Episode #235: Checking In With...And Sewing Is Half The Battle


we gotta listen to the five and she goes oh god he hedges bleak continue all the way to episode two hundred and thirty five thirty five girls a cat that side of the chicken with our friend farm animals showing is half the battle welcome everyone to this week's episode o z five ish fan girl podcast stress let the original table and see who joined us this week this is pretty bethlehem this is how this in wisconsin and this this rachel in indianapolis indiana her having that were now they're written these winning the bingo game right now yup she when any though that night go yeah she called the false bingo is real and thankfully she realized their mistake almost immediately she said bingo she's like i never i never same number four yup so yes so brittany that everybody raleigh the rest of us still just so they get home going that will meet eventually truly oh i have all sorts of stories of tell about all the stuff that i saw it did on my vacation carlos there's probably don't even realize that i went on unless they follow me on social media pictures were true lizzy my goodness yes so we may we may do do do do like a little extra squeak point a partial chauncey newsy other person a so that we could talk about special marvel into a picture with duster there were still a is like i kept saying things like i want that kind of have that i need that serves no purpose whatsoever and like i want to just laughed at me like that's my fear 'em so yeah even even leaving vacation 'em there's a whole lot of news so which gonna work in this never gonna get the news and a will see what crops up next week especially as we get closer to a fan of christmas yes sounds intimidating so other what other other than we are in a new month is additional now so for example you know what for august yet july's both his molten heart which is see allaster newest thirteenth doctor material in august books choices are bc of death target novelization fear of the dark which means they fifth doctrine venture go to india which is eight ten doctor indiana andy gala freight chronicles that's an older one but it's interesting to wait we can find out about time lords the pool so you can look at if he decided to change their mind you can go ahead and do that unlike other voting you're out of that but you can still open you could change exactly all right so this week we are very excited to to be joined i guess it's been a while but again returning guests a laura in alina who are both of among other things part of an sewing is half the battle so welcome back ladies and that would be here man so it has it has been awhile since you were on hand so yeah we've got some catching up to do so 'em i where do you wanna start do you want to start with a whole reason that you emailed in first place or would you like to start somewhere else so the the whole reason you you you said a maybe email was because lawrence got a new book coming out very soon that that is true but i feel just a little guilty of being like let's come on and talk about hey most of the time we talk about ourselves and how things relate to us so good yeah well a okay so i have a new book coming out her ray 'em so this is the the title is shirt in shield it's the first inning new epic fantasy trilogy and yeah so it's big fat fantasy all of that 'em the drop tomorrow if somebody does as we have a five our account at oh wow you preorder think you're you're my favorite so a an actually since this podcast will go out technically after release it should be legal for me to say that that a pre orders have generated eight significance donation toward international justice mission a which is a charity the fight slavery all around the world so a yeah i'm i'm really pleased about that that was something that i wanna do do at the launch and because of the way federal marketing laws work you can't promote a charity donation before it made or or something anyway but but but this is going out after release day so it's fine so we did that have if you're a charity in time travel so yeah the fires i'm going to jump in and say that a lawyer has a book signing as well for anybody who's local to indiana i was just about to mention that but it sounds so much better when you say it so i haven't gotten to talk yet so i'm getting in where i can all right why don't you tell the nice people when it is i don't actually know what it is why don't you tell the nice people tell them a it is july the thirteenth is at the greenwood a barnes and noble at the greenwood park mall angry with each other that's at three o'clock and i will have some physical swag maps in a pieces of shark crystal andy character cards and goodies to give away as well on that day so please come out and i i i saw that i saw location like at the local bars and i looked at the day and i'm like oh no will send send someone is a stand in rack yeah find someone because for me start right name a we have seen this wagon person it is pretty cool swag i could say that 'cause it's not my bag i happy just set aside some swag for you that that could happen so a yes so they are is a look on your website and a they it's got the the cover art in a short a description or synopsis for the the the book that sounds very dangerous things i'm not gonna lie i really liked that cover i had i i take no credit for that cover other then saying yes i like it like that's my that's my contribution like but a yeah i really like i really think that cover so her for those that don't have the blurb but i copy and paste this way when did you give us a is if you wanna read it verbatim that's fine or if you wanna give us you're version of the the blurb for i'm gonna have to wing it because i don't have it in front of me so this is just the test here i am unrehearsed and unprepared civil see a know it is it is eight about dilemma is a it's probably the best way to say it some of the tagline is he could save her life if you sacrifices those he swore to protect and it is eight career soldier eight royal bastard both literally and figuratively a who a has been he's his everything he is is the higher self worth is wrapped up in his military contributions in a win his best reid only friend gets caught on the wrong side of the magical rift in inter dimensional war the only way he can save her life is to the betrayed his homeland and oh by the way a bunch of other stuff going on at the same time somebody tried to