REShow: Jim Kelly, Matt Patricia, and Howie Long. Hour 2 (08-02-19)


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What a fun I our we have with Rod Woodson and Jerome Better Stopping by Studio <hes> a few to put bombs of J._B.'s mouth that the I think I made him curse and all of those I don't know if any of those snuck past the goalie on our radio network if they did it <hes> we send our best to you and all your <hes> your your ears <hes> but I made him curse when he told a story about how beauchamp Boeckler <HES> didn't didn't reach out to him reach ricky powers who by the way I had a pretty darn good career <hes> in collegiate level not like jerome the honest reach out to ricky powers instead of Jerome Germs okay they want him to play linebacker at Michigan also some going to Notre Dame and I told him at least he had a great backup choice and that's when things began to fly that's been things began absolutely fly making his way to our show set right now is Jim Kelly is he's getting set to settle in year Chris Brockman? What is our poll no question here that people can go to at richeisenshow and vote on gophers? We got the lion's head coach Matt Patricia coming up so we'll just look at the N._F._C. North who takes that division this year who wins the N._F._C. F._C.. North Lions Bears Packers Vikings at richeisenshow to vote okay go there right now and that is brought to you by our friends at truecar car shopping can be confusing terms like like dealer price list price invoice truecar shows you what other people paid for the car you want so you can recognize a good price when you're ready to buy newer US visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car buying buying experience I love this man is thrilled. I can have him back here on the show he's one of our favorites to have anytime anywhere especially here at the pro football hall of fame where he basically changed the way the the the ceremonies take place because too many people from western New York and Western P._A.. Where he's from came down to see him go into the hall of fame in two thousand and two Jim Kelly good to see you too Richie Rake Jimmy Jim how you feeling all good cancer free right now? We're sitting here for for a year now though every year which is called but you know one thing that we don't do here as talked about her injuries because everybody to hall of fame as is your own issue so it was pretty much. I'm doing fine how you what's it like in that room. You just came out on you know what it's a special special time because you look and got another University of Miami Edry Glitch so we already had are you picture taken which is pretty cool and every year are we as buffalo bills. Do our Buffalo Bill Picture so we did that also get better when when the lunch is over but just to hear the guys talked about rednecks you talk about Deacon Jones and what they meant and when I remember when I came in two thousand and two I walk in I people I see as Merlin Russian Dick and Joan Dick but Kishen Bob Greasy Roger Stall back all of course guys like Melbourne Blunt Franko guys guys I watched growing up in Pittsburgh AC- knows guys and grow almost like a picture. Shell fell a little boy from western Pennsylvania where nobody ever went to college alone alone winning to play college football going to the N._F._l.. Ultimately nothing I even ever trumped about as being a hall of Famer and into that room it's just amazing and just to tell those guys when Marv Levy special quotes. Where else would you rather be than right here right now and you're nowhere else anybody CNET room would rather be than right there right now and just a jokes their stories in just reminiscent but good time just so yeah so I'm our earlier? He's here naive four tomorrow which sang happy birthday to video. It'll be on my instagram here. I don't know what do you think should I post ocean gate or wait till tomorrow tomorrow's Berkeley Hall of famers no Sanger today so okay so you know what let's say that Saturday content. I like you know what I mean. There's IT's Friday content. There's stuff that you can create today Jim for boy instagram. Can I ever it's funny at and by the way at Jim Kelly twelve twelve off on on Instagram as well as twitter deacon didn't like quarterbacks though so what was your what was your welcomed by Deacon that is because who lose I just talked to you yesterday camera memory now just an honest to God truth. I swear my son Deacon Jones said to me many times such a bunch of us that he never liked quarterback corby quarterback whichever who sat right and when you said that you know here's your your quarterback we're back. You play like lyme back to get that one from but yeah you know what I will take to my grave. That was one of the best compliments I ever got. Deacon Jones guys hedge off. He came to my golf tournament so it was pretty cool. He did really like yeah. Jagged in this Gordon may show. I'M GONNA hold on high on my plateau saying what did cajones shed. You'd like this quarterback which now I know it's like fight club in there too with whatever goes on in that room. Obviously it's only for a reason but I'd love to give my