BONUS EPISODE: Juneteenth! w/Lauren Burke


well-spoken Tokens this podcast tries to fix the cultural sector and try and make it a bit more inclusive everyone. Today we have a very special guest, she is a writer and podcast the Lauren. and. She's here with us today to discuss the subject of June teams, so they thought episode is going to go out or June. so you'll have the opportunity to celebrate it as well so welcome Lauren. Please tell us a bit about your so. Hello, everyone, well as you can tell American here you've already told the good people that I am a writer and podcast. I am also from Chicago Illinois and I'm actually a former museum employees, so I've been really digging this podcast. I worked at the Art Institute of Chicago for seven years just. Really about you. Know. And then I moved into publishing, and now I- podcast and writes about women from history and things like a literary tourism as well. Yeah guess and we we met when I was working a literary house, and I was looking to be a guest on your fabulous podcast will have a little bit later, but we gotta to talk about June team on. This, little explanation for those who don't know about June say what it is and what about? Kentucky here. I got out. So June team is a national holiday America. It's. Also is Freedom Day or June teats Independence Day. says on the Nineteenth Jane. It started in eighteen, sixty five. It was the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas on will generally the. A EMANCIPATION OF ENSLAVED AFRICAN AMERICANS DROUGHT The fulmer confederate states of America. Outside the native American. Texas was the most remote of the slave states on the money station mation of January I eighteen, sixty three was not enforced that until off, the confederacy collapsed. The NAME OF OBSERVANCE IS A. Hutu Menu I. Don't even know what that. Means I'm assuming it means to put together 'cause I. Put one. Yeah, June and nineteen. Date of its celebration. I'm just GONNA put bit of a liberal I, as about June teams foam, blackish and And, that's what the. Senate. Al Alpo coach can change lives. Fast celebration involved Senate community gatherings in Texas is spread across the south became more commercialized between nineteen twenties. that I t's often. The centerpiece was a food festival. Stage was aside. Stage was reached in the civil rights movement of the nineteen sixties when the focus became the story of Struggle Flap post-world. Civil Rights. While the nineteen seventies is our full stage which return the focus to African American freedom and up. By the twenty century JT to celebrate the most major cities across the United States. Activists Pushing. Congress to recognize Jane Teams a National Holiday. June teams is recognized as a state holiday special day observance a forty-six of the fifty states. Observances primarily local celebrations. Traditions include public readings of the months. Patient proclamation, same tradition will solve. Hitches swing-low-sweet-chariot, and lift every voice and sing, and reading works by noted African American writers, such as Ralph. Ellison and my Angelie celebrations include Rodeo. Is Street Fairs cookouts? Family reunions, paukphaw cheese is stark reenactments ole Miss June. Contested contests. The mess. Mass cogos. Descendents. I am GONNA. Offend so many people try and say these words. The basically Griffin Mexico who also the GIN team, because the descendants of a particular group I think the black. seminoles apologies again for any mispronunciation. It's not just like coaches, the coaches, the Norwegian well by the twenty, first century Jin teens celebrate most major. Save costs. The United States activists pushing Congress to recognize genius enough your. Holiday. Of It, but I think it's a poet, say hey, yes, I I have no power that recognizes national holiday. Cool so as in American Lauren. Please help us. But US as the way too important to be celebrating things mocking them as puff heritage. Oh Gosh that's a big. It's a big one. So I was really interested to learn that you guys actually learned about this from blackish. That was going to be my big question to you guys like. How do you guys know about June team? Does this this? This is the thing literally just watching black black again i. I'm also an emotional cutter, elected three things and get angry about them so. For me. Definitely one of those things because I would say most. A good portion of Americans do not know what. Does! So, you know especially white. We can. We can definitely get into conversation here about The way that we are educated about African American history in this country it's. Three Tally curriculum based history. What's missing? We definitely skim over. Those parts here in the United. States I think it's very much Be Mission of the family and the church to sort of educate. Black youth about our. I think that's really where we get it. So when I was growing up, so my dad is an Alpha. Phi, Alpha, I don't know if that means anything to you guys. That is a I. Like Black Fraternity Okay Wow So Alpha's are very serious. There is like a