. The like you taking home the G the G ride. The that was all everybody knew what everybody was talking about. And if you weren't. Outsiders listening to g to heck is he talking about it you getting in getting into cheat and go home. That's that's where that comes from a case, you won't want curious. Okay. Listen, I love this product. This is check this out. 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Go to load megs fast dot com that's load MAGS fast dot com and use promo code Dan for free shipping. This is an awesome product can't recommend it enough. And this just in for firearms enthusiasts listening in from California. The longstanding magazine capacity law banning MAGS over ten rounds was struck down last week by federal judge to big win for the second amendment law abiding gun owners everywhere ATS also makes durable and rugged translucent thirty round magazines for Glock MP five and air fifteen there now shipping to California get yours today. I have those and they connect which is really interesting. Keep makes them easier to to load and makes them easier to us store. Okay. Less story of the day. I wanted to go back to an older story, I covered because it is a key theme of book number two. But it's also a key theme related to what I talked about with Biden on Monday show or Tuesday show, excuse me. Joe Biden, and his now what looks like strong evidence of his collusion with the government of Ukraine to benefit his son evidence is in the hill report by John Salman, what am I getting at book number two paints? The dreadful Muller pro which I just viscerally it in the show as an effort to keep the attention on the Trump team, despite knowing collusion with Russia wasn't real because I believe they were hiding collusion with real entities. Joe Biden in the Obama administration would Ukraine and the Clinton team and their collusion with Russia. There is a John Solomon story from the hill. It is from twenty seventeen but this is worth your time. I- reupped in today's show. No, it's the title is Bill Clinton sought State Department's permission to meet with Russian nuclear official during Obama uranium decision. I'm gonna make this quick. But it's very very important. You understand understand? Excuse me, understand the leader. Collusion scandals are very real. They're just not the Trump one Biden Ukraine Clinton Russia Bill Clinton, while his wife is in the State Department back in two thousand and ten there were emails uncovered in this piece that you need to read I will put the couple of screen shots up these emails, but these emails are devastating citizens. United did a lot of work on that. Dave, Dave Bossie, screw the emails are requests from Bill Clinton's people Bill to State Department officials working for Hillary for Bill Clinton to go meet with two Russians, ladies and gentlemen. These two Russians are key figures in what I believe is a massive collusion scandal. That's getting ready to blow quickly hat tip, by the way, Big Hat tip to Peter Schweitzer's, book Clinton Clinton, collusion or Clinton corruption. Peter Sweitzer checkout his book, it's fantastic and John Solomon as well. I don't wanna take credit for their work Schweitzer's hat tip than this John Solomon pieces. Well, but here's the first official, and we have this screen shot. From the help. He's so Bill Clinton staff wants to meet with a guy named Arcadi devore cabbage a top aide to then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. What wa what do you mean what meeting with Russians now Bill Clinton? So and one of he's one of the highest ranking government officials to serve on Rosatom. Remember that name their board of supervisors this was listed on may fourteen. Twenty ten Email as one of fifteen Russians Bill Clinton wanted to meet with during a late June twenty ten trip. Now keep that up for a second. Keep in mind. This is an Email in late. This is an Email in may Clinton's taken a trip in June of two thousand ten a month later the uranium one deal is approved win October in two thousand ten so after this Bill Clinton staff is in an Email asking to meet with a key Dmitry Medvedev confident who sits on the board of the company Rosatom that wants to buy uranium one nothing to see here. Folks. Don't you worry it goes on in the context of a possible trip to Russia at the end of? June WJC, William Jefferson Clinton. This is the Email is being asked to see the business government folks below with state have concerns about Clinton's seeing any of these folks Clinton foundation forest policy advisor Amitav d'essai wrote to the State Department. Folks, why am I even bring this up because again this book number two it just destroys this collusion, man. So let me be clear on this the whole collusion Russian collusion. Hoax is based on the fact that what that Russians were in the United States and met with Don Trump junior Russia at Trump Tower. That's their entire case there retire cases that this was a suspicious meeting the meeting now the emails row public. Nothing came of that meeting at all we now know that everybody