kill him there's a bunch of political intrigue tree aig yeah stuff stuff is happening spoilers gotta read it so it is i i do wanna mention it is a part one of a trilogy so it is it does not let end completely on a cliffhanger but but there is more story yet to come so i had one of my early reviews came back and like this i mean it's really good it's i really liked it but it can't actually end here right and i'm like no no no no go there for the part there's a part one good you're hooking field and in the meantime while you're waiting there is it just for the rockies have come out there you've got plenty of other books that you've i did what i will i will reveal the book to just went up on preorder so there is there is that out at this is not gonna be one of those series that you wait three years so the next installment like that's yeah that's i i don't i don't like that that anyone of yeah i i do have plenty of other facts and actually the song weavers about which is my last novel will be at barnes and noble at the signing as well they told me they were ordering supply supply of those as well an imminent shed my natural mid mid mid western persona first second try to brag 'em that one was twenty eighteen realm award winner for best fantasy of beer aunt my mom mom was not even on the board or anything when they did the voting so that was that was fun so yeah he's an all of her books are listed on their upside absolutely around and they're all available at any online retailer or you should be able to walk into any bookstore and ask for them and they can get them for you so they're not limited to just amazon are just one retailer bookshop yeah yeah you can find a local bookshop support it yes no kidding mind closed i'm very sad minded to so i gotta traveled hour and a half to death oh physical among story oh my gosh yeah i'm only about thirty five forty minutes away but it is annoying 'cause you can't just go browse easily gonna go hang out in bookshops like three me cool people yeah oh speaking of hanging out when being cool places besides bookshops a both of you ladies also recently were in new zealand and yes we were has gas for a convention and i see the pictures on social media and it was amazing i i really love you and this is my second trip to new zealand and i got to see some places i didn't get to go my last time in a it's such a beautiful place i really encourage anybody who wants to travel to go there because it is really gorgeous it's a long flight unfortunately but it's a really beautiful place so yeah a geyser kahn which is new zealand's national safe i convention and brought us in his guest of honor a large they're primarily in the capacity as are author because she does tend to write books and i was there primarily incapacity as they cost play guest although i did talk about my acting as well 'em an so yeah we had a great time everybody was really lovely and we were very very glad to have been honored in such a way that we didn't think we so many pies so i i their thing new zealand you can't eat in america and they include meat pies which they sell everywhere new zealand and they're amazing and we don't have it in here in the same way coomer which is a variety of sweet potato that we don't have any u s which is delicious it is purple and amazing 'em end they have really good fish and chips in new zealand which you know we have fish and chips in the u s if you happen to be fortunate lives near the ocean indiana is not near the ocean and that's where i lives so we don't get fish and chips here so i ate a ridiculous amount of food i probably brought back as many pounds on my body as i did in my suitcase also they have cadbury covered oreos they're not even fair they are good is a good as your imagining like whatever you're imagining added notch and that's how good they are like ridiculous yeah so when this podcast will be reporting everything we are they so basically it pretty much if he went into a store has the cabdriver you'd be cleaned out the whole shelf and taking it home and you're like i don't know how you put that in the hypothetical yeah i brought owen three complete packages the cab recovered oreo they lasted less than a week oh yeah wow when we did things other proven heat in new zealand is we we had a little writers retreat actually liberal the v a convention we had a strong writing track ancestoral de writers got together and we sat in a hot spring and wrote afterwards discuss plot problems that great in the end we did a lot of hiking we went through a lot of a geothermal areas we went around and did sightseeing played tourist and it was really good time and i feel like i'm scott slade which is one ashley went out on a little early before the convention in my husband and i went backpacking through wanna be a national parks in new zealand and so we did abel tasman a great walk tramp which was about four days out on the trail and that was really fun and beautiful beautiful scenery i've got a lot of photos up on my blog a which is laura vip victory over bravo dot com a and nobody wants to see those end they're just great pictures in i feel like after carrying my pack through four four days of up and down and then i was justified in eating eighteen packages of cad recover oreos like that that were yep you deserve it that that we would have had served at let's be honest you know how you make a decision and then you justify it it's a lot like that i do have a policy whenever i'm traveling in a foreign country though but i don't restrict what i eat because how often am i going to be in that country you know it isn't experience latest part of that and i love tasting locals which i mean the orioles are particularly unique food in new zealand but they're able to open orioles cut that we don't have those here and we tried the variations because there were also cadbury covered meant oreos and we have about of course science first time yes yes sounds amazing i love anything mint good they were very good okay can i tell you the thing i invented the thing so being a so i i had not been you know not being a native kiwi i had not been familiar with the tradition of slamming a tim tim or will as translate for for those who are also not key but he's a contempt for the small rectangular chocolate covered cookies you'll find them some places even in the u s but you can nibble out a corner on their end of the tim tim a through the chocolate coating making it into a straw and then you