Episode 246 "From This Point Forward We Rise!"


People. Off. Sure. How do you would introduce them to this genocide on slavery? To these things. there. Was a quite every. Week an equation. When everybody how's it going? You have reached native opinion. We are an indigenous information, education, radio show and podcast every week we talk about current affairs related to and from our own native American perspectives. My name is Mike kicking bear and the guy on the other end of this thing of course, coming in from Florida that has now has power. I'll good morning all. Jointly apologize for being late part of this is my fault. That's your fault when the power goes out and you have no control over that that that is true but. The other reason we're running a little late I usually do my research and curation. And compilation of the rundown. Earlier in the week that made, week. While I was in the hospital this week. So that kind of prevented me from doing such. I had developed. A severe lower intestinal lead. The they're not sure if it's Kobe related or not. But. Again I apologize for. US being a late this morning. We were putting the the rundown together literally at the last minute. No brother completely under understandable. You know it's like we we have to stop these hospital trips. It's just as simple as that. You know myself included is. Just getting out of hand for both of us so. But. I'm glad you're here. Glad you're fine in. Especially in day of Covid, right? WanNa, welcome Bobby Sandra, and CIA. Already think guys very much and it's my fault for not a announcing that we were running a little bit behind you guys so. you know here doing show live on Saturdays and so. again, we all for that so But All right. Let's see. Oh, what's moves into our our morning chores of house claiming so If, you guys want to reach us here in the show. It's very easy. 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It does help in my opinion word of mouth is the best advertisement there is. And we again thank you all for listening to show. It really does help us grow and you're listening to episode two, four, six from this point. Forward we rise. Excellent excellent. Yeah, and We also have an advertiser that we have on the show. They're gonNA stay with indefinitely, which we appreciate and that's the Mohegan trading post dotcom. And, and again, we just want to let you guys know too that they're taking cova very seriously and are creating cloth masks of all kinds of design. So if you visit Mohegan trading post dotcom You'll see those they're. They're very, very cool I have a couple myself and as do I. They're they're great. They're great mask. Really comfortable. Dan and and also the washable, which is which is very, very cool. I don't think enough people realize that you can do that and and still provide safety you know so to those mass also can be a washed and reused. So that's that's a that's a good thing to have. So again, it's Mohegan trading post dot com just look for the section on masks we appreciate that. Thank you. Oh thank is under center says she added We can trading post to fancy excellent on. Good they saw other stuff there too it. It of you know know all kinds of jewelry. So we appreciate that ever so much. So, another busy week in the news front if you will. So I thought we could touch on a couple of years really quick brother. So sure the. Posts. Douche bag general waste the joy. Or however, the people call him the postmaster for the United States. Of America. Had To go before a Senate committee through test of of testimony yesterday to talk about why he is Basically a crippling, the United States Postal Service. And And so we'll have an article in the show notes from CNN but they published something called six takeaways from the postmaster general's a hearing which took place yesterday and and federal douchebag also has to face the house As well on Monday which they will pose much harder questions than what he got because basically, he was standing in front of a bunch of friends quite frankly in the Senate. Yesterday. So I. Don't know if you were falling into into this brother. I have been What what really boggles my mind is. He's GonNa get a pass on this. Already is I think yeah and he's going to get a pass because of his title. and. It claim clearly states plainly states in in the federal federal laws that anyone. It doesn't say with the exception of it says anyone. Who Tampers. Or stalls or interferes with the process of the US mail. Has Committed a felony I'm paraphrasing. But that's basically what it says. It says anyone he doesn't give exceptions. So, this guy should get no pass, but he's going to. And it's He's he's doing this on a for two reasons to enrich himself at some point. And to. This, I am. People. Can throw stones at me in send me hate mail I don't care. Here's the address host at at native opinion dot com host with an S. this is a continual quid pro quo. He donated heavily to the full campaign the full rewarded him. By giving him this job, he is saying, thank you for this job by doing his bidding by slowing down the mail and literally dismantling the postal. Service. And the enrichment part. Is. Going to be at on behalf of the. The the the the joy jerk. Who is in direct opposition to? The Post. Office. And Business Sense. So he's competition for post offers. So that's that's how this whole thing is a dog and pony show times ten. Well, the only was yesterday I mean again, you know the houses weighed heavily in in republican favor and of course, the guys Republican and he's supporting Donald Trump. I watched some of the testimony you know much stomach, which is about thirty minutes and you know I heard One of the things that jumped out at me was he said while the dismantling of the sorting machines and the removal of some of the post office boxes around the country he says is absolutely routine. he had made mention that you know the these are cost cutting measures after you know. Immense of studies and things like that, and let me read from the CNN article here briefly So it opens by saying joy different distanced himself in some of the changes that the postal services made saying for instance study was not aware of plant closures to post offices and suspended them until after the election So that's That's what people have to understand is that these? The suspensions that people reporting on our so superficial? Okay. going on here says, but acknowledged that the operational changes that he did put in place such as limiting additional truck routes has led to delays in the mail quoting him he says, we all feel bad about. The dip in our service love Awa-. Try this again, we all feel bad about what the dippenaar service level has been. Detroit told. GOP Senator Rob Portman of Ohio did joy later told Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson that quote a substantial portion of the delays were due to the covid nineteen pandemic while saying that the United States Postal Service was working feverishly to a race the slowdowns quoting again, the only change that I made Ma'am was the trucks leaving on time theoretically, everyone should have gotten their mail faster. Close quote did joy told democratic, senator, Jackie Rosen of Nevada while acknowledging that there hasn't been that that hasn't been the case. So you know. If if if he's confronted by Democrat, it's excuse excuse excuse and you know borderline I guess we could call it insubordination right? And then if it's if it's a senator skinny Republican senator then it's like a buddy of doing the best. I can you know? I've only been in the job. So many months Blah Blah Blah out nearly thing last thing I'll mention in watching that is he has absolutely no intention whatsoever of of stopping the dismantling of the sorting machines which are critical in moving mail anybody who? Has worked for the Postal Service knows this many postal service workers have big concerns about that and he has no intention of restoring those machines either getting them rebuilt in prepared for. The influx of mail that is clearly going to happen as the you know depending on which state are going to be adopting. More. Mail in balloting processing. So big problem. It is a big problem night and I have worked in the postal services mail handler. And he's he's right on one point. One point. The removal of boxes and sorting machines is routine because when one breaks it's removed and replaced it. S. Not always. Positioned over go no I. I absolutely understand the. Second part about replacing it. With a cost cutting measure, we don't need the machines I'm not putting them back. He basically told them. That's exactly what he said. So you know he's he's stretching the truth. He's telling a white lie. He's given a half truth. He's telling people what you know is routine, but he's not telling people what the damages that he's creating and by removing six hundred plus sweating machines. That slows down significant amount of mail. And those machines are capable of moving. Millions of pieces of mail per hour. It. Here's the other way to look at this two guys if it's a so routine removing boxes and you know the sorting machines and all that Gee. Where were the Republicans voices and concerns of any democratic get yo you had eight eight years of Obama. I didn't hear any Republicans crying about. you know this kind of stuff. During those periods of of voting. Of presidential elections. But you know. But now that it's being brought up by Democrats now suddenly there's all this resistance and you know, oh, it's perfectly fine. Perfectly natural. So you know I it it's a bunch of crap in. It is is a bunch of crap but here's here's the thing that people aren't really looking at. Of, boating. Has Taken Center stage and and it should share the stage. But what is lurking behind the curtain Is the fact that. People's medications are being slowed down at to significantly. And people people are dying because of that Yep. That's which takes center stage. A couple of the senators mentioned that as well but You know th they convey they just don't care. You can sit there and say that well, you know know if their. Actions or their their attitudes rather excuse me not their actions but their attitude's appear to make it look like they don't care They're simply talking about it from the vein they they tried to spin it and say it's not that we don't care. But you know this has been blown out of proportion is what the other thing that I had heard time and time again during that Dan hearing so. Beth right before you came in I had mentioned that as well. Beth and chat said Monday I, think they have to appear before the House Committee and that won't be as easy of a walk. Yes. She's absolutely right and that's that's what I had conveyed because again, the Senate is full of friends with the sky, right? So so Yeah. So we'll see we'll see what takes place. On Monday. Senator also and chat said, let Michael. Open the. And Standard, in the postal service aim postal service. United. States then go in call all all the people and address their as listeners. And here's a letter from trump supporter it's. anyways here? It's just crazy and the other thing in the news this week. Had to do with the arrest of Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon is charged with fraud in a scheme called build the wall campaign I'm sure you've heard about this as well. Brother. I did hear about that. I I kind of laughed. For those historians out there that that. Really. Love to follow history. And organized crime back in the AL