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This is npr. Fourteen people have been indicted following the beheading of a middle school teacher in france last month. Npr's eleanor beardsley reports. That four miners had been charged. In the case. Three of the miners ages. Thirteen and fourteen have been charged with complicity in a terrorist. Act their alleged to have pointed out the professor to his assailant. an eighteen year old radicalized chechen refugee. The teacher showed caricatures of the prophet muhammad. In his class on freedom of speech the chechen youth about it through online videos denouncing the teacher. The killing shocked france. The french government is preparing a new law to crack down on what it calls islamist. Separatism the measure sets out to identify those hostile to french principles like gender equality and freedom of speech. If the law passes it would give the government broad powers to shut down any organization. It claims promotes messages counter to those core values. Eleanor beardsley npr news. Paris there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of space debris circling the planet and experts. Say they pose a threat to functioning space vehicles now. The european space agency is going to try to do something about it. Officials signing a contract with the swiss startup company to bring some space trash back to earth the first mission under the one hundred two million dollar contract is to bring back. A part of a rocket launched in two thousand thirteen rocky. The al is back in the wild tiny saw. Al was named rockefeller after it was found in the holiday tree being set up at rockefeller center in new york. The all was apparently trapped in the tree. When it was cut down earlier this month and upstate new york the was nursed back to health and released in the wild. I'm dale willman. Npr support for npr comes from npr stations. Other contributors include tristar pictures with the last vermeer directed by dan. Freakin starring guy. Pearce in bang about an artist suspected of selling art to the nazis and a soldier convinced of his innocence. Now playing in theaters only

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