suck your preferred hot beverage through that just until the liquid hits your mouth and then you immediately slam the whole thing and you're mouth right before it explodes and it takes a little practice but it's pretty you know it's a fun fun thing like who who doesn't like preferred hot beverage plus chocolate cookie right exactly so let's try this and then it's like oh you know what would be even better is if you did this with an oreo in and 'em you know i just feel like that would be superior slamming experience answer there were some discussion from d you know he leaves and then that you know legit so we had this conversation back forth and somebody pointed out that you can hit it with oreo becomes just the famous cookie there's no out a coating to contained illiquid i said but there are trump coming oreos guess what i found the very next day right like that very covered oreos accidents okay that is if you're getting angry so so we tried it and i i have to say you know slamming circular cookie is definitely more advanced technical skills i absolutely worth the effort definitely a superior slamming experience so i'm throwing down all you keys everybody needs to try this with the orioles now to like really sorry so it also fi lauderdale messy but category yeah yeah it wasn't messy experiment figuring out exactly how to do it the logistics of an oreo straw were were difficult i dropped a couple of them into my hot cocoa and had them dissolve but you know then you just fish amount witherspoon new oreos were wasted i'll put it that long after a pub pose the story my cousin lives in australia i gave challenge this is the only thing they only thing that can be done now is just sit down with the pilots tim tam's in a pile of oreos and just say will just you know for science we have to walk through this yeah volunteers tribute which only science write it down so haven't paid paper and pen as you oh i do blog i have a chocolate series on my blog so i've that there's a there's a thing that it'd be justify wonder if i could get a government grant for this out grants were strangers that exactly so so a so i needed mentioned something else that's a little bit find out what's going on and later mentioned we did a writer's retrea afterwards in a we were saying with grace bridges who's with the con chair and his writer i've known for several years an so we were a a hold hold up working on projects together an grace just started in new project a new manuscript and she has a series about people who get superpowers from the geothermal activity in wrote her a actually this this would make more sense if we talked about right or left first so hold on over they a geothermal area well all of new zealand is a geothermal larry it is volcanic island after all but litter is an active geothermal area a very much like yellowstone in u s where you have geysers you have hot springs you have boiling lakes you have mud pots it's a different city on top of it yeltsin's national park and shit and rhetoric was like a town on top of this and it's one of only like three places in the world where people liv on the hot spot and it's great because you don't have to have a water heater you just dig a hole and boiling water literally comes out of the ground in it you you could cook and we did that will be there we we just fell apart with food stuck it in a steam vent and while la automatic steaming it's really tasty but yeah and that's people used the the steam to a to heat their homes and everything had to restrict how many homes can bore down because they're worried about screwing up the balance of blowing up the city but so it is an actor area the with you know when we were staying there for the convention which is aptly named geyser con or hotel windows looked out on an active geyser they went off every hour just like old faithful only more regular a an yeah so that's that's wrote aurora so great has a series of books about people who get superpowers from these geothermal vents in 'em so that she is just starting the newest one in the series a an end as she started it and she's describing being a this particular scene in ashley i think it's okay for her sailing and i are tech arise in that 'em in that new novel a so she and i actually characters in it siblings way deeper powered yeah the closest i'll ever get the superpowers and i'm really i'm real excited anyway grace wrote the scene where news event opened up in her backyard end 'em you know when we got are superpowers and everything and within a couple of hours there is a breaking news story about a new pitch that had opened up and and i don't know if you guys have been watching in the news about the mud pit that's in the 'em it it's it's literally within eyesight you could actually see are geyser con hotel in the news footage oh no that's opened up an it has completely we opened into the backyard and i think as of this afternoon had just swallowed up one of the sheds in in the yard the homeowners longer on the property of course in there for them not yeah and they were cutting power lines and case the polls went into the went into the pit big his it's just been expanding the last few days an a and it's just hilarious because it's right exactly were grace just wrote it and i'm like oh that's my yard that's my superpowers this is great i mean i'm really sorry guys sorry about that but yeah my superpowers like that all the all the rest of my she shed my cabbages yeah all the things though yeah well have you wake up with superpowers hours of the hidden away no yes but we we couldn't publicize it because otherwise are secret identities will be gone also like there's no way i'm gonna take my that that insurance liability right like no i had nothing to do with that so talk about art imitating life or or vice versa i guess this gave yeah that's wild a no no that's very cool the she's the she's putting you into the story it it it's a fun when you know people who were who were authors you know even if you're an author yourself but if you if you know people that are are authors without a are dry weather podcast the traveling vortex her doctor who specific podcast but they've become friends without a the the gentleman at kindergarten candy jar books they do a series all based around a pretty good year leftward stewart an over the course of them reviewing the books and getting to know andy that they have sean is written some some further books but now all three of us are also