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These of the daily tech headlines for Friday, November twenty third twenty eighteen type strap Alito. Google announced the role of new political ad policies in Europe to increase transparency and to comply with a code of conduct agreed upon in September starting January Google require advertisers to apply and be verified before being allowed to pay for political ads as also carry disclaimers disclosing specifically who paid for the concert. Google. Also publish a transparency report with information on adspend an targeting as well as a searchable at library. The Wall Street Journal reports that American officials are briefing, allied governments and foreign telecom executives to avoid using telecommunications equipment from Weiwei governments briefed include Germany, Italy, and Japan among others as these governments are considering making long-term capital investments in five G. The US government is reportedly considering subsidizing the purchase of telecom equipment from non Chinese providers to key allies. A new study by the university of California Santa Cruz found that over the last two decades ninety percent of workers in San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties. Ak- a roughly Silicon Valley have seen real wages decrease with median wages decreasing by fourteen percent. The study found that if labour sheriff production had been the same in two thousand sixteen as it had been in two thousand and one workers would have received an additional eight thousand four hundred eighty dollars. This fall in wages comes amid skyrocketing housing prices in the region September housing study by Zillow find that the average Santa Clara county homeowner spent fifty four percent of income on their mortgage compared to the. National average of seventeen percent. Disney's annual earnings report revealed that the company's ESPN channel two million subscribers while Disney channel, Disney junior and Disney XT all lost three million Scribner's since these channels are commonly included in cable packages, often seen as bellwethers for court cutting Disney's ESPN, plus streaming service seemingly made up for some of these losses gathering one million subscribers since launching in April. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple's had to offer subsidies to Japanese phone carriers to help discount the price of the iphone ten are after slower than -ticipant initial sales. The report also stated apple has resumed production of the iphone ten in order to meet a minimum production requirement from their own supplier Samsung, applications, stop selling the iphone ten with the introduction of ten essence of timber but previously reintroduced discontinued models to select regional markets. Officials in New York and Virginia have both confirmed that half the jobs brought by the new Amazon headquarters will be tech jobs there, meaning jobs will be an administration, custodial HR and other support positions. Amazon previously stated the average salary for the positions at their Long Island city HQ would be a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. And finally Japanese carrier NTT doco announced that it is a cheap five G speeds of seven gigabits per second in outdoor trials the first test surpass twenty gigabits per second using a single terminal attest us base station antennas mounted on outdoor wall to direct beams at ten is installed on vehicle proof tops this ally for several data streams to delivered in parallel making it ideal. For public transit was part of Japan's ministry of internal affairs and communications on five G, my technology. Remember for more discussion of the tech news of the day? Subscribe to daily tech new show at tech new show dot com or in your five Joyce, thanks for listening. We'll talk to you next time. So from all of us here at tech headlines. Remember have a super sparkly.

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