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Gary Armstrong, big, brother. Yes. All those chatty in sandy. You know, the ring Hugh. Rob said that he could do to Morrow will do it again. Hello, everyone and good morning. Welcome to our live feed update for April fourth. I'm armstrong. And with me today is Lita how you doing? The longtime. No podcast Charon. Yeah. Clouds have you back? Yes. Thank you for having me and happy birthday again. I studied yesterday. But as we all know birthdays are week long. And sometimes your long affair for me. Yeah. Also, they happen monthly. Yeah. That's what I mean. By your long. So we're here to talk about everything that happened yesterday on the big brother Canada seven live feeds it was day thirty three in the house, and it was kind of a slower day here. Really just again more preparing for the vixen and talking about triple of actions and blood vetoes and speculating on a lot of things the main thing that's happening here is that they're still more tension within the pretty boy alliance. And it really does look like things could come to a head depending on what the outcome of the H competition is so we're just gonna have to see how that goes leader. Yeah. It's always interesting when there's basically a consensus before the actual fiction might because that's when bites between tight alliances start to happen if you can focus on just keeping your debating to who should go home. What should we do than that can normally keep together? But when it's like, okay, we have nothing else to. Talk about what the future. That's when cracks starts arm. Yes. So really the day started with Dane, Anthony, Adam having this sort of conflict between themselves where it was really Anthony Dane, but more so Anthony trying to push onto atom this idea that, you know, maybe it would be a good thing. If you maybe through the competition this week. Not because we're trying to get him out of the house, but we would probably put Sam up, but just you know, just convinced probably not good for you to win. And you know, it's just I feel like maybe if Mark or or myself, Anthony, if we won that things would be better. So maybe you should just throw this one out of. Yeah. A bad person to tell her competition because he tends to win competitions that he doesn't want. So maybe this isn't the best tradgey. Yeah. Adam was like, I I don't I don't think I want to do that. Because they were also talking about like, you know. And here's the thing. We might have to put the loud people up like we might have to actually put you. I don't know. Like, for instance, myself in Corrie might need to go up on the block or say you and Sam that you know, you you to also another totally equal option. And it's definitely I'm just really not pretending that I would go up on the block just so that you might feel more comfortable about going up on the block because it's definitely an equal thing. But you know, you we is Dane might need to put you on the block is saying, and what why just throwing examples. Okay. It's totally not saying whatever happened. But like or an example of tubes. People would go on the walk. Yeah. Why why would we need to it doesn't? It doesn't make any sense. We got enough people to put other people on the block if we put each other on the block, then we don't have the numbers to save ourselves. Got it doesn't it doesn't matter. Whatever whatever whatever you don't need to worry about that. It's all about misdirection. It's all about keeping this divide the facade of divide that. No, no. Yeah. I think Anthony my have gotten a little comfortable, it just like his is dictating just seems to have gone. Well, so far as us like, I'm smooth. I'm a great talker. I can just kind of talk people into doing this. And this is one of those times that he's just going to totally hit a wall. And people are Adam is not gonna even pretend to entertain those. It's funny. We usually see this pattern with Anthony. And I've talked about a lot of his weaknesses being his lack of area with the game. I think that a lot of this has to do with because it happens on a week by week basis. Where like he's doing really well when I talked to Kirsten and then by the time, I talked to the Thursday person. It's like is he doing twelve anymore because I think that when presented with a scenario in front of him Anthony is able to handle it, and and do really well in fix everything the way that he wanted to. But when he starts looking forward to far in the future, he starts coming up with crazy. Plans and ideas that are not okay, not good like when he thought that he would get Chelsea to turn on Sam or. You know, you know, Sam to get out Kira or all these weird ideas that would never work, and he's just starts talking too much about like all of these crazy ideas, and he just needs to he needs to be presented with with