characters in some ship are three friends and all his books technically cannon so are three friends are brother via part of the doctor cannon x number of even it up well if you're you're talking about a life imitating art so some years ago i wrote eight murder mystery called con job which i usually right more speculative fiction this one's just pretty straight murder mystery 'em but it's set at eight con right and they say the right way you know andrew so you know my my thought was like you know you got five thousand people everybody's in costume nobody's using their own name nobody's using the real face how do you find you murder like that was that was my premise so yeah so i blended a bunch of different cons that i knew into the into the convention in this in this fictitious convention in the book but i had one particular room in mind convention that i go to regularly a where they the book opens tiny tiny spoiler it's a murder mystery they find a dead body opens where they're they're trying to get the body out of this a public restroom where where there is a murder at this kind and i wrote that with a very specific restroom in mind just cause you have having a visual while you're writing the book came out on tuesday as books usually do and on friday eight i was at that convention size face timing worked on friday there was a huge traffic backup and i was like okay you know stuff happens all the time they're moving up in costume what is it no actually they're taking a stretcher out of that restaurant so not only in my book came out like four days before and i'm like this wasn't me this may be yeah that without after he was a fifty cent i whereas i think they do yeah so that nobody but me knew that it wasn't that restroom it was just that was my in visual while i was writing but oh my gosh that was a little unnerving i'd gotten element that it did get awkward when she set up a table outside but again remember a one year first folks to find out what happens next can't buy that kind of publicity really nor should you want to buy that oh my oh god is hilarious as far as i know the person who's not dead they were taken away they were fine okay good good i'm more of a matter it's been dead pretty sure yeah we'll go with that i i know nobody died at the con i don't i don't i don't have medical details on what actually happened for obvious reasons you know that nobody died at the time because i was it's curious so good though oh by a so i have no idea how making a smooth transition from sorry so that so that gear i mean i could be a potential spoiler for what i was gonna bring up next which is a something that alina as working on which is they audio drama verity weaver yes which i'm actually recording an episode of this week unless you listen to the i listen to the first episode earlier today so oh well you really good i mean it's easily something that kind of come from like big finish or something like that like the the production value on is is really good so and the stories really good to i i had been very pleased i will say i when i first signed on i didn't know much about what i was signing on for you know i knew the premise and i had gotten part of the scripts to do my additions 'em but every single scripted comes out is better than the last i have been amazed at the quality of the scripts and the quality the direction and i'm just i feel i feel very excited to be a part of it is a very good series 'em and we have a lot of a wellknown writers contributing and we have some big name actors contributing i'm not gonna give any spoilers on that front but i have heard a little bit about what's coming at it's very exciting citing to me to be involved 'em but yeah so a very weaver since since we jumped into that cold and we have no background very weaver is a science fiction drama series of produced in the uk by audio our productions end of the basic premise is is verity is this minor in a dead end job out in the back end of space all she does is work all day and it's it's a really miserable life and she wants to have an adventurous life and in order to not have psychological trauma from doing horrible meaningless work all day the miners are allowed to spend twenty minutes a day inside a machine basically gives them an alternate fantasy life in her twenty minutes are spent having adventures and traveling around in the company of this famous adventure unnamed fable what an and then one day she's sleeping away at her dead end mining jobs and something interesting happened and find out what you have to listen to the podcast in the biz we call that hook i know what happens 'cause i i it it is it is very exciting because it is traditional science fiction where you know if you go back to you're you're classic hearts i almost all science fiction functions to serve as eighty hey a mirror to reflect society an society's problems and societies aspirations in this series doesn't excellent job of highlighting hey these are issues people's face these are things that society does it may be good or bad let's look at them in a very removed contact out in outer space in another time where it's totally not be earth were talking about and then it makes you think about those things and i've really enjoyed a breeding every script i've got him like wow that's really good that's amazing 'em so as i said before i'm very pleased and honored to be part of it but a deep rest of the series it's six episode series at least the first season six upsets the rest of the series should be released by the end of year so we have recorded m three we're in the process of recording the third episode right now a an there in they will then be imposed after this week when i finished ending in my lines there'll be in post production and then i will do the next three as the next thing so yeah you can check that out any pretty much any podcast venue has it whether that's i tunes or or any of the podcast services if you search for verity weaver or for audio our productions you should be able to find it there is a website somewhere that so i could send you the link for the should have all of those links available for various services but should be pretty defined they should've put that in these shutdowns yeah no i listened to it and i was just almost immediately i was i was hooked to it's just the the the character's which were introduced to it it does you know it's interesting to see what everybody when they go into this machine what their