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The A-Side Live Chat | Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson, Conor McGregor's Return, Gina Carano's Planed UFC Fight, UFC Scheduling, More


This is Sean Rama's firm. The host of Boxes Daily News. podcast today explained late September. We've done probably close to a dozen shows on this impeachment inquiry from the early rumors of a whistle blower complaints to Nancy Pelosi launching the formal impeachment inquiry to the whistleblower complaint coming out wrote the so-called transcript coming out to the Republican counter narrative to the White House stone. We've done it. All all felt like it was leading up to this moment of of televised impeachment hearings and the event of that event was the testimony of Gordon Sunland and we wanted to make sure are. We made an episode that properly showcased and explained the significance the historic significance of that testimony. And we did it and we want you to hear it. It's available in our feeds right now. Today explained episode is titled Impeachment TV. Mr Sunland goes to Washington. Ten Hits a must-listen. I wouldn't say so if it weren't check it out and enjoy thanks You're listening to the VOX media law gas network a low of one. Jose answer them. I find dot com here with another episode. Lord of the aside live chat on our Youtube Channel and as I always say million subscribers so But with this week last week was Anthony Four that we had pizza. Pizza hasn't had much needed time off after hectic week ballot or London he was at Cage Warriors. Show so if you WANNA see his interviews you can stay on this youtube channel. Go Watch them mall. Obviously James Gallaher was there. Don't WanNa miss those interviews. Patty Pimlott his stuff with Patty. It was great. He really got the finger finger on the pulse of that situation with failed. Wake of Joe Gianetti but if you WANNA watch those you could go watch them. After the live chat last weekend anthony. He was great this week. We have my very good friend from all the way across the other side of the country. Mike Heck how you Ben man been good man. How are you thank you for having me by the way waiting waiting waiting for that message to come in and I'm glad it's finally came? I always liked even spotlights. My fellow journalists especially the ones that I've known for so long and the ones that have actually worked together and especially the ones is that live in my old deck of the New England area. You're Patriots Fan yes I know. Well we can't. We can't all be winners out there. The Patriots Fan now well. What'd you have one win one loss to who lost anyone to Baltimore well well how about that. How about that anyway? I'm not even a Ravens Fan. I just think it's funny but as you guys all know this is not our show. This is your show so if you want to ask because anything literally anything to talk about. I don't know if you've watched the show in the past Mike. Oh Actually Ed you've definitely have but we've had questions about Androids we've had questions about. Who would win a fight? If all the fighting staff gotten a fistfight. We'll talk about anything you guys want you just go on to the NBA dot com. Click on the link that says the sides live. Leave your question the communist or not twitter and use Hashtag the getting a lot of really good questions on twitter. Maybe next week we'll start with twitter L. migrated site but for this week. We're we're start on the site so we're gonNA kick things off right away. Mike from longtime commenter trumbull three years in opinions on Champ Champ. Hello boys the and again again. I read these questions verbatim. Spelling errors grammar errors everything I include them so if I sound dumb because a lot of people only listen to this podcast podcast. They don't watch it so I WANNA preface because a lot of people get on my case for weird pronunciations I read the verbatim so hello boys. The whole champion experiment has been in my in my humble opinion at least half a disaster with the most recent who basically have a worst case scenario jancev injures Gers in holds up two divisions for a substantial length of time even defending each about once a year. It'd be aggressive. And more than some current usage. One Belt having one fighter division appears awful and really unfair to the top fighters three years into it. What's your opinion on? UFC following double chance pro or against Siphon. Connor does even hold enough drawing power our to justify the damage it does to division note exception here is probably noon yet. Nunez as featherweight is so shallow and she's basically cleaned out bands away so yes mike interesting question. We're three years into this whole champ champ trend even ballatore tried to do it. I'm sure one James said we'll try and do you know when Chaim seems tried to but as this as trombone Mr trump or miss I don't know has pointed out. The situation specifically is really held up two divisions we'd really thought we had clear number one contenders in both after you have C.. Two who thirty eight. I believe it was in Chicago as I thought for sure and strong was up next to bantamweight and just benefit is next up at flyweight that is not the case. Joe Benefit has said. He'll wait Henry comes back to the promises he gets next title shot. If he goes up he should vacate now Josie Aldo into the mix your affairs back all of a sudden Frankie Ed Yours. At Bantamweight Peter Yang is still doing his thing. Asthma Sterling has surgery core San Hagans. Now Ben then thrown to the wolves with Frank. Ed You're so with all these bands title-fights title fights the only thing missing is the champion being active same with flight. We have Davis and figuring Figueredo is on fire Joe's Vitas. I don't know anyone can argue. He's not the number one contender. But what are your thoughts on this chant champs situation holding up two divisions I mean this this particular case is is interesting because it at first when this idea came up at Henrietta would would fight for the bantamweight title. So we're all we're all about it because we thought if there's any any guy that could drop and do both you you know Henry pseudo could do it especially when we thought he was as healthy as he could be turns out. He wasn't as healthy as we thought he could be. And now all this happening so it's unfortunate because the the fighters writers heads and the and their minds are are bigger than a lot of different things because obviously when you have the opportunity to win two titles you're GonNa jump all over it no matter how battered and how beat up you are are we. Don't really take that into account so unfortunately who got bit with the injury bug that the connor situation is just a connor situation in. It still hasn't really been figured at this point so I think it depends on the fighter. Obviously Daniel Cormier had his sights set on go into heavyweight. He won the heavyweight title and just pretty much vacated. The light heavyweight title pretty quickly gene in Fatty. So it's it's really tough case. I hate the champion thing. I hate the double thing. It's a cool thing when connor did it for the first time we're like yeah but we also look at the ultimate warrior wrestlemanias six wins the world title and then vacant Intercontinental Title. I think if you go for a different belt you should be. Your mind. Should be thinking that you're you're probably GonNa Vaca- one of those ballots against the moment. Hold up to but eventually should probably drop one of them yet It's it's like the idea if you can defend both of them of as trump appointed out a mandate UNESCO to be the only one. That's really doing that. I think the the she has both belts. She has both do bells. If I'm not mistaken. Correct she after beating reading Holly Home. She got the New Year seatbelt like the new one. I thought she had one. I can't get oh when she beat him in a new when she would be Chris Cyborg she did not get the new one right she got. I think yeah yeah home. She got the new one. She's still ended up at the press conference. The two forty two forty four right right so if Amanda Nunez I is the only one she she won the featherweight championship Dropped back down to bantamweight. And then there's really no clear number one contender featherweight so once that situation plays plays out. Maybe she goes up if Germain randomly who was the inaugural featherweight champion. People don't talk about that. Say dramatic random he beats newness. Why not rematch them? Featherweight for the featherweight title so we would have another champ at the female division But Dana Cormet was jam. Champion defended his heavyweight championship enough times times and then when he beats deep amyotrophic for the teamsters the world he really held out for that PROC leser match. I can't blame him for not dropping back down to light heavyweight unless it was for John Jones if that brock listener paycheck was there as soon as brock listener was was out of the picture they match and he did Fried Derek Lewis but that was short notice and they really needed someone for that Madison Square Garden Card. And I I firmly believe it was anyone other than Derek Lewis I don't think the data corner we're taking the fight. But the connor situation. I think really left a bad taste in my mouth. I thought it was relief. I thought it was very cool to see a finally see that because been wanting for so long. I think Anderson Silva's George saint-pierre