Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #100: Rob & Akiva Have a 100th Episode


WHOA. Wait. Why will? Not. The. Needle. That's right. Episode Number One, hundred baby. Here, we are back for the one hundredth time here with a man who is the busiest man in podcasting thirty two fans new girl old Guy Robin Akiva need a podcast here he is star of sequester and more. On TV Akiva Winokur. Rah. First of all, you're to how how many weeks ago I get the sequester. Andro four semesters this one just this one people of multiple people messaged me and said, did you know that you an rob? Yes. Finish fifth place for online reality game show played in one night and we both finished in fifth place. People are like Oh the same. The same. You know you have the same placement as rob. That's very cool and we both went out because we don't know how to do a three year old level memory puzzle. Why do you say that why I'm joking? That's how I went out. and. Had nothing to do that I I I went out because. Two people foolishly believed that going to the end with a couple was the guy in the same house. was. The right way to go Yeah. Yeah. So Okay great I'm at the end with. Care Losing people anyway. Uncle key. Here we are episode number one hundred can you believe it? I can't believe it. I think listen when I started podcast you know we did one hundred eighty episodes the Siamese With just. But now look at us. We Are we are we on top. When I put out the first episode made the graphic for Episode Number One, Rob Makita podcast season three episode seven perfect strangers and I started the was episode zero zero one. Perfect strategies. Seven perfect strangers, people mocked me and said Oh it's a good thing that you have all those Zeros on there because this podcast is definitely going to go to triple digits. Don't think. That away in the back of my head, you remember who said it? Call them out I I. Think I know who said it but I, don't remember specifically I'm like ninety five percent. Sure. But I won't I won't say just in case it. Yes. Okay. Do you give me a hint the? To what that it was a man? Yes. To we play guess who. Stressed to sure. Side I don't remember for sure. But when the point is, we did it we're at triple digits and now we have to start talking about making a fourth digit on our episode titles because you know soon, we're going to be at zero nine thousand Dow pretty soon because we're going daily. Are We know okay. Imagine if we pull this off daily like. I don't know it would be as quick turnaround on a lot of the ideas that need other people. It'd be very hard to do daily. It is funny because it's an annoying. If you have an episode in on the wheel like if you're a guest who's Tied to specific episode, and you're not very familiar with the podcast. It's a weird ask it's like you might come on next week or you might come on and twenty twenty, two. Yeah. If you know someone who's not a Superfan has no idea and even if you know the podcast, it's annoying like I could message you tomorrow recommended you in two years but imagine if it's like at any day we could come calling. And that's what we need like. We need hundreds of ideas wheel. Basically, we can do this part daily, but we'd have to have wheel Wednesday whereas something like Wednesday we'll do it comes up on the wheel. And or do you think do weekends or would we five days a week because? I. I think of a single pockets that comes at seven days a week right? Right. There's I. Don't think so I don't think. PODCASTS. Seventies way. I mean you do? Week does. Guess the one on the only one that. If you record your, but you don't have like a set one every day you're like most podcasts more structured release get not every single week Do we do seven days a week but sometimes we do you think you might do the most podcasts that have anybody honestly probably anyone who makes their living podcast. I'm sure there's some guy who just does ten a day but like if somebody was actually like a professional podcast I can't imagine I mean you've got Sarah doing ten every three year. Yeah and then the opposite end of the spectrum you've got robbed ten week. Yeah. But we're here to talk about Robin and Akiva. Today. Not, not cereal. Yes. But I I do think that we could do a four hours of banter daily and then something that comes up on the wheel once away. Oh so it'd be one rap and the rest would just be talking Yeah Jeff Radio Show than a than a pot radio show have guests come in and out yeah we go. We could do you're pitching guests you guess. Guests would just call in for like thirty minutes or so okay. Fine and it would be experts or would it be listening? We could take calls. That's fine we can do either I mean we're up for hours. We gotta fill the time I. Guess we would have a lot of time to fill would there be commercials I don't think people would be paying. If, it was a radio show we'd have to we can take some commercials, but let's let's not. You know completely develop a new format today today we're here to talk about so much to do today. Yeah, it's probably GonNa be our longest episode. It's a very busy episode. I bet it's not. Okay maybe it's not. We have. We also like we one of our initial things was like one hundred episode was a great to tuning in point for a new listener. and. Now, I'm thinking there's going to be hundreds of sort of inside baseball jokes. Because we're we are clip show right where they will. Highlight, we'll be clips and If if you WANNA know like you know the best things we've done in the past that will be there burleson getting roasted I tend to fifteen of our of our friends now maybe enemy. Yeah and I feel like that's going to be a lot of inside baseball. Yep. Then we're going to do a royal rumble. With again I. I, think it's probably split between people who if you're not familiar, this podcast will have no idea where they are and people you might know who they are. Let's say Kevin Costner's in there. Somebody you know why he's there. So that's inside baseball and then then there's a mailbag. Regular. Inside. Wrestling. That's true inside wrestling. and then and then the Mailbag, which is you know no different than any other weeks yeah. figure out what's going to be episode number one, hundred one yes. I what I don't know if this this, this could end up being the worst jumping in point for a new listener but good for normally. Yeah, look. A listener could jump in any week could just find something that interests you and that's your. That's your an. Okay fine. So maybe they're interested in a fake awards show slash trump's yeah. That's we're about the maybe. Okay. So we have a bunch of clips for you to play or for us to play for you and we're going to throw to, and then we'll react to them. So without further ado, we're going to set this up from the little bit I understand we're going to be throwing it here to this is going to be like an award show. Can you explain that concept? Yes. So this the whole thing was put together by our friends shut up Tim and Lindsey Wilson Okay. And I believe there's a there's a you know a lady named Rene is going to be interesting the guests and show exclusive report. Rene is like a professional voice over artist who listens to US show Oh said can I do the video for for for the nappy awards and I said sure and she did it and then she sent me a bill for five thousand dollars. No, she can send me a bill. But Rene I'm so excited to have her in the podcast universe. Yes. So then So yeah, we're GONNA I think it's going to be a roast and then and then we could talk about the roast and then there will be a an award and then we talk and then back to Roast Award. Award? Okay. So let's play the first clip of setting up the award show and we'll be back. With, you along the way and then you'll also hear us we're gonNA listen to this live. So you you might hear US reacting to stuff as we go along but let's open it up the. What's it called debris nappies yeah I think it's the wrap your words nappies okay, and this is for twenty twenty or four all of Robin and like the first one, hundred episodes I think the first one hundred. Hundred episodes. Award show if this goes well. Okay. Two hundred might just be like seen three episode seven. I duNNo. Okay. All right. Here we go. Let's go. Let's go out to the coverage of the awards. Welcome to the RIM nappy awards. One hundred episodes of renown. Congratulations. Rob and a keep. Thank you. Welcome to the stage. Mike Bluest is socially distanced. Hey Everybody Mike Bloomberg here I am so happy to be a part of Robin Akiva, a podcast number, one hundred mainly because now I can say that to Zeros describes both the number and the host of the podcast I've had the pleasure of appearing on several episodes and while doing so I've realized the PODCAST is a lot like snl they're both run by out of touch white guys they both do way too many game shows and neither one has been funny in two years. I listened back to the origin two years. I'm saying that for SNL as. was less than that was funny. Yeah, we we've had a couple year. Yeah. Lauren is is on the out Oh you can we pause and talk about them is that? If you want. You want to. Know I mean I let it. Go. Let him go. Sure. Okay. Ask that you guys did a few weeks ago and I couldn't notice you very concentrated on the timeframe of when I conceived my son and I was a little weirded out at first. But actually it totally makes a lot of sense as to why you're so fixated on my bedroom habits, you guys are fans of the jets. So of course, you have no experience with seeing things to completion. WHOA WHOA. When did we talk about Mike? Conception I. He's people were tweeting at us that we were talking about it during the prequel episode to this podcast. But I have no recollection of fat or I've ever caring about if my a baby when he had a baby but I don't know that was was. Seventeen also used to live like very close to metlife stadium. So that might have been one of the what does that mean seeing things to completion is that what he thinks the super bowl is called. I don't know I don't know what are the few completions for something somebody that we root for near that stadium come. All right. But of course, that's not true. AKIVA is the father, a four beautiful children. So we know that one part of actually works AKIVA. Frequently wears a baseball hat as you may know, and not only make sure that his head is covered at all times but it makes them look completely different from the picture of him. That's hanging in the post office so good on cave but of course, we cannot criminal rob a lot of people get on him for. Support, but it totally makes sense to me because he has no taste I mean seriously with his beard and his plaid shirts. He is a great reminder of why Kurt Cobaine? Killed himself. Wow what is Is that meaner to Kurt Cobaine or to me I? I don't even think roasting US I think roasting they're gonNA. Should've been a laugh track on these. I get. Maybe we'll be the laugh track. Yeah, we're the. Okay All right. But seriously for almost two years, the listeners have said here we are now entertain us and you guys intern have sent us to straight nirvana the creativity and cannon you bring to this podcast is absolutely second to none, and as a result you've built one of the most devoted and energetic fan bases. I have ever seen you guys stretch the limits of what can be covered on one feed, and I can say without a doubt that after one hundred episodes you've proven to be one of the most entertaining podcast in history. Well as per usual I have talked way too much. But congrats on one hundred episodes guys I cannot wait for more. Okay thank you so much to Mike Bloom Akiva were. Fifteen minutes in here. It was expecting so much nirvana talk in our one hundred episode been a lot of Dave Grohl, on twitter I did I think I might instructions were forty five seconds for for the roasters but I don't know forty five seconds usually enough for Mike but he went way longer than. What does that mean? I don't know he said we're obsessed with his even kid Week. So we give an award to the best roaster of of of the night. Sure. Sure. Okay. Roaster the worst roasters banned for the next hundred episode. Allow. co-signing that Kosovan. Okay. Okay. All right. So are we ready for our first award of the night? Yeah. Let's do it. Okay. Do We know what the award is? I think we're going to tell us. Okay. All right take it away Rene. The winner of the bath time and Akiba God dragged is. All right. So Akiva have you given any thought to what what kind of style their nominees for any of these awards or they just they come right out and say what the awards I think. This is winters only it's like the I'm trying to think of an award show that just has winners and maybe there are not. And it gets just why you want to hear like five everything for twenty hours. Maybe they were nominees, but we're just playing the win like maybe there were. Five scenarios where we got dragged the best one. Okay. All right drag would you have? I'm not sure why are there like? What's what's the most popular style? What like what are what are my options I think you know a grace I think those may better than than Beth enjoy like what? What what a UC for. What do you see from? What do I see I? Think you're probably you know the comedy I thought you both might be the. Comedy Queen, it's easy. podcasting about Seinfeld. So did have I did have some names I through through by together maybe some that would make sense based on. Oh, I thought Gene Hackman is a very funny. That's pretty good. Gene G. J.. J.. E., A. N. but it's like my aesthetic is like Jay Leno and I only wear denim. Wow. Already digging this a lot. Really combined a lot of different things. They're a lot of things. Very busy. So when you? Would you have a prosthetic or? Of Gin to go along with that if you. Yeah. That's a good question I get the big or. Woman hair I feel like it'd be like like curly hair. Yeah I I don't have I. Don't have an affair I'd have NFL get away. Yeah. But yeah I liked Gene Hackman that's pretty good with with the Jay and I'm just going to wear like get a Jean Jacket and jeans than. Like a fake. Think Peel, is a funny name as could be a good man that. The steady steadied ops was when I thought. Okay. Still. Need ops. Yeah, I. saw is the last thing. But you know half woman is ten out of ten. Maybe change twitter handle to. Okay. There you go. That was from Robin get dragged July. Fifth. Twenty twenty I think that we that I can tell what the clips are I. Think we could do a better job of setting up what clip we're going to be listening to. Oh yeah that's a good. Yeah. We'll. We were GONNA adjust things on the fly. podcasts about we figure things out on air on the floor because I feel like I don't know this isn't working. We're we'RE GONNA adjust. Okay. Okay. Do you know how do you know which one that's from? Are You googling that? Is there do you have do one episode grace was on talking about what are drag persona was going to be? Okay. Right yeah, okay. Yeah it's not that long ago. It was only a couple of weeks ago back on July Fifth Twenty Twenty episode. Number Ninety one, a where Jean Hack woman was born. Okay. All right. Are you ready to hear from our next roaster? The. I'm ready to hear from other roasters. I've a feeling I'm GONNA get hit much harder than you on these rose I. Don't know it is why do you think people I think the podcasters or maybe a little more afraid of you? They're afraid of me yeah. They think like Oh robs ever invite me on show if I mean damn and then but that's Probably true and then. I also think probably a little quirkier than you know. Yeah possible. But I normal. Or maybe I'm just better at hiding all my. Oh, for sure for sure. I'm more open about my weirdness Okay. All right. Let's go ahead and hear from our next roaster. She is a star of Rob Nikki Vinnie podcasts. It's our good friend Matty the twelve year old. Welcome to the stage Mattie. Hey, it's mattie AKIRA USO yeezy new podcast while gain down you're so skinny. You just got office survivor. And do you know the other sources of protein decides chickens? Kiva your millennials stuck in the by in mindset of the balloon while your phony and are you got a phony a phony? I hope she elaborates on that. What's What's the context boy and Matty's? Rapid Fire. Yeah we're just going. You know I think Matti adhered to the forty five seconds. She's like. I'm not cutting any of my gold. I've only got forty five seconds. I'm just GONNA put my head down and plow through I'm to elaborate just. Spitting fat. I'm a phony. Alright. Are you guys even actually plans? Do you have anything in common and I'm over watching cats 'cause we all know. It's not gonNA. Happen congrats on hundred. By. We've been friends. First of all, we have plenty in common. We're both from the same place both like the same sports teams we like podcast we have almost everything in common. Yeah. The the You know I've famously we've discussed I discussed on this podcast with my wife that I have nothing with. You, I've got plenty of common. Yeah. I WANNA know more about why you're a phony. We might if the Komati apply what am I a phony about? I'm curious to know me know something Did on Seinfeld the Jerry called a phony at one point. Yeah. Yeah. got called the phony I wonder. What's the? I don't know I'm I'm I'm blanking. You know anything but Seinfeld, you didn't remember that I. What's the book? Where phonies like the main insult it's like a high school literate. Yeah. It's Catcher in the Rye catcher in the Rye may be mad after the Ryan School and that's my guess that's actually a good and that that's why she's calling you. She's like beholden. Of generation absolute. What is her generation call? Aa I think it's just a tick tock generation and all right. Well thank you Mattie Yeah. Yeah. Thanks for adhering to the forty five. I also think rob a since we will elect a workout. I think we shouldn't talk over the clips 'cause then it's very confusing. We've its current Robin Akiva were passed Robin Keep it talk. Okay. All right. We'll. We'll. We'll stop down We need to talk about we could. We'll have to. Okay all right Then maybe we should talk funny voices to let people know that burn yeah yeah. Okay. All right. Then all right, let's we're going to hear clip now and this clip is. Another one that's not from not too long ago Akiva that this is from only a couple of weeks back from a win Kevin. Mateo was here when we talked about Robin Akiva are superheroes on August sixteen, twenty twenty. I told the story of what happened when I went to go visit the post office that I had gotten a call about a package that was waiting for me. Let's. Let's hear about the award that was won back from episode. Number Ninety six of Robin, Akiva need a podcast. Winner of best swag is but Kiva. I had a thirty pound box that was huge. That was sent in June. And it said on the box contents were keep between temperatures of sixty five and seventy five degrees and it appeared to be saying, okay this is some sort of food item that has been sent to me. Know I. Think I. Know What it is. You know what it is. I guess, what do you think it is well, I famously DM. D- the Atlanta Tach told him you're you're the number one fan in the world of Levy Tabby, which you do not like by the way and they have any followers you had like well, we want to send because I wanted them to send to a listener. For one of our game show is not not interested the. Me a lifetime supply of happy. Kathy. Eggs are do you know much Laffy Taffy fits into like a huge box? Is it the sticks or the or the smaller pieces. If you were going to have twelve years of Halloween, you would buy maybe half as much. Laffy, Taffy as I now have in my garage. You did your wife see it you hit it from her. I didn't tell her. Dominic saw it this morning. Dad Can I eat this as like? Ask Mom ask mom if you're allowed to have. laffy. Laffy Taffy. Depends on the flavor. Honestly that's what always comes down to for me I. I don't know. Chewing Yes Bro it's not. It's not my favorite but I think that we all the listeners route five we famously Kevin told all of our listeners to follow at Laffy Taffy on twitter. And Man we were mad at them because they said, they were going to send us something and then we never got it because I didn't go to learn pillbox. and. So we told everybody unfold. I think we owe them follow. And now we have to tell them the refile because they we they gained two hundred followers and then they lost like all of them. Yeah. So I set this insane DM like, did you guys notice you lost so many? Argument with like the poor social media. Okay cuts cuts off a little abruptly there Yeah. Let's a great job I showed up him there because he sent us like a six minute clip. Yeah and it was much longer than any other clips and we were like, can we cut that down a little and he must have just taken a knife with? By. Two thirty that's enough. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's good. Mid Word. Absolutely. No problem. For? All, right yes. Okay. Keep it. Would you like to hear Laffy Taffy. Yeah I have so many every episodes. So many what you know what I feel like there's like six Laffy Taffy jokes I find a lot of repeats all I didn't know that I figured there was an endless supply no, no I think this six jokes and not all of them are great. Why did the phones break up? Why there was no connection. All right. Pretty good. Pretty Good I. I might have already told that one. I feel like there. There are not many jokes. I need it might be one joke on each flavor and I. that's it. That's seems to view I. Don't know you would think. You would think that there would be more jokes, but that's what. Was One of the I tunes, reviews of this podcast. All right. Let's keep moving along here with the roasts in the toasts and. It's my pleasure to welcome. Our very own third wheel to talk about us here is the Great Zach Muhammad? Welcome to the stage Third Wheel Zach. Third Wheel Zach here man do not know how the to view made it this far. We got who dads over here. That are so out of touch people assume they're boomers that you're pushing fifty I'm Finna stop listening for good if we have to listen to rob looking up some slang on a dictionary that went over his and Akiba's ads. Isn't that right trick. Yasser. Knock. On the surge released hope allow Rubino what Auburn Dictionary is Shock knows what's up the youth love of diesel the adults love me everyone loves me. And when it's because I am coming up on the wheel. So I could talk about my magnum opus. My proudest achievement. Even better than four championship rings. That's four rings. One by me. But seriously congrats on the one hundred episodes. I'm very happy to be your third wheel and maybe one day I'll find a partner in crime and get my own third wheel. You guys have done a great job and here's two hundred more episodes. Thanks. Robin Akiva. All right. There you go. Third Wheel. Zach. Host of his own podcast yeah. Yeah It sounds like the recorded before he had a podcast partner it's possible. Yeah. Maybe maybe it yet. Maybe this was a few weeks because he has A. avatars last air bender podcastone recaps with the. Biggest Dan Jacob Yeah okay. All right. There I guess they're waiting on a third wheel. Yeah I. Don't I don't think you go straight third think let them go a couple of seasons I don't know how many seasons that children and then they could find the third. Okay. That's naturally So next up AKIVA. This is a clip and this is one of the more popular clips and this came from A. Was it a bracket or which ended up ranking? Way Back when this was an idea that we had for sometime to find the king of the mats in Episode Number Sixty One, no asterisk from December eighth of Twenty nineteen and there was one suggestion that came up at of the collection of mats that I had a particular problem with. So let's go back to December a twenty nineteen to revisit a certain mad that I had a major issue with. The award for the best moment of Rob's frustration goes to. Can't name another semi sonic song and I also can't take away the many memories of it being the last song played at a school dance. So I think it is a little more indelible to to the culture some say closing time. This. Clip. That it that an upcoming one that's on the thing but it that one. Line. Twenty eight in. Our one hundred dash see rob gets upset about Dave Matthews being kingdom at. Two minutes thirty six seconds, there's a there's when he ate is fourteen are one hundred deaths. The you're supposed to be playing Dick are women. That's what I'm playing. I'm telling I'm playing you clips six are one hundred dash seat do want to see if maybe they got flipped you. Try Fourteen see what it was. Okay. I guess they should have open. The Award for best instance of Kiva overthinking rob goes to. I can't name another. Name exactly. So we have few of one. Yeah. All right now here. Let's reenact it instead. Okay. Okay. All right. Here we go. Dave Matthews is not. A man this is stupid. This is so stupid. This last name, what's his last name? His his last name is Matthews and I think it's also like with one key. Dave Matthews. Now people could call. No Matthew Broderick is a matthew, but they've matthews is not a math right? That's right. Dave Matthews Dave he's king of the Dave's. Matt Stewart was with us also he's Canadian. Maple Syrup. There are there are two ts Dave Matthews, but he's not king in the Matt's. Great great job by. To send us the rug. Look, where are we gonNA have all their own clips through the stop down in the WHO knows who knows look I? Look. This is the podcast where we you know. Pull back the. Curtain. We show you how the sausage gets made. Sometimes, the emperor truly has no close. Yeah. In fairness that other clip that we were that we played was about music. Yeah well, let's see. Let's see if everything is skew. Okay. Let's see. Maybe this is part of the roast maybe this is like we're getting punked. Yeah. Maybe we're getting we're going to devolve into madness by fifteen or something. Okay. All right. Let's try to get things back on track here and Vakili is up next with. To Roll Stars. On the roast toast here of Robin Akiva. Welcome to the stage, puja. Joe Akiva rob whatever three yes. AKIVA has brought on for this episode. How? My name is present keely. Aka on account of being inducted into the five timers club the unofficial official best man over an APP how's it going? Guys congratulations. On hitting one hundred episodes. Who would have thought. This isn't a Paul Rudd me I definitely did see this coming. This is incredible an amazing achievement and congrats the two of you. However. We're not. This is not just a we're not here to toast you I'm here to one hundred percent roast you. and. You have given me much material to work with in these last one hundred episodes. I do want to say right off the bat that. I am very fascinated by how much the two of you remind me of cats the franchise. You I started off as a beloved instant classic production loved by many. But now in this economy honestly I, find myself spending an excessive amount of time deciding whether or not I'm going to check you out. and. While there have been many momentous occasion through the first hundred episodes I mean you avoid across the Oregon trail you attempted to name a baby. You found your third wheel you found your catchphrase which by the way speaking of cash raises while I. Understand that don't nap on Rapa loss on that podcast Akiva that doesn't mean it's message was meant to be ignored. What got you laying down on the podcast man? I mean I don't know about you but. I personally find that a forty minute discussion about the merits the merit of an idea going through the channels of an abuts person a supreme. Court of Punishment Council sub reddit twitter twitter polls, the LEX on a facebook post, and then having that idea end up in the wheel waiting room before it hits the actual wheels is absolutely titillating. Gets the blood going. You know it's a good time and ROB ICU man you're out here. Start beef with rapper lately I don't know what's going on. But for those of you who are not getting the message. Yeah. That's right. He's been. He's been caught pushing fifty. So that's a whole other before a whole nother day but honestly, seriously if I may be honest for a second. AKIVA ROB. You've brought us. Countless hours of entertainment enjoy at times that have proven to make such a thing, a challenge, and I can't thank you enough. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your amazing journey. Thank you for be part of the boy band with Brian Cohen and to be your second roll rumble winner which yes I'm predicting it right here. Right. Around just GONNA throw a prediction to the universe and see what happens. Thank you so much. Have a good day. and Audio's okay thank. Puja and hopefully. This next clip. is going to include puja according to what we have here on our list because puja was one of the people that went with us on an epic journey last summer. No not too many run apple is but when we went cross country on the Oregon trail. and. You murdered me that how that happened. So. Let's let's take a take a trip back to last summer where we ended up going for a ride on the Oregon trail. Here is a we were very close to the end of our journey. All we had to do was. Get. Down the river. we're the end and I needed to have the controls that that's how this the Oregon trail words. which is unlike any other part of the game right? It's a it's. It's more of an action part where you're you're trying to navigate a river with the up and down arrows not crashed into rocks but also the raft is like on a forty five degree angle. So up down is sort of like left and right correct yes. Yes. counterintuitive. But yeah. So it's me you jenny autumn and puja and Here we are. We are seconds away from completing the Oregon trail and winning the game. Okay. Here we got ballots. Let's go back to August nineteenth of twenty nineteen. Award for the best renowned murder goes to all right. The trail divides here. Do we want to float down the? Float down the river not. because. Oxygen Situation. Yeah. All right. So Rob, your can have our you with hand eye coordination. You physically are gonNA. Have to float down the Columbia River. Okay. I mean we'll see it's up and down and a little bit left and right you're. Let's see. Lucy float down the Columbia River take the Barlow tollroad okay so we don't have choice right Flow. Yeah, unless out use the Arrow keys to guide your wrath through the rushing waters of the Columbia River. Okay. Akiva you're going to do the play by play here I will play by play you have to focus on not running into the rocks. Die If I hit the rocks that's dating Hilburn rock probably just like Johnny will die. But if you hit like two rocks wall I. This. Maybe Jenny will break after passing the third direction sign lan your raft at the trail to the William at Valley. Will our Jenny and puja can you guys track the Third Direction? Sign. All right getting. Out of this okay. Hold on home. Shore. Kiva drowned. I think. He'd lose me. We lost two cents of clothing hundreds of axles to in tongues in fairness that the controls here are very, very unintuitive here I had no idea that you know getting close to the edge like I was warned about Iraq. If a ego is still here, he would say the first time he did he was able to navigate. Okay. I how did you round hit the land? Maybe keep it couldn't swim in eighteen, four hundred I can't talk anymore. Okay. Sorry guys. All right. Oh boy. Sorry again about that. From listening to it does sound like there was some intent like you're like wait what would happen if we accidentally. It was like the lost episode. We watch last week who like well, if he gets hit by a bus gets hit by buzz like what would happen yeah. Hit those rocks with someone die enough but is it murder if it's war why it doesn't make sense that I drowned also should just be like was. Hit his head on the rocks right you broke your neck from crashing. But yeah what are you GonNa do all right sorry about that. Uncle TV I I. Did not do it on purpose. No I in the past, should we go on? Should we go on like the Yukon trail like another similar games we do that again is there Yukon trail there is a yukon trail i. have to check and see like a playable game but Suggested that would definitely appeal to our massive. Canadian audience. Yeah. Maybe we throw a bone to the unions I mean I i. they were You know they are I believe the crew we went with our Canadians right? Yes Jenny. So is there some sort of like Canadian equivalent of where the world is Carmen Sandiego like? Where in the world is Calgary Alberta I think it's Johnny Putin is the guy that. We're in the world. Canadian Games are trash Yeah we can do that. Okay. All right. Let's hear from the first person to become a member of the five timers club We have a special roasts coming from Liana Boris. Akiva you ready. I am two in a row from coming from the same house. Let's see who's was better. Okay. Let's hear from Liana. To the stage Liana Boris. Hey Robin Akiva Liana five timers club. Boris here, and it is such an honor to be celebrating one hundred episodes of rap. Truly no one thought you make it here. So congratulations. I was told that this was going to be a roast. Some sure people are going say things like over NAP is the garbage time of Rha podcasts they're just waiting for it to be over but I love ran up. It's a great spot for Akiva because we do rarely get to hear from those third string podcasters. I've also never subscribe to the rob and Akiva are boomers idea. I'm sure people are going to make jokes about that although I will say rob does own a suspiciously large amount of hard candy that. For Free and Akiva I was on that game night podcast where he was lying down I genuinely thought he was about to press his life alert. Then, I can't get up. Bone luck you guys have made it. One hundred episodes don't listen to the haters don't listen to your ops you guys. got. This. Right. Sure. Anyway, I'm happy to introduce the best moment from episodes sixty-nine, which is, of course, the closest either visa guys have gotten to well, you get the joke. Right without further ado episode sixty, nine February I twenty twenty s Dr Mike Dr Mike, came in hot and Akiva was not ready for Dr Mike surrealness. Award for the best moments from episode, sixty, nine noise goes to. So. We have a bunch of questions from the listeners a do you WANNA get the? The balls roll with Dr Mike Why does Dr Pepper coming? WILL WHY is that? His wife done. Number sixty nine. Dr Mike. Wearing. You knew you knew you hit play you knew this otherwise. You ask for this. Dr Mike Episode Number Sixty Nine I We invite into an esteemed doctor on figured. We're here for medical advice and he's given US dead wife Dokes. Second Yeah maybe could Dr. go right for Laffy Taffy. I think he would be. Yeah. He's he's definitely in he would like that I think even laugh at the at the dad jokes. Yeah, maybe maybe one sixty nine it's me and you and Dr My. The Dad jokes idea. Should Dr. Mike, be there for that if he's up for it, I would I think we can do that excited for that. We could get someone from the Laffy Taffy company now. Oh, that's what how about this. This is a good idea. You're happy Taffy. Clearly, they want to be in the ROB business. What if we said like you guys come on, we pitch jokes and one of them gets on a rapper and maybe listeners also pitch jokes and they let us have a few leftover. Wouldn't it be fun? I feel. It'd be a big accomplishment for me if we could get a Laffy Taffy joke on rapper if you could get somebody on there I don't know if they take submissions for jokes I mean. Kids submitted. Don't they like a lot of the things they like Kevin Seven? There's no management. On the Laffy Taffy Rapper, I think the bigger ones I think the longer rapper, the longer ones have been persons name on it but if you say so maybe get to the bottom of this of what their processes. But I'm going to DM Laffy Taffy this week and asked them if we could do a Laffy Taffy joke if we could write in joke and get someone from Laffy Taffy on the phone. Okay. All right in the meantime. Look from. Kirsten mcinnis. Or Kirsten McGinnis as some say I will tell you this is the longest roast. In run time that we have here for you. Today I am officially, I'm very scared. Yeah you could be mean. Yes. Okay. But. Let's hear it. Let's go out to our. Resident game show host. Cursing mckiness hosted. The Love Island wrap up here is Karston. Stage Kirsten. Hello it is me your cursor Mckenna's who you might know from such hit podcasts as a NAP would squares Game night one and two, which both definitely went really well and are critically acclaimed as well as other whatever it's fine. I am here and I've been informed that I should be bringing the heat and really roasting rob and Akiva, and so the problem with that. As there's already a roast of Rochester, Nino it's been done I mean has he done anything new since lend to bureau for I'm not so sure and then well when it comes to Akiva. I think life is doing a good enough job roasting him for us. So I think that the best thing I can do here is be a little bit unexpected and be nice. What's So I just want to say a few words about my friends rob and Akiba on this incredible accomplishment of the one hundred episode of Robin Akiba need a podcast. Robert is someone who will send you a microphone. As a of telling you, your audio is crap and that he wants things to be a little bit more polished or just always very much appreciated He's someone who will. Shoot the shit with you but. Also. He's kind of he's like the the podfather you know you you can't say anything to vary rob. And then He's someone who has given the most incredible platform to such a massive group of people. I cannot imagine. How many lives have been changed even just by having you rha in general and more specifically, Robin need a podcast for their commutes for their hard times This is something that really helps people get through the hard parts and it is all thanks to rob. It would none of this exists