Pornography and F-35s in Vermont


Radio on. It's the Dave Graham show on WD. It's your show about the people places and the issues that matter the most to you now, here's your host, Dave Graham. Hey, good morning, everyone Lee attell here at the stations of radio from filling in for Dave Graham, who's recovery continues. And am hearing reports that his return will be sooner rather than later here on WD? I hope that is the case and looking forward to his return here on the stations of radio. Vermont wanna remind you to out the morning as we have we talk with our guests here on WD that you are invited to jump into the conversation and phone lines are open at two four four one seven seven seven and toll free one eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five as we talked about in the gathering at eight thirty the five largest websites in the United States by traffic. Google is number one YouTube is number two Facebook, Amazon and Yahoo are the top five websites in the. United States by traffic, then the next three six seven and eight are all adult websites or porn sites and those three. Three of the top eight sites in the United States pornography sites that are bigger than EBay. They're bigger than drudge report. They're bigger than Twitter. And so there's no doubt that the adult entertainment industry is big big money. And so we're gonna talk about that with rich Curtis who is the area director in Vermont of vanavond project to talk about the pornography industry, and some of the aspects of it. And and maybe for folks who are having issues with pornography how they might combat them rich. Good morning. Welcome to the Dave Graham show today. So as a mentioned in the lead in three of the top eight sites in the United States are adult oriented websites. And so there's there's give us a little bit of information about how how much these adult websites are being used here in the United States. The in in on an annual annually. There's about twenty eight and a half billion annual visits to websites from the from from US people that comes down to about five hundred ninety five thousand hours worth of of viewing porn, and it turns out to be about in. It's an awful lot Ford. There's there's about four four million. Videos that are uploaded annually by by men and I say men anywhere from teenagers. You know, thirteen years old two men are ninety nine. It's it's. Is is really tough. It's staggering. The United Kingdom is making an effort to. Have their websites with some restrictions to keep underage people from accessing them, but here in the United States. It doesn't seem to they don't seem to have any sort of safeguards to to keep underage people from accessing them, it seems like anybody with a phone can get on. And it's really easy to do. The s unless you have a good parental controls. Anyone anyone can get on? And the scary thing is is that children today. Seven eight years old or starting to have electric devices, which they can get get pornography, and they do it innocently sometimes. But once once they see once it's something that the keep going back to. It is surprising. How how simple it is to be scanning through and making a regular search into anything or are say even going on. For instance, going on the drudge report finding a link that links to like the mirror in the United Kingdom, one of their magazines. And even though it's not explicit porn the entire right hand column while you're digging. For news information about things going on around the world is all about these stars running around topless, and and who they're they're frolicking around on the beach with and so even if you're not actively seeking pornographic material, you can certainly get a lot of very suggestive material online when you're looking for something completely different. In in the United States that happens you can go you can be on Google, and and and off to the to the right of your screen. They're paging down through watch stars or doing this or that. And it's it's the same thing here in the United States. And these websites are you can you can pay to have access I guess complete access to them but for free. There is plenty that is available. But I suspect that like Facebook where they offer up all of their ability to communicate with your friends free online. There is a product being sold in this business and with Facebook. It's the information that you provide on the site that gets sold to other advertisers in various other internet people want to know more about how to market to you. So if people are getting pornography that is so called free is it not true that the information at they're pulling in is being gathered by somebody and being used for for other purposes. Absolutely. You can you can go go Facebook YouTube, Amazon, anywhere and and. We have to kind of describe what porn is pornography is an addiction as a model of compulsive sexual activity with concurrent use of pornographic material pornographic material through history. It can be anything from, you know, Victoria, secret catalogue to hired pornography and. Men tend to our brains tend to go for images. And and when we see those images, we get excited and. And that leads us down bad pass. So when so tell me talk a little bit more about how pornography works and what happens in the brain. And why it becomes a more ingrained behavior? Pornography. Men are are we are very visual creatures. And when we see a good looking woman or a picture of of very good looking woman. It really clicks rains, and many many men can can tell you the first. And when when when you see something in your brain is stays there forever. Many men can tell you the first image that they ever viewed. And it's it's a it's an addiction similar to cocaine or are alcohol the only difference with cocaine alcohol, you can get cocaine and L Kahal out of your body. Once you viewed pornography is there for life. It's it's an image. That's burned into your brain. And as men continue to to look at pornography. It it kind of wires our brain. So that we need more. We need more and something starting off Louis. Victoria's Secret catalogs could go into something harder, and and more provocative in in pretty much the way, you know, amendmen we tend to objectify women, which is very bad thing. That's not how God created us to be. We're talking with rich Curtis of the Nathan project. Two four four one seven seven seven toll free one eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five so this this brain chemistry. You're talking about. It sounds like the the images give a certain satisfaction or probably released chemicals in the brain something along those lines. And then as you use these pathways more often does it make that pathway bigger and close off other pathways in the brain. The the as we view porn it. Wires different neurons. Wait, they've done a lot of brain study. And and at the they've taken images of cocaine addicts brain and a porn or pornography addict brain, and they look very similar. They're they're full of the full of holes sort of speak where where the different neurons kind of wired together. And the the good news is that we can renew our minds, and and and break that cycle of of. The brain firing in in the in the in the bad way through a good new positive experiences. So the damage if you will of of repeated porn viewing is not necessarily irreversible, correct talk. How many people are viewing porn in the United States? We figure that there's about eighty one million people on a daily average that visit that visit porn sites in the United States. And you mentioned you mentioned men a lot. But how about with women is that a growing segment as well? Yes. We're fighting statistics come out of this show that thirty four percent of women are starting to pornography as well. And do we know much about how it's affecting women? We do not have a lot of information on that on that end. I do not have a lot of information on that end. I should say it's it's out there. But you know, men look at at pornography. It's they say it's harmless, and it doesn't hurt anybody. But me, but you know, the number one user by five traffic are are of traffic women and children are men who use us use the pornography. At least fifty percent of all video porn contains violence against women in the vast majority of women who act in pornographic films, come from your own hometown. You know, they're they're a lot of them. Probably ninety percent of the people of the stars porn stars are being forced to into. To doing these acts that are non normal is the destructive aspect of it. The fact that somebody is usually alone. If if there were couples that decided that they wanted to view it as a stimulating activity is that is that something that is less destructive. Or does it still bring a similarly negative result in the long run? Similarly, negative result in the long run. Because the woman sees what's happening in the in the pornographic, film, or whatever. And and they say a while. I can't I can never match or meet up to the expectations that you know, that my husband wants from you know, that this woman's giving