128: Stage 3 | Ibi. Ciudad del Juguete Alicante | Vuelta a Espaa 2019


Keep when you're listening to the siping podcast of the i spy net association with rafa the fastest clothing in the world all to the home of cycling can't right and watch with rathbone in two thousand two hundred nineteen a partner if education first kenyan strong stage three today we are in alexander that was some group you're in yesterday but was going through your mind on the run in knowing that the state we and richard with both up for grabs yeah well <hes> obviously at that moment. I was thinking of the of the stage win. <hes> did come to my mind at some point. I did ask him on radio. I'm actually for board <hes> for the red jersey and <hes> declare answer was nickel. If you went to say your individuality okay fair enough so i focus on trying to say that didn't happen but <hes> i was karimi satisfied once they gave the results that i was in a red jersey. Did you know the own if we probably have to chase down container and we try not to get suckered into doing the work you know when in in such a small group <hes> obviously is kind of the responsibility of every one or two riders to chase it up the road. <hes> apparently saw that <hes> ron was really into closing the gaps right away. It was morrison gone so when i went up sorry goes right around to me but then he kind of stalled in then i kinda tell me to get me back into position sprints but you know those those finishes is always a game of cat and mouse and very tactical to on lawlessly. What what are you thinking in terms of defending jersey a couple of days and then see how it goes. I mean hopefully today and tomorrow would be already quite a quite a great <hes> the great thing and then wednesday. I think it would depend more next than than anything else was ireland's nicholas roach. The lead of the wealth is funnier speaking this morning in eib before the star of stage three to alicante about his prospects of keeping the red jersey of welter and also what was going through his mind when the stage age and we were both up for grabs yesterday. I'm what today is turned out to be for the irish because he now the county this afternoon. Sam bennett won his first well to stage wjr daniel where all we we're your hideaway your hacienda in the hills we can we can hear the wild dogs barking in the distance louis farmington hills may palm away from the hustle and bustle in immersed in nature what we've done well to i find a secluded little spot on one of the busiest coastlines in europe butts and i feel that we need to be to redeem some of what we've said about the cost of leno in terribly terribly complimentary probably not this shape over the years about costa blanca but we're in. I i tell ya and it's definitely one of the <hes> pretty place in the cost of blank risen. The the the old town which is about from the coast lovely whitewashed washed <hes> spanish village slash town couple streets colorful <hes> it is very pretty you we went for a light drink after dinner last night and well as spain off an easy. It was a live until the early hours. I think we retired. Ah hopeless twelve last night. Maybe a little bit later daniel the that was jonathan rowe and myself just <hes> debriefing after a busy day on the vuelta <hes> but yet before you know seven o'clock in the morning again and it's been pretty warm over the weekend but a little bit cooler inland today at least least let's recap what happened on state three because other say sam bennett won the stage the irish champion added it to the three zero stages he won last year and he extends ends board handles grows really impressive round of grandeur sprint stage victories this year after pascal ackermann jiro and peter sagan at the tour de france the early break today featured king of the mountains onto leader angle maddox. Oh you know madrid show was king of the mountains with the two of britain in two thousand thirteen. When sam bennett won a stage in kathy elliot. Remember remember seeing them both on the podium at various times a few years ago now imagine with diego rubio bogas b. h. And hector say's of the use scotty moodiest team as expected really the spanish wildcard teams putting up the road they rule court with around forty kilometers to go on on that final climb before fast furious tailwind sixty descent into alicante fernando gaviria of you a team emirates was dropped and he had a fruitless chase with sergio now now and mark mccart oh for company but they when they got within sight of the pilot on the back of the peleton they could see the line of team cars which were pulled over actually to assume him start. This chase couldn't be assisted artificially anyway. Give me it didn't get back on terms so that was one less sprint of assam bennett to worry about and in in the sprint four hundred zero did everything right and bennett go over the line ahead of ed wood turns of trek sigfredo. No change overall bennett though his impressive presi run continues. He's won a stage of every world tour stage race. He's done this year except the tour roman and where we've talked about it all year that decision not to select him for either that you already retaliate or the tour de france <hes> he he really has done absolutely everything <hes> to prove that he was the cracker the twitter franche next year whether whichever team he ended up being with and it's curious. Isn't it napalm the we no way is gonna ride next year. We think it's gonna be cutting <hes> quickstep that would seem to <hes> make sense