Hong Kong: the story of one protester


Entity we are protecting and in opinion the Guardians Poly Toy Mbaye on a queen's speech as often as the rest of the Brexit Saga today months of escalating protests in Hong Kong through the eyes of one protester whose idea I'm happy to stop and yeah young so growing roar of anger in the face of increasingly brutal crackdown he says this is the fight of their lives and they are not giving up okay perfect he remembers an extraordinary sight on that Sunday June the nine one million people filling the streets at the beginning with phase that the Communist Party would prosecute dissidents for political reasons in the beginning of the protests had a single lane to stop a proposed new law that would allow extraditions to mainland China. The audion I'm Anouchka Astana today InFocus eighteen weeks of turmoil in Hong Kong through the eyes of warm protester awesome rubber bullets and sponge birds like thousands of others he has returned to the streets we can we count with the popey because at the since I think twelfth drew behalf a lots of protests everywhere freedom is not free so you have to risk a certain things to fight for what you want what started no mask I'm against anti smoke gas mites there's helmet it wasn't as tense as the protests nap missile the person you're about to hear from has been at the heart of Hong Kong's Pro Democracy protests from day one we're going to change your voice arou- waiver piece of legislation has turned into a battle for the soul of Hong Kong with no apparent end in sight from the aw what were your expectations back then be no I was expecting to have at least a former response from the government Oh pretty much every day when you go out to the streets what do you do do you chant do you hold a placard at a particular things you say sometimes it was peaceful but now is different because now as one it's very tense tickets everywhere to police use countless seen in Kale's they shot tear gas and pepper spray swung batons and fired rubber bullets so then the rot lease led by a small contingent of British offices moved in on scary activity back then I would I would think I would have to freedom of speech freedom of assembly things are very different when you talk about the police and the fear of any and incidents that you can the protesters pushed back with water bottles protected by umbrellas in masks whatever you like to be as protests you like we stop the relation of the of the Vision Award any kind of response innocence but be the police said actually trying as hard as they can to to crack down the protests so pretty much arrests everyone yeah do you remember of that very first protest it was it was quite peaceful meet was it was it was fairly relaxed I would say that's no vandalism describe to me I saw youngsters who were beaten I mean the I mean free armed three so the government said they would proceed with the of the mole how often have you protested since think I would say at least one once or twice do sometimes I though it's very clear that what we are talking about what we are requesting at most of the time these protests are very peaceful by just covering the victim and then all to Saad Muscle policemen came and just sued him who is asking for victims name so that he can get some help from the lawyers or something and the policemen are trying to stop brought to the police station the police actually stopped him from getting a lawyer for a couple of hours have you been had no luckily but so it's a very competitive because in a sense you want to go out to fight for one you won't but on Haniel very afraid because stoskopf very peaceful from the beginning as long as police started to jumping get him onto the bus and they go are had a friend who was arrested he was beating up on scene just coming out and they try to stop the generally from filming taking pictures and we have a social workout oh boy on him on the push him on the floor I mean they pushed the ankles and knees they beat him with batons only light fourteen is beautiful yet staunton you know because these youngsters this because we all knew the public transport or not save at the moment so the police said a lot robots around Hong Kong and search every single bus and if they found is it hard to motivate yourself to go sometimes I mean so much is at stake is a big physical and psychological demand yes I would say so during the office our people I two dozen abutting Hong Kong but he was just standing there protesting but he didn't do any like graffiti setting things on file anything and just looking at the phones looking for news and seeing what's happening you have to keep updating and in the evening you have to go to protests doc sounds like there's an incredible culture of fear that has been created by the police I mean are you scared to tell you ah come morning is very tiring into physically and psychologically and so many people being hurt I mean so many young host anything anything that you can prove that you are at the scene I mean what about your colleagues in the office people afraid to talk out some I'm home safely and I've been doing this for a couple of weeks and I had actually believe that a student Beckham ends your family that you're protesting my family knows about much protest so that's fine in friends on social media we don't dead Mahal today should be a thing that they can really enjoy and now they have to go on the streets and posting a few empty Guzman's comments on his own facebook and they got inside what about facial recognition technology is that frightening people being used by police to track down dissidents this might be serious about the smart lamppost forced to protest for the future happy to Seattle what about when everybody goes back to school all at risk I mean other jobs at risk yes I had a friend who had been fired by his employer because he had been found guilty people's twelve fourteen twelve year olds have you seen twelve year olds on the street yes I did say sometimes I I drove to the protests the world was shocked when a fourteen year old was shot in the thigh by live ammunition and an eighteen year old was fired up by an officer at point blank range trey stations this was savage cornered on Elaine Mo- Violence Plain and simple we've all say seeing violence from narrowly missing his heart but the has been aggression from protesters to this man has move them a pretty scared to talk about the views because some of them just think they support protester the manager will not be happy be being beaten bloody but it's not enough for the protesters some have held rocks bricks and Molotov cocktails targeted police officers and set fire to me rung would you start running your difficult to crash into anybody all on the B. Two ankle anthony that is actually yes it might look like something out of a sci Fi movie laser pointers confused and disable the facial recognition technology and this is the only way we fight back I mean it's not morally correct say but that isn't any kind of way for us to anything doing all sorts of things to pressure to people who the employees not to go to protests and support the government say by protesting people putting because a lot of business in Hong Kong is not funded by the Chinese government funded Chinese business and UH deploying in Hong Kong and to put the protests that actually told one to one of them. I've been lucky that I didn't have a to need to engage with people Barnsley on protesters you can see lots of the this have you ever engaged in violence on objects on people on either Oneida yes on objects do you think people are willing to die for the Kohl's I think so I mean we have young protesters who has the wheel inside