115: Mueller Takes Your Question


In this means Donald Trump up. We'll be the forty fifth president of the United States. This is your life now. This is our election now. This is us. This is our country. It's real hi and welcome back to the forty fifth rob here and I'm here with my colleague and co-host Susan Simpson Hasten. Hey Robby. You've been watching T._v.. All Day I mean that's a not a great way of phrasing. I was preparing cast all day. You are working hard to our listeners. Hopefully y'all are listening right now. On Wednesday evening we delayed recording so we could cover the Muller testimony today on the Hill Yeah Yeah we thought this is probably going to be. We didn't have to wait till next week to cover this. Since it's pretty timely but I did watch it on and off. I just heard kind of the same recurring themes over and over. I'm sure you picked out things that a little more like detailed drew your attention so we'll get to that in a minute but I wanted to talk about a couple of other stories before you get into the big news of the day by the way is four P._M.. Right now on the east coast is that testimony still going on the House Intelligence Committee still grilling grilling him we timed it well. He finished up about half an hour ago fantastic fantastic. We timed it exactly right all right before we get into this so i WanNa talk about something that's kind of important to me but not important to everybody but it's kind of important as it relates to our national security the United States and that is that this week the president welcomed the official bucks on a Prime Minister the official delegation of the bucks any prime minister to the White House and I'm talking about Imron Han now relationships between Washington Washington and box on have been really really bad last couple of years so bad in fact that trump cancelled hundreds of millions of dollars with aid the bucks have been getting for many years as partners in the war on terror ongoing ongoing stuffing awareness on and all that stuff so he just got up and cancelled it. This prime minister came into power. What a year ago and he he's an ex cricket star and I know that doesn't mean a lot got to Americans but pretty much of the rest of the world is kind of a big deal? He this guy was a big broncos president kind of SORTA. Yeah I think that's I think that's a fair analogy. Guy Was a big deal. I'm talking about thirty years ago. He was also at this hotshot. So Jordan is President Michael. Jordan becomes president there you go <hes>. He's been involved in politics for a while. He was a minister in his region and that he's been trying to he found a new party and he's been campaigning on anti-corruption for many many years now bucks on what had happened for decades now was it was just a couple two families back and forth back and forth these two except for that little military coup that happened or too little military coups otherwise the government has ended up between like these two families and Iran was like I'm going to break the cycle <hes> and he won but critics now say about him that he is using the guise of anti corruption shen and anti-terrorism to clamp down on his opponents and stuff like that but anyhow he had to make up make up the trump make good with him but interestingly enough one thing he did which I don't think so ever been done before in the United States he was coming coming to D._C.. For three or four days and he decides to hold his party's decides to hold what's called a judge saw which is a political rally very very trumpian in that way like you know how trump loves Israelis. They rented out the capital Arena here in D._C.. I had actually registered to go like you can just got a couple of bright tickets. It was free and then I just got lazy. I said you know why I'll just watch it online or whatever you know it's and I kind of I kind of regret it because it was packed to the Gills and apparently it was really really well done and he spoke for an hour <hes> towards the end of it it was like twenty five thousand bucks on his packed into and these are all people from this area packed into the center but a number of my friends who went and said that there was at one point they played this very long video jio that was just like an Ode to Iran was very much like just propaganda very uncomfortable. It's like clips of him like making runs in cricket and and exhausted in a rally back home and this doing all these heroic things and just people praying for Oh yeah he slipped and hurt his leg playing crickets. They showed him in the hospital and a woman praying for his leg. It was so the next day he does meet with trump. I didn't follow a lot of what happened. You know what I know. Is that basically the here's the funny thing this weekend I was travelling. I went to New York just for overnight. I was on the train back and this guy was sitting across the aisle from me and he leans over his middle-age Brown guy and he's like are you from bacchus on. I said yes I am and so we started talking saying he had flown in for this because he is like one of the prime minister's right hand man he is the head of the party in one of the regions and one of the big cities Karachi so that was really weird but he was telling me look. This is just happening because we gotta begged that money back so there was that money the Mo the aid that trump cut from buck assan hundreds of millions of dollars trump. I don't know two years ago at some point. He cut the money cut. This aid bucks have been getting about twenty eight. I mean they need the aid <hes> so they're trying to reset these relationships but during this conversation did you see that clip about trump what trump said about Afghanistan yeah well. There's two things I would ask you about what the one was the gas. I want which is terrifying. Sorry okay. Let let me explain what trump is talking about. How I mean Baucus on strategic important that alliance is really based on what they can do to combat terrorism and manage like the shit show that is