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This is the Ben and actually I almost famous podcasts with radio. And I'm sitting in studio staring at my beautiful co host, actually I could. Crazy. So I have all been extraction marks, but things are calling me. Beautiful. We, what's that? Explain that a little bit. What did you do? I noticed you weren't wearing makeup, but I just thought you like comfortable to be around me. Zillion times without make. Yeah, I barely come to this with makeup on if I'm not on camera these days. I don't usually wear it in Jarod likes me without makeup. He's like, I like to tack your face like he can. You know. What is it? We remember on a podcast, explain in detail, so let's start at the beginning. You've got an extraction. Okay. So when you get a facial sometimes most of the time they'll do extract like they can see your clogged pores and they like upcoming pimples. So the press it down there with the tool, their fingers, and they get that bacteria like pus up. So it usually leaves like a marker, so for a day, and then you're all clear and you won't. You won't break out like like the same thing I do to my face right as it. You do that? Yeah, I take a little like by the the little this weird for me use the tool. No, that you don't have a secret. I take, you know, the little diabetic pins that you stick when you like need to draw blood from your finger to test like when you have diabetes. So you can buy at like WalMart over the counter and by those and then we'll have a pimple or have a black head or something that need to extract. I use that gives a little prick. Open it up, but you know, come, then I full on it, maybe squeeze it a little bit. Then you know what something that I've learned about you over the past year and a half have quite the beauty routine like you really care about your face in your skin. If one day when all this is said and done and somebody goes, you know what? Ben really cared about his face skin. I don't think I'd be living my best life, but I do. I do care about my face and skin, and I actually, I don't have a weird thing. I mean anybody out there listening. Please emails have been in actually iheart meet icon. This'll be interesting. Are you okay popping your friends? Pimples all. I don't think that pimple should be pop, but I do like leading with one clean little needle Pierce and it's clean. Let's say, yeah, it's very clean. It's only been used once. Right? You. Gets an opening so you can get it out. I think that's totally fine. I don't think you should be popping friends. Pimples. I'm like, you know, one of those dole looking you like I'm the only one. There's so many of us out there. Pimple needle before are you? Are you popping? Jerry's pimples yet. Now my big issue with Jared. This is black cab. Yeah. He's always had those. Oh, no, yes. Ever since ever since the bachelor. I remember sitting on the bachelorette and he had told me like that. He, he likes scrubs like with this special stuff because he's prone to black kids. He doesn't scrub with anything. No problem just watches it washes his face when he's in the shower. I'm like, you know, you. He's like, well, but didn't shower today which you know he, he rarely does give day, but he just doesn't wash his face that day. We have a lot of listeners who I imagined are preteen and teen. He's fine. Notice this black cats. Domino go, you're coming with gonna firs, rural, Utah. That's what you do. We've a lot of people listening who are preteen teen those years are tough on the face, Ashley, will you know sharing your beauty secrets before we bring in and we introduce this podcast. Ashley, what is your best advice for somebody who was suffering with acne without taking any medic medication? What would be your recommendation. So I'm been pretty open. I had really bad cystic acne in my early twenties, like to the point where I didn't leave the house or when I did leave the house, I would cry. It was really traumatic, especially for like four or five months. And I mean, my best advice is to go the dermatologist, but if there's something over the counter that I think could be a quick fix for you. I love panel. It is a ten percent benzel peroxide and that can clear up pretty fast even without going to the Derm. But I had hormonal acne which needed to be controlled between bio clarity and what you just said. I think we're good. Ash think you. I think that actually is really interesting. I've always wondered that, hey, if anybody out there is listening, we're in studio today. I'm really excited to be a. We have a huge podcast. It was gonna it feels going into a little heavy. We'll see where it takes us. We really have no idea where this won't take us, but we're going to talk to Jordan Kimball who is has made the news with his really with genetic Cooper recent. They were engaged. On bachelor in paradise. They dated for a very, very short time. Afterwards, news came out that she might have been having is for somebody else to whole time, Mona, get his side of the story. Astronaut going to catch you up on all bachelor news. But before we do that, if you're somebody who is listening to this podcast consistently or maybe not for the last. Two years almost please go out and review our podcast on on any avenue that you listen, we wanna get reviews. It helps us continue to keep visible. It keeps us continuing to keep going. We'd love doing the podcast. We've talked about many times. This is this is my one of my favorite things to do each week is coming here and talk to Ashley and see the team. So if you listen, show us, show us love, show some respect, or if you just hate us, SCO, head and cook the one star is the the more reviews we get the better. Speaking of beauty and we're about to have a model on, you know, he knows all about it. We have a new favorite beauty product and it's called hair story. So recently been in, I went on the internet and we took this quiz which determined exactly what