219. The Game of Pokedashian


This is Garrett Wong, you probably know me as instant, Harry Kim. And you're listening to the fandom podcasts. What of the phantom podcast, episode two hundred and nineteen this is the show that brings together geeks and nerds Macron's. The fan numbers to discuss your favorite TV movies, comics and books this week. We are talking about the news, but in game show for me. So without any further ado, let's introduce our contestants. He's Nick English hyphen Kardashian hyphen Jeter, Nick is spelt N, I K there is no seat in for dangerous. Right. Okay. All right. And she is Taylor ash, hyphen Iverson, hyphen Ketchum. And this does not mean I will be seeing the detective Pete. Taylor. I choose you and I am brand new show. No havens, just boring plain old, Brandon, so we are playing tonight a game that we came up with called polka. Dash, ian. You heard that, right. So let me explain what that is Nick has a vast love for poke him on and Taylor has a vast loved for everything Kardashian. And so I thought it would be fun to put them on the spots and make them try to answer trivia, and questions from the other person's fandom. And so we're these are going to be assigned questions. And if the person who was assigned does not get them a player gets a chance to steal for half a point because we it'd be too just too easy if you if you saw for the whole point, but. Cardiac chiens poke him on. I think there might be Oakham on named Kardashian, but there's, like, eight hundred seventy two of them now or something like that. I don't know if it's cart dash, Ian, I believe there's a Pokemon name Daf all that may or may not be one of the reasons part of. What? It's not just dash though. I assume it just stands for. It's short for it makes sense and make sense. So what Pokemon is not short for Kardashian. Is that strike that question? Anyway, anyway. So the like I said, these are signed. I'm gonna they're they're going to start out fairly easy. So I will tell you one thing I have in no way shape or form prepared for this in normal. So. No. I'm just kidding. I also have not prepared, so you're not special. So all of this knowledge is based, solely on the fact that I have probably watched ten minutes of keeping up with the Kardashians and read a bunch of headlines. I did not spend the last week brushing up on my Pokemon education. So I was hoping this was going to be a way to think Taylor into going to see detective fica chew, but it sounds like that didn't work all right now. I it was exactly what it was meant to be. Which sounds like a movie mouth for me. You're not wrong. Yeah. Probably not. It wasn't groundbreaking but it was delightful to see Pokemon on the screen adorable. Pika Chewable SARS, Brandon always says, sometimes it's not made for you, and that movie was not made for me. And I'm okay with it was made for you. And I was going to sing a song, and it's not gonna work so all right. Let's let's play a game. Let's play again. That's what that's what we're here to do to. Maniacs. Are you ready to the thousands and attendants and the millions listening from around the world? Ladies and gentlemen. Oh, let's get ready to not trademark friends. All right. We're gonna start out. I'm going to start it out. Nice and slowly tailored. This one is for you. This is this is a Pokemon based question. All right. Taylor, which of the following is not a poke him on. Charm, andor. Charmian. Char's yard. Or charcoal. Can you say them again, char mandour tra- million? Char's ARD charcoal. Charmian. It's chart. I dunno Nick do you want to chance to steal that for half a point? The answer is charcoal. Yes. So. I thought it was. Thank you. I thought I was starting out pretty easy there like. I thought that that's why I thought I thought it was too easy. And so it was a trick question. And you wanted me to think it was charcoal. So then I was like it's not chuckle. That's to breaded tricking me here. No, no, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I would believe that you would trick. Oh, you're, you're once we get a little further down this list. Yes, yes, I will. All right. All right. Nick, here's your first Kardashian question. What is Kim? Kardashians college degree. Is it applied physics? International business studies. Theatre arts or she doesn't have a. I was gonna guess sociology so I will have to go with international business. Steel steel for Taylor. She doesn't have a degree node agree. I through international business. Studies in there because I'm like, well, she's, she's got this brand that she's got going on now. And, and that was my second guess, but, you know, well, and she is currently trying to study to try and become a lawyer. So always she I did. I did not know that she has met with the president. She has. I mean that's the next. That's the natural progression. Well to talk about Justice reform. So yes, there you go. Why I didn't finish my sentence. Oh, she's studying to be a lawyer. Well, she did meet with the president, and all people who studied to be lawyers meet with all people who've meet with the president think I should be a lawyer for, or they can get places that they probably shouldn't be at. But yeah, she