handshake. We my dad night last summer. We were at this. Harlem Renaissance Exhibit at the Columbus Museum, and he was just like saying hey to people handshaking people like team. People No, they're. Alpha's I got I had a pin. I saw I saw a licensed play out in the parking. Lot I was like I. Think this is an Alpha. I was like okay so. It is a very serious network and heart of. Day as well Alpha. He's Alpha. Alpha Phi Alpha very serious. And like so serious that a lot of my friends to growing up, he's like okay well. Her mother was in our sister. Sorority, so you guys can hang and I'm like what? It was like Dad. This is ridiculous. But. I understand it now. More I think as an adult like just the networking, and like the power of a black turnkey. Like in a space way you went going to be discriminated against and yes I definitely didn't do that to you. Like my first internship, it was like through one of his connects. Zeal. Really interesting we could have a whole thing. Just talking the Alphabet Alpha Phi Alvis. With one of my best friends Ashley Her mom was a sister sorority and she was like Oh your dad's Alpha. We can hang and I was like Oh you had the same experience. So When I was a kid. I was just like dad like stop. This is embarrassing. Because you out making handshakes, hand signals to people out in public, and I was like this is embarrassing I can't. But now I'm like okay. Yes, this was his whole Michigan. An Alpha's mission is definitely to educate. My father's really involved with the end up. Lacey pe- as well and voter suppression in the big issue. So June eighteenth when I was a kid that meant going to some sort of like Alfalfa sponsored lecture or An Indoor Lacey Pe- like luncheon and there'd be a speaker and. We'd go over the history and there'd be like you know some food. Everyone would be waiting for the food. And that was my experience growing up, and never was it touched in school in any way, shape or form. And then moving to Chicago I'm born in Chicago lived in Ohio for a little bit moved back to Chicago for college. Now this had sort of a different meaning I was no longer going to those lectures instead I would go to lake. Street festival and we also have two black museums here and they also put on like. Like it's a programming and again it's kind of segregated right like the other museums will not really touch June eighteen, but. It's like it's the responsibility of the black community. Entrusting it similar with blockage she and at least now that's getting a little bit more integrated, but yet again you don't really see it as being so of something. The F one necessarily that responsibility is very much a low of black history month programs and activities all led by communities and not like just institutionally done so I think it's interesting that you go about out. Similar thing with gene taints where it's like. Yeah, you have the buck museums. They celebrate June team. You have fe. I've been to everyone is. Let's say but they don't actually. This really quite significant. American history. It's very uncomfortable. I think a lot of people In this country, they think there was the emancipation proclamation, and then there was like a wand that was waived. And then when we get to now like we. Skip over some large chunks. We skip over Jim Crow. Quite a bit in this country we sort of will talk a little bit about Rosa. Parks in Mlk in very specific ways, and then it's sort of like yeah, and then everything was fine and I I'm a big proponent of like having June eighteenth. Be a bigger holiday. Be More integrated. Be More talked about in our schools because. I really think it's important. Especially this is. Me On my soapbox to as a black woman who's the mother by a biracial child of like? We need everyone to know that this is all of our history. Yeah, so. Yeah I. Agree it's. In the same way that the. Responsibility is home, but people for discussing GT in America. Like what s saying about black history month. Also would have the rest of. Any of the histories for people of color will modernize grapes such as I l G. B people, people disabled people. It's a ways. Those communities that have to together to Olmos connected places that they need to be celebrated. Also we just for one day or one week. Maybe if you look were none, but it's actually you know having those ongoing conversations for the north of the story. If that's significant parts of the stories, you're telling on etling up story. Because I- environment in the belief that along a underrepresented groups. All within history, they just having been catalogued as such because so many people have to live. In coded through coded language accredited behavior that makes people who out pause community would never have been able to pick up on it anyway, so it's not gonna be. As obvious to everybody else in the sector creating those using those archives to create those exhibitions. It's just not that way, so you need to work with the communities that need representations in order to do. And I think one of the big parts of God is. Accepting of other. Like, even