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AEE 1365: The Health Battle from Coast to Coast in the US


This is an English podcast episode. One thousand three hundred sixty five the health battle from coast to coast in the US. Welcome to the all ears. English podcast downloaded more than one hundred thirty million times. We believe in connection not perfection with your American hosts Lindsay McMahon the English adventurer and Michelle Kaplan The New York radio girl coming to you from Los Angeles and New York City U S. A and to get weekly transcripts delivered to your email inbox go to all ears English dot com slash subscribe. How our attitudes towards health and lifestyle different from East Coast to west coast in the United States? Today find out all about it as we were viewing article plus learn how you can go deeper into American culture. This episode was recorded a few weeks in advance. Our understanding of the Cova. Nineteen situation has changed since then. We hope you are healthy and safe. And we hope that all ears English can be a bright spot in your day during this moment of uncertainty. Hey Jessica how you doing out on the West Coast today? We're both on the west coast now. I wouldn't say that I'm on the West Coast. I'm in the mountain west region so I mean I was in la for a little while. And before that I was in Boston now. I'm kind of in the mountain West but I love it out here I have do. I do consider Denver West Coast though. I think Denver. Well we're GONNA find out today guys but I do consider Denver to be like West Coast minded like we all share similar ideals. Yes I think that's true. I have definitely seen a shift in people's values out here which is nice. It's refreshing people. They leave work early. They go hiking in the evening. They have a good balance between working life. Which is very healthy compared to the east coast right on? That is an extreme difference. Because that's the same in Portland as well. I wouldn't say for a lot of people that live in Portland at least like the sort of you know. Let's do a sixty hour work week and this is the most important thing and go. That's definitely not the attitude here. That's why I'm excited to be on the podcast today guys. This is going to be a fun episode today. The United States is so huge right. And so you're going to have different lifestyles between the East Coast and the west coast dramatically different lifestyles different diets to and so today. We have this article that was written by Anna Maderas in. Us News and World Report. And she's talking about eight healthy west coast habits. That East coasters should adopt condescending. This tide right leg us in like the tone of that title is like look at us on the West Coast. We're so healthy and perfect and you guys on the East Coast are dark and dreary and you should be more like us like. That's what I feel like. She's saying that title. Oh for sure. And that's why today we are going to debate this right. We're not gonNA Girgis what we're saying. We're going to go through what she has said. And we're going to tell you if we agree or not. And what our experiences right does ago. Yes this is so fun guys and you know. What's Cool Lindsey? I think you've skimmed through this but guys this is the first of this so like you're GonNa get my like immediate reaction as I read it. Yeah is not going to be great guys. This all comes back to you. Know when you really understand a language you understand the culture and vice versa. Okay yes to be able to connect English like you want to at your level you need to understand these cultural differences. That's why we created the connected. Communicator I Jessica. Exactly guys when when I studied my master's in applied linguistics. One thing that really came through to me in a strong way was how much better people learn a language when they're also into the target culture. It is impossible to separate language from culture. You cannot do it so if you're looking to reach that next level in English you you've got dive into the cultures. Well that's that's exactly why we made the connected communicator. Course so I them and we just had tons of new students just joined the course off off of a web class because you should get into day right because we literally take you on a big twelve thousand mile loop around the entire country so you get to go to Chicago to try pizza video lesson. Of course you can go to California to meet a surfer deep south to learn about slavery in the US. Okay so go to all ears English dot com slash connection to check that out today. But let's go through this Jessica. I mean okay so number one here is start the day with a shot now. We're not talking about liquor here guys. That's usually what that means right. And he's like. Hey you WANNA shot. It's like a shot of Tequila like a small glass of whatever alcohol. But so what I. I saw that I was like what we don't drink in the morning. Okay but what what is talking about is like this really health minded attitude that a lot of West coasters have of like ingesting certain herbs and stuff like that and I laughed when I first saw that guys and I was like no do that but then I had to stop because for a couple of years. I did do this. I could take a shot of apple CIDER. Vinegar every morning man. I started doing that because I heard it was really healthy. Then I heard it through bad for your teeth so I