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That indeed we understand that when it comes to hiring it's important to have a large talent pool the choose from but sometimes too many good options can be overwhelming. That's why he he doesn't just give you access to a large pool of job seekers. We also offer screener tools that let you instantly narrow down your search hone in on hiring with indeed experience indeed for yourself today and get a free sponsor job of great on your first posting and indeed dot com slash promo terms and conditions apply morning. It is time to get up with z. again. The cowboys tomato offer combo our insiders you to tell you why this isn't anywhere close. The being over plus aaron rogers and his new coach disagree again this time over practice. We're talking about practice. Yes we are and you'll see why plus tiger agar woods. He's on the course right now this across the river from where we sit does he have a run in them as he finishes the season that began with a bang all that more as we thank you for being with us live from new york and i'd take a look at this group of football acumen assembled around me this morning and i am just excited as could be acho is here jeremy fowler made his way with all the insight in the world as we are now twenty nine days and counting away from the start of the national football league season and and we begin today's we do just about every day with the latest on the ezekiel elliott holdout it continues yesterday. Josefina reported zeke is willing to miss regular season games if he he does not get deal. He wants boys executive v._p. And c._e._o. Steven jones spoke yesterday about the contract situation. I think you could easily get out of oxnard and be back in dallas before anything gets done matter of fact. I don't see any momentum. That would lead me to believe that we're going to get anything done while we're out here. I i don't want to get into what we've offered but we've been very generous with our offer and like i said it's not that we don't want what these guys to have their money. We want to be happy with their contract but they also some point. They gotta get their hands around. You know we're not saving this money for for the jones family. We're we're dividing up the pie and it's jillian us final. Call all to decide who gets what so interesting. That's what stephen jones said so. Let's let jeremy fowler have the first word on this jeremy. What are we hearing about. The latest on this contract contract situation walgreens ezekiel and the dallas cowboys have exchanged contract proposals. I'm told that has happened in recent days but here's the issue greenie. There is a sizable gap in money. One source told me they are not even in the same zip code right now the running back market the top of his thirteen to fifteen million dollars zeke swinging for the upper deck here make no mistake about it but though he is prepared to miss games he doesn't want that he's in kabo. He's one hundred percent healthy ready to go the cowboys. I don't want that so they're negotiating respectfully trying to get something done aired. Stephen jones say he thinks it could get out of oxnard. That's where the team is jeremy. Stay with me there. We'll come back to you in a minute. Let me take they get to the table and i feel like we've been talking about this basically every single day r._c. Let me put the question this way clearly right now. This isn't a significant problem. He's running back. He knows the offense the align everything else. At what point does this start to become an issue that will affect the regular season when it gets to the regular season when this is a guy who's not available will for your team and he's the best player not only on this offense but he's the bill the makes the entire team go the entire organization rest on the legs of ezekiel elliott and when i listen listen to stephen jones. Here's what i hear a. We're not like mcdonald's right. We're not trying to hoard the catch up. We're not gonna make you pay ettore sauce for your nuggets in keep it all for ourselves. We want to keep you want to keep that we wanna keep amari cooper and we want you all to be happy veep. We just can't do that by making highest paid running back into league. Here's where i disagree. I think it does matter now. I hope zeke gets back sooner because when you look at the two thousand eleven lockout counting the n._f._l. When players weren't for o._t._a.'s report the injury rate went up by seventeen percent. What i mean is training in kabul was way different than being on the practice field. There is nothing like football conditioning. There's nothing like football shape so i understand what zeke is doing and what he has to do but it may pay negative dividends in the future just because his body may not be exactly where it needs to be timing on this thing is obviously incredibly important. We'll see how long this continuous meanwhile. He's not the only running back who is currently not in camp with his team. Let's take the los angeles. Chargers chargers running back. Melvin gordon also continues to hold out of training camp his agent. Maria's bilbo requested a trade but was not given permission to seek peak trade partners by the team that again according to our josina anderson and so let me bring jeremy fowler back into the conversation there jeremy. What is the latest. We're hearing about gordon. The charters are willing to pay melvin gordon at about ten million dollars a year. That's been the range but gordon wants to be with the big boys levy on bill david johnson that market starts at thirteen million dollars colors so much so the gordon his representation has offered a contract that includes some incentives to try to bridge that gap. The chargers have been unwilling to do that. They won't all budget and so. That's what gordon's feeling a little unsettled right now. I'm told all options are on the table. Including a potential hold up into the mid season range week eight or week nine just just in time to get back make sure his contract doesn't toll and he gets one more year toward free agency now so we've got the possibility of a trade with the possibility of a lengthy holdout. We always