though I am. Quite few underrepresented communities makeup of my personality and my knees positive the my individual. I call go on speak to. A Like speak to some people from the community and be like Oh gonna a song and it's GonNa. Be Great on equal footing because to them. I am this person who's just come from? They stay of privilege as what can in this museum. and rather than uttering people who aren't represented, we need to kind of bring that back onto us and be like no, the other like they see us as the other way. I like the widows like coming in saying that we're going to fix everything and they don't trust us. Why should they trust us? I feel like if we flip over then sometimes becomes very easier to understand. How To, what would people? That was my suboxone. Folks note anyway. It's a very good soapbox. I am enjoying ish. Yeah I this big because it's like. Yes, we spend a lotta time complaining about all of this stuff, but they're all fixes that there are solutions in. They're always throw at you know, but even if it is just A. Day is significant in the college. The bachelor be something every museum celebrates. Why isn't every museum just doing a June team activity you know. People talk about to leave. The must not as wide live. An extra money making scheme is well. Let's. More imperative, actually be a decent human being. If all you care about is your bottom line. More of a variety of like events creates an informative people come in a variety of people coming in increases your profits. I mean that has been my argument as you know one of the only black women, the room in museums and in publishing as well. That's that's always had be my argument. Like. Why are we not diversifying just even if for the money, guys? Audiences brigand some cash. Yeah it works come on fast and furious. They have a Chinese cast member. Just they can really sell it in the Chinese market, I didn't jaws fails. The Chinese market specifically because they've put some of that, they can do with a little side company. Expert Films. attacked. Insane NECE I. I, will just I know the listeners cannot see, and maybe you guys cannot see. It's so bright where I'm at right now, but I do have a mug that is a mash up of Shakespeare in fast and furious films yeah here. I. Something that I would on. Wall okay you send me about. We're going to tweet that out with the show I. Mean Yeah. It's quite beautiful to behold. Throwing me completely. Wow Yeah, but. The same principle you upbringing multiple geocultural bay, your geocultural sector new learning history. This is the whole point of museum. People are embracing leading real history. I think too I. Mean You have people? First of all just uncomfortable talking about slavery in this country, right? Now? Our space where people are like Oh okay. We need to get someone. In the room we need diversity higher, or we need a person of color to come in here and like. Talk about it, but we haven't done that Oh. We haven't hired a person of color like how do we? We need to fix that, so they? They just like push that off until they have someone. In the room, essentially there was one publisher I was hired at where I was the only person of any. Any color. Small publisher? And when I was hired on board and I wasn't even actually in the editorial department of this particular company. They were like Oh. It's great that we now have a person of color here because we want to do some books, some diverse books, and like what do you think of all of these and I'm like wow. I cannot speak to all of these experiences. This is wild. Wow Yeah, yeah, so I think that's a big issue. I think it's just Americans understanding their history in general. Is An issue. It's one that we haven't tackled I mean for example. When I was in high school for Black History Month one year. our teachers I did not have a black teacher, until I went to college for shore or a teacher of any of color at all. Until I was probably nineteen. So. So. People are, Aga. No, I went. In Ohio but I was in Columbus Ohio, which is like the capital? It's like so it's not like there are. There are people of color there, but this isn't. Chicago quite segregated anyway. It is yes yeah, and that's. That is a big conversation as well. Audience, but I will say like. When I got to Chicago for college, and I went to depaul which is in Lincoln Park, which is on the north side which is. A very particular way I did have immediately a really diverse group of friends. which was like? I felt like I could breathe for the first time in years. just because also. As you'll notice very light, skinned black person. Both. My parents are black. Both of their parents are black. They're all very. Very, lights or Mulatto as which on many of their birth certificates. Wow, and that is something to that like. Americans don't really know that lapper. Come in all shades. They really struggle said something really raises you. Not, realizing that you will block yes. Oh absolutely! Absolutely, Oh, yeah, I have lots of experiences with that especially in Ohio and especially growing up I had quite a few of