a real problem. So that he can deal with that real problem because that's where he shines. Right. And like you said it's miliary with the game. Right. Because I think the Mark of good strategist someone who's able to think outside the box and think creatively strategically which he can do. It's just tulips Strack, and it's not grounded in that game knowledge. So he gets really carried away thinking like, oh, I can like really finagle, and that's all of these different scenarios. But it's it's too much. It's not actually grounded in game Locher. And I think that's why a part of why at the very least the pretty boys have succeeded. So far is that they have Anthony who is this like very good strategist on this sort of abstract side of things and. Very good manipulator with Adam who has much better game knowledge much bigger fan of the show who came up with the formula to begin with like the combination of those two I think is really created what the pretty boys have succeeded obviously deigned social game has also helped as well as both Dane and Adams competition prowess. And then Mark is there too. So I really feel like it's it's the combination of these people helping this work the formula being the main thing, but I think you also need a little bit of skill for from the players themselves. So Adam is not happy with this. This. Situation. He's going to run to Mark. And be like Mark they're telling Manny to throw the competition to them, and that we should be going up the block and Mark the always the person that's going to going to agree with whichever pretty boy. He's talking to. Oh, yeah. Of course, I'm totally with we we shouldn't be going up the block, and you shouldn't the and it was good. Yeah. That's what I thought. Yeah. Marcus is good for that one of the reasons that it's dangerous for him to be on the block next to anybody. Because Mark is really good. It just being that guy. That's like, yeah. No. I'm with you. But not giving enough information to be hot in any lies KiKi is that person who's running to everybody in saying like, I'm with you. I'm not going to she's saying things that are to come create. So when people comparing formation, they catch her in lies, Marcus just kind of bring note totally which isn't good to be if you're on the block and not the main target markets. Very good at you know, there's a lot of talk of, you know, ALPHA's in the house Mark is very good at being the beta to out alpha where he is perfectly willing to prop up the ego of whoever he's talking to and make them feel. Feel like he is their subordinate. And we know at least a we have an idea that he doesn't always plan on being that subordinate that he plans on betraying these people at some point. But but he's very good at at laying low for for this particular situation while it happens. Yeah. And that's an impressive impressive. But it's an uncommon skill to have. Because a lot of men particularly men who choose to on reality TV are not going to be willing to be that person. Cure has a conversation with Damian about. Hey, we're good Damian loves this line of like. Yeah. You know? I just you know, I feel really good with you. Because we don't need to check in very often. We just we know we're able to feel good and we don't need to check in. And this is this is very effective for Damian because he is not good at always check with people. But he makes such a good impression on them that they do feel good about him. And when he talks about not needing to check in they feel like, oh, yeah. That makes sense. And so they talk about like Damien don't check in that often because he feels he feels good with you. Burlington. Being like practices with someone that you don't really like to hang out with. I love the we don't have to each other very often. But we do it's like no time has passed. It's like an excuse. Well, I think it's I think it's true for him though. He barely hangs out with with SDN KiKi too. But he actually likes them. So has like a proven checker people. He actually does then he can use it people. He doesn't like. Hey, go. So yeah, they have that conversation. They feel good with each other cure talks to the cameras and gives us maybe a little bit more of a hint about what this blood veto does because in last night's episode. We were not told what it does. It was a to be continued which I live on twitch last night to talk about this episode. And as well as the other stuff that was on TV last night. And I just don't understand what they're doing as far as we're aware from what Kira has said that this blood veto is not going to change the outcome with Kierra KiKi. And Mark are on the block KiKi is going to be voted out. And that's just how it's going to go. The the blood Vito isn't going to change anything. But they're still like building it up. Like, it's this huge thing. Like, oh, boy, what