listeners. If whatever or you can say like what is actually the message that you think that is delivered in that room without a doubt is pretty much what I said but what are said. Where else would you rather be than right here right now? Be honored that you're part of this group that you get to come in young guys the new inductors speak so we get to talk about them and the guys from last year that didn't get to speak or I wanted to talk in the room and just really tell them those guys to cherish Russia every moment that you have of course you'll saying nobody knows what tomorrow holds you know that when you come back next year the guy sitting at your table with you as going to be bachelor enjoy every part of their ceremony enjoy it goes quick and just really just make sure they understand how important Horton this week is to every single one of us and how important is out there and just enjoy it. Take it in every day because it does I remember when I was a doctor after your show quick but to be in that room right now it's amazing because you get to sit and have lunch with the grace football player ever play the game and just the stories that are told whether joined Russia. I know a lot about him either and nine new of course about somebody other I talked early and got to see boy. My memory's not very dallas cowboy go brands. I saw Joe L. Every single year. Here's been here I mean he's part of the Dallas cowboys and just to see him in there you probably is it your combine Jim seriously doubt that's not a joke like like years probably at your combine and at my combine I don't throw because my senior college I brew my shoulder out ensure three Mirage and my right arm told me I would never play football game and I remember going to the combines I cling throw is just more for doctors to look at me. If I would be potential draft picking of course shot Russia's history go buffalo bills rest is history man you know in terms of history to as I mentioned the reason why the ceremonies in Lina Stadium now not on the steps anymore because too many people came for you and he just created such a major problem for people to come here. I remember that because it it was people I had coming like eleven hundred people from my family and my hometown buffalo with that law they said there's no way that you were going to be able to get all your people on the steps because I've been chairs and all that needs some work into about moving to the stadium and they did they almost filled whole thing wow and then also <hes>. Let's let's. Let's tell people details here that I think they want to hear. If I'm not mistaken you were also instrumental the mental in providing some form of green room and some sort of hospitality of the players as well now all the way across the field gentleman. They escorted me any last night. He should get their bummed out that that room that you create it to get your players come on you know take your little break a hot dog and a beer. They were not allowed to have a hot dog or a beer unless they've signed the train equip managers wall so I said No. You have to sign wall before you get a beer and I'd be done but there's no. There's no beverage room for you guys long or during the ceremony. It's on stage right so it's not it's not like that was that was almost like a frat house just for one of our first hall of fame that we covered that we were we went to one of the hotels here where I guess all you guys are saying you're on the bar at while you were serving the drinks and young age to be a bar tender learned a couple of sips here and there let's talk about the bills right now so much buzz about Jon Allen like that teammates love him and and and if we were all hearing about his big arm but the guy ran all over the place last year and you ran over people and he ran through what are your expectations for for Josh there hi there hi <hes> I think that depends on the people around him. I know that's an old cliche but the thing is it really is you gotTa Keep Shady healthy and I know we got Frank Gore which helps I mean you know you want to talk about the US. It's awesome and he might be the guys come into the hall of fame which is pretty for another guy but you know what the key is. In all our key guys got to stay If you don't hold onto the football too long and the best thing about today's football ninety dollars some people disagree with that especially Defensive Lineman but you're not allowed to touch quarterback anymore when I played it was huff Arken I bury him. I mean Joe Platinum's one of the guys who said you know what it was. I and boards afoot line. I jumped off side. You have a free shot at killing a neighbor what penalized watch six inches at situation. I've been hit them and get away with it nowadays all games. You can't protect the Dutch because you tell me that you're a person and United States their team. That would complain about that. They don't complain if it happened to third quarter so I think that's good but I have a lot of high hopes for Josh. I know he does too. I spent a lot of a good time with him. This year this off season whether it was going picking customized bows deer running your