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Bitcoin Bulls Fight Back - Gap Fill or Continued Doom? Is EOS in trouble or is Novogratz wrong?


New Information reveals that Galaxy digital has just sold all of their loss holdings. Is this a sign of future trouble full for the weathered blockchain or is Mr Nova Rats just falling victim to market panic. Meanwhile over in Bitcoin Wick City the struggle for market dominance continues unabashedly and unabated. What is the best setup for today's volatility? Stay tuned for another exciting episode of Breaking Bitcoin. The Coin Sir. I'm camp and low at Todd. Donna Otto and this is breaking breaking may be. Hey guys welcome back to another episode of Breaking Bitcoin with your host to Justin Wise Lead analyst and senior mentor. You're at cracking CRYPTO CURRENCY DOT com. Hopefully guys who are doing fantastic wherever you happen to be tuning in from whether you're watching us from across youtube twitch Eli facebook live or Roku with the investor your news channel APP. It doesn't matter pleasure to have us here with pleasure to have you with us here today as we break down the markets and give our thoughts and analysis on what is currently going doing on this is of course your daily source for mark update sentiment and news for traders again. We've got a fantastic show for yesterday if you want to support what we're doing here make sure to subscribe. If you're watching us on. Youtube gives us a follow shares around over there on twitch. Andy Live highly appreciated and huge shutouts. Everybody watched it on. Eli Today as we normally do going to make. Sure I load up that chest rest here in just as and boom and of course course we will be opening up that chest after the first break. We're GONNA be talking about today. We're GONNA be talking about Galaxy digital we're going to be giving you guys in update on the heck's I don't know what else to call all it token sale We're GONNA be talking about. Obviously bitcoins intraday price and market analysis. But before we do that I want to give a big thank you to not only the new members to the community by the way but to this month's crypto comment giveaway sponsors Specter security coin. Make sure to go check them out at Spector security dot co fantastic project fantastic guys and let's do as we always go into the live. Scene giveaway some crypto to a random youtube commenter get into the live markets guys. Let's get going here. We are at the brand common picker. We're GONNA load. The comments for yesterday's video was a good one. EPIC cell signal confirmed potential plunge to four K.. Heck Snapshot Thoughts and Cyber Monday. Make sure you guys go check that but if you did not get an opportunity really enjoyed doing that show yesterday. We talked about a whole lot. So so let's randomly pick a winner and it was windy. Congratulations my friend. I think this is win number six for you. I appreciate it for the support. As always and a very three steady consistent commenter you are with the very steady safe consistent Gama. Thank you so much my friend. Hopefully you have a fantastic Tuesday. Let's go to mm-hmm and we find ourselves here in the live scene guys Let's just get right into the daily scuttled but we do have a two hour. Confirm Long Signal here from the to our system right here on the lower timeframes. We are currently breaking above the point of control very hesitant to take longs in this situation but in full disclosure. I do have a long. I just opened up literally minutes right before the show Playing the potential breakout The probability on it is not higher air than fifty percent. I will grant that due to the fact that we are again all we need to do is look at the larger macro trend realized that the trend is to the downside that makes taking longs counter counter-trend by nature but again when I see that nice price action setup that I do like to see where we do. Run up to resistance in this case the point of control on the daily VP. Sv a form from that high or low above the median of that range between low and high and then go for that kind of breakout on consistent volume moving sideways again. People are going to look at this in a myriad of different wiz But it's again just a very very simple setup so that is where I'm currently positioned. That's what my that's where my head is currently now again. The only bullish thing that we have going for us right right now on the wider timeframe is the gap is the CME gap and we talked about this yesterday. This was brought to my attention again. Although it is somewhat of a mean team gaps do have a high probability to be filled with bitcoin trading. We do have to realize that again. Just as Crypto daily pointed out so single in that video that I referenced yesterday derivatives. Do I do push bitcoins price. Not the other way around our expertise markets and our CME markets do run price and as we've noticed gaps do have a high probability ability to be filled now from a larger perspective. There is not really anything quite bullish in fact The only again the only thing that is bullish is this potential. You'll see me gap and the mess. Oh timeframe price action. That's really all that we're seeing right now on today's On today's chart again we spoke about yesterday. The monthly cell signal pointing price is down forty nine hundred the weekly closing extremely bearish as well the daily not giving us a lot of hope or opportunity however again. This is another thing that we talked about yesterday on the daily Let's go to the daily here Seemed to have changed. Okay we'll just go to. BTC You actually. We can just look at it all here on the CMS and go to the daily and bring up the baseline The only thing that we talked about Yesterday was that reversal base line bounce again. The only generally the only type of reversal setups that we do like to look for on the daily and this is when price comes down to our baseline and it gives us a nice bounce off of that and we talked about this yesterday Yesterday I expected to see one or two candles upside if rather than a sharp plummet down through the baseline baseline bounce in combination with kind of the CME gap a lot of individuals trying to buy into that for that potential trade. But Monday was down. Candle do after remember that according to again the analysts in our community One popular theory. That floats around very common. Is that the direction of Monday's candle salie dictates price action for the remainder of the week. So For those of you looking to just take trades in the direction of the dominant trend again. This is Jen. Probably not a trade that you're GONNA be entering Not Looking to go along under any circumstances under any perspectives. You would only be looking to go short We can see that the trend on the Ranko charges bearish we can see that. The trend on the daily bearish is the monthly as bearish the weekly as bearish on when all of these things are perished them. We're only looking to take trends in the direction of the dominant trend direction. I think I repeated myself a a couple of times there but you guys in we cover this all the time. Cover this all the time Couple little updates here real quick before we go on the cyber Monday sale is over. I want to give a huge shot. That's all all the members who joined the premium trading group. We had a great on boarding session yesterday. A lot of guys showed up for that. So is a pleasure to introduce you guys to our community point you guys in the direction of the resources all the educational material real that we do have in our community for you guys looking forward to mentor. You guys looking forward to trading with you guys as we continue to move forward I give a big shout out to Alex Davinci closing coming out this month's PNL. I'm in the process of doing the position size adjustments. That'll be done very very shortly. And then we'll publish those results live. I as we do every single month publishing our results also to be as objective and transparent as possible with how we run our group with how we publish our results with how we share our trades with how share our education so be looking for those on twitter. We'll also be talking about them here on the group Initial results are looking at roughly individual trader myself about a thirty percent. US DP and L. A.. For the month of November. Good month for me And for the other traders Right in that same ballpark as while the finish numbers Tonight's I'll finish up that project tonight And then I'll have those results will probably talk about them on the Stream live tomorrow and will also be publishing those on twitter. Once they're done Scott does a nice job of Compiling the data and making it very accessible for you guys Website discord integration is. None I wanNA give an announcement. Obviously to the premium members. This was announced in the discord. But you guys do need to go go to the website if you are a member and log into the website via discord by December eight th th. The new system is automated. We do have a new auditing script that manages all our permissions not only to your educational content but also to the premium channels on the discord. And we do need to get all the members into the new database so that everything can be automated automated So please make sure that you go to the website and log in by December eight th so you do not experience any delays in your service. If you guys have any questions about that I just feel free to message. Judge me and I appreciate your patience and cooperation advance The new crypto currently interviewing insights video with Silvio MacAulay of Alga rand Should be