EP111: Why Johnny BaBa is Taking Barber Training to the Next Level


This is not in the hedge an industry poker show we've done episode number what her eleven to how to cut in the head Jesse Industry Guscott justice show you that gives you the insights and information to take your handwriting and the next level as your host dumb sh hey welcome back to two in the headdress in industry show with myself dumblane episode number one hundred and eleven and until I'd say that you are listening to the U._K.'s number one rated and original pucker show for the hair <music>. I'm Barbara in industry on the podcast today. What Johnny Baba is taking barber training to the next level and if you like what you hear make sure to subscribe to get new episodes every Monday morning this week on and will to cut it in our talk Jesus we're going to do here? I've got to do something number one to protect what I've been you know be to actually grow motto built and see is to future-proof my own business. You know how do you do you. You know what I mean. So what you do only wanting you can't do you gotta growing from the inside. 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Caesar's the it's it's just a lot more than a pair of his as you really are entering into a group of exclusive hairdressers with so many exciting things plan so get onboard so Akito scissors visas dot com moving into today's episode. We have Johnny Shanna better known as Johnny Baba who's the CO founder of Baba U._k.. And this is the second time we had johnny come onto the show in episode Twenty Twenty One <hes> we learn about his stored and brilliant story and his rise in the barber in industry which is well worthless and so after this episode today do go back and episode out but this one is centered around Janis New Academy and his force on Barbour training because he is looking to take in his to the next level and what you here in this episode. The reason that is setup. This academy is about training within is really good insight. It may give you some ideas of your Barbara Hairdresser. It doesn't matter but it's why he's training within so this is a great listen. It could help with recruiting problems that many of us may experience but also sprinkled Rinku into this is Janis opinions whether you agree with Johnny or not you can't help but take notice of what he has disease very honest. He's very up from and I love it. I think is great. I think opinions if they're valid a really really worth listening to a Johnny has aren't stripes in industry and I think he's earned his place to give his honest opinions so is a great topic whenever you got Johnny Baba on the podcast. You are GonNa love what he says so we're we're GONNA get straightened. Today's episode hundred eleven with Johnny Barber of Bob Barber U._K.. Really excited to bring back onto the how to cut it podcast for the second time he joins a red group does Aziz man because I'm delighted to bring on the legend. Is Johnny Shanahan or Johnny Baba Johnny Welcome back to how to cut it down. How we doing okay brilliant I always excited to to you and I would just have a little catch up before before coming on live and yeah just having a little catch up on where things I mean so we bought you on? I don't know if you remember we lower spy spoke back in August two thousand seventeen. I Dunno where that wells gone for our listeners who want the story three to Johnny Go and Chat Episode Twenty One. We'll put link in the show so so much was going on view. Johnny and we had a brilliant time to continue we learn view and so what's been going on. We're Baba's since we last spoke in two thousand seventeen <hes> really loud in fact. We're just really trying to grow us. Try Try to steady and grow at the same time which is it's quite difficult thing to do challenging and enjoying at the same time all <hes> we've since we've spoken we've often to more stores for in Seoul in London and one inhale in Cheshire which is South Manchester and we've just opened our I wanna say just opened emphasis expose since last January first academy again in Manchester and his from strength <unk> between training our own new apprentices end private courses and you know all funds off in all so it's it's been very very busy <hes> I'm used. I'm so used to being busy now. I don't think I'd know do her. Wasn't you know but I do think there's a big difference between busy and being productive and I think you know for a long time. I was busy food and now it kind of look at them in a position. Where can I can focus more on what I need to be focused and you know we've greats such great team around us? Now you know what I mean to the infrastructure is getting bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger so we've allowed really really key players in the in the company that are really really had been squatting to where we need to be no I it's been good because I've been watching the the journey of you off a follow. You'll religiously on on instagram so today I do you WanNa learn a little bit more by Your Academy what you do because in today's conversation John I wanna get your thoughts on on the training aspect of men's hairdressing because it can be quite varied. Avi would say maybe a rise of a few academies that maybe I would imagine you may not be to approving of. We'll get into that in a bit but just to the Barber Bob around. So how many shops have you now got seven grown as you wanted probably too quickly. If I'm if I'm being brutally honest you know I think if I could jump into a time machine do it all again. You know certain things that we do the same certain things doing differently. I think you know a lot other times. You get excited and you get caught up in this growth of having noted shops and you forget this with those shops. You also need to staff you know and not just staff. You know what I mean. When you're trying to grow Brenton like I'm trying to do you know and I think everybody? Nobody likes thinking instead of as a brand. You know thinking business as a brand because you know it's it's like Gordon Moore now. You know you forget that you have to have you have to have people who want the same things as you do. You have a hundred shops but if you got a hundred shops with one hundred different ethos and one hundred different managers you know looking after a thousand different staff but all those guys WanNa do something completely different D'Amato i want do as the brand leader you know then you're gonNA run into a lot of trouble you know and for me Johnny Y'all yeah of course yeah I mean because from the outlook you know people barbs twice. Ice Is quite flashy in sense that you know it's it's a highly visible brand. You know <hes> from a consumer point of view you know to shops are beautiful. You know the the guys walking. We've a lot of really really cool characters. There's walking within the store. You know so people tend to notices right and everybody's is the idea say everybody I mean a lot of people like the idea of working there right when they get there and we do the interviewing like everybody when you're doing an interview for a job you you tell the person interviewing you exactly what to want the