capone days. Go back and research. How they got Al. Capone. And you'll see some similarities going on here and their pursuit of the fool in the White House. And this is what made me laugh when I read this about Bannon because They went after key people. That anything to. DO WITH CAPONE They started picking them up one by one and arresting them. And it was it was done to make alcohol swit- that's what it was done. And I think this. I see similarities to this this arrest of abandoned. but I am glad they arrested him. And I I'm thinking they're gonNA stretch this out until after the election. So if they they did knighted him if they convict him, he's GonNa go to jail because by then the fool can't pardon him. Yeah let's say So I've got in this'll be again in the show notes the New York Times article on this and they've chosen us a photo of they took a picture of him as he came out of the courthouse. holding mask waving to the crowds because this is the problem with the era of social media and it's all about you know being famous by so many people I I have. Just because we do a show doesn't mean at least speaking for me producer. Sure. Feels May to. I know I have no intention of being coming famous or any love with it. And it's like this guy, this guy is just because of his connection or ownership I guess of Breitbart? News. That's really where he got his fame from you know an online news from right leaning conspiracy. You know. Paddling Organization right it's very similar. to Guys name The Info Wars Guy. Jones. Yeah. Yeah. But it's Tampered if you will to some degree and his very politically driven but anyway, that's Breitbart News that's where this guy. has a crawl out of. and. So there's a picture him walking out of the courthouse, his mask. Obviously, you know clear defiance in alignment still with the president who fired him by the way. You know people seem to forget that as well. his one of. At. Least Thirty two cabinet people this point that have come and gone in the. Relatively, four short years of this insanity called the trump administration by many. Um But the headline here. So Steve Bannon charged with fraud and we build the wall campaign Mr Bannon and three others are accused in a scheme to use funds raised for construction to pay for personal expenses. So this article by Alan Fewer William K, bomb, and Maggie Haberman wrote this you know jointly Maggie Maggie. Haberman. Wow. She's A. She's been known to be. From time to time a right leaning type of reporter. I don't. Work I again I don't dig into the I don't dig into the authors so much from mainstream but. just real briefly they wrote here. Okay. BANNON president trump's former advisor. And I and I said I use the keyword because the article. former advisor and an architect of two thousand sixteen general elections. Campaign was charged on Thursday with defrauding donors to a private fund raising effort called, we build the wall which was intended to bolster the The that guy is signature initiative along with the Mexican border Mr Bannon working with a wounded Air Force veteran and a Florida venture capitalist Oh. There's Florida connection. There you go. In Your state brother conspired to cheat hundreds of thousands of donors by falsely promising that their money had been set aside for new sanctions of a wall according to federal indictments unsealed on in Manhattan. and also just jumping ahead. Apparently they found this Guy Bannon on A. Very well to do yacht owned by a China Chinese businessmen from what has been reported. So. So I guess I guess if they need to find him again that's that's where he'll be. If you just want to find Steve Bannon, he flipped on a yacht. Waited for him to Dr whether they flew federal chop resent. Pluck him off the Yeah I. Don't know but But you know he he's cut from the same cloth of scumbags like your stone okay. So you know, there's just a nest of these. scumbags that are all tied. To Donald. J, trump. All right. So why don't we move ahead into a listener feedback brother Through okay. So. Good read came in from Dave in Japan. Earlier this morning. So I wanted to share that with you guys. because it's going to set off a chain of events here, which are which are fantastic. We love the feedback and we we're getting worried because we've kind of felt like. Gotten. Any any feedback from anybody right? And and So when you guys came back into big way and we appreciate it. So Dave wrote here, Good Morning Gentlemen. I wanted to touch base on your recent discussion about the impact of white supremacy on Christianity in the United States. I read the article you cited an brought to mind this great piece, which is a bit long. From about the origins of the religious right that had become a powerful force behind the Republican Party in the last forty years. Here's a quote he is. Quoting here, the myth of origins is oft repeated by the movement's leaders. In his two thousand and five book Jerry Falwell the burn the firebrand fundamentalist preacher recounts his distress upon reading about the ruling in the January twenty third nineteen seventy-three edition of the Lynchburg news quote. This is quoting Falwell. I sat there. Staring at the ROE versus Wade story follow rights quitting him again. Growing, more and more fearful of the consequences of the Supreme Court's. And wondering why so few voices had been raised against it close quote. So, Dave right even General Kohl's. He decided needed to organize some of these anti row curse Kerr through Seder's even went so far as to call themselves quote new abolitionists invoking their antebellum predecessors who had fought to eradicate slavery. But the abortion myth quickly collapses under. A historical scrutiny. In fact, it wasn't until nineteen seventy, nine, a full six years after Roe that evangelical leaders at the behest of conservative activists. Paul wasatch seized on abortion not for moral reasons. But as a rallying cry to deny President Jimmy Carter a second term why? Because the antiabortion crusade was more palatable than the religious rights real motive protecting segregated schools. So much for the new A. And that's a close. Quite I'm sorry. So he was continuing to quote the article. So now, Dave Dave comes back and he says this. I may have cut on this in the past, but I was brought up in an evangelical church. As a child on Sundays I remember singing quote. Jesus loves the little children close quote particularly the following line or verse quote Red and Yellow Black and white they are all precious in his sight close quote. However as I grew older and heard some of the ways in which people in the Church would talk about people of Color. I began to question whether we were really being taught to honor the words of that song. I also began to notice seemingly double standards and one morning as a teenager I called out my youth pastor in a Sunday school discussion. He was talking about how Christians needed to set themselves apart from quote the world close quote. Such by not smoking drinking and doing other things which defile our bodies which are the Temple of Christ. But that's Struck me as odd. For drinking carbonated beverages and eating lots of donuts was also bad for one's health leading to problems later on in life. What made smoking drinking so bad. I raised my voice and asked. What makes drinking alcohol wrong. David writes about wine and alcohol in Psalms, and Christ's first miracle was to change water into wine at a wedding which implies that people were drinking a lot. Why would he do that? If drinking alcohol is supposedly wrong, this seems to be a doable standard to me close quote. He seems surprised that I questioned what he was saying and tried to brush it off saying quote. Well, the wind wasn't that strong back then and was safer than water close quote. That didn't quell my suspicion and I replied. Quote again but they didn't know about microorganisms back then nor does it change the fact that they were drinking alcohol I would like to know why this is not a double standard close quote. Frustratingly told me to simply hold my tongue in stop playing devil's advocate which in that instance I think he. which in that instance I think he meant. That incident marked the start of my walk away from Evangelical Thinking in hearing Michael's own experience I couldn't help but be brought back to this incident. Thank you for sharing I. Hope the article I share contributes to that discussion white supremacy in United States Christianity. So So. Dave provided an article as he mentioned in the title at article is the real origins of the religious, right this has authored by Randall bomber. It was released in May of twenty fourteen. So I was actually before the before trump took office. So I pulled an excerpt from the article because as you said, it is quite long link will be in the show notes. In. So there's a there's a subtitle heading here says. So what then were the real origins of the religious, right? It turns out that the movement can trace its political roots back to a court ruling, but not roe versus Wade. In May of nineteen, sixty, nine, a group of African, American parents in Holmes County. Mississippi sued the Treasury Department to prevent three new white. Only K twelve private academies from securing full tax exempt status arguing that they're discriminatory practices prevented them from being considered quote charitable institutions. The schools had been founded in the mid nineteen sixties in response to the desegregation of public schools set in motion by Brown versus board of Education decision of nineteen fifty four. In nineteen sixty, nine, the first year of desegregation. The number of white students enroll in public schools in Holmes. County dropped from seven, hundred, seventy, one to twenty eight. The following year that number fell to zero. In Green versus Kennedy David Kennedy was secretary of Treasury at the time. Decided in January of one, thousand, nine, hundred seventy, the plaintiffs won a preliminary injunction which denied the quote Segregation Academies Close Quote Tax Exempt Status until further review. In the meantime, the government was solidifying its position on such schools. Later, that year President Richard Nixon ordered the Internal Revenue Service to enact a new policy denying tax exemptions to all segregated schools in the United States. Under the provisions of titles, six of the Civil Rights Act which forbade racial segregation and discrimination discriminatory schools were not by definition quote, charitable education organizations, and therefore they had no claims to tax exempt status in similarly donations to such organizations would no longer qualify as tax deductible contributions. Lastly here on June thirtieth of nineteen seventy, one, the United States district. Court for the District of Columbia issued its ruling in the case green versus Connolly as John Connolly replaced David Kennedy as a secretary of Treasury. The decision upheld the new irs policy quote under the Internal Revenue. Code properly construed recently discriminatory private schools are not entitled to the Federal Tax Exemption provided for charitable educational institutions and persons making to such school are not entitled untitled to the deductions provided in case of gifts to charitable educational institutions. We. Thank you David for sharing that article, and again we'll. We'll have the full. The full article will be in the show notes. Thoughts around that brother. Well I am inclined to to agree that. The. Evangelical Supremacist. Movement to Indoctrinate