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All right. So Donald show continues here. Ben Lyon, Brian cabinets skier just goes means in the house. Now shots, Corey brewer was here earlier. So I mean, we were just talking about Rachel's interview Jimmy. Did you hear some of it is all okay. I mean, look, it's pretty obvious right? He loves tips his love you, but I gotta go, right? Like that just seems the case, that's the case. So. You worked in front office? Yes. Like how does this happen now? What happens next. Here's the thing, right? We joked about it on the jumper. After the jump were were busy. I said on air that not only did he go there and he killed him practice. He took the third stringers and beat the first string and other stuff has come out since then where he said an interview razor said, what you went at, call, Anthony towns. This ahead, this will happen. He was talking about anyone can get it as it come, get it to me, come do it to me. And then literally every time I garden to kick it back out, he can do anything. That's all I said. But the main point here is even if you're like, you see, that's exactly what we need. That's why we traded for Jimmy. That's why we gave up on those young stuff. So Jimmy could bring this kind of energy to practice. The reality is twofold. One Jimmy wants to get paid, and you guys made the decision that he wasn't worth that that kind of money. So that's not without paying them. You don't get to keep them. The other thing is even if he were like, you know what. We'll take that one hundred million for four years. I do. I take my mind. I do love tips. He said, I love my teammates is what he says. Well, we take him face value on that. Do you think those guys are cool with that? No, he embarrassed them. Yeah, they are. They, they're not embarrassing. They need to really. That might even be scary if they're not embarrassed. But the truth is probably really humiliated at this point, especially when it comes out. He took the scrubs at r. g. league players and beach. Beachill. Yeah. Well, how does he get to a place organization? Because this sets precedent around the league where if any star player and any really good player can just freak out in practice one day and say, I want to be traded. I'm going to get the third string and they're gonna play harder than the first ring might want to get hurt and some practice news now now kyri in the middle of deal, I wanna go Jimmy middle of a deal. I wanna go. Everybody can just say they wanna go whenever they want to go. Yeah. I mean, I'm sorry, not with NBA been already. Yeah, it's been like gorgeous this. He wanted to get traded. He didn't like what's happening and kept on them. Things change. And then when days you know what? Bleep this. I don't like being here. I've been lied to by this and three days later. He's in Miami uniform, right? Eric, Bledsoe tweet from the beauty parlor. I don't wanna be here a week later. This is not news see more often. Now it's always Jimmy Jackson, did it when he will. He got traded to New Orleans over a decade ago and sat out and and complain and basically ended up getting bought out and he signed with Phoenix at the end of the year. So none of this is new or none of this is more more frequent than it's ever been. This is the story of our league. We were talking about off air onset in the NFL star playing. I don't like what's going on my contract, whatever. What do I do? Sit out, sit out. I hold that. Why do I do that? Because if I were to show up the practice or two games, I could get hurt and all my leverage. That's really not a big issue for most NBA player. So when I wanna get out of here, I don't hold out. No, I do the opposite. I show up to become. The biggest jerk in the room. Yeah. And then you want a whole year of this. We can do a whole year this. I've got enough time for do you. You'd be good in Jimmy bother year. And the prob. For Minnesota. Is that Fargo over here? He's ripping the cover off the whole thing like because he's not wrong. Andrew Wiggins isn't that guy. Karl Anthony towns is incredibly talented, but isn't yet most people believe kind of that guy from a mental in an intensity standpoint and all that they had to sign him. You don't let Karl Anthony towns go. But the Wiggins thing is indicative of what life is like when you're in Minnesota, you have Andrew Wiggins. You're probably not going to do better than Andrew Wiggins. See, you have to sign inter Wiggins. So to your point, I mean, though, go finish up and then we can move on just to to to count on that. But that was his point in interview. 