have the possibility the deal getting done. Let's take it back here because we use the word disrespect sometimes in this and that always sets off bells in my head because once you allow motion to get into the process where emotion really does not belong. We got trouble well. You know it's all disrespect in negotiations until somebody else shows you that it's true right when you're dealing with your team team and you feel like they should feel a certain way about the services provided for them and they don't wanna give you the money that you want. You feel like that's disrespectful like for. Why don't you value me. Why won't you work with me and this because his business and if you look at melvin gordon compared to the david johnson compared to the levee out bills compared to the todd girly heat tied girlies. He's a step below those guys and if you are they're going to try to pay you at that. Pre we don't know. I don't know the intricacies behind the exact exact offer but ryan hit the nail on the head businesses business in the n._f._l. I remember i got one time by the eagles and that was all sad about it. My coach told me is not if if we don't love you find out if somebody else is gonna sign while looked around on the left i look right. I didn't get signed on the eagles brought me right back and he said okay then very similar with melvin gordon. It's not that the chargers don't love him but you have to look at the numbers. He is a notch below. The girlies notch below the healthy david johnson's those types and it seems like they're trying to pay him accordingly. He's a bad man but but just keep everything in perspective also went four and they also went four now and the i'm sorry what did you say house. Demanding point melvin gordon's cool if if they don't want to pay him thirteen. I'm forty million a year. He's totally fine with that. His issue is send me somewhere else. Trae me to a team that will value me at that number and charge won't budge on that. That's sort of why don't settle i think yeah i think that's the thing like teams are in the business of trying to get rid of good players while they could still have you like that's the way the business is run and because of the contract attract because that you were still under contract they know exactly so that gained the n._b._a. Yet there's no bills around here. Yes the you can request the trade and you get dealt. We've seen that in the last two or three years but in football the owners still running. You're getting ahead of ourselves rich paul. We'll get to that meanwhile we have to get to green bay because is this is an interesting storyline. Packers camp another example of aaron rogers and his new head coach matt leflore not agreeing on something now. This one is a little different from what we've been talking about yesterday. Both men were asked about the joint practice sessions. The team has had this week with the houston texans. They had very different replies knowing it under the restaurant again. I wouldn't mind if they didn't go for another fourteen years for company. That's out of my control on california. That kind of be bombed out another city. You bring your team in understand the point of it. I don't think they would live special. Teams are very very smart. I think you get a lotta good workout it out of it and you know as long as you can keep. Everybody's temper in check and not let it escalate to to skirmishes. I think there's a lot of good work that can be had. These guys can't agree on anything. Obviously this is not the same kind of disagreement that we've been talking about but it is an example of what you said to to me the other day. I'll show which is that the coaches love. This stuff and the players hate it. We talked about this two days ago. The players hate it because ryan and i discussing we all said pre show. You don't the temple when you're going against other guys. Ryan and i are on the same team. We know. I'm going to jog down on kickoff for bud each other up a little bit. You know we'll wrestle a little bit and then co the whistle. You're going against another team. They're trying to take your head off greenie. I cannot overstate how serious they are about letting you know they're trying to win. That's the different oh absolutely and i understand both sides of this. If you're an aaron rodgers and your establish in this league this isn't something you want to do. You don't wanna see your tied right in going across the middle getting cross by blindsided hits but it's the undrafted free agent right. If you're the guy that's trying to make the team. I chose exactly right when i i look across at him. I don't have the same feeling for the dude. That's my roommate or for the guy that i'm in the same meeting rooms with and when you get out there it's going to be feast or famine because they're gonna kill you or you're going to kill them. It's dimmer me and it's not going to be in the the kicker are see as you said. You never know if you're going against the other teams undrafted free agent your who got a family to feed. You never know what he has on his mind. When you're going against your own t make exactly the boat. He's in you know the position he's in and he has respect for you want to get somebody feels different. This is a reaction in many ways. The team's doing this to the changes in the collective bargaining agreement right. They don't have the same number practices to a day's padded practices etc so the coaches which is like to use these as opportunities could they ultimately replaced preseason games. The commissioner keeps talking about getting rid of preseason games. Maybe get similar work from the thing is this though they're not replacing preseason games now. What they're doing is replacing extra practice life used to be. You got two times a day to see guys in pets and see them compete. You don't don't get that anymore. So now you have these presses against other teams you get the guys adjust on roy you get to see you guys understand the playbook and you also get to watch them compete against it's a different level of competition yet but what i'm saying is if they were to do away with two preseason games. The coaches will say well. We can't look at