This is a head gum podcast. Hey london. We're really coming up on it. We have to show is coming up at the london podcast festival at yet king's please yeah. We're gonna be stuck in what that's like english people. They say that they're gonna get stuck. In was i mean i mean and like if you go down like a very narrow alley and it gets narrower narrower and you don't realize it and then all of a sudden you're stuck in. I don't know okay yeah. We're gonna be there september thirteenth and fourteenth. That's a friday and saturday. <hes> go to it and if you were going to go see the doboy on the thirteenth they just canceled their show show her cr show at the same time like across the hall an easy walk yeah you were going to be there anyway but anyway seriously seriously. You know this adds playing on our show there all right well. Some people listen to the bowl probably anyway go t._c. G. t. e. dot com slash live. We'd love to see their hello and welcome to the complete everything everything a podcast about everything euro-zone. How're you doing this week. Tim tom i got hit with. I don't know what ah i had a fever by four no a sickness. That completely swept me off. My feet sounds romantic love with yeah. I had one hundred three fever. Isn't that what they only babies. Get that and you also bring him to the hospital. The was this a rectal temperature or temperature. Today didn't just used. I have <hes> a rectal thermometer now i don't. I have an aural thermometer. Yeah you can use this rectory too. I i did not know. I won't want one that i feel like as soon as we became adolescence and didn't need our temperature taken all that often yeah they have like the instant thermometer the ear one yeah or like the touch it to your head now right. I feel like i went to a doctor's office once and they put like we got a cotton pad on my head up to tape attached to the thing that made contact with the skin was a conflict. I just feel like they really made great. Advances is in thermometer technology one. I think we were just ahead of the rectal thermometer sue i think like before it wasn't too long ugh before us. It was like well. There's only one way to get the temperature. That's true to having it is true. I mean it doesn't make sense that it would be true. No 'cause like under your tongue in your but that's that's gotta be roughly the same ideally yeah real been really's going wrong so anyway tom. I'm i'm recovering. I'm not drinking. You're on your third beer since i got here your accounting and since i'm not drinking i'm really really good good at counting yeah well. These are all day. I as i can bring them all day. After day. Yeah third that you know oh of bakkies me refresh me relaxed says <hes> laid up for for two days to work or anything now wow i cancelled all of my points. I was gonna cancel this today. I'm glad he's busy man impossible marie schedule with me. I did this thing where i would fall. I slept all day. Which is why i wanted to talk about. Naps snaps week here on the complete guide everything and would wake up and my shirt would be soaked through with sweat now because i had such a high fever and that's the worst feeling isn't it yeah. I actually changed my undershirt this morning because i like the did all my morning stuff. You know what i had hot coffee this morning i too much too quickly took a nice hot shower and then you know put on like pants and an undershirt <hes> runaround gillmeister hot already all myself together and feeding the dog and everything and i go to put on my my overshirt mike this this shirts already damp. Did you dry off at shower. Though yeah try is is like i get the shower sweats real bad yeah. You should end your showers with the cold. I do but mike i'm too much of a coward cower to go like real cold lino but i like. I'm the same way i know you're a coward but i also a coward <hes> matching you could get to that. We're just fifteen seconds of turning hot all the way off now. Do it though i think so. Do i knew dishonest afraid. It's gonna make my heart yeah. I mean like in the shower. I'm a little afraid that like i'll faint from it or some yeah and that would be like. Why are you late. I think cheeses. Were you doing here you a healthy man thirties now. I didn't everyone sweaty so turn. It's ice cold weird the two softest telling people at work sick and the guy yeah probably because the change in the weather still it went from like kinda hot outside and it made my body freak out i yeah yeah i don't punch wusses. I've been trying to experiment with a not ice cold but improbably actually if i was out of the shower and i put put my hand in and felt it you know at room temperature bribe. You like still kinda warm when you're taking a hot shower and you switch. This feels freezing yet yeah. I've been trying to do that for like i mean. I want to say like a minute or two by ten fifteen because i'm thinking more four is a length more than like just super cold because i even just a super cold for like ten or fifteen seconds. I'm still gonna have a lot of heat inside ride my body and then even the cold is gonna make my body go. We got a heat up boys. We got a cold one on our hands. Turn on turn on the <hes> the internal furnaces but that wouldn't be that wouldn't be like hey start. Sweating is that deal with excess heat from the inside right but it gets gets me hot and then because here's the thing with the shower sweats at least for me. I don't have math. I and i always think like okay. Everything's great now. You know i brush my teeth. I get my shirt on everything. I get already and then like ten minutes later. It's like all the water's just like adam. It's not it's not waterton sueno. I think it is like water something. It's like a very humid. My body's humid got a human body <hes> <music>. I think you're taking lemme to questions or one question how long it's your daily shower not that long long nowadays i own listen to podcast in the shower like it used to you would listen to an entire pod entire pie gas by. I have a one of those ask shower speakers bluetooth shower speaker acoustics in a bathroom really great stinks. It makes everything loud. Yeah hate it because it makes it loud but like you can't distinguish words very well. That's true. I think also the shower speaker. I have like suction cups onto the tiles. I think like every every like bathroom in my building gets the tests. I'm listening thinks it vibrates through all. I'm afraid of what my neighbors know about my media consumption right. I'm always worried like whenever i'm mike watching something weird on tv and i hear like weird years somebody taking the garbage out. Sometimes i'll pause it like i don't want to like somebody just here like a few seconds of this as they're walking by one of the benefits of living in new york though is you're living on top hop of your neighbors but you rarely ever see them and you never interact with them no so my building has two elevators. It's an eight story building two elevators the poor elevator in a rich l. No just