yeah we as a matter of fact we did that last week which is go get custom bows coming for both I in Harrison Phillips a deal for bills and got to sit uh-huh meetings with them no lot but trying to get them to understand especially. Somebody builds especially Josh it his third three I know third and four for what part of gay marriage you know when you start throwing the ball deep on the sidelines when you need a first time you have to really know where you're at and again. Keep your head Sydney game at all times and I think that's one eight hundred bothered me the last couple of years even before Josh got there that weren't making those mental adjustments when you need to especially in crucial the games and and crucial parts of the game and that's why my family my wife my to not watch football with me anymore tardy. We're here Miguel coaches at the corner about. Why are you doing third diet for you need a I don't throw the ball on the sidelines unless the diva's wag opened all just drive me nuts short and I said you gotta put your head into gang know where you're at and Net corseted game? Is the fourth quarter all you need to. I need to take the chance of a long bomb I need to I need to move to change okay. We'll go on to say that to him that way. No no I mean you obviously softened it up a little bit but you have communicated. This is the stuff that I've seen this. This is what you should be improving on. Do you think playoffs this year. I mean this is a play off team. Two years ago. Tom Brady retired. No no damn ah I know no tie so we have we have great talent both offense and defense and I'm not just saying to them a former player right. I see I've seen them work this year. She'd attitude that they have the only thing that I want to see who step up and be the leader. Uh Kyle Williams was for the bills I mean I've never been Rhonda more strong intense leader than Kyle Williams. I've seen him eamon action. I've heard him talk and that's the only thing that I hope somebody steps up and takes place because there was nobody better in motivating team than him while you're nobody nobody better than you Jim. I've watched you jumping out of that room. No problem jumping back and have a little fun and maybe have a soda. God bless you guys enjoy the best Jim Kelly twelve twelve to check out Jim on twitter and Instagram or back with Matt Patricia the head coach the Lions when we come back live from the pro football hall of fame Howie Long also still to come right here from Canton Ohio. What a great place? This is don't you Dare Move Matt Patricia the head coach the lines when we come back prepared to get stunned. Steve Austin show is back and better than ever been kicking his ass out of the driver you go home with new exciting episodes featuring tales from his new life unbelievable past interviews and talks to pro wrestling Powell's you you name it Steve's on it your cameras download new episodes of the Steve Austin show every week on apple podcasts and podcast one this summer. There's only one entrusted plays that lets you get in all your favorite sports betting action that online dot A._G.. Sign up today for a free account at bet online dot A._G.. and Use Promo Code podcast one for your fifty percent off welcome bonus or text bet now two three eight six six nine. That's B. E. T. N. O.. W. Two two three eight six six nine to receive your fifty percent. Welcome bonus. Don't sit on the sidelines this summer for Major League Baseball to the women's World Cup and all things U._F._C. Bet online dot A._g.. A._G.. has you covered visit bed online dot A._G.. And don't forget to use the promo code podcast wine bed online dot A._G.. Your online sportsbook experts welcome back to Canton Ohio Rich Eisen show emanating from the pro football hall of fame today Rod Woodson joining us earlier in the program. We just saw your own bed. It's always great to see J._p.. We've got Timour Hall of Famers in store for you but for the moment we pause for the yesteryear and get ready for yet another year <hes> Detroit Lions football the head coach of the Detroit Lions entering his second season as such joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show Matt Patricia. How are you coach? I'm doing great. Thanks <hes> super. We're excited to be on the show. <hes> we're in the middle of training camp grinding away so it's it's pretty much like days up here but <hes> that's what we love and and <hes> you know real appreciative talk to you right back right back at you. <hes> I do want to start real quick with the with the yesteryear part of it <hes> I don't know how much you cross paths with ty law aw but he's talking about <hes> tie earlier on the program he's essentially the first of the Bella check craft and Brady era of Patriots to get into the hall of fame he is. He's basically breaking ground for something that we're GonNa see a lot of guys getting in. I wonder under your your two cents on that subject coach Yeah Yeah I totally agree tie China actually very close. I was there with die in at the great <hes> you know blessing to coach Champ beyond those great teams with him and <hes> unbelievable competitor Green Guy of obviously