those experiences and low. Yeah is mixed race and he's very white. Presenting is stuck inside that one of the first things I. Full was. He's GonNa be like what are these race racism? Ninjas like someone's GonNa say. A No Indians, and then he's GonNa bust out his job and they can be like Oh, yeah. Yeah totally I mean. That's something I'm. Of trying to prepare my daughter for as well. I think in a big way like because it started when I was five. As, well people like I remember someone on the bus like grab my arm and they were like your skin is darker than mine. Why is your skin darker than mine and just was? At me for that, so yeah I mean there's a lot of. America has not fix their race problem I think there's this point during the Obama, administration, where people really. Got Very confident and felt like we were post. Racial and I'm like guys. This is awfully yeah. Come on! I May I remember having an experience in that twenty years ago. Whatever to America just going on a tour bus to the Grand Canyon and It was an African woman on the bus and she was white and I was ask from England, and we were all talking about where we're from and this league. Woman literally couldn't stop repeating. Beverage white people in Africa and that black people in England it literally did not occur with that. These things could have that it was like. How could you not know the divest? Like eight like the idea, the yet you got an education system that doesn't allow you to actually understand something fundamental about service in the will just terrified. I'm like DOC is my family I'm people think that my sister is like Italian will mixed? Like, it's just. It's just so weird. Dislike it a lot of people asking her doing those sort of interrogation. Like what are you I get that question a lot. Yeah! I get that question all the time and I think it's obvious, but apparently not. People I mean we can have a conversation about hair. Yeah, yes. Yes, thing is I. Don't particularly mind when other people got off even from his I find that flowering on saying to astor Elliot's. It's a few people I've met. Lost Yay. Like one friend that I made whose families Ghana and she was like come big had gone in me somewhere. And so what else he was from, Jamaica had Jamaican heritage like no. You've got some Jamaican and Youtube Alex resort ranks of like what me to be. Like you. Enough that you want to be. Like Yo People But when? I get that a lot from Puerto. Ricans. Husky Puerto Rican. This is the although in your life. Well, actually I 'cause you. People have invaded countries I. Don't know what what will happen. Right. So I think that's the thing that you often get into with people I feel like there's often this slack Pu- public education SORTA. It because you know like I, said growing up at high school. We didn't have any. Teachers of color to sort of help us along so when black history month would roll around? Terribly like our school actually put it on like the five black students to put up programming. which is very yeah. Extreme on you know us to sort of educate people and then. Just just as terrible you're also like. I was also like sort of an awkward. You know fourteen year old trying to figure this all out on my own right. Not a lot of Complicated Racial Dynamics in my family, and like so I'd have to go into the reasons like okay. Yes, here's the reasons why there are so many like. Light skinned black people in this country and are not comfortable FYI. I like my. Dog. It's not fun and a Mike here late. Here's where we're going to talk about rape like by the way, yeah. That, be in. A. Pop or why just information from the policeman's yesterday? OPAQUED! Yeah. She has in the quotations yet skin. Yeah right and so it's likely to be able to get information. It's true, so we get into color as we get into sexual assault, and these are like complicated things for a young woman. Digest? Taking your teacher, because clearly they don't know anything about it which they put Yukos to do it, trans. You're just like okay. This is not actually thinking about how comfortable you would be today this liberties. Tweet the history complex. Also the idea that we just called welcome to academic curriculum a little bit of extra work so that we have bit. About subjects we've. Over but And then every year they. Used the same history. History doesn't. Yeah. Wildest. I hope things have changed. High School I am a woman in my thirties. I hope things are better now but I. I am preparing for them not to be better in terms. Yeah, educating my smiles Yeah Oh. Really, like note I. Say Psyche La- becoming on the emotional journey. To this great great, thank you. Back. Today! We were talking about June teen when Obama Tiger before the break. Dude skies. Faith into this thing if we're not learning about these things. I history that we do get into these situations. A Superhero quit because people don't know that this is a really horrific question to ask. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely like I mean as we were talking during the break how you know. I have just had people scream at me on the bus. Like Hey, where are you from? Where are you from? What's your history? What's your ethnicity who you know? What's going on with you? Are you black? Are you white or remixed? And I'm like Oh do I have to get into like right here on the one 147 like before work like I have to give you an education on American, history and slavery and color is and. It's a lot. I'm I'm like feeling about national right now. It might be quarantine about because I'm tired. All who knows what is? Giving him out like. We will say discussing like how people in different families can be different shades in the break. I'm. Because? It's kind of like well I don't actually know the answer to that question. Is that I can give you an approximation of where my family will from right, but I don't know why. My hair is completely different to the rest of my family I. Don't know why Melanin is so much darker. Like. No one in even my like. My kind of extended family can like. Tell me what to do with my have. It's so it's a journey of to learn like on my own to my whole life, and that might sound Blake Radi. Law, probably like really not problem all. But when you can't even do something simple like figure out. Like what is going to work for you in a professional setting or whatever? and. You don't fit in anywhere and no headdresses can. Can Get, do anything and all they try to relax it and straighten it and make it more and more Western than warm white. It. It does like really mess you up because. It's like well. If you really want me to get into it I don't fucking know. You. Know is because you've been raised. Yeah, then. It's like I've raised for myself like I. don't even know so. How am I supposed to explain it to you, yeah. And it's interesting because I think that I can't really do. Particularly extended family trae the my family's from Freetown in Sierra Leone, which is where I free flights went. So you go back? Way And people ask me about my name is a pastor faces it from that is not an career is actually because they were crew on the ship they were apparently paid presuming very well, but they went actually five. Still you get to a certain point in certain people's histories, and you don't know where the records because they would not. They were either Chattel or they. were. You Know Pasta around, also you know. It's a thing that we might actually not be able to do because of the history of oppression, and so it is really important to recognize the impact. Still House you know you. Find out where you'll from. Kate came from. You know then. Mind, I search not that far back. Yeah, that's why these like twenty three and me. Things really pissed me off. Because I'm like it's only for white people. Note like I can't do that. Will will government's not having idea that's not being. But. It's just not gonNA happen. Like, yeah, it's. It's they don't have inflammation. because. How could they? Yeah. I actually In a way like so my family is. Very lucky, and then also we have several people in my family who are historians might like cousin. This is what her dissertation with on Actually and on my family, and for four dissertation. She was like I'm actually try to do as much of our family. Tree is I can. Very very lucky to get a good portion other. And like my family has been or that side of my family has been in the United States for many many years for hundreds of years, and it's a mix of all different people and. And it's it's amazing. It's actually she put together in a book called like almost white. Which I think is maybe possibly available, but anyway. I remember this time in high school literature class and I was like I. Mean we're only reading white dudes? has now become like my mission in life, right is to. Read read other people and. My teacher was like Oh is that basically? It was like Oh. Gosh, is this important that we read other people and I was like well. You know like as a black woman would like to explore other types of literature. I feel like I've read so many books about like upper. Class dudes at boarding school and I would like a different experience than that and. He was like Oh. You're black I, didn't I didn't know and then came into school with like a book of. Like African history. Entails and folklore. This is sounding was terrible. Terrible, right? But. It's just like what that does is like erase my I'm like I'm like I'm American like I'm Berry American. It's just that ugly part of American. History that no one wants to acknowledge. We WanNA skip back. To Africa I can't tell you where my family's from an Africa I can't tell you like what percentage which people often want to know. People very much. Get down to it of like. Which one of your grandparents is white, or which one who is white, and they really need to know lake zillow's numbers. Exhausted brain about lake. I don't know. I think it just would make them feel more. Comfortable. I. Yeah, but I'm like as I've gotten older, I Mike Oh. You don't need to feel comfortable. Think. That's the place I'm slowly getting to whereas when I was younger and I was you know