but <hes> somebody's a couple of infuse this week in which she sort of expressed his own surprised that it hasn't been done yet. I just wonder whether they wrangling over whether they're still thanks to soltau about who brings with him. I would imagine that he may well want to bring change all these his kiwi leader mon with him. Archibald was rescued from oblivion was nearby and four hundred this year. I am a stall this year and it was. It's proved to be an absolutely inspired move move. I didn't think today was a great example necessary of the archibald does <hes> in fact i sort of sold an embrace of the finish line bennett and archibald and bennett thanked him and shane in <unk> anything you didn't need me need me today <hes> but generally speaking this year i think he's been pretty key to the success of somebody's somebody's hot fastest clothing in the world tour the home of cycling right and watch with twenty nineteen eighteen as they partner be education. I and kenyans ryan. Thank you very much to rafeh for sponsoring the cycling cost. I <hes> peddler deshaun nominations can come in anytime if you see anyone doing some charming peddling during the welter and the winner is voted for by the listeners will receive a peddler sean t. shirt which will be presented to them over the weekend. <hes> we'll probably open the power on thursday evening so get united nations in on twitter <hes> cycling underscore podcast or on facebook <hes> and if you want to buy a pedal led to sean t shirt you can do so rafeh dot c._c. And if you search peddler desha shown the whole range of clothing will come up the first victory daniel four an irish champion in the welte ice by the ours. I championship has been won by very nicholas rotor former winner dan martin connor dan lost a couple of years ago and this year sam bennett of course and wearing the the white jersey with the green band and <hes> and and the shamrock on it over the line i did i very impressive and and really he's been one of the sprint of the season and two well the run of winning on every occasion. He's had the opportunity to do so the apart paul from the tour romandie where basically probably would have won the stage they managed to bring in steffen kuehn on the only day when ended in a sprint as he's a he's as an impressive sprinters needed an impressive guy yeah he is. I think what's been remarkable. He sort of said this is well today. <hes> being a ways really improved in the last year or two has been the expenditure of energy before the sprint and he comes in <hes> generally speaking looking very sort of cool and and and not having to serve the wheels too much and not flopping not panicking and i think the margins of the moment between the sprinters this is in terms of raw speed a pretty small <hes>. I don't think there's a clear a clear leader or someone who's clearly faster than than all the other guys you even if we look at the tour de france k._b._m. Three stages but <hes> i don't think he was he was superior in the way that cipollini wars in the ninety s or pataki off after that or or cavendish after that. I think the margins is still quite fine. Am i think another another area in which bennett has really progressed. He's just confidence <hes>. I don't think necessarily fully believed himself in himself and eighteen months ago two years ago we said certainly didn't believe he was the strongest only sprinter around and i think he's starting to feel that and rightly so yeah i think that confidence is married with a kind of an intense self-criticism of criticism almost an public self criticism remember when he didn't win in israel at the start of the year last year he was really quite harsh on on himself and drew attention to the mistakes he felt he'd made in those <hes> in those stages which not many sprinters tend to do. They tend to sort of <hes> you know. Try and keep that mistakes hidden under wraps. Perhaps for fear of giving the opposition a bit of an advantage or or just not to attract further criticism but you mentioned the the the stream of rided in the past who had the undisputed fastest man in the world tag. There isn't really a sprinter <hes> that could lay claim to that. There's quite a broad base of very good sprinters but no kind of one outstanding right at one outstanding sprinter who really really could have said for a couple of years that he was on the planet with marcel kissel the subject of our first kilometer zero of this wealth ice on you're not racing here of course because he it has announced his retirement but he'd kick off his <hes> grandeur sprinting career with victory in the twenty eleven welter so we spoke to a few of his former teammates and also his former team boss patrick lefevere about kittle episode. He's on the feed now. Two zero r. v. to say marcel is code who <hes> now before we move on. Let's just hear a quick word from the runner up today with tones of tricks sigfredo and he's in no doubt that sam bennett is in a very rich vein going forward. I think in the end i have to be happier. I think it's clear already in the being monk tudor banisters the fastest sprinter at the moment and we did a great job with the team <hes> john brought me really really well into last kilometer sprint benetton just faster than everybody. I think <hes> so i'm a bit disappointed that i couldn't finish off the great leader john but in the end i think i have to be also realistic and see that bennett as the fastest <hes> so we may be have to hope he is one day in the worst position than than normally the speed was just very high it was expected it would be a very hectic finish and <hes> with all excuse we have a great great guy to bring us to the last kilometer but i lost him about one and a half to go but suddenly i found the job on the right side inside the last kilometre on he went fool and i was a great great lead out. 