Reds Thom Brennaman Utters Slur On Hot Mic?! Trump Talks QAnon?! Steve Bannon Arrested For Fraud?!


Do. You. Think. The buildings were written now back. Feeling people failed hackers. From. Body. To the best gas. Oh yes. It is Thursday y'all wonderful wonderful Thursday I. Hope you guys are having a thriving one today. It is a beautiful one out there today in in my neck in our neck of the woods. So if you guys are having the sun shining blasting in through the windows. Maybe have the windows open. Because a nice cool August morning. You know what? I'm saying let the let the curtains billow in the in the in the breeze. You know what I'm saying in August breeze. Hopefully, you guys are having a wonderful one and if you are having a good morning, please most definitely come down below and hit that like button down below because we got a lot to talk about today yaw there's some crazy stuff that's been going down and continues to be going down today. And we're going to be jumping into it. But before we go into all that stuff because we got some breaking news, literally just broke like ten minutes ago. So bear with us it's going to be very very raw US getting through it because it's the first time of US hearing about it. So like we said it's breaking news, but we're going to jump. We're GONNA dive on. into it here, very very shortly. But before we get into that conversation, we gotta jump into this and talk to my boy Jackie Book is in the House. Well, something here I am right here. You Go roll-call. Present. Yes. Depressant you know what I'm saying Yes Good Morning. Good to see you were you always like the third or fourth kid in the alphabetical order thing where you always like the third or fourth kid you know the second? The second or Third I. was never the first in the class. There's always somebody that had an an last with an A. But you know I was always either second or third. Yeah. I think one year I was fourth like in seventh grade or something like that. Yeah. A little bit different. There's a whole bunch of people last name as but grade school is small. So like as always you know that was one really you know roll call and school is really taken place Oh. Yeah. I mean I was always second third or fourth was always somewhere around there. You know what? I'm saying there's always a atoms or an Alexander you know what I'm saying. A. And then and. They'd be like today we're going to give out ice cream, but we're starting with the last names I. of course, like Z's it's like, Hey, yeah. Isn't that annoying as hell you're like I just want some ice cream may WanNa cookie just me the Damn Cudi melted now. GimMe some. You know what I'm saying throwback little little Adam Sandler before you you know what? I mean I'll give me some. but anyway, hope you guys are having one dope one a fantastical. Amazing one today. There's quite a bit of things that we gotta talk about today everything from. The homophobe slurred that was said live on Mike during a baseball game, we got trump talking about you on. And giving giving q a Non some love. Yeah. That's not that's not a lie. We're going to show you guys a video of that too, and then also there's this is breaking news when we gotta jump right into a bra because this is like. This is hot. This hot off the presses y'all. You. Know what? I mean extra extra read all about it. This is hard core news right now. Steve Bannon has been arrested for Fraud Jack Come on with the story. Give me some new yeah I mean these are things that are just dropping in here in the last five, ten minutes that are really coming through. But former trump advisor Steve Bannon has been arrested on charges of defrauding donors and a fundraising scheme. Himself and Let's see I. Think there is a three of his associates were indicted by investigators the US. Southern. District of new. York, this morning. which they allege the Group of Conservative leaders defrauded donors that led to raising more than twenty five million to build a wall along the southern border of the United States. WHOA. The. US Postal Inspection Service, assisted in the investigation. The other mentioned that are in the indictment so far have been Timothy Shea. Who is the acting administrator Drug Enforcement Administration's and May Brian Culpa foggy. Gulf Age. In, Iraq war veteran and Andrew Del. TACO. I'm not sure who that person is. The campaign was intended to raise money to help build the wall. But instead the prosecutors allege that baton has team just profit off the arrangement. And collected received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donor funds from we build the wall, which they each us in a manner inconsistent with the organizations public representations Bro. Yeah That's. Pretty intense. You know they're saying that defendants defrauded hundreds of thousands of donors capitalizing on their interest in funding a border wall to raise millions of dollars under the false pretense at all the money will be spent on construction. While, repeatedly assured donors that Brian Fill. The founder and public face of we build the wall would be paid to set. The defense secretly shamed scheme to pass hundreds of thousands of dollars to him, but to use the fund his lavish lifestyle, we think the US. PAAS for their partnership and investigating this case, remain dedicated to rooting out in prosecuting fraud wherever we find it. Interesting. Now I. Want to remind you guys that this was. Trump's former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. This is the same Steve Bannon that work closely with Donald Trump. Now, the other thing that is very interesting I just want to point out. Raise, more than twenty, five, million dollars to build a wall along the along the southern border of the US of the United States these United States of America. And They went ahead and use that money or they're being he is being accused. This is alleged obviously. Of using this money for his. At, his own leisure with you know for his own things, twenty, five, million dollars actually it's him and three other of three of his associates three of his associates were indicted. By investigators. So, four guys went out there for people because we don't know if the you know who else is in there. Actually we got Tim. said the other guys I'm sorry these the so this four guys, four guys real talk altogether band together just split up twenty, five million dollars or to take it all I. Know I know I'm saying they took. That's why I was trying to reiterate what I was saying are at it's what I just said. Not all twenty, five, million, million but I'm sure they took. You know they they you know they've done a good percentage of that twenty five Mil. And split it amongst themselves for sure for all their hard work isn't as some wild stuff that is Donald. You know what I'm saying so far they're saying coal phase cover took for his personal use more than three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in funds. They did so by a through a nonprofit organization that was under his control called nonprofit one, which received over a million dollars from we would rebuild or we build the wall and at least some of which used to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bannon's personal expenses. To, conceal the payments, they devise a scheme, the route, those payments through we will from we build a wall to nonprofit one and a shell company under underplays control. Among other avenues and they use bacon places, Sham vendor arrangements, and other ways to ensure. That he was known in a text message about Delta that his pay ranging remain confidential and kept on a need to know basis. So they know what they're doing and they're trying to cover it up. But but these are only accusations only accusations their third only guilty if they're not pardoned. To did. I see what you did there. Here. More, and more we're starting to see random. We're starting to see things starting to pop up, you know what I'm saying. As, much as There are people out there they say, Hey. Let me just say this. Bannon. Obviously, we already know how a lot of people have feelings about Bannon even people who are trump supporters. They have feelings about Steve Bannon. So let's not let's not fake the funk here. We already know that that dude crooked to begin with. But I can't help but say y'all like. You are. The people that you keep. So if you got somebody if you've been working with Steve, Bannon or you've been working with a guy like Steve Bannon for a long period of time. You're not telling me that his bad habits wouldn't maybe rub off on just a tiny bit just a little like a little bit like a little bit. I don't know. There's a lot of things. There's a lot of criminal activity that that is going on. You know there's a lot of white collar crime that's going on here that I feel like. I mean, it just makes me think what is going on. Really going on with trump as well. But here it is not trying to bash anybody not trying to bash the president right now. I'm just posing questions. You know what I mean so. That is a good question ten Vancouver, just ask why did trump fire bannon? I don't remember why he fired Bannon. That's a very good question. I don't remember either I feel like these past four years with the amount of people that have been in and out of the White House and been in and out of the team. For Donald. Trump. I mean. You're like remember that guy you know what? I'm saying a lot of times like remember that guy remember this other guy. Because they come in and out so quickly. So you know. Like I said not throwing shade on anybody I'm saying, Hey, there's so many there are too many random things and very shady shading shady things going on. For you not to sit here in, turn your your focus over to the man who's running our country. That's all I'm going to say. You know. It's getting harder and harder and harder. To. Not Look that way in question a few things you know, and then of course, we already know that a lot of people sit there and say you know a lot of people who are not trump supporters say that he is that trump is working his butt off so that he can get. reelected. Find himself behind bars. Once he walks out of the White House to extend his time as much as he can free because the people say that he's been a crook for a while. So you know I just put the question out to you guys. What are your thoughts calmed down below in regards to this whole thing with Steve Bannon? Do think that there's any connection. With trump and Steve Bennett in regards to this whole thing. You know obviously, there's ways that you can make it seem like. This ways he can do it without making it seem like he's connected. You know what I'm saying and maybe Steve Bannon just did it on his own. You know what I'm saying or maybe that's one of the reasons why trump let him go because Steve Bannon was being a dirty dirty crook Maybe. That's what it is to. You know what I'm saying so I'm just throwing out those those options. You know what I'm saying not trying to throw anybody under the bus. These are the questions I pose in throw up to you guys come down below. Let me know your thoughts are on this for sure Jack what were you gonNa say I. Mean who was involved with trump's campaign for a little while? and then he like there's some candid statements that in a book afterwards and then you know after he was fired trump really tried to distance himself. From. Bannon Stephen has nothing to do with me and my presidency when he was fired, he not only lost his job. He lost his mine. Steve was a staffer who were already won the nomination. He has as everybody else that leaves trump's administration early knows him. He doesn't talk to him. It didn't do anything forum. it's