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Uh? A law. The Yankee pup studios. Now the Yankee craft beer. Kost near the pipes being pulled. Not allowed to bring the drums, and let's have a party. She just. David. Kaby? Doc you Jamesy project project. Dick, dick Jacobs. Take it away you pay for that. Hello. And welcome to. Yes. Very special edition of Britain Yankee pub, this is addition number two ninety-nine up and ultimate one before the big three hundred and on today show. We have actually something outside of Illinois. We are headed to the great state of Colorado into a burry that I've had some bottles of beer sitting in my Britain Yankee puff ridge for some time. And it was saved because I wanted to get an interview with the man who bird them more from him in just a second. Joining me today in the pob is my two special guest hosts on my left your right? Well, guess it doesn't matter you'll you'll listening watching is guest host number one, Mr. chock-full from church street. Hello, chuck. Hello, phil. Hello. Hello. You're supposed to go like hell. Hello. Hello. Hello. I okay now. We'll get you down. Perfect sometime. Varied up. Yeah. Have you had a busy day brewing? Yeah. You were telling me. Yes. Talking to TJ who's a Hebrew out there yesterday. And he said that things were breaking have you have you fixed them mostly the glycol fixed of the pumps are fixed. Something else, bro. Can't remember what it was now? Okay. Very good. I like it when things break. That's okay. Well, and then next to you vines one on only broom, Mr Kim Mullen. Hello, ken. How's it going filled? Now, you're supposed to say bonus noches, you're sick. Now, it's going to look up the Irish greeting, and what did I say? Well, they say top tomorrow until you very Boorda to you. So we have oh excuse me. We have a special edition as I said today we're going to be calling Colorado now which burried youth. No is in Colorado in Longmont silence. As your blues. I wish it was. No next in long. And for the for the listeners, I was holding. What not? Left-hand either. There's absolutely hundreds of Burs out there in Colorado. But in Lamont, I seem to have a passer of good ones. So you have mentioned Oskar blues you have mentioned left hand. But it's neither those it is a brewery cold Willoughby brewing. Now strange name right WIBC, y what us because it is named after Ryan webby who is the president and broom Astor and who we have on the phone hopefully right now. So welcome Ryan from Longmont, Colorado. How the hell I do. Doing great. How about yourself? Excellent. Thank you. We have been an -ticipant ING giving you a call for some time. The reason being my family my in laws they actually live in Longmont. So I have been to your brewery. I spent New Year's day twenty eighteen there because it was the only place opener was close, and you had a pajama party. If I remember all the servers were in pajamas. We do that every day. So people can recover from the the party, and then relax and watch them 'cause ballgames, and and it's always a good time on near stay there. So I had a good time. And that was where I was introduced to your range of loggers, and we'll get into kind of how you started up in just a second. But one of the other reasons that we wanted to call you was because we had a little discussion here ju to some biz will brought to. To me from my relations for buffed and Christmas. And it includes the selection of four biz that you have done, which I don't know if you've done anything else like this. But they all your knee holistic your nine towed knee who Listrik Russian imperial loggers the ninety nine. Of the office. Oh nine list. Okay. So tell us the story behind these loggers because it generated discussion about between a few people that I know about how the hell did you get ten percent AB out of a log? And while you're doing that I'm going to open one we're going to solve. That's the best way to do it. So our idea in my sister's ingredients to. Craft lagers that it hit any rain would Uber that craft it help obtain and so one of looking at with the Russian imperial stout. So love so much and has so many great friends at thinking awesome stout. I wanted to do the same things as longer. So put recipe together has some smoke more than their some votes. A lot of black mall, chocolate malt. Let a caramel sixty mall. The kids just ends of layers of flavor for for this product. And we split the badge up half was on barely and the other half with barely. And we did four different versions was as justed rum barrel. One just in a bourbon barrel, and then we had a run and a bourbon barrel. Very added. Coffee vanilla and could count it to the to the beer let there for on say eight to ten months. And what does is it kinda created this mocha flavor as the barrel, you know, imported rum or bourbon flavor they played really well with the vanilla and the chocolate which is just brought out different types of flavors that you get out of Creole stout. But since if cold for minute and cold age has much crisper cleaner finish, but still tons of restaurant. I like the fact that you put a little bit of a smoke moat in there, and you must not have put too much because it's just a hint. You know when I'm tasting. And that's. A long time ago from Bobby Farrar who is now a to out in media, Pennsylvania. I work at the same company is heated iron Breen restaurant. And I mean, he's won a medal at the great American beer festival for I think the last seventeen years or something like that. And it's usually for