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Okay I'm not trying to brag but I've been on the Ellen show a couple of times and every time has been such an incredible experience l. and even hosted one of my group dates it's when I was on the Bachelorette the show is incredible you guys I know you know that and I'm sure if you're like me you've wondered what's going on behind the scenes we'll guess what now you don't have to wonder anymore Ellen yeah I mean very funny never not hi Ellen but since we're already on the topic of it Ellen talked about on the show a little bit of a hair right now hi it's Ellen Degeneres welcomed with my podcast we're gonNA listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on Today's episode of Ellen on the go where all that and so much more on this podcast you're about to hear preview of Ellen on the go so be sure to listen at subscribe on Apple podcasts spotify or wherever you're listening to this they have all the tea and you can get all the insight on this podcast what goes into planning the twelve days of giveaway what crazy moments didn't make it to air you can find and welcome to season two of l. non-nego slash andy and friends slash season seventeen of the Ellen show people amazing I mean unbelievable it's hosted by the show's executive producers who've been there since the show started in two thousand three I didn't even know Ellen had been on the air that long that's sixteen years you guys so they Zimmer Kylie Jenner tells us what the Kardashians think of her being a billionaire I'm fully behind it Ellen and our writer Lauren pomerantz President Pomeranz Jane Jane I know is a listener of the podcast listener we'll listen to the same one Dr Lawrence r Palmer I'm GonNa say Rebecca Ripka Rachel Rocko I Rachel Rene Robert No let's see Louis come about my mom in the seventies doing her thing I don't know or let rank love Charlotte talk about stuff like this on the podcast but Lawrence Montaigne was a big fan of grass in the seventies breaking fried fried it was a bad coloring and so she basically spent the summer shaving her head and then having to grow it back and one of the things she considered about it but anyway my hair I told you a story about my hair coloring of it and everything last spring I'm not going to recap the whole thing but long story short earn kept saying it's never gonNA make it three seasons I'm Andy last near your host oh I'm Mary Conner link in the Third Lauren are pomeranz the first the episode Thanksgiving she told me well hi Jane Hi Jane asked her she had in the spring where a colorist and it got dry and whole thing and she ended up having to shave down it which you can take Brittle Week Shopping Lawrence here for Laura's here she's not a regular yet but we're we're talking in she's in she's a recurring recurring character andy drives a pedicab in New York City start with the same sentence that all bad hair stories start with which is I tried out a new person and you know that story right so so when she colored my hair turned a lot of colors except for blonde which is the one I was going for it was bad it was like really really bad and a my hair was long and then it was short and it fell out and right out of my head like was breaking off out of my head and as I said back then yeah thank you anyway it was such an ordeal I was making a joke the I agreed to go back to blonde so then my version hair was touched for the very first time and so Suckers tried to get rid of first second season the first time like I said that I had seen my natural color this is what it looked like it was that short and that is my natural color so I was gonNA keep it that way but then Mary who's right over my hairdresser said I needed to shave it really short so that the color was completely out of it and I would grow new virgin hair and since I wasn't working over the summer that's what I did I wear a wig and then because it's easier Oh okay well I would wearing a wig that was really talked about it on the show this is the most eloquent and efficient setup of a story in fact I went to shopping and I brought my writer Lauren to pay and here's what happened to the wing Shop Lauren the actual facts get in the way of the story but the point is she's considered wearing a wig because it's so hard to go through the whatever you go through multiple times no way no the one win let's be clear when I saw her the other night she said to me I re listened a woman in your hair and she decided to take the beautiful Lauren pomerantz who wears a wig full-time tilting which you a wig shop and it is maybe which I don't know about you but I have not stopped thinking about my hair I don't know if you have but it's you know when something's your thing and you think everybody must be thinking here she called to give me your opinion which is that I should go back to blonde and talk show host part of the year and then the summer I was like a marine and I really planned on coloring it again the funniest piece of tape I've seen many many years why don't we ellen tell the story better hair and then we'll play the wig piece where we should be out of time all right what what would this be used for to enhance your ponytail Ma this is my mother by the way okay everybody knows Mary's you remember I talked about a rash last year and I guess the rash was contagious because I made a rash decision after I gray R. E. E. Lauren Ray pomeranz living it's like Ellen Lee stories from guests get behind the scenes access and even here from Ellen herself listen to Ellen on the go on apple podcasts spotify or wherever you're listening you can find out with Ellen on the go podcast in partnership with Wandry Ellen on the go gives you a never before seen look at how the Ellen show comes together so now you heard it guys that was a preview of Ellen on the go new episodes air every Tuesday and Thursday on Apple podcasts spotify or wherever you're listening to this I'm trying it for the first time is that real hair no this is synthetic synthetic and what is it made up like

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