we each needs specifically in our shampoos because shampoos are really not designed for like everyone's specific needs in mind. Hair story is amazing because it is it's a new hair wash that cleans hair with a blend of essential oils and naturally derived saturated cleansers Notre Jains, no synthetic compounds. It is. It's going to condition your hair at the same time and leave it tangle free over time. It revives hair that has been abused by the Turjan damaging bleach and fried heat, styling tools. If that wasn't enough the color last far longer. If you call her your hair, it's going to take you a couple more months until you book your next appointment. And for you guys who have troubled scalps out there, you're going to be much happier. So find the right new wash formula for you by answering their online questions like Ben and I did and discover the true nature of your hair. Most of those have actually no idea how amazing our hair can be. How's your hair hairpins dessert using it. Have you see me recently? I know that and you're like, well, first off he got like a snazzy cut, and it looks funny and really full kind of getting there. So I've been pretty intentional about my hair this. This whole podcast is turned to my beauty teens. I've put on this. I put on this front for years and it's starting to come out on this podcast. Anyways, I do. I do shampoo my hair. I do use my hair story products. I, I feel good, and I'm going to aim as an American music awards. That's why I had the snazzy new haircut, you know, I got, I got, I think Mark and you'll appreciate this all the guys these days are doing the the line in the side. You know, they like shave him the part. I finally did it see crested that recently. What do you think about it? I don't think it lasted long at once and that was it. Yeah. I don't know if I'd the hairline for it though. They call it. What are the cauda. Hard part. L. they caught an ad. They called niche. I got etched. I don't know. Check out his hair. They can just watch the MS tonight and maybe you'll make a little bit of their parents feeling right carpet also before we bring on Jordan little fashioned actually, you know what? Let's bring on Jordan. Let's ask him. All right. But I for a limited time, you can get ten percent off hair stories, new wash by visiting hair story dot com. Slash famous in use the promo code which is famous. That's hair story h. a. i. r. s. t. o. r. y. dot com. Slash Vamos to get ten percent off hair stories, new hair wash hair story dot com. Slash famous for for Ben hair. I mean, come on you who to been here. All right. I have some fashion. Advice the I need some fashion advice, and there's only one person I had to do that Jordan Kimball. Are you out there. Jordan. This is Ben Higgins. This is actually I can Etty welcome to the almost famous podcast. All right, Carl, twenty guys. I'm on a gondola right now bam. Wearing. Oh, and in Canada? Yeah, the damn well, do you have time to talk to us. Okay, cool. Jordan started here, we're going through our skincare and Harry teens, and really without even prepping for you to be on the podcast. This just kind of came up earlier. If you give somebody out there in their preteens teens, some skin in vice, what would it be. Well, all different here. Something that's kind of good for everybody. I think the compare line is really meant for for people. Yeah. Thanks for coming from, you know, sending him. For years. My friends with all I call them. I. Good for you. Phrase, it's worth that for most people. They were kind of people for the. Yeah, yeah, Salisbury, I, I saw that on paradise. I'm going to go about that. You have beautiful hair Jordan. I, I know everybody always talks about you talks to you about how good looking you are and your fashion and and your hygienes and all that stuff. My next question I'm going to the American music awards tonight. I have never been known as a guy that's fashion Ford. I have never let myself fully be expressed through my fashion, but tonight I wanted to. And so I got a bolo tie and a black t. shirt with a really snazzy vest. Is it possible for me to wear a bolo tie with a t shirt. Yes, it is. We kind of do apparently and please tell me you're not worrying about Nobel Nobel come on. I'm not that far behind. I have really nice black like buckle buckled dress shoes. Absolutely not at work and talk. Yeah, I got great socks. I got like funky socks on. They're not matching, but they, they tell a story. I love that. Yeah, you've got together, dude. I'm so happy. I'm gonna wear this bullet when a bunch of pictures tonight, and I hope that you like them on Instagram. Okay. Jordan, let's get serious for a second, Ashley and I have been doing almost famous podcast now for almost two years. There's about a half million people that listen to these episodes. So we're gonna be talking to a large audience today, and a lot of people wanna hear your story. We got to here on reality. Steve's podcast. You did a great job at your splitting yourself. We want to give him credit for bringing you on first, but we want our opportunity to talk to you Jordan. You've been, you're right. I think in actually could explain his two is you're right in the bachelor nation. World has been up and down, but we left you in that last scene kind of on a high. Hi, everybody was cheering for you. There are cheering for you in gin up. You aren't unfamiliar with this storyline. You've been asked about all the time and now things have changed, and actually I want to hear your side of the story tournament. You're on reality sees podcast. It was like, you know, just days after everything unfolded with Gina. And now I feel like so many things have happened since specifically what you posted on Instagram a couple of days ago about her lawyer sending you a document in the mail which was threatening him. Can you tell us kind of start your story from the very beginning cover a bit that you did with reality, Steve? And then what has happened in the past three weeks since. Go whenever I am actually out there. It was directly after I did on crack. Yeah, I was going to say about whether I I, because I truly. And you know, I'm not going to discount the fact is all up because it what's happening. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna say, hey guys. Yeah, he's awful. You know, this was all just, you know, I regretted thing. I don't, and you know, then took on my up and down for franchise. I've been the same person entire time. It's just the way people interpret me time is on my delivery. Same joke, say the same. However, I think people kinda say now that I, the karma team is. Going forward with the whole. Handle deal. You know. You would. Whenever we call that that posted a reality based on Twitter, you know people talking about it. I got a call overnight to say the two very nervous. And I didn't really think like other gets the tickets that way. So. I have to say that like for people who are trying to defend Jonah, that moment where she came to you the night before saying she was nervous is like the one thing that's just like, well, how can you deny that? There is something so so fishy there. Right, right. Exactly. Someone said that they had somebody on me. I'd say, you know what? You're going to be something super silly. Maybe I was getting a coffee and you know, helping. You're not helping an older woman across the street, but it certainly wouldn't be taken seriously so, but going forward. Yes, I got that phone call. And the next morning I got another call to say that she just wanted to go to the hotel and that was really uneasiness, so and then the initial reaction on the telephone. I'm a really intuitive person, and the reaction told me kind of everything you need to know upon emails that haven't been shown to public that hopefully never get to the public. You know, pounds between HALE between reality, Stephen dental. Though I, I tried, I I wanted to talk to him. Everyone knows kinda guy. I wanna talk to him to talk to me so it is what it is try. I've been actually my post whenever I ended being gauges that I'd be here for her. I was there for her family center lashing out, blackout and guy just let me down. And now a little over a week of actually talked to her. On. They were. They were getting very the criminality being used Nicole. It was a very positioning in a same me against me. It got to the point where I wasn't being talked to the personal thing talked at and you know, come to someone to be in my life. And the to to bring them to be a part of my family and to have this happen all tune after an engagement. They showed me that the intention to the textbook to do well, they are what they what they work, and it hasn't been proven wrong in a lawyer, did not need to get involved to prove it wrong. Hey. Analysis, upper problem was not necessary, you know, cutting the great big today. Have you know. Pawn other emails. Rasim point on the phone. They were calling me several times. And I mean for me, I'm not the kinda guy like I don't wanna verbally battle, and that's anybody on the planet. You do not want to get to altercation with, okay, we will. Will I and. I, I've been pretty good. I don't. With this guy. The only or you call them on the phone. Everyone thinks. No, no, no. Told me. And who's off the call. And you know, probably into. He's been shining at. Sounds like it's been like, please. You don't need to stop. I made him if I don't take action that's blackmail. ABC and history. I'm going. You're saying Carolina. And I think that. Want to be in the public guy. Well, that's on hold your accent, but that a witness when you're in front of the public eye cry game him what he wanted that Email. It didn't have the disclosure about tearing. Or sharing female only to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, always relaxing. Anybody else. I'm an act quarterly, which guy should I haven't heard anything I've heard. I think family. I haven't heard anything to her. What I'm why you're coming off. So Jordan, let's start. I mean, let's I because I think there's a few things you've touched on that are new and up and updates at the audience is not heard yet. Let's kinda pull back to the fact that you guys were still communicating. Up until a week ago. Little over at bury myself, but probably nine or ten days, but we went in. Look, I I was crying. I didn't cry out. I always working. I felt so back to her it, you had to go. You had to go to ever what's have to do with that many people on a negative note if I can only imagine. And so there was point to start breaking down cry day for, you know, for about a week. And I, I'm person on. I'm very very, I've had always events booked out. You know. And I've kind of had to try to carry on and you know, ten pounds. I don't want us to talk to anything like it didn't even campaign. She's almost made it easier for me to move on because of her actions because of her work. And I say that to be grateful for the state, you know, got careful. You let your life and when someone totally teamed up on you and you've been there for them and their families is attacking you online. You got a, you know, you gotta let it go. You gotta let it burn and that's it. I'm gonna write her a letter. I will burn that weather in the worker minute, hopefully get carried to her and a great because I want to say to her, her kind of finish on me is absolutely mind blowing. Just say that I advocated tech not only after that. Have any purchase of anything. I'd never picked up his band. The thing I did this for where you know claim had. That's, I mean, come on. That's absolutely ridiculous. I'm thinking if I think the legal again, if I wanted to break, I would've just broken up. I perry. It's very clear that I felt for her. No, it's very clear that you definitely were in love with her at first say, let's clarify something when you guys were talking a couple of weeks ago where you talking like friends