'cause he said, who's the most talented player on this team? Carl, Anthony towns who's the most God gifted player on the team and Wiggins. But I play harder than they do. I show up. I play hard. This is what I do. This is how I know how to win. And for him, he can. Hang his hat on that, legitimately because he's a winner, he doesn't go under five hundred. He doesn't miss playoffs, but y'all do, but and that's and that's the point and then put Minnesota can look at it and say, yeah, but like look at your knees, look at this look at the Tibbs thing, but they were a four seed when he was four and you're healthy and at we paying you into your thirty four is only gonna get worse. Listen, I think for three of those four years, he's still going. I think some of. I do think someone has overblown, but I think at the end of the day, this goes back to why he wants to get traded, like people think he wants to get tricky because he doesn't like towns. He doesn't like Wiggins. No, he wants to trade because he wanted max and the best of the come up with twenty five year. Right. And so that's, that's all this is about really. And so when Rachel asked him is this fixed. 'cause you guys had a great practice. Apparently today he says, no, she says, is it fixable? He said, do I think it will get fixed? No, but is it fixable? Yeah, that means one thing. Money pay me and it's fixed, but y'all don't wanna pay me to get me out of here where I will get paid. Right? He goes to Miami, he'll get paid. Yeah or Houston. Maybe even he won't get paid, then they'll go crazy over the, no, no, they'll they'll, they'll they get him for this year and then they'll see where it goes from there. Gotcha. But like Miami will like, yeah, no, lock him up the immediately wanna lock them that that's not. All right. So we were talking earlier speaking of wanting out. The question is, when will Anthony Davis want out because the how, how, how does. Get right? Yeah, exactly. How does it get your the clutch stuff Ben as you brought up. I mean, you're you're great saying is the bron- doesn't leave breadcrumbs it's bread whole bread show. How do we get there? Because I mean, is it simply just we, we're at the stage with Anthony Davis that were your seven, six or seven this year. Magic number seven? Yeah, where we start to really get critical about guy or critical of guys when they don't win, and we're like, well, how many playoff wins are there? Right? And he's kind of in that realm. He's that next guy. So is it just that New Orleans misses the playoffs or is it complete disappointment? And this kind of just starts it starts with, he's gotta have a lesson. So a less than enthusiastic year. Right. So last year they went to the playoffs they swept in the first round? Yeah, like they all they rubbed it in our face. Lots of feel good. Lots of feel good, right. So if you miss the playoffs this year or if you make the playoffs and get a ni- lated by like Utah. Ninety like nothing is have you lose to the warriors the best thing for your organization authorities. But when you lose the light, you lost a Utah, Utah. Somehow that's like an indictment right that you didn't lose to the best of the conference. So all those things, if there's if there's a setback this year, I think that starts the wheels, emotion. I'll be honest. I've heard that Dempster manager of the. He's a little bit on on the hot seat. They're a little. He's. He should have been on the Hudson for years probably, but he saved. He saved his job agenda Marcus cousin, right. You're years ago. Yeah. And then last year obviously they had a nice, nice run. You could argue is your Alvin gentry was on the hot seat, got an extension, but he got an extension because after cousins went down, they manage to reinvent themselves and stay relevant and obviously when the plow series. So when you look up and down this roster, though, there's not a whole lot outside a him drew holiday. And maybe if you're really optimistic Julius Randle. Right? I asked me case, boy, Julius, the governor of Randall island. Is it an elected position. But so so. Talking about one hundred dollars. Oh. Inside jokes on radio, people love? No. So so the ideas you looking at a Western Conference where, okay, this team, maybe they're not as good as last year too. I don't think many believe they're better than they were last year. I think they're at best. That is cool, right. Adding adding, Jared, Jack losing, DeMarcus cousins usually recipe, but they were best would Mur marriage cousins. Cousins. Exactly. They don't make the playoffs. No. Balls out as an MVP year and they squeak to a seven. See that's very real about it. Yeah. I mean, let's be honest. This is the Western Conference warriors gap, jasmine rockets gap, and then there's the teams that'll be fighting for the four seats. Okay. See you throw in Portland and Tony. Don't San Antonio or they'll after those injuries. That's that's a question. I don't believe they're going to be city, and then purrs see clippers that Nick. Like the, there's a court defense in LA. There's a group of teams that are like we could either be five seat or we could be out of the playoffs. Right? And the Lakers are in that group and Memphis is in that group and Dallas and the clip we don't even talk about Memphis is a team of Memphis. They're going to be a forty win team, but. Healthy at worst healthy, healthy Conley, tire Kevin's. What they did add was Garrett