out. I never do that, you know, and it's she's feeling intimidated and. Kind of like, you know, I can never can ever meet the expectations that are. Now hear posed in front of me. Rich Curtis says the area director in Vermont for the Nathan project and folks out there in our audience are invited to call in and talk with rich about pornography in America at eight. Oh, two two four four one seven seven seven toll free one eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five Jeff from Moncton. You're on the day Graham show. Good morning. Hey. I just. Just want to start with. I don't always agree or disagree with the topics of the show. And that's okay. That's what we're all about. But I I have to say this is to me one of the most preposterous segments that I heard and quite sometime, you know? So first off I wanna know. I wanna fact check this. I want to know where he's getting his information from that that says cocaine addiction and porn addiction. You know are hurting the brain. I think that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. You know, and then and then to next to tell me that, you know, oh, well, all sex try for watch porn, you know, switch. So, you know, so that's healthy. Well, you know what? Hey, guess what all you know? All milk drinkers. You know are becoming are becoming coconut. All right. Jeff hang on one second rich. What do you say about that? Okay. We have environ group which. Is be A R N A Barna dot org. We get some good information from them. We've had studies done by Dr Ted Roberts of pure desire ministries in Gresham, Oregon, there are a lot of studies out there on the brain. And they're finding they're finding all this information out. So can I can I ask is there any studies that are done by neutral party? Not by somebody that -ffiliated with a religion. Because what you just told me is I'm assuming that person is Christian where pornography is considered a sin, and they're automatically. No matter what they're going into their studies where they were three disposition of whatever we find. We're gonna prove our case. Go ahead, rich. Yes. I don't have the the secular groups in front of me at this point that there are secular groups out there that are studying the brain they're finding the finding these same same results. I again, guys. I think our time would be better spent will they better topic. All right, Jeff, I appreciate the call. But I I have to disagree. I mean, look it's something that is a big part of what is going on in America. Here. Are we going to just ignore it? And and let everybody be on their own and not even discuss how it might be affecting us as a society. If it's that having that big of an impact on what we are doing as Americans and not examining whether or not it might be affecting us in a negative way. Then I think it's worth examining in in more detail. So that's why I decided to have it as a topic of the program today, but thank you for the call in. Where was that? Call Jeff from Moncton preciado data. Okay. Back to the phones Amos and Plainfield good morning. You're on WD day. I'm actually on the road. But as I it is an important topic. So appreciate putting it on. I'm I think there's a lot of I don't know. There's a lot of different ways of looking at this issue. The terms of the brain chemistry thing, I actually kind of very with a bunch of what Jeff is saying that being said, I mean there is, you know, those brain chemistry around anything that becomes an addictive Sipe h-have yer, your guests said that for Nagasy is in addiction, which I don't think is by any means a widely, you know, supported sense, even you know, experts in this field and experts in addiction wouldn't say that it's when the reward system in the brain, you get the endorphin shot from an activity that you find pleasurable, and and then that gets reinforced by continues. Engagement in that city his case pornography myself, I grew up at a lot of pornography around, you know, my father my stepfather had for autophagy. And it was it was easy for us kids find it. And you know, that can be a problem didn't end up being a problem for me. You know, I have a loving relationship. I've acted really my life. I'm not really interested in pornography so much anymore. Definitely. Can you know that that are kind of have that titillating thing? But I just think that there are a lot of important issues around this. There's issues internet access is issues around men and women relationship, although risk is a lot more super Naga few just and women, and you know, kind of standard Ivy of like what mainstream whatever, but I don't think that the approach that you're taking. His really actually doing a service to really talking about the underlying problems about pornography because if it gets a bit of a paper, I mean, it's not this is not about some morality thing. I mean, there is an aspect of that fewer would get into that conversation. But it's like look at concrete Lee, what the problems of is is creating for people rather than like some morality or whether sitting and watching some foreign either by yourself or with a partner is in and of itself, you know, like evil or something like that. Amos amos. Appreciate the call a couple of different topics to hit on their rich. Let's start with. Oh, I've lost rich here for a moment. Was you here we were catching a little bit of buzz on the telephone line. Fewer tuned in on Saturday morning. You might have experienced the same sort of situation. We think it's water in the telephone lines and not just somebody trying to to bug us here at WD. So we'll bring rich along shortly and Mary from Randolph you hang tight. And we'll we'll get you on the air again here in just a few moments. A reminder. We've got Red Sox baseball coming up tonight. The socks taking on the Baltimore Orioles with the three game series. Starting this evening. Coverage will begin at six ten right here on the friendly pioneer and your Red Sox station, WD FM and AM richer, you able to hear some of what Amos Plainfield said. And let me ask you this. He said that as somebody who grew up with his father and stepfather with with you know, magazines in the house, it it's like being child of an alcoholic. Some are some are able to live and and avoid the pitfall and others are more apt to fall into it. So it's not act. It's not a complete arbiter as to whether or not people will start in. And have it be destructive in their lives or am? I am I wrong there. Thinks that. You know, it's all depends on we're we can make a choice whether to go down that road or not. And and you know, if a man can make the choice not to go down that road the more power to him. I have seen firsthand the destruction in families that that pornography gates it distrust. There's a lot of shame and guilt with with many men who who view it. And they they go to the point of keeping it from from their spouse in and it ends up destroying marriages. The the Nathan project is in the is in the ministry of helping. To restore those marriages and restore those men so that they don't rely on or Dogra fee as a as a coping mechanism to to deal with pain in their lives. So as men we have we have the opportunity to make a choice, whether or not we're going to go down that road of you know, I I know that through experience and in my family, there's there's been a, you know, I was a porn a user. And I have a couple of sons who have been you know, are born free. And so I praise the Lord for that they made some choices they weren't going down the same road. The dad did and. So and there there have healthy relationships with with their wives. This is rich Curtis. The director of the Nathan project here in Vermont eight oh, two four one seven seven seven toll free one eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five Mary from Randolph, you're on WD. Good morning did morning. Good morning, rich. I think this is very very kindly important object. I have four grandchildren my girl children their appearance. Keep a kite rain on their electronics. And we as it's we're the only way to protect our children from these things that they can get out there on the internet. And so I think it's a wakeup call to parents grandparents teachers, any adults that are with children that they really need to guard them against this pornography. Go ahead, rich. Absolutely. That we we use. Yeah, we use a a a tool called coveted is which is an accountability thing also can help parents and grandparents monitored what our children and grandchildren are looking at. It is very good tool, and and it teaches accountability at a very young age, and you know. Right now. The interesting fact here there's fifty percent fifty six percent of teams believe that recycling. Are not recycling is worse than doing pornography. People. Just don't have a knowledge of what pornography can do to a family. It can it can tear families apart into it can tear marriage apart. If you have never experienced it as such than it's maybe hard to believe, but I've experienced it. I've I've helped many men come through to the other side, and and be able to walk as men of integrity. And