is it gonna be like what is tonight going to be? It's going to be vis is what it is. And it's not gonna change anything. People who don't want speeds don't know that. Yep. For the for those people they're gonna find out. Oh, this is the game. Changing twist and oh didn't change the. Well, because not using a big power can also be a strategic move and curable in over it. So what do you think this is you sold out too? I think it has something to do the votes, and what Kira says to the cameras is. I almost wanna vote the other way just so I can use the veto. But no that would be. So I think I think that either like you can like be like oh the by vote afford three Mark. You know, I veto this Vic Shen, it's going the other way or something along those lines. Okay. Yeah. I better guests than just a solo to Vic because that would not actually be veto. Well, I think the theory there was like you could veto one of the people on the block. And then there's no replacement leaving just one person and they're automatically victim. Yeah. I don't know. I would think that it has to be something that is like actually veto person was not it's going to be like if you use it you have to take both people down to new people up, which is like lot on your hands. It's more people like the way that she's talking. I agree. It has something to do with. But I think it has to be another wrinkle to the Slovo too. I think he doing votes afterward is a good guess, it could be it could be like. You can you can veto one of the votes or like guy like switch vote over. So maybe they're thinking in terms of like if it's a four to three vote than early if it's a four to three vote in favor of KiKi leaving than if I switch my vote to Mark leaving. Then I'll get to veto one of the votes and make it so Kiki's leaving again, so explained that on the show. This. This also seems to imply to me that this does expire this week that it has to be used this week. Otherwise, why would they be like, oh, I almost want to do this just so I can use it. No. You'd wanna be able to save it. If you had the ability to not want this to be something to burn. I also think it has to be this week just has want curious going to be immune every time every week that she has the blood veto. So so that's a little bit more of a hint there. I really just don't understand the decision to to to be continued this this power. But. Gee, people watch the bachelor but ends on equipped hangar. Sometimes I go reminded us many times preseason that this is not the bachelor, but I guess both Anthony and production proven is wrong. Very popular. SD talked to the cameras she talked about wanting to get Sam back on board keeping KiKi because she thinks that Sam is in control of a lot of people in the house, and that if SAM's on board, then KiKi will be able to stay she's, of course, pretty much wrong about that. She thinks she's in a good spot in the house because she thinks that anybody who's sitting next to her on the block will be voted out over her. I think mainly she's talking about if KiKi stays Keith will be voted out over her. If Dane is here, then Dana will be voted out over her and again kinda wrong about that one. She is annoyed Dane for not campaigning harder for KiKi right about that one. And she is still coming for adamant Sam even though they made a deal. So that's gone on kick SD said. Yeah. I mean, depending on where you ask he is nominating pretty much any combination of people in the house, but it's going to be this Adam and Sam saying that sets off the most I mean, it's hard to save fireworks because everything's shown. But that's what causes the drama today. Yeah. Drama quotation marks. Dame disagreements. Yeah. It's mostly just like a KiKi coming to the realization that she's not staying. Yeah. Dane has a conversation with Damian where he is kind of Damien is kind of saying today, I think KiKi has the votes I think Anthony and Corey or against her and Anthony and Quarrier against her salmon Adam against her. Then I think she doesn't have the votes say I want I wanted to say, I'm I I've been trying, but I also don't wanna blow my own game. And so I'm not sure what to do here. Dane, it's kind of like getting the good feeling too. So Damian is definitely aware that this is not looking good. We talked yesterday about like is he still going to vote against the house or will. He flipped his vote and vote with the house. I think that it's very important that he does. But we'll just have to wait and see. Yeah. I mean, everybody is ending every single conversation with although house accept like, maybe. G which Dane like probably should not do that target on her back by not building with the house. But yeah, I mean, it's a lot of people saying like I would prefer that KiKi not go. But it's going this way. So nobody seems except for KiKi to be putting up like major