temple and. And Tarik Evans playing basketball mattered. All right before the trade deadline when everyone thought he's gonna get traded that matter. It really matter to Memphis, and somehow they said a second round big is not good enough. We'd rather just walk in the summertime. I wanna get into something Ben brought up earlier as well, which is about how with that looming. How does that kind of maybe some of these young guys when we all think they're probably going to trade for Anthony Davis. So wanna get your thoughts on that. I mean, hanging out with us, Ben Lyons, Brian cabinets, Keats Donald show. This segment was brought to you by Rex, whether buying or selling homeowners, can save thousands with Rex instead of the traditional six percent agents charge sellers with Rex pay just eight, two percent fee buyers with Rex can qualify for a fifty percent commission rebate in cash prior to closing only at Rex home dot com. Show Rowland on Ben Lyons, Brian cabinet skiing. I mean, in the house makes you check out what Ben lines is doing on complex, where can people find the work? Thank you, sir. Complex sports, mostly football, but my highest rated podcast ever my lines. In lines. Dan podcast was with me no Hacen and yes. Look at that most clicks surprise. She got a means bringing the Star Wars fan, so the table into the jump Jerry's bringing the power on. Yeah. School entourage audio that power audience, the movie, Vince knock at the movie, people want to know. Downloaded episodes lines. Dan available on, I should have asked him about the Escobar film. And then be k. at the Atlantic, right? They can find your work, you and your brother. Actually this nothing juice by Jerry. Sports reporter writes an article for the athlete in the woods. Anyone. Say, hey, Walzer necessary in today's environment, journalism, it's kind of become the cool cultural currency, like the sports writer, dinner party. Well, right for the athletes. Also point, which is the other part of the currency. Yeah, accident. The actual. Before we get to the young guys on the Lakers and how they could potentially deal with this Anthony Davis stuff looming over. Their head has been brought up earlier. I mean, you and I have had a running joke for many years since the Bronwyn back to Cleveland, we like to call him daddy, LeBron we call him daddy LeBron because he came back to Cleveland as triumphant champion who's gonna show these them, teach them the ways of how to win on to them. So you know, he would, you know when they would have bad games, it'd be no desert for the young kids in Cleveland. So now here in LA he's literally called them his kids. He has said that these guys are like dealing with his children so much so that what he was asked recently by someone at practice about how he keeps up with their pop culture references. And he says, well, I got a fourteen year old eleven year old and they have similar interests. Literally, they watch the same movie as they music. Yes. So he says that to take this to a different level, though LeBron does say his kids are mature so mature that he is allowed them to drink wine at fourteen and eleven. Now I know that some people here that and they're shocked by that I grew up in Latino household. That is not a shocking, particularly at fourteen eleven, maybe, but not so much fourteen. But I feel like a lot of people are like they're like a gas by the whole thing, like how dairy surprise it. Kids would even like the way wine taste don't like I'm grown up and and I don't like. Really, I love. Out fourteen year old access to wine. It's like wine coolers and Waco Rosa, right? Not LeBron James bottles of came bottles of bread. Drinking wines that I can't even sounds like Zinta pronounce fourteen with the pallets of GM ATI and sideways. Parenting theory here is if you demystify for kids that when they get a little bit older when they get into high school and they get into college, it's not this exotic thing like you go and you go crazy with when you finally away from your parents or whatever. So I think you give it to him. They taste like it's fine. I don't think LeBron is letting them get drunk. No with that would be a responsible, but letting them taste it. I got no problem. Veen's boat in Sardinia in August. What else he's supposed to do right? Drink the wine dreg Greg, it Ronnie. It says. So let's talk about LeBron's other kids in the Lakers locker room them drink wine. Maybe who knows. Right. Lotto's relationship with the night. Nice crisp Chardonnay. That's yeah. So maybe he gives them a sip two, but either way up Ben, your point earlier about these young guys with this whole Anthony Davis stuff that we're all kind of just talking about in the open. All right. So in a means business, right? And like the hot take on on cable, television business, right? So let's say Charles Barkley was going to switch and he's gonna come to the jump. That's exciting for the jump brings eyeball to the jump. Was that mean for a means guest hosting that mean for the