judge the back end of our roster. Maybe adding more more of these is where you will get a look but if you look at a team like the los angeles rams. They've added all the times that they can get going against oakland. They've gone against the los loss angeles chargers and while i was there in off season they say they even tried to get it together with the houston texans later on in the preseason so teams already moving to this for for evolves over the preseason gains anyway and lastly. I have to kill off the misconception that the back end of the roster and the for the most part eighty five to ninety percent of the roster greenie is all ready decided six cam. I was that free agent kind of guy. I was a late round. Pick it for the most part decided not to me worth the risk all right. We have much more football as we go as you can probably imagine but let's right now. Get up and go which is brought to you by relaxing. The begins with more football bad news for the cowboys. Robert quinn fractured his hand gene in one on one drills. Yesterday is out for the preseason. He will have surgery. Stephen jones did however say he expects him back in time for the start of the season so we always keep an eye on these injuries in preseason. There's one next baseball mariner second baseman. Tim beckham suspended eighty games for taking a performance enhancing substance. He said quote. I was given a product from a trusted source would advise me. It was safe to take regrettably. The product was tainted again. Suspended eighty games for p._d.'s adi's more baseball for the second time in three days the yankees gleyber torres had deleted game early due to what's being described now as pain in his core he left in the third inning of eventual yankees win over the orioles manager aaron boone said towards going back to new york for more tests as this is yet another scare in what has become a season full of injuries for for the yankees will have marked to share with thoughts on that about an hour from now live here on get up. Maybe he'll also chime in on this. The debut astros fans have been anticipating ever since the trade deadline. Last night happened in houston. Zach cranky is first appearance as an astro did not have as best gave up five earned in six innings got eleven runs from his offense that when they wanted eleven to six with the wind he's now eleven and four with a three zero eight e._r._a. In twenty four starts this year and then as brian sort sort of touched on interesting news out of the n._c. Double is they released a memo to agents outlining new policies for agents to represent players to wanna test their place in the n._b._a. B._a. Draft and one of those rules requires agents to have a bachelor's degree prompted reaction from a lot of parties. Yesterday it is being so widely described described as the rich paul rule rich. Paul has become a very powerful agent around basketball and does not have a bachelor's degree lebron. James was among those who reacted he tweeted. I hashtag the rich paul rule and then he added can't stop won't stop. They big madden scared. Nothing will stop this movement and culture over here. Sorry not sorry the liver that perfect. That's exactly how it sounded. When it won't stop they big mad. They are big mad if we can get by for just one moment my delivery of what he said which i grant you was probably ridiculous and yet accurate. Let's get let's get to what it actually actually is. I've seen this described in a lot of different ways including as a bad look for the n._c. Double a. who again now mandated to be clear this is for players who want to to find out where they might fall in the draft situation and still retain their eligibility and the right to go back the n._c._w. Can control that circumstance and they've decided someone like like rich. Paul cannot represent those guys. What was your reaction when you saw this is just the misguided rule right and it's another time the n._c._w._a. Does something to me that hurts players more than hurting agents more than hurting the n._b._a. Not giving these guys the opportunity to see the type of advice or seat the type of representation that can help them through this process regardless of a bachelor's degree regardless of being part of the n._b._a. or being confirmed by the n._b._a. For three years there's so so many opportunities that kids are going to miss to be around good people who understand the game of basketball and winning in the game of basketball on and off the court because because the n._c. Double a. wants to quote unquote protect an athlete client. That's not what they are. All it is is the aa trying to throw its weight back around. That's exactly actually what does the n._c._w._a. Missed and football a few years back when they said oh. We won't have any more days but guess what you'll have another week of practice. That was a swing and a miss. This is another swing and a miss. If if you wanna protect the athletes take different routes besides mandating the education requirements of an aging that just to me doesn't make sense winging and also to do it is such a blatant a blatant reason for would rue blatant reaction to one guy who whether you feel like he's qualified or not starting to make moves starting to throw around his way in a way that now steve kerr in coaches are complaining the n._b._a. Now has a problem the these players have too too much control and he's been controlled by one age the thing about it to me also rules come into play because there's a problem that's typically why you instill and install the rule. There hasn't hasn't been some sort of glaring issue to mandate this rule n._c. Double a. turn your attention elsewhere to something problem is day winning the battle rubble there. There are a lot of people who have a problem with it and all of those who rich paul has upset the apple cart in the in the business <hes>. We're going well beyond just the n._c. Double a. and there are people who i think lebron james had exactly right whether i said it exactly the way he meant it or not. I think he had it exactly right. This is the rich paul rule. It is a bad look. He has he has taken a position of of unusual power within the league and the sport and