regular old elevators one's better than the other yeah i was waiting for and there's like an internal idea within the building that everybody you don't go in the elevator with another person essentially 'cause they're like pretty tiny elevators not small. They're normal normal for new york city elevator size but like if you're thinking like a hospital elevator keep on dreaming gurney actually yeah but ah seven gurneys in this place you don't censor to like if you're in the lobby and like somebody's buddies waiting for the elevator you go the other elevator and pressed the button. You don't be like i'll go in with you. Tom reynolds everybody. It's every ars it everybody when they see you. Tom reynolds no waiting for the elevator mel but so this happened yesterday were like <hes> <hes> <hes> somebody who's waiting for the elevator. I forget the order but basically both of us press a button and then like we both got off at the same floor on mike. Oh yes the guy that lives in that door i i didn't. I don't know him down recognize them. He knows a lot about you then. Sometimes i see my neighbor my next door neighbor a lot. She's like the only person who's like name. I know and on stuff. Do you ever talk to her. Not really could have been a nice meet cute now. Why why why. Why would i want to meet hugh the person living next door to me because it would be a nice story if it doesn't work out. It wouldn't be a nice story. It sound like the laziest man alive. What if it does work out. You knocked down the wall between the rental. Tim mccann knocked is huge apartment. No personally to you and your family camly. She didn't talk about this case somehow. She knows a lot more about me than i do about her and she no she came up on a dating app like a long time ago but like <hes> on a dating app on and i was like oh no it was like one of those you don't know about this. You know about dating ever then on dating. Have you been married for twenty three years now twenty year long happy to correct they were long happy years town all right well. I mean long in a good way but <hes> <hes> it was like the way those apps like sometimes if somebody likes you you'll they'll show up multiple times. You'll like give you a few chances and that's what happened with this person. I was like fuck like and it was. I forget which i legitimately forget which app it was but you you're showing me. The picture that you screen shouted ed from the right now which is weird now. You have another picture of her. Why do you have so many pictures of her. Don't but like you. Did you get that picture picture town. It was some app that told you like how close the person was and it was like less than fifty feet and almost like this is a hor-. I deleted the app the nightmare so yes. I think she's in love with me. Think most of my neighbors are in love with most people are in love with you like everybody a ah thank you. I've been working on this for a long time myself so i'm glad to hear somebody else saying that vindicates me so that look. I'm not going to be on my game. I think i might still have a fever. Sorry coming into your home. What tim i live in a very confined space. You can i don't think i do. I took advil just in case ok. Well yeah that stops things from being a what's the word contagious have another beer. Maybe maybe alcohol will stave off the germs yeah tim. I'm just trying to make sure we're both working at the same a mental level <hes> tim before we get any further i'd like to <hes> i have a correction and an apology. I'd like to issue from last week's servicer last week. I said that in ancient rome varma tori was where people went to vomit it now at the time i had no idea we had so many professional archaeologists that listen to this show and thankfully geologist's then thankfully took the time to reach out to me publicly privately through any channel available to that to tell me that i was wrong. You know what i'm glad that for once people didn't include me correct correct me personally on something that you insisted on <hes> and and this happened often you'll insist on something you know the skeptical or i don't know if that's true earlier with bruce banner yeah you'll be so condescending to me <hes> <hes> tom reynolds condescending man who is usually wrong <hes> yeah before i said what was the incredible hulk name on the t._v. Show yeah david banner really know bruce banner. Nah i think it's david banner bruce banner bruce banner bruce banner. You mean such a dick back like hey. I'm the comic books. The comic book sky is now me tim dance banner yeah and then you you said we're both right away revolt right but yeah so i'd like to formally apologize. Thank you to everybody that literally literally every message me about this. Oh there's somebody pointed out. I think on our read it that they said it's alice huxley's fault why hi that's like mistranslated as like a popular misconception i remember huxley sucks in s._n._l. Sketch where they were throwing up auditory and that's where my frame of right that's where i love this huxley history. I'm sorry i said he sucks he doesn't i didn't enjoy the turns that brave new world took that doesn't mean the man was an excellent writer right while he's dead presumably right yeah. He's entered a brave new world of his own heaven all right tim enough apologizing. I refuse to be censored. Can't believe you apologize any longer well and <hes> just because you were called out online. It's like an onion tom. It'll never end yeah you're right. Don't apologize i stand by. Hey uh <hes> anyone who corrected me win. Did you go to ancient rome. Did you know what happened inventory. Yes did you know were you there. Did did you see with your own two eyes. That's very interesting because i like to hear more if you were actually there. I'd like to see the time machine that you took or if you're you know a thousands of years old that would also be of interest to me oh and if you can definitively prove that nobody ever vomited in a vomit aurium. I'd like to see that evidence that you have thrown up all the time back in the old days. Everything was expired and they one person ever vomited in a mature yeah. I would like to invite any me listener to come debate me. Change my mind tim this week. We're talking about you. Not thinking what podcasters we're kinda like the philosophers of our time in people are offended by the by the truths we tell them yeah socrates and say i don't know socrates. Not that might be wrong now. They were like thanks so much. Thanks so much for towns about that. Socrates is guess what it's like in the old old times and it's boring as hell and just listening to old man talk about his ideas by far the most interesting thing. Go puke and vomit unless there's like nobody else like <hes> you know a show today. We're in a like a lion's gonna rip amana part all right doubling down on things. You're clearly wrong. Check timur talking about naps this week. Naps hopefully the you're not taking one while listening to this. I don't care if you