without him. So thank you, ROB and Al Akiva. AKIVA is a man who will jump on a zoom call with no explanation out four thirty in the morning just to hang out with a bunch of us he's someone who will send you a tweet to ask for the context or. You know have about really great. But of gossip that you've been looking for a Cuba is a joy. To Talk to and I think anyone who listens to this podcast would know that because each and every episode feels like. You're having a conversation with friends and while his friend slush Seinfeld take is. Just. Completely inferior to all foods are Subaru Sandwich. He does have these funny hot takes of you know what should be illegal and what shouldn't be illegal a key is. So genuine and kind and someone who is willing to use whatever he has to help someone else and let someone else up and it is noticed and it is appreciated. So thank you AKIVA. So. This is my toast to Robin Akiva. And congratulations on the amazing accomplishment of your one hundred episode of renown up. Why that was so moving in unexpected I thought. would be the I know she was even whispering to not wake up her cats. I that plan when I thought you'd be really mean and. Even though she was nice. Wow. that. Was a really, really good. Why are you holding out on all the good gossip from whatever the gossip I don't know what she's talking about nobody nobody tells me anything. Yeah. I did get it on a zoom coal recently at four thirty and that part was definitely. I think that happens a lot. Up A lot for thirty thirty me nice. Just getting started I got nowhere to go in the morning. Yeah Okay. All right. Well then. This is a great transition to go into a podcast that was hosted by the Great Kirsten McKenna's and that was from the original game night back on December I. Twenty Nineteen Year we play a little game that was known as win, lose or Bra. Okay here we go. Let's go back to December first of twenty nineteen. Be Award for best descriptions of undergone undergarments goes to fill Ben Robin AKIVA. You'll be setting the price on the first Bra that you see on that powerpoint so you can see the. Explain. Explain that. So. It took me a second. To realize what's going on here this is. This is a two toned. brassiere. I thought it was at first I. thought those were just like extra straps but I believe it's actually to tone but it is the one. It is a flesh tone and I thought she was very pale. Yes. Then black on the bottom, and then the interesting part here is onto the back is bragging dragon, the Dragon Bro. Yeah What lattice is that? Is that even a word? This is absolutely worth the price of admission already. All right. Brian Cowen isn't here to help us break down the original bras from win loser Bra. Yeah he's famously good at Yeah that was that was that was funny. Stop from. Person was so nice yeah? They'll feel bad we were like bracing. We're like holding onto our table and be like, oh, my gosh. minute. And then she just said, Nice Dot put it on my phone listened to that before I go to sleep at night I know for sure well now. But now she's going to be mad at us because we thought he was going to be mean Yeah. She's going to send it in rose a real rose neck. Okay. All right. Why don't we listen in to some words from our? Ombudsperson. Issa I can't imagine she's going to be mean to us right. I. Think she only thinks Nice things about us. I cannot imagine she's GonNa, GonNa. Roast us but we'll see okay here we have some words from Ombudsperson. Aisha. Larkham to the stage on Buds Person Aisha. Good evening. Good for dense gone and game night to Lottie identity for die. It's hurry Haradh on April Lay Yell Kanye and Best Outcomes Tin Akiva someone I Thinkin Rob Guys freer shame and game night to I learned some new Ouija for you. You're welcome. Tonight I have the distinct privilege of announcing the best instance of Akiva overthinking rob. which happens. So frequently, the awards committee has spent the entire pandemic going through endless examples and only moments ago narrowed them down enough to have a vote. But Seriously Robin Akiva. It has been such an honor being your optional for the past seventy five episodes while I can't get back the massive amount of hours of my life wasted on things investigating the rap history of cats or your numerous constitutional violations. I have enjoyed every moment of it. A cannot wait to see what ridiculousness the next one, one, hundred episodes bring. Okay. All right. Let's finally some Norwegian. Yes F. That is put that into Google translate later and see if we can figure out what I was talking about but let's listen to finally the clips. So Nice. They named it twice. Let's listen to from with the one hit wonder bracket from this spring when there was a moment of slight confusion between Robin Akiva back on March Robin Akiva and Jessica can I'm just going to Canada on March Twenty Nine, twenty, twenty here the one hit wonder Barack it. The award. For Best Instance of Akiba overthinking rob goes to. I can't name another semi sonic song and I also can't take away the many memories of it being the last song played at a school dance. So I think it is a little more indelible to to the Culture Salmon and say closing time. I've already voted for closing time is that is that song the hardest might? Diaries. Earlier in this. In this regional that justice, she couldn't she could not vote for this artist because she loved it. So she loved it so much fountains of Wayne you're saying, Hey, I love semi sonics so much so many hits I'm definitely voting for them for the one hit wonder. Aren't you minimizing your semi sonic or? Shouldn't you abstain in vote against them? Did I fry your brain? Where did we lose you still. Might, have pulled his the wire out of the microphone. Agitated about seven Alec hold on. Let's see if Cuba comes back. He has here hero. We we we just what happened. We can I can I tell you what happened place could? You were just like a like rag on me but I feel you're talking to Jess I was like I've been passing. I cannot believe he's being so mean to guests there is always talking to me. So. stunned. That was like we'll just probably gonNA leave like that's how we talked to each other but we're friends I oh, my God and then I just realized you're talking to me I was like, Oh, my God, why are you beat like? She did US This is hey. What are you talking about I said that? I thought you were talking to, Jess, we're leaving all this. Like. I was so nervous I was like I was like rob has never had a moment like this in six years podcasting he his he must be the just ask Jennifer Brain was fried what the Hell's wrong. So. I was like, all right like corona has taken over his brand I was so scared. Now it's like Oh yeah. That now I realize the way you talk to me would be patently terrible the speak to any other. Go. I can almost not listen to that it was so cringing forming Even these thought that I was being mean to the guest. Why didn't you say anything? I was I was I like I assumed that she was just GonNa, League yeah. You're. stunned us into silence because you see there wasn't like a strong I don't know I didn't see like A. Clear transition that you're talking about my choice versus hers. I was just I was just like shock I'm rob never done anything like or he snapped but I, guess he didn't snap. Yeah Yeah I snapped I certainly could have been more clear but. That you were just like went silent for forty five seconds. Yeah I don't know. Yeah. It was a little extra silence than I remember. But I guess I was like hyperventilating. I. Don't remember it just like I've never had. Yeah Yeah I really. What okay. All right. Why don't we go and hear from a woman who has become a true Internet sensation here over the course of these loose last. Really, stretch episodes probably over the last twenty five episodes Tick Tucker? Nicole. Has Really emerged as another superstar from the renowned universe. She has some words for us. Akiba you ready. I'm nervous for TIC TAC Nicole she wants famously said that you and I were pushing fifty. and. Let's see what else she has in store for us here. Let's welcome in Tiktok. Nicole. Welcome to the stage tiktok Nicole Hey Robin keep it's your favorite genzer Tiktok Nicole here to congratulate you on a hundred episodes. I, didn't think I would live this long. So that huge accomplishment. Rob You did it a hundred episodes and you manage to avoid talking about food in every single one? It just want you to know that if it's because you were dentures that you shouldn't feel insecure about hey hey, even I struggle with solid food from time to time. AKIVA I. I'm so happy that in your time on LINEAPP, we've been able to see all the different sides of you. It's been really empowering watching you completely on the fact that you are incompetent is an inspiration to all who strive to do. The bare minimum is the reason why send a recliner so that your knees won't swallow up from sitting for too long. It doesn't hurt to stand up and stretch every once in a while to get the blood flowing. Okay all jokes may be low hanging fruit, but it's kind of my thing and besides when I said that Robyn Akiba were pushing fifty I was just seeing we're not for what it truly is a midlife crisis. anyways, you guys should be proud to be honorary boomers. I. Wish I lived in a world where I didn't know that Lisera thing and you should be even more thankful that you're not as bad as the true enemy cringe millennials. So in honor of one hundred episodes of Robin, Akiva early, Bird, special I, need Robin Akiba New podcast I am proud to present the clip of the best boomer joke about boom show. You wishes Norwood. glazes are yeah. You don't want a glitzy is. The hot hotdog. The kids are calling glitziest hotdog outdoor. Was it okay. that. On daily wrap facts, dot com they say it's a handgun. I think it was a gun but I think you. Speak Liz. I've definitely more pro hot than guns. Yeah. Karate Ah. How many hotdogs you can eat one set I mean. That this is my life depended on it. No you're just starving. It's like Sunday night, but you didn't have lunch. How many hotdogs thrown on the grammy I do love hotdogs but sure I mostly choose not to eat them. But. If you were like, all right that's within the House I'm having hotdogs tonight. Are you having one two, three, fifty, I'm GonNa. You can't imagine I coud if I wanted to eat many but I don't choose to so you're saying one. And probably have one hot dog and then other and have other things I probably multiple hotdogs. All right. Fair enough. Okay. All right. There's been talk with rumbling Cuba. Could eat like, yes. On your head Lizzy your head. Probably have like ten, twelve, hundred. Yes. Okay. All right. So let's listen to a clip. This contract about a boomer show she said, yes. Okay. This is from the TV theme Song Bracket on March Twenty Fifth Twenty nine thousand, nine, hundred joined by Alexander Chester we went through a bracket of TV theme songs and we got to one where you crack yourself up to the point where. We've had many times where people have broke. We listened to win Dr Mike broke you but here you break yourself. Here is. Let's go back to the TV theme song bracket. The winner of the best boomer joke about him boomer. Is. Remember the plot here of different strokes did did Arnold and Willis's of parents die did did his mom words of their mind worked for Mr Drumming Mr Ever seen the show? Yeah I guess is both his parents died. They each had different strokes. Happen. That, what happened? Yeah. Yeah This show aired from seventy eight to eighty, six from. More seventies and eighties that opening it's. Crazy and. Different strokes. Yeah. Gesture didn't. You there you think I'm talking I left. Yeah. Yeah. I thought that was passed I thought that was passed browsing. The funny voice so Yeah. Yeah. I I. I laugh every time I hear myself laughing. They're like I. Almost I almost worked up into a lizzy again. You work yourself up into lizzy are you saying we're GONNA under a hotdog? Both. Glitz, he's an all purpose weren't we're coopting it. Okay. All right. Why don't we welcome and woman who worked on putting all this together here is the woman who also was the autour who put together the oral history of Robin Akitas sleepover podcast here is the Great Lindsey Wilson. Welcome to the stage sleepover documentarian Linzie. Hi I'm Wilson we're APPS documentarian and I'm happy to announce my latest project. Why did rob choose to PODCAST WITH THE KIVA? According to the Lord Akiva, sent an email to rob suggesting that rob covers seinfeld spooky music that one email to Akiva co-hosting recaps of one hundred and eighty episodes of Seinfeld and one hundred episodes of randomly selected podcast is. To keep a payroll off with plenty of money. Did Rob make a bet that keep it didn't know how to tie shoes when in fact she can. Or something more sinister at work. All strive to bring the answer to light and my newest documentary serious Robin Akiva wheel with the devil. Kid Of course Robin. Akiva have managed to achieve a truly remarkable feat finding comedy in good podcasting and even the most ridiculous of ideas week after week they give us reason to be thankful that Akiva ever sent that I see male. All right. There's. and. So we are going to be listening to clip from the sleepover podcast I take it for this is from the oral history of the sleepover podcast which came up. I. Believe it was on January for twenty twenty. That's how we got twenty twenty started. Toying might have peaked here on January fourth with episode number sixty five. Let's listen back to what went on in the oral history of the sleepover podcast Lindsey Wilson. Award for the best documented moment of renowned goes to this got way too real and at that point I realized like not sure we're ever going to air this. Of, course, the exclamation mark was when. I forget who asked Akiva, what he can do at the very end and he exclaimed I bring home the money. And then realized that he does not anymore and said. But not anymore, and then covered his head in his hands and seem very upset at that point. A moment of like is this what I'm doing with my life. I've had a good time I've called you being. Man's Murphy listening to a man his. Weaknesses after hearing all of this and knowing that this episode, we'll never see the light of day on LINEAPP or any other podcast. I asked the audience whether they felt that this episode should've aired I. Thought that the podcast was going very poorly really did not think that things were going well but then I thought that a Kiva does break down and you know Existential crisis of this is terrible. Nobody should ever hear this. I. Actually thought that that was what was going to make it good where I was so raw and there was some real emotion in feeling that was happening and all of Keita's. Revelations I thought that that did make it an interesting podcast. Okay All right we're back AKIVA. Yeah, well, a year later I'm crushing it. So that was. Yeah. Take that Akiva from two thousand, nineteen. He's got three podcasts baby. All right. Here we go. I'm not really a laugh riot that clip but you know that makes me laugh. It's funny. The BRIO and by the way I should have known because the person who yelled at. Like what reason you have to live? Jeff. Goldstein was was going after the whole game in sequester I figured that comes to Minneapolis maybe he'd say like Hey let's let's go to the end together nope. nope chick going after me. Yeah but but I I got him I got him out of All right. Let's talk in here from a man who was in Minneapolis? He was your roommate he's your podcast co host and a frequent contributor to robin. AKIVA need to podcast. Let's welcome the Great. The King of the dorms Alexander Chester. Welcome to the stage Chester. I'm honored to be here tonight in recognition of Rob, and of course, my good friend Akiva justice ends thrilled to be a part of this. I think he's trying not to wake up his wife and. Wheels. Winokur the key between occur man. Father. Husband. Employees. PODCAST her. Is there anything you can do? The favorite Rene Moment for some is when Akiva laughs hard that he uses but key that we has me a bit worried Syria favor take a deep breath. And then hold it in for about twenty minutes. Keep all these podcasts in the desperate hope that he's not too old to be discovered and I. For one do think he'll be discovered eventually by his wife Shana return from a camping trip the family took without him slumped over his computer. Covered in the remains of two dinners he consumed back to back. She was gone. Akiva broke his foot last year trying to run to catch a bus. Being without a working foot for a couple of weeks must have been difficult for him but it's good preparation for news to diabetes next year. But seriously gave up i. do sincerely believe that one day your success in podcasting will allow you to go far. And I hope you stay there. Wow. Oh that was much better than than some of the other people. Yeah. Okay. Diabetes. Well you're close enough that he can. He can go there. To Diabetes Look. That's your friend. All, right. Fair enough. All right. Let's. Go ahead and here a clip. From Chester this came to us from November second twenty nineteen where we got to hear the music stylings of one Alexander Chester. The. Winner of best musical moment. Chest I don't think there's any guy tonio. Lock in Chester for one. All right. A off. Take it or you'RE BUELL Hormuz. Or? It's just. Three points total now. Okay, and that means we're only potentially going to watch ten episodes of. Would you really skip the season finale if we? Don't. We'll be hooked by that. Yes, we know. Norwegian. We owe it. To our listeners. Let me. Might. Seem. But Trust me. Its own protection. Of Crap. Shortly. Should. From Auburn that's. How Yeah. There you go. You got your wish Caitlin from Auburn. I think it's a good a good lesson for future guests or US. which is for the next like if we do this at two hundred, if you laugh a lot like maniacally laughing at any point, may gives it a good shot to get on the best yeah. Yeah. I. Think that a lot of us let us laughing together the audience is laughing to a so. If that happened now I think that it would it be instant. Tell that Chester was the elephant after his top fifty animal rankings came out and I heard you discuss his beloved relationship with elephants. Yeah was upsetting Chester tweeted out his his top fifty. And that's three weeks under nap you wasted by with one tweet. Really just poor podcast. All right. So are you ready to hear from a man who is the keeper of the A wheel spreadsheet? The wills waiting room will from America the Autour of the song of the summer. Welcome to the stage will from America So long now you think you are. On without a single. I don't mean to belittle maybe they should withdraw their or berry. Things that you already. One hundred eight episodes. Past it's George. Bird get some social lives order would intake. Stopped doing wheel. Thanks giving. Life. Promo America and I just wanted to guys eight. Happy one hundred episodes. That slaps? Okay. Wow. Seconds