wants to be a criminal Justice lawyer. All right. K taylor. We're going to do another, which one is not a Polk among question. This one's not quite this was not quite as easy as easy. So which one is not Pok Mon parasitic Vanette, Galveston Orix or champ. Joba torah. Good job. Galveston Orix is bad guy from. The bad guy from the airborne books, so and is it Matt champ or man champ. It's mostly, there's no, there's no end. There's no end Matan. How is that one around? So I'll take half point away for that one. Are you? All right. Nick, here's a question. So this one could very easily could have gone into the Pokemon which was not Pok Mon. So which one is not a child of the Kardashians. A great is it north psalm Chicago or east. East. Good job. You have correct JAL. I'm very so I just thought it would be hilarious. If Kim Kardashians child was named east-west so better than south west. Well, she did was north west so, yeah, no one. I know one was north and I, I was pretty sure there was one name, Chicago. And so it was either Saumur east, and I was like. East. Cutest baby I've ever seen in my entire life. Also a Broadway musical more so than my children, like I think she she doesn't even look like a real baby. She looks like a model they've already given plastic surgery and probably be stuff. Like, really, though it looks like that. I'm like, why are you so beautiful? It's also because every photo that she's in is edited filter doctored so that she is the most I don't know full base for other children. Look that also this is the one is you're the one that she's decided is going to be her successor. This is the one. She's like Chicago is actually. She's doing it. She likes as a really ugly kid and she's like can't. All right. Taylor, which of the following is not a type of Pokomo, not just Pokemon type of folk on. Electric flying. Ghost or magic. Why? Nick, do you want to steal? The correct answer is magic. There are no magic Pokemon. That would just be ridiculous. I was actually surprised that there wasn't a magic type amount. And so that's why I put that in there. That one wrong too. I have to disagree. Chicago is not the most beautiful baby. You don't think so. No, don't hang on. I'm I'm the host here. I can I can. I mean this this here. Oh, this one says sT west. Yeah. That's her brother. He is more attractive than. Well, all their children are very adorable. I just think Chicago is super cute. But I also think I don't want to give away the name has maybe it's question later, but I also think, at different baby is very cute. Chicago's pretty cute. She's pretty cute. She's a pretty cute kids together to little ponytail hair. Bob jigs going on now. I really love that all of us together, the same moment googling pitchers of Chicago, but also help comes up top baby photographers in Chicago. In my. Well, did you search Kaga west baby? Yes. That's why don't search baby just there Chicago s I searched Chicago, west and the first thing was the top news story for Lucas Joe Lido Cuna White Sox picture on family history and hidden talent. Gosh. She's so cute. She is cute. But I don't know if she's the cutest baby ever. I mean that's a big statement. It is. It's pretty big. So. So Nick got that Nick got that half a point point. Yeah. All right Taylor, Nick, Nick is washing question. Who is not related to Kim Kardashian now. Great Ted Danson. Who seal ball? Really Ben Affleck? Or Matt Damon. What? Yeah. So she really is, she related to three of those, those people. Are we talking like ninth cousins, like, maybe ancestry dot com? Maybe it was it was one of those trivia things that they're like, oh, she cousins of sewn. So I am related to Johnny Depp as a ninth cousin. Okay. This is an a humble brag moment neck, so, but there's probably a lot of other people, I'd rather be. Related to the Johnny Depp. I will just have to say Matt Damon two sets the only one I remember you said. Ted Danson, Ted dances, you'll ball, Ben Affleck's, he'll ball or Matt Damon. So you got the guy who runs the bar or the good place. I know I just want to say, I just want to say Lucille ball because that was my grandma's favorite. That's my only reasoning are what the answer is. Lucille ball is my explaining to do because that's wrong. Matt damon. Correct. I don't know this answer. I did not even give you this trivia question. But my guess is Ben job. You got a half point there. He they are. They are not related. They he's related to lucielle ball Matt name, Damon anti dance. Yes. So Ben Affleck, Ted Danson is delightful on this Mironov commercials, if you haven't listened to them, go find to them all their hilarious. Listen, we don't have to watch them. Well, I've heard them all on podcasts because I don't watch shows are their commercials to. No. I don't you don't watch. I skip. Well with with commercial, I have my who doesn't have commercials. My net. Flicks doesn't an Amazon prime doesn't look at that. And let. He doesn't have to watch commercials. Wow. But also I have been watching the NBA finals. But I guess I just ignored it. Have they had any of them on the NBA finals? You would be the one I would ask that question too. Make I was gonna tell you, some great