major opposition on this day. Yes. Adam Anthony and Dane are going to get back together and talk more about basically the same thing. They were talking about before Adam has now had more conversations about no, I'm not throwing the wage. No. We should not be putting each other on the block. So he pushes back even harder against these ideas in this conversation. He's like I'm not throwing it we win. We should not be putting each other on the block. It's just stupid and Anthony's like you're not thinking big picture. You're not thinking, you don't you don't understand. And no, I understand you just don't want to use want to Corey. Safe. That's what this is all about you just don't want Corey on the block you just want me to throw it. So that you can keep Corey safe. And so that you have your pieces and endings. Cory. I know for fact, Corey is not putting any of the guys up and his the guy's putting the guys up. Like, it's. Adams going to get really annoyed Anthony here. Yeah. It's the first of several conversations yesterday where the team is like condescension. Where Anthony is just like, no, no, no. You don't understand? But out is the only one who really like pushes back against the respected person. That's just telling them what to do. Yes. And it's funny like Adam it because Anthony and Dane are basically like this tag team, they're always against Adam. And sometimes Adams mad at Dane because Dane is the one pushing and sometimes he's mad at Anthony. Because Anthony's the one pushing, but he's rarely mad at both of them at the same time. Because one of them is usually kind of backing awful the other one pushes so for most of the week. It was kind of Dane, but now it's Anthony, and he's I very frustrated with Anthony and what he's trying to push here. He feels like I have Sam and Sam is loyal and like Anthony has Corey she. He's just. Corey safely. That's that's what's going on. We're all trying to keep our people safe. And they're trying to make it seem like I need to give them my person when they shouldn't give up there. And he's not happy about it. Yeah. I mean, it's gonna be it's going to have to be a trade at some point. And nobody wants their their I don't like the term side east. I don't I don't know. There's just like item not like pair shoe like it's hard to on their woman. Secto woman. They're they're female alliance partner. Nobody wants to give them up as the first onto be captured. And it's going to have to have an eventually. And it's what's going to break up the pretty boys. Anything does. So we also got Sam and Corey talking. They were bonding some more yesterday talking about again about the back door thing about I definitely wasn't used Sam. And I'm pretty sure it was Dane, and they talk about potentially going after Dane that that's a move. They might wanna make and Sam also make sure to ask Corey to put in a good word with her with Damian. She knows whereas good relationship with Damian. And so if if Corey can help out in in that regard that would be good, they're they're really they really are coming together here. Sam and Corey ain't got. I really want to to work together. I mean, we'll see what Anthony say about it. When the time comes. See what his judgment is from on high. Here's what you need to do. Yeah. Anthony, Dane after Adam leaves they're gonna complain about Adam allot. This is something that they used to do. But haven't done it in a little while. But now they're back at it. Oh, Adam law so obsessed with Sam we're not obsessed with Sam he's obsessed with Sam he's he's the worst. Why why does that have to be all out of me and very very annoyed? Yeah. I think Dana is a world class complainer about other people. He lake really cannot get enough whining about other people. And I'm surprised that it has not come back to my super significantly yet. Also complains about slop a lot. Being have not. Yeah. He's got his shoes. He makes victim noises. Anthony is gonna talk with Kira Kira? Basically. Let's Anthony no going after Dame. I feel like coming after Dane is the right move for me, Anthony talks about Anthony things. Nia? This is what we need to do. And. The broken telephone game ends with me. And once I say the word, I gotta get my soldiers to mobilize. I who your soldiers are you and Corey my soldiers, and that's the confrontation. Yeah. Cares. Like, wait. How did this turn into you? Tell me what's happening. I give on you gonna do. That's every conversation of ethnic. Ethnic. Kiki campaigns to Anthony like three separate times and all three times. Anthony's just been like gone on his on his own talked way, more than KiKi and L three times. Kiki's been like that went really well Kiki's catchphrase. Deign talks with SD and kind of starts to let her know. Things are not looking good for KiKi. Snot not looking good. I'm pretty sure she's going to be leaving on