his Russian period style and ones that he always said he was putting around five percent of either Peter malter, all and that smoke will kind of round out a lot of those harsher flavors. You get from the caramel mall or the mall. So I'm tasting this. And I would think it was more like a porter than than than a log. But obviously, that's the fermentation process. Right. This is fucking tremendous. Oh my God. My first sip of this. And I didn't know what to expect. But as pointed out that little smokiness in it. Yes, kicks. It off to me is like if can someone tastings says, I taste like a smoked malt. Then you probably put too much in like if I was drinking this that win jump out at me. I would say maybe in I really nit picked at. I think I do. But like you said it's just in the background there. And that's that's the way. I like it. That's the way I do with my Russian imperials as well as just a little bit. Even though, you know, they'll say, oh, it's not supposed to have Piedmont in there. You know, what it does? So so what does the what does the title referred to? Do. You have nine toes. Not yet. Haven't dropped a keg Onuma. Are you familiar with the film the big about mile? Yeah. These guys are I never go into it. Right. You're a big lebowski guy. Right. Can I would say about ski guy, but? The thing is when they after they cut off the the guys denial is real friends. So he's nine nine list, and the ideas that have a bottle of one of these beers that you believe in nothing like the nihilist that we got the name nine Nyla. That's hints on the label. As I look at the bottle. I forgot. You've got a you've got a footprint and oversee that small so is missing. And you you've done a nice thing because you put your insignia on the bottom of the footprint. So tell us a little bit about that insignia. Let's find out a little bit about Whidbey brewing. Your in Longmont, and that insignia is is significant. I mean, we wanted to say call was out in Colorado where a lot of us the Colorado flack market their product. And we kinda wanted to be something that was a little bit. You know, it will to try and send that just the state of Colorado. But just the feeling that you get here while you're at the state the mountains, and there's several ws layer into our. So you can see just a repetition of our our brand. And then in the center is six points, which has a couple of different meanings for us one for me is six point Starr was used during the medieval time as the Signi a brewer or brewery. So like you'd walk stream Sussex when are that, you know, that was a bird burry. It also has some significance for. My business partner who is originally from the Chicago area. And as we all know that Chicago flag has info or six point stars on it. And so kinda show this little Takagi element at the foot of the mountain, which is kind of is very Representative longline itself. Which was a town started by people who move from Chicago via land in Colorado, and they call it little Chicago eventually became called Longmont after that. Yeah. I I'm I'm very familiar with the low moan area. I think you'll brewery faces the Santa Fe and something railroad, right? Yes. And it's really cool because you can sit there and say all these big ass American trains come rolling in. And it's pretty cool. How long have you been open? We open Labor Day weekend to fifteen so just over three years now and you're in a building that used to have something to do with turkeys or chickens. Yep. The Butterball land if for. You know, the big economic director in the city of long month, but in the early ninety on aggregate all their production down to Georgia. So the Turkey plant left empty. We're actually across the street in their old truck maintenance facility. So it's very feeling the dry semi in there to do truck repairs or spray the trucks down after they made delivery to kind of get rid of solid weight. So is left after the turkeys water which. Really gives the great shifting to build. The biggest you know, very the size of wanted. It's eighty three hundred foot building until our seventeen hundred square feet and the rest is left for production safe. So allows only for quite sizeable taproom enough to business into the regional or that we be it. Also, we have very large overhead garage doors or meant for Semites ago now are covered with glass or there's tons of sunshine throughout the entire tapper ry. I mean, I know our guys in the house don't they wear sunglasses for safety goggles that are any other dogs because it's just so right in there. All the time is this really awesome for the feeling that you're in the -bility. Wow. So you can see what you're doing. Yeah. We we made it in the upper. So people could see into the brewery. So there's a very large glass wall that separates tapper from the brew house. He could see the statement Bill you can see the reverse in 'cause they're always act there. But it kind kinda gives them safety enough that they can listen to loud, and you know, music with whereas. Yeah. When up until about a year and a half to one of the only reworked those nights that have that interaction with the customer base, but they'll feel prophet at the same time. So it's. It's it's a dream. Come true. That's for sure sounds cool. How how big is your Bruce system? I we have a three vessels fifteen barrel. Brew help and thirty or sorry. Eight thirty barrel. Fermenters in a thirty barrel logging things and one thirty barrel writing. We knock out twice a day about ten to twelve hours. We've mash cooker so we