Liverpool's Misery in Madrid


Welcome in solicitation of espn afc. I'm don during the cd. Today by stevie nikko later on and turn on will be heads are managed to cities to one victory over borussia dortmund. We kick things off. I won't in craig burley an alley moreno to discuss the game in spain rid three livable. One is finished at vowed obey mouse benishi junior with a brace asensio getting a goal as well real madrid then very much a favorites going into the second anfield next week craig. Good gain round madrid. Deserved the win. Yeah enough always thought that would favorites coming into the game. And and but i was surprised away. Liverpool allowed them to dominate in the middle of the park particularly not half and so tony cruises fluid washed was able to pick policies well They look for the the only bolan behind quail particularly over the top of alexandra And that's really got. Some joy does not left on sites. I think you put cater near to get some extra energy to try and press back to because of their legs or the lack of legs and tony christian and look module the wrong side of the fifty. But that wasn't the case and so i got for liverpool as a disaster For a long period it was not a good performance. A venetia junior much-maligned bhai ram fans the media and indeed his players his teammates at times. What a showy put in today yes he did and i think those of us that have been critical of isa's junior have always pointed out of the fact that he's not always effective or efficient with his final decision or his final execution. But the one thing that you can always count on would finish. His junior is that he's always a threat he's always going to look to push that boundary. He's always going to get in behind. And what we saw from the rams read. That was very surprised. Was the fact that coleman into if you have said if the game is straight and it's back and forth and it's about a change of pace and a change of speed and athleticism. That's going to be provided by liverpool. Instead this was provided by junior. And marie and the time that tony cruz was allowed to just have and pick out whatever pass he wanted on however he wanted to pick that pass and vanessa's junior time in his own. Well it's amazing to me. How the liverpool center bags do not see this happening that tony cruz has all this time and space to play this ball over the top. And you don't take a step back that you try to maintain some sort of high limestone beneath junior takes a beautiful touch forward and then i think what's most important he finishes the play. That in itself is the biggest issue with venezia's juniors that he does and always finish the play. He doesn't always find the right pass. In this case he coupla opportunities on goal and he finished them very well and they needed that because they were not getting much from getting a lot of movement of the ball but nothing really in terms of creating inside the eighteen yard box so he had to come from somebody else and he did. Come from vinicius. Craig what is it about that. Real madrid midfield obviously casamayor crews and mortgage that. Just have this ability. It seems in big games to control. Things brought up yourself and either ability. I think that was something that liverpool take no ahead of the second leg depending on team selection real madrid of some plans to come back. We know that particularly in the defensive aspect of the team. But but y- you alok. I mean you know look which is the only guys won the ball and auto side of the guy's a fantastic player. Tony chris has been one of the best part of the ball european. Fill all these career. If you self these guys type space going to kill you the heart and so that was the disappointing thing for liverpool yourself. Quality i on the pitbulls. Oh and they'll pick let with space and on the other side of the coin is well we had a alexander. Arnold has had an autopsy these game recently from everybody. It seems as as lacking confidence i mean. He's he's not he's not going unnoticed from him. The he's seen all these headlines he's listening and hearing about people talking about no of define game against arsenal at the weekend. But i should remind everybody asking lumping. Hopless absolutely hot-listing madrid they've got quality and so it was a little bit of love oppose on downfall as well as i say if you sell real madrid anfield do the same to you. The problem is a mentioned alexander. You've got combat and you've got phillips done a decent job and they're the how do you stop best. Real madrid team scoring unfilled. I just don't see happen. There's a lot of buzz going into the salt. This game stevie no ramps and then of course the the out as well because of excitement around the liverpool fancy and why this is a great chance to and they never did well to take advantage of that then you have to keep the ball and you have to get through the middle of the park and and supply you forward langley bowls. That didn't happen. You know the boys are talking there to change with the were lion off. I think it was more to do with liverpool whether it was the three in the middle of the three front couldn't get hold of the ball when it kept breaking down. Then that's when they were getting all the space now if he's not of the fact that the loss voronin remorse the very least. What you have to do is defensively. And that's not just from the by the middle the middle three half to stop the opposition getting the bike for as craig said