Christianity. Did Not. Begin. With Roe versus Wade. Did begin a lot sooner than that. And I would. Venture to say it went back even further than nineteen sixty-nine. I would say it went back to the point if not further. Of the reconstruction era. When The country was being rebuilt after the civil war. And the beginnings, of Jim, Crow. That's where I believe. The white supremacy. Theft. Of Christianity took place. As we know it today. So, well, the fact that they defend such schools. Engage in that practice. I'm glad to see there was at least some action to prevent the support of such schools by allowing them to continue with a tax exempt status. you know throw in other words they could claim. Don't that tax exempt status when their practices are to be against any people of Color, let alone allowing them to attend their precious schools if there were actually well to do. People of Color Parents Right. So So that, you know that on the surface of the good thing, but it also shows. You know the foundation in in many ways of you know white supremacy and trying to justify their belief systems under. God. For being against people color. And they can disguise it anyway they want to. but it's a very real. Problem In those organizations including including the churches. Will know how they got around that that title six. And the Policy New irs policy in seventy one. They created Christian schools. I'll be talking about that in a moment but. That that's how they got around that. And they made it. A point. They made it. They possession in I'll use the word position they position the schools. In a way that. If, the church was predominantly white and they created a Christian school that school fell under the tax exemption umbrella of that church. And if it was a predominantly white. Congregation. And there are no people of Color in that congregation. Anyway. Them that school was in theory, a segregated school not by action, but by behavior. So that's how they got around that ruling. And Seventy one by the District Court, they created Christian schools. Or they may this the tuition so expensive That some people of color couldn't afford to go limp. So. They'll just waves they got around that and people aren't. Aren't Astute enough to to realize that or if they are they don't care. You know I love critical. Thanks Dave was a critical thinker back in his teen years and that's great. And that just tells me he's raising his children to be critical thinkers and I applaud you for that Sir. Absolutely. Actually Beth commented on that here in chat she's a good job Dave with this feedback with challenging the youth director she she says I did the same thing. It's a you know. It's it's is important for a long time When I was a kid, I used to wear this purple hat. Cap Really. And and Sorry. No it wasn't a cap. It was a hat and on the front of it it said. Calendar thirty. And my parents tried for years to get a stop wearing in public. Because you know. They they didn't want to have to deal with backlash that they wouldn't, but you know. Am My parents didn't raise me necessarily to just follow? The norm right but you know. But the they're their lesson was white Y. Y. Encourage. You. The problem right and the words. The attacks that ultimately or or the or the looks that teachers would. Cause I would try to wear that to school. But Anyway, I was trying to laugh. Was it was interesting So so yeah, IT'S A. His funny how they think but budding I, WanNa bring in some voicemail because we had some good voicemail about that particular episode as well and so it. So this will this will continue in. So got a message here from Badger, love here from Badger also, while thing about voicemails somebody, we haven't heard from in a while and just I'm just worried about his health Paul. So Paul. If you are still listening if you could let us know either email us again hosts with an S. hosts that native opinion dot com or send us another voice message just let us know you're doing. All right he was. Thinking about the other day we would. We would appreciate that I was glad to hear from Badger to good or kind of went went. Mission quiet. But but here's what he had to say. Low My brothers. Hey I love your show as always and I have a couple of thoughts. On the White folks sitting around the table tone that jokes and the American Christian Church. Okay. This segment is called. One. White truckers opinion. Okay. Now the. AMERICAN CHRISTIAN CHURCH That subject has bothered me for quite a while since I I don't know what point I realized that there were pulled denominations of black churches and white churches. It just doesn't make any sense. It's not what the Bible teaches. Theology is taught. So how did that happen? Well I've been studying the Christian Church and I'm not up to the. Founding of this country. But I am up to the Middle Ages. And there's a lot of bad stuff. I mean most people know this already but you know some people are. A little later to the. Table than the others? Anyway. The people in power use the People's guilt and their devotion. Or for their own personal greed and power. So. It doesn't take too much to imagine that that's what happened in this in this country also. And Now how does that relate to the first story? Well You Those. People sitting around and not saying anything. I was one of those people for a long time and there. You don't like it. You would never tell a joke like that. And you're uncomfortable. But you don't say anything well that is wrong. And no one knows the secure for that is. Courage. Her edge is. Maybe not the. The most talked about virtue but it might be the most necessary virtue because without courage you may not display the other virtues. You may think you're kind and just person. For without courage, you won't stand up and say, Hey, put a stop to this. But without doing that. You may think that. You would not stand around and watch someone put a knee. On another person until they can't reason they died, I would never stand for that. Well, you don't have the courage to stop the bad jokes how you're going to have the courage to stop something like that. You have to start somewhere. And for all of you. Or anybody who. is not able to to stop a bad joke. Well, you better grow some cojones. He's. GotTa Start. Somewhere. And Anyway. You guys know. Little, little baby steps. That's how we get there. Keep up the good work, my brother's truth. And love and a shot of courage. Badgers good to hear from me brother. We missed here from you I'm glad you got back in touch with us and you're absolutely correct everything you said is spot on absolutely correct. and. I applaud you for taking that step to realize that. Hey, this is not right. I'm not gonNA participated in participate in it anymore. Thank you. Thank you from the depths of my my hiding I'm sure my brother's heart for you know realizing that and you know moving forward and again you're absolutely correct about. Religion. Being used as a tool by the powerful. That that's for another episode but. You're absolutely correct. Thank you. Thank you for that. Agree absolutely in. Pulled a page right out of. Current affairs, right so Though we we we definitely appreciate that and. others in chat agree with you as well Badger and. Aurora wrote earlier actually which we also shares at our prayers are out for the folks in California they're dealing with wildfires yet again that I. Believe I read. was started by. Not so much arson but irresponsibility I'm not sure if you read that or not brother. I read they were started by lightning strikes. Oh. Okay. That's right. Okay I'm I'm not sure I. Thought I. I thought I heard that somebody else to was involved but anyway but needless to say again once again, widespread damage and. You know I I just couldn't imagine losing losing a home to fire that way when it was completely out of control. Also, Aurora wrote here my Momma said that I was not qualified to be a good Catholic because it was part of my nature to protest way too much. I immediately argued. My disagreement with her and she just gave me the MOM I. One. Without having to say another word Yeah my father is that way. My father would look at me. Other ways is described as being the guy that's exactly what I was thinking. When you get the stink I'm run. Shut the mouth the. Same. Way. Let's say Oh yes. Okay. Railroad. There was an arsonist arrested for one of the smaller fires. Okay. Yeah. I thought I thought I read something like that. So yeah. Bad enough that lightning is setting off but now you've got a guy running around who thinks it's just dandy. For people, lose their lives and property. People. Like that should not come ever come out of jail. Thank. God. No doubt. All. Right. We also heard from Anne who left us a longer a voicemail GonNa play the whole thing 'cause it's really really good and again we appreciate the feedback you guys always always always. So here's what anti had to say. Hi, Michael and And David. It's Anne just reaching out to you guys. I've sent a couple emails and stuff and I think. one into view a voicemail and say, hello see how you guys are doing and just let you know that I've been. Enjoying. The show as always And finally caught up this just finish this past Saturday's PODCAST. The fifteenth. of August. So a couple of things that I found so interesting Was the your discussion about Christian. Christianity in America and I just wanted to give A little bit of perspective on that. GROWING UP IN A CHRISTIAN CHURCH AND Wow. So I. Went through a couple of denominations myself but I just wanted to add something to that your discussion and do with it what you will, but and to add to it that Christianity for many hundreds of years. Has. Been in the wrong hands in my opinion and used. as political For political gain as governmental Power and Oppress many people throughout the world. and. I think what you guys are referring to as Evangelical Christians. Are What My Circle of American Christian friends referred to as fundamentalist. The Christians who cut and paste they take pieces of the Bible and stick them with other pieces of the Bible essentially altering the meaning of the scripture. To, suit their needs. And reinforce their beliefs. Outside of the church, which of course, includes racism and white supremacy and. All of that. So I just kind wanted to add those little extra tidbits and certainly. Agree that Christianity is a sword that's will then Has. been. Wielded throughout history to control others and instill fear in others than control, the masses so to speak and and But there is there is and I know you guys believe this to there are good Christians out there. So that's that little piece Then I actually wrote or response about the gentleman The little piece that you guys played about the gentleman who was talking about his white colleagues. and how silence what I gathered from that piece that segment was that silence can do more damage than speaking out But. I just wanted to share if I could. So. listening to this past Saturday's podcast and listening to the piece about that White Gentlemen calling it his white colleagues or racially insensitive. For me this is a teaching moment that was a that is a real teaching on the white race and non natives like myself. We strive to be culturally competent, which by the way I believe cultural competence is a constant improvement of character. Expansion, of knowledge and broadening broadening of intellect, which are all utilized for self disciplined behavior. Both in speech and action. I digress. The teaching moment is this. There's a