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Sirius Xm FORD'S PRESENTS RAZORS WITH STEVE. Bic handicapping interviews. This is Steve. We're back at the raises our to about twenty minutes in thanks to Richmond Lori for the very personal appreciation of the late Steve. Tomorrow and we look the weekend and to the revamped derby trailed Derby Watch Jay ribbon of the daily racing form. Good Morning. Good Morning. How are you excellent? Excellent talked to Your Derby. Watch compadres earlier. Mardi McGee as he gets ready right for the Matt Win Louisville's on exactly and now it's Now it's time for you. I makes because we have not spoken about it and I haven't heard your thoughts Your reaction to this week's Belmont News. Look I think every track Has Faced with trying to do make the least bad decision. You know every decision that's to be made has ramifications and I think faced with the reality of a Kentucky Derby that had already been set for September fifth and a preakness stakes. That was set four weeks later the options that Nyerere than had regarding the Belmont stakes were to have to happen earlier. So if you're GONNA happen earlier. Considering how little racing there has been and prep horses for Race of what would usually be a mile and a half. I think it's unrealistic to expect the race to stay at a mile and a half so I actually thought that what they ended up doing for this year alone and having had the other two races already. But you know put their lines in the sand was really the the best option remaining agreed and it. Also Is of service to the Industry At Large. I mean it shows great deference to the the the entire infrastructure and and you know the sort of the organism that that racing is and and I the people carrying on about all. You know the the IT. It's a sacrilege. Wha What are you talking about? The whole year is is just out the window. I mean what what? What possible sanctity were we supposed to salvage of of a triple cranny season now? There's no triple crown. There's not gonna be a normal triple crown season because nothing could be. Normal this your. Everything's going to have a big asterisk. After it mean the Derby is being run four months after normally would be the is being run. You know more than five months or or you know practically five months after normally would be so You know nothing's going to be normal this year and I just think the reality of what my role is faced with. That was the least bad. Decision you know but the one thing that I'm that you don't see by the people who complain as a better a better solution to that idea. So let's let's game play this out Do you have the Belmont three weeks after the Preakness and try and have some sort at at a mile and a half. Well you're probably going to get a two-horse Field. You know the horse who maybe would be going for the triple crown if they'd won the first U. X. and maybe another horse and or horses. Who just don't want to run in the Breeders Cup which is not going to be moved because that date is set. So you're you can't squeeze it in them to run at a mile and a half earlier with an would be preposterous based on the racing schedule. That there's been to the state and you'll maybe you could have run at a mile and a quarter but I actually think a mile an eighth one turn race as a fair race on park than a mile and a quarter especially if there's a big field starting on turn so I just really think that this based on what the you know. It's like when you hit a golf shot. I mean you have to play where it lays. And that's what based on where the the ball was at the point where they had to make a decision. I think this was the best option available folding J. as well The way you sense the schedule Unfolding BECAUSE WITH EVERY PASSING DAY. Really the last two weeks. We've started to get a pencil and and and firm up and yesterday Eric. Hellstrom from Indiana Grant With the mid week Indiana Derby and oaks. Talk a little bit about as you yourself looking at The schedule between now and September. How it it's come together. Well it'd be a from a well from Derby standpoint triple crown. I don't understand your question despite from elite up Derby standpoint You know about what what is going to be A. I don't know the there's GonNa be some very odd pathways here and there's going to be countless seems opportunities for a wide variety of horses. I mean including the ones. We'll we'll handicap the Matt win a minute But you look at horses like that. Mystic Guide pneumatic that are jumping in the quarter pole Just some thoughts about you know all these other. You know all these other opportunities horses are going to have and we still have yet to firm up a bluegrass and when the travers is going to be et cetera right so there's obviously opportunity for later developing three to V. Derby participants this year. You know Mr Guide pneumatic among them running tomorrow. I'm sure there's GONNA be others and coming weeks You know at this time. A few years ago nobody really knew who era gate was so. There's the opportunity for a horse like that with that kind of talent to jump forward. Certainly how that you've got to postpone Derby? Obviously it played out well for Max Field. Who which just was not. He was going to run out of time for for Saturday in in May scheduled Kentucky Derby. So there's a horse who was able to regroup and now he's going to have several prep races leading up to the Kentucky Derby and but yeah they'll be other opportunities and all the other jurisdictions there's going to be point scoring races in California beginning with the Santa Derby in a few weeks the Los Alameda. Derby is going to have points I I'M CERTAIN DEL. Mar is going to have a three year old race