Total Well-Being: Our Sleep Rhythm


two days daily bread is supported by linked in over six hundred million members visit linked in for professional growth and to discover new job opportunities we continue to discuss important bucket of physical being an hour sleep is imperative for success good sleep every night seven to eight dollars the average healthy amount it may vary from person to person but that's a safe bet sleep includes both to dream sleep and deep sleep and of course light sleep deep sleep is non remm sleep wendy body renews it's f and all the physical talks inside removed and amyloid is removed from deep brain inflammation goes down and hormones a self regulated dreamed sleep is another phase of sleep a a deep brainwave activity is not as slow as in deep sleep which is forced like a split second in dream sleep it's anywhere from four to seven to eight psychos enduring dream sleep we have the release of emotional toxicity and the buildup of stress is also released their emotional psychological in nature and light sleep is easy entry into both a deep sleep and dream sleep so you need to sleep deep sleep and remm sleep for emotional and physical being my place no sleep routine begins ends two was actually before i sleep and that is i don't use any technology in the bedroom i make sure that by the time i'm going to sleep delights gradually damned an ultimately it's total darkness i usually used a little bit of aroma therapy in the form of a any pleasing aroma derived from fruits or blondes anything they just soothing soothing sometimes santa would because that is also cooling i also make sure the temperature in the room is about sixty eight degrees which is be ideal temperature for you to stay put little on the cooler side because the thousands of years we slipped out doors maybe millions of years and then i practice a something called yoga new dry gradually shut off all my sense is the sense of sight by closing my eyes the sense of hearing by focusing on sensations in my body finally i move away from the sense of sensing my body and just into the deep awareness in which all experience happens and slowly drift off into what i consider infinite being but the key actually do good sleep routine is the day the more active you're days the more fulfilling your days the less stressful days the better you sleep will be so make sure that you have productive stress free day with the joy full energetic buddy a loving compassionate heart reflective of the mind and lightness of being if you do that sleep would be spontaneously blissful we've been talking a lot about whether being on daily brett have you considered your well being at work if you're building a business it's important to find the right candidates at the right time that's where linked in can help up over six hundred million members visit linked in to grow as professionals and to discover new job opportunities for hiring managers linked in does the legwork to match you to the most qualified candidates the dates so you can focus on hiring the right person to help grow your business to get fifty dollars off your first job post go to linked in dot com slash daily brett that's linked in dot com slash daily brett to get fifty dollars off your first job post terms and conditions apply working one other thing i do at the end of the day is

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