the one of the few black kids in an all white school? I was just trying to figure out ways. To tell the story and make people feel comfortable and it just. Wasn't working out for me. That's why bringing it back around June teams like if we could have more national holidays if we can have more celebrations or more just even like people talking about this. It would do us a world of good. Also give every black passed in the day off work great. Why do people have to go? I think. That'd be amazing. So? Yeah, I believe. So I do we explored our coach? Reference given that we basically have the one. I was really. Because I have been wanting to reference still I rise and I'm very excited about the fact that people talk about my Angela and actually even referenced by engine loons still I rise. It's kind of reference. The thing that most people know about my Angela to the of quite low of writing. Essays but yeah. Lauren talked to a spot your coat. Is for our culture the week. Section Flea. Will one is related to blackish which I've been watching black AF on net flicks, which could do a whole breakdown of its have a lot of thoughts about it. Really with this I've got to watch I. It. And then they had skewed aboard minute and then. I I know how I feel about this 'cause. Like really want to watch. Content cut. It's easy to play for like. A, moral. Tyler Perry also makes a cameo as well. Oh Wichita. and. Blockage is very yet anyway. Yeah, so it's it's Kenya. Perez and I don't think it's a perfect show, but it's. It's asking a lot of interesting questions I think that it's very similar to blackish. Actually think that show could drop sort of the. Also has a family Sitcom -I angle and I feel like they could just drop that because I think it's actually very interesting, just him being. A black. Filmmaker or just like almost like he's almost like Larry. David, type I would almost carrier. Curb your enthusiasm for black people, but oh cool in some of the questions that he's asking about like educating children and like. They're his children growing up with privilege and like kind of negotiating. His blackness and like where we're from where he's com- to where he is today, like in this position of Success I. Think are very interesting thing. There's some some points. The show does miss the mark but I. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there, but there is a June team episode, and they don't lean into June teen as much as black ish does, but I feel like that episode at like. Yeah, that's Kinda like what June eighteenth was. In our house like if we were having a barbecue like the family reunion, the Barbecue Angle around June teens. That's pretty much like the I. Think maybe the standard experience. Yeah, it's like everybody and especially the elders of the family really. Getting on a soapbox and letting everybody know. And, then that sometimes develops into like an argument based on my, where everyone's at professionally and their level of privileged within the family, because there is a lot of diversity in black families, which I think is another thing that I I appreciate about black ish and lack af that people aren't seeing in the media, but like you know black is not a monolith like this is a range of experiences. And so I Yeah I recommend the show, but it's like it's not perfect, but there are certain experiences that like I appreciate that bats. On I'm a I'm appreciating that that's being discussed. And I think. About, black ish I don't think blackish is a perfect show. I liked. It with Coma Day of like for did they give by I? Don't watch it I, won't. Watch it religiously, but I'll catch up with it when I. Kind of remember that it's on. But then they have an episode like lemonade or June teams episode and I'm like this is absolutely essential because. Educating me in ways. I had not thought about and I am. Doing that for me what it can do for what I think is really amazing and what seven four? C. You said you had Modem Wadden, the lighter I have another one I feel like. I feel like my brother should be on the show. My brother is also my is very serious My brother is I mean talking about people who have different skin colors his family. He's much darker than me. He's very righteous fro. Whereas a lot of leg. Political, t shirts. He has been harassed by the police. He's got a lot to say My brother Love's Ralph Ellison and who's the writer of invisible man, which won the national book. Award Ralph Ellison also wrote a book called June. Eighteenth. Which I have not read, my brother has he loves it but I. DO think about June eighteenth every once in a while because Ralph Ellison wrote it pretty much over the course of forty years. And then it was about two thousand pages by the time I think his publisher finally got it. He didn't finish it. The executor of his will actually is the one that gathered up, and then took it to the publisher and It was just in pieces like it was like some are like some bits were like on handwritten sheets, and some bits were in binders, and some bits run various floppy disks, and so just as an editor and