acknowledges that not only that the people meeting with Don Trump junior are in trapping him. They're connected to Clinton people. It's a trap. So just to be clear the left's whole premise, Don Trump met with Russia's Bill Clinton's people are in the emails asking to meet with key Russian officials sitting on the board of a company trying to buy uranium before Hillary sits on a board to approve the same exact sale. Are we serious? Are you left a serious Arcadi divorce vich the guy sat an abortive Rosatom? They're trying to buy uranium one to get access to our uranium supply months later, Hillary State Department, sits on the board that could have mixed this thing and she says nothing. Tell me again. Now, folks, this is important because your liberal friends will say, well, let me tell you the whole show together. Now, the collusion collapsed obstructions gonna collapse soon to despite all that's going on here. And these these these hacks in the Muller probe it's gonna turn to the swallow line of attack show. Well, it may not have been criminal conspiracy with the Russias, but these meetings with the Russians were suspicious. Okay. I'm Eric was the requested meeting with our Katie divorce damage who sat on the board Rosatom, and is a confidante of the Russian president was that requested meeting with Bill Clinton is at suspicious. We'll wait. I'll wait on your answer. We'll give them a little crickets silence from it. Anything? All you got nothing. Okay. Eric, thank you. Thanks for your time. But there's another meet doesn't it send their folks there's another meeting a request for one. This one's even more devastating. They also sent an Email, quote, the second person on the list that caught the attention was Russian businessman, Victor expert, all you've heard that on the show before two days after Hillary Clinton's visit to Russia vessel. Berg was named by Medvedev to oversee a new technology investment project called skulk evolve all boy designed to be Russia's new silicone valley. According to media reports Hillary Clinton had directly discuss the Skoko project what Medvedev and state was whipping up support for it among US companies, creating the appearance of a conflict. She even attended a major event with the Russians to promote the project. We want everyone to help because that's what I think it's everyone's interest to do. She was quoted as saying about the Skoko project, ladies and gentlemen. Bill Clinton is an Email asking to meet with vex Oberg. This guy is running Skoko a Russian Silicon Valley project that is later determined by Intel officials to been an attempt to steal sensitive technology for military. Use Clinton is Hillary's promoting the project the company's going over there involved in Skokie vote donate to the Clinton foundation. Bill wants to meet with the head of Skoko while Skoko is stealing our military technology. And you're telling me, Eric. Well, well, I think the meetings with the Russians were suspicious what about the vaccine Berg meeting, Eric shifty? What about what about Adam shifty shift is that meeting suspicious? Or the requests for. What do I hear? They're joking play that again, I something I played. Yeah. That's right. Credit cards. Yes. Thank you Armacost. Key timing there. Crickets, of course, is going to be crickets so meetings with Russians at Trump Tower that produce no information and the Russians at show up even though they're connected to Hillary in an obvious entrapment Donald Trump, but we know everything about the meeting about that's evidence of collusion worthy of impeachment. But requests for meetings with a Russian sitting on a board of a company wants to buy uranium while Hillary Clinton's on a board that approves it that's not suspicious and meetings for requests for meetings with Russians involved with a military project disguises, a commercial project, Hillary supported and steals, our military secrets no worries at all you worry read the piece it is in the show notes today. It is devastating devastating. All right, folks. Thanks again for tuning in, please. If you don't mind again, pick up my book, it would mean the world to me exonerated, the failed takedown of Donald Trump by the swamp. We're going to have the cover out hopefully by Tuesday on Amazon that you're gonna like it. We're almost done with the book. It is. I very proud of it. I think it will blow your mind even more than book once by so please go pick that up today, Amazon or Barnes and noble, and if you wouldn't mind subscribe to our podcast on YouTube, YouTube dot com slash Bongino. Subscriptions have been through the roof people been watching the video as well. As listening to it on audio on I on I tunes and Google podcast. You can listen on Amazon Alexis while we really appreciate a police. Subscribe at boosts us up the charts, and it's all free. Thanks a lot folks. We appreciate it. I'll see you all tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcasts on I tunes or soundcloud and followed in on Twitter twenty four seven at dbongino.

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