like. I. Don't know what to wear. The line actually is with the two of them is Bannon has out and saying that they they still talk trump says, he doesn't he doesn't talk to him. So, it's like, okay who who's lion right right but one of them but here it is though tiered is they'll let me let me just pose this other option to what if trump found out about him. All those fraudulent. Actions that he did. And with the other three guys maybe maybe trump found out and said, you know what I'm not throwing you. I'm not throwing you under the bus, but we got to part ways. I ain't cool with this by you see what I'm saying maybe he did that too I'm just saying I'm posing that as as a possibility of him going well, I saw all these things. I heard about these things so before. People start to dive in and start making it seem like I'm connected to this crooked work. were parting ways right now. And I'm denouncing you as a friend. You know I'm denouncing you as a as A. You know. As a what's the word? Not, an employee you know somebody you work with of my presidency. No but I mean, you know like Somebody that's like a confidante somebody work with you know like. A consiglieri whatever you WANNA, call it to somebody you work with but anyway, what I'm trying to say is not Cygan an associate. Thank you and associate like I'm not gonna I'm not going to you know I am not going to sit here and say that I have any ties with you at all because I know the bad I've no I know the dirty you've done and I don't want to be connected with that because if I if you if I am connected with that, then that's some serious trouble. So let me get you out of the. Let me get you out of the team as quickly as possible. And denounce my friendship with you as quickly as possible. Because I don't want this to come back and bite me in the but that that's kind of what I think is going on you know what? I'm saying. What I think it could have happened but that could have happened like I said I'm playing multiple multiple angles here. You know maybe maybe maybe trump knew about this all along maybe trump was involved with it. We don't know all I know is I'm just playing those possibilities out there and I know that there are a lot of people out there. That will sit there and you know like I said there's a lot of people out there that think that believed that trump could do no wrong. So you know, let it rip in the comments down below you know what I'm saying I'm definitely interested to see what you guys think about this for sure. You know. Well, we'll see what happens obviously everything's just going to court or just they're just being arrested and. Indicted and So, we're going to see I mean I imagine that's going to be. Does he have any dirt? On anybody that? People don't want him coming out and talking about other stuff like an or trump. Bannon bannon man. He worked for Breitbart that far right. Like magazine right and like he like I think that's when trump and and haven't really started hitting it off right because they started pushing for him on that site. And then even though it was a really all right and typically we'll have like a a white nationalist type view. That are like some of the titles and things that are on their. Little far leaning. The. After. He started pushing for pushing trumpeting you know A. Any anybody that's in the like the news media that could head other contacts and stuff like that, and that's a big part of his thing was coming in and then being able to help you know kind of manipulate the media and how the word can put out. You know I don't know if trump was involved i. you know at this point I doubt it. Sounds like You know how many of these other build the law campaigns went up and who else was involved in those ones? It's worth looking into. especially since most of those build a wall campaigns of led to nothing and they're like be particularly when I remember like last year, we were looking at this and there's always supposed to be like, Oh yeah. Next week we're GONNA have the first thing of all up. And then like that, we could pass go no. No, it's delayed. It's GonNa be it's GonNa be this week and everyone's like okay. We give you all this money Where's where's the wall it's been raining. Bureaucratic tempus stuff. You know we gotta get the the red tape taken care of. And then nothing really happening I. Forgot about these things I think that that's really Partially what some of these nonprofits to these nonprofits overnight named nonprofits go and do set up these fundraisers and they hope that people. Donate and then don't follow up. and. That's. Because if you don't follow up and five years passes like, yeah I gave that I wonder if they were built though it's like Oh. Yeah. You didn't you didn't anything so. You know. I. Well, we we ended up using somewhere else I figured you already knew because. You didn't even talk about it. You haven't come up and brought it up anymore and all that. So yeah, it's a it's a very interesting. It's like I said it's a very interesting conversation. It's a very interesting situation that happened in. I'm interested to see what happens in the near future. With this whole Steve Bannon thing if he's going to be taking other people down in regards to maybe a plea deal I don't even know how many years he might be looking at in regards to these charges. So we'll see. We'll see what happens here. You know the you know as things start to unfold because it seems like more and more things are starting to unfold as we as we quickly progress towards the election. So I'm interested to see what comes of it from this point on you know what? I'm saying but. Moving on we got to jump into this next thing know. It's our top story is one of our top stories. And this is something I found very, very interesting. This is kind of up Jack's alley because this part of his part of his own lineage in his blood, it's all about baseball and announcing it's all about announcing the wonderful game of baseball. All right. So that's Connection stops with with this article, right right. So So, Cincinnati reds announcer Thom Brennaman. APOLOGIZES ON AIR FOR A and abruptly exits game after using a homophobic slur now here's the thing. He has been with the. He has been with the Cincinnati reds announcing the Cincinnati reds for a good while now this guy is a veteran in the game. He has been doing announcing games for baseball games for a very, very long time and out of nowhere unbeknownst to him. They are live. And he says something live on. During one of the broadcasts we have the clip right here you want to hear it. I'm GonNa tell you right now. It is a homophobic slur. It is offensive. It is wrong. I'm actually debating if I should play the clip or not the actual clip of him saying the word. It's not beeped. Not beeped. I'm actually having a I'm actually debating if I should play that clip or not just out of respect to anybody who is out there that might be that might be. Sensitive to those words. But. Then again. We've had videos of people dropping the N. Word you name it. So Hey, this we're playing even Keel. Forget it. We're doing it. So. All, right. So May delete later don't know. Feeling feeling cute delete later. All right. Here we go. Albany. Off. The pre-game show presented. So you heard that. The S. Capital. Of the. World. Yeah. So, whatever he was referring to. As he was talking the Mike Gut turn back on. while. They were coming out of a commercial break I'm assuming. In caught. That little tiny word. I mean that little tiny word that has huge. De. has a huge progressive sound. Let's say that. Live. On TV for the rest of the world to here. So of course. He felt. Terribly terribly bad about this. and. He, ended up losing this. So we're going to we're going to throw up the apology to because y'all need here this one too. It's very it's. It's very interesting hold on. Pointed up here. And the way we go. I think the still has the effort into. There we go. Again. All right. Tonight. That I guess. went out over the year that I deeply. Ashamed on. If I heard anyone out there. I can't tell you how much I saved from the bottom of my heart. I'm so very, very sorry hold on one second hold on guys. Honestly. That is. That's not the right one. I mean there is the right one but. There's one where he's actually talking is not a fro- frozen Mike there's not a freeze frame of actually talk of his face. Because I, want you guys to see his face when he's apologizing in everything so Here. We go. Sorry about that mistake guys. Appreciate your patience. Here we go. Game. As Holland takes over on the mound. I made a comment earlier tonight that I guess. When out over the year that I am deeply Ashamed of. If I have heard anyone out there. I can't tell you how much I say from the bottom of my heart I'm so very very sorry. I pride myself and think of myself as A. A man of faith. As a drive into deep left field by Kosta Janos, it will be a home run. And so that'll make it a four nothing ballgame. I don't know if I'M GONNA. Be Putting on this headset again. I don't know if it's going to be for the reds. I don't know if it's GONNA be from my bosses at Fox on apologize for the people who signed my paycheck. For the reds for Fox Sports Ohio for the people I work with. For anybody that I've offended here tonight. I can't begin to tell you how deeply sorry I am that is not who I am. And never has been. And I'd like to think maybe I could have some people that The back that. I am very, very sorry and I beg. For. Your. forgiveness. Jim Dale take you the rest of the way home. Well. So there's that guys Well. You know here here. Insincere here. Yeah. I was GonNa say you know there's there's like insincere but then it's like cured is Here. It is man. Because I'd love to hear your thoughts on this guys. So definitely calmed down below and I, definitely want to talk to you jack about this because. You come from a family. That has sports announcing in the blood you know. So I definitely I'm so happy that you're on today so that we can actually have this conversation about this because. It, it really grinding my gears the fact that he even said that kind of lingo in the workplace in the first place. Okay. That's the biggest problem. First and foremost. A Damn about his apology I'm just going to keep it straight funky. You always gotta keep. A professional attitude when you are working time that you are on a microphone anytime that you are out there doing your thing. And you are responsible. For speaking to the public. You were you are responsible for keeping a professional attitude throughout anything that you were doing. That is for the general public behind closed doors I don't give a damn what you say. As. Long, I don't have to hear we good. But when you are live when you're live in a workplace, you were having a conversation with your with your crew with your people all that you don't know who's in the room that might be homosexual. You don't know who who's in the room that might have. A different lifestyle than yours. Where he made the mistake was saying this stuff in the first place and you know for fact, he says this normally anywhere else. But of course when he's on the phone when he's on the Mike, he's like well, this is the blah. Blah Blonde Cincinnati reds. Saying. He's in his announcer. Broadcasts voice purse persona but when he's behind closed doors yeah. You know when the the lights and the phone, the the microphones are often everything. He's saying the F. Word this effort that these saying homophobic slurs and all that debt is his regular vernacular y'all that's how he regularly asked talks less be completely honest whoever turned on his microphone right before he started denouncing just showed his true ask that he