Episode 95: Marius Jensen


This is hallway chats where we meet people who use WordPress. We asked questions and our guest. Sure their stories they deals and perspectives. And now the conversation begins. This is episode ninety five Mintimer hallway juts, I'm Liam Dempsey. And I'm Tara Claes today. We're joined by Mario Jensen. It's is an all around work potato with a passion for helping others help others Marius enjoys flying under the radar and represents the WordPress dot org support community. Welcome Arias for so glad to have you with us today. It's our pleasure Mary. Thanks for joining us here the hallway can you tell us a little bit more about yourself, please. I'm a early thirties man from Norway in the little town cold. So it's really hard to say in English. And yeah, basically spend my days mostly working for a small mid size company that does everything for the other businesses company wise, or ID wise, so we cover websites and even hardware, so. Interesting that what's your background? How did you get into WordPress and computers, I against you studied in school? Let's see that's actually interesting because I just had a passion for computers, but I started out working at an ice rink. So they come near work for now did the IT at the ice rink and just randomly saw me typing away at limits. One day on my computer, and that's how they found me 'cause they needed somebody who could do Lennox. Supposed to be handing out the the rental skates. I mean, what we are supposed to be doing when you were typing outlet extended is right. Oh, man. I should probably have been doing that. Yeah. I did I started out doing guard duty, which is basically skating rounds on the ice watching making sure everybody's okay in during a state if anybody gets her than than I progressed up and I did rentals stuff as well. But in the end, I managed the rental section and all the people who Burke that the concession stands. And that's when they found me during daytime there's not much going on. We writing some kind of Lennox base software to manage the skate rentals or were you just messing about on the laptop this. We need that skill side. Can you come in quick today job and come across? I actually was working on a higher see network. We had a pretty big one back in the days for a lot of kids. So much of my free time went to administration stuff there. And one day. I randomly got a text message from an unknown number. But just the text. Do you have gone? Which obviously should have been red flag ally. But that turned out to be my now boss who's just trying to reach out and see if I was looking for something new within IT show. So tell me about ice skating in Norway does everybody ice skate? Is it a what what's the? I'm just curious about the the the hobby of ice skating. Is it a common pastime? I lived near an ice rink in outside of Washington. DC? We have a very popular. NHL hockey team here. So people really got into skating, it's become really popular and the rink. It's busy a lot. Is it something as an indoor outdoor? What was that? Like. As-as indoor I would say in our region, definitely become very popular. After one of our local teams started playing in. But what we consider the Norwegian playoffs. They're not as big as the NHL, obviously. But local team really up big things exploded. But I've always enjoyed I my mother and my grandmother worked at the ice rink earlier. So basically been raised there to extent thirties still out there and skate now. Now, you're not are you supporting them. Now, the company worked for you said does work for the ice rink. But you still skate. It's been awhile. It's it's a little bit tedious to get to from where I live now I rely on public transport, which is kinda hidden mess. So let's talk about WordPress. A little bit Marius. How did you discover WordPress? And what do you do with it? You said that you you support you help support. But tell us a little bit about before that even how you get started with it. That was actually through work. We had a product for the ice rink. Actually, they needed a reservation system, and we were redoing our website at the same time. So I figured okay after this is really flexible, let's see what we can do. So we ended up actually making the ordering system management of ice time since such between the different teams and schools since stuff within resentment but in doing so I discovered I knew very little about WordPress. So I landed in there, I receive channel way before slack was a thing and people that were just really friendly and willing to help. So it can stuck with me. And I spent a couple of years just hanging around not saying much, just observing which obviously terrible. If you wanna get involved funded. You're just learning start. Right. You have carefully checking the waters and one day. Somebody pulled me into the sport documentation team weekly meeting. Snowballed from there. So what is I R C? Oh, yeah. Maybe that may be an. Question showing my technical ignorance may be can you tell me what that is quite quite the opposite. It's it is the check platform, so basically, although I am and even slack uses were is based off it or uses it as basis, so it's a job really just back and forth. That's stands for. I r c it is internet relay chat. Okay. So it's been around for quite a while not as popular these days because shiny clients that you can use. Instead. Right, right. Okay. Thank violence seems to have kinda died all wants things like AOL melting mentally slack with user interfaces all prettier people care about it. Yeah. The wants to be pretty basically, no shiny things. Trying to use nice. So what do you what do you do for your current company? You you've talked about you wrote. Some you worked in word processing and Rhoda reservation and management system. With inward process is at what you do most days there, or are you you had said the company does a lot of different stuff. And if you're