days where means going to get the call up on the jump, Charles town. So AD's coming, if I'm Kyle Kuzma, am I staying staying here? Joyce are looking on truly for rent in New Orleans. Like how does it affect the young guys knowing that Charles Barkley knowing that Anthony Davis, he's coming. He will be playing basketball here. Maybe this year, definitely. Next year we'll first of all. I'd rather be Charles Barkley than it'd be for land Stevenson and develop the game. Now you go, right? But none look. They already went through this and then mid it last year. The guy's got to concern about their long term prospects and all. But that's part of being in this business in this league that, yes, you can, unless your name is Dame, you can always be upgraded. And if you're them, you have to coach. I'm gonna be here forever, but also know that if Anthony Davis is available. Yeah, I would trade Anthony Davis. I like to use your analogy. Yeah. And someone said, Charles, like, yeah, like trade mean getting rid of like for Charles? Yes, we lay it all out there and so you can't get caught up. I should. I buy rent like not. You can't live like that, but that's not a unique situation. Unique to LA unique to Lakers unique to be in LeBron's teammate that's called being a professional. I'm sorry, you gotta grow up in and deal with it. At some point I put the, here's where the the Lakers as an organization need a little bit better at the other half of that which is making people feel like they're. Part of the future, even if they might not be here. Julius Randle reference again on it. If I wanted to be honest with people, and Steve Kerr said, you know, I can tell, you know, I always be honest, I'll tell you if we can do better, we always will. And all these players know that. But you also don't have to make them feel like they're being shoved out the door before they are, and I think they're getting better than look. They've they've gotten, they've kept the four guys that they really genuinely truly believe it. Thus, by the way, I am also expecting someone in the audience because they're usually very creative to send me like a me of the movie twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger Danny devito of Julius Randle and Ryan Cam ski now because of all the references that's that's on its way. They were head on trading Daniel Russell which turned out to be the right thing to do. They were head on the trading Jordan, Clarkson and Larry Nance. That was the right thing to do. They've done a lot of these things right. They made in my estimation, one mistake in how they handled the round this sort of thing with Randall. But overall counterpoint just seem to get a little better of what you could be Masai and the D'Amato's something where, hey, you're in here forever where fam-. And that's not honest. That's not being on. Griffin clipper for life. Detroit December don't put Blake Griffin's truth or king and Gandhi, and Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson. Lonzo on t. shirt like that. Coming from rob Pelinka's office. I might raise my hand and say that might be a mistake. There's a middle ground in there somewhere between, we don't think we have to be honest with, you know how this works trade and we're going to take you off the cover the media guide to just like, literally, you think that that's that was connected. You think that was a like? I feel like sometimes some of those things are just coincidence. I think it was simply whether lights symbolic or. Here, right? Just symbolic of sort of the direction they were clearly taking in how they talked about the players. Ingram's our guy lonzo's are. Else? Not necessarily. They did kind of do that. There's a way to massage that, right. There's better at, but that's the the being a newbie GM. Right? Or you know, front of, I would say they have handled like, look, if that's the big criticisms. Your lie. How many I've already put him in that category of front office is you give the benefit of the doubt, right? Because they're that good. They've been at it for less than two years, right? Coming up. 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But when Spectrum Business says they have blazing fast internet for just forty four ninety nine a month. And voice for just two ninety nine a month. They mean it no hidden fees, no out of taxes, no contracts ever. It's amazing how this perfectly to what we were just talking about. And if you're stuck in that AT and t. contract Spectrum Business will buy you out search for Spectrum Business to see what they can do for your small business restrictions apply call for details today is the anniversary of the release of boogie nights. We talked about it during cross saga, but Mason before we get to Kevin, Love's quotes on LeBron amino Hassen is hanging out with us. Brian cabinets been lines host today here on this show Ben. Where does that movie? Right? You are the you are the movie guy like, where's that one like I, if you is if it's on like is it an automatic stop? I think it is. It's one of those three hour love epic movies that don't have epoch special effects. Right. And that movie is Connie in big, and there's so many great performances that, yeah, if you are hung over on Saturday, waiting for Michigan to kick off and it's on somewhere. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, she does grain that movie fo- Seymour Hoffman's devastating in though costumes, and it's also Paul Thomas Anderson like it's so hard to be a director in modern movies where you're the star right, where people come to see your work, and he is of that caliber of like seventies autour making we. So yeah, that's an awesome. Yeah. I mean, you're a big fan, them move, man. What's momentum? William Macy. Yeah. That's like the most memorable character to me. For all the wrong reasons, for sure for everything about so well acted so well shot. The soundtrack with writable with the trag is question. Was that that first movie with took Mark Wahlberg seriously? Oh, yeah. I would say before that it was like a lot of like I don't go. I don't know fear coal forever, like bad. Sort of teenage movie. I felt diaries I think was before boogie nights. Maybe basketball diaries though you could say the same, like a really, you could argue it was a function of casting right as much as anything, but he was really good. No. What was the one that it was like a like a hitman or what was it called? The keyboard buying right now. He had bokram Woodbine had him had Lou diamond Phillips. The train, the big that was what I thought of Mark wolrd. Those type of movies run the big hit and the corrupter. Yeah, like just cheesy movies and then boogie nights came on my wow, he's actually so famous for so long. He's in those Rockin Jack game is you know he's on those? No, I would love to see those like, man, you know, unlike MTV pitch for MTV. Your modern version rock gel games. E games. Oh, yeah. Have have like celebrities playing the? No my God. Yeah, totally while you're welcome. Okay. By Viacom, send me the check later if you want. So Kevin love said this to Brian win horse. Brian horse did a column today about who's gonna join LeBron. Right. And so he asked Davis column over? Yes. So yes, LeBron about what our Kevin love about what it's like playing LeBron and this was kind of the quote that stuck out. You have to be resilient and had a lot of hard nights. There were some dark times, but I always believed to keep fighting. I was stubborn about it and LeBron make sure that you have a chance to win every year. He's gotten a lot of guys rings. Now, look. I understand that, but LeBron's now for everyone as you know, there's this notion of, oh, it should be easy. I mean, in theory, but we talked about it a little bit yesterday with your brother Bryan which was Lucas preaching, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. And I'm like that al-sounos cool and yes, everyone needs to sacrifice, but he's really not talking to LeBron like he's talking to everyone else. Everybody else not name LeBron. So that's where the sacrifice Ron is going to sacrifice in the sense of the Lakers are going to play fast. LeBron me part of the team, the plays. Fasten LeBron's never played fast except Brown is okay with playing fast. So it's not sacrificed, right? He's not being asked to do something he doesn't like to do when they figure out who's going to be the small ball five. When you looked on the roster, the guy who's best equipped do it, and it's not even close is LeBron right? The guy least likely to do it more than you know, a couple times a game is also liberal. I get why, but and you don't really want him doing it all the time. But yeah, you're talking about everyone else working around that structure that they're trying to do is good to be. Everyone can be truly great and the people who are truly great, everyone has to react to that. Right. 'cause otherwise, everyone were truly great in the no one would be right. The idea of someone being so much further along a further advance in whatever it is they do in our for that separation to exist as a result, everyone else has to kind of. Move accordingly. Right. And the idea of, you know, like look George, probably who's the biggest person in your industry that you've worked with like us on a line line in line, say then lines n radio in anything in sports sportscenter head scarf impelled appearance doing when you worked with the biggest person you've ever caused pass with right here? Yeah. I mean, that's, I mean, I've done stuff with Barclay before he came in studio to Bristol. Kinda operated around his schedule like late. It was moved back for their early. Everybody ramped it up yet. So when you have someone who is that kind of iconic or big or great, right? You just move out shack, right? Like those guys? Yeah, those true. Three o'clock interview shack shows up to forty, five. Let's get you gotta do it. I think I think that's what the Lakers are in for and dealing with the guy, but you still go back to