out in the next couple of days. Uploaded to the Youtube Channel. Really excited about that again. Very hot on its heels are going to be a Samson Mao. My interview with Samson Mallet blockchain week and Naomi Brockwell they only Brockwell. That will be coming out as well following that. We're also going to be having obviously interviews with Pie We talked with Casper labs. We talked with Z.. Coin we talked with We talked with the BITCOIN and friends. By the way if you guys are fans of the bitcoin infringe show as I am good guys. Good people great. Shell funny as all heck and if you don't know what I'm talking about go google or excuse me go to youtube and just type within bitcoin and friends and watch that it will change your life. it's also great. It's it's funny. It's educational if you don't know the history of Bitcoin win but they pitched the show to adult swim and they had the Beta I guess premier I think it was a Sunday night. It was search Saturday Sunday morning Saturday night at two o'clock eastern standard time. So you were able to catch swim if any of the agents were up watching that when these Li- types in Monday in the tree I need to back test this yes everything should be back tested. let's see her I'll I added crack into Kudrow agr on published that on trading view by request for the premium members I will be publishing volatility. Expand her This month As well as new module for pathways to profit on the baseline it will be coming out this month. Of course there is. Everybody knows this There is if you go to the Premium Webinar series the the the educational The academy information other is of course course they baseline educational video there. And it's really I mean that that that's really the heart and soul of what you need. But obviously as we do we're going to be compressing that in compiling that directly correlate to not only the pine scripting and the Algorithms back testing that we've learned during the course but also the manual back testing just overall strategy construction that we've learned in the course as well so I wanna make sure that I correlate that also have compiled a lot of good FAQ's again. Most of those are answered in the VIP s many things that I've done And already in the existing literature that we've published in our course but It's just a good opportunity for me to make further educational videos as well as I'm going to be doing another module on Pine scripting during this month as well so really excited guys. We've got a lot We've got a lot coming up Really looking forward to To our growth and progress this month and again just continued strengthened. Profit guys. It's a good good month. Look into closeouts looking to close out December very strong twenty nineteen has been a fantastic year for us myself obviously as a traitor and for our community as a whole we've just grown and grown Introduced a lot of new guys. And you know it's just been a pleasure honestly to walk so many You know Granted more gentleman the ladies but if you ladies in in the process of creating Back tested and consistently profitable algorithms and strategies and setups and just teaching them. You know not only the psychological disciplined but the patients and mentality that is required to be a traitor and be successful in this field so I'm really excited for our continued progress in twenty twenty. Obviously we've got some very exciting things coming up. We've got the having coming up. We just need to get through this monthly cell signal. We just need to finally bought them out get an spike down to the forty nine hundred five thousand dollar region. Shakeout the weak hands and we can progress as as usual as we do need. Give me one of those by bit. Brawl sweaters actually. Yeah please yet Jason Get a hold of me man I can. I can get you all right. So let's Busy Day in the chat today as well. How are you guys doing? Let's let's say let's do a little roll call here to the Chat Mr Ether. What's trees crypto? Comedian trees. Good to see you my friend Mr says you are the product of the five people closest to you does account if their youtubers. Yes yes it is Bob Smith thank you so much sir you are awesome capricorn. Good Day to you as well We've got Marlin Marlin Jones in the house. Bob Smith says is it possible for the cost of mining one. Bitcoin too far exceed the price of one bitcoin. For how long would this be able to go on for two weeks until the difficulty adjusts dark Rico. Good to see Ya. John McAfee said the last bitcoin mind will cost seven billion dollars to mind. Do you think Goran Paste reach a seven billion dollar Bitcoin by the time the last bitcoin is mind You know I'm not gonNA I don't really have a firm comment on that. I think that if we ever reached those meteoric levels then the Matrix medium Again becomes very very very cogent to. What's going to what to what is happening when we talk about bitcoin and the global economy? Where where you know you've heard the MEME Where the gentleman is being taught about bitcoin and and he says wait a second so you mean to tell me that one day I can take these bitcoin and trade them in for lots of cash and then it switches to the other guy and the other guy says no Neil? I'm telling you that by by the time you're able to or what does he say he says I know Neil. I'm telling you when you're ready you won't have to so I think if we do get on pace is to reach seven billion dollars. Bitcoin than the term seven billion dollar. Bitcoin will not mean anything. Of course it will still be tradable against an asset. I don't think that Bitcoin Bitcoin is going to replace all forms of currency around the world. I think that it's going to be In its proper use case And when globally distributed and globally globally adopted. It's probably going to be go to store a value for final settlement. I think that large institutions or large settlements will occur with bitcoin and and we'll either have secondary solutions either. Second layer solutions very similar to the lightning network. Ore will even potentially be utilizing other Other coins Either You know that run on top of the protocol or that runs subsidiary to the protocol with Oracle's when we get that figured out You know the what the future holds for us. Technologically I don't think that any of us have the capacity to grasp how drastically the world will change if you just go back. Twenty years in human history It would be fairly unfeasible reasonable to understand cloud storage to understand streaming To understand you know mobile technology to understand you know understanding what we're starting to learn with quantum quantum physics To you know looking at singularities and artificial intelligence and You know genetics What what's happening with Crisper For example in genetic modification. That's reality that we're GONNA be dealing with with nanotechnology Looking at the act of ratification of disease looking at the act of ratification of illness must battling the aging process. All of these things are happening in a reality and so in the world of finance and money For anybody to sit here and speculate you know what is the future GonNa look like. I'm it's very similar to just what people have done. Throughout history you know we paint fantasy architectures and we paint you know doom and gloom architectures of what the future will be in it. Obviously you take your her personality and your experience and your biopsies into those projections of the future which is why you can't really get away from the human perspective in my opinion Because we are human individuals so all of our cognition all of our biopsies are all tied up in our projections the future and our analysis of the past. You can't get away from yourself which is why again I always start this way. The real path to progress the raw pathway to profit Lies in the mind lies in. Just this might sound hippy. Dippy I'm sorry that does but it's true You know one of the big positive benefits of being in our trading community or being in any trading community or having a network of friends and family that are supportive of what you're doing especially as a traitor because generally as a traitor. You kind of feel like you're out there by yourself. It's you against the market and a zero sum. I'm technically negative sum game in the form of Bitcoin and it can be very at times lonely and it can be very challenging. Psychologically specially if you haven't been taught the right way and especially if you do not have that community you need that community not to tell you like when the take along or when to take a short but to tell you that you're not a bad person the tell you that it's okay to not know what to do to tell you that it's okay that you had a loss to tell you that it's okay that You're confused to tell you that it's okay that you're panicking and just pull you back. Act Down and keep you grounded on keep you mentally say in in a good place Because that is when the best progress comes from. You know some of the best breakthroughs that I've had developing strategies. Oh Jeez is sitting here looking. Price Action trading getting frustrated and instead of going into the black hole of revenge trading or needing to to recoup that loss. That shit was a loss man. Wash that in an. There's I'm not getting that back. It's done that's over with my strategy. Didn't work in this market condition addition. I'm just GONNA wash this trade and I get up. I Walk a comeback to my computer and I go back to coding and I work on Strategy Building or mentor individuals. And some of the biggest breakthroughs that I've made as a traitor have come under those conditions. Right where