in early August That will serve as a race for California based horses to move onto the Kentucky Derby as you mentioned. There's the Haskell And that's another reason. Why just circling back to what we started this discussion with. That's another reason that the Belmont needs to be placed where it is because you move deeper into the calendar you're impacting races on your circuit and potentially other big three year old races on the eastern seaboard like the hassle And as you just alluded to begin the travers is GonNa probably have to be moved into earlier in August two not a conflict with the Kentucky Derby because otherwise it would be about two weeks in front of it so I'm sure you'll see that happen As well so there's an churchill. His announced additional points scoring races which include the Belmont which include the Los Alamitos Derby coaching which includes the Haskell. So there's GonNa be more opportunities. Some of the dates of some of those races haven't been set in stone yet because we're still dealing with A bit of a moving target here and the you know the the point scoring a as a as Aaron Rodgers laid out last week. A mix and match races like the Pegasus at Monmouth. The twenty points the Indiana Derby at twenty point basis the Lou The Los Al Derby at twenty point basis Haskell. Bluegrass travers Imagine they didn't specifically announce a hundred But I imagine that drivers is beyond your forty twenty ten. So there's still. There's there's still going to be in fact there's a myriad of opportunities there's there's going to be horses Big Getting on planes and won't going to be very interesting to see how those fields assemble right. But I mean there there'd be getting on planes for those rates anyway. I I get bigger. You might just get bigger fields now because there's there's I still think no matter when the Derby's run that's still the race. Everybody wants to win. And I think you're still gonNA have outside interest in wanting to be in Derby Because it's that's the one race that everybody wants to win and There's that's still going to be the focal point of people's campaigns. They just are going to have to get there in a in a different fashion. The other thing that you know is sort of another the great unknowns here is if there's an overflow field for the Derby which I still think there will be what the bottom level for points will be this year. Because you're you're going. There's going to be added races now. And so what has happened in the past Hamster reason the the bottom get in would be a higher number well and a granted. It's still four weeks away but You immediately in following up the announcement The other morning between you and Mike Walsh and Dave Greg assembled you know in like a ten horse field Ten horse you know major ten or S- Assembly within minutes really of The announcement give us a feel for your conversations with the with Horsemen Rob Dave and I and Mike just been in touch with a number of people who had horses on the Derby watched top twenty list and so we just wanted to gauge their interest. That's another reason that the mile and an eighth distance at the time that it's being run make sense because the horsemen know what their horses are capable of doing right now with the one that had opportunities they pat so you people like Todd. Pletcher FOR INSTANCE. You Know He. He gave me three names. Right off the bat to that. We've got our derby watchlist and then And then one other that You know that he's considering right. Just straight away so it's just You know Mott's interested with with modernist. Obviously baffles got to that he could consider for the race and when the Dahlan Charlatan it's You know there's there's a lot of You know there's a lot of Interest in in a mile and a name Don steaks and of course we knew that Soon as this was firmed up And in fact even even before the official announcement did seem like You know Mike heard between Barclay tags comments and Jack Knowlton from sacking Toga. You know the Tis. The law was going to be the you know the east coast centerpiece and then with baffled floating charlatan and the Dow You know right away. It becomes just hallmark solve the lot. The being coenen basin you mentioned the pleasures Farmington Road Guvener Morrison the third to contender potentially Dr Post Linda Rice who's been waiting to run Max player and and you mentioned the modernist That's just You know that that was that was without even beating the bushes so sixteen potentially being announced the weighed in on that stock about one one of the I think would have been an interesting whereas for that race and that's Kim Guillermo but I talked to. His trainer started making phone calls to everybody and he just says the course needed. She told me I needed more time. Coming out of the The Arkansas Derby and so he's he's he's not going to be ready for for for the Belmont stakes and he's just gonNa ship Churchill downs You Know Martha out from the Derby and take it from there interesting We'll see we've had we've had some long distance Preparations I think nothing further than the Tampa Bay Derby. But this would be. This would be a new wrinkle. J. Let's let's talk a little bit about Tomorrow and the Matt Win which Got a boost in points and was going to be good anyway but it got very interesting your thoughts about tomorrow. Oh Yeah it's obviously It's an interesting race for a lot of reasons. Because you've got some well known horses in here The biggest marquee name is Max field. One of the best two year olds in the country. Last you're finally making his long awaited three year old debut and racist running track where the Derby is going to be run. So that's that's another big factor with this The the