alexander. Graham was having a tough one. You've got phillips. Who showed has complete an utter lack of expedients. The two goals you involved then a starting positions and not comes down expedience and you can't afford to have a player and such an important position who can't get the fox basic principle of defendant and that's your starting position so no surprise you go but listen if you looking for any positive it can only be the goal and by the way the goal was a complete and utter flick eagle gionta the ground we toll came off mortgage ceylon. The back of the leg ricocheted off his other leg. It fell to him somehow poked home. That's the positive for liverpool. Today it can only get better the tie. But i'll tell you what not far no not far from going to the point that stevie was making in terms of liverpool and they're defending from the front and from the midfield. What i found very interesting is that as liverpool tried to press early on a couple of times that he was able to play through that pressure in playthrough liverpool and he fell almost liberal set. Well haunt second. If we can really use our high press if we can really unsettled rather and we're sort of cut in between and in that inbetween stays you found all this space for cruise. All the space for luca moderates castenada thought actually had a very good game and a very solid game internal breaking things up always getting underway of passing lanes. And that's how they control. It is that initially they were able to play through the early pressure and after that liberal they know what to do open till the first ten minutes of the second half where they decided. Okay you know what nothing to lose here. Let's go on press and that's when the rams back a little wobbly through the midfield but they couldn't withstand that pressure and then the third goal came from venecia's was game over. craig there was no one was there from livable. Today played well no even money. The ball was bouncing off. He's normally we expected from salah. And then he pops up in not today stevie said that was was a lawyer. Look and not go but not only salah pops up with something. Brilliant after having a eighty nine minutes of the bowl bubbling awesome. Money guys that israel even for beano. Who's been so reliable and ball retention stevie was talking about in the middle of the pop the ball retention was per so now kabbah death. Okay eliane in. Terms of highway defended with some cutler bozo. Talk where he could have done. He stayed on his feet not wasn't even alison full. The goal i mean it's not the easiest save or granite but it's not right in the call. I think it was the felt. Go which came about way too easy and it came just off to real madrid shoulda schooled from the corner should have taken the leap from the corner. Tiago bach so one on one. He's got pace. He just slept the ball on the inside of him so it was ragged as hell from liverpool at times. But still but it's not the letter pill plan bacelona on fueled when the unit two-goal with a rampart side with a full house with expectations even with players out the team that time to missing some key players. It was just a favorite night onfield. There's no crowd there and there's really no energy and consistency about team this season. Let's say that just completely safety dan. please get to the end of the season. brush sale. get the playoffs. And let's try and go again. Sales so third goal and that third goal and that golden and this is shutout to stevie and his favourite coach the liverpool throwing coach it comes from throwing forearm marine throwing that goes to the end line. I'm where their defenders around cutting bensimon and somehow he gets out of that pressure and finds luca mortgage. This isn't a moment in which liverpool was slightly better than and you have thought maybe this is when they smell and when they think they can press when they can force turnovers and for throwing in a corner that animosity gets out in five nations has scored. That goal. That to me is unacceptable. An that goal the goal and talking about philips being two yards it was said he was sent to and liverpool's best player probably for most of the season for benigno montjuich walks past them. And i think for an old liverpool finds the one thing is what can they do to change this. I don't think he can do anything. You can't do anything for looks heavy legged. I've never seen one album. Luton show tyra from the get goal. You're bringing on ti go who's not gonna be able to go and close the ball the way that the the best liverpool says on the have done so you can't change that so then. Real madrid are still get bolt unfilled. Now you have the problems. The by what are they going to do to change the bike lane. The can change the bike lane. Hallways club change. This was no crow behind. Don't there's a questions settling alonso's. And when i saw gone. Sorry i was just going to say i have been split. We're being critical of liverpool. An sands the way they played. But i really don't think it's a big surprise done. I mean i'm not. I'm not horrified by it. Because because they've been all year particularly sensitive. How horrendous injury list and so you just. I have no expectations of liverpool pertinent a sterling performance. Then i didn't have it tonight. I just got bet more pressure on real madrid particularly in the middle of the pot. But i don't really have any expectations for football team at the moment because the have so many