I have actively chosen to go down the path of growth instead of the path path of. I'm just going to stay here and be mad and pissed off angry. Nothing good comes out of Ireland locked locked on Leonard Benghazi and my friend narrowed is again just little and you guys know what a ban so I did. Not sign off on that copy Ta Master Jay's flow field flow just radd the flow man moonshine fuel asks if I am claiming my hex. I don't have any plans to claim my personal hacks right now i. It seems that I was incorrect about the snapshot date. So my that on that one Which Kinda lets you know that I really wasn't apps? Really interested in Heck's The only one of the only reasons why decided to take a look at it because you know I saw the fervor in the community. I wanted to make my opinions on it known again. I don't see any evidence that hacks is a quote unquote scam right. The fact that you can send theory him in return for the heck's token concerns me for the the same reason that it's always concerned me for all ICO's Obviously that just creates an environment. Where fraud is possible? I don't see anything on the surface from what I have seen in understand and read about hacks that makes it any more of a scam than anything else right You know in fact. Richard Hart is a scammer right. I think that he has an honest Schill right. He's very upfront about who he is and what he does right which puts him firmly in the gray category in the middle right and not in the dark black hole of individuals that are known to just lie cheat steal and take your money and run right again. I weren't on this Gospel but I do not have any plans to claim my personal habits and for me. That's the concerns that I talked about yesterday. Right right one of the primary reasons. I hold the amount of Bitcoin that I hold in. Cold storage is to have uncomfortable funds and I have no desire to reveal my ut a-x-i-o-s blitzen associated associated with a theory and address on the blockchain on theorem You know I've taken great pains to do my bitcoin holdings the proper way as insofar as acquiring the bitcoin and and so far as storing the bitcoin and so far is not associating. Ut X. splits and that's all for my personal privacy and security and I have no desire to re undo undo several years of work To get some free x right in fact and again I I. I said this yesterday again for the same concerns. If I were to get hacks I would most likely send a theory of tax write. I'm not recommending. Anybody does that. I haven't done that but at the same on the same table. I'm not saying anything negative about. I don't see anything negative about it. I actually think it's Kinda interesting right like it's a very in your face. Bladen pump a mental built into the coin. Let's pump this shit to the moon. Let's all get rich. And the dudes are being honest and open about what it is. And what is designed to do so You know could it be the biggest. Take your money and run scandal. Absolutely could Am I not participating. Because I'm overly concerned about that. No I mean if I were to participants accede throw like a you know throw a small and you know like one percent or something half a percent or something of my portfolio in new. It's you know it's the moon shots. Heathrow your moon shots in an effects is your moonshot more power to you. I don't have anything actively negative or positive to say about it to be quite honest. What do I use the one second Ranko for scalping trades on the lower timeframe so ranko is not time based so the only only reason why Ranko is on the one second chart is so that I can calculate the lowest tick data right so ranko only changes if price changes so so You just want to set it to the lowest possible parameter to get the lowest tick value now since I have the premium plan for trading view. I all the way down to the one second chart. which is the best right if if you're looking at Ranko determined trend or if your trading ranko whatsoever you want to have it on the lowest tick value whatsoever as you can see Ranko has not changed whatsoever. In fact it's it's had to red bricks here for about two days so ranko doesn't move and less price moves it's not time based The only reason again why I said it down to the lowest possible timeframe is so I don't have to wait. Correct code updates if price moves right so if you for example if you have ranko set to the hourly Chart Ranko won't update until an hourly bar closes but if price moves within that one hour span enough to give a signal on Ranko then you're GonNa miss that signal so you want to start Ranko to the lowest possible setting setting that you have always Naomi Brockwell is a boss. Yes she is. So Bob Smith again. So Bob Smith. I'd recommend recommend that you go do a little bit of reading on how Bitcoin Difficulty Adjustment Works Something that we've talked about for awhile now. Is this indicator right here. which is Hash Ribbons? We are actively in a period of minor capitulation right now so this indicator right here the hash ribbons indicator this monitors win difficult or excuse me when daily Hash rate falls underneath adjusted. Ask the difficulty level. meaning that minors are unprofitable and weaker. Miners are having to sell excess. BITCOIN To be able to keep their operations afloat. It can take two weeks weeks to a month for difficulty to properly adjust difficulty adjust dynamically every two weeks But we've noticed historically as every time this this is the tenth signal and bitcoins history. History that we've gotten an almost with the exception of one signal has always led to a violent capitulation violent capitulation of the downside. And this lines up very nicely. I just got a little spit on my mic. This lines up very nicely with the monthly cell signal that we just got on November's monthly close with our with our Quiz Rigo Stop and target system pointing down to forty nine hundred so I am definitely of the macro opinion that we are quite quite bearish the we will break down on this level that is again as all things market is dynamic. NAMIC that is subject to change we could have bottomed out again. We got the capitulation signal off right here on the on November nineteenth and we had a very large moons announced. This could be the local bottom You know some other things but next funding has not spike significantly to the downside Some people are considering this funding spike to the downside. An outlier and one thing that we've noticed is when funding spikes dramatically in one direction. That's often accounta- reversal signal But it's not very clear at this point in time because it's it's not if you zoom out it's not a dramatic outlier So for me the most important thing right. Now we're just the monthly technicals giving US overall direction And then anything that I'm managing As far as trading is being done right here and through. PTP My daily scan of the markets With PT structure. which you guys can see over here but again You know very you know just just full full disclosure All my my my entire my entire position is fully hedged ought to the downside. I am cash based neutral. So that means I can take traits the upside right now. I can take trades to the downside aside the funds that I have on by but available for trading or hedged. This is where agency usually chimes then to tell me that I'm crazy Z.. Jiji in my friend and I didn't I Apologize Mr Smith. If that came off disparaging I was like e need to go do some more. We're fucking research broke free. Come on my life stream asking questions. I didn't mean it that way whatsoever in fact thank you for the question. They were great questions. I love the opportunity to kind of just share my opinion. My thoughts mine. Alice's is this on the entire situation. ACDC says Hey Justin you are the most trustworthy streamer in the BBC space. That I know well thank you man. Richard Hart says there are at least four drawbacks of BTC as a true. And where can I find documents on this issue. Thank you you know I mean. There's a lot of drawbacks of BTC. Obviously you know and it just depends depends on what your overall perspective is You know like for example. You know If you if you really feel that the public blockchain should not be public than that's a privacy and security concern for you You know there are issue you know again we can go back to that old tired scaling debate which you know for some people is not old and tired for some people. That's a that's a hill to die on right. Obviously we the entire community split. That's why we have bitcoin cash. What's come out of that? Catastrophe is the Craig right disaster. Bitcoin S. V.. And now you've got a horde of idiots running around thinking that's the future. And maybe they're right. Jack said it very succinctly the next block is going to be one hundred years in the end of the day you have to pick your ponies and ride with a man you know and riding with Bitcoin for the last three years. Nothing's fundamentally changed on. You Know You oh you do a lot. Your head. Space is a lot better if you just you know just keep it simple man. Just keep it simple bitcoins. The most liquid asset. You know I'm able to make a very comfortable living trading bitcoin and trade in the CRYPTO currency markets You know I've added other asset classes into my strategies as well which allows me to be more diversified in. I've been very disciplined in my approach to financial frugality and savings Over the past few years and built myself a dividend stock portfolio that pays passive income income. I've been very frugal and patient and setting money. Aside and preparing for a market downturn and actively adding ETF