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Hi, everyone and welcome back to episode four of the become your own best, friend podcast. My name is Kiara Johnson. And this is a podcast where I share advice and tips to help understanding yourself and others more effectively, this will help you improve your relationships Correa job satisfaction. And of course your own happiness. Certainly I just want to say a huge thank you to you for pressing play today. And for also the feedback that I've received so-far Mersa view of said it's like was sitting down having a Cup of coffee and chatting about life, which is exactly the result. I wanted from this podcast. I'm sorry, passionate about helping people become a better version of themselves, and really believe that if you step outside your comfort zone, then that is where the magic happens. But more. Most people are afraid to do that or during nowhere to stop. So my hope is you listening through this podcast is taking the action steps that I suggest to help you get out of your comfort zone. It's so easy to sit back and read a book goal. Listen to a podcast, but I wanna really push you by getting you to think about things differently and then of course, applying them to your own life. In today's episodes. I wanna talk about the impact of stress, and what is having on your life. I see everywhere I will Kim's pay was is, and I can see the stress behind them the main way, I used to say in people with when I was working with clients, as a personal trainer that would say to me CARA, I'm eating healthy. I'm exercising. Why can I lose weight? What's wrong with me? And usually it was those losses couple of killers, you know, those stubborn kilos that just don't leave particularly around the midsection, and I certainly saw that in many, many clients that would come to me and instead of getting them to exercise hot. All looking even looking at their diet. I would firstly osc them. Tell me about you day to day life. What's your job like what you family? You like what's your relationships like, and that sort of look at me, a bit strange as if to say, well, a came for exercise and diet, invoice, why you wondering what's going on in my in my life outside of he'll, but what we got down to in, in some of the clients is that I actually stopped them from exercising intensely and also got them to eight more. But what we really focused on more. And this is why I'm I'm doing what I'm doing today. Rather than training people is because the results that I found with so astronomical. In terms of what people could achieve when we focused on their stress management, so often. Yeah, it was the stress that they were putting on themselves. The emotional pressure. Does that sound familiar to anyone out there? So when you stress the body, you end up secreting one or two of the homelands, namely, cortisol and adrenaline, so cortisol prevents your body from utilizing fat as defense mechanism to keep stored an g intuition, and for protection of the organs. Adrenaline on the other hand stimulates every cell in your body to fire at an increased. Right. So as cells are the main active will the more active the amount of waste that is produced increases, and that has an accumulation an accumulation toxic effect on the body. We can't deny that stresses every way missing train being stuck in traffic dealing with an angry customer making a mistake, etc. It's a constant influx of stress and this is the accumulation that I was talking about before Becca ancestry days. What do you think the stress was adorned think it was the fact that they going into a stressful mating or that someone had annoyed them? I'm pretty sure that stress Mata bane, the fact that they were potentially getting eaten by a wild animal. Now that's a stressful situation. So I'll flight or fight response. I'm show. Mercy of you have heard that before. So that would kick in, and of course, give us the adrenaline that we needed to be able to run away from these wild animals. Of course, nowadays winnow getting chased by a wild animal stress some of the things that I named before like having a bad day or having a conversation with someone that leaves you be angry frustrated, however out body can't differentiate between that stress. It conto friendship between whether we're getting chased by a wild animal, or whether we're just having a bad day. So it will release the same hormones or the same chemicals in our bony. So therefore that adrenaline is released now when not usually going off and burning that at. Adrenaline. So it just actually sits in L body, and that's where we get that toxic accumulation that I was referring to before is when the cells are really active and everything's on fire, and it's all working, but it's an overload because we're not in that where Alaw is in danger. So the actual stress that our body was meant for is if we were in danger, a body would release all these chemicals so that we could escape, but now with so having those chemicals released, but it's not a life or death situation. So basically we're just constantly overloading all-body. And this is why we struggle to potentially lose white for some people. In other people. It shows up in different ways. But for a lot of my clients, this is the, the major struggle that they had, and I've certainly had an experience with stress. Yes, as I'm sure most of you have for me. It was actually working in the health and fitness industry, believe it or not that alarm getting set for four fifteen a m certainly did not agree with my body. It was K for a while. And then over the years, it just started to really get on top of me. At not mode. Have so much trouble falling asleep, because I worried that if I got into a deep sleep, I would sleep two mile long, and then my clients would be waiting for me at five thirty in the morning, or I'd stress that, you know, I'd be in a car accident on the way to work, and everyone would think I was light. But in fact, something had actually happened. And also when I used to wake up in the morning, my heart rate would be really high, and I would be having these sort of racing thoughts as well as if something was going to happen to me. So I would be say in the elevator and not be stressing that the elevator would get stock, and then I'd be like to work or that