are not. I've been listening to podcasts when i wake up in the morning. Yeah i now has an alarm. No i wake up like two hours before my alarm like listen is not hours of podcasts. I wake up at like four thirty and four thirty. What the hell's wrong with you. I don't know i'm a deviant the losing my mind i wake up at four thirty and to say i'll never get back to sleep. Put on a podcast in the three minutes. I'm asleep then. It always goes outta. My cue and i can't find it later. Here's my suggestion because this is something. I thought about recently a two phones. No a lot of podcast apps have sleep timers yeah because is <hes> to set it because i've been thinking about <hes> listening to audio books at night and that was one of my concerns. I'm like i'm. I'm gonna fall asleep. I'm going to you know wake up and scattered if played the whole damn book not gonna know where i left off timer. Here's my problem with that. You said it for a a half hour right yeah and if you fall asleep in ten minutes. You don't know that it's been ten minutes so you had to go back. We wake up and like find to your place in it or the most stressful thing is when you're doing it to lake lowell you back to sleep yeah and then they try as you're falling ling asleep. The murderer merges no the the thing the timer and the sleep timer and it turns out and then you're just like oh now i was so close but now i had to start and then you had to get up and restart it and that there should be a an option of like instead of stopping the thing completely completely like start playing like jaber shafter words or start playing smartening things in your head yeah vocabulary abiola builders right. There are podcasts that are just meant to go to sleep. Do you know those hands before anybody tax. Before anybody sends just a message saying yeah like your podcast. Hey can cram it yeah but also if we help you fall asleep. You're welcome yeah. It's stressful times. If you need something to take your mind kind of of the of the hell on earth which we live and the monster that lives under your bed one more thing. Tom sam habit this for an app. You know these these apps that you say about this for an up and tell me about inap- that already exists this. Is this poster pictures. This is a i forget what the app is called. I think i think i apple ripped it off in college like bedtime or something yeah. This is bedtime for podcasts but you know those assets. You put the podcast of the bed you you put you put your phone on your bed and it like sleep cycle. It tells you when you're asleep when you're awake in writing based on like the movement john this should be a feature in a podcast app as soon as it senses. You're asleep matt when it turns off yeah that way a you're not missing anything there. There's gotta be something that does that already. I don't know maybe we should be the first idea had insurance not just by one app and stack the other one on top of it. That's on how making apps for your stacks put the health. I've never heard of stack. Oh development yea. Oh that's what that means is stacking one app on the other. Get double the functionality. It's ridiculous that instagram. It was such a big idea. It was just place a post pictures. They had the filter so that was the fan dan the beginning. Nobody uses filter 'cause the phone's got much better the cameras at least the phone's ta the phones to the making some phone calls lately. They crystal clear good job. Well done. Thank you need to think your carriers well. I sent the letter all right now. Snaps tim pro or anti map. I am pro nap in that. I i wish i could achieve the lifestyle in which i could take a nap without feeling like an asshole so like a <hes> like a a like a per person in mexico that owns like a storefront and they take a siesta and it's part of the culture and it's like nobody. It feels like an asshole because everybody does it. Yeah sure see you need to move somewhere where there's a napping culture spain like a lot of of europe a lot of asia a lot of south america. The u._s. is somewhat unique not completely but somewhat unique in that naps frowned upon their soon as a lazy thing to do whereas everybody else not everybody else but alive other places in the world. They're like not great like i mean i only know oh internationally about like siesta and the idea basically being well. It's very hot in the afternoon in a lot of places in mexico. You've just had a big meal. You've had a nice big launch. Everybody need big lunches time. Everybody's gonna take five not five like an hour or whatever whatever and there's gonna take a nap and it's fine. Everybody does at the same time so nobody's days the stopped it. Are you sure that it's in mexico that they take the e._s._e.'s yeah. He shares not speen. Look them yeah doctor bruce banner the besides being one of the leading gamma scientists in the world. There's also one of the leading sleep scientists. I think it's spain. I think it's mexico it might be spain. Yeah i think it spain but they do a lot of tim. What language they speak in mexico spanish town. I think aligning fiestas oh i could go for one of close to get all your cultural knowledge from looney tunes curfews and like <hes> whatever a special taco bell has going on whatever new <hes> span. That's where i get a lot of spanish vocabulary introduced to me. The siesta have it has has been associated with a thirty seven percent reduction in coronary mortality yeah so i was reading a lot about the health stuff behind it <hes> and apparently after so yeah like when you're younger taking naps seems good for you. <hes> healthwise however as you start to get older wanting to take naps a lot apparently they've identified as a a precursor for alzheimer's oh really yeah and then when you get like seventy and above if you take naps allot your mortality arrate doubles really yeah but i think that might just be because it's like you're given the grim reaper more chances to get your freddie krueger. The freddie krueger goes after kids. He isn't gonna people well. Times are tough. Times are tough. These kids nowadays are on their phone all the time. Timeframe kruger doesn't have a chance. You think some eighty one year old it'd be like love. Freddy krueger's trying to get me. They wouldn't even know who that is. No they probably be like oh. It's freddie from the boat club. Oh they know him yeah well because like he's all burned up. He looks old yeah so they would think like oh the club not of course you've already words like that dumb hat and a sweater dresses like an old man yeah. I don't know i think the number one if an old person was like a man is after me in my dreams they'd be like grandma yeah the the scary man looks like the boy from your boat club. It's coming to kill you in your dreams. We know you got bird at the plo club you say yeah i think at like once once you're past a certain age don't go to sleep ever ever is as much as you can avoid. Now's never sleeps illinois why his sleep is the cousin of death yeah. He didn't come up