would have been amazing. If George had gone up or Anderson would have made the way one of them had changed divisions and then we had a chance I think then would have been appropriate because they had cleaned out there divisions since George had been everyone at welterweight Anderson being everyone middleweight. I think thousand appropriate time for Chambres Champ The BJ Penn Georgia one was cool too. But now I feel like everyone wants to do it. I mean tired Woodley wins. And he's calling out like Midway Champs if When everyone wants to go up everyone wants to go down no wants to defend? which is why fighters like Max Hallway and Habib? Who are like no I want dominate? My Division are so unique. Correct me if I'm wrong. Like to add to that flyweight wait is way more interesting that it was a year year and a half ago. I mean you got guys like match now who has been really exciting as of late in Israeli you know making a statement and moving up the ladder you got guys like Jordan Espinosa still there and you have unsigned flyweights. Right now. Who could who could do a number in the brand vowel like when he did it elephant? seventy-nine that guy should absolutely Louis get a shot at the flyweight division and he's a top fifteen guy. As soon as the pen hits the paper you know what I mean. So flyweight is super interesting. There's guys outside that are that are knocking on the door that should get in and the division is continuing to move up so you give all the credit in the world to pseudo for forgiving life and rebirth to the flyweight division and saving in a and letting it become what it's going to become but I think the champion thinks if drops the ballet the division two will move forward beforehand year ago year and a half ago. Wouldn't have been like that our our there. So let's let's move on. I said any better. I think the big the problem is hence Ehud wrote should. If he's not going going back to flyweight should vacate the flyweight championship or the world alleged Jovita as Figueredo fight fight fight fight for it and hence pseudo can just stay at one thirty five. The problem album here is this triple C.. Gimmicky has hit is like everything. He can't be a trick. You can't triple see if he gives up the flyweight championship the world if Dana White it says you have to fight benefit as next or vacate. Any vacates he's not triple C. Anymore. I mean technically he never lost. And everyone's going to say that but it's one on one with Joe Joseph Him let them rematch if if he wins like they like it's it's it's they're like I don't want anyone other than Joseph banning visas next there our fights I like like I liked the frank of your I like the dominant crews fighting the Josiane in all this but what about Joe Benefit is. I don't like seeing hard work. Not Pay off especially when Henderson who saves the flyweight division when he beat teach dillashaw. Now he's not fighting at flyweight anymore. I get it. Just give up with the belt or move on and again Roy McDonald also tried to become a chance. If I'm not mistaken he definitely didn't go down. Gay did say he wanting to go down to welterweight though after seeing Douglas Liam. He's like yeah. I'm like the same size as that guy could make welterweight so belter Ryan Bater same thing Ryan Bater. I think it's going to be one of those guys that defense both belts. I fought Chicago. Yes it was a no contest because that weird I poke situation. He ran through that heavyweight Grand Prix if he calls bats light heavyweight like he said he did he wanted he wants to go to rise in a fight for like a heavyweight rely heavily champion. I know K. K.. Is W want something to do with belt or so. Maybe Beta verse. Still the freeze. Maybe he becomes was an actual triple champ with two bell tower champion championships and a case W. Champion but then what happened with Kyoji Horiguchi he. What's the relative relative championship? Coast back to Reisen and then it gets knocked out so it's like this whole I'm over it. I'm over at Mike Are you. You're over right now. We're GONNA have guys after this conversation trying to be quadruple champions. So we're just going down this this terrible rabbit hole right now that That we need to pull ourselves out of but yeah I'm with you on one titles finals. Good I mean different exception. Maybe I think he could probably handle both if this. I don't really see anybody else right now. Like Avenue fighting is so difficult like it's so hard to stay healthy and and be able to defend those titles because like to make people happy it just like the the question you have to defend both titles like twice a year to make everybody everybody happy once a year is not enough so if you can fulfil that God bless Ya. I haven't seen anybody that can do it. And God bless Israel out of sign up for basically admitting lambinon clean out my division. And then I'll go up to light heavyweight because that John Jones fight now would be big money and he's like nope I have stuff to do in middleweight. And then go up. Georgia's wants to fight me now because I'm small like didn't Israel out of sign away like one eighty three one eighty four one of his weapons. He's not he's a skinny cat. It's not like he's GonNa he's GonNa have. It's going to be easy for him to just bulk up to two. Oh five immediately. He's going to take some time. So twenty twenty one. We might have an actual champions champ fight that make sense after after if Israel Amazon and cleans out division and and John Jones stays the course but enough of this champion talk. I'm over it. Everyone is over well. Maybe not everyone. If you guys are over you can tell me on the comment section. But we're GONNA move Right along the comments section from it Tyler durden thirty one is this a tipping point point for the UFC or is it. Just my my growing lack of interest I used to I used to Ford cars and ranked the Mantis but it seems the FCC has lost its center could the connor it be there be there is little out there. That's exciting out of sign. It probably is the guy now. How layaway term to get shit rolling interesting question I've been I've I've been hearing this a lot from fans fans friends that don't really watch. MMA like we do every single week because it's our job. I'll say they'll ask me. What do you do outside? I'm like you have fight fight like again. It's like the twelfth week in a row there's a UFC fight and then when there's no use either as ballots are when there's an or one or one championship or cage warriors and but this is specifically we UC question Our MFN zone. Alex Kelly and Mike have a great Right up on the great divide lashing about is there too many events in the AFC. So if you haven't read that go check it out last week's the great device it's fantastic piece esther. Lynn did a excellent Graf for the thumbnail. what she splice together like ten different arenas off from the same angle that was great But is is this just a matter just just a case of too many events like we've been hearing for a long time where if you look at like I don't know say two thousand and eight two thousand seven. There's not that many events in every card seems to be stacked from top to bottom and now we're getting fights in Bussan which is great and I'm sure we're going to talk about that event on this card on this on this chat right but then the other ten fights don't really do anything for the casual fans Or is this just a lot of fans which I've also heard. Connor brought them in. And now that Connor's not there and there's really no star power. Rhonda's Gone Brock Listeners. Gone he mentioned Israel out of Sonya. Is this just. There's no interesting interesting characters or is this just burn out from too many fight. Too many fight cards probably the latter on now I mean there's a lot of fight cards at the locations for some of these places are just are just unbelievable Isn't there one coming. Up in Rancho Rio Rancho new. Magara Rio Rancho Yeah. I've never even heard of Rio Rancho until until this card was announced like nothing against the area like Albuquerque's a major city New Mexico Rio Rancho never really heard of it expect a lot of local fighters out there. They're trying to get into new markets. And I understand what they're trying to do here but I'd say it's it's at least like like December seven. Th You have CD car is looking pretty good on paper. And then we've had some switches and some of the fighters came out but like like next Monday when it's actually fight week. We're going to be so excited for that card because we haven't had an event in two weeks so it's nice to have that break and then we got three weeks in a row and then we're offer like another two or three weeks after that so we're going to get a little bit of reprieve. We're GONNA get a little bit of a break. We're going to be able to miss it a little bit more. You're and if you're a hardcore fan there's there's plenty of them look. At last weekend's you have had elephant. CFC had ballot or you had cage warriors. You had a a plethora of different anime events you could watch and they were at your disposal so there are a lot of events and it just depends on what kind of a fan you are if you're a casual fan. You may not care as much if you're a hardcore Gore Fan. You'RE GONNA watch every bit of it so if you're a storyline guy like myself. I try to find a story. In every event no matter how strong or weak the card is so I can always always find angles to to enjoy fi cards