negatively correlated indexes to my portfolio. Folio as well So that I am hedged short as well on my on my positions in the market in traditional market so scaling You know the law of diminishing returns as potentially something here the I'm not familiar. I'm not I'd have to like look them up and pull them up to two like directly respond or comments on the four drawdowns that Richard Hart specifically cites the I mean depending on your perspective. There's all kinds of drawdowns but for me it's very very simple. The reason why you know again full disclosure I got involved. Bitcoin for the gains stayed for the philosophy and You know for me you know what really really sold me. Man was the UNCON- the the reality that confiscated that they solved the problem that it has the network effect of being the first crypto currency. That it has some of the best development it has some of the best you know. The best community is around Bitcoin Although at times it has gotten a little toxic in the community is different different from what it was prior to two thousand seventeen absolutely. I've talked about that before on the stream and again that's largely the result of the universal. BITCOIN UBT Steve. We've And big block argument Split Debate Kind of toxicity that got into the space and started in two thousand sixteen to be quite honest with you and just why I mean it was always around. It was always round since since early days if you go back and look to bitcoin talk but really came to a head in two thousand sixteen and then obviously we had segue and then He had bit by bit. I think it was eighty. One the the the kind of game theoretic stig to force minors to signal for Segue and that resulted in the B. C. H. Split and now it's become kind of a carnival show as far as that that goes but the coin is just continued to charge on pronounced. And it's got against getting more institutionalized is getting picked up by more firms is getting picked up by more fun just getting picked up by. I'm more endowments it's it's gaining market traction and what's happening to the age I mean am I incorrect or did like finance dealers that I don't know you guys tell me yesterday. Somebody Bought Sixteen Thousand January twenty puts at nineteen eighty sold half today at thirty to sixty caboodle. That's a quick quick. Get Rich Man Davinci. Good morning to you my friend. Thank you wally. Yes for the Bonanza among that is not technically every two weeks it is every two two thousand sixteen blocks yeah and of course the names also Kuhlman bitcoin. All right so it is twelve thirty five. So let's slide on over to the theory theory of market real quick. Do we see anything over here for Mr Theory today. Two hour long signal from Mr Theorem as well on on the previous to our close very similar to the setup that we actively took on bitcoin right now again You know larger trend remains bearish just the interesting thing. Is this kind of same activity here. We do have the sweep of the previous. Vs lows right here funny enough kind of running up into this VPS vetoed It's where we ended up body out and we have this nice charge up to the days. Point of Control. Consolidation at the point of Control and consistent volume moving side was very similar to what I kind of pointed out and talked about here on bitcoin already again it is absolutely a counter. Trend Signal is absolutely training as the dominant trend and again less than fifty percent chance of a working. But it's the setup for the day wreck magic the cracking Let's go take a look at take a look at the other major today. So we'll come back to the seamy gap chart and I think kind of Emoji that we WANNA put here gentlemen. Let's just put a power button here so again. Just being very very consistent with us that that refill of that seamy gap is for me a beautiful entry for a short to retest of lt off. re-test of supply and it is consistent with the monthly cell signal. So we'll see we'll see if the museum holds true. That's the literally the only thing that's the only larger perspective thing that's bullish. And then obviously we just following intraday momentum. Let's see her. Go take a look at our other majors here today. Not really interested in trading by payers Again not only because of the the the competition. But so here's Bitcoin here's Yaas again. They just absolutely the same notice any difference here with very slight nuance wants instructor. Reactionary bounce announce off the bottom. We'll see if we get another baseline bounce after the pullback and that's pretty consistent for almost all of these pairs so very similar to what I talked about yesterday Just kind of have to pick whether you want to trade bitcoin or theorem generally theory moves on higher volatility. So you just Kinda have to pick the pair. Obviously the timing entries and exits are GONNA be slightly the different for each pair. Thank you so much my friend. Can I check. Det Not Mr Davinci absolutely android iffy. Thank you so much for the subscription my friend so let's look at D. N. T. U. S. D. so DNC USD has basically basically been like grabbing a stable coin. Right now Over the last week it has held its value very very well And again you know very similar to bitcoin price actions we can see overall tracking the US devalue. You know obviously if quite depressed prices at a very big pop up in value twenty seven percent increasing in dollar all our value. Just holding on to Your D. N. T. on this day so this was a beautiful day for DNC. You know highly volatile here. I mean we're getting like twenty thirty percent swings in its dollar value day today Let's see your overall good man Overall good above the baseline makes about zero line and above annoys above the dynamic. Zero slater price above the baseline. What Atari explosion is bullish? Got A rising explosion level on today's candle with little falling momentum so a little bit of a weaker signal but overall this doesn't look too bad. I don't really see any strong breakout. I mean the only thing here that is kind of interesting is the fact that we at this kind of blow off bottom sweet for liquidity. You know again doesn't mean anything. The big big big again. Yeah that's just the volume spike to the episode can be positioning. I always liked district and I always like district X. Docs X. RPM server stable Quinn and ice movement there from from its value as well L. on holding that value relatively well so it doesn't necessarily look extremely bearish You know I don't really like bigwigs like these cause it just seems like they're very very hard to get over But we can go kind of look at something like obviously dvd which we actually traded. You know big wicks and then now we can just see like we get we get secondary attempts backup. You know. This isn't maybe the best example. This doesn't look quite the same Obviously all the okay. Oh Queens have been pumping lately look at Matic. Maddox not really good example of this either. What's the only one that hasn't been pumping harmony? Only one that really hasn't been tracking along as well as harmony. It's been a little bit weaker. But Fetch Gotcha. I same thing matic. What about around L. Rhonda as well L. Ron Given a nice little by signal on the daily right here The DNC for you did catch. I got nothing for you really Davinci. I hate these setups men. It's hard for me to pick something out of this. The trades that I grab like the. Here's a good signal right here. Caught that movement can't short it so I don't really see anything in here that I would have grabbed. I wouldn't have entered into this candle even though of course it's a Bush signal. Yeah I think from the larger perspective and this is GonNa have to come with the larger coin market. You know it kind of looks similar to a lot of these where we do have a consistent level of resistance you can see it with. VR is well. What in the future? We're going to look back on potentially refer to as either are accumulation zone if price breaks up above. You can kind of see this barrier resistance that I've tried it out for us here which is where we have sold often to or it's going to be our Overhead resistance that we were unable to break above and this was a redistribution zone. If we check back in six months and the chart just continues to move down because that is an absolute possibility So really looking from the Macro Chris Gayle looking for that broader breakout. I don't really have anything for entertainment. I don't really have a strong opinion on this one during mountain ice. Jay says he finds it ironic. Bitcoin being used this way. Was it not an attempt to get away from people that meltdown financial systems like day traders of massive leverage. While I definitely I don't think it was day traders that melted down the financial system That was more actually a structural scam of selling absolutely the highest the highest I highest risk investments and repackaging them as great a securities and Simon Pension Funds Endowments But you know. I think that people who have that idealistic idealistic view of what Bitcoin is or what it was intended to do. It was developed to be sound. Money was developed to be uncomfortable money. There's nothing in that kind of contract or ethos or philosophy that prevents it being speculated upon speculation as an absolutely necessary part of any capitalistic market of any free choice market. You're going to have speculation. liquidity drives price price drives emotion. Emotion drives buying buying drives adoption. So you know I I actually view you what I do quite positively But you know I guess it just depends on one's perspective but if we want bitcoin to