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And welcome to savor a production of iheartradio and stuff media. I'm injuries, and I'm Laurin vocal bomb and today we're talking about mint mint. Yes. Finally, an anti can't eat stuff. Oh, there's there's been at least. Well, there's been a couple that you don't like, right. I can't t- to use another one. Sure. And I do love mitt, and I'm determined to do we discussed off air that potentially. I can have certain types of like mint candies share that that are just made with like a mental oil rather than an actual like peppermint oil. Like, we need to we need to figure out which chemical in meant. Yes is the one that disagrees with you. There is a York. Peppermint Patty at my desk, and I'm going to do it at the end of the workday. So okay. Yeah. That's why that's a good plan. Thank you. And it's not severe like, I just get like John mouth and tingling. And nausea cramps stomach. I mean, it's not fun. No. It's not no, but toothpaste like it took me years. I feel so sick brush. Yeah. It was the meant. It was the meant. Well, I can eat it. And it's delicious. I'm sorry. No, I'm so happy. I'm so happy. This is finally happening. I hope you enjoy it Lauren. It's refreshing just like mitt. There you go which brings us to a question meant. What is it? Well, meant is a genus of herbs sometimes called Mentha and also like even higher up in the tax system. It's a family of herbs called lemme NCA, which includes everything from basil to time to Rosemary and lemon balm. But today we're talking about the genus Mentha. Yeah. Mints tend to be perennial meaning that although they will die back during freezing winters once he plant them. The roots will take hold grasp hold grab violently hold. And we'll come back year after year in some cases, like peppermint. They are so vigorous partially because their root systems are the only way that they can reproduce. Like peppermint is a wild hybrid of spearmint and Waterman that sterile. It does not produce seeds. Yeah. Yeah. Which means that genetically every peppermint plant is nearly identical to the very first peppermint plant ever identified. That's cool like bananas. They're clones. Exactly. Exactly. Mint stems are square in cross section which just always delights me. No. I don't know. Why? I just really like it anyway. Yeah. And the leaves and stems can be anywhere from green to grayish to purplish the flowers anywhere from white to purple. And there are a lot of types of meant. Yeah. Yeah. I think when we chose this topic. I was I knew it was going to be a big one. But it's kinda eve about like, it'll be simple. No. There's a lotta types of meant favorite spearmint. So they're thirteen to eighteen species in the mid family are that's the general consensus because I've found different thing. Oh, yeah. I thought that would be like no no there never really is like a single number. It's like, well, you know, squidgy. Squeegee because I at some places it was it seemed very definite was twenty five. Oh, no other places like no thirteen. Anyway, I think I think it's I I saw the numbers thirteen to eighteen in multiple places. Okay. Multiple places said thirteen eighteen so that's what we're saying. And they grow all over. And yet anyone who has tried to grow meant are not tried to grow meant. It grows it grows. Whether you want it to or not, basically. Yep. Different types of meant are native to Eurasia, Australia, North, America and Africa. And nowadays, you can find different types of mint growing all over in temperate climates, even though there are probably thirteen to eighteen species in the mint genus. There are over two thousand varietals within those species they amrried really easily penny. Royal, by the way is one of those species. And I was today old when I learned that I always I'd seen the word penny Royal all over the place. And I was like, oh that must be some quaint British thing that I will never understand the British version of pennywise the clown. Oh, no. Why would you say that? It's I mean it had to be said Lord. It's not like a Royal. This isn't this isn't Pulp Fiction. Okay. Like, we didn't need a British version of pennywise. I think we do. Now, I'm going to eat your face like what? That's I mean, we got Britain down to Pat because that's what it is picture. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, goodness. I'm sorry. I apologize for that. Yeah. Some some things that are called meant though, just to Merck up the waters a little bit more are from totally different genus. Like for example, Brazilian Bush meant it's a close cousin. But yeah, at tech sodomy is hilarious is what it comes down to. Yep. Very very serious. And another thing that makes us interesting is that meant itself is kind of a category. And when people say meant, they usually mean spearmint because it's like the flavor in most toothpaste is spearmint. I think I think it could be I I feel like most people think of peppermint when they think of meant because spearmint doesn't actually contain menthol which is one of race. I mean contains a couple related compounds. But yeah, I think it's in the research realm of mints. That's what I read is that. Yeah. Generally, we mean spearmint, and I think it's the meant flavoring in a lot of. Okay. This like added in its strange because there's menthol and then mint flavoring share, and well, anyway, it's confusing. It's a category of flavors yet is and it tastes cold. Because because some of the compounds admit, perhaps primarily menthol interact with the same nerve endings in your mouth that detect physical cold. It's triggering the exact same sensation in your brain. Pretty cool sort of like cups as in triggers heat. Oh, okay. And there are a lot of all title oils in meant a different ones in different concentrations in different types of meant these these are oils that we tend to experience as flavors because they interact with some of the nerve endings in our mouth and nose. Another common. One is limiting which is citrusy. Most of these oils are produced by Zocalo, these these we glands that are all over midst skin on the leaves and stems and flowers, and they're basically a defense system against bugs, both insects and microbe bugs. Yeah. Sort of like. Big chemical warfare, water balloons, just all over the plant at a microscopic level. You know, something tiny enough disturbs these glands they'll burst with all of these oils all over the unfortunate creature and some of these oils are even toxic to humans in large enough amounts. But yeah, as with other plant defense systems like suckers humans decided we liked that. Yeah. We don't care though there. And these these glands are protected from just blowing off of the skin of meant by ton a little spikes, which is why mitt leaves feel a little bit fuzzy man listeners, you are missing a lot of excellent hand. I gotta say I'm extra gesture I like it. Okay. So so so those glands being all over the surface of meant is why you can just gently brush against him plant and come away with that sent on your hand. It's also why you should be gentle with meant when you're using it in cocktails or cooking most of that desirable flavors right there on the surface, the actual juice of the mint leaf and stem is a little bit bitter and kind of unpleasant. So for example, like if you're making them, oh hito. You don't want to muddle the meant hard enough to juice it. You just want to bruise the skin and flatten those little spikes leading those balloons released their oils. Found good. I experienced the sadness. I was like, oh, maybe I'll try. No, no, no, don't do that. No. But what about the nutrition of mint mint is another one of those herbs that can bring a lot of flavor to dishes without adding calories rates, and it has so many fascinating medicinal, potentially medicinal properties. And throughout history. It has been believed to process medicinal qualities. Oh, yeah. By essentially, everyone who has ever interacted with it because of because of cooling properties that I mentioned, you know, it features in Arabic and traditional Chinese and western teamwork. Medicines people want thought it could induce perspiration. And ministration one of the reasons why meant got this rep of healthy on a level that made it stand out from other fragrant herbs is because of that cooling sensation of menthol. And I just I hadn't considered it until I really considered it. But like the phrase breath mints could for someone like me. I can't I don't get. Meant flavor, but I still call it a breath mint. It's solidified its position, cinnamon breath meant that contains no. Oh intimate. I tried that for a while still. Men can also act as a pain killer and a pest repellent it can reduce itching from insect bites and it's used in some decongestions as well as medications that treat sunburn. Yeah. Those those title oils that I bet did minute ago can have other effects on our bodies as well as producing flavor some products that he's been oils arguing it in like a folk medicine kind of application and some do use it for that flavor. For example, neither meant nor menthol who've been confirmed to actually work as decongestions in your sinus tract, but they do clinically make people feel like they're breathing easier, and they might be relieving a little bit of the pain associated with sinus inflammation, because there is definitely research confirming some of mints uses topically on the skin for itching, not just insect bites all kinds of itchy problems for treatment of gastrointestinal issues, like irritable bowel syndrome, taken in these specially prepared pills to that. That pass through the stomach digested. Peppermint