now avant Tucson and has been for many decades because of one war after another on its land and so trump goes you know what if I wanted I could finish this? I could finish this war in a week. Ten days are finished week but they're really ten nine people dead and I don't want that but I could do it which seems to imply he's is he saying he would just nuke it he he did say he said I could wipe it off the map. He's white commit genocide yeah with nuclear weapons basically exactly. He's like that could do that but I'm a good guy so I'm not GonNa do that. I can't imagine when ron was thinking at the moment so we know what a guest thinking 'cause they immediately sought clarification on the president's statements about annihilating their country. Yeah was there a response from the White House not publicly that I've seen yet but <hes> I mean hopefully he has some not incompetent aides to try and what one fixed immediate crisis and to convince him never ever ever ever say that again which then also maybe that we're actually not at war against the country itself. That's not even a thing so what was the other thing that stood out to he's comments about what mody Indian Prime Minister had asked him <hes> about mediating a peace between India box on over the Kashmir question which is like seventy years old yeah. It's like it's like trump to foreign relations crises in the presser with the Pakistani Prime Minister in other words with Paxton. He just makes it up off the cuff literally the very next day India's like that never happened mode. He didn't ask them do that. Nobody seemed really angry about it. Though they were extremely like this was not something they could let trump say and it'd be like okay. That's you know we'll we'll just not make a thing out of it. They're like making a thing out of this right now. They have to because mode as the strong man in Kashmir is a big point in Kashmir is that was show weakness on the part of India towards that issue if India was leaning in and saying hey can you help us resolve this that means India showing some some weakness here means. You don't need to see what I'm saying. It's like they don't have the upper hand any so yeah. That was just you know but I'm show. I don't even know where that came from. I wonder if it's something that because trump must've asked and he's like trying to pretend that he that he was asked to do it. I'm sure trump is the one who asked them can help you do this. We can fix the Middle East and Kashmir good luck with that the other occupation anyway so that was that mostly you know yeah those were to really alarming things but. As far as bacchus almost concerned there were no gas part of the prime minister so that went well well Pakistan is that we started new problems with yeah. 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This is trump's all business partner in trump transition team official I. I don't know it's getting some attention in the news but it definitely has not gotten the attention that I guess these days trump official getting convicted of a crime of conspiring my working for foreign government really isn't that much of the missile line of them it just it just yeah so in that sense it kind of is just a Tuesday but like still again. Another trump official convicted of being an agent of a foreign power now so bijon Rafiki in is a business partner of Flynn he worked doc with the intelligence group which was a consulting business and this all goes back to the one of the big things that Michael terminating yeah got in trouble with but never actually indicted on now. He got indicted on the Russia stuff but he probably had an even bigger problem or well. I won't say bigger but he had just as big of a problem with his Turkey stuff and he was not charging it because he was cooperating witness and they needed Flynn and the thing was what was him offering the Turkish. I government to get the Golan extradited right. He was a gun for hire <hes> for Turkey to help them primarily help them with their guy yeah to help them kidnap and extradite a a U._S.. Permanent resident who is considered like a coup starter glennon meter yeah all those things and again flynn not charged in that case because he will flip early early and cooperated supposedly and got a really really nice deal out of it that I wished mother had been asked about today given how that seems without me in but the second anyway we've had some dramas lately when Flynn Flynn fired his counsel from Covington burling his council since since the start of this really and he got these new like trump sick of councils who may actually wind up Steering Flynn at prison over their advice to him but their dice was essentially to tell Glenda stop cooperating. Here's what basically what happened is you had government of Turkey says Hey Flynn. We're going to pay you through this Turkish business developer guide out Tekken as as a cover for US coming straight from the Turkish government bank accounts and then you can lobby for extradition of Glen and help us with this plan to actually not kidding extradite plan to kidnap him but because because we're hiring you are paying you through this guy this business guy. You'RE NOT GONNA have to disclose that. You're a foreign agent now. If you are an agent for a foreign government you have to file a statement with under Fara for any demonstration act and and flint him up do that at first until he was caught because he was so boneheaded that he wrote an op Ed are published under his name on election day like saying how great the Turkey U._S. alliances and how much we need to extract Yulin right at that point people were like that's a little bit odd Turkey paying you and that's when the field yeah that's when in the middle of all his other problems with lying about Russia Flynn Files Afar statement on behalf half of <unk> Flynn and tells group little problem there is that that statement in the far filing was a bunch of lies which which Flynn admitted when he pled guilty statement offense which he agreed to