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NPR podcasts are now available on every major platform checkout all our shows at NPR dot org slash podcasts. That's NPR dot org slash podcasts. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Janine herbs. Lawmakers in Virginia are meeting today to discuss the state's budget, but an ongoing scandal involving racist photos from governor Ralph Northerns medical school yearbook page loomed large over their work. Ben pave your for member station. W C has more from Richmond. North of now denies that. He was one of two men dressed in racist costumes, but nearly all elected officials in the state are calling for his resignation, including senators, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner the state legislatures democratic caucus is meeting to discuss the budget, but delegate Mark sickles. Who says he's friends with north on says, the governor scandal will probably also come up. I think that there is enormous pressure coming down on him right now. I'm not sure we need to provide any more, frankly, north them has not made any public statements since the press conference on Saturday. His spokeswoman says he attended his hometown church on Sunday morning at the eastern shore before returning to Richmond for NPR news. I'm been pave yer in Richmond. Meanwhile, his alma mater eastern Virginia medical school says in light of the racist photos. It is launching an external investigation into all past yearbooks. The school says the investigating panel will be diverse but Francis has arrived in the United Arab Emirates becoming the first pope in history to set foot on the Arabian, peninsula, and pier. Silvio Pohjola reports before his departure from Rome Francis spoke of the war in Yemen that the UAE is waging alongside Saudi Arabia against the Iran supported Hootie movement while in the UAE the pope will attended interreligious meeting. And will celebrate a mass that's likely to be the biggest public display of Christian worship in the Islamic heartland. There has been much speculation whether during the visit the pope would address the years long conflict in Yemen. He did. So just before his departure in his Sunday message from Saint Peter's Square Francis said he's following the world's worst humanitarian crisis with great, concern and urges. All sides to ensure food and aid reach those who are suffering. Adding there are children who are hungry thirsty who lack medicines at who are in danger of death. So people Jolie NPR news Abu Dhabi a European Union deadline on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as drying near with no sign. It will be heated Teri Schultz reports. And e you lead international contact group is due to meet Thursday to try to deescalate the crisis. Nikola doodo maintains he's the legitimately elected president of Venezuela and won't step aside for his rival parliamentary leader one Guido to take power until a new vote is held. But at midnight Caracas time, if my doodle hasn't relented eighty you governments will join the US and others in recognizing do as Venezuela's president, the twelve nation, contact group made up of e you and Latin American countries has given it self ninety days to organize a new presidential election. Teri Schultz reporting. You're listening to NPR news from Washington. At Super Bowl fifty three in Atlanta tonight. The New England Patriots are slight favorites over the Los Angeles. Rams NPR's Don Goldman reports the two franchises the played for the championship seventeen years ago at the start of the patriots current dynasty v played in the two thousand two Super Bowl when the Rams were the Saint Louis Rams including that game. One by New England today is the ninth Super Bowl for the patriots in the Bill Belichick Tom Brady era the coach and quarterback have led their team to five Super Bowl wins. They're favored by two and a half points to win a sixth today. It'll be a challenge against a powerful Los Angeles Rams team packed with talented players on offense defense and special teams. The Rams have versatile and devastating offense of attack. Fuelled by the inventive play calling of thirty three year old head coach, Sean McVeigh. Still New England's offense is top. Statistically in this postseason. Led by Brady's passing and rookie running back Sony. Michelle. Tom Goldman NPR news at the weekend box office. This superhero thriller glass held onto the top spot for the third week in a row bringing in an estimated nine million dollars in ticket sales. And that brings its domestic earnings to eighty eight million dollars in second place. S T X is the upside with eight million dollars in its fourth week and the weekends only. Big newcomer, miss Bala landed in third place with six million dollars, the remake of a twenty eleven Mexican film was made for ported fifteen million dollars aquaman fell to fourth place coming in with four million. I'm Janine Herbst. NPR news in Washington.

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