news. Yes. One of my friends gave me her HBO go password thinking about starting to watch game of thrones. Yeah. Is it wrapped up? It did. So I know nothing. I know everything that I'm available anytime you want to watch it. This is the only show that I've never seen an episode of that. I can tell you like the whole storyline for because. No, you can't. I could too because all of the people that I know Jay major plot points, but not every pretty pretty close everything. Maybe we should have a third part of this. Brandon game of thrones game of thrones trip. Right. If you're ready for that we'll, we'll go, we'll go with that. So now I can't remember. Oh, taylor. Have point. Good job Taylor. So let me tell you the way you guys are going with your score. I might win. I'm Wayne just saying. All right. All right. I am. I am going to find some trivia here. For. All right. You find some trivia while this question is for Taylor, so there are no. There are no magic type Pok Mon, but there are poke him on the sound like they should be magic types, which one of these is not a Pokemon. Alica zam. Gigli puff jinx or job. Nick gusting. Read it again. I was looking up. I just told you the answer. Kazam gigli puff jinx or job. And what is the which, which one is not a Pokemon? Job job job is the brother from arrested development who is the magician also a biblical figure. Also book in the bible. No, no job is spelled. G O B not J. O B and job is actually GOP is an acronym. And I'm it's it stands for George Oscar Baluch, because he's Georgia. Oscar junior. So he goes by job. This isn't arrested development trivia night, but it could have been very easily. K Nick, let me ask you this question. Then there's another Kardashian question. What is Courtney Kardashians college degree in? Is it applied physics international business? Studies. All right. They or she doesn't have a degree. I don't believe she has a degree. Taylor. Do you have the answer? I'm going to say international business. No, I already told you the last one international business studies in there, because she was doing business now, Courtney, I mean, does well and her business and stuff like that. But Courtney's degree. Her major was feeder arts. She had a minor in Spanish, the hell court. Wow. I found a, you know what's funny. This is this is the one that I was worried about because you are the one who actually sent me the trivia, saying that Courtney Kardashian was the only Kardashian with a college degree. It's true. And, and so, I thought, well, I am going to put in. I'm going to find out exactly what her degree is it and I thought maybe Taylor knows this and she just was being brief in. I did not. I assumed it was business or something like that. But I would not have guessed the. Theatre arts something that I'm sure she's using in her reality TV. Oh, definitely. That's why she's such a good actress. Maybe maybe she had Broadway ambitions? What is there? Is there a musical that you could imagine her being in? No, I think Courtney is like the lease. Just remember, an episode where. Her income got into this fight and called her. The least interesting sister to look at. So mean but it's totally something that I be mean right now, maybe it was that she was in school, and she wasn't really good at anything. And so she was dumped into arts because we all had those people in our class. And then she thought that she was good. And she wasn't really that great of being in theater and. Because she had a lot of money she was able to go to school. I know she went to school in Arizona. Can I get a half point for that? No. Because because it was university of university of Phoenix, which is an online school, the university of Phoenix where she got her theater degree, are you? Sure, no. It could've been university of Arizona. I just wanted to. You have an online degree for theater arts at university of Phoenix. Maybe you never know you never know anyway. My point was, I think Courtney is like the least one that's interested in continuing to do the show. So the idea of her being, like in an actual real show that she would have to like work at is laughable? She can. Show up for filming for keeping up with K Brown tonight. It's kind of caddy right there. What are you gonna say, Nick, I was just going to say, can I can I give you game of thrones question? Hang on. Let's do Taylor's question, and then you can do game of thrones question. All right. So mostly because I wanted to use my transition of that sounds kinda caddy right there. So Taylor, which of these is not a Pokemon. Mu to meow. Got him on or Persian? Because they're all cat names. Cat derivative names. Yeah, I feel pretty proud of myself for that one. Well, we're the last two gotta man and Persian. Got him on. Sure that literally means cat monster. I say to my answer. All right. All right. Good job. You got a point. Got mom is a did you mind, not a Polk Amman very did like did you mom? You. So you're talking all this crap about Pok Mon and now I could not tell you anything real about did you. I remember sometimes on Saturday, mornings, I watched there was the kid with the big goggles on his forehead because why asked me to name any digital could not. He