like lovers or like somebody who was preparing for their lawyer to make a statement to them both that kind of what? Okay. So initially recall new white, like we call in like, no, usually and I was, I was really in for. Engagement. I said, I ain't point. I said, hey, do you need anything? Let me know. And it's, it's sorta very rapidly kind of pain. Change the length of cross started to change and to. I heard her why even to herself in the any phone calls, if you. If you things I've ever said and the, oh the I will. How many? Well, how would that hold on. Never Kobe guy. Princess depend. Your lawyer claims to have called me that attacks down for the call that. But for me, it's only by and things that you use the fan on it. You, they're probably through the back thing down, look whether she did it or not. I I'm still unsure. I know. Perfect. I didn't fabricate it and whether or not. Shouldn't have quite you. Perhaps apologize that, hey, I'm going to, you know, I can do this. I didn't do. It didn't ever even immediately like I didn't do it that never free word. Well, we're ever leave from out. I didn't never never happen until they leader. I know that's the other huge red flag to me. 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The find the one nearest to you drop our name the almost as podcasts at Ben and Ashley, when you go and buy your sleep number and I just can't get over the fact that it's only hinder eight hundred ninety nine dollars for a smart bed. We just saw deals on this podcast, just just promoting deals, high quality products for a low price, Ashley. All right. Now we're going to return to our interview with Jordan. Now, the lawyer is saying that they're demanding you to make a public apology or face legal action. I'm assuming you're just doing nothing. I can do. Kohl on that are saying, oh my God, like gonna go to court. No, absolutely. Not. I'm not gonna cook for for one. I didn't have anything approved book. I put my hand on the bible to everyone does. I thought got every day. That's a, that's a big deal. And I don't aid. I don't battle book your attack like they're presented to the public. Techrepublic. That's that's fine. That's what I'm your, prevent your take me to the public. So and then just airport Prager on. Here too. Okay. Thought I difficult my day was like, and it makes them there was another Email. That would. Like that. And then when they came back up in between the other emails, they said and. They said that question how evidence? Oh. Put myself. They also wants to take up between reality myself. Okay. I'll never rally based ever in keeping at Disney came out and Email and. Not at all. I mean, that's the way I hop on the phone with her or shoot a message over to, and I think that they're coming people. You know, they're talked in the full thing. Thing. Everyone understand. I had to clear my name to my innocence by presenting theraworkx against them. They met packing, I took no depth anybody. I just the public with. You know, I I try to say practice possible. It is not easy. Prideful man to like your tongue until you practically like bleeding. And you know, it's there. But you know, you just go back because he can't open your mouth. You just can't. Well, now you wanna come in character. I say, Lauren, Dima entertainment tonight, but I did not have affects and you know. Well, I've got nothing to prove here. I didn't do it and they wanted to do anything anyway. People walk me up PD interact with that. I would never call. So yeah fan right now. So I'm not going after and that kinda call for harm. But I mean. Places on me. It intensive. I didn't even bring it to, you know, more a real life before. So. Do not think. I think one thing that we're getting is this is this is an ugly break-up obviously with this is a break-up unlike most breakup that we've ever heard about it is now you know, we'll go back to the famous old saying when this happened, it opened up a can of worms that has still yet to be closed, but you do have feelings for Jerry. You did have feelings for Geno, I'm sure. At some level you still do. You've mentioned that you know she had a special place in your heart. In your opinion, how is she doing emotionally with all of this? Because we've gotten to hear how you're doing and it's not been easy. It's been hard. How is she doing. Actually. By, I'm worried I'm worried about her, but. I can't. I mean, there's nothing I can do this point retained. Yeah, it's definitely. Very, very smart for me to do. And. I wish that I right now currently, I'm assuming that tees feeling worse than ever from the first time comments off. So I'm assuming that she just got very happy with. With how things about whether or not the lawyer within offend me, they still happen. It's so hard council for legal and she is going to have to deal with that some extent. So I feel for her have to deal with there. But at the same time. What is it the way I felt with it that was that with it? Well, in in, yeah, I've that is nationally is not. It's not our place to judge on whose handle a better. I, I do want to actually ni-. Yeah, and my what? Sorry. The the question I have for you though. If you, if you see his whole situation, it's ugly, it's difficult. There's lawyers involved and it's a break-up and granted these breakup at our public can be really hard. I've been through them, but it this is taken the next level, then your opinion and maybe an considering Ginny here. How does this get resolved? Because I feel like right now even listening to you in all honesty, Jordan to just doesn't seem like it's coming to any resolution that if anything, it just continues to open up more wounds and more pains and more he Sarah, she said, how can you resolve this and how can you get it to maybe just end you're done you, the relationship is over. Let's move on. Well, I got over. I'm just like them. If they are fake. I kinda if they all real, then hats on. But. Thing is I have no way how I've tried