to realize. Oh, wait these are different words. No East. It wasn't like a long interest uncle now listen I like we'll give it all when he shows up, he doesn't have facet that was I mean, would I be at I mean I don't know how how big is. Well, I'd have to I. Don't know I would have to stack them see if I could take and probably not. All Oh, he is he. So, and he's young. Yeah Yeah I'm putting. Yeah. Demolished me but I you know that was funny. There's a covering himself. Yeah. What about Wolf America versus Kyle Chandler? I need to see the tale of the tape. What's the reach You know why but that would be a good fight is move was we'll talk I. Didn't know he was tall tall we'll get we could get together maybe celebrity. Listen if there. Yeah I don't know how chance career goes really off the rails maybe he'd be willing to Wilford marriage under. All Right Kiva let's go from one musical rose to a great musical moment on the podcast. Let's go out to a clip from our live show that we did together back in. Minneapolis Minnesota in July of twenty twenty, it was. Robert Key Benita podcast episode number forty, two Robin Akiva hosts a late night. Talk Show live from Minneapolis. Here we go. Here's a clip from how that show got started. Winner of the bath theme song is. Anita comcast and indeed, Joe helped. Can you make all the wheel Robin? AKIVA. Need podcast. Yeah. The buy or sell your ideas. On The New York film every weekend better on. Guests Walk to become. Nita. Batman. NEVER GETS OLD It's like the song was in another language and then he translated into English and it just didn't line up to be fair. He did not have a ton of time in the PODCAST. You know he we hired him that day. It was a great idea. Your idea. To hire a bandleader right we were really struggling with trying to find somebody it was hard to find someone Yeah. That you found the right guy. I think we got a lead from Abe. We had posted the craigslist listing for some time and had not gotten a whiff until craigslist Carl wrote to me that morning. Yeah No. He he learned the song in the twenty minutes before. Yeah before he played we speak he's very confident. He knows what he's. On. The phone heading into the. And Jerry's Yeah. Yeah. It was just trying to nail that down. All right. The Kiva are you ready to hear from the woman who one day will write a fan fiction about Rob Nikita with think that was started about like some ninety episodes ago Yes. It's almost here. I think shocked with a bunch of references from the first ten episodes of the podcast. Yes. One. Day Frail Mary's Fan fiction will come to light. But in the meantime, let's hear what Frail Mary has to add to the roast of Robin Akiva. Welcome to the stage frail. Mary. Can. You imagine if I wrote a song to that's not my thing is my thing procrastinating checks out since I'm most likely one of the last people to submit their roast Sir Robin Akiva. The real question here is, what are your things podcasting sure being probably too old to talk about Riverdale or dating shows definitely maybe your thing is just throwing literally anything and everything at the wall and seeing what sticks wrap this clearly rha peas, junk drawer of PODCASTS, wall sure. You might find some real gems like game night and the TV theme Song Tournament. But in the process you'll probably reach in and snag a paper cut on the final four minutes earlier this week and Robin Akiva I mean just look at the number of podcasts that have our trash in the title maybe that's a little q in the direction of where this whole endeavor is going a fellas in all seriousness congrats on over two years and one hundred episodes of Ra. Literally no one thought it would last this long. Rene may be trash put. It's our trash. Thank you frail Mary all. Right. So. Let's. Go and listen to a clip, and this is one that's also from twenty twenty you and I had been pitched on the escape room podcast for a long time that it was in development but finally. The last day, of May, twenty twenty you and I with the help of Kirk Clark and. Who is the person that made the Escape Room Kevin Kevin we tried to escape from an escape room live on the podcast. Let's listen to that may thirty first of twenty twenty? The award for the best time getting upset an escape room goes to. Thank. The but maybe there's red wine in the vending machine and we just hate each other on the head with the red wine and that'll be it. Fun Yeah. All right. Is there anything else? That's a there's also the? Yes. I'm. Going to say from from from glance at the liquor cabinet was glass fronted. You DC several bottles in there one which might very well be red wine. I think you have to earn your way into it All right. Well, we were told that we were not allowed to break anything in the room. Are we allowed to take the urn off the table and smashed the glass for the inner cabinet? You're absolutely not at the break anything but you can start that action for sure and when you pick the earn up, something actually does catch your eye when I. Read underneath per was small metal key NA anything. The first thing we did in this room was check the earn I the center of the table Track of what you're saying yes. We did not underneath it. Underneath it. Right. I Couldn't have song right away could that Kevin and I had a pool going wish things would trigger rob demus. Sat Up there where we say check what would be the right instruction of of Okay Smell? Check we checked. Let's take lip over the weekend. All the couch cushions out. Kevin. I'm looking at the cash that I find anything. For anything I'm no dungeon master but I feel like check the earn should suffice for also pick up the earn. Yeah little ticky tack, their uncle TV. No I think you're right. I think checking the earn would entail picking up earn, and then we'd see what was under the young man you were right there. They just didn't want us to win in the first minute we're we're to locked in. Okay. All right. Akiva you ready to hear from our good friend Jenny OUGHTA. Yeah it is almost autumn. It's almost nobody preseason. Yeah. Absolutely. Me and Jenny Saint Birthday. Yes. Okay. Well, do you have any birthday plans coming up soon No, we're going into full lockdown here. So I'm not be allowed to leave the block which seems like a perfect. Okay just whistle restaurants were open. Think my birthday is on basically like almost a basically a on Yom Kippur. So I can't even eat can't get celebrate it. It's the right year for that. Yeah. All right. Just give one. Would you big birthday guy in? Yeah. Just order out. I maybe two maybe two dinners to dinner usually my wife, my wife makes me a pie always. What Pie Apple Cherry. She's been doing cherry the last few years but she knows I don't like birthday cake. Birthday Pi Yeah okay. That's it. I don't know I'm not I'm not a crazy birthday. All right. Let's from Jenny Autumn's who she has to say. Welcome to the stage Jenny Autumn. I just WanNa say what an absolute pleasure it is to be a part of renounced one hundred episode and given the opportunity to roast and toast among a panel of esteemed personalities. Wow, robin, Akiva one hundred episodes. That's one episode for every complaint there's been about having an astrology podcast. You know while you've discussed pepe pig and Ryan's toy. Review. I've never considered this podcast for children but read it has proven that you do in fact, have a strong demographic of literal babies. One of my favorite things about run up is that you've managed to turn the laziest non idea for a podcast into a success. You literally were like, Hey, idiot, we don't have any unique ideas of our own. So give us yours and we will tell you that most of them suck and people just keep coming back for more truly inspiring but I shouldn't knock your work ethic. You're both extremely dedicated to this podcast. For example, sometimes rap is the fourth podcast rob has recorded in a row and he still brings the fire and sometimes Akiva actually sits up. Rob, you've built such an amazing brand. You've done such a good job creating the Patriot community and you have this way of making every patron feel like they're your friend. which is kind of this podcast. You've spent one hundred episodes making Kiva feel like you're actually his friends. Believe it or not. I actually have a long common with Robin. Kiva? For example. We're all libra. An I even share a birthday. Rob. and. I are both raptors fans Yup. Both Robin Akiva I to have never parented a child in. Our Society does is actually my favorite podcast and I'm so glad to see it going strong after one hundred episodes. It myself dramatic but this community has legitimately changed my life and I want to again congratulate you on one hundred episodes. Here's to one hundred more. Thanks for having me you Jenny. Autumn. Wow Our daughter-in-law any autumn. That was very nice. Audio wins best audio also was very. Kiva this is this is wonderful because I feel like, i. have a friend when we do these podcasts. Yeah. No that was good. It was really good. Yes. Okay. All right. Let's listen to a time that you and I got roasted and it was not in the context of one hundred episodes. A ready for this. Yes. Let's go back to season three episode seven of survivor and we you and I had spoken with T. Bird Cooper, and then we had the idea of trying to incorporate all the different weekly parts of the survivor podcast cycle into one episode of Rene up and that's exactly what we did. Back. On. February. Eighth Twenty Twenty was we kicked off the new survivor season on episode number seventy of Rob Makita podcasts, and we brought in the person who was voted out in season three episode seven of survivor. It was clarence black WHO's become a beloved parted the renowned universe and it was all because of this from February of twenty twenty. The award for the guests who got a Lotta best goes to know. How you doing clarence. I'm good. Good Man I'm living life on I'm very blessed I get to serve our country and You know we're for a living I don't. gave me a damn podcast. Pretty. That's pretty cool. That white privilege is working out for you. I am just giving away podcasts. I'm probably going to go to Iraq and you're going to do a pocket living. Off Now, like he's fucking Windy, do this the performance he just you know wildest thing I've ever heard my well, let's. Talk about. Yeah Yeah What's what's new with you? Clare's want We don't need to talk about that drive the council Oh. Hey No I. Yeah I mean Damn. I'm an old man. Now I'm trying to recall what I did twenty years ago. Asked me about twenty you legitimately I can't believe they pay you to ask people what they did twenty years ago like that's a little somebody saying you say, Yeah Hey, listen pay me. This is what I'm going to do for a living and I'm going to ask you what they did twenty years ago. Aren't sometimes. Only sometimes. And then you're doing it with like Kiva. Kiva. Like interested real name. It's fucking codename added. You know it's not like a heart matter this. Medication. Like some. Seriously, taking uric Yvo. You have high blood pressure. New from. Merck. Keep. So let me get this straight. So let's know this is let me Guess Akiva Olympus Leica Game Let's play again called what race are you so Now theoretically theoretically yeah. I WANNA lean toward one of my people one of the one of the darker people. Telling me in the boys that you're. You're you're straight white and you got to be hundred sinkholes only Caucasian with name themselves but like you named yourself of your mom and Dad I. Just. I bribed. Can I if I give you my last name will that will that help you guess which race I am? Only, a bit like gold seen Rosenberg. Just, basically. Yeah, you nailed it. You you. Goldfine now? But at the same ideas, we make her genius. And got him. Great Rob. Evil Winokur. have. This yeah, this one. Yeah. Okay. We cut before he started calling you Chad gas that which is now what he calls me. Twitter he does call me Chad. I'm disappointed. We didn't get Clarence to Rosta today. I didn't why thought it would like I don't bother the guy I don't know what he's up. He could probably not top his original roast performed. That's what I was thinking like you're going to play his old rose I. think that's like. Guy. Most, we really only s people listened to the podcast. Yes. Okay. Clarence wants to come back on. Oh I'm happy we on thirty two fan. I know a couple months ago I know you know we would have been fun to have on this week Detroit lions had just the a a ludicrous lawsuit money to have him talk to us on on the night perfume. Okay. Did you guys record of football episode of theories? You fans this week? Yeah we recorded to okay. I must have missed it. unless I must say, when does it come out? No. I believe they came out I don't know I don't I don't track like. But I think we did a regular one and we did a patron one We did th- rankings of all thirty two NFL teams one and predicted. Off to go back to go back and listen to. I. Must I must have missed it in all of my other a jets podcast that I listen to know. Yeah. That's a real somber Made myself miserable okay. That's awful. Alright. Uncle Roast Lacerra last Straw speaking of a person who may not be able to top their original roast performance. Let's go back and revisit Alexander. Chester. WHO's back again all right here comes, Alexander Chester. Pardew. Finally welcome back to the stage Chester. Yes it's me again. I'm here to introduce the best chester moment. Now, I'm sure that's GONNA lead to the two of you making fun of me. But I've been called worse by better. So I'm not toward speaking of worried Jews. Akiva Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffrey Epstein are worried that you are embarrassing the Jewish people. Shut up. Those. Haven't forgotten about you. Cuny graduate to leave you alone. You tip him for the pizza. Thank you. Thank you wh- I. I don't get it. I think you'd Suny I don't know he doesn't. He's too elitist even noticed the state and city school different by the way. Are you? Are you sure you guys did a thirty two fans podcast episode I the the my last episode is from. You guys go to all patron episodes no no, we did a regular episode. The fees are messed up, you might need right figure out the podcast feeds the middle of Chester's rose. Yeah. Okay. All right. Go by talking about the third. Speaking of food. You. Know a lot of people these days fly with emotional support animals. Keep it flies with emotional support food. AKIVA WE KNICKER is famously son of a rabbi. He's also famously the number one argument for why rabbis should use birth control. Right about now I'm sure keep us thinking. It was a mistake to allow to participate today Hanky all about twice baby after all his parents made a big one thirty seven years ago. When he was born, the doctor came to the Waiting Room and told his Dad Rabbi Lou, we did everything we could. But he survived. And aren't we glad he did because if he hadn't, we wouldn't have an APP and we wouldn't have had this opportunity for me to introduce the best chester moment. Okay. All right. All. Moments, here we go. Let's go back to a moment from Actually I'll just let let let this A. Some mystery? Hey, what is the best chester moment of one hundred episodes of Rodney Evening Apopka certainly, not the roast performance. First one was better. I don't know why he went back to the well twice in back to the well. Okay. All right. Let's go to the best chester moment of all time. The award for Best Chess German. Goes to. All right here's comes. Seem, a chester wearing. Let's see. He's. Wearing cloud to cloud Why is he a clown? Boy. We should clown out. I I think. So why else would his hair be Blue Red Green Valley Rainbow. Fedora y the. I don't know. A. Lot of color is that his hair only has one and it's not that the silver himself. Chester number. The reason. Is. He coming back from a club. Boy Don't listen thirty two fans week. All right. Let's see what happens as chester is now in the harangue. Going alright he's locking Eric Stein. Is he crazy Joe. I guess I don't know I think finishing move is like the spreadsheet delete or something. Right. Now, I've got chester up over my head and promptly throw. Gesture outliers. Ten pounds terrible job my chest, they're only. Just picked chester right up over my head and we haven't seen win this thing. He'd be insufferable, and now we haven't seen one person thrown out of the ring like that through the south. Then even those awesome. That's amazing. Okay boom. Wow. What a transition to what we have coming up next here in the one hundred episodes spectacular. That was September first twenty, nineteen episode number forty, seven, the royal rumble it was. Fifty three episodes ago Akiva that we did the original royal rumble. Can you believe it perfect timing one year later? Hambur is the royal rumble month. September is to run up. To Real Royal Rumble absolutely tab there will be equally as many people here will be at the next on. All right. So thank you to everybody that worked on putting these clips together. We just had the one SNAFU. Shut up Tim Lindsey Wilson Rene the voice over Lady. Yeah. They did a great job. Yes. Thank to everybody who submitted clips all of our roasters. Great job by everybody. But we are just getting started here today because we are going to take a quick break. We're GONNA come back. We're going to do the royal rumble. We're. Going to record it on video so we will give out a link you can go to rob has a website dot com slash Rumble to to watch the video of the Royal Rumble along with us, and then we still have the mail bag. Okay. Does that sound to you Kiva? ARIGHT WE'RE GONNA. Take a quick break and we'll be right back after this. Support, for this podcast comes from cdw and Microsoft surface in teams. CDW, we get the future remote meetings works differently. Going right from launch directly to meeting that can be awkward but with Microsoft surface devices with teams orchestrated by cdw, the future works better touchscreen voice capabilities keep teams engaged in productive, enabling you to always collaborate with confidence wherever noon. Thanks for joining you have spinach junior teeth. Thanks for the tip man it orchestration by cdw people who get it find out more at cdw dot. com slash surface. All right. We are back here for the royal rumble two part of the One Hundredth Episode Extravaganza Akiva how are you? I'm amazing. I'm so excited the royal rumble the first time was shocking and there's only memorable comic moments. I feel like you know with today I don't know what's going to happen I. Don't know I don't know who's going to be in the rumble last time we sort of had an idea it was like twenty eight of our friends right this time around we really don't know a lot about what's going on that one of our Listeners Jill She went ahead and said, okay I'm making royal rumble number two, and now here it is that you sent to somebody who said it was it lived up to the hype. And now. Who who was it? That said that this is going to be a worthy successor to the original royal rumble who who