because we want to get that job but you know you might have an ulterior motive you just WanNa get in there and as I said in the past that asked interviewed a certain things we don't do it shop certain haircuts we don't do you know <hes> and that's the type of bothering or here cutting whatever you WANNA call it men's hairdressing whatever labor you WanNa put on us that we do. It's very very classic and when I say classic I don't mean Cassock in a sense of the trend of the classic haircut said everything was just high entice for degrees in brushback off the head. I mean classic is in pure technique driven <hes> technique based. That's the type walkway to we don't really do you say you know I have softened my my approach to a degree you know <hes> I'm not again you know kind of Latino certain customers wanting to certain things and once it's within the boundaries of what I stand for as as <hes> as a barbara in his a again brand builder. I'm pretty okay with like there was a time where we we would do undercuts certain type of owning because the ones that really you know really really high of over it around ahead and the hair just flopping down overs. You know we wouldn't do whether someone had one or not but as time went by you know we kind of got to get manage a spokesman about his head right okay this <unk> somebody already had known record say just for example whereas before would had one shop to shocks it would lose a farm no-not. We don't do them. You know <hes> and as time went down is somebody already has one say always saw John so when you say that to a customer what kind of reaction I would you get when you decide what we're not doing that type of heck when again. There's a way of saying yeah we we explained to them type before that we do most people already know but you know and we had we ought to us you know because sometimes it doesn't grow out so well. Sometimes it doesn't look as Nice as people think it does. Look doc in their heads. You know people think they might be different than the reality. You must have johnny. Suddenly you talk about but you know again but I saw from my approach and at at the end of the day you know businesses business customers customers in the costumer million dollars be right. You know unfortunately he's always going to be customer knee. What else costumers we don't have a business so I have softened my approach and that kind of stuff and but fought again? We don't do crazy stuff. We don't go shave nine hundred guys heads. I said this before you incredibly tasteful in your work and and I say that being genuine win on look men's men's hairdressers Baba's you guys particularly you know what you do for the brand. Janis is just like a cool and and I might references well because I could make it but <hes> you was cut inherit a what was it an audience with even with live with actually when we had J._p.. Camonte show a few weeks back in I'd love to mighty assume the hacker that you've done and really sums up. I think you and the barber prime because this is not a haircut that you just see all the time is it this is this not technique driven to the best I mean just described that haircut from listeners. What you've done it is it's it was it was a really really am? I am role models but again it was a suitable haircut for the Guy <hes> Matthew my ma I know Matt you a longtime. Yes US walk for me in specialist fun to house for White you know and it's all of men's tares audible suitability. It's about if it sued somebody if it Susie overlooked matthew rocks around London they're like people notice him. He dresses. You know like something that's literally fell out of the seventy. S You know the main he carries he accounts <unk> and that's the type of hair that he has. You wouldn't do that on Jimmy d accountant I mean that's not you wouldn't do it for the sake just doing the haircuts. You know what I mean. It's it's it's very very suitable very very cool and you know it's. I think it's for him Johnson what I'm saying that there's so many Bob as if I'm being honest the probably wouldn't be technically good enough have to do that type haircut again you know. I think it's the reason there's a lot of bringing bars out. I mean excellent excellent bars understand because I'm just saying hey just as general but you you may know where meaning on this yea again and taste is completely different gentlemen. I think Jay touched on that. The Nas time you were there if especially a men's here rise because you know most men you know have three four five inches of hair. You know what I mean and let's face. It is only zone so much you can do with three inches clause but yeah I get that. That's the rumor rights not that I know you're it. You know so it's it's <hes> comes down to taste you know an accomplice down to suitability you and you know if you take Nica so important to learn how to retain <music> something and to learn how to teach something but if you keep something purely on technique especially with men because they have got strong air patterns today have you double crowns and you'd have you know kinks into fringes and you might have jumps at the back of the hair line which can be a little bit not easier but you know more pleasing to cover up on dates here because it is longer more way towards unders more face to height you know when it comes to hiding imperfections in somebody's haircut not necessarily already to walk you know so if you just rely purely on technique on a man's haircut you might get into trouble. You know you might show so. That's why you gotTa Kinda. Use Your at this. You know so I always talk about hairdresser. Technique matched reached with Barbara's I guess would you know that would be literally like a tour to force would actually change nothing evidence when I said about a lot about as you wouldn't be qualified but there is conduct. There's there's a lot you dial of guys at a really transferred out hairdressing into the men's Zimbabwean game and they've done that really really well. Did you get what do we get from. That's where it came from for me. I mean I've always fascinated by hairdressers fascinated by this that technical skin to possess. You know what I mean you speak forever to the amount of genus the amount of skill. That's in this country alone. You talk about my one country because Britain's addresses over there. You know you're white even cause fires America Russia's combing through in a massive way now. Is it Asia's huge. You know what I mean like to so watch Tattoo Delta. It's actually it's Britain but it's actually worry because you know what I mean. It's harder and harder is getting harder and harder to stand Dole's as a business be a teacher Orange Kate or whatever labor able you want to give herself as somebody who owns an academy you know who who's literally you know touting for business all the time to get students and adore you know people have more much more and that much later options than they used to have yes and that brings us some because I agree completely. It's really competitive out there everyone because our attentions in dragged everywhere and you know it's given rise for people to showcase at talent whatever they are and