fine line between advocating for collective respective anyone who is different from oneself and this case anyone who's different from a white person. And the other end of that line, which is maintaining an awareness that culture should be autonomous and self determined within their cultures. And feel and feel experiences as members of their race and Culture Simply, putting non natives or white people such as myself. Who are driven to advocate for people of cultures whose historic who historically suffer? Stomach persecution ostracism racism must keep in mind that empowering our brothers and sisters. To advocate for themselves, a policy integrity and the value of culture and the people whereas stepping in front of a historically victimized culture with intensive support. In my opinion diminishes the value of that culture and the people but more importantly, it takes the voice away from the people who have the right to change the world's perspective of them and have the right push against the persecution racism and ostracism. That their culture has suffered. And if you're following this Just to let you know that I recognized that as a new monster and lol, intentions are good in most cases I challenge people to take a step back and put genuine effort into listening to the history. and. That I of other cultures and the people those cultures as. They people who contribute present-day people who contribute not not the Not Native indigenous. People as. No longer here but presence. So I'm going to repeat that I ask white people to put genuine effort into listening to the history. Yes. Of course. And recognizing the value of other cultures in the people of those cultures as present day people who contribute already contribute to the predominantly white societies of this world. and. I mean come on we're It's not. And what I mean by that is. Doesn't it? White site. Like people seem to dominate all societies and countries throughout the world is basically what I'm saying and their every country in this world. Is Multicultural and. Those people of other cultures and colors, Brown and. Black people who live side by side with white people. The white people that run the countries. when so many other cultures contribute to those countries I. think that's what I was saying. So I, just wanted to comment on that piece and This is very long but. Just, to finish up by saying all of the other little segments you've been adding and how. your people have been bringing awareness and reclaiming. Their. Their themselves and through history and combining that was present day. It's just really I. Really. Enjoy those segments. So thank you brings awareness educates And it reminds people the those who are listening. You are here and in the now and in the present and in the future. And play for for. The rest of the human. Braces. Existence for however long that's going to be. That's it. You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much. flair for your podcast and I will continue to listen. Kick ice take care bye bye. Thank you for that very, very much. Thank you. one resource I want to give you guys that that. Does help in in the areas that An anti was referring to, and so I would point you to quickly googling I just don't have the actual Lincoln Front of me but included in the show notes of the study is put out by reclaiming native truth and maybe reclaiming native. Truth. Dot Org. but please. Please look for that in our show notes and because it provides. ways to support indigenous action that are initiated by indigenous people. we want the allies for sure as an ally as excuse me as anti pointed out But. There's a there's a write in a wrong way of of. Helping US get our message out there without taking over our our messaging and go any kind of touched on that a little bit We like I said, we want the support when it comes to. Changing these narratives that are so damaging. To our communities out there and so reclaiming. The truth is is a great resource. Please my own means check that out. Thank you ever so much badger. Thank you ever so much. We enjoy listening from each and every one of you please continue to. Give a shit thoughts and ideas and comments. All right and just to sort of wrap up the discussion around White Evangelical 's racism and and to a certain degree, the church got. Some advice for budding evangelical. Just because your dad was famous. Doesn't mean that that you are too. Does I'm going to play something real quick here. In my opinion Donald, trump lives the life of loving the helping others as Jesus taught in the great commandment. He cannot be bought. He's not a puppet on a string like many other candidates. That was. That was Jerry Falwell, junior from speech that he gave supporting Donald J, trump for president. And that was in twenty, sixteen foul is the son of late Jerry Falwell senior longtime leader in Christian Right Evangelical He was quoted in Listener Dave's article earlier that we shared with you guys. Fall. Son Jerry. Has Been the President of Liberty University. it's a private evangelical Christian University in Lynchburg Virginia. So this kind of goes to what you were talking about a few minutes ago brother about how some of these organizations got around some of that stuff. But. Now, after four years of giving his endorsement of trump had seems that son Jerry has gotten himself into some trouble take a listen. Jerry Falwell junior the President of Liberty University is now on an indefinite leave of absence from the institution, his father helped create. This comes after a series of actions from Falwell that left many asking for his resignation, the latest controversy this picture that went viral since been deleted from Jerry, Falwell Junior's instagram page in it. It shows his pants zipped and his arms around a woman who also has her pants zipped the university didn't give A. Specific. Reason for their requests but new tonight at eleven Jerry Provo, the chairman of the Liberty University Board of Trustees issued a written statement saying in part today, my colleagues I on the Liberty University Board of trustees and Jerry, mutually agreed that it would be good for him to take an indefinite leave of absence. This was a decision that was not made lightly in which factor the interests and concerns of everyone in the L. U. Community. Ten reporter Shane Wire is alive tonight at liberty's campus Shane I. Where does the university go from here and then now who's in charge? Britney two great questions. We don't know the answer either of those tonight there has been no announcement about who will be named an interim president or if an interim president will be named. But again, this comes amid mounting controversy people putting pressure on the university. All we've heard from the university today was that very brief statement saying that Jerry Falwell Junior would step down right around five o'clock this evening and ended the part that you just read from the letter from the board of trustees that gave a little bit more detail but still leaves. A lot to the imagination at this point again, all coming as lots of pressure was put on. Liberty University to make a change day for the Liberty University history books as the Board of Trustees tells president. Jerry, will junior they need a break full well is now on an indefinite leave of absence surprising in saddening to allow Merrick Herald one of the thirty five African. American alumni who pen the letter condemning him following his governor north and black face mask tweet you keep seeing. Okay, I. Did this I'm sorry I won't do it again if. You did this. I'm sorry I won't do it again. Then it's done again or something it's tweeted was something. I think that people just get to that point where they're like, okay. Enough is enough in this now deleted instagram photo that went viral Falwell's Panzer unzipped with his arms around a friend, the party, just the latest in a series of Shivers Forum star black athletes had begun liberty citing racial insensitivity earlier this year he tweeted the mask with North black-faced photo on it which contributed to a riot posted a sarcastic photo of roadkill with a dead from covid nineteen sign next to it on instagram and was chastised for allowing students back on campus at the beginning of the pandemic it all had many including Carol questioning if Falwell Junior was untouchable. Thought Okay does anybody care anybody paying attention to any of this? I mean I, had more facebook. Debates going back and forth and what I care to even think about nowadays. But that will change with this announcement and has many asking where does the university go from here Carol says this is a first step, but it hardly fixes the problem right now I can tell you there's probably At. least from what I, what I know of this elite, seven groups of people from Liberty University that are just ready to raise cain over all of this stuff that's gone on and how people have been treated. Carroll. Says he hopes this ends the bad news for the Liberty Name and despite confusion he never called for Falwell's resignation. He just wants him to reconcile with his faith. But at the end of the day I'm trusting that the board of trustees is GonNa look at this and say how to restore. Whatever that looks like whether that's restoring him back to the president of the school or not. That's up to the board of trustees and Jerry Junior. Now despite all this Liberty University life will go on in two weeks from now, students are set to return to campus. It's unclear at this point how this change at the top major shakeup will have any impact if any at all on when students come back and what that looks like live in Lynchburg Shire ten news working for you. So. Bad Day follow. I'd say. What is? What is going on with? White and yacht. Any other way to put it. Know. It's Part of the percents. I'm rich. And I'm GONNA flaunt it. There was a different clip I was to pull of another evangelical This hit the news the quite quite some time ago, but it was. Said Foul I can't remember. What was the name of that person? Can't think of it right now. But. There was a there was a news media organization that That caught him coming out of a Very nice looking limousine. And She proceeded to ask him questions about. You know how he was. In essence spending church members money. Private. Jets here and there to the various different appearances at he was making. And this this individual has had countless plastic surgeries done to his face and. Today he he looks horrible. it's this is a guy. Why can I not think of his name is driving me crazy. I know what you're talking about this now now that I'm talking in circles here. I'm not sure why can't find this but I, apologize you guys Oh. Yes. Kenneth Copeland is referring to. And Actually I'll play a taste of this for you guys. We just like to ask you about why you don't want to fly commercial. Why have you said that you won't Fly Commercial? You said that it's like getting into a tube with a bunch of demons why do you think that? Listen to me? To. Sing. Not The people. The main reason. is because of the need. It if I flew commercial. I'd have to stop sixty five percent. That's really to me. Isn't it true that you wanna fly commercial so that you can fly in luxury how much money did you pay for? Tyler Perry's Gulfstream jet for example, will, for example, that's really none of your business but. This is. So. So there's a lot more that was produced by inside edition and Let's see just so I can credit properly here. Lisa Guerrero was a woman asking the questions