and make them a little more interesting so it just depends. What kind of Fan? You're you're not going to please everybody because if you don't have this many events you're gonna you're GonNa Piss off the hardcore fan too so you just gotTa pick which which side of the fence. YOU'RE ON I. I agree I think there might be. I Li- I like the fact that he all these weird cities like I was super excited to go cover in Bangor Maine one time because a lot of fight fans. Don't get to go to live events. And and these really these real rancho going to Raleigh GonNa Wichita go to Utica like all these places really gets these these fans that maybe never thought thought they could get watch a UFC fight. Live like if you're in Utica New York and the closest you can get is like Albany Rochester or Scott like Madison Square Garden. There's no way you're making it like what six hour drive five hour drive. Whatever it is and paying that to New York City People Say New York and the immediately think New York City but like Utica way up way up there so they're not for those types cities I love it? They're obviously not going to get big title. Fights like I believe the UTICA fight card. Was Jim Rivera. Marlin Martinez was on that card. But then Greg's you get those fights like the young greg less us on that like Jessica Aguilar was supposed to be on that so you get those fun fights in the Rochester. One was I think Kevin Leonardi if I'm not mistaken and your Wichita was Jd S and was that Derek Lewis or is that right was it. That Ido Lewis. Is You know that was the Minnesota when you're right you're right so you get you get these events in the small cities that maybe no one would expect to get them. So I love that. I don't know if they have to go to Las Vegas like three months in a row but again those are for the big pay per views and I saw question about this January pay per view supposedly in Las Vegas. We'll we'll we'll save that for later later I get it I go you see us doing I get. They have a lot of fighters on the roster. They gotta get them all fights. I oh I think a lot of fans might be a little burnt out. I'm I'm curious to see how you've see to forty five does in terms of buys or in terms of viewership. When we we do get this long break we had to forty four and then I think what was the one right after two forty four was that the South Pol Card or was that I don't even remember it's all a blur to me but we had that Sao Paulo card which had really interesting fights? That fight dragged forever like that fight. Card drag forever and then culminated in not the greatest main event and now we get this break and then we have used to forty five which is just like three title fights the Turner Josie Aldo making his debut your IRA favors on that car. Like that. Fi Card is fan tastic and then we get the Bussan fight card which the main event is the best fighter side of the year in pose as opinion. Because I've been waiting for that fight for five years between the Korean Zombie Brian Ortega but have you gone back and looked at some of the fight cards from two thousand eight thousand nine like like like like those fight. Cards will have like rampage Jackson as the third fight on the main. Or like reloaded machida will be like the comb event and then like rainy Katori is also on the card like that. Those fight cards were must watch television unless it's a big title fight I don't know off the. US's having a lot of much watch must watch television on ESPN these days. Correct me if I'm wrong. Yeah I mean there are certain cards that that do better than others and I kind of like what they did with Boston too. I like how they mix in a Friday card every once in a while like things up like it's one day it's twenty four hours earlier but so mixes things up a little. Bit Opens up schedules in different ways. So I like I hope they add you know two or three more Friday night cards. Maybe on Sunday card here and they're like I don't mind that at all. Not Everything has to be so uniform uniform. All the time doesn't have to be Saturday. Eight o'clock every single time like Saturday. Ten PM main card start every single time like I like when they mix things up a little bit and they and they shuffle awful the deck like I just put in a random. Now you have eighty two. That's the one I just Iran when I put in like you got Andrea Lobski on the prelims. Liam's Josh Kosdaq Diego Sanchez. And then you've got John Fitch of Kami Lebron Check Congo and then silver. Dan Henderson like. That's a good fight card for like were you. Is that two thousand eight like if that you'll see one hundred. John Jones was on the prelims. I didn't think he was on TV at all. That wasn't that like his second or second or third fighting. UFC like Jim Miller on that card. I think Jim Jim Miller really the only one on. UFC One hundred hundred. Yeah because John Jones was supposed to be but then that fell apart but that had were answer not Anderson had listener that George judge that had Mike Bisbee Dan Henderson. Wasn't Ach Yamazaki. UFC debut on that card. I Find Alan Belcher on that card. Yeah Oh my God dot and he didn't anyone right only win in the AFC decision when Mark Coleman Fight Steffen Bonner on that card. See that fight card is that's you. That's a C. One hundred. Two hundred was unbelievable to even though they lost the main event you still get these really staffed cards. UC to thirty five was fantastic UC to two thirty nine. You'll see two thirty eight. If I'm not mistaken had the most ranked fighters sense the sense that obviously the past ones there were no rankings but since the rankings. He's like took shape. I believe us to thirty eight in Chicago. Had the most ranked fighters on one single pay per view card or just one card in general and theoretically there were three or four for number one contender fights on that car we had. The main event was obviously the championship fight. And then the Komen event was the Valentina Shevchenko and Jessica I but then we also had cows Takeda Gain Versus Join Calderwood Alderwood which everyone just kind of assumed was the normal contender. We'd Ousmane Starting Sterling Pedro Muna's people just assumed was normal content. I think they like the Peter. Yawn fight you like. He was arguing that he should get the shot. And then Tony Ferguson. One so he was for sure. No one contender fight so you have fight. You do still have fight cards like that but then you have the fight cards that no one like the Moscow card I had. I watched because I aides my job and be. I liked that fight card but I don't know how many eyeballs tuned in especially over here on the West Coast when it started out like four four five in the morning. I know you watch because Calvin because you boy Cowan caterers on that card but there are fight cards that are specifically made for the markets. And I do get that. They're trying to break into the Moscow market. It was great as a beat. Headlined it because now. He's a big star in that in that in that marketplace. But can you imagine if they put like Habib in Moscow Osco like come on God or you have c- to forty two thousand beeped right outside of that main event was outside of that main event. And they're like they're obviously filled or and Barboza was yeah like fights but then other than that it was really built for that that region of the world old. Yeah one hundred percent hundred percent injury Lee versus Koldo is a good fight one because there's a female fight and I was just huge and putting it on that spot lot but yeah that was that was the one of the more interesting fights on an entire card in my opinion was was athlete. Obviously you got the job done but yeah it was a very. There's a very Russian Shen very area late in card for sure. Same as I think you'll see to forty. I liked that one. That was Franklin Graham. Max Holloway then it also Cyborg versus fully Spencer like Media Day. Like you've covered media days enough time especially for pay per views. They didn't bring out nearly the anyone for me today. There were like four or five fighters from each corner. It wasn't like thirteen fighters thirteen fighters so like even UC two forty was obviously stacked with not stat. Stacks Canadians on that car. And then it was really built around the top. Two fights I came to Wada was on the prelims which was very shocking to me considering he was fighting Edmonton right and he did get that. Ko But I think burnout is for sure a real thing. But we don't WANNA burn you guys out on this conversation. Hello Listener I'm Sean Rama's firm Host of today explained. Vox Daily News. podcast every day Monday through Friday my team and I look at what's happening in the world. We pick one essential news story Roy that defines our moment and asks smart people to help us understand it in about twenty minutes or less. It's the perfect way to start or end your day subscribed today. EXPLAINED SPLAINE for free on apple podcasts. or in your favorite podcast APP. It's from stitcher and the VOX media podcast network so we're GONNA move right along from Zakho Co Katy which I've been told on pronouncing that correctly Gina CARANO BUT SPELLED GINA wrong. We finally found out what happened with their comeback backfire. After hearing her Dana treated the situation how would would you guys have walked away from a million dollar payday at a principal. Happy than have happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving Tusa USA Cuco Khaki so Mike. I don't know if you