oil does seem to have a relaxing effect on smooth muscle tissue. Which is the kind that Europe that your guts are made of. And as a pain reliever. Oh, this one is cool. Okay. So we we already talked about how compounds in mint can can interact with those same nerve endings detect cold. Well, you have a variety of nerve endings throughout your body that can do that too. One such receptor found a small number of nerve cells in your skin. Does this interesting thing when it Tex cold it inhibits pain signals from being sent from that area to the brain. And this is RAD because it might be able to be used topically safely to treat neuropathy pain that that's pain caused by damage to your nerves themselves or by something going wrong in your in your pain, signalling system, these types of pain tend to be chronic. And it's what opioids are prescribed for think like dramatic diseases tension headaches stuff like that. So yeah. More clinical research does need to be done. But the preliminary research is pretty solid. That's awesome. Yeah. I should say here that as with any. Potential remedy consulted. Doctor before you go putting medicinal doses of anything in or on your body. Yes. Especially take care if you're pregnant or nursing don't don't rub men oil on a baby. No, we are do not get your medical advice from a food podcast. Almighty, you do that. Never take our advice about anything to do with babies, especially probably that's fair. Yeah. That's fair. When I was looking at meant sensitivities and allergies to get to the bottom of whatever is the deal with me in meant, I found several studies that suggest an allergic reaction to meant can lead to asthma. Also, the culprit behind my allergy or whatever it is could be the same thing that it can relate to aspirin in which I also I'll really I don't know if it's allergic, but I got a problem with both those things. Yeah. Well, more research to be done more research. And speaking of more research, we have some mint numbers, redo, peppermint and spearmint are the most commercially grown varieties of meant according to something. I read the global demand for menthol is twenty thousand metric tonnes who. But only thirteen thousand metric tonnes is sourced from plants. Yeah. The USDA classifies spearmint as an invasive species in Tennessee and other parts of the south grow your Minton. Pots, y'all. That's very serious look on her face. I'm very serious about it. I've heard tell of mint I think from you. I'm a little more little nervous about the whole thing to be honest, and you can find meant in everything all kinds of things. Gum tooth face. Fragrances for candles liquors ice cream. Teas hot chocolates cocktails candies. Jellies medicine cough, drops chapstick in state redes-, particularly with lamb of area English or Irish then. Yeah. Yeah. There's a world of mental out there. There is there is it's really popular around Christmas time here in the US, and I would wager probably other other places. Well, particularly peppermint, candy canes or the number one non chocolate selling candy the month of December in the US. And yes, I want to do an episode on candy canes so badly now because they have just a plethora of fund miss around them. I I took time out of should been spending research other things looking at candy canes that episode is coming later, but not today. Yeah. Yeah. Rap rabbit holes are real y'all. They are we should. Do remember when we did gingerbread in the middle of summer? Yeah. An annual like middle of summer Christmas food episodes of that. I like it. I like that tradition. -solutely we've got some history for you. But first we've got a quick break for from our sponsor. this episode of saver is brought to you by smart water. I drink a lot of water. I have witnessed you do it. Yes. There are a few things. I love more in life than some cool water after a workout and I love smart water, not only for the taste, but for the uniquely designed bottle because it's so great to grab when you're on the go twenty years ago. Smart water, reimagined, what water could be from the inside out today. They're continuing to find smart ways forward in everything they do from thoughtful bottle designed to supporting smart people where changing our world refresh thinking like you smart water has added electrolytes for taste and great tasting water helps you meet your goals. Whether you've got some new ones in two thousand nineteen or just aiming to look and feel your best every day. Refresh yourself with smart water. Emmer back. Thank you sponsor. Yes. Thank you. So the Mentha genus most likely I originated in the Mediterranean in Europe, and or Asian Africa, depending on the type all the way back to at least three hundred BC meant was seen as a symbol of hospitality. Folks, would drew them at banquets to welcome guest and also in