is our test watcher. WHO's also a huge wrestling fan? Okay. All right. So good to it's been vetted and we're ready to go with Royal Rover number number to. Go to rob has a website dot com slash royal rumble the number two, and you will get a link to the youtube video of what we're about to watch a key. I will be watching simultaneously and we will be stopping at moments during this to discuss anything interesting that might be going on. I I'm I'm extremely psyched. Is There A PRE-MATCH FAVORITE ROB? We didn't even know who's going to be in it. We don't know going to be I will say my impression is it's going to be about a half half the people who were in last time. Friends of the pod and maybe half people who don't know us in real life. Yeah. Okay. You know maybe a Kevin Costner type we do have a guaranteed victory we have puja guaranteeing would win and we have. A. Housemate we. Ana Who des wait. They live together. Yeah. I mean I don't know what their relationship status is. Not Roommate I mean they are roommates technically you and your wife are roommates I don't know. Usually, not good sign. Listen you'RE GONNA ROMANTIC? couple. HOUSEMATES I don't but I don't. It's if he said it's. The dating or engaged. I have no idea listen I. don't even know my marital. Yeah. You might be housemates. Yeah, we're we are roommates Yeah, I. Don't do share room I don't know but we're roommate. Kid. The Oh. So you know she liana maybe may try and venture crown. Or. Adventure. Lost Melissa. Melissa's Danny in the first year. Denny's The champion I assume we will have the champion back also who gets the coveted thirtieth spot. Obviously, it's a, it's a big. detriment to go in the first few spots because he got to last the whole rumble yet get. Thrown out. Sure. All. Right. If you just watching the video, go ahead to ROB has a website dot com or subscribe at rob has dot com slash are a and a p. to the entire first part of this episode or with you'll hear lots of clips of us. Getting roasted, getting toasted, getting a bunch of getting tested. It sounds like we're drinking where we didn't think. We should have actually we should have should we should have been drinking lemonade. This could have been a simultaneous our ones episode also okay and then also we will be still doing a mailbag here in this episode. So just because you watch the royal rumble does not mean you got the entire story here today. Okay. No, this is part two of three are two of three. All right. Let's go ahead and kick off the twenty twenty royal rumble. It's been fifty three episodes since the original royal rumble took place back in episode number forty, seven on September. First Twenty, one, thousand, nine, hundred, and if you know if it's September on Robina keeping you the podcast, it's time for a royal rumble. Let's go ahead and go down to ringside for the action I. I. Forget we're supposed to be we're calling the the match. You we are the ringside. Ringside. Okay. Let's go down and check out what's going on. Okay. All right. Here, we are. This wrestlemainia taking place. Monday night raw. The Rogers Centre. and. DOC stabbing manipulating take. Anybody. Under the bus in a second. WHOA. Don't ask me for my opinion you don't want to hear the. Grow Up. Somebody wants me a poisonous bitch. Ruins Evergreen. She walks into this her own phone and get in. Every everyone out. One. OPENING MATCH UP WITH KIRK And same person person. Now. I'm already excited. Interest relationship. Explode. Now. Either it. Okay all right I'm just going to lower the volume a little bit on the match because it's a little hard to hear you at the same time over the music from the ring. All right Kirsty mcinnis versus Alf. Crystal, wearing a skirt. Yes she's wearing a skirt. No alien life form ever started in the second spot and one a royal rumble. and you know the first spot has been four winters ever may be but No, you know I. Don't know has there been a Canadian royal rumble winner maybe Kirsten will become the first. Yeah. What about Kris Carrico Jericho All thirty seconds is the next person comes down to the ring. Contestant number three. All right. Here comes. The drought the Jersey. And another roundhouse. To Curzon McGinnis. Yeah he's huge Al And now personally kid has had. The Fram which can only one thing. saw. America. Sober. To karate I guess it is literally Karate Karate time third trade her speaking it's gut goes for a drop kick off the top rope and Mrs here. From, me yeah a double clothesline precursor McGinnis. Perotti. ganging up our four person. I. that. Live. Here comes. The bed will often. Rob Has. Split kicks very excited the that. Skirts. The case goes out it was the. First Person. Says I really to the relevant. Today read yeah. You think you're going to wear. Alpha gang's no. down. And now over. The theme song to small wonder which means. Misled Right now. One of dramatic this is going to be. God. Versus the run. See What It's a trash. Did Not. Rob Each. Jewish people. Quickly delete that. Know people had no one food who's come on yeah. Getting because the eating at people that said, no one was. Yes. Okay. Here comes on. A motorcycle, right? Yeah. Very interest. Yes IRA. Hit the thought and then. In the back yard. Insurance comes into the ring WHO's this Exciting. Josh Josh weight-loss load. was wearing looming. Landau shirt any. Cargo Pant. Just. The clock the. Chocolate Klingler as. Those. Almost makes his way back into the ring. Glare running down brings Ian's not really by. Those. Genes I don't think that's your look. Yeah. Felt like. Later third wheels. Made before Avatar. Third Wheel. Okay, he's a slow stroll to the ring yeah. They don't want to go in right away. Russia. Josh. Ever. He suplex made. Okay here comes our latest entrance. Losing track eighth or ninth person to come down. Only. No no I. Hope everyone throws the leprechaun reading this very odd very spooky. Yet he looks like lover. Twelve well, grace. Grace. The Redknapp thought. Able to get back into the ring. Bigler Punch the renowned ring at the top rope. Missing. As. Gets Baden Slam. really going after each other everyone ignoring as I go. Our. Own. What is this? Oh. This is Dame Judi dench deuteronomy coming down to the Ray. I. McKay. Yeah, that is true. Concede. Matching back full pound rope one to John batchelor one of. Ring Right now. AKIVA. We will wait to see another and frame by simply go down. Yeah. I I I guess we'll take a break now. We're not. We're you know a little. Downtown with twenty one will see. Well. That's how many people left right not. Miss dropped. Very applied. Not. Miss off the top rope. Ads. Look like Joshua. Kami draw. Sort of submission, we're not really going after his death. Good things. There's a lot of bad one. Top Row. Yeah, you're very athletic you're a high flying. You would think that. Very chain. Yeah. The tight jeans are not only wrestlers working very bizarre. Yeah. Oh. That he's out the left wing. took him out. No luck of the Irish four third wheels at. YELP is. Only second before next combat some of the rain has number ten. Team Judi dench dropped picks me to the grounds. Yes. That's happened before. Oh. Is this who, I. Think it is all about to get the purple pant. Thanked me. About the freeze. Baby. Boy. Rifi. What showmanship. Coming. Down to the, ring. Triple was with I believe he will. Take. Cliffs. Of now he did a funny dance I. got. knocked. Out. I. Dame do. Work. John was trouble in the. Josh weekends. Out Third Deals Act the leprechaun making a mark on this podcast. This Oni Good guarding the Yankee Jersey. Yankees Jersey forty not spooning. I've never scares. porky coming down to the ring that that's true. Okay as Per the Leprechaun out once Ajaj way glare okay Dow. Hundred Rice. Rice off the air over its has. You just doing it. They work. God walking in place to track. Bosley. Straw. Are. You. F, is coming out what does it come out in the WRESTLEMAINIA three? Got Out and then run. Danny coming in. As a year nap on the dropped four me media. The Apron. From the ranks. Okay now I've got. To thirsty. Trouble gets back into the. Brining all over the quick. Rob. I've got bryce in like a perfect listen. Danny. For the Leprechaun Yay. got. The at the recipient of slip off the CONROE. Other. Brain. All. The renowned as I rice in the Boston crash. Sport being leprechaun's. GonNa. Her Tried to throw the. Now. Let's see who comes out on next. Now, let's get things started has the view is Only be. Good. With what? These news. Welcome. Whoopie Goldberg. got. Royal Rumble. Emmy. Randy Tony. Okay. Yes Queen. Comes would be. Alright. Maybe. We haven't had a ton of women in the rubble may listen to work sima. I've worked price. Will get the clothesline from the LEPRECHAUN. Picks worke rights to contract with the Leper God. It's be dropped take. Really not a big fan of. Yeah. What be going up to the top rolled. Back Flip. leprechaun is. The questionable move in the rumble do a lot of high flying. Very. Dangerous. Game. especially with sixty four like. Yeah. Anything can go wrong. Okay. Got Her on the side of the eighth, but she is able to get back into the ring. He's got the Leprechaun over the road, but he gets back to the. Sports, tenfold of the room but he gets. Forty. I had. Now. Yeah. We'll. Not. Really. Rice and I go back and forth. Yeah. Now listen for getting. No love lost. SUPLEX, for Melissa from four huge Whoopie Goldberg is. Giving bryce around. Here. Okay. Got It. The first, Lady of. Better than this went. who down through. The. Songs. That she does not care for that price. What the defeated Bryce and now I wife rank and I I think that I should be first target once. Most Call. into. The corner. Down to the top rope Nicole is stunned. Melissa is waiting. Instantly takes Nicole al.. Showing for the. Yes, Nicole might be the chester of this Royal Rumble Geez. Is. You Know. The wrong last art. Wow. Well, you have an ally. Now I'm like dominates choice. Hopeful Boston Celtics got. We'll be. Goldberg. Our short workout the so going on. The Sky, in four key. Getting a winners that are right now he's really, yes most any throws me into the corner. This now. Ninety days of. Yeah Yeah plea with a bad FM. Yeah, that's pretty solid. Worth Lady. Roommate. Are Is. That he guaranteed victory. Melissa on back flip off the top row. She's GonNa rose on the raptor now. Seems like it's the biggest person in the. Room for Robin Julia Teaming. With a flex. Now. Roundhouse kick for? Who says? Oh. No. No I'm. Oil. King. Entering. Its first royal rumble. We stand. The one. True King. The gargoyles. Well cake appeared yet I wonder if having Danny is. King or club champion, but then. The dark world. ME. So I. Knocked Out Melissa and then the Gargoyles came. Out, and now. Gargle. King over the top rope. Endorsing either raptor and yeah. Come being in rang. Yes. Come. All, know still only going to be one human being. Comes check. Alex Chester WHO's You're not that good of a chance. Of. Relationship Or is this. Thing Look Yeah the men. Wearing a suit and sunglasses real chester and Julia team up has He's here rest like many black agent. Yes and I don't know if this is really You know how you WanNa go to work in a rumble in A. Wrestler's ever rather than. Less. Yeah. Just. Didn't match with Leon. Can't. Be Akiva. Is it more. Sales has. Harry the web. Is here. To champion. Harry. Wins Spoiler. Alert. Okay, Chester and Still trading flows back forth, jesters only outside of the apron when he gets back in. Fourteen and Harry. On the Yeah. Rap To really is that people have been going Or anybody out. Harry. Work, you're gone for. Four kids had probably eleven any bill to go. We'll see somebody else in ten seconds notice. I have not come out yet. Oh, keep with good draw. On top rope. And he finds. Dog King Works on Harry. Dame. Music. Blue. Sound School. For American Is Leon Over there. Yeah well, the first. For the person. The rumble whether we didn't. Know you guys did not go toe to toe to. All right. Right away hundred. Rafter. Tastefully on throws over the Pablo. Pacheco Pike to where. Who we are now the outlets in who it's the curse of the House. Yeah Leon and then she's got chapter over her head. Eventual plans. And then. One can become. So we lost Lost Harry, Eliana? People Short session. Gesture. The. Raptor. Okay, who is this coming out? Okay. This is my man four or five. On. Saturday with. Your. said the The hatch seen saw. FIRST COMBAT TO WRESTLE SHIRTLESS Great for. Very. Intimidating comes manhole. But he gets a head bought off the top rope from the. Jessica ahead. Bought to Mike. Blooms Bhai. Okay isn't that a more of a but but then From Comcast. Make It. Held. By. Carl comes. Out. To meet up with. The raptor because quickly exit from the rumble. Craigslist Carl looking for somebody used special trouble with the. Yeah. Who could this be? Brand. Building in. This brand. No. You can't beautiful quite milk. I don't know I mean I. It does happen. Right sometimes. Mick Foley joined the a rumble wants his grooten characters, right? Yeah. We'd love and make. US. Think. Okay. got. Bloom chancellor oral becky and the oil. Yes. Chester work. Or Mike. Now who is this? The thirty. Coma. Citing the CAR I mean this world they may. PM pastas, fifty one. Record it. Is that like a bit 'cause I don't really drive I don't know. We'll even cello we're. On craigslist Carl. Ab Miss. Kiva. He's got a real shot here. Will you work with Chester? No I. Don't think we're going to work together. Mike flew back off the top rope and finds his car yet. Another person coming out. Etienne hand here for Milk Fag I'll know. I like that he's coming out shopping part. The Ray. and. He looks a little shaken off. The keys over his head well. Depressive straight for Mike. Okay winner of this rumble rob get an automatic spot on I can't bill that we on like with the Danny. Bill Fag or Not. GOING GONNA. Be on the PODCAST. Mike will. Pick nobody's on. craigslist. Cari. As Akita those the top nobody's home nothing happened. Okay. Am I Jack in this? I'm usually The first strong. Okay. Twenty, six. Survivor. Player. Take. Wall I. Love. Those tweet. Loved. This is a bad news robin ungodly with. That about this. All right and now. He's out of the rain might go. Okay. My back behind said. Clarence went right after me knows the surprise yes and then drop kick to my gloom. Handle down he found he found out what the BNB is. He went right after Mike Glum. Yes. All right. Let's see who's this. Real. Mayor Rail Mary. Great. Offer Real Mary. Had dreadlocks. Don't think the she's got a frail Mary Earl personalized frail Mary jerk. Bargo dot here to still work with. Mike Bloom are. Knife loom. Kiva. Fan for the they we need somebody else's well. Yes we just lost. A much doing can. WHO JUST WENT I'm forgetting to we lost. Okay. Dow Frail. Mary's. It's just chester bloom and craigslist far gloomier aiming at Os Clara. Parents. This. Sponge. About Matt. This. Is the twenty, nine, thousand, nine, nine, hundred. Bombs Blah. Blah. Number. Eight. Fortuitous number, okay. Now after all the mascots were gone, it's really just four human beings right now yet mike gesture and Carl at ten. Here is. Number Twenty Nine More bones. Bell. This. Don't I'll take it. was supposed to report a lip sync as mathematical low. Okay gesture has Mike Bloom in the Boston gene. Gene. After his down. Call Craigslist Carl coming going. Mike Bloom is out log on for Mike. A woman's in trouble. The thirtieth entrant. I'm just so happy to be here so. Shows. The fact that we even made it here I feel like we've won hopefully this doesn't end our relationship I could see things getting ugly. We could go talk does ear but hopefully, we're just we're going to have a good time. Becomes. Over thirty we'll see go after. Chester spot. Yeah. Sure. Mr. Friend. Year run the French fries going for the piledriver. Up. Powell. Dash She's got craigslist karloff craft. He's mad shooting. Paulo's now gene woman is down to check Sir Alley last year and craigslist MARLA. The final three craigslist Carl passed last year drops with a slam as Chester looks on. A. Top really anybody match right now. Yes. Gesture at he's been there. The longest yet just has been there I will the two men team up against. Just standing in the corner. On that before valley last year works on craigslist within Chester, with a sneak attack. We wrote can't get allie out. Craigslist Carl has chester headlock, and then it's time for craigslist. Carl to get some pain. She slams in down. Kick from our latter and then A. slasher. Raum. Alexander Chester. CRAIGSLIST CALLS DOOR THE ROPE Probably lasts is out and now now it's just. A Mike Klis. And Chester? Story this would be Rob Chester the joke of the first rumble. Rumble and you know route save face will precious Carl come out of nowhere. Yeah and this first rumble win it. craigslist. Really Giving Chester, the business battering. Chester space into the turnbuckle and then dropped and another drop kick the Chesterton been brutalized. They locked up again. Chester, this kind throws craigslist Carl, the grounds. Outs in the Winter Cregagh Paul. Dramatic. Gas. You. Jazzy will. Sell. Appearance. will feel this. Over. For. Many. Many million. CanNot. I cannot believe it. I thought Yester- would have the you know the greatest redemption story of all time. And it was not to be. Wow. This is nuts i. mean we have to have them on the show rob. We try to reach out. Let him know what? HAP- yeah. I think. He's available. Well, we'll wait rumble. Great job by Jill. lived up to that was everyone had really cool entrances. Entrances were really fantastic. Yes. Entrances were gray. What was the most surprising moment for you? I think you would have been really nice if you and your wife work together, it was not to be but I like that that you know we really got chances with Becky belding and Gene Hackman. It just did not work out for So you're convinced that was us. I guess that could have been us. Yeah. Yeah. So the usually the winner of the royal rumble gets a shot at Wrestlemainia but for us, you get a spot on the mail bag you have no choice in the matter most didn't. So this is Carl come into your screen at some point in the next year. All right. Well, what an amazing job by Jill. So, is it official Canon that the royal rumble three will be September of two thousand twenty, one God willing? Yes. God will if the Internet's in the world's works and everything so run and we will have royal rumble three. All right. That being said, Akiva are you ready for our mailbag not? All right. We're going to end the youtube video here now. So come on if you want to hear the mailbag had to rob has a website dot com, slash our A. N. a. p. to hear the rest of our one hundred episodes celebration, and for everybody else listening to the podcast. Let's go ahead and jump over to our mailbag. All right mailbag number one, hundred, we're here. Here, we are. All right. Are you ready to hear from very special guest for mailbag number one hundred. I had no idea I am ready. Okay, let's bring. Your own nervous. skype. Hello. Hello. Is this the First Lady