under oath in court says that he made false statements in that far filing which would have helped the government when they're bringing their casing. It's offensive partner Bijon Rafiki and for these same issues because they're going to be planted having Flynn there to test find him half like yeah we well. Here's how he broke it. Here's how Bijon was involved Yep. We totally did that. Shit then in July he gets new council new council. Make a new statement. Starring Judi got new council and the Council go to the government mm-hmm and say Oh we're Flynn said under oath that he broke the law did like false information in those Fara filings yeah. He just got confused. He didn't really mean that he was just kind of going along in front of Camden think about it too hard but he never made any false names the firefighter he never review them before they had no idea what his attorneys wrote in that filing. Isn't it like a little too late for that. It is way too late for that also also like this is national security advisor. I'm supposed to believe he's so stupid that like he won right didn't read his own filings fine. Maybe just business guide stuff to do but to he pled guilty to a defense and pled the fancy pled to you but in the statement of events he he agreed he stipulated that he had broken the law in this way and he did that because he was just confused. Yeah he was no way as lawyers are not going over all these things with him. I mean like before the pleading of course we'll do definitely should have been national security advisor. If that's the case why shouldn't have been anywhere for ten reasons so this happened all very recently at the eve of trial and there was some speculation that there is some concern that it was going to undermine the federal government's case against be Sean and it did it made a definitely trickier. Luckily I felt pretty good chances there and it turns out they didn't need flynn after all because they got their conviction on the strength of their Documentary Evans Alone Flynn did not testify the documentary was pretty overwhelming in this kind of goes back to in part the clear evidence from the far filings that there was a kickback pay top tech in the Turkish businessman. Who was the Middle Guy so what happened is there is this whole deal? Flynn in Turkey was for six hundred thousand dollars. I think it was number and and that money came from bank accounts supposedly controlled by up tech in two FIG Flynn until group and then mysteriously like twenty percent of that total was sent backed up Tekken which is a kickback find mysterious. It's very clearly out tech agree to be the middleman for this exchange right as part of his feet being the middleman risking criminal exposure and eventually criminal was to have twenty percent kick back to him so there's a lot of documentary evidence and it was. He's never a great position to begin is the government. When you're only witness with direct knowledge? She was going to Mottola stuff suddenly turns on you but they want anyway. He was convicted and it's going to be at best at best a minor new story from the week if anyone even that it happened and which is unfortunate because yeah again this is another example of just how many people and trump world were compromised for working for foreign governments into Flynn got the sweet amazing incredible deal despite clear cut like ironclad DUDES GONNA lose in court full stop evidence against him multiple criminal violations many of them very like not just the forest also the backs also the lying the government also like the F._B._i.. So how come he pleads guilty to like one offensive line to the government which is now also claims he didn't really do and was at one point had a good chance of getting no jail time out of the deal I mean is it because he expecting a pardon so for me. That's the only answer but at the same time Cohen got a ton of talent time time gates won't get time but he actually is for real cooperating so why did Flynn get such amazing deal just offering but that's the thing like Okay Flynn was giving something maybe that makes sense again ongoing investigations. I maybe there's something we don't know yet. Is that possible that he's not he. Maybe except for the fact that he's clearly not cooperating more and also if he had good stuff to give her the by now and there's something that important worth that much of a deal we would have heard of it and we didn't well if I'm honest to cooperate and get this deal and then he reneges on that isn't the deal you'll be like well. That's the thing is plan has not been sentenced yet and the thing was put off and it was extended to be after this trial so that he could show his cooperation in his use to the government so let's show all that stuff yes now <hes> Yeah Flynn is looking down the barrel of jail time however he stolen pled guilty to the one minor ish like length deputies minor but relatively minor charge so the extent of the shit he then is limited to that so yeah. I really really don't have any answers there. I wish even today we had some more light shed on how this deal came to be and why Muller Flynn was that valuable but I guess I mean it's not good news but at least Flynn is not going to get through the scot-free. There seemed to be a couple of you just mentioned like some teams where it's like so many people surrounding trump. Are you know have some kind of ties to foreign governments really close ties but another ongoing theme seems to be like this world of a child sex trafficking and pornography and all kinds of so I don't know do we cover the nature stuff last week we did not oh yeah. There's another connection but indictment bail issues going on as well for that case for another Republican. An adviser who yeah was indicted for raping children right I mean along with Epstein stuff and I think the judge is going to unseal an obscene cases like two thousand pages worth of documents that could Thailand of other people like into his whole sex trafficking world right so when that's