showed his ass. showed his ass. So. Jack I WANNA. Know I wanna I wanNA know what you think man like. I want to know what you think for sure I mean. I've been up in the broadcast booth and everything like that, and you know when you're up there, it's just people working. From people in different rooms you have come other maybe other reporter is they're sitting there and take notes got maybe occasionally a couple of guests that might be going around into different broadcast boost to meet the announcers are things like that. Maybe some family members or some kids that are up there right But it's not like. A locker room type setting where you got ruin dislike going off the hook and saying whatever they wanna say in like acting all rowdy like what hammer station he was having. Assuming. He was talking about Cincinnati. and IT'S A. One of. The apology right after it's not because he's sorry that he says he's sorry that he got caught exact man it's the the whole like you're going to hear it it. It's voices that you know he he knows that he's GonNa lose his job. Back, because that's one of the main first things that he say he goes to all the people that signed by check come on man he just lost the bags breath you just brought mired yourself real talk you brock mired yourself. except. You didn't have a full nervous breakdown like Brock Meyer did by the way the Evan check check out that show you all need to go check it out. It's a great show but bread, he showed his ass, he brought mired himself. Brock mired. Come. On now, you don't do that. That's the thing I'm sorry I'm sorry I. Don't have patience for anybody who sits there and says something like that live now I understand if you accidentally there's slippage of a word that you didn't mean to say but it came out that way type of thing you know what I'm saying like. You know there was a situation where a guy on Fox on Fox to here in our town said Martin Luther. Something Racial Slur Junior Day, and it was I feel was a slippage and he said it live on camera. It was a mistake I don't think he'd truly thought or felt that he was going to say something like that live and I don't think what he said was. Like he was saying it to be you know I don't think he was trying to say anything you know what I'm saying I. Think it was just an honest mistake. People make honest mistakes all day long but. This one he clearly was referring to a city as an F. word. Whatever, whether that is Cincinnati Saint Louis Whoever la whatever he is referring to. Whatever he's referring to. He meant to say those words. The Mike just happened to be on y'all. Most definitely. You know what I'm saying. A I never say those things at home when a Mike is live. I only say to my personal friends and family. And I really apologize that I wasn't paying attention to the engineer Br. To Stop my conversation ahead of time. Talking about? Cigarettes. Cigarettes talking about cigarettes up the British version. Yeah. You know talking about cigarettes you know what I mean those those those those wonderful things cancer sticks gotTa Love You know what I'm saying like the coffin nails you know what I'm saying. I like I'm calling out to the whole thing about where you're saying that you know immediately goes I'm Amana faith? Boom. That doesn't back up here. Doesn't uses a whole bunch of people that are faith that are completely against the LBJ Q.? In, every way shape and form, and then I think he was calling out to that base saying I need support someone come in and tell them not to cancel me and they also believe that you can literally go to conversion. Cap. camp. And in turn yourself straight pray yourself straight I mean come on. I'm not sitting here saying that all got fearing people think that but there's a there's a good amount of people out there that still believe in those things you know. So just because you're saying a man of faith that don't mean anything God forbid if he said the N. word. God forbid he said if he says the F. Word I guarantee you. He says the the N. Word I'm sorry if you're if it's that easy for that word, the slip out like that you see other racial slurs I'm sorry you most definitely do you know now? Here's the thing. There's other people out here that sit there and go. You know like slap suspend them for a little while make him go to some sort of like sensitivity course or class or something like that, and then just bring him back on. I don't know if I don't know we especially in this climate that we live in. Do. Think he deserves a second chance. I'm talking about where You've been taking my things now but here it is. That's the question I asked you. Guys calmed down below. Let me know what you think because you think he deserves a second chance. Or is it a hail to the? No, he does not deserve one at all. That's what I'd like to know because. A lot of people think, hey, just let them. You know I it was a mistake. It was he thought he was off line. He thought he wasn't live. And he was talking amongst his peers. But then it's like. Could there be a toxic environment over there. For you to sit there and think that you have the right to say that because you've been announcing for the Cincinnati reds. For for that long, that means you that comfortable to say what ever you want like that, right? Like amongst the people that you work with. I? Don't know I don't think that is a very. Good look, long story short. And, it says something about the work environment that he is in. Either people are sitting there and just tolerate and his ass because he is Thom Brennaman or. They're also instigating it as well. Think about it. Think about it. Most definitely calmed down down below. I would love to know what you think on that. But I'm happy that you were on Jack to talk about that because. I've done some. Announcing myself not like in that regard, but I've done emceeing for you know at sporting events and everything to and the things that you are saying the things that you are doing. And the amount of people that are watching you and that are around you. At all times. You have to you really have to be on your PS and QS. You really got to be about that life you got to be on point. You make one small mistake they run you they they. They will drag you. You know. So for him to do something like that and I understand everyone is social distancing this during the time that there's nobody in the stands. He. Probably, the crew that he's working with these is extremely minimal. But at the same time, you don't say that stuff. That's him getting very, very lazy and thinking that he's at home. Real Talk They've suspended him indefinitely of course. that. So I guess there's a process there. Of course, there's a process. and. What would they say here? The language at Thom Brennaman us this evening is hateful offensive and in no way reflects the values of Fox Sports Ohio agree with the reds decision to suspend him until further notice. You know one of the old adage is for broadcasters is you know don't say anything. Off Air They WanNa say on air because you never know when the mic is hot, right? You Go. I mean, that's that's basically what you need to do. You know what I mean by. Just. In general be a good person right if you're a man of faith, be a person for others And kind and. Don't say anything. That you don't set about you or lacks what's what's the golden rule? Do unto others as if yeah like doing done onto your so. For Mister can't for Mr. for Mr Religious Man you know what I'm saying. Do what would Jesus do? He definitely wouldn't be dropping the F bomb we'll talk he wouldn't let us keep straight funky. He would not. You know and that's just That's on U-B-E-R and Y-. It sucks because the first thing he says is I'm truly truly sorry. I WANNA. Say A big apology to. All the people over at Fox sports especially, the ones the am basically especially the ones who signed my checks He doesn't get started that way to. The people at the organization and the apologised I not the people that he offended. Or just his use of the word in general like. Yeah. And here it is. And don't get me wrong. I understand that guys. You know we'll talk you know grabbed him by the. Guys will have their locker room talk and everything I get that. We we all have our certain vernacular when we're talking with our boys was a little bit more laid back a little bit more. Chill but he he's in a work environment. That's not what you say. You know what I'm saying you don't know who's in the room you don't know. WHO has a child? or a loved one that might be homosexual. Or part of the. L. G. P. Hell GPD my God. LGBT Q. Community. You never know you know what I'm saying you never know. You might defense somebody just because maybe there's somebody has a best friend who happens to be homosexual just never know. You. Know you gotta be. You GotTa be more careful about what you say now days man we live in this crazy cancel culture world is thick. And especially right now when people have nothing better to do but beyond their phones in control other people. So we got to be more. Efficient. As announcers or as personalities, media, personalities and everything this is not the time to accidentally tweet. The N.. Word. When you're talking about the nuggets. You heard about that one jack. Oh. My God. Oh my God I need to look this up because. I forgot this dudes name. This is going to drive me nuts. Hornets suspend radio announcer who tweeted inward instead of nuggets who does that WHO does that? Come last couple of days to. A few days ago because here's the thing when I saw this thing about Thom Brennaman I thought that this was the same dude I thought this was the same story I was like may would ever this was last night that I woke up this morning. Saw It again in the Mike Oh this is a totally different dude. No Cutie. Who tweets breath? Do you have the story? Can you pull that up yet? Let's talk about that real quick might as well. We're in the land of sports. We gotta talk about this one because this one was. Sports no ignorant. Sports. This is showing how stupid sports people people who love sports are in this. God who are they hiring? Who are they hiring? Who puts the N. Word is said of nuggets. Clearly, he has put the word is type the word vow. In his phone. As a tweet, not a tweet or as a text message to somebody. You know what I'm saying or he was like, Oh, I, don't understand what the word n word means. Let me let me look that up. On Google. Not. Highly doubt that. So what's the story? So, this is crazy man is and Charlotte North Carolina, the Hornets Radio Announcer. John Faulk. What's his name? C. K. E.. Probably said that, Riyadh? was his name. John Bach. System. Maybe. It's folk. F. A.. was. I have no idea man. I don't F O C, K E and. Foki. It can be Sochi area. But yeah, he was. Watching the Hornets or the Utah. DENVER. Playoff game and He was in his kitchen table. And he was on twitter. And he was doing some obscure may play by play in but. Fair his phone he made to rapid succession airs is a two key strokes. That's all it took. That would have been a forgettable tweet into one. He calls a horrible mistake. Those two key strokes got a foxy suspended indefinitely by the Hornets on Tuesday and put his job jeopardy He said he meant to right shot making in this jazz nuggets. Game is awesome Marine Mitchell going back and forth what a game. But instead of nuggets. Is the plural form of the N. word. Oh, he said with a hard are bre. Oh my God. He goes your own screen to you is next to the I the tea. Is next to the are the other five letters those two words of the same. Oh. My God. No but it wasn't on wreck. It's a unilaterally typed it in wrong. It's Your. Five minute delayed but here it is. It's a you. You know what? I