Chief Justice John Roberts' Role in the Senate Impeachment Trial


The Wall Street Journal listeners. Come from all walks of life and business and no matter what type of business urine eighty p is here to help you achieve what you're working looking for with talent time benefits and payroll informed by data and designed for people learn more at design don. ADP DOT COM from the House floor to a Senate trial chief justice John Roberts will be presiding citing what he can do to set an example of how a federal judge behaves and how a judicial officers take their job and at a time when the judiciary three like other institutions is under a lot of criticism including From the president himself that may be viable example to show to the public plus. We've got an exclusive on Goldman Sachs and its role in a Malaysian corruption scandal. It's Thursday December nineteenth. This is the PM edition of what's news from from the Wall Street Journal. I'm angry for totally a New York. Democrats are signaling. They could delay. Okay send two articles of impeachment for abusive power and obstruction of Congress over to the Senate House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi says she's waiting for Senate Republicans to set rules. She considers fair. She's also holding off on naming impeachment managers. Who would act as prosecutors chief justice John Roberts will preside over the trial? We'll have more on his role in that coming up in just a bit. The House of Representatives has approved a new version of a trade agreement between the US. China and Mexico knows. US MCA. The deal will replace Nafta one of president. Trump's campaign pledges was to renegotiate the deal to benefit. US workers the US. Senate is expected to take up the agreement early next year. The Senate is on track to approve too broad spending packages today totaling nearly one point four trillion dollars to avert a government shutdown when current grant funding runs out on Friday. President trump has indicated that he plans to sign it. The Senate passed the first package of bills which focuses on domestic programs earlier. Today it includes the most significant changes to the nation's retirement system in more than a decade for more details. Be Sure to listen to our your money briefing podcast. On Friday Swiss drugmaker Novartis has launched a lottery to offer the world's most expensive drug for Free Soul Jen's Ma one time treatment for infant muscle. Wasting disease is is a gene therapy drug. That cost two point one million dollars under the program. Doctors can submit requests for the treatment for eligible patients drawing. We'll take place every two hugh weeks but critics including patient groups say the lottery is inappropriate and forces patients to compete for treatment. Seven Democrats will take the stage in Los Angeles tonight for the first date since the House voted to impeach. President Trump Democrats have been largely united on that issue but remained split over others including healthcare care education and spending tonight's debate is the last of the year the latest Wall Street Journal. NBC News Poll Finds Former Vice President. Joe Biden leading the field of candidates. It's followed by Vermont. Senator Bernie Sanders for all the highlights from tonight's debate. Listen to our. Am Edition of what's news tomorrow morning. Wall Street Journal listeners. Come from all walks of life and business and no matter what what type of business you're in eighty P is here to help you achieve what you're working for with. HR talent time benefits and payroll informed by data and designed for people learn more at design DON ADP Dot Com in Wall Street Journal exclusive. We report that Goldman Sachs is in talks to admit guilt and pay a two billion dollar fine to resolve a criminal investigation for its role in a wide ranging Malaysian corruption scandal. Joining me now with more details Wall Street Journal. Reporter Liz Hoffman. Let's take a quick step back and just remind listeners of the context of this S. scandal. This is pretty wide ranging. This is widely seen as the largest financial fraud in history there was a government fund in Malaysia called one MD and it was extensively there to help develop the economy development. Projects Goldman helped raise about six and a half billion dollars through bond offerings to its clients. Prosecutors leaders in the US and Asia say most of that got stolen my couple of people that primarily a Malaysian national named Jolo and his associates who include two former former Goldman bankers and Some officials from the Middle East as well so just like a massive massive theft and a lot of that money has been lost forever. Probably some of it has been recovered real estate and other other things that governments around the world have seized yacht some art but this is like a great rate Heist Caper so Liz tell me more about your exclusive on Goldman Sachs and its talks with the US government. What exactly would this settle? It depends how broad it gets at the moment. Goldman is talking only really to the Department of Justice which is one of several agencies. That's been looking into this. So would settle the most serious criminal charges against the bank for violating federal anti bribery laws. It would probably not settle related matters with securities and Exchange Exchange Commission which usually have to do with broker dealers and disclosures to investors. It would not settle an investigation Malaysia which has been ongoing. So there's some loose threads here golden and would like to wrap it up sort of comprehensively the probably GonNa have to do it in pieces. How have the allegations wait on Goldman? It's certainly weighed on the stock price. It's widely seen as something that's been pushing down the stock price just because investors don't know how big a problem it's going to be. It's also been a reputational problems. People have to go out and pitch their business and there's headlines all the time about corruption bribery and it's just a bad bad luck all around. What are the other loose ends not involving Goldman that have it to be tied up here on Jolo remains at large the US government would like to prosecute him? He's sort of last known to be in China but they don't have him. There's another Goldman banker who was extradited from Malaysia. Here there are some you know. Both golden bankers one has pleaded guilty. He'll need to be sentenced. The other has pleaded not guilty in. We'll either need to be tried or have that wrapped up and you know there's some other banks. Deutsche Bank has been sort of implicated in this and this is the first bond offerings want him to be was started about