that's great but <hes> you know people like yourself who the top of the game of GonNa keep at that top of the game and you get deciding swiping academy. was that a big thing. What did you want to the first and foremost main reason behind the academy was to actually trained people and to attract people who wanted to work for a me be thrived robber Bryant right and to do to type before we wanted to do you want to teach type of work so we wanted to do you know and because bothering a such so popular no right and there is so many Britain barbers out there you know but anybody who is that good generally is a happy where they are or be boxed themselves right so I found pood- of employing of employers hadn't was getting smaller and smaller and smaller smarter when I first opened the first one in Manchester I I must have had a hundred? C._V.'s site through Liverpool was the same had so many people want to walk their leads London you know once I got to Birmingham which was like three years ago. You know what I mean. It was like okay. I'm African this fantastic shop you know I mean we really really pushed aboard out in the Birmingham store and all of a sudden suddenness thinking where's all T._V.'s. Why doesn't he talked? Is it me to peak not want to work for me more but you Hannity. was you know it was an invisible. I got the reputation being really rehired knows that got the reputation been really strict you you know he won't let you do what you want to do. And you know obviously in a lot of stuff back through the grapevine that I was too strict Novas to this to you know I mean but also down the street to his next shop you know across town was Gordon Shop and down at Soy Lane. It was a brilliant shop as well. It wasn't the only game in town in our talk Jesus when we're going to do here. I've got to do something number one to protect what I've been you know be to actually grow tomato built and see is to future-proof my own business. You know how do you do you know what I mean so what you do. There's only one thing you can do you gotta growing from the inside. That's what all degrades have done. This assumes did his twenty in guy. Did it rushed it as Hob did it. You know what I mean and that's why I often. Did you know just two things look s when I tried to be better than my competitor is a hairdressers hair salons here brands what they've done and be restaurants hospitality brands. I'm I'm fascinated by hospitality. You know and that's what I've tried to put my stamp on. I've tried to put the Glamour of hairdressing you know with the with the warmth hospitality brand but also but the skill barbershop and that's it isn't I've said it does time and time again you know here is hair. Haircut is a haircut but you know technique is technique. You know so what what differentiates you from a hairdressing salon is atmosphere. You know and that's what I think. Is Somebody <music> on it over here on big old hairston. There's I can do to aggregate any shop. You know somebody wants barshop atmosphere. You know lit bit extra. I believe we have been extra. We had a service. We have that <unk>. We have this extra bit of punch for the Glamour Bit Cheeky. You know it's an bit cheeky the brand Germain you know it's not for everybody said definite very stark but don't Wanna be everybody so that's fine you know but you know when you come into the store. You'RE GONNA get great haircuts. Put you might hear some you know choice. Language Not Oughta time not all the time compensation is dead buddy costumers. We don't actually we don't just stash out in the screaming <unk> tone but you know there's no topic off-limits in there. Sometimes you know what I mean. That's that's all it was what I wanted you know but at the same time on Oh my audience you know I know how to behave myself. I know how to I know how to treat the people you know I I believe I know how to treatment and I believe I know how may want to look. I believe I know what may want you know and as a philosophy you want to bring into obviously your son but to the staff that you're going to employ toy you signed this academy that you earn been so when you openness academy was this for just your say within and as you were saying you wanted to grow within originally yeah originally originally that Jeff and it's working very very wet actually <hes> so I kinda developed a system. <hes> I believe is to complete barbershop system right. It's not going to teach you everything but it's GonNa teach you everything. We need to get onto shopfloor right and I've always believed that that you do your learning in the classroom. You know you learn your technique Nicastro which to call here on the shopfloor right but this this system systemic is called rise. Take six months from start to finish rights and the seat but Anita Anita is yes six months fulltime. Yes six six full time five days a week right by need to stress this very very very clearly. This would not make you the this Barbara Independence. This would get you to a level where you can earn money progress again to the next level okay so I'm a big big advocate on it takes time it takes takes as long as it takes Potiskum fasttrack you to eleven where you will understand shape. You'd understand texture. You will understand suitability to maintain right so I do believe there is probably four foundation haircuts right and with that four foundation it haircuts. There's a variation to which brings you to eight haircuts then there's a variation to the eight haircuts which brings you to sixteen haircuts which brings you to thirty two haircuts which brings you to every haircut you ever need to know right so the foundation techniques are at the top of lowering graduation and again. I'm not really too concerned about line because with immense here rarely do we see nine okay so we're talking about graduation and Larry Okay so we started with the first haircut you'll ever learning. This system is called the barbershop long rise again reasonably call it that is most men who come into barbershops long hair. This haircut they wanted don't know how verbalize but this is generally what they want want to keep the lengthiness but he wanted wanted lighter to entertain it out now again not a big believer antennae out longer hair again. If that's what people want to do that's fine but I find it's very very hard to polices and you get some guys who are excellent using razors. You get some guys who are not so good you you get some guys who are extant using pincers. Get some guys who are not so good and now as I said as the brand bigger and bigger is very very hard to believe seventy eighty ninety one hundred staff you know and I don't mean police them but I mean you know making sure that everybody what he's doing what they should do everyday so I've simplified us you know so we it's it's a very very easy to follow step in which you learn your father shop lung which is here then about shop media which means you down into your flatter shapes which would be like your mods risk and in the short version had to get short texter writes again. which is your kind of what I used to have that kind of have grown out crop read as what it is right but again what you