saw. I'm sure you did because if you didn't you'd be living under a rock and not doing your duties as an enemy journalist Gina Carano fine was on Arizona's show on ESPN ESPN. She finally pulled back the curtain on the supposed plan for her return man. I'm sure you remember it. I was at that that remember when Dana would do those scrums after every fight kind of became like much must watch to. He said like Gina. CARANO like we're GONNA MAKE GINA versus Ron. Ron could go up in one. Forty five to five gene. That's the only fight I was there and then that fight never happened and then Dan Wade through under the bus Gina Chronic said that Dana white prematurely made the announcement after she asked for like six monse to find a team that she can trust through an through under the bus like mistakenly sent her attacks message calling her some not nice things directly to her and that was that she cut off all ties so a whereas you surprised that Dana White prematurely announced a fight through his fighter under the bus or not even his fight through a potential superstar under the bus a offered her a million dollars and that basically are you surprised by the whole situation. Asian no because we're dealing with that situation right now with Habib Tony Ferguson. So not not to this extent not to wear Dana sent a text message. Tony Ferguson about Tony Ferguson. Accidentally to get him to sign. The contract it. I'm not surprised by any of this stuff to be honest with you. Because that's what Dana does he. You know when Dana talks just like you said when he used to do those scrums that puts a lot of pressure because everyone in the media is going to write about it everyone. The meat is going to talk about it and go on twitter and talk about it and that puts extra pressure on a fighter late Gina Crown on a person who doesn't like the pressure. She's not a pressure person in terms of would walked away from a million dollar payday out of principle. I will say this. There's a difference between thirty six year old. Mike Heck with a wife and a son who's making tens of dollars a month covering the sport mixed martial arts on his own. I'm trying to do this fulltime. And then there's Gina Khurana. who was an actress in Amman? And she built this sort of empire within herself so she was doing quite fine and she said Multiple Times in the interview view that she thinks about fighting all the time but she doesn't need to fight like she found her passion in acting. She found her passion and trying to make something great on the big screen so she didn't need to fight. This is a great opportunity for a million dollars. Why not a million dollar fight? She compared it to the Layla. Lee fight but I am not surprised she walked away. I would have walked away in the position. I'm in probably not for a million dollars. I mean let's be honest I there's a lot of things I do for a million dollars. There's obviously a line there. Ladies and gentlemen but a million ours is a lot of money for somebody like me. So it's what I what I find John. John's your million dollars. Yup I would take that up real quick. I'd find John Jones for like fifty thousand dollars honestly not that. Well maybe a little more. Because I'm sure I'd have to pay for my own medical expenses and all that stuff but none of this surprise me whatsoever especially Dana white throwing fighters under the bus. Yeah it's it's really Gina Carano is the big one of the is one of the female stars in the history of Ma. I it's like I put her right below round arousing. She was the original face of women's mixed martial arts. I saw a lot of female after that. That interview is done. And they put that clip out like Ariel tweeted the clip out a lot of female fighters like Angela Hill. I was like the one that came to mind. Those like someone was like. I never even saw women fight emma man silver fibers. cyborg Angela. Who was like me neither so like a lot of female fighters were like quote? tweeting that respond to it. Say Like Gina. It was really the first person that they saw as someone like. Oh like this is a real thing like I could do this so the female fires obviously had Gina's back doc. I don't I'm curious. I'm curious to see how if any of them really speak out with jeans. Genus comments but Gina Crown was a movie star. And it's not like she's in these small indie films like she's in the man delorean. She's in the deadpool movies like she she starred in Haywire her own movie like. She's in these big blockbuster movies so like you said it. You'd fight John John Million Dollars. I think she's doing okay I think she's doing just okay. The thing I will say is this really. It felt like Dana. Want to give Gina Carano a million dollars to fight Rhonda lose and then basically just Bill Rhonda off of that Win Dana ever really cared about signing Gina. CARANO as much as using Gina Carano to bolster Rhonda Rows Mystique in the eyes of the fans because of Rhonda aroused Gina. CARANO like that. I don't know a year ago when mark reminding cheinal Scheider hosting this. I actually was speaking with mark about this New York. He put together this hypothetical all-female card. It was off the heels of the. Wb Women's roles revolution car that they did the whole female pay per view. And he goes if you had to put together an all female card anime car like this could be crossed promotion. Who would you put and the main event was Rhonda roused macron like? That was his hypothetical thing. I couldn't say disagreed where it was like the face. The two faces of Women's. I'm als- I'll let you answer the two. I think Amanda Nunez is the greatest female fighter of all time in terms of in ring capability and her accolades but in terms of who made the biggest mark. It's Ron Gina Khurana like it's one a one B I I'd I ran a slight edge considering she actually ended on the coverage sports illustrated and all that but when I heard that I immediately oh Danny just wanted her to to lose and then show her the door like you. Gino Corrado is gonNA stick around for another fight. If you lost the Ronda Rousey probably not but stones a million dollars should go off and do movies and and do just fine so is worth opportunity to you know to scratch that proverbial h and then make up make a good amount of money get into a training camp. She loves doing that stuff like she sad. But you know sometimes we get what we want and sometimes when when something we want is right there in front of us we push a little too hard for. And that's what Dana White did there and he Taken from somebody who's who sent an accidental text. Message like that to somebody before. Yeah that there's no coming back from that once you send. That's next at you realize that you made that mistake and you have to sweated out waiting for the reply. Yeah I never did that again. Let's just say that someone in the comments section says I'll fight Jose and Mike for Fifty cents. Well that'd be terrible for for you sir but we're GONNA move right along from longtime comments Robb Holland Habib versus Tony. After no again I read these verbatim after knowing for quite some time that Tony is next. We finally get a date and it's the F.. Spring didn't even actually. It's the African spring. They didn't put a question mark. Dare I say and hopefully not jinx it this this just gives both men more time to get injured. What are your thoughts on this choice? Also the involvement of Ali abilities and his games in the negotiations. I don't know a game plan because I haven't spoken to olive personally about it. But I did speak to him at the dominance media day and he said I I just engage. You could skip over Tony Ferguson. Like I'm like I know like no one should fight. It'll be before Tony Ferguson. Even when the lead up to gauge versus ceremony both fighters were asked. Like who's next after this fight for the title. They're like Tony Ferguson. Like are you kidding me. Like he's the last last time Tony Ferguson loss women weren't even in the UFC like this is the first time two to ten plus five win streaks are fighting for champion fighting in the UFC. Like I got it's GonNa. I'M GONNA tear my hair out if people want if someone to me goes. I think just engages if I have. Tony liked or better yet. I had people saying Tony Ferguson should fight just engaging I'm like you're stupid like no. Tony Ferguson has to fight you should have already fought. That'd that'd be but What do you think about the timing of the fight and I don't think despite is ever going to happen I've been on record many time on this show saying I'm I'm going to leave this? What happens until they're actually in the octagon and then I bet we at UC to forty four situation or like Sarojini Ferguson situation? where it's it's like a cut or blown I or something like that? I think the worst case scenario every single fight. I don't know where you stand on this. But it's the time finally really now for Habib versus Tony Ferguson. Well if you're going to do it in Brooklyn I prefer you do it in April. I'd rather not have it in January or February because it could be ice on the ground on the sidewalks some snow on the ground and they could slip and fall. I don't want any of that stuff. I don't want anything at all to get in the way of this fight to build up with you said about not believing until you see it like to quote the Great Michael Scott from the office Fumi one strike one. Fool me twice strike three like so many times we've been bought into this thing bubble. Wrap