do separate for everything for making loggers is the best way to make logger starting with the separate for them ash. Our lottery ton is actually geared for the twenty barrel system. So we can do much larger batches at like the ninety nine minutes. Still get really good efficiency. And then I kept a will. But for dedicated world bowl, and that will allow the double production within the same day. You mentioned that you had some lagging tanks. So. Attorney straight. We just let our beer's lager in the ferment. We pulled the east off the bottom of this some point. And they sit there for, you know, maybe six six or eight weeks, but you you go from the fermented. And then you move them into the lagging tanks is that what you guys do that. Correct. Okay. We have on a logger into inks that are kinda act on top of each other. Yeah. Picture of them here. I'm showing them are shown them. Oh, yeah. Looks like you named him after I I don't know many people that know about the twenty seven club. But I did. And I told my kids about it and they were pretty shocked. Well, twenty seven club share with the clause. Can you wanna tell us from what I under-? And if you're true ocsta- are you don't live at the age of twenty seven. And so, unfortunately, there's a lot of to Rockstars out there that died aged twenty seven. So the first Hicks that we had were Jim Morrison. Gimme Hindri pig than from the Grateful Dead, Janice. Joplin Amy wine how Kirk Cobain we since added, Pat who is part of a rep crew out of Houston and Linda Jones who used to be a backup singer for Al green and diabetes. When she only seven. I I mean, we here in their rest kinda clarify and just let you know. Young tasting beard or become more mature. And so I came up to the naming idea because of artists are resting in peace and we want our beard rest in peace offer. Those two weeks logging on. That's really cool. So from the aspect of what we're drink in. Now, we cracked open the one the the Bubba mbira nihilist with coffee now, am I correct in saying that hot box coffee was the one that also blues put into the. They put it into something. I know because I call it hot box is. So what is hot box coffee is that a brand that's really popular out that. The coffee or owned by the audible corporation. So they actually have a rosary inside of their main brewing facility and their former row third got Nowy kinda just wanted to connect with because we both liked each other's products. And so he brought me into their place. And kinda just astonished me with what flavors coffee can produce and my favorite thing. From him was a got a pound of Nicaraguan coffee that had been aging in a ten fifty bourbon barrel age beer, one of their barely barrels as of the coffee in. And I remember having for Christmas as you're making the coffee, it bourbon and the air. When we mix it with some really burgundy eggnog who really freely as rich as the best way to spend Christmas. So can you you you'll you'll swelling and sniffing and tasting. What are your wreck? I didn't coffee. I didn't get to comment on the first one which go ahead, which is the I like it when Bruce another bruise biz. The first one was just was I say just but was the aged in bourbon barrels version, and it it's kinda cold fills porn on a little bit cold. And I still got this layer of flavor of of mall aromatics out of it. They were just fantastic. And then as it warmed it got the mouth feel got creamy and just just the flavors are really coming together in that beautifully. You don't necessarily taste bourbon. It's like, no. It's not like most bourbon barely beers. And let me let me jump in there because he said I said that co will I went on the fact that you code it a Lago. So I thought log should be the little, you know, little chillier what what temperature really works for this. It's okay. Because it's going to warm up as I put my hands around it. Right. I know. But okay, I'm getting it out the fridge air. We'll Ryan what what what temperature should it be? Those bottles forty to forty five degrees. Probably the the prime temperature range for them. Just because of the reasons. The air. Max will start releasing from the beer and just give you more. Well rounded flavor profile. But it's like that cold. It's like it freezes your tongue and don't really taste every come on. So you guys have been there fall. What we now twenty nineteen. So you'll be coming up on the fourth year in seems like I continue to see a large growing population who alike in you'll be you've won some awards. How you you know, how you handling this expansion if you will? Or for the production side. I'm pretty fortunate have a spectacular team of Ruhr than anyone guys. We kinda we maximize everything so take FC fill a right back up. We just purchased a new caning line. Current canine does about thirteen minute and sudden well for us now, but it's a two manual outgrowing it so any line do forty cans of minute be here in March just it'd be night and day after that year. And then so brewing wise on just I couldn't be prouder. Those guys everybody that or exact there started out of the keg watcher is moved up to get to the position or in. Everyone really knows everyone else's job and can help out when needed and that's kinda. How I got into the industry is a start as the the low guy in totem pole and learned every job going up. And so I wanted to keep that kind of model after two. I was going to ask how how did you get into brewing? While you a home broker, and how the hell did you change that from a hobby into