Logitech Z606 affordable surround sound speaker system


Your destination for gadgets gear. I'm Fred friskin. Looking for basic, surround sound speaker system. Logitech z six oh, six is a compact system with front rear and centre speakers along with a sub Wolfer which the speakers are wired to and bluetooth connectivity. One hundred sixty watts of sound total and you can find the system for under one hundred thirty dollars as a replacement for built in TV or computer, monitor speakers disease, six oh six setup is a definite upgrade. But the wired speaker is may not be practical in some situations, and the lack of optical and HDMI inputs is another minus on the plus side. The sound given the relatively low price is pretty decent. And you can switch easily between bluetooth and wired inputs for more head to Logitech dot com. You can find us at texter nation dot com. I'm Fred fish, Kim. Now this. Navision? Hi, I'm red fish, and I've been covering consumer technology for a long time. And it takes a lot to impressment. That's why I'm excited to tell you about the latest way to enjoy cooking and the great outdoors for my friend, Patrick Sherwin and his great team at goes on stove, what if you could harness the sun to cook your meals anywhere, you go day or night goes on fusion arrives this summer using the companies tried and true reflectors and the solar vacuum tube to get through cooking without the massive charcoal. Heavy propane tanks or smoke and with an optional solar panel and battery storage and the ability to plug in at home or on the road. You really can use the ghost on fusion to cook anytime and anywhere want to learn more head to go son dot CO and use the code text nation to save ten percent. That's goes on the oh.

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