so yeah, your thank you for your call. It really brings out the need as parents grandparents to. To to be active at our children's lives. So that. They're they're not going down that road. Eight oh, two two four four one seven seven seven toll free one eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five Pete from stocks burrow, you're next on WD. Good morning, Pete. Good morning actually this weekend. In secular magazine. I was reading a a explanation appear desire in cell who did the beginning of it. All he actually went to the secular world in in brain studies. And God is information for the most part of his studies from actually medical secular people. So it isn't just a fable of Christianity. That says, you know, this is saying in in that wrong. There's a real aspect to brain function. And. Toshide social aspects that come from doing pornography and one thing I'd say just because something's Christian doesn't mean. It's evil. According to the secular. I mean, of course, second world it is. It means it's mythical or non right, but actually biblical way before the secular was and it's never been proven wrong. So yeah, I'm coming from that perspective. But I did read an article dancer that one guy. They was kinda downplaying the guy did actually use secular research. From starts borough. Thanks, thanks for the call. Appreciate the comments are. As you point out. You know, it does fall along moral lines rich. And of course, this is the kind of thing that the fundamentalist Christians take a lot of heat for for for being prudes alike. But we're examining whether or not it's actually behavior that can cause problems for people in their lives and relationships, and it it doesn't matter. Whether you're a religious person or not if that's the case. The Gillette corporation out. Put up a video you can go to the best men can be dot org. And it's a challenge to men not to objectify women to stop bullying in in society. And to be accountable with other men, here's a secular corporation, whose is putting this kind of out and information, you know, we're going to use this video as we show it to mend to say. You know, this is this is what we need to be out and Gillette has it. They hit the nail right on the head. So if anybody wants to go there is again, the best man can be dot org. Okay. Let's go right to the lines in rich from Huntington. You're on WD good morning. Rich gentleman. Just wanna bring up briefly about that Gillette promotion that was attacked pretty readily by some of the folks, we tend to have a lot of folks in Vermont who are activists in the idea that anytime, you promote the idea of of gender roles or gendered in general that that's that's a danger to society somehow to have, you know, manly men and women Lee women, but anyways, that's aside. But anyway, one of the problems I wanted to bring up is when the word addiction gets thrown around, and especially these days now that we're undergoing for months opioid apocalypse here. The word addiction almost carries with it and admirations now you're victimhood and somebody who is seen as an addict now is somebody who is somebody who is deserving of having lavish public spending bestowed upon. On them. And then in and this whole or of victimhood around them now. So I think I just wanted to say you have to be a little careful using that word addict or addiction now because there again, it's almost a thing to be respected revered now in Vermont. So rich. What do you say about that? Those remarks. I have not looked at it diction way. I've known men and women who are bet addicted to drugs, and whose lives have been ruined because of addictions to drugs and alcohol, and you know, I can't I can't imagine it being. Is turned around as a word where if you've got an addiction year. Hey. Yeah. What whatever this gentleman, just call it. You know, it's an addiction that you'll dictum hood niche. How's that? Addictions are just whether it's drugs alcohol pornography. There's so destructive. And we we look at it. And and we see the broken lives and messed up lives of drug addicts. And and alcoholics and some of them are successful, many of them are successful coming out of their addictions. And, but you know, many many are not and some of their dictionary lead to death. And we we look at pornography the same way, it it leads to a spiritual death. And unfortunately, you know, they're not you know, as Christians we are taking to be, you know, the goody two shoes of. Of of humanity. But we really we. We're just trying to follow. All God's word and do do the right thing morally and physically rich from Huntington very much. Appreciate the call. Thanks for joining us today. Rich curtis. You mentioned something interesting. They're talking about Christians being the goody two shoes of society. Do the democrat to the demographics. Tell you that Christians are better at resisting porn than anybody. Who is not. Are men whether they are Christians or not and we're all wired the same way. And you know, the statistics are are out there that seventy percent of Christian sitting in in the pews viewpoint Arpey. It's not a very good statistic. The say as cystic show that forty percent of all youth pastors view pornography on a regular basis. Not not another good statistic. As it's you know, it's a real problem for the church more or less than the general population at large. It's it's almost on par. We're talking with rich Curtis the Nathan project, the area director here on the Dave Graham show on WD, FM and AM. I spoke with a fella named Stephan are Neal. He's a self described masculinity effort in a recent show here on WD EV, and what he says is that the USA frequent pornography between the the wasted time. And the and the the benefit that you get from from not releasing. Leads to mediocrity in one's life. What do you think about that? I think you know, the these probably. Pretty good. Pretty good view of it. You know, if you if you view in view to the point in, and you are able to just continue viewing without releasing when it comes down to actually. Having intercourse or making love with your wife that can be a problem. You can be a problem for the two of you, you what you really just really need to stay away from it is autumn line. And and as far as time goes on. And and as as your life goes on is the tendency to look for material that is that is darker or more odd as as you as you get older and more advanced into this habit. Yes. The tendency is is you get to a certain level. And that level is is now no longer satisfying to you and see to take it to a deeper level. And and then to that level is no longer satisfying. You in just goes deeper and deeper if you may remember, the serial killer, head Bundy said that it was or inaugur fee that that really got him to the point where he, you know, wanted to do all the things that he did. And you know, it is nasty nasty stuff. Sarah a correlation between people who view a lot of pornography and and the rate of violent crime. Violent sexual crime. Yes. The studies study shows that probably ninety percent of the violent sexual crime. That's out there stems has a root in pornography. Men men look at it. You know, they see they see women being abused and heard and enjoying it. And in these pornographic videos, and you know, they're forced to enjoy with a gun to their head lot of times. And so it is it's it's that bad place to be two four four one seven seven seven toll free one eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five Angelo from New Jersey, you're on WD with rich Curtis from the Nathan project could morning. Good one. I'm speaking with. I'm Lee attell, and this is rich Curtis. My guest. Yes. And how you get him level with the Columbus basil evasion. The Columbus Day celebration that that was a show from about a week and a half ago. Angelo. Did he still there? Dana. Okay. We lost him. Okay. Has different deal. Okay. And okay. So let's go back to some of the other questions. I've got lined up here for your rich. Now Facebook is a is a website where it's another sort of addictive type. Internet activity where people will post something, and they get a little shot of dopamine every time they see that somebody likes there. Somebody likes their picture or what they comment on. And so is is the pornography pornography graphic aspect of it? Just part of the internet in general or are there differences between the two. I think that you know. Ara fees pornography's been around long before the internet and and. What what we see on the internet is just Slyke when McDonald's I came out. And you had the instant hamburger, you know, as foods how you can go on anywhere, online and and view pornography for free. Instant gratification in if someone in when someone is on Facebook, and they spend a lot of time there and they get their. Boy, I've got. Hundred and fifty likes to might post. It is. Similar, but it is no lead to other stuff. I'm not saying that. Ace. Thing that import auger fee is whether it's online, whether it's reading it listening to it, whatever. All right and rich. I I saw story over the weekend. Where it looks like people