the cog Araj that I've been would get stock, and I wouldn't be able to get out, and they'll always to stays Wade things going on there. I never really had an issue with before, but it. Certainly got worse over time. And so, yeah, when I'd wake up I'd have these like that really high heart rate in the sweaty palms, and then small things started to affect me things that I usually wouldn't get worried about with starting to get me worried. And just, I guess, family and friends sodded to notice mainly my partner because we lived yellow, sir, he knows what I'm like on a general basis. And so I thought, yeah, this definitely doesn't sound like me. I'm a national what's going on? But I knew that the J paid didn't have the answer. Or if they did, it would probably be in the form of sleeping pills, or endings Audie medication or something like that, anyway, that just wasn't for me. I'm not really into taking medication for things like that. So I went and saw a netra path, which was really, really great. We focused we talked about not only my diet, but just my life in general, which is also how I used to help out other people. And when we told him particular about my schedule, she certainly made the point that L it's just not natural body clock to be waking up that ille-. So my body was in that sort of file flight responses, soon as I was waking up as I was going into that, that stress response is soon as I was waking, which, of course, was having many, many negative effects on myself and just my life. And of course in my relationships as well. I I wasn't the same. And so, yeah, this went on for quite a few months before I went to say and notch path 'cause I didn't really know what was wrong, and then yeah, I wouldn't so her, and we did some tests, and everything. And lo and behold, my cortisol levels which was the home iron. I said before that gets released when you ostracize was actually seven times. Ova. What the recommended levels are. And I remember her looking at me and saying you need to change something in os. Oh, the sound serious. And it was a matter of in that situation, if I didn't change something it was gonna lay to more of a chronic situation, for example, chronic, fatigue, or adrenal fatigue, which can be quite serious and widdly enough. A really good friend of mine had actually been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. Only a few months before I was getting all these test results, and she's very, very similar to me. We like to burn the candle of both ends as my mom would say, and just always working and doing things and just generally being really busy. I guess, like moist of us out there, but it was coming at the detriment of specifically Al health and I know from my friend, she was forced on. Leave. She had to take a think it was two weeks off work, and then go back on a part time basis, and slowly work back up to full time again 'cause it was like a body just went into complete meltdown. And this is what the natural path was saying could certainly happen to me if I kept going the way that I was going with my levels being so hot. So I thought to myself well, I know someone close in my life that had to go through this. I've got the power to slow this. So I certainly wanted to do something. With my job. It was really challenging to change the hours. Moist people with personal training, one to exercise really early. And so it wasn't a matter of me being able to start later or if I wanted to work in the nights it meant that I would have no quality time with my partner so that certainly wasn't an option. So there was no flexibility with my work. And so I just thought you know what after ten years, I think it's time to make the big change. So that's where I changed my career. I guess, and my job, which meant that, I got to have what I call it a sleep in, in the morning. So for me sleepy into six AM was absolute bliss. I could not believe it, and it was just amazing how much time I had in the morning as well. You know, I didn't start work to nine o'clock. However, are still getting up at similar times, certainly not four fifteen because that's ridiculous to get up if you don't have to but just doing things like going for a walk. I'm doing my meditation doing a yoga class, you know, all of these things that I hadn't been able to do in the morning, and I couldn't believe how much of a difference, they actually made of course I was one that help people out with exercise before they went to work, and they fought incredible. You know, my clients wacko, I love coming to see you in the morning, you know, it really starts my day and I was like, oh, I wish I had that for myself. And now I created that for myself and I just know exactly the feeling. And so many people of notice the difference in may in that just things saying things like you know, you've got so much kala in your face. Like you just look righty and glowing. And the only thing that I've changed is getting more sleep. And of course, getting my cortisol levels back intact or back to normal levels. So I didn't even bother going back to get tested because I absolutely Nori they'll be back to normal. Nell, I feel incredible. When our wake up, I just food, so relaxed and not that those heart palpitations and those anxious thoughts as if you're something bad's, going to happen to me on the way to work. I never think that anymore and the heart racing and sweaty palms, etc. So I'm just trying to tell you the story to help you think about if stress is affecting you in a negative way and annoy for me. It was. And so I'm not telling you to quit your job. If that's the stress for me that was the, the right thing to do, and it certainly has turned my life around, and I'll never look back now. I can't even imagine now. Hell, I got through that it was almost like always was outside of my body ARCO is just zombie all the time. And it was not a great feeling at all. Whereas now I to do things for myself in the morning. Like I said, sometimes I'll just lay in bed and raid for a little bit, and then I'll get up and do some stretching and then get ready for work and have a shower and have a proper breakfast over small things that I, I guess, took for granted that I originally wasn't. Able to hell much those things actually do affect you. So I want you to think about how stress