them all you want right but again this fights not done yet like all on all accounts. It's not done. Tony Ferguson is not signed that contract yet so before we get to two excited we gotta wait for that. To happen. Happened the timing. You do that fight anytime anywhere at this point and obviously I believe. I'm not sure if you were you covered. UFC to await in Brooklyn where. You're there for that guard. I was out there for that card. Okay so just Brooklyn is the perfect place for Habib if it's not in Russia or Abu Dhabi because they did a QNA oneday Sunday during the buildup to USC to await in this community in Brooklyn russian-central and that like it was such a mob-scene for Habib showed up right before it was rafted. The for the the Ferguson fight that year for two oh nine was announced so he goes in there he does this Q.. And A. and they just mobbed him. I mean there's such a contingency of of Habib vans in that area so it is the perfect place to to host this fight if you're GONNA do it in the United States because Habib's can have a lot of a a lot of support. A lot of people coming out from the building is going to be absolutely electric And then Tony Ferguson will thrive off that. That's the stuff that he's made up he's just a wacky guy like that he wants is to be the away team. He wants to be the hated guy so he'll love that But again I'm with you until Bruce Buffer announces them and they have the face off. The referee says let's go and the first punches thrown van. I'll actually believe it's happening. It's like Nick Diaz coming back and fighting in the UFC until that happened till like. Let's go in the first punches thrown. I don't believe it's ever going to happen. It will never happen beaver. Studying will never happen. I'm GONNA say that until I'm blue in the face because I believe in reverse reverse psychology Now that said that I've probably jinxed it but I've been I've been there on the scene for most of their schedules actually all of their scheduled flights and they've all thought apart part but honestly I had this thought the other day when when I was when this when this whole situation whereas Oh toy Habib Ali put the the picture Outta be signing it and he's like like sign your and big boy or something like that. Is this all like the fight. God's just playing a game with us because doesn't it seem like this fight is bigger than ever now now we have two guys on the two long streaks. They've the with the two of them combine. They've basically cleaned out the the division like Tony Ferguson has in everyone. They've put in front of him late like since his philosophy Michael Johnson Habib's being everyone these point in front of them. He's undefeated needed. Is this just if they had fought on that was they were this fight. Tampa Bay Orlando. Aren't they on that that that Fox card or something like that. That fell L.. Apart when they Tony Ferguson was like coughing blood or something. That fight wouldn't have been as big a deal then and then they were supposed to fight at USC. Two Oh nine but I believe it was for the the interim title or something like that and then it fell apart and then they were supposed to fight in Brooklyn at UC two twenty three and then the connor situation really made Habib a a bigger star. Did it not one hundred percent definitely. So it's this now the perfect time is this storm arm of chaos now granted us the biggest fight we could put together because now this is obviously a bigger deal than it ever was before is this. It's all just a ruse by the guts to give us the biggest fight in lightweight history as a parent. I can say this and it's a good comparison when your kid does something over and over again you say like this is the last chance this is your last chance I promise you and you say that over and over and over again you still end up giving him what he wants like twenty minutes later this literally the last chance that people are going to buy into this like you can't do this again. This is it so it is peaked as much as a candidate point. And if this thing and falls apart again like even if Tony Ferguson says no I don't like the deal I'm not signing it. I'm not signing de like. That's it the only other idea you can do it. I thought this brilliant. I think you said this. A couple of years ago is that you don't even announce his fights happening like you tell both competitors the fights happening and then you build it up. Let them train and then like a day before. Say Hey for fifteen dollars. You can watch Tony Ferguson. Habib Noriega made off tomorrow on. UFC fight pass like this is how it works. Like don't tell anybody don't jinx it just announce it the day before four and then just let it happen like I'd rather see that happen than building up for another five months like that's a lot of a lot of time to worry about and to your friend Jessica. Because I do. Do you watch the show if you're going to send Christmas to anybody. Send all the crystals to Habib Tony Ferguson. This point like whatever magic whatever things we could do with these crystals like glitch send that power to then to everybody else around us. Maybe all the anime fans to keep a condo. This whole thing. I have all the crystals around me. I got my crystals right here. I'm GonNa be I'm just GONNA be people listening in here that I'm just rolling my crystals in my hands but this isn't a situation where it's always one fighter wider getting her. Both fighters are equally at fault. Here like Tony Ferguson. Like was like had like a punctured lung or coughing blood or something like Habib blew his knee out or some and then Habib like passed out miss cutting way the day before a twenty first trips on a wire on the Fox like this is both men. It's not like one. One Fight Fighters Curse Curse Ladies and gentlemen. Were all cursed and as my former colleagues on the side is very much on the Tony. Ferguson is going to win this fight fight. I believe me and hammer agreement that whoever wins this fight is the greatest lightweight whoever lived. I don't think it's really a debate right now. I think the default answer for a long time as bent. BJ Penn hand. But that's simply because the lightweight division has been so competitive that there really hasn't been a long standing champion outside of Japan and the CONOR McGregor winning and holding up the division for so long kind of put a damper on that but this is the biggest in terms of. I don't even care if there's a crowd I just WanNa Watch this fight. This is just high level martial arts at its finest. This is up there with like. There's there's no comparison Harrison. This is the best fight. This is the most highest skills by I can think of that. We're going again. Two Thousand Twenty one but it doesn't matter because we're not GONNA get it. We're never going to get this right. We're GONNA stop talking talking about it real quick because the more we talk about more of a chance. They'RE GONNA they're gonNA fall apart. No I don't believe in the secret I think. The secret is the dumbest thing in the whole wide world. But I believe in putting putting off negative energy into the world and jinxing degrades lightweight fight ever and I'm just GonNa convince myself that those four failed fights or all just building up to this moment. This everything happens reason. Jose happens for a reason and I can pray and pray all I want but it will never it happened but we're going to move right along because the more we talk about it the less likely that by what happened. You exceed lackluster schedule. From Rob Robin G Eighty seven the only events look forward to is stacked UC to forty five besides that there are not many events worth mentioning for a long time one on. I believe that's like seven does have you encountered periods like this. Where you almost where they're not almost no big? UC events for a couple of months. Seems like a new thing to me at at least the last couple of years is this a sign of us changing its vision of big events or is this a one off. WHY DISAGREE ON FIGHT ON NO BIG EVENTS COMING UP I love loved Poussin cars specifically for the man I think that whole fight card is worth it for that made between the Korean Zombie? Brian Ortega last I saw the odds. Were dead even it was like minus one forty forty five miles one forty five or something like that. That's about as close as you can get that's violent martial-arts at it's finest and then you've got that January firewood. Supposedly Connors coming up looking less likely the closer we get and then we got Dominick Reyes John Jones in February a UK gains on that card to even that January colleague. macy bar fights Roxanne modifier. I believe Anthony Pat his fights dig for head on that card. So there's good fights coming up if you're just talking about just the rest of twenty nine thousand nine which he does this person. It doesn't say but I'M GONNA assume that's what they're doing because there's some great fights in early twenty twenty There's only like two events left in two thousand nine seed read so I don't know what they're complaining about. Forty five is absolutely stacked trine Zombie. Brian is my favorite of all time and hasn't even happened yet. And then the last few must have been great so But in terms of have you encountered periods. Like this where. They're almost no big news. Events for a couple of months can't think of any. I'm sure I can Mike and you think of any off. The top of your head of these long starts at the time of black