their Fisher story when he came back, how do you play with Coby Coby Coby he's going to, you know, you obviously have to fall in line with that because he's the guy who helps you win, but you still have to protect your value your space on a team, and you know whether dumb as a player as a player as a player as a person. You can't allow yourself to be mowed down beside go make your free throws and get out of the way. There's Koby. We'll try. We'll try to you down and that's his test. Do you stand up to that? I don't. I've been around LeBron to know you would know George better than me like what he's test is. More little more passive aggressive. I think a little. I mean, very, very little of about. Out of this fashion shot. You have to protect your spot. So like these young guys, you got a phone line, but you can't doormat. Yeah, it's a tough thing to do. Yeah. I mean, look, I think that the difference was like when I was around the brand more regularly the first time it was peers. Correct. The big thing peers Miami, yeah, it was. It was. It was Dwayne, it was Chris. It was Ray Allen. Who he looked at is almost like a mentor. You know what I mean? Right. Has Lum Mike Miller, James on his back James Jones, like those guys were all his peers. When he went to Cleveland. It's the joke that amenable and I have always had its daddy LeBron's home at which drove kyri away events. Right. So the question is, how does that work here see now that there's an Vancouver dinner on the road Rondo. So many nights really do on this team? I think like personality aside, I think the conversation is a basketball conversation at its core, which is what type of it's easy to Alabama. Better the certain type of players that fit better around the Braun. If you're good at moving without the ball you fit, if you're a good shooter, you fit. If not to say if you only can operate as a ball dominant creator. But if you can create off the dribble, you fit because you get, you can act as a safety released about the problem comes when this is all I can do. Right. All I all I am is in the balls in my hands. And once it exits my hands, I am nothing. I am just waiting for the end of this possession. Those are the guys that don't fit kyri Irving and they wanna championship. That's how good they were. They wanna championship because the best team of all time, but ultimately kyri didn't fit not because daddy LeBron of because Kyrie's I want the ball in my hands on thing. I wanna run the show and make the plays and all that. And instead shot at to granted LA who did the photo show? Brian cabinets key and Julius Randle twins. Tall one. So when we talk about who fits right is a reason why Brandon Ingram looked so good because Brandon Ingram plays really well all the ball. That's why I'm really interesting tonight. What what it's going to look like for Lonzo ball to be out there because he's a guy at least early on in his career when the ball is not in his hands, not getting much out of it. Well, he move, he moves okay, he, the problem is can't shoot event. You gotta fix the shoemaker. I'll give you an even bigger problem than he can't shoot. He can't. He can't finish. He's bottom five in the league in that they're saying anything numbers at the rim were terrible because tear apart because his numbers of the free throw line. And you know the shooting was all of the shooting. All of that, like phases collects, season wall, finish, all of its finish, all of it needs to change. But let's say he can get to something like he was at UCLA. I this, why put Lonzo in my indispensable young guys, rankings. Head of Kyle Kuzma because he is a better fit with superstar ABC than kouzmines. Kouzmines primary job. Primary skill is scoring. You don't need that. When you have is superstar avian. Sitting next to them engla- Braun and Anthony Davis and co. I just pick any three Vena Laker fans. So clearly. I'm only stopping they don't want to gonna casual bed then give it a year. You'll be there to, let's talk about how realistic some of that stuff is beyond the stuff because it's what Brian gets to in his column to like, who is the guy that could take their money? We kind of touched on it and we came up with an interesting scenario that isn't what I think most people are discussing. So we'll get to that in a second. And I do want to dive into Lonzo little more because we got the pre game coming up at six, its debut kind of get expectations for him here as well. But I pull into Pollock Zeno sponde- resort on Fridays, October, and you could drive off with a brand new Mercedes-Benz c, three hundred plus ten other winters pocket, their share of ten grand. You can earn entries daily at the Mercedes Benz giveaway kiosk and additional entries by using your privileges card there at Pala casino, don't forget the check out their Tober fest on Saturday, October, thirteenth, get your ticket to great beer food. And of course good times. It's all happening at Pala. Casino spa resort, visit their web. Pala casino dot com. That's