to help ourselves and there's nothing I can do filling further. Unfortunately, I don't. I think expert might maybe last outta me. I don't think it would be her best, but hey. Style of it. I don't know when they recall if it ever. Anyone the truth, but my purpose, I am done with a relationship. I'm moving forward and I'm doing so you know, potentially. Funding a relationship. You know, wherever I may be, you know, I'm not at the -sarily looking very hard, but if I meet the right person and you someone that makes me happy, I'm I'm gonna play right now where I can. I can try to start really slow and you know, and these were things I got him involved from it. I'm twenty volt, and I'm probably the only places right now. On the live, like taking her to all my pension and her, and you know, do everything that we plan to do. However. Has expired and on the move on. And yeah, that occurred after the fact of being really has really made it. What made it a little easier? Poli Portelli. Two big questions for you left. Whether any red flags about Jonah that you had prior to this reality, Steve news breaking. There was a red flag read an article that were sent to me. It stated very similarly to kind of stuff and these text messages and. I could. I could just close to right now said, and I haven't in my phone. I'm not gonna do that to her, but it gave me an indication that there was something, but I didn't think it was this. I didn't think it was a. So this was very exciting. Even with that red flag that occurred there early on after you know, things states from paradise, and I definitely Tibet article because I myself, this has got to be host. I mean, this is. Don't even really out that much information of thinks that. So yes, there was a red flag and I, I kinda we move forward from it. And yeah, it is. There was that one. Just a very similar situation that you read about. Correct. Okay. And then do you have like you think that she destroyed up cheetah that she was talking to one or more other guys during this period of time that you were engaged. Doing there is more than one. I think it was more than one. I think there's the potential for that. Do I think they would. One, I think that, okay, I'm I'm gonna say this. Gentlemanly possible this person that that set the emails that reality, though her ineffectual manner. I never for that and. Stepped up. There are other things are stating that, hey, this probably not the only guy, but I'm not gonna speculate on that, Kim afford I kind of is it in the back of my mind. Sure. Hi ever gonna say absolutely not. Do you think that I've read rumors about possibly they're just possibly could have been like a sugar daddy situation? Do you believe that it was really her being romantically involved with someone or that possibly it was a financial thing. Romantic relationship? I don't think I think that to be on a pretty actually. I think that that had, I think she did fall for me however, didn't know how to handle it for today so much that you get away with a little longer. And how long does that continue on with longer continue to other relationship going on? Fair, but. My answer on that here looking for an answer to that. But yeah, I think it was. I don't. I don't really think so. Okay. So you're saying that you do genuinely thing that she was in love with you, but there's just like some other relationship that possibly she couldn't sever. I think that anyone can time of me would have a hard time. I'm I'm a golden retriever. I think you know, walking file here and there for me. You know for for me, I think the sit in the fall. And have happened. So we're hurting and most of our application. Where this whole time. Feature won't have been affected in the last month. We can do about it. We had back pain. And the people that are paying and that can probably they're against people are saying they Gordon in that they're against her. If anyone golden guys, you don't have to be hurt. It issue actually did this. They see. They see. Attacking her. Hey, follow what the Peter Gunn. I'm being very. Everyone needs to tell out. Tune being dependent on everyone. Patching. Her hard enough already. Yeah. Okay. Hopefully we couldn't coming at me. Let me handle that with the big dog made a lot of time I've got. I've got this. So anyone that's kind of panther too. That's really nice that you're still supportive of her in that sense. Is there any chance that maybe a couple of years down the line you'd be down to forgive and maybe continue a relationship romantically with her. Her. I forgave her right away. I look, I, I forgive all that. I mean, there's only thing. Forget. It is that I have maybe. Every even on point. Again. They that that. Isn't that long about how he's done to me and all, and and that Kevin love me and all these things. I mean that that has. And so is there tension that I mean, honestly, even after dependence on me now there's no talk. Got, so this is Jordan. This is something it's always surprising. You've been in bachelor nation now for a few years, and there's always something new seems a pop up. Always something surprises us, and this is one that hurts. You obviously Hertz Jinnah. People were rooting for you, guys. We appreciate you being honest and open and sharing your thoughts. I hope there's resolution, but it feels like we're in a close out this this interview without any end in sight. And so hopefully next time we talk to you, there can be some clarity. There can be a happy ending or an ending until then just we encourage you in Jena both to continue to try to fight for resolution Jordan. Thank you for coming on the podcast. We appreciate your on a scene openness. Thank you. Bye. Jordan athlete. Enjoy the gondola. I don't know. I feel about this actually, no, no tally I just feel like there's a lot of unknowns. A lot of questions feels like always the case, which with these kind of sagas there's no clarity, you know, Jordan's a talker. Yeah, he very charming, very