mean it's not an eye. And then as an e R. S. Like how how on God's earth? How how, how does doubt type the N. Word instead of typing inaugurates? No. Gear sites. How He says I was trying to get done as fast as I could so that it was relevant and the time I posted it. And say Miss type the Word Nuggets Oh, my did not read read it, which is you know that's number one of working in the media and unfortunately I didn't because I was trying to get it up as fast as possible and I hit sent man you got to be a special kind of stupid. That's a special kind of stupid Oh really quick I wasn't thinking nearer no, you don't no no n word. Game, against the Jazz. And words. Great. It send you don't. What are you doing, breath Gay. Gay. You don't do that mine. Man You don't do that may okay. Little Hustle and flow. You don't do that my. You know what? I'm saying you don't do that. Don't do that man. I'm sorry it's so stupid. It's hilarious. That is a special kind of stupid breath. Does that. WHO DOES THAT I was writing it out jasmine n words really fast. I was just riding out real quick break. You don't do that man. You don't hours to put up an apology on twitter saying earlier today I made a horrific air while attempting to tweet about the Denver Utah Game. I don't know how I miss typed I had and have no attention ever that word I take full responsibility for my actions. I've been sick to my stomach about it ever since I'm truly sorry that this happened. I, apologize to those I offended. ESPN's mark. Jones. Replied back in a tweet. Saying that. He goes funny how my phone never types in the N. Word when I type in nuggets in fact when I get to in you G it autocorrect snuggie. Right. Unless homeboy has type that inward. So many times off to you know what? Exactly? That's the only way because the funny thing is, is Tanto vein just said something and I did the exact same thing I went into my phone typed it in man nuggets I started typing in. Na gets. Just end you G G and it finished with nuggets. So I don't know. I was like is this in could possibly be in my phone already. You know what I'm saying so I did that nuggets didn't go into do you want do you mean the N. word? You know how they have the other suggestions? Not didn't have that you know what I'm saying. Then have that. I don't know. I tell you what even if you put in in I? Like goes Nice Yep and night night and light, there's nine. Nine hundred. It doesn't go that route. Yeah. Doesn't go and word like broad him. I got a racist phone Yo Ma phone be racist man. Somebody. Get this phone away from me meant somebody these canceled this phone we'll talk. Wow. This a special kind of stupid. Right. He's going Oh. My bad. I didn't mean to do said thing Brett you meant you you've been writing in your phone so much you've been running the N. word. In your phone so much. That your phone. Either autocorrect it that way. Or you just weren't even thinking in Rhode out the N. word. Autopilot on your own self that says something about you bre. And for that yeah. You most definitely should be fired for that I. don't care if it's a mistake. That shows you that shows your true self man. You know what I mean. Racist fingers blamed my fingers. My fingers are racist. My mind is completely about equality. But my fingers. My fingers. A RACIST Chop off, chop off my fingers. Student please make like a parody video thing where it's like promoting your your twitter like five minute delay thing. And it's like. have. You been recently caught up and racist tweet tweets and maybe things that you regret. Yeah well now installed Pascale. Blocker. Or the past cows delay you know what I mean. Or. Pascal's wager. Pascale pending posts. Pascal Pascale pending I like that, and then you sit there and you're like, all right are you sure it always pops up does face. I. Sure. I would kill passing park I think every celebrity needs that you know what I'm saying, every celebrity, every every influencers, every public figure basically every public figure needs to have that kind of APP. Installed into the damn phone real talk you know what? I'm saying it's insane how ridiculous people are ridiculous. Anyway we got to go into a quick commercial break. But when we come back, we're going to be talking about. This is weird but you know not every day do I talk about Anybody like Bella Thorne, but we will be talking about Bella Thorne Bella. Thorne. Has An only fans account. Yeah Disney star child. Star, obviously, she is a grown woman. Now has a only fans account. We're GONNA be talking about that very very shortly. We'll be right back. This is the Pascal. Show. Back. Hey what's up guys thank you guys so much for being. On the show checking out the show him being a part of the chat and like I always say if this is your first time checking out this show, please go hit that like button down below underneath the feed right now of course, if you're watching the show for the very first time ever ever ever hit the subscribe button I do this show Monday through Friday at nine am central standard time and do a show at seven PM Central Standard Time. So you get to see me twice in one day if you can tolerate me. So. Be sure to hit that subscribe button and be a part of the conversation our guys. But anyway, we gotta jump into this other story. I found this very interesting as well. Because this is new. And it's been kind of it's kind of been blowing up on on all over the, social media. Has Been Trending really hard on on a you know as far as Google. Twitter. y'All need to know about this. Okay. So former Disney child star. Bella Thorne. Is. Has Now. Joined the platform only fans now if you don't know. If you don't know what only fans is, then you've been living under a rock because it's been a thing, it has been a conversation piece for a while now in regards to there's a lot of. Is a platform that is known for. Putting in for for women or people to. Sell their newts or for membership you can go and see a person in scantily clad close. You know tasteful nudes or just straight up. Pornographic. Images now, this has been a very popular thing as of late because we are all locked up corentin is very real and very tough. We are all here dealing with this stuff in regards to where's our next paycheck coming from. Okay. Everyone's wondering that. Even even the celebrities now are trying to find ways where they can secure the bag. A lot of them now are starting to look towards only fans like somebody like Cardi B. Cardi B. opened up and started her own only fans. But the funny thing is is that she's usually the only fans not as a place to show scantily clad photos of herself, but it's an opportunity for her to connect with their fans. Aka for them to pay a certain membership fee for them for her to actually be able to correspond with them talk to them. You name it you name it be able to do those things. So Bella Thorne is also one of the other celebrities that has decided to open up their own only fans and she said, you know this obviously is the former Disney star is now charging twenty dollars a month for her exclusive exclusive content. because. Back a little bit ago, she was leaking her own nudes she leaks her own news on social media because I guess people were trying to hack her phone hacked her. So that they could get her nudes. You know this is a real thing. People do this for real they did this to. Jennifer Lawrence a few years back I mean they do it to everybody seems like any any? starlet or any female celebrity out there that looks good. They seem to try to find as much scandalous photos. Things as they can to try to sell it on the on the net. So. So the actress said paper told the paper magazine only is the first platform where I can fully control my image without censorship without censorship without judgment and without being bullied online for being me so. She announced the move on a in a video on instagram and. By telling the fans excuse me having announcement and it's her you know posing in bikinis and lingerie and all that and and and with a necklace that says sex on it and Yeah so now she is going to be doing. She's going to be posting. Content. I'm assuming. Nude content. On only fans. For Twenty dollars. A month. You got a little bit more of the extended story right Jack Yeah. Man Just looking in here a couple of different articles. I'm reading here I. Mean I guess. So last year. In September she. Published A. Film called her and him on burnt porn hub. he's man won some avian awards read one. Two Thousand and Nineteen Oldenburg International Film Festival. I was shown there but it was released important hubs premium service but you got the best dramatic screenplay for the Thirty Seventh Avian Awards Twenty Twenty what for that movie wait I'm sorry pause pause pause pause pause pause timeout. Repeat that you're saying that she had a it was an adult film or. Wo- she started it? She's started at she was she originally conceived her and him as a Christmas horror movie before the project morphed into an adult movie. Did, so Let's see here. Wow. Unnamed character who is dating an unnamed girl laid by Abella. Danger. One day. He finds out that she's been looking up how to murder your boyfriend and get away with the two. Then play twist to give a cat and mouse. While she tries to figure out if she is really trying to kill him. So. Yeah. I'm not sure if you know how wow that's that's fascinating. It is but yeah, I mean she and her team has a team behind her and stuff and there's also this Guy Sean Baker I'm not sure if you're familiar with that director not but he did like the Florida project, he's doing another thing called assassination nation Oh okay Yeah he's done a couple of different. Documentaries, but he's going to actually do a documentary on towards experience on only fans. And she says that they have the same vision. Of the movie being a conversation starter for many important topics about female sexuality. And female body shaming so. That's pretty interesting but her team expects her. To make. Over one million dollars per month seriously. Bro. I don't believe that I don't believe that Nah Nah. At twenty bucks a pop. It doesn't it's not that hard to get there. You know here it is like. I don't know how many followers she has on instagram right so that's a very good thing to look up for sure to see how many fans that she has on instagram but. Fifty Thousand People to follow pay twenty bucks and it's a monthly subscription. And you can also send tips. And there are a lot of fans out there. There's a lot of people that are fans of her for sure and she doesn't give a damn about her you know. Obviously he's sitting there going well effort. If you got instead of you guys trying to hack my phone to get my news I might as well just put it on a place where you could just pay for it and you can give me the money's for it. Y fake the funk if you WanNa see me nude pay twenty bucks a month you get to see me nude much as often as you want I don't give a damn. Yep that's basically saying. It's interesting 'cause it's like she's reclaiming it. She's reclaiming ownership of her body ownership of her nudes so I could see. That being a positive thing but at the same time. But at the same time, this kind of says something about Bella Thorne though too you know what I'm saying like. What happened to her when she was a kid real talk I'm sorry but. To happen, yeah I mean Disney you know what I mean is in Dire Zendejas and she seems to be our. She seems to be okay But at the same time, like you just never know you just never know you know what I'm saying and the other thing is is Bella Thorne's career has not gone the way that Zendaya his career has gone. It's not I don't even know if you can really call it a