point values fifty to the winner was originally announced his ten and then I think they can do whatever they want with it. It's their race so I you know I think fifty actually makes more sense but I I thought they would be almost bending over backwards. Noble the only make attended the originally announced that the thing that's interesting I think about the race is Steve from a handicapping standpoint is that there doesn't look like there's a whole lot of growing pace in the race and that's going to really make it interesting tactically to see if some of the worst is usually lay farther back or are you used earlier to to gain position but you know from a pay standpoint You know obviously Celtic striker New York traffic. Or the the to figure to be closest and So I I think that's GonNa be an interesting aspect of this race is just how it unfolds earlier Early I should say I thought New York traffic benefited by a soft paste behind wells by you last time. But it looks like he's GonNa get another soft Softish pays here. It'll be interesting to see who can late closer to that and still finish Well I I really like Pneumatics allowance when On the On the oaklawn stakes undercard that day. he's two for two and I've seen a reason why he shouldn't be effective begins. This field Obviously really you're going to see how maximum does but she's he's going to have to become an from way out of it Concern for In this race though maybe being fresh will be a little bit closer than than Than Usual I spoke to Brandon Walsh for the story that I wrote the other day feature story on Max Field and he said that you know obviously acknowledged that the horse had trouble getting out of the gate and this two races last year but he thinks that maybe because of the horse has gotten stronger. He said he was kind of a sparsely made. Course last year was filled out and gotten stronger. He thinks that being stronger behind could translate into getting out of the gate a little bit better than fact. He had a breathes from the gate. A couple of weeks ago at Keeneland Where he went five eight hundred fifty nine and one And Jose Ortiz fool in for that work and worked on that day. So we've had mice Prep in that regard so I would think there's there's a real possibility that between being fresh and being a more mature horse that he could be a little bit closer than he was in his two races last year and I that boy a bullet best the thirty four fifty nine and one from the gate so I I sort of referenced. Your your quotes and and others that we've seen from From Brendon Walsh and he seems very upbeat and You know he's not a he's not the type to be boastful or You know he's not he's not a chess pounder but he sure sounds Like he he thinks the ors picks right up the where where left off So looking forward to this and J obviously we were a couple of weeks out from the Santa Anita Derby but the two the two major principles of with honor. Ap and and authentic any any news and notes In that direction not both training long towards the race. And you know I think it'll be a small field. He might get a horse like shooter. She coming back in there But I don't think you're going to have You know I wouldn't expect a big field but still you know it's still a few weeks away. There's still split still still a couple of weeks away so there is still time for a couple of others to jump in but you know the two of the top take a lot of the air out of the room so I I don't think a whole lot of challenges to them well and Jay Before we wrap up just some thoughts about things getting up and running and What a relief to get going last weekend at Santa Anita Great. I mean it was it was nice to Santa Anita back up and running. They've got a terrific weekend of racing. This week with the Wittingham tomorrow and to grade one races on Monday the game in the shoemaker mile. So there's some really good racing out here this weekend and just nice to get going again I thought Santa Anita had really done almost the the model how this should be handled and thought The shutdown was It was it was. I thought they were doing everything right under that. At the point in which they were asked to to to take a powder and I was glad to that they were allowed to get back up and running again even more enhanced the protocols. I think they've really tried to do the right thing. overall so It's just nice to get back up and running because not not not only here but I mean everywhere where there was a lengthy suspension of racing in New York continues. They'll be up running soon but they're still not up and running. You know it's it's a real A real hardship on on On horsemen it's hard. If you've got a small barn I guess it really at any size bar. Small-time got your. This has been a rough go. It's it's rough to begin with trying to compete with guys who have scores divorces. Then yeah this on so I think you can do this. Safeway and it's been shown that you can that It's it's a good thing to get going again and we you know we've seen look at the interest. There's been look at the field sizes in these races. Horses are trainers have done what they need to do to try and keep horses. Ready for For racing and then rewarded with just some really really good quality racing though last week not only at Santa Anita but just everywhere that was that was that had reopened. It was just really fun to watch very much and If old in the field sizes which were anticipated Don't know if it's practical to imagine they're gonNA last but not an ongoing basis however With a few venues J. that May Not be coming up online You know in short order The there may be some lessons I think demonstrated here And I brought this up with our Kallstrom. Yesterday we Indiana They