with that. What nods didn't come up with that saying hey did. We didn't get a in a song. I know but did you check the footnotes of the song no if he attributed attributed to some young genius dot com and father people have said sleep is a cousin of death but did they say they never sleep because sleep is the cousin of death. Maybe not that but i mean that's the logical next step. If sleep is the cousin of death and that makes me feel less afraid about dying right right yeah sleep and feels pretty good agreed so maybe death is just the best sleep ever says says here tom we need. We need an intern on this show. I think yeah or research assistant house was the first rapper say okay but <hes> this guy on yahoo. Answers believes the first person was <hes> an old english poet charles sackville. I was gonna say socrates know you hate everything he had to say. Now i like i only like him because bill and ted's excellent adventure though in fairness the best job will be is that the entire time they just call them so yeah and like as a kid. You don't get that like i think they wouldn't let them have that dumb. Joke the entire runtime they'd be like no but people need to ask after the first time like have somebody correct then he own have bill and ted's dumb but no they don't do that. They don't go for the easy z. One yeah it's it's also a congolese proverb. That sleep is a cousin of death. How how old going how far back does it say. That's a good question. I don't know so so who knows now. Maybe not as did come up with it disputed. He came up with it and then it became a congolese province. I think just it's a lot of people don't know where it came from said poet the congo rappers who were the poets of arjun asian shen tim during the break <hes> you just sit additional research which yeah now himself <hes> recognizes that it was a saying from before he was born yeah. That's an african proverb. Yeah got it from genius genius dot com. Wow that's a great site. <hes> yeah other use be rap genius. They've expanded. They've brought in their horizons. They're still great for learning what rap lyrics are about. They never lost their. What else do they do. Meaning like what at at what what did they expand to beyond lyrics no just all well number one all types of lyrics from all genres rap but that's that's like the best for me like wow like rock lyrics. There's not that many but sometimes it's like. I love it's like yeah. It was she who is her right like <hes> worst times as the singer's mom. You're so vain mia right. Hey who's that song about you head over to beatty or in that very same song this this came up. I looked up that song recently because actually my wife i wanted to know women's the clouds in my coffee line. Was i mean from what song you're so vain. Oh there they were clouds in my coffee milk in there right rama's dream about that. That's pretty boring. Keep davos song yeah but then they linked to. They annotated it with her explaining that lyric in an interview. I don't remember what it was dumb lyric but kudos kudos to you genius and then they tried to do a thing where you could apply their genius technology to articles and stuff that would basically footnote articles and they tried to do it. I think in the debates in twenty vaguely remember one of those things where it's like. We have a good idea that works for one thing. Let's make it everywhere where all the time and then it really is like no. I don't think we want this. <hes> i resent. I've been reading a lot of like bad articles lately on the toilet. <hes> i've been reading a lot of breitbart tournament. No i've been reading a lot of like. I guess i've been trying to not be on twitter as much anymore twitter. She's bad right yeah. No i think we all need to just like dunk on this one new york times columnist for twenty four hours straight. I if i pat him on the street i wouldn't recognize him in a million years trying to kill himself. The guy's a jerk from what i read from what took me like twenty minutes even figure out what that's the problem with twitter to to say it. I'm not afraid that like anytime on i stay away from twitter for awhile then i go back on like i have no idea what the hell anyone's talking about now. I gotta go figure out what they're talking about and inevitably once. I figured i'm going to be like wow. This is stupid. I hate this y. Did i spend time looking this up. I better not stay up twitter this long again i also i'll be out of the loop. Seven reading like i've been looking at the apple news app <hes> that does brings in a bunch of articles and like inevitably the worst thing you can do some the thing that randomly magazine news trying to poop you know i'm just trying to pass the time read a book. I'm gonna bring a book into the bathroom s. discussing with i drop it in the toilet. Do you drop your phone in the toilet. Gotta waterproof phone so you're upset that the book look would be unreadable right unless it's laminated yeah. We'll just laminate your books for crying can laminate my own books and i do thank you very much but the one from the library don't come laminated. We'll do a public service in laminate the books from the library why i favour favor. I <hes> laminated this. I don't know how they would react. I went to the library the other day. They have a phone chargers there now you you see this <hes>. It's a dangerous precedent. It's like like attract teens. No because here's the thing it's like one of those lockers z. Swab your library card and opens up a little thing. You put your phone in there. It's like a bed for your phone asleep. In c- can't use your phone while this is happening but your phone safe and sound safe and sound while leton asleep took a mike earn up what what was oh. I read this article. I'll finish it and then we can talk about napping. I was like oh these famous couples you. You didn't know where couples fucking warren beatty and annette benning out of your mind if you know who either these people are you're today you know that they're married to each other. Did you talk about this article last week on the show and you're upset that curl mid did yes same article but now warren beatty came out so i wanna talk about it again. Okay you. You wouldn't believe the couples there were some of the most famous couples going to save article targeting adding probably sixty plus three young people. That was the most frustrating part young people don't know who a net fanning gas what i'm saying hangzhou's in captain marvel though okay but i'm saying that like that seemed to be the target audience where it was like you know a net banning or you know warren beatty but but i bet you're too young to know that they're married to each other. I mean when did they get married. They got married like thirty years ago. Twenty years ago he was having yeah they they were married. During dick tracy no he was having trysts with m- with madonna high issue shortly after history with breathless dick tracy what a great movie dick tracy was then. I gotta watch that