hey, it's my life. It's the first batch here ever made. I said he'd chemistry. It's the big New York. And the last lab we had my junior year of college was we've learned the chemistry of beer making. And light bulb. Just went off in my head. And I was like you. You could make beer they're living with the chemistry. And so I started home brewing there and from my first batch of home rule, I knew that this is gonna do for the rest of my life. Not it wasn't just making beer. It was owning the brewery and making it that way. So after I graduated I do I need to get some practical experience. So I became a taproom person bottling line operator at a local brewery moved down to the Philadelphia area. Gonna just got a job at a brew brew pub. The great thing about is aren't health grew in restaurant. And in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and we brood over a hundred thousand year in the first year, and I got to create my own recipes interact with guests is a front who's just a great way to see the world of beer from there. I moved back to to get a production facility. But had this still does your for former education. And so I went to the VA in Berlin, Germany is six months or defy broom course, and there for extra four months, basically 'cause I just fell in love with Germany and didn't wanna leave. So. Yeah, I actually always lived up each side in the school, the west, I I guess that the travel or the I made every day like people couldn't do twenty years before I got there, which is kind of a surreal feeling. And I mean, the most valuable was I learned how to make loggers from sermons and. Favor favorite German, isn't favorite. What are some of your favorite German breweries are lagers? I mean, Augustine her is I didn't stop drinking beer when I was there. Juncal's really good too. And then I think the most memorable experience I had is we were cleaning out the burry, and we found Berliner vice that was made in like nineteen sixty five. What year was this? Two thousand. Oh my God. Yeah. Okay. Did you drink it it we had some it wasn't carbon? We've found the once the vitals, the rusty cap most aided in the other one, but it was just thought it was incredible. That I mean, probably is a guy who made that beer are no longer walking on the earth, and we're still drinking some of their product. So they watch it. I was born in fifty three I'm still. Yeah. Matthew. Hey, you might have been no. By the way. I've just got you next been name rusty caps. Yeah. Right. We're gonna crack open your aged in rumba rose version because we want to do a comparison. I certainly enjoy the coffee version, which the coffee is very subtle in it and the combination it's got vanilla right and cacao nibs or something. Yeah, they're all just so subtle. And and well as perfect landed. You know, you're not getting knocked out by coffee is just. Just. Yeah. We've had some busy out with coffee. Hey, Ryan, every get sucked into brewing, his business, and do you ever get, you know, pulled into doing stuff that trendier just to, you know, people happy and like a hazy, log possibly. It's funny. I think we get into the locker processing like reading, we don't even filter anything so tall, definitely clarify. And so we haven't done that. We don't use. You don't use finding agents by any chance for. Just with the horizontal logging tank. The since from the top of the thing the bottom of short that yeast was his naturally drop the solution in a pretty quick time. Compared to him is in a stand up, you see sits longer, and so we I mean, very clear beer, it was also this kind of a product of the process of opening up breweries where? Times. I mean, we ran out money right before your opening up in the last thing, I'm going to buy the poster like while filtered and it's worked out so far. So. Uh-huh. I'm really glad about that. Because I've worked on filters before. And it's not fun. It's just a lot of cleaning. And a lot of this an extra step that kind of you know, so just to kind of run down some of your. Say nontraditional adjuncts you've added into some of your biz. I think you did one a correct me if I'm wrong moon dunk. Oh, had something funky in it. We throw it into that here. It's a lower bitterness the hot when we're brimming. But the cow or added towards the back into the Boyle, they actually don't give chocolate tweet or chocolate milk chocolate sweetness, but they give more like coffee. Don't talk bitterness to the beer so nicely rounded out. We also wanna silver medal for f- with that beer too. Yeah. I was that was one of the ones that I kind of looked at on the list and said ou should I have here is it any good? And I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, I I really enjoyed the whole flight that I had which was I don't know. I think probably about six or eight of and I they would just great. So how are you going to expand your business? We only going to be able to get you. If you go to Colorado. Currently it's are Kirk think capacity or volume capacity is fifty six hundred barrels of beer, we did thirty eight hundred pass years shooting around five thousand this year. And then depending on how to eighteen and up will be there having more tank, so we can start to serving out of state at that point pay reign of question. This regards to barrels, do you reuse your barrels or once you're sort of one and done, and then you sell them and move on. Yeah. Just the way that we're processing veer loggers or just the tend to be more delicate. We we. We trash are barrels or we use