be globally adopted opted. WHAT GETS PEOPLE TO BUY BITCOIN and get involved in the community when the price goes up? Who makes the price go up speculators? You're welcome just color. Theme is called. Tim Burton go. Bitcoin Gold Bitcoin go. Oh the smell. Sorry in like six computers up in this place then that song as Whoever's by up right now wherever's pump and Tassos I hate you I mean that the nicest way possible the she excellent man Davinci? You're killing at my good friend. You know what I like about. Davinci trades is that he doesn't take trades doesn't take a lot of trades Davinci for those guys who are watching is one of our senior analysts. He doesn't again again depends. I've seen that Dude Day. DETROIT DETROIT Patriot but he grabs great old coin positions and locks in their US devalue great great addition to our team British nor team. While I'm going to stop buying that Tasman Houseman. You're really messing with my money. Right number personal. I'm GONNA give Midwest attempts to Ranch Midwest number wrench. Nobody ever tells me these things. Monnet power our up man. It is twelve fifty one We're GONNA come back from when we come back from the break we're going to Open up that chest Mommy's over there on d alive my not getting okay there. We go thank you so much for the world how they appreciate it my friend okay at discord discords. The only one that I'm not getting I'm GonNa have to fix that Web Hook. We got a lot to talk about. We come back in the second hour guys. I WANNA be talking about whether the blockchain's in trouble or not going to be talking about China picking winners and losers. We're going to have an update on Heck's because you know what I do is I look at the blockchain. I look at Cui Bono. Where's the money going and heck's brought in about two million billion dollars over the last two days and that money has moved now again? Please educate me. I don't know if that was blatantly. said that hey we're gonNA take the money sent to the smart contract tracked address and immediate withdraw immediately withdraw to a separate theory address that has no other previous inputs on what seems to be like absolutely no automated scheduler system system. It just seems like Oh. Wow there's like thirty five hundred thirty in their pull it out. Oh another fifteen hundred. Oh pull it out saying those are the things look at. Let's go bitcoin. Thank you so much for the ten dollars super chat my friend he says. Can we take a look at USD on coin bass pro please and then it will. It'll be in the BTC if you feel like it and if you're handing out wrenches Jonathan says I missed the first half. Should I buy at the top of the candle downturn like I normally do come on Bro. You've been wrenched Johnny. That line is much art. Seventy three eighty six. So that's where I'm going to take a little profit and then seventy four twenty. which is the to our exit signal? which is the to our sorry TB One and then we'll kind kind of reevaluate. You know. Keep in mind if we again stick. Look at the mess. Oh time for him. You know we are coming up into into a treacherous area but the lower timeframes looking pretty good. We consolidate a read a V. wop consolidated rider and eat the point of control in the sisal break. We've seen the point control shift up shift up shift shift up shift up which is good to see. It's good to see Kevin seen a big volume spike. Denoting a top either guess MARKUPS come on big volume spikes big violent moves big take profit candles and if you if you don't see those and the markets choppy and rangy then you don't really need to flip your position you can. But generally the spread read. The ads is going to be pretty small like just scalping the range it's generally not profitable unless you have a bought and then you kind of have to like the like literally plug your server right next to Mexico server or buy bits or whatever platform. You're you're Ju. Trading on scalping is not profitable for a parabola traitors you just wait for the opportunities -tunities Gus EG moves come after big volume spikes can see her that we've had a shakeout of the shore of the long's a shakeout of the shorts reconsolidation things look fairly bullish right now on the on the mess. Oh time for him. Libra not libra tells us for Mr Wally for we go to break when we come back so I do not like the look at us right now Two days ago we got confirmed a short signal on US right here breaking down below the baseline. SECI'S ACI's been negative since over here. This is the candle that see. See I told you to sell on I. You can obviously short self has us on finance so just saying And this looks like a reversal baseline bounce. We've already had a reversal baseline bounce fake out back down to the direction of what I think is the new trend or the potential breakdown and now we're back testing the baseline as resistance mingka's below zero an crossing below the zero line as well what Atar explosion has flipped bearish and the CIA has remained below zero for For a minute and again you know we had this nice blow off top you know. Is this reaccumulation before another drive up on a macro scale a potentially. I don't really see that at this point in time. We'll see if I'm wrong on this one but I think the trade right now is to take the downside and look for a break this range other than that. We don't have a lot of data not from coin bass pro. He bits connects you believe a little bit more market data here weeklies actually not too bad you gotta weekly by signal here Did you buy signal. No you had to wait to that. Big Old dumb explosion on the weekly really has not moved in your area but the weekly would still have a long trade so yeah. Potentially we still have that that weekly macro bear bullish trend daily looks fricking ugly though volatile. Though I feel like that meam I show it to you when I come back. You get your phone number. Those damn call lists. I've had three today I. I don't know man try different carrier. Never I get a Google hangouts number and only sign up for stuff with Google hangouts number. Google voice number mean. Someone's I bought. Yes we camp about right next to their servers for one five microseconds latency. Now all you gotTa do is get away from the thirty second latency. That's directly built into the web based platform so you gotta be trading via API and you can really get that latency downhill you. I'll I'm sure that's real man. If Wally holy says that that's latency they get. That dude is the master of bonding. You know wally. We're GONNA take a quick break my brother when we come back. I'll take a look at PNB for you and then we'll dive into the news. How's that an will open up that chest for the guys over there on delyth? Thank you so much for your continued patronage and watching. We're GONNA have a fantastic second half back of the show. We're going to have a quick word from our friends over at by bit's GonNa take a brief commercial break so I can go restock on water and the subsidies don't go anywhere else to this Jason when he first learned about bitcoin margin Arjun trading on bit mix This is Jason six months later after signing up for bid with the cracking crypto currency referral. Parole Inc found in the description below. They don't make the same mistake as Jason sign up today at Vibe it. DOT CRACKING CRYPTO CURRENCY DOT com. Alert Yeah and Yeah UH Yeah take a Welcome back guys all right so we did WANNA take a look at the I the D Lyons over there little chess distribution. I do believe while that is warm enough. Let's put the NBA Chart. The chart. Looks good man. I am currently long on Bemba. I took a two conference reversal setup on Bemba Think that was would have been asked several days ago now I am just now coming back into the profit on NBA here was the com signal to cough signal closed. Above the baseline and Dodgy candle that's is price action analysis and makes crossover right. Here means crossover right here. A little baby abolished but that didn't really factor into my analysis. One way or the other really this week I was kind of keeping my eyes on that overall Bemba's Goodwin and is a pretty good price appreciating asset strong an a pretty strong downturn while these lines are on my chart none of anything to me to be quite honest with you. The only one that I thought was interesting. Oh look at that if we if we do it logarithmic. It's different now lines are silly. I drew this line to highlight appoint. No you can draw another line now. Lines are silly. Price doesn't care about your lines But you know just overall I think Ben Bullock's good. I don't think it looks pretty. Well come down to a level of demand. Let's take a look at BBC are what to you on air and silly a little much This isn't super helpful as Alex would say we gotta drive back up in the point control might take profit targets are a little different looking up two thirty initially to thirty but we're not quite therefore signal yet for a proper pt signal so Let's see here. We need obviously wanted flipped bullish. That's GonNa take a while. See is getting back into Bush territory will get a confirmation on the next candle if we get a nice other bullish. Candle up here which we probably will if bitcoin doesn't break out if bitcoin remains sideways and doesn't actually give us that Nice. Bold beautiful breakout. They're looking for. Maybe it's born with it. Maybe it's just shop type situation all right. Uh thank you again. Men highly appreciated. Hopefully that was helpful. All right guys. Now we're GONNA be talking about the US we're GONNA be talking about Galaxy digital we're GONNA be talking about China. We're going to talk about all the