of podcasting? Maybe. His hauling. Yes. You're on Robin Akiva Nita podcast episode number one, hundred, your favorite show. Yes Nicole you're here on the MAILBAG, are you ready to listen to all the listener ideas sent in? Nicole. We. One hundred you're on the podcast with us out. Okay. What are you guys doing? We wanted well first off. Did you WANNA congratulate. Me Or Akiva on one hundred episodes. Congratulations Guy Happy Belated Birthday Nicole Oh thank you. Nicole what were some of your favorite memories from one hundred episodes? Many Many. Can you think right now? Did you want to roast either myself or Akiva here for the one hundredth episode? I wrote on this spy would you like to rant about Rob Akiva? I mean. It sounds a little noisy where you are you. Do you think you can quiet things down? Ryan three rooms away from your elegant trying to get away from them and you're still complaining about this. Young wouldn't it be nice if we go upstairs and just have a nice little chat with Akiva. I think it'd probably be rather be with the kids and chatting with me to be fair. Well. You're probably right Akiva whose wife has been on the podcast more times in one hundred episodes my wife. My wife came on the show we robin I did a thing where we each we try to do. Like doing podcast about the same subject and Robin David Wright from survivor and I picked my wife but. I yeah over to you I, think my wife but eight minutes into the pockets with my wife we realized we had nothing in common and. Number, podcasts together and she left the room and I got one of my kids to finish the episodes that. Sounds. Like a smart lady. Nicole, who do you think hates at you or keep his wife? I. Hear you have more kids, right? Yeah. I got four kids. Yeah. So I. Might be a tie. Yeah. Yeah. Nicole what is it about Rene specifically that you really dislike the most? I think you guys really got it wrong with the whole. Show episode and I. Listen to thirty minutes of one episode and then. decided that this podcast is garbage and and that's it. We can never come back from that. You guys were were were we're very. Key. Do you know that Ethan's on is going to be on Ryan's history played eight this week I saw that I saw that's very exciting. Yeah. One of our. Behind the scenes what Ryan's really light year we gotTA Call Ethan and. I think he's a huge diva. That's my guess I think. Ryan. Is probably a nightmare when the cameras I bet Nicole, do you have an idea for the wheels? Listen. To. Something that I would yeah. What would keeping I? Have to talk about that you would listen. Already on the wheel. Okay. I did but I I can't believe that this is what it is that you listen to one of the first ten episodes of the podcast and for whatever reason decided that we had a cold take and then quit the podcast forever. Or pretty always have to be on your your eighteen. No being very unfair. You being that's good advice though I feel like every episode could be someone's laugh I think the coals right here so Nicole is. Episode, number fourteen kids shows are trash in December of two, thousand eighteen, and then that was that was it and never came back decided Robin Kiva aircraft. Okay. All right. Well here you are. Will you listen to this episodes here the part that you missed from this podcast? On Yeah. Okay. Well I mean that's the one part you already heard. Are you interested to know how you did in the? Royal. Rumble. I heard why would I wanNA watch that we did another royal. Rumble. Terrible Absolute. Denny. Steely. Her either okay. All right. It's a shorter list joking, right Don't she does not let me. He doesn't listen to this podcast but it but you know I don't want to word to get back to her. Nineteen. Realize but I don't like just happened in time. All right. Let me any final words you want to say to Kiva listeners. Thank you for having me on okay. Will you come back on episode two hundred? What are you going around? I don't know probably more of the same. Rumble seven or something. Yeah. All right. Okay Nicole I will see you later. Okay. Thank you Nicole, try not to keep them too long you. We're almost done I appreciate you lend the test. All right. Okay. There you go. All Right I. All right. There you go. It's a special episode Akiva. We got that was great. Yeah, we got. Carried away but. My wife has. Disdain for this podcast that is unexplained. Yeah. I mean I. Feel like. Maybe, if we started off with the baby naming one or have may give a robin. Swipe right like maybe she likes that one. Like Holly Stan or give her I'm trying to think what would you like she didn't like the song of the summer right now. I think she'd like the documentary if you could give it to her unless you unless you heard. The loss 'cause what are you? All right yeah. We'll we'll. We'll up so. Are you up to date on everything that's going on in my house. Now, I'm not. Out of the world total disaster has been going on here that moulders. So. Yes. My wife found mold in our in our bedroom and I was like. I don't think it's that big a deal cut to. That, they're doing like a full demolition of like a quarter of the House here. That has to be like this whole section of the House has to be gutted, and so we'd had to move every one of our possessions out of the, which is really all my wife's stuff which is. You know she has a lot of close. Like that we have stuff that my wife never unpacked from the last place we lived which was. In this bedroom and bathroom, and so now, and now we're all sleeping in my children's room. How long is this? That's probably only like a couple of months. Okay. All right. Well. Listen you missed the city apartment living and now you're back in it. We're back in. Okay. All Right Kiva. So what are we talking about in terms of the mailbag? Art So here's what I'm GONNA do. We'll try something a little different this week the hundredth episode this second right now I'm GonNa tweet were taking life suggestions for the hundredth mail bag on twitter. And let's see what we get and I'll just read them as they come in. How does that sound? Okay. Sounds good aright. Can I give you my pitch for an idea yeah. While while we get the first few pitches here, I'd like to hear from you Okay. Here's my pitch and I don't know necessarily what it's called. I think that we've talked about some version of this in the past. But what do you think of Robin Akiva place their bets you and I? or in one podcast, need to come up with five different bets and whatever sort of like monetary denomination we come up with if it's fifty dollars a bad one, hundred dollars a bet you and I have to find five things that we both feel strongly enough to be on opposite sides of the bet and we walk away from that podcast with five. Hundred dollar bets of things that we are what it could be, whatever we get listeners suggested of things that maybe we might find out instantly things that might take time to develop of what whatever it is of that We walk away from the podcast with five different bets each for a certain amount of money. Okay I'm in I love gambling I also think like it would be funny if Tim who loves to put up money for the pockets, put up the money anyone and they were just playing for his money or something like that I am in I do what if what if we saw what if we came up with some of the bets like could we have a live element? Were we bet like, oh, we'll call her say this word and we call them up. You know we sort of answer some of the bets right then. I. Think to me. It's a little less interesting to have the instant pay off. I. Think Mine WanNa walk away from the podcast with five bets that we are tracking over the course of future. The rest of you know the attorney and then when when that happens that it's like one of our bets have was decided this week. I like I like maybe should be best the seven or something. Whatever it is. I don't think it's best of seven because it's like if you win the first four like it shouldn't nullify the other three we made. Oh yeah that's true. All seven vets or win all five foul yeah. Okay Fair enough. And do you have an example of a bet that you know it doesn't have to be one we'll actually do I like you said listeners could probably you know we've got hundreds listener submissions maybe they'll. What something we would bet on La-, let's say you know we both. We both felt very strongly about like A. Is Survivor GONNA air in the spring of twenty twenty one hypothetically like, Oh, no way. It's not happening I. Think it. Okay. All right. So we're both on the opposite side of the and then we're waiting to see if the thing comes in, you know, okay fine that makes sense and I'm have to but it has to be something that we both feel strongly enough about to. Yeah and I think it would be fun to try to like here. People would write in different suggestions what about you know will there be. A triple crown this year like what whatever it doesn't have to be. Sports related. Maybe do should we have like different levels like a couple of big handle ones but then some like ten twenty dollar bets on things like whatever. Sure. But I think so we we do it all I. Mean I like the of coming up with we have to come up with five on the podcast, but maybe we could have on some little appetizers the okay. Perfect. I'm in if someone wants to run that sort of come up with the ideas. Yeah. We could put that I'm ready to put that on the right now. Yeah, and we have like an idea like or like somebody who's in charge of the all the bats may be Brett Farren Cough. Who that's good. Oh Yeah. He'll. He'll come up with good ones. Okay. Yeah. Br You have a job. All right. So is that in the wheel waiting room? No I think that could be on the wheel officially on the. On the wheel this week because. Aren't there we go with the wheels very large Dummy thick. It's dummy thick. All right. So I tweeted we're taking life suggestions for the hundredth mail bag right here. And we're GONNA have ideas coming in left and right I'm sure. No question. Yeah. All right what do you go I first idea Jeff Goldstein. Tarquini in. My no I like Jeff. Season Three episode seven of just shoot me. Now is my apps. No No I. Think there's like. If it shows really bad or I. It's sort of like a punchline than I think it might be funny to put in the Fishbowl but just you just above that level right where it's not loved it's not hated yeah it's not even middle. It's like It's a C. minus but I don't think it's low enough on the yeah. I I'd rather talk about third rock from the sun or Frazier before we got to just me why wouldn't be on the Fraser episode I'm still insect frazier but yeah, I'm with you I think from the sun is in a great idea but it's a better idea than Then, just shoot me. Deep cuts. Ninety nine says Robin Akiva Play Children's Board Games candy land shoots and ladders uncle wiggly what uncle way willingly never heard of it. Maybe that's like a regional thing. I don't know. Is there like some virtual game? It's not even fun to play Candy. Land, with. When your kid let alone to do it with. Those strategy it's literally just you're rolling. Yeah. Right now I think that's a pass yet. No thanks the McGinnis just stay high. That I have a completely new outlook on i. know the sweetest person around cursing me. So Eam oh I don't know I. Don't know what's happening. Know maybe she moved out and she's she's on her own now and she's She's in a good mood that was that was so shocking. Barrett van divers says. I just want to be part of something. Okay. Respect the move should we come up with an idea for Barrett to be part of? Sure Let's see what Barrett's into can I go to twitter feed and enter ABC like will get into Barrett sort of Okay. So bear it is from Washington. He does not specify that state where city what do you think of it just as Washington state. Okay. Yeah. But if he wasn't Seattle would probably say Seattle. Right so it's probably like pullman or something at Barrett is a teacher. improviser and a math apologies are that a lot of people cancelling math that needs to apologize for math is he do old math or new math. Okay Rob I'm GonNa ask you a question right? Yeah. What's old Mathur New Math I think that they changed the math I don't know. My Kids are enough to know it. You change them, I don't think they've changed any math math still the same. Do you think twelve times seventy two anymore like there's a new Supposed to do it. Why was only ever able to do in my head so I don't know how you used to do it. Now I don't know I never learned how to do math I would just good at numbers. Yeah He's living spontaneously. He says Kay. We. All are Oh. Okay. So let's go through his. Let's go through his twitter feed. He a lot of re tweets. He re tweeted every text is a risky tasks when you have anxiety. Yep. So excited for my quarantine depression, my regular depression to meet my seasonal depression Okay he he tweeted it's been six months and still people are struggling with the big arrows on the floor system at the grocery store. relatable. You see a lot of a lot of. INTO ANY PLACES But you're supposed to do social distancing us was the space it out. I like I like the nowhere to say I feel I feel like I'm in candy land of like okay. I'm sites there's the green dot I'm supposed to be standing on it. Okay. Let me move to the next one. Barrett says I think I figured out how twitter works anytime I say something out loud to myself. No. One to hear I repeat it on the Internet for three likes and that's bliss and can I tell you that tweet has exactly three likes which makes me laugh nailed it. a nice tweet about you re tweeted. Okay. That's good. Yes I won't. I won't repeat it because you know the Kirsten already blue enough smoke up you know where he tweeted baby boy wants Nachos He likes not choice send Barrett. NACHOS. I don't necessarily well, NACHOS transport. I mean we we don't like mail him Nachos we like Hey Barrett. Where are you in Washington like what's the nearest? We like ubereats nachos right now That'd be funny. I mean not like ha ha funny no I it'll be a nice gesture anyway are okay. So that was the Part of something. Congratulations on being a part of the MAILBAG. We intruded and went through his his twitter Henry Maria. Barrett if you're listening Jordan Kayla frequently could use a math apologised on this weekend survivor history. So keep in touch. With he's a teacher assume that means is a math teacher right? So maybe he could be you know he could teach Jordan, the twelve year survivor offseason how to do some math that'd be fun. That'd be funny segment like a Jordan teaches George Barrett Jordan basic math henry demaria says do random season seven episode three but pretend it's always been that way and never mentioned being different kind of funny But we shouldn't read it that now it's now we we we sort of Should've tim not surprising. Took under a minute for shut up Tim to get involved here. Yes. He's ideas called who bus. Thank. Okay Robin Akiva determined that definitive top ten worse songs from great artists. No wonder bands listeners submit their worst songs from their favourite art. The problem is that you have so many artists that have like songs that are like you know the ninth track on the album's like you'd get a lot of artists were song you've never even heard of. Yeah of course no I don't think that'd be interesting at all maybe on a music podcast. That's a funny thing. But it's like to niche for you know what I mean like we don't have a great. Derek. Record with music other than the song of the sorry. We don't Eddie says brands the drag race with Becky. Building and Jean Van. Hack Woman van had earning I don't know I don't know maybe he's rebranding he's rebranding her or another question Or another question one because the panthers always the best. Learn, another question one out question when okay or Robin Akiva learn about musical theater, there is no more musical theatre Yeah I. I'm not sure I'm not sure if that's going to happen. We just got a tiny would just I thought it was like there's none but I just reloaded. There's a lot. Says whatever happened to the the whole idea Robin Akiva are a whole still has a ring to it. That's where we go on read and we just read some random on my the ales and we decide who the hell is. What happens that I guess is the question I don't think you liked it so much I think you next pretty sure. No I would do it. So it's like who's the whole? Like we go read it. I do feel like that. There is a lot of that in podcasting. Really. You know. Are. We revert a lot of people reading the Red Specifically podcast okay. I've never heard it but but that's interesting. Yeah. But we had because we had a like who we had a similar idea. We asked the listeners to submit for and when we didn't get, we didn't get interesting enough missions. It was a lot of very petty the Scott Family things that warrant super in yachting. Try Look we're that we're in our second hundred episodes like. We gotta try stuff. Yeah I'm for it If someone wants to put that together I'll put that in the waiting room. That's not. Like people are going to pull them from the current. Ta Okay and then we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. Decide I, think that's how it would work. Yes. That that official, no, it's in the whale. We will read him where my want someone to sort of take charge that when find some good ones that maybe you know have a third person on the podcasts that that gives us the example where their fresh us Kalem says Robin Akiva learn to knit possible names including get their knits out. Given a podcast or knit happens. I like Robin keeping knit a podcast, but it is not A. Audio podcast. Also, I'm the least coordinated person or if there's no way. By shoes, how the I knit yarn I don't think I. Don't think that's going to happen I. Think if you if you locked in a room and couldn't get out until I learned to knit and like you had the world's best teacher and like hundreds of youtube videos about knitting. I never get out I. don't. Yeah. So. rob explains Terminator Movies to Akiva. Or Star Wars prequels. wiggling lanes the MC you greatest team These are all from Jeremy how about this Jelly K. says during the month of October, the fishbowl becomes a cauldron ooh so far like that, and all episodes are Halloween episodes of popular TV shows. He says, for example, community is a great one. You Know Simpson's treehouse of hard. Diaper becomes a witch's hat filled with. alouine. Okay. So the fishbowl then becomes the. Hollow the or the cauldron or the Candy Ball, and then we're GonNa are is it just whatever comes up? So instead of season three episode seven I mean is there a Halloween episode of everything that's in there I'll have somebody research at this week I think most like shows anything in the fishbowl that has a Halloween episode is eligible. Okay. The one. Episode of Doogie Howser probably there is a lengthening. Early In their Halloween early edition, I can't imagine because it would be the day I. Mean it would be the day before Halloween probably. Okay. That's fine. That's funny. Yeah whatever. It is season