movie. I bet that movies nuts. What's i bet it sucks. It's real boring you ever see that a c._n._n. Special that warren beatty did aim character as dick tracy. You just keep the rights to dick tracy no and c._n._n. Stop doing stuff like that. I don't know if it was c._n._n. But i feel like it was like a news organization and warren beatty was playing dick tracy and it was like a non fiction show but he was wearing in the trenchcoat and everything being dick tracy and it was apparently a rights thing where it was the the rights would revert back if warren beatty didn't make a live action dick tracy x. year so he did like this weird tv special replayed dick tracy. I see so it's cannon <hes> he was he directed and starred in dick tracy in nineteen ninety yeah he and annette benning wed in nineteen ninety two okay. He hasn't been in a lot of movies in the last thirty years old now. He's eighty eighty two yeah but when was in that dick tracy thing nine hundred ninety no no special. I don't know well. You see not been ally things. There's there's got to be not very many listings in there. You should be able to find it the dick tracy tv special two thousand eight. Oh yeah yeah yeah so. It's like i mean. I guess that's not super recent but it's like almost twenty years after the movie since dick tracy he's bugsy then three years later love affair right and then four years later than three years later town and country <hes> and then fifteen years later rules. Don't apply and then that's it. He's enjoying retirement sure annette benning still out there. We're working hard yeah. She's become the breadwinner and she's probably been the bread breadwinner the whole time tim you're underestimating those dick tracy royalties coming. He gets a cut on every comic strip in the newspaper. Wow he gets a cut on on every watched telephone. That gets sold your remember. When i was such a crazy thing in like my watch can do that now and i would never dream in a million years ago phone call on my watch but it was an insane technology that back then in the frigging nineteen thirties yeah and having a yellow jacket yeah right that's audacious we don't have the die is available to make fabric that color who everybody would wear hats again. You know there's a lot of things. I wish everybody was more into just so i wouldn't look like an asshole. Hats are probably up there like you can't wear a fedora because only people that wear for doors are jerk offs right yeah yeah exactly i want more people out there ride and segues and scooters to get to the breaking point where i can do with alec and like a jerk 'cause i would love to have like a motorized scooter but like i don't want to be tom the motorized scooter guy. What if you break your hip or something no. I'm not saying like a rascal scooter. I'm saying like one of the stand up scooters. I've never been on one. I want to be on one really yeah. I still haven't been on a segway. I wanted to be on a segway tapers. I saw a guy riding. One of the new segues the other day down the street. I was so jealous in new york yeah. Did you make a citizen's arrest. Oh you're allowed to override them now. They changed the laws. Thankfully you would think that they'd be everywhere. They're starting to. They're getting there yeah the new ones i don't believe in the weirdest bubble the new ones don't go the new ones look like the the hover boards. It's like that style like it doesn't go all the way up but it has like a bar that goes up to the knees kind of so you need like more balance no. I don't know why it's got the thing going up to the knees do more research. Please researching ma'am by one maybe to embarrassed to drive around. I'll just ride ended up in town my small hallway here in my apartment tim o. What was the other thing. I'm looking forward to becoming bigger no name you might just been those two big johnson t shirts. Those are as big as they get. Here's one and this goes with naps nap pods. Okay like you remember like ten years ago. Maybe you start hearing about like you know this new company google where you search for things they i have not pods in their offices. I wish that caught on more. I wish more places had nap pods. That sounds great. Yeah i think they would become abused abused. People would have sex in them now. I think people too much time in the napa is for nap innocuously people would people would eat in the napa. Uh no no eating in the in the nap pods at work and just dick around on their phones. I don't think so so that the idea these na- pods was basically like a reclining chair almost like a dentist share. I'm gonna say it's more like attentive share the drills and everything attached of course <hes> and and then just light that goes in your face no in lieu of that light he would have a big dome that would go over you <hes> and that would black everything out and make everything in quiet and he could just laying there and take a goddamn nap just a break from the world and this was like a wacky thing that google and and some other startups had and i was excited thinking trend yeah. They're these nap. Pods are going to be everywhere. Won't that be great but that never really happened. I wasn't a mall in las vegas and they had it wasn't a nap pod. It was very strange. It was like a little nap room room but it was a free standing thing looked almost like a <hes> like a photo booth but bigger and it was just like a room from that you could dislike rent for our no like twenty minutes at time and you could just go in that room and take a nap very calling it. A room is generous every single coffin e like a tall car. They get the dave navarro experience like a coffin. You could walk in coffin. You can walk in that was the name of it but i would have liked to have called on moore in my problem. How do you get people out of that. I think the the lights turn on brighton and here's what happens to me whenever i take no. Here's i don't want to wake up from this dang nap. We'll we'll get to that. Leap in for christ's sakes lee alone. I think you swipe your credit card in this thing so i think it's like hey you wanna stay here. We're charging by the man second like in nine seven six number. I don't trust myself to call nine seven six number. Just gonna stay on the line and i don't trust myself to get getting one of those nap pods 'cause i know i won't get up so many times. I've tried to take naps and it's been like okay. It's four p._m. <hes> uh-huh i'm going to wake up at four thirty on the dot. Yeah i'm hittin snooze until from like eight thirty yeah yeah and then it's eight thirty. What am i gonna do can't salvage the day now. Watch t._v. And watch cheers and fall back asleep right or you're gonna watch last years until like three in the morning. You can't fall asleep. That's my big beef with nap stem. Look i love a nap but you need to get out of a nap somehow so the idea so are you familiar with the phrase power naps a power nap aka a stage two nap is essentially a less than twenty minute minute nap because they say after