career. She's kind of gone this weird. She's gone down route like you know where she's just been a bad girl you know what I'm saying like. All that and and I'm sure a lot of people thought that she had a promising career. But what was the last time you saw her movie that was actually good I. Don't think. I've ever seen her in a movie. It was good so And then you're going WHO's Bella Thorne? Mike Bella Thorne who Who you know what? I'm saying so I don't know. But. If if this is a way for her to secure the bags. Hey, I mean it it doesn't hurt anybody it's not hurting anybody. You know and it's in a controlled environment. It's you know you got to pay twenty twenty bucks a month to go see her butt naked. If you want her doing whatever she wants on that page, people are going to go and buy it I. Don't know about a million dollars a month but. She has twenty. Or. Twenty three point five million followers on an. Never mind. She needs. She needs fifty thousand of them to give her twenty bucks. That's a done deal. There's plenty of creeps out there plenty of creep resorts that are watching her stuff that would love to year. In there, and then she on her on her actual page or whatever. On the thing it's just like hurt staying on your be and then. It's just a link to her Amazon wishlist. She's she's playing it right. Yeah I yes he's playing it right I mean. But the thing is is that she's literally taking it. She's literally taking it the taking the resort. Down She's taking that avenue down what most like Porn Stars do cam girls do. Like. That's why they they'll sit there and go. Oh, I got a wishlist on Amazon give me things or hey, spend money and you can be a premium member and see me time and I could give you personalized stuff. So I mean this is a thing I mean this is this you know what I'm saying she she's not reinventing the wheel she's just copying the wheel as a celebrity. You see what I'm saying and of course, she obviously is very open and cool and comfortable with her sexuality and putting yourself out there. So I guess you know if you WanNa make that money, you want secure the bags honey, go ahead and do it. You know what I'm saying do it I guess I can't really you know. I. See here throw shade on it all day long but. As her body it's hurt. It's. You know what I'm saying. If that's the life she wants to go down. That's the life she wants to go down, but it also does make me wonder what happened girl, what happened to you. What happened you know what I'm saying just out of curiosity. tyrannous said. Obviously. You haven't watched her porn movie. Sure. That was good. So, no, I have not seen it. I actually I actually interested to see. What she did in the movie like it could have been her in the movie just acting in it but then there's a lot of sex scenes in there, but she's not involved in them. You see what I'm saying. So she could be just in the movie acting but then again, she seems like she's very free. And just down for whatever. You know what I'm saying so. In Pasco. Wards one award of doing research. Doing Research Right now. So Yeah, interesting. Yeah. Interesting. Very very interesting but like I said there are other celebrities like Cardi B., who are jumping in on the have jumped on the. Bandwagon. There's a lot of people that have jumped on. There's a lot of girls especially a lot of girls that have jumped in on it. That have that are you know there's a lot of girls out there. That are very pretty and that are sitting there going, hey, you wanna photo of me in a bikini. Hey, go go spend five dollars. Five dollars a month. You can go check out all my stuff me and a bikini. You know what I'm saying this. There are a lot of girls like that who that are furloughed that have no job right now that are just chilling lot of guys to let's not forget. There's a Lotta guys out there to. Trying to secure the bags willing to put out A. One the put out literally. For a couple of bucks a month, you know what I'm saying so. The world is changing. You know what I'm saying. So if there's a lot of good looking bartenders out here, that aren't making any money right now like Nada Zilch that are sitting there going man I used to secure the bag every day at the hottest nightclub in my city, and now I'm not making any money, but I got a great body. And I got a lot of followers that love me. Let me pose a few photos on only fans and make that money real quick. There's a lot of people that are doing that now. which is crazy. However way you look at it it's a real thing. It's crazy. Mr Super said. Pascal just wanted to see her acting skills range timing camera friendly ll. Yeah. Yeah of course, I. I'm sorry. No fence to Bella Thorne I, just don't. I don't find her attractive I just don't. I really really don't. But there's a lot of people that do find very very attractive to me I don't think Jesus. That's just me. You know what? I mean. Everybody has their. Tastes and she just doesn't fit mine period. Sorry. tyrannous to said, learn something new had google only fans crazy interesting. You've never heard about only fans will now you know if you don't know. Linked to only fans in our description because we can earn five percent commission for this. First twelve months bang. Funny. Is that hey, you know. The show has only fans account so you should follow it. It's just it's just a photos of my pinkie toe the entire time. I mix up I put one of mine and their to. What is that? That's not here. There's no pascal stow. WHO WHO's Pinky toes? Is that a tow or is that a? Check this out, there's multiple toes on his channel multiple tone you know what I mean. It's just photos of my dog's paw. Who? See. What I'm saying psycho? Yes Nice Furry. Furry anyway. Moving on. Moving on, we gotta jump into this other story. Because we are going to jump into the other things. We got a little bit of time, but this is something since we already in the entertainment realm of the news right now we gotTa talk about this movie and Tanto Vein Already Already talked about this in the in the comments. So we and I was like man, that's what we're going to talk about. Next Man Damn Ten advances just jumping the gun jumping the gun jumping the gun. Anyway. Man y'all need to know about this story and I know about this movie. This is some real stuff. This movie is called cuties. It is a movie that is about to be on Netflix is going to stream on Netflix okay netflix. It's called Cutie it is a foreign film. It is a comedy drama. Right now there's a reason why this movie's getting a lot of backlash right now the people are. Shedding a heavy light on this particular. Movie and I'm just GonNa read you guys the Synopsis Real Quick and I'm GonNa. Let you guys judge for yourself where the funniest where the strange is. Okay. So cuties. The Synopsis. Amy An eleven year old girl joins a group of dances named the cuties at school and rapidly grows aware of her femininity. Upsetting her. Mother. And her values in the process now here's the thing. Doesn't seem too bad. But here's the thing. As, you can see. Home, get this up. As you can see well, you kind of have like it's super blown-up but. If you could see. It is a bunch of eleven year old girls. That are clearly. That are clearly. Not supposed to be holed up lean back over again lean back note on the other side of the perfect perfect. Perfect. Perfect. I want you guys to see this like this is the these are some of the images. This is obviously a very, very blown up photo of the the poster, the movie poster, but I want you to see these positions. This is a an eleven year old girl. This is a dance group. Of Eleven year old girls. That are posing and like this now the thing is, is if you saw the trailer because I'm not about the show y'all trailer, this trailer is terrible. I don't know how this trailer is even out there to be seen by be consumed by people I don't even know how this movies out to be consumed by people. Now I understand that there's About a girl eleven year old girl is a coming of age story. You know with her growing up becoming, you know starting to realize that she's turning into a young woman but at the same time, the Muse, the trailer of this movie is. Astronomically. mind-blowing. Of How How many? How, many Philip? How many themes of pedophilia is going on? In this particular movie now. Here this for those. For those that don't know. The movie. That I'm back to reference it's almost as if they took. is almost like they took. Something like a step up. And Bend it like Beckham. And smashed it into one movie. You know about a girl who is she? If I'm from my understanding, she comes from a is she has an Islamic. Traditional family that she she is growing up with you know she's born into. But. Then she's of course in this of course. Really wants to dance. She really wants to express her being a girl and just being. You know going against the traditional values that her parents have been instilling her since she was a baby. Now it's the same thing. As Like. Bend like Beckham. Indian girl. That lives in England has the dreams of being professional soccer player right and. Her parents because their traditional. Are Not do not understand her obsession and her passion for soccer. And then of course, but they do it in a very tasteful way. This movie is like they took step up. They took bend it like Beckham. Those themes smashed it into one movie and cast a whole Bunch of eleven year olds. Eleven year old girls in this movie. It is so wrong this this movie, this movie so wrong that I cannot believe that this is a movie that's about to stream on. Netflix y'all. Just in a few weeks, it'll be there for everyone to consume. Movie that we should be seeing. This is a movie that's going to trigger some people real talk. I'm telling you. If you see the trailer I'm telling you it is messed up. And I get it that there are. That these, these are eleven year old girls that are wanting to express themselves as being like they're trying to find their own independence trying to they want to grow up. So badly instead of learning that they're that they're eleven year old eleven years old and that they that they should at least. Enjoy being eleven years old. But it is hyper sexualize. The stuff that's in this this trailer. On eleven year old girls y'all. It is wrong. Oh, my God it's wrong. Look at the difference of how the French poster is. Versus the Americanized. The thing is, is that you your blood? It's super blown up. So all I see is the the comments like the the ratings? Them like in the back with leg looking like. Let me. Just having more having fun as opposed to being presented like sexualize. Yeah. Let me let me let me see if I can. Let me see if I can. Find. Find It on here real quick. But yeah continue continue doing saying what you're saying real quick I mean it's yeah. But this is just an overall like. Again lie change up like Oh. This isn't going to sell as much sex sells. So let's go ahead and you know and pinpoint all the spots in this movie where it makes them the most sexualize. You know it say. Obviously young men young women all go through a transformation at some point in time. But this isn't aimed at like this isn't a show that looks like it's a like hey, other kids coming to watch this show. This is like a hey adults. Watch this coming of age movie. And it it seems like it's aimed at the wrong audience. Mike I'm telling. It's I'm telling you I'M GONNA. Show you a couple. A couple of photos because I want y'all to see this I, want all y'all to see this and you know in no way shape or form an condoning any of this type of trash. This is bad on multiple levels bad. But I'm trying to show, I'm trying to pull up all of them. Hold on guys. Give me give me one second because I want you