stuff so if you came for the news now is the time guys. Let's get into today's crypto currently segment in our first story today so it appears from the information that we have but we have bad news for the smart contract. Blockchain in your house and that bad news continues to mount so galaxy digital's Q.. Three figures show that the fund the very popular meam Galaxy Digital Mike No Regrets Fund has sold all of its Yaas Holdings since the launch of the US may not. The blockchain has been plagued with several issues that only only seemed to get worse and worse and worse although the same could be said of many crypto projects which starts to wane and prosperity as they under deliver over and over and over again. Am and the US is notable as a top ten crypto by market cap that famously raised over four billion billion dollars during during their ICO now has a delegated proof of stake model and that has run into trouble as well with lack of voter participation on the network combined bind with known vote-buying fraud and this has led to a centralization of Chinese blocked producers being described as a cartel centralizing yaas validation nation and infrastructure predominantly in the China geographic region of the current crop of block producers are being accused of being indifferent to the US ecosystem. Go system and our fight on our in our failing excuse me to take effective role as shepherds of the network as DOS. System was intended to herald in now now he also has also seen a slew of developers and they're decentralized application projects leave or planning to leave the blockchain with the latest wave of network congestion ingestion troubles now IOS users are excuse me offers its users free transactions and. It doesn't do this and it does this excuse. He's me in a unique way to manage allocate network resources categorized as Ram and CPU on the network and these resources function very similar to gas. Ask on the Athenian blockchain now implemented a resource exchange called racks R. E. X. That would allow network participants particularly DOPP projects Decentralized projects to borrow additional Ram or CPU or network resources as they were required for their decentralized application development now starting with the Idaho decentralized application in October several smart contract several smart contracts have begun showing up on us us that are abusing wrecks and leading to severe network congestion. Idaho for instance allows users to mine. Idaho Tokens using using their unallocated resources. Now users began to leverage rented network resources via rex to help mine even more. Ida's leading to a major drain on available system capacity and causing headaches for projects and decentralized applications otherwise running on the blockchain potentially potentially more legitimately now last month one of the leading gambling DABS Yaas bet sent an ultimatum. Threatened to leave if the network congestion issues were not addressed Karma A social media decentralized application announced more recently that they are leaving four competitor blockchain lacks the perspective The prospectors game. AM is also planning to launch on wax. Now the community is growing exacerbated to say the least with the latest class of block producers. There's running the network being partially blamed for being too passive and not making network health a priority Dan Larimer. CTO and chief developer block one which manages the project and Code Base recently came out to address the issue proposing a new resource allocation model aimed at combating the network congestion plague quote. The single. Biggest complaint is that. CPU is too expensive and that is to unpredictable in terms of how much CPU band with you get At any given time end quote larimer explains in his proposal now he added that the CPU rental market I e Rex. has become speculative accurate and as a result. Many people cannot commit enough Yaas to reserve CPU. Now the problem has become so bad. That even theorems vitality beautyrest beautyrest chimed in suggesting yaas considers implementing charting to solve some of these issues as eighth two point. Oh is currently moving towards charting putting and proof of stake to address its own scaling problems with ers price currently flirting at all time lows community sentiment in its current state of depression and now even word of Nova `grats dumping Galaxy digital's entire Yaas position does the es blockchain blockchain find itself in serious trouble. Or is this buying opportunity when I know you guys thoughts thoughts on this. Leave them the comment section below if you're watching this at a later breaking Bitcoin bits. Or if you're with us here in the livestream give me the opportunity to hear your thoughts on this. What are your thoughts on? Es Are you aware of these issues that tell you anything new. Did you learn anything from today's segment. And based on these based on this information does your trendline still matter for the world having another big win over there in the chest graduations. My friend and our second story comes to you. Guys with our thoughts and opinions on the China in a situation as it evolves with respect to blockchain development and blockchain allow men now. China seems to be picking winners and losers users in the crypto space with a recent analysis of the Chinese crackdowns on exchanges. Suggesting some operations are getting the government's Blessing O. K. E. X.. In particular is trending today after its appearance on Chinese State TV overnight according to Matthew Graham. CEO of Sino global capital currently currently following the China file says both Wabi and okay. Ex will see more favorable acceptance and are being granted some form of institutionalization in China while finance and other international exchanges are said to be getting shut out. In mainland China and smaller Shadier our operations such as M Z and Biki currently operating in China are getting shuttered or actively having their operations run out of the country altogether I reports in recent weeks of Chinese authorities launching a wave of crackdowns and rating the offices of crypto exchanges raised fears in the community that all domestic exchanges in mainland inland China would face the wrath of the authorities and now turns out that the most hostile attitude was given to small-scale largely unknown operations abundance which was caught in the recent tobacco for now remains cautious on reentering mainland China and offers it services to the international market primarily Chinese trading remains relatively active. Okay he still carries about five hundred. Twenty eight million dollars in daily trades with days above one billion dollars an inactivity. The exchange also carries one of the most active derivatives markets recently launching tether settled Futures Hobby reported five hundred. Seventy three million dollars dollars in volume also down from their peak activity however of course the exchange has been instrumental indie recent spike of doozy Azam for trading. The market also absorbed absorbed some of the hall of the Plus Token Scam. So let's all have a moment of silence of gratitude for the lobby exchange absorbing the immense dance selling pressure from the fall out of the plus token scandal which we've covered before on the show as another fundamental bearish signal now. Hawaii will also push just to become a tron super representative joining a project. That also seems to have a favorable status with the Chinese government. So that's off. The Justin Sungai definitely knows how to market now. China's stance on crypto projects has been fairly hard to read for the infamous Bitcoin rollercoaster. One can just watch you know. Oh did China Ban Bitcoin again Mixed messages coming from Pie while the plus token scam was allowed to run for months before authorities finally moved in Now a similar newer scheme. I'm the cloud. Token is currently active and growing in China as well the exact same thing. It's a scam. China is also developing another government backed body to organize selected. Companies Interested in crypto related services the blockchain based services network the B. B. S. N. Alvin acronym will be a state-backed body comprised of mostly larger scale local companies among them. Who Abbey will be the leading exchange? That's the kind of the blind leading the blind over there and John. Now Hawaii in particular is quite specializing. socialising exchange as the exchange is still based in southern China with no major intervention from authorities to date while the other leading Chinese exchange. Okay he acts does not operate directly in China instead it does choose to base its operations in crypto favourable Malta. Now according to MRS W on the Hobby Exchange has managed to survive in part because of its distance from the capital suggesting in out of sites out of mind approach to the prevailing Chinese authority. The crackdown on some of the smaller exchanges. However may dampen Chinese enthusiasm for trading? One thing is for certain however much of the crypto community. Many of the Crypto community participants Hang their hopes on China to lead the way in the development and adoption of crypto currency. Projects the government's warnings the government's potentially warming stance to the space even if it comes in the form of regulation or even centralized economic planning which is most likely the situation seems to be a largely positive takeaway from most of the observers. Who are commenting on this situation? And now your thoughts as this more China China Fudd. Does this China thought even matter. I'm going to argue absolutely that