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It's been really interesting listening learning to james knox of decoding quickstep nick shorts mitchelson scott every day and well. Let's hear what their thoughts on stage three were today. First of all nick shorts and then james knox so stage stage three of the vuelta done dusted in theory a pretty easy day on paper and certainly i started off that way a three man break <hes> took off route from the gun and the pill was really controlled for most of the day and it was looking like it was going to be that way for for all of it and to until we got to a qualm about <hes> forty kinda go way yamba visited disorder. They were gonna wind it up. <hes> although nothing eventuated from it it certainly made <hes> could have been a little bit of an easy easy rounding up beat harder and certainly be more stressful <hes> but i think that's that's the voter and that's what the sprint is a lock. You never know what could happen <hes> julie with the the depth of qantas in the field so <hes> you've just always going to be ready and <hes> living out to the latest in the team but it's always nice to be racing in spain <hes> olive. He in the northern part in girona <hes> speaks spanish. Certainly it almost feels like a a home race as close as you can get to really spend eleven months of the year over here so <hes>. I think it's <hes> it's really nice to to be writing in spain. It's also good to be to be catching up with old friends and teammates from. I'm from parral peres friendly bunch and it was it was like a family s <hes> it's always nice to touch base with with those gods and they having an excellent well two cy fine an excellent use a really great to say tomorrow inferior another spring day although of course there is a five k. clone training there gannett around forty category so visible lauded up again and it could be could be i do believe they could be on the full cost too so that could be pretty sketchy as down south as roads a pretty slippery even in the dry so sorry. Could we see what happens heart choose. Well not stage three tough uh-huh. Don't obviously the result. We were hoping ball game behind fabio for the sprint but we'll keep trying to get behind him. I think it was pretty difficult to be honest. I wasn't emma sell <hes> last the boy kay were all full gassing also with it's how it was really really kind of method time. It was crucial and i don't think the boys position book didn't get acquired. Why right so i know august is appointed so hopefully taken with whether a long in the race to myself today was one of those days never really got going is kind of with with feel these stages when you're in the boat saw china coast take easy kind of strange because it's a bit stop it stop and <hes> the chance of playing with the breakaway so the break trying to slow down and starts sauces slow down and the break speeds open the butch these this all goes go back and forwards all day basically so yeah i know <hes> we saw going in and out of towns roundabouts and i was kind of to be honest. I i wanted to be lazy and sit down so quite a few times ago shopping spree in our corners around about spinout towns when it was all strung allen yeah. It's nice when you thought soft top few ten twenty minutes and then sunni go all out for three minutes. <hes> wall in all the second podcast is supported by science in sport science in sport fueled by science. 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I think that would be pretty popular now daniel so you tweeted something a little bit earlier on this evening about the italian super agent and the movie star team story that's appeared in the spanish press today day that caught your attention and if it interests you probably interest our listeners what's been going on well. The context today said giuseppe quieter is an italian agent who while i think a lot of fans followers of cycling they might be familiar with the name and we've pretty much to him. In the past <hes> he was infamously starve his career and if he was listening to that he wouldn't finally hmong people and he was infamously known in italian pedal. Tony's posteriori pasta chino patchy is kind of a cupcake you past the cia someone who makes pastry basically <hes> a kind of baker and why was he recall that because he started life he started his career <hes> what before he was an agent he was some kind of pastry from croissant wholesaler. All distributor worked for a distributor of baked goods and why am i thinking of the pill was greek. Doboy suddenly really and we're talking around sort of two thousand three two thousand four am johnny savvier great friend a great friend of the podcast johnny salvio <hes> he he is is well known for having of colombian south american writers europe and traditionally they have been put up in a hotel outside tour in in a place called casado and giuseppe used to deliver his pastries baked goods. <hes> to this particular hotel and in the course of his deliveries deliveries he became quite familiar with some of the south american writers who were running for soviet style including jose little hano the venezuelan <hes> ride loyd who finished second in the