keep the to put real madrid. I i actually think it would be shock. The moment because they have been beaten by some of the poorest teams in the premier league this season so disappointing performance in the sense. That didn't last for a long period on some of these players but not really an succomb stance he's very surprising percentage get free livable. Twenty percent fifteen percent. It's gone it's gone down in a matter of saying yeah the morning. Thank you very much guys. Of course the second leg next week at anfield just reminder to keep out today with all the latest news you can go over to all youtube channel contract with the latest videos. Three short subscribed. Hi there this. Is julie foudy host of the podcast laughter permitted. And i'm here to tell you about our sponsor ally first of all if you're still stuffing financial documents into a filing cabinet. I'm here to save you or perhaps you're still waiting in line at a bank. There's a smarter way. My friends do your banking online with ally anytime anywhere. The name is the mission. Ally is your financial ally. Let them make your money. Work smarter while you get to play which for me means more time to surf and hang with my sometimes. Adorable kits visit a l. l. y. dot com slash savings to learn more ally bank member. Fdic champions league time anxious city beating borussia dortmund by two goals to one city would opened the scoring. Seventeen minute things came into. Broin roy so equalizing the visitors in the second half phil phone with a late late winner for city to give them the advantage going into that second leg. Welcome in native minuit anjana fuels off with you managed to say he favors to win the champions. They played favorites today. Do you know what you say that the performance wasn't that bad i think today probably played basketball teams anticipated and city. You know they. They went about the business. They moved the ball. Well they create a few chances but this is ultimately what you expect the rounds of champions league game i think basically pro made a good counter for themselves and so did city and i think it's one result in my opinion was a fair result but the way city definitely had to earn it was something wasn't expected by many book credits dorm and they played while they played without fear. And you know with someone like colin up top. There you can create is you can take johnson. There's always going to be a threat. I get the spain. Yeah and then. I get the borussia dortmund by better than they have. This is a team. That faith in the bundesliga. We've talked extensively about them struggling domestically they should have been there for the taking kevin de broin schools that go on the seventeenth minute. Every fill three full nail sitting should have put this tighter badge. Well they should. But i agree that they start to quite well doors. I think they they played without activity. We've got nothing to lose. We watched him on saturday truck frankfurt and you felt that it can happen same today. Mass schulkin when it came to city. I would hammoud by massachusetts. There was no chance of happening today. There was some great players soon to dorfman side today. I think it would be very happy with it. That's game taking a goal with them back to will manage to city disappointed now. They're not used to going so far. They would be just happy that do what it had to do to win the game coming back at one one dot was sealed and delivered and then debris in a game to kindergarten to photo and they made it look so easy too so efficient and again don i. I'm so irritated mounier. Every time he plays for he makes a mistake and he did it again today. What am i missing hair. Manchester city should have put these titans abate. We shouldn't even be looking ahead to the second. Like manchesater superior to brucie dolman. But yet again as we've seen over the years of pep guardiola in the champions league leaving the door open for these various is in the second lane is a fair point that managed the city. Maybe should be more souverain est word for it. They should have scored more goals. But i think that you should also respect the opposition dortmund yes. They are fifth in the league. That a terrible game on saturday but as as been said that there are potential players in that side as well on today to city did what i had to do. I still think they will knock out boost your doors one. I still think they are alongside the favorite to win the champions league but these those kind of games like today that those will happen. I understand that night seem to happen too. Much in the champions. These changes dan. Honestly you're such a wire you bring me on the show just to why honestly crazy but for city today be dormund and this is the first time they've won the won a game in the first leg at this stage of the champions league. Still we're asking questions or asking questions. I think matches can pay for. Its who have a superior dolphin as they were superior in the own inspectors and those other sides that they got not yet they just can't get on the line when they need sick which is fair in this instance trying to ask questions about team that just wanna game. They didn't draw the game or lose the game. We asking questions is if they did. I think when they look at it all said and done they'll be happy to take a lead to dortmund and as far as city go. They are from foot side. They're not gonna just sit back for ninety minutes and try and hold onto that