guys to see all this stuff? You know the it's it's It's interesting the. The way that certain things are being presented. In diff- seems like in different countries how it's presented, which is fascinating to me I i. saw also the people are you know on twitter gone right and Netflix and everything but it's at a one person sister outrider. Says it is so revealing that the first major netflix original senator young black girls hinges on explicit explicitly sexualizing eleven-year-old children whether it's acting or music sexualize images too often the price of mainstream success for black women and girls graceful. Yeah I mean, here's the thing you. We could sit here all day and talk about the talk about. sexualizing black women. And young girls but it's just young girls in general is literally just young girls in general. I'm sorry I'm not trying to make it seem like, Oh, you know that the pulling out the race car you gotTa pull out the race car. Nah. I ain't trying to say like that I'm just saying these are young women these young girls that should not be depicted this way at all whatsoever so. and. So I want to show you the French. The actual. French Poster, this is terrible. So small. Yeah. That's too small town. Hold on. Guys that so annoying. I see some comments over here saying his R Kelly's remix to. Hug mission part of the soundtrack. Basically R Kelly's wet dream and it's sad. It's really really sad. This is not the stuff that you need to be seeing. The you know we should. Know. This is not. This is not what you're supposed to be seeing but anyway, I'm GonNa show you this other one because The French was not being my friend right now but I can only show you this one. This is the Netflix. This is the actual like net flicks. the the poster that's on Netflix right now. Okay. This is the posted this on Netflix right now breath these women. So you know these women, these little girls are eleven years old. They're eleven. Eleven others more just wait. I got another I got another photo. This is from the trailer. This is actually from the damn truly y'all. I cannot believe that this is in the actual trailers breath. On my God this is just a still from the trailer. I'm only showing it very briefly. Okay. Here it is. homie. You don't do that. No No, no no. Do you understand those are eleven year old girls. Eleven year old girls acting like that, and this is a movie that's going on Netflix. Hail to the Naw that is gross man. That's beyond disgusting y'All. I ain't about that life. I'm completely agree that this is. A messed up thing. But is there the same outrage from all the pageants? On the. Child. Pageants that are out there and they make him wear bikinis and. All the different dress up options and they put their hair and makeup on. And try to make them look eighteen when they're ten. And it's You know. It's the our society has a big issue. Big Issue I mean it is it is a big issue. It is a real big issue. And it? Yes you're right pageants and all that. The same thing I mean but they're not like I mean from my understanding. That you know what I'm saying like at least pad pageants are aren't as. Aren't as bad. I mean, yes. You putting your child on display as a competition. Thing of look my daughter you know my daughter is more talented in more beautiful than the other daughter and you're putting them. You're you're putting them up against each other in those kinds of things and those those type of competitions in contest can really pageants can really mess kit up in a way especially if they keep losing or especially if they keep winning. You know and it just depends on how the parent is raising their child like that. But this is something else now. I Now Brandy just said something that just caught my eye. So I wanted to say read this really quick just watch the trailer I used to be a competitive dancer from eight to seventeen years old and revealing costumes are common. Now here's the thing. Okay. I, understand brandy. You. Of course, I'm not trying to throw any shade on you brainy. Thank you so much for the comment, but I'm GonNa, say this. It's also say that there is like a little mid drift or there is you know they're they're wearing crops and and you know dancing shorts or something like that where there's some skin involved I get that part as far as dancing goes, but you could still cover some things up also in the video in the trailer, you see all these hyper sexual sexual images. Of these girls doing these things that are dancing in a certain way that shouldn't be danced they shouldn't be dancing like at eleven years old. You can say all day about the costumes and the clothing. But it's a movement. It's the dancing is the suggestive behavior that's being seen. In those videos in those dance moves. That photo. I just showed you of the blonde girl putting the finger in mouth like A. You know standing in a suggestive way in all the other stuff. That's. Going on around that girl I mean my Lord you know what? I'm saying it's not only just the costumes. You know it's also it's most definitely also the choreography is the dance moves. That posted the first poster poster showing guys the one girl on all fours. Another one's got her legs open. Another one is you know what I mean in the the girl in the middle just has her arm up you know what I mean. In like a dance pose. But all the other ones are in some sort of suggestive. Position. Best. That's crazy. That's the straight disgusting. In netflix's going to let this be on their streaming site. Holy God. Google reviews of you like district for the movie I have try has A. Two hundred to one one-star reviews of course one person put a five star review. Yeah, and he was like, yeah, this. Looks great for people that really want to raise their child to be a thought. Word you ready to raise a child to be a thought? Hey, what's cuties guys? You know what I'm saying it's like that is not how. The trailers. So because I, literally, I heard about it this morning. So I was like all right let me check out this trailer. Let me see with my own two eyes and I watched it and I literally my jaw dropped I was like this is real. This is a real thing. I can't believe I'm watching this. There's another shot where one of the girls falls falls down and she's wearing like. Oh, it's terrible. It's terrible you to see. It's like a shot just her crotch. You know what I'm saying it's an eleven year old girl at least. They're acting as there. Are Eleven years old but clearly, these girls are young girls they shouldn't be. Oh Yoy it is so bad. And this is a movie that's being okay that got passed on. And okayed by net flicks death says something. That says something I don't care if. The description on that flicks. Yeah Go ahead go ahead go ahead, go ahead. I'd say the original description on Netflix said that it that. Eleven girl became interested in a torquing dance group. Yes and then they. Take Turkey and out of the description. Yeah. So that's what it was because when I first heard about it. I saw it in a said working group, and then in the video in the in the trailer they're working. You know what I'm saying they're dressed as if they are grown women dancing and stuff and doing all this crazy sexually. Suggestive movements and stuff and they're eleven. And this? Is a movie that's supposed to be okay. Breath I'm not Nah I ain't about that life. You know what I mean. Got An update from net flicks new. Wow. Okay They have apologized for the inappropriate cuties poster. Criticized for sexualizing children. and. So they've only apologize mean so they've only apologize for the poster they're not apologizing for putting up the damn movie. An. Their actual statement was that stupid. that. Stupid. Apologizing for the quickly, took down the offending artwork the. Something Different That don't mean a damn thing. Did they change out the entire movie? They re edit the movie and take out every single dance move or every single suggestive thing in the movie hail to the No, they didn't guarantee. You can't do that so that the still going to do it why because they spent money on it Got Their money on it. And you know why also and I'll get I'll listen exactly they're thinking, Hey, everybody is going to be checking this movie out now because everybody's tripping about it now everybody's going to watch it and then they're gonNa rip it apart and it's going to be is going to go viral. We're GONNA make money off this movie hale that's gross. That is fricking gross and says, we're sorry for the inappropriate artwork that we used for this film. This was not an accurate representation of the film. So the image and description has been updated. The image and the description not hey, guys were sorry about the description were sorry about this trailer we realized that it's it's it's it's very suggestive. And it could trigger some people actually taken down this entire movie. You'll never see it on Netflix on our platform ever ever again. That's what they should be doing. That's what they should be saying. That's ridiculous. I'm not down I'm I don't have patience for that man. Go ahead this movie one. Let's see. At Sundance. Let's see. I, think it one. Step at Sundance? Aged here it is it could have the most amazing storyline. It could be it could have an amazing storyline really it could. You know like the whole bend it like Beckham type of storyline where she triumphed she changes her families, minds about her being a dancer and all that you know she's able to obviously there's a clash of cultures in there. You know she's going against the grain in regards to what her family values are and what she really wants to do because she just wants to dance. You know what I'm saying I get that I totally get that but at the same time though. The trailer itself is a terrible terrible trailer. Terrible now, the movie could be something completely different. But there's a lot of stuff in that in that trailer that tells me otherwise realtime. tyrannous to said, something some of the teen girls that wear some outfit school are ridiculous. Many parents have. Had to bring clothes. In. From. For. Them to change. The continually the dress code and pushed the limits. Now I understand that piece I understand that in real life kids girls get kids want to find their own individuality they want to be their own selves they they're growing into their own the under starting to understand their own femininity or masculinity. I understand that they're trying to I understand those pieces and I understand showing those themes in a movie, but you can do it in a tasteful way. And at least in the. Way. I. Don't know about overseas and because I know this is a this is a foreign film. Overseas is a little bit different. Maybe, maybe the culture over there wherever that movie was made is a little bit more lenient about those things but not in America. America's looking at data going hale. That's not cool. That is heavily suggestive stuff that no child should be seen. Unless I'm movies are I don't even know. Still still, it's just not something that kids should NC seventeen now get outta here. Something that Nobody Know Parents Award? No adult. No. I'm not trying to go see this movie you know what I'm saying. I can't believe it's a man I can't believe that that is even getting. They got even away with that. You know what I mean. I don't see what the rating is. Doesn't actually. Has. People give it, a B minus, unripe tomatoes. I mean. It has the highest rating has four stars. On rotten tomatoes or. I am DB go to Google reviews everything one-star but way rotten tomatoes four out of what stars five. Wow. I'm David an eighty, two percent. Maybe it is. Maybe it is enough seventeen people's things. Maybe it is a really really good movie I don't know I just all I know is a trailer that I've seen that. Me Otherwise. You know. Like I said it could have the most amazing message in there. But YOU'RE NOT GONNA I'M NOT GONNA you're not gonNA. See me sit down and watch something like that. I'm sorry nor would I ever let my if I was a parent I would not let my children see something like that period that is just wrong I'm sorry this disgusting. That's really discussing. Ain't nobody got time for that kind of stuff. None and you know the fact that's going to trigger some dudes some people out there. You know what I'm saying now here's a movie doing it right but we know this is all going on. For Real Yep. And a whole bunch of schools and all groups. And they children are becoming are hitting puberty earlier. since we've been kids. The age of. Adolescent says. Changed I mean I used to be like what? Thirteen fourteen get your hip carry now there's some. Kids are. Nine. Like this in you know they say it's a lot of with the hormones and the milk and all the different things in our food products and everything. But sexualization of children's gone to a younger and younger age and IT'S A. And maybe that's why people are are ready. Okay. 