i think it is making a lot of people uncomfortable. I understand the reaction lebron. Many other athletes had to this yesterday yesterday. We'll have more on this as we go. Meanwhile the biggest superstar maybe in the entire world. That's words is directly across that river behind us. He is alive on the golf course this morning at liberty thirty national in jersey city. He teed off within the last hour in the northern trust pro-am. He will participate in the northern trust open this weekend. The first event of the fedex cup playoffs lucas strolling with them. Look at michael collins just straw happen. That's how you wear. Polo baby is that. Did you mean tiger mytalk. Uh-huh tell you you might remember his last start in the playoffs was last year and his epic win at the twenty tour championship that sort of set the stage for his win at the masters this year that win moved him into a tie with rory mcilroy dustin johnson for the most wins during the playoff since they debuted which was in two thousand seven. The three repairs are combined for a twenty five percent of the playoff events contested today and we're going to show you live pictures right now. Tiger woods as he is on the course and we will bring michael collins into the conversation because michael as you saw there has been following tiger around liberty national this morning good morning michael collins. What have you seen. How is tiger looking this morning. You see tiger walking off right now but he told me before he said <hes> oh here. We would have been around this morning what i said. What should i tell everybody he goes. Tell him i'm on the t. but he was supposed to be on t. at seven and there was a delay so he didn't get out on the t. till seven thirty so he was lying about seeing on the t. Here's what i've seen for tigers so far today. It's as simple as this. <hes> it is a pro-am there are three guys playing with it from the northern trust and and it's been just like this when it comes down to it. He's been hitting the ball pretty good. Yesterday he played a practice round with brooks kapka dustin johnson and <unk> harold varner the third and they had a lot of fun out there. Those guys play ten holes tiger hit a pretty good. The funny story was sarah varna. The third started the day and said i'm just gonna hit it by tiger. So you're like a iron pipe and tiger said i'm a hammer and hammer beats pipe. Every time and varner never hit a pass them. He thought he did want and said. I got you on that one. I got you on now and i've been working out and harrow garner that there's caddy do him under the bus and said man. You worked out two days. Which of course it does. The johnson brooks let a couple ago and when they let their drives go even how varner that there was a. I think they got both of tiger. I think they gotta pass this so far tigers. There's just hit it okay. He hasn't hit spectacular to be honest with you because there was a delay. The range was opened late. So tiger looks a little bit stiff like he hasn't gone through his full warmup warmup routine. He said a couple balls left. Enwright came up short with an iron shot from the middle of the fairway so it looks like he's just slowly but surely trying to get warmed up but that's what pro-am i am days four right yeah super-quick michael. You've been white on with us when we had you on before the british open and we drowned before the p._j. Both times you said don't expect much from him. Give me a rundown here. What do we expect from him in these playoffs this well let me start. Let's just start with this week. It's real easy for this week my prediction for tiger this week he's gonna fall fall outside the top ten but i think he can be inside the top twenty five and the reason that i say that is because the forecast for this week is for temperatures to be in the mid eighties every single day which means tiger won't have trouble warming his back up and it also means. You don't have to worry about getting stiff during the rounds. Hopefully this'll be a good week for tiger. We'll be watching and we get these playoffs underway earlier than in years past as they have a new schedule on the p._g._a. Tour so well done michael enjoyed out there. Stay safe tigers coming at you and we will see you a little but later in the program his pen back adam. Thank you michael collins. We'll see in a little bit. Meanwhile coming up here. Can jalen hurts make it. A heisman has been hatrick at oklahoma. At least one of our analysts has big concerns about that team for this coming year we will check in retailer his there and we'll the rams suffering super bowl hangover and how about the team that beat them any controversial and have seen championship game. You've got questions. We've got answers. It get up on e._s._p._n. I get up is brought to you by advil. You'll ask what pain with advil and by t. t- mobile now connecting ninety nine percent of americans t. mobile america's network guys see this my favorite athlete of all time right. This second is baker baker mayfield he spent time after practice was over yesterday signing autographs and after they even said the autograph session was over he stayed out there and signed autographs and took pictures with with every military member who was in attendance long after the allocated time sometimes it is the simplest acts like these that can make the biggest difference well done. Baker mayfield any field meanwhile speaking of him. He was one of the last two heisman winners right so he won the heisman playing it oklahoma and then collar murray won the heisman playing it oklahoma and here here. Is this morning's trivia question true or false. The heisman trophy winner has never tailed from the same program in three straight years pretty simple question. The the answer is next. You're watching guetta on e._s._p._n. Jeremy geico presents. Thanks another voicemail from your roommate shepard me. Hey a piper in the basement completely flooded anyway. I call for someone to fix it but in the meantime i was thinking the league finally have that indoor pool party. We always wanted i got some cooler swan floaty things already go and could you pick up some chips on your home later. The geico insurance agency could