stopped doing because I was like. Oh No not anyways yeah. Nothing is a hundred percent on the East Coast Lindsay. Is this the thing that know what they're contracting here is definitely like a shot of espresso or maybe a coffee which I think is what they are saying? That happens more on the east coast versus that you know that shot of American Ginger. She's saying here being more of a west coast especially think of L. A. for sure culture of La but definitely a lot less. I mean if you go to New York City you will see these juice bars right. These trendy juice bars and of course people will do it but the whole the whole idea here is is health. Starting out the day healthy and I think west coast has that down more than the east coast. Yeah it's more of a trendy thing here it's like it's like cool to be as healthy as possible ugly but in New York on the East Coast. Boston it's cool to be fast moving. I guess I guess maybe have your coffee with you. Maybe that's kind of cool. I don't know again. It's just like these different sort of generalized priorities. Like how work is more important there than it is here. I feel like so all right. Let's move on to number two is number two is find fresh now. Oh my gosh. This reminds me of the farmers market lesson. One of the very first lessons in the connected. Communicator that native speaker and that lesson talk talking about her philosophy on life. That is someone that our students in the facebook group really talk about a lot. She's really cool but anyway. Oh my gosh yeah. There're farmers market well. Yeah they're farmers markets everywhere in Portland. Every neighborhood has their own farmers market. I feel like yeah I think over on the East Coast again guys. I lived in Boston for ten years in New York for about four. So I'm representing the East Coast here in his debate. There are farmers markets but just that the cities are so crowded and so it might a little harder to get to them and I do think there's less of a culture of fresh vegetables on the east coast like I do think the vegetables are more fresh out here on the west coast like a think about where they come from. I mean when people think of California. It's it's all like you either. Think of Hollywood or you think of the the trees northern California or whatever but most of California is agricultural base. That's where a lot of our food comes from. So I'd only make sense that US on the West Coast get fresher stuff. It makes total sense. I do agree with this one. I would say okay. All right next one be creative with vegetables interesting so this is kind of similar to what we were talking about before. Don't you think Jessica like having more time to spend on the health and stuff? Yeah I just think having Senator. Diet this idea of having a lot of vegetables having a lot of antioxidants in your diet I just think that people think about it more in California or maybe Oregon than they do when they go out for dinner they may not be thinking about going to the health food restaurant they may be going on the east coast. I mean they may be going to wherever the best restaurant is that make sense sure. Yeah health sells the west coast because this is such a priority so and marketing for restaurants and whatever products people are selling it's all about like antioxidants and fresh and healthy and all this stuff following the latest fad diet yet. But you know what like? Excuse me I do this. I totally do this. I even buy frozen cauliflower rice. Oh you did you. Do you like that because I struggled with that I do you. Do you like the taste of it. I do well because it really doesn't taste like anything. So whatever you put with right right and like if I put some spicy chicken sausage in there or something some Tofu Theresa. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Have you tried any? Have you done chickpea pasta? That's another thing. That's kind of your. Oh okay does sound good. It's interesting. It's quite filling because know took a break in your stomach right. They're very very but it's good. It's better I like it better than cauliflower rice but I also guy also by carrot pasta and Zucchini Pasta like the. Yeah Anyway. I do think we eat. We try to work in as many vegetables as we can. And and the next one is kind of varying more away from Diet and more towards lifestyle and that is take a hike so she's arguing that people on the west coast. I guess tend to go out hiking biking horseback riding a lot more often well. This is the stereotype. I mean. This is something that I would assume would be correct but at the same time like when you did live in Boston Lindsey and we would meet on Monday and I'd be like what you do this weekend like you. You're always very active. Yeah I mean I think in Boston and east coast. You have to just make a decision to do it. It's not part of your like everyday. Life is much but you have to say look. I'm driving to the mountains and I'm going I'm doing it. Whereas on the West Coast you may have friends. That are already going. It's just more a part of the. It's more accessible. It's way more accessible. I mean shoot it when I've just thinking of where I am at Portland. It sounds like I'm in the middle of a big city. First of all in Portland. You never feel like you're in a big city because there's just trees everywhere and secondly no matter where you are. I guarantee you from any point in the city. You