what I was doing New England he was <hes> you know still out in the area <hes> and and <hes> you know just being able to connect to them <hes> after the plane years and he very much so you know wanted all my kids were doing just involved with <hes> a lot of the families and stuff he's just he's an unbelievable person so so excited so happy for him <hes> so well deserved and and certainly you know one of the best that I've been around so <hes> just you know what a great events venture but <hes> I agree. I think you know tie is breaking ground. I think there is going to be a lot of guys coming out of that era. <hes> that are going to be you know walking through Canton and and we'll be looking forward to all of them. It's such a special such a special time for those guys and <hes> you know the early part of the two thousands and and you know what a great group of guys and I'm just wondering before we move onto your team in the here and now you know the the the conversation is to who else should get in and how sometimes we don't hear their names mentioned very often because of the do your job mantra and how much credit coach Belichick in many ways deservingly Langley so does get for these teams and their success and there's no real individual standout because of the team mentality who do you think should stand out and get into the hall of fame from those years coach. You got me right there so I'm going to stay with the team mentality that was bred so well into us in those years and and and <hes> you know I think all of them deserve just great great games. <hes> certainly coach about check is where it all starts in unbelievable. <hes> you know opportunity to work with him. I am and learn from you know the greatest and just be around him all the time but <hes> there's so many good players from those teams. <hes> you know I hate to just ramble off some names and forget someone because honestly <hes> you know whereas it stop between the Defense Crew Tedy Bruschi Mike Gabel junior CEO Willie McGuinness. I mean guys we we'd picks on mature unbelievable play with which is unbelievable <hes> in the room at the time to all kinds of guys. I mean all of them. I mean it's just just a great group of players. Dan There's also the world series of poker champion away Richard Seymour I mean to frontline with Richard in Taiwan the other side and then obviously in the middle and <hes> you know everybody had a role on the team and everybody executed as a high level Jarvis Green with come in you know he'd get his plays but <hes> you know I think it is exactly what you said. It was all about team and <hes> those guys you know that's that's what they believed in it and that's what they played for an end up so I it's hard to separate anybody out. Matt Patricia Detroit Lions Head Coach here on the rich Eisen show and it was no surprise to me in a lot of other observers that <hes> you guys snapped up trey flowers hours. I'm wondering if just making sure that you know you brought in not only a talented player but somebody clearly knows the way things are done or the way you'd like. Things done played into that signing coach yeah. You know you trade unbelievable person. He's he's a great kid. He's <hes> someone that you know I I know very well had ah young player and was able to watch him progress as a professional and <hes> whose approach every single day the way that he had taxes his job and <hes> and continues to get better as a player and then I would say his work ethic and everything that he is as a leader <hes> from a standpoint of what he does every single day to get ready to go <hes> there's something that has great value and I think it's <hes> critically important to be able to have those guys under team so that everybody else can get a chance to see that too but I think for us. It's just a great up doing to try to improve our team and build upon the guys that we bought in <hes> you know in a lot of positions and even you know from the previous years and the players that we have here and just try to put it altogether the best we can yeah and then <hes> Mike Daniels being <hes> being added. What does he bring your team? Yeah another really strong player Deep Offensive Front <hes> guys very intense player have a lot of respect for <hes> you know some of that as you look at team. You're trying to get ready to prepare you. Keep nosing someone that's so so disruptive and someone that is just continually <hes> you know problem to have to deal with <hes> doesn't take too long before we start saying I I get that guy my side of the ball 'cause <hes> I am tired of having to deal with them every single day so <hes> getting them in the building getting his energy what he has to do what you know what he brings to the the team and all of his professionalism. It's really been a blessing from that standpoint. It's just <hes> he's great. He's really great coach Matt Patricia the Detroit Lions here on the richeisenshow. What year two for you coach where year one was the biggest adjustment from for you in year one? Do you think that you've got <hes> either a better We <hes> you know coming off season. I was here before and kind of being