cause the machine is not program there you can't tell us what you want it to to experience it just takes like you're deepest desire in gives you that for you're you're twenty minutes and the machine in to hear here the different characters talk to talk to each other about what it is they experience at how buried their deepest desires are a because they're all stuck and they're all the same situation they're all on this mining planet mining whatever but how they how they i guess they quote unquote cope with it 'em in while in the machine is is very interesting and i i can't imagine what my what my thing would i if i was a corona ended the machine probably a room full of puppies that would be very relaxing oh yes me well and i i love these the world building surrounding that too because they experienced machine in the show is it's a device you know it sets up you're characterization it sets up you're your story line but i love the way they approach it the the writers have approached it where there's a whole corporate entity backing that it's not explicitly stated but if you start thinking about it you know they talk about licensing people's memories to put in the machine or oh they're cutting down are time because of budget cuts and that sort of thing it really feels like yeah this is eight universe is run by some sort of capitalistic system and and this is how they're just cutting corners and 'em you know so it's it's very interesting to me to look at how well thought out all of those elements are it's not just oh we step this interview story device it's actually a part of that world i'm looking forward to hearing hearing the rest of it they got to the end of the first episode like oh man soon soon more yeah i i don't have the final release dates yet for the couple of episodes 'cause i know they're still in post production but 'em but very shortly hopefully because the the plan is to get the next few episodes out sometime this summer 'em is what i was told a an obviously i'm not the final voice of authority 'cause i'm not the producer leeann actor but we should we should have at least the next few episodes out sometime next couple of months i would think 'em so check back subscribe you should be able to subscribe on any of the podcast services and then you will be notified when next episode comes out yeah yeah i i can't imagine the desserts or something that can be thrown together easily 'cause the the the first episodes like forty five minutes or something like that so they're all they're all roughly the same length annetta you know they're they're sort of like an hour long slot 'em and we have actors all over the world i mean i'm i'm obviously in the united states a lot of raptors are uk actors producers located in the uk is well guess what the company is a so you know there's there's always a little bit of difficulty coordinating because you know if i wanna talk to my director i there's a five hour time difference and i have to email early enough that i can get the answer the same day because she's five hours offering me so you know sometimes it it's the logistics her a little bit challenging so it could take a little bit longer but if everybody were in the same studio acting together and producing together 'em but you know i i love the fact that everybody's so engaged with it and everybody is really dedicated to making it the best possible quality it can be because as you said it sounds sounds very much like a lot of other professional dramas and of course me personally i'm a huge big finish fan i pretty much just signed my checks over them every month yeah so it's exciting to be part of a high quality drama series i really enjoy yeah then the the it's yeah you've got this ensemble cast and you listening again like i said listen the production value that music and sound effects and environmental environmental and you know there's modulation done some people's voices and 'em yeah it's it's very obvious that a lot of time in a care has been put into into the production and i look forward to hearing the rest of it and whatever just released a me too because everybody else's performances well well since i record my lines alone you know depending on what order were doing things and sometimes i get sent a other actors lines to work off of but if i'm the first record on that episode i'm going in a little bit cool because they don't necessarily have lines from other actors so it's very exciting for me here you know how the final product sounds what the conversation tone sounds like what the background sounds like all the special effects all of that because i don't know what that's going to be like when i'm recording it i'm just recording my dialogue 'em so i really enjoyed listening to that first episode when it released to because i know what it's gonna be like i have to say like that's mind boggling going to me that you would recordings just one sided conversations and and i've only done that the one time where you're voicing somebody but without somebody else to work off of an it was incredibly difficult whereas like interaction action you know that that acting feels obviously a lot more natural so i don't know how you do it it doodoo but i like it when it comes out so yeah i i usually have to run through each episode on a couple of times times either just rehearsing on my own or a you know sometimes i just go down in my studio and record each episode a couple of times through and listened back to it and kind of get a feel for how i think the the pacing should be and it's you're right it's a totally different skill because a lot of acting i do i do a lot of stage acting i do i'm part of an acting company that does live nineteen forties radio shows on stage in front of an audience but you're always working off of someone else a end yeah if you're i'm i'm sitting here staring at my acoustic phone tiles thinking well this is exciting in in very inspirational but it's i practice sort of in my head what would this sound like if this were natural conversation and you just a lot of it's just using your imagination and hoping you guess what you're coaster also like and occasionally you know there's a line that oh that wasn't exactly but i thought it was gonna be in you know i'll do a retake if they sent in something and say okay this is what somebody else has recorded can you do it a little more like this emotion but that's pretty minor i mean most of the time we we get it with their first takes