that consume diet sodas regularly actually wind up consuming about two hundred calories a day more than than people who than people who don't. So in a way. Where's my question going with that? So so that. And in effort to try and do something that to help eliminate a problem you wind up exacerbating it. And so my question is there are also folks out there that that may want to justify using porn as hey, if I don't use it a lose it. But is it possible that that porn watching leads to early in an early inability to use your quip -ment? Absolutely again, Nick and lead. Pornography. Most of the time when people do pornography, they go to self-gratification, and and it if you continue on can affect you. So that at some point you make love properly with a woman of so the virtual experience winds up destroying the real one. Absolutely. And I can share that who personal experience. And let's talk about young people. You mentioned that. Of course, all the kids have the phones these days, and and if they're not guarded, they can just as easily find what they're looking for as anybody. And I I understand that. There are a lot of young girls that are looking in this direction number one because they they won't to attract boys and a and they wanna be interesting to boys. And then they're finding out, you know, through this this media what they think might be the best way to go about and track them. When young girls look at porn. It's like they feel that they can never meet the expectations that that the that's that's happening on the screen and and. Can never be good enough for their for their friend or or their spouse, you know, sex education pornography is a big thing. That's that's that's what kind of like what we're getting added that to answer that question. The girls are looking well, how do I go about these ING? My partner, and they'll just never just never make the level. And in our in our school system right now are there sex education classes and a teaching about the potential dangers of the of the habit? I I'm not up to date on that. I. I'm not really sure what they're teaching our children in in the sex education classes right now. All right, rich, you're with the Nathan project as it's called the Nathan project whose Nathan. In the bible team. David a didn't go to to battle with at the time of the year and he saw of uniform in taking a bath on the roof from his palace. And and that happened to be Bethsheba and the the mother of Solomon, and he required her to come to his bed, and he seducer and had her husband killed and later on Nathan the prophet came today and said Oldham about a man who has stolen of another guy. She really done in wrong and David says, well guy should be killed and Nathan says while you were the man you're the man who did all this to best Sheba. And your Ryan, and what Nathan it was the profit that broad David's Cinta light. And so what we do with the nation project is we hope men who said, look, I've just had enough of this and it's ruining my marriage ruining my sex life. And I need some help and Nathan project is here to do that. Folks reach you rich with Nathan project. They can give me ridge dot Curtis at Nathan project dot net. They can get mysel-. Call me at eight. Oh, two two seven two seven eight five and. Available eight oh, two two seven two seven one eight five a rich very much. Appreciate you. Giving us some time here on the Dave Graham show on this Monday morning, especially on on short notice as it was. But I think folks out there whether they're made a little uncomfortable by the material today, but make no mistake about it people. It is relevant. It is large and it is here in in the United States in Vermont. And it's something that you or somebody, you know, is going to have to deal with in a very serious way. So rich, I appreciate you. Shedding some light on the subject here on WD this morning. My pleasure. Thank you for having me rich Curtis here on the Dave Graham show on this Monday morning here on the stations of radio, Vermont WD, EV FM and AM coming up in the next hour. We're going to get into all sorts of other sorted behavior. When we check in with our Washington correspondence from the tuck media news service. Here on live and local WD FM. And a we'll be back coming up on ten o'clock here on the friendly pioneer. Spring long-awaited much celebrated upstairs at the almost world-famous. Warren store you will find colorful clothing for men. Women and children bulls, mugs, candles cards and gift wrap. Puzzles toys and games jewelry CBD products, local soaps, more that's one stop shopping for months. According to Yankee magazine, come for lunch on our deck and enjoy a fun funky and friendly world class shopping experience in the beautiful mad river valley. Warren store in Warren village, opened nine to six everyday. News Radio WD FM and AM now back to the day Bram show. Second hour of the day Bram show underway here on WD V A coming up in the this hour. We're gonna talk about war James Ehlers is going to join us because there is an effort aboard to prevent the nuclear weapons from coming into the state of Vermont in the because the f thirty five's are reportedly able to be equipped with nuclear weapons, and so there is an effort to get a Senate resolution through that would well with the idea of making it known that the state opposes the idea of bringing nuclear weapons here into Vermont James Ehlers is gonna join us in little while. And then after that, we we may have somebody along who doesn't agree with any part of his argument. So we'll try and get both sides of the issue or lining up the second guess, but we think Jim going to join us in about fifteen minutes here on WD FM and a. These are the stations of radio Vermont and coming up hopefully in just a couple moments will be visited by the talk media news team with all of the events going on in Washington. But before we do that. I'm sure you heard the big in wonderful news of the new boy from Prince, Harry and Megan. So over there at Buckingham Palace is our they hang out. There is a Royal pain in the you know, what that is arrived there at at the Royal family in London. So a new Royal baby is is part of the scene. So again pre sheet the folks who called in the first hour two four four one seven seven seven and toll free from everywhere. One eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five, and we have this week a variety of people trying to fill in for the shoes of Dave Graham, while he continues to recover and makes his return included. We'll be John Walters who did a tremendous job last Friday at the state house. He's going to be back this Friday with a another run at the state house where they are getting close to concluding the legislative session. Bob, ney, former U S legislator from Ohio is joining us on the line right now. More than Bob. Good morning. How are you? I'm doing very well. What do you think? Who do you think we're going to start a war with first Venezuela, Iran, Iran? Oh, you know, I think John Bolton's had a had a great enthusia-. Resum for getting after the Iranians, and it seems like he's he's doing a lot of the he's Collin Collin attune right now in Washington DC. Right. John Bolton use to actually he actually said that we should nuke Iran at one point in time. So he's been very certain about. He's also spoke to group called the Mohideen who even Trump administration to our secretary of state have said they're distancing themselves, but Boeton remains an extreme radical. He has been obsessed with Iran since I've known him. Now, I when I couple years ago, I stopped in at the Stowe public library and took out a book, those a little hard cover nine inch square coffee table thing that said project for a new American century on it in that book, they listed about eight or nine countries that the United States was planning to attack, and they included who's Becca, STAN and Libya. And Iraq and Syria, and they're right on the the last one on the list was Iran. So is this. If feels like this is something that's been in the works for a long time. You know, Chad Vice President Cheney there was no secret. He wanted to go after Iran, and it never happened and Bolton wanted to go after Iran, there were people in the State Department under Bush in particular, Doug, faith, and other people. I could go on and on and on who were hawks in particularly they wanted to war with Iran and Netanyahu. The prime minister of Israel has always pushed America to do something, you know, with Iran, so Bolton will ramp up anything he can on it. And you know, when he got into the White House, Rex Tillerson who secretary state before Pompeo. He wanted to continue the Rondo because Iran, had you know, obviously began to dismantle its nukes. New ability. I should say not nukes but nuke ability and then Tillerson went out PUM PUM peyot came in Bolton came in. And then the entire. Policy changed on Iran. And I know there's people say we'll go get him. But you know, a ground war with Iran would be incredible. It wouldn't be like Iraq. It would be absolutely devastating to both sides. American history here, Bob, but a