can find a hiking trail to get to in like five minutes because they're everywhere. That is not Boston or New York others argue in that concrete jungle for but I mean this kind of leads into the next one which I sort of disagree with actually to be honest because so the next one is move all day and what they're saying is very similar to the first one. But they're saying that you know in on the West Coast. People are just in general throughout their day. They're moving more but I disagree with that will the what have you found? So what I found. Is that in the cities that are more. Condensed ride the denser city. Like New York and Boston. People don't even own cars so I used to walk a crazy amount in New York up and down the subway steps five times a day a mile north deal from downtown to midtown. Then back downtown. You could easily walk ten miles a day just doing life in New York whereas in the West. Everyone's in the car all the time. That's true no that's completely true and that's like that's like not just la either. I mean even here in Portland where I think. People are in general pretty healthy. People still don't walk places. I mean I still do because that's always been part of my mindset because I I've lived in so many other places not just focused on here but like so the other day when I took my dog to a trainer right and I had to drop him off at her house and I said. Is there like a cafe? I could walk to you near here. She's like Oh gosh I mean not really the closest thing is blah blah. She gave me the title of the cafe. And so I get my car to drive there. It's a mile is like dude. I walked here. Why did you think I couldn't walk here that I have to say we could do another a whole another episode on just this concept of the suburban mindset drives drives me crazy and I when I moved back to the states from Tokyo trying to avoid this whole idea and the states where we just get in the car? We drive to the restaurant. We eat too much. Then we drive to the movie theater. We Park has cancer the movie theater and then we drive home. We never walk. It's funny you mentioned parking because like people get so crazy about finding the closest parking spot and like I am complete. I definitely do not care. It takes so much time to find the closest place maybe argue with somebody over. Who is there my whatever whereas like if you just park far away and walk a couple more minutes? You're going to be there. I anyway. Everybody else's still driving around the parking lot. Yeah exactly exactly. We have a culture of driving to the gym right. We all gosh yes drive to the gym and then we're sitting. We're in the gym trying to burn up all those calories which we could've burned out off we had just walked those two miles. Okay in today's episode. We're talking about healthcare and this is a huge topic that you could dive into with a native speaker if you had the vocab and the listening skills and the speaking skills so that's what you get in our sixty day lesson plan for the connected communicator. Fluency course go over to all ears. English dot com slash connection and. Check it out all ears. English DOT COM Slash C. O. N. N. E. C. T. I. O. N. All right so number six. Oh my God. This is Portland Oregon. One Oh one so. This is great. So what and Maderas Miller suggests number six here is wind down with Kombucha. This is the advice you should take from West Coaster Jessica. I think you must have something to say about this. First of all this phrase over wind down that means to relax. That's an awesome phrase over but okay yes everybody drinks can Bucci here and you could buy like gallons of it at the farmer's market. It's an every supermarket and convenience store but I completely disagree with this because you know what most of the Camp Buka. Well it's made from like a T. There's caffeine and Cambodia. I made the mistake before of have of drinking at night and I was Lu- until midnight. That's that's so funny. That's yeah. I experimented much at all with Kombucha. I've seen it available in restaurants even on the east coast a little bit a little bit more. The health food places But I've never gotten into it so maybe I just I won't bother expensive too. Yeah Billy like you can get the same. Just drink some tea and eat some yogurt and it's doing the same thing as commuter all right so the next one is I like. I like this because we're not just talking about diet we're talking about lifestyle and health overall. This next one is go to bed early. Which makes total sense right because everything is on earlier which drives me absolutely nuts right so all. The presidential debates the primary debates have been on at like six when they're east coast. Time is eight right so everything revolves around New York City and it drives me nuts when you're not living in New York City to through. Who is home by six? Pm To watch the debates. No one knows home by I mean I I work from home but my point is most people commute for work. They're not home by shirt usually well had. I adore again. We've mentioned the fact that working a ton is not the number one priority here and plus like my community of people it's mostly parents and so they're you know they already gone to pick up their kids and their home making dinner by sakes story but for you guys. It's even worse if something's on at eight o'clock East Coast. It's on at five o'clock. West Coast would be hard. That