can't even satisfy the stall requests. They've got eleven hundred stalls and and the Hallstrom said the request for two thousand in a total of two thousand horses and if Fairy Meadows is not going to run anytime soon And of course. Chicago is is In a holding pattern and the rest of the Midwest between Canterbury and Ohio and Kentucky and Indiana They're going to benefit. And you know one of the things people have talked about is in the over saturation. In essence of of jurisdictions and You know that that's been evident It just the way this thing has manifested itself lose. I don't know I just I just was of riffing on it and and You know it We'll see we'll see what the in fact Hammer is gonNA join us next and and he certainly you know as as a longtime GM racing official racing office official knows You know the the ebb and flow of this So Jay in enjoy the weekend. What's the coverage? What is the coverage of availability In terms of going to Santa Anita what where does that stand media media like owners are still not permitted onsite? Okay all right because everybody everybody's sort of Working their way through that And I hadn't I hadn't heard what the fact that fact I talked to Dave Brennan yesterday and we were kind of wondering what You know how that's going to unfold in in New York to J I appreciate it may maturity weekend right now. Yeah that's then of course it it. Strictly is a you know as a health department a situation in each each arena and each at each venue so i. I don't know that I can only speak specifically to Fan Anita regarding why it's being done in that case it is I don. I couldn't tell you why it's being done in other Jurisdictions but I know here that they've been told you know the least amount of people the chances of reopening and therefore they said look we won't have media we won't have we won't even have owners here so And that was something that was in their proposal to to reopen. That was that was part of the agreement you know hopefully as moves on either at Santa Anita or before they an or maybe it will sell or dome ours. Some of those things will be relaxed. But you know it just depends on how things unfold regarding At least in southern California regarding what what happens with the with the virus and it's spreading control and hopefully things will get better but it's moving target. Jape ribbon everybody D. R. F. Prevent and J enjoy the weekend. You thanks next. I'll lodge Apron folks that Derby Watch Marty McGee. We're staying right here because As I mentioned hammer was going to join us and First of all say good morning to recognize the morning. Dave how are you excellent excellent? I just thought here and Casey called the other phone and I was got me. All flustered here. We got back and now I'm on the regular phone so I can So I can hear you all good here whether it's good You know it's very inviting to get outside and we're starting to open up a little bit here in California. Of course they're like county has been but a lot of the counties here. Pudding San Diego as Relaxed a few of the regulations and Some things are started to open up so there's hope there's hope now and I just invoked you hammer a little bit because The the number available stalls came up yesterday in that conversation with our Kallstrom and with certain venues not having no immediate plan to get to get started and and specifically thinking Arlington and Prairie Meadows. There's overflow horseflesh that needs needs a place to bed down and and to enter and run and I was just curious. I mean from from your standpoint from a racing office standpoint I mean obviously it's a luxury But then at the same time I know that I'm. I'm sure that Mike Lake out down at Gulfstream is now seeing this exodus of the going back to Kentucky in and to the northeast. So it's a bit of an ebb and flow But how do you handle that? If if you've got two thousand stall requests and eleven hundred stalls right I you've anyone that's that certainly over the years talk about The job of being a racing secretary handling that literally the toughest part and the and a job which is many many facets is Christoph Situation Handing them out deciding deciding You know making decisions that affect people's lives is you know it it it wears at your so You know you're deciding who gets in and he'll get and who and who doesn't when like you said you're trying to fit Two thousand divorces into twelve thirteen hundred stalls and you gotTa make a decision here and there so You know just so many factors you. Look at the loyalty factor. The guys that have been with you for a long time. He tried to take care of Meant a chance to win down some some of the horses. That People having the luxury you know if they they've got twenty stalls and really only twelve of them ready to run right now and there's a four and various various pages of readiness Maybe now is the time where you say. Hey you know what you gotta take three or four of those and you know. Keep them on the farm so we can get some race. Ready Horses inherited the Right now it's just such a tricky situation. It's such A. It's a hard thing to grasp the outside that when you have fifteen hundred stalls at a racetrack and it's hard sometimes to get this sort of management not all fifteen hundred or ready to run tomorrow you know they're they're they're in various phases of readiness and now some already have run tomorrow. We'll be ready in thirty days and some will be ready and you know forty five to sixty not to give stalls for horses. That are too far out but you know they have to get ready that catch twenty two while you're not ready. Well I gotta get to the race stuff theoretically well. You're not ready so you can't get to the