charming. I, I would imagine just like all of these both sides are at fault at some level. I'm at some level. Sure. You think it happened? I think that she did not have a romantic relationship with the man that she was texting. That's just my opinion on it. It doesn't make anything more. Right. Obviously, I don't know if they're, you know, here's the frustrating part to me. I'm trying. We do this pug. I'm trying to really love this this show and I really love the bachelor into the bachelor and bachelorette I really love you know, the show's been good to me, it's I think it can work. I know the ins and outs of it. It's real, you know, I invest. And so now you know, you knew about two years ago when we first started this, I was having a hard time getting back into the show. This is hard for me as a weird season. I don't really like watching it. I didn't really like any of the storylines maybe it's because like Joe, Joe was the bachelorette I was like, this is just weird and then even the season after that with Nick like Nick's buddy and I didn't really like get into that too much separated. I'm separated and now like over the last I mean, I feel like Becca season was one of them and even our season a little bit. I kind of emotionally invested into got angry and felt things for, and then paradise happened. And I really enjoyed paradise. Is there was a great season and I came out out of it like a fan does. And I said, okay, there's a few things I really want to see happen here like yes, was Chris and crystal. My favorite couples are my favorite characters on the show ever know, but they found each other and that's awesome. And I and I, I'm, I'm all for. I would feel for them if they broke up and then you have Jordan and Jenna and couple. I was rooting for the whole time. I was like, okay, how cool is it? When you have a polarizing complicated figure like Jordan who doesn't like meat a has a complicated relationship with definitely. But and then coming off, he finds a person to compliment him to kind of break through his layers. And you see a side of the America laws because you see him kind of become comfortable become normal, stop speaking in parables and civilize, and he just start speaking like I liked this guy. And then this happens, Ashley coach me, how am I supposed to continue to engage in the show. Is a fan and invest emotionally into these relationships. If they keep burning me and this is about me right now. It's about me. I don't know. I think you're just going to have to go in with the expectation that maybe half them are gonna fail. Right? That's brutal. I think that's kind of the modern average of bachelor couples. So I go into my relationships though. Well, no, you shouldn't. I don't know. I don't think so. I think you should go all in. Let's talk. Let's let's make this about me for a little bit. You're about to go on a date about to go and day, let's say, and do I enter into these? How do I? What's my mindset? Don't enter into this going. Okay. I'm looking for my wife. Yes. Okay. I've always believed that the only reason for me to date has been defined. My husband, I don't believe in dating for fun because I don't really think that dating is fun. Yeah. Okay. So you go into the first date even like this could be my husband. This could be my wife and the pressure isn't there. You're not like pushing this person to to make that commit, but you're saying, I'm viewing this through the lens of this. This is either going to be a long term thing or not. And then the second part is Emma going in with the expectation to this will fail. You shouldn't go on with the expectation that it will fail. I'm always very much a positive optimisic thinker. So I always think things are going to be a success. Like I always even when I was at the depths of being single and never having a boyfriend and all that. And I would say things like die alone. I never really believed I was going to die alone. So no matter how many failures I'd always be like, oh, it's gonna come through one day. Yeah, so I think like you have to be term optimistic long-term up to mystic. Okay. So that's kind of my mindset. Now when I go into watching the bachelor is I want to believe these couples will be forever known to believe, you know that Colin's going to meet his wife, but I also know that it might. It probably won't happen. But when it does, here's a cool part when it does happen, we need to celebrate those couples like the Tanner and Jade's and the Carleen Evans. We need to celebrate those couples because that is a huge success story. Yeah, right. That's cool. So we need celebrate RN, Lauren, right? We've we've kind of pushed him aside, I think as Bashar nation for reasons that everybody knows this, his season was criticized. He made, you know he made this through. Okay. However, it worked out Becca, 's happy. He's happy. He's on his way to get married in January. All right. If you're listening gotta change that up man. They're going to get married, let's celebrate them. That's a huge success. That's awesome. Prepping for weddings is tough. Ashley's doing it now actually your your full workout mode. I wish I've been really, this is my wish for myself to become a vegetarian all want to do is be a vegetarian, but I love cheeseburgers and tacos so much. It's it's, I would say, with you, Ashleigh, you're going to be able to pull off whatever it is you walk into that wedding with. And so it leads me to my next Email. It's from Kylie says, hey, Aw, huge fans of the podcast and allow the earlier episodes. Ashley always said that Ben was going to officiate her wedding, and I was wondering, is he going to actually, am I going to officiate your wedding? I don't know. I really mentioned that once. I mean, I think he'd be a great officiant for weddings. I think you should really get into that. I mean, how many people around this country would hire you for that job? Well, we actually had some a couple in Indianapolis, Indiana reach