twenty minutes you get the slow wave slow wave sleep slow wave sleep deepak like your brain changes which is like the best part of sleep right. It's i think that's like the rams sleep like the deep sleep sleep. That makes you feel really good. The reason why we all like sleeping well and like the sleep that you need so if you use like a sleep tracker of any kind worth its salt fault. It's gonna it's gonna be a new app. Then stacks podcast app on top of the sleep cycles right. If you've got an al call that sleep pod just like what you want. I thought you i thought you were gonna say sleep. Stack sleeps expert good but then you don't know that it has a podcast. Oh yeah but what if somebody downloads and things like i press a button and a sleep pod odd pops out. Well guess what you've already down downloaded the app and twelve dollars twelve dollars precis tim. I don't know i'm i'm in here valuable service plus. We're trying to trick people who think it's something else right people who think twelve dollars for asleep. That's a bargain yeah. You're about the they keep sneaking into the app store there these ads i mean it's kind of a brilliant scam where they for like iphone setup touch i._d. Home button that they say like oh. This is a <hes> a heart rate monitor and we're a dim the display put your finger on the button and we're gonna take your heart rate will they dimmed the display and then pop up like a like a sign up for one hundred dollars dollars a month thing pressed i._t. To approve and then your thumbs or like close your eyes while this is happening to like get the most accurate heart rate pretty genius. I mean evil real shitty but anyway <hes> <hes>. That's what you like. Tom no tim i just respect a good scam. That's all aw yes so less than twenty. Minutes is what you're supposed to do for an optimal nap. Also i feel like the the the nomenclature when we changed from to power nap from the name before this which which was a cat uh-huh. That's the same thing as a cat nap yeah but people you know you and your executives in boardrooms and i had to go take a cat nap before this <hes> before the big presentation sounds like you're not serious. Take me or the executive the executive now you'd be the laughingstock. They say i'm going to go take power nap power nap now. That's that projects. Excuse me power yeah do you. Are you familiar with caffeine naps yet. That's like a newer thing thing to do like a shot or two of espresso and then take a nap or drinking coffee but like intake some caffeine flick fairly quickly weekly yeah because they say it takes about twenty to thirty minutes for the caffeine to hit your system. That doesn't seem right with me right. It seems he's like the caffeine sweating. Almost immediately seems like the first sip of coffee. I feel like <hes> jim carey in the mess when when he puts at mascot is like jim carey in the mass grave put that mask on civic coffee and i go somebody stop me m._i._t. Psychosomatic but after i've had a cup of coffee my first cup of coffee of the day the last thing i wanted to do is go take a nap now. It's not worth the cup. That's a big problem man like you know i i. I work for myself and like that's why i have to get out of the house. He's in the house. I constantly think i'll just take a nap right now. I'll take a very quick nap and never appears to me even when i'm home alone and have nothing to do i taking a nap is never on the docket really yeah i know i am not disciplined enough to take a nap. It will ruin my whole day. You know how often i take naps tim every every day almost every day. Yeah that's i. I wanna call you a loser but really i'm just jealous. I'm not gonna go into the so what is your life. How do you so you take a nap everyday and then you wake up and eat an italian ice couch. I'm going to go into that stick because i'd love to have half of that in my life but here's the problem so because of like you said i've actually gotten a lot better recently at actually just taking a twenty minute nap feeling pretty good when i wake up but but the problem with it is i then have to take a nap on my couch to do that if i take my head them in my nice comfortable bed ed and i just want to sleep as long as like about having anything they do. I just want to keep the cushions off your cash so you don't get too comfortable. No oh keep the cushions off. I can't get comfortable couch avid just keep sleeping no now i think i'm developing like severe back and neck proud sleep. You're not meant to sleep yeah for sleeping on a lot of weird sleep habits though no would you like whenever we go to the u._k. To do shows at the london podcast festival like this upcoming september thirteenth fourteenth <hes> you get so severely jet-lagged as soon as we land. You're like well. I'm gonna disappear for thirty six hours and come back back and still complain about how have my sleep is. All off. Wolkanczik sleep on the plane is don't get good sleep on the plane so take flight during the day. They're hard to find her. They are and then like if you take a flight during the day than you get in at night night yeah then you could go to bed. Yeah tate does his own thing is more like well now paying for like another other nights hotel yeah but they might be worth it because that i sleep all day usually like a real shitty hotel. There's something anyway nap. Pods napping on a couch versus the bed versus as he ever sleep on your desk sleep on my desk doc not like on it. Put my head down no <hes>. I don't think i'd be able to fall asleep. I try to do that sometimes. <hes> where i work and yeah i can't really like do it. Aren't you not led to make any noise there. What happens if you start snoring. I don't really snore snore. Usually guy crossed me lately. He's been pounded is keyboard so hard. I want to rattle strangling to death anyway. <hes> did you ever take naps in preschool. I don't think thinks oh here's why i think that might be. I only went to preschool. I think for half a day and i think that a amounted for even now. I think that's just what they offered. You could either go in the afternoon man half of one day no yeah yeah. That's what i did too yeah so i think like they dropped me off at nine a._m. And came back to get hit eleven and i don't know that they needed to squeeze nap into that timeframe. Oh yeah oh that makes sense. I never thought about that but yeah. That's why i didn't take a nap. Yeah look i. I know my nephew goes to daycare right and they drop them. It was we were in the time. We grew up in the land of milk and honey <hes>. I don't know what the deal was. I don't know <hes> babysitters that were cheaper. I guess i don't know but <hes> my nephew is a daycare a._k. And he's there like all day yeah yeah. My niece goes to the daycare for not all day but like a good chunk of the same and like <hes> and yeah kids kids. She's there for eight hours a day. The kids need to sleep man. Whatever i see some fucking doc in toddler. What a nap. I wanna take this kid. Be like you have no idea you have no idea