racetrack. So there's just a fine line in there and he gets to know the people and who who's Clo- telling you the truth and whose horses are are going to fit who's going to run and and so it favors the people that that that get involved in re in the racists Safe at some run more than others and at this point you know your your word. Those people that help you out through the years whether they're on fight or they WANNA come in and You know I've seen the racetrack during this time. Be Pretty accommodating right. Some over the tracks are open. An art running state open to train which is just been so important and You know it's it's the on saying somehow it works out at the end and and it usually does You know people find places for for horses whether it's a farm or or somewhere and sometimes those ones that are projects just have to stay on the farm and the longer and It is a luxury right now. It it's helped as you've seen a lot of big fields in places because there's more water running less tax that are open to run in so it will work itself out if you track tracks opening and and And then you have the situation where okay mic track is a track. A and they're not open so I'm GonNa go to track fee and then walks back. These gives you stalls in the track a opens and the guy goes take. But I'm Outta here then you like. Hey what are you doing so There's a fine line in there and it's all about just like everything in this world communication you know Get in touch with everybody. Find out exactly what's going on and And getting the job done but it's a hands on thing. Is this phone call after phone? Call dealing with you the situations looking at PP's deciding you know. I guess it's the toughest part of the job out there but You know and then went in one racist I. It's the most important. Because you need the horses on on track that. GonNa Fill your racist and ready to run soon. So it'll get done but You know Churchill had the same thing problem with them bloom. Everybody wants to go to Kentucky at this time of year and Ben Band was You know we all talk amongst ourselves about people and you know what you think about this guy and who's going to run and you know limit stall limits. You guys may be used to get twenty five or thirty and maybe WANNA get Mateen. This time so has to task to get it and You know we. We being the the racing You know fans and bettors are the ones that are gonNA profit so keeper is an open you hear of a lot of things going on but the guys that are in charge out there right now they kind of get it and and it's a lot of working together but it'll get done now. I appreciate the insight I wanted to touch on it Popped the minute I the minute Eric talked about it yesterday and when it comes to The news that we are Yep saying and it never stopped. Jiffy cut stalls DOB occasions. Do May I and the meat opens may fifteenth. And they're all full that you don't just put you know. Put the with the judge away It's a constant in and out out in Guy Jimmy over there. You gave twenty stalls to a month and he's only got eight this year. Well and then you got three guys. WanNa come in. Well guess what you know now. It's opened up okay. You're on hold now. You're in go ahead you perform when you get those salts in the middle of a better perform or you're GONNA be out so it's a constant slow in and out of courses you know guys up some guys got twenty next thing you know they. They want they want ten more winning races or going to them. They're claiming a lot. So you've gotta find room for them. It might be in or barns but you find room for the guys that water run and then like I said the guy don't perform Have a little conversation with them. And maybe they're down a little bit so it's a never ending job it so. I guess that's one of the toughest hammer couple of thoughts from you. Been canvassing everybody since The News mid week about Belmont Your reaction no This situation no. Since since it was announced the date and the distance a lot of people are talking right one way or the other. There's a lot of a lot of twitter stuff. A Lotta stuff in the papers and a lot of but reminded me of one of my one of my favorite quotes of all time that and it goes Some people feel the rain and others just get wet and you know people. It's time to start feeling the rain. It's twenty twenty plane and things things are. There's no rules. Let's let's just be happy that we're running these races and you know the only the only in the whole scheme of things the only distance and race that matters in this feels the Kentucky Derby It was the Kentucky. Derby is going to be run and it's going to be running a mile and a quarter and after that just running a mile. Does anybody really care At this point this year Belmont You know they're not gonNA run a mile and a half is the first race. You Know Derby still the longest that any sources will run on the dirt at amount of quarter no matter when it is this year. I'm very happy for that. And you know they did the right thing this year with the Belmont and this just going to have an Asterik by anyway and so let's have a little fun with it. Hey running dome at a mile and eight. Let's let's let's rock. Now look back and you remember who won the Super Bowl in the strike. Your at all does account. Yeah I don't think there's an asterisk. In the nineteen eighty-seven the one wanted to strike the strike shortened season. Okay yes why? They still get the trophy on the shelf. Whoever wins the derby this year is going to have a trophy on their shelf? Whoever WINS THE BELMONT GETTING INTO BELMONT? Trophy one thousand nine hundred ninety had a strike even better even run even have a world series but that have been better though. We're running three races. And