asked me. I just gave you a digital on any character. Any I couldn't even tell you what did you mom looks like. All right. All right. Nick, go ahead. And give me the game of thrones question. K. Name. The only two substances that are confirmed to destroy white walkers. There's. Alaron steel and. Oh. I don't know the second one point for that. No. Because you said it wrong, it's well, Larry and still not a Larry in steel, so you know, you said a Larry and you did not save. Alarium. No. You're not saying put a V on it. Go back in the recording. Oh, I guess it is recorded. Yeah. That's happened to me too. All right. So no points for Brandon. Checking one was the second one the dead. Glass, dragon glass glass. That's right. Yes, I knew that that, but that was a pretty easy one to say, especially watch the show. I haven't though. So I'm pretty impressed with myself. Yeah. That was pretty good naked is really like dig into Brandon easy one. Brandon just so you know, I should give you know what you guys are saying the same thing for my Kardashian ones. Well, okay, fine. I didn't give you a cat question, even though you're being kind of catty I'll give you a dog question. Okay. All right. Do they have dogs? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. This what is civically about Kylie Jenner, which one is not one of Kylie jenner's dogs. What? Hormann K nor. Norman lady k Harley and Bambi. We're gonna have to go. Norman. Pretty that's a pretty easy, one right there. I can't believe you didn't. I'm Norman was her is her favorite one? Who was the correct answer? Taylor Harley hard. Wrong. What really? Yes. So the, the dog is not her dog in this list is lady, and there was what's kylie's? Baby daddy's name. Travis scott. Yes, he was in an episode. He was asked to name her dogs, and he couldn't remember, one of them and he guest lady, and that was wrong. So lady has been mentioned on the show, even though it's not actually. In the Kardashians. So, yeah, yeah, I really glad. That you gave Nick so much crap about that. And then turn around and didn't have the answer. So I, I just knew for sure that Norman was the best. She loves Norman. She is Norman the cutest dog in the world. Now he's frigging ugly very ugly. All right. Speaking, Google pitchers of Norman. Now. I really. All right. Speaking of dogs Taylor, which one of these is not a Pokemon Arken. Grau with. Fluffy or little puck. The hell is. Say again. Park nine grou- with fluffy little. Final answer here. Little pups find way. No, I'm going back to fluffy. Sure. Positive. Yes, fluffy, it is. I'm going with my first instinct. All right. Good job fluffy is, is Hegarty. It's. Dog three in, in the Harry Potter movies. So did you guys hear that? JK Rowling is, is releasing more. Harry Potter books. She really. No one hundred percent telling the truth is this a trick where you're gonna say she's re releasing them in watercolors in Blu. Ray. Now, now they're going to be in four K magically like hologram d-. She found they found haw graphic algae now. They, they didn't JK Rowling is working on four new Harry Potter books, that they're just going to be books. They're not being actually printed on paper and their theme drowned the curriculum that Harry, her mind, Ron would have studied at Hogwarts. So the exact quote is prepared to delve deeper into the rich history of magic with new series of e book shorts inspired by British library exhibition and its companion books. Harry Potter history of magic this feature the series features four bite-size reach each themed by awkward lessons will take you back in time once again to learn about traditional folklore and magic at the heart of the Harry Potter stories. So. Yeah. Basically. J. K Rowling may like I can't leave this universe alone. But for her. Rather her doing another curse child. I don't wanna learn about school. No, they're, they're straight up textbook issue. Things from what I'm reading. So I had I had a fluffy thing in there. Because here's some news that we should talk about. So. I'm all right. K some speaking of. Wait, isn't it? My turn ready. I go. Yeah. All right. So named one of the nine regions that confusingly make up the modern seven kingdoms you'll have to name one nine regions. Name one named one of the nine regions that make up the seven. The north. I'm almost caught up to you. Now Nick, that was the easiest one. That was the easiest one of all of the well, I know mine, I but that was good. That was good. That was good. Never not an episode. The iron islands would have been worn is that we talk about that a lot. The Vale Dorn is one, the crown watch the show, probably stops not. The board. I am on the board. All right, Nick, it is your turn. What is Chris jenner's name for nickname with her grandchildren? So, like, what Chris jenner's grandchildren? Call her. Is it? Oh, grandma. Lovey anti or nanna. Say lovey 'cause she wants to be original good job you. He got yourself appoint their correct. So she doesn't want to use the names, like grandma or nanna, because she doesn't want to be all Mt. Is anti no? Well, I see her like well, your mom's more like my sister than my daughters. So that's just, you know, to see if I