three, hundred seven is. That it's not season three episode seven. Now, it's a Halloween episode. We do also have a October tradition if you remember rob that we watch Leprechaun every October. So I do think we're going to be watching Leprechaun three probably in October. We're watching Leprechaun three Leprechaun Land Vegas? I believe, right? Yes. That is the plan. Had A big episode episode number one hundred. Yeah. Leprechaun was one of the. Stars. Leprechaun March. No we watched it both times in October. I think, I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure. Okay. Itzak Yitzkhak has a has a few suggestions of season seven, Franklin and bash. With Mark Pau slur I think is in that one? No. He is but where? is He Franklin, or by I know we're not watching he franklin or bash I'm not sure. And Psych, he loves USA. People Love Psych. Suits is on the channel. Have you ever seen soon? It was my wife's one of her favorite shows. Yeah. Being loud. Says Rob Places for day and reunite the tell us how terrible the other person's life how are we gonNa do that right now? I think. That maybe twenty, nine, thousand, nine idea. Yeah. I use just as happy one hundred. Laura says Sarcoma suggest this already but I have to can you work sequester in somehow season three of seven episodes of Western mini? So we're gonNA talk about old sequester game I feel like there's a lot of conversation about about sequester I don't think they need us. To, help them up Sperm Whale Army Yeah says Robin Akiva do mad libs have people send in their own Apathy Med templates and youtube fill them out I. think it's pretty similar to choose your own adventure which we already have with Mike and isn't that already on the wheel Mike and Liana choose your own adventure if feels like we haven't done this podcast and like two months I don't remember anything like look through that. Is Not a lot of their there. No there's not but we do. We're doing choose your own adventure. Sort of thing. Yeah. Just for the record of Mad libs is nothing like choose your own adventure but I don't think there's enough there to do to come in those little those little books or whatever. It's a lot of I. Guess. So I guess they're both th- in little books. That both in little books what is Slam Whammo? He's you know what? Slam joke from the big. Brother podcast Okay I don't get it. I I'm not watching big brother settlers of Catan that's not a podcast, but do you place ten? A, but it's mostly because I don't have friends that would play a game with me. Right one of the Nice things about having older children is my daughter's can play grown-up. Games with my wife Yeah. Yeah Myself. My son would be would be excited to play with me but I think you need more than two people still. During the height of quarantine we were playing we're playing some games like every. We just went through like hundreds and hundreds of. Rounds of the same games that we liked Why? What's the now? the main game we liked was. Ticket to ride. We were playing a lot of ticket to ride. Can Buy you sort of like it's a little bit like risk kind of like you're taking. it's like you have to fill a train route from Seattle and so you have the whole map United States and you have to get there as fast as possible It's it's easy enough for tenure. Your kids aren't there yet, but they're not that far away. Honestly, because my my son who is your son's age can play it. So actually you're probably pretty You know he's not gonNA dominate, but he could he could figure out the game. we need a Christmas banker says the call I don't think it's time for us to write another song. Is it? Yeah, I don't think so. I want to start to think about Christmas music. You're not a big Christmas general, right? Aren't you sort of anti Christmas yeah? And I'm not I wouldn't say anti Christmas so much as I nothing. Christmas. Yeah well, that's read like to be. A fly eagles fly says Robin Akiva Watch world's strongest man Ooh I know you love sport. In all shape and size buns. This is more of a thing that we should have done when there was no. Headed athletics going on it's true. If the sports world ever shuts down again, remind US flags fly That might be a little bit more of a thirty two fans ideal chester. Also I don't know he's not. So into stuff like that Robin Kiva play taskmaster this has been suggested before by Haley strong right now it's just watch it. No I think. Yeah. But what if we played it do works now? I think maybe Haley suggested I think grey suggested a two. It's like a British game where there's different challenges I i. I think some of them would have to have an off off You know camera during the week. Yeah. I really prefer for the PODCAST I. I prefer that we are you know hosting the show as opposed to you know sitting sitting by and then like we don't really know what's going on. Yet Goldie wants us to go. to discuss an APP idea. So good news I think the plan is. We're going to talk bracket because that's a man does show Dr Mandatory Benowitz. She's GonNa come on maybe the next week for Robin Kenyatta the verdict, and then whenever Amanda comes on for that episode will do. One No that'll be the mailbag you said that's a mailbag. So that'll be the mailbag. That week is Brunell. But we've never stacked this specific mailbag with an episode before, but it made sense because a man. So the man's. Exciting spot on the wheel now. Yeah. Well, anytime you get. Dr Manner Venue. It's a can't be more exciting but yes, I agree. That's a good episode. Jessica afraid also says, why do people want play Settles Board. Games or not podcast material love board games, but You know I don't I don't know if that works. Yeah. Hear that. What do you think it would be funny if we had, we could have done I don't think we should do it now because it's not gonNa work out what are we said like the idea that gets the most likes and comments is automatically on that would be funny but. Lakes in what comments on on twitter because I see like some of these ideas like the no has been very. Liked the one that the one that people are liking is jealous idea of the fishbowl becoming a culture and the. Witness that. Okay. Yeah we're we're already in on that one I don't have a problem with that. was there any old business as we get some more tweets in that we have to? Here's here's a funny leftover idea that I'll that I'll pitch you. Okay. Okay. I. Don't see the name here. So I apologize to did not make it to the to the sheet. I think we did this password it's called Robin Akiva. Panther to Password Boulou at the start of the episode of trusted Third Party gives Robin to keep a list of five words to fit into the banter at the end of the episode. Robin. Akiva guests which wordsworth were the worst what's regular episode? Barosso. Sneaking in a few words listeners are playing one. Do we talk about that last time he did? I don't know. I think it's a little too. Yeah. I'm out. On. Blues also. Your Annenberg lose yeah. Do you have an opinion on the word Google? A Wu make you like cartoon character will be like, whoo. On that word. It's fine. Do. You think I would go. Out. At, this point is that like an eighties cartoon sites pretty out. maybe somebody saying on tic. TAC You could we bring that? Well, that could be next episode right? We're bringing. We're doing viral trend. What if the viral trend? Is People saying Guga on Tiktok can we pitch that in a call? If that's the next next thing we've ever on for I mean you can put it in the TIKTOK challenge bracket You could do think that would take off though. Just saying unlikely. Yeah. Okay Yeah I don't know I don't know Chapelle Saint Shift, and why did you say that episode of good bands bad songs would be called. Hoover's thank. Is that a great band that just as a bad song it's good question we talk showed up Tim. Yeah. Jacob Redman five different people want us to write a holiday song. We're not just musicians at will we came up with the song of the summer I took a lot of effort right? Like I don't know what what people are expecting us right hits whenever they want. Yeah. It's not a terrible idea. I don't think we need to go back to the song that was such a hit the first time. There's no real reason to go straight back. If anything I, feel like that. We should. It's very easy to get a holiday movie made. I. Don't know how we would do it in quarantine. Like pitches, a specific holiday movie for hallmark to make. Yeah. Watch the holiday movies. Honestly, we almost we're going to watch the there was a bunch of like Christmas. They're all trash. They are bad. I would watch when this haven't. If you remember we put fifteen spots on the wheel for them last during the just never happened that's how much they were trash. Here's a here's it out there idea from Kelley it's called drink talking learn. So. People come on and they make three minute slide show decks of any topic they want. And during the presentations, she says business. Is Required heckle heckling presenters allowed encourage as long as it's witty and brief Okay. So basically, they want she wants people to make. PowerPoint yes. I love this. Okay. So Beijing lovely. Yes. Here's here's what this is. Okay. This is basically we'd have to come up with whatever the name is but this is like our Ted ex okay that we have like six or seven like panelists that are gonna come on and give a five five minute presentation or or or whatever, and this is like a conference. Rene Ex. Rene, packs. Okay but is this a different than like our shark tank idea where they're pitching businesses? So here there's catching anything based. Pitching they have presentation. So. Give an example like they would say like I think you guys should get really into Japanese Manga and then explains why I don. I think that's the thing and then explains why that's cool. Yeah. Like anime. Sure. And gives three minutes on and you think that's going to be good podcast. I'm not saying it's not or it is I'm just say you're into that. I think it would be if somebody has a point. That here's my here's my five minute presentation of you know why? You know. Eating French toast every day changed my life like I. Think I'd want to hear it and the winter we have to follow. So if the French, toast everyday wins, we have to eat French. Toast every day for like a week. But maybe not necessarily that they're giving us something that they're just they're they're they're telling their whatever, and then we're also allowed to like have dancer also. You know give some weekend, interrupt them and ask them questions sure in the middle. Sure. Okay I. Yeah. So maybe Kennedy five presentations. Kelly reach out you if you want to. Run this one I like this idea a lot. It's a good idea. There's no visual Rene back. Is really good. You'RE GONNA if they have a powerpoint presentation if they have slides. By think that's vigil I think they should focus more on making an oral presentation because this is a podcast, it should be an oral presentation, but I think that they could have slide. Yeah they have a slide fun. Yeah. Better than a shoot. Eighty, two sixty. So we're calling that Redknapp ex. Backs that's a good name. Filthy says he's just here to re tweet whatever John John. suggests. Okay. If John's away from the computer right now from twitter, this is going to be brutal for him. He doesn't kill hey and ideas and right now snooze you lose it is true. You should have opened it at any point you could have had it. Yeah. All right. That was by the way that was not twitter idea that was just an idea that was hanging out from in the In the mail bag seemed seven of cash cab from Danny cash cab is. This a lot I maybe I didn't maybe I didn't delete from the last episode I don't know. Maybe this is just an old lady that's been. That's been suggested a lot this I've had one idea. That's been in the mail bag. It's just like the the placeholder. So it's been in the mail bag for two years. Okay and I've never read it and I'm going to read it right now and then the mail bag is going to be fully empty after episode one, hundred got there is nothing left in the mail bag it's just like always there it's like I never read my email g melania have to email. So kind of the last thirteen years so you having saving this like a bottle of champagne. For elite. Chamber in this one I, just never read it the first few weeks and. Just never got to a lot of build up for this it nothing great or terrible. It's just the first idea in there and it's and it's been in there for two full years. It's from a Lisa do years age like a fine wine. We're GONNA find out right now find out I suspect they don't. Well. Maybe if even if there's ideas bad that doesn't mean it was good two years ago. You at least as. Can you read various rumors on slopes, dot com and guess if they're fact or fiction, you could maybe pick from the top fifty or pick a category old wives, tales or Disney or humor where use the slopes random her some rumors fairly political controversial. But you could pick curate ones and just pick one that interest you. She gives examples did KFC create a chicken scented candle. Yes did a woman ever give birth to seventeen children at once probably with Were people selling plastic rice added of China. Those were her example. Okay. So we put slopes rumored arlene. Really. Okay. So let's just see what this is going to be like that. You think a lot of these things are going to be sort of like a political extremist takes that would. Like. Prefer. Yeah right I think Nah battling extremists back. Then it was like is this email forward Bill Gates going to give everyone five million dollars true and now it's much more like did the president actually say this thing to. The Clip, doc. Okay. Here we go. Here we go. Here's the randomized. Number one did EVA Braun say she hated seeing children separated from their parents but not to blame straight to Hitler and the Nazis number one, hundred dollars random. Okay. randomized to Hitler's wife okay. Let's see. Let me try randomize her again ever. Starting with David Braun me. Like may get something Nice like is it true? Mickey Mouse was actually an event you know like Yeah. Okay. So I think it's A cute idea it's hot enough for the PODCAST. Tommy. Yeah said my dream would be to be on LINEAPP. Okay. I think we should grant Tommy his dream. How about the WHO I think tell him he's Tommy Tommy is he's just a guy, but he's a big rap fan I. Think it's his dream. How about this? When we play. Family Feud Tommy can have a spot on the family feud prices, right. Wheel. Zillow Tommy. Zula. Tommy I oh I know I know him well. And Okay I think Tommy should come on the podcast. He never told me his dream was to be on dream in life his biggest dreams to be under think about. Prices Right he's bills fan. Now Okay he's out. He's out. He did he I think he did tell me that Yet, but he's He's he's got a lot of charisma Tommy. Yeah? I think he will be on the podcast I didn't know notice his dream to be on LINEAPP sometimes I'm like, how do you know so well? Was The guy who gave me sequestered vice in my town? Sequester guy he's he was like the first person ever went twice. Right. I entered the. Room before he was famous. Now. He's payments touchdown Tommy Tommy. Okay it's his dream to be on the show. You're going to say, no damn I say I said yes already I know I'm saying the royal you of course Tommy come on down you're gonNA you're going to be the next contests on the prices right? All right OJ June OJ's June man OJ. Maybe his name is like you know. What would be like? If you're, Jewish. Name, and then what's a good Jay name I'm trying to think. Does just basically to avoid any confusion with OJ Simpson Yeah. He doesn't want. He doesn't like people are like, Hey, are you know I'm OJ June that's OJ. You know the greatest run your handle this is an official nickname. His twitter, those at Oj, the man. Okay. I mean, what are you know are like his name is OJ Jim? Would you want from him I can say that? He wants us to rank the hundred best foods. Sounds like more thirty fans idea. Yeah that is true. If OJ Simpson wanted to come on this podcast. You'd say, no right. What did you talk about? Ranking one hundred one hundred best foods now then definitely more of a thirty, let's say we have steak and then there's like a knife and we could get very ugly I know does he wanNA talk about the incident? What like when he ran for two thousand yards against the jets and nineteen, seventy eight in the last season Depending on what is what is the topic? Why be? What's the incident? He's had a very rich life you're calling the incident. The naked gun in the crappy movie diaper. and. People. Get Mad if we if we have OJ on the podcast. I don't think it's a good idea serious interview with him. I don't think people would be mad. I don't think Oj does serious interview want money doesn't do anything for free. It's GonNa want money. Okay. All right. We're not having OJ. Don't send the email. Okay. Josh Wigley we verified reply rob. Josh. Ler Says Robin Akiva get into a fight I. Don't know this is different for most podcasts. I just liked the name That's sort of like what the the batting thing we're just arguing about stuff I. Don't know if we're arguing it's like you feel strongly about it and. Put money we mouth is. A fight with you. I'M GONNA. Fight like. I don't know too much going on I'm not get into a fight with anybody right now Yeah. A lot of people excited about Tommy's dreaming UNWRAP. People will be very excited when Tom on the podcast. Yeah I don't think that that would know Tommy be so fun to. To get into a fight. Now we got into fight I have ever been a huge fight before. I think you've been offended. Me Never. Have never been offended. Once never offend me not one hundredth episode of Seinfeld. We got through this episode with forgot we did not get through it yet. No let's not count our chickens before they proverbially managed but yeah, I do think yeah. The hundred if no, if people have never listened to Seinfeld podcast, let's say they're super nine inches inciteful. You should listen to hundred episode of that because that's like. That's an iconic Robin Akiva episode might we ever had? right it should. We wait for more tweets or should we say? that. I feel like that what are we going into the three plus hours on this podcast like At some point you're saying, we should go into four gotta get on with my day here. I was really thinking your day was like I. Know I know you say. I hate food but you know I could use a meal at some point today. Why I'll well look you it's twelve thirteen at night by the way if not had dinner, not the throw you know will that sounds like very bad planning on your part. Well. We started this podcast eight o'clock. Yeah. Why the world did you live in where you didn't eat dinner before eight o'clock. Knowing you ever. Eight o'clock you. Know because I want to rob rob I- podcast. You usually run in the morning like I. I got backload my day. So yeah, not to Brag or to you know whatever. But I don't a lot of times have a lot to do in the mornings So I, get up later sometimes. Yeah. So