late into the mix of getting here and trying to get things set up and whether it's coaching staffs or changes to the <hes> the building or the you know the the players just getting to understand you know who they all are and then understanding Y._M.. And trying to get everything set up. It's really a scramble and I think you you take the first year and you try to implement as much as you can. You try to assess as much as you can and figure out what what do you like. What do you not like when he's the change and really try to put that into effect in the second year so <hes> it's? It's just been an interesting second year from that standpoint. It was almost like after the season ended <hes> you can kind of sit back and say okay what what are we really need to attack. How do we really need to make sure that everything is operating at a high level? And what are we start with so <hes> it was great from that standpoint certainly it's you know it's GonNa be all about you you know myself first and foremost to get better and to improve and there's a lot of areas that I know <hes> that I gotta get better at and having a lot of great conversations with the players to the of course spring and just <hes> kind of that open and honest feedback back and forth about things that we can all do better to help us <hes> you know be more successful and that's really what I value okay and speaking of scrambling. You Got Kyle Murray first step in a couple of weeks coach. I mean the conversation all off season all play all non-playing season. He's in town. Evaluation is whether this young man has a game that can translate to the N._F._l.. What what do you what are your thoughts on that subject about whether Kyla Murray and his height hi tour bringing that style of play to the N._F._l.? will be what are your thoughts on the subject coach one certainly appreciate that I get <hes> you know I get to look at it first and foremost foremost <hes> maybe I could have had that game eight or something like that. After everybody else you know what it's going to be but obviously with him and clip and <hes> you know <hes> <hes> put New England's. I know very well <hes> great you know off into the mind combined with extremely talented quarterback <hes> the great skill players around him and it's going to be very interesting challenge here first game the first game in general in the N._F._l.. Is huge unknown <hes> when you go into the season even because you can look at some preseason tape and you can kind of try to guess and analyze what everybody's GonNa do but until you get into that first game you really don't know and it becomes a huge adjustment game for you so <hes> the dangerous situation I have to walk into you know that going to it. <hes> we're studying preparing. We're trying to understand <hes> you know every aspect of what it could B- but honestly until we get into the game. We're not gonNA know and <hes> you know he's just a great player and we're GONNA have our hands full well. I mean it's not like you. You don't have some mysteries of your own that you might be able to present is carry on Johnson going to be a bell countback for you this year. Do you think I mean I'm sure we'll probably <hes> hold up you think back. We'll see what happens there in that first game myself you know we'll we'll unleash some things maybe and see how they end too but <hes> I think carry on in general is really you know grown through the offseason conditioning T._J.. Anderson is really been great for us to in the running back room to to help him on T._J.'s unbelievable professional <hes> really works extremely hard to gain the love of the game and I've had a lot of battles through the course of the year so I have a lot of respect for him and <hes> you know we're just going to do what's best for us. <hes> you know out of the backfield. <hes> you know every single week I think personally <hes> the running back situation through the course of the through the entire League <hes> you know there's probably only a couple of backs that just are are in there every single down you know the rest of it is going to be based on situation or <hes> you know whatever's best for those particular play calls in which is the best we kind of make sure that <hes> teacher and everybody okay I just you know I'm trying to get some fantasy football news out of you coach that I should walk in front door. I'm not too well. You know I'll be honest with you. I'm fishing still. I'm fishing a little bit. I should've known a little bit better. I should just walk into the front door with those sorts of things Matt Patricia here on the Rich Eisen show. Do you have the pencil in your behind your ear right now like literally right now especially at this very moment in my hands I just took it out of my ear and up to write a note down or something that you were going to give me some great information so you actually use the pencil it is actually used. It's not just there as a as a prop at all. It's there for use pretty much. If you continually all the time are you taking notes on my interview style Al and then providing me with any of your thoughts afterwards is that is that what's happening