help oh keep your personal property protected like if your roommate isn't the brightest pool float in the flooded basement visit geico dot com to see how easy it is to switch and save on writers insurance i use for its quarterly with stronger relationship building and engagement saying after is really important and obviously tennis. Give me a lot in my life and instead of being at home when the couch aww video games i was able to meet new people see the world just threw tennis being able to share that and show kids being acted outside and playing sports and have friends is really. I think that's really important to really pass that message along that. It's a lifelong journey visit project play dot u._s. To give sports back to kids backward sneaky gordo with him but one vacation ryan clark the answer to this question. The heisman winner has never come from the same program in three consecutive. Ears oklahoma could do it. Has it ever happened for true or false. It hasn't happened before so that means. This question would be true and guess what you had a fifty fifty shot and you got it right. There have been four previous instances where the heisman came from the same school in two consecutive years. It has never come from the same place three straight years with jeremy followers on the show we will have maria taylor live from norman and just a few minutes meanwhile right now. Let's get back to the n._f._l. Because right now on e._s._p._n. Dot com our bill. Barnwell has an article in which he predicts the five n._f._l. Teams he thinks will decline this coming year meaning their record. This season will be worse than it was was a year ago ryan. I will list those teams and you tell me if you agree or disagree. This team is going to be worse. We start with dallas. They won ten games last year. Will they decline. They will not decline so i disagree right here because i think they'll be about the same there will be attending sixteen. Amari cooper has another year to work with deck prescott. We saw with that. A defense could do last year but this is all contingent owned zeke elliott being in the lineup ezekiel elliott either getting a deal done or showing up because this offense runs runs through him but amari cooper and dak prescott worked well toward the end of the season because they knew they had the play action pass from hezekiah elliott defense that was running sideline. The sideline knocking heads off for what it's worth i agree with you disagree with the premise how about this the saints thirteen and three will decline. I agree that they would decline listen. It doesn't mean that the saints are going to be big to win thirteen games as a very difficult thing to do but now alvin kamara is by himself. Even though you pick up murray the mark ingram album chimera is no more you look late in the season drew brees you can see that arm being a little awesome throws not having the velocity on the ball and when you lose to minnesota the way you did in los angeles the way you did in the last two years off the time takes its toll on here's the other los angeles team chargers they twelve and four will they decline. They absolutely will decline and it doesn't mean that this team won't be good but if you watched him down the stretch last season when they finished against the new wieland patriots philip rivers looked like he didn't know what was going on for a veteran quarterback and the way that the defense was torched both on the run and the past this team was was one game away from representing the a._f._c. west as the division champion. They won't be there this year and then we'll see if they're able to gordon camp next up the dolphins who were seven and nine. Do you agree. They will decline any team that has a quarterback controversy or competition were ryan fitzpatrick this point of his career. He's the guy you know that they're in trouble. Josh rosen and you can't even list them as one eight in one b. We saw the quarterback carousel in tampa bay. I looked for this to to be very similar brian floor raising your coming over from bill belichick coaching tree. It's very hard to instill discipline and that organization in in year one they'll struggle and finally your favorite team the rams they were thirteen and three. Do you agree. They will decline watch how i say something good while agreeing with this so mcvay he is a genus so mcveigh understands and he knows he needs todd gurley at the end of the season and eleven and five fifteen within healthy unhealthy todd gurley is better than thirteen and three team without show mcveigh will understand that he won't run him into the ground. They'll make sure they win. The games. They need could be there present with an opportunity to represent the n._f._c. in a super bowl. That's outstanding. I love that you were able to argue both sides of the argument saying that facetiously well done. It's a very very good piece bill barnwell on e._s._p._n. Dot com check it out. Meanwhile more football. Let's talk about one of our seas. Former teams no bigger offseason storylines for the steelers of course then the loss of a._b. Bell duo accumulated the second most scrimmage yards miami duo in their first five seasons as teammates only marshall faulk torry holt ever ever had been rothlisburger is the last standing killer bees. He's got a two year extension. He led the league in passing yards and interceptions last year then a very good draft. They got that guy among another devin bush tenth overall the team's first top ten defensive selection since rod woodson in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven that obviously turned out very well so after all of that our football power index gives the steelers a forty six percent chance to make the playoffs sounds like a fairly low number to me. Mike tomlin has missed the playoffs in consecutive ears just once in his tenure steelers head coach they of course did not make it last year in germany. You have been around the steelers as much as literally anyone over the last few years so what makes this. This year's camp different from recent sees. It is quiet. I sense relief. I mean for six to eight months. All they heard was when bell coming back. What's the deal with