matters. Sentiment drives price sentiment. It drives price. And what is happening over in China not only with their schedule Central Bank digital currency not only with the trade war that only with the I would argue at this point Cold War between the United States and China and Economic Cold War. Everyone a place him It is one of the fountainhead issues of our time. As one of the fountainhead issues of our time and China is in a position very similar to the United States where they can significantly making massive impact on crypto currency market and community and development and adoption depends on the year. It depends on the decisions that they make. Jack says as a longtime fan boy I am also a bit worried and thinking it's time to dump and go full es tarde. Mt Not Corner Literally just told me Yes for. Bitcoin Zulu says thank you not a clue that gas was in deep shit a possible buying opportunity after the shit really hits the fan five years from now only four to six coins will be in the top ten. That are now there to Yasser can be one which screws up. I hope that it doesn't now our final story today. We're GONNA be talking about backed. You guys didn't chicken out of that long on just now. Did you now. On the topic of backed backed physical. Local delivery was said to be a game changer when the backed exchange was announced with many speculating but it would lead mainstream traders and institutional investors to join the Bitcoin community holders and believers themselves however recent data suggests that this belief may have been a little unfounded unfounded with most backs backed futures traders preferring to roll over their contracts before expiration apparently the desire to own an actual. BTC even if it is in back custody was not a significant as once thought a recent analysis shows that only act fifteen gene only fifteen one five. That's not fifteen thousand fifteen hundred fifteen five more than ten actual. Bitcoin were delivered in October with most most of the futures choosing to be rolled over onto the next contract now backs peaking open interest seems to reflect a growing appetite for traders amongst our institutions uh-huh but despite institutions and professional traders being able to buy and store bitcoin easier than ever it seems back is not currently being utilized for that purpose and is becoming. The it's become fairly apparent. That backed is by no means a direct tool for physical adoption and while the launch of backed was seen as a good alternative live to an ETF which by law must own some of the underlying asset even private operations such as gray scale capital and the gray scale bitcoin trust GBD's Z.. Have struggled to gain traction. That's not unusual for futures markets not to take physical delivery and instead choose cash settlement even for gold futures backed act itself will expand with more cash futures through ICY Singapore. The coming days will also see the first launch of options on future. This is huge. This is huge options. Sion's trading is the most popular type of trading in the United States. This type of price speculation is removed even more more from the original asset and does not depend on ownership of course now some see the rise of backed and other futures and options markets as creating paper Bitcoin and in effect it creating the scenario to expand the supply artificially through fractional reserve lending methods a danger in throughout we've covered prior on this channel now while Bitcoin coin would see more speculation in terms of dollar inflows the money would not reach actual bitcoin. Holders or traders speculative apparently spot trading of Bitcoin in Fiat is actually rather slim with most of the spot market trading depending on the tether stable coin USD now now options and futures are currently all the rage in the space again derivatives Dr Price with many exchanges looking to expand their offerings so physical delivery at a time when most traders keep their holdings permanently on exchange may have had its demand over estimated and it cannot go without stating that this is exactly why proof of keys every single year. Ladies and gentlemen proof of Keys Guys WanNa have have the power of the community the power of the individual trader the power of the individual holder over the exchange. You need to exercise your right to proof of keys and we need to would be very cognizant of not your keys not your coins utilize leverage not to gamble utilize the ability to access margin on on your derivatives exchange which most of us are trading on. Because he wants to not be able to go short on Bitcoin. More in a bear market utilize your ability to utilize margin responsibly and effectively effectively. To keep the majority of your crypto in cold storage. Where it belongs and you can send a small portion of that to the exchange and continue to take proper upper position sizes relative to your actual equity with the proper risk profile utilizing margin not to take ten thousand Senate Senate to buy bit and take a million dollar contract not to take five thousand the Senate to bit Max take a five hundred thousand dollar position? Dow Ten Thousand Dollars Take Ten thousand dollar positions on by the only have to send three thousand there all right. That's the proper use of margin and that does ask cover our new segment for today. Thank you guys for joining me for another crypto currently news segments interviews and insights. Please let me know your thoughts in the chat in the comments section Gumbo. I'm reading it back in the price and that's the last half our show. You guys know what that means I see death cross on the four hour charter. BTC See I do not for. I am not looking for our across. I do not know if I should. What the fifty in the two hundred Fifty one hundred. Aw Aw simple. Moving average cross uh Almost almost a four hour signal. Do you have a to comp Ashley. Now we got a four hour signal to go along with over here one con over there. You're and RECOM- rate here. Oh my dear Lord you got some you got some. You've got some advanced moving moving. Averages mustard no. I do not have six month and five year. Moving averages are in no way. Do I mean that to be Deborah Katori but no that is not factoring into my trading or my analysis at this time big move incoming when I get thrown out of my apartment. Why did that activate tonight Google? Thank you interesting odd. Well Luckily for me I do not live in an apartment. I do own my own house so I'm going to have to try really hard. Government came and kick me out the House got McCabe even stole my baby to screw. The Pooch men worked very very hard to find stability galaxy. Let's see digital also sold three million dollars. Three million of their sixty four million wax while the cost basis of their Yaas position was forty eight million and that's the same as the value of their entire bitcoin and ethereal moldings at the time of q four two thousand and eighteen. Just went whole hog Aw Go so. Here's a tweet. From what does he got a bloody head this really. It's just a bad but few trade in this whole interesting very humble guy. Yeah From bill do the system. uh-huh Yep so this was tweeted on the twenty second of May two two thousand and nineteen. And he's like man. We didn't sell our Yaas. We are a large older of Yaas Tokens and then when they published their Q.. Three financials they sold all their. Yes Tokens thank you so much big finance all thank you for never changing stocks crypto. It's the the same then. I know that my chat speed is off by twenty seconds so that has nothing to do with me sir. That all youtube because over on D. Live there's about five five seconds lag. Hey crypt Tonia is late late to the party. Can I rewind and watch from the beginning on D. Live. I don't think you can but you can't do such a thing over on youtube by friend. Zulu crypto server says took profit from. Yeah well they they got in at the ICO they invested in the asset the ICO so they I mean literally if we go look at the Chart Yaas look at it on bit fanatics so they got in cheaper than this got in below ICO price so and then they sold back in. So let's when they sell they sold in May right. Let's take a gander here. Here's May right I got in. I don't l. let's just say at a cost basis. I could pull up. The chart actually see how much they head to say. Got In somewhere around here and and they sold in May so it's going to be hard to sell it a negative number. So let's go. Let's just say they paid this still a five hundred percent gain. We can actually probably go see. Yeah let's see if without download a PDF. I get the data from here. Yes so as of two thousand eighteen q one. They had two point zero nine. Two million seven hundred ninety the man as of Q.. Three thousand nine hundred zero. They sold Off Q one of two thousand nineteen seems overtake my quite half. They sold they. Are they sold half in q two of two thousand and nineteen so yeah. They did sell half of their yes in May an and then the other half doc. I'll pull up their full financials and see if I can't Run the numbers I know pre. ICO point six million three point. Four million the biggest hissing. Stop Sir we go off road. Mika with long I don talk with me to continue uh-huh and I got to Sonny my second. You get better though. She makes that smile. She's got that instinct she's volume on the Radi. Eighty overlooked looked at up. Here Harris. Okay realized gains thirty eight million the digital one hundred seven million to realize gains. You have to sell two thousand nineteen nine months ended thirtieth two thousand nineteen so one hundred seven million. I'll double check that number