going to happen but in this week too you just reminded me that this week this week we had a frigging video come out of Epstein hanging together at a party with all those girls and women. I think they're all women and trump getting all Hansie with them. They were cheerleaders. Yeah and that's been like totally I run just like okay cool. I mean they were over age. So what more to expect you know why because we knew that we knew the thing is like all the stuff about trump. I mean it's disgusting. Thing is all of us who are like horrified at him running and getting the candidacy and then actually winning I mean we were because we knew all these things about him like these are all things we knew how he was about women. We knew how discussing he was as we know inappropriately. Wasn't we already knew a lot of it. I mean a lot of the allegations against him. Existed already the you know the rape charge so much Laurie there right and it was kind of like so it's almost like what you know. Even before the election all these women came out and it was like well aw it did nothing so that's why I now oh. There's another video of him. Whatever I mean? It's you know we've got pictures of the first lady posing new none of nothing beyond the Pale for this family <hes> and that's why we just it's not news. It's not news will be news. If there's evidence I see I don't even think it will matter if if witnesses lineup women lined up and say yeah we were traffic through Epstein and we were underage and we were solicited the two trump it's still a matter already have one woman who said that under her real name which matters I mean at this point I well short of Epstein actually holding rolling onto some black material against trump. I don't see anything happening yeah he might there might be another a whole bunch of people coming down but I've seen has blackmail and some people so we'll find out well. Maybe we'll find out who they were rents. All over the hell. 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My brain was starting fry because all I car it was basically every Democrat was asking questions related to obstruction and every Republican was coming was talking about collusion and just pointing to there's no and it was this like two separate. They were just completely talking impasse each other. I don't even think they give crop about the answers that Muller had to give for the most part because it was just about when he gave answers right and can I say I I think he has a hearing problem or something but there were times he just seemed completely confused me. I don't know if it was this heated questions. Were coming from or didn't that's there were times when questions were repeated a number time and he seemed like he didn't understand what was being Aso. It could have been a hearing thing or I don't know what was happening. It's a stalling tactic too. They all do that and those hearing L. is that right maybe. It was the master of that. How can you repeat that thing become a bumbling okay? That's what it is now. I'll say overall there. Were probably no no huge welshing center for the most part. It was nothing too surprising this needed to happen. It should happen much sooner and by the way going into this yesterday right. He doesn't reported yesterday the D._O._J.. Has had instructed him specifically to stay inside the bounds of the report which what was that Britain mother had written and asked for guidance so he could basically similar could have that to fall back on more than one answer questions and it was all comes down to all of this over the past two years two plus years of investigation till now it all goes back to how fucked we are due to the Elsie opinion that says the sitting president cannot be indicted that one elsie opinion has up into the future of America because of its repercussions for <hes> how trump is handle or not handled orange vest <unk> for a sitting president but he clearly say that once a president leaves office he can be but the problem though is like Muller's <unk> his task all along wasn't possible his task all along was internally contradictory then there's an I don't agree with his his way of throwing that needle necessarily but I can't say I have another solution for him. <hes> which is the trap he was in and that one he was tasked with investigating trump but to could never make a conclusion or could never indict dight trump for any activity found. Some other solution was to say okay. I can't investigate because there's other reasons beyond dining him right now but also if I do find he committed criminal activity I cannot state it out loud or is he puts it. I must constantly constantly say we declined to reach a conclusion about his criminal conduct as if that's like a thing where you can just like mentally not make a conclusion right even when you go through all the steps and have all the evidence in front of you but you just say well. You know what we couldn't do it so I never considered in the first place that's like when somebody says something court and then like strike from the record. Jury's already heard it's too late it just it's an impossible situation and the result is that now trump is going to be essential. I mean the president once concern office is free to crime up as much as they want. They have a risk of if they get out of office before the sedimentation front out they have a risk of being indicted thin but given the concern about indicting political enemies that hopefully still exist in our country and the concern against incoming politicians trying to seek prosecutorial attacks against their opponents. It's about look it's the optics or bad yeah so yeah. Even after you're out when you look at Kobe charged there's going to be Canada and concerns that might mean won't be even if you totally totally deserve it even worse that like even aside from this whole thing about like whether he should be indited right now for me the damages in that it hinders investigation and reaches this ridiculous situation where Muller can