which is fortunate because then i don't have i feel like i'm doing it wrong yeah i i can't imagine doing the thing is like a lot of force acting work that's how it's done as a it's a lot of people don't realize that even you know big productions like you know pixar movies and stuff they tend to tend to be just the one actor in a recording booth they don't tend to put people together right bouncing off of each other so it begs you would never know that listening to the final final result you you or tom hanks is just in the recordings this breeding off of a piece of paper you you know not having somebody else to a bounce off of it at the scene so that's a little behind the scenes peak their first single it may not realize and i i find it harder sometimes if they feed me the lines of if my if my co star has has done her lines first and i'm working off of her lines i'm listening to each distinct line and trying to respond to it that's almost harder to me even if i'm just doing it as reading my line straight 'em and i think it's because i don't feel the same energy you know you're used to if you're talking to somebody you're getting a lot of that sort of non verbal communication you're getting the energy that person and when you're just listening to align it's it's actually hard to imagine how you sound in response to that so it could be tricky either way whichever way you do it but it's also it's something that i enjoy stretching as an actor because i've done i've done a little bit of voice acting before but nothing on this scale an it's really it's challenging and it's fun and it's always knew so i enjoy doing it as an actor very cool very cool 'em again i'm kinda stuck with the not having a good transition a i i guess i had something in it lost it 'em do whoever wants to take those are both view of although i think this is more a laura's worst thing 'em but a while looking at cheer is this social media stuff a tell us about canines and action 'cause raleigh animal lovers here so yeah so so kennington it's in action is my day job a because i train train animals can't inaction hints that it's a lot of dogs a mighty work with other species is well andy so i'm a trainer and i will go to people's homes or a goto consultation particular issues or whatever and then also 'em i'm faculty for international a trainee certification buddy 'em education certifications karen prior academy an i love love that and i just taught a workshop at this weekend so i've where i've got six people in eighty roughly seven months long course they're working toward certification and there'll be assessing hearing about six weeks for their final professional a certification an down that it's so much fun in it so fulfilling and i really love that so yeah i guess so there's my my little advertisements if you're in central indiana canines and action is available to help you to sit on a an actually i've written about will just such a circle this back around i have written a couple of nonfiction behavior in training books a bit out of out of that work to so those are fired up frantic and freaked out and social civil and savvy and i just have to say that because i worked so hard to be able to say those names fluently the now i don't feel like you're titles carefully that's just all gonna say is when you're gonna have to repeat it out at two oh they're just like i'll go somewhere to speak end and they'll introduce me he's again this is my day job right so a some poor person will be assigned the task of introducing me before i speak an it is laura men are in dunk ba be author up fired up frantic freaked out and social civil it's it could just see them like up there with the microphone just weeping silently like why why did i have to show the low number that this is my job and so i've i've been asked to pretend like are you comfortable introducing yourself self and i'm like yeah yeah that's fine most people's eyes glaze over when they see the name that are doc though i mean that's that's a lot of letters in a row intendo it's even more because went like marvin are done by in my fiction fiction career but in my nonfiction i use my phone name with all my certification initials so we'll see if i can actually remember them all now so it's more of an earned on kfi k p f c t p c t d t k yeah said that yet but it's so we just throwing a few more letters and you'll have the alphabet comes out i'll tell you the heightened face election to get that name on a book cover is an actual art form so imagine yet i like covered designer a you know emailed me and they they had done some ridiculous attempt to try to make my name large end you know 'cause you know like it's you know people people authors went their names big right let's flattering everybody wants the giant second coming stephen king author name an and i just wrote back and i'm like it's fine just put it in tiny letters at the bottom it's totally fine jen worried about it there thank you play with the current in a little if you need to voters joined us illegible worried about it we get like dude non sarah settled save even more yeah league gothic leak topic is is one that's very tall and very skinny that's that's the friend right there just one of them have you tell if that's the work with graphic design understand you know coming up the logo for the podcast some like like how do i make this work is after doing this for five years i would for the most part ninety nine percent of the time you know if i'm talking about the show at something or someone i could easily you know the five shackles podcast it rolls off the tongue but every now and then it's a lot of words and they sometimes get stuck so but what he could do a little late to change the name so we have the kind of established with the name yes kinda like you guys are to an sewing is half the battle you know it's kind mouthful but you're stablishment bat so a so speaking of which obviously a lorry got you're you're book signing coming up but what else do you guys have a coming up as far as offense and stouffer you guys gonna be it's gonna be a genuinely yeah we we do jenkins on a every year that it is it is they hometown dimension end we do workshops there so as usual we're doing a lot of costuming workshops we have we even have a new one this year i believe 'em that we've not done before a were doing constantly workshops were doing crafting were shops were also doing some seminars on mythology and folklore and things on