antonio. Brown is is there you know issues in the locker room and so right now they're saying hey we got our edge back. We can focus solely on football. It's very quiet. It's boring around there at saint vincent college which is exactly what what they want and ben rothlisberger saying all the right things that it's going to be hard to replace antonio brown but make no mistake privately. This is a guy who wants to get it done knows the onus is directly on him him and he wants to show the steelers but he can do how much pressure has an excellent question. They posed on the screen. How much pressure do you believe is on ben rothlisberger r._c. With all the things that have happened around him. I believe all the pressure is on rosberg. This is the guy who's a future hall of famer. He's a two time superbowl champion but a lot of chatter coming out of pittsburgh ather antonio tony o'brien left when levy on bell left was about being leadership about bins relationship with the team. No one is questioning whether or not been rothlisburger can't play football. They're they're questioning whether or not he can lead and he will have to lead this team of young players in a team that doesn't have the stars outside of him so it's going to be on the the right guy in the locker room also the right guy on the field and we just talked about the almost unprecedented production that they are trying to replace but it does beg the question. Steelers are an organization organization about winning championships. They never won with levy on bell and brown together with ben. Does that feel like a bit of a disappointment to you. It is a disappointment right you think when you have guys who are that that prolific actually historic you believe that you should have capitalized on that but it was levian bells health it was also this defense not being able to to hold leads or hold jacksonville jaguars who couldn't score points two years ago under forty and so now you go out and get devon bush early in the draft. You get justin lane in the third round. Who's a guy that could be opposite of joe haden. You're expecting too young safeties better. This team is trying to be built great down the middle again and and it has to be a return of the steel curtain to kinda help you with the loss of levy on bill in antonio brown two thousand seventeen they dropped the ball because they had those three healthy and jacksonville bloom out of the building forty forty two in the playoffs but since then they've learned from that i have seen change just ben rothlisberger has tried to relate teammates more to several players who said he has been on point this offseason trying to talk to guys be more of a leader in that defense devon bushy mentioned him. You see the speed immediately out on that field. I think there will be several changes with this. It seems almost impossible to imagine imagine that addition by subtraction could apply to players as prolific and as great as antonio brown said was quiet. When i was a part of this organization it was about about football when you were at saint vincent's college. It was about being a better football team being a closer football team and coming together with one goal and that goal was to win the super bowl. Finally the pittsburgh steelers can get back to that all right. We'll do much more football as we go this morning. I'm choked up just the thought of it but right. Now let us run. The bases assist. Yesterday was my birthday. Today we say happy birthday to mike trout who turns twenty eight years old and celebrated a little early. He hit his thirtieth home run of the season last night. He's now just it's three away from his career high of forty one what an extraordinary player he is and we'll talk more about him and where he is in his career at this young age coming up shortly meanwhile meanwhile the cardinals are chasing down both the central leading cubs and a wildcard spot but they didn't get any help from clayton kershaw last night. Kershaw was terrific. One run in seven innings was he struck out nine. The dodgers still have ridiculously in the national league while the cardinals are two and a half out of the central and half a game back in the wildcard speaking of the national the league wildcard. How about the mets. They continue their hot streak. They've won five in a row. They've won twelve out of thirteen pete alonzo in the middle of all of it his thirty thirty six home run of the season that wheeler threw eight shutout innings a five nothing win for the mets yesterday as they continue to close in on the national league wild al card look at these wild card standings. The phillies lose to the diamondbacks for the mets are just a game and a half out of the second wildcard spot. They were seven games out during the all star break and there is still a lot of season left roughly fifty games remaining in the regular season for the teams in major league baseball on wednesday night tonight. You'll we'll get to see several of them. Two of the top sluggers in the national league on e._s._p._n. Christian yelich leading the brewers against josh bell the pirates in a series finale at p._n._c. park at seven seven eastern tonight on e._s._p._n. Gobbling up. We brought it up earlier. Can they make it a heisman hatrick. Enorm- can jalen hurts do something that no in college football program has ever done before. We're heading there live with maria taylor. Van and trevor are two of college football's biggest stars. Is it time for them to get paid it. One coach says yes that story next get on e._s._p._n. In <music> we're ready and we hope you are oklahoma in the spotlight right now on get up sooners coming oppa season in which they said an f._b._i. Reckon with eight point six yards. They led the nation in scoring. They led the nation in yards per game a year ago their offense power them to the college football playoff for the third time in five years. They're still the only big twelve school ever to reach the college. Playoff and the offense of course was led by kotler alert murray who became the second straight oklahoma quarterback to win. The heisman baker mayfield at one at the year before they both went number. One in the draft does well murray is