you know what if someone's lucky enough to be going into that final leg or the chance to win the third leg at this year until happened to be the preakness you know what I'm sorry. But you're getting the triple crown trophy. And that's I mean that's the way I think you know this is a. This is a year where we're doesn't of course racing restaurant beaches. There's rules new rules for everything so let's just roll with it sphere for years from now. Look Back Oh yeah. That's right that's your. They rented out of order. Oh Oh so so went three races. Anyone that triple crap so I say let's roll and quit complaining about things. Just be happy that we're we`re. We're talking about racing and we are racing and And move forward. So I'm I'm off work. You know. There's so many things just like this stall situation. There's so many things involved in scheduling Know Communication there well But we got TV. You know when you'RE GONNA RACE YOU'VE GOT TV. You gotta deal with you have you have not only scheduling of that race but the Belmont. It has. Derby has become in the fragments. It's a big day in itself so there's other races that you have to think about when you're picking the day You know to see us at those state in. There's there's just all kinds of things I think the modern list for right this is for the Belmont on for for for that day and Be Tough say we're going to run at a mile and a half you know and get five voices and say boy. Look what we did. They're gonNA have modernized rates. It's GonNa be it's gotta be a Lotta Horses in there and that's what we want save. You WanNa see some a lot of horses run and I think it's It's I think it's fine. So that's my ideal Ralph. You'll have a little fun. You know We haven't had fun in a long time. We've been inside for two months so quick complaining and let them. Brace Brace Jank. I appreciate all right answer. But that's my deal but Anyway there's been enjoying You know the little bit of the comeback here from everybody sat anita last week and hit the road Hit the ground running with their three days. I gotta say after a lot of needles going into the weekend last weekend and It's a lot more positive thinking out here than there's been in a long time as you know there's been there's been a A black cloud over Santa Anita for awhile since basically since the beginning of last year and You know maybe the maybe. The clouds elise turning a little gray and and is headed in the right direction but Just got the feeling from talking to people that I do that. It's been it's been kind of like taking a little bit of a deep breath and start thinking about racing and stop worrying about some Some you know and silly stuff that there's nothing you can do. I mean things just happened but anyway On my on my end Enjoying the racing. I thought you mid week I I like I said I've been playing a lot of contests and and Someone turns to something and speaking contests. You know what I need. I need a lesson in that stats race. Blends and I did. You're a man. I drive and puttering around with advert for a little bit. I can't figure out I can't figure out how to use the tool so I might be calling you. Give me a lesson in that seriously I it looks given. I don't know what to do with it so there's a lot there's actually it. It sounds like it. I just haven't haven't been doing the warm form and sheets and and Actually knock on wood. Been doing okay but I found out what turned me on to the to the Roberts Tv package and I'll tell you what It's fantastic and You know I talked to you. I feel like I You know I don't know I've been released it so I didn't do a quick Those you don't know it's it's a roberts. Tv package been around for a long time and Robert Communication. And what it is. It's a it's a satellites At deal where you gotta get a Roku stick or fire stick which you know learning about that stuff and anyway he gets their APP and you get their their TV package. I thought it was. You know thought it was like a hundred bucks a month or something this fifteen dollars a month and what it is you get the track feed so when you're handicap a certain track. I mean it is like it is so cool. It's you get the tracks feed which means you're getting the will pays you get to watch the replace it after the race It's clear Chris Picture and it's almost like when you're sitting there and you're in your study or whatever he got it on. It's almost like it's right for you. They're talking right to you and it's It said Hassoun switched from track to track. I mean TV is great but sometimes they don't have. Ill will pay you know the odds. Aren't we need to look up and see the odds? You don't see him. You know right away so if you're playing churchill or you're playing you know fun or Tampa you can just switch from track track when you get to that track. It's just it's it's just like it's it's showing right to you. I really enjoyed that and I know I mean it was so easy I did it myself. I didn't even need my daughter to hook up the roku stick and everything else that I found out too that you can go to Steve. Bic DOT COM. Click on their logo there and And check out and get it through there and there's also Stephen you know that are not you can go to to to N. DOT TV. And if you punch in the Promo Code. Rt N. B. Y. K. Arcadian Bentayga. Five three days to try it out so you can do that. Check it out. I'm telling you you'll never you'll never go back and so you know you. I go back and forth. I go to TV. So I don't miss the the races and then when they come on I slip back to the Robertson when it gets closer to post time so I can watch it the Chris. Clear thing with the odds changes in the will. As and so. I mean I've been you know rejuvenated. It's it's just been