Thursday. No one has told me. Basically means he is going on. Yes. And Sam apparently has been telling Anthony Corey that KiKi is coming for her Anthony and quarriers saying this Anthony, Corey probably not on board. Sam's probably not on board. I don't think we have the numbers here. Really starting to set this up to explain that look vote with the house on this one. So SD finally starting to to really realize here, that's the KiKi might be heading out the door whereas St.. Sweet I like them. But but in the game they need to be separated. But yeah, I mean, I think that this is potentially the first day that because she's kind of accepting that KiKi not accepting. But you know, she's now accepting the possibility that keeps going to go. It's the first time that she has really think about what life with Dame without Kiki's like, and I don't know how much as liking future. She doesn't seem like she doesn't seem not annoyed. But then she is she's annoyed. She's annoyed then. So that's that's starting to go. There KiKi is going to have a conversation conversational Corey where she complains again to Corey gigs going to do a lot of like sort of late not late night. But like night-time ish campaigning with a LA basically everybody again, but she continues to make the same points and Corey is just going to be like, look, I'm some sticking with the house. That's really what my decision is here and campaign, you're doing amazing. Cass and kicking keeps hearing people say, oh, you're making great points KiKi. And she's like, yes. Making great points. It's like, but then they're telling you that they're not doing what you want which means you're not making. You're not doing. Well. Yeah. Or you're making great points. It doesn't matter point. You got to change something up here because it's not working. SD is going to campaign to Sam a little bit. Sam is not going to give ST much ST starting to now that she is just been told that look kike might be leaving a little bit a tilted here and just put Sam off a little bit in this conversation. Sam later in the night is going to be like, I wish SD complete the blood veto used on Esti. Herash this like, I don't know what the blood with. But whatever it is. I'm kind of annoyed of see now. So she should go. Well, I think another part of this is something that I haven't mentioned yet KiKi is going to hurt her foot. And the reason why I have mentioned is not exactly sure when it happened or how it happened. I don't believe it was on the feeds, and they keep cutting the feeds anytime anybody even like looks at our foot, basically. And so I think it happened around the pool table, I think shoes may be trying to scare somebody and some something happened with some wood or something. I don't know. But she really hurt her foot or ankle or something pretty bad. And she's on crutches. Yeah. We saw very brief glimpse of crutches this morning. So no Christmas scooter, so it's not that bad. But yes, she's severely injured. Yes. And so I think this is another part of. Why you know Sam had been talking as well a couple of days ago about how SD is really the more dangerous one between SDN KiKi because KiKi so bad and campaigning. Kiki would be completely lost without ST directing her. And so now that KiKi also on crutches she's not even as much of a competition threat. So they're starting to think, well, maybe maybe we should try and take KiKi out if our out if that's an option. So I don't think it's likely to happen. I don't even know if the blood Vito has that ability to put somebody else on the block, but but it is something that's that's in the here. Yeah. It's funny because I had actually been talking to someone and comparing KiKi situation right now to like when somebody does get injured in the game. And basically her game is so up in smoke. She's so strategically injured that it's like her best pitches. Like heat new around because everybody wants to get. No shot at going further in this game. Which is like similar like if somebody's heard it's like, well not threat to me might as well keep the round. And now she's strategically emphasis injured like karmic. I might have brought us into. So there you go with KiKi KiKi is going to campaign again to Kira? And this is going to be a very awkward and strange conversation. They both agree in this conversation. Yeah. We were just being paranoid about the guys thing. Right. That was just Chelsea being crazy, the Chelsea planted and it totally messed up, but we're back on track. Now as Anthony says, I don't plan seeds I plant trees. I don't play the procam telephone game. I have terabytes right here. Terabytes? Oh boy. So. Cures secure says to KiKi, look, I don't trust you. And that doesn't mean I'm not gonna vote to keep you. But because I don't trust work either. But yeah, I mean, what are you gonna do you run to Dane after