general to keep mice away either in the home or where grain resort and also they would wear them as crowns like oh. You know that? I like that. According to Greek mythology Haiti's loved a nymph named Mentha soa jealous process, any his wife transformed Mentha into a plant, but he's hoping to make things a little more bearable for her life as a plan gave her a sweet fragrance hooping folks would have would appreciate your sweetness. In another version, I found seventy stomped on Mitha until she was dust and Haiti's brought her back to life as the fragrant mint plant, and I went on a whole green with envy rabbit hole after reading that. But I it it turns out it's old pal. Shakespeare, probably oh that guy that guy there. Multiple multiple versions of that myth share those are the two key the basics. Yes. And this is where the word meant probably derives from that name, which itself probably came from a dead, pre Greek language. Yeah. Which in which it was the name for the plant like the Mentha myth is an origin story for this plant. That was already familiar to everybody time is a flat circle. Speak. Speaking of flat circles, interestingly the word meant, meaning like, a place that prince or stamps money is from a different Latin root, monitor meaning money makes sense. I I guess I guess it's also if you if you type in minutes the first couple of results, I found were for the US mint other types of money meant place. Absolutely. Anyway, the ancient Greeks were fund of minutes, and they used it in their funerals in their homes as a freshener, and as a remedy for indigestion meant did get an association with death as well. And that's one of the reasons it was used at funerals perhaps because of this myth L with processing eighties. Yeah. And it was used to cover the smell of the dead. Egyptians might have used meant as a currency because it was so prized for its perceived cleansing abilities mints were described as a tithing herb in the bible. Yeah. Yeah. The Pharisee is we're like a give us money or meant whichever is fine money are meant. Yeah. And then money minutes. I know it's all there. Plenty of the elder wrote about meant in first century, see advising students to wrap meant around their heads to delight the soul for the good of the mind and more efficient learning, basically, clear your mind and you'll concentrate better. Okay. Yeah. Aristotle also wrote about mitt, but he warned soldiers should avoid it before battle because it might diminish their willingness to fight like the concept was like they might chill out so much or they might just be so happy that they're smelling this lovely meant that they're just like, well, what's this all for anyway? Why can't we just be friends? Okay. Yeah. The I. In Chinese literature. Maybe from four seventy see in. Oh, anybody help me with this one then going pow lung, which is sometimes translated as master lays muster lays, a treatise on the preparation of medicines or some variant thereof. Yep. So they certainly back towards that time in probably for a long time before they already had the digital uses in there. Yes. Going on. Peppermint has been distilled into oil and Japan for centuries as well. Some of the first mouthwashes out of medieval Europe, where a mixture of mentally use and vinegar. Oh, or or Moore's them flee, folks. But just you on the mental eve meant infused steam vapor was used in sick rooms to add frequences to Beth as sort of a nerve stimulants to give relief to dry hands to treat dog bites all kinds of things herbalist. John Gerard wrote that spearmint rejoice as the heart of men. Oh, I mean, I mean, not your heart. Maybe. Not your stomach. Yeah. My heart is briefly haffey. There's like a two minute window where I'm like oh. Commercial production got underway in Britain in the seventeen. Fifties. Mint made its way across the Atlantic with the first pilgrims and okay. So when you think of mints are at least when I think of mints, one of the first things, I think of is dental hygiene shore. Yeah. So if we kind of go down that path Alto. It's got their start in the eighteen seventies. A product of London confectionary Smith and company marketed as a stomach SU there rather than eight breath freshener, the high dose of peppermint extract, made them far more concentrated than the leaves themselves. By this point. We see the earliest analyses of menthol like scientific what's going on here. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, no. I mean like other lozenges of the time. This was definitely like an entrance into being actual candy like there's layers there's layers. Simultaneously, dentist? Washington Sheffield invented toothpaste mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide meant along with other flavors were added into that to mask the flight records as you can imagine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, not the most delicious on their own. No, definitely not. And then we get listerine listerine comes onto the scene in eighteen seventy nine a combo of eucalypt tall, which is a hall infused with eucalyptus time all add menthol dentists began using it on their patients and in nineteen fourteen listerine convinced the public large that they had bad breath. And they needed listener you to solve it. It was probably true the first part anyway, the second part. Yeah. That's fair. That's fair. The association of the cooling of the menthol and breath freshening was really starting to solidify at this point as meant was becoming more popular in the US, more and more state started to grow it. But the two front runners were New York and Michigan huge fields of peppermint and spearmint turned into oils and extracts after being distilled into that. And to read airy these operations were huge and in the early twentieth century Michigan accounted for ninety percent of the global mint flavoring market. Wow. Ninety percent. But then in the nineteen twenties a blade of fungus wiped out a lot of the meant crop production shifted over to the northwest with growers attempting to breed a blade resistant crop up until the nineteen nineties. Washington state in Oregon turned out the bulk of the world's mint flavoring. But with the advent of cheaper synthetic flavoring and cheaper extracts and oil. From places like China. And India a lot of the major companies have moved away from US mint producers. And speaking of China and India, they both began cultivating meant in the nineteen sixties commercially. And if we step back a bit further to post World War Two Brazil got in on the game with others American countries following soon after Brazil and speaking of synthetic menthol, the company Harman and Rymer GmBH the same company that was the first to commercialize synthetic vanilla figured out synthetic menthol and nineteen Seventy-six or the first iteration of it, the Takasogo international corporation of Japan. Perfected the process of synthetic menthol in two thousand one I do think recently there have been even more perfection of it. You can't perfect perfection. You can project a process creative. You know what I mean? And I wanted to mention this as well because in classic and classic saver style. We missed this whole thing. But I was interested the McDonald's shamrock shake. Okay. Yes. All right is is that mitt flavored. Oh, exactly. Exactly. Okay. Look it debuted in nineteen seventy. And after it went off the menu firm, and it in the nineties it came back in two thousand due to customer demand, and in two thousand twelve it became nationally available in the US, but outside of that is kind of rare a few places in Canada and Ireland have them. So I guess yeah. Shamrock shake. What is it? Well, it is a super neon green milkshake. But yeah, no one's entirely. Sure. What the flavor is. I from my childhood like I to be fair. I have not had these in one of these in a very long time. But I thought it was just a vanilla milkshake. That was just green that makes sense and possibly true. Okay. So some sources say it began as a lemon lime sherbert type thing. Oh, yeah. And then evolved into plain vanilla died green in nineteen seventy three and then in nineteen Eighty-three evolved. Again, two minutes, if you look up the nutritional info, you'll find that it's vanilla flavored with Shimron, sir. That's lever comes from natural flavored parentheses plant source, which we would assume is meant I mean plant source can be anything. I mean, it could be vanilla as well. I mean, it could I mean, it could be a lot of stuff. It could be liquorice of my goodness. We need somebody to get to the bottom of this. It seems the general consensus seems to be that there is meant involved somehow now. Okay. But it is mostly vanilla like, it's a light. It's a light mint -ment flav. And nowadays there's multiple flavors like chocolate shamrock shake, and especially designed straw. Oh. This shake, okay? And the shame rock she is credited with helping impart to create the Ronald McDonald house charities. You can see are. We don't really talk about specifically this, but you can see her McDonald's episode for more about that whole thing. Absolutely, whatever the flavor sixty million shamrock shakes have been sold since their inception. And it's an excellent study in artificial scarcity. Also, there is a shamrock tracker for finding one in the off season track him down to different states. Hey, yeah. Yeah. Because right because the offseason being like not around Saint Patrick's Day because right because we in America have a very specific concept of what Saint Patrick's Day is about and it's green, and it's green and there's shamrocks involved Yip Hintze SanMar shake. Yeah. There's a whole story