like Oh. What a what a nightmare! The other teens but It's like messy and complicated and I feel like it's sort of like. Fits. I definitely think at some point. We're going to have to come up with a well-spoken Tokens reading list because we have really great recommendation. And actually we were discussing Renny Lodge while note on the. White people about race. And Yeah I always think it's really interesting. Because I did not know about this book and I feel like about the need to go away and read right Nah Yeah Bat. Ralph Ellison. Interesting writer. Very interesting writer. I think Zora Neale Hurston actually has some bits about. June teams. She was an anthropologist. If people don't know and she Also may be considered the first female black filmmaker because she was also like doing all of these small anthropology. Films, but she was also interviewing. A lot of. People. Who? Were early early. People who are celebrating June eighteenth or at the jubilee are slaves had been freed so I think her work is absolutely something. You should put on that about reading list. I, actually have I. talked. With his sometimes I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can any buddy denied themselves to play with my company beyond me? And Yeah that power and being so so the wear of who you are an yeah. He's quite as well. Oh Yeah Oh. Yeah that's all. I got for pop culture references I, wish I. Had I mean strawberry. SODA IS PART OF A. COOKOUT as part of June teams cookout. Strawberry Soda over there, but If you didn't know that one. What's that? We'll just like any kind of strawberry soda any kind of the. Generic Soda. Okay? I mean we would do like a purple crush. It's yeah, if you guys are setting up a June eighteenth barbecue. I'm just. Probably try to. How Fun, you guys! Should you need to do ribs? Some potato. Jin Team. Just. If we all do one in our. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I will for sure. because. Will you be celebrating with your family this year. Just as my husband and daughter, sadly, and it's it's sucks because June around June teen fits. We've a lot of summer. Birthdays and graduation staff, so we'd usually get together have like a huge celebration, and my stepdad would take like three days preparing ribs, and he gets very stressed out about it, but he does it anyway. Parent thing. They get stressed out about, but they weren't anywhere else. Do it because if anybody. Wrong. But they gonNA. Complain and Bitch and Moan. What they make at the end of it is just so was playing around. It's it's amazing, and he just every time I mean he doesn't. Very regularly. Work for family like I, mean and he every time it's like oh! I don't think these are GONNA turn out. This isn't going to work I'm like you've been doing this. For me for twenty five years. Yeah. Have you. I think you have I. Think it's fine. Everyone loves it. It's fine, but it's like a whole process. Unfortunately, you're going to have to say like video and images and he's got y'all have to get some smell-a-vision going on even. Career I. Probably I'll give it a shot I will give it a shot. I have not as dedicated you. Special Place I mean soaked for days, it's the whole thing. Except like that would be hilarious crazy. Insane, so you've goals. Absolute goals. So I'm going to miss that this year because it is like it's just a good time to get together and you know it's funny just how I've changed my feelings towards. My parents sort of sermonizing at me. At those those events now I'm like oh I'm looking forward to having sort of these discussions with my family and. Ultimately. The elder. Thank. You and you were. Yeah, my brother might handle most of it. So, we also have another segment, which is I'm mighty white segment now justice looking. Save, so we might suckle run I just have one day. We're going to say. I. Will just go. I'm GONNA give you shout out to. What Clinton someone whose? Name is angel. And in her own words, she's a horrible. We got won't. Surprisingly! She's great. She's really interested in what I'm doing his wish trying to. His exceptional human being and very much. So I was GONNA show out Shana Lennon from the volunteers and two marriages. Name. She's a fantastic human, being and I feel. Like lots of friends and colleagues and but lately like just not giving me work well. I feel like. Impact. Has Been released for again. collaborate with Do the museum on Women's lightweight. And She's been rating fabulous, and she actually invite me speak at the. To northwest wide alter manages meeting and talk about the power of networks, and we coaches Silvis session together She's just berry battery supposed professionally as finding booed as a human being in terms of pushing fullwood anything. She was doing her organization in terms of bringing more into Civetta a Mike Jehovah. You know they're all processes in place to make sure that people feel welcomed. I think She says she's doing good work. She's doing radio amazing where the kind of what but you know I want to be doing I like doing and yeah. Very inspirational make the Shana