every conversation? We have we have a conversation that I watch you run straight today and Kiki's like, no, I'm just campaigning today and cures like, okay, whatever. Yeah. I mean that there's very condescending conversations of this day. And this is one of them like here now that she now that they have our. It's it's not a discussion. It's not a conversation. I guess they don't really oh KiKi that. But it's very like urinating to watch. It was grading to me to watch talk to key in this way. Yeah. Basically, the the way KiKi has been acting toward Kira. Is finally coming around on KiKi and Kira is using that to to be like now, I get to be the blue like now, I get to make you feel bad for all the time you made me feel bad. And so in cure, cure, everything here is saying is true. Like, you you voted against me. And then like never spoke to me until this week when I had our keys. Kiki's? What? No remember that time. I wanted to play pool with you. You're like, okay. Yeah. Because because I just stayed in the house and you'd voted against me. And he used evenly throw your name out in the Duggal. But this is now. Yeah. So cura-cures very much just like really just trying to ru- rub rub in the salts like, you know. You know, the this is not this is not going well for you. You should you should have done better. Kiki should it better? Yeah test. Yeah. Yeah. So that doesn't go very well. Here's them gonna go talk to Mark and tell Mark the thing that KiKi has should be wanting to hear from people which is not vote with the house. But. Instead. Hey, mark. You're staying I'm voting to keep you I want you hear Mark. And he's I think I have my. Appreciate that. And so there you go. Yeah. So glad veto is not gonna matter. Kiki is also going to campaign again to Anthony. He he Anthony's. Does a thing. She thinks it. Well, it didn't glad that we all accept empty verb. I wrote that down it's hard. It's hard. It's weird. It's weird. Seeing Anthony's without the apostrophe. But I'm pretty sure that's the right way. So use the verb. It's not my ES at the end. Now, I just put Anthony with why? And then looks weird. Appropriate. We'll check Webster's later. Kiki is going to go to Damian and they're going to talk forbid naming says look I got my vote. But I think you have the votes you need Anthony in court, and okay, they also talk about how you know, Damian is he's been told that KiKi is said his name. He's I have not said your name. I promise you, not send your name Damien says, I believe you. I believe you does not does not fall for. Although I do think it's true. The sort of spirit behind the message is not true that KiKi would not be going after Damian anytime soon. So. Unless circumstances changed. But but circumstances being what they are. It is not true. And Damian believes that that KiKi would be true. But but he doesn't have the numbers to keep her. So he says, look, you gotta get Anthony in court, and I was just talking Anthony. And I don't know. She's like well Corey that. I was making good points. Yeah. No of is gonna vote with the house, and I was just talking to Anthony. And it's like Corey and Anthony or the house right now. So neat knowing that she needs. Anthony, Corey Keith is gonna go to Adam and campaign to Adam. And which is everyone has been telling her you need to stop trying to get all the votes and just focus on the votes that you need because when you when you try to get all the votes, you're promising different things to different people, and then people talk, and they don't know what the real promises, and you look super shady and. It fails. But but she is going to go to Adam. And he's basically say that to her like, look, I know you've been campaigning to other people saying my name, you don't need to need to do that. We when we made that five thing, you should have just trusted in the five thing, and we could have made something work. But instead you were talking about targeting us as so like what he wants to do. Yeah. And not just competing campaigning to other people but telling Canada. Yes, me and Sam keeps coming up. And that's when KiKi tries to make the point where like well. I mean, see how bad I am at this kid. That is our best shot. I'm fully believe that that is about shot like gonna word pose you should really stop telling people. I'm not going to you. I'm going to go for this person. Just like ice suck it this. Like, Mark doesn't suck it this. Mark is just been chilling doing everything you need to do when you're on the block. Yeah. Absolutely. Sam thanks to be cool. Anthony, I need your help. Weird segment, but I think weirdly appropriate for Anthony is really like his coming out segment on the show. Yeah. I really enjoyed it being like, Mark. You gotta be cool. It might be like is this cool. If your parents, how do I be cool, sir? Wrong. Is this okay? No. More