writing Lennox, you know, you're doing stuff or you couldn't be doing stuff outside award process. Well, he Dell's about that we do everyday. I asked myself the same question. Sounded a lot for accusatory that I mental. No problem at all. I say the same pretty much every week. So no, I. Currently I try to do as much or as little work as possible do internal systems in such looking for little bit of. Call it a little bit of a reset after a little bout with a personal wall kinda deal last year. So come just trying to calm down the client where can do everything journal. But I do. I've been with the company for almost ten years. So I can do pretty much anything at this point. I can answer in moist in questions like do tech support. I can do websites we do plates with WordPress. That's kind of what we is on out to clients for. Public facing stuff. But we also do custom coding or even internet solutions would Lara Belen solutions like that Marius we like to ask everyone that we talked to you on this show about success and how they define success. What it means to them? Can you share with us your definition of success? What it means to both personally and professionally began. Yeah. I can try say difficult subject. I guess in some ways for me, it is just actually being able to do stuff. Like this even though I don't do it often, you know, talking with people and participating in chats like this. I would say just getting out there and being available in interacting with people. That's for me. At least that's personal success. I'm not a big fan of people in many cases, not not to be mean to people. I totally keeping his t shirt that pops up on Instagram like advertisement. It says something like I like, I like coffee and a few people. So I I love like word camps and stuff. I will just go out, and I'll be part of it. Join chats if I can stuff like that. But same time, it's what's the word. I'm looking for it would be exhausting in a way. 'cause you don't always feel like you're filling in or participating as much as you could be. But professionally I would say just that feeling of cheap -ment whenever you manage something new that you've been looking for for example, looking into a really hard problem and actually finding a elegant or really need need. Yeah. Yeah. Approach to solving those things. That's that's a really good feeling. I would say thank you for sharing that and Liam spin quiet because his soom locked up. This is happened. Now a couple of hopefully, we can hear you now. Liam show. So it must not going to touch any buttons for. It wasn't ignoring you. I hope you're able to hear his definite. Yeah. That's you. What's your biggest challenge that you face? Ooh. Are we talking professionally personally WordPress? Weiss you could check all anyone two or three of those. But every you're comfortable sharing always good to hear about challenges. And also how you work on overcoming it or how you have overcome your challenge or how you work on it up on a regular basis. Personal challenge as I mentioned people. I do actually do kinda open about it. If people asked me, I do therapy once a week for not liking people and social anxiety. I believe it's called the app, that's actual term and depression. So just getting out there putting myself out there. It's always exciting exhausting afterward. Kemp's I'll usually have a couple of days, just embedded home. 'cause I'm just totally worn out. But WordPress Weissensee just trying to motivate people as as mentioned in my introduction. I'm the current support lead for the story so trying to just keep people happy. And engaging with them hoping that at least like I do. Yeah. A massive task right? Because I spent a little bit of time working with the support team a couple of years ago in the team itself is pretty massive. It's it's all over the world and. So there's a challenge of coordinating all those activities. And then the challenge of actually providing the very generous support that you and your team does all the people just come into the forums looking for help looking for answers looking for solutions that thing that just needs to work. How many how do you kinda get into that? I mean, you talked about you used to hang out on IRC, then you got pulled into the slack or the team meetings. But how did you? What were you to being is involved in new are as you are? Kind of administrative level, right? Because once you become the lead of project, those the work, but it's much more about managing the project. Yes. So I. I just really enjoyed the the element of it. I think. That support is one of the best bass still, learn WordPress. 'cause there's always that interesting problem that engages you as well. So you spend your time learning. About that thing. So that you can help other people even if it's a few don't know yourself, at least if you're if you have like a little bit of a passion for it. But I would say I don't really do as much administrative work as you would think I that's that's where the alike helping others help others. I really like facilitating making it easier for people to help doing little projects that. Empower our support true. Yeah. That's a good word like browser extension. That shows if anybody else's already looking at this question, very popular not made my remember when that came in. That was great. Yeah. Not originally mine, I won't take credit for that. I just made some modifications to later times. But sitting at word camp and realizing redo this one thing with every single person. And they always say, yeah, I've done these steps it's still working. And we know they're lying not because they're militias. They just, you know, have your turn off all your plug ins that is a really big ask of somebody who's website is acting up. So that's where our health drink plugging, which I love talking about. Comes into play which actually lets you do that without affecting sack misters, and that's really helped