and she's also been released for Museum Pico me. Does the putting money way says She's helped. Meetings that we've been having any northwest with zoom in the crisis, and she's been really really helpful, spreading wet, and in that operationally as well and she didn't like credit and I like the. Dating ignore doing amazing thing no. I'm shouting out. So Lauren I. Think you said you've got someone that you want to? Proclaim will being an extreme, allied or Africa or Sorry before you do, interrupt and say I should specify. The Angel is actually mixed race. She's only fifty percents. fifty seven might. Fifty percent. And the other fifty said. I think. We decided that the time might encompasses you know an active as much as a racial. Boundary to that. I didn't think the web wife should be. used to describe anyone of color in any way shape. You wanted to give angel shout though that's good yeah yeah great. I was just. Editing. We just did a Lord Byron episode and Simon, Brown. Who is curator of new? Sit Abby. Love, Simon. Just great guy and one of the really interesting things we talked about with Newstead Abbey was It's complicated. History with regards to money and getting money from slave plantations, and just the work that he's doing acknowledging that making sure people know about that complicated history just reaching out to people about like how this is presented like how you know. How what can we do better? You know that sort of thing so I'm going to give a shot up to Simon. I think he's doing a good job over there. Fabulous. And the. The Po- costs before we do. The probe's with a quote. I love. From. would. Exchange was dressed up like my internally. What a drag race! By enter, this came to mind. If those tried to come from me, I will show cut the. I will not hesitate. Put to put back in a ditch because I actually eight no POLKA stitch. That was. He would definitely of approve of that message. So, yes, Do you want to do a shout out Florence? Thank you so much. Coming in talking to us by teammates isn't being amazing. I felt like I've lent. I've got away with more lead and. before we go absolutely want us to talk about oil amazing projects on so excited of the big front of your podcast for a while but yeah talk about. Let's see got the podcast called Bonnets at dawn. You can find that and Stitcher soundcloud I tunes wherever you get your podcast from. That is about eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century. Women Writers I try to be. I want to be as diverse as possible I also want to look for more hidden histories as we have some really exciting. Author's coming up that no one talks about. So Episode on W. Hoffa was amazing and here you, you have covered. Some really interesting takes on, you know destroy women. Writers have for also yeah, the struggles about acknowledging the stories that talking about you know the Mansfield story again talking about the complicated history of slavery within Austin's work, so I definitely recommend listening to all any wide reading of some of those novels, avalon of raving Rivera's, but actually not necessarily talking about all of the bits of yeah, thank you. I think the big thing that we talk about a lot is that there's a perception that sort of classic literature or these women existed in a bubble, and so we tried to broaden. The conversation and talk about systemic racism. You know slavery. Just an all the stories that have just been. Covered over I, think you know the Harper episode was really interesting because we were talking to a scholar who found one of her missing manuscripts, and it was just hidden in plain sight. You know that that's kind of the sad thing. Is that it that stuff is? You do have to do a little bit more digging, but also you have to acknowledge that we haven't done a great job of preserving our history especially for women and women of Color so Yup. We do a lot of stuff like that on the show and right now we're talking about literary tourism. and talking with curator's which has been really really fun, and then on top of that. I think we can. I can actually talk about this because this will come out in June. have a book coming out with Chronicle and my co host in. It's called why she wrote. That will be out in March of twenty twenty one. So that's exciting and then have another book that's coming out in September, and it's Rosa Parks Book. It is for ages six to nine. So I didn't get to get in like all of Rosa. Parks really bad ass history so I highly recommend people go out there and read up on her specially her work as I mean sound so depressing as a rape investigator woman with a bad ass She doesn't pay the credit that she deserves but yeah I. Just wrote this book I six to nine year. Olds explain voter, suppression and Systemic Racism. Best I could cause. Yeah, gotTa get that in. MIAMI, saying, thank you very much looking forward to this that I will obviously continue just even Hannah on. Thank you so much becoming. We really don't have you. Ever having me. Thank you so. You're welcome.

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