could. Psychological, too common until she wants to coin a phrase. So that now anyone who uses that she'll know that she was the one that did it because she's a she's got her brand. Right. I don't have children. But when I have grandchildren, I'm gonna make them. Call me lovey. All right. All right. Okay. Taylor. What is not one of the water type Pok Mon? Gear dose lock near horse. You. Or magic carp. The first one does. Yeah. I'm sorry, that is incorrect. Nick, can you steal? I wasn't listening again. I'm looking for throats questions. Sorry. All right. So he loses trying to think of so goes back to me. Okay, what is not a watertight Pokemon geared Ohs lock near horse, you or magic carp? I'll be honest, one of them is one of them is not even a Pok Mon period. Lock near. Yes, I'm see. I'm glad that, that was your first instinct. Oh, okay. I got the story behind locked near Loch near is a fake Pokemon. That was made up my father to annoy my siblings, and I because all dads, do this all dad's like callings by the wrong names, just to annoy their kids. They do my dad did that was little house on the prairie. He always called Almanza Alfonzo, even though they know better. It was wrong. So. Dad came up with this Pok, Mon lock near and it's volved form is lock Ness. And he thought he was just so funny and it's been it's been almost thirty years now. And he is still making that joke when I told him this is that when we're playing he's like you need to make sure to include lock near in there. And so, I was I sure was a Pokemon. I was like, yeah, yeah, yeah. That sounds like you're not supposed to say that, because the net gives my dad. Hardcore was like, oh, that's definitely a real Pokemon moving because you're Pokemon expert you know. Yeah. Yeah. I mean there are some weird. Poke him on names. Oh, yeah. But lock near is not Pokemon. Dad. Jeez. Running even be a weird one like lock near would be one. That would make sense. But there's others just don't. It's true. All right. Nick. This is my turn. Right. Yeah. Because yeah, yeah. You're after Taylor. All right. So what was the name of status Baratheon attack on king landing? King's landing. Say that again status Barath Ian. What was the name of status Baratheon attack on king's landing that three times? Like the name of the, the name of the battle, or like, especially move. He does okay because if it was a special move, I'd be like I have no idea like, are we playing poker lease like, actually like that? You could get them. I know all I know I know being nice. I could I could say some pretty crazy stuff like what is the brothers name of deniro's named one of the two brothers, but you're not going to know that. I didn't even know it. I've watched the whole series. This is the type of stuff that you might be able to get. So status breath, Ian. So that's earlier on in the season or in the series. What are the battles that I've remember? Red wedding. It's not. Let's I shouldn't tell you what I know about it 'cause then you can't use that one. Also, I don't want to spoil things for me is it. I'm trying to not make it spoiler to. Blackwater bay. Almost come on. Is it blackwater? It's called the battle of blackwater, or the battle of blackwater bay. So yes, you are. I don't know if this is like a bragging thing that you can have. I think it's just we know it's because. Okay. So here's the thing on Facebook, every the beginning of every season of game of thrones. I always see lots of people be like, oh, it's time for all the people who don't watch game of thrones to say that they don't watch game of thrones. And I've never done that I've never been like that guy kind of right now but before before each season, I would not be all, like I know game with rose. It wasn't until this last season wherever where I heard three in the office talking about things. And I was like, oh, okay. Yeah, that kind of understanding is the last season. Everything's time together. And I am your conversations. And I've never watched any of these that I realize, oh. And so. The sheer fact that I have learned all of this stuff from everybody around me talking about game of thrones is pretty awesome. I think I think it means it's kind of the opposite. It's kind of the opposite. It's not the people who don't watch game of thrones concert saying, I don't watch game of thrones, but it's the people who are watching it thrown to always say, I watch game of thrones at I like this part, which is fine. But I always got in the guy who never watched it. And we always got labeled as people who would be smug that we never watched it. But you know, I didn't have to deal with with you weren't smug. You weren't smoke up until this point. Yeah. No no no smug. Being great. But you're also being respectful. I think until that last moment started going. You had a Brandon lost it right at the very end you just failed. It's your face. All right. So let's see if I can get all flat on his face. What should we rename this game? What is it pokey kadarshian of thrones? Yes, I think we should. I think we called the game of poker. Dash, Ian, can you Photoshop Kim Kardashian on the throne because there's a real thrown in game of thrones? Right. Yes. Okay. I knew