fantastic so You know like I said I'm I'm feeling the rain. I'm taking it all kinds of kind of new stuff for me because I'm not used to be on an incentive I really enjoy the racing and and just so glad we're coming back if you don't start to come back. I think Riodosa even start kit and Lone Star. You know for those. I haven't I haven't really pushed the at all. The you know the the Promo because I didn't think it was. It was the best timing you know the last couple of months. But WE'VE BEEN. We've had this opportunity with racetrack television network with our TSN. And you get five free days as an introduction. And I've waited because I wanted to get the essentially get more racetracks up and in fact even another if you wait another couple of weeks to do it. You know you'll you'll have everything and you'll also you know. It's not just the thoroughbreds. It's the quarter tracks. It's the standard breads. It's what's left of the greyhounds. It's international it. I mean it is. It's mind blowing actually and We'll we'll flesh it out more next month because the more tracks that get back to running the better opportunity will be for those of you that haven't ever utilized T. N. Before but you know one of the beautiful things that you get replaced so you can go back and play. You can categorize it by by year by track and you know when you're handicap in the last minute. Oh Jeez I gotta go. Let me watch that right. Boom boom boom like that and you get the head on You. Get all that stuff. I mean it this is great. I mean sometimes I never come out of the Office for that day and make happy to when I'm in there but it's just it's just wonderful yelling screaming but Anyway the new new tool like I said I'm expanding my handicapping horizons and I'm really enjoying the game from a different angle right now until we get back but Yet wanted to make sure we talked for bringing that up. Actually when I actually have a good friend. That works stared. I called and he goes well. Yeah just go to speed. You can click on the deal. Said I'm GonNa talk about what else you got for me. 'cause five days put the put the RT and bicker in there and So you can't beat that and I usually whenever I get a special trial for two weeks or something right on the calendar the two weeks cancel so like did that with this. I think I don't worry about cancel it because it was just it was just so good and I WANNA slip slip one thing in to Rick John Nichols and John. Plays from home at John. Mentions you can run multiple. Tv's has got if you've ever seen the picture from from his from his sports central got multiple. Tv's you can feed off of it as long as your Internet is strong enough you know to to separate the signal and you need a device for each TV. So if you've got to rokos or Roku in a in a at a fire stick and whatnot But you you basically could set up your own your own not. I mean in your house with multiple. Tv's and that's what a lot of the you know when you see when you see the guys that play in Vegas for instance And when you're in a you know any sweets the sweets keeneland And and so forth those multiple. Tv's that's basically you know what you've got. What you have is an option and you can also as part of our tean setup multi multi-screen within the one screen and. John says they have to have the same brand. You can have like a a Roku and then you know the the apple APP. Tv thing or whatever so all the same brand but you can feed to multiple. Tv's if you've got your own your own power tower bank watching you know five tracks six tracks at once. So I put John. Thanks for that. That's how well that's how you can play like John and you can win you know two or three contests on Saturday. You got to keep your eyes on everything you do. But don't be afraid of the Roku the Roku go roka's great. What does that this little and you know? It's like plugging I like are listed. All after do is plug it in. He's like yeah that's it. Get the apple boom and it was. It was very easy so to roku itself. Intimidate US did very simple very happy. I I was. I was walked out myself but As we get on one you know what I gotta do. I had to Dafur last week and I didn't mention and and we a lot of people have pack as as we go along in this. This is a a TV guy that we didn't talk about. That's one of my standard guys passed last week Jerry Stiller and Not many people just like you know okay. But I'd say what if you know Jerry Stiller? You watched anything at Never. Never when he's on view not laugh. I don't care if he's on the scene for five seconds you laugh at me like wow i. Just one of the funniest guys did around for for a long time doing all kinds of things of course most recently on Seinfeld and and That other that other show. That's on late at night but Anyway Jerry Stiller. So we're we're we're coming into the second week again and eat up that dot by the first big and that's what it was the got by the first week without any any any problems. And so that's a good thing had our first two year old race last week and we talked about really Mendez and that operation coming out of Utah and the dixie downs. I guess they're checked that operation on it and just we long ago there's been horses coming out of Utah into southern California for years and you know once every couple months would show up under a unknown trainer and has some workout than some place you never even saw it was in a was Utah new they used to we call them Utah Maiden which meant they could have run at three four five cases in Utah but they were not terribly didn't matter and you know they come in here and moved you know twenty seven eighty thank you very much in a couple of months and so now they're they're recorded there but please please