right now to have a good and bad list so right now we're. We're more than the good waiting for the batch. Okay well then before I let you go then <hes>. Did you see the game last night <hes> at all. Did you see a little bit of it. It just Kinda <hes> impacting. We're pretty much working on today's schedule and <hes> practice. You're coming up the next week but <hes> I the reason why I bring it. Up is VIC fangio became the first coach during our new era of pass interference being reviewable to throw a flag to try and challenge the call stood good. I'm wondering what you think of all of this coach. Were you in favor of of pass interference being reviewable yeah. You know what I think. It's a great by big to do that because I think through the course of the preseason we all have questions and we all have <hes> you know situation that are must we want to try to get as much information now with we can't before we get to the season so <hes> I think we're GONNA see a lot of that in the preseason. You know what I hope we do because I think the more we can do that hat and get clarity <hes> the more it's GonNa help us as we get to the season to be able to make those decisions and to be able to make those choices so <hes> I think it's good for for everyone involved the coaches the players the officials as many times as we can kind of get that situation and get in the preseason. I think it'll help us for the regular season so <hes> I think you know that's great <hes> and as as far as you know with the rules and all I think from the coaching standpoint <hes>. I think we're like everybody else. Everybody just wants it right. Everybody just wants to try to do the best they can and certainly we all understand that an and hopefully we get it right so I think they got it right last night. Would you agree that they got it right that the it stood as called it's not that they confirmed it and they also didn't overturn ternate. You'd think they got it right last night. I mean I think they you know from an operation standpoint. I think they were trying to do exactly what we talked about. You know <hes> so again yeah. I think it'll be interesting to see how it goes through the course of a large body of examples coach appreciate the time man and an always appreciate eight your your generosity and supporting my run not just with your words but with with your your wallet again you have been very very supportive supportive and I. I think people should know that so that's why I want to thank you publicly appreciate it. That's really very kind of you. <hes> you know I think the world of you and all the work that you do and <hes> you know I just <hes> we opportunity united up to to catch up at the Super Bowl and <hes> you know just you don't the stories really it home with me and and you know we all do more <hes> you know you're leading the charge so we gotta follow suit. Just you know we gotta get in line anything I can do you know never hesitate to ask. I appreciate that coach. Thanks so much good luck with the Honolulu blue and let's catch up during the during the season I can't wait. I can't wait. I appreciate you having me. I'll take care you got it. Matt Patricia Head Coach of the Detroit Lions in year two of his campaign <hes> in the Great State of Michigan before we go. I just want to let you know vanilla. Oh no ice wine network is back and every Saturday night to trick out tired old homes and give them a high end remix this Saturday it's bath night I- springs and all blink to make a throne room fit for a king the Vanilla ice project Saturday night only on d._i._y.. Network back from Ohio in a moment hey listeners just wanted to take a minute it to thank all of my great sponsors. All of you great listeners for supporting. This podcast certainly couldn't do this. Show without either of you. I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors answers by going to my show page at podcast one dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible so thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show stay tuned for sixty seconds of A._p.. News headlines Right after this podcast okay so we're back live from Canton Ohio pro football hall of fame. The NICI luncheon broke a little earlier than usual usually breaks like the rat around now but it broke early so that means means a little bit earlier than <hes> than we had planned. This is what we call an audible little Omaha why not he's a pro football hall of Famer one of our favorites from Fox sports as well good to see you how long great great to see you what went down in there today I saw Marshall Faulk and he said that was one. That was one for the ages what he said yes. It's always fascinating because you've got a room filled with you know it's a well that people are drinking out of now and two thousand nineteen team but the pillars or or the bricks that started the process or in that room when you've got people from the age of ninety four to the age of forty. You've got a kind of a diverse thought process in there and in some people have a more colorful way of expressing nothing is safe but who decides is what the topic is like. We decided there is no