one time thinner. Well, normally dinner at like eight thirty. Thirty. But now I guess it's going to be first of all. I'm not GONNA have anything. There's nothing in the house my wife's cooking for Russia's Shannon tomorrow night. So it's not like I can just. Whip up something because I don't feel bad planning on your part if you're renewal. Only eight thirty and you've a podcast at eight o'clock, I would eaten dinner at seven thirty. I was horrible planning I'm starving and I'm also willing to. Part of hearing three podcasts today is figuring out when you eat. This is my only podcast. Yeah I think. Okay. So I answered Robin Akiva headed up to here. This myth Robin Kevin Durant about where we get. The most worked up at the cited by judge about a submission gets a point loser do related to one of the idea. I don't know what that means. Really. All right. Let's talk about the wheel then. why don't you take a look at? Questar the sequester people have taken over my twitter feed yeah. You're hundred of them this saying doer, an APP sequester. PODCAST. It's not a podcast they just want us to do her nap sequestered. If Alpha ll bean I'll do it. If the if the what if someone's dressed up as alf in a in a costume? and. Then we'll find out Kennedy's. It's like Oh how about this? The Mask Sequester? Okay. Everybody's in costumes. This would be a great idea audrey should get on this the. Audrey everybody's in costume and then it's like I don't know who WHO Honestly. It's incredible. Credible. The only issue is. They've pretty create anything. They've already done this like well, I'm not tracking, but they're. Seen It. I don't know they did. They did Christmas in July it's like hey. Mom. I think that the Mister robot mask is Tommy Zillow that you're gonNA. Let him win the third time like no, I am not I definitely am not ta touchdown Tom I have a question would they would they need to? By the way? His name is like I just victim touchdown Tom I don't think that's what he goes with. But that is a better nickname. I think the Thomas Tidbits, which is his twitter handle Tommy's home. That's his twitter handle Tommy's tidbits. Anyway but could bits I mean it's it's alliterative wait rob. Rob How would work with the with voices though because Tommy with for example has very unique voice. You'd know his voice immediately if you heard. Everyone using voice changers not you Know. Voice Changer. So you have to mask your voice. Yeah. How about and if somebody says, oh I think you're touchdown Tommy. He's out. That's it. No. Vote him out. And then and then he takes off his mask after he's voted out, take it off and maybe in Leon owes something freely probably in it. Well then they're going to go the together. No one's GonNa vote and every gonNA use a zoom background. So you don't know where they are. Yeah. You have to zoom back. Dollar idea. It's very good. Audrey we're giving it to you for free. Yeah Audrey is going to get the five thousand new patrons. This idea. No I think it's the opposite. She's going to get one hundred Mil. She's like this too complicated and there's nobody says is a great idea but it's also incredibly complex great idea and they should do it. There's a lot of a lot of overlap these. These people are okay well. What the heck why he said he's going to I think they're already pitching this idea in the. Thomson is GonNa, play sequester as the king cake babies. So maybe they're leaning guys. Hey, we're already on our. Season Three episode seven not yet. Call Coin Flip. Crappy. Movie Diaper People's Choice. freaky is free. The price is right PR. Firm to men's our trash choose your own adventure Robin Akiva Anita Verdict, which includes the Rene bots. that. Run up just rocket over an ideas. Yeah. Brunette biologist. Rob. I'm like. Yeah. And then it drops back at you. Yeah. It's like having another Kid Dad. Why Dad? Why? Never just tweeted EVA and name Keevil out to Yeah. I think they've already picked out there in Napa ideas yet we are I. Don Each Jewish people to get on the list Jewish people the Jewish people in the good sense of humor. Nobody got offended really that you were GonNa do good people were warning me though they set. With record eating on a podcast is not going to be good for listening. Drinking podcast. In moderation too much. That's not good either. Yeah either yeah. What about being drunk on a podcast? Are you in favor of that? Terrible. It's terrible. Always you think it's always bad for the most part I, think so okay. nobody walks away. Happy. What about what about? What about smoking weed before podcast I think that the right people can do it but I think that probably in the in the hand of the wrong person probably now gun. Sometimes they get very forgetful. Yeah. They forget where we're talking about and then and then I have to leave chester it's. Up Joking, yeah. All right. viral challenge tournament debate Shark Week spinoffs, Trash Robin keep a game show. Robert, he was spice up their lives place your bets and Rene ex are not yet eligible for the wheel. Okay. Most ideas we've ever had going. Yeah. So we're very imperative that. Rob. We should place bets on like what's the last idea from these come up and that'll be our first hundred dollar bet ooh. Okay. When you think of that ten dollar bet yeah. The I'd put that as more of moral luck based one. Okay. Yes. That is true. All right. Here we go. So let's spin the wheel as one. Oh, one. I'm excited for the next hundred. I. I think our goal rob should be the next hundred better than the first hundred. Okay. I gotTA keep getting better not worse. Let's try. All right. Well, boy we're going to really. Have a spectacular one, hundred episode because the People's choice has come. Oh. Wow, and that means three more times baby. We will have three more times and probably more controversy to follow with the always popular people's choice. So we will kick off episode number one on one with the idea voted on by. The listeners. All right. Let's spin it again. Choice number one is going to be. Shark Week. Okay okay. That's where we are going to watch season three episode seven of Shark Tank. And then we are going to then do a all listener call in mailbag. Yes. A very fun mailbag. Hey, that's option number one number two. is going to be. Okay Redknapp acts not yet eligible for the wheel. Gets an extra spot when enough I don't think. That and Season Three episode seven. All right. Let's get in that I. Usually do not do well in the People's Republic say. Yes. But it's up against another season three episode seven we just sharply. That's true. Okay. Branding on the on season three episode seven got a Ping Pong ball and it is going to be who's the boss. That is not going to win. I did get I. Did get a I got a message this week. Yeah Yeah From. And she said. The editor of the bunch of times I think with funny stories whatever she a funny. She's there could like she's she's had good submissions for previous recap episodes, and she said you both of my children. Both of my siblings are named after the children WHO's the boss. John. In, Samantha her siblings for Jonathan and Samantha Yeah and their name has them. She said I would love. WHO's the boss expert I would love to come on and to me it's like if you do the math is season three episode, seven specific like wants to have sewed has under one percent chance of being picked every week because it's one spot on the wheel, and then it's like one fifteenth or whatever of that spot. So Mike of course. Yes. Sure. Because that's never gonNA come up but she might be on up. So next week because I said yes. Okay I was happy to have her on would say, no, don't just ask about claiming seems upset seven. We have who's the boss we have shark week. What's the third one right? Let's sorry our third and final spin is going to be. What's coming up. It is. To Men's our trash. Okay. So should we go to the rejected ideas? Now we have. No, that's confusing. Okay. So here's let's well let's do this. Now let's figure out what the idea would be. Oh. Yeah. I. Didn't I never thought about that. So we're going to do that. Now let's do that now and then we'll say what the idea was. Listeners can really mess up by picking this if it's really bad but we each have a veto. So we're going to give you three options here. Okay. We're GONNA do three and we could eat veto one of them. Yes. Okay. All right. So so a number a pickup. Yeah. So I think we're going to do. Under. rejected. Anywhere do. Random number generator. Okay fine good idea. Okay. All right. So on the U. Random number generator, we are looking at a number between one and six hundred, thirty four. Okay. So cool. Random number generator. Okay. We're looking for a number between one and six, thirty, four. Okay and that random number is going to be okay for our first our first time out is going to be all right. Here we go. random number generator number one coming up. Six hundred on the nose. Okay. Okay. So it'll be something very recent. All right. You want to read it. Yes six hundred is Kiva takes rob the court. It's a court case about ROB's murder of Akiva on the Oregon trail. Okay That's too stupid. Is this your video? Do I have to decide now or can we can't we see all three and we'd decide I guess so all right. Yeah. All right. That was random number generator number one. Okay. All right. Let's go back to the well for idea number two. Here we go. Five, seventy, five, another rissole, and we're going very recent. Marin. APP Celebrity get me out of here. Okay. Explain don't got no explanation. In do you remember? What was a celebrity? Get me out of here it was like a stupid reality show. Yeah. But what do you remember the cab? Yes I do but it was like survivor like. Let's celebrities. Deal celebrities. Like Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag on it. I think Stephen Baldwin was on one. I remember Cetera. Yongle? Yeah Right. Yeah. Okay. All right. Let's do one more. Here we go. Three. Fifteen. Okay I'm only for like a regular season three, upset seven or something somebody that the listeners don't trap into. Okay Robin, Akiva have a first date one, hundred icebreaker cuisine We just did this. Will Not only do we do this? That was that pitch was think alleys pitch. For what eventually became the sleepover podcast? Yeah. Bright that was pitched an episode number forty. which makes sense because that's the episode before the live show I was that was pitched as I think one of the live show ideas. Okay. So I'm a celebrity. Get me out of here is pitched episode number eighty, four The thing about celebrity give me out of here is we could turn it into whatever we want. Yeah. So I think we should pick that and it'll probably lose. But if it if it doesn't lose, we'll figure will figure out what it is. I'm APP celebrity get me out from an APP celebrity. Get me out of here. So. What if like we? We invite like Poo Poo. The world and they're trapped until like something happens. To vote somebody out oh. Yeah. We could play like a quick survivor game or something. Yeah. So we put. So basically I'm rap celebrity get me Outta here is we start with maybe like six people and then we have every somebody gets voted out after each round and then one person stays and they get to be in the mail bag. Yes but they WANNA leave. No loser gives us five hundred dollars. Looser. Sampling agree, listen they're coming on the show got a risk it to get the business. Maybe. It's people that don't want to be there. I don't know but then look if. If people say this too many guests on a podcast they don't have to vote for that one. Don't vote for it. Yeah. Don't complain though. Will pick episode five, five. Okay. Maybe the free ideas wartime can't. Is it worthwhile to go back to episode number eighty four and try to find where you know what we talked about their. No I think we should spend given our own spin. Okay. We we can figure it out but I feel like we're not. We're only obligated to do the title. We don't you know what I mean. Okay. So you don't WanNa you'd WanNa know at this episode we'll find out if there was anything good there but I don't think. So episode number eighty, four was eddie. America usually has an encyclopedic memory for this stuff so he will tell us when he okay. So that's number three. Okay. So that's our. Say Three Again Shark Week season episode seven of WHO's The boss or Pranab celebrity get me out of here. Okay find. Interesting. All right. That's fun. Okay. All right. Now you know people might complain by the way. Rob About why what if we what if we should now if we? Here's. The deal The I two men's are trash. The idea where we go into our rejected idea ban and pick three ideas maybe will say we should have that should have been on the wheel as it's on its own, and then like you know you but I'm sick before we take the idea it's like we're trapped doing that and then what happens happens afterwards if it comes up like maybe we have too much information that we could already pick up the idea people are gonna say that no. Okay fine. That's insane. Take is the Supreme Court GonNa get mad maybe we. Wait aren't they man? This was fine. We did this perfect. Okay. Great. So I'm excited. I'll put that poll up after a show. I'll pull up on Monday. Okay. All right. there. There you go. All right. Akiva I know you have so many other podcast going on sequester. It's really it's. The once you keep talking about it. Okay. You're in this entrenched in the sequester community I. Don't think. So you're you're on fire with new guy or new girl old guy new girl yet. Ngo G. new girl who you're only doing a patron episodes of thirty two fans. Now I know I'll tell you what happened is very boring. We changed our feet over. So it is very possible. There's something I'm not sure scribe to the right feed anymore it might be you might have to refresh some how. The last episode I have is the San Francisco Forty niners. PODCASTS. No, we've done many since then many many Oh that that you really should something wrong with your feet. that. So you think the problem is is on my end and not. From the. You blame the media using pocket casts tunes using a listener IU's overcast. Every other podcast I'm subscribed to I. I don't have to do anything I just get the episodes I know, but I don't know we had a big problem. We had the switch servers. The, the thirty- fans on the same went through the same site for the first eleven years that existed in both forms But that the guy my friend Eric wanted to. You know put his put his website out of business, and so we had to find went we paid a guy. You know. So we found someone India to move the podcast over anchor and then We've had some growing pains. Long as we had each other so yet no I see thirty two podcast episode three, hundred, eighty, five nfl power after week one. Okay that's the plug. That's. Absolutely only if you listen on Apple podcasts and that means you Miss Jerry Chester Chester Dad previewing the Vikings and the browns and the Lions podcast. So. Yeah. You're missing less four. Do I need a new phone if I want to listen to thirty I don't think you should throw that phone in the garbage and then just because and then download podcasts or something other than overcast and hopefully it should be there listen is gestures fall I blame and he's going to send me the angriest email after this because I'm sure I'm wrong about something it's like no is rob's fall is nothing to do with us like all the at. When Is some problem. I usually blame the listener listener yes. Say We don't want your click anyway you jerk. Of that that's usually what I say Okay So yeah, the thirty two fans are you going to check out NGO G at some point? Yeah I feel like I'm just not well-versed enough in the in the shell to. The show it's Me Your friend Keith has a podcast. Yeah. I'll subscribe to that right now at least at least the new episodes will come right in my phone. If I do that I trust Aleve more of the things we started the pockets with anchor as opposed to migrating to anchor on thirty two fan suggestions anchors great if you start there but there's something wrong with it when you're moving there. To hear from Alex Chester Okay Yeah all right one thing I have a common at all three of my podcast subscribers yes. Yes. One thing I've been kind of in all three of my podcasts is that I'm not doing the technical work right I'm just I'm just a talent I'm just showing up and then you know telling people I don't know time shoes I this is an idea actually from. Alli. This is my birthday. This week Jolly said what if at some point but I it's funny because it gives birthday idea. Alex Chester of thirty two fans. Alley Lascher of New Girl Old Guy and Rob Sister Nino of Rene. Had A play who knows Kiva better game. That would that be funny. What on what podcast is on? I don't know that's a good question. It seems like it's a little bit of thirty two fans idea problem with of course, having an overlap is it could come up in six years from now I don't know Yeah You don't have to answer right now. Is that something that you think that's a funny idea. Yeah. I would do that podcast but a, I would only do it as a recap. Ideal. Okay. All right. Challenge thrown down to the other two PODCASTS and now asking the questions or is it like Kaya like someone? Who knows me a host? I think it's like the newlywed. Okay fine. Okay. All right. That's a good idea. All right we'll say okay. Yeah this was fun. All right. Like a estimated time check for how long it is because. I. Think it's probably going to be around like three and change not so bad. Yeah. All right a monster. All right. Thank you so much for listening. Does it get tack on an extra four minutes for the song of the summer from Wolfram America thanks to everybody who's been here along with us for the ride of these one hundred episodes. Shoutout to stevie wonder. So many of these. Tried to make sense out of everything that we've. Tried, to include in the emails. Okay. This is crazy but here's what happens is thank you. One email saying I. Think I said something anthropometric. the the Yeah. A bug by the way. Huge. Thanks Rob for today in particular we have to give the shut up. Tim and Lindsey Wilson really put the whole episode together. Yes Ngo well Oh and absolutely entered the rumble. Yeah absolutely. All right. Thanks everybody who's been here along the way take everybody a good one by. Inside. Think it's. Abbas. Arkansas. Rockets. Baby. That's On. The SICKEST BARBEQUE Gins. Guys. Soon. Get the. Body. That was part of the song. All. I just got. got. Wrong. Could be. The. Same Now on. Like An. She island. Showers. Bye. Slots. Same. Only. I'M BAGGER Losing streak that sports? ICON. Inside my shoes this point I've not. Lasting Of testing looking for hot. Body. Starts. Ringing and. Singing. Wants to try swinging. On my day. Go back inside maybe summer won't be so bad. On the only reason I was feeling so sad. I can still make this a fabulous some her. Maybe on all in all Bitam. For Me We can still be strong. Silk. Hockey. I've got. The buster.

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