come out and today day he he it is abundantly clear that he fully believes that trump committed obstruction justice that he'd lots of it and that he should have been indicted or what have been indicted had it not been there with Elsie opinion. We had a former F._B._i.. Director a upstanding long-term public servant credibly get up there and described facts about the presidents crimes and the president can walk away. Let's say like all the victory for me. Just had a special counsel declare all these Crimes Times I did. It's proof that I was right all along but there was I mean so this. This question came up a couple of times and at one point Muller said Yes what a president leaves office. When the president's office he can be charged but then later he was the question was posed him again in a different way and he said No? I'm not saying that if but for the opinion he would have been charged he it seemed like he kind of backtrack that a bit so there's a couple of weird linguistic dodges he's making making he didn't back what he says the president he he was. I was an interesting exchange where he straight up said can with asking the President H._R.. Through his office and he says yes now that it's not completely clear whether he was being hypothetical article and saying Oh if the president able to enter this charge or if you're saying this president could be charged which I think was likely intentional because mother lording he can be careful with his words when he wants to be <hes> so oh I think he meant or at least was okay. Leaving open interpretation that he meant trump personally now. There's another change you had with a Republican Congress woman less cow that was kind of executive for her in one of the more enlightening exchanges because she he kept going after <hes> Muller based on the bar letter what bar had written in like a public statement about how mother isn't saying that but for the Kenyan he would charge trump now that it's technically true and how it was written because Butler is not saying are was not saying that but for the Aussie opinion he would've charged trump <hes> but also he's not saying you wouldn't have no. He's like basically he's not using his answer that that's not the answer the mother saying but also it's true mother would have indicted trump but he was not president also opinions and stop it so when she started asking him like isn't it true that the reason you didn't die trump is not because they'll see Pinon and he wouldn't agree to that. He was like very pointedly. Well Well No. I'm not GonNa say that because obviously he would have indicted trump so there were some weird and also there's the whole thing with I think ripped blue asked him about the opinion and he later corrected it but not in a way that really changed his answer. Just made it a little bit more theoretically wishy washy. He was also asked about specifically about statute of limitations. What if a president is has two terms and in that time statue of limitations on these crimes expires but molars answer was? I don't know how to handle. He's not GONNA get ended. I mean like also it depends on which crime so like is it a five year such limitations and theoretically he could be still open to being indicted for it but there's lots of once but I mean the question was if it's a crime for which the statue of limitations does expire like getting his ass awesome you know does does the statute toll he's like. I don't know it was a dodge. I mean the thing is a canto for other reasons like so. When then we could happen is that there is a sealed indictment that could toll it however he's also said before that they're I'm not GonNa do a sealed indictment either so that presumably nappy the case yeah? I mean muller he he no one can say he didn't want anyone that he was not going to try and answer. He's GonNa try to answer as little as possible during this hearing which she had I mean the Democrats gotten got a chance to basically. I almost felt like well everybody who didn't read the report which seems like a lot of G._O._P.. Didn't read the report and you know certainly a lot of trump didn't report the Democrats got to really lay out like obstruction charged by obstruction charge the all of the different times you know one by one. I'm sure they had organized it that way and Muller Everytime Yup Yup Yup. That's exactly you needed to be done is absolutely needed to happen sooner. Even though Muller's always going to be this way because has I mean look at trump. He's been the yelling the report says no obstruction for the past four months and I'm not saying he's not GonNa get any more after this but also the media can now say well muller very clearly said that that is not the case and said had not there's no exoneration and then matters because a lot of news articles are going to do the same bullshit every time where trump will say something. That's clearly not correct based on the Miller. report are the stuff and they were looking to call out his lives. They don't have but easy quote. They can pull on be like actually this is totally wrong now. They have that so hopefully they'll use them. Yeah well another thing that was very clear and so they're Republicans folks all their energy on the underlying crime which is the collusion thing thing and whether or not he had enough to try to say well all inclusion thing it seems pretty clear that he did not have enough to charge on the collusion but the real issue was the obstruction and they wanna touch the obstruction but one thing that he probably I did want to go. I mean we should be thankful that somehow will listen to this semester now. The Republicans went full Q. and on because they went full nonsense and I try and follow a lot of the Republican conspiracy stuff just so I can know what they're talking about so I can follow a lot of it but there were some stuff they were going on about. I'm like what what dark recess of fortune to the Schick. I'm from. Oh God what did I miss. I miss that all the tax steele dossier that