find? That's an this. This is the Eureka <unk> right again. We spoke about the three four five inches if they rise. I believe everything is the same certain looks in your long hair. Your Fall Award facing textured haircuts you know and your your evener shark crops your shot and sites can fade right when you have all this is the same. It's actually the same technique repeating all the time you know so you're not actually learning those haircuts your during earned one-two-three techniques yeah so what you do is the barbershop long becomes the medium becomes the texture becomes a sharp back incites. It's the same steps. Do you only need differs elevation the proportion of lint you know what I mean so again. It is <unk> Bob Basic but instead about basic. It's very very raw right but it gets you to a level of remove the hair and efficient manner that can be taught but again can be repeated. You know what I mean so you're not just clutching at straws you know and that's that's what I found is the best way for moist. You'll learn because they're all coming along so much you find after the first week maybe week and a half the new students are getting tired and attained that they're getting stuck and I don't. I don't actually tend them this until what everyone Illinois now what it was the first course that we we started in January after week and a half could see fellas news wins lives right and it was way not really really really got sick of it is struggling johnny. This is this is because it it was just so repetitive <unk>. What's what's this guy doing? This guy doing right. Then said right guys get donors is undergoing right true. What you've done see starts off at a profile section that you went from the profits action twenty? The smallpox artists more square than go into it right that covers the whole top of the head yeah so wanted to do this. They've done this once twice. Three four five have done this. Maybe a hundred times normally the really struggling is one of you learned and all that haircut hands at this thing you haven't learned to haircut your during the technique here so what you gotTa Do Ping Seven just age ninety no picture that five four three two one. It's the same thing it's the same is the same method but you can be adopted two different haircuts and that's what really kind of get Rian rejuvenated again and the cheese crisis bridget and it was all thought their understanding it during the standard shape understanding that it's actually not a hair called but it's technique. That's learn leagues. His name is technique can and how haircuts what's haircut was hairstyle haircut. Her hair site is just how somebody wears a specific technique and that's what opinion drops with him indigo while now again and Bang Bang Bang their flight true Dan. Did you say five months six months. Sorry six months six months yeah holidays five this week. I'm GONNA probably bring it down to three this week to be honest with you. What why would you do that because because the did so well did it so well? I don't get aches angel because again the hypocrites expensive for me because I right there I I've got guys as apprentices. I'm paying them but I'm actually paying them to train them so it kind of financially so if you've got those going on this is what you can refer to guys as yeah men and women coming on this 'cause so it's a real sort of make sure so when they come in on your course. This isn't just that skin fe to weep bar because in about or is it this is this is now the difference participation capacity exams by Lafayette Job. That's the beauty of this. You know so I've got to route to these people. This could be a plumber who could become into you know experience Fang sign up for this. What sounds mega cool by the way I have to be bit lot the soon academy but for many addressing so they come in this can be any with no experience whatsoever yeah yeah and then coming no job job so in terms of a class so when you you you've got these classes go? At how many were you have in a class. At the moment will I had seven. I had seven and to take on from at seven th there's five were actually already apprentices under my books and then I had to paint students so to paint students one almost finished one is finishes on how to the moment he goes under stores graduate bother next week and three the of my own apprentices. Two of them are very true to system there onto shop floor. I have to more going through at the moment there about number three months and I one guy he came from a different course am looking for a job he he wasn't good enough for a job and I give them a job base and he's attitude. Nazi skill sets because I really nothing I felt sorry for Madonna patronized boy Bush. You're like his attitude and I said Genoa's your after wasting your money. Tell you what what I do I'd give you an apprenticeship argued today's the academy you know he didn't have to pay for the course he already paid a fortune for course wasn't wasn't fit for purpose and <hes> you know so. He's doing very very well again he had to he had to soak up. You know he thought he was gonNA come in all of sudden three weeks time does he. He was gonNA find missing Nainkin. He's GonNa have Eureka moment. He was going to become a barber but Saturday's that wasn't the case was not a Selfie didn't learn and <hes> so he's he's talking away no and he's doing very very wet. He's doing very very well so yeah so that's the that's the job. The job ready course is teaching as well journey of you you yourself yeah. I don't teach evidence of other stuff to do but yes. Oh my senior guys are able to teach you know. I'm there at least once twice a week. Anyway you know just will receive things yeah so. Have you been pleased. Somehow is gonNA yeah very very different. Different words mean it's <hes> it's very very tiring already but very very tired because you know teaching. It's a different different skill than troy and things I had to learn how to teach in on the state me every three years to really learn how to teach properties so how'd you teach properly for me. You can only go one Levin above for your shoot disasters. You know so if you're a student can't hold a calm and you've no business short amount because here you know you've got to teach them how to all that Coleman on that sounds really really city right but while I found teach my advanced course I I've got a lot of masterpass while got a lot of one to one and just finished once they actually never number one on tomorrow where it's one to one private courses and you'd be surprised you want to do candidate she calm here property you know and caught here very very well and as she called the hair how manner so as a headdresses standing here listening to you side that way I mean somebody not cone ahead right because you know what I believe. <unk> coldest purpose is to call wants to call do it. I tell you a cold presents the hair for calling you know and if it if it's not presented into proper manner than you know you're going to cut the hair off route in caught the hair you know and that's when I say that the people <unk> there is a difference between getting your hair caught and getting you know and