'cause saying it's a true depiction of you know Young women are going through now and you know the type of struggles face, but the fact that it's been made into A. You know everything is a been sexualize D- And the way that it's being looked at. This is a real issue that's out there that you know all of our. Young children are being more and more decentral a decent since. E sensitization centralization what. I'm looking for they're desensitized desensitized to sexualization. In a the all the images they see every day and magazines all the movies they see on tv I mean everything that they can turn on any of the shows on primetime. You Got Bachelor out there you got temptation island. You got all of these things where you know that's all they're trying to buy all day long it's our entire culture and we just pick one thing out to be mad at Yeah I you know I am. Not For this movie being up there and out there. But. There's a bigger. Much bigger issue and it's very easy to pick on one on one show that's out there. But you know there's a larger movement that has to happen. I mean, that's the reason that like Kyle. You know is out there and doing stuff because there's groups of people out there that that. Are Predators, and they look for girls that are in these types of things and they do sexualize them. Mr Subaru ask question is like it's It's okay for a young girl that we're crop top or show their midrift. They're not sexualizing it. It's the people that are looking at it that are saying that sexual because people have been told to that sexual and if you see stomach or you see shoulders or you see. Thighs or things like that. and. and. I have young kids and do I want them going out and doing this type of stuff now? I don't Hel Ne But I could understand why you know if on Youtube you know. If. You're not watching your kids. and. It just takes one second to have a suggested movie or suggested other video that pops up that all sending think they're watching something that was fine and then you hear something from the other room like what is going on in their? Yup. It's Especially, the younger kids are watching some of these youtubers that growing up in watching A. Somebody. That was doing one type of channel right? Right and all of a sudden that person now is a teenager. They're getting a little bit a little bit older. and. Now they're content has changed yet the kids are watching them for the toy reviews are now getting to see them you know. Change. Your channel into a sexy clothes party or whatever it may be. It's a hall. Yeah. It's like oh I went to I bought all this stuff on. Such, and such dot com hall and it's like. Where did you go from being making slime videos to a full-on Bikini Hall like what the Heck is going on? You know what I'm saying so. That piece to and I it's. It's weird because yeah. As you grow as a creator or something like that grows things start to change you change as you grow you know. I. You're probably doing you know fart jokes, toilet humor and then you change you know you know that's the kids centric stuff. But then you gotta remember this. There's a lot of people like you just said there's a lot of kids that are still kids that are consuming stuff. And I don't think a lot of creators are mindful of that. And that's that's sad. It's a sad thing but you know unfortunately, you can't. Stop a person from growing in changing just because the consumer that's watching hasn't grown. At the same rate, you know what I mean at the same time as said Creator, you know what I mean but I mean but I definitely see your point. Absolutely you know tyrannous said video up. Need I say more need we say more I completely agree with that too. We got videos like. wop out there Cardi B., mega millions, wop that is out there. That is wrapping saying all this crazy stuff. There's things that are. Part of the norm. That's out there part of pop culture. The kids are consuming every single day. You listened to tick tock you hear all these videos and all the all the songs that they're doing dance moves to and stuff like that the things that they're wrapping to. You know what? I'm saying you got debate talking about doing something. You know a sexually explicit thing to a girl. And there's this girl who's eleven years old just you know hit the wo- to the song in mouth in the words. Yeah I mean, we are it. Things are getting hyper sexualize things are getting. More lenient. I'm not sitting here saying we gotta go back to the nineteen fifties. You know what I'm saying it's not like I'm sitting here saying we gotta go back to the nineteen fifties and everything's gotta be safe and clean and all that i. mean you know the sorry these are the harsh realities are of our world but I think these, there's got to be some sort of censorship. To a certain extent. For the. Let's just keep it on Tiktok. You know. Yeah please. Put that whole movie on Talk Oh my God. Basically that is Tiktok do you understand? that. Movie is talk. As much as everybody's like Oh my God tiktok. Other going to ban it in a couple of weeks. Oh, my God you guys ever Seen Tiktok to talk is disgusting. TIKTOK is disgusting. Yeah there's still there's some creators out there that that may content under this. Some really talented people on there don't get me wrong but then there's the other stuff and you like Brad this is real. How old is this person? And he's doing what? Stuff like that. You don't to me. It's sad. It's really really really really sad but I digress. cuties definitely not something I'm going to be watching anytime soon. For Show and Yeah. We just gotTa we gotTa keep moving as much as it might have the most amazing message Inza of verwoerd. SNOT GONNA. Get me to go and sit down and watch it I can. I'll read a book and I'll be justice moved. Thank you very much. So moving on. Last bit last conversation of a day. Turn you down Real Quick Jack. For this thing real quick. Okay. So This is something very interesting. So. Come on. Okay so Trump. was asked during a press briefing. About his thoughts. About you and their theories, the the some very interesting questions that this particular reporter was asking and he puts in his two cents about his thoughts on Cunanan. So we're going to check it out. During the pandemic. Cunanan Movement. Has Appears to be gaining a lot of followers and you talk about what you think about that and what you have to say to people who are following this movement right now we'll ever know much about the movement other than I. Understand they liked me very much. which I appreciate but I don't know much about the movement. I have heard that it is gaining in. Popularity and from what I've here. Here's these are people that when they watch the streets in Portland. When they watch what happened in New York City in just the last six or seven months, but this was starting. Even four years ago when I came here, almost four years can you believe it? These are people that don't like seeing. What's going on in places like Portland and places like Chicago and New York and other. Cities and states. And I've heard these are people that love our country and they just don't like seeing it. So I don't know really anything about it other than. They do supposedly like me and they also. Would like to see. Problems in these areas like especially the areas that we're talking about go away because there's no reason the Democrats can't run a city and if they can't, we will send in all of the federal whether it's troops or law enforcement whatever they'd like we'll send him in. We'll straighten out their problem in twenty four hours or less can. Of the theory is this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this site tanic cold of pedophile and cannibals does that sound like something what you are behind him I haven't I haven't heard that but Is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing. If if I can help save the world from problems, willing to do it. I'm willing to put myself out there and we are actually we're saving the world from the radical left. Philosophy. That will destroy this country and with this country is gone. The. Rest of the world would follow. The rest of the world would follow. That's the importance of this country. Interesting. So He went on and said all of that stuff about Cuna I found that to be extremely interesting. But what's funny to me is that he is constantly he is definitely got his politicians shoes on for sure he doesn't confirm nor deny anything. he. says. I know of it I've heard of them. These. One thing. That's really great as they they like me. I think that's hilarious. I've always thought that was very, very funny I'm still kind of assessing the you know the video that we watched. You know like I said. He's not confirming he's not denying. He's just saying his thoughts on it and saying, Hey, these are my thoughts on. This is how I feel about them and yes, they're doing their helping helping. Keeping the world clean from all from all the crazy stuff that the radical left is doing and Blah Blah Blah, and trying to save the world. You know. It's very interesting. Very interesting. Jack what are your thoughts on this bra? What are your thoughts so? Cunanan is fire far-right. Conspiracy. Based item. and. It's basically like an offline anarchist group. And like I don't know it's funny that now the trump stating this and in facebook in a within the last couple of days to as removed over nine, thousand, nine, hundred and fifty groups and four hundred and forty pages and over ten thousand instagram accounts associated with the movement. and you know it's A. They're saying that Donald Trump is waging a secret war against the deep state network pedophile 's. Powerful. Government Business and media figures and people that are commonly included in that the Clintons now Obama Oprah. There's even been ellen and Tom Hanks ran a list goes on essentially everybody that's ever flown on the APP seen plane. You know is kind of included in this list this mix yet. So. But you know by. Saying, Hey, here's a conspiracy group. And bringing it up the president and then him saying, Oh, I don't really know much about it but I do know this and this, and this, and this and this and this and this this and this and this about him. Yeah I don't know anything about him. And they like me so they're good conspiracy group. And you know they didn't like me and then they would be a bad conspiracy group. And you know, yeah, we're just saving what they want me to save people from this but. By not acknowledging