and so this went on and on about. You know his lifestyle. Okay. And So You know this guy is. Very much. It was confirmed. You know that yeah he flies private jets to and from these different appearances you know Limousines the whole nine Your Work Falwell course. Supposedly the leader of this particular Evangelical University. Okay Is Party ended up on. Yachts. Is just it's it's endless. The end it and it's in everybody's face and I think that people do need to say stuff. Particularly if you know if it's church money that's being spent when. You're intent of giving or tithing I. Think it's the proper eternally silly citizen. Southern Baptist. Church. Church circles tithing Eh tend the Bible. All right. has a particular intent behind it. and so. These folks. Are Problem. And you would think these churches were would denounce them, and then of course, there's the political connections as well. So but anyway, I just wanted to close on that this stuff goes on all the time all we back to member Tammy Faye Bakker. And Jim Jim Baker Yup Jim, and Tammy. Problems same kind of thing. And unfortunately, long after you and I are gone brother there will be others. Less somehow this stuff gets put in check but. I don't think. I met quite a number of folks like this. Experiences down south. So loved gives lungs you have people like Falwell and Copland and crow dollar or whatever his name meant. Long, you have those folks going around it's it's. Going to happen. Know you guys you know if you WANNA. Do all you're listening to Google Kenneth Copeland C. O. P. L. A. N.. D. And in look for recent photos of this gentleman in, it's just like a scary man scary looking individual. So. I don't know. All. Right and real real quick. Before we move on the run down I just want to point this out Aurora wrote in chat brother regarding the fires in California. she wrote California's notorious for wildfires north South East and west. We don't usually get much rain in the lower elevations from May until October with the dry assed mount months. Excuse me being July and August. We have mountains in the north, South East, and West, and some in between the mountains will get a little rain now then and even in the summers but not usually much a very much and the valleys in between the mountains get very very dry and some of the those valleys are huge. Of course there is death valley in the far south next to the Mojave desert. But remember the TV show big valley lots of excuse me but my make. Lots. Of Grass Grassland Valleys all up and down the state he east and West when I was a kid and lightning would strike and start a fire near the near the coast. the nighttime fog from the ocean would dampen it. And if it was near a mountain, it would get a little rain from the the higher clouds. So fires in those days didn't last very long. they didn't usually get here in burn for weeks, but the forestry industry took over remember smokey. The. Bear. And and did not let these small fires burn themselves out naturally, the forestry industry want to put the fires out immediately because. Every tree is dollars to them. So now, the dead branches and the brushes in the forest gets overgrown and create a huge mountain ranges of tinder boxes and a little rain. Scroll down here. Sorry and a little rain or fog does not put the these huge fires out historically. The indigenous people here native Americans would periodically start small fires. When they saw the rain clouds coming, it created a rich farming plots four them. Both the grass grassy valleys, and in the in the woods by the way, the sequoia trees don't burn very well, they just keep growing taller archaeologists can see how the indigenous people here have been doing successfully controlled. Burns, for many centuries. That is very true. Currently there are a few hundred fire still burning today several dozens are large and out of control. if you have been a burning for three weeks or more. and. That's just you know. Horrible. But but it is true from. from A. Control. Burn point of view that that. That's very, very true. It is it is true it sad. We we have a lot of controlled burns here. But we have to we have to have those controlled Burns because the the under story gets so thick. That it's hard for. Rain to put them out. If we're in our dry season. So. I can fully understand what she was writing in post. And thank you for that. Appreciate you. Commenting on the on the. The evangelical stories and stuff we've been writing she. She goes. It's hard to understand how people seem to to not is hard to understand how people seem to not understand that pictures will get out at some point. Do. Very rarely. Figured that they're not going to be held accountable. So well, in this case, it's Falwell shooting him on his his own self in the foot. He posted pictures. I'm just having a great old China. All right. All right. All right. You know. When when you stick your foot out there and go bending that kind of stupidity catches pretty real quick. Very quick shoot already. We'll move on here so. News of news you were up brother. Thank you. Thank you this this. Article. Carries a lot of way to kind of. Goes right in tune with the the Title of this episode from this point forward. We. Rise. and. I was glad to see this come about. I'm kind of sad that it wasn't included in the. Democratic. Show I'll call it. The convention. But. It came to light anyway. A. Native Caucus, sorry. Show. Is a great way to get. No, I won't I won't. I won't go there. Go, there because I didn't disagreed with. A lot of within the convention, but anyway, go ahead. Sorry that's. The title is female leaders, Headline Democratic, Native Caucus, and this comes to us by way of India country today DOT com. The author is. Walk Lean, Eustis, and Jordan Bennett Gay. For? Indian country today. And the native American caucus seems to be growing and I'm glad to know that and see that happening because. If it continues on the path that it's on. I believe we will see more. Native faces. In both bodies of Congress. For a long time to come. That's what I believe. This article it's kind of long. So I'm just going to read a couple of comments from each of the. The headliners from the Democratic Native Caucus. and. One of the bylines from one of the authors is and I quote relatives. This clearly is the most important election of our time and quoting that wants him by misuse and and. And Jordan Gay. The first native American caucus meeting of this year's democratic. National Convention kicked off online. Tuesday. With land acknowledgement here here. And a string of high ranking female speakers here here again. US Representatives Damn Holland. She reached Davis and Minnesota Ten governor Peggy Flanagan with the first in a series of native leaders who rallied viewers to get out the vote to elect. The nominees for the Democratic Party Joe Biden and Kamala Harris quoting relatives. This is clearly the most important election of our time said Flanagan that was a quote from waiters. The personality woman elected to executive office. She noted that in Minnesota, the women's caucus in the State House, was able to get legislation passed. Good. With help from the governor's office on issues such as missing, that's not an issue problem. Missing and murdered Indigenous Women Child Welfare funding and government to government council continents are. Consultation. Word I know all through well. Tell. tation consultation consultation consultation consultation. To federal term unfortunately. But unfortunately, and quoting again that work has allowed us to respond to the Kobe nineteen pandemic truly as partners to protect our people. But we know that we have still tremendous work to do and quote. Holland. Laguna. And Jimenez Pueblo and Davis David's I'm sorry. Ho Chunk the first two native women to serve in Congress Holland. Noted the nation is facing several crisis. More than one hundred and sixty thousand people have died from covid nineteen quoting following that. Economic collapse has decimated the livelihoods of millions and immoral back hume has left our country reeling from the effects of systemic, racism said Holland of Mexico. She's absolutely correct. We in Indian country quoting again have been among the hardest hit. Native. Americans. died at a rate twice that of quite Americans. Native owned businesses have struggled to access the financial support that was supposed to be available to everyone. And Native Americans have been content have continued. Excuse me to face the bigoted beliefs policies. They have been confronted sense. Well, the late fourteen hundreds probably in quote. David's. Of Kansas said having to native women in Congress changes the conversation just by having them in the room. Absolutely. With their background in Indian law experience working on reservations with tribal communities quoting we have the ability to educate our colleagues influence decision making. Quoting. Again, it makes a huge difference being able to educate our colleagues as peers. And that's an important statement. You may ask peers. And it's one of the reasons that I'm so excited that we have I record breaking number of native folks running for office across the country in quote. Quoting again I feel like we're at the beginning of something pretty phenomenal. Of Native people really taking the reins of our state legislatures and the Federal Government End Quote Davis. And I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment excuse me one second. Win Whistling. Little. No probably. Another speaker US candidate. Paula Jordan. My friend just horrible. Elaine I'll just say the last that coordinates Cordier. Lean. Thank you, You Frenchman you. Watch many dunes. Sometimes. is asked why are there so few natives in elected office quoting I would say that in large part it's because we were late to the game. Later earned the right S. citizens with the right to vote. And, we're still having to overcome voter suppression today. and quote. She is encouraged however by organ light By the organizing, she seeing and what she calls the spirit of awakening quoting again when our spirit goes through this process of awakening, we started hearing to our purpose and really truly acting in light of our spiritual connection line of our ancestry. In quote Jordan says. Let's say. This goes on. There's another young lady. That I will mention. Shannon how Holes Halsey President of the Stockbridge Muncie community band of the Mohican Mohican Matt Mohegan Mohican Indians of Wisconsin delivered land acknowledgement at the beginning of the discussion. She said. And digits people are one of the most vulnerable communities when it comes to climate change effects quoting mother earth is being threatened by global warming and climate change. Quoting again it is vital honoring protect her excuse me with. Active Stewardship and by educating ourselves about the significant impact of this. She says issue, but I say problem not only in our community, but within the land that we have learn and live in quote. Keep Keith Harper. One of the many trail blazers in Indian country led a discussion with tribal leaders from across country across the country excuse me focused on the. Mental issues at St. Mr Harper. It's just been a vocal spokesperson. He's US ambassador to the Cherokee nation in Oklahoma. Let's see. O. A Dave archambault Hush Bill, the second I was wondering what happened to him from the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota join the conversation as well. And he says, how do we change move from the protests to