especially Dr Business I was. I was trained your fashion. We were <unk>. You call it to the good and you just you caught the hair off from long to chartres stocks and gentleness and you saw again if I were six weeks now wasn't a bad thing. Let me I know some brilliant bind chair barbers who got very very very successful businesses who got very very big scientists and they're not taking their quarter so I'm not saying technical here according the only way to go when it comes to men's hair but I think from point of view of trying to grow a brand and try to be consistent every believe me and anyone who's got multiple shops consistency is the bloody hardest thing to get rice and I ain't GonNa sit there and tell us I never have we get complaints all the time menace power business it's Austin but we do get as we get a lot overheat cost. You know what I mean. We have our clients Novus you know and it's it's brilliance brand do not I mean and you're the only way to to build an even more is have that consistent level throughout the whole group you know and to teach that one system he'll work gets people to a level very very good level a where they can make money and be happy where I can almost say rice yeah. If somebody doesn't play then it becomes you know what's the does vote services advance boat service. I go through people bullheads you know if they complained about gone because I'm very very supportive of my staff and I know a hypocrite be subjected. You know what I mean. Somebody tells me to his diet. I WANNA see that bad air cost because what that what you think the bad mudd is he completely different now. Is Somebody complaints about the service. They've had literally got through somebody for a shark. 'cause I'm vicious on because there's no excuse for bad service. No I agree. I agree services saying that I'm very cain wherever I go. I always want good service. I conly excuse the generally means to me that you don't care and to be fair to be fair. We're blessed. We've gotten to maintain. We really ready to we have an amazing came across all the stores you know and that doesn't problems course it. Does you know what I mean and you can't be everybody's friend all the time you know and you can't you know the right decision. This DR is the most popular decision you know Nour's wrong decision you know. I don't believe we have made wrong decisions. What it is right? Ones you know what I'm going to sit here and Sam infallible. You know what I mean thoughts. The JARVI majority guys we have our Super Bennett couldn't do this realm. You know so a very grateful long really so people come into your academy what tonight she leave with when say finish that causes era a particular diplomacy m._v._p.. Together development for me but was that worked here. I've got oh qualifications. Villemagne say that going to get an N. B. Q.. I mean let's face it in anybody. Listen here is GonNa agree with me N.. B. Q. wasn't fit to whiter. It's not everyone everyone everybody would actually I agree with me but whether they did agree in public is not cannot be completely honest we johnny I actually stand whole wholeheartedly what you'll sign that because this is my thing with our industry actually Ashley and I'm so far speak at terms but I I personally believe in a intense training of a six month period a year whatever that may be how many records that individual did you will be doing it. You'll academy if you wind up somebody doing m._v._p.. Where sitting down and they have to go off on Rye about you? Know looks on the street. Get down to what we want to be doing the techniques but again it's not always how many many because you do correctly and the thing is you know we condone heads in Las Dobie heads prison for learning techniques. Do not go to learn real-life. You know what I mean you off. Near people have hosted the Hawaiian wear that because here yeah but again men's hair there is going to be an awful lot of wife what if soon did not only the how where why there's what it means if you're just say for example trying to bill corners right you're turning corners and somebody's hit right what happens if they're previously was absolutely dog right and it's just zero corners there and if you can't actually been that corner what you do how do you pass by this and to give him a decent tear caution you know so they are the real life barbershop situations that we encounter every every day so as I said I could imagine some people sitting here he can what what does he mean. Coolness billing corner strong corners again trying to the corner do an haircuts. You know we must have dissolved him there to pat out the head unit mean to two plus the words to make make up for flatter head shapes not make make stronger shapes. Give the illusion of Lens you delusion of thickness you know along so it's probably a qualified Air Becerra Experience restaurant stands what me by that but again we draw their out we showed him you know we teach him but extended shave or suspended shape that somebody can visualize expand <unk> when someone's hate. It's very very it's much easier for them to technique so I always eight people will be caught this imagine free plug this electroshock. The hair stands open end. That's shape. We're trying to achieve here so we draw a haircut under head sheets then we go back and we do to haircuts and then we explain what we're doing so it's kind of a tree stage approach populace Nash Somebody's thinking when I don't wants to do to five months six I don't want to do to six months and academy do you Authur shooter various courses as alternatives to that can be honest you yeah we do the intense ones you know we could do one two three damn actually doing we have just designed course with J. B. That Jasmine last week so at the start of the influence spoke about this hairdresser snus the match with the Barbara's. I can't hold about yet because it's not ready to roll yet but when it is going to be prudent to roll I'd say nate summer reading on this if you're listening in to twenty one yeah it's very very again. I'm not interested in training people part time one and do you know because this is a pound being really for you. Guys Sapan really giving somebody real as you say foundations and and maybe progression within the Barbara Barbara Brand. I'm guessing is what really excites you most of all. I think so it's to take this. You know distress over finding staff. You know what I mean to know where that rise okay. I've got six seven eight nine ten guys Nick Adamy. They'll be ready in six months ten guys. Let's be perfectly honest. Here is probably going to be seven. We're GONNA cut the monster. Hopefully you know maintain more or less straight out over. It's huge get to not all gonNa take you know and and unfortunately you when we get a lot of guys at the of interviewed him in the past especially when the trend was really height guys coming in you know thirty thirty five fight for you know some of them have been very good. Yano guys have came into the game as in the actually been pretty decent you know because they wanted that doesn't say anything you know the system they're learning and this divergence the jets way or but other times down