that it is a conspiracy group shutting them down like all. It's GonNa do is fuel that entire group? And it's a in they think that. You know at the base of it that president trump is cute. Yeah and so. Now. This is just going to really. Really really set everything up Cunanan began in. October two thousand seventeen is an honest message on four Chan. and he user claimed to have top security clearance within the US government and signed off posting honestly as Q.. And that's how it became Cunanan. And then it communicate cryptic posts and claims to be involved directly in a secret trump lead investigation global network of child abusers. So. Supposedly, there's people that fall all the stuff that every time some kind of a new post goes out and reference to pedophilia and things like that. That on the QA nine post on four channel within like the same minute. And so like they're saying that you know, obviously it's the same people that are posting on on trump post about something about it and within the same exact minute posted every single time on this message board. That they keep on linking things up and. I would love for our president. Any any of our presidents to be able to go down and take down a pedophilia ring it if it is. Able to be proven and they can pull people out and all these people are involved in it. Then great. Take them down. And I absolutely agree absolutely. Agree with that I mean I would here's the thing. I understand that maybe curious. Let me say this. Let me just say this. To say this. I think trump knows exactly what's going on with Cunanan. I think he knows exactly what it is. He's playing dumb. Of course, he's giving him. He's giving Cunanan love for sure. He could very well be the he could very well be Q. he could very well be the man who does everything he could very well be superman and his mind in this world he could be superman in this thing and he's playing Clark. Kent. You see what I'm saying Oh, I don't know what he's talking about pushing up his his glasses I don't you know who saved you oh my gosh. Faster than a locomotive. You know. That kind of thing. So Right Now. Here's the thing. If. He really is involved with Cunanan. There ain't no way. He's going to say right there live on the on on a press conference. He Iron Man you know what? I mean Cain Tony Stark he ain't gonNA walk up and go I am iron man you just not GonNa. Happen. It's not GonNa Happen Yeah. So of course he's going to sit there and play dumb. If that is the case that he is involved with Cunanan if he's involved Cunanan. He's not gonNA expose it at all. He will never expose it but he's been saying stuff like drain the swamp he's been saying all types of stuff that they use phrases that they use in Cunanan. But I'll tell you this though. Here's the other thing. If they are if non is really. Working its but off to expose the bad things that are going on out there, and of course, the throwing them out there as Let's say as conspiracy theories, you know 'cause they're all conspiracy theories as of late. Of course, he's not going to sit there and expose himself. If you're out there. Investigating. In your all incognito in you're all undercover. You're not going to put yourself out there and say, Oh yeah I'm a undercover FBI agent? No you're not going to do that. You're going to go I have no idea what you're talking about. You know what I'm saying. I have no idea what you're talking about but from what I understand, they love me. Of course. From what I understand they're great. They're really great group and they're doing really great things for this country. And most importantly, they like me. That was that was a joke. Clearly, he was making a little bit of a joke there you know. So I don't really mess with them because they like me if it was Cunanan going against trump, you know obviously, he'd probably say these guys are terrorists. He probably all kinds of different stuff. But. Yes. He most definitely I feel has some sort of something. Involve Cunanan. Is just. He's not going to say it out loud and he never will. Until they do exactly what he's trying to do, which is drain the swamp, get the truth out there whatever that truth is whatever he's trying to expose. So, we'll see I mean it's interesting that that lady that reporter asked that question right then and there, and then you know just his reaction was very interesting. Well, there was a little bit of. Pride in there there was unknown. About Kim. You know they love me and they're doing great things for this country. But no, I. Don't know anything about him but they love me. Soon I'm saying they're trying to help us stop the the crazy stuff that's going on the far left is trying to destroy this country. You know kind of like he's opening up his shirt going superman. You know what I'm saying that's doing that whole like I'm about to go save the world turn go turn myself in from from Clark Kent Into Superman. Wink wink nudge nudge I don't know you're talking about you mean the. Some man saved you Superman save you glad he was there in the right time. Right, you see what I'm saying so. There you have it. I mean, we got several got nineteen. GOP Congressional candidates that have acknowledged Cunanan. and yeah. Joe Ray Perkins Republican US Senate candidate Oregon had tweeted something an video that said I stand with President. Trump I stand with Q. and the team thank you not and that's been deleted. So there's going to be several Q. supporters that are. Potentially going to be in Congress. cool. Really and the plot thickens as we were saying the plot. thickens and it's GonNa continue thickening. You know maybe some truths will finally start to be exposed here whether it is whether trump is involved or trump is not. You know or maybe he's funding them in on the side I, don't know anything's possible. Anything is possible. You know all those hillary emails is all the proof. We just need those hillary emails. Exactly know exactly, and then it's like pizza gate in all those things that have been leaking out and everything Brad. There's some things out there. That are just unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable stories which will have to talk about on another show because pizza gates and. Weiner. There's this. There are some things that would be that would blow your mind. And it would be wild and here's the thing. If Cunanan is is. Is Out there and doing and does some things like exposes people and does the right thing like? The truth. I am not going to get in their way I'm going to sit there and go come on. Drain that swamp go hey, I want to see. Warts and all I want to see the truth y'all I'm totally down for that. You know what I'm saying I against them trying to expose bad evil doers out there. Come on man show me show me the Carfax you know what I'm saying. Let me see you know. But at the same time. Right now everything that has been put out so far has been just that has been. Called conspiracy theories I wanna see proof I wanna see those things some interested see what happens you know Hillary Clinton stuff is a crazy thing. Bill Clinton. Stuff is a crazy thing. There's more photos and stuff that just leaks before he spoke the other night. Did you see this? The the photos man just google it. Google it bre like he just straight up was up there. You know we got to wrap up the show unfortunately, but he was up, he's there's photos that have been put up of him literally. getting massages he's sitting in a chair and the and I think if I'm correct the grow that's accusing him of all these things. Virginia Godfrey. Her name is again I think. She is behind him massaging him like massaging his shoulders and all that. It's not like it's not any pornographic like. Caught red-handed photos, but he is getting a massage from her. So a lot of people are starting to send that out when he because he went he spoke. The other night for the DNC. And a lot of people like was that the right choice. was that the right choice to bring her to bring him on to speak? So. It's interesting. And you know for a fact, Hillary will always try to protect her man till her last dime breath because she doesn't want to tarnish. The legacy. But we can only imagine we can only wait to see what really gets exposed. Yes. Well, they his head is his mike half spaces cut off but yeah, that's the photo. That's the photo. One of the photos I'm about. Blam. Oh. He's a sitting at chill and getting a massage from an air. Or something. Yeah Yeah. He's just getting you know old fashioned shoulder. Shoulder massage from old girl right there. You know what I'm saying. You have a cigar on you. Yeah. No Kid. In a blue dress. So. In a blue dress. That's real. Nice. Thank you so much. Anyway what the definition of is is. Yes. I did smoke but I did not. Inhale. Back. Kind of thing. I did not have sexual relations with that woman. then. Later I did have sexual relations with that woman with that woman yes. That woman. It's crazy. So. Sad but anyway. But obviously as time goes, the plot will thicken the stories will come out. And Cunanan or whoever else is going to do it will drain this lake or drain the swamp, and so I'm waiting to see what happens. The plot we'll thick and we'll continue to thicken as we get closer and closer to this election. Anyway, we gotta go. We gotta go guys that since it is I was GONNA. SAY WE'RE GONNA go to a quick commercial break no eight is over you know what I'm saying commercial break until tomorrow along commercial break until seven PM tonight. Seven PM Central Standard Time. Jack. Thank you so much for being on. Today. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Man. So everybody thank you so much for being on chopping it up with US having a good time. If this is the first time of you, checking out the show hit that subscribe button y'all that would really mean a lot just so you know we do this show live Monday through Friday nine am central standard time, and I also do a show at seven PM Central Standard Time as well. I will be on tonight at seven. PM Central Standard. Time to chop it up with you guys talk about any developing news. I also am going to have a short one today because I really really really WanNa see Biden speech because I want to see if he forgets where he is anyway literally I think that's a lot of people are going to be sitting there. Doing waiting to see if he goes Thank you everybody a running for vice president. Wait what wait what? Jill what I'm saying, I'm waiting for that to happen you know. Just like I feel like he said after Joe Biden said her speech he walked up and I swear to God I thought he said Hi. I'm Joe Biden's. Husband. I swear to God. I said this last night on the show I literally dropped my phone because I was like he's said, what's because I thought he said, hi, I'm Joe Biden's husband Mike Oh. My God. Is sounded like Joe, Jill. Right. It's pretty close you know what I'm saying but. I'm looking forward to him tyrannus says. He'll do excellent tonight you know what I hope. He does do excellent. Tonight real talk I really do hope he does but I'm waiting for him to think that he's like. Somewhere else he's on a beach somewhere. You know it's really really. Sad seeing Mike this real talk. And, let's see who else endorses Bernie Sanders. During the national during the Democratic National Convention. Yeah Yeah Anyway. Thank you guys so much for tuning in Albion little bit later on tonight for a short show. Because I definitely want to go and see. The DNC. With him tonight for sure and. y'All. I. Will See you guys. Be Good yourselves be good to one another. Have a great rest of your day guys. I'll see you guys tonight. This is the Pascal show. Back.

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