quote unquote lack luster schedule. I would say that like the one that really sticks out to me was was was right before. UFC Two oh eight like his. Wasn't there like a big event scheduled for January. That got canceled. Something big happened like the month before so like they and they almost had to cancel two eight. So that's why they put home versus durant created a title. Just like put something on that car. You know what I mean so that. That's probably the time I remember. But here's some that. I had a conversation with a buddy of mine the other day. He's not he's kind of a casual. UFC Fan and he asked me the same question. I'm like dude. I know this seems like it seems like so long ago but it to forty four. Was this month like it happened this month. Araya president trump the B. M. F. title. All of that stuff was this month. It was just a couple of weeks ago. Like it's not like we've had we haven't had any significant it's not like. UFC boss was the last night we had until DC. Like we've had some big moments we had out of Sonya we had you know we had. UFC Two forty four which is just a massive spectacle like that that was insanity from start to finish whether you're watching on television or whether you're there in person so yeah yeah now we're getting a little bit of a of of a reprieve. I think the card gets a little bit of a boost because we have we get that little bit of a forty five is a great card besides is going to be actually a good car. It's good hardcore fans. Kars four match nells on that card is one of the most exciting guys at flyweight right. Now there's some interesting storylines there you can find him anywhere aware. And then we're GONNA get another little bit of a break to build back up towards the January eighteenth cards in February we had to Houston in March and hopefully knock on wood April in Brooklyn with with Habib and Tony so it all in all workout. We're just taking a little walk around the block right now. We're going to get to our destination soon and everything's GonNa be fine. Couldn't have put it any better myself myself so I think the only other year I can think of remember in that year of all those injuries just like just just crippled pulled the. US's plans like we're supposed to have like a B. versus like Donald Ceremony like John Jones not even injuries just like things to General John Jones. Anthony Johnson on that same card and then because of all that like the New Orleans we're supposed to have baiter versus DC in New Orleans and then DC got pulled the fight rumble instead. Dan Dan Henderson versus Tim. Boesch main events at that. And then you get those that you're like hand like Dominick Cruz and your Iot. Uc One forty eight but then they got pulled and said your favor fought. Hanan Barau Calgary and that's like historically one of the worst pay per views ever so But those eat right I know oh I think that was like twenty thirteen twenty fourteen I it was a bad year too outside of Connor and Floyd right whereas twenty. Yeah outside of that what I like that. Not as extreme but it was like that correct we had a lot but like like Anthony Johnson Daniel Cormie and like was that buffalo and then and we have the two time would like we have the time Woodley Stephen Thompson fire we at time Woodley vs Damien Mile like those are all great but those are all good cars ars like I wouldn't say this is a lackluster scheduled whatsoever. May again. This might go back to the burn out. Maybe they're just less cars. People are interested it in but there are still phenomenal fights that usually Sao Paulo car which everyone was complaining about like Charlie variables on that car. That's that's Great Shotgun Hula. which if you think of MMA royalty like Shogo who is enemy royalty not just you have see mixed martial arts royalty shogun whenever show who fights? It's must watch television. And then the main event maybe be lot to be desired but that could have been contenders by John Block of its and one. So maybe it's just robin. Ge Seven maybe it's just less less fight cards your interested in because I would have seen any of those cars lackluster UC. To forty five. To four weeks ago. The Boston car was before that like these are good. UC to forty four was awesome. Like two or three Israel sign like people complaining that that fight card was not as stacked kind of Abu Dhabi type. Feel where like we were supposed to have holly home. I'm on that car. But instead like Dan Hooker and I were elevated the code of after Holly got hurt Israel. I would've fight. Made that whole fight card worth they were like you're going to Castro kind of catapulted himself into the eyes of the fans shot to Fall River Massachusetts on that one but there were a lot of there are a lot of EPI fights on that card again. I think it's but it's all subjective what I consider lackluster Mike. Mike consider lackluster might not consider lackluster. We talk about this. It's all day one final question on site for over twitter. Should there be an except from Grin n should there be an exception. That conor McGregor should there be any ex ex the expectation that Conrad returned to the Octagon January with January. Just around the corner seem strange that an official announcement has not been released. Connor fighting at the start started. The New Year seems like something that UC would heavily promote. And now just weeks away. It's been awfully quiet so we kind of talked about this. A little bit earlier Conor McGregor announced he was fighting. I believe it was January. Fourteenth January eighteenth eighteenth. He announced that he was like I am finding on this discard data. Why it was like okay and then was like scrambling to put together a fight for him? Apparently it supposedly was donald ceremony. I have a lot of thoughts on that a fight I get it but I wish he was fighting someone else but I get it but now we're getting closer and closer that January eighteenth day. There's no nouncement there's a card but there's no announcement and it's really put a wrench into like when they're announced Daniel. What John Jones was dominic? Reyes they didn't say USC to forty six or UC to forty eighty seven. They just said February event. Because there's no number because if CONOR McGregor decides he's fighting January eighteenth you know that's going to be used to forty six in Las Vegas if he doesn't fight I doubt they're going to pay per view car without conor McGregor. Maybe they cancel it. Maybe they just make it a fight like they did with the was it. The Johny Hendricks Wonderboy wonderboy. That's supposed to be Kane and for doom and then when Kane got hurt they just kept it in the same venue they just made it a fight night. Maybe this is the same situation. I'm not sure maybe they. I believe this would be if they do cancel it. This'll be the third time in four years. They had cancelled the January pay per view. If I'm I'm not mistaken they cancelled it. Like you said right before you two eight. which is two thousand seventeen right and there are two thousand? There was nothing in two thousand eighteen. And there's two thousand sixteen there. There's nothing last year right. They they that's when they offered Kamara offered colby or January with didn't happen to them. They had that February card. So this would the third time in four years. There'd be no there would be no January pay per view that's rough but again if if they're going to take. It ended up being a blessing because I used to thirty thirty five. became that much more stacked people complaining about no big pay per view cards like this is the situation. We run into where I've said this before. I love these three championship fight cards but throws everything off like we have three champions finding a useful to forty five and now and then we had a champion fighting at UC to forty four. And now we have no chance to fight in January but again Mike your your thoughts on this whole cadre the situation. Because I'm going to get right in the face if I keep thinking about this for those who who've been thinking that conor McGregor is irrelevant relevant right now this proves you wrong. I mean the power this man hazard now because clearly. This is a game going on right now because you if you look at the. UFC website alone over the last week to ten days. You know the it went from Fight Night Vegas fight night Houston Houston being. UFC Two forty six to Houston now being a fight night again and so now. We don't know what the heck's going on because the ball is clearly in conor McGregor court right now so they're trying to figure this out. Connor has has all the weights in in this situation like he could call the UFC right now. Be like all right dude. I'm in like we've agreed to terms like let's make this happen. That's automatically pay per view. If he doesn't say that that it just becomes a fight night and have to scramble to find some other main event at this point so I wonder what like what they have in the back burner right now like. What's the backup plan? If Connor doesn't take this fight in terms of what can be the main event are we thinking. Maybe you WanNa China Jiang. Wei Li Fi. Could both of these ladies be ready for January like that's a that's a belt could be defended. That's a really fascinating fight right now Rosenman Unisys talking about coming back. Doc At this point I don't know when so I mean th they clock's ticking tick Tock Tick Tock if we're GONNA if it's GonNa be on it like there needs