you little idiot. Yeah you're yeah. I wish somebody would tell me. I have to take a nap yeah. I wish everybody in the world was telling me no. The only thing you need to do right now is sleep in the middle of the day. Don't worry about anything else yeah. Ridiculous kids are doi- salvo problem shorts <music> <music>. Hello and welcome to tim and to solve your problems. I'm tim i'm tom. We're going to solve a problem. Hey if you're coming to our london shows hey. I bet you didn't know we had london shows coming up september thirteenth and fourteenth if you're coming to these shows and you should g._t. Dot com slash live life. We'd like to solve your problem live on stage. You'll get a prize email us at the complete guide to everything at in just put a london show in the in the subject line. This person actually says that they're coming to london show but they said not to use their name so i assume they. I didn't want this red alive on cash key. Give me a man's name. Tim david preuss speth ner. David bruce is bid bruce all right so david bruce writes. Hi tim and tom greetings from london loved the show and hopefully looking forward to seeing your life show next month. We overlay elite tickets and put it in your diary that you're coming yeah. I might have to work. Take the day off david. Please don't use my name name. If you choose to read this out. I have a problem which i'd appreciate your invaluable wisdom for. I currently work in a small team as data data analysts. We currently have grad in great. I didn't want to say it but hey here's some advice. I get a less boring job next. We currently have a graduate on placement with us which is part of their broader two year grad scheme so somebody's pulling a scheme. They've been placed. That's no one difference between the u._s. and the u._k. That can't wrap my head around that scheme. Disease zien scheme doesn't mean sneaky and underhanded yeah. She's been in our team for a few months and his soon to leave for her. Next placement at the end of attemp is at the end of september at the end of september and they're from our discussions. I know oh she doesn't intend to stay in the company after the to your scheme stealing she's taking all the money so of all the jewels by the last part of any risky. Let's get outta town and has asked me to be a reference for a couple of academic applications as she's planning on doing a doctorate. So what's the problem well well. She might be one of the worst colleagues i've ever worked with the spy coming from decent university and having a very good degree. She seems incapable of doing simple simple tasks. I have to explain things. Multiple times often redo analysists before i send it out because it's wrong and it takes her days to do work. That is incredibly really simple. I think because she's paying on leaving. She's not bothering to put any effort in or learn anything. It's also her behavior as well behavior spelled with the u. Here i'll never get over that. She's laid almost everyday spends most of her time on her phone. I've got her browsing instagram several times and even playing words with friends at her desk and dressing casual clothes despite it being a smart dress workplace. She disappeared several times a day for thirty minutes plus and i recently discovered. He's been playing with their phone on a bench outside near the nearby park. It might sound like i'm being a little one-sided but i've also the numerous complaints from other sap. She's been taking off her shoes and socks in meetings playing on all that's that's playing on her phone while whilst visiting visiting clients and apparently she slammed the door and someone's face when he offered to swipe per into a building yeah if he's offering during the we share off space with a lot of i._t. Staff and i've heard about time she's ignored them when they've tried to sarah conversation and scowled at them when they've greeted her a few of the behavioral therapy things i've mentioned in our meetings but she was forced upon our team and because she's leaving next month i've just chosen ignore it and lay be someone else's problem the coward's way out his that was his count on us. My question is what to do about these references. I feel my choices either. Tell her the truth. Impossibly sinker application might be cathartic. That's also commentary <hes> lie and say how good she is or write a really bland one. I'll say she turned up for work. Completed tasks excetera. What would you do in my situation. Thanks dr david bruce banner. This guy is a misogynist bowl. Why why do you just jump to that because he thinks a woman isn't good at her job. He thinks this particular woman isn't good first of all. I'm kidding. I mean he might be. I don't know that she's doesn't sound like anything like oh and she's always you know doing her nails. The code was for our generation. You're never gonna be able to actually chilly be off of work right. You're going to carry email around with a device sending emails. You're gonna live with constant. I angry from work right. Never off the clock yeah and the trade off is you can look at instagram at work yeah right. I know i don't think yes he. He undercut his point a little bit by mentioning. I've caught her looking at it's like well. I've never spent more than maybe thirty seconds looking at instagram like you can't get lost in instagram unless but at models or people who are looking at discover a lot see i never knew i. I know somebody a very non <unk>. Social media focused person and she's like. I had to quit instagram discover. I spend spend hours there. Say how many people do you know. Didn't you run out of content and she's like no. I look up slow gel in discovering new things god's so but she's like slime undiscovered and there's just hundreds of thousands of slime videos that it's you see them all fairly not yeah anyway. Maybe this girl is looking at <hes> the slime videos for hours i mean i guess i don't follow oh a ton of people on instagram yeah. I guess maybe that's blue coloring. My kids like i'll go on instagram a few times a day but when i look it's like three three new pictures. I look at them on mike i need. I've got nothing else. Look at sitting on a bench outside the office <hes>. I don't think that's a huge offence either. It is if like you to supposedly at work yeah but sometimes you know you you get in this mindset where hey it's only daylight for a few hours every day right and not going to spend ninety percent of it just inside this frigging room. I think i'm going to get outside. I'm gonna get some vitamin. D i agree one hundred percent except like the you also can then think you're you're going to get a great reference and also if you're going to do that then catching some rays tom but also if you're gonna do that then you get bear. Make sure sure you're doing your other work really yeah yeah. I guess she's just better job. <hes> i a good review cares. I mean i would say so. The coward's way out the easy way is just right or a bland review is right right