shows up in your life. And of course, you know, there's good stress and bad stress. Like we need a distress allies to help us do things like if I'd enough to be ready for work in time, for example. I'm what just start doing other sorts of things and just relaxing and taking too much time. So there's certainly is a good stress to get things done. Or if you're on a deadline for work, of course, your potentially under the pump and going to work a bit harder. The maybe if there was no deadline for that project, and you just had it could be whenever you might take your time and not be as worried about it. So certainly, sometimes them, there, is that good stress in the certainly in our bodies in the morning, we need actually a bit of quotas. Ole in our bodies to wake us. Up and to get us moving all the wise we would never get moving in the morning. What I'm referring to is when it affects you in a negative way and from a chronic point of view, so chronic being over long term, and I know for me, I felt the physiological effects of my body like feeling my heart. Right. Almost feel like it's going to be out of my chest or my palms being really sweaty and just being really peyot end. And having those anxious thoughts they were those physiological responses in my body. That was showing that simply my body was not dealing with the, the stress that it was Unda. So having a think about how stress shows up in your life. And what part of it, you can control for me. It was I could control changing my job and changing my hours. And I certainly did. And once I made that change that was right for me. Everything does turn. Turned around and my brain has thinks differently. Now, I'm so much clearer from I guess, having that extra slave in live. I'm so grateful, because I always struggled to go to bed early could never sleep. Even if I went to bed at eight thirty and would get a good night sleep. I just lay awake until about ten o'clock anyway. So for me, it was certainly that lack of sleep. And I don't have children. So I don't understand what that's like. But I certainly have many friends who do have children, who I can certainly say that, that lack of sleep absolutely affects them. And that's not something that you can change for the, the short term. At least so what I want you to think about is the stresses in your life that you can control. And what can you do about it, and it might not be as drastic as quitting your job? It might just be that the habits that you need to cry. Create which you're going to assist with your stress management, and notice how I said management there because it's not about getting rid of the stress will always going to have stresses in lives, and that's fun. That's the humans that's the way that was supposed to operate, but with certainly not supposed to operate under this chronic stress where a body is flooded with quotas all. And then it affects us in L physiology. So once we look at the things that we can control is looking at whether you eliminate that out of your life, or whether you just need to change it somehow so as said with a job, it could be changing hours, it doesn't have to be quitting your job. It could be potentially working from home, a couple of hours a week on no so many businesses as days really appreciate that work life balance. So it could be a mean if the job's not right for you than it might be quitting. Or it could be looking at ways to change your hours or just to change his schedule, which is going to fit more into your life. And then having a look at what's one habit that you could do which would assist with your stress management. So I could it be rating exercise taking a ball of meditation? What's one healthy thing that you could do, which would really have an impact on your life, and I know for me on I never did those things in the morning. I would literally just rise, outta bed and diskette dress straight away. Not have breakfast. Probably several protein shake with something, and then a breakfast bit later on. And now that I've been able to just even things I read in the morning and do my meditation. That's what's had such an impact on the day, that I'm having a really noticed that when I do those things as opposed to when I don't do them. So just I want you to write down if your got a pen and paper or just have a think about it. What's one habit that you could implement and doesn't have to be big or could be your sleep as well. How can you get more sleep if, if that's the issue? So is it going to bed Ilya or setting your alarm Ilia to be able to give you more time in the morning to create a habit? So that's what I want you to think about from this podcast is 'cause we spoke about the chronic stress in our life. What else talk about next time is actually hell way, relating to certain problems, and the stress that we are creating which I did mention in episode two, which was whereas, I'll focus when we're angry and frustrated. So hopefully, signing to get a bit of an idea nail on the things that we can control. Which is out thoughts that Steve one thing that we can control. But then, also, what are the habits that we can create which is going to really help us deal with stresses in alive? So I'd love to hear about what the habits that you change, so feel free to send me an Email at info at inside out health, wellness dot com day, you or you can find me on Facebook or Instagram inside at health wellness. Oh, also my website is WWW inside at health wellness. So I just wanna leave you wanna court now which really sums up on what I've spoken about today. Steve Marabelli said, I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems nothing is worth diminishing your health. Nothing is whereas poisoning yourself into stress anxiety and feel. So I just found that quote really appropriate to what I was talking about today. And if you've found this episode really helpful, I would love it, and so appreciate. If you could leave a review that really helps people find my put cost, and so that I can help more people. So if you just be able to take a couple minutes out of your day to leave a review on whatever put cost directory. You're listening to this at the moment, and I look forward to seeing you next time hope you have a wonderful day by.

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