leads. Expect more goals in the second-leg so overall you can look in and say well for this leg now. Obviously disappointed with concede in but they won the game. They have something they have an advantage going into the next stage and for as much as people like you will ask those questions over and over and over if they keep winning games like this they could end up with four trophies so credit to them and credits for making could go. But i will annoy dan. It will annoy of course manchester city that these questions are put out there because they wanted that three or four nil to show everybody that they are there. They'd be dominant in the premise ship. And they want to today to have a great performance. And that didn't do that. I think this is a chance for dortmund because now coming up to the game when people will ask them do they still have. The puck can win. It can pep guardiola win without messi. He hates talking so so many games when he's playing liverpool for for example in the last round and he has lost its and i hopefully for doctrine that he will lose a game by people like you don making those questions so so the real thing. We need to find a figure out all the things that them was saying from a very sensible point of view. An irrational point of you is correct. The problem is in shade insane. Manchester city's Jason room and say the courtroom as little thing in the back of their head saying well you know. We wanted a bigger victory. We didn't want them to get an away goal. And we've messed this before. Listen if you're all thinking the we nanomoles then they're in good shape their thinking that we we are well. You don't want this is out before not could change the whole thing go native have to of course. Yeah so. I think that's a i think you've made some good points as they've but to look at it they have won the game but they won a tough game and i think for them. The way that city are the way the pepitas especially the season the they will learn like it was a point in the game where holland push over as and then you think the as is now going to change the way. He approaches holland who can adapt on the fly. And i think if they would have won three hundred four nil then. Maybe that might have been overconfident. Going forward but the that they had earned this victory and this is the first time they've won in the first leg in a quarter-final in the champions league. I think that that means something. So even though they could be doubt so whatever the fights matter they were in a tough game today and they came out on top so surely that should provide confidence going forward to speak next. Yeah yes please on the other side you have. You have mentioned city who don't have data culture in a champions league approach the other side tonight. We watched two games. We saw a real madrid. I wanted thirteen times when coming to april. And may they are at their best is like the former coach of bio munich. Always said you pint. April and may are the two best months and most important months for by munich. My is not there yet so they need to know that now is the time that they have to to to play well on that disappoint for you done that. They went out fantastic's today still. They won the game with question mark. Will we have to put the to them till they do something in april and may barris. Guardiola only doesn't have money to buy all on. Here's more or less used all the oil and gas money that is to spend so now. Is the pressure on him to just one last point on this game. Nate them that disallow go brucie dortmund. Incomplete joke nothing to do with far. Just a terrible refereeing decision. Yeah as we can all say everyone will agree. That blew the whistle too soon. Because i think if you allows the goal to go yeah and then he wants to change his mind whatever. Vr will change the decision because it seemed like it was a fair tackles fair challenge and bellingham was rewarded for essentially go in and trying to press the goalkeeper. And it's a shame that goals like that are being disallowed. But i was thinking the biggest problem with they are and stuff is the human element of it. And i think when the referees and people don't quite get the procedures right you left in positions whereby look goals which should be allowed which kombi because now the cohen troughton selves in solve like via the logic and it. It's a shame and i think he deserve that goal because he played very well today. Yeah he played excellent. Yeah just done by the whistle. It's that simple isn't it. Well the problem is we are. Yeah the understanding. Football doesn't rise by the referee son. If he led the go on for two seconds he could send it to are they could come back and undo do dot full him on sometimes well. We get frustrated by far but we get at least frustrated when goals should be given on kind of the referees baker to early and is sometimes the understanding of football by someone. referees var can help that either so There was a big big wrong decision by the remaining today at yet. Thank you very much guys much appreciate. It just reminded from native over on extra time. You can check out. All the dishes served in the outcome and glenn danzig ferrari on youtube channel. Do own or rent your home. Sure you do. And i bet it can be hard work. You know it's easy. Bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's geiko dot com. Stay with us. Look ahead to wednesday tie in the champions league by me. Nate go on a ps g. Fine go