that I literally don't know anything, you know, people die and there's nudity. That's it. It. I know that old, you know, that's all I need. Yeah. Yeah nudity. And what did I say, people dying K? So you Photoshop Kim Kardashian on the throne with Pika to on her shoulder could work. That's it. That's gonna be the pitcher. Is there a picture of her sitting like? I guess the best would be her, if her hands Werner lap, because I would be the easiest Photoshop. All right. Well, we'll see if the internet, the internet, God's smile down upon us tonight. And there's a lot of photos of her Kim Kardashian straight on straight on, like. Okay. All right. Who's trying to turn? It's your turn, see if I thought on your face. All right. This is what should be pretty easy. If you don't get this. I'm gonna be pretty disappointed. Which of the following is not the name of one of Kim. Kardashians current or previous husbands. Cognac. Might know these ones Damon. Chris or Luke. Two. I'm going to go Damon. Dant was he a boyfriend? No, no. Those. One so. She was married to Dame. Okay. Okay. So she wasn't married to Chris then. We're not Chris Taylor turned still half a point. I know the correct is Louie Kris Humphries was there. And then. She's married and. Damon was her first he never gets talked about. He was a song. Oh, you know who you know who I'm thinking of thinking of Ray. And I for some reason I thought it was Luke, because that's the guy that she had the sex tape with Ray j. So that's why. You thought Luke was standing for Ray because raise a standing for Luke in the new Star Wars films. That, that, that's very logical. You actually just solved how I got there. I was gonna say, I don't know how you're going to argue, like all right. That's because I was thinking Ray. That's why I thought. But I was like, okay, I know I know Connie and Kris Humphries because he's a basketball player he actually played for the jazz for a short time. And now he's a real estate agent, really he denies. Business partner vanilla ice because I hear he has a reality show too. Probs. So he's got his house flipping show. Kim married Damon. Like when she I think she was like nineteen. Oh, and then she broke up real quick. And then I had their marriage. They got married in Vegas. And she recently in an episode was talking about how she was like oh, yeah. When I got married that first time in Vegas, I was on X. So I'm not sure exactly what the redeeming value of these cardiac surgeons are after after having some of these stories that you're telling us from the show. She doesn't do ecstasy any bar. She, she's a she's the example of you can do better. Yeah. Actually, Kim doesn't drink. Well, there goes that question. Well, take that question. Out. I'm not even kidding there. That's for me. That's the point for was there was I'm not giving you a point Nick, I have to catch up. Okay. So I'm going to give you a chance to catch up on this next one. But I got that half point. Let's just right. Yes. She did their Luke is based off of Luke Skywalker. F y. Because Luke Perry to I don't know. So that's where I went. I was like Luke Perry was she married to him. It's either Luke's friend of the show. Lucon saker. I think he might have had a short Kanchi burger, Luke hunky burger up every. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I just found the perfect pitcher. I think her name was Kim hunky burger Kardashian for a while. Yeah. I think I think that might have been what it was. Do I get a plan for that? Because I knew that trivia, no, no. It was not. You have a point. Okay. So that was actually the last of my questions for you guys. So Nick, wh where am I I've got another question for you? And this is was it to two rounds where you started asking after two on this one, I'm going to just give you a point for every single one, you can name. All right. Okay. Okay. What are the names of the dire wolves there's gray? Or is it ghost ghost, I think gray because of the gray ghost from Batman? Yes. See, he's the one who was very very. In because everyone was talking about him recently. And there. Don't spoil things brand dead. My. No, there's one named gray to gray gray something. It's not it's not it's not greyhound. That's that's racing dog. There is someone named the hound as well. But you're. There's, there's ghost. Really easy and then the other ones are a little harder. So there's ghost there is got goes lady lady because I there was a lady on the point that I saw. There is. Arias is some crazy name that I don't remember. I'm gonna write that one off. Name shaggy. This one shaggy or I've got that mean completely wrong. My bad. So because I know there's one with I'm not going to give it away. I know there's so you didn't answer me. You didn't say no. And like buzzed me or anything, so there's one with shaggy but shaggy something, and there's one gray something because you didn't buzz all give you one point for, because you've got half of each of those so I have each of those. So if I can come up with the other half. Then you'll get for point. So there is. Let's go with, how long should I give you I don't know. Time is I'm trying to remember that you're looking it up on the internet. You