journal in two thousand five and over the course of these conversations <hes> aqel offered to act as an agent for little hano and a very long short story short he acquired the the the the custom of rihanna and then <hes> a lot of south american right is there off the crazy grew his portfolio upset some some people along the way including jenny saville <hes> there was a period in which chinese have you would not use quadra name you would only ever referred him is he passed and in the last few years <hes> acquire literal has become very very close to dave rouse would and he supplied a lot of riders to the what was formerly sky now any us any and he's continued to fall out with team managers. I'm you found out with patrick lefevere over mikhail khodorkovsky <hes> he he <hes> has now not for the first time <hes> we led to believe for not with elsevier owns wave the team manager of movie-star <hes> the had been tension in the past overnir kintana who's in a quadruple client but apparently the the main seed of of discord. This time has been the carapace move away from from movie star to any loss <hes> and over the past few weeks is sort of escalated. <hes> doesn't want to work with the quad joe anymore. <hes> carapace we according to the p._c. And paste as today written by carlos arribas carapace did not crash in training before the vuelta as we were initially led to believe he was actually doing a criterium in in holland and mavi stands way were unaware of this <hes> a quadra didn't inform them. He said well. Why should i inform them. When <hes> say beer is refusing to deal with me now and he's got several writers currently under contract with movie stars a winner on the kona and call us baton could <hes> narking tana and of course carapace but this seems to have been sort of mutual resolution now between into a and a quarter not to work with each other and a team like movie star which has huge sponsors us commercial interests in south america. I quadra has the bulk of his client. Portfolio is from south america certainly the ones that bring him the most sort of money <hes> the iran's the the king thomas counterparties even soza <hes> that that is the problem the problem from avi star and they all kind the rebuilding next year with them rick mass taken from the clinic quickstep <hes> and taking dia qatada from astonished but really here in terms of star quality and and and prestigious names looking slightly sort of threadbare <hes> their roster for next year compared to the rest of that currently got but this is you know it's an interesting issue interesting so subject conversation about out <hes> quadra and you know this emerging species of the super agent in in cycling which you're seeing you know we've seen football. We've seen the likes of hold board game mendez and meena ryo line and these become kind of infamous names in in football because of the power they wield over over teams teams and there was another story today about <hes> kenya zones <hes> exclusion his non selection for the vuelta detained he was taken out in the last minute costello crews put in and in lacaille speculated that this was also to do with quadra because a quadra and has has this great relationship with dave browse foot to center browse but look i wanna put divy delacruz in the shop window in a why would browse agree to the to do that <hes> well he you know he's got a half a dozen if not more. I think he's got more matt. M. acquired your clients on his his book. So you know it's kind of in his interest to keep acquired your sweet as well yeah. This is a sort of great opaque. Area of all sport really isn't it in football some some clubs <hes> supply have such close relationship with with agents so they get many of their players offered to the play by by the agents and i think if even the team movie-star strength and power <hes> the risk of kind of trying to eliminate a as an agent who without wanting to sort of have cost aspersions on the role of agents sport but they do probably would a little bit too much a little bit too much power they have <hes> they certainly have their own interests and the interests of their the clients <hes> heart. You couldn't say that they don't but there he with with with caterpillars riding an exhibition race basically a week before the welter. I mean that's not the sort of thing you would expect an agent. Who's looking for the medium to long-term <hes> prospects of if the rider is not the sort of thing you would expect them to endorse really or you wouldn't expect a good agent to endorse. I mean you got going off and writing for some money. It is don off to the tour de france and maybe <hes> taking the view that it's a it's a short career relatively speaking mike. Hey wall sunshine but you know in a sport light. Cycling wear crush can then rule you out race while it's a good job that the ink is dry on ineos contract course and perhaps that was the thinking behind carapace riding that <hes> <hes> event but yeah an interesting one the role of agents and whether it's whether it's good or bad foot for teams and riders is <hes> is quite an interesting one. It's funny enough. Somebody nobody suggested that is a subject for one of our friends of the podcast specialism so maybe we'll look at that next year. Now you mentioned any us this morning. Richard sent me the talk looking to find out exactly what gone wrong for them yesterday. <hes> tugay can harm while polls or in a group nearly ten minutes down didn't manage to speak to this this morning dan you saw him did he