conspiracies about Oh Carter our page and just add popadopoulos and like their tax Alexander Downer what shocking and he was repeatedly asked. Did you investigate the origins of the investigation. As what are you talking about. It's like I told. Hold you cannot answer. That's what else is doing that already not my purview. I was even throw government when this happened so since when since when is an investigation in and of itself the point of an investigation to figure if something's going on right if our their crimes being committed since one is an investigation in and of itself illegal so their basic framework is that this was all a left wing political conspiracy to stop trump became president by laying the ground ones illegal in that conspiracy never even came to light to after the election season. You know what honestly if they could. They would charge them between them. Hang all these. They don't want to get co hair Erica's more clear at the gets the harder it gets to stick to it keeping it vague does help them to some degree right well. It's a distraction right because one thing that was very important that came out in this hearing was muller very clearly and repeatedly saying that Russia is like not just like interfered continues to interfere and this is a really important thing this is going to shape the future to our country and he got laid that out there and then he was given an opportunity and I can't remember which one of the congressmens that you know you have a minute half. What would you like the public to get from this report like what would and it just sounded like he issued a dire warning and there were only two things that muller had any sort of emotional visible emotional reaction to well? He had a couple of roles at dumber questions he would do that but the only know one one time I rolled he was asked <hes> like now which which candidate the Russians intend to help with their interference and he's like trump and he almost herald and then I think it was not gates it was Gohmert asked a question I swear to God he did a full on Iro <hes> but the things that got him emotionally engaged or one tax on his staff not him people could attack long and he was like a freaking wet blanket stick in the mud like okay you wanna say like someone's like saying like seven loans around the corner and he's like being attacked a vicious partisan deep state going to destroy America and he's like okay. I'm he's a Republican first of all but but they when they attacked the Daf he did. He like a good boss he goes to bat for them. The other time is when I can't the whole issue came up and he got super like urgent and emotional and like actually we're all going to die. He'll fix this swiftly. He didn't sit as worse but that was about the given the his the general tone he might as well said that I mean I think that was his way of saying yeah. All this is important but something bigger is happening here one of his like at one point he was asked about like I interference around in the future and he's like well. Why and it's not going to just Russia but also yeah it wasn't a single by Russia? They're doing <unk> as we sit here and they expect to do it. During the twenty twenty campaign so in the last week there's been a couple of reports just just so people understand where we are and how we're responding as the most powerful country in the world so there was a reporting by A._p.. In the past week that the majority of the ten thousand election jurisdictions nationwide are going to be using windows seven or older operating system. That's not what am I for. Voting the twenty twenty windows seven reaches the end of life on January fourteenth means a systems that are vulnerable hacking and that includes states in impacted our Pennsylvania Wisconsin Florida Iowa kind of important ones and then the whole face. What was that what the what's called face APP thing happened last week and apparently early the people in the Democratic National Committee? All these people are using face APP which is like this weird at that age. Is You and it suddenly I. I don't know it was reported that the APP was it's actually a Russian APP and they're like Oh my God they can use this app to like infiltrate your phone or whatever <hes> or could be someone was so annoyed but that's stupid APP and every post and stuff from it that they're like sent this out like hey I heard the Russians did that just to make a stop and that's what happened. I'm cool with it. That's fine the D._N._C.. told the G._N._C. and others were like <unk> getting rid of the APP immediately but around the same time Microsoft and this is last week announced it detected seven hundred forty infiltration attempts of us-based political parties by nation state actors foreign actor so this is happening like right now and the question is what if anything is being done to stop it. I think very little very little and trump is definitely gonNA stop it. It's I mean I I hope at the new shows tonight. That's what they're they're leaning coverage with is the exchanges from volume one report in the second half of the day where Muller was very clear that this is a huge threat to ARC's like he's like. I've seen a lot of threats to the U._S.. I mean he's F._B._I.. Director so presumably he's seen the worksheet of the worship Shit and he's like this is this ranks pretty high up there in terms of like Oh this is existential threat to our existence what we like. He was pretty clear sports and he didn't try and dodge questions as much rush at all. He wouldn't answer stuff about the steele dossier. He wouldn't stuff about like future indictments but he got really internal stuff yeah yeah he that's what he was asked did well. The trump like the trump campaign they welcome this efforts by Russia to subvert democracy and he's like yes. Did they later lie to cover up this they did this. I think the answer is like <hes> generally. Yes I think at one point there was a slide that was shown on with trump tweeting support over and over and over for wikileaks