possibly writing north pathology japanese stephanie's folklore and i wanna mention that grace bridges to see new zealand author i mentioned before she's actually coming in virginia time it will be talking about a speculative fiction in a all the geek step happening being down in middle earth i mean new zealand and so and so's hers hers will be free of free seminar event as well and that will be will be back tobaks so he can catch us all at the same time as you could find find those events that if you know how jen kind of works they have their event signed or were you preregister for events tickets and you could just search for and sewing is half the battle and find all of our events we have we have some games better run under that name is well a mark and john run a tuned indians and things end which is so much fun 'em aunt i i will throw this out because people were sometimes discouraged if they look and see that it's sold out we do take generics at the door so if you see that in event you really wanna do is sold out come any way we will fill the room to capacity actually were doing electronic ticketing this year which means you can come if you don't have generics and we can make it make it happen right on my phone so there you go so definitely come if you want to be part of a workshop a we will get you in somehow until we hit fire code we will get in the room until the fire marshal stand there and stop right right now as far as the rest of the year let's see after jen con i talked about before congress fast because right yeah i'm i'm gonna be at a rome makers writing conference in saint louis 'em which is primarily of interest to writers but saturday night and oh my gosh i should probably look up the date i believe it is july the twentieth i will i will have to double check that 'em but saturday night we have eight big book festival that is open to the public 'em west at terry brooks and peter brett and about fifty other authors all their so you can come in and pick up books and get signed in all the good things so i will send you the details on that since i did not have that tape ready in my head okay and that is in saint louis correct yes yeah it's good to know what they were talking about you i thought saint louis maybe i'm invented you might have i might have missed 'em they we could fix that post m a c that's that's in july and then jen con is the end of july beginning of august it's a little early this year and then what else 'em i am always involved with doc tober fest to north america's doc tober fest which i'm sure you've talked about on this podcast before 'cause i've seen out there i think i even did a podcast with you where once a or showed up irwin 'em what what else a i'm staff at chicago charter so i will definitely be at chicago guitars again this year end were doing some new presentations and workshops at chicago tartus this year i don't know if i'm supposed to say that but i just said it so there we go i mean we just accidentally accidentally muted you while you were talking in i came back just in time here i don't know if i should have said that so now i'm a little terrified and don't worry you won't be the one who gets in trouble for it no i don't think it'd be good but we're adding more interactive events a some of which i'm running at chicago charter so that should be alive and what else do we have going on how you do a real quick we we think we think riffing words i word from professional yeah i right you don't speak draft okay it's just wanna say a an actually that's the thing is i realized i just a wiggled my mouth and turned on my computer and realize i had said something being wrong about saint louis so can i say that again in the right author names 'em so i in saint louis a i will be at the iran makers writers conference which is primarily venture writers but on saturday thirty night which is indeed a july the twentieth a at the sheraton westport in saint louis there's a big book festival and we will have terry brooks an brenton weeks in about fifty other authors they're signing books so it's free totally open to the public come in bringing on books pickup books there that's the thing that's happening and i will i will be there you have it assigned view and terry box will be there and everybody will be there so enroll just being there so they're so there and if you're not there you'll be square hey speaking of books we have something else to talk about doing what do we do we do september can we talk about september it's been great i don't know if i'd forgotten what we're talking about in september i'm looking i'm going to talk about regret gasoline but it'll be talking about that yeah okay yeah i'm pretty sure had been a no no it's definitely been announced today actually like have so many punches in my head right now that i forgot that september so let's talk about denver's i think it's september second i'm not positive on that eight anthology the edited by rhonda perish is coming out called grim grits end gasoline we are excited about it because both laura and i have stories in it so it is they diesel punk fairy tale anthology a all of the stories are set in the interim period and they're all variations on traditional fairy tales so you might have in the twenties gangster story yeah i've got a full story so it's it's all a ranging from the twenties through the forties and variations on fairy tale themes so if you liked fairy tales or if you like do the punk or anything really jd tober period or yeah yeah book is about everything from great gatsby through world war two basically an publishers weekly gave a star review which if you're not in the book industry you're like cool and if you are in the book industry you're like oh that's awesome so just take our word for it that's a good thing can you should get in that is september possibly second possibly second sounds about right now it is available for preorder british yeah yeah he orders now so it's like it's better to say so they're about oh wow you guys have been busy always busy the thing is we don't hold still very long if you leave us just to our own devices we will find ways to fillers gradual garrett attended twentysecond she slamet oreo how did that happen that's great writing fuel oil runs and a lane is drawing on herself was i live here together class costs life from arrived yet i had so much fun being close though i mean there's some costumes and it's not a complex costume it's a really simple costume