their back they will they put it in the back no you have gas masks they would just take in so in Hong Kong people actually drive the private cars in order to pick up the students and to deliver you do they have guns and they have nice and they were trying to to hurts the protesters and and they were trying just to protect themselves watch videos of this incident that had been widely shared online show a taxi plowing into protesters we start with breaking news from Hong Kong the territory's leader Carrie Lam as formally withdrawn that proposed extradition bill it then on the fourth of September Hong Kong protesters' De Support well in the nutshell I don't but to be honest is fully understand what because we have no choice there's been widespread anger with the police at the use of tear gas rubber bullets pepper spray and water cannons and so restore order and safety in Society Carrie Lam gave in on the extradition bill why did you continue to the extradition bill as their first demand but they now want an inquiry into police brutality to no longer be described as riotous an overhaul of Hong Kong's voting of which seven hundred and fifty our children and there has been shift fury the latest move by Carrie Lam administration to invoke sweeping emergency others also show the driver being pulled from his car and violently beaten by some in the crowd has this divided the and we found out a lot of the components system running inside it's really to Chinese Scotland all companies from China in terms of the system of phone call that the formation of the system of the Hong Kong government is now become five months the protest is still stay the full withdrawal ecosystem police force and political administration that autonomy from Beijing is meant to remain in place until twenty forty seven feeling among protesters when Britain handed Hong Kong back to China it was under what was known as One Country Two Systems in which Hong Kong kept an independent excecutive carry lab withdrew the extradition bill I'll foremost priority now is to end violence to save God the rule of law coming tomorrow is GonNa be Taiwan or any other countries says the battle for the soul of Hong Kong so yeah and on human doc young actually ran into a crowd of protest to run into people eleven people were to the Straits why are you still continuing to go out to the streets the exclusion bill was one they'll sturm requests I mean it was the only request was beginning with the ban of face mass but with a fair that a curfew could be next is this about more than the five demands I think file a complaint because these policemen a lot not wearing any identity it don't have the ID numbers they don't have any warrants on them and they wear food put off the Chinese government but I mean you can see how what the government's doing to do people Hongkong is just reassemble attacks everyone inside a train station or trump and the police didn't do anything about it Kong I think so yes this clear line between whether you support the government or not or don't rock seem fourteen minutes after the incidence and it's the same fall for a couple of days ago system and for those who have been detained to be released the charges against them dropped since this began almost two thousand five hundred have been arrested AK- new regulation in the name of prohibition of face covering regulation which is essentially an anti mosque law uh for the world is I think is a fight against a reaching sense in today's Hong Kong conju but after so many events after the cavity off the policemen and what we sink what people think Dow Jio south protesters trying to beat up a person on the streets and some time the media just cut the first part of the reason but I don't think people Hong Kong actually scared off disappear now because we we don't have an not a way government is responding to this by a very very harsh crackdown against protesters I mean Carrie Lam has listen extraordinary situation people are protesting as you say before work during the day after work people like yourselves going out twice a week the dictatorship isn't it because caroline can do whatever she wants them power under the emergency regulations ordinance and wearing masks by itself is also a personal freedom so to abandon this makes Hong Kong people even more angry in freedom need to go back to nine thousand nine hundred eleven to understand the depth resuls people are not going to believe in anything that the government is going to say he's doing the future aren't people scared of the power of China because ultimately isn't it the Chinese government in a way that they're taking on yeah has tried to bury that narrative sense there was confusion and despair among those who could hardly credit that own army was firing wildly at the what do you think of China's role in all of this Charalambos d line anything about that she is been heard and leaked audio saying she'd quit if she wasn't trying to serve two masters choice paint is to create of how this government is being formed or lectured a run actually so is a total breakdown not even the government even the this weekend the Chinese President Xi Jinping warned that anyone attempting to split China would ending crushed bodies and shattered bones the US is facing a huge backlash from US lawmakers for its reaction to this tweet by the Houston Rockets general manager a tweet backing pro democracy demonstration national community be doing I would say the people homecoming neat everyone's help from the international community I mean the people of Hong Kong America stands with you an America Wall always support you the NBA and the National Basketball Association or NBA we have rich and then we we educated we we do a lot of good things but not at all this is the true face the comments were made during a meeting with the Prime Minister of Nepal but many have taken it as a chilling warning to protest us in Hong Kong what should the does that give you pause for thought no not really I think this is executive reason why we say harder because for two years ago official mosque twenty-first obstacle we had the attention to walks into bone off moving on because we have lost so much already maybe it's the Anti Mosque law just is this is the beginning of Hey I think the government hung up to people Cohn Cohn don't have faith in the government and also in the system the the most thirty years ago people try to rise up against the Chinese government and it was so violently quashed that the government we remembered Tiananmen Square troops have been firing indiscriminately still thousands of people on the streets how do you think monster protests have eroded Hong Kongers faith in the government but also in society Dat solids the ads so brutally violently on their own people on the next generation of people university students they tried to do a lot of things in order to put it for sought on the e face I mean say that Chinese is different now everything but now it's time to show the world how evil the CC can be how evil be has remained it to be because recon get much sleep just want to check if anyone is hurt the wants to check out if a friend there was an incident there wasn't pressed cameras so nothing can be proved that the CPI is that brutal on was a treaty signed by Britain and signed by China in good faith and it goes on until twenty four hundred forty seven it gives us every right to ah taken your life I mean this is a constant and regular thing to you I mean has it totally changed the way that you love your life these couple of months yes is right here in Hong Kong are heard similar things from the UK side and to be honest I think the

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