did how to chat with him. <hes> austin what had gone wrong yesterday and <hes> yeah he was very good positioning felt fantastic see said all day until the peleton reached the accommodated saw climb on <hes> i think hugh cathy <hes> who really upped the pace going into not climbing and did a great job because they wanted a small group when they got to the top. I'm a group of about twenty or thirty riders and that's what <hes> materialize but ah when coffee accelerated <hes> to immediately felt that he was struggling on he pretty much much park top. I'm he couldn't even get into the back of the group which finished about two minutes down with them delacruz in it <hes> he he ended up coming ten minutes down and and and he thinks that's the heat may have played a role yesterday <hes> he struggled last year with the heat as well at the uh so it's obviously obviously an issue the <hes> i think we thinking hard about <hes> you can address every if indeed that was the problem i think he was speculating as well. He wasn't entirely sure but i'm certainly one hypothesis i did speak to oliver cookson who's part of the staff at team any us and he said <hes> you know those <hes> those young guys bracketing a few people together from from the team your civic off <hes> tire geoghegan haw and a few others advice very hard on themselves they have very high expectations of themselves <hes> and so you know the disappointment particularly for for gagan heart ofter crushing out jiro after a a very good opening couple of days and then <hes> you know kind of all unraveled for over a few days and then of course you had the crash he's more or less being on the sidelines waiting for this racing <hes> yeah the chances they come and go don't they and <hes> it's gonna be interesting to see what he can do in the rest of the race because of such a long way still to madrid yeah. We talked about a couple of weeks ago about this survey among this generation of young riders and they see that pierce doing. I'm very well. <hes> they see the young teammates doing welling geoghegan host casey seen civil carve efficient top ten instagram tories. He's seen a gumbo now. When the tour de france <hes> and you know that can that can galvanize them and it can make them think anything's possible but the flip side is that it puts m._r. Pressure on them as well because they they feel that these are the guys i was competing is and always as good as good as them <hes>. They're getting these fantastic results. I should be getting those results as well. Just before we go i went across to the zone technique. We want more with that being in spanish the zone technique zone zone zona technically technically as on that technical well. That's where the <hes> the the the t._v. People <hes> prepare for that broad costs <hes> <hes> had a chat with ola shenoy before they went on for years and also <hes> a conversation with bradley wiggins which will feature in an episode of kilometer zero in a few days time but while i was talking to weekends i asked him about the decision to bring the shutters down on the weekends local team at the end of this season <hes> quite a few writers of come through the ranks to make it to the world tour owing and james knox writing this well to are they both wrote for weakens la call <hes> and at the moment while i have to that that the coming sensation i guess tom pitcock i mean we don't want to over over hype him too soon. He was doing very well. <hes> the tool before crashing out his plans for next year still a little under wraps but <hes> let's hear from bradley wiggins about the decision to bring the team to a halt and also from our audio diarist james knox about his time with wiggins. Look all well. I think it just this comes to a natural end really in turn funded each year was becoming difficult <hes> to take up again more infrastructure more professional infrastructure in terms of teamed up to <music> and things like that physios in that to give more support to the guys would have needed more money and more involvement lessen the last year or two with other things that aren't doing particularly now with the the grand tools in that next year the olympics is well go straight out to tokyo after it just becoming more more difficult really <hes> but what he did do i just looked back with firmness really because and the last success story for me was really gaps colic who was oversee not under twenty-three anymore was ready to retire from the at the end of all shame we gave him a bike in jersey to race this year and said gone through the racist on under twenty friends and see what you can do and he ended up getting contract movie star for two two years <hes> so it is a shame. I think a lot of teams are struggling. I believe madison genesis is going <hes>. <hes> george hincapie told me that he's team the struggling each year the hall of west go lads and you know it's it's. I think it's part of the the sport really and particularly in the u._k. As well which is where most of our funding comes was out of his <hes> brexit not helping anything the uncertainty the financial sector <hes> so yeah. I think that's kind of where we're really <hes> and <hes> rather than reflect on it. It's just reflect on it with what we did actually did for these guys that he makes him today and lastly. What about tom pitcock. I mean he's had had a crash in to eleven here but but clearly in great great form and while i mean you know you can put in <hes> in amongst all the other talent sort of under the twenty three who are