about how New York actually didn't have shamrock shakes until twenty twelve. And then when they got them, I think it's twenty twelve but recently issue, and when the got them Jimmy Fallon went to McDonald's and bought like a hundred of them for his for the audience. Yes. And people were mad because they sold out of the shamrock sheets because of Jimmy Fallon. It was a kerfluffle. It was kerfuffle. And to end this whole shave rocks. Jake. That we've gone. Weird mascot of the episode. We present McDonald lands uncle ogrim Assi Ono, the green Irish uncle of grimace, a really the nineteen seventies and eighties. He had merch and an Irish accent. Oh, I'm sure that that was strictly authentic accent? Oh, yes. Yes. Now, I know what I'm googling after we finish this show. Yes. It's worth it is weird. It's so weird is it as horrifying as the grimaces. But like just slightly more racist. Yeah. Cool. Well, that's great. There's like a weird origin story to jinx the shamrock sake. I think it was before they solidified grimacing ogrim ac-. She grimaced drinks, the shamrock shake, and he turned he like slowly Spacek turned his green. And it's really creepy. Oh, all right. But I highly recommend looking at. Yes. We'll we'll do. Yeah. And I guess that wraps up our episode on meant I think that there's a lot of little pathways. I I definitely want to do a whole other episode. Yeah. On candy canes. And so these these other mint candies which whole there's a lot there. But yeah in the meanwhile, we've got a little bit more from you. But first we've got one more quick break for word from our sponsor. Instead of an ad today. We wanted to tell you about a new podcast from our friends, Robert lamb, and Joe McCormack hosts of these signs podcast stuff to blow your mind might have heard of it. Their new show is called invention and every Monday on the show. 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There's a lot of mouth noises. I apologize for that everybody. But I had to get my point across. So that you understand. Very important. Very yes. Dan wrote we have a family tradition on birthdays where we always get a big pretzel for the family gatherings. There's a local shop that makes all sorts of pretzels ranging from pretzel, burgers and hotdogs to your normal. Little twist. They also make specialized shapes we usually order pretzel in the shape of whatever. The theme is for our kids. Birthdays, we've done Elmo Pepe pig. Darth Vader in a whole bunch more this year. My son is having a dinosaur. Pretzel and included a pick just to show you how cool they are. And yes, it is cool. It is so cool where we're going to follow up with Dan. And see if we can post this unsocial because it is it like y'all like I thought that Jurassic Park did a pretty good job of illustrating dinosaurs. But I was wrong. This is the this is what dinosaurs looked like. Yes, they need to include this in textbooks. It's beautiful. It's glorious oh arena wrote. The region I'm from and west Germany, close to the Luxembourg and Belgium border has its own pretzel related custom. I wanted to share with you. Each November eleventh St. Martins day is celebrated throughout Germany children will make colorful paper lanterns and walk in procession across town singing songs at the end of the procession. Each kid will get a little reward in the form of a big soft sugar pretzel called a Martin's Brett growing up. I love these pretzels so much. I would trade my cousins, my toys for bite out of their pretzels. Unlike a normal soft pretzel, the dough is enriched with butter milk, and or quirk baked until just golden Brown without the lie bath, and then glazed with a butter milk mix and covered in sugar the pretzels of my childhood were easily as big as my head and the fluffy est thing I've ever eaten. Now, I live in the UK and every year round of ember the craving for Martin's spread soul returns with no way of getting a quick fix. Luckily, for me, my grandma has recently discovered an old recipe and her books, so come November. I will give it a try that sounds so good. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Let us let us know. How it turns out send us send us pictures? Yes. Yes. She did send some from past years, and they look amazing. Yeah. Look delicious and soft and fluffy that one. Yeah. And I want one the size of my head. Now. I thought I was done with my pretzel cravings, but continue to do forever. Anyway, if you would like to Email us like these wonderful listeners, dude, thank you for emailing. You can Email is Hello at saver. Pod dot com were also unsocial media. You can find us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter at saver pud. We do hope to hear from you. Savor is a production of iheartmedia and stuff media for more podcasts from iheartradio. 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