us actually get people to do the testing that. We ask them to do. How does that work? It's a plug in some of it is going into WordPress or now for frequent too, which is really exciting. But the troubleshooting asked actually makes a private session for your user where the Sables all your plug ins uses twenty nineteen or any other default theme, and then you can turn them on one at a time to find out which plugging actually cost the problem for you on your site. Let's really handy only those that use your logged in user. Yeah. The front end of your site. Does the front end? But only for you your user there in them. That's awesome. I didn't know about that. Nobody the this is awesome. It is we just passed a hundred thousand active users so really excited. So when I say, I've turned off all the plug ins, and I haven't. Oh, that's really cool making tools like that love doing that more. So than a restrictive tense 'cause administrative as they presented for any of the teams is. I large very much about writing chat summaries from gatherings and things like that. Right. It's not a whole lot outside of that. You can make it more. But it's really hard in our case. For example, we have we have the international forms, which are just WordPress dot org slash support. But we also have all these Senate sites for all the other languages which have their own teams and their own little communities. So you're not really one massive immediate while you are one massive community, but you're a massive community of many small ones. So there's not a whole lot yet do in that regard is they all manage themselves. Mostly we just try to who get him and see how are things going stir anything we can help you with on a grander level. So you've been very candid and open with us about some of the challenges you face around interacting with larger groups of people, and you share that you came to WordPress through a our seas. So perhaps an easier. Monica medium of communication, would you talk to us about your first word camp experience. And what that was like. Oh, I would love to my personal is actually the very last word Kim, San Francisco before work can US became thing. I was invited over because the community summit was happening. So I already knew like I don't make a whole lot of money. I couldn't actually travel there. So it was really lucky to get one of those scholarships that they were doing at the time. So I had no idea what was going to my. My only experiences with something similar were. Well, not. Say about. So it was fantastic. Really getting over there. Really nervous. Obviously. I done little bit of travelling before to the states to for family reunion, stuff like that. But never I'd say in this regard to me a lot of people with the same interests. And. I'd say the first one I didn't really know what I was going into. So I just went to every single talk which in itself can be exhausting. Since then I've noticed that. I do I do the talks where I I would say I'm good acquaintances or friends with the one talking 'cause it's always nice to show support like that. Sure. But I find myself doing a whole lot of just being in the hallway in being dragged into conversations more so than striking up stations. That's interesting. The people are just so friendly, even though it's really exhausting in the end, the new just end up as I mentioned going home and sleeping for a couple of days. It's. Liberating is I feel more free with people the same interests like this is their community there that you participate in. Obviously, my support people might. They are the ones who've in bided me in George V to take the solar ship to join the first year and everybody was just so friendly on a level. I would say I hadn't experienced before. It's like, yeah. I'll cover dinner this night. We've got the taxi don't worry about it stuff like that. Which? Odin say, I'm a starving student. But has starring adults almost that was just amazing that you didn't have to. Basically spend your grocery money that we on just getting around at a word camp to be able to participate in the things that are happening outside the campus. Well. I remember afterward camp US when it was in Philly. I don't know twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen but a bunch of the support team over to Dave and Buster's Philly the next day and hung out there. And I was lucky enough to take a long. And it was really really heartwarming to see the the interaction and the support and the real friendship between the the different team members there who early on where than refined flying home to that afternoon or that evening don't spend much time at all the other real life, but still really close and friendly and silly banter back and forth in the support of kind of friendly. Gesturing was absolutely wonderful to see. Yeah. That's right. You're with us. Dave buster's. I want a member is terrible. I totally forgot about. Well, there you go. I remember being Dave and Buster's. It was a it happen. Yeah. We actually went back the year after as well. But some new people, I'm. Great time. I love that place. I wish we had more arcades. So I'm gonna ask you about life. I can in one of our one of the questions like ask our guest is. Around the advice that they have received. So the question is is what advice have you received? What's the best advice you've ever received in your life and successfully implemented into your life? And it could have been something you read, it could have been something, you know, your grandfather shared with you, really any advice from anywhere could be personal professional. Can you share that with us? Oh. Oh. Thinking about that. 