FA-? From protest excuse me to real fundamental change. That's a quote from. Mister archambault In reference to a question from Mr Oppor. archambault said it's about having different approaches or strategies. Of course, there is lobbying to Congress members, state legislators, and other politicians and other strategists native youth building. The. Noise. which is what happened with standing rocky says Moore. That's true. They did make a lot of noise. Good noise. While the noise is building activism came into the picture in a sense of togetherness pile on top of that an advocate was the last strategy. He said quoting an advocate someone who wants something better for the community and as activist as an activist excuse me as somebody who sees something wrong. And we have to build awareness about that. The advocate is the political permission. Quote Historic Bill said. So the rest of this article will be in the show notes it glad will I was glad and it was good to. Know that this caucus was. Given the spotlight that it was even though it was an online presentation. So I'm hoping that. It continues to grow. And continue to move forward at light speed. That yeah. No I agree with everything that you just said My only suggestion and a preface by saying I don't know. or haven't been able to find so far the complete list that made up the caucus. But with that said the article in and of itself does not show any east coast native leadership. NC This goes along with what I said on Wednesday show. which has to do with representation of that you know we're talking about the DNC now K.. So. And also, quite quite quite frankly. American politics in general. squeaky wheel gets the grease right. In. So the larger tribes SQUEAK LOUDER THAN US smaller tribes. and. Then they're still unfortunately They're still some contingency out there. That doesn't believe that tribes of with the exception of perhaps the one nation. That don't believe that We have tried here north of the Ohio River Valley? And and so when I don't see well known at least up in our circles here, well-known east coast, tribal leadership especially from want pornography. Let's for God's sake right? on a caucus of this nature in this size. were that. and. So this this this makes me start to have skepticism towards. How these caucuses were formed. who was in charge of making the decisions was the outreach actually done because I could be wrong right? Maybe maybe we had people that just couldn't make it. But. When I look at it through a historical lens over the past ten to fifteen years. Some names are missing? And so you know I only encourage future caucuses and future leadership that put such caucuses together, and I know that one of the promises that the Biden Administration is making is is that they will restore. some very much needed strategical meetings that the Obama Administration put in place with our with our indigenous leadership in this country to please make sure that the outreach is done to our our northeast of native leadership because we would like to be involved. So that's my only small critique based on the article itself If I, am incorrect in that there was in fact representation from east. coast. A native leaders than than I will make that correction at such time but right now I don't see it. And so That's it. Really. Beyond that, I'm in full support of What everybody Has Already stated and the importance of you know in in that type of thing. But the only thing I also will add is that if there is a change in leadership the same voices that are represented here in this in this article I would like them to be equally proactive in making sure that the promises that have been held by the would be incoming administration that we hold them their feet to the fire. And make those problems start to eventually go away like missing emerged indigenous women. So. Thank you. That's why I was saying I. Hope this caucus continues to grow. and. You know we have to. We've said many many times. Has To represent all of native America. To mark? Charles. This this is a crucial time for native America. And all of native, America. And it's a crucial time to make a difference in our lives and the lives of generations to come. Native representatives in the nation's lawmaking body paved the way for those possibilities. Can I. Let me let me let me on that point. Let me tease. Discussion. Sure. And? I hope that I communicate this correctly. we hear references often about America being a melting pot. It's or then get away and put it in his true. Multicultural. K.. But understand that that multiculturalism is a a result of immigration. We, are not immigrants here. From from indigenous. country. And so. The education process relevant to. Our indigenous peoples is an ongoing effort. and. This is one of the reasons that I position it that way. It is not that I'm anti immigrant. But the news media focuses on when they can reach millions and millions and millions of people on a daily basis. By the hour. When they fail to? include. Certain, indigenous positioning statements such as simply were still here. Excuse my brother, I have to step away from the micro moment. Yep No problem. You know then. Regardless of who into state or federal offices in obviously that's going to include people who've that have you know Immigrant backgrounds. Be It even if they are born here in the United States and they're American citizens certainly. You know but parents and. Family ties can inevitably go back to outside what is. Understood to recognize as the borders of the United States so in education process because Has To continuously happen out of our communities and I think that's what is representative of having more of our people in office. You know I'm avoiding the subject of you know whether or not I consider myself in American or not in other indigenous people that consider themselves Americans are not it's it's a separate discussion. I feel because. Were were ignored by by enlarge either deliberately or not deliberately, and the only way to correct that is to have our voices known in one way to do that of course, is to get indigenous people elected into offices and so you know I recognize I recognize that. So that'll be for you know again a future discussion. because I think it's it's important to. Continue to convey that That we we need these. these these histories and this knowledge to be Very much at the forefront of many many of these discussions a moving forward. That's why I laugh hysterically every time the Republicans bring up immigration reform because it's it's a it's a joke talking point quite frankly. So. Okay next article. is by Annette so nuke claps. CLAP SADDLE In this appeared in. Yes magazine. And the title reads this Native Tribes Response to Covid nineteen is working and addressing another community problem. So the article goes on to say. A few weeks ago I found myself tearing up at my kitchen table as I listened to a healthcare official from eastern band of Cherokee, Indians explained to me. The intricate in bold steps might tribe is taken to combat covid nineteen on the Kuala boundary specifically. Cherokee. North Carolina. We had enacted policy and consolidated resources completely separate from the state or federal aid and mandate. This was the third conversation on the topic I had had with a tribal official the third time I teared up out of pride. As of July twelfth, even after the summer holiday surges. The eastern band of Cherokee Indians or the E E C I. As administered five thousand six, hundred and twenty covid nineteen tests with eighty six positive test result sixty one of those have fully recovered. These are exit exemplary rates compared to our neighbors and surrounding communities. Counties excuse me such as Henderson and Mikan or making excuse me and in mid-may when I began speaking with tribal officials are numbers were even more remarkable. But just as I was celebrating our assertion of sovereignty amid a global pandemic, the story took a complex turn. I was about to tear up over a different statistic. The. ABC has reacted to Kogo nineteen with an abundance of caution that exceeded much of Indian countries and certainly our home states response. In Partnership With the nonprofit Dogwood. Healthtrust a nonprofit health organization based in Asheville. We began providing access to free community wide testing. Even for eysenck thematic people. Long before North Carolina, recommended it. We set up roadblocks and allowed only residents or ABC I enrolled members to excess to access the boundary. We closed non essential businesses, including Harris Cherokee. Casino, and our government offices. We employed a sophisticated and comprehensive contact tracing system that has been credited with identifying eight. Excuse me again contracting. Contact tracing system that has been credited with identifying a symptomatic carriers before they unknowingly transmitted the virus. However, one week before the removal of roadblocks, my facebook feed was inundated with local memorial postings. At this point no enrolled members of the BBC I had succumbed. To the virus yet seven residents of the Kuala boundary. Out of a population of about twenty, one hundred had died within a couple of days of each other. While, we focused on slowing covid curve experienced experienced an explosion of drug overdose deaths. Additionally. The total number of overdoses including those not resulting in death was incalculable. During statewide lockdowns non-essential tribal employees continued to be paid though now at home. A per capita loan fund provided ready cash for those not willing or able to wait until June first. DIS- DIS-. DIS-. Of Gaming Revenue. Food assistance programs continue to run and emergency services ramped up for their care for elders and the needy. Tractor trailer even brought in a full load of free frozen chicken to the boundary providing ten pounds to each. Ten pounds each to anyone who showed up excuse me. These were all tremendous examples of community caring for the collective and stabilizing an economy but it also meant that we became one of the few communities in far western North Carolina who still had the means to be paying customers especially in the especially in the illegal trade. Ready access to cash stiffened across the remainder of the western North Carolina but the boundary continued to provide a fluid market for dealers. The blockades provided a challenge for traffic durr's. How to move product across barriers when passage required drivers to either be enrolled ABC members or prove boundary residency. They needed to move larger quantities fewer times. What resulted was an inflow of Fenton all laced heroin. Each. Dealers construct their product and meet the demands of all customers. In a timely manner quote the narcotics industry followed a customer service model. It's it's a sophisticated business close quote principal chief Richard Snead said they were going to meet demand. They weighed their risk, a risk reward ratio a scariest Halloween there. But members of the community who struggled with Substance Abuse Disorders, who are accustomed to a typical dose were caught off guard by this production adjustment, the a the addition of Fenton, all synthetic opioid that is fifty, two, hundred times stronger than morphine seven died. Others turned to can for a lifeline. Vicky. Bradley. Secretary of Health and Human Services for the ABC AI argues that we have a dearth of consistent overdosed drug usage data that can show clusters of overdoses and deaths in almost real time. Quote, but it relies