gone but oh you found another another transfer and this time it's a name you know of course jalen hurts would love to make oklahoma the first school ever to win a heisman in three consecutive seasons seasons oh and look at the taylor road trip which is if you follow them on social. Media looks like it is much too much fun for anyone handle. We are joined now by maria taylor live in norman oklahoma oklahoma this morning and maria. Let's talk about jalen hurts for a moment because i know i have some disagreement on my set as to what the expectations are for him. What are the people inside the program saying about about his fit create. Expectations are high. Jalen hurts was forty one and three at alabama. He's still holds the record caressing rushing touchdowns at twenty three his skill set certainly fits what lincoln riley f- capable of what we've seen from coach riley is that he's going to take the strength of any quarterback that he works swick and build an offense around them. He's not afraid to make changes to make sure that his offense works but let's be clear. Lincoln riley has made it very obvious that he wants it to remain a quarterback competition until he deems his start an and i feel as though he wants to do that throughout camp whether it's a competitive advantage she doesn't want houston their first opponent to know exactly what was going to be taking the first snap <hes> but that's the decision that he's made and obviously that quarterback competition will breathe competitive nature and edge and no one right now is assuming that he will take the first snap but obviously that would be the expectation. That's the only one season here at oklahoma right and of course it's a it's a conference where people joke defense is somewhat optional. They have a new defensive coordinator in oklahoma this year. What are the expectations from their new d. Okay well. You can just go up right last season oklahoma one the hundred and second and total defense and alex is taken over now he can't from ohio state but what you need to know about him is what he did at washington state when he arrived there in ninety ninth in total defense offense by the time he left for ohio state they were sixteenth in total defense was the washington state team. We came to know and love and talk a lot about last season so those are the kind of turnarounds that he is expected begged to make and right now the words that is just about a mentality and a laser focus. They're building a lot of competition on the defensive side of the ball as well and obviously that new blood new mm sound sometimes and a locker room meeting room. We've seen it before in college football. How much of a difference that can make in one season and remember oklahoma scored more points on george alabama in there in the college football football player than anyone else that season so imagine if they had a defense to compliment that what it could mean for this team greenie absolutely so well done marie give holly high five keep having fun safe travels and we will see you when you get back here thank you. Thanks gaining all right. There's maria taylor with us. Let me bring in david pollock to the conversation looked areas. David pollick is with us. Acho choke is here and david. I want to start the conversation with you here. We heard a few thoughts on jalen hurts. What are your expectations for him. In his one year in norman lincoln riley right i mean lincoln riley we know is going to coach in get high production. I don't expect anything close to baker mayfield and what you saw from colin murray year they both had the ability to throw the ball down the field and do it at a high level and look sweet doing it. I mean they just and another thing to this oklahoma offense last year. Four guys on the office of line got drafted in the top five rounds and gals football so i think this offense will take a step backwards. I think jalen is a is a phenomenal runner. I think you'll you'll see him. Run the football a lot. I think they'll use the close passing game the quick game and if he develops throughout the season and his touch gets better you'll start to see more deep shots the cd land but this offense is not going to be near what you saw with colin murray and baker mayfield at that unstoppable lousy folic. Let's talk about this. Though do you think it's the scheme. Where do you think it's the players because we've seen this oklahoma offense do this for over a decade way into the early bob stoops years. I think it's kind of plug and chug obviously you're talking about alpha's and cuyler and baker but i don't really see much of a drop off with hurts at the helm plugging. I understand what you're saying but also the first two picks in the draft of the first picking the draft the last two years and their ability to throw the ball while moving and changing platforms with superhuman. That's not normal and remember when lincoln riley came. I'm back rejuvenated this offense taking a dip a little bit from from the past but i think those guys were special man. I think those guys don't get enough credit for what they were able to listen. Collar murray also had more juice than jalen hurts did running the football they like he couldn't just throw it. He also could run it as well so i just and again you're asking this insane. Pain level of productivity of five hundred plus yards and forty eight plus points a game to continue. I don't see that happening. I do think though what maria talked about as important understand understand. I think their defense will be better. I think it might look a little bit different this year but you're not gonna get the same level of production. You've got the last couple years with baker encounter. We talked this morning about the heisman hat trick. It's never happened before. Could it happen here. Do you think jalen hurd says a really good chance to win the heisman. I think it could happen because politicians disagree with you a little little bit. I think the oklahoma offense is really what moves the system. I think you have cuyler who was a freak. Athletically you have baker who started off at tech and then really ascended when he got to <hes> oklahoma but jalen hurts we remember twenty