memory serves somewhere around nineteen fifty three the CIA was able to dislodge Masa daig as the leader of Iran. They installed the show he lasted about twenty five years before he was exiled, and then they were replaced with an Islamic state in Iran now in a similar sort of thing happened in Libya where we were able to get Qaddafi out of there. And I'm not sure exactly what sort of government is running in Libya, but I'm not I'm not certain how friendly it is. And then in the nineteen ninety s Bill Clinton signed the Iraqi regime change act, and then a couple years later, we get yellowcake and the idea that we need to reinvade Iraq. So we got rid of Saddam Hussein we installed a puppet government, which is hanging by a thread, and they could easily dissolve into an Islamic state. So I guess my question is does. See I stand for caliphate implementation association, and it stands for some other things because pervert it Roosevelt with six million dollars pulled off the revolution against doctor massad deck and methodic was then then he died in captivity. He was freely elected. He was I'd term him socialist Mossadeq was and then of course, the Shaw twin sister came back. I Ashraf was her name and she ran the country because the shot was just too hot to come back three months later. He came back. He we, of course way before that exude his father raise a show. We went to the young Sean said, look, you can kick father out or you go and your entire family goes one and choose so he exerted his own father. He was twenty one. He was controlled manipulate like a puppet, then he got exiled then we did a revolution. Then he came back and the rest is history. Of course, the Islamic government was not a good government that came in. But the Iranian people. And I know I lived in Iran. I'm the news reported today. They'll be calling into patients that actually lived there during the revolution of the nineteen seventy eight I was there, and and I had a history in congress with Iran in America issues, and the bottom line is that Iranian people who many like us many people do over there. But they also know that we interfered and took away actually what would have probably led away from kingdom into a democracy, but we meddled, and so that's still in the minds of a lot of people. Experiencing Bobby get out among the folks very much. Oh, yeah. I lived with Iranian there with a family. I speak Farsi. So I live with a family over there. My sister took in a child from Iran years ago. And that's how I learned the language and my roommates in college for Moran. A high set used to have thirty eight hundred rainy is now probably three or four. But I it was great to people treat me. Well, and then the revolution started and eventually had to leave because he's Lama government. You know, we all feared it. That was my story. But the people were great to me wonderful a little closer to home who's running the show in Venezuela right now. Well, you know, it seems like the protests have died down a bit. I still think if any change comes. They're probably has to come from some type of military coup. I would imagine. This guy is such a such a stronghold over there. Meduri LA, and I'm not sure what we can do. I mean, we always say things like removing ship towards Iran now. And you know, we say well, the Russian there in Venezuela. I don't know what we think we're going to do we can lead the way on sanctions, we can help the people to humanitarian aid. But I just don't see where we're going to be too. As some people said, you know, March troops into Venezuela. I don't think it's going to happen. You know, I didn't even what you were were prepared to talk about today. So what's on what your you're dealing? I'm following your lead, you're doing fine. What else are you working on today? I did want to mention Cohen because we talk about Iran, and I lived there and we talk about prisons. I went to one I did want to mention that Cohen is going to prison today. The presence attorney. I was there. I went to a federal prison. He's a high profile prisoners is I was and he needs to understand he's going into a different planet today. When you went to prison, did you go to one of those cushy prisons where people get three really nice meals a day. Like we saw in. What was it? The godfather. No. You know, it's funny because the press did put he was at going to cushy there really are no cushy facilities. Now, if you go to a camp of the hundred people, Pensacola, Florida, I might be different. But these are places where you know, they're not going to take people that are in there and seventy eight percent are drug offenders, but they're not going to take the people, and, you know, throw into situation where they get out for one hour a day because they're not that type of people with those types of crimes, but it's you know, your freedom goes away you make phone calls when you run out of money. You will make phone calls for that month. You'll be told what time you do this. And that you know, there's just a lot you lose your freedom. So when they bright about the cushy cushy things, they really give people the wrong DEA about those places years ago, they might have had them, but that's not the case here. And and he in particular, we'll have to adapt quickly and realize nobody in their cares. What he lost? At him as a man of privilege who threw it away. He might be the soft touch in a in a tough place to so. Oh, it's funny. How those questions go in and out of my head so fast. Oh, does the fact that Cohen is actually going to jail, and that his is not been reduced indicate that he really didn't have a whole lot to offer to the the people that are proc- trying to prosecute Donald Trump. I think so and I mean from my point of view, frankly, I think he got off super light. I was sentenced to thirty months, and I had one false vacation of federal document nothing involving money from missing from the government that a false fixation of travel document and the second was on a services frog which is now on constitutional, Bob. I bet you take a look at a lot of the sentences that are handed down country and say, I got got more than that for this. I actually I don't think about it. But when it came to Cohen, and I saw people say, oh, his long sentence. I thought you know, what Cohen is pretty lucky look governor rod Blagojevich four. Eighteen years for having a conversation about Brock Obama Senate seat fourteen years. So I think Cohen for the magnitude of all that he did he ought to be practicing gratitude for the next three and a half years. He he could have been in there for ten years. I think money laundering falsification interstate banking, you know, falsification fraud. I think something to do with taxes probably. Day one of the the prison era for for Cohen begins. What else going on there? Bob. Well, that's about it. Just the fact that Muller the presence kind of reverse himself. He doesn't think Muller testify, but really present doesn't have a choice Muller testify. And considering the fact that he already released four hundred forty pages of material is there likely to be new information gained from a public appearance. Now, you know, they're just going to ask you agree with borrowed on. He's gonna say bars interpretations little different look molar. This whole thing about redacting is a bunch of hot air. You you can't you the redacted material of grandeur, and I think Mahler will confirm this. You can't give that out. Just it doesn't happen. So I don't think he's gonna shed any new light. But but they're gonna ask him. What do you think about bar you disagree in the disagrees one inch? That's going to be that line is always a pleasure talking with you very much. Thank you for the time and have a wonderful day. Thank you. We're gonna talk a little bit about war and the thought of nuclear weaponry here in the state of Vermont, and I have a couple of guests over here and pardon me for running on the fly, and I apologize to my audience. But I know James Ehlers is on the line. But my other guest right now, I didn't catch the name. What is your name, sir? Veterans for peace. Vermont chapter fifty seven. Can I get that name one more time? I had some sawdust in my years. Yes. Yes. It's hard one. It's chaplain. Ski like sees it's easy. But if you say see h it comes out chaplain sqi and first name, Richard Richard, Richard. Thank you for joining in. What's the name of the group here with again, it's will Miller. Green Mountain veterans for peace. It's a chapter fifty seven of the natural national organization and James Ehlers. Welcome back to the WD airwaves. It's been awhile. It's always a pleasure to talk to you Lee. Thanks for the opportunity, and are you at the same group? Love interest of full disclosure. I am a member of the organization veterans for peace. The chapter of which Richard is the president. I how ever am on with you today as the director for ten be BT citizen against nuclear bombers in Vermont soon. That's one of the big issues is the f thirty five is capable of carrying nuclear weaponry. Have is is that confirmed are they and are they trying to cover that