would but so this recommendation go to bed early. And there's actually something in here about Oregon. She says that more than sixty eight percent of people in Washington and Oregon reports sleeping the recommended seven hours at least interest. So we sleep more here and she compares to New York where her statistic is sixty one point six percent sixty two percent of Philadelphians interest. That's not a huge difference though. Really it's really not. I wonder about that. I'm a little skeptical here but it's fun to think about. I would say the TV schedules do make a big difference. Because I know like if you're into football I think Sunday night. Football starts quite late on the east coast like nine. Pm or something and then on the West Coast. It's going to start at six so that would make a lot of sense why people would go to bed earlier. Yeah yeah totally and like also friends that I have had that have lived in New York while they were there. They would eat dinner at like nine o'clock at night or ten o'clock at night and their days were definitely a lot longer than mine. So there is truth to this. Where East coasters? Especially if you're in New York City right like your your day is a bit longer. Yeah Yeah I think part of that is that people just they end up going out for drinks with their colleagues and then they live far away from where they work they get on the subway and then it's an hour on the subway right by the time you're home it's nine or ten and you're having dinner and you have an empty fridge. That's another stereotype about New Yorkers that they don't actually eat at home ever empty frigid. It is such a different lifestyle now. Lindsey like these stereotypes that were saying about New Yorkers. Yeah this new. Yorkers are these things true for a lot of people on the East Coast. So I think it's just amplified in New York based on my personal experience but I do think there's a there's a significant difference in kind of like works work life balance between the East and the West Coast. I do think people are very focused on their careers. I mean if you go if you move to New York. You're probably moving there for your career. So that makes total sense. So you're you are dedicated to your career and everything revolves around that and guys like you will see this in truth in reality real native speakers on the connected communicator. This contrast reminds me of that interview. You did with a song that actor talking about the hustle. How hard he works in New York and contrast that with the interview with the surfer in California. I mean like as you're going to learn this culture in connected communicator. Right or the artists in San Francisco contrast guys. If you're in this course you're going to take a sixty day study plan. You're going to go around the US. You'RE GONNA listen to interviews with native speakers and get real listening strategies and vocabulary. Okay yes so cool so cool. Yeah all right so number allowed. Oh my God totally I think everybody I know what belongs to a yoga studio except for me. Everybody I know like does these things again. I think because I didn't live on the I did grow up on the west coast more or less but I didn't live here for most of my twenties so these really like formative life years. I wasn't here so some of these habits. I just never liked developed. Yeah I mean I would argue that. Yoga has really been exported to the whole country. Really Yoga Meditation. I mean everyone's getting into it especially at a certain socioeconomic level to there are issues of like socioeconomic levels that come into play here too right because it's not like a yoga classes twenty five dollars. That is not cheap but I think like the chill thing for me resonates more when you talk about the way people act like the way they talk to you talk more slowly more space in their minds. I think on the West Coast so for sure and and like don't you think to some extent the space in our minds is reflecting literally the space around us right because when you first got to the West Coast and one of the lessons and the course that you did was just like your genuine surprise at how mope and everything was and the landscapes and like you can see for miles and and you know pick any big city on the on the East Coast and that does not exist. That is so true. It's so fascinating. The way that a landscape or geography can actually get into our minds ing alter the way we think the way we act really good stuff so guys we do talk about all of this more in the course and we give you the skills you need to get to that fear. Listen fluent point where you WANNA be so go to all ears English dot com slash connection to get in and just go. This has been great really fun. So having me on Lindsey absolutely and I'm GonNa Leave Lincoln. The blog is that you can go and check out this again. This article was by Anna Maderas Miller on April. Ten twenty seventeen come back to the blog and check it out awesome very far right. Have a good day. Good Stop have a good one Jessica. Talk to you soon bye. Thanks for listening to all ears English. If you're taking I'll this year get your estimated band score with our two minute quiz. Go to all ears. English dot com slash my score. And if you believe in connection not perfection than hit subscribe now to make sure you don't miss anything see you next time.

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