a. l. a. dot com p. l. a. casino dot com. ESPN LA Sodano show rolls on Ben Lyons, Brian Camden ski amino Hassen. I mean where are we out in the Star Wars saga? Where are we picking up the story? Well, we don't have a Star Wars coming out this winter for the first time in quite a while because solo was releasing pump the brakes on all this money. Now up, I feel about thank you for taking it out Ben. I didn't realize the break was so short. This is why you fill the studio with people. Of course, that is yours. Or the mind the people didn't know. He just thought, Ben, let's let's let lions have lower gasoline right now I had some, you know, so dealing with? Yeah, dude, for sure. Really? Yeah. All of the problem and guys in the thirties and forties talking about Allman did indigestion and gas, really? That's something terrible. What the hell were we just talking about Star Wars solo, were you? Okay? And so I was okay on solo people. Like trashed it like, I don't know. Maybe I went in with the this happens to me right people like either raise expectations too high. So I go in and like whatever. And then there are times when everyone's trash. Some, that I'm just like, all right. Go into the different mindset. I'm like, I kind of had fun watching that suicide squad. Another one of those movies right felt that as one of the worst movies of, but I, but everyone I went in with zero expectation. I didn't think it was as bad as everyone thought it was. It just felt like it was a million different movies, good sign when films directed by multiple people. And that's what happened on the soda. Yeah, right. So then you're gonna have all those different kind of almost together and means right. It kinda just rushed to fast and they kind of had the energy. Of being a mainstream thing, right? Star Wars has this cult thing, though it is so mass. You still feel like you're part of an underground thing and the soul moved in. I just thought it was. They could have done. I, I wish they could've had someone else. Have it start to end like Ron Howard from the beginning or whoever, I actually that Ron Howard of those. The one thing I I didn't know how to feel about having an established director come in and do Star Wars. Right? And this is like a weird visit, very insider nerdy, so hipster or I'll give you a great example benches laughing because 'cause rope, rogue one was a movie was great Latham. I teach them how to kill time. I love it. I love it. I sat there and when I went to the premier, when you go to these premieres, you go into theater and you have to hand your phone over and they put in his Diplock pouch, whatever super home. Brag right there. Just going on this again. So you're in the theater. You can't look at your phone and kill Thomas. The only thing you can do stare at the screen. The screen is the live shot of the red carpet with the Star Wars. Show people interviewing everyone coming in and the the major theme out of all of these people were whether it was a director, whether it was the writers, whether it was the do the did the music, right? Because it wasn't John Williams, rogue one they had another guy come in and all of them said the same, the actors. They also the same thing. I all the holy crap. I'm doing a Star Wars movie and then the second on, no, I'm doing a Star Wars movie. I can't mess it up and these people are such huge fans that it was so important for them to get it. Right, right. Not only to make a good movie, but for it to be true to Star Wars as a as a cult, that same philosophy can be applied to these. Agree on it to be so perfect for this LeBron James show every night at Staples, it's going to feel like an international media event every night Sodano doing live shots from the magic statue, a means tweeting from the chairman's room. I, it's going to be the whole thing and cow who's with he? Dribbles the ball is foot. Now. He's a mean on the internet now ruined the bronze. Perfect. There's gonna be some nerves tightness to kids can keep the hover board. This man has a segue. Yeah, the pressure. Absolutely right about the pressure. And I'm curious to see who can deal with that pressure because there is an inherent pressure playing with the brunt I there is, and but that's what you want. Right? So much like what I was saying, what made one so good was these people because they felt that pressure. They lived up to that. I think that's the other thing that made rogue one work and I have a theory about this is that it's the only one that doesn't have any of the other characters from anything. It's easy. STAN. Yes. The only thing is you have a beginning happened. All you have to lay of it or targeted. You have an ending. On the ship. Everything was also seen where RTD to see demise. Don't be that guy. I don't think it's possible to make a good Star Wars movie anymore because the expectations that people bring to it and the the satisfaction of it's all these little interstitial movies that had the chance to be good. The ones that are part