topic. There's no topic it's I think Willie Lanier is kind of taken over <hes> he's run. The room runs the room access kind of the point guard and just passes it around and anyone who wants to talk. Can you know the obviously the class from last year who couldn't speak gets an opportunity to talk and then people from Only Nicki luncheon Oh God there's so many funny guys guys that you wouldn't think would be fun. Okay Gimme Gimme good. One starbucks busted busted out no process no. I don't know that I wanNA share days but yeah no. It's it's really fascinating. That's some of the guys that get up. I mean you know I I will share with you that it's Marv Levy Ninety four yes tomorrow. The group Sang Happy Birthday in there so you know it's a group that views themselves regardless of where you from what your age is you know black white. It's it's a family it truly is it's a team and it's hard to explain to people outside of the room but it's it's pretty remarkable. Process and Deacon and rain itchy were were kind of the guys that drove the train on this in the early years years and obviously neither of those great players in Great Hall of famers are around anymore and others have tried to pick up the Mantle Howie long here on the rich Eisen show. What do you think of what's going on with Zeke and the cowboys how concerned should cowboys fans be of what's going on between these two? Who Do you pay the mall? If you've got a team I mean you built your team around triplets right and you quarterbacks get paid and you know you're not going to release them. You're not gonNA outages. Let go and you're not gonNA do the Washington. redskins Kirk cousins franchise tagging plan. Well depends on what you want. What do DAX people walk Zeke? I think is is the you know you can make the case. Zeke is the guy that kind of drives train yeah that offensive line when healthy is as good as there is in football and Amari Cooper is certainly a guy who wants to get paid also so just dealing with the quarterbacks in and of itself when you're talking about quarterbacks potentially getting paid what dictates the salary at the quarterback position. It's it's the market obviously when you're talking about. Are you talking about top ten quarterback work. I don't think you are okay. I think that would be the general consensus. I think is a lot to like about deck. I like I like DAX makeup. Let's let's compare golf and deck. I think off is a better thrower of the football. He's a guy that is a more talented don't thrower but I liked DAX makeup. I like his toughness and playing quarterback. Dallas cowboys is no easy and I think he's done in a really really good job of it and they've improving their improved last year. He hasn't been improving and let me just qualify what he just said. You asked a very direct question I gave the direct answer I think is not top ten now but when the long in the tooth guys like Brady and brees and rivers and Big Ben Depart the scene at some point during DAX career he who has who has a bigger who has a bigger upside physically is it golfer. Is it back I might go back. What do you think you go the other way? Well I tend to lean the other way but my thought process is the more people you surround around Dak with to go along with the toughness the leadership the makeup that he has. I like his makeup better better than I like golf makeup. Although off is an extraordinarily talented quarterback I think when the run game falters for both players they struggle now who will come through the smoke and turn three and become that guy I think the more people you surround AC with Amari Cooper certainly had an immediate media impact on the offense index performance well when you send when you said the question becomes is it. Is it thirty two million a year or is it thirty the eight million a year. Well better be thirty two million well. I'm you know you're hearing. It's going to be north of that north of thirty two I I you making that face like no way no I I know but when you traded one for Mario Cooper and everybody thought that Jerry Jones and Steven Jones were nuts for doing that and then the joke was on us okay how cooper looked terrific. He was and what he did to open up this offense that you you know you're GonNa have to pay him. I mean you know no. You're going to get some contractual control but it's GonNa have to pay him. What really opens up the offense is the running back in? That's and they've set it all up so you know you're gonNA have to pay a him unless you think he's off the field but you're going to sort of girly I mean so did Wentz. I mean like you know what I mean like so getting it done early rather other than late certainly when I got a guy and you got the this is the year I think the cowboys could sign back to the winds deal. Tomorrow signed that deal. I'm I'm thinking to hold up is that it's probably going to be north of that. Howie long here on the rich Eisen show the best team in the N._F._C. A._f._C. Right now going into the season you unfought Chicago bears? I didn't ask you relative on that team. I told them your last man standing any play. Good that's right. He's the last long stand in that regard. The