got my trick. Let's go with. Let's go with. The shaggy dog. Uh-huh. And that's correct. Shaggy dog is this series -ly? Yes. So I saw shaggy me with the when shaggy the big medium about being super powerful. Shaggy dog is one of the dire wolves. Yes. That's a terrible name. That is a terrible name. You know what you can talk to our if you want. And let's go with. Grey stone for the power for the Honore stone, that's gray school. Kate grey stone is incorrect school. The. That is incorrect as well. Okay. So it's gray wind. Oh. Okay. So you're really close. Yeah. Well, you got a half a point. Okay. Yeah. So it's lady Nyamira ghost shaggy dog summer and grey wind. Those are so I gotta have point grey wind. Yes. So I got three and a half points on that on that one. So I just one. You know what's funny? I think I just won the game. I won the I won the game polka. Dash, ian. Gnashing of about how this can you name any of the of generis, dragons name drove on memes? All he's the he's, he's the one who understands metaphors, and that's, that's the only one that I Greg all of his vizier, Ian. Why did we let Brandon? I don't know how about this name, name, one of Ned Stark's siblings. One of Ned stark siblings is that aria Tony start? Tony Tony is totally correct. Five hundred points for me. I win. Tony is really a sibling. No. That would be awesome, though. So I think, so is our, our aria. Is no, no. She's the daughter of Ned Storrow. She's the daughter of net stark. Okay. The beginning of the series is more. The talk. You online is more fuzzy for me than the more, we see because I'm relying almost exclusively on memes and watercooler talk here. Education system is become trying to think of anything else, just to see, like I'm just I'm totally intrigued by this, like this, the fact that you literally like no so much about game with rose just by being on Facebook and Twitter like social media and stuff. Which is awesome to me because just shows that Brandon never just scrolls on pass. Something takes every single post. What pisses me off. I remember these things. But today, I went take my daughter to her. Doctor's appointment because my wife was the dentist and I couldn't remember what time it was, and I was running like crazy because I was like I'm leaving work to go. Get my daughter, and then I show up at the doctor's office. I'm a half hour early because I forgot what time it was at. So I can remember stupid things for memes. But the things that I actually need to know they go in one ear and out the other or I spent fifteen minutes this morning, looking for my headphones that I was wearing around my neck. I've done that before. Yeah, yeah. It's been a busy. It's been a busy month for me. There's, there's been a lot going on. I forgot what year it was. At one point. It may have been a stroke. I'm not sure. My wife and I were arguing about her age and I was off by year. And she's like, no, I'm like, no, your math is wrong because you're born this year, and it's twenty eighteen and she just stopped. It looks like oh, it's not twenty eighteen is it south. Yeah. Anyway, it's it's been a busy month, but that's because I've had the Utah podcast summit and. New stuff at work, and all sorts of fun, things like that. But. Did you have any more trivia for me? Or, or do we I was gonna I was gonna ask I was going to ask you how many of the Starks who can name because there's one that's like really hard because nobody talks about him. But that's pretty Ned. There's REO their brand. They're the kids. Nets the dad. Okay. So kid serious. Six of them. Okay. There's. So they're six kids. Yes. Okay. I don't know. I'm kind of surprised at how many of them's. Anyway. So let's see, so there's, there's aria there is John John snow. Spoiler. Sorry. John's good. It's like in the first episode. Name all the Kardashian did that last week. No, I want you to name all of them in birth. Order. Absolutely brand because his name's close. I'll be I'll be honest. There's one that I completely forgot about when I looked this up. Kony don't recognize this person at all. I wasn't paying attention. I've only four missing to rob stark. Red wedding. Okay. And then there's someone named Rick on stark, and he's the youngest I always thought brand was the youngest. So I was out of the loop. I was just on the Wikki turn figure out what happened to him and I still don't know. Okay. All right. Let's wrap this thing up. Now, I remember Rick on. Okay. Now I remember him sorry. I just had to remember this is the end of our episode if you would like to hear it additional twenty four minutes of talking about what we're watching head over to patriot dot com slash phantom podcast and sign up to be a patron, and you'll get that exclusive content. We talk about the good things. We were watching we talk about the terrible things we're watching, and we're going to start putting a whole lot more content over there. So head over to patriot dot com slash fandom podcast with that until next time. I am not going to watch the Kardashians yet still not doing it. Squirrel, squirrel. That's pokemon. Right. It's Lima's favorite may the fandom be with you.

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