them as Gadio furniture Asser. We use them. Yeah. Yeah. I just and we definitely barely differently than a lot of other very square on. We almost finished products into the barrel. And they're they're more sensitive to temperature. We keep the barrels cold and our floor. So they don't have lot richer to Asian the Vero is, you know, technically, logging further stated that cold immature just in apparel. Longer to pick up a lot of that barrel. Rumor that favor. So, yeah, let's temperature fluctuations and suppose humidity's controlled a little better possibly. So you know, what does the future hold for you guys? It sounds light you settling into a business model that is going to keep you going for a very long time because traditional biz adjust. I, you know, there was a discussion point that went out on Facebook recently from some guy code the burnt out via guy and had a blog and his token about how how have have all these styles. Really are they really gonna lost? Or is it just the the people who tasting them on something new the next week? And as they get older will they go back to the traditional styles, which I see you'll brewery, providing the traditional styles just like just like Joe street does and Ken produces some outstanding English miles. I have to say. What can is there anything that? You might do that would like kind of get out of the law Garing, and perhaps do an IP a poultry or something like that. But we do we have the kind of do experiment mental here coming out spring, which is a day logger, and they Szekely it's like a cider beer hybrid with fruit flavor, and that's such a little bit a deviation all done traditionally, and that's just because we will appeal to a larger audience of this is also a gluten reduced products which get asked about quite a bit. And so. That's of part of it. But I going back to the personal like lager aspect. I think thing that is just right and true. And always will be with our culture where I don't think as the IP or the super bitter. I've hit they're going to go away. But I don't think they're going to be a long lasting trend for for the craft beer scene. I think kind of roles people kinda like to have, you know, they wanna take something different in new like some IT eight has made like biscuits in Asia cocoa puffs or something like that. But at the end of the day, you know, have, you know, a log or something that's all it flavorful. But these your leave your palace Christian clean and make you wanna drink another one. And I just noticed that when I would think it's my first year in the industry and. I know these brewers into the, you know, a conference they've been trying these different beers. And they always end up drinking a PBR something like that. Because he's wanted to have something that's just either drink or kind of wrap your mind around at the same time. I'm with you there. I think I think the beginning of, you know, making all these beers. With added sugars them, you know, the lactose the milkshake IPA's and the stuff age age on cereal and pastries doubts round es and is and stuff marshmallow. It was I think it's people trying to make something that's out of, you know, the newest thing they're trying to make something new that's different. And then it brought a lot of new beer drinkers into drinking, but drinking beer, but you know. You know, I kind of equate it with either wine-drinkers where you start with a dessert wine and you move onto a. As you drink more and more wind you move on to maybe the whites and you end up with the dryer, dry reds of really get into it or like cereal. Would you eat when you were young you like these super sweet cereals, we bakes? Okay. Never mind. If you're English other English, the second English reference it none of us got here. Hey, it is the Britain. Yankee you guys the Yankees. I want to I want to go back to the coffee thing you talked about. I think any brewer who's thinking about Brune with coffee outta spend some time with a coffee boutique or craft coffee roaster that says into coffee as we are into beer. I did it with ten drops down in Plainfield. And it's first time, I taste coffee that tasted coffee that tasted like blueberries. I mean, it's amazing. I also learned that the more you roast coffee, the the more the less caffeine get so all those times, I was drinking talion rose thinking, I was getting really high caffeinated stuff. It was actually getting off it. But but now, you're you're and the other thing I wanted to say about your beers. We've had three of oh. By the way, we're on the Rumney. Now, we're on the rum barrel aged just a straight up one right now. These are ten percent beers are big beers. A lot of the. Russian imperial stout. Are so sweet on the finish. And yours are really. Yeah. A really nice finish. The the viscosity is excellent. And it's really enjoyable. You could really drink, you know, a fair amount of this without I know, I haven't like rents in between. So I gotta tell you Ryan, I usually keep a record of memorable biz for whatever reason I had a pickle Goza. Now. It was a brewed by local company on it. Wasn't that great details? But it was one of those biz that you just went back and had a sample of. So your your busy going on my twenty memorable biz for twenty nineteen even though you did it in twenty eighteen right? But I mean as thinking for that. Glad they're holding up on the of it. The my I don't my words. See the bottle. They cringe a little bit because we were using to fill every bottle we use by Homebrew Kanter pressure bottled