cool. Okay. Cool. Paid off markets being very cool. So yeah, that's really going on SAM's gonna talk with Adam a little bit late at night about man. I wish ST could leave. Kick out of kings lost without ST. She's on crutches now. Yeah. Maybe this is KiKi is last ditch attempt maybe tightening and pretending to have an injury. It's what I would do. Are you allowed to get crutches on big brother? If you don't mean them. No, I would think not. But you could actually hurt yourself or you can if you play if you were good enough to play the doctors and convinced them like, for instance, I don't know. Maybe somebody's never thought of this for sure, but just throwing it out there. If you researched what the symptoms are of like how to diagnose a broken foot or ankle or something along those lines. And then new executive what to say and how to react when they like, you know, did the thing then you could maybe fake that you had a thing. And then maybe get some crutches or something along those lines. It's random idea as this happened before or is this what you would do. I'm not saying I would do it. I'm just saying. I didn't know you referencing something about. So yeah, I mean. This. I I don't think she's faking it though. No. Because when I think KiKi, I think able to manipulate medical professionals when she can't even get people to vote for the house without getting live. So. I think it was either Adam Akira that said to KiKi like, you know, your your breach was that you were good liar. And she's like, I am I. I really not actually. Yeah. So I don't think she's faking it either. But you know, maybe she's about to manipulate or and this is all part of her plan. It's really it's it's so fitting for KiKi like it's perfectly Representative of her game that her secret that she didn't want anyone to know was that she was a good liar. And she's a terrible liar. Like, she's the worst liar in the house. But she thinks she's a good liar and tells other people that she's a good liar despite being terrible that is Kiki's game in a nutshell. Yeah. I mean, it's the worst of all worlds, you're making people think you're good liar. But you can't actually you don't actually get the benefits of that. Yeah. Yeah. So that's really what we got for you. Like, I said it's just really ever since the the veto ceremony. When they said, nobody's safe. The game talk is really slowed down. They really trying to like again, you introduce a twist like that and people just wanna feel safe. They just wanna feel. Okay. And so they try to talk as little as possible. And they try to be like, no, no, this is the plan. We cannot deviate from the plan because who knows what craziness might happen with a twist, and that was one of Adam's arguments with with Anthony deign to is like we can't be up on the block. What if there's a twist like? You can't risk that. So. Minimize strategy. I don't know. I don't know if maybe maybe somebody needs to tell production that I don't know. Seems like a really insightful thought. So that's what we've got for you today. We'll be back, of course, tonight after the Vic Shen where we will likely see KiKi go home in the blood veto not used were used in a way that doesn't impact anything. And then we'll probably not get an H competition considering the be like probably like ten minutes of like light show about the blood veto. Cure plans on wearing red. Taran present blood veto. Oh, do anything. And then. We'll see we'll we'll talk about the action tonight tomorrow. I'll be back at eleven AM eastern to update, you know, having today or tonight on the big with candidate seven live feeds will hopefully have an idea of what the nominations will be. And who's the h and all that stuff? Make sure you get your your stock watch decisions in before these spoilers come out for tonight's and. Yeah. Anything else you wanna bring up maybe it'll be blood Tito rise fiction night dies, and we'll have full hour just wasted ups. Feed owing anybody going home. All I wouldn't use that. More. Curses, okay. What does he more potions? That's what I want. Not not more blood. No, I well documented air, I will not be watching any episodes of fans. All right. Well, that's got you can make sure to follow me on Twitter atoms. Taryn you can follow lead at leader tweeted and Instagram stuff to lead a grams Armstrong Taryn underscore Armstrong. It's really again, I feel. Googling it's easier. It's what I do. You Google people find their social media handles. That's so weird. I'll I'll either search for them on Twitter with their name. And then if they have linked to other things, but then with Instagram Instagram. Search is never worked for me. Well, that's just because you're not Instagram Gour yet. I'm in training. Yeah. You'll get there. Alright. So thank you all for joining us next time.

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