coming through. It seems like that a lot of them and he does look like the genuine article. Do you know what will happen. We're not too sure where he's going to be in terms of <hes> <hes> professional contract but for maize remco even pool you know he's just <hes> he had a bit of a plateau period that junior ranks and now this season we've folksy roxy winning the world title <unk> under twenty three's and he's just going from strength to strength definitely quite side as well as yet to see the announcement of <hes> local weekend's. Kohl's was this cold now <hes> at the season out of we've waiting today in the bunch too. I think is now going to be nine at the end of the season nine. Writers have moved from the team to professional ranks which is only in the last four years. I think so the teams don't an amazing job in the brief time. It's been about to move guys forward and i think it's going to be sorely missed. <hes> online tyler show yeah if there's anything is going to fill the void. I've only really really good memories in the team mm-hmm. I was actually cooperative. Join so worried. I was been promised to wolseley letdown book on amazing program. They'll chew needs to <hes> to develop doing some quality race in on yes meal perfectly for the transition to the pro wrong so yeah <hes>. It's a shame to see it. Go on hopefully <hes> the guys in brian rooney to keep progressing because dot pathways needed to be on us. I still personally doubt especially for for climbers in a stage race is still the scene in the u._k. Is perfect. I'm not sure if i'd stayed in the u._k. If i would have made the step up because the race in there is more about the power and one day this and it's it's kinda hard to get noticed as well you know i'm not sure how many of the big team of looking at what's going on in the u._k. Even even though the quality racing is high so yeah mm-hmm great situation at the moment with modest enfold in jail sierra well well if time to go now down we are hoping hoping to have pyatt tonight we all we we not quite in the province of valencia alicante. I think tonight am paige of courses grosses. Me is famous for by <hes> but we're gonna. We're gonna jump the gun about because we're staying volunteered tomorrow night. We'll probably tomorrow and i am. I'm gonna cheat slightly bummed 'cause i won't be having the genuine sort of violence on a massive fan of seafood so unnoticed where we're going to eat in the same place we ate last night. It was kind of vegetarian option hall. The thing about high is always for two people isn't it. They don't want to make one one portion because it is quite involved obviously a lot of rice. It's <hes> it takes a while to prepare a good one. I think but i mean vegetarian n._p._r. On on on going for the full traditional with the seafood and meat will. I need a partner so he's going to be well. I guess it will have to be your your tv cameron scott unless you can sway. He's a massive seafood book well. It looks like you you may have to just pick the seafood out of your hair and very quickly before we go. Just a mention for the tickets are on sale for upcoming tour of theaters around england scotland wales northern ireland and ireland. They are on sale now. At this podcast dot com go to live events and well. We're off to a roaring start in belfast and dublin and also doing pretty well in bristol that a couple of days in london <hes> but the people of cardiff the people of worcester you know i've got a theory about why why the sales in two thousand was strong too well because i was a huge warwickshire county cricket club found when i was growing up in their all tribals. Oh i see and that's why i'm trying to remember if worcester is on your half of the tour. I don't think it is no. I don't think it is daniel you you won't you. He won't be joining us in worcester while we reveal our line up a little bit closer to the event right before we go a very big thank you to <hes>. <hes> people have signed up as friends of the podcast. The latest episode wars my lunch with jonathan forty in castro on one of the best days at the twitter franz quite quite an intimate chat we had really and people of <hes> seemed to enjoy listening to jonathan talk about his life and career that you can sign up a friend of the podcast out the cycling costs dot com slash friends and by doing so not only do you get to listen to the <hes> <hes> the episodes that we produce throughout the year but you help support us covering the grand tools and producing episodes for free throughout the year so a very big thank you to clare grady christopher rojas riyan wolf tim tim bouna neil sullivan james lacey and a special thank you to will berrisford who bought a friend of the subscription as a gift for his wife lucinda and today day is their second wedding anniversary and thanks to to greg graham peter laki alfredo giss holt just gets hold andrew owens wins james curse keith sullivan stephen cheryl anita krisztian some the pronunciation police would have a field day with with us reading out the names of the friends of kakamega pronounce english names come up. It's quite quite gratifying to see struggle with pronouncing something. It's as much pay hey back. We should probably select. They used to give you the trickiest ones anyway. That's all from the wealth is for the evening. We will be back tomorrow for twelve a report on alcohol. Was there was a big. No no <hes> all vegetarian pi. They just haven't by incorrect wow <music>.

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