into the time. As favorites to advance to the semifinals. We learned today fine without mabry as well. He tested positive for covid. Dossey then on the sidelines. Yeah yeah this is the second time that happened to knob. Rian unlucky with covid baia. Did they go into this game and again there are small things that kind of makes it a bit trouble at byeon today as well jerome. Boateng was told that he won't a contract for next year and hansi fleet was wondering. Why does this come out to the press. And we talked about all these kind of things before between him and head of sports seller homage. So this is what by and do but what by. Also do that win. Football games sunday are playing a g without the ratty and not only that they have trouble in in france in league lucy against a little so i will still say byron are are highly favorites to win this game here. The moment even more so compared to the side that lost in the final of the champions league last season. If you're buying me it would be It would be a huge shock if they don't get through these. It would also because of the champions league final from last time receded canadian. That'd be seeing the top game. They truck against the top teams in in france. Like is leaving the league and for put your teen coming with an image not winning titles and then he comes to their team that can guarantee him tight we thought and now they're playing by the reigning champion of europe. So it's going to be a tough game for psg and you said it would be a big big shock if if buying it knocked out even without robot dolph ski who the paradox is that he gets injured against endure in national game and can't play these vital gabe for them into champions league. Fueled off as always. Thank you very much figure. Thoughts remind the other tie on wednesday chelsea inaction against a ports. I've no surprise there. Chelsea big big favorites to advance to the semifinals. No matter where you are during the masters you can still be a patron. The masters is using the flexibility of a hybrid cloud with ibm to share the tournament with fans around the world. Masters is wherever you are learn more. Ibm dot com slash. Masters brings us the end of today's show. Thank you very much to everyone who has been on. Stay tuned because extra time is next Native ali and stevie with me to unseal tweets stay with us welcomes edition of extra time. Figures always for your tweets nadim stevie and still with me. Gentlemen i want to start with that. Footage that has gone viral of the linesmen chasing harlan. Down the tunnels autograph. The end of the game. Don't mind this to you. I mean. I just can't believe anybody the positionally though with do something so stupid. I mean not not only as is just wrong but you're opening yourself to people question questioned years. Just awful. Alex you have a problem with it simply unacceptable. Dan should not happen. It's just simple as that. You cannot have the officials in a match any match whatsoever showing this sort of attitude tourists a player. There's gotta be a distance between officials of the magic and those that are involved in the game. There aren't any human them. I agree. I agree with the guys bad for me. If you're going to be that type of person then do away from the cameras. You can't be seen to be doing stuff like that because as we say just leave yourself open criticism and in the future if it gives a favorable decision to holland video pops up. Let's let's clear this before we're going to follow okay are not humor are stevie the not that are completely different breed. So let's get clear. I tweet then. Does ali of any words for don who called him. Romantic for thinking. Madrid with bats in midfield and european pedigree would win the match. This is where don pooh-poohed you on yesterday show when you suggested that round failed was better than liverpool's alley. Yeah and he went as far as to say. Diy discount that. I will be the difference maker well so much. So that club beaming even start the alcantara. In the match. I would say to dawn as part of their requests them. This tweet is that you were wrong. And frankly this midfield quite frankly just midfield on my read has been the best midfield and the world at their very best. They can control any match at their best. They can control any game. We have seen it. Throughout the course of the year that i'm marie has had all sorts of difficulties and injuries and absences. If this midfield threes in play there they can still control a game and they can still maintain themselves somewhere where they can win a match. That's how they have been like ali's oscar speeches and that don stupid ferrari driving ways considering it just simply answering the question. That's what i do considering that no liverpool players being as good as they were in the past. Why top stevie. Who would you give the player of the year award to i think. Easy for venue. For being your question in my opinion has been the most consistent livable player high level every time you stepped on the field today today one by gammon hundred every time he said one by one hundred so that means he's percents he's he's done in one thousand nine hundred ninety dollars. You could argue over. Georgia has been fantastic as well but he hasn't played the amount of games together. So i would say for being steamy does trends. Don't deserve to be called up to the england squad cam balsa ramat trade as look strong at the moment as that time. Like the