ten years ago the first bond offerings two thousand twelve zoo really been a long running scandal and it's only gotten wider as it's Gone Wall Street Journal. Reporter underlaw Hoffman. Thank you so much. Glad to beer after Wednesday's lengthy debate and vote the next stop for the articles of impeachment is the Senate. The constitution requires the chief justice of the Supreme Court. Preside over a Senate trial of the president. So it will be on Chief Justice John Roberts Roberts to take on that role. It's more public one for Roberts. Most of the High Court's proceedings take place behind closed doors and the Senate impeachment trial of president. Trump is shorts contract. Plenty of attention joining me now. From Washington with more details his Wall Street Journal reporter Jasper Raven so just before we get to you chief justice Robert Specific Role. What can you tell us about? How the impeachment trial in the Senate will work well actually? We don't really know to a large extent because the Senate has not adopted rules for this specific trial there are guidelines that the Senate adopted in nineteen eighty six before there were any twentieth century impeachment trials and they suggest that There will be the Senate will meet in the afternoon. There will be. Obviously a prosecution led by the house managers and a defense By the president's lawyers and there will be a presiding officer. That's the chief justice of the United States. The constitution actually requires that the chief justice preside when the president is Tried in an impeachment proceeding. We know that there have to be two thirds of the senators present voting to to convict otherwise The president would be acquitted of the impeachment charges. So we know those things we know as well that in contrast to a typical trial where the trial judge runs the show and while there can be objections. His decisions those Those have to be decided decided by higher courts Down the line in this court of impeachment as it's known the jury actually outranks the judge and can overrule him so so If the chief justice were to make a decision about Admitting evidence or particular arguments or whether to call a witness the Senate could by a simple majority vote overrule him And that's again something very different. It's like Having seven jurors Able to overrule the trial judge When he decides whether certain evidence is going to come in or not to criminal trial so that's one one distinction and in fact the The chief justice. It doesn't even have to make a ruling the nine hundred six guidelines say that he can choose to simply let the Senate vote he can punt and let them vote on those questions. uh-huh themselves directly so obviously impeachment is a highly polarizing issue and you write about how the presence of Justice Roberts could actually serve to calm that partisanship tell us a little bit more about given his history the role he might play here how he might direct proceedings. Well he's got very few precedents to go on on their only two prior Impeachment trials of a president and one one per century basically so there aren't a lot of simple models from to follow so but the chief justice runs the Supreme Court courtroom with a firm but not insensitive hand so he knows how to run proceedings. There's very little incentive for any of the parties to try to take him off because he will remain a very powerful figure in other settings for many years. Here's to come. Whether he can somehow alter the character of the town of the proceedings themselves is hard to say what he can do set. An example of how a federal judge behaves and how a judicial officers take their job and at a time when the judiciary like other institutions is under a a lot of criticism including From the president himself that may be valuable example to show to the public or turn of Li. It may not if things get out of hand and he you can't control it and it's a political circus and he is overwhelmed by it that that too will communicate a message. I don't think any of US expects that but A lot of unexpected things have happened in recent. Isn't years jazz as you point out aside from this impeachment trial president trump also has a lot of issues that are going to be coming before the Supreme Court which obviously Justice Roberts it sits on. That's a I think a a really important part of the dynamic to To keep in mind in this trial in this event although the the chief justice justice will have his black robes and he'll be sitting at the rostrum and you'll appear like a lordly magistrate overseeing these events The fact that he actually has on paper relatively little power because he can be so easily overruled by a majority of the Senate but coming up in the months ahead our are other matters involving president trump. Very important to whether he keeps his job in November when There will be another election. And what happens to him when he eventually leaves office. And that's because one of his important policies are currently in the hands of the Supreme Court For example the DACA program the temporary relief for for illegal immigrants brought to the US children president trump has sought to cancel that Obama era program. Lower courts have stopped him. The Supreme Court heard arguments about this and is going to decide. Probably June whether that program can be cancelled by the president or whether he has to take another crack at the rationale for ending it. Maybe even more more important the president has been fighting to stymie. A number of subpoenas issued by House committees and the The New York county prosecutor Cyrus Vance for his financial records these subpoenas Goto his accounts into banks for a house and state. Investigators reviewing hush money payments humans to stormy Daniels and other aspects of his accounting. That have raised questions if the Supreme Court is GonNa hear arguments in that in March. They won't won't be televised. Perhaps they'll be live audio. We don't know yet. That case also will be decided likely in June and that decision may have a tremendous effect on The president's future and how he is perceived so the fact that we can see Chief Justice Roberts behaving now may in fact color the way we look at what the Supreme Court ultimately does since he As the head of the federal judiciary really embodies that Third Branch of government. All right so plenty more to come here Wall Street Journal reporter Jesper even even joining me from Washington. Thank you so much just anytime. And that's what's news for this Thursday afternoon. I'm Marie for totally for the Wall Street Journal. Thanks for listening and.

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