to be some sort of a deadline here and if he pass surpassing we need to have a backup plan in place so like you said. The three title fights are awesome. You know what have you done for me lately. We gave you three title fights but so now what are you GonNa do for us in January. So you know connor showing his prolific power abilities. Right now where it's where it ends. I don't know but clock's ticking I mean Thanksgiving giving is tomorrow so it looks. They gotta make some sort of decision they gotta do a pretty quickly. Yeah in that situation where I believe the UFC two oh five. When they had three title fights that was connor conor Eddie which again? That's technically the featherweight title was kind of put like held up to because then you wanNA and caroline cold caves and then Tyron Woodley Stephen Thompson and unlike before that you had to meet your Johnson filed like a tough finale two. Oh four I can't remember you see tool for like was that Steep Bay Eh. I can't even remember to a three was steeper or whatever then you see two seven nine the two Oh six they had to make it an interim featherweight title fight between Max Hallway Anthony Paddock. And then you actually had two title fights to between Rhonda in Amanda the Nunez and then deal Garbrandt and Dominick Cruz. And then that's what like five or six champions used in a two and a half month window and now they have nothing him for January. I had heard they want that to be the Anaheim card. Maybe Michael Joel Romero on that car. But that obviously didn't happen but I'm looking at to January eighteenth. What is this fight car? Look right now right now. It's a UFC fight night. We got Andre feely Sadique Yussef Roxanne modify verse macy. AC Barber Nazaret hack versus drew. DOBER- Grant Dawson. Chaz Kelly Alexia Lennick. Maurice Greene Anthony. Pat Is versus Carlos Diego for Hannah those fight cards. None of those fights are headlining. The pay per view But maybe rocket fiber's macy Barbara Headlines a fight night maybe Anthony Pat is dropping back on the light we but again like are any of these fights. Bring a lot of eyeballs like right. Now it's listed if you look at Google is usually fight night one sixty six pat is versus. FAJITA is is that the car is that the fight. You'd pick the headline that card macy's the fight by like these seven fights in Iran here it's Basie Beiber versus Roxie amount of fairy. It's not even close. I think the only argument against that is roxane's coming off a loss but so is anthony. Pettus oh what am I talking about and I would agree. It's one of those. Two fights calls DIG Affairs. Five five win streak. Has that big win over. Who did he just beat? Ties him off. Did he beat him in Abu Dhabi right so if I'm not mistaken so it's one of those two. Oh but am Roxanne Roxie and so interesting because everyone thought Anthony Shevchenko was just gonNA steal her and Roxanne goes in and it has the performance she had so if you're counting rocky mountain out of a fight like this. Probably not the best idea. Like I'd say the odds are in zebras favor and I would probably pick her to win. That pipe hyper. Roxanne is is no joke. She's not a pushover. And all she has seen it all. And Don at all at this point so that I think that's that's the fight Roxanne's very marketable to like G. She can bring bring in the the casual video game playing Comic Book Reading Fan. I know yeah you know. So at a these seven fights that's got to be the main amend but we get to build upon. This rally is already booked in its entirety artists. Booked up agreed even if you look at Nico The Rock and Modifiers vise-like. UFC career like wasn't originally scheduled to fight Niko Montana that was going to be eubanks before Cesar fell out of rocks on a last minute from five around main event for title comes short. Then beat barb hunchback by TKO loses jar eubanks Ajar eubanks. Mrs Wait by two point two pounds or one point two pounds beat Beats Antonio Janko I swear in Russia and then fights Jennifer my who also Mrs Wade by by like four pounds so her to her two losses her three losses are last minute five round fight and then fighters who both missed weight. So Roxanne modifier. I think he's one of the most beloved fighters on the roster. She's one of the Nice people ever me in the world. Huge huge anime fan huge leap. I was actually in line with her to get into the world of world. Fema awards in July and we literally only talked about Dragon Ball Z the entire time. And she's like I have a because every time she weighs in you know she puts on the super saying she puts on the Super Sane Wig. But it's always the next level up. I know your big anime Fan Mike. You don't have to tell me but every time you get to the next level super saying your hair changes. And every time she weighs in she has the next level. She's like next one. I'm going silver and I was like damn that's that's bad ass. And then she won then she one oh no she lost so but it was. It was just a bit of a bomber because her opponent Miss Weight and Mesa Bar. I don't think he's going to have any problems making making weight at one. Twenty five still. Look that great which you waited when you and I were in Boston. She looked terrible when she waited in Denver. When I was in that that fight card she had to go shots? You missed goes away and again later on But I know our cameron. Casey lied and I'll ask you this question. This is part of the question are cameramen. Casey lied is a very big fan head of prospect versus vet fights. What say you I like him. Why not like I? I liked the prospect versus bet bites and it depends pennzoil place. They're out in their careers as well like. I'm not disrespecting anybody by saying this. But a guy like a guy like Diego Sanchez. Like fight with with a guy like Mickey Golic makes all all the sense in the world. Like controversies Mickey Gault. Made all the sense in the world like those fights would you try to put over the next star against a name like we just had a discussion about this. Like you're trying to build stars as you're trying to build stories you're trying to make people care about these fighters and sometimes bad so you have to do like and that was one of the things we have problem with with with the old ballatore regime like right. When Coker came came in? We were getting all these these freakshow fights and we weren't like but but the good news about those we even though we had the data Kimmo situation but guys like Michael Chandler Chandler like guys that were were coming up in the organization. We're getting opportunities to shine on those cards. So with the C.. You're kind of having to do the same thing right now. You have to. You have to build these these guys on the come up against guys with established names and unfortunately we hate to see that like we hated to see. BJ Penn by Rodriguez but your ear is is brutal. Yeah you're gets over automatically because he was attached to. BJ Penn enough flight. So while there's I agree with Casey AC WH- with what you're saying. I liked the product versus veteran fight. I understand why people don't like it and I would prefer that over prospect over prospect. I like prospect prospect prospect fights but I do I get it like the Mickey Gall. Said's north cat fight. I think it was a fun fight but it didn't really do anything for either men going down the road. It was just like a fun. Fight that kind of halted one prospects and the one prospect didn't really catapult after that situation but I agree with you. It really depends on where they're at in career like say you'll narrows to fight losing streak right now. You're not going to give a prospect so y'all our Romero even though he's on to say Joel Romero loses to Israel Israel out of China and he's all of a sudden on a three five losing streak you're GonNa give like Edmund Chabosy and y'all are mayor like just toss them to the wolves right away. I I agree with you. I like them when they make sense. This fight makes sense because macy barber has been tearing through people and rocks modifier is one of those vets that can beat anyone or lose anyone. She's pretty much the buffalo bills of two thousand nine hundred where they can beat any NFL team or they can lose to any any NFL team. But I think this is a fantastic test. She's not the most athletically gifted fighter though she is like very low key pro athletic Roxanne modifiers doing this long but is there anything like is is there anything she hasn't seen finding. How many does she have like? She has more fights. Probably how many fighters macy Barbara have. I can't even think of it. Eight right she now Jay Leno is she now. If my if my computer with load God yes she's a Annot Roxanne modify sorry is twenty three with sixteen like Roxanne. modifier has two times more losses than macy. Barbara has total fights rock rive five times the amount of buyers Roxanne modifier has one two three four five. UFC fights at Roxanne model. I mean macy bar has eight career fight so so I love this five like I like this fight more than the page man's fight for basic bar just because I think this will actually show what what level of fighter macy. Barbara's on plus I always like see my fellow weaves fight on the big spotlight. 