on ems and healthcare facilities to code a death as an overdose in some providers are reluctant to do. So because of stigma for the family close quote she explained quitting her again, they may code They may coated as a heart attack or other similar event instead close quote. Yes. So that shows potential weakness in data accuracy, right? You know. Because if you're going to share if that data were, for example, be shared with you know Indian Health Service and and try to justify. Of course, you know funding levels the better the data is You know the better that justification becomes, but if those types of actions such as misquoting. Situations I can instantly see how that can can become a problem right there. So going on here in the article says the ABC's overdose map where the collected data is housed for analysis also does not account for instances when Narcan. An overdose reversing medication was used to revive a patient. When we have more covid nineteen contact tracers than North Carolina's goal. We don't have a consistent philosophy close quote for tracking overdoses. Bradley said. She notes that the takeaway from our Kovic response is at the effectiveness of a multi user platform to capture data and her programs are in the early stages of expanding just such a platform. The chief of the eastern band of Cherokee Indians alcohol law enforcement, Agent Josh Taylor, who was tasked with expanding. Excuse me expanded responsibilities during the shutdown believes the covid nineteen precautionary measures highlight one important truth in the fight against the drug epidemic in the boundary. Exceed beyond the boundary. Quote. It was one of the few instances when we got to take outsiders out of the equation. It was a sad reality that our people were working so hard. Excuse. Me He says it was a sad reality that our own people were working so hard to bring drugs into our community. Maybe, they were now having a tra- Having to traffic the drugs more themselves or maybe they just always have been. He said. The most difficult to judge. The most difficult adjustment for Taylor was realizing quote that dope was killing more of our people than this pandemic close quote. With Cova Nineteen proliferation in the drug community. Contact tracing simply won't be as effective people abusing are misusing drugs rarely obey stay at home orders even if they test positive, that's very, very true. Overdoses seemed to diminish with removal blockades and officers were no longer needed for border control. Issuing and arrests became the news. The newest trend traffic acting intelligence was gathered not only from police surveillance efforts, but also from community services that were making more home visits as a result of covid nineteen. Unfortunately this led to. The next challenge. The next challenges for the ABC I fourteen law enforcement officers were exposed to in nineteen while on drug-related calls and needed to quarantine for two weeks sidelining them from their duties. Of course, means less officers. To date state and federal aid has gone little to assisted Let me actually comic back on that too. So if you have less officers available, you know to respond to calls. You don't have a way to replace them, and then of course, when we're talking about federal responsibilities to travel nations and that funding just doesn't appear or actually goes down which is more of the historic norm where those people gonNA come from. But that doesn't you know that doesn't stop the The influence of increased overdoses. Within our communities so And that's that's a great reason why we have to fight harder with the federal government to get the funding that they should have been providing all along law enforcement in the reasons around this, and you know that still falls within the realm of the areas that I would consider health and human services so. Going on here, the close out the article says, this is one reason that their stories are so emotional for me. They don't censor their words because they know the importance of being honest with ourselves. Now of learning from this seemingly temporary academic an epidemic, how we might begin to combat a much more longstanding one. Because sovereignty is not only protection from the outside, its responsibility to derive power from the inside. And again, just a little bit about the author and that is an enrolled member of again the eastern band of Cherokee Indians residing in Kuala North Carolina her debut. Even. As we breathe, is scheduled to release in September of two, thousand, twenty by the University of Kentucky Press. So. Yeah that So glad she posted this because you know. You don't think about that relevant to Cova you're you're hearing you know everything else from lack of P. to you know the other you know lack of employment and those types of things. But do you know I? I haven't even heard mainstream let alone at being out of any country I haven't heard any any stories a relevant to you know people that have drug problems that are. Finding it more difficult to you know to get their fix if you will and and what desperate measures are taking. This is a pretty extreme case and you know But we you know today exist in one we we have to assume it exists elsewhere in in. So that's. That's pretty that's pretty sad and that we need. Some attention to this for sure. So All right Day You back with US I don't think he is because I can't hear is Mike. But but I'm. GonNa. Go ahead in move forward in the program until. Such time he comes back. So, it is. This time. Debut Back Oh. Yes, he is. You know time is. Probably back like. Blaring. Yeah I laughed at this. Title or to go brother this morning. Woke me right. You can't make this stuff up. Well here goes. Virginia mayor urged to resign. Now the urged him to resign. After saying Biden picked. And I quote and Jemima as VP The the sloth. Goes. On. To say. And I'm quoting I, understand what I posted on social media was wrong. Offensive in unbecoming. In quotas combing. Worry Mayor Berry. Press Graves said Monday. Now he understands what he posted. Wrong. Then in there. Okay. We talked about this all morning it is not related you know to church or Evangelical, but just the flagrant of these people. The flagrant of it I understand what I posted it on social media. Did it a deliberately? Me To say I'm sorry. Right Here we go. This article was written by. Germinal. General Griffith. For believe it or not NBC. News. Dot Com. Virginia mayor is facing calls for his resignation. FACEBOOK post my word. and which he said that Joe Biden a quote just announced it and Jemima. As his running mate. Lou Ray. That's his name I mispronounced ray mayor. Berry press graves posted the comment about two weeks ago Blue Radi you, sir. On his facebook page my word. This comment was condemned by members of the Lou Ray town council and other residents before he took it down that sound like a vacuum cleaner to me. Get your. blue-grey Rachel. Ray. So. He had no intentions of taking it down had the other town council members state silent and? Just didn't challenge immoderate like the gentleman said in the video clip that we played on. Wednesday. Lure is a town of less than five thousand people. Here we go. Ready Drum Roll. A majority of them white. According to the most recent census data four percent, four percent of the population is black. The town is about ninety miles west of Washington DC ninety miles. I talk about. Population in this in in terms of. And that kind of thing see this guy and the people that surround him know this all too. Well, there's only four percent of them. They can't affect any change. Obviously, whatever I want. You. Think that trust me. That's exactly the mindset. Absolutely. Absolutely. A number of black women were on. Biden's running mate shortlist including representative Bowel demings, California representative. Karen. Bass who leads the Kirk Congressional Black Caucus mayor. Kisha Lance Bottoms and Susan. Rice. The former national security advisor to President Barack Obama. Press Graves. Apologized in a town council meeting on Monday night. There's a picture of him with a normal set it up a poop eating grant on his face. Very Press Grades Mayor of Blu Ray for Jana town of blu-ray. That's what it's under the heading. The caption on the poop eating grand. Photo. And quotes I want to make this very clear to app to everyone with absolutely no qualifications breast grave says I understand what I post it on social media was wrong offensive and unbecoming. He goes on to lie. My words. Press grave seventy seven added that it does not reflect what is in his heart. He he says, and I quote I want to make a direct apology to all people of Color and women. Passing off demeaning and worn out racial stereotypes of humor isn't funny. He says, and that quote. Quoting again I now. I have to play this I'm sorry. Bullshit. Goes on to say quoting I now fully I now fully understand how hurtful it is and I can't, and we'll do better and we can all do better we must. He conclude. Good timing. From the bottom of my heart, he's quoting I am sorry and humbly ask for Your forgiveness and your grace in quote. He's only apologizing because he got caught. Here's here's his here's his telling statement. I now fully understand how hurtful it is. You're freaking seventy seven years, old plots earning Joe to pray for me. Seventy seven years old and he now fully understands seventy seven year old. You've been calling people the were at all your life you've been you've been making racial jokes are alive and what was the epiphany that finally caused your light to come on Somebody slapping you down and saying what you said was wrong. That's what the epitome was. I now fully understand how hurtful it is. please. Barbara Vinnie sixty nine Liu resident addressed. A press graves directly at the meeting. Quoting I've been here all my life almost seventy years and today I'm hurt. and. Quote she says. Then, he told press grades she was not there to tear him down or to speak ill him. But that she had to stand for what is right good for you lady no matter what your ethnic category is now about to find out though then he said her father was black and white and her mother was Indian in black and that she was not taught to be racist she said she was taught. What comes out of the mouth hurt you. Can. Hurt. I'm sorry and you have to be careful what you speak because words to her in quote. Quoting again, we need somebody with positive thinking. That will shape this community dividing. Quoting again, in order for us to move on I'm asking you today Mr Mayor you need to step down in love because I love you man man. Those my quote. Do the right thing quote gamma lead this where it is. It's it's sad that he was. He was not say a word about he thought was funny. He thought you know people are going to laugh and the probably the one woman of Color on the board will just going to sit back and stay quiet. That's what he thought. Well, let's see since it's not the end of the year yet. I reserve this for this gentleman do. He's the Jewish. Folks painted ground. Of the. DOUCHEBAG. Looking. Back. Do. Back. Okay. Use Yeah you're do. You definitely. Need to go. Tell you the rest of this pitiful article in the show notes yes. Thank you, brother. Appreciate that. Appreciate that. And exist. They do exist they exist. Unfortunately. All right let's see. Article here, as we approach, would we approach ing too to our mark our mark for? Run a longer episode awhile brother. All. Right. Title is SORTA. Oh, you're up in. Sorry. I'm starting to