side. La liga editing too long because this person red routes it promptly and i'm just guessing on autocorrect i first of all on the trent alexander. Arnold question there was a play in the first half where for landman the win around. He wasn't even there. It is poor defending. it's very wars. What we're seeing from alexander right now ask for luna think the best thing that could have happened to salon is the fact that they are still involved in champions league and that they had to play a game today that even though they controlled it at the end of the match you were seeing a lot of tire legs from today the word to the point to where they were dropping so far back. They really have outlets going forward. Maybe if you were barcelona. You're looking at that and saying we're not going to get a reality. That is their very best. Because not only are they coming from this match against liverpool. They're also looking ahead to the next match against liverpool. Were there any teammates nadim. You had surprise you with how well they game aged over time pool off the top of my head. I'd say most place to be on us because the thing when you get to the point where physically not your best. You've got the experience understanding of how smart you play the game to make you very very easy. So they were plays who's ultimately had lost their pace but nobody could ever pass them because they always put themselves in better positions now. So you know. It's the cliche say simone like events and company over time because when i came to city is the defensive midfielder by it's i'm us leave and he was one of the best in the club's history stevie probably see A good friend micha on really well he was he was just a kid when i leave with the liverpool and played with them for what two seasons and the difference in two and a half years from when he first joined the team to win. Our left was absolutely huge. I mean you talk about michio. Just physically discipline wise Strand using you name. It standing the game. Finishing every single thing didn't gradually get beth just to off. It was super fun. So i was gonna say stevie and is our link because i also play the minimum. Who would have thought about when he's leaving. Yeah exactly that's right for a link. Twin staving found exactly right ali. Well i actually was going to answer that question with a question. What what happens and i'm just asking for what happens with a player that never had to begin with so get sold older. There was no pace to lose those count. Does that amount to anything. Like hugh though increased over time. Yeah yes yes. And the experience and the new orleans standing right. I think i can answer this four. You guys the most dramatic ending to a match that you've played in. It's just nine hundred thousand. Nine stephen liverpool him. I would suggest maybe keep beyond manchester city. The most dramatic ending ali Hey it wasn't a good ending. I was let's call playoffs. Jose was with the legality. At the time we were up to not in from the first game we are also to nothing in that particular game win that up. Loosen the game. Five to last goal was four in extra time and we were eliminated and for the fence and san jose. That was fantastic for those that were on. The field remains perhaps a low point in my career. Nice all of your dramatic endings. You're on the losing signed no. I'm just saying that was dramatic. Not everyone question. What's the most ridiculously good assist witnessed in a game staving ridiculously good. Yes okay. I can't think of too many straight ahead i'll give you joan bonds and you can call it ridiculous. You could just call a normal. John says would pick the ball up on halfway dribble plus three or four players. Get to by elaine. I was standing there on the six-yard lane wind and ice much an on call. That was ridiculous. Normal john bums just really about getting your go into the conversation. Well this something remain. Joel stern alley banney. All i actually was in the middle of this play once provide arneses with my backside. Oh i saw was shielding off the defender being quite know exactly where the move was gonna come and i was just trying to get position was flicked onto me. And what are you know. I flex the muscles put it in for a through ball was going to win. Game winner won the match. That's all. I got to tell you my backside. Nice and useful back. Then by the way when he says shielding defend the remains. You is halfway towards the floor. Hey i find that muscle though most ridiculous. Good okay so there was this. Those words this young player he was much ac- was playing right back. You call the ball up. Some hawks dribble past three four players chopped one back through one on the floor and then played a nice toepoke ball. Giovanni smashed into the boston corner. First game of the season this spring gore erickson. This is going to be cities year. Greatest assist ever seen kind of that was just taking credit for that by the meal. The only one in my career but you know hey picked early really that. Was that what happened afterward. What happened to her own. I just woke up and then it was. It was game over vows the rest of my career and that was it done excellent. Thank you very much. Guys just reminded. Espn se back on your screen tomorrow. Volume eunuch pass. J. match moved dominate. The conversation walks a game. That should be do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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