take a look at Louis Mendez. There's he's got a couple in today and the two race today the cowbridge. They're all they're all ready to run and most of them have a for sale. Sign on their back to the this Operation of bank. They'd they'd get him ready. They run early. They win early and they're for sale early. So keep your eye on him. And there's a material race. I think starts out the card today. So keep your eye on him through the Through the meat And it's good to see the two year old starting and move on So tomorrow Saturday is the first day of the three-day weekend here. So we'll test the test. The waters couple of steaks tomorrow Sunday no and then Few stakes on Monday. The two great ones as you as you mentioned the ones tomorrow To turf races short one long. Jin So out as much as we we hope but I won the Daytona and Funding we put the name. One thing I have left there since the harassers I neighborly named this race at the Daytona Kinda quietly to things go to quietly. So at the time there was actually a running Dan Hendrix that of course called Daytona and Nice Friday night. I was very good down the hill but so I named grace this Daytona and we would put it on the Sunday of the Daytona. Five hundred and took a couple of years in someone finally goes. Hey you didn't name this race. After the first I go now except for the Daytona five hundred but he took off and it's actually got Got A great three. By though he stepped we kept with it but the no longer downhill As you know we're we're still some of us are still hoping that that Downhill race track return. I don't know but it'd be nice but they're five and a half now they're I mean it. Sure looks like it's destroys race to live as a really nice sprinter term or dirt like can handle anything I mean. He's a great one winner on the Turkey one the he's on this course as well as Simeon last night not going to be very tough to beat. Of course Peter Miller He owned this category. For for many many years has a horse called Texas wedge in there A little bit comes from off the pace and I looked like the racist between those two Doug. O'neill has three in there. And and he wins his share those as well but Seven horses in there Captain Tough to get away from the favorites in there and then later in the day the Charlie winning him Go to mount a quarter on turf and that's you know. There's only drill field seven as well. George Papa Drama. Put a couple and it looks like you know. helped out and made the rape kits numbers. We'll see if they end up running. Bolton's average got a little speed and they're all pretty much will be on on united with Pratt and speaking Pratt. Of course he had a antastic day last weekend. He wants nick. I think he went ten for the week. And we've talked about him. I mean when there's a turf race first thing you do is you look and see craps on and then you go from there really. Just he's really coming into his own and he's not fidget hold into being just a turf. surf rider as he was for years. He can do it all on surface especially so he's not united for rich. Mandela and And sphere reminded that You know Mr Mandela. He's the one that caught up brought. brought Pat Pratt on the scene and gave him a stark and got going. So it's nice to see him being faithful to get back on this. Of course that that that huge run against bricks and mortar in the Braider Scott and Gothi right on the money and since then has held that form and will probably be the to beat in here. you know doesn't fall too far back and and we'll look like it'd be able to make the first move on On Chad Brown's who shipped in here. Who hasn't hasn't won yet in this country but has run very respectable and I teases his name. Terai and I actually. I wondered if he was coming in just for this nominate. They checked I checked overnight. A Churchill and Florida. I didn't have anything to ride We'll probably stay the weekend and write. Some more Chad has more horses here but Anyway looks like those one of us to watch out for The Jeff mullins horseshoe literally ran to the TV. Last night just ran. Huge originator Maybe a look at a little bit of a price a huge number For that and You know our turf wars is out. Here have not been the greatest. The last five six seven eight years so United in break that streak and carry on looking forward to a nice Week of Sunshine and getting back into action at Santa Anita and Churchill. Boy They are on fire. I mean they cards or just antastic that five five or five steak pick. Five tomorrow is Great and Actually contest Tampa tomorrow some feeder deal that we don't we got into so I'll be busy handicap and joy to leak and I've sounds like everybody else's to Amer I appreciate it Good luck this weekend and we'll talk next week. Happy Memorial Day steak. You can be if you're going to be at arm's distance. They gotTa love added a restaurant in Maryland. Have the energy that even look it up. That's Google it Maryland. Innertube restaurant you go in the restaurant bar and you put an inner tube around you. But they have the cable fixed into the middle of the Inner Tube. So you walk around. Push US thing around so obviously everybody's got into. You can't get close enough to each other and talk with you. GotTa look it up. I get that I enjoy. Take our last break Of the morning because Nick Camera Brad. Free will out the next thirty five forty minutes back after this nick camera operators with feedback on Sirius. Xm radio relation to your old in California. Police consider leader shield leading all natural pace. The greatly reduce or eliminate h the worst of the trainers. Who Trust Leader Shield? This shouldn't you join the team word? More Contact Joseph. 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