filler, so they're filled one time and time. Took it out. I think for the four different version. It's about sue weeks of Auteuil labor of love at least down these styles. They can handle that. So you can do this one again. I don't know we have a lot of fun recipes kinda upper sleeve we've been doing we've been doing the same with our Dunkel, which is our extended winter seasonal to seven and a half percent augurs his chocolate, and then we actually aged on vanilla and more chocolate in the barely versions are just I mean, they've meld really well with that the chocolate multi little bit more than the beer that you're having right now, the one thing that I mean at least. From brew masters for like that. I wanna start developing or a wild side of our brewery to make a really great hell and Hellas are like the thing to start putting a barrel aging salaries and stuff like that. And so that's kind of the big plan for we're going to start to a more these larger bottled version. Well, I think you mentioned a Hello slog. I think one of the baseline biz that I've come to know in love is from jocks Joe street that heavenly hell us. It sounds like what we need to do is an exchange of beverages here where you can you can send some of you goodies. And we'll focus on those. And then we'll certainly in return send you some balls of the stuff that these guys making and Ken if you've done any lottery. You have actually didn't I bro? Logger with you. Chuck, so many biz. At how mine, and we were we were. That's sponsors bell. Khatun Dunkel Voisin. That was okay. Yeah. That's right. Oh, okay. Pretty sure. Yeah. And that's right. Nicole the five gallon bucket. Visors right heaven. That's all right. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I'm such a neophyte. I just liked to drink the beer, and I have to say that the patient on these beers was high right? I've had them sitting in my fridge for a long time since thanksgiving to be quite onus. And I was just so hoping they work on this down, and they did not let us down. No. And I'm glad these guys liked him too. It's not just me. Ryan. Thank you so much for giving us some of your time. I hope you batteries not running down on your cellphone. I'm all good up here. I have one other thing to ask it you're out there. Just a a little ways from Denver, and I know craft brewers conference this year is out there in Denver. Can I can I come? Can I? I'm gonna be out there. But I'm wondering if you're doing anything for that. We are hosting the lunch for the long bridge were which is the Monday before. And we bring it down to Denver for it. We don't really party set up. But they will definitely be there. Drove and the one thing that would be doing is really good. At is. The the beanbag us games porn whole very one. We've won six thousand dollars at the cornhole tournament craft brewers conference two years in a row. So we're looking to bring some more money home for. Oh, pretty cool. It sounds like a challenge to me what just to. Hey, Ryan, do you do you can this as well? Then these these lagers dark loggers nine hundred nine they're only in bottles. I think we have only a couple cases less right now. And it's just the run versions that are less. We can our our mainstay product. I just Arcadia really important to our acting process to anything that's been in a barrel. Never go to the line because I don't want to risk infection with other province. I think you should keep that old canning line and use it for that. Maybe I just sell it to pay for the new one. Okay. Well, it's been a pleasure talking to you. Thank you so much again, I'm gonna promote people going out to Colorado. They have to take a trip up to see. I mean, they got three great breweries in in Longmont. And just let you know. I was at left hand brewing one week off they opened. Thank you very much dates me. Yeah. But now you've got a slew of great breweries Justin loan a law alone. And you know, you guys easy to find tell us exactly wept. People can't find the sixty four thousand dollar question. We ask is what's your phone number? Phone number is three three seven seven six four five nine four damn sixty thousand dollars. Berlow in St. downtown Longmont, but you can find our beards all over the front range as far north as for Collins as far south of Castlerock. Hey, there's another burry full Collins. Couple of. Yeah. Enough of those guys. Thanks. We're going to carry on. We're going to try that rum Byrol coffee version, which hopefully will be just as by the way, I think to sum up the difference between the two the bourbons a little more soft and the rum tends to be more shop. You know, there is there is a difference between the two you can taste it subtle. Both very very good. So yeah, we're going to have to exchange biz. You guys had a on the way. I know that. Oh, cool. Thank you very much. Well, I will review those with well, actually, we have reviewed you'll be as before when I've had them. So I I haven't found one. I haven't liked that. Let me say that. Yeah. That's good good enjoyable biz. There is so many out that lazing gentlemen. But I think you need to take a trip to be. I'm gonna stop out there while I'm at CBC. And I can I jump in your baggage. We're driving out. Oh in. Yeah. Oh my God. On phil. I've done that. They won't do it in a Prius. The gas. A Ryan again. Thank you very much. Have a great evening. Thanks again. Take care. On the. On on the in many. This. On this bone on the. Dave. John k. But these.

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