up, Richard? How do we find out about this information? And and what can you tell me about it? Well, if you listen to some of the news broadcasts, and I think on on the radio on the initial before a while back the national guard was on I think it was VP. Are they said we really neither confirm nor deny. Or confirm or deny whether nuclear weapons are going to be stored or carried by these planes, but the arcade of being equipped with nuclear weapons sort of tactical small small nuclear devices that are now being so it's we won't no we won't know presumably, we would know if they were nuclear weapons stored in Vermont either that right? I mean, I'm I can't imagine they would publish that in the free press. No, I don't think so and the we've had conversations with the congressional delegation, and they say, no, they would never store them here. But you know, they can't be sure that either. So we won't know. And James, I when I think about this. I consider that you know, it might not be a good idea to store the bombs and the planes in the same spot just because it would make it easier to for an an opponent to kill two birds with one stone. But it apparently is is an idea in the folks from from your organization are opposing the notion of of bringing these nuclear bombs in or what is the effort that is underway over the at the state house over the next couple of days. We have a resolution in the house each are seven which chairman Stevens from Waterbury actually where hoping that chairman Stevens in his ongoing commitment to transparency is going to be taking up the house resolution. Senator Ginette white has already scheduled a hearing on the Senate resolution as are five and that is tomorrow afternoon, and we will be presenting witnesses. I know the Air Guard will be as well, and this we're really grateful to have the opportunity to to be heard because that's that's partially. What the problem has been is the air force Lockheed Martin politicians forcing this decision down the. Throats of Vermont IRS, and we do not want to be apart of a nuclear weapons delivery system. Talk to me a little bit about the the wording of the resolution is designed to put forth. Whoa idea. People are not interested in in basing, the f thirty five here in Vermont. And we're asking the delegation and the governor to carry that message to Washington DC. It was far as I'm concerned. I if if the senators Senator Leahy Senator Sanders still wanna support it, that's fine. But I think they have an obligation to bring our message floored. Given we have to live with this situation. So it's not necessarily about the nuclear weapon itself, but you're against the jet entirely. Well, the jet is part of a weapons delivery system that is a part of this nation's strategic war planning. So this isn't a decision we made this is a decision that department of defense made in order to get around the different treaties. This. Country has signed onto to be able to carry a bomb that is being upgraded for the f thirty five and this is so they don't have to declare that we've created new nuclear weapons. So there's you know, this is. It's politics and in in politics at all comes down to money Lockheed. Martin is is making billions, and we're going to bear the burden the responsibility the liability of having a nuclear weapons system at a commercial airport in a residential neighborhood. And is a veteran I can tell you that the bad idea. So Richard in either one of you, though, some of some folks might argue that you know, I've, and I saw a press release that, you know, a ninety about Vermont, Vermont values discourage the sort of idea of bringing the f thirty five in, but aren't Vermont values also part of supporting in defending the nation as a whole and that the F thirty five would be taking doing our fair share in terms of supporting the nation's defense will I could interject something here. You know, we spend a lot of money. US spends a lot of money on military. Defense and military hardware. It's about you know, over a trillion dollars a year in increasing every year. And if you pay your taxes sixty five dollars every hundred dollars you pay those to the US military. I mean, other countries may be twenty percent or less Costa Rica doesn't have a military. So I think we should be working diplomatically to reduce the situation we have thousands of nuclear weapons nuclear bombs and weapons delivery systems that you know, we could afford to cut back. I mean, we don't need so many I worked in the navy in the nuclear program Rick overs program and keeping the nuclear boats on station. Probably we could just use those get rid of all the rest, and we could save trillions of dollars over the years, and we could use that in other ways that we're finding really necessary. Sery- these days where with Richard zip linski and James Ehlers talking about the f thirty five and the potential capability of it and nuclear weapons here in the state of Mont two four four seventeen seventy seven eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five Ernest from Plainfield. You're on the day Graham show. Good morning. Good morning to your guests. I'd like to read something from Vermont digger and have your guests react to it. I quote as a digger dot org. Fact check on April tenth made clear the f thirty five will be assigned to the Vermont guard will not be capable of caring nuclear weapons. Also, there is no strategic point to having a US based f thirty five with nuclear bombs this whole van the news campaign prominent and impressive, though, some of its leaders may be is a fraud your reaction Ernest. Thanks for the call. Which one of you wants to take that. I think that Lee of well decks exactly what the air force stated in an Email to Senator ladies office, which we have a courtesy of a freedom of information act, so digger got it wrong. Digger needs to. Mid being a fraud. Well, we're not a fraud where here the F sixteens that were based here were nuclear capable as well, this was not shared with the general public. We have deployed overseas. The Green Mountain boys to places such as Afghanistan and notion that we would be complicit in proliferating the Trump administration or any other administrations interest in using cure weapons is is just absolutely unfathomable to me and douse of other promoters, Richard any final thoughts. Yes. Even though these planes will be coming in the certainly can be quipped quickly and the us and again. When I would say our military is is sort of out of out of the the element in spending so much money. I mean, just look at it compared to other nations in the world where strong country and we could afford to do more diplomacy and we could afford to actually help people out more than. Build our weapons systems up. We could make more friends that way than by doing the drone strikes. And and and so on that we are doing and making more enemies that way. So we really need to do some rethinking about where we're going. It's a strategic time. Here is a critical time to see what climate change coming on the resources will be needed. We really really need to rethink the effectiveness of our of our military cyber cyber security who take out maybe these planes very easily. Who knows maybe the Russians are working on it? I apologize to all of my listeners who are hoping to hear the news at the bottom of the hour. I just blew out the hour there. And I'm going to blow out even further. You guys stay with me one moment. Fred from Newbury, you're on with James, Ehlers and Richardson linski. There's no logical reason in any buddy in high command would allow a nuclear bomb put on the f thirty five fighter plane in Vermont in fly across the Atlantic Ocean with only one pilot at one engine, it makes no sense at all. It was never happen. Never. Thanks for the call. Fred. Go ahead. James? I agree with Fred. That's not the issue. We have never stated more say. In fact, that's the Air Guard is has been saying that the issue is the f thirty five is a nuclear weapons delivery system. That's the issue and the air force will either confirm or deny if there are nuclear weapons being stored in Burlington. It's history is our guide we have had nuclear weapons here when the f eighty nine j scorpion was flying out of Burlington in the early nineteen sixties. So in today's day and age, you know, that's that's a bit of a straw man argument to say that we're going to be flying. Across the ocean with be sixty one twelve gravity bombs in all likelihood if anything. We are going to be deploying with that mission. And we're not that far. I feel like Sarah. What's was that candidate for president there Sarah Palin one who could see Russia from her window? Yeah. Yes. Exactly. With we. Well, we start looking at at flying across the polls the distance is isn't all that great. And from Sam point of taking out the delivery system. Why would we want to have this weapon system at a commercial airport in a residential neighborhood Richards linski? Yes, any final thoughts today. Yes. James just made a very good point. Sometimes and more homes of affordable housing are going by the board. And