bears are not a bad choice by the way I mean that's that's not your rams rams loaded. You know when you when you're it's difficult to bounce back from from something like that particularly when you have a dynamic offense the Patriots. How do they do it? I know ask your your your other son. I was ask Chris we did that game and I was somewhat involved in the process of picking where to go and was Atlanta was Dallas. It was Detroit and I said look just look at the sheer numbers New England is I've been division winner. How many times how many times they gone to the A._F._C. Championship game how many times they going to the Super Bowl? That's the place you know Bill Bella Cecchi. He's he is the Lombardi of our generation fast four halftime. Yes twenty eight to three. I think it was twenty eight to three yes twenty eight to three and it's twenty one to three Brady threw a pick six to start okay so it's twenty eight to three at some point. I'm the worst father in the world in the world so you know it's yeah but but who who by the way made one of the biggest plays of the game later on the fourth quarter Chris that's correct yeah who who made the big play for the Philadelphia Eagles when they were down seven nothing to the Minnesota Vikings in that playoff game who's the one who made the the pass broken broken out onto foresee inception turning touchdown and then the whole and then the roof fell vikings and that being said you go back to the rams and you've got this dynamic offense. That's just rolling over people and when you look at New England on tape and you say a okay who do they have and that's why we're talking about. How Thai law here is the first time he's the first Brady Bella Check Jack Craft parcells era the whole dynamic that I think you know Willie McGuinness? I think guys like that should get in yeah in my opinion. I you know the funny thing is about doing it particularly. If you're playing on defense it's not about you. It's not what suits you you best. It's what suits us best in a particular week I can be you you could be me. Were all interchangeable therefore we're all replaceable. That's the Patriots the right guard can be the left guard left guard can be the left tackle. The defensive end can be the outside linebacker. He can also be a defensive tackle Corey Brown. The Wide Receiver was defensive. No no in my point is for like a guy like Richard Seymour having played in a scheme somewhat like that sure I played in a three four straight to gap you rush the quarterback on third down other than that. You were straight to gap Richard Seymour's numbers if he were playing in a different defense would the astronomical. I think he's that good of a player yeah good to see you good to see. We're going to appreciate you jumping in here in La Tabby on during the day. I think I've got an uber out. They don't even know how to get over. What you're about to ask you what your rating they rate you? The drivers have no idea my wife does that. What do you think may October rating is? It's not good he doesn't he doesn't know what to do tune. He Goes Uber. Is that an offensive guy on cal rights super. I saw Brad you watch on this guy. Uber's got that ankle affliction but I think we can work with. He's a he's a he's bender heavy like mad good to see you how great family that's how long everybody pro football hall of Famer. Our number three is for all of us. Maybe it might snow snag another goal jackets down the hallway the news update eight four four two zero four rich number to dial. We're live from Canton Canton Ohio the night of the jacket. I'll tell you a little bit about that when we come back when your favorite show ends Rob Sister Nino is just getting started with post show recaps on podcast podcast one sign me up join him for live interactive podcasts right after episodes of your favorite shows like big little lies in Star Trek discovery plus Netflix original shows shows like stranger things and so much more. I WanNa see stranger things in the big city. I want some Chicago Rhythm. Okay another Dick Wolf Production Chicago's stranger things down the all new episodes of post show recaps every week on apple podcasts and podcast one the Garner case. I'm Ed Donahue with an A._p.. News minute a judge is recommending ending. He be fired the New York Police Department is suspending Daniel Pantaleo. The officer accused of being using a choke hold in the two thousand fourteen death of Eric Garner the Mayor Bill De Blasios Wazi today for the first time in these long five years. The system of Justice is Working Union chief Patrick Lynch's response to the mayor he has lost the confidence of New York City police officers. We always hoped that he come to his senses and understand the job that we do. The final decision on Pantaleo rest with New York's police commissioner also in New York are Kelly pleaded not guilty to federal charges. He sexually abused women and girls who attended his concerts. He was denied bail. The judge determined him to be a flight risk and a danger to public safety. R Kelly is facing facing charges in a separate case in Chicago. I'm

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