steal your thunder. That's okay. This article is. And I'M GONNA preface this article by this. Can't for the life of me? Understand. Why any native? I. Don't care who you are. Way, any native would support the fool in the White House. Granted everybody's entitled to their opinion. Everybody's entitled to vote who they want to vote for everyone is entitled to what they want to believe. But when you've seen. What rolls out of his whole. His behaviors and his lack of empathy. His lack humanity, his lack of just being a person. And you still want support this put. I don't know what to tell you. I just I don't know what to tell you other than you. You Might WanNa go reexamined. Your beliefs. And Really take a look at. What's going on around you? Read the definition of narcissism. THAT'LL HELP The title of this article who are Navajos for the fool in the White, house my words that trump. By Cindy Earth from Navajo Times that. There is no doubt novel. Republicans exist. They comment on the Times facebook page we know some personally they say. But are there any actual Navajos Republicans behind the massive? NAVAJOS FOR TRUMP? AD. Campaign that hit the nomination last week. It's so. If. So They're not exactly front and center. A group called rally forged. Limited liability company. took out half page ad in the Navajo. Times last week and also a banner ad on the Navajo Times website. With the words Navajos for trump prominently displayed. According to its corporate filing documents Rally Ford is run by Jake Hoffman out of Queen Creek Arizona. CNBC describe rally forge as an obscure media advisory firm. which is more than its website reveals it's hard to determine from the website. Exactly. What Rally for its does although it does volunteer quoting we only build movements kind of movements, bowel movements. That will help restore a nation to its. Rightful place. Okay its rightful place. As the shining city atop the hill in quote, he has a bowel movements. That's what they they build. According to the CNBC. Story. According to the story. Raleigh funded by a by rally pack. Conservative political action, committee, run by J Hoffman. Rally packs website is even less informative, one page long and extensively. not updated since two thousand, sixteen year since it features two posters that state and I quote. I checked it to you have to check it server side but. To figure out the data last. Update. Bedding glad. Quoting I heart my country out supposed to be and I love my country I'm ashamed of my government. In quote. That's a twenty sixteen quote. So you know he's probably talking about the Obama Administration. Although rally forged paid for the ads they say in small print. They were paid for by turning point action. You also can't tell from its website, but turning point action is a five. Oh One Ford C. C four excuse me political nonprofit connected with turning point media. which targets college students in those. College students and who stated mission is identifying educate. Educating and. Are GonNA avoid have mercy I'll start over. turning-point media which. College students and those. Whose stated mission is, identifying education. Edge it. Okay I'm going on. Point Media and. Action or both founded by young pro-trump Activists Charlie Charlie Kirk. Correct, Charlie Kirk of course is an I'm sorry for interrupting, but I just add some context Charlie Kirk. Has Been. Long. Blocked from giving college speeches because everybody kind of knows the game you know if you follow the young Turks, they follow a lot of what turning point media does and what Kirks action does in this this type of thing and of course, you know the minute he's banned from speaking at a college you know he's starts crying First Amendment. Violation Blah Blah Blah. Blah. So that that's the guy we're talking about. That's Charlie. Charlie Kirk who from his pictures does not appear to be novel. I guess they're. Stating Traditional Navajo whether traditional Loker, whatever whatever. We suspect Hoffman is in either and employees who answered the phone at the nominations. Vital records office said, they can't deny or by tribal membership over the phone and their office remains closed to the public as of Monday. So so in the people who paid for the ad and people who developed the campaign, Arnama? Hope where the NAVAJOS for trump referenced in the hands. Was We are they. The rest of this will be in the show notes. You have to know that things like this are being targeted at people's of caller claiming to be trump supporters to. To try to. The bide that's what it's meant to do. And it's pretty sad. And then. Later, conquer by the way is. Other words some guests get them fighting over. Who should. Be President DEMOC. Indigenous Democrats versus indigenous Republicans get them fighting against each other and then when we re ruined the presidency meaning that in pro of trump camp, we're gonNA turn right around and we're going to continue doing what we're doing such as lowering regulations at the federal level so that they can't fight back that the can't fight for their sacred A. As a sacred sites and other types of things we're going to continue to increase. Production Fossil fuel on their lands, and we're GONNA continue to make it harder and harder for them to Portland into trust. We're going to continue to make it harder and harder for them to do businesses. We're GONNA take a hard look at the Indian Gaming Casino Industry and Blah Blah Blah Blah tall coming you. All coming. Juries. The. Best. If you don't agree with me and you're out of any country and I know that drives that are drilling on their own lands, I understand that. Okay. But it's coming. It will allow you to continue to drill if you play ball with them. That's the key you gotta play. Ball. By by-in-large. Lack you or us. You got play ball or stay. GotTa stop drilling and then they're gonNA take it. That's the key. All right we've been on. Tireless article is Bryan Brown Brian Lightfoot Brown. Excuse me oldest recorded Powell in North America. Meet covid nineteen. Of course, it was written by Brian Life what Brown who's from the Narragansett or as I come to understand through pronounced Indian nation out of Rhode. Island. Ryan was on our show once a while back. In. The article here reasons is pretty sad? This year has been unusual to say the least. As twenty twenty has moved on with the worldwide pandemic native Americans are among the groups who have been the most ravaged and most overlooked. Cultural and Social gatherings have been forced into cancellations in social distancing variations. Tribes struggled to protect their communities and at risk members of those communities. Even annual powwows are being canceled or at least done in virtual online manner. Attending, powwows time may seem trivial, but they are the biggest chance to bring as many tribal citizens together. Such is the case for the Narragansett tribe of Rhode Island. This August eighth and ninth twenty twenty was slated to be the three hundred and forty fifth annual green. Annual fest of Green Corn or their August meeting powwow. Miss Going August meeting the oldest recorded powwow in north. America. Held in Charleston Rhode Island on the tribes reservation by the oldest excuse gives me by the old and air against Indian church. This Paulo used to be closed off to the general public until the nineteen fifties unless invited as a special guest. The actual word quote Powell comes from an English alteration of the NARRAGANSETT WORD PA or PA. Wa which meant. A spiritual leader. Europeans may have interpreted the word to mean a form of gathering as it's known today. Anyway. The NARRAGANSETT have held this August meeting one of thirteen Thanksgiving celebrations they honor throughout the year. On the second weekend of August and have done. So since pre contact. In twenty twenty tribal leaders have decided to cancel the Powell dishonesty precautions and to prevent large gatherings. This saddens many Narragansett people but health concerns are at an all time. High admits the coronavirus. The NARRAGANSETT or a group who are at risk, but often find themselves swept under the rug or put on a back-burner and forgotten about by the outside world. So, twenty twenty will not see Narragansett people coming home this weekend to spend time at the Powell. However, the idea of virtual event online could be one way. To still connect for this power. Several of the tribes and indigenous organizations. Have done this and have been successful. Anyone who would want to still dance Regalia or drum and sing can still record themselves doing. So in sharing it to the PAO event page on facebook. It's not the same. But it is one option to maintain this annual tradition at least in some form. Anyone interested can go to a link and I won't read it but the link will be in the show notes for you guys to visit in the incur to please please do. So. That's that. It is but again, it's just another example of how covid nineteen is disrupted every aspect of everyone's life. And and I. Hope I. Hope the virtual event at least happens because. I in my book. It would it would continue the Continua. Even though it's not In the form of that, we would like. You know already canceled our commits and Powell, and you know we have no plans of doing anything like that online but It doesn't have. That legacy that That August meeting does and again, it's just pretty sad so. It is. It is. Well I don't have anything else for today brother. Knowing, do I bag is empty bag is all right Just, glancing back through chat we really appreciate you guys so much great feedback of in this episode today from everybody if we appreciate it, we we would. We love to see more of that. If possible we we completely understand Sometimes people might be. Afraid to comment on something you know we we understand that to The other thing we would like to mention it is is that if you wanna comment on something but not want us to share it publicly please let us know in the email and So. We do have a few people that have done that and we definitely respect that in and do comply with that. So same goes for audio as well if you if you leave a voicemail. Lettuce at. Some point in the audio that you don't want that shared and we won't talk. But at least we'll know how you feel so So please keep that in mind as well. we. Do. Respect. Everybody's position on that and so. All right I'M GONNA go ahead and plus out here. So. again, the ways that you can reach us here in the show hosts with an S. host at native opinion dot com, you can reach us out at twitter at native opinion out there are facebook page it's facebook dot com forward slash native opinion podcast and our website of course native opinion dot. com. My Name is Michael Kicking Bear I am a citizen of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation here in Connecticut The Guy. Down South for me he is. David Gray Al Citizen of the O. Cherokee tribe of Alabama thank you so much for your time your patronage and your love blessings. We appreciate each and every one of them and each and every one of you. Definitely again, thank you to everybody in chat for participating. Thank Badger and anti for your voicemails that we played today and like I said, give them coming. Let us know how you would like them conveyed and we'll be sure to comply and do that. So. Again thanks everybody have a great rest of the weekend and. Look for another episode for most on Wednesday of next week. Take care. Bye Bye. Bye B. Well Donna dot go honey.

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