I understand that the the air force had a chance to put this plane in down south somewhere Kentucky, or where in they actually had the preferred site there if I found out the facts correctly, but it came up here, and I think it was to bring jobs to Vermont. But what kind of jobs do we need in Vermont? It's it's. To. To support the planes. And so on we could be doing jobs to help the environment in. That's my main point. We've gotta use those funds to cope with the climate change. That's coming along. The the leverage of a senior Senator and his and his in his ability to swing sway in Washington that led to the thirty five staying here, or and of course, at the risk of if we don't get the f thirty five we lose the base altogether. I think that the base can be used for other reasons, for example, you know, we're we're left without an F six teams before the F thirty five come and people say well, those planes have to be ready to go here in this location. But for now six months where without that protection. If you wanna call it that so you know, what is going on here. What are the real needs for our defense? We should really look at that very critically much. Do we need James Ehlers and Richard zip linski? Thank you so much men for giving us some time here on the day Graham show, thanks for the opportunity. Thank you spent about twenty minutes China. With James Ehlers. And and Richard supply ski about why they do not want the f thirty five based in Vermont. Now, joining us is Nicole Ciccio of green ribbons for the f thirty five, Nicole. Thanks for giving us some time. This morning. Where are you able to listen to the previous segment on the air? Unfortunately. But I can imagine what it wasn't. They were doing all day. All me what they said. Okay. While I take it you've had conversations would those those men before. But our listeners haven't had a chance to hear it. So why are we why are we putting this fighter jet in such a high density population area? Well, the thing is is that this is where the air has been for since nineteen forty six, and you know, the process that the air force went through to stab wish where the thirty five should be base with fully vetted in. So how it is that they're trying to steer people with this is a new one have to jet going into a highly populated area. This jet is safer in many ways than the sixteen was when it first was introduced to the growing area. So you're saying it's safer. You're saying it safer in many ways is it unsafe for in any ways. Well, you don't even wanna get into that type of a conversation. I mean, look at the safety, you know, experience that we have had with the Air National Guard there, no worldwide for their safety, and the fact that their their loss of aircraft. So that that isn't even something that we should have a conversation. Sation about because they already proven themselves as being the best of the best and one of the concerns that has been floated in and again, there is a house resolution in a Senate resolution that is going to be debated today. And tomorrow on the state house, you're going to be are you will you be part of that conversation tomorrow? And so there is so with concern about this resolution at any rate VR concerned about the idea of bringing nuclear weapons into Vermont is that in your mind legitimate concern. None at all. And they've been told again that this is absolutely categorically incorrect that it's you know, it's it's another scare tactic. I've been dealing with. This is two thousand twelve when the, you know basing with I introduced all the different things that they have tried to scare the public can not wanting the basically they don't not want Air National Guard to continue in the the airport. So, you know, whether it was property values. Whether it was, you know, the noise level, whether it was children health. It's just one thing after another that they keep throwing out there hoping that that's what the public will cross onto and say, no, we don't want this ship people. See it for what it is. And this whole nuclear situation is the most farcical thing they've come up with yet. And you know, the guard has already stated, and you know, said in no one's terms. There is. No nuclear mission for the NFL guard, the thirty five they're receding are not configured. They're not being built in a way to carry nuclear weapons. There is no reason for anyone to be having this conversation here because it's just not our reality. This is Nicole Citra of green ribbons for the thirty five. If you have questions for Nicole you are invited to pose them at eight oh, two two four four one seven seven seven toll free at one eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five Mark for Middlesex. You're on the day Graham show. Good morning. Yeah. It is in the conversation. You know, previously past few years. There have been no talk about, you know, the capability in a nuclear capabilities specifically about this weapon system. So it's pretty disingenuous. There didn't come in to later on fact that these are able to carry nukes so these new they're gonna have to be stored here. So I mean, we have an opportunity to to not be a target because if you got nukes your targeted, and you know, granted they've been here for years. And I just think it's a real opportunity for us to say, you know, turn the tide here. Don't need him. Don't want him. Don't wanna be target. And thank you Mark for Middlesex. Thanks for the call. Nicole your thoughts. It's incorrect. And, unfortunately, if you know four complications, like Mr. healers in the KOMO and Greco that keep putting misinformation out there that all of a sudden they hear it time and time again that unfortunately, people like this woman start believing it the mission for the thirty five th not different than the F sixteen. We have not had nuclear fission as national guards. And we will not so to be conjuring up this image that all of a sudden we have to deal with nuclear storms any of that is just completely incorrect. What is or was and say they've flown out of here in the last month or so what was the mission for the sixteen here at the Vermont Air National Guard. They have doing mission they had their federal mission to make sure that they're working within the air force across country to keep our nation safe and whatever mission it is that the department of defense tests with then the secondary mission is the people of the fate of Avante. Whenever the governor feels that is necessary to have the support of our military. They move in. You know, issue whatever support it is that the guard made whether it be with, you know, as possible storms that we had you know, any type of of that happens if they step in without second mission secondary mission it'll two two four four one seven seven seven toll free one eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five mills from Duxbury. You're on with Nicole Ciccio. Yeah. They they call. So part of I think comes down to who's live. Join a believe, you know, we have two sides of the issue. I my experience I've never served in the military family members might have. So I know. I know what that's about. But my experience with each has been really disappointed. I've been lied to send ball misled. You know, I used to be on speed dial with light curls running out. So really is this all had to come back to actually low-flying really loud jets and not gonna go into the details. I think that it's very important to not have a military target the middle of the largest population centre instead of a month with all due respect to the. That's something that's overlooked by personal ellegation as well. As all of the people that are that are proponents of this plan an think that that the comments made by the previous two guests are absolutely true. But inveigh I used to get woken up in the middle of the night by jets fine over my house live twenty three nautical miles from the airport on nails. You just said which lies on both sides. You believe in yet? You took one side to say, they were absolutely true. So I-, apparently, you don't think both sides are lying. I think that I think that the air force in the in the system that runs. Our American military is perfectly content with with providing information, and that's all Nelson Duxbury. Thanks for the call. Nicole your thoughts on those remarks, of course, everyone isn't titled to their opinion. And of course, that's exactly what are our national guard and our military as a whole are protecting our right to our freedom of speech. And I think that definitely that you know, is on the healthy conversation that always needs to happen balanced. You know to make sure that phone five being kept in check. But the thing is is that, you know, time it time again when we come down on the thirty five issue is that they're definitely is a component that they're the the opponents basically do not want the military here. So anything that the military is going to say, they're not going. To believe it. We have the issue in Burlington last year where if the ideal floated disaster for another jet that again was had incorrect. There was