six and two of the starter went in and one that when it won that championship game against georgia. I don't know if people give him enough credit because because he also has the championship pedigree he's not only been there like the sooners have he's been there and been on teams that have won the big one. I think he might take them over the hump and if he does that you you have to put them in the heisman race david. I hear what you're saying. I understand that would give you the reason for him to win the heisman but the numbers aren't. I don't think the numbers will be as gotti as we've seen in the past two. You're going to get to and trevor lawrence for starters. That's too that we know are going to be there and put up stupid ridiculous number so i i think he'll be a a guy that will be in the conversation but i i also think that losing four offensive linemen up front they got drafted the national football league. We'll take a toll. I think that it's it's gonna take time to develop not only not only jalen going to have to get used to this system. It's going to take the offensive line time to get used to playing real college football that they haven't had to do. The past passed several years so i'm not i'm not as gun hose you but i i like. I like your enthusiasm all right. David stay with us. We're going to get back to you a little later in the program. We'll do some more college football and other issues so thank you very much again. We'll come back to david pollack but i wanted to bring this up here and i want to get our seebeck in on it as well. Randy edsall is the head football coach at uconn as he he prepares to lead them into another season. He made a very interesting statement about we're college. Football is and what the definition of student athlete really means. This is what he said that bear in mind. This is the head coach at a division program. He said the n._c. Double a. They run these commercials about student athletes. It ain't a student anymore. It's just athlete. We've started to get senators. Congressman commend involved. I think it's inevitable at some point in time when it is. I don't believe i know but i really believe it's going to happen. The it's talking about is paying college college athletes. You guys were both very very good college athletes and obviously went on and play professionally but what do you think of a big time college coach at a major program saying this this is coming. I think it's about time i think it's about time that they get some of those coaches behind them. Obviously players have already tried to start building. Some hype behind on this players have already tried to get this done. Former players have gotten involved in spoken out but we never had a coach say at a division one type program now now if we had a bigger say right if there's more coaches that can follow the statement. I believe that it helps the players but i'm around a lot of these young people a lot of at the time and there's so much to do there so many things that they have and so many responsibility placed on them as football as basketball as all of these. These things are concerned that it isn't just student athlete. It's almost professional athlete and you have to perform in the classrooms as well right. I'm gonna take it a step further and say n._c. Aa lay stop the ingredient. That's what it comes down to stop being greedy. I look at daboh. He's making ninety three million dollars over ten years. I look at jim harbaugh what he has to take his team to rome to france to to south africa just paid the players as simple as that. You have a talk greeny. You have players at texas. They would make more than six hundred thousand dollars if they were play. I paid players at alabama would make over five hundred thousand dollars a year and it's not just the top programs on average business. Insider says one hundred twenty nine thousand would be what the average college football player would be making. That's it's more than a scholarship. That's more than a scholarship. Check them. Can you also very quickly without necessarily using any names. Tell the story that you told me this morning of what coaches would sometimes say to you when you were a place like so when i was a player culture pulled me off to the side like man i wish i could play like i'm all for paying the players and that sounds good in privacy of a meeting but you need a coach a stand on a podium step in front of cameras and say you know what y'all do deserve some money because they do. I mean ninety three mill green but you know what though it's exactly like we talk about with these contracts situations and to have a coach comes to you in a meeting and say i believe you're worth this is different than standing on the table for you and saying this player deserve first this amount of money and they need coaches step up for these kids. Don't understand there are some intricacies to it because not every sport is a revenue earning sports specifically football basketball and there's some programs baseball understand title nine does play a factor. I'm not being ignorant to that aspect but let's have the conversation. That's all i. I've said many times. I think paying players ears salary is a very complicated endeavor. I think that releasing some of the other constraints amateurism as we know them name likenesses that sort of thing is a no brainer. I can't believe it's been allowed this long. That's the first one that i think would fall. We'll take a short time. We'll do much more in this as we go coming up on get up after to one episode aired last night. We'll take a closer look at the potential impact of having hard knocks cameras following on the rates back in a moment get up on e._s._p._n. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living most of her life in the dark inside the other nesting dolls. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly she has no brain however in most nesting doll here's the geiko not only saves people money but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious you should switch because yes switching to gyco is a no brainer pity in a most nesting dollond her lot in life.

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