to the Parson down to the training you have the best training award but if you don't take on board bought it worked in I mean you guys don't get the best training their bloody. Soda Dog Down Determined title to the people on nothing is a really determined ones. You can really get the best out of because I know one guy in particular you know marketed name and right but you know we had a big at an argument. We quite augments about a certain course that he did you know and that he was in well. You know I got I've said I'm sure you did this but you know that's don't you as a person you know. He's got two successive barbershops now doing very very well from stuff but again I company that was the training they got up. Believe what was what he did with training does a big difference. You know what I mean. Do you know what you mean so people listening to this and I think in look I want to be part of this academy. I WANNA get no the U._S.. Kim Students does this come over. Just do you open up the course every six months in and that's when a new foundation yeah probably won't be sat in on the new course <unk> September this stage and <hes> you know there's already four people signed up to itself. Are you know again. I don't want more knees easing into this Johnny and they won't sign up for this. Yes firstly won't sat gonNA cost them okay. I was GONNA cost you six thousand contrite which is busy. It's thousand a month you know which equates two hundred and fifty dollars a week now if you was going to be doing men's addressing. I think you'll live at yeah and that's what I'm saying. This is not about this money-making exercise. If this this with just a money-making exercise might be bankrupt right this is just to get somebody to miss the need to commit something otherwise might interested in Trenton right now. Are we doing so bear with me right so that's two hundred fifty pounds a week with that. You're going to go through through probably every week. GonNa go through you know hundred pounds worth two dogs hits right back to one hundred fifty times a week right now again. You give me on fifty pounds a week to give you the tools to feed yourself arrested. I don't want you anyway right now. You can pay me weekly monthly daily hourly. I don't care this is not about money right secondly. If you have the right attitude I take on apprentice and I'll give you one full day a week of my time. You get your two days off right so you walk into shop today's week three days a week right. Probably three this week you get paid for this and then but that takes more than six. That's GonNa thank you probably a year obviously because you don't have to tell you that the students have you know so. There's a two-tier approach to it but you know I think most people in a hurry but then some people don't one wait six months then if you can't wait six months I can't do a six course but then you know you're going into the wrong business then because if you think you know as repeated this time and time again would you go to a doctor who trained for six months and Mustang. We do the same workers Kazakhstan of course we don't but would you let him mechanic who famed for twelve weeks fixture car. Would you less a teacher who trained for twelve weeks teacher children you know would you let a painter who trained for twelve weeks painter house this. You know what I mean but all of us were supposed to accept these absolutes Joe. I WanNa talk about I get angry. You know we're supposed to accept this and the thing that bothers me most about this dumb people as said again. Most people feed the same as me. People won't say out loud. People won't say cancer that Jackass and it's you. Can you know you actually can say what you want. Everyone's entitled to see this thing. You know we're living in society where you're supposed to be able to say what you want. When you want and how you want you want okay except if it's not a copy of thing to say you oh man that's the thing you know what I mean? Unfortunately sometimes my mouth gets better me now. Jimmy is good alike opinions. You're whether you agree with its that's for you but you'll passionate and you are entitled to it Johnny Because of emptiness anybody more giving to an industry who's more proud of his industry and I feel that you have that every bit I I hate. I hate what has become one eight. What has become everyone's chasing that same pound north? You know everybody wants to be a superstar and everybody you know everybody wants to. Everyone wants to a wall arts without the sacrifice. You know what I mean. Everybody wants to work life balance without work. You know what I mean. If you want to work life balance you've got to put into walk. I have this conversation all day today is you now is an inspirational miser took an ad an-and Austin spoke. Exactly what does this work life balance main. If people are entitled heightened to do what they WANNA do rice but you can't berate somebody who who disagrees you Jimmy because we have got those a bit of a snowflake society. You know what I mean now at the stocks again again I have come down. I take my is now. I tend to go grow while it won't win the one where one but if I'm asked something I'm going to get my opinion. You know you don't have to like you. Don't have to accept it. Put It is my opinion Amitai to us. I mean I've worked hard for my opinion and I believe address in Barbara in an I'm just focusing on that because that's your sector sick too so it's not particularly at where do you feel the standard industry immense headdress and is now I think as a collective as in like if voyage to raise every single person in the world cutting hair right now against every single person causing air into world puppy twenty years ago twenty years ago to stand it would have been much much higher but but individually individually as in if I off to help my age fifty absolutely Britain bars excellent haircutters. I'm you know so there's a magnificent individuals outer. You know what I mean. I mean the really it sectors sector some APPS Dinger's by but I think you know barbershops as a whole everybody listening here knows of at least five barber shops in their vintage towner city. You will bring a dog to okay eh but yes somehow it is still have clients okay but when I was a kid going on in my city does five barber shops and every one of them were very good and everyone of them or very very busy because it wasn't a popular. It wasn't a popular our industry back. There was only to twitter instagram has been good for me. Twitter social media has been excellent for my friends democracy here. I'm going to see your give out about it will go to hidden scampers. I don't I don't hate us in army but I I hate the ideas I I've had a young recommend for job one time and I said why'd you want to be a barber. He turned around because you could make bear dollar from this was in what the head is this kid NSA. She'll reaction five kids coming into me for interviews for jobs dominant tracksuits trainers. Come you know what I mean and I'm thinking number one. Have you gotten mother. Does your mother no. You've come looking for a job in tracksuit. I know my mother would have boxed