the like like like a review. That sounds like you're being interrogated by the police like yes. I know this person. She worked at this place a from this date to approximately the state and then that's it but i feel a hey you can't i mean i don't know how these things were but like you can't like sink her application. You give her a bad reference. She's just not going to use that reference right yeah. Yeah i think although sometimes to give him in sealed envelopes. Maybe i don't know how anything works yeah. I'm assuming that she's not going to be able to see to vet this before. She sent it off okay woman. That's different but here's what you do. You give her a fighting chance. Here's the thing she might be bad at her job. Most people are bad at their jobs. <hes> there's a lot of complaints that wayne gretzky well. You know there's there's a reason he's called the great one and there's only one of him stir crazy hereford to his job so anyway. They look the instagram thing sitting on a bench thing. That's just human stuff. That's fine <hes>. You can't sink somebody because she was mean to guys in the i._t. I._t. department or scowled at them when they were trying to flirt with her or whatever that's fine say they're trying to flirt women in the i._t. Department tim and furthermore. I think the only real she's not greater job find you. The only real offense was taking her shoes and socks off in meetings. I say you right or a glowing review lie about everything gloss over the fact that she's great at her job that she's terrible at her job. Make it sound like she's the best best you've ever had at the company and then guess what mentioned that she takes her shoes and socks up in the meeting. It's indisputable. She does is it right. It's true it's a fact and what is she going to get mad at you for lying about <hes> her other performance which is great by saying a thing that is objectively true against all these <hes> aggrandizing lies. She's gonna get this recommendation layer martyred right to h._r. And say the league this letter this pervert herbert wrote about my feet. There's no reason mentioned somebody's feet under any circumstance in a referral letter. Maybe she shouldn't take her shoes and socks and always and you think that guy is going to be able to say oh well if she want me. <hes> gawk at outta maybe she shouldn't have been flaunting during either shoes and socks your socks up. I see shoes. You're wearing sackless shoes and yeah. You're dangling on your feet or whatever whatever but like taking your socks off. That's like bend over endure yeah well. You're certainly have have to bend over to put them back on yeah. Maybe you don't maybe just leave them. Oh god janitor take care of them. That's your answer for for everything i would say. Just tell our lookout thing. I'm the best person to give your recommendation. I would have a very good recommendation asian. Give you if she's like well. I still want him being right. Yeah right about your feet and then this guy's averaging adv which if you have a problem to solve you can email us a complete guide. Everything like tim savior coming into the london shows is email us with your problem if you'd like to solve it onstage and mentioned that in the subject line you can check out t._c. G._t. dot com for a website website can support the show by going to dot com slash amazon amazon shopping and patriots dot com slash complete guide for our other podcast called books the podcast. We're in the middle of reading teams in the middle of reading the seven habits of highly effective people telling me tim's already so effective. It's insane. It barreled in your like a hurricane and he's trying to teach me how to be more effective. It's great you can get the latest episode and all the back episodes patriot dot com slash complete guide you follow us on facebook facebook dot com slash complete guide. Give me on twitter instagram at. Tom reynolds felony at your pal to him. He can follow the whole show at complete guide on twitter yet <hes> i'm. I'm fading fast. Yeah yeah very tired. Maybe you should take a nap. Who a disco nap. You're not disco napa. Let's just like a nighttime nap before you go out to get <hes>. Do you remember get ready for the disco. Do you remember the time you and i and in two other people moved into an apartment and i had a house before you even susie said or whatever the time i know exactly what you're talking about. We had a house party and it's like okay you know like probably it was like our first adult apartment yeah and it was pretty big in invited a lot of people i had a lot of friends at the time you did before you really needed them all somewhat true and it was like seven p._m. And i think people are gonna come starting around like eight era well. I'm gonna take a quick nap a disco net. I'd gotten home from work. It was a friday night and it was like okay. I'm just gonna just gonna sleep for a little bit. I wake up and party. I did not wake up blake people coming into my room. Yeah waking me up the door to your room was just like open the entire party and i was just sleeping and people would wake me up for like five minutes at a time and i'd hold court and then i can fall back asleep and then another group would come in and like what maybe twenty thirty thirty person party. Yeah i remember a bunch of people just kept kind of people coming and going but like consistent like thirty people pretty much in the marmon marmon. Yeah i mean it was memorable weird like a bunch of like work friends and they're like oh. Let me like me. Tim your roommate and i was like well. He's the doors open. He's in there. Who's asleep and that's just the kinda shit that twenty three year olds do though yeah you're right. You're going through a growth spurt problem. Yeah i grew six inches that summer. How people do dumb shit. I also is the time where is time in her lives. Where the previous probably fifty nights drinking at least eleven beers every night <hes> so i might have just had my body might have just been like oh. You're going to bed before three a._m. For the first time yeah we're gonna. We're gonna capitalize on this anyway. Europe horrible party house yeah. That's true a lot of <hes> doing a lot of work. That sure cleaned up a lot. Afterwards and cleaning up wasn't the priority of the hosts. It was trying to to make sure that he was having a good time was going to get where i tell. Everybody was having a good time by the way they kept coming into my room and trying to wake me up to save the <music> good time everybody dancing tensing de dancing. They can get enough thirty people at any given time edvin hi tom now they weren't high man. This is a drug free party. Were you trying to imply about my party's. Tim and this is one of those nineties era caffeine. Parties survey was on caffeine natural high. It's not a natural caffeine's from nature sews. Everything else not chemicals right. We'll see you next tweak. That was a hit gum podcast.

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