of the series where you're carrying the story on, can't make good ones anymore. So who's the Jenner? So of. Again, deep now, jenner's of the Lakers Genucel is the one that has to sacrifice, right? Right. Gets traded so that you get Anthony Davis. I think so. I mean, he's that we said he's the one who's like kind of on a destined for path for greatness. He's Djeddai who is destined to save the galaxy. And I think that if I'm the pelicans, I need to get back a certified star and coups guy. He looks the part. That's the thing you can come in kind of package if you are. Let's say you're the pelicans and Anthony Davis. Look at ain't gonna happen guys. Gotta move me. This is my list. It's one team. So Lakers you get on the horn with magic and rob, you're not asking for Kouzmin, right? You're asking for Brandon brandy, the four kids in a pick. Let's just say, let's just assume that you have to start with one guy. One guy that has to be not. So maybe three out of four, but one of them has to be in there you go on Ingram. I Ingram is first on that line on that list you one hundred percent before you start talking about coups have you three out of four coups was the one that's or Ingram is the the fourth that's left out? You don't like that's. Yeah. I mean, that's clearly what the Lakers would want. But yeah, I mean, if you're New Orleans and as that were to happen, you would want branding so, and that's that. That's why I think coups is probably that guy because ever known as of anything in the NBA as for certain, as you know that Anthony Davis is coming to Lakers. I don't know what I mean. Really? He signs a clutch and you don't think he's one of the lady. You're not listening to the first two have our show. What is your conspiracy? Oh, man. We'll tell me you're gonna things going to warriors. Hey, man, every person hesitant every star player that Steph curry hugs ends up on the world. The rent, a having with the monkeys cousins having with Andrea Allah like every man hugs ends up on their team one way or another and hug he, he hugged Davis, man. It was a pretty nice embrace to you. You really think he's going to be in the warriors and then out outed even make that happen. I live for that look, man. That's what I'm living for right now. Yeah. I mean, if you're the warriors and like, okay, Nathan Davis says he wants traded and you're the list. It's you n the Lakers is like, do you not say, okay, I like you dream on green and clay and clay, but like I'd rather have any Davis Kadian and Steph, right? I I can. I can live with the consequences beyond that. Like, that's that's the thing. Like if the pelicans choose to trade Anthony Davis like that level of bidding can get so crazy, right? No disrespected, Jimmy Butler. But this isn't a Jimmy Butler situation. This is this is a guy who knows he's thirty four. His prime. His crime, right men like you. That's when you make bold decisions. Right? And the ideas try to get. They're not gonna get proven stars back, right? It's all space in picks and future. But if you can get peuvent stars back that helps that competitor gonna be there for the foreseeable future. They may be under contract down remember year from now those guys. Well, maybe not nag back to our saying Jimmy of now, the new thing where it'd be a plug. I don't. I got traded for two New Orleans. I'm Klay Thompson. I don't wanna be here. So now. All right. Trade me for a second round pick and I don't know. I think the idea new. It's not new players going back for that. Three-team deal happens in all of the Lakers get colle- Thomson. That's. Everybody out. But one of the things that win horse was talking about before we go to break is like, who takes that space? So we actually came up with the idea of, okay, look if if quiet stays in Toronto goes to the clippers right Ramona's I think said on Mason in Ireland that the Lakers are kind of distant third, there. K. d. in clay, let's say they're staying in in in Golden State and Jimmy's traded. He signs with whoever right wherever trades firm, and then there's not anyone left. So do you do like the Chris Middleton route and give him eighteen to twenty? No. If you're saying every free agent whiffed that's what you're saying. Yeah, go boogie. No, this is what you do. That's when you start calling up Neal O'Shea or call Damian Lillard the meal. You start pushing for the guys who are under contract, right? And say, hey, let's make a trait Jaanus. I mean, again, if if that now we'd have to swim something went wrong Milwaukee. Jaanus they have smoothies here too. And there's, there's. LA, then there aren't Milwaukee where they're more Greek restaurants in LA, though, where New York. The. The Star Wars. TV. Walkie in lower Manhattan. Story place tonight we're, I want to get to his expectations or what your expectations of his play. This season will be. We'll get to that Saddam show bent lines, Brian chemists mean hanging out, we'll get to that. And just a second.

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