ahead off me if I tried to. Do you know what I mean. This is what I'm saying. You know. It's become a really really cool job to have you know being but scratched the surface that this study hard job. But it's a great job. It's an enjoyable job. You know what I mean but you know I think he's clarity because he's become massively popular Utah to anybody. In the industry. Men's men's hairdressing bothering has been the biggest explosion. I think in inhere in show in people the last eight years but is that that's almost become a problem for the really offing topnotch names lot your yeah because you have into battle with all these papa barbershops at our suddenly appeared because college cool school two weeks to change change in the way people pay taxes. GonNa put paid to that very very soon so I'm not too worried about that but also you know people need to stop taking themselves so seriously but take their job more seriously. That's people are taking themselves searcy for one more person calling themselves as in the person and they're talking about a brand puke. Try people are calling themselves brands now. I'm just going to be quite clone right. So so what would you may night by that. Do you mean the individual fitness hanger job seriously. You know what I mean. Take your job up seriously I write to if you take your job. Seriously by all means binge or social following by God the World Dwar result revolves around social meeting. We have to embrace intimate me have to end. It's brilliant for businesses interest people out there. You know what I mean have done so well chew social media but you'll find that the people who don't let it through social media are actually very good as well. You know what I mean. There's very few people huge and social media as in property huge social media who are crat in. I mean if you don't get to really really big names. You know what I mean to massive names. I you know just you say like Josh Monica. Josh Monica is very successful. You Know Safiya Hilton Amazing successful but what's up to Volk Commodore print into what to do. You know you've got you know J. B.. You know what I mean. Huge Ms Ms Ellen Palmer brand partners brand you know huge social media but Britain into why does this is an advantage of so many good name and then you've got people who are huge social media but they're not really I mean they're not. They're not huge. Businesses approach is subject to I I just love to continue because enhance while wanted to bring you back on because a find your so honest and an our love your your valid opinions as well you speak so so right and and a great voice and you excitable. What's GonNa be going for it? Though I've been disbanded industry you know does get excited from time. 'CAUSE I see I've got kids Walker for me Dahmer Sixteen Years Old. Oh my God I think back no sixteen I these guys would would run rings Rami also not somebody's there are some mega yes because you know five years ago when I opened in Manchester. You know I was the only only game in town Jimmy now active bloody does this. I'm going to sit here and say everyone's crack is or not you know what I mean. I'm not going to sit here and say that or God you know back in my day not to talk of courses but whereas I'm excited about the future for my own business I'm on so nervous about a few these because people now are starting to they are getting a bit more serious. You know mean been men's hair. Bothering is getting better you know slowly but as a whole at the moment I think we're at peak I think wrapped he does. He does not a crap. You know and I think a lot of the crop is GonNa fall away but you know like everything when the crap phones way you know on dealers what would get even stronger you know and that's that's that's good thing for an industry you know as as somebody who does night competition but I do like competence keeps you on the edge doesn't adjoining of course it does he keeps hugh ever been an a little about true true talents and you are true talent and you are one of the best I think not just here in in the Yucaipa. I actually think in world really narrow aw that's going to say so I mean again but it is technically the up in industry along time as well Johnny a non by no means of equality person. I'm just a good everyday commercial the hairdresser muffing elsewhere swear but I know what is good Brian and not do and that is exactly what you the technical the brand in the star. You've got a beautiful level of taste and you do it with just just proper co you you set in the standards you not a follower and there's too many followers I think in this world and a lot of people that do things differently and I just get mega excite bought you do and I I'm. I am interested where you are going to be going in the future. Nobody has a crystal. Nobody you know I'm sure when we spoke in two years ago. There's things have changed a little bit for just a little. That's great you know we have high slot yeah. But how much bigger do you want to become as we come to this wonderful conversation when you know that huge that's why lock asking for anybody who's in the industry for as long as I am you know and somebody gets asked that question. What you want to be which WANNA go? What obviously far far sense is going to be? I want to be the big as the best Richardson to our okay. Not Reality is that's probably not going to happen. You know but I'd give it up thirty would shot yes. I think secure future for what's to come after me as in my on my own children you know make sure they you don't have to worry about anything financially. Maybe these kids have a lot more devout award is in their life notice kids my daughter twenty one my son seven you know so only got to you know if I can leave the industry in a better place in the phone this you know if I could make a difference to help people look at hair if I can make a difference how people look barbers because longtime face we were to hairdressers poor causing I <hes> especially if I can change perception of people you know as wash a Barbara's or barbershop season to be honest if you know not that I really care about about what people think of me. Personally I am I am. I don't apologize for it but you know I wish you know. People should get to China chance to actually get to know me get to know why I am am gets an away. I say what I you say you know before to Stack Judge for any reason that they've heard or read are seen you know what I mean. They wouldn't have seen but did that from the hardest. Are they've written. You know that I am certain that I am watch I am. Are you know that's all. He said this. He said that you want. Maybe I did say which <unk> how about asking me at first before you judge me because you know I might have said Chen. Sara bloody did Chen's our probably Dave but you know I might know give you but you know what but seriously you know what I mean does not did he go. I've never refused of never refused a right request gentlemen. I'm not I'm not this order now. I'm not so you know forgive my French amount of all the main take you know but what I am. I'm very very passionate while I do. I'm very very protective but my job about my business. I'm