with with maths. But according to the tweeted also said that according to this gentleman somebody said the credible that the cost basis forty eight million so if their cost basis for forty eight million and they realized one hundred seven million. It seems like the only two axed justice still pretty sweet. But we'll have to double check that Hello volatility damn effect going on Felicia to you and your daughter my friend. Hopefully you guys are doing one fantastic wherever you guys happen to be Quite get up there the last cell signal on a theory and was really really good. Be a good hedge up. Oh patience nations. My friend patients my friend. Mr Jack Patients things come to those who wait. I have heard As as as Jason would say summer weather over here in Bitcoin city it shorts on a check in with the old crypto bubbles epochal. All coins have a nice day against the dollar today. Raven fifteen point six Madigan. Komodo up tells us up pretty similar returns for Bitcoin so again. They're moving up and bitcoin and bitcoin prices relatively stable within a two percent. Banda volatility coins are making you some dollars today. You get those numbers up for the brawl. You know that's that's definitely something you know me and Jason talked about this this morning. Just that you know. The Bible brawl for us is largely a fun. Obviously we're competing to win but you don't approach it. You know. Taking additional risk for example. There was a there was a guy who has like up like I was like you know several hundred percentiles and now that do just got blown off the top of the leaderboard because he just take too much risk. Man You get lucky you get lucky you get lucky and then drop out. I want people just treat every day. Hey as just another day of trading not taking any additional extra risk you know just that patient slow consistent methodical trading that is how we make money Yeah Sir uh-huh Darab. Ah That's funny. Fear and greed index at twenty eight and no liquidations nations pretty consistent volume of the last four days but falling volume. It is a boring day in Bitcoin. World guys we need cap the song who Bumba the I am really looking forward to seeing the final edited version of the Silvio MacAulay interview. It was probably one of my more pleasant interviews. I really enjoyed that one. Pretty pretty cool to be able to sit down with a guy that caliber Weber really nice guy too by the way. And what's Kona messed with my voice modulator. Now the true the strong brave of hanging in here in the last final minutes. I mean if you guys got anything you'd like me to look at or any final questions if not give you guys couple minutes here. Share your thoughts. Air Your thoughts with the crowd. Share your thoughts with class if you would and if not we'll start winding down guys. It's been a good show. We'll start winding down. The Jay asks for excuse me. Heisenberg asks by the way. Welcome to the community. My friend he says I see us. Ranko Ranko how relevant is it to my strategy. General Strategy should I upgrade from pro plus and trading you taking advantage of the current discount to have access to the Ranko so long story short you don't need to have Ranko to pt work for you. In fact Ranko isn't something that I've covered in the course right Ranko is something that you can absolutely develop strategies around There are several guys in the group who have fantastic Ranko strategies industry either as an ice rink Oh strategy aw is something that can be useful for example. You can use different components of the jar in the something we're GonNa go over and module seven. This is something that you can utilize for example different embar types for example you can you have your baseline on a Ranko timeframe. You can have your initiator on your Japanese bar candles or hiking. Ashi whatever's going to work best in your back testing this is all stuff that's fairly Easily back tested. I think that for again if you want that. That training discount only comes around once a year so I always utilize it to grab their top tier package and just Max out for the next year. That's what I've done it for for a while. I think that's a a no brainer opportunity. You know if it's a if you're really interested in getting your your your your hands dirty in your teeth really wet with back testing trying a whole bunch of different things on just seeing you know throwing everything the wall and seeing what comes out again with the guidance that you get in then that might be a good option for you if you just want to keep it simple stick to your regular. PT Strategy. which again most most guys are doing again I default to my regular? PCP strategy over over here as you guys can see. We'll switch over the daily everything here. Nice and neat. Aw but I think that Ranko is very interesting it you know. It throws a lot of traders for a loop because they look at Ranko and they're like Oh. It's just simple von Green Insulin read. It's really not that easy. It's not really that simple you do have to be aware of the downfalls assault stuff we're going to cover again a module seven But Yeah I mean if you're really really really gonNA go hardcore with the back testing which I highly recommend that might make sense deal solar m. k. d. said Miss Today this show but just in time to say hello just and God bless you. God bless you solar my brother Robert says please go over your Ranko settings. It's two percent of price for the one. Second intake frame crypto. Jack says the two hours about to close and mixes long time transformation. Look it up. I think it's time boys of gag ground to make up the brawl in the moon is in my sights. Let's Go Jack Mambi. WHO's with me? Wendy is just looking at bought to use on leverage exchanges like we use on three commas absolutely Ricki says the deal trading view is over. Let's see is it. It is not cyber fiber Monday the so you can still get sixty percent off off the next twelve hours. Apparently Cyber Monday is this like Hong Kong time Singapore time yep seeing it the premium plan. This is what I just bought. I bought this on Black Friday. I think it was like two ninety seven sixty or something with tax but it's two to eighty seven eighty us For their top tier plan. You can get the pro plus plan for one hundred seventy nine forty a year and the pro plan is one hundred eight. I think honestly I mean Dan. I use trading view every single day. I put in at least eight hours man not every single day on the charts but I mean I have it open all day every day and I'm always using their strategy tester. I'm always building always testing. Always charting I mean for me and for somebody I got four hundred seventy three days left in my plan so I've been stacking back in years on top of the other but unless you're going to be creating rating invite only scripts. I don't really see the big up for premium pro plus makes sense to me though while you're good man you get you grab that deal Mr Ethers with me. Halley man not a bad while you got a man ricky tease it for a stock trading also stuff. Yeah I was considering buying but it was like a thousand thousand dollars a year man. I was considering buying that which you know I can afford that. It's not a problem but I just didn't really think it was necessary to have live updated. SEAMY price it didn't make sense Insta- me interesting anyways guys. You know what time it is. It is time to thank you so much for joining me for another exciting episode of breaking in Bitcoin. I of course have been your host. Justin Wise Lead analyst and senior mentor at Cracking CRYPTO CURRENCY DOT com. Hopefully you guys enjoyed yourself. Thank you so much for your participation. During the show the live chat was fun. Thank you so much for the great questions. Thank you for the engagement. If you guys want to support what we're doing here make sure to click the thumbs up if you have not already really helps. Plus for the Youtube. Algorithm Algorithm helps us get our content helps people discover that we even exist. And if you like me believe that information is important if you like. I believe that people need to have a hub ha place to go to To to really decompress in trade from the correct perspective. Then please show this information out there. If you're on delyth or twitch consider giving us a follow follow highly appreciated as well and of course in always leave comments in the comments section down below if you have any questions comments concerns sarcastic sarcastic remarks. Hal even death rates will take him Mangas Other than that. We will be here tomorrow at noon. Central Standard Time One PM on the eastern seaboard ten. Am over there for the California. I NS NOT GONNA talk about Washington Portland Right now. It's nothing against you guys. Just Sam I am just saying Argh I guess If you guys would like to join us. In the premium group if you guys would like access to our proprietary indicators to our strategy strategy-building course to one on one mentoring to everything that we do in our quest for consistently profitable trading. You can of course go to. Premium DOT cracking CRYPTO CURRENCY DOT com. And whatever you do make sure to. Hop in the discord at discord cracking crypto currency dot com got a huge facelift huge facelift scheduled for the next few weeks while we continue and finish are discord. Website Integration gration to make our service to make our community better or everybody please leave any comments in a suggestion box in the discord or down below in the comment section. I will see you guys tomorrow. Trade safely and be excellent to one another guys took.

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