out once we said that once in the podcast and they were great, I really wanted to, but it wasn't fitting into my schedulers. Previous obligations. I would've loved to be there for their wedding. I think it'd be a blast to celebrate marriage love and life with somebody. I love the speaks three, three minutes, but I am doing my cousin's wedding, Rebecca and Cody. They're getting married next year, so I will be there for that. I'm practicing prepping. I'm gonna actually call them this week. I have my list. I'm going to start doing pre marital counseling. I don't know how to counsel anybody, but I wanna hear their. Story. I want to hear why they love each other. I think it's gonna make it fun for me to stand up there and be proud to to speak to them and with them. So Rebecca Cody, I know they listen, wait for the phone call. I'm excited. It's it's fun. Love is a cool thing and to be there for the officiant as efficient is a massive deal to me, won't be efficient. That's cool. Nobody. I was just kidding, right? Yeah, I want you to be an fishy and all over the country, but Tanner Tolbert's could officiate our wedding. That's cool. Mainly Ben because Tanner has been with like every step of the way we've been. I haven't. You have been around, but you haven't been as involved with pairing us together as Tanner has always been and you will crack up watching Tanner fishy. Come on Tanner with his slate little smile. You're selling me on this or no. Be heard for a little bit. We'll be here for a little bit. Can we get that music that little thing you did. So I feel that's how I feel pay you something that's going to chew some that's going to cheer me up. If you bought me a fep that fumble x fund is a seasonal subscription box, full-size beauty, fitness fashion, and lifestyle products. It retails for forty nine ninety nine but always value over two hundred dollars the fall boxes available now. So sign up now before they sell out, you will not wanna miss this box. I love the box. I've told about we talk about it every week on this podcast. They've been a consistent sponsor of ours. We, you know how many times have to tell you that we really like this box is a great box. It's a great value. People love it. I get the box delivered to my house. In fact, that funds sends me three. And you know what? I strategically gift those boxes to my friends wives and they love it. I'm telling you that they actually really, really enjoy it. It's a cool gift from me to give and we get a lot of stuff into the house. And so some of the gifts I'm just hanging on people like thinks the fact that box is something that they just light up about. It is incredible this some of the products are right now in the fep fun boxes ski skin-care from Dr Brandt and juice beauty fashion items from Tina Turk and Miley beauty products from Oscar Blondie and Zoya checkout WWW fab fit fund dot com and use the code almost famous. You can save ten dollars off your first box making only thirty nine ninety nine again, that's fat that fund dot com and use the code almost famous. You deserve to treat yourself. I definitely do now. This is this podcast is feels heavy. I knew it was going to be heavy. I want to talk to you about smaller serious things. My leading. Okay, let's talk. Okay. First off, I think your goal should be to get a plus one. And this is a question that I have for you, but also our audience. So please Email Ben and Ashley at I heart media dot com. Jared, and I think that we'll probably do plus ones for anybody who is like inner serious relationship, six months. Prior to the wedding, do you think that is a wedding, if you're hoping I get a plus guess. Okay, I got how many months. So I get the girlfriend in like March. Okay, you the hunt the is on, but that's a good amount of time. I think it's very somebody to like have a plus one. I think it's fair. I think for me, it would be helpful if you told me I don't have a plus one if I was in a serious relationship. Like if you know him not dating somebody and I felt the pressure to show up like what that does is it sets up to scenario where there's a lot more single people which makes me feel less pressured. Oh, you shouldn't feel pressure. I know. And that's why I think it's good for the six month rule. I, I don't think anybody should feel. Upset with you for not letting letting bring a random date to the wedding because your wedding is going to be when it sought after people are gonna wanna come. And so this is what happens with those types of weddings. Let's just say Billy Bob, you know, is a part of the bachelor franchise, and he gets an invite to your wedding, and he gets a plus one. He's going to look for the one person he can invite or somebody's going to reach out to him wanting to be invited, and it's going to cause fake and flawed relationships, and it's going to cause drama amongst the group and so for you, let's keep it amongst people that care about you and really love you both. And then if they have somebody that they love as well, then they can bring that person. But if not, let's have a big singles mingle. That's that's what I like. I like to be a serious relationship and also you don't really invite people to weddings unless you've really see feature with them too. Right? A Kashmir vigneault wedding, like years. So what does that say about me? I have been to so many have to upcoming on the east coast. We're staying at home in Virginia. We're going back to back two weekends for a lot of my friends. We got married young. I mean, I I had a buddy who got married at twenty two. He knows three kids. I had my most of my friends by ten, they twenty seven. We're married. I'm done with weddings innocence. I mean, my still got a couple, but yeah, we're pretty much done with weddings except for yours. And so I'm actually, I'm pumped for your wedding. I will start hunting now is a threat term is that just is it's just an a very. A very director. I'm going to start cordially dating