so there there is some costumes that you just give yourself permission to be not you in the most dramatic way possible class is one of those like i don't even drink like substance abuse of the farthest possible thing from me and i had so much fun pretending to be close i went in the v a the convention this at a convention in michigan as they had eight convention bar in the sweet and i just went in and said typos the bill you're empty kegs draped myself as though i passed out over a bunch of empty gangs and the bartender thought larry's photos for me is great fun and on that note stays out a vision anything else you want to add plug but you've done bike needs attention i think we've covered the big ticket items for the foreseeable future okay i mean we have some long range plans but those probably already promoted yet so over this this is a good order probably outside side of this like i'm i'm i'm teaching some a some writing classes in a calgary but that's a little outside of v midwestern market so i'm not sure that yeah yeah we we we are without are are resident canadian the a stretch it's like we have some canadian listen there's but they're in toronto so at arteries a little bit of a hall yeah a little bit of all yeah yeah canada's a big old times i've been there i like there's not there's not that many places i share this where people get excited about it so i'll tell you guys so i'm going up the calgary i'm actually it's win words collide is they event that'll be up there and then on my way home i'm gonna drive straight up from calgary there is a little town in alberta called volkan which has heartedly adopted it's a geeky coincidental name and everything in the town is done in be a star trek font end 'em and they're they're like they have the federation of planet headquarters in their city hall and everything and so i'm actually stopping to overnight in vulcan just so i could walk around and take photos and experience see you know sister sister town of the planet vulcan amazing yeah so i will definitely certainly be a that in august or september oh my gosh i'm i i believe that in august so i will be a posting photos and sharing that so but he wants to catch vulcan well this'll be a good time to catch up on your social social media said yeah up my how you can find me at laura vip victor alto bravo dot com an all of my social media is linked off of that website and then i have a newsletter on the site a you get free stories just signing up the newsletter and i will never ever share you're info so it's pretty you know you could feel good about signing up for it i don't i don't send it at austin and i definitely don't share you're info so 'em all the social media is hooked off that hub and then alina you could take selling and you're so yeah i all of all of sowings social media on which is pretty much all linked if you find one you confined there's a it's under the name surprisingly end sewing is half the battle so that is instagram tumbler facebook all of those are just lifted as and swings at the battle only exception being twitter because when we signed up for twitter that was too many characters so twitter is h s i h tv for end zone is half the battle 'em but again those are all linked together my personal social media on most of the services is under aviator on terry's that's also victor alpha entrees like named sister 'em end if you want to follow me i don't post anything particularly interesting relating to my professional career i mostly there's no doubt but you know they're they're fun is fun i'm i make you lease when you know certain troll from now through the end the danger of having me run i don't use of personal instagram account i just run the someone is half the battle instagram account which means that usually it's just me being dirty all over the sewing account and then across posted tumbler and across the face booking basically it's me posting selfies of everything i do that's nerdy but you know it's all related costuming somehow distantly 'em but yeah if you if you search any social media for and swimming is half the battle you could probably find one of our accounts and antares is just my personal accounts when they have the also won't make sure to to link the as much as much as possible in the show notes so china a get the links that you guys mentioned a throughout this conversation as well looking at a lot of links so people cats will end over social media is also listed from her website in sewing is half the battle dot com so if you go to the website there is a page with all the social media listed so that's that's easy link yeah so very cool well thank you ladies ferrara reaching out for one a and i'm glad this worked out timing wise both will see the date of the book release andy is the upcoming book signing in john khan and i believe those things you gotta have under let's see all the things though in a i will probably see you at some point during junk on a excellent has are has will cross i'm i'm sure at some point you know fifty thousand people always managed run into people i know so just have this if not run into a who north america or some other event that we definitely cross paths that we we travel in the lot of the same circles oddly enough yes we do so yes we definitely do so but the thank you very much for having a lot of fun and hopefully it won't be another four years before we have you on you know where to find those were always happy to chat yes so thank you very much thank you this is fun all right and what is it that we shall find off this is bringing them saying good night this is awesome wisconsin see this rachel it in the near the four million holly in easy to get better and it's really and maybe do better bingo you've been listening to the five is single podcast either by laura episodes information at the five ish fan girl dot com any and all books movies game at any other forms of media emissions are owned and operated by the respective copyright holders no copyright infringement is intended for implied if you wish to support the show the easiest way is to leave us a rating and review on i tunes more ratings and reviews will make it easier for others to find the show if he wishes portas not a terribly you could do so at patron dot com slash my mission podcast all money goes towards fees and equipment to keep the show going for official five a stranger old merchandise visit reds dot 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