and you know clearly basically encouraging you know like this kind of foreign interference in the release of of information and all this stuff and <hes> Molly Muller was asked. Is that troubling he's like yeah. This is very troubling and should be under is uninvestigated should be under investigation. Problematic is an understatement right right so that is also about the time he made an extremely interesting statement. I didn't expect he was asked about you know the national security applications of all these trump officials who worked with foreign powers and enlight about it and he said in his exact words or something like he can't talk about it because the F._B._i.. is currently looking into it and then he clarified yet currently right now all those like the ability of foreign states like blackmail people and the executive branch right now that's being currently look into which I think that was news just about everyone. I'm sure that's something that's going to keep. A lot of people really worried. Get rewarded there. I have no idea that's going on but I think that was. Maybe that was his way a of appeasing some of the you know what I mean like I mean he wouldn't lie about yeah he could be. There is a currently ongoing F._B._I.. And he didn't say much enjoy the counterintelligence investigation he described how they had people. Oh that were outside of the special counsel's office that were there to sort of go through their stuff and make sure that the counterintelligence as opposed to the criminal investigation aspects what they found was taken into account but he personally was not involved in that and he can't answer questions about it. Wouldn't that's questions about it but he didn't critter was a whole separate nash security instigation going on and it's still going on. Can I ask you. This is taking a step back from this. What do you think it was a point of this other than I think it was valuable in in getting out the sound bites and important formation from the report and the conclusions that are clearly there but trump says are not there <hes> but do you think this was a way for House Democrats to kind of lay out like a case from peach mint that in part <hes> and also just to actually get him on the record and get me he wouldn't give clear open concise statements obviously but with a presence in going around saying the report says there was no obstruction like which is a blatant lie and he was unchecked by that the oldest stop that that stop that narrative was to try and stop it was to come in and be like actually yeah no that that's not what happened now? The impeachment parts also was part of it of course Muller seem biologically incapable saying the impeachment word conferred to it indirectly a couple times I mean it's very I'm sure in his head. He's thinking like y'all motherfucker. I mean as clear as possible. This do obstructed justice. This is all kinds of crimes and I left it to other mechanisms. Organisms for redress. I was talking about impeachment. I'd do your do your jobs right. It's like I'm sure she looks like I did all my. I did my thing I hate ship. I kept I kept the integrity investigation top notch and with it that's on your yeah. He was asked speaking the integrity grilled a few times different folks about the leaks. There was a leak from his office sweat. What was that legally not not not that was all bullshit? That's the whole point of that question. I think that there was a leak there was not there's no evidence of that Africans his name he has binders twenty-five those leaks from your office and Muller's like there were no mouse and representative is like well I had detailed right here like this one in Muller just like stony-faced like they in my office and like there's one they assure up and it's like he ran a tight ship so no but there were no leaks that are proven and it seems unlikely that the League's he was talking about come from Muller's office and yet that is not my impression that was left with is that Muller's office was leaking despite the fact that they they are like a even for like any. It's impressive. How little leaking came out of that office right but that's now going to be a talking point that is at the happened just refused to answer another interesting thing muller brought up not once but twice actually which to he's just a dark darker deeper probably darker story is he was asked about? What should we do to stop this from happening again? And most time you demerge. He's like well. I'm not in government anymore. That's not for me as for Y'all good luck with that but twice he broke that answer and he's like at one time he referenced quote the ability of our agencies to work together as an important way of fighting against Russian or other countries interfering in our democracy talked me into doing point how like when different agencies a fragment moment of peace and their ability to come together and share that like to me. He was very clear he was saying like part of the problem was in two thousand sixteen different agencies had a piece of the Pie and none them all together until it was too late and that's not uncommon the happens a lot all different kinds of matters but on something like this you know I mean and the but the only way to counter that going forward is like for some kind of task force to be crater some kind of inter agency. You know like entity be created. Make sure it doesn't happen and there's no way this administration's allow that to happen. They want it to be as fragmented as possible and Congress has shown like nobility actually get their act together and do that themselves so yeah. There's definitely I mean that was to me of ACR- takeaways that we are vulnerable. The threat is ongoing and there's almost nothing being done adequately. Stop It. I I mean look at this point. I feel like won't be impeachment proceedings. Whatever political call Nancy Pelosi is making trump is going to get another four years because interferences ongoing then he's going to get out and when he gets out he