'cause somebody asked me that something similar not long ago. I must admit I don't have anything that stands out, which is just terrible to think about. You have those little tidbits that you just bring with you throughout life that never really consider advice. One of the things I do. Always keep with me, though, is my grandmother who passed away a couple of years ago. Just the way I treat people in in general in service in in such a bus drivers. I have this weird habit. You get strange lives on the bus when you do it. But I always greet the driver when I get on. And I always give them a nice day when I get off. If you're getting off at the back of us, you give them a little nod in wave like kind of thing. Which you just carry with you actually, actually be thing. You Terry with you because I am generally friendly with people me, maybe. That's. Yeah. You're like the. I also thank the muster. I we say thanks for the ride. Yeah. Which people give you weird looks here. Also, the whole concept fee on the sea in the bus. So I hate it. Teenager threaten me last week snow not last week a couple of weeks ago because I told them to get his feet off. See so. Really gears. What specifically because it's it's getting snow in the dirt. Or see is it when you were growing up? Your your momma always used to make them down. I would say it's the apparent lack of respect for you know. Both the public system transport system. But also whoever comes on next and has to sit down. It's just you don't do that. You don't put your shoes on the couch back home. Why do it on the bus? That really bothers me. Sometimes I speak up most of the times. I don't but that day just had enough of it. Let me let me let me ask you different questions. We we've talked about a little bit about your work. We've talked about how used if gate we've talked about WordPress four forms. What do you do when you're not in front of the computer and nad in a work meeting? What do you do outside of work? What do you do outside of supports? So you mentioned not in front of the computer that makes it. No, I often play a lot of games. Most of my friends are from other parts of the world. So just sit online in play. But I do enjoy hiking. I mentioned I'm a little part of Norway where we have some kind of famous nature position the sessions while why the pulpit rock the bake clipping. Which a lot of people seeing something called a show like which is a boulder west between two mountains that you can stand on just cool. He ASO really nice. I never done a lot of it. I started doing hiking with my family hero Theriault. For them never really been to any of these places. So, but it's amazing to me the wherever we live whether it's near corner of Norway or people come from afar to visit these wonderful things near us. Whether it's the museum or this natural rock between two mountains or some waterfall and all the locally I've never been there. I I haven't been since I school took me when I was ten years old kind of an interesting human phenomena. Yeah. Make so little sense its nest tastic things, and you're just I live here you either thank L have time later or I live here. I see it everyday. Why should I bother? It's one of those things. But once you're actually out there at those places, usually really amazing. Yeah. Nice people. Visit you because then it forces you to do this thing. Entertaining people. I've learned more about where I live just by doing that. A lot of people. Yeah. Yeah. So what are your what are your your goals? What what's what's next for you Maria? I don't actually know I guess just short-term surviving. This word press. Release did not unto spit it to be this stressful just to get a little bit code going from one of my own projects. But long term I would say just keep pushing on passing those little personal hurdles come up along the way. That's not a fish on always a tiny little thing to achieve right? I mean, we we talk about them that their little personal hurdles, but sometimes. Little personal hurdles depending on where we are in the week like mouse of personal mountains, while the heck am I ever gonna get over those? Yeah. Sometimes the goal is to get through the day. Sunday's worse. Somebody's better. At least getting out there. Still continuing to try to do little things joining in here. Just putting yourself a little bit out there. We're really glad that you're here with us today. Interesting talking to you hearing your story and what you're working on. Thank you for all that you do for WordPress too. I definitely gonna look into that plug in since really neat. Very helpful airy held you write that plug in our year is kind of your plug in the support team. Put it all together. How did that happen? I don't want to take anybody's thunder. I would say it's my baby it's gone input. And suggestions in a little bit of enhancements here, and there from other participants by all means I mean, it is open source is available for all. But the basis of it. I would say as mine. Yes. That's awesome. Congratulations and thank you. Yeah. I'm happy to have been of this. Mario Lee are coming to the end of our our time here. Thank you so much for joining us. It's been an absolute pleasure. Chatting with you and getting to know your little bit more. It's been Mike leisure that went way faster than I anticipated. It's yeah. Wow. Where can people find you online? I have a blog chlorof- dot net, which not very good at updating. I'm also chlorof- MJ Twitter 'cause my normal name was taken or just flora on slack always open for questions or people wanting to reach out. So. Wonderful. Will thanks again for joining us. And I hope to meet you in person sometime Marius take care. Will see Edward Kemp soon. I hope. Bye. Thanks for listening to the show. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did if you like what we're doing here meeting new people in our WordPress community, we invite you to tell others about it. We're on I tunes and at hallway chats dot com. Better yet. Ask you WordPress? Friends and colleagues to join us on the show courage to complete the beyond the show form on our site to tell us about themselves.

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