'cause Hey man don't Scott we had I had like I. I also last night with all this talk about John. Jones throws Shane and US anime fans. We gotta stick together so if anyone is in the chat could back me up but one question. Listen hopping over twitter question drilling on answer this from Chris. Pool at Maple Bacon eight if the UFC. If you saw to deal was never assigned who would that be the champion. Each division don't know how to answer that. Have no idea how to answer that. Because I think it's a it's it's very very dangerous to assume fighters were taking drugs if they haven't failed drug tests and this and that and you don't know how long they take him. I think a lot that people talk about. I don't think enough people talk about. This isn't the question but the ivy ban I think was a played. A big factor. Too Johny Hendricks cuss a lot of weight. And now we can't take an IV. I know Hector Lombard said he went up to one eighty five because the way took such a toll on his body and then he couldn't rehydrated with an IV. So I think that plays a bigger bigger factor than people admit a lot of people wanna point their finger at you Sada and this and that but I think that Ivy band played a big factor. Initially when it first happened because you take take away the ability to rehydrate like that. That's a that's a major weapon that UC fighters can have after cut away. Yeah Jeez we're GONNA have to do a whole other. podcast cast on on answering that question. God like maybe Broccoli Would Rock Lester B. The heavyweight champion right now I I can't I don't want to think world where Brooklyn which I mean. Like what he what he did. Before the diverticulitis I mean that guy who is running through everybody like he just was like He. Crush Frank Mir who is looking real good at the time and then he went back to wwe and he had to deal with all those other things. Come back with diverticulitis and in LAS to Kane. Had that win against Shane Carwin like he was winning. Winning fights against like really top competition at the time then he went back to Debbie the Marquan fight and obviously popped and he'll probably never fight again. This point never say never but you know who knows where he could have been like if you didn't test positive what other fights could have been in store for him and then more time with a freak athlete that to get ready like maybe he could have been. I don't know but this this is. This is a super interesting question and this is this is a two hour podcast. A Lotta people in the comment section right now on youtube or naming. The usual suspects that I think a lot of fans will say like Hanan. Barau Johny Hendricks Chris. Chris wideman this and that but none of them failed for. None of them failed tests. I don't want to put them in. That category of thought thing I know John Andrews South openly about the head and Barau hasn't been the same. I also think a lot of that has to do with those Jim Morrissey was in and now I mean I don't know if you've ever seen like footage footage of Novo new trump training they have a really hard core sparring lifestyle. And maybe this those gym wars with him and Josie Aldo or all those other killers they have down there really played a factor because if he's in these like ten minute squad unquote sparring sessions. Where they're going one hundred percent hitting each other with everything they got? You'RE NOT GONNA be you're GonNa feel that when you fight inside the inside. The Octagon I know Brandon Shabas openly. Sound like when he would spar with Shane Carwin he would throw up after from all the brain in damage he had after that. So those catch up to you so I don't think I think there's a lot more factors than just you saw it right now. I agree but that is all the time I have a quick Peru's over twitter and facebook or twitter To put the site live on. Twitter are the same as the questions on the site. So we'll skip those for now but they so much joining us Mike. I know you said you watched the show as always the floor is yours for any promo you want to do anything you want to plug all right. Let's talk about the Gina Carano interview a little bit more one of the things that she said that absolutely agreed with was was fans giving fighters crap on social media. Eh Talk at a bunch of trash to them. I could not agree with her more. Like unless you're a fighter unless you're in these people's shoes and doing what they do every day and go to the gym three three times a day making the money they're making shut the hell up like stop judging these fighters and at the same time and I'm like you can say what you want about me. You could call me Dave Doyle two point. Oh you can call call me. You Know Dana White's younger brother or something like that. I don't give a shit but I mean there are media members out there that are busting their ass trying to get to this position and so how many people are sitting there just trash them giving them a bad name making negative comments like like cut the shit dude like. There's so many other things you could be doing in this life like what. Let's I like to broadcast from the soapbox positively. I'm not saying you have to be like me and be positive all the time but let's find some middle ground here like if a fighter does something that deserves judgment. That's great but a fighter goes out there and wins a fight and because he didn't do a spinning back fist. Knockout twenty seven seconds into the fight. Don't go out there and say this guy socks I don't WanNa see them fighting more like cut the shit and in terms of what you want to a follow me on. There's a there's a million different things The scrap you can find me. Miami News Dot Com. You can find me at the body lock make find me at BG DOT com flow combat. And also. Because I will get crushed if I don't mention this part of the anime podcast network. PRY The best debate show in MMA right now fully confident that it's called between Wean the lengths. Jose you've been on. You've been a guest on that and what I think is so great about the show is that there are debate shows like this but journalists come on the show and they know they have to step their Gema Amo Aaron branstetter from Tsn came on the show and gave the greatest. Answer in the history of anime podcasts. I swear to God so I highly recommend you go back and watch that. It's awesome Alexander Kelly. Thank you disclosing aside speeches fire. I appreciate that God bless it has Alexander. Kelly says 'em as opposed to be fun. I was about not say that the United States cuff and saying well. I'm not even going to try and have a promo this week because I'm not that I should've gone first. Because my mic beautiful could not agree more I can't even tell you. Like how like it's okay. People who tweet at fighters and unlike tag them when the fight is happening. Why do you do what you do like? I was on twitter and people were like at Yawn. Black of it's why do you suck Tuck. I'm like dude. He's fighting right now. Like the fight is happening. Like why do we not even just animate sports. In general people are like at Philip Rivers. Stop got thrown interceptions. I'm just like why are you the way you are like. Why are you like this sir or Ma'am but anyway I'm not even GonNa have Promo because Mike was Awesome awesome and I'm not talking that but this has been Jose? That is my cake. I'm sure he'll be on again because he was fantastic. You definitely check out between the link stuff. I've I WANNA know WanNa know I will say as Kelly I think lost. If I'm not mistaken. He has lost century. Well I think he's like two one. Oh come on Alexandra. Game up by Christopher. CAIN was on there I had. I can't say enough. Good things about her Keith Schiller. He's a good guy. I always have fun. Time being on that and a Ma Fighting Staff. If you're on that you better come away with a win because we have a reputation to keep but as always you can stay on this youtube channel you can catch all these clips from cage warriors and ballots or London. I believe Estrin Casey. You're going to be in DC for the the the fight which is going to be an awesome scrapped altogether altogether. There's a lot of fun stuff happening. Also I don't think we're going to have anyone on the elbow realty Ortiz's fight but we have a little fun interview with del. Rio coming out later I went to his gym so stay. Stay on this youtube channel. And when you're done on our youtube channel then you can go to Mike's Youtube channels but next week usual time one PM Eastern Tan am Pacific. We'll have clips out later this soza. That's Mike happy thing. Everyone this is Shaun. Rama's firm on the host of Fox's Daily News podcast today explained on Wednesday night. The Democrats had their fifth debate. And if you're watching carefully you might have noticed that Mayor Pete. Buddha judge no longer seemed to be on the offensive. He wasn't attacking Senator Elizabeth Warren. He was on the defensive people were attacking him and he was defending his position. It was sort of an interesting shift for Mayor Peach and we explored in greater detail on our latest episode. We spent the first half recapping the debate and the bigger moments. There wasn't a lot of robust conversation on policy but the world a lot of moments where we learned more about these candidates from more superficial oh conversations on policy and the second half of the show I talked to Matthew Yglesias the host the weeds podcast from all about the rise of mayor. Pete whether means anything is it just a a bump. Will we forget about it next week. Listen to the show to find out today. Explain the episode is out now. It's called the DEM's went down to Georgia thank you.

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