will not be charged with anything because of what you said earlier and then that's that I like you're out but I I will say this? I now given today's hearing I actually would look to Congress. I'm more anchin Congress moving on the four interference than I am on the impeachment. That's a greater priority at this point. I don't know I mean if he should have been the thing is Democrats didn't want impeach him. They think he is a weak candidate. He'll be easier to beat if he's still in office and twenty twenty which which I think is a grave miscalculation but between that in the inability of D._O._J.. Our special counsel to actually lay out the crimes trump has done. I don't know how you can impeachment if if Muller could be like here all the crimes he did that might force Democrats in action even they don't want to do it but the combining the two the opinion and this belief among Democratic leadership that trump is the best person can run against the twenty because they're saying they're not saying that just following scripts that I don't understand why they think like the guy already beat you once. It's because he gingerly weekly he is unpopular. He's disorganized. He has a huge word now. They're not worried about enough and they seem to think that he's actually going to like roll over and quit if he loses in the vote which he's not going to well trump. No He's not going to this hearing if nothing else did distract him from his ongoing racist attacks against the four women you don't like calling the squad but it's easier to call but having said that his since those racist attacks his approval ratings have gone even up higher in his base I mean Republicans love them even more. That's why thank you that's what they voted for. Anything he has to appeal is his nativist blazes sensibilities like that that is why they wanted their they feel they don't care what policies he has. Having the president up there saying what they think for a lot of his base is all the policy they want him in the first place and by the way speaking of blonde bloated racists the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom now. It's going to go head to head with our <hes>. Boris Johnson is now the prime minister of I mean it's shocking but I have to say at some point that guy who was at the hearing were just part look someone's like I was walking out of the room and walk back in real quick and someone was like and he goes Republican was like is Boris Johnson compromise too and I'm like what the heck did. I miss here what oh no. I totally that might have been when I was like I need Annapolis told you it was my brain starting to fry. I don't know but let's see I mean I will say this troubles this guy so let's see how Boris Johnson's like Oh brexit it is happening. Come hell or high water so so much the U._k.. is going to go into recession and then Germany's already going recession so it's a and then you'll follow and well the good news that happens trump well lose election his goal right now is has to try in a juicy commie out of every ounce of going power and has hoping hoping it some third what next fourteen fifteen months through November twenty twenty <hes> by of course he's finally getting his way because it into our next week the Fed will be meeting and basically is a certainty this point. They're going to cut raise just like trump wanted and the only question is how much you're gonna cut it which will help the Commie limp along a bit longer until it inevitably blows up only questions before before or after the twenty twenty election deduction well speaking of next week next week is also around two of the eight thousand Democratic candidates debates <hes> right. There's like two days of debates happening. I believe next week correct so I don't know if that happened before or after we schedule this follow that too. I'm looking forward to seeing Marianne again caught. I'm not laugh at this kind of candidates. It's we've learned the lesson I will say though of course if Marien beats trump I just God that's not theirs they would be. It's not gonna be any better all right okay. We'll all get crystals yet. Well I imagine crystals and we'll all I'll be like oh vaccination should be a personal choice between a baby doctor and just hug the illness away but those crystals I get I'm GonNa Reconsider Given how she looks sixty seven that is and maybe maybe there's something to them or something to if she eats them. I don't know all right. That's what she does. I will say the final on the testimony today for historians people who doubt the importance of individuals wolf and world altering events just imagine if Komi had muller's job and Muller had combs job oh it would have been a different world yeah if Komi had had what Muller Muller approached stick with roles not say a word beyond the bounds of what a public prosecutor should Hillary Clinton be president and in a world where trump does win but Komi special counsel trumpeted impeached a year ago right right right <hes> that's profound include thought all right. Thanks so much and thank you guys for tuning in and we'll be back in one week catching a big thanks to all our listeners for tuning into the forty fifth podcasts week after week and if you'd like to give us further support you can do that by becoming a patron at Patriotair dot com slash forty fifth pod by doing so you can become a supporter and patron for as little as five bucks a month to do so again go to Patriot dot dot com slash forty fifth pod a shout and thank you to our sponsors they make this program possible and I urge our listeners. Please check out our sponsors and user products and thank you them for helping us produce week after week. Thank you to our audio producers. Hannah McCarthy our executive producer meet the foul hand and you can find us on social media. We are on twitter facebook instagram. Our handle is at forty fifth pod. Our website is W._W._w.. Dot Forty Fifth POD DOT COM. Thanks again for tuning in.

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