extremely protective office and I do tend to protect us you know but also whatever I can do to grow his industry mystery. I'LL HAPPILY DO I won't desk for anything for you. Know just be asking somebody to give me respected. I give them you know. I've never said a bad thing about anybody. You know who hasn't said advising about me. You know I don't guess caught up in Barbara's anymore the phone away a lot of energy on us. You know people. Sometimes you have to defend yourself. You know what I mean. You do. Thank you it just stand there and I really more you do what you stand full and I I love your honesty. The you know. Sometimes you know what I mean people. They want you to be honest. They want to hear about it. They wanted us to be too honest journal. It's orange blood gives you view <hes> what you are not like that a lot and a lot you johnny enough year. You're just doing an incredible job and I'm excited to just bring you back onto the show again. Today's is just the the podcast listened to J._B.'s when last week of listen to these on over <unk> over the While we had notre non heroes of the past young for the back home. You know you read about all these people we didn't have auditing magazines at the time you know so you might have addresses journal every couple of months in them and you attaching this into what these people have to say is what it is a great way to to acid train journey and all the I've ever done really is the best thing I've ever done in my life lyft Vanessa and because I just love you'll stories I love your insights inspirations the honesty's just and being an I get listeners every day just getting in touch telling me how it helps careers a what what you guys share I'll tell you it's absolutely priceless and if I can beat at commentator who can help bring your world today in wherever they are then then that's brilliant and that's why I love doing it so it's it really is an honor. A now as we've all things we have to come to an engineer. Now I feel again. I feel like I'm sat down in the pub in you would have along of talk in and it would be very good. I've been Banaras that but just again just finished academy. I just want to make sure that our listeners know wet gonNA find out more. I'm GONNA put all the links by the way listeners in Shonno's find out more on your Kademi Johnny. Where would you don't pay you would email lease as she goes after all inquiry so it's Lisa at Barbara Barbara U._k.? Dot Co Dot U._K.. Are you can send me a message unscrambled or <hes> your instinct. It's Mr Johnny Underscore Babba are there's the Barbecue Canes Grandma's wet so as Barbara Barbara U._k.. Okay wicked good stuff so we can adjust now finish very we loosen things up now because we always now we to our last five questions. You may have heard in few. We've J. B. So yes eh so I wanNA know about you a wife from the heavy industry case question one away from work. How do you best light to spend your time? Just literally spend time my wife for my son Madonna ready que question to what's one winsome that makes you jump up and hit dancefloor this whole longtime since I hit the dense or no dummy and oh God it's tough one. Tell us oh you you got me there. You got me there. I'll come back to what was doing on Saturday night Saturday night this Saturday last Saturday night I was in London. I was in London Am I. I spent the day and even a non after the width and that would just literally we do a lot. We just walk around on the night. We get lost. We walk around. We eat cake. We drink tea. We literally just walk around on until we can't walk anymore. We go back to before state do that. When my bro Hug I regularly we just wonder myself my son? My son absolutely loves London in also we spend we spend an hour an awful lot of time. They're actually and you were there as villa town so yeah yeah we're based on Bass Manchester primarily yeah we in quite a bit so I'm sorry Manchester. That's a great yeah. He says well now question fool. What was the last big treat you gave to yourself big treat I impeach and asked Nice pepperoni pizza from I'm not fat anymore? You see so I've got. I've got to be very very careful what to eat a blast to storm that ass year so happy will say okay question five lassie toll wolfing that we really need to know about you know what me I'm not as bad as tell you. Oh I see what you can hit the Donald for two guards summer by Don Henley why not die. That's good good way to to finish off that Saturday night after eating a pizza it so johnny just going to say thank you so much was both coming onto. Show is such an honor and a pleasure to to you. I enjoy every time dominance pleasure. Thank you very much. Thank you was more than two Johnny Baba coming onto today's how to cottee podcast now. I've really took away from this one today. Hey how Johnny is training from women not just students that are outside his barber brand but also how he's using it to get consistency of the right pool of Baba's working in his Chenab Alba's around the U._K.. And maybe this could be saying the you're Sellin group or even your own Salam. Could you find ways to adapt what Janis do it to. Maybe look at getting staff in to your salon or barbershop now. If you find on any the points that we discussed in today show than we have prepared some show notes for you and you can find his by going to W._W.. Don How to cut dot it slash ep one one one now we bring at each shows every every Monday morning and the best way to make sure that you never miss a show guy forward is by subscribing to the show on your favorite podcast providing including apple podcasts and spotify your search how to cut it by doing so you will make sure that you never miss a show going forward and if you do listen on Apple podcast and please do leave his rating and review they do help with grow to show and it gives potential new listeners a good idea to what they could expect by tune in to these podcast and also do you keep on recommended and to your friends and colleagues as well as Sheringham on your instagram's stories and where you do this possible I will also share them on our how to cut it instagram's stories too so next Monday who we got coming your way well. I'm really excited not to have Brandon Messenger coming onto the show and brandon is another starless be making so much noise and attention on his beautiful haircuts and he's a big fan of competition work entering awards. What's the biggest why I've got brandon coming onto the show next Monday so I want to find out about his story because Nelson Becker saw a video post of his and he was talking about some hard times he is gone through particularly daily with anxiety and panic attack so I wanna know how he's got fruit is or has he got fruit is so that's what's going to be coming your way next Monday so do not miss this so that's it for this week? I just want again. Give big shoutout to our friends and sponsors to the house could hit AH podcast Akito scissors may have their discount for you by creating your own account at Akito Caesar's Dot Com. Thank you all for tune-in. I really evalu- and appreciate each and every one of you.

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