no other owner knit jet or ultimate mission for my Air National Guard. But because someone said at off they went Rummy, and all of a sudden, we had the Burlington city council on you as if it's truth here, we have it again, you know, that the opponents have peddled business information someone's taking up in the state house, and all of a sudden, we're having to have a conversation about something that the guard and the air force has stepped in and said there is no nuclear mission for the Air National Guard and of story the when reports have come up from the news media in recent years about. Potential safety problems with the with the f thirty five it's flight and some of the troubles that they've had. I mean parts of the thirty five were made in different countries all over the world. And there have been some various aspects of the plane that have not performed as well as they have expected. So aren't there some safety concerns that that may be legitimate? I think it's interesting that you're this day and age where we have a focus on the media. I mean, the information that is put out there, you know, travels the world in a matter of seconds because of social media and the like, and the thing is is that if you were able to go through information as the f sixty has the f twenty two any previous airframe that the air force or the military. We're we're introducing that you would have seen that there are more processes in. Introducing a new airframe that there was going to be issues, and that they will then step back and make sure that they're taking care of. And I'm not going to seek to all that information. Because I am not h yet expert I am someone that has consistently since two thousand to give up on the side of my Air National Guard, and the men and women of the ones that eight fighter and saying that the community supports them in the new mission. I've provided many many different ways to show that the support in this. Unity is significant. This is Nicole situa of green ribbons for the thirty five, Nicole. What relationship do you have with the one fifty eight? Well, I'm a business shuffling Kim. So might doesn't at one end of the year airport, and I live in Essex junction, the other end of the runway early in my business affected, by the fact that there are many people within the community that work and rely on the Air National Guard for their livelihood. But also because I live in unity, and I fear the jet, and you know, when this question with first arose like I said thousand twelve I didn't know anyone that was against it. But all you heard in the media was that, you know, everyone was against it. So I wanted to make sure that those people that wouldn't normally, you know, protest, or, you know, run on the senator's office or something like that how to be able to show their support they one of the members of marriage national guard and other community was behind them. So I did something as simple as say hi green ribbon on your front porch. And I so humble to see, you know, how everyone took this initiative, and you know, here we oughta. Seven years later, and you know, look to the Facebook page twelve thousand followers on Facebook. That's definitely a very, you know, visual idea of how much support this media shown this jet. It'll two two four four one seven seven seven toll free one eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five Rama from Williamstown. You're on the Dave Graham show. Good morning. I. For the life of me. I just don't understand the thought process be twin behind we've always had the national guard here. And why shouldn't we keep having it here while I shouldn't say here Williamstown up there in Burlington? And over those years, we we're in the national guard came to Burlington initially, and now military equipment has changed considerably. And the Burlington and self Burlington area have changed considerably to and to be quite honest, looking at this from the outside if they were trying to station those aircraft there as new aircraft as not having pre existed. There's no way they would get him in. And I think it's about time that people look around and say, maybe this isn't the best situation for either. So Burlington Burlington or the military. Rama? Thank you for the call, Nicole. Again, that that may be a legitimate concern to say that it's that it probably wouldn't fly in Burlington these days. Oh, did I say that? Yeah. But but because it's been around for a while, they get grandfathered in it. And it's possible I suppose that this is the best situation at the military had with what they have to work with. I don't think the military is planning on building any new airbases anytime soon that I know. Obviously, you know, everyone is going to have their idea or what their perception is of you know, where things should be looking at the reality is that we have an stay and fairly of recognizing warhead from international Griffey's right to willington. And with the you know studies and the the process that the air force went through and deciding where the jets should be base. The decision was made for Burlington to sit here and say we feel the base someplace else we need to move the airport. There's definitely a part of the opponents continue that same sets Roman international airports just being located where it is. But that's not my reality. This is the reality. And when deciding how it is that we were going to protect our nations they decided that Burlington Vermont with the best place. It sounds like the Ponant from what I heard in the previous segment are pretty enthusiastic about showing. Up at the state house tomorrow in support of these resolutions are the proponents going to be represented there tomorrow, or are they all they're all just going to forego making their case in front of the legislature. I'm fairly not gonna spend my time. And I appreciate the fact that, you know, we have a democratic process and definitely that, you know, the state house is, you know, the people's house, and that everyone can go, and you know, have their opinions heard. But the thing is is that what they're introducing here has no application to one is actually going on. There are no nuclear capabilities for the thirty five got are being based in Burlington. So this is just a waste of the public's time. Two two four four one seven seven seven toll free eight seven seven to nine one talk. Jerry from Berlin. You're on the Dave Graham show. Good morning. Good morning. How you doing fantastic, Jerry. How are you? Oh, it's beautiful day. We've seen the sun coulda first time in a long time. Hey, listen, maybe on the other side of things. But every time I see those boys flyover wherever. Is I am proud and I feel safe. And I think that we're all safer because these guys Imran can we got Macci all to the north ridge New York T Boston. Also the targets. They wanna hit people. They're gonna hit somewhere. Excuse me. I'm not a military expert. That's just opinion. Obviously, man. You know, the green boys were the first guys on the scene in the air at nine one one in New York, we need these people they made me feel safe and they made me feel proud. And I I am. So glad there in the jury from Berlin. Thank you so much for giving us a call. Good to hear from me this morning, Nicole. There's some folks out there who who get a good feeling about knowing that they're represented here in Vermont people like Gary a thousand of one outnumber the opponent. And exactly why it is that I, you know, initiated the green ribbons for the f thirty five campaign is because I knew that there are significantly more people like Gary them our misery healers. So the the outlook is the F thirty five are going to be arriving in Burlington. We would expect barring. Foreseen circumstances. And when is that going to happen? We are going to be seeing I f thirty five in our airspace comes Kemba this year voice, short months away, four months away. And were you were you around when the final f sixteen flew out of Burlington international. Yes, I would very proudly standing on terra at the airport at the airport, Nicole Ciccio from f thirty five the green ribbons for the thirty five. I very much. Appreciate you. Giving us some time on the Dave Graham show this morning. All right. Thank you. All right. Nicole Ciccio here on the stations of radio, Vermont WD, FM and AM, and we'll have a talented list of hosts coming up throughout the course of the week. So if he didn't like what you heard today somebody will have a much different set of topics coming up tomorrow. And then Dave will we think makes his triumphant return in the days to come. So we're looking forward to that for sure I would like to thank rich Curtis of the. Ethan project for joining us with our first our conversation, and then Richard supply ski and James Ehlers and Ecole Citra to talk pro and con about the arrival of the f thirty five fighter jet coming here to the state of Vermont for Dave Graham, and producer Dana jewel leak attell. Thanks for joining us here on the day Graham show on live and local WD, EV FM and AM.

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