relationship. I'm going to start being relationship minded so I can get a date to actually and Jared's wedding, hey, it's off season. We've pulled up some great episodes for offseason so far off season. One of my favorite times because we get to bring back the segment that that none of you love, but I love then bet you bitches and the segment actually you've known me for a little bit of time here. There's a very, there's a couple of things that really irk me. Let's see if you can guess you get to guesses on items in life that really irk me go. I know that Jordan self-described bit there. Andy, you or cringing the hurt. That's number one. And number two is usually like airplane, traveller, Connecticut. You're close see asked. That's why I love you. You listen and you remember your close. So same kind of scenario here. As an airplane, but we're not on an airplane, but it's the same mindset. It's patients, it's respect. It's manners. You're standing in a grocery store. Okay. I stop at a grocery store right by my house in Denver, Colorado every day for a Khumbu PA Kombucha Khumbu Khumbu same yet. Does it make you regular? Does it helps a combat you? Okay. That's all I want. That's all I need is a Khumbu. I'm gonna walk in. I'm gonna walk out. It's gonna take me no mount of time. The other day, which isn't the first time it's happened. I had to show up to the grocery store around twelve o'clock. My workout ran over. I was feeling strong when I show up at twelve o'clock. The lunch rush hour had came in and the grocery store a little more full than it was it typically nine o'clock in the morning when there's no lines. But this time there's lines in every single aisle, and I find myself looking at the fifteen times or less line, it's full packed. I don't wanna go there. But as I turned the corner, there's an open line with only two people standing in it. But I can confronted. Baya lady. I'm gonna say between forty and seventy with a full car, staring at me knowing that this line is either hers or mine. Remember I only have a Kubota she should definitely say go ahead sir. Yes, yeah, but no, no, no, no. She moves in front of me. Really. She moves in front of me and makes me stand in line behind two grocery cards where they check out now, this is this the kicker that's very in because what happens a light on top turns off that line is now shut down because of timing. So I have to move to my next line. And here's the point of the matter when you're in a grocery store when you're in an airplane or you're standing in line and security, or you're at a restaurant, have the proper decency to surround yourself. Look around, surround yourself and get a knowledge of what's happening and go, how can I let their life the people around me be a little bit easier. Am I going to take up all of their time and make them wait another thirty minutes, checking out my groceries or Myrtle. Allow this poor guy. Who has to be on a call in a meeting, take his computer and go because as soon as he drinks it, he doesn't have a lot of time before he needs to be in his proper office. The bathroom, hey, here's the thing. Here's the thing. And this one a license. I talk about it and I mean it. Let's go back to how we were as five year olds. Would somebody standing over you telling wait line, wait your turn, respect people around you. Let's learn how to stand in line. Again, let's learn how to weigh Artor. N- let's learn how to respect people around you. And when you find yourself in a standoff at a grocery store, please let the other person with the less amount of items go first significant when it's significant different. That's my. Oh, yeah. We had a staredown. I honestly, I think I think she was just like wanting to one up, you know, I get it like life gets long, and maybe it was a tough weekend. It was a, you know, whatever it was and she looked at me and it was almost like bring it on. Are you really? Are you really going to step in front of a fifty five ish lady with a grocery car? Or are gonna wait your turn Ben. And so I had to wait my turn, which is now that I'm saying it. I guess I did the right thing day I had to, but she should have just been like, oh my gosh, you go ahead. Anybody else out there I do with this stuff. Please write us in with your life, frustrations your everyday issues at Ben, and actually I heart media dot com. They're fun. They're fun for me to write down. Actually. I have a whole list on my phone right now of things that irk me in the problem with this list is it just keeps getting long larger, which makes me question myself more and more. Next week's. It's really gets about axe body spray. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I play, but anytime I get really angry actually, I read it down everybody. It's the off season. Like we said, we will always keep you up to date on the best batch of news. Make sure you review us. On anywhere you. Listen to this podcast. Tell your friends. We we have some exciting news coming up. I am going to be talking more and more about Colton. We're going to start prepping everybody for for his soon actually kind of soon as journey to be the bachelor we will. We'll keep talking. I'll everything pop culture, everything in our lives. We love you. We appreciate you. Thanks for listening with that. We wanna think hair venture is get ten percent off your hair stories, new wash by visiting hair story dot com. Back I was famous and using the promo code famous blue apron. Check out this week's menu and get